Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 19, 2023, #419


Dane Wigington

Authorities are still sifting through the ashes of the completely incinerated tropical island town of Lahaina while Hurricane Hilary heads for Death Valley, what's wrong with this picture? Why are "weather forecaster script readers" predicting three times more rain in the deserts than in the coastal regions where Hurricane Hilary is scheduled to make landfall? Why is the US matrix media completely ignoring the over 1000 wildfires still burning in Canada? California is again on fire, matrix media is now warning Texas will be next. We are constantly warned of smoke inhalation dangers, but is it just smoke we are breathing? Is the extreme and worsening climate chaos just nature? Or is there much more to the story that we are not being told? What comes next? How bad will it get in the coming weeks and months? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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55 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, August 19, 2023, #419

  1. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    The high temperature is expected to reach 116 degrees today (August 25th), with a humidity level of 48% (Thanks to Gulf moisture flow remnants of TS Harold). So it's actually going to feel more like 172 degrees! That's why the schools in the nearest town to us have canceled all classes and football practice sessions indefinitely. And according to the extended range forecast. The temperature will not drop below one-hundred until "possibly" the second week after Labor Day. Which is the 18th of September. My money is on October 5th, because I am a realist and I know that they will push this heat dome to it's absolute limit here in Texas. Just to prove THAT THEY CAN!

    I have been paying over $1,000 in electric bills, for the last four months straight. So, I definitely cannot afford to live here any more. Especially if next summer is going to be an even hotter blast furnace.

  2. Simple horsewoman says:

    In the words of the late great Robert Nesta ,how long will they kill our prophets,emancipate yourself from mental slavery, non but ourselves can free our minds, have no fear for atomic energy ,none of them can stop time. ,They can arrest the current paradigm. Its certainly a global mental institution and I don't know about the universe. The radioactive leak into the ocean is probably an attempt to cure the global cancer, they all require treatment or a ride on Russian Airlines. Look up, look down, look around. The profiteers are still he'll bent on corruption,exploitation, and pollution. # love the corperations and good luck . 

  3. Larry DeMarco says:


    "From the beginning, God designed human beings to be stewards, both of creation itself (Gen 1:28) and of our roles within it (Gen 2:15). Seeing ourselves as stewards, not owners, helps deal with pride and possessiveness that we easily fall into. It also insures we do the best with who we are and what we have, understanding that ultimately are not ours but God's who has loaned them to us. So when we don't live as stewards, we are living at a subhuman level." ( portion of article from The Spiritual Griwth Bible)

    So maybe we should add the lable of subhuman to the controllers rather than the highly unwarranted title often given them as the elite.

    Thanks again Dane. You're doing all that you can do to honor God's creation!


    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Larry, I have often used other words and phrases to describe the elite (especially during this heat wave) and they would all be quite compatible to subhuman. I just don't think it would be polite to put them in my comments, here on this discussion board. I'm sure that all of you catch my drift and probably find yourselves doing the same, from time to time.

    • Susan Paz says:

      "Build Back Better," as in Maui, so with the world, means intentionally destroy and then rebuild the earth, the sky, the water, and the air, .  This rebuilding will be done with a fraction of the present global population. But God has told us these things would come to pass.   "If in this life alone we have hope, we are of most men most miserable."

  4. Lance says:

    2nd person found dead in Washington wildfires, hundreds of structures burned (

    By the way, one of the wildfires is burning just south a military airbase near Spokane in eastern Washington state. 

  5. Lance says:

    National Preparedness Level 5 is now in effect in the Pacific Northwest due to all the fires!

    Oregon and Washington enter top preparedness level as the largest US wildfire scorches the region | CNN

  6. Geoff Hanham says:

    Just a few minutes ago, I went out into my tiny yard and what did I see? A beautiful white Orange Tip butterfly and a 'Common Blue'… 'Common' ? I have not seen one for decades! I literally laughed and cried for joy!

    The beautiful bird-sown Rowan Tree is heavy with berries that are being cast by unseasonal winds to the ground… A solitary male blackbird now comes to our yard…. His mate was killed two days ago… I sat on the ground in the U.V. glare whilst he fed from a sprig  of ripe berries in  my  open hand… I had much love for his mate who would often just sit on the ledge of our open window… Blackbirds have what is called a sub-song… We were often blessed, my late wife and I, by this quiet and so beautiful song… They would, now so long ago , come to our open summer window after their young had fledged, with the stars ablaze in the beauty of a deep, deep Somerset night  and both preen each other whilst the male softly sung… We were so, so blessed…

    Geoff Hanham



  7. Lance says:

    The so-called "sever flooding" in southern CA is not severe. I've experienced "severe flooding". I grew up in Oregon. In 1964 a truely "severe flooding" event took place on Christmas Day. I was 10 years old when this happened. We lived 5 miles from the South Umpqua River. Woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of water splashing up against the side of our house! We had to evacuate to higher ground which wasn't far from where we lived. The flood was caused by what they called the "Pineapple Express", an atmospheric river that brought warm temperatures and heavy rains to the mountains which were covered with many feet of snow. This caused a dramatic and rapid rise in all the streams! That was "severe flooding"! You can read about it here:

    Christmas flood of 1964 – Wikipedia

  8. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Just after enduring one of the hottest Summers on record last year. I knew deep in my gut that the Summer of 2023 was going to be so hot, so miserable, and for so long. That I literally had a sense of overwhelming dread, as each month passed and drew me that much closer to the end of Spring.

    But they (the climate engineers) didn't even wait for Spring to end, before we started seeing 100-degree days and they just kept coming, like a vat of molten metal slowly tipping over, about to pour down on me at any time.

    I did everything I could to prepare for an atmospheric inferno that I knew was going to sear all high temperature records into ashes. And bake this land to a crisp, deep into the Fall season.

    I was well aware of the engineered heat domes that tormented the Pacific Northwest over the last three to five years or so and felt the people's anguish as the manufactured heat waves just lingered in place, for literally months on end.

    Especially when the massive and deadly fires erupted in Canada, Northern California, Washington and Oregon. Not to mention the longest and most severe drought in California's history, going back over 1,200 years. I just knew that was going to be the scheduled weather for this part of Texas, and I tried so hard to mentally prepare myself to deal with that inevitability.

    Nature is unpredictable but man is not, and I was certain that those who control Earth's climate systems. Had a great big Bullseye painted over the state of Texas. They had years to perfect their Heat Dome weather warfare technologies and were just itching to test everything they learned, on the one state that everyone would simply accept as an act of nature. Cruel and brutal to be sure as nature goes, but that's exactly how most Americans are trained to think by the matrix media, to believe that nature is responsible for everything that is wrong with the climate enigmas beseeching this planet, at this very time in the history of our nation and the world.

    Evidence for weather manipulation is everywhere and when the mountains of South America experience temperatures over one-hundred degrees Fahrenheit, in the dead of winter. You would be a fool to believe that such events are merely random freakish acts of nature. Just like Climate Change is being used as a scapegoat for all the heat domes that have been engineered to remain stagnant, over so many nations this Summer.

    The odds of seeing temperatures over one-hundred degrees at mountain elevations over 10,000 feet, in the dead of winter are astronomical, and it's happening more and more around the world with each passing year. I'm sorry, but not even Global Warming or Climate Change can possibly beat those odds. Especially repeatedly, during the coldest time of the year.

    I guarantee that if the most advanced quantum computing Artificial Intelligence program in the world, was asked this one simple question: (If given all the facts from both secret and declassified government documents)

    "Are greenhouse gas emissions from both natural sources and an industrialized human civilization, responsible for the record-breaking heatwaves and hotter sea temperatures that are occurring around the planet?"

    The answer would be something to this effect:

    "Yes. However, the last seventy-five years of militarized and commercial Geoengineering operations which have altered the Earth's climate systems and patterns. Have unintentionally increased the heating effects of greenhouse gas emissions and the planet is now warming at an advanced rate of one-hundred years, for each year that passes. And if climate engineering does not cease and desist, the planet will be too hot for human survival by the year 2050."

    Those who control the weather foolishly believe that by using such advanced technology. They will ultimately gain absolute control over the world and every living thing on it. But there is only one possible outcome from using climate engineering for so many years, and we are seeing that right now in the rapid decline of Earth's entire web of life. There is a huge difference between sharing such an advanced technology in cooperation with all nations, for the purpose of enhancing the quality of life, for all of Earth's sentient beings. And hoarding it as a weapon of war to gain control over all sentient beings and all of nature as well.

  9. penny waters says:

    human society is like a pyramid

    king charles at the top, aristocracy underneath, then comes the middle classes (upper, middle and lower ) and then us peasants along the bottom of the pyramid

    but when a peasant looks up – tis so easy to see all the above

    fires everywhere! drowning or burning is my horror – more chance of burning now we have little water

    i come from londoners and the thing that i find offensive is, for instance, in the med islands were on fire, and what did the tourists do – f.' all – they ran – didn't care about the people who live there – saw pictures – "oh wo is me my holidays messed up, oh no, have to go home – poor me!!!!!!!

    when britain was attacked 1939 people helped each other, and what did these present day selfish numb skulls do – they pissed off

    when the shit hits the fan we need to be in mobilisation mood – we need to stop the fires – everyone should get stuck in – rather go down fighting than being a numbskull running from here to there

    saw the fire in cyprus (?) – was in a line crossing the island – why couldn't all those people on holiday mobilise – get some practise in on how to stop fires

    there was a warning some years ago about a wildfire close to me so i rang my neighbours who were out and about and told them and they said if it gets near ring us hahahahaha – numb skulls

    if it gets close i shall be gone or too damn busy trying to fight it aaaahhhhhhhh – numbskulls

    what has been happening here in britain seems to echo what has happened in america first

    i see it all too clearly here

    people lying about in the sun, wearing too little clothing to protect themselves – especially the women – the older i get the more i despair of humans

    machinery cannot take the place of trees

    there is talk of capturing carbon and storing it – numb skull fools and idiots – cannot believe that they don't see WE NEED TREES – TREES USE CARBON TO BUILD THEMSELVES AAAAAAHHHHH

    i'm not clever so how do i see it – cos i am a peasant and i look up


    • Jonathan says:

      The world, and Britain in particular, needs more people like you Penny who possess superb critical thinking skills and who are able to analyze situations such as those being created by the altered weather patterns around the world and come up with practical, constructive ideas. Thank you.

  10. Lance says:

    I shouldn't be surprised by the so-called "news" being put out by the media matrix these days. Deceiving humans using mass media is nothing new. In fact, its an advanced industrialized and militarized scientific technology.

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Lance, read my last comments (just eight hours and forty-seven minutes after you wrote this). I feels like you and I are reading each other's mind.

      Matrix media deceiving people. Advanced militarized climate engineering technology. We are on the same wavelength.

  11. Jonathan says:

    I just went to the grocery store to buy soe more birdseed to put out for the many hungry birds in the parking lot area of the store… there is a small island in the parking lot with some ornamental grasses and a few trees, just a little shade. I put out a suet cake and  poured a bag of seed around the plants for the "tweet-tweets" and then went back to the truck. A man sitting in his parked car beside me looked up at me and gave a thumbs-up sign.

    Having thus established with him a mutual sensitivity to Life, I gave him a double-sided flier from Dane's website. He was grateful.

    Individual, one-to-one sharing of information…

    Be encouraged!

    Keep on making each day count, making the most of the opportunities to share life-saving information. Life-saving, as without it, without that worldwide awakening, Life on this planet is going to suffer terribly as it is rubbed out by the cruel-hearted. Just ask the Indigenous peoples of the world from the past.


  12. Lance says:

    Chart, Videos Show L.A. River's Dramatic Rise in Water Levels (

    Yet more sensationalizing by the matrix media! The LA River is a concrete channel designed to "channel" the water through the city. In past years there have been major flows of water down this concrete channel that were as high or higher than what the matrix media is now reporting as "severe flooding". I've seen "severe flooding" in my 65 plus years of living on this earth and what is being reported as such by the media clowns is anything but!

  13. Lance says:

    Storm Hilary brings severe flooding in Palm Springs as town declares emergency | Watch (

    My wife and I stayed at an RV park in Palm Desert which is not far from Palm Springs in Feb. of this year. We drove around and explored both areas. There are runoff channels all over the area that were specifically made to channel the rain that sometimes falls in heavy amounts, especially during the so-called "Monsoon Season" in this area. This video report shows one of the channels built specifically for the purpose of directing heavy rainfall around populated areas. This is NOT "severe flooding"! The matrix media is sensationalizing this to make it appear this is what is going on! So far the heaviest rainfall amount being reported was nearly 2.5 inches, but in these desert areas the water rapidly runs off in natural channels and manmade ones too. This is NOT anywhere close to the predicted "torrential" rains that were supposed to fall. If 10 inches of rain were to fall in these areas that would lead to real "severe flooding", but what is being reported as such is anything but!  

  14. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    I placed a metal pan coated in black non-stick Teflon directly onto my black-top asphalt driveway at 2:30 this afternoon. Then I let it heat up for 10 minutes while the ambient air temperature reached 120 degrees (record for August 20th).

    Cooked three fried eggs and four strips of bacon in just 18 minutes. While I sat in the house and watched my brunch cook from the kitchen window. To avoid heat stroke, I only went outside once to flip my food and again to collect it in on a plate.

    Then at 4:15 as the temperature maintained 120 degrees, I placed my brand new solar oven in the same spot. Thirty minutes later, the inside temperature was registering at almost 500 degrees! (with all temp control vents closed) And my laser thermometer indicated that the outside surface of the oven was 337 degrees. The oven is all black as well and uses a mirror-like solar reflector, when the door is open.

    So, I placed a bundle of fireplace matches on a metal rod, just about eighteen inches above the reflector and placed it back into full sunlight, with the door fully open. Those matches ignited in less than 60 seconds.

    It is no wonder that compost heaps are spontaneously combusting and attic fires are now beginning to be a serious problem in this open country community. The forecast is saying that Friday will be just as hot, with Monday through Thursday's temps soaring above 115 degrees and overnight lows staying in the low to mid nineties. "We are likely to set daytime high and overnight low temperature records all week long, and possibly even into next week as well."

    Both of my brand new window AC units quit working today and the older back-up unit is desperately struggling to run at all. I spend my nights replacing those broken units and the hardware store is now beginning to not honor the warranties. "Even on the new units, the fan motor bearings get so hot that they squeal very loudly, unless I oil them daily. I am so afraid that they will start a fire if this heat doesn't subside soon."

    There is no way I am going through another summer like this one. It is definitely time to move away from this Lone Star Saharan Wasteland. Climate Engineering Mission Accomplished. They have forced at least one person to move out of Texas.


    • Crystal Dollhausen says:

      Dang Eden, what a way to cook a lunch!  Thank you for your pioneer reporting on our hellish road to self extermination.  You are doing an heroic job of reporting.

      Here in central Oregon I have an irrigation system with 3 hoses.  The water in the hoses can get pretty hot in the sun, so when I think the water might be hot, I start the pump and open each hose separately holding my hand over the spout of the sprinkler to deflect the water down until it runs cool so I'm not putting hot water on my vegetation.  The other day I went out to do my routine and when I opened the hose I quick had to jerk my hand away, pull the sprinkler up and run it to a spot on the ground.  That was a first.  That water was scalding hot.  I've had uncomfortable hot water before, but this was like water out of my boiling tea kettle on the stove.

      And thanks for the warning about compost.  I had a pile of cheat grass wrapped in an old clear shower curtain.  My heart skipped a beat when i went to move it when I saw a brown spot on the top of the plastic.  With care I unwrapped it and the cheat showed nothing, but I think what happened is that it generated enough heat that it funneled up to the top to make that brown spot.  I've been handling weeds like this for years.  It's like we have a whole new set of household worries.

      Bless you Eden, and thank you.


    • Julie W says:

      Hi Dane,

      There are very few people with your first name out there, and I was curious to know if you grew up in the Fair Oaks area in CA. I knew a Dane briefly way back when and wondered if that was you. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Julie, thank you for standing with us in this battle. In answer to your question, it wasn’t me, I grew up at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains, in Upland California.

    • Earth Angel says:

      In your earlier comment to which I replied; I meant your hellish conditions there were anything but Eden-like. Just want to clarify that. Hurting for you and all people and creatures there enduring this madness. You are right tho, we all face serious threat now no matter our location. Dane is right- nowhere left to hide. Time to stand and fight. As one of Joni Mitchell's lyrics in her great song 'Lakota' so well stated regarding the plight of the Native American way of life vs. corporate/govt. greed.. "Nothing left to lose"! Everyone should listen to her song from 'Chalk Mark in a Rain Storm' 1988, if you haven't heard it- she really nails it (as always!) Will keep you (& all of us) in prayer for a better outcome soon, Eden.  

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Earth Angel, when you mentioned this: "Time to stand and fight. As one of Joni Mitchell's lyrics in her great song 'Lakota'… "

      That happens to be one of my favorite songs of all time. I also spent several months with a Lakota Tribal Elder in my youth, while on a Vision Quest Journey in the wild and rugged Badlands of South Dakota. He was my Godfather and sadly passed away in 2001. I wear his gold dream catcher around my neck 24/7.


      No doubt, Pioneer Reporting and Pioneer Cooking. But I probably shouldn't have done that. Because I constantly hear Dane talk about the high levels of UV-C now, since the ozone layer is diminishing. No telling how much bad solar radiation my raw eggs and bacon absorbed, as they cooked.

      I constantly ask myself… "Just exactly how deep into the body does the UV-C penetrate?" Especially since we know very little about that particular Ultraviolet danger. What about all of the livestock, chickens and game animals that humans eat? Could we be consuming severely damaged DNA  in meats, and end up with food that is not any safer to eat than GMOs? Almost makes you want to become Vegan overnight. But, don't they grow in the same highly exposed UV-C sunlight?

  15. Lance says:

    The "big" storm has so far been not so much, as Dane would say. One would think that with all the moisture flowing up from the south due to this TS there would be thunderstorms all over the place, but not many have so far materialized. A few here and there, but that's it. Looking out the little window facing east on the RV I can see the edge of this plume of moisture streaming up from the south flowing by. In "normal" summertime years in the past this would have triggered lots of thunderstorms but not this year. As the sun is now setting these high altitude clouds appear pink or light red. Lots of nanoparticulates in the air up there and who knows what else. Its all gotta come down sometime.

  16. Lance says:

    The following video shows the fires burning in or near Spokane, WA, from a helicopter. Do note the number of HOMES burning in residential areas. There are lots of stands of big trees untouched by fire! Something going on they're not talking about, at least, not yet! 

    Helicopter shows devastating wildfire moving through Washington | Watch (

  17. Mario says:

    5.1 Earthquake centered near Ojai during this "weather event" in Southern California.  What is in Ojai?  A Nexrad transmitter (ionosphere heater).  Coincidence?  

    Look at the frequency of earthquakes near Rio Dell and its sister transmitter near Ferndale.

    1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake . . . what's located on Loma Prieta?  A Nexrad transmitter.

    Its all a coincidence.  Right?  Or is there a connection between heating the ionosphere and earthquakes?   

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Great work for being aware and reporting on this Mario. I too have been following the strange timing of Tropical Storm activity and Earthquakes. Especially when Nexrad facilities and Ionosphere Heating Antenna Arrays are shown powering up on satellite radar images, right before the storms arrive.

      They fire up to almost full strength and suddenly earthquakes begin to shake the ground, in the path of the storms. That 5.1 earthquake has already been followed up by nineteen more smaller earthquakes and even more tremors.

      This exact same scenario happens all of the time, even along the east coast and everyone simply says it is only a strange and ironic coincidence.

      In this particular case I believe they are trying to diminish thunderstorm activity with Tropical Storm Hillary, in those areas along the storm's path that might impact the droughts and fires they started in Oregon and Washington state. 

      Lance has reported that thunderstorm activity is already dropping off and if you look at the updated prediction for Hillary's path. It takes it well east of the fires in the Pacific NW and that includes the fires in Canada. And the even longer range forecasted path shows that it will most likely loop up and over areas that need the rain. Then supply the upper east coast with more rain, as it interacts with the jet stream.

      No surprise there. Climate engineering at it's worst, in regards to all who desperately need fire, heat and drought relief. They don't care. They have their own little slice of heaven to care for, and we are expected to just grit our teeth and bare it.

    • Lance says:

      Messing with chaos systems is very dangerous!

  18. Jackie Pollock says:

    It really is "a wonder we can walk and talk at this point" with all the non-stop chemical spraying going on.

    I think a reason we are not as affected physically healthwise by geoengineering destruction is because we go indoors a good part of our time. Animals, insects, and all creatures of the waterways and oceans are subjected to this death roll 24 hours a day. No wonder populations of insects are down 80-90% and fish and other marine life are down about as much. We are fooling ourselves though.

    But all life has to breathe in this stuff and we people are being affected by it if it is consisting of nanoparticles so small (they are not even measured) they cross the blood-brain barrier. This toxic nanoparticle material has to be causing a buildup of disease conditions and death in the human population just as it is in the wildlife populations.

    Yet many of us are seemingly conditioned to ignore obvious evidence and information and whistle past the graveyard to the last minute and then say "I wish someone had told us what was happening!"

    Thank you Dane for relentlessly telling all who will listen what is happening.

    -Jackie from Texas


    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Hi Jackie, is it hot enough for you here in Texas? From what you said, there is the fact that the deaths of 19 to 44 year old adults are up by more than 40% and have been climbing steadily, over the last ten years. Not just in America either. New research paper out today says that huge amounts of micro-plastics have been found in heart tissue samples, taken from patients undergoing heart surgeries. And the average age of those patients is around thirty years of age. They have ruled out Long Covid health issues as the cause and most are dying from heart attacks. Plastic polymers are sprayed in climate engineering operations daily.

      People 19 to 44 years of age have the most active lifestyles on the planet and the fallout from Geoengineering is finally taking its toll on their cardiovascular systems… evidently. Just one more sign that extinction is in our cards.

  19. I AM , SENT ME says:

    have been watching this unfold since the first will thomas interview with art bell 25 + years ago . when i heard it i knew it was plausable . the next morning  i went out and looked at the sky and it was clear . checked every hour and was shocked by the early afternoon . took a whole roll of film of the progression of atmospheric changes to show friends . of course i got the " your crazy , it's just contrails ." still get that now but have stopped telling anyone to " look up and smell the chemtrails ." 

  20. Lance says:

    Mmmmmm K, the images on satellite radar of tropical storm Hilary are like no storm that I've ever seen. Totally manipulated. Rainfall totals are, so far, not as high as forecast, but this could change. Thunderstorm activity likely to pickup later due to atmospheric heating, but this remains to be seen. Many years ago when I was in my early teens moisture from the subtropics came up through CA and cause thunderstorms for a night, a day, and another night where I lived in Douglas County. So far this storm hasn't produced anything like that, but again, we shall see.. 

  21. Stuart says:

    700 AM Sunday here in north Orange County, CA . Rain starting, no wind yet. Yesterday, Sat was cloudy and at sunset we had another sky full of PINK CLOUDS.  Pink,  Orange and even bright Red sunsets give much evidence of Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN) sprayed from aircraft.  Thousands of miles of spraying and dozens of tanker flights brought TS Hilary here.

    Same technology last winter brought the many"Atmospheric Rivers" to CA.  

  22. Geoff Hanham says:

    Folks, a simple thing I do, is to put Dane's website address and a positive comment as a footing on every email I send or reply to…

    Geoff Hanham


  23. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Every day I look at the 15 day (NOAA) long range forecast and it shows high temps of between 106 and 112 every single day. But on the 15th day it has 92 for a high. Problem is, that has been the case for over three weeks now and that means that the 15th day has still been (and always will be supposedly) between 106 and 112! That fictional 92 degree day is evidently placed there to keep our hopes up and make us believe that relief is only about two weeks off.

    I know however that it will probably be at least 45 more days before we finally drop back below the one-hundred plus degree, record shattering torture that is designed to keep the northern most east coast, as the most anomalously cool place on the planet.

    We would all be complete fools if we didn't think that the climate engineering cabal, wouldn't do anything (and I mean anything) to keep their little (preferred area) cooling secret technology a secret from the rest of the world's population.

    Because if the rest of the world found out that "They" have been sacrificing all of us to unjustified extreme heat events (drought and wildfires not withstanding). Just for their own comfort and pleasure. And to keep their water reservoirs stocked up, in order to better deal with the eventual (soon coming) world encompassing meltdown.

    I honestly believe that that part of the U.S. would be nuked overnight! And every single military base that supports climate engineering missions, would also be wiped off the face of the planet in due order.

    Who's to say, that's not why third world countries like North Korea and Iran are threatening us with pre-emptive nuclear strikes to begin with, as our government censors American social media sources to keep their reasons to strike a well hidden secret.

    Ask yourself just one question. Why are we in America not allowed to search any other internet news outlets around the world? Other than limited sites in the UK, Australia and Israel?

    Not the same for most other countries, and if you don't believe me. Just check your email spam folder. One in four American posted news stories have either "Extreme Heat" or "Climate Change" in their headlines right now. With two in four of them claiming it is all simply Alarmism".

    But not one of the writers for those articles claiming that climate change induced heat waves, are nothing more than fake news stories, have walked one single mile in my shoes! They haven't been exposed to one-hundred to one-hundred and eighteen degree heat for 107 days and counting now. They haven't witnessed horses, cows, dogs, cats, birds, coyotes, and other forms of wildlife just drop to the ground in convulsions. As they lay there suffering from a slow and agonizing death, while their blood boils in their veins!

    This insanely tormenting heat dome has taken a massive toll on all life here in Texas. With record numbers of heat related deaths and hundreds being admitted to hospitals daily, for heat related illnesses. But the most gut wrenching and heart breaking facts are that children and the elderly are paying the highest price for these climate engineering weather warfare crimes that use heat as their murderous tool of choice. We here in Texas are just collateral damage for keeping the northeast cool and wet… like a controlled climate utopian insane asylum.

    I would post the links to headlines that include Texas heat related deaths and illnesses in them. But there are far too many to even choose from right now. I am so sick of this, I am seeing red. No literally. The daily weather maps have the entire state of Texas colored in red, while the rest of the country is enjoying shades of blue, green and yellow. It has been that way for over three months. But thanks to hurricane Hillary scattering some of our personalized heat dome to the north. That same color of red is beginning to fill in the majority of the nation, with the exception being. It will only be very short lived for them, as we continue to bake. Right along with the heat dome that is moving in on the Pacific NW, as I write these comments. 

    So sorry to Dane, Lance, and all others up there. No telling how long they plan to keep your heat dome in place and how much timber they plan to burn. Severe drought looks to be scheduled for you as well as we haven't seen a single drop of rain now in almost four months. With none in the long range forecast either. I am beginning to hear a new nickname for Texas and that is "The Lone Star Saharan Wasteland." The dust and sand blowing in here from that desert keeps accumulating more and more each year. So it seems only fitting.

    • brent papon says:

      I live in NE ohio and I can assure u we are in horrible draught as is the ENTIRE globe.

      As Dane has said the moisture off the lake and the gulf has been the go to for some time.

      Me and everyone @ can't breathe.

      They r totally screwing u with a high pressure ridge, but we r getting screwed too

      just in a different way

      the chem ice nuke is 

      Every day has been for years

      30 minutes outside is all i can stand

      the lack of o2 and ozone

      Take care

      But Know u r not alone



    • brent papon says:

      The Gobi dessert grows every year.

      The dust mixes with industrial pollution.

      So in the spring u wood get

      Orange Dust season in Korea.

      That was 20 years ago.

      Worse part was the locals and visiting workers 

      Just accepted it as so


      Peace and love


    • Earth Angel says:

      I'm so sorry to hear of the hellish conditions you are living in Eden. (which are anything but) The suffering must be unbearable. My heart breaks at the thought of innocent animals unable to escape the brutal heat, dying in painful convulsions. Could Texas be being 'punished' for their freedom loving attitude? I wonder.. I heard it remains some sort of special independent territorial status aside from the corporation of the 'great' US of A. I suppose the bush crime family has long since vacated Texas. I heard they may be living on a family plantation owned in South America but don't know if this is verifiable. Thank you for the update Eden. Take care. 

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      There it is again. That 92 degree day on the fifteenth day of the long range forecast. NOAA will probably say "Oh that. It's just a silly typo."

      Silly, no. Laughable, not even. Narcicisstic and Ego Maniacale, yes. That my friends. Falls into the "Taunting Realm", to be more honest. 

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Brent Papon and Earth Angel,

      Thanks so much for your caring words and I know that I am not alone. The suffering is widespread around the world and each of you are victims of climate engineering, in your own way and face similar threats.

      In regards to: "Could Texas be being 'punished' for their freedom loving attitude? I wonder.. I heard it remains some sort of special independent territorial status aside from the corporation of the 'great' US of A."

      Texas has threatened to secede from the United States (the Union) on several occasions, and it is the most heavily armed state in America. Thousands of people here have bunkers with armories that dwarf any police station. Huge, huge Trump Supporter Population as well. If there is a civil war. Texas will be the one to start that war. Which is just one more reason for me to move on. I absolutely abhor politics, so I am an outcast anyway.

      However, Raytheon is based here to my north and east at the Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth. And they are the likely culprits for testing and perfecting Heat Dome Weather Warfare technologies. Makes sense that they would be at the epicenter of this climate engineered heat wave. Testing how it could be used to keep the most heavily populated area of the U.S. (the NE coastal states) cool and wet during the summer months.

      We get hotter here than any other part of Texas. Because we are in a wide open valley expanse that is bordered by canyons on all sides. Similar to Death Valley without the mountainous terrain. Just hills that run through this valley. No big cities near us, so our temperatures never get reported or recorded on weather maps. But NOAA and the NWS still provides us with our forecasts. Scheduled as it is by Raytheon, I am sure. They purposely cut off our rain and we went almost two years without a single drop, back in 2005 and 2006. But two years back, we got four years worth of rain in just seven months.

  24. Lance says:

    A lot of people are putting their faith in quantum computing and artificial intelligence to provide them with answers to all the trouble humans and the earth are now experiencing. These are troubled times, aren't they! Think about it.   

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Good point Lance. And as you know, I like to ask the all important questions. Like… "Why aren't they using artificial intelligence to come up with practical solutions to global warming and climate change?"

      I will tell you why. Because they are afraid that the one and only answer will be…

      "Stop Climate Engineering!"

    • Geoff Hanham says:

      Hi Lance and thank you for your many posts!

      When we were young, my late wife was a brilliant I.T. systems analyst… I muddled along in the electronics field… 

      Even back in the 1980s, we both thought that if we were joint 'World Dictators' we would ban all of the following: Electricity – Electronics – Information Technology of all kinds – and of course Central Banking…

      The Electron though tiny, is the portal to Hell… An yet we still don't know exactly what is is!

      The cobalt-Hydrogen bomb would be impossible without electronics, and poor Michael Faraday's experiments (and all the others of that period, put us on a pathway to nightmares he couldn't dream of… But others in the 1920s and onwards, knew full well what 'demons' were about to be unleashed…

      I'm afraid, folks, that A.I. is the final page, if not the last sentance in the Book of Life…  And I am meanwhile  watching a pair of sparrows sitting on my (open) windowsill – and the the glaring sun reflecting from the uneaten orange berries and the leaves reflecting searing silver-white instead of green, in the evening sun… I am told that there is such a thing as 'Rightious Anger'… So apart from those who visit Danes pages – why, why are 'The Herd' (British Civil Service Term -not mine) so supine, so unconcerned and still only talking about a recent irrellivent football match in Australia… ? (But I note, and without surprise, that a new term has gained currency – and that is 'Hive'…)

      No longer having a garden, and finding by chance a  heart-shaped (organic) potato hidden in a small bag,  I planted it in a rather large old terracotta pot, well out of the direct sun…  The size of the crop has been surprising – and  yes, it included a new 'Heart'… Though there are many folk who write on these pages who would not be surprised…

      Love is ALL – for why else are we here?

  25. Jonathan says:

    A number of thoughts here in no particular order…

    As for the .40 caliber hollow point ammunition- the use of hollow point ammunition in international warfare was banned by the 1899 Hague Convention. Logically, that ammunition is for domestic use.

    The weather engineers are breaking down the established, divine balance and order of the Earth, its life support systems, and Life itself. These people are psychopaths, much like those described in the song, "War Pigs." These are people without empathy, without kindness.

    Several questions to consider:

    1. Do you think that my vegetable garden did better this year, in spite of many years of experience?

    2. 158° in Iran?

    3. 100° in the Andes in winter?

    4. 108° in Portland, Oregon?

    5. " The Pacific Northwest is the latest TARGET in summer's extreme heat EPIDEMIC." Does this sound like neurolinguistic programming (NLP) to anybody?

    6. Hypothetically, if aliens were to fly by Earth, do you think they would lock their doors and step on the gas?

    7. Are zeolite and lion's mane worth taking the time to research?

    8. Are skin cancer rates increasing?

    9. Are you sending GeoWatch links to your local meteorologist/s every week?

    10. Do you think that the power structure is not considering climate lockdowns? Do you think that would not be the ultimate power grab? Would that not be consistent with what we have seen from past behavior? Does anyone here think that they are not presently engaged in setting up the scenarios for that to take place?

    11. Have you ever studied carefully a $1 bill, e.g. a 1935 series silver certificate?



    Yesterday, I had a patient who had brought her son in for a checkup. She saw the geoengineering materials that I keep in the treatment room. She was very happy to have some to take home. She became emotional. She told me that she had known about this for a long time, but you see, she really did not know the terminology, nor did she have any good references to show people to help to wake other people up. Well, she has those materials now. What they did for her yesterday was not only to validate what she had known for years, they also gave her a voice that she previously did not have, language that she did not know how to use, to share this information effectively with other people.


    I want to tell you also that the divine spark of the Creator exists in everything that naturally exists in this world. In the book Meditations by Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, Book VI, Section 40, we read, "…But in the things which are held together by nature, there is within and their abides in them the power which made them; wherefore the more is it fit to reverence this power…"


    And finally, my friends, workers together in this great task of alerting people to the weather warfare operations and their disastrous consequences for all life on Earth… I say this from my heart. There is a place, a state of being- a dimension, if you will, in which there is rest and peace on every side… Plants, animals, and the pure of heart coexist in unutterable joy. The cruel-hearted shall have no part in this, naturally, for it is against every fiber of their being. And yet, friends, most of us have not yet been released from our duty to the whole. I urge you therefore to double down on your efforts to inform, whilst ye may, and may you take some comfort in knowing something of what reunions there await you when your duty here is accomplished and your part in this completed.

    Why, twice this week, I was "visited" by a beloved dog of mine, Abigail Sunshine, whose earthly body released her precious spirit in April of 2022.

    Do not be controlled by the pursuit of pleasure, nor by the fear of pain. Remember what awaits you on the other side. 

    For many reasons, therefore, I say, FEAR NOT.



  26. Joe says:

    Jet Stream Manipulation Is Fueling Weather Extremes » Jet Stream Manipulation Is Fueling Weather Extremes | Geoengineering Watch

    The entire climate science community pretend to be scratching their heads over the ever more erratic jet stream patterns. The "experts" continue to come up with various explanations as to why the jet stream is behaving the way it is, but all of these explanations are willfully blind to the geoengineering elephant in the room. Ionosphere heater installations located around the globe are a major component of the ongoing climate engineering. These extremely powerful and dangerous facilities are being used to manipulate the jet stream. The climate science community as a whole is turning two blind eyes to the ongoing geoengineering insanity while Earth's climate and life support systems are being systematically torn apart. 



  27. Lance says:

    Regarding the fire situation on the west coast in northern CA, OR, WA, its getting worse. Satellite images showing massive smoke plume coming from a fire on the CA/OR border.moving north not far from the OR coast. To top it off there are thunderstorms and lightning strikes in that area and other cells are moving north into OR. WA east of Seattle is covered in dense smoke from fires. Many evacuations ongoing. Thunderstorms head toward your location. Heads up. 

  28. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Thousands scramble to evacuate capital of Canada’s Northwest Territories after ‘unprecedented’ wildfires

    The Northwest Territories capital Yellowknife – home to about 20,000 – and several other communities have been ordered to evacuate as a massive fire creeps toward the city and a major highway.

    (CNN) — Thousands of residents are rushing to evacuate the capital of Canada’s Northwest Territories as more than 200 fires burn, leaving many to face dangerous road conditions or stand in line for hours for desperately needed emergency flights. Evacuations were also underway in British Columbia.
    The Northwest Territories capital Yellowknife – home to about 20,000 – and several other Northwest Territories communities have been ordered to evacuate as crews battle 236 active wildfires, and a massive fire creeps toward the city and a major highway.
    The infernos in the Northwest Territories are among more than 1,000 fires burning across Canada as the country endures its worst fire season on record. Smoke from the fires has drifted into the US, bringing harmful pollution and worsening air quality.
    As of Friday evening, about 19,000 Yellowknife residents have been evacuated due to threats from wildfires, according to an estimate from the city’s mayor.
    “The evacuation has been a huge success,” Mayor Rebecca Alty said in a press conference Friday evening. “We’ve managed to basically evacuate the whole city by now.”

  29. Joe says:

    The alarming link between melting arctic glaciers and ancient methane release

    In more alarming news for the climate, scientists have documented vast amounts of methane spewing into the atmosphere from heretofore underground springs – exposed to the air due to retreating Arctic “permafrost” glaciers,

    We’ve known for some time that as permafrost melts, ancient bacteria and viruses, some dormant for millennia, resurface and consume “the frozen organic matter and release carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere.”

    The alarming link between melting arctic glaciers and ancient methane release (

  30. Joe says:

    Why was there no water to fight the fire in Maui?

    Naomi Klein and Kapuaʻala Sproat

    Big corporations, golf courses and hotels have been taking water from locals for years. Now the fire may result in even more devastating water theft

    Disaster capitalism has taken many forms in different contexts. In New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, there was an immediate move to replace public schools with charter schools, and to bulldoze public housing projects to make way for gentrifying townhouses. In Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria in 2017, the public schools were once again under siege, and there was a push to privatize the electricity grid before the storm had made landfall. In Thailand and Sri Lanka after the 2004 tsunami, valuable beachfront land, previously stewarded by small-scale fishers and farmers, was seized by real estate developers while their rightful occupants were stuck in evacuation camps.

    It’s always a little different, which is why some Native Hawaiians have taken to calling their unique version by a slightly different term: plantation disaster capitalism. It’s a name that speaks to contemporary forms of neocolonialism and climate profiteering, like the real estate agents who have been cold-calling Lahaina residents who have lost everything to the fire and prodding them to sell their ancestral lands rather than wait for compensation. But it also places these moves inside the long and ongoing history of settler colonial resource theft and trickery, making clear that while disaster capitalism might have some modern disguises, it’s a very old tactic. A tactic that Native Hawaiians have a great deal of experience resisting.

    Which brings us back to what was in that box that Tereariʻi rescued, and the place of water in this fateful moment. For over a century, water across Maui Komohana, the western region of the island, has been extracted to benefit outside interests: first large sugar plantations and, more recently, their corporate successors. The companies – including West Maui Land Co (WML) and its subsidiaries, as well as Kaanapali Land Management and Maui Land & Pineapple Inc – have devoured the island’s natural resources to develop McMansions, colonial-style subdivisions, luxury resorts and golf courses where cane and pineapple once grew.


    Why was there no water to fight the fire in Maui? | Naomi Klein and Kapuaʻala Sproat | The Guardian

    More people are needed to share the information on this website.

    • brent papon says:

      Amen bro

      The craziest photo was this newly built hotel


      next to a mess of burnt out.

      The inhabitants who r  indigeinous

      wood not sell out.


      I was very proud of the m3edia getting on this

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