Engineered “Polar Vortex” Freezes US


One of the best updates yet from the HAARP is below. I was actually on the US west coast near the Oregon border to witness the all out aerosol assault in the skies which is noted in the attached video.  The sea temperatures were exceptionally warm, warm enough to swim in the waves for nearly a half hour with no wet suit. Historically this was not possible to do at any time of year in this location, let alone in mid November. A green sea turtle was recently caught of the coast of Oregon and tuna are being caught of the coast of Alaska, both instances are unprecedented. Global sea temperatures are now officially the warmest ever recorded. Why are the climate engineers working so hard to freeze the Eastern US? To continue the confusion and division amongst the population as to the true state of the climate. To demonstrate their power over the climate system. To hide the true gravity of what is unfolding on our planet for as long as possible while causing unimaginable harm to the biosphere in the process.
Dane Wigington




21 Responses to Engineered “Polar Vortex” Freezes US

  1. vickey says:

    We get sprayed hard too in Northern Idaho. Two “super storms” one week apart followed right after those white jets assaulted our beautiful blue sky in July. I knew something terrible was being created. I could see the chemtrails being contorted into erie cloud formations. Then the brief, but most intense storms I’d ever experienced here crackled with lightning, roared with thunder, with the strong winds blowing down many strong trees, causing power outages and mass clean up. Some parts of homes were destroyed by falling trees. Some lost their barns and the animals within. Like Vanessa, I too am getting good at predicting the weather by observing chemtrails. This may sound strange, but when I “reach out” with my feelings into those white jets, I sense there is no one inside – that they are being flown by remote control, robot or auto pilot. Or it could be the pilot is simply brain dead.

  2. Dawn says:

    We have the chem trails in the Florida Keys often. We will have a deep blue sky and then the chem trails begin and the deep blue sky disappears. We are being destroyed.

  3. gingercake5 says:

    Is it possible that the new polar vortex went right over the pole and down the other side of the Earth? Here is an article from 11/16/2014, saying the deadly cold front came down from Siberia.

  4. Vanessa says:

    I saw a really heavy chemtrail on thursday. I thought to myself..guess we are going to have some great weather change in the next 24 hours. Sure enough we had snow the next day…And we did. I can predict weather now by the chemtrails.:)

  5. Shirley says:

    Theresa, I agree with you. I have posted….hardly any response. I ask knowledgeable people if they know about chemtrails…most do not. I am afraid to look up in the sky everyday, here in Northern California.

  6. marty says:

    Heavy spraying in Western Massachusetts 11/13, followed by snow and cold on Friday 11/14. The weather isn’t unusual for this time of year except for the fact it was in the 60’s this past Tuesday and Wednesday. Gradual changes in the weather are a thing of the past, replaced with sudden, radical change. Shoot, we had a major tornado here in ’11 and some small ones this year.

  7. Alida Herrera says:

    Nov 8 was a heartbreaking day for me as I took pictures of what we proudly call our “Carolina Blue” skies. Plenty of chem trails observed and I caught the red contract plane also spraying over our Smoky Mountains. I realize it was a week ago our neighbors in TN were heavily sprayed. Now after my pictures of multiple days of spraying, our skies remain a pale hazy white and have an all day fog in spite of high pressure. We have some of the western remnants you reported on, falling over us.

  8. Wendy says:

    Hi Theresa, I’m in Michigan as well…Shouldn’t be this cold yet!!! I posted this on FB…I got 3 “likes” one was my son who knows exactly what is going on, the other 2 were from people who won’t look at the information. Love your Fluoride comment and agree completely…dumbing us down. I’ll just keep trying to wake them up!

  9. Mysteriousbarges says:

    This is what happens when you keep voting in Democrats that focuses on models and trends instead of a real sound economy such as going back to the gold standard if any is left.

    You idiots keep voting in people who hate our freedom and promises free abortions which is what America is only interested in this generation.

    I am not sure if the rest of the world is as badly effected but America is the king of pills and abortions!

  10. Ken says:

    I just have to agree with many of the comments here. It’s very disappointing how little some people seem to care about this topic. They are expressing a form of submission to it out of fear I think.

  11. Jay Roveda says:

    Heavy Chemtrail in San Diego County. You can even see the planes laying it down through the haze… Doppler shows everything

  12. chris says:

    can someone please explain why the chem-trails and how they are related to haarp. I am a bit of a brainiack and need to know how this works. We see it here almost every day in eastern Oregon. I have documented on numerous occasions, the VLF waves from the microwave stations. I just dont understand the science behind what they are spaying and how it interacts with Haarp or now what they call nexrad. If anyone can help me please contact me.

  13. Gloria says:

    This has gotta be the worst darn fluffy taffy pull I have ever seen.

  14. Theresa says:

    I have sent this information to people via email and posted at least 8 times on fb and ZERO response from anyone. I can’t believe how completely and utterly zoned out, turned off, apathetic and self absorbed people are. I guess that fluoride is really doing its job. This is shocking and so upsetting. Here in Michigan, its starting to freeze up, and this winter is likely to be as much or more traumatic as last while people have their heads up their….well. Whatever. Lord help us.

  15. Carley says:

    It was interesting. The evening before the forecast for snow in the Portland Or. area, my husband was just checking the west coast forecast and weather. Something we always do… anyhoo, when he clicked on the button for “heat index” on this particular weather website, he saw a red/orange circle just on the coastline of Oregon west of Portland area. The only other red/orange areas were down in Mexico so we took it as indicating a spike in temperature.

  16. Thunder bay gets alot of chemtrails too, I dont see why people cant see that something is going on

  17. jeremy says:

    its sick people dont realize what is happening. We are being attacked with bi weapons, but cant fight back. But only through the system they have made for us.

  18. Bob Armstrong says:

    Here in Northern Ontario we had heavy spraying yesterday, north to south, even though it was overcast and snowing and it is always followed by heavy rain or snow. Our temperatures are 5 degrees celcius below normal. On October 31 we had 8 inches of snow which has not been seen before and the whole summer and fall we have been inundated with record amounts of rain. I think they are trying to keep the great lakes water levels up to compensate for the water they are stealing, we are in a major watershed that feeds Georgian Bay and Lake Huron.
    I wish other people would post what they are seeing in there area. We need to take it to our MPs and demand answers and have this stopped now.

  19. Chris Peters says:

    And to sum it up, you can only let the bully take your lunch money so many times and then either you or your tuff friend will need to kick his ass…

  20. Chris Peters says:

    I watched this entire thing build this week over central oregon along the east side of the cascade range, day after day of releases, I was sick the entire week and can actually smell the metals, after this video I was blown away again by how little people even care. Where being attacked with bio weapons and no one even wants to fight back, some active activism will need to take place very soon if we even stand a chance of stopping this……..

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