Geoengineering, Are We Playing God?


Climate engineers in general believe it is their responsibility to make decisions that radically affect the planet and populations without any input from the public whatsoever. Ken Caldeira’s demeanor in the video below is alarming, his demeanor in person is the same, I have met him. Ken has chosen the role of deceiving the public for the benefit of the global cabal of power, he has long since sold his honor. Caldeira does videos like this 4 minute clip below and then goes on other shows pretending that he knows next to nothing about climate engineering and then further insinuates that any who think geoengineering is already going on are “tin foil hat nut cases”. Soon enough, as the climate engineering becomes impossible  to hide, the public will certainly hold people like Ken Caldeira accountable as accomplices to the geoengineering crimes.
Dane Wigington,

Geoengineering: Are We Playing God? by FORAtv

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  1. Jane says:

    It make’s me Wonder if Kembo Caldera
    Has ever watched that Show called

    Dead Man Walking

    Killing everything on the Planet

    Really makes me wonder

    This wonderful scientist that he thinks he is

    A Total Liar

    Let him Be

    Like all the Wildlife

    And Being’s that he has


    Well on his way

    Deserve’s it well

    RIP’s Ken

    Just like Roy P Crocker


    Let U rest



  2. Blu says:

    Body language, look at their body language.
    If we ignore the fact that liars on TV would behave differently… usually liars would look straight to hide lying, but this is television, looking straight wouldn’t fit their agenda would it?
    Looking at the right -> creativity, processing.. could point out to be telling the truth
    Looking at the left -> logic, thinking (if looking up could indicate lying)
    Looking down -> reflection, more personal

  3. Debbie Bond says:

    I knew our skies were not right years ago and started doing my research. However, in prayer the other day I was asking GOD “what shall I do?” He said “pray they (the nations) will wake up”. This is in regards to Geoengineering. Yes they are trying to play GOD with our skies!

  4. Danna says:

    Very well said Chris!!

  5. Mart Narvo says:

    the asian man had no idea what to say, sad. lets put these guys on trial with judges who know justice and a jury now!

  6. Marc says:

    Demeanor and carefully constructed comments reveal guilt, fear, anxiety and deception. What an outrage! That we must acquiesce in the shadow of these pseudo-academic jerks who are secretly stuffing their wallets with payoffs from any number of covert governmental agencies or black budget ops to seed the public with lies and disinformation to throw us off their trail.

  7. anthony barrett says:


  8. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Like I said before. I don’t mind moving my outhouse. Especially for such a good cause.

  9. Mart Narvo says:

    Amen brother of God’s world here, amen 😉

  10. chris says:

    OMG, they just don’t get it, leave the Planet alone, we have survived for millons of years, and the planet has looked after itself and us, however GREEED!, MONEY, POWER ETC comes in and everything changes, that is all this is about CONTROL & GREED. These people at the top are not real people, there is such a thing called karma, it will strike big time, Even though we are living in a time of FEAR, The EARTH still has its finger on the pulse, and it is going to bite back very hard to wake up the millons to restore balance.Then we will see just cause come to those who have become deceitful.Lets keep working for just cause and hold our heads high.

  11. Jack says:

    Yes I am on the same page of your writing. And in addition I do belive that , earth will evolve further with its own nature that God created in his creaton of universe. No evil evil man will defeat the almighty God. God bless us all and let as stay alert and spread the good news all over the world.

  12. Tim says:

    These guys are insane.

  13. Are we playing god? Heh… Not exactly. We are playing corporate capitalist pig-gods. I suppose if god was a pig wallowing in it’s own shit and filth, we’ve done a fair impersonation.

    Homo Sapient is a completely failed organism, because homo sapient has chosen to lie, lie, lie, about population control and man’s incredibly negative impacts on environmental resources. Hello? Try telling the essential truth without blinking or having people throw rocks. It’s a resource problem, folks. Duh!

    Nature is so efficient, she’s brilliantly given us all the tools it will take to exterminate ourselves… Another 50 million years or so, and the Earth will be a nice place to live again – sans pig-gods, industrial ghouls, and hopeless liars…

  14. francis reps says:

    Any competent Trial Lawyer would note that the very expressive and consistent, hand gestures speak to the construction of a story. All three of these individuals; Caldeira, Whelan and Albert Lin use their hands as much as their mouths. This simple clue about their body language would give me pause. Are they mortal Gods, or simply simple tools ?.. In any event,; Not to be Trusted.

  15. Bella_Fantasia says:

    My blood pressure rose intensely with each minute of this video. And I never have high blood pressure. How can they say what they say and twist it so everything comes out backwards? I wanted to get the biggest bucher knife from the kitchen and stab these guys to death in the computer monitor.

    I’m never like this ordinarily!

    It feels like this fight just ramped up a several notches at once. I’m afraid it will be getting harder from now on, but we must persist.

    I spoke with three people yesterday. One who already knows this is happening, and one passenger and the driver on the bus. I think they’ll check out this site. I’m finding the older people and the economically poorer people really are listening and questioning. More are aware every day.

  16. Jane Kean says:


    We have just undergone ‘a weather event’ murdering numerous people and causing havoc in many cities and towns. A years rain fell in a few short hours. I suspect many like myself recorded the geoengineering run up to this. Our skies over the last few days have been saturated with the worst ever seen particulates, not screening the sun but building a bank to exacerbate moisture brought in from elsewhere. Today the air is thick with brown haze and the leftovers hang just above ones head, pancake clouds sit waiting for the next ‘event’. These puppets to the Olyigarch who have basically sold themselves down the river are terrorists, yet it is we the objecting population who are now being accused of terrorism by new laws Governments are bringing in to suppress non violent activism. THIS HAS GONE FAR ENOUGH. Troops are massed on Russia’s borders provoking Putin, a third world war is is around the corner. Destabilization of countries is escalating in preparation for take down. Please buy out of all established social structure NOW, start building a fairer new one. Many millions are doing this. Law I believe will get us nowhere unless critical mass builds which it won’t until what’s happening smacks the sleeping in the face. A VAST quiet revolution against corruption and totalitarianism however is happening here in France. People support and help each other….an economy within an economy. Pull the rug everyone and prepare for what is to come.

  17. Freedom Ranger says:

    I wish I were the incredible HULK because HULK would straight up smash geoengineering projects… all of them. Hulk Smash! That is how I feel. It went from 70 degrees to -3 in the space of 14 hours in CO yesterday. Hulk Smash.

  18. Sr. Gladys Marhefka says:

    At least the IPCC-Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change of the UN has put into their 5th assessment report of Oct. 31, 2014 that Geoengineering would likely have unpredictable and disastrous effects on regional weather. It could offset global rise in temperature.
    Now is the time to act and Sound the Alarm to our Legislators. Let’s flood their phones or desks with letters.
    Thanks. I am calling my senators on Wed. Nov. 13. Please join me and call yours where you live.

  19. Victor says:

    Dane, Thank you for putting up this video. Most people I know simply do not believe Geoengineering is practiced even as I point out a sky cruss crossed with chemtrails which expand into a total haze in our forecast high pressure clear blue sky. Maybe, this video will help a few to wake up to this criminal activity.

  20. Karen says:

    Cars???? They are not even addressing the issue, period!

  21. Ana says:

    They are trying to fool Nature but they are just fooling themselves…okay, this maybe will last for more 20 years(we don´t know exactly how long,even living in a hell of a world with breathing trought masks or new respiratory devices , with a permanent smog or darkness or cold,acid rains or whatever,it might last for a while)at least til our planet becomes dark or red instead of blue .Once that the planet is still here and didn´t exploded yet they are pushing further and further and they are thinking how much “smarter” they are than Nature but this just shows us how men of science can be stupid also…i hope Mr Ken caldera has already lots of extra gallons(not of oil) of oxygen that he might need inside the underground facilities next to the “sufocating” stupid Elite…just in case better him and the elite be prepared to run from us or from the apocalipse made by their own greed and insanity .
    This behaviour of Mr Caldera is typical from a guilty mind with fear of being blamed for his actions (a coward unable to be open his game),deceiving is just the tool he has to try to escape from responsability ,so blame the cars or other things people usualy use (MAKE THEM FEEL GUILTY must be the scam of this pseudo-geoengineers and elite ,we are now the root of all problems on Earth and not the big corporations and governments and their manipulative scams and policies to control the weather and the populations/societies -Now they All (ilustre figures/famous people)come to say that we are too many ,some old like mummies and they dare to say we are too many(maybe they want to give us some space?… )…what this man or other like him would say to the people that are being taken to the holocaust of humankind?Hitler told germans the risks of his insane plans?i don´t think so!…any nazi soldier of the ww2 told the truth to children that were taken to the gas chambers ?so,would they tell us the truth?of course not !they don´t even tell people what is happening on the Artic or about radiation and they are building more nuclear plants or re-opening fukushima .If majoraty of people don´t care about being sprayed from skies above it´s better for governments/corporations/geoengineering and if people like to remain ignorant or don´t ask question better to hide the truth from those majoraty of people as long as they can…they know the dangers but they already began their experimentations of “owning the weather till 2025” and their biggest plans of controling every single river ,sea or lake or forest or land or wind(for sure that in a dieing world like ours more wars will come for the remaining resources and any strategy is valid to own the weather and everything else) and they don´t want to stop it and simply because they don´t want to change the rules of the “game” that gave this people money , power and control on everything…and when someone has a project of a engine using clean energy(or using magnetic sources/devices ) that person is persuited (like a friend of a friend i have) or killed…this is the world where we are living cause they (the so called Elite)are the ones making the rules or laws and we(people in general) are just helping them doing their dirty games of power and greed…cause we do nothing! cause we are not United and we can´t go anywhere in a world of a just few people wanting to change things and all we do is going to put an X and vote in all these creeps and mad men to rule the world …here in my country(Portugal) no parties care about this kind of subject .The world is completly manipulated by interests and our dieing planet seems to not be a priority to all these insane rulers!…i don´t vote anymore !…

  22. Judi Brisse says:

    Once again, GREAT appreciation for being able to view geoengineers in a public forum. They surely were treading lightly, acting of course like they understand this is a sensitive matter to many, yet knowing full well they have taken it upon themselves to run the show as they see fit. Is this as good as the intelligence gets coming from prestigious schools/institutes such as these? NOT impressed. Thanks AGAIN for putting them in the spotlight Dane!

  23. carol freiberg says:

    These psychos have “hubris” a plenty.I wonder if they could tell the truth even if it felt good? They will need all the hubris they can muster when they are put on trial for crimes against humanity.No honor is right. Thanks for the video Dane.

  24. Christopher Bains says:

    Equating what they are putting into the air that is being inhaled, to people driving cars…what a farce. The exhaust from cars is regulated, which cannot be said for what is being emitted into the stratosphere.

  25. Sharon LePere says:

    You can tell by the way they are stumbling over thier words, being extremely careful not to say more than they are supposed to, that they are lying through thier teeth. It angers me to no end since I have been watching them with my own eyes for 15 yrs. the devastation that I am seeing now, is heartbreaking. Sick and dying trees, drought, disgusting poison laden man made clouds overhead almost daily. And they speak of the pollution from cars? If it weren’t for the greed of some, we could be using free and clean energy. The whole thing disgusts me.

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