Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 8, 2023, #400


Dane Wigington

US tornado fatalities so far in 2023 are almost three times higher than all of 2022, why? A new report has confirmed that the US now leads the world in weather catastrophes. The "experts" quoted in the report are blaming all the US climate chaos on nature, climate engineering operations were never mentioned. Florida is enduring heat and drought while surrounded by toxic dying seas as global ocean temperatures reach a new record high. Further to the north and west of Florida yet another snowstorm occurred this week, what's wrong with this picture? In the meantime, tens of millions are now starving in 37 countries around the world, how many Americans are aware? How soon till empty food shelves hit home? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

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22 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 8, 2023, #400

  1. Robert ! says:

    Sisanville,ca April 18th lest night 1 &1/2 inches of snow this morning then the day was clear, then the weather changed to more snow at 5 and 7pm, they are turning off and on like a light switch on a daily bases.

    We are livng at the end of this age of Grace, and the Bible said it would be this way before his soon coming, so keep up the good fight and inform as many people as you can for thse who will still listen, and do keep praying !

  2. JR says:

    A late good morning to all from Southwest, NM. Yesterday we had some beautiful clouds in morning but as usual with the destroyers working for the Evil one our promise of rain was obliterated by all the spraying. It's like they're on hold and called to come in and wipe them out. No less than 17 years me now watching these lowlife destroy our Earth with everything on it and in it. The word tells us what good does it do us to have all the riches of the world but in the process sell or lose one's soul. The evidence is right before our eyes. Health and Peace of Mind to All…

    • JR says:

      Quick post, another repeat day with cloud wipeouts from sky with the "Sons of a Puta" in action. No Bueno, or Nada Bueno in wake.

  3. brent papon says:

    "Born into the belly of a black winged bird."

    From The Black Crowes record "Omaha."

    I'd recommend the entire record.

    We ALL Americant's were born into this.

    And Man It's DARK

    Born into the APEX of modern industrialized militarized capitalist society.



    QUIT working

    START loving

    OUR time is short



  4. brent papon says:

    "It's an oil company with a military pretending to be a country."

    Lee Camp

  5. Robin says:

    Does weather whiplash lead to body whiplash?  Tuesday afternoon I had a stellar workout at the YMCA- short but sweet.  At the time- Insane aerosol spraying!  "Stop Climate Engineering" cards were handed out. My friend called- "Rob, have you been outside!?"  We both agreed that the spraying was as much as ever witnessed in the Twin Cities, MN area.  It was 80 degrees and dry with grass fires on this spray day.  Our snowpocalypse was just nine days ago!  I finish work 14 hours later, having been outside.  As the day went on- from sprayed skies to wispy skies to the 'toxic murk' (Dane's descriptor) of haze absent of clouds & blinding sun (Solar Radiation Management- ozone depletion). 

    Next day same time:  Expectation?  Time for a pleasant jog.  Reality?  Feeling flat as a pancake during  jog (should have easily recovered from previous workout).  Had to walk.  Among many factors, my guess is that the toxic murk inhaled greatly contributed to my fatigue and thirst.  In conclusion, go into survival mode knowing that, frustrating as that may be, just be patient.  Before long, know that you'll be back in spirit to continue in battle mode to stop this nonsense!!

  6. Earth Angel says:

    The tale of the eagle's steadfast dedication to her task was both inspiring and devestating at the same time. About 20 yrs. ago we had a nesting pair of red shouldered hawks set up housekeeping in one of the hundred year or better, 250 ft. tall (+ or – ) magnificent oak trees of which approx. twenty or more  graced this incredibly beautiful parcel of land which I so adore. Sadly in as much time, I have perhaps 8-10 left most certainly due to the toxic climate spray programs- When I moved here 30 yrs. all were green and healthy. Now I watch a continued slow decline in many and pray, please that they try and hold on. But back to 20 yrs. ago and the mother hawk and her mate. I watched through binoculars as they constructed their nest, as she sat and incubated her eggs, as 2 or 3 chicks hatched and as both the male ans female made many trips to hunt and bring back food for them. She would soar joyfully in neighboring fields calling loudly and frequently. One day I heard some nearby gunshots as she was soaring. I was relieved to see her back on the nest. A day or two went by and she looked to be in the same position, sort of lying over the edge of the nest. I kept watch and contacted a friend who was a liscensed falconer. She came out and the tree was so tall we couldn't figure out how to go up and see. We managed to get a power company employee to bring a cherry picker and he agreed to take her up. Sadly she discovered the mother had died on the chicks, which also were now dead too. My falconer friend had discovered some a**hole had shot at her, fracturing a bone in her wing thus making it impossible for her to fly. My friend said she did not know how she was able to make it home to her chicks the way the fragile bone had  splintered. Instead of killing one bird- the a**hole had killed three! The eagle's dedication to HER nest brought back my memory of this incident. Nature, in so many ways, is so superior to the behavior of most humans on SO many levels. I wish more people showed the kindness and compassion for ALL life that the GeoWatch family here shows. Thank you ALL for being you. 


    • Jaime Love says:

      Good thinking! I recommend trying to get a spot at the farmers market!!!! So many will see truth then! Let's do this, that's my new motto! Standing for our truth and our freedom! Sending my love to you all! God bless we're in this fighting together and god can make the impossible happen we just have rot believe! Praying for us all! 

      by the way a cheap way of alerting other is go online and have business cards made. Something like you get 250 of them for a cheap $14. That's 250 people you can path the seed to educate and would be a good starter to alerting others who are not awake. If we could raise awareness with breast implants and fight to have them expose they made us sick then we can do this! All it takes is planting the seed and educating and many more will connect and understand and know tt

      hat weird feeling when they step outside and can't breathe. Everyone knows things have changed they just need to be more aware of it. Truth is coming and you can't stop truth! God wins in the end but for now we have a good fight we have to stand for. Hang in there brothers and sisters! We can do this and we will! Anything is possible with GOD! LETS DO THIS! Time for poison to stop that's purposely do on us daily. I've been watching this for years in many states. Tested the snow and rain and it's full of toxic heavy metals. It's obvious anymore. Doesn't anyone see heavy metals on their patio furniture after a rain or snow storm? I do every time! I'm the OCD clean desk so this has bothered me for years. I get tired of cleaning my outdoor areas daily so everyone can enjoy them Metal free! Sick anymore! This needs to end and I'm determined to do this! We exposed breast implants with breast implant illness and this is my next work I will be exposing. This one weighs on my heart! It makes me sad and angry they do this to us all daily by our tax dollars….it's wrong. Enough is enough for me. Time to shut them down! We're stronger than they are and always will be! Now is the time for action! 

  8. Lance says:

    UV Alert!

    EPA has issued a UV Alert for our area today. " Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is expected to be unusually intense." Quite clear this morning. Don't know if the last post I made last night made it through as my computer was "acting up" for some reason. Lots of aerosol activity at sundown yesterday to the W over the coast that came in over the area. Unusually low wide trails stretching N and S. Nanoparticulates are everywhere! 

  9. Lance says:

    Relatively light aerosol trails visible today that came in from the direction of the SF Bay Area. Let out from S to N and drifted E. Could see the end of the trails to the S and the N as they weren't that long. Drifted right over my location at the RV park near Rio Vista, CA. I don't think they had much effect on reducing sunlight or radiation. Got up to 74F and felt hot in the sunlight. To the W of Rio Vista are at least 100 of these huge windmills that generate electricity. Problem was there wasn't any wind to make them turn and generate electricity! Wind that was blowing out of the W this morning about 5 to 10 mph stopped before noon and its been calm all day. Not even a breeze now! Usually its quite windy in Rio Vista as its not far from the coast. This afternoon watched as two aerosol trails were created to the W over the SF Bay Area, but they were separated by many miles. I doubt this had any effect on reducing sunlight, so am wondering why they're spraying them. There is a big military air base near Fairfield so perhaps this has something to do with it. Sky is clear and blue for now, but this could change quickly. Also noticed a woman who was standing by a fence on a path in jogging attire talking on her phone about 4pm and her shoulders were quite sunburned! UV level is at 8 right now, but she probably didn't know it. 

  10. Randyl J says:

    Blessings Ongoing to You Dane and Everyone ~ as those of us who gain awareness, wait to see what transpires next. Here's my Central NC Easter Weekend report:

    Central NC Easter Event

    A maelstrom of weather leading up to the Climate Engineers’ creation of the “Biblically morose setting”, Good Friday-leading-into-Saturday, with an all out tempest Saturday of horrific artificial cold, sleet , thunder and chilling rain all day and night! Then suddenly, Easter Morning! The ‘Curtain’ is lifted on the “staged weather event” and sunlight pours in from a nearly blue sky! You could still see the minute white particles floating in the air; hence the early Sunday AM ‘ice-locker cold’ at ground level. As fast as the ‘Show’ was brought on for Friday, it basically disappeared with unusual temperature fluctuations during a 48-hour period. In addition, this small town has experienced 3 power outages within the last week or so. The manipulations seem to be ongoing! Nothing is ‘natural’ and the weather is definitely being ‘staged’ as Dane’s research clearly proves over the past years.

  11. Stan Sylvester says:

    Wall Street titans are always watching our back. Chief Executive Jamie Dimon of J.P. Morgan suggested the government seize private property if necessary for wind and solar farms.

    He says the window is closing for green energy projects that would help avert the costly impacts of climate change.

    Jamie also let investors know that there is 1 trillion dollars of clean technology development possible. I'm sure that the money  is secondary to averting the effects of climate change. 

    Isaiah 59:4

    "None sues in righteousness, and none pleadeth in truth, they trust in vanity, and speak lies, they conceive mischief, and bring forth iniquity."

    Perhaps investors should listen to Dane's podcasts before becoming part of this passionate plea for green energy products.

  12. Lance says:

    Dane, you're correct about how corporate "news" sources portray everything going back to "normal"! Now that the reservoirs are full of water again and the snow-pack is at a record level in CA! Everything is going to be OK, right? Absolutely nothing mentioned about the tons and tons and tons of invisible toxic elements that have polluted all the water, the air, and the soil on the planet! 

  13. Lance says:

    UV level forecast for Rio Vista, CA, is now in the "Very High" range at level 8. "Protection against sun damage is needed. If you need to be outside during midday hours between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., take steps to reduce sun exposure. A shirt, hat and sunscreen are a must, and be sure you seek shade."  


  14. Jonathan says:

    Thank you Dane for your insight and wisdom that you share with so many. I was at work last night listening to your broadcast and shared that and a link to The Dimming with a co-worker.

    I am astounded by the level of indifference that so many of my otherwise generally well informed friends have for this kind of information that you share. I've sent them innumerable links from your website for your broadcasts only to find most of those contacts went ignored.

    It's just like without the things in life. You wash your hands of such people and move on and focus on those with whom you can connect.

    And that I shall never stop doing until I am relieved of my post.

    Especially heartbreaking was the story of the bald eagle.

    We have had extremely cold, I naturally called, weather here in Eastern North Carolina. In the last few days. Few days. I've been putting out extra food for the birds, wild foxes and other animals outside that I feed every day. Foods that will have more calories and nutrition for them to help them through this time and help to supplement their natural diet. I don't feel bad about feeding these wild animals because it's only stuff many of their natural diet and it's not their fault that their habitat has been adversely affected by human beings. I swear, aliens flying by Earth must lock their doors and step on the gas.





  15. Gary Morrow says:

    Thanks, Dane for another excellent report The anecdote of the eagle protecting her chick was especially touching 

  16. Flockers says:

    Limestone. The worlds first carbon sink.  Formed 500 to 250 million years ago in the shallow seas by tiny skeletons made of calcium carbonate settling to the sea floor.  Stopped forming 250 million years ago because so much carbon had been trapped in the accumulated skeleton piles in the oceans that the atmosphere reached a new composition including free oxygen.  With free oxygen all kinds of new life blossomed.  Limestone, heated and crushed us quick lime used for cement, 99% skeletal remains of tiny ocean plants and animals.  The worlds first carbon sink. CaCO2.   Check it out.  

    • Larry DeMarco says:

      Thanks Dane for another excellent broadcast. I don't know what more you can say to get people to wake up and look up. Your mention of parental responsibility in protecting their children should be a big motivator to face the truth, but even this argument goes on deaf ears for so many that are stuck in their own reality. Hopefully some were as moved by your presentation as I was and as all should be. Please keep up the great work! You and our mission are always in my prayers.

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