Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 24, 2021, #298


Dane Wigington

The president says he has a plan to fix unfolding environmental collapse by ramping up various forms of so called “renewable energy”. How is that going so far? Is the whole renewable energy narrative just a smokescreen for keeping business as usual until the human race hits the wall at full velocity? As the planet's natural resources continue to dwindle, global conflict appears ever more inevitable. But, behind the scenes, superpowers are absolutely colluding and cooperating on countless issues, including climate engineering and the CV-19 scenario. How do the pieces of the puzzle fit together? How long do we have if the human race remains on the current course? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

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36 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 24, 2021, #298

  1. Lynn says:

    In this week's GAN Dane mentioned the desperate measures being taken to get those "jabs into every arm." Here's yet more evidence – "joints for jabs." No joke, marijuana being offered to encourage people to get warp speed vaccine. AP News article Free rides and beer: incentives are added to vaccine drive is a MUST read to believe. See link below, and be prepared. The article is promoting the idea "the nation needs to mount a 'counteroffensive' against anti-vaccination websites and activists."

  2. Raymond says:

    I can't wait to hear what your ex NASA friend has to say about the UV radiation threat to all life on planet Earth Dane. My meter that was recently calibrated by the DOE Department Of Energy, under a Civil Defense contract with FEMA. Is measuring extremely high levels of all three wavelengths and according to official statements by all federal agencies… including the Civil Defense and FEMA. There is still "No UV-C reaching the surface of the planet."

    Even as my sworn commitment to the department of Civil Defense as a trained storm spotter and catastrophe early warning public servant, to report my three different UV (A,B and C) and Alpha, Beta, Gamma ionizing radiation measurements on a bi-monthly basis. It appears evident that the government is not concerned for public safety in regards to the UV exposure threat whatsoever.

    I send in my reports by email through an encrypted server and I have twice now received replies back which have said:  "Thank you for your diligent service to the department of Civil Defense. We are currently comparing your readings with 48 other public servant measurements taken across the country and have entered them into our database. To be analyzed by our computers and we will issue public warning statements to appear on NWS and NOAA regional forecast websites, should it be determined that a baseline average of those measurements pose a serious health risk to the general public. Please do not share your measurement readings with anyone outside of the Civil Defense or FEMA at this time, until we authorize our early warning volunteers to substantiate such findings and any future public service announcements made by this agency."

    That's why I only confirmed what you've said about the UV-C threat in your weekly GAN broadcasts Dane. But never once added the actual meter readings into my comments. Matter of fact, I have never told anyone to date… exactly what those readings have been. Except for a few attempts to upload videos on youtube, under an Alias and different location in Texas, physically showing me placing the meter probes into direct sunlight and the resulting spikes on the display screen. But they were all removed and deleted within hours and that account was eventually suspended permanently. Because it showed that I was using a high dollar government metering device and not some cheap meter like everyone else. Which are easily discredited and debunked by tons of other youtube videos, just like the many "chemtrails debunked" videos.

    When I move away from this town in the very near future, I will have to relinquish my UV meter and the eight different ionizing radiation detection devices to the Civil Defense agency. But that matters not any more, because I already know that the UV threat is fast approaching deadly levels and if we get thrust into a nuclear war. None of that high tech equipment will make any difference in my survival, as nuclear power plant meltdowns alone (after near total UV and nuclear war genocide) will usher in a swift extinction of all remaining life any ways. Even to those filthy rich bastards hiding out in their billion dollar underground bunkers. 

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."   -Edmund Burke-  Irish Statesman from the 1700s.

    "If you can't make it good, at least make it look good."   -Bill Gates-   Insane Billionaire who Edmund Burke is metaphorically referring to in his famous quote. Simply insert Bill Gates in place of "evil" and that quote makes complete sense in our global insane asylum.

    Two more Gates quotes that prove my point:

    "Headlines, in a way, are what mislead you because bad news is a headline, and gradual improvement is not."  Please Mr. Gates, explain to me how climate engineering and engineered pandemics are considered gradual improvements… in saving our planet?

    "Nuclear energy, in terms of an overall safety record, is better than other energy."     I rest my case, because only insane and ill informed people believe that is the case!

    • Lynn says:

      No matter the battle, a motto I've adhered to for many years – Know your enemy. This is one of the reasons I try to keep an eye on mainstream headlines and the Covid narrative. If you apply the motto in reverse, the controllers are keeping tabs on Dane, GEW, everyone who visits the website or tries to raise awareness. On GAN, Dane has to be careful how he words certain phrases for legal purposes and possibly many other reasons. Raymond, it's not clear if something specific happened to make you decide to relocate. Considering what you have divulged, you obviously shouldn't say. Regardless, please proceed with caution. I pray for the health and safety of Dane and his family on a regular basis – now adding you and everyone on this chat to the prayer list. They say prayer can move mountains, and since a mountain is what we are up against, I ask that everyone else who reads this will continue to pray, or start praying. In the meantime, be safe. Be brave. Continue the battle. 

    • penny waters says:

      wow raymond, secrets, wow madness

      hahahahaha if you don't laugh mate you go mad, or maybe it's the same state

      give us a heads up if you do come across the pond – although tis a strange place to live nowadays

  3. Joe says:

    Accelerated global glacier mass loss in the early twenty-first century

    Glaciers distinct from the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets are shrinking rapidly, altering regional hydrology1, raising global sea level2 and elevating natural hazards3. Yet, owing to the scarcity of constrained mass loss observations, glacier evolution during the satellite era is known only partially, as a geographic and temporal patchwork4,5. Here we reveal the accelerated, albeit contrasting, patterns of glacier mass loss during the early twenty-first century. Using largely untapped satellite archives, we chart surface elevation changes at a high spatiotemporal resolution over all of Earth’s glaciers. We extensively validate our estimates against independent, high-precision measurements and present a globally complete and consistent estimate of glacier mass change. We show that during 2000–2019, glaciers lost a mass of 267 ± 16 gigatonnes per year, equivalent to 21 ± 3 per cent of the observed sea-level rise6. We identify a mass loss acceleration of 48 ± 16 gigatonnes per year per decade, explaining 6 to 19 per cent of the observed acceleration of sea-level rise. 


  4. Kelly says:

    The USPS has been involved with domestic spying for a very long time. A quote from the book 'The CIA as Organized Crime' by Douglas Valentine, PGS 159-160 

    In 1967, while Brickham was forming Phoenix to neutralize the leaders of the insurgency in South Vietnam, James Angleton & the CIA's Counterintelligence staff were creating the MHCHAOS program in Langley, Virginia, to spy on members of the anti-war movement, & turn as many of them as possible into double agents.

    Chaos was the codename for the Special Operations Group within Anglestons Counterintelligence staff. The CIA's current Counterterrorism Center, which was established in 1986m us a direct descendant of Chaos.

    Starting in 1967, White House political cadres, through the IDIU in the Justice Department, coordinated the CIA's Chaos program, the FBI's COINTELPRO Program, and the military's domestic spying programs. The Nixon White House expanded Chaos & assigned  it's chief, Richard Ober, a deputy & a case officer. The Chaos staff occupied a vault in the basement at CIA headquarters in Virginia. It had a room where files were kept and where slides of suspects & potential recruits were viewed. A group of female secretaries managed the super secret files.

    Chaos was super secret because it was illegal for the CIA to engage in domestic operations… 

    In October 1969, based on names provided by the FBI, the Chaos case officer began recruiting double agents from the Black Power & anti-war movements. I never learned his name, but the case officer only approached people with radical credentials. Radicals who passed polygraph & psychological assessment tests were recruited, trained in the clandestine arts, supplied with gadgetry & cash, given a cover, and sent overseas. The case officer called his 40-50 double agents "dangles" because their job was to act like normal radicals & hope that a gullible KGB agent would make an approach.

    Chaos dangles also spied & reported on their American colleagues. That's the illegal domestic part. A folder was created for each dissident. The folder contained the dissident's 201 "personality" file from the FBI, & included everything from arrest records to report cards to surreptitious photos of the person with other radicals. Some 7k-10k hard files were eventually assembled.

    In 1970 the Chaos squads started entering its information on radicals onto IBM cards & compiling it in a database code named HYDRA that ultimately contained the names of some 300,000 people. Chaos included a mail intercept program codenamed HTLINGUAL.

    I'm sure the anthrax scare after 911 was a CIA provocation designed to justify a mail intercept program similar to HTLINGUAL."   


  5. Barb E says:

    Earth Angel,  you can bet your bottom dollar that Gates is involved with the bank no longer giving loans for agriculture. This regime they call our government is causing this because they are going for the loss of any good food for anyone. They killed small business with the lockdowns so now they have to kill the farmers too.  We have a small organic farm where we buy all our meat/chicken/eggs every year. We fill our freezer with a quarter cow, a half pig and buy the egg csa.  Since this plandemic was put into place he has been sold out of beef and pork and lamb when he sends out the order sheets in January.  A couple years ago he  went on some site like "go fund me" but for farmers when he needed donations to get some new farm equipment. It was a huge success and he got much more than he asked for.  Maybe  your friends can do the same thing to try and raise the $ to pay off those loans and get operating cash.  I wish I could remember the name of the site, maybe you can help to research if it still operates to help the farmers. 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Oh thank you Barb E! I will tell my friends about this and if anyone knows of a GOOD watchdog whistleblower legal group that might be willing to help these people expose this unethical behavior by the bank we would welcome it. It was also discovered that this same bank loaned close to a million dollars in sweetheart deals to a prominent Georgia politician on a small piece of rural land in the same general vicinity. As I understand it, no business was even being done from there- it was simply rural land. I think my friends needed less than 1/3 of that to renew their contract. How's that for favoritism/ discrimination?! I thought banks were supposed to offer fair and equal lending opportunities to qualified applicants.. what happened to that?

  6. penny waters says:

    dear dane, mike, susan, earth angel, raymond, stan, carol, and countless others that i have engaged with over the years 

    found this – what do you all think about it?:-

    human reality is essentially chaotic and incomprehensible with all rational order deriving from the way in which the human mind focuses it's attention on certain aspects of reality and organises the resulting perceptions

    and something i have thought about re particles and energy and how they are one and the same:-

    energy moves in waves,                                                               waves move in patterns,                                                           patterns move in rhythms.

    tight as a particle – expansive as a wave

    just thought i'd drop that in for you all to chew over breakfast

    hahahahaha love to all

  7. Earth Angel says:

    Yes, I definately prefer my weather NATURAL rather than man made. Thanks to TWO recent 'late cold snaps' we have suffered this spring we have lost 24 tomato plants, more than a dozen pepper plants, some lima beans that had started to come up and possibly a couple squash plants. I truly HATE artificial ice nucleiation! We also lost blossoms on our fruit trees. We may yet be able to salvage some of everything and we're nursing whatever we can along but this is ridiculous. I don't EVER remember having 2 late freezes in the same season and I've lived in Georgia my whole life. You can tell the cold was not natural because some of the leaves on the fig bush, japanese red maple, and other varieties are burnt to a crisp black/brown while others adjacent on the same plant remain fine. I also see the same on the hydrangea plant. Very ugly burnt BLACK and CRISPY tips and edges of leaves and our area was only supposed to dip down NEAR freezing for one or two nights, with highs in the 50's or higher daytime. The first snap a couple of weeks ago we covered the tender plants with tarps to no avail. This past week after replanting and salvaging what we could from the first frost, we lost the second dozen tomato plants. I guess now you can't grow a garden without a greenhouse thanks to the weather terrorists. I'll bet some creep somewhere doing his skunkworks will be tickled pink to read this post; happy to have caused so much aggrivation, extra work, and cost us extra money too. I've also noticed the artificial cold causes my fingertips, (mainly index finger and thumb, toes sometimes too) to turn almost white and feel numb even in the house with the heat kept at around 70F.  I have only noticed this happening in recent years. Has anyone else been experiencing this?.. PLEASE give us back our NATURAL WEATHER! They were spraying like crazy all over the skies again today- very high quick dispersal trails. Don't know what for, we just had rain- none scheduled for several days into next week. I'm guessing just to keep the temps cool. So sick of it all. Love to you all, thanks for everyone's efforts to help stop this crap- and especially for your Herculean efforts Dane! 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Folks, Here's something for us all to ponder.. My friend and her husband have successfully run several poultry houses for at least a dozen years or more. When the loan came due for renewal the bank they have been doing business with all along refused to renew the loan. My friends have not been delinquent on payment and in fact the business owed the bank roughly half of what its current value is. Very low debt to profit ratio, yet the bankers have refused a loan contract renewal, subsequently throwing them into a legal tangle of bankruptcy currently ongoing. When I asked my friend what reason the bankers gave for not renewing the loan she said they told her 'they are no longer making loans on agriculture'!?- WHAT!!!! She told me she ran into another farmer from the area who had the SAME THING HAPPEN TO HIM- and he closed his local poultry business down. So I guess a bank will gladly make a loan for yet another big box store which when it goes belly up will be a useless empty warehouse or another subdivision that the community DOESN'T want- but it WON'T reinvest in a successful LOCAL PRODUCER OF FOOD for us all?!! This is yet another ABSURDITY in the world we are now living in. I wonder if Bill Gates is having any problems with the banks procuring funds for HIS FARMLAND PURCHASES?.. or does a big rich globalist just pay CASH for them all??  WTF is going on here people?!  I'm so glad my friends are fighting this. I wonder how many other farmers in America are fighting in a similar situation to this one? It appears the independent small farmer is REALLY under attack from the money printers right here in the land of the Free. Support Your Local Farmers in any way you can. This story and others like it should be plastered on every news outlet in the country- but it won't be. It's up to US to get them out!

    • penny waters says:

      yes mate – cold nights – burnt plants – have noticed cold nose during cold days – need a balaclava methinks

      don't know if you can get hawthorn or some other type of plant that helps with circulation – do not neglect the struggle to keep circulation going – not just to do with heat on the outside – your heart will be hurt – like mine – trying to cope with present day human behaviour – do not neglect your heart, dear one!

      so distressing re your plants and frightening about use of the countryside for food – although i do find that the 'weeds' (native old style food) get less damaged – including the wild fruits are less damaged by extremes of temperature than 'foreign' or hybridised plants – so look to the wild food around

      here, there is a threat of huge solar farms close to me

      found a wonderful piece of research in ' natural england' website (english organisation) by harrison, lloyd and field about the effects of solar panels on birds, bats and general ecology – lovely stuff about insects and solar panels – funded by manchester uni

      so am going to object to this damn threat around me

      or will we all have to eat food grown under lights in massive greenhouses – is that what bill gates is about – buying up farmland

      had a recent success with a neighbour who has lived all his life in the country and outside as a builder – he asked me what was happening to  our weather

      so i have started simply – i know he uses it as a way of having something to say that's important to others, cos most people have nothing meaningful to say most of the time – so am giving him bits in dribs and drabs so as not to overwhelm by all the info – and keeping it simple so he understands may mean he will pass it on 

      have also received an email from the friends of the earth about a new group starting around here – seems there is renewed interest just recently – hmmmm

      strange how most people have no concept of 'the environment' – that bit we live in – how can people be so unaware of something that surrounds them and gives them life

      humans eh? what's to do with 'em

      love to you earth angel and all of you wonderful people who engage with this site but most thanks to dane


    • Lightwarrior says:

      "They" = are "trying" = to "Cut' = our food sources/ supplies…!!  What easier a way, = than to "Control" the weather… Kill off our food.

      As Pres. Lyndon Johnson said = in 1962 at Southwestern U Texas = "Those who "Control" the weather, = Control the World"…!!

      You can listen to his speech on youtube…

      Why do you think "BillGates" = is buying up all the Farmland(s)…!! ??

      Here in Ontario, Canada = "They" = are spraying us like cockroaches, = is the "Virus" in the Trails…???

      Everyone = Take care..!!


    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Earth Angel: [the bank] told her 'they are no longer making loans on agriculture'!?-

      VSF: This confirms the idea that the Reset will include impoverishing and putting all the small farmers/ag out of business. Only the massive corporate operations will be financed. Tragic. Criminal. Moving quickly to Soylent Green…

  8. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL,  Thirteen days until my first deployment of my farmers market awareness booth for this, my fifth year. With all that has been happening over the last year and a half, my mind and my heart are filled with many thoughts, emotions, reservations and convictions. I know that the aspect of telling the truths makes me a targeted person. I forget how that quote goes but you get what I mean. For years I have known that if the truths and realizations of the in our face Geo engineering were brought to light, the proverbial house of cards would fall faster than most could imagine. With all of the factions that are hunting down people that dare to tell the truths these days, I'm a bit scared of what or who I might encounter this year at my market booth. Though I must add to that, that "I am not afraid". This is achieved by being prepared for what or whom ever I might encounter. I've dealt with some pretty belligerent people over the last 4 years and I'd like to think it all has prepared me for this coming year. That and the fact that I spend a great deal of time keeping up with what is new and current in our messed up world. Dane thanks those of us that do our best to stay informed and inform others. It matters. This year I have a whole new set of questions to ask and observations to share along with those questions. I have found this to be the best way 'for me' to get folks to open their eyes to what is happening in my region. This year I am going to "step up my game" in so much as I will dress nicer and get a new hat(gotta have the hat). The booth will have a new coat of paint and maybe by July I'll have a new set of teeth. Most people discount me for my "mountain smile"(grin). I thank the Lord and creator for taking such good care of me all these years. Giving 1/7th of my week is the least I can do to fulfill 'my' end of the deal. I live in a small town community. Word gets around and so far my reputation remains favorable. Sorry if this contribution is all over the board. Basically, I am writing to myself in an effort to calm my nerves and focus on the tasks that are forth coming. I do the best I can for the good of the many.

    Love and strength to ALL my friends I have and have not met, yet.

    • penny waters says:

      dear mike

      hahahaha you told me more about yourself in those lines above – hope the teeth are comfortable – teeth and eyes – the ravages of old age hahahaha – and a new hat!!!! – you are doing well hahahaha

      i could hug you you ol' mountain man

      yes tis scary being alive and truthful – but you are a brave soul – and with your kindness you will wipe the floor with 'em

      i loved the post above – tis a mind stream – a flow of consciousness that is beloved by your friends – well this one anyway – hahaha

      sometimes wish the world was smaller so i could shake you by the hand and then we could drown dane in hugs of friendship and admiration

      i have been quite scared this winter but with warmth i am better but now everything is drying out – no rain for such a long time but when it is geoengineered will it pour and finish my roof off

      sad last few days – had to take some trees down – so overwhelmed by growth (so much co2 in air making everything grow – but weaker)

      but the space has allowed the sparrowhawk to pick off the song birds i am absolutely devastated – what a numpty i am, not thinking about it – but the neighbour cut the trees – or more like butchered them – i cannot get people to listen to me about plants – they just hack through them – including all the so-called environmentalist – bah humbug

      go to it mate – overwhelm them with your foresight and ability to engage – your consciousness is overwhelming

      much love to you my friend

  9. andrew williams says:

    hi dane been surporting you for months im from uk. with a flight ban here the last few days the skys are full of planes. sky is so busy people are so blind i pointed it to a crowed of people there answer the pilots must be keeping in practice of thanks for what you are doing

  10. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, #298! Thank you again for another weekly broadcast. I am excited that the network of radio stations that broadcast your program is growing. Good job my friend. Also, I am very anxious for the report from our contract engineer friend. Guess I am a glutton for bad news(grin). When standing in the middle of the proverbial freeway, like you, I choose to face the traffic.

    To ALL, This weekend was the first rain of spring. It is loooong over due. It rained softly yesterday and last night fairly steady and will continue through the day today(Sunday). Cross your fingers for us up here in far north central WA. This morning when I looked out my bunk room window, I saw "soap suds" on the ponderosa tree. A 2 foot long by 2 inch wide "flow" of suds at belt level and more smaller ones higher up the tree. I first saw this on one of my favorite you tube channels a few years ago. Some of you may have seen it too. There were other trees that had suds on them but not as much. The tree with the big suds is limbed way up and gets pounded with sideways snow during the winter. In the last few weeks as the last of the snow has melted off in shaded areas, there has been a white spider web like film covering left behind on the blankets of pine needles. The covering disappeared when I touch the pine needle surface. Probably because the content was nano particles and compressed easily and became invisible to the naked eye. Finally the rain came and has hopefully washed most of the crap left from this years snows into the ground. Not good for the plants but hopefully will make the quality of air I breath a little bit better. I'm positive that the high winds we have had over the last month have whipped up the crap left behind from the snow and we all got to breath it. Myself, I've felt like I'm catching a cold for about 5 weeks now. We went from snow melt to dusty dirt in a matter of a week and that was extended by the melt off timing being different depending where sun light does or does not reach. I can't tell you how happy Mike is to have rain this weekend. I know the trees and plants and bugs and birds are even more happy and that's what matters most, 'to me'. Just an FYI for you folks abroad. Washington state does get a lot of rain "on the west side of the cascades", but if you look closely at weather imagery, you'll see that eastern WA gets very little and where I live in far north central WA even less. On weather imagery, you'll notice a small region right up at the border that most precipitation seems to magically go around. Part of that is because of the mountains and most of that is because of the massive radar stations set up here in the pacific northwest. The wheel spoke signatures on imagery is pretty blatant. Keep a watch on my region this year for wild fires(engineered). The wild fire count board on the edge of town is already at "9!" and that's just for my county. The forest service did a prescribed burn down the valley from me last Thursday and it got away from them. It sent shivers down my spine and haunting shades of the 2015 Okanogan complex fire rattled me. Six years have passed and this year the conditions for fire are greater and fires are happening sooner. In the back of my mind I wonder if I will have a cabin to live in this next winter. 6 years ago the fire stopped just 1 mile up the mountain from me. I'd take massive rain and wash outs over wild fire any day, just sayin(grin).

    Love and strength my friends,  'a' simple horseman

    • Stan Sylvester says:

      To 'a' simple horseman:

      I share your pain. In 3 years I've had a dozen or so letters to the editors of various TN newspapers published. I have never had someone write in and say how much they learned or how they were thankful for I what I wrote. However, I have had 4 people write in criticizing me. It is a thankless job. Remember, when the seed is planted, you don't see the growth right away. Keep planting seeds and let nature take its course..

  11. Chloe says:

    I mention the dirty lines in the sky frequently hoping others notice them as well, but unfortunately most don't or won't. Whenever I'm outside I look up hoping others will be curious as to what I'm looking at but they don't. So sad most people are always looking down 🙁

  12. Chloe says:

    @V. Susan Ferguson:

    Thank you for all your informative posts, I enjoy reading all of them each week.

  13. Carol says:

    Dane,  and  fellow supporters :

    I look forward to your videos, have been for a few years now.

    Just a few days ago they were spraying the skies to the point you couldn't see blue skies anymore, within 3 hrs, we had black skies with torrential rain and gusty winds, which lasted one-hour or so.

    I mention to people about the artwork in the skies and the effects of what it does to nature and us,  they just laugh and say, remove your tinfoil hat.  I love nature and animals, seeing the beauty of it all,  for they cannot speak, their voices are not heard. It's not against you, don't take this the wrong way,  we as humans were put here, as well as with animals and nature to learn and help one another, but that is ending, by building factories, manufacturing plants, destroying the land, polluting the sea, rivers, drinking water and most importantly the air we breathe.

    We care more about what's going on around  the world (dirtylaundry).

    Our Creator, created this planet Earth, provided everything for us,

    We have a purpose, to live together, This is our Home.

    Our planet is dying because we're Human.


  14. Sandra says:

    From me to all of the others that think  like me, what can we do?  Me thinks that now is the time of action.  Let us do what we can, share the materials from this website.  Let's do something folks. If one really cares…then let's get our words out to others that are slumbering through this world…. if we capture the attention of just one person., we may help tip the scale and balance of the all.   

  15. Joe says:

    Thank you Dane—Great show—Will the Dimming DVD be available soon w a donation etc.


    14 June 2019

    Key facts


    In 2017, 71% of the global population (5.3 billion people) used a safely managed drinking-water service – that is, one located on premises, available when needed, and free from contamination.

    90% of the global population (6.8 billion people) used at least a basic service. A basic service is an improved drinking-water source within a round trip of 30 minutes to collect water.

    785 million people lack even a basic drinking-water service, including 144 million people who are dependent on surface water.

    Globally, at least 2 billion people use a drinking water source contaminated with faeces.

    Contaminated water can transmit diseases such diarrhoea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and polio. Contaminated drinking water is estimated to cause 485 000 diarrhoeal deaths each year.

    By 2025, half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas.

    In least developed countries, 22% of health care facilities have no water service, 21% no sanitation service, and 22% no waste management service


  16. jimmy b. says:

    hydrogen is needed for  your spiritual friends to breath  this is supposed to be a two gas   planet  hydrogen and oxygen   …. you know the water of life   you are right at 2021

  17. US Diver says:

    My interest is clean ocean water. I used to dive off off California's coast and channel islands and knew people who were divers in the 1930s who reported that underwater conditions used to be pristine year-round off La Jolla and the Cortez Banks.  What kind of technology could reverse the decline of the underwater environment given sufficient money? 

    • Laura Cotter says:

      US Diver, looking up limited info, the claim is that purified water used by nuclear reactors built after 1962 is reused again and again.Hmmm.   But then, there is no way of checking on how much water manufacturing plants use and discard dirty water on our shores of oceans and rivers.  Plenty, I'm sure. And now we have the spraying of our skies purposely going into all our waters, poisoning with aluminum and many others.  And many of us have awakened to the fact that this has been going on for decades.  The entities doing all this would have to be made to stop given a very short period of time to find an alternative use for the water they need,  to use it, clean it, and reuse it.  So that seems to me to be the only improvement in our situation with water.  Thanks for making me think and others that might read this.

    • penny waters says:

      what about the contamination from the fukashima accident 2011 (earthquake and tsunami) where the radiation leaked into the pacific – which has spread around the world with the ocean currents

      we fiddle with so much – yet know so little

      methinks we are the stupidist creature on the planet


    • ROY says:

      Seaspiracy on netflix is a very  troubling documentary about our oceans

  18. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Germany, France Back EU Push To Sue AstraZeneca Over Botched Vaccine Rollout

    Following reports that Germany and other major EU members were reluctant to sue AstraZeneca over the botched rollout of its COVID-19 vaccine, it looks like Berlin and Paris have actually signed on. According to the latest round of reports, almost every EU country has now signed on, opening the door for the EU Commission to launch the lawsuit as soon as Friday.
    As Politico reminds us, 5 or 6 major EU nations had expressed some reservations about a lawsuit when EU ambassadors met earlier this week, arguing that legal action could further worsen AstraZeneca's already-tarnished image. But as many member states continue to impose age limits on the AstraZeneca jab, it seems they've given up on these concerns. One by one, each country reportedly fell in line, with France backing the lawsuit on Thursday night, followed by Germany Friday morning, according to a pair of diplomats who weren't named in the report. Hungary backed the lawsuit as well on Friday morning, a sign that the lawsuit has broad support among EU members.

  19. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    NYC Sues Big Oil for ‘Tangled Web of Lies About Deadly Products’ Children's Health Defense

    As the world celebrated Earth Day, Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio and Corporation Counsel James E. Johnson on Thursday announced that New York City filed suit over Big Oil’s decades of lies about fossil fuels and the climate emergency — just the latest addition to over two dozen similar cases launched by U.S. communities.
    Like many of the other cases throughout the country, this lawsuit, filed in the Supreme Court of the State of New York in the County of New York, names fossil fuel giants BP, ExxonMobil and Royal Dutch Shell as well as the American Petroleum Institute (API), an industry trade group, as defendants.
    A statement announcing the suit accuses the defendants of “systematically and intentionally deceiving New Yorkers” in violation of the city’s Consumer Protection Law. The complaint says they engaged in “deceptive trade practices” including “false and misleading greenwashing campaigns.”

  20. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Low rainfall leaves Mexico City residents delivering water…
    April 22 (Reuters) –

    Unusually low rainfall around Mexico City has left aquifers and reservoirs depleted, leaving some residents without tap water and reverting to older ways of distributing water – transporting containers on donkeys' backs.
    The Mexican capital, situated in a high-altitude valley, relies mostly on water pumped from its underground aquifers and reservoirs dozens of miles away to meet water demand in the wider metropolitan area, home to more than 20 million people.
    But reservoirs in the Cutzamala System, which provide one-quarter of the capital's water, are at 49% capacity this year, well below average, according to the water regulator.
    As water levels drop, authorities have responded by reducing the flow from the reservoirs, disrupting tap water supplies.
    "Because we live on the hill, there is no drinking water," explained Karina Ortega, a 29-year-old mother who makes a living delivering water to her neighbors using donkeys in Mexico City's Xochimilco neighborhood.

    • penny waters says:

      dear susan 

      i saw a picture of what was described as mexico city that went for miles and miles and miles, up and down vast hills 

      i was shocked at how large it was

      too many people – too many babies

      stick a cork in it women – catholic or otherwise

      women are not just here to have babies – we are the gatherers and we have forgotten our way!!!

  21. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Not Even Gretchen Whitmer Wants More of the CDC's Lockdowns | Mises Wire
    Whitmer is resisting calls from the Biden administration and the CDC to force yet another stay-at-home order on the people of Michigan. Whitmer now says that Michigan residents can be trusted to use their own common sense and good judgment:
    Policy change alone won't change the tide…. We need everyone to step up and to take personal responsibility here.
    This is certainly the opposite of what she was saying a year ago. Last spring, allowing people to exercise "personal responsibility" was absolutely out of the question, and "policy change" was the most important thing in the world. For Whitmer and the lockdown enthusiasts, lockdowns were synonymous with successful control of the disease, pure and simple. Personal discretion on the part of ordinary citizens was absolutely not to be tolerated.
    Indeed, during much of 2020, Whitmer appeared to delight in lambasting violators of her many decrees, and lecturing Michigan taxpayers almost daily about the need to stay home and avoid all travel. To not heed her words, the narrative went, was to "kill grandma."
    So why has she changed her tune? The fact is, public attitudes about covid are rapidly changing, and Whitmer wants to stay in office. After all, this was never "about the science." This was about governors giving the mob what it wanted.

  22. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    We Can’t ‘Burn, Bury or Recycle’ Ourselves Out of the Plastics Crisis Children's Health Defense
    More than any industry, the plastics industry is driven by supply rather than demand, the film explains. And contrary to popular belief, recycling is not the solution.
    As the narrator says, it turns out we can’t burn, bury or recycle our way out of this problem — it’s like trying to bail out a bathtub with a teaspoon while the tap is running full blast.”

    short  informative video:

    • penny waters says:

      problem is – – plastic is the waste from the oil industry

      along with many other petrochemicals are used throughout society – leading to so much illness from these chemicals that shouldn't be used in such a stupid way

      ahh humans

      thanks for all your updates and info as always 

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