Fifty Shades Of Day


Source: Dorset Eye, article by Sean Hunter

I awake at four AM. And as I lay there in the darkness trying to retrieve a dream, I become aware of the constant droning in my head. After twenty minutes, unable to get back to sleep – let alone recover the dream – I get up to use the bathroom.

I take a sip or two of water, go back to bed and try to settle for sleep. But the droning noise persists, swelling and fading but never ceasing. Try as I might, I just can’t ignore it. What makes it worse is that I know the cause. I’ve been here before.

After an hour or so I concede defeat, take a shower and dress.

Downstairs, I make coffee and as I drink it I look out of the window. As dawn begins to break my suspicions are proved. In the sky there are scores of trails and struggling in the distance just above the horizon a weak sun shines. It resonates with the thickening sky and just like deadly nightshade, the colours are vibrant and strangely beautiful but indicative of the pure poison that lies within.

This small golden glow will be short lived. Most people, still sleeping, will not see the sun at all today.

I grab my camera and venture outside to get some pictures (see above). My neighbour is returning from walking her dog and smiles smugly “They’re just trails!” She says sarcastically as she passes.

“You still think that’s normal do you?” I reply, nodding at the sky.

It looks like an air display has just finished.

She doesn’t answer.

I admit I have failed miserably at educating my neighbours on the subject of geoengineering. I have bored them with my concerns, left them website links and information and handed out free copies of ‘Why In The World Are They Spraying’. They have decided that they don’t need to watch the film or investigate. Such is the extent of their hubris. For the sake of affability it is now, for the moment, a taboo subject.

Daybreak plus a couple of hours and the sky is white.

Don’t tell me that you haven’t noticed that the sky is white most of the time these days? Even during summer on a ‘clear’ day we don’t get true, blue sky – but in the winter we have what I call ‘sky fog’ most of the time. Sometimes the sky is a washed-out grey/blue with streaky, dirty looking clouds but mostly it’s just a dirty white.

Nobody questions this.

We walk around under this heavy, oppressive, foggy umbrella feeling heavy and oppressed ourselves but nobody asks where the sky went or why we only see the sun once or twice a week. It lowers our moods and our stature, curbs our smiles and deprives us of valuable vitamin D.

Other people in other countries live under different – but similarly unnatural skies.

I’ve been watching the sky and taking pictures for six years now. I have come to realise that you could write obscenities in the sky in capitol letters and no one would notice – because no one ever looks up.

I recently read an article by Joe Scanlan discussing chemtrails in Vaccination Information he posed the question:

Is your Eye/Brain switch set to off? I laughed out loud when I read it. I mean, how much more obvious does it have to be before people start to wake up?     

The geoengineering deniers would have us believe that the trails are just the result of normal flight. I live in a small county town. Does the picture above represent normal air traffic? I think not. The nearest commercial airport is about 20 miles away so, even if this was the result of commercial flying….I mean, come on! What the hell were they doing up there?

This is just one photograph taken on one day but I have photographed hundreds of anomalies like this.

It’s not as if the climate isn’t a subject on everyone’s lips. Even before The Kyoto Protocol, which came into force in 2005 and Al Gore’s 2006 documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, ‘experts’ were talking about pollution and the climate. 

I could drill down into the fine details here, about contrail science, aerosol dispersal patents and hockey stick temperature charts. I could discuss the thin and dubious ‘conclusive’ evidence ‘proving’ that you and I are to blame for the world’s weather and why we must, therefore, pay more for our energy.

But sadly, I know that by now I have already lost half the readers of this article – because we live in an age of apathy.

We are weary: War weary, recession weary, corruption weary and political promise weary. We’ve had so much bad news so often that facing the truth (more bad news) is about as nourishing as a fast-food burger.

We are told we must further tighten our belts as the bankers gamble with our savings and pay themselves yet more bonuses. But face the truth we must if we are to survive into the near future. That means holding the people responsible to account for their reckless attitudes and abuses of privileges right across the board – and that takes some courage and determination.

I recently wrote two other articles about geoengineering (details below) which addressed more of the science and agenda. Some irate Facebook comments and emails immediately followed which I then did my best to answer. But this article is not about proof, it’s about personal experience, observation and the employment of common sense – because it is so little used these days.

We are constantly being ‘nudged’ – to do only what we are encouraged to do, to believe only what we are encouraged to believe and we are persuaded that anyone who believes that the emperor really is naked is a conspiracy theorist – or worse, a terrorist! Well, the emperor in this instance is geoengineering and he’s waving his intimate parts right in our faces.

If you are not familiar with the subject of geoengineering you need to be. For it is THE biggest contributing factor in the state of the world’s climate by a long way – and the state of the world’s climate effects everything and everyone in so many different ways.

Yet in the climate change/global warming debate it is consistently and conveniently ignored. Despite the seeable, touchable, feelable evidence all around us, the devastating impact on our environment and rapidly rising levels of sickness, we are told that geoengineering is really mostly just theory. However, here at street level, just by using common sense, observation and logic it is so easy to see the lie.

As I have said before, as with many other serious and distressing issues, the greatest obstacle in the way of resolution is facing the fact that the people in whom we trust often do not have our best interests at heart. The world-wide ruthless betrayal of our trust has been demonstrated over and over again in government, banking, corporations, news media, health, child-care, the police and the courts.

So if what we are officially being told about the climate is true it would make it the exception to the rule by miles.

Any kind of investigation to find truth must begin with the assumption that, although innocent until proven guilty, all are initially under suspicion. Qui buono? – Who benefits? Is always a good place to start and when you look into it, you soon see who benefits from manipulating the weather. The globalists, the seed companies, bankers, investors and the military – just for starters – and how much can we trust them do you think?

But this article is not a scientific paper. It is not an investigation. It is my personal experience of geoengineering in action.

It’s about planes at four in the morning, an illusive, hazy sun, white sky, crazy trails, weird smells and rainbow coloured clouds. It’s about dying bees (I keep them) shrubs and trees and official denials to my requests for answers. It’s about a world of freak weather, dulled down people and an observed epidemic of cancer, Alzheimer’s and respiratory illness with little or no explanation.

But most of all it is about an overwhelming and all-consuminggeoengineering silence.

How could a field tested, historically documented project so many years in the making, that has involved government scientists, the military, the aircraft industry, tech manufacturers and the patent office, which has cost billions in investment and research and development and involved so many people –still be so widely unheard of? 

Does it mean that all of that time, money and research has just been shelved for a rainy day? Or could it mean that this highly controversial science has been covertly in operation for many years? 

Geoengineering is one of the most important, yet most ignored issues of our time. The sky-jacking of our weather. I ask you to use your eyes and ears, trust your own judgement, employ common sense, watch the sky and then ask yourself what on earth has happened to it?

Here are some very important links to help you.

Dane Wigington’s site:

Cliff Carnicom’s site:

The film Why In The World Are They Spraying:    

My previous articles published in Dorset Eye and on the net:

‘What’s Really Going On With The Weather?’

‘Chemtrails: The Conspiracy That Never Was’

Thank you for reading this.

Sean Hunter 

Source: Dorset Eye, article by Sean Hunter


29 Responses to Fifty Shades Of Day

  1. Steven Chamberlain says:

    In the END, those still clinging to life will understand that this was all done solely to achieve the goals of Agenda 21, Period.

  2. Diana Moss says:

    It was so interesting to read Mr. Hunter's article as I could relate to everything he mentioned.

    Today is 'just another' day here in Virginia.  The temp is reaching into the 70's this afternoon and by tomorrow they are predicting rain, sleet and  ice or maybe snow.  By THEY, I am referring to the National Weather Bureau from which I get a daily update.  And, today, for the first time I realized that the photo that is behind the temps for the day is an 'in-your-face' photo of chemtrails.  My son just returned from a trip to Utah and he mentioned that in the Delta Airlines lounge in O;Hare Airport there are four very large photos of chemtrails, displayed as if they were artwork.  I have also began noticing just how many programs and advertisements on TV are showing chemtrails,  example for Liberty Mutual Insurance there are persons standing in front of a shot of the Statue of Liberty and there are chemtrails and a grayish white sky surrounding the statue.

    When we have a Senator who wrote the book about climate change being a hoax in charge of the Environment and who has the audacity to throw a snowball  in the Senate to prove that climate change is NOT happening and not one single Senator objects, they are literally telling us "Screw You!" conspiracy theorists.

    I have to believe that all of the deniers in our government are smirking, just like Sen. Infoff, as they pack their personal off-shore accounts with ill-gotten gains.

  3. I got exactly the same feelings and the whole article sounds very familiar to me. Even skies like this don't wake them up!!!

    I watched some videos about mind control on Youtube. That's a very frightening topic. How many people know what these satanic "elites" are able to do nowadays!? Get informed, get deep into that dangerous topic as long as you still realize something is wrong. In the meantime I'm convinced that this plays a major role and many people are simply no longer able to realize what's going on. Kind of remote control (via chemtrails and TV?). That would be an explanation but the thought to live under many zombie like individuals and politicians causes an uncomfortable feeling.

    I often noticed heavy spraying before false flags, last time with the Paris story.

    Just my thoughts, I might be wrong or a conspiracy theorist.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Karl, thank you for your comment and the compelling video post, it was well worth taking the time to view.

    • Thank you very much Dane! It's a great honour and motivation to continue our common fight for a blue sky.
      The day I took the pictures I couldn't believe what was going on in front of my camera! I took about 500 pics just that morning. Looked like an alien attack…

  4. Bob says:

    Hi Dane –


    I must write and say that I really liked what Nicholas Eisenhauer has said here because, bottom line in the equation of solving this ENTIRE global mess, he is right.  Ultimately, it is our collective and concerted, positive, yet fully honest, attitudes ( mind power ), that will fix this and get everything back into harmony.   Its very esoteric, yet simple. 


    However, we live in a left brain, analytical, need for empiric proof, kind of world, in order for something to be believable and credible. If it were actually achievable. If we humans could take 15 minutes of any day, stop everything else that was being done,  and honestly focused all attention  on a simple mantra with love and continual balanced, harmonious, prosperity for all living things.  This simple exercise of focused attention, would measurably change all aspects of our entire planet.


    But that is unrealistic, I understand.  It seems very airy fairy and silly, I understand why people think this.  Yet it absolutely would work, and scientific research on attention and the nature of reality ( check out recent theories in the field of quantum physics), are beginning to validate these ideas.  You know the whole, “keep a positive attitude”, “glass is half full”, kinds of things we all have heard from growing up.  Well, its all correct and finally the scientific, empirical data, is describing this.  And as a side note, ironically, this is a main theme of the ancient teachings from ancient civilizations.  So its not really “news”. 


    Yet, it is my belief, in today’s world, that this exercise is still utterly ridiculous in its scope and  needed discipline as a collective, for achievability.  We lack the discipline of mind as a whole, we defer to “authority” as being the only ones with correct information.  We literally allow media sources on the TV to “program” us into having certain thoughts and “data” on a subject, especially like geo-engineering.  Its no mistake that the electromagnetic waves, radiating out of the TV, are similar to our brains own internally generated wavelengths.  There is empirical data and many studies, proving how this subtle brainwashing, does in fact occur.  Heck why is the advertising industry so huge?  Because that subtle brainwashing, the “programming”, actually works, and is very real.  If it wasn’t real, and worked, there wouldn’t be so many ads. Remember that for most people, the basic cable packages, with commercials, these commercials take up fully one third of the “programming” time.  It works, it’s a real science, why wouldn’t it work for other subjects, like geo-engineering, pharmaceuticals, fracking, etc…?  People are programmable when they let themselves be and stop critically thinking.


    Also, I think its important to mention our collective honesty.  We live in a world of lies.  Even these supposed “credible sources” are coming up as being liars and deceivers, Brian Williams, Dr William Thompson, most politicians, etc…So if we are swimming in electromagnetic soup of lies,  its no wonder why most of us are stuck in a childhood like selfishness and need for an “authority” figure to tell us what is right and what is wrong.   Giving the ability to determine whether something is a lie or not, to someone else. And most of that selfishness revolves around that desire for money ( “love” of money seems like an oxymoron to me).  We allow the lying to happen,  subconsciously condone it, by ignoring our critical thinking minds and adopting an appeal to authority fallacy.  And furthermore, defend that fallacy with conviction.



    So our immediate, small steps, or “arrow fires”, still must be done to “tip” an individual persons, legitimacy determination skills ( aka, “waking up” ).  Each individual sees the world and learns from it differently.  Its almost impossible to determine what set of statistics, pictures, credible writings, etc…, will be the last bit of information needed for the “waking up” to occur.  I know a lot of people who are becoming more and more suspicious of things and to me, that means they are close to that tipping point, or awakening.  So its my opinion that even though I 100% agree with, and am inspired by, what Nicholas said, the burden of scientific, left brain,  proof is still our immediate step.


    Dane, you and the folks on the web progressing towards the same goal, are increasing the positive goal, even though the information is so negative, scary, and seemingly insurmountable.  However, we can, are, and will, get there and “win”.  Honesty, and truth, are positive.  We sure have gotten ourselves in a collective hole, no?


    I know this is a serious digression from the original article, which I find well written.  For this I apologize.

  5. Ken says:

    In Matthew chapter 24 it states: " Immediately after the tribulation of those days, the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light and the stars will fall from heaven, and powers of the heavens will be shaken." This was to Jesus talking about the conclusion of this system of things and what would happen right before his presence.

    Interesting that right before the end he mentioned the sun being darkened and the powers of the heavens shaken….I know not everyone is a believer but to me what is going on is further proof that we are living in momentous times. This beautiful planet will survive and it's good to see that people care about what is going on and will not tolerate the wanton destruction and evil.

  6. Freedom Ranger says:

    The phantoms of 43 kings this republic as witness have passed before our eyes and  faintly dwell upon our remembrance.The observation of every age and climate is that ambition has prevailed with the same commanding energy in each, where comes this vanity, this universal desire to obtain and hold the sceptre of dominion? A being endowed with the same faculties of man, but with a longer measure of existence, would cast down a smile of pity and contempt on the crimes and follies of human ambition, so eager, in a narrow span, to grasp at precarious and short-lived enjoyment. The grave is ever beside the throne; the successes of a criminal is almost instantly followed by the loss of his prize;  and our immortal reason survives and disdains the vanity of these kings, and faintly dwells .the greater part of these kings we cannot reasonably ascribe the love of fame and of mankind. The virtue of Jefferson, Washington, Lincoln was beneficient and pure; the most illustrious presidents who precede or follow those respectable names have trod with some dexterity and vigour the crooked and bloody paths of a selfish policy. But now? Is impunity now the only object of ambition? I will  not descant on the misery of kings for ours is by far  the most pregnant with fear and least susceptible of hope and yet i still hope.

  7. Greg M says:

    I took a walk in the woods last August and it doesn't resemble anything that I remember growing up as a child and teenager.  Acres of poison ivy, thorn bushes- I needed boots, jeans, and a machete to move around back there.  Now I wear flip flops and shorts because all I see is patches of mud, dead leaves, dead branches and some crabgrass where the sun can get through.  The little bit of sun there is.

    The second half of 2014 and this winter has had the heaviest spraying that I have ever seen, nearly everyday now.  I live in the Cleveland area and they usually hit us early in the morning and increasingly we've been getting a second round in the early evening.  Ground level aerosol concentrations seem to be highest in the afternoon at least that's when my symptoms are the worst.  Itchy dry eyes, stuffy nose, forgetfulness, and fatigue (my afternoon low) are typical.  Occasional I get a strange sensation that feels like the left side of my head or temple is numb or swelling.

    These operations are truly heinous and disgusting.  This is what happens when you have out of control power and the majority of the population disengaged.

  8. Nicholas Eisenhauer says:

    Dear Dane, I would buy the spectrometer in a second if I thought it would help. It will not. No amount of any evidence will change the course of events about to unfold for all of us. You have already provided enough evidence for the entire universe to see over and over again. I believe the only way humanity will wake up is the way various individuals on the internet have been educating us about and that is the spiritual awakening that needs to reach a critical mass of awareness of our power in the universe against all the evil. We must connect with all like minded humanity and believe as one consciousness and envision a world where the evil does not exist and only love can exist. This is the only way we will eliminate chemtrails,  deadly RF, the cabal, military dominance, etc. etc. Humans are incapable to fight either with weapons or with any level of physical resistance and you can forget any other level of 3rd dimensional resistance. We can only fight them with our collective minds!!!! Everyone must connect with the laws of the universe and our spiritual beings and belive as one that we can change our world into the one we all want now. Just think with all your mind and consiousness how beautiful you want the world to be and we will all come together on this issue at that level. Do it now and everyday. I will see you all there. Everything is energy and the PTB don't want you to  know that and are trying to make you believe you cannot change the world with only your mind. Use your thought of Love and oneness to heal the planet and all of humanity. It is the only way to beat them. Love to all.  

  9. dawn jackson says:

    I have been researching this now for over 5 years. I have collected water samples and the things that have grown in them are really disgusting. This last week the spraying  WAS SO BAD i HAD A HARD TIME SEEING FOR THREE DAYS. I went to the store and purchased eye wash solution  and rinsed my eyes out three times in a sterilized jar and covered it with plastic. I cannot believe what is floating in the water pieces of fibers and particles the same of which were in the rain sample from 2013 . People need to wake up. I will never forget listening to the conference they held about this . The scientist responsible said and I quote " it isn't a moral issue it is more like free riding on our grandchildren. this is all out poison . Killing the masses slowly until their population agenda reaches it's quota.

    • Terri says:

      Dawn–I see it as a global fumigation campaign. every living thing on the planet is being wiped out. The oceans are being fumigated as well. What do they intend to seed it with after they have killed off all the fish, plankton, kelp, whales,dolphins, and countless other life forms residing in the waters? What do they intend to seed the land masses with after they have exterminated all the people, animals,birds,bugs,trees,plants,ect?  

       I have a deep hatred for these pilots who are the true evil and are the ones doing the actual spraying. they deserve the deepest darkest hell that can be found. tormented for eternity.

      then it hit me..they already are in hell. they signed on to be part of hell's air force from which there is no escape. They cannot quit and suddenly become whistle blowers. They cannot quit and retire. There is no way their master will let them walk around healthy and talk to their neighbors or family or friends…They will be terminated like any other machine. Those who serve the devil can expect their just rewards. For them there is no retirement. They get only the few years of living in the lap of luxury before they are moved and suddenly something happens…or they get moved to the front lines of the latest global war, never to be seen again. 

       They chose their poison and they choose to be the global poisoners. the consequences for making that Faustian deal cannot be avoided.

      It is what keeps me going when i cough up a lung every day from their spraying. When i am forced to live indoors as the outdoors is so toxic i cannot stay outside for more then a few minutes. I seem to have developed an allergic reaction to their poison. i have tried dust masks and full face masks. doesn't matter. it seeps through the cracks. whatever is in this poison my lungs cannot handle it. 

      like so many i am watching the forests die. i am watching birds drop dead or lay in the dirt dying. watched healthy trees drop all their lives at once as if hit with something that turned the leaves completely black yet pliable and green on the other side. watch my fruit dying on the tree covered in black spots. shriveled up. sickly looking. 

      These pilots and those who sent them. those who provide the chemicals and load it for them ect have a karmic debt to pay to the whole world. each and every life form they have killed. every tree. every insect. every plant . every human. that they have murdered is a debt that they owe. little consolation to those they have killed.

      we never see the sun anymore. a brief window in the morning. 5-10 minutes a day is all we get. then come the flying fumigators to take away our sunlight. it is enough to make a person scream in frustration.

      i want my sky back. i want my sunlight. it doesn't belong to them. they have no right to do what they are doing. this planet does not belong to them. They are trespassing on each and every living thing. Trespassing on our lands and homes by poisoning our grounds. 

      i will keep doing what i can to awaken as many as i can. it is all i can do for now. 


    • Nicole says:

      Some days are worse that others. Today was a full on checkerboard attack. They came in and turned our skies to death. 90 percent of the trees in Vermont are dead. No birds. All I can do is cry. My face is on fire, throat hurts, eyes are burning and ears ringing. My child is the same. Still I can't get anyone around me to care about it even half as much as I do. The world has gone completely insane. The only solace there is, lies in the knowing that they have killed themselves as well.

  10. Karen W says:

    Thank you Dane for your continual hard work.  It does not go unnoticed on both sides.

    Story: Yesterday while driving up the Sierra foothills the clouds in the sky acted very odd.  When I was a kid we used to see figures in them and watch them move away and become another figure.  But the clouds yesterday didn't move into a different figure, they just disappeared into nothing!   Is there any light to be shed on this?

  11. Peter says:

    I actually saw No Geo-engineering all throughout the day. Planes I saw left no trails whatsoever. Better yet. I saw a Bumblebee fly around past me near where I go to work. I mean this from the bottom of my Heart and I understand if its not the case for you. I was hoping that my post would be uplifting for you

  12. jilly says:

    hi dane,you sounded so low in your last post,but i sure do know what that feels like….ive told so many folk about waht is happening,some have taken the knowledge on board,some ,will just not,BUT…this doesnt make the work that you do any less….it means that when anyone DOES ask,IS interested enough to start looking for the truth,there is a place that they can be directed to,where all the information is well documented,clearly presented,and factualy accurate,and it is here,on your site….you are not alone ,so many are with you,and none want to give up…we so often ask,"what can we do about it…"and feel a little helpless,but,we still keep at it,and more peolple are becoming aware.a huge thankyou for all your efforts,time and work.very best wishes,jilly.


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jilly, thank you for your message of support and for marching with us in this fight. Sorry if I did not sound myself, it was not intentional. I am a motivated as ever and will not stop sounding the alarm untill our skies are clear or I take my last breath. Lets all keep banging the drums of awareness.

  13. Bob says:

    Hi Dane – 


    I have been wondering about something that Jackie Ann just commented on.  Her horse suffering to get enough oxygen.  I think that is another of the gigantic problems facing our planet is the consistently lowering of oxygen in our atmosphere.  I have tried researching this on the web and it seems as if this subject is very much monitored.  As a gardener by trade, more CO2 means more growth of the plants, generally speaking.  Ironically greenhouses still need to pump in more CO2 to get the plants to grow better.  One would think if our CO2 levels were so high, the gardeners would not have to spend extra money pumping it in, they could just open the doors, right?  But I digress.  Are the oxygen levels lower?  I remember reading that oxygen levels in big cities are at an all time low and even dangerous levels.  I do know that when our body is deprived of enough oxygen, a whole host of diseases arise.  Could this be part of the plan?  If this is in fact true, and it sure seems so, then this seems like the cousin of the elephant in the room, is also in the room.  Any thoughts?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bob, yes, atmospheric oxygen content is declining significantly. There are numerous causal factors for this, many of those factors can be directly connected to the ongoing climate engineering. Geoengineering is shredding the ozone layer, this = off the scale UV radiation = dead plankton. Forests are dying and burning to the ground around the globe as a direct result of climate engineering disrupting the hydrological cycle, intense UV, poisoned soils etc. The dying and burning forests are no longer releasing the large levels of oxygen they once did, but rather are consuming it. There are other factors of course, but you get the picture.

  14. Grace says:

    Most people have been brainwashed by all the ads on tv depicting the same crazy trails we see daily.  I've also heard them say "how can you believe such a crazy story as they are spraying us?".  Unfortunately our world as we know it will be devastated by the time anyone cares.  People are so into their tv shows most of them have already been programmed while watching their programs.  

    • Abra says:

      I agree many have been brainwashed, but those of us who are awake, shouldn't we still point out  instances in which media skews reality? I've recently noticed programs that air on Discovery Channel: Gold Rush, Alaskan Bush People, Alaska the Last Frontier, are deceiving the population (no surprise there) about the current warming trend in Alaska. Correct me if I'm wrong, but much of the state is in drought, and the rate of winter warming has increased dramatically?? All three programs dramatize "snow" storms using terms such as "rain transitioning into snow"… "snow giving way to rain"… and "Snowmaggedon"… These outlandish terms are thrown out there to distract and deter people from the truth, but continue to call BS when you see media attempting to brainwash! It's frustrating but not futile…I hope we all continue sowing seeds and stay in our arenas even when we feel defeated. We can't know how far the ripples will spread if you don't toss them into the water. ~Best Regards

      Best Regards

    • Abra says:

      Sorry for the dangling modifier… “Toss ‘them’ into the water” is unclear, and should refer to pebbles or our voices, for they do matter in this fight.

      Thank you for sharing Sean Hunter’s powerful prose! We all feel this way at one point but should never quit encouraging others to fight till the end!!

  15. Howard Taylor says:

    People are awaking in Houston. Generation of 60 and 70 awaking from a long nap. The younger care only about their beards and ear buds.Harder to wake up may be I must try harder.Love this article puts more zing into my life . Thanks.

  16. jackie ann says:


    I know your uphill battle feels lost. But you have done far more to create awareness than you might realize. I just noticed the chemtrails last summer in Minnesota. Without your sight, insight, site, I would have not been able to share this awful assault on our planet earth. We are dying and slowly but surely more and more sheep are waking up. I feel the same way every morning, I get up at 5:30 for the same reason. Feed my horses and watch one suffer from trying to get enough oxygen to breath. I cry every day for my babies around the world. Thank you Dane. 

  17. Dave Jennings says:

    I keep telling you, get spectrum analysis equipment and record thousands of jet exhaust plumes right at the nozzle.  Aluminum would shine like the sun. This could be done from the ground just like astronomy. Then no one could dispute you…

    Thank-you for your efforts.

    Dave Jennings   Seattle Washington  253-332-9898

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dave, yes, a spectrometer would help, I wish we could afford one that would be considered a high enough quality to be “officially” considered valid, but we do not have these resources. The state of California did purchase such a spectrometer for $200,000 in 2010 for this purpose (to determine the chemical composition and origin of particulate matter that was costing the state up to 40% of its rainfall), I was at the board meeting when it was approved. Where is this meter now? They never used it. We have more than enough data and lab tests to prove the reality of climate engineering for any that want to wake up. If we get people joining the fight that are willing to fund the purchase of an appropriate spectrometer, that would be helpful also.

    • William Fletcher says:

      I have often thought this would be the easiest undeniable way to *prove* it is  Chemtrails we see in the sky, via Spectrum Analysis.   Why has no one done this yet?  Or have they ??? !!!   Could a relatively inexpensive device be manufactured to allow many people to gather data around the Country / World ?   It would be very illuminating to say the least.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello  WIlliam, as I have mentioned in an earlier comment, the caliber of spectrometer that would be acceptable to “official” agencies is in fact expensive. Though performing the spectrometer testing would be helpful, and hopefully can be done once enough people are willing to fund such an aquisition, we already have more than enough data and lab tests to make the case for any that are willing to wake up. For those that are not ready to wake, it won’t matter what proof they are shown, they will still deny the facts.

    • Freedom Ranger says:

      Honestly we know what is in it. It has been deduced with 100% certainty what is in it. If you prove it THEY will simply deny and deride.

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