Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 4, 2020, #243


Dane Wigington

Societal lockdowns are greatly impacting us all while simultaneously eclipsing the wider horizon of abrupt climate and biosphere collapse. All the while covert climate engineering operations continue to derail and disrupt Earth's life support systems. The danger posed by the ongoing atmospheric aerosol spraying operations cannot be overstated. Are the aircraft spraying programs dispersing more than just the already identified toxic climate engineering elements? Where do we go from here? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

As so many now find themselves in a state of isolation, will some finally begin honest investigations of what is unfolding and why? All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

For those that have not yet seen our recent post on “The Dimming”, it is a groundbreaking documentary that is currently in production. This documentary film will provide answers and proof of the ongoing climate engineering / weather warfare operations. Below is a 4+ minute trailer on the upcoming film.

This is what aerosol particulate dispersions look like in the Eastern US in March. 
Asheville, North Carolina (3/8/20). Photo credit: Mary Walker. Click image to enlarge.

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  1. RONALD EDBERG says:


    P. 113. 







  2. Paul Barbara says:

    Never give up trying to spread the truth, although it does get very dispiriting when so many fail to listen or comprehend, or take you seriously.

    But that is the way it has always been – remember the Parable of the Sower. The Evil One (and his followers on earth) detests the truth, loves death, destruction, filth, and mayhem, and has the power to bring it about.

    Ultimately, the Truth shall set us (those who acknowledge it) free.

    On a different tack, this virus business gives us a very good opportunity to take note of the differences and similarities of the skies whilst almost all commercial flights are grounded. Look at the 'old reliables', the early morning and pre-dusk parallel lines – have they changed?  If not, why not, given the lack of commercial traffic? Obviously, because the military and their contractors continue to spray, though less noticeably, over the sea and late at night when folks can't see or hear them. And the same 'in yer face' daylight flights, at least in London UK along the same West-East parallel routes, although not so many of them.

    Take note – not just that the trails have diminished, but more importantly, of where they have remained virtually the same, despite the massive loss of air traffic. Point this out to skeptics; might get some more converts.

    This is a much better opportunity than 9/11, as it promises to continue for considerable time.     London UK

  3. Dieversity says:

    It's sad the whole internet since 2016 has been rewired to where you have to be live within the first few hours to comment.  I am not sure how that started.

    I noticed sometime last year when nobody was seeing my comments and everyone's post was around the same time. Same on YouTube somehow everyone knows when to post on a channel at the same time.  It feels like everything is being pushed to live chat only.

    I hate capitalism. Capitalism is suppose to be about choices and the little guy.

  4. B Eaton says:

    Get ready!  Heard on ABC news tonight while they were talking about the blood test for immunity that possibly they could require that everyone carry a certificate of immunity with us.   And if we don't?? 

    Tanya Q – it was the same here in New Hampshire. 50* when a white out snow squall came through, immediately the temp dropped to 39. THAT is the "new normal".  Snow at 39-50.  With the total white out sky you can't see them dropping the nucleating agents but you sure can FEEL them!

    • Dieversity says:

      Here on the west coast it's endless ridging. The same stupid spot as 2014! It feels like Dejavu. 

  5. Sandy Patrus says:

    It is hard to believe, but we have another blue sky day today and real clouds here in Santa Fe, NM.  My sister who lives in Pgh, PA said it was in the 30's and snowing there this morning.  People all over the country are starting to get depressed…no one I know is getting together with family this weekend for Easter.  There are no decorations out at my place this year and this will be a first for me.  I drove down the street yesterday to mail some Easter cards to my granddaughters at the boxes in front of the main post office and it was like a ghost town.  Hardly a car on the road too.  It is so surreal!  The post office is only blocks away from the downtown plaza which would be bustling with tourists right now!  If and when this is over, most of those small stores on the plaza won't be able to open again.  Things will never be the same, and even though people are really dying of Covid19 the numbers are way less than they are saying.  A health care worker stated in an interview that when people come into the ER with symptoms and they don't have the virus and get sent home, they are still recorded with the CDC as having Covid19.  Therefore, more cases are being recorded as Covid19 than actually are.  I have been reading alot of things and I don't know what to believe anymore, but I have a strange feeling while we are all in lockdown they are installing 5G everywhere.  Very sinister things are going on here and nothing is what they say it is.  All we can do is try not to get depressed and keep busy.  What helps me is getting outdoors and enjoying the beauty of nature on those blue sky days.  A finch built her nest once again in the steer head hanging in my front portal and now there are babies in the nest.  This makes me happy!   I moved my trough to the front because the deer were not coming to the back anymore since my next door neighbors fenced in their aspen tree and the deer did not think they could get past it.  Well, the other day I saw a bunny in the trough eating all the apples and carrots….so cute!  I have 4 windchimes hanging from a huge juniper that hangs over my front yard that chime everytime the wind blows.  It gives me great pleasure to sit outside and hear all the different sounds coming from those windchimes.  My son saves the seeds from the produce he grows and starts all his vegatables indoors over the winter and spring. He has a sunroom that is perfect for that.  He is keeping very busy turning part of his back yard into a huge garden to grow those vegatables.  As long as he has a green thumb we will never starve!   So my friends, stay busy, take a walk and listen to the birds sing, grow some vegetables, listen to music, or read a book.  Get up, take a shower and get dressed…I heard that so many people are not showering everyday and staying in their pj's all day during this lockdown.  Time for me to refill the library box in my neighborhood with Dane's flyers…all the ones I put in there are now gone…it must be because people are reading more these days!

  6. Dieversity says:

    California has left it to mostly local governments and for the most part unlike Oregon state parks aren't completely locked down. Some are closed to vehicle traffic and museums of course are closed as they should be.  

    California is smarter in that aspect and so is Nevada and Idaho.

  7. Tanya Quarterman says:

    A quick update from Maine. Its currently snowing at 43 degrees, it started to accumulate immediately, despite several days of daytime highs of 55.

    • Dan says:

      Amazing how  ice nucleation chemicals work .Anza CA rain and cloudy for seems like weeks . Yesterday we had snow my thermometer was reading 40° hope your power is back . My little town sheriff's out giving $1000 tickets at the quickie mart for no mask . It's hopeless the right left paradigm is the main virus we should be concerned about .

  8. Black Cat Italy says:

    Hi to all, from a very quiet Italy. The spraying seems to be less and today a lovely blue sky with good air quality – unusual. The road nearby only has the occasional car passing by, when it normally would have lots of vehicles.  BUT things will not be the same here.  None of the local people have been able to come to plant their crops because of the total lockdown. Normally, they would go to buy the various plants at the shop (aubergine, lettuce, peppers and tomatoes). Now the shops cannot open and they don't grow plants from seed. The land that was ploughed before the outbreak, lies empty and growing weeds. What are we all going to eat in the autumn? 

    The Totalitarian Tip Toe or, should I say jack boot, has arrived in the UK. A couple of days ago, they rushed through parliament the CORONAVIRUS BILL (HC Bill 122). This was done without the usual debate. Major draconian change in laws!  Here is basically what powers are given  quoted from Credence UK: 

    Forced detention and isolation can be of anyone, including children, and for any amount of time.

    Authorities can FORCEABLY take biological samples from your body. Your body becomes the property of the state.

    There’s no clear access to legal rights from as-yet unidentified isolation facilities.

    Powers last up to 2 years, with reviews every 6 mths

    Lockdown powers could prevent protests against measures.

    State surveillance safeguards weakened.

    Protections from forced detainment and treatment under Mental Health Act lowered.

    Cremations can be enforced against personal and religious wishes.

    Changes to the court system. Registration of deaths.

    No inquests into suspicious deaths! No requirement for any medical certification for burials or cremations!

    It also indeminfies the health service should they fail for what ever reason to provide care.

    The most frightening part. Only one medical 'officer' is required to sign off COMPULSORY TREATMENT ORDER which means… in the real world you can be forced to accept medication. Or held down and injected with whatever is seen fit. THAT is the biggest and worst threat to your own freedoms. Schedule8 Pt1.

    Local Authorities will now be exempted from compliance with their duties under The Care Act 2014. Schedule 11.

    So. If someone dies in police custody or any type of custody they can simply dispose of the body without any paperwork medical exam or certification or inquest.

    I am proposing that this bill be reversed until after the current Corona virus crisis to allow for full, proper and open debate.

    Any similar bill affecting human rights should also be stopped until the current state of emergency has been completed. 

    There is a petition through to try to get this reversed but I don't think it will happen!



    • penny waters says:

      dear black cat

      autumn is when the weeds are ripe for preserving or as new growth

      please turn your attention to your surrounding weeds, leaves, stems, roots and fruits to keep you alive

      the plants here are growing strangely – very confused because the sun which has been very hot, shining for weeks – with little 'rain' to speak of – they think its later than april – and their growth tells it

      the measures you speak of – they've always been able to do what they liked – believe i was told on this site week or so ago, to get over my attitude towards the people in this country who have forgotten their cultural background of not taking any notice of what the guvners want but doing the sensible thing – but i shall let that pass for ignorance 

      there has to be cultural acceptance for things to run smooth and there are too many people in this country who have more money than sense and do not give a rats arse for the people around them

      in london where people are so ignorant that they have not taken any notice of staying indoors, the virus is spreading very quickly

      look up john harris and the magna carta for how long we have bought into the beaurocrats running us and then you will see that the measures that are being brought in are pretty much the same as they have always been – if one is down the bottom then people do what they damn well like with you, and to you

      how do i know that – i have had to, as shakespeare put it, suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune – well i did decide to stay here at about 24yrs rather than doing the sensible thing of wanting off the planet

      this crisis is showing people for what they are

      and as i have said before – do we deserve to go on?

      what a bunch of no goods we are

  9. Stuart says:

    Record breaking rainfall continues here in southern CA. Rain here in LA basin in April is rare enough, but rain in Palm Springs?  And high temp Palm Springs at 62F?  A full 30 degrees below norm.

    Lots of PINK color in cloud cover at sunset the other day gives DIRECT EVIDENCE of Condensation Nuclei and other aerosols of aircraft origin.

    Report just released shows government officials warned of corvid19 threat back in Nov. No action taken.  Public not warned or notified.  Just as with Climate Crisis and Geoengineering, situation was covered up for political expedience and hoped-for financial gains. SHTF on corvid.  Climate and Geoengineering to follow.  Financial markets complete crapshoot now.

    • Kyle says:

      Don't worry. Your going to be record hot soon enough and hints are coming next week .We got up to 80F here in the valley of Oregon!

      85F in the sun!

      We were suppose to have a cool trough but each time the GFS shows it they spray the heck out of it and it never comes. The GFS needs to be retired!

  10. RandylJ says:

    Hey Everyone ~ a friend and I took 'pink moon' photos from the campground as it rose last night through the growing engineered clouds and I have one to send you, Dane, with the spray trail just below the moon. We watched a private plane fly south west away from the moon direction and then a silver jet appeared from the north east direction spraying a fairly thick trail – 2 nozzles for sure, and it headed southwest. Really busy jet activity after that. Completely quiet this morning. It's as if they are taunting us. Meanwhile, one close~knit 'camping girl-groupie' (as I affectionately call them, although I don't join in often- mostly 50-60-ish who consider breakfast to be sodas and cigarettes, whereas mine is a smoothie with lots of the nutrients we talk about here) all hung out at the campfire – not a one looking up.  They just sit around laughing, coughing, blaming 'pollen' for everything, and acting as if nothing has changed. There is definitely a 'mentality' of which we speak of here, that will Never 'Get It'! Can't even 'locate the dots' if they were placed front and center! Thank You ALL and especially Dane's constant persistence. To 'Marc' and all who feel So frustrated, I hear you. I've only lived this short 70 years but have learned enough to know that there will always be a larger herd of 'sheeple' than shepherds and kings. For many, (and I too will resist as possible), a microchip might not make them much different than they already are now!

    Blessings All ~ RandylJ 

  11. Joseph says:

    Sky terrorists still have money for spraying  while passenger flights almost don't exist.  I wonder what the cost  $$ of this secret program is?

    I saw alot of aerosols today in NYC and Long Island when I took my walk.

  12. RandylJ says:

    I spoke too soon ~ "vacation is over" ~ the Spraying resumes!  Today, April 7, and last night. I kinda hoped the full moon was blinding them. I have family in Pittsburgh and the 'jets' have been very busy up there. So cold there that 'snow' is still scheduled. (Since May-June is listed on the North Carolina section of the CDC's "event calendar", for Corona Virus activity), I imagine the 'Spray Cycle' is again shifting. It will pick up down here. How very accommodating!

    Blessings to All ~ RandylJ 

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Randyl, we had 3 days, not in a row, of blue skies this past week in NM.  I think they just give us a teaser now and then.  You were lucky to have a whole week of no trails!

    • Martin G. says:

      Absolutely correct- I'm in Sacramento and we just enjoyed 2 days of beautiful blue skies with spotty real clouds (4-6 and 4-7).  2 days preceding (4-4 and 4-5) were some real good rain storms.  Today the powers that be commenced with dumping chemicals and we have a damn faux chemical laden cloud cover over the entire Sacramento region.  Personally, I can notice physically when they are spraying (IE without looking up and watching it happen) as my eyes water.  Last 4 days were truly pleasant clean air and today the eyes are watering.  My thoughts are that due to the lowered amount of commercial traffic based on this media hyped pandemic they slowed down and actually gave the chemical dumping a break as it would be way to obvious, but today they decided to resume the travesty.  When are the non global warming contigency in our govt. going to stop the climate engineering.  Outside of the hideous fact that our govt. is dumping chemicals on its people, it must cost a fortune to maintain that program.  I hope to hell that someone in Trumps cabinet questions why billions are spent each year on this catastrophe…

    • Dieversity says:

      Trump isn't technologically advance. As much as I hated Bush the tech companies felt very secured under him and boomed. We had our best modern day boom under him then under Obama most of it swalloed up by one or two large Chinese firms that own most of the world including our state parks and a lot of toll bridges such as Tacoma Narrows.

      Silver Falls Stae Park money goes to China NOT the US. It was that way back in the end of the Bush era.

  13. Joseph says:


    Deadly Deception, Exposing the Dangers of Vaccines, a film by Gary Null

    Dane I wish Gary Null would have you on his show. He hardly ever mentions   Geoengineering.   You are on his network and I wish he had you on his show alot.

    • Joe says:

      Thank you Joseph,  I  watched this video and find the information eye opening to say the least. 

      I will be showing this to my daughter who is soon to give birth. I'm  outraged that these doctors,  who by the way take an oath to protect the health of their patients.  

      Again thank you and God bless you. Everyone should watch this video,  in fact it should be mandatory for all Physicians especially Pediatricians. 

  14. jodi says:

    I think most "preppers" are into homesteading and growing food in large greenhouses while most Americans stare into their phones and wait at the drive up for someone to bring them their food and toilet paper. Unfortunately the America as we knew it,is gone but few know that and it will cost them. I know this has made me try to NOT depend on walmart ot any other govt grocery store. i am trying to be self sufficient as I think we ALL NEED TO BE IF WE WANT TO LIVE.

  15. Bella_Fantasia says:

    The worn out playbook of the elites is frayed and becoming useless.  Are we developing immunity to the constant lies?

    I see 'predictive programming' hard at work.  WH medical authority fauci has said we (could, may) might expect the virus to return in the fall.  He didn't say it might coincide with vaccine readiness.

    It looks like the children will never go back to school, provided the 'national emergencies' keep coming.

    Today April 5th the headlines read "Nation Told to Brace for a Grim Week Ahead" as the surgeon general warns that the US faces another Pearl Harbor, 9/11 moment" 

     But we knew that already, didn't we?

    Honestly, the most significant feeling that has been haunting me is that my feelings now mirror those from 9/11 exactly.  As the towers feel so neatly into their own footprints, I knew for sure that NOTHING would EVER be the same.  That's the true part of the big lie.

    At 22 by boyfriend at the time worked a family business with his 12 brothers–Demolition!  He invited me to watch a huge multi-story building they had rigged being demolished from a nearby hill.  You might even have called it a grassy knoll. 

    Do we remember feelings more intensely than events?  I'm not sure, but my feelings don't lie.  And Bob Dylan has just released his longest song, Murder Most Foul. Such timing!  A Masterpiece, in my opinion.



  16. marc says:

    Alright, let's cut the bullshit. Who here is prepared to die fighting against the worthless vermin who seek to launch us all either into the afterlife or into some lame-ass Luciferian transhumanistic slavery? I am excruciatingly close to having had quite enough of these motherf%%%ers and their lame games. What's it gonna take? Roadway checkpoints where we will be stopped and interrogated to confirm our vaccination status?? And if we're not "current" we MUST SUBMIT TO FORCED VACCINATION RIGHT ON THE SPOT OR BE IMPRISONED??? What's it gonna take? What will y'all do when the monster-face of Fascism obliterates your neighbor's front door with a battering-ram and hauls his ass off to some unknown fate? What are any of us prepared to actually do? For, make no mistake, it will come to this. But maybe Dane is closer to the truth: maybe they'll tire of the game and just fumigate us all to death overnight. The way things look right now, I'm not sure that would be the worst-case-scenario, except for the fact that I still love this world, and my friends and family with all my heart. In any case, it's going to be hard to leave this place.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      marc, always good to read your words. In regards to your opening statement, you would be referring to me. I've been over the matter a thousand times in my mind. I see no other logical choice. Just sayin. But like you, I ask and wonder just what the heck is it going to take to light a fire under some peoples asses?!! Never in my life have I seen so many just lay down and do what they're told. It's down right embarrassing!

  17. RandylJ says:

    Something weird over Central North Carolina~ the spraying during the day has stopped for this past week. I have only heard a few jets or other planes at night. We are heating up quickly and a few campers have mentioned how 'hot' they felt while out walking. What's odd is that this aligns with the National Whitehouse News Event regarding the financial schedule and 30-day continued 'Social Distancing' (which a few campers continue to ignore), and the in-natural clouds are drifting here from somewhere north. Just prior to not hearing or seeing more jets or spraying, a wave of black and dark blue thunder clouds were seen traveling North to South, East of here. The scenario is further enhanced by the greatest profusion of 'blooms and pollen' I've ever seen. Some newly green tree buds are already changing to an orange-yellow. It's all kind of surreal!

    • Marcia says:

      I noticed that here today. The new leaves look like fall leaves. I've not seen that before. Thought maybe I just hadn't noticed other springs. Been seems strange to me. 

  18. W. O. Frobozz says:

    Here we are on the cusp of an all out police state…the streets are empty, we are supposed to "stay indoors"…most flights shut down….

    ….SO WHY amy I seeing a cross-hatching "vapor trail" pattern in the sky?   Despite the virus hysteria, the spraying continues unabated.   But no one notices that the flights should not even BE there.

  19. Louise Neufeld says:

    Thank you Gary Morrow.  Loved the Darren Nesbitt song.  Made my day and is my new theme song I sing everytime I'm presented with fear mongering.  I am so incredibly grateful to all of you who post, for all the sources you site  and of course in particular grateful to my hero, Dane.  My posts keep disappearing and there are always warnings whenever I load Dane's newsletter as opposed to using the App.  While people may be dying I'm finding that the numbers don't add up, and deaths are being attributed to Covid when these people are mighty ill and in Intensive care in the first place.  There are too many inconsistencies, and irrational behavior while our rights and freedoms are being stipped away.  We are asked to stay home and not go out even to the cottage as our summer season hopefully approaches.  Makes no sense at all.  "There is something rotten in the state of Denmark!!!"  Our world will never be the same.  And yet all my friends and most of my family refuse to hear anything I have to say.  In that sense "social distancing" has been a breeze. To quarantine the ill may be helpful.  To quarantine the healthy is tyranny.  This is about control.  It's never been about our health.  The world has lost its collective mind

  20. Dieversity says:

    Where in the PNW is a good place to run too?

    • Wakai95 says:

      I'd say go to what's left of the forest on or near the mountains once all else fails with any effort to halt the insanity before never ending martial law and whatever the trash of species on the top of the collapsing pyramid push their sick agenda into complete overdrive and complete chaos erupts and no more stores sell anything, your pretty much just to die in your house or in what was society and even wore some fema/government camp with everyone left freaking out and things you don't want to imagine or you take your chances in what's left of nature I would assume others like minded will be out there away from the most populated areas  because Seattle and Portland areas like that have not been looking good even before this all started playing out with the virus. It's crazy most people are in such denial still and I think a lot of people in denial know deep down that what's next is very very bad yet they still cling to denying reality cause its negative or whatever and thinking it will some how all go back to normal. Hate to say it but it's not looking good so if they or anybody want to salvage something like Dane says, the majority better get to it fast cause most still are like a deer in the headlights and the psychopaths behind the wheel are going to hit you full speed cause they don't give a you know what about anyone but their sick group.

    • Dennie says:

      Your living room couch, at least until this crap's over, and it likely won't be for a long time.  Unless you want to run out there and get or give COVID-19.  It is HORRIBLE, I can tell you.  More is being found out about it all the time.  Go check out Thailand Medical News, read everything there and then rethink the SIP protocols.  Goodness.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Thank you, your statement made me chuckle. The time to "run" is long past. In one way or another, all over the globe, we are all being boxed in. Even me who lives out in the sticks. I recommend learning how to be invisible in plain sight. Fly under the radar. "Tree top flyer". Give it some thought. Just to be fair, I'll give you a big hint that is more important now than ever before. Learn how to move about the surface of the earth WITHOUT your tracking device on your person, that's your cell phone, in case you didn't already know. Leave it home home. I dare any of you to do that. Besides, isn't that where you are supposed to be right now?

    • Kyle says:

      The only portable 'phone' we have doesn't go online at all and it is a pay as you go. You buy preloaded cards and pay as you use it. No locked contracts.etc.  Essentially it's a 'dumb' phone and just after the 'cancer' era phones.

      Turns out ours was a former free 'Obama' phone we paid for as they tried to ask us to setup that way but we denied it and just paid as you go. It has no online capabilities whatsoever.   In fact if your too far away from reception it craps out easily.

  21. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL, Can you believe how much has changed in such a very short time? I can hardly contemplate what is happening right before our eyes in such a short time. Crazy legislation being passed in many "governments" around the globe. And if those governments were Border Collies, they'd a get a blue ribbon at the stock show competition. Afterward the sheeple would get a long over due shearing and many would be sent off to slaughter. "Oh, excuse me, I meant to write "sheep".

    "It's been on my mind lately"…  Real soon, there will come a point where "we" will be faced with getting a V-cine 'and' probably some kind of a micro chip, in order to conduct everyday life. "Can't take the risk of forged papers for travel ya know". "Taking the micro chip". Anyone besides me get their hackles up over that? I've always thought that these times will prove who is and who is not a true, believing and faithful "christian". Personally, I lean towards the spiritual side of life in harmony with our Mother. I think my Creator would want it that way. I will NOT accept any v-cine 'nor' electronic implanted devise. "Assimilation" was never a term I considered to be fitting to the phrase, be true to thyne own self. I'd rather cash in my chips… Anyway, we knew these times were coming. We did not see that the race is truly on. Awareness vs Control. "And they're neck and neck, oh look awareness is ahead by nose at the finish!" (Hey, I can dream, right?) It has been the highlight of my life to be in that race. "What's in 'your' wallet?"

    Love and strength to "ALL"

    • RandylJ says:

      To All and 'a simple horseman' Thank you for bringing humor, wisdom and similar thoughts, out to Brighten My Day with much needed Joy, as Growing 'brain fog' has Not Dimmed my Inner Spiritual Awareness!!!  And they all said, Amen (wishfully)!

      And Thank You ongoing Dane for our Weekly 'Life Preserving' Informational, Credible, videos!!!

  22. B Eaton says:

    There is nothing on the news except "the virus". Ram the fear down our throats.  They don't mention the big earthquake in Oregon with 100's of aftershocks. They don't talk about the rain day after day just like last April and May so that farmers can't plow their fields or get seeds into the ground – again. They surely don't talk about the Wisconsin dairy farmers who are being told to dump all their milk down the drain because everyone who needed it bought milk at the onset of the virus and they don't need anymore.  Look it up, I read the story on PBS.  I'm sure the food banks could have used that milk for baking and drinking!!   I just read a story that a tiger (actually several tigers and lions) at the Bronx Zoo in NY had a dry cough and tested positive for the virus. Yeah right. Another scare tactic that will mean more trouble for our pets and shelters. People were already killing or abandoning their animals because they didn't want to be infected by them, and now because they can't afford to feed them.  I think when "they" released this virus they intended to cause as much harm as they could, not only to us, but everything we hold dear.  Family, friends, pets, the outdoors, being human.  They call it "the new normal"  OH NO, it's not NORMAL and I will never call it the new normal.  Brainwash, brainwash, brainwash.  Stimulus checks?  Everything is closed!!  Where are you going to spend it to stimulate the economy?   I went on to find some Zinc – good luck finding it.  Everything zinc and immune related supplements are OUT OF STOCK.   Every day for several years I take 4 oz of POM wonderful juice with 2 TBS of PuraThrive's Curcumin Gold (curcumin, dha & ginger) and during the day I take magnesium, d3, and k2.  I also have Dr Gundy's polyphenols.  My other half also takes NAC and Vitamin C. Works for us, he's 77 and I'm 67 (diabetic).  We only eat grass fed beef & pork from a local farm we know well.  I shop for Non-GMO Verified foods and organic and or local fruits, vegetables.  As the saying goes – you are what you eat.  I would rather forgo the fancy sports car and spend more on healthy food.     Now they are saying "wear a mask when you go outside, even to walk the dog"  Sure, where are you going to get one?  Homemade masks won't offer any protection if they aren't of certain materials. As soon as you take it off you've now infected your hands and you'd have to wash the mask every time you go outside.  It most likely is airborne anyway and it would love to enter through your eyes, not only your nose or mouth.  Guess we have to learn how to hold our breath while out and about. Good luck!!  There are too many connected dots to not believe this was intentional by the world leaders to cull the population. As a Texas Governor said, we old people should sacrifice ourselves for the young. Uh-huh.  Too much for him to handle? Couldn't keep the secret in the box? Yes, the dots just keep on connecting. 

    • Kyle Hill says:

      Does PBS stand for Public Bull Shit?

    • RandylJ says:

      To All and B Eaton, I would like to add 'Love Dr. Gundry's Vital Reds' along with much more, to keep this '70-years-young' body in motion. And also- those UPS/FEDX Amazon boxes 'just keep coming'. Imagine where they've been!  (Triple those workers' pay).

    • sandy says:

      If you study up on magnesium chloride, you might decide that it’s a good idea for you.

      vitamin k2 also


  23. Rich is poor says:

    I just want to say first of all that I don't profess to know anything for sure.  I don't like the fact that FEMA has many of the same events planned out for it's National Exercise Program for 2019 – 2020 that have been happening #5 has to do with a pandemic.  If any government entity was involved in weather manipulation it's FEMA.  The weather across the United States is a high of 74 degrees as I write this.  It's 60 degrees where I live.  The flu and covid 19 thrive in this kind of weather.  The media is predicting a huge spike in new cases and deaths coming up over the next week or two.  How much do you want to bet this cool weather will last throughout?  Stay warm please.  Take vitamins especially C.  Drink warm drinks only.  Don't become a statistic.  I could be wrong and I might be paranoid but I could also be right.

  24. Daniel says:

    So I'd say I'm about 90% recovered from the virus as of today. It laid me out pretty bad for about 2 weeks… chest pressure/pain, extreme weakness and fatigue, air hunger breathing symptoms, body pain, disoriented, GI symptoms. Not going to lie, it's been brutal, and I wish I would have caught the virus earlier on and hit it with the herbal antivirals, but I'm just glad it's pretty much over.

    Like I said again, my protocol was:

    2-3 raw garlic cloves every few hours w/a scoop of HIGH VIT C rich acerola cherry powder (amla cherry is good too)

    Lots of fresh carrot/veggie juices for the Vit A and other vits, minerals

    Lots of water, rest, hot showers, sunlight when I could for the vitamin D.

    Didn't use zinc, but that would be great too. 

    Stay safe and eyes wide open people!

    • RandylJ says:

      Thank You  Dane, All, and to Daniel ~ I suffer chronic dizziness and immune system issues (IBD/Colitis) and have experienced some of the Virus symptoms off and on all season. Wish I still had my juicer but I'm doing most of what you and others have mentioned and finding breaks between the symptoms. American Botanical Pharmacy's Lung Formula has Lobelia ~ very healthy for lungs, and anti-inflammatory (They are no longer allowed to say it, and other herbs such as Golden Seal are also anti-carcinogenic). Thank you for your report.


    • Dennie says:

      Daniel:  When the SARS-CoV-2 hit my GI tract after it tried taking up residence in my lungs I followed your garlic protocol along with Chinese meds formulated to reduce heat wind (Yellow Emperor's Flu Cure tea and KW Botanical's cold/heat wind).  Also took plenty of Vit. C, and a potassium/magnesium combo, 980 mg K-aspartate & 360 mg Mg-aspartate, and 500 mg goldenseal root powder.  Just kept taking these herbs, vitamins and minerals until it gave up.  It's been 17 days. 

      Ppl here do not act like they understand that the lockdown is a very effective way to S-L-O-W  D-O-W-N the rate of transmission and keep folks out of the hospitals which could otherwise be overwhelmed and not have room for those who really need it.  Gov. Newsom is on record in an address saying this order is temporary and he's not playing games with us.  Brace yourselves, folks, because we aren't really doing enough nationally to SIP, this is going to be a long haul.

  25. Susan Paz says:

    Re. the vaccine having a microchip, the book of Revelation addresses mark to track everyone on the planet, but it is on the right hand or forehead.


    • Dennie says:

      FYI "When" they chip you it has to be a very large "needle" they use.  I saw them do this to my cat.  You really believe they're gonna do that?  Chips cause tumors in dogs… why not start writing to your senators and TELL THEM YOU DO NOT WANT THIS???  H

    • Ram says:

      Yes I think they are very capable of that!! It is obvious that technology has come a long way so who is to say they need a large needle to do that?  What makes you think it is going to be the same devise they put in your pet?? 


  26. Duane Martin says:

    Thanks once again, Dane, for an ever-illuminating "Alert News". The "Menace" keeps bringing the darkness daily among us here in central Texas and yet no mention is made of it.  But, we continue going about sounding out "Geoengineering" to all – who have nothing to say. Today we went to the grocery store ( where off-duty Constables were posted) and joined the "maskerade" – each keeping their official distance.  It is interesting how people will "line up and wear masks, and "spray" themselves when advised/told to do so, but will not respond to credible/researchable printed data when handed to them by their neighbors.

  27. Jeffrey J Szulczewski says:

    Pray my friends!

  28. Susan says:

    Dane, Thanks again for another sobering, excellent update. 

    Here in northeast Washington state, regarding the upcoming summer…now commonly called The Fire Season, a few weeks ago the National Weather Service posted a headline on my forecast page announcing that eastern Washington is now officially in a drought. No news to anyone who actually looks at the trees or sticks a shovel in the ground…it's bone-dry the first week of spring, when it should be wet from winter's storms. All winter they've been coating the forest with something that looked like snow and got the skiers all excited, but had no water content in it, and blew around in the wind like ash. We all know what that stuff is.

    And then comes the local newspaper last week with this article, titled "Fire season could have unique challenges amid outbreak." (Statesman-Examiner, April 1, 2020). "If firefighters are quarantined, they won't be able to respond to emergency calls." It quotes the Washington Department of Natural Resources forester George Geissler in the New York Times as saying there will be a "reduction in force due to the [corona virus] situation." Basically, this article is a thinly veiled warning that we are going to be on our own when it comes to fighting fires this summer. Can't be shipping fire fighters around the country to respond to emergencies in the middle of a pandemic. Can't house those crews in close quarters due to the virus.

    As you have been warning, I'm betting the west is in for an Australia-like scenario this summer. It breaks my heart, as I know yours and many others' hearts are breaking too, for many reasons. Thank you all for whatever you can do to "sound the alarm, even at this late hour."

  29. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: Why? Just stupid, obsessed with impeachment (their lie), or something far more sinister – such as intentionally allowing it to spread for various agendas?

    U.S. 'wasted' months before preparing for virus pandemic

    WASHINGTON (AP) — As the first alarms sounded in early January that an outbreak of a novel coronavirus in China might ignite a global pandemic, the Trump administration squandered nearly two months that could have been used to bolster the federal stockpile of critically needed medical supplies and equipment.
    A review of federal purchasing contracts by The Associated Press shows federal agencies largely waited until mid-March to begin placing bulk orders of N95 respirator masks, mechanical ventilators and other equipment needed by front-line health care workers.

    By that time, hospitals in several states were treating thousands of infected patients without adequate equipment and were pleading for shipments from the Strategic National Stockpile. That federal cache of supplies was created more than 20 years ago to help bridge gaps in the medical and pharmaceutical supply chains during a national emergency.
    Now, three months into the crisis, that stockpile is nearly drained just as the numbers of patients needing critical care is surging. Some state and local officials report receiving broken ventilators and decade-old dry-rotted masks.
    “We basically wasted two months,” Kathleen Sebelius, health and human services secretary during the Obama administration, told AP.

  30. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, and ALL, This last week we here on the north Okanogan were treated with another fun filled air show in the sky. Once again, fighter jets laying out crazy slot car track trails. Just like the ones you see in the slide show during the GAN broadcast on you tube. This also happened a few weeks ago. Our friend flying squirrel sent me some pictures. They live about 100 miles due east of me. I saw the same thing here that they saw only earlier in the day. One could logically assume that those "area specific crop dusters" work their way across a region just like a real crop duster does over fields of food. A word of note here. Each time the fighter jet crop dusters do their fancy shit in the sky, "it gets cold that night". 2 and 2 = 4, not 5, not 3, not 53! Those fancy pants riders of high powered sports cars in the sky have a real good time around here. Some days they are relentless. I'm 300 feet above the valley below me and I've watched them fly be below me. And Damn, they're loud. Sometimes when they sneak down my little creek valley that goes up the mountain from me, it really freaks out the Mustangs and often catches me off guard. They're over me and gone before I can run out and give them the "two bird salute" as they invade my peaceful environment. I often remark when in company, when those death machines fly over, "yep, there they go again!, people practicing killing people". Over the years I've had quite the gammit of responses. I never back down. The cost to build and run just one of those sports cars in the sky could house, feed and educate everyone in any of a number of small countries. One of the fun facts for the day I am famous for imposing, is asking folks what percentage of our "budget" goes towards the biggest bully on the planet. I always ask folks to guess first so I know where their mind is at. The largest percentage ever offered up was "30". And when I state that the real number is 57 to 60 percent. Every, single, time, their hard drive crashes. Amazing, the screen just goes blank. And the ones that manages some kind of rebutle sound like a virus taking down your hard drive. Sadly those same folks think those fly boys disturbing what once was silence, is pretty awesome. Of coarse most of those folks around here have their bang, bangs, 4×4's", big fat bellies and more material possessions than you could shake a stick at. No thanks to any of that. "It's not sustainable"

    • Robert says:

      Glad to hear I'm not the only one to salute the fly boys as the pass over, I'll do it as a reflex response. I also send out negative energy to those cowards and wish them my worst,  I wonder if this is stunting my spiritual growth? Sometimes you have to step back around something to move forward. Keep up the good work everyone til we get these dementos on the run.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Robert, the short answer to your question is yes. I have that backed by well minded 4 legged authority. The ill will is not worth the effort. It serves no real purpose. Though the short lived act of expressing yourself as they fly over is at the least humbly gratifying. "They do have full spectrum cameras on board" being monitored by some geek at home base. Just sayin. Sometimes it's good to prod those that think they have power over us. I'm not a very big guy, I know this to be a good practice. There was a time where it kept "them" in line. Of coarse kids don't ride horses to school anymore either. There are so many measures of where we are that are all registering "un-charted waters". Why does "baby you ain't seen nothing yet" come to mind? Because "we", bless us ALL, make a habit of connecting dots as it were. We have our faces to the wind. In that, we find strength…..

  31. phil wilkins says:

    the bottom line is the fact that some have ears but do not hear ,eyes and do not see.. we as a world have crossed a line that we will never undo. people seem to think you are nut if you explan what is going on. they just want their shiny things….God bless and help us all

  32. EJ Canary says:

    I believe you!  I get the rolling eyes from people I tell also.  Hang in there!

    • Krista says:

      I get the rolling eyes all the time off people. You can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink. One welcome site through all the madness is I have actually  seen the stars for a few nights now and the lords star is brighter than ever. Before this I cant remember the last time I saw them 😪

  33. Christine Carmona says:

    I had an inkling that we'll never go back to normal and I also heard from a remote viewer that the elitists had the covid-19 virus made in a lab in order to crash the economy and slam down their new world order. But whenever I try to tell someone, they won't believe me. I know they will put a micro-chip in each vaccine and force each of us to get it. But no one will believe me.

    • Jonathan O'Quinn says:

      I believe you, Christine, as I'm sure many here do. A large number of my relatives and supposed friends will not talk to me…. Think I'm s crazy conspiracy theorist.

      It's not all theory.

      Try to mentally let them go and focus your energy on those who will listen to you.

      Thank you for trying to educate others.

      Blessings, j


    • Elena Starr says:

      Hello Christine,

      It is terrible that no one believes us, but don't let that sway your stance on the truth.  It only takes a small number of the population to transform a falsehood.  We need to stand strong mentally, and a miracle of a phenomenon that says it takes a critical number of the population to know truth, and then circumstances will change.  The critical number is not the majority, so don't give up wanting to share the truth, and don't give up in recognizing what is true.  Thank you for your courage.

      From, Elena Starr



    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Christine, I read an article about a month or so ago that this vaccine is suppose to change our DNA.  That is why they want to force it on everyone.

  34. Jim says:

    National Security Study Memorandum

    NSSM 200

    Implications of Worldwide Population Growth For U.S. Security and Overseas Interests(THE KISSINGER REPORT)

    December 10, 1974

  – Population Strategy

  35. Gray Bar says:

    Thank you for your Very Hard Work and due diligence.

    looking forward to the document regarding the pentagon climate warfare. 

    the masses refuse to take this serious, including my family.

    more recently, i encountered a very large man yelling at a young couple because they didn't look like they were from "around here". out of character, i bluntly asked him if he was brainwashed? he continued to ramble on and i told him and his other very large gmo friend to go home to his TV Box. while helping the young couple with directions, the gmo'd specimen was unconsciously yelling; fox news over and over. i ignored him because he tried to intimidate me and I was not going to allow that to happen. he wasn't worth the tread on my boot. 

    sidebar: if only i had the opportunity to put my boot on fauci's throat, now there's something worth sacrificing my soul for.

    My point? half or more of the population in the USSA are like this guy and this is what we're up against. we dont have time to waste and sharing important information with the right people is URGENT. ive given up on my familylong ago, whom are trapped in the tv box.

    if mr ed the talking horse were on fox news, cnn…..whatever, the masses would believe this horse over any verifiable facts when presented without all the mesmerizing effects and pretty hair and makeup with lotsa subliminals coming from their TV Box.

    its always the most selfish response, what can i do, im just one person, before going back to their cell phone. This is their mantra. The older people always say, im old and wont be around much longer any way. 

    the pre-programmed gmos always lash out emotionally and typically respond with "dont try an put words in my mouth", which makes no sense at all.

    • Jonathan O'Quinn says:

      Two of the gentleman who helped create Facebook are on record publicly saying did they intentionally designed the software to trigger a large doses of dopamine release in people's brains when people use their software program on Facebook.

      Combine the aluminum and other nanoparticulas they're spraying, the fluoridated water, the GMO food,  many cases of vaccine injury, multiple pharmaceuticals, EMF and so many other things, and you have a population that has largely been rendered unable to think critically.

    • Dieversity says:

      Is your family from the 60s doper smoker era?  If so it doesn't surprise me. Most of our family is from that era too and are just like that. Totally unhinged and have a few screws loose.  

      The Vietnam war messed up an ENTIRE generation and you can thank Johnson for it.

  36. Jonathan O'Quinn says:

    I see Dane is recommending 100 mg Zinc daily. 

    Even better :+)

    Stay healthy



  37. PatinSF says:

    Here’s the simple solution:

    1) Everybody needs to wear a mask.

    2) Everybody needs to take zinc + vitamin D.

    3) Hydroxychloroquine must be made widely available to treat serious patients.

    4) The government must start testing asymptomatic people to identify stealth carriers.

    We need a national program right now to manufacture and distribute zinc supplements at no charge to the entire population. We need large-scale, “war time” production of masks and testing kits. And we need public education programs that reverse the idiotic advice of government officials who told Americans to “stop buying masks!” and other similar nonsense.


    • Jonathan O'Quinn says:

      Is it just me, or does it seem a little odd during the White House news briefings, you have Pence Trump Fauci Birx and many others up there pacifying the masses and probably using neuro-linguistic programming AKA NLP, and yet none of them are ever seen publicly wearing a mask. Hmmmmm…..

    • Robert says:

      Maked sence to me but we are dealing with sociopaths. You can't equate with insanity unless you are insane.

    • annelia williams says:

      masks dont keep out the greastest danger,nono aluminum particulates that shred the lungs..this has been going on for years in the aerosol spraying..if you are 40 to 80,your lungs have been exposed to this 2017,i was doing my usual hikes,i was hit with shortness of breathe,and dry cough,and have battled this ever since..Dane's right..the big elephant in the sky is aerosol..sprayingtoxic chemical,and aluminum,one day people will wake up to this too late…

  38. Jonathan O'Quinn says:


    Thank you all for what you are doing for the benefit of all Life on the planet.

    Each of us has a role to play, and there are no small roles. The great play goes on, and each of us may contribute a verse. I am grateful to work alongside you all in this, our  great work.

    Social distancing, etc may change the approach we must take to reach out to others with our message. I encourage each of you to stay strong and focus on the work ahead.

    Forward into the storm.

    Be encouraged! Fear not! Each of us needs only to do our personal best in this fight. Then we will have each done our part. Every effort is a part of the greater work, like the ocean in a wave.

    Blessings  to each of you. Remember…. ZINC inhibits the replication of coronaviruses. I would recommend 50 mg DAILY.

    Perhaps Randyl and others here could also make some herbal suggestions to help strengthen our immune systems, as we all look out for each other, to be  mutually supportive.

    I'll leave you with a few lines that I trust will be soothing and peaceful to your hearts and minds, as you connect and re-center, attuned with a higher and greater force within us and the universe, in this time when there is so much external chaos……


    Waves thunder along the shore

    The endless drum-beat of time

    Hear the silence within

    Stillness within motion

    The sound of eternity…




    • RandylJ says:

      Thank You again Dane and All ~ to 'Friends Yet To Meet, and to Jonathan, who I have been privileged to meet and share your wisdom and excellent ideas ~ thank you again! Amazon still has Zinc, however the more herbal combinations or pure Zinc is still unavailable. Jonathan has excellent information on Zeolite also in Dane's video with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt here on GEW. It is high in Dolomite, which may irritate the kidneys and is detoxing-= drink lots of water/liquids but excellent for 'brain issues' caused by the aluminum being sprayed on all of us.

  39. Kate Kelly says:

    Dear Dane,

    Keep up the fantastic and courageous work!!

    BTW: The super flu shot proponents are likely telling the truth, and laughing at the public, when they say that the shots reduce COVID-19 hospital time. Yes, likely they do, for people over 65 and others, as the COVID-19 virus, in combination with the super flu shot, kills them much faster!

    • Bernadette says:

      Great observation! There is a big difference between reducing hospital time due to health improvement and due to death. 

  40. GM says:

    You are right. It wouldn’t surprise me if they sprayed other things on us as well :/

  41. Frances says:

    Geoengineeringwatch has been mentioned on Gumshoe news in the past and in April 3, 2020, issue, Covid-19 Travel restrictions Flights, etc. The author of this article posted a photo of an airline flying into Sydney, Australia,  with a …trail and 4 subsequent photos showing this trail's milky murky spread.  Commenters say this spraying is still going on in Perth, Western Australia, and Adelaide, South Australia.

  42. Gary Morrow says:

    There`ll be blue skies when the chemtrails are all gone. There`ll be blue skies when the chemtrails and their evil plan fails,.blue skies when the chemtrails are all gone. – From the song You Can Stick Your New World Order ** **** *** by Darren Nesbitt. (You Tube). The song also suggests what THEY can do with THEIR poison vaccines, GMO foods, Georgia Guidestones etc.

    • Jonathan O'Quinn says:

      When the clouds eventually roll away, the Sun that was always there shining will be out shining again…

  43. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  This is a long and very revealing article, which I urge you to read in it's entirety. Understand that I am NOT implying that the pandemic is a hoax. We know there are real deaths and suffering. I am saying that the numbers are being skewed and even falsely exaggerated to create FEAR — and implement multiple agendas that carry the potential to destroy what was left of our freedom on this planet.

    Ground Control to Planet Lockdown: This Is Only a Test / Pepe Escobar and crossposted with Strategic Culture Foundation / exceprts

    As much as Covid-19 is a circuit breaker, a time bomb and an actual weapon of mass destruction (WMD), a fierce debate is raging worldwide on the wisdom of mass quarantine applied to entire cities, states and nations.

    Those against it argue Planet Lockdown not only is not stopping the spread of Covid-19 but also has landed the global economy into a cryogenic state – with unforeseen, dire consequences. Thus quarantine should apply essentially to the population with the greatest risk of death: the elderly.

    With Planet Lockdown transfixed by heart-breaking reports from the Covid-19 frontline, there’s no question this is an incendiary assertion.
    In parallel, a total corporate media takeover is implying that if the numbers do not substantially go down, Planet Lockdown – an euphemism for house arrest – remains, indefinitely. …

    Controlled demolition in effect
    In early March, the Chinese Journal of Infectious Diseases, hosted by the Shanghai Medical Association, pre-published an Expert Consensus on Comprehensive Treatment of Coronavirus in Shanghai. Treatment recommendations included, “large doses of vitamin C…injected intravenously at a dose of 100 to 200 mg / kg per day. The duration of continuous use is to significantly improve the oxygenation index.”

    That’s the reason why 50 tons of Vitamin C was shipped to Hubei province in early February. It’s a stark example of a simple “mitigation” solution capable of minimizing economic catastrophe.

    In contrast, it’s as if the brutally fast Chinese “people’s war” counterpunch against Covid-19 had caught Washington totally unprepared. Steady intel rumbles on the Chinese net point to Beijing having already studied all plausible leads towards the origin of the Sars-Cov-2 virus – vital information that will be certainly weaponized, Sun Tzu style, at the right time. …

    … That takes us to really explosive territory. A critique of the Planet Lockdown strategy inevitably raises serious questions pointing to a controlled demolition of the global economy. What is already in stark effect are myriad declinations of martial law, severe social media policing in Ministry of Truth mode, and the return of strict border controls. These are unequivocal markings of a massive social re-engineering project, complete with inbuilt full monitoring, population control and social distancing promoted as the new normal.

    That would be taking to the limit Secretary of State Mike “we lie, we cheat, we steal” Pompeo’s assertion, on the record, that Covid-19 is a live military exercise: “This matter is going forward — we are in a live exercise here to get this right.” …

    … The fact is that, all over Planet Lockdown, a groundswell of public opinion is leaning towards defining the current state of affairs as a global psyop: a deliberate global meltdown – the New Great Depression – imposed on unsuspecting citizens by design.

    The powers that be, taking their cue from the tried and tested, decades-old CIA playbook, of course are breathlessly calling it a “conspiracy theory”. Yet what vast swathes of global public opinion observe is a – dangerous – virus being used as cover for the advent of a new, digital financial system, complete with a forced vaccine cum nanochip creating a full, individual, digital identity.

    The most plausible scenario for our immediate future reads like clusters of smart cities linked by AI, with people monitored full time and duly micro-chipped doing what they need with a unified digital currency, in an atmosphere of Bentham’s and Foucault’s Panopticum on overdrive.

    So if this is really our future, the existing world-system has to go. This is a test, this is only a test.

  44. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Waves Of Mutilation: Medical Tyranny And The Cashless Society
    Brandon Smith / / excerpt

    … the establishment is going for broke with this event, and because of this there is the potential for them to face dire consequences. The facade is quickly evaporating; the collectivists and globalists are risking exposure of themselves and their political puppets in order to build a totalitarian system with extreme speed. The establishment must keep the pressure on for now, because if the public is allowed to breath for just a moment they might look around and wake up to the bigger agenda. The public has to be forced to beg for aid from the authorities; only then will the pressure be lifted for a short time. The public has to believe the control grid was THEIR idea.

    A new process of mass conditioning is about to be set in motion, using “waves” of panic and then waves of release and calm. After studying the behavioral traits and methods of narcissistic sociopaths (psychopaths) for many years, I can tell you this form of conditioning is very familiar. This is exactly what they always do, just on a global scale – They create an atmosphere of crisis to keep people around them unbalanced and on edge, then “relieve the pressure” intermittently so that those same people relax and their anger is deflated for a time. Then, the process starts all over again…

    This conditioning traps the narcopath's victims in a constant state of flux and uncertainty, and the moments of calm become a placebo which prevent their rebellion against him. He can then feed off his victims at his leisure like a psychological vampire, and often these victims will see the narcopath as their only means of support. They have been convinced that all the threats are coming from the outside; they do not realize the source of the threats is the person standing right next to them.

    The wave model of conditioning and control is starting to show up everywhere, and it is most blatant in the intended “solution” presented by establishment elites in response to the coronavirus outbreak. As Truthstream Media outlined in their excellent video 'We Are Living In 12 Monkeys', MIT recently published a paper written by their globalist editor in chief Gideon Lichfield titled 'We're Not Going Back To Normal' which admits quite brazenly how the elites intend to use this crisis to their advantage.

    full article here:

    • Beatriz says:

      thanks so very much Susan for your comments and excellent articles you posted.

      infinite thanks to Dane and all the wonderful people that comment here for all your suggestions and insights.



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