Dueling Spray Jets Over Baghdad


More and more people are looking to the sky and documenting the ongoing global climate engineering assault. In the one minute video below, there is some exceptional footage of a Boeing 747 spraying while overtaking a Boeing 737 which is also spraying. The plumes of sprayed particulates behind each jet are very different in regard to their color. Is this just due to the difference in height between the two aircraft? The most likely answer is no. There are numerous climate engineering patents, all with various objectives. Another factor should also be considered, there must be a great many sources of materials around the globe, all with variations in the material composition. The bottom line is this, both these jets are fitted with high bypass turbofan jet engines, nearly incapable of producing any condensation trail except under the most extreme circumstances. The massive trails we are seeing behind these jet aircraft are certainly not just condensation, especially over Baghdad.
Dane Wigington


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  1. Wayne Sellar says:

    A Recent letter I addressed to KCRW…NPR—–August 2015

    Dear KCRW,

    KCRW…NPR…I've listened to NPR since 1991, started in Boston, WBUR….I think… I’m amazed all the news you report, and cover, most of the time is of little "use" to most.

    You report about the Olympics in Beijing, where you claim citizens can't breathe the Air…let alone the Olympians, …have you looked at Southern California's skies lately especially Coachella valley for the last four to twelve months it has been beyond insanity as jets cross the sky non-stop 24/7…but NPR no reporting, instead we’re concerned with the humanity and treatment of refugees around the globe, raising the flag after sixty years in Cuba, rights for prisoners, and gay rights…what percentage of the US population really cares about the useless news you report daily.

    I guess because you receive so much Federal Funding and the entire Staff is concerned about keeping their Jobs, therefore, you bow to our governments’ desire to stay quiet, no coverage of the fact that we’re all breathing extremely toxic metals daily under the classified program of “Solar Radiation Management”.

    I emailed KCRW over a month ago to attend this Public Awareness Event, August 14, 2015 in Redding, California…never received a reply….no surprise.

    Perhaps your readers should be informed what is happening over our skies at an insane rate daily, in fact, globally, why discuss the future when tomorrow may never come.

    Please report current issues of such magnitude, issues that can change all of us rather quickly, please assist the public and report  these “Geoengineering Events” , our families, our children, and humanity is counting on NPR, a “Trusted source for Global Worldwide Events and News”…..to be honest and report the absolute truth…regardless of consequences.

    You see, if you don’t make the public aware with your far reaching broadcast, listened to by many, you complete the sentence.

    Respectfully Submitted,

    W. Sellar

  2. Heh… We need more FunVax for all those nutters. >

    This video was recorded by the Dept of Defense at the Pentagon.

    DOD Operative discloses A Nasty Eugenics Plan — Release a Virus And Use The Vaccine For The Virus To Alter The DNA Of Those Vaccinated To Remove The God Gene And Rid Iraq and Afghanistan of The Islam Religion.

    Department of Defense officials discuss releasing a flu virus and using the FunVax (Fundamentalists vaccine) to manipulate the "God Gene" in DNA of those inoculated to eliminate religious fundamentalists.

    From the Video:
    DOD Project Id — 149AZ2
    DOCID FX36.879..AX.AZ2.14
    Submission Data — 4/10/05
    Submission ID- 983459.4.05


    See also:

    FunVax: Fundamentalist Vaccine


  3. mossmoon says:

    Hello Dane. In the footage below it clearly looks like the material is coming from the engines of the plane. So is it the case that fuel additives are being used? (Note the other plane in the distance is leaving the rope style trails.)


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mossmoon, we have very clear photos of the nozzles which are located on jet aircraft directly behind the jet engines, Though fuel additives are likely a part of the climate engineering efforts, sprayed dispersions are the probable source of the larger plums like the ones in the video you posted. See the attached link. https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/high-bypass-turbofan-jet-engines-contrails/

  4. Rachel Robson says:

    Jerry Brown has a lot to answer for!  Last year, he accidently?! sent a lot of water to LA that they didn't ask for or need.  Did he apologize? Of course not!  He okayed fracking in California of all places!  We all know fracking is bad, but in California it is insane given our earthquakes, our perpetual water issues, and enough sun and technology to lead the way to alternative energy!  To top it off, he gave permission for the frackers to inject their poisonous used, contaminated water/fluids into our drinking acquifers!!!!!!!  All that is known and fact.  So, of course, like other officials he is not about to address geoengineering.  He should hang himself.  He betrayed us in every way.

  5. Howard Taylor says:

    Well Gov.Brown go back and become a Priest again.Repent for you sins against your people of Calf..Look up to Heaven and the Devils spraying our beautiful Earth.ST Michael the Archangel will punish you and other Government officials

  6. Mike says:

    Jerry Brown can kiss my @@s,all these piece of dung politicians could care less what happens to us.Why doesn't this dirt bag talk to the global elitist and the industrial military complex,bill gates,George sorros,the fricken Rothchilds and have them stop funding this mess.Stop spraying California with nano aluminum particles everyday.Turn off that HAARP machine.Stop messing with the jet stream.Stop this high pressure zone off our coast.Maybe then it will rain.This is bullshit.Someday they will all get what's coming to them.Your going down too Mr.Jerry Brown.Take a deep breath and look up over Sacramento.Hmm,What do you see?

  7. Frank X Doyle says:

    Who is responsible for all this? Northern CA is being covered almost every day yet no one has any idea where the jets are coming from, who is responsible, and how we can stop this. I have watched "What/Why in the World Are they Spraying? and while informative and well done, there are still so many questions that have not been answered. We need to demand that our questions be addressed by our representatives or they are gone. Ask, questions, demand truthful answers and vote. 

    • Hawkeye says:

      @Frank – "Ask questions, demand truthful answers and vote"….?????? LOL, you're joking right??? Ask questions; I did with pictures to my local authorities. Answer was – no answer, completely ignored BUT I was told a report was being filed and they would get back to me when that was answered. Been about 18 months, still waiting LOL.

      Demand truth? I did, I disclosed my past employment experience and family history positions to enlighten my local officials I know better and demanded a truthful response, and I got silence.

      VOTE????? For what??? More of this BS? 

      Please folks don't vote anymore that is an answer. We must face it, neither party is bona fide and both parties are in the know on all of this in some manner. The right pushes global warming as a hoax and their idiotic followers can not be reasoned with they are so mentally gone from so much brainwashing and complete loss of faith in God.

      I'll tell you what, I have seen enough to know for certain that the masses are so insane that I bet even if this issue was out in the open the debate would turn to approval of the spraying in our skies in a heart beat. They will say it is needed and without it we all fry. Do you really think people will say stop spraying when they realize global warming is so real it is runaway and to stop spraying would mean they all have to give up their fantasy land and make a real sacrafice for life?

      It will be a carbon copy of our election play book with 1/2 saying stop and the other 1/2 saying keep it going. In Miami today they are flooding simply from high tides now. That city has allocated 400 million to put in a pumping station under ground to pump out the ocean! No sh**.

      How you pump out the sea – to where do you pump it out – I do not know, but they are doing it some how and the salt water ocean is rising up through the ground and their concrete slabs with only high tides and no storms needed to do this. Developers are actually drawing plans to cash in on this disaster by creating a water city for the new sunk miami. That is how insanity thinks.

      This is how the demented masses look at the future of global warming/climate change. How can we profit because they think there is always going to be a future and they do not care of what kind that is. That is demented.

      I will never stop telling and complaining about this sky nightmare, BUT I must say it is my feeling that we will not be able to change this thinking of the lost greedy minds that seem to dominate our landscape these days. It's going to take something much larger and much more powerful then us regular folks to do this. Our initiatives to get this out is only the stepping stone to finding this more powerful piece of ammo needed to stop it all for good.

      Please tell truth and demand truth but do not vote for liars. They will never be trust worthy or vote worthy, so send them that message of no vote and do not be fooled by others saying you need to vote to out vote the opposition because there is NO opposition when both parties are the same identity. Let it go and then "you" are saying NO I do not want this or them. That is all you can do in MHO. Spread that as well.

      If "they" work so hard to make you believe you must vote, then do the opposite and do not give them what they want please!!! See where that goes, let go and let God do it. It is now that time.

      After all, to continue to do the exact same thing over & over again AND expect a different result, well that is the definition of insanity and that is the picture of the masses. Get it yet? Thanks to all. Hawkeye

    • horsegirl says:

      @ Hawkeye,

      Mark and I are so moved by your writing here and on other threads.  FWIW Mark too was in Nam, 11B and a bronze star as a PFC.  He was so over the lies by the time he unexpectedly survived and returned from the bloodbath that he never voted again.  You are so right smack on about this.  More effective to avoid stepping on cracks in the sidewalk than to invest confidence in any politician.

      Also from me, so right about the need for divine intervention.  Want the goosebumps, check out Isaiah 14 where in kingdom come they chant hatefully against the king of Babylon for ruining his own country and slaying his own people.  This is just exactly what they're doing, per Jer 9:20-21:  "for death has come up through our windows."  

      This is not to deny at all what Dane keeps repeating, that we must make everyone alert to what is going on if it is possible.  But if you think it's hard telling people about it when jets desecrate the sky in plain sight, consider us. The trouble we have is that we live in a "not-see" zone where you see the sky scum but not the aircraft.  Perhaps we dwell on the threshhold of their cowardice.  Because is southern AZ, near home to some of the largest military reservations.  It seems perhaps they don't want their men to realize what is happening.  So much the better to get them to turn on the public about the time there is an outcry about geoengineering.  

      Then the other possibly immovable juggernaut is that people are genuinely brain-damaged from any number of things.  From vaccinations to television-caused beta waves stultifying their brains to perhaps a component of fluoride in our air now including the rest of the toxic cocktail.  Look at their eyes, as I believe you commented somewhere else.  I'm not sure they have the associative mental skills to independently reason anymore.  I hope I'm wrong but people seem to be in a stupor.  Walking woodenly.  Eyes fixed, expression rigid.  If not gasping for air.  It is the night of the living dead for sure.  Deadest of all are those tiptoeing on the precipice of hell itself, the politicians.  in other times it would have resulted in torches and pitchforks but people are too stoned from the rogue witchcraft of the Cabal.

      But we find your words rejuvenate our own resolve to get the word out there when it's possible.  Will print out more flyers.  Mostly I find myself writing out the name of the website for those who wonder why you can't see the "D" on the hill outside Douglas, AZ anymore on account of the inexplicable fog.  I direct them to investigate Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, where legions of jets weave toxic clouds that are somehow directed northward and over to Chihuahua to perpetuate the endless drought plaguing the bread basket of Mexico.  It's not that far from California, perhaps a hundred miles from the southern border.  Maybe that is the origin of a lot of people's plagues.  Down in that city the death fiesta never stops.

      Thanks so much to all of the commenters on this site, and above all to Dane for heroically battling this menace.   God on you and your family forever.

    • Frank X Doyle asks: "Who is responsible for all this?" The American people and their legal assigns…

  8. susan says:

    Nobody has a right to force you to put anything in your body. I am saying NO, they can put me in jail or kill me. I do not consent.

  9. Jack says:

    I've counted about 100 planes tonight in the Sky's of Southeast TN, North GA, North AL, and SW NC from my hill top house.  The sky's are covered in a grid.  Been going on all day.  Now the sun's setting and they are still spraying.  I personally think it is getting much worse and the planes are in greater #?  To many people sick, kids, adults, elderly. I'm concerned this is coming to a head of some sorts.  Something has to give at some point.  

  10. Jactn says:

    Jets are spraying all day over Southeast TN, North GA, north AL, and southwest NC. 


  11. Mario Ramirez says:

    What do you know, another country that is occupied by the US

  12. Melody Meachum says:

    @Heather…I live in SW Michigan. We're sprayed constantly as well, but with a different outcome as Dane keeps presenting. Western half US being boiled and moisture moved eastward where population is. In other words, our weather is no longer naturally occurring either.  

  13. I watched that brownish cocktail being sprayed over Butte County there in California in 2011.  The plane was huge and watched in descend to within a couple of thousand feet, was a terribly "NOT NORMAL" flight pattern for a plane of that size.  I was driving beside it for a bit, then about 2 hours later was on the Sacramento River bridge on hwy 32 heading in to Chico for dinner from I-5.  Called off my dinner when I saw what I was driving into and turned around.  The entire area of Chico was socked in with a brownish orange haze (thick).  All that spraying just west of Chico had drifted in and settled in the lowest lying areas. 

    Keep on keepin' on Spreading the Truth! They say 10% is the tipping point, am shooting for that!


  14. Kelsie says:

    I live Houston where they spray daily. I called the Governors office, all they did was email me disinformation. What do I have to do to be heard?

  15. barbara larkin says:

    It seems to me that maybe the object of this parallel flying is a cocktail mix of chemicals that will ultimatly combine for a particuler effect when exposed to the atmosphere.????

  16. Melody Meachum says:

    Hi Dane..I'm sure this is old news to you, but I saw this on Drudge site today. I can't imagine what it's like…living thru a nightmare that gets worse every year. So sorry for you all! It could all be reversed with an Executive Order to shut down the spraying!


    Los Angeles Times April 1, 2015, 1:55 p.m.

    "Gov. Jerry Brown, standing on a patch of brown grass in the Sierra Nevada that is usually covered with several feet of snow, on Wednesday announced the first mandatory water restrictions in California history.

    "It's a different world," he said. "We have to act differently."

    Brown was on hand Wednesday as state officials took stock of historically abysmal levels of snowpack in the Sierra Nevada amid the state's grinding drought."




    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Melody, lets hope that Drudge and other like him start to wake up and help us to get the truth out. If concerned citizens would engage in concerted efforts to share data like the attached link, we could finally reach critical mass. Every one of us are needed to move the ball foreward every single day. “Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsYG5emdZp8

    • Heather says:

      Melody, do you live in an area or country where you are not seeing this? I'm  wanting to get out of CA and go where it isn't so prevalent!

    • Ono says:

      Let's not forget that "Moonbeam" gave the orders to spray Malathion over los Angeles  during his first run as governor in the Eighties because of the med fly crisis.  He has experience here. Ca. was also in the grips of a severe drought then.  History repeating itself. Anyone remember his run for president where he ripped off the song by midnight oil "Beds are Burning" for his campaign slogan?  Here are to slogans that were popular back then "If its yellow it's mellow, If it's Brown flush it"…"Only brown goes down" 

    • waverly says:

      Governor Jerry Brown is Jesuit trained. So is Obama's entire cabinet. The Jesuit's are off spring of the Knight's Templar. They have a storied history for sowing seeds of destruction. They are responsible for bringing down entire nations, dynasties, republics and empires. America iis destined to be just another statistical "accomplishment".. They have infiltrated the US government with the Zionists and Freemasons, plundered its resources and are preparing to move on to China.

  17. carol freiberg says:

    The psychos must have a whole bag of tricks to use on us. Obviously the concoction here is hard ,or dangerous to mix together in the same batch.

    • jilly says:

      this is the very same configuration thta first had me sit up and say"wtf…"there were two distinct colours,…white,floowed in close formation,very similar to the footage shown here,but one flying directly behind at a constan,and the second was spraying a sort of pale violet/grey colour.massive spraying today over the south west of england…makes me so mad!! i just WISH i could do the very thing that will get this ridiculousness stopped….we all keep on though,trying in our small ways,but maybe we need to organize an "anti climate change"summit,to match the worlds governments…i mean,there is more than enough footage and information here to use…and i think that there is some kind of time limit for action,as there is another global goverment meeting in september,where i fear that they will have it nailed down…so,the more people who get to know about this the more chance we have.keep on posting out the information friends!blessings,and thankyou dane for your constantcy in reporting and posting for us.xx


    • lori d says:

      Carol, bag of tricks coming: mandatory vaccinations for EVERYONE… RFID chipped.

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