David Keith’s Latest Criminal Denial Of Climate Engineering


Dane Wigington

Why is society so easily kept in the dark and oblivious to dire and immediate threats? One primary reason is the completely biased coverage of critical issues by media sources that claim to be objective. In the "Ecoshock" radio show linked below, Alex Smith (the host for Ecoshock who has already been listed in the "disinformationdirectory.com) interviews not one, but two well known ardent geoengineering deniers. 

The first 25 minutes is spent with internationally known geoengineering David Keith. In 2010 David Keith was pushing for the dumping of 20,000,000 tons of aluminum nano particles into the atmosphere by spraying it with jet aircraft. In 2010 I confronted Keith about his proposals at an international geoengineering conference, his response was damning to say the least. 

By the time Keith appears on the Stephen Colbert show, he seems to find humor in the catastrophic issue of geoengineering and has altered his proposal to the dumping of 20,000 pounds of sulfuric acid into the atmosphere. What is David Keith's part in the ongoing disinformation campaign to hide the geoengineering reality? The answer falls into one of three categories, he is either clinically blind, completely oblivious (or in denial) to the verifiable ongoing climate engineering reality and thus totally unqualified for the position he holds , or he is a paid liar. I will leave it up to the individual investigator to decide. 

In the case of Rose Cairns, the same points should be considered. Cairns has been featured in the "disinformationdirectory.com" for her part in the climate engineering denial machine. Of course Ecoshock and their guests did their best to constantly use the non-science "chemtrails" term. Media sources that are trying to spin and marginalize the climate engineering reality insist on using the "chemtrails" term as mainstream media hitman David Pakman proved in the 15 minute interview he did with me

Another factor that discredits the anti-climate engineering movement is the astounding denial of global warming in spite of the mountain of facts proving beyond any doubt that the planet is in total meltdown. Climate engineering is helping to fuel the meltdown overall, not mitigating it. Scanning the headlines at THIS LINK will give more credible facts on the actual state of the climate.

The interview below is important to listen to for those that wish to better understand how the dire issue of climate engineering is discredited by "scientists" and "media" that have chosen to do so. If you don't appreciate the biased information put out by Ecoshock on the the issue of climate engineering, let Ecoshock know how you feel. It would also be productive to let David Keith (david_keith@harvard.edu) and Rose Cairns (R.Cairns@sussex.ac.uk) know your thoughts in regard to their part in covering up the climate engineering crimes. A written account of the interview below can be found HERE


33 Responses to David Keith’s Latest Criminal Denial Of Climate Engineering

  1. You can hear in Keith's voice that he is slowly trying to find the next lie. He's bullshiting everyone! I detect so much uncomfortable ways of speaking in which Keith is trying to deny this practice. Notice how he insist a lot on the fact that it does NOT happen. He admits too that it's dangerous. He's scared of big corps. to use geoengineering. This guy is getting lost in his lies. He's intertwining so many lies that soon, his tongue will get tied up and he will slip away more info. He say's it should be going on in a decade or so, YET IT'S BEEN DONE FOR DECADES ALREADY!

    • Cia hitlist adminastrator says:

      Hi everyone!

      If you are not very angry after listening to Mr.keith.

      Then you may be a slave of Mr. Kieth's work as an expert, brain washed greedy, phd dis info tool ,of corporations.

      Wow please calm down.

      Thank you Dane and friends!

      As I have no kids, the end is no big deal for me, humans are too invasive a species for the planet

      I really cant understand how people that know the facts can turn a blind eye, when they have children.

      Yea Keith will make your blood boil.    Take care!!!

  2. Geoengineer Ken Caldeira Tells Citizen Journalist to "Shut the f_<% up!”
    Castration from the neck down would be appropriate, but it seems it's already been done… Thank your colleges and universities for turning human beings into lying machines and slaughter-hounds…

  3. Dennie Mehocich says:

    "I get dyslexic just LOOKING at this guy!" 

    I have to agree with Laurie. ANYone who's so obviously biased to the point of allowing his personal self to get here all mis-shapen along the vertical axis (YANG) makes me very suspicious of what he's holding against the horizontal axis (YIN).  It's the TOXIC YANG that is continuing to insist on it's superiory and beat the YIN out of existence.  In all the time it's had of occupying the seat of "power," Toxic YANG doesn't learn but I HAVE HAD ENOUGH of THAT.  And so have most of us here and elsewhere.  Makes about as much sense as using your right hand to annihilate your left hand, just because it is not the right hand– AND THAT IS WHAT PEOPLE WITH KEITH'S BIAS ARE DOING.  It won't stop until they have the satisfaction of total destruction of creation.  They are homicidal and suicidal.

  4. Laurie says:

    David Keith (of Harvard, of all places!) = Dr. Strangelove.  He talks about chemtrails like it is only a "possible" "future" scenario.  Then he admits that it is "atmospheric pollution."  Then he calls it "a moral hazard" BECAUSE… (prepare for a total screw-up):  It will take care of dangerous sunlight so efficiently and so quickly, that people will let down their guard and start conserving energy!  

    Anyone half-way normal wants to (metaphorically, of course) punch this guy in the face!  Incidentally, Bill Gates invests in David Keith's "abstract theoretical future 'contrails'" company.      

    • Laurie says:

      I meant "let down their guard and STOP conserving energy."  I get dyslexic just LOOKING at this guy!

    • PLT says:

      I think it was more one of those slips that reveal a great truth: what they are most afraid of, and have been all along, is that people will START conserving energy!

  5. Michel B says:

    Of course they all know what is going on and are lying about it. That is the point. Get seemingly credible people to lie about it and lie about it and lie about it.

    Of course we can see through the lies. It actually doesn't take much to see through it all. Slowly, the rest of the population is waking up too. Soon, no one will be able to ignore it.

    The future is going to be ghastly at this rate. These liars will have to fear for their lives once the shit hits the fan.

    Elite's bunkers will be stormed and the hidden worms pulled from their nests and subjected to civil courts on the spot. The public is a waking giant that the elite are already fearing.

    • robobee says:

      How well put is that? I need to hear it! Made my day!!! THANKS

    • Laurie says:

      I get the sentiment and glad you feel all macho about it, but no one will be storming bunkers, the "mighty" public is hardly waking up, it's daunting to even get people to LOOK up — I tried that with a whole outdoors Metro car to try and get them to look up at the totally streaked and criss-crossed sky in Boston — a couple of the people who were not transfixed with their social me-me-media did look at ME — like I was nuts…  We have to persist nevertheless, but at this rate, the so-called "sleeping giant" will only be awakened by panic and chaos.  Sadly.  Don't want it to be that way.

  6. PLT says:

    More food for thought for Alex Smith, and all others who pretend that "qualified scientists" are the only worthy sources of information:


  7. joe says:

    Climate Engineering and the World Central Banking Oligarchy should be reported on by RT.com since it is the only media not controlled by the World Central Banking Oligarchy.

    • RT is just as corrupted as the BBC or any other "Media". The notion that the media is valid in any form, is ludicrous. Man was gifted with the most exotic sensory systems on the planet, (including telepathy) yet most persons watch baffoons and liars on stupid little plastic boxes, and believe that's all there is to the story. It's pathetic…

  8. PLT says:

    Here are some more points which Alex Smith should consider, if he really wants to present the current state of affairs objectively:

    "Today, the solitary inventor, tinkering in his shop, has been overshadowed by task forces of scientists in laboratories and testing fields. In the same fashion, the free university, historically the fountainhead of free ideas and scientific discovery, has experienced a revolution in the conduct of research. Partly because of the huge costs involved, a government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity. For every old blackboard there are now hundreds of new electronic computers.

    The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present – and is gravely to be regarded.

    Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite. "

    – D. D. Eisenhower (1961 farewell speech),  cited here: http://www.globalresearch.ca/new-eugenics-and-the-rise-of-the-global-scientific-dictatorship/20028

    He, and everyone, should also read physics professor Lee Smollin's "The Trouble With Physics" before placing too much stock in what establishment scientists are saying.

  9. PLT says:

    In my reply to Alex Smith (below) I forgot to mention the obvious point that, scientist or not, anyone who says, as did David Keith, that free-riding on our grandkids is not a moral hazard, has a credibility level so utterly lamentable that he should be forevermore shunned by all sentient beings.  And that goes whether he believes what he says (in which case his deplorable lack of understanding of ethical behavior almost makes a case for preventive detention – but not quite), or not (in which case he is an arrogant, unintelligent bastard).

  10. Milla says:

    Sorry to post so many times, but the ignorant hubris exhibited by both Smith and the scientists, particularly Cairns, is unconscionable especially when they have not provided one argument, much less a piece of evidence, that aerosol spraying, or as they say, chemtrails is not occurring. Not one argument against.

    Listening to these ignorant people, it is as if they are talking about flat earthers. They also claim that the "believers" also deny climate change. Most anti-geoeng activists readily acknowledge climate change. Will write into these people but I feel facts are wasted on them. Will try anyway. And how about any refutation of aerosol spraying facts? You won't find any substantive discussion. Just a character attack on a fringe culture.

    Well, they're in for an ecoshock soon enough. I hope they can breathe hubris.

  11. Milla says:

    Holy shit, I am only 6 minutes in and I have heard more lies than I can count. Here's a highlight:

    "So could geoengineering (these programs) produce a drought somewhere?" — moronic interviewer

    "It could happen…" — Keith

    I am having a hard time processing the outrage of the sheer DENIAL here. It's incredibly PATHOLOGICAL.

    • Marc says:

      Milla, your post sums up my total outrage as well……..thank you. 

      I mean, what the hell is really going on here? Aerosolized nanoparticulates are obviously being sprayed. Even SOME complete idiots have already figured this out. The marginalization and impugning of the judgement of millions of observant sky gazers and internet researchers is beyond arrogance, it suggests that covert ops have enlisted Mr. Keith and the like to add cover for the heinous agenda underway. Is it too farfetched to suggest that Mr. Keith was recruited decades ago as an undercover "scientist" , but is really an agent of the "cabal", as it were? How else can we explain the scientific stance of these guys, and that includes Guy McPherson, too? There IS NO DENYING GEOENGINEERING ALREADY LONG SINCE UNDERWAY!

  12. cares4all says:

    Alex Smith said: 

    "Radio Ecoshock presents all kinds of views"

    REALLY?? Then PLEASE let Dane and David Keith on AT THE SAME TIME. Maybe someone is just too much of a coward. WAKE UP, Mr. Smith—this is REAL.


  13. Ana says:

    The radio Echoshock  have the audacity to put  this picture of this plane spraying on this interview article and call us "chemtrail believers"?.. and these  very prudent -scientists  are still talking about geoengeneering as just an hypothesis or as just a  project that they don´t even know  very well  the results  ???(Maybe Mr keith is afraid of the responsability for the damages already donne) ,as if they were very wise  and carefull about the use of geoengeneering in real life ???when they already used it since they´ve found how cheap and easy was to use the clima manipulation  in military issues and in businesses issues…but what do they think ?Do they think they are preaching to inocent children or retarded? Since when they(governments ,military and scientists ) needed our opinions or permission to do their experiences as they wish? since when we were asked about geoengeneering or asked  about  the building of more nuclear plants or were asked about the radiation levels (that they keep changing the high numbers to safe level numbers )or when did they asked us about exploding 2000 nuclear devices on Earth and in outer space ?

    Since when we became "chemtrail " believers ? or geoengeneering believers? or  fukushima radiation  "believers "  ?why not "contrail" believers too?and  methane "believers" like AMEG? or there are the  government believers too? or the Pope believers ?or Mr Keith believers?etc. since when the word "believers" was applied by scientists or journalists when they are talking about something serious and  real (with projects ,very well documented, with  patents),something that is not a mitic figure or irrealistic but Scientific proven? Since when people have to be "believers" that they didn´t already started? since when people need an oficial document admiting these geoengeneering programs already in progress to have the permission to  call what they see in their skies "chemtrails" or whatever they want to call it? …seems like the "chemical" word  is the problem ,no chemicals on air cause we have a very Natural Envyronment so the "chem" world is a damn world (not scientific),on the other hand "condensation" word  is very scientific…living and learning i guess!We clean our envyronment cleaning the words and we feel much better …and more healthy! 

    • Cia hitlist adminastrator says:

      Hi Ana!

      Yea pretty much had it with humans too.

      My guess is the hair trigger automatic world military nuke system will auto fire.

      If that happens we can rest.

  14. Marc says:

    Sorry, I apologize. I only made it through the first 2 minutes of this interview before I clicked it and shut off this lying sack of……! This so-called "Harvard" professor isn't worth the paper he's printed on. And YES, I agree with any and all who are of the opinion that academic phonies such as Mr Keith should ultimately be tried in a court of law as accessories to the crime of the mass poisoning of humanity. And while you're at it, indict Alex Smith, too, for giving Mr. Keith a free pass to spread his blatant lies. Can this possibly be happening? Is the "public at large" so dumbed and preoccupied that they cannot "get" that there are fleets of poison-dispensers flying almost daily right over their heads? Uh, hello? Have any of these morons, hipsters, rednecks, bikers or suits bothered to notice the silver skies and wonder WTF? Truly, truly gargantuan ignorance  predominates a landscape of people who all imagine themselves to be hip to what's happening……and asswipes like Mr. Keith are enhancing their delusion.

  15. Alex Smith says:

    Radio Ecoshock presents all kinds of views.  Obviously angry posters here missed my interview with scientist Alan Robock on why geoengineering is NOT a good idea.   That's our program March 25th.

    Countless times I've said on air that I don't think geo-engineering should be done.

    As for peak oil, I've done dozens of shows on the reality of peak oil, with well-known guests like Richard Heinberg (several times), Nate Hagens and many more.

    I've followed Dane Wigington for more than a year, watching videos and checking this site from time to time.  Ralph Ely also.

    My show mainly consists of interviewing scientists.  I see scientists are held in low regard by some posting here, as sell-outs or stooges, but we need science to balance out our ability, proven over centuries, to delude ourselves about reality.  It's a system of double-checks.

    There's tons to say about all this.  Aircraft pollution is definitely bad for the sky, dumping carbon dioxide and other toxic gases at 35,000 feet.  The intergovernmental talks on the climate crisis don't even count aircraft pollution.

    Closer to ground, aircraft exhaust adds to ozone pollution and just plain smog, bad for the health of trees and people.

    I just haven't found a scientist who has evidence that governments are already inserting chemicals to cool the earth (geoengineering).

    That's doesn't mean I don't think it's possible.  Look at all the crappy and criminal stuff that governments admit to (usually 30 years later) like experimenting on African Americans in the south, to see what happens when you inject plutonium into them.  The Clinton administration admitted this happened about 30 years earlier. Nobody was investigated or sent to jail, and the public hardly heard about it.

    Anyway, now that what started as the "chemtrails" movement has morphed into an anti-geoengineering movement, and agrees that climate change is a serious threat, our paths are bound to cross again and again.  I'll keep myself posted, keep looking for evidence, and revisit this issue at a later date.

    Alex Smith, Radio Ecoshock

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Alex, with all due respect to you, you have not to my knowledge given any voice at all to those that have done many years of credible investigation into the fact that geoengineering is an ongoing reality, not just a proposal as your show and your guests suggest. Certainly you must know that any scientist that wishes to keep his job is not about to speak the truth about this dire issue which our government and others clearly want to hide. How can you consider your position objective when you have not covered in any way shape or form the mountain of data to prove climate engineering is a reality? If you feel so confident that your guests who deny climate engineering, why don’t you host an on air debate on the issue? David Keith has repeatedly refused to discuss the issue on the air with me fact for fact, why? Your coverage of the climate engineering issue has been very one sided Alex, that is simply fact. I hope you will consider the responsibility you have to your listeners to honestly report on the dire issue of climate engineering.

    • Milla says:

      Here's the problem with Alex Smith: He refuses to accept that anyone but an "official" scientist can confirm what thousands of intelligence, dedicated and disinterested citizens, many with professional and technical expertise like Cliff Carnicom, have confirmed with their own eyes, with their own experiences. It's unbelievable that a human abdicates his own intelligence and the intelligence of the race itself on this level — and then has the gall to say:

      "…we need science to balance out our ability, proven over centuries, to delude ourselves about reality. It's a system of double-checks."

      So it's always the madness of the crowd isn't it, instead of the wisdom of democracy? Which is it, Alex?

      Moreover, Alan Robock continues to speak in hypotheticals. Even though he says Geoeng is a bad idea, he continues to say it doesn't exist yet. That's not balance. That's another degree of delusion, Alex.


    • Milla says:

      Moreover, Alex, your reference to chemtrails "believers" further impugns and condemns as fantastists people are reporting what they see. They do not believe. One does not have to be convinced of what s/he sees. Nice try, Alex, to pretend as if you are fair, when you are clearly a low-grade shill.

    • PLT says:

      Too late again, I'm sure, to hope this comment will be seen by Mr. Smith, but for the record, I have a PhD in chemistry from an "elite" university (the chem prof's there refer to it as "Mecca for chemistry"), and I know from first-hand experience that the supposed quality control process known as peer review is, in most cases, little more than a way to maintain an Ol' Boys' Network.  Everyone knows, to within a small degree of uncertainty, who is reviewing what for whom. 

      Peer review, however, is not the real problem.  The compromising of academic scientific begins with the grant process.  Anyone wishing to get his or her research funded has to present a project which is acceptable within the grant-giving agency.  Whether that is the US government or, more often nowadays, a corporation, obviously any project deemed "top secret" or officially denied, like geoengineering, will not be approved except on the strict condition of absolute silence.

      There is no reason to believe that the scientists who work for the government or industry will come clean on these types of research unless and until those outside academia bring to bear massive amounts of pressure.  Anyone of integrity would look beyond the "peer reviewed only" scam, and anyone with a functioning brain would trust his or her own eyes before trusting The Man in the White Coat.  Black is not white.

      Speaking as a credentialed scientist, I find it utterly idiotic, irresponsible, and self-negating to believe that only scientists can speak authoritatively on reality.

  16. Peter Saravanos says:

    This f****ng guy David Keith is so f****d in the head its not even a joke, he should be locked up in a mental house and through away the key in the ocean in order to save this planet. but its not just him, its also all the others behind him, he is just the puppet. we are getting their people, they are pushing their luck by the day, as soon as the first signs start popping up showing the planets life support system shutting down, people like david Keith will be looking for a new planet to escape, because here in this planet he will be wanted dead or alive.   

  17. donna ford says:

    David Pakman and Thom Hartman on Free speech TV are both deniers and I call them out on it all the time. Hartmans web site is a good place to do it. I have also questioned him on his TV show. He is a tool for the left the same way Rush is for the right. Strange thing is SAG is not a left or right issue.

  18. Cori Gunnells says:

    Dane, thank you for putting this post together with all the links easily accessible. I will listen to the EcoShock interview, and will contact all three. 

  19. Katherine Gale says:

    A while back, I listened to an archived Ecoshock program in which the host railed against NTHE and then disclosed he had believed in Peak Oil and had been misled by that conspiracy theory. Off the top of my head, I seem to recall his beef was that the worst predictions of the theory of Peak Oil had not happened and he had pushed this issue publicly, amongst family and friends. He was mocked when the breakdown of society due to peak oil (estimated dates came and went) did not occur.

    One of the things people fear most is being ridiculed (mocked and marginalized, having to eat crow). Some people re-examine the conditions on the ground, determine which variables have thrown off estimates, regroup and take this into account when they re-address the issue. As a manager, I quickly learned you must account for unknowns and build that into schedules and budgets (incidentals). Many times the variables plugged into equations are static but the reality is dynamic.

    The Ecoshock host did not learn a valuable lesson from Peak Oil on accounting for change and updating his data. Peak Oil is real the data shows us this. However, it is occurring on a timeline that does not correspond to the hosts original model. Dane has stressed that in order to be credible we need to continually research the conditions on the ground and re-evaluate based on current and ongoing conditions which can change. This is true of science, financials, really any dynamic environment.

    When you are adamant and inflexible to the changing conditions on the ground, you can get burned. When some people get burned, they want to take out this frustration on other people. The host is transparent in his biased presentation of the facts. Does he provide interviews that address both sides of the issue? Nope. Even worse, he is now mocking peak oil, NTHE and geoengineering as a conspiracy theory. Why? Because like the kid on the playground who got picked on he desperately wants to fit in. I suspect he is unaware of how deeply he despised being rejected and ridiculed. What is his reaction? His beliefs must now align with the majority. I thought the host was unintentionally transparent. He wants to fit in and does this by attacking controversial theories and the people who represent those theories. I didn’t save a link to that show but the host kept going on and on about how he had believed in Peak Oil and felt he had a responsibility to expose people who promoted conspiracies.

    Instead of considering that Peak Oil is real but the scale and timeline were miscalculated, he completely rejected the theory. It’s not uncommon for people with large egos to become so psychologically scarred by rejection and ridicule, that they openly attack theories and bully the people who evoke similar painful feelings (recreate similar circumstances under which they were rejected).

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Katherine,
      Smith, the host of Ecochock, should indeed spend more time on research. In fact all available data indecates “peak oil” from conventional sources did in fact occur in 2006. In regard to climate engineering, clearly Ecoshock has done little or no legitimate research. Recarding peak oil, check the following link. http://www.postcarbon.org/10-years-after-the-partys-over-an-interview-with-richard-heinberg/

  20. Ralph Ely says:

    To: Alex Smith, David Keith and Rose Cairns
    Re: Broadcast RadioEcoshock/GeoEngineering & Chemtrails

    Your supposed thoughtful questions and answers about weather modification and the subject in general of GeoEngineering was full of denial of truth and reality.  And to present your views as accredited credentialed authorities is an insult to all who take this subject seriously.

    A credential in science or academia is not required to be a critical thinker and observer of truth and reality.

    The truth and reality is as follows:
    GeoEngineering is not the only on-going issue having disastrous effects on planet earth.  However, it is the most immediate and over all one of the biggest issues that needs to be addressed and halted now if we are to survive as a species.

    The Ozone layer is being shredded by Aerosol disbursement of nano-particulates of heavy metals from aircraft at high altitude.  This is a matter of Video evidence and observation by telephoto viewing as well as water and snow sample analysis.

    Ozone shredding has increased UV levels (and readings) to rise to the point of where "cause and effect" is evident to even the most casual observer.  ie: Trees dying, Aquatic life in streams, lakes and oceans dying, Bees, Butterflies and Birds disappearing at accelerated rates.

    Medical doctors reporting alarming increases in respiratory problems in the very young and very old.  Blood test are reveling High readings for Aluminum and other heavy metals normally not found.

    Military and Civilian Contract individuals are starting to come out of the shadows, that have worked in the GeoEngineering Programs, and give affirmation that they exist.  Their participation in exposing this atrocity is dampered by Non-Disclosure Agreements that state "they may be enforced by lethal means."

    That, ladies and gentleman, is how you can have a program "that big" and no one can seemingly know about it.  It is the biggest elephant in the room.

    If those of you in the scientific and academic communities had an ounce of decency and morality you would come forward now in the name of humanity calling for a halt to this genocide.

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