“Engineering The Climate” : A Congressional Report.


Dane Wigington

While the “scientists”, the US military, and numerous other governmental agencies, continue to deny the reality of the massive global geoengineering programs, the enormous machine that runs these ever expanding programs continues to grow in plain sight. Those that are attempting to expose the truth regarding the planetary weather/climate modification aerosol spraying are still marginalized by the state sponsored mainstream media which is all too willing to do as it is told by those in power.

In spite of the concerted and powerful effort to hide the reality of the ongoing geoengineering programs, the masses are beginning to awaken to the fact that we are all being subjected to a horrific global experiment. An experiment that is quite literally putting all life on Earth at risk. An ever growing mountain of evidence already proves beyond doubt that global geoengineering is an absolute reality. Any that do an objective evaluation of the available evidence can come to no other conclusion.

Congressional Report Outlines Framework of Global Geoengineering Governance and Agencies Involved

They tell us nothing is happening yet, in spite of the entire framework for global geoengineering being outlined in the document above. From the agencies involved to the global governance of such “proposed” climate engineering programs, and of course the mention of “possible” consequences. The “cast of characters” named in this document are listed below:

The National Science Foundation

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration

The US Department of Energy

The Environmental Protection Agency

The US Department of Agriculture

The US Forest Service

The Office of Science and Technology

The US Global Change Research Program

The US Group on Earth Observations

The  National Academy of Public Administration

and of course,

The US Department of Defense.

Documents like the one noted above should be examined by all. They should be considered as the enormous red flag that they are. As has so often in history been the case, by the time genocidal crimes are brought to the light of day, the damage is already done. In the case of “stratospheric aerosol geoengineering”, or SAG, this also holds true. Great and unquantifiable damage has been done to the planet, the climate, and all life forms. If these completely insane out of control global spraying programs continue, what will be left? The decimation being caused by the ongoing global atmospheric spraying of toxic metals and chemicals is again, already beyond calculation.

It’s up to all of us to help bring this most dire issue to light. Every day the spraying goes on, the atmosphere we depend on for our survival is literally being ripped apart. The land and the waters are being poisoned. Life threatening climate feedback loops, such as the mass methane expulsion now occurring in the Arctic, are being triggered.

Inform yourself on this dire issue. Get tools to help you educate others. All of us must stand and make our voices heard.


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  1. Eugene says:

    I had the same thought…They must be blinded by money and power…

    • Edward Palys says:

      They claim that the US government is not funding any of this. However, someone has to be funding this disaster big-time, as the spraying is carried our world-wide. If we could only follow the money trail we could find out who is mainly behind all of this.

  2. DON'T F WITH TEXAS. says:

    Protect yourself by wearing masks in public and handing an information flyer to all who ask about the mask. Then let’s ALL join a class-action lawsuit. With blood test documentation, that is our best bet.

    I do believe media would react to all of the people wearing masks. They might think it’s ebola….

  3. Laura Sutton says:

    What is being done can be likened to a implementation of a slow but equally lethal gas chamber ala Nazi Germany…whether the intention is the same is irrelevant. Our atmosphere, though large, is essentially contained and limited. The toxicity of the content of the geoengineering material being daily spewed into our atmosphere is creating (apparently the “successful” deadline is 2025 but it’s likely being speeded up as more opposition develops) a slower, but equally sure, death for all life within the contained space….just like in the gas chambers of the concentration camps…..not just temporarily, but like Mars….essentially forever. I live next to the ocean in Central California, and it is tragically unfolding before my eyes here….except most people don’t see it, or at least really grasp the enormity of what is actually happening. These people that are perpetrating this murderous activity are counting on us staying ignorant and stupid. Lets prove them wrong….please…and quickly, Please.

  4. Edward Palys says:

    The big droughts in California are a perfect example of this geoengineering. California is in the midst of very dry air compared to regular moist air in surrounding states. What we are seeing is man-made through “channeling” weather systems by geoengineering, all in the name of scientific experiments.

  5. patty says:

    What I can’t understand is why they would not only expose themselves to these toxic metals/chemicals but their family members as well. Are these idiots protected with some invisible shield or do they not believe or think that they are exposed just like the rest of us. Are they so blinded by evil money that they can’t see what it’s doing to this beautiful planet we live on and all it’s inhabitants? This is so sickening and sad 🙁

  6. Marie Frazier says:

    Correction: temps were in the 60s + after Dec snow storm. Never before have we had snow last like that, ever. Usually disappears in 2 days with those temps.

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  8. Marie Frazier says:

    A similar thing happened in my town (foothills of California) this last December. A freak snow storm that dropped many inches of heavy snow. The snow was around for over 1 week in 50+ temps.

    • Edward Palys says:

      That's not really extraordinary. As long as the air is very dry, the snow would stay around for quite a while. In Northern Canada, locals keep winter ice in huge sheds filled with saw dust to keep the air very dry. We bought ice blocks on summer vacations from these areas and the temps were in the 90s+.

  9. Marie Frazier says:

    I think if we just follow the money it will tell us what we need to know. If I must die of a disaster, I pray it’s a natural one, not a man made one. Who are these people who think they can play God and determine the fate of all humans and animals on this earth? It is the most bizarre thing I can imagine and its scares the living daylight out of me. The days of constant spraying makes me sick. My brain feels fuzzy and the glands in my neck swell and are very sensitive. I am very scared. We must do something.

  10. gingercake5 says:

    People see crazy things, like Lake Superior still with ice and the temperature at the beach is 85 degrees F, and they say stupid things, like “Sheesh, this just beats everything.” Then they continue acting like this is normal WHEN IT IS SCREAMING OUT TO THEM THAT THIS IS NOT NORMAL. Here’s the article. It’ll make you pull your hair out. http://wattsupwiththat.com/2014/05/27/still-ice-on-lake-superior-never-before-seen-in-satellite-era/

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  12. Sherry Taylor says:

    thanks..I read something from Austalia today..they are puzzled as to why the planes are “still” doing this.
    I guess they took the term “experiment” literally and thought it had an end time.
    That most likely will be when we all stand up and take a walk together..to find out what these guys in the gazillion different offices are “really” doing. The EPA has at this writing at least 7 different offices..this is a “make work” project.. So this is the “cover” then. they do talk about and define terms..like climate emergency. There is no watchdog that I could see..and what’s with using “could” instead of “are” which is the obvious truth. It will take numbers of people to protect anyone who would come forward.
    I saw the head of the CIA, who just moved from NASA or the NSA I get them mixed up..he didn’t have kind things to say about Snowdon on our National News.
    The spray is to make very nice pictures and more(location)..for surveillance of the population..every single person. It isn’t for us it’s for whoever wants to control us.
    It supposedly blocks some radiation..but not more than it lets in with the wrecked ozone I’m sure. The lies are so flimsy..psychological warfare is what this is about.

  13. carol freiberg says:

    Greg…what state are you from?I can tell you what they will tell you here in Idaho.WATER VAPOR. That is,I guess, what they are paid to say??Called all relevant agencies they say the same lie.
    Look at what Karen Johnson senator from arizona is doing.I think she is one of our only hopes for exposure.

  14. carol freiberg says:

    Ditto Jordon….I feel the same about this crap being sprayed on us daily.Keep on spreading the word to whoever will listen.
    Seems at the rate they are spraying it won’t be long before EVERYONE will be seeing and witnessing the effects of the program.Fish dye off,bees going extinct,on and on.The deniers will never admit they have been manipulated and lied to.Look who they elected president!!!!TWICE!!!!!

  15. HY .
    I from Hungary ine EU . I see thr story… and this is the said true, the planet is going to destroy… Thank For the USA… Ú

    Dane Wigingtonthenk you for everíthing…
    A fight , i go to set Bideos anda more and more more.
    (Sorry i learn English)

  16. Jordan Litz says:

    Thank you for standing up for this topic. I see these trails almost everyday and they make me sick. I tell everyone I know but no one listens. IF they do they brush it off stating that it is impossible…. Everyday I wake up with anger and sadness. I will fight along side you and those who have and still need to wake up to this crime against humanity.

  17. Robin M. Johnson says:

    It’s past time to redo this Government and all Governments of the world,If not ,then life as we no will end.It’s Like there not Human- There dangerous aliens with only one purpose to Kill Mother Earth and all Life…what the F is going on?

  18. Greg McCann says:

    Thank you for your encouragement, knowledge and bravery. I have just written to my Senator about this and asked for a reply.

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