Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 10, 2022, #383


Dane Wigington

Should a "winter storm" have a "warm side"? This is completely absurd from a historical perspective, but now it seems it is the norm. The Weather Channel has announced the coming of "Winter Storm Diaz" complete with flash floods, blizzards, tornadoes, thundersnow, extreme hail and more. The Weather Channel says that the conditions will depend on which side of "Winter Storm Diaz" you are on, the warm side, or the cold side. Engineered winter weather is not a theory, it is a data verified fact of record. Natural weather is no more as climate intervention operations completely disrupt and derail the planet's life support systems. Who are the primary individuals and entities tasked with covering the tracks of the geoengineers? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

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27 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 10, 2022, #383

  1. Paul Davis says:

    Greetings from MA of New England, past few days in the 20s, now cold rain, no snow, that's odd now…..     Listening to a weather report/gardening suggestion..they said to put anti-desiccants on your plants….to help protect them…now that's a first …hearing about anti-desiccants……   I guess they are recommending that to counter the desiccants in the aerial-spray…..

    • JR says:

      Hey Paul, from Southwest New Mexico greetings to all concerned and true warriors with these evil workers of iniquity. We've had rain clouds coming in from West but decimated to 0. I get blotches, yellowish looking mustard coloring when it dries on my vehicle. It's very unfortunate for mankind and Earth with the evil ones on the loose and not held accountable this side of eternity. 

  2. Mary Hollowell says:

    I am starting to worry that many people have lost a significant number of IQ points by this point. Surely, you can't be faulted if you're unable to think?

  3. brent says:

    The problem with RICO was that it allowed the governmnt


    The RICO act allowed the gov to be the only organized crime syndicate.

    Checks and balances , my ass.

  4. Diane Friday says:



    The latest headlines from Apple News, and others. 


    I’ve been paying attention to the timeline of these kinds of devastating storms hitting the Deep South for years. Up until maybe three years ago, the “controllers”would generally hit the Deep South with killer storms beginning in February; for the last few years it’s been December, without exception. My OPINION has been that this was perhaps because farmers in the Deep South could begin early planting, thus devastating the Deep South in February would make early planting difficult, if not impossible. Seems as though the controllers are no longer content to wait until February. 


    Here in the great Northeastern US ( SE Pennsylvania), the heavy rain every three days pattern continues, except that now there’ll be snow/sleet/freezing rain in the mix, and it’ll last for two days rather than one. The daytime and nighttime temps continue to free fall, so that by 12/22-12/23, the precipitation is scheduled to be snow/sleet/freezing rain, maybe all snow – “they” haven’t decided yet. By 12/22, lows are scheduled to be in the teens. Given that it seems the “controllers” are all in when it comes to the “dark side”, and given that Christmas Eve and Christmas Day fall on a weekend, I have no doubt that “they” plan to trash that weekend in any and every way possible. 


    I have to wonder why there’s concern about the “controllers” resorting to using nukes to affect nuclear winter, when they’ve already got the perfect “neutron bomb” and are using it every second of every day. 


  5. Gypsy Meg says:

    Lower Michigan here. We have dreary gray days most of the time. Trees are dying, chemtrails abound if we should have a clearing with a bit of sun once a month or so. 

    I noticed when I lived up in Marquette of the u.p. on lake superior 3 years ago, the sky would always cloud up around noon & stay gray until evening. Downstate skies are gray blankets night & day with an occasional sunset clearing but lately more gray dreary than ever. 

    It's been revealed wef now based in Detroit & Troy so I expect nothing normal or good anymore. I'm ready to move south despite my love for everything Michigan with all it's beauty but it seems the entire country is engulfed by franken weather destruction. 

    Thank you for truth Dane. Let me also mention about 10 years ago in Ohio where i lived for 35 years, my 104 yr old client kept telling me that the clouds were different. Now in my beloved Michigan, I clearly see exactly what she meant. We rarely have beautiful weather anymore. 

  6. Earth Angel says:

     The other day I found a tulip poplar bud fallen to the ground. It was small and stunted, still folded up. This is NOT the time of year this would normally be seen. Also I see  mushrooms growing out of the ground in winter?!  NEVER here. A yellow dandelion flower blooming?.. in December?!.. NONE of this is normal. I've heard it was predicted that there would come a time when the earth would know no seasons. It seems that time is now thanks to the weather hackers and their evil mischief. On a bright note; the recent rains have finally brought up the water table and filled our ponds back up- even if it does contain toxic nanoparticles of heavy metals and God knows what else.

    • Alan says:

      Mid-December in SoCal.  The roses should look pretty twiggy and weak right now, and we should be getting ready to prune them back and await spring blooms.  But what do we actually have?  Every single rose bush we have is in prolific bloom with buds and mature flowers.  It's Twilight Zone time.

  7. Aaron says:

    Dane, Thanks Amigo for what you do! Things keep getting worse in Ohio. I keep Praying for a Change in course but not to hopeful at this point. 

  8. brent papon says:

    "It's clean up theater."

    Lee Camp

    Speaking of the most recent oil spill

    And it was a big one.


  9. brent papon says:

    OK Lets go back to 'finite recourse.'

    If we don't take responsibility for our own consumption.

    And attempt to both address and ameliorate it.

    How do our kids have a shot?


  10. brent papon says:

    For the record

    No pun intended.

    I have many imaginary friends.

    The CIA MI6 MOs SAD the KGB ALL operate in cahoots!


    point being there is a lot of collusion at the top.

    Or so I've been told.

    Still hear


  11. Jackie Pollock says:

    There just seems to be more dread coming through each week's Global Alert. The part is indeed over and people just are notlooking and are not listening to this alarming situation growing to destruction levels that cannot be stopped.

    I think there must be some kind of overall change in people's characters and personalities – why not? Since everything is affected down here on the surface of this Earth. All life forms on land, air, and the sea are affected. Our health and well-being in all aspects must be changing for the bad part also.

    Thank you for putting out another eye-opening report this week, Dane.

    Jackie from TX

  12. Thistle says:

    I've never posted here before, though I lurk on this site weekly. I live in WA state + have been aware of geoengineering for years. Part of my awakening came from information that Dane posts freely here, some of my awakening came from plain common sense. I, unlike many these days it seems, spend lots of time outside + I look up often. The skies are not natural, neither is the weather, and it's been this way for ages. I do my best to educate people I come into contact with about geoengineering + so does my husband; just this year alone, we have reached several people we know, and they are indeed listening + asking questions. We always point them to this site for further research.

    Our weather in WA is becoming increasingly weird. This past year, our drought worsened exponentially, with months of absolutely zero rainfall. I grow medicinal plants in my garden (I am an herbalist), and the dry weather took a massive toll on my plants; many of which are drought tolerant, mind you. We do have irrigation water, which is relatively clean (well, as clean as any water can be with this toxic crap falling from the skies), but watering the plants more didn't seem to help as much as it should have. Many of my plants' leaves burned, and still more lost limbs that appeared to be almost hollow inside. I was only able to harvest my plants minimally this year as many did not grow back after pruning/harvesting. It was a disappointing year for harvest, though I can't say I'm surprised. We live on a well too, and are experiencing increasing issues with it. The water is not as clean as it used to be + the well itself is showing signs of slowly drying up. As this is our main water supply, these things are deeply concerning.

    We are also small scale homesteaders + raise chickens + ducks for eggs. We are starting to see an increase in health issues in our birds, more than we've ever seen in all our years of raising livestock. The biggest problem we're seeing is infections with Candida albicans. I have a question for Dane – if he sees this. With all the soil tests that have been done, are you guys seeing an increase in Candida in the soil? I would be interested to know. The spraying has ramped up here quite a lot over the past year, so I don't think it's a coincidence that my birds' health is declining more in tandem. We take excellent care of our birds too. Ferment their feed, give them supplements to help boost them. I even give them zeolite in their waters to help detox heavy metals from their body. I know all these things help to keep them healthier than they would be otherwise, but it's frustrating to fight against these sociopaths who are poisoning our world.

    Speaking of birds. We, too, have been seeing a decline in our local bird population. Many of them are also showing signs of confusion + disorientation. They are also struggling with the geoengineered snow storms we've been having lately. I have seen a couple get stuck in the snow + not been able to move; if I hadn't found them + fished them out, they likely would have frozen to death. (On another note, I see my ducks sometimes shaking from cold when they're outside for awhile, which is not normal. They have their winter down feathers, they shouldn't be cold. I know it's from the chemical ice nucleation process. Even my husband + I feel the difference with the cold; it gets into your bones + just settles there. It takes forever to warm up again.) One wild bird I found today had become stuck in the clumpy wet snow on my deck; his face was fully submerged + I don't think he could breathe. I pulled him out, held him for awhile + blew my breath on him to warm him, and thankfully after awhile, he flew away. I often leave bird seed + chicken feed grains out for the wild birds in the winter to help them survive. I do my best to caretake the life dwelling on our little patch of land with us. As someone who loves nature + my animal friends more than most humans, I can't even imagine a world without them in it.

    I appreciate how hard you work, Dane, to get information out there to help awaken the masses. You are an exceptional human being. And I also appreciate all of you who are out there fighting the good fight, educating others on the geoengineering reality, even when you feel more ignored than vindicated. Don't give up. People are slowly waking up to the truth, they really are. It may not be as fast as we'd hoped, but it is happening nonetheless. Keep pushing forward! And keep looking out for our animal friends. They need our help if they are to survive too.

    Big hugs + love from WA state!!! 🙏💜

    • SEA says:

      Reply to THISTLE– I am so glad (unfortunately) to read your extensive post re your property and your experiences particularly in growing herbs.

      I have been posting off and on Dane's site here for almost 10 yrs, less recently but your information and what you are dealing with sounds so similar to my property in Siskiyou County, just 30 miles south of the Oregon border (in CA).

      I bought land here 4 yrs ago with plans of growing lavender (mainly) and other herbs for medicinal purposes…I planted 300 lavender plants that were thriving for the first 2 yrs, beautiful vibrant and now from Ice Nuking are all dead. All the additional herbs that I planted have shown the same signs your plants have. I could name them all from nettles, to lemon balm and evening primrose, just to name a few- ALL look fried , I cannot salvage them. I was told I would have water for -EVER just locals speaking of my location and I too have difficulty with my well and worry about the "quality"

      And last but not least , as a certified Nutritionist and Herbalist I see the Candida – fungus /yeast as a huge problem…I see the very black fungus on my huge volcanic rocks that should be a tan/pink color naturally but the black is a tell tale sign of being sprayed with a vengeance here in Siskiyou County – something I believe has multiplied 100 times over in the last 4 yrs .


    • Dawnski says:

      Thank you for sharing Thistle. Where in WA are you located? My son and I lived in Anacortes & Lynden early 2000's till '08. Now in NC. A red bellied woodpecker blessed me yesterday morning, a dreary Sunday after over a week of no sunshine, high 90's humidity, chem drizzle and the likes. That sweet little birdie gave me my much needed get up and go ❤️ 

    • Jennifer says:

      I am in Washington state too and have been experiencing / seeing the same. Nobody believes me except for my mom but I am pretty sure it's because she is my mom, unsure if actually believes me. Anyway I take lots of pics of the skies, clouds, sun and moon and they are not the same as they were when I was young. The weather has been Soo weird and none of my vegetables or plantings grew this year…so sad. I just wanted to let you know that there is another Washingtonian out here that is awake lol. I just found this site wich is great …doing more research I found the Facebook page …Global geoengineering project.. and it scarred me! 

      Jenn from WA state 

    • penny waters says:

      as a herbalist and wild (native) food eater i have found that the foreign plants are struggling and dying – although the native plants are still struggling they seem to survive better than anything i can plant

      old japanese word picture says 'food and medicine have the same origin' 

      tis recorded in their language

      tis strange times we live in


      Hi ! THISTLE

      Great to read Your Offering. Here in the woods of western NH. our weather is quite predictable these days rarely we have a Blue sky all day or many days at all about 5 bright sunny days a month to make You stand up and take notice. Usually soon after noon on any bright day, the jets come out and start creating contrails. Some of them unusually long and feathery within minutes spreading out and creating  what would seem as horsetail clouds and within a couple hours The sky is milky white into the night and sometimes for several days. Thanks to Dane and this website of aware and concerned life natured people, I have seen and noticed more connecting some dots. These dots began to appear up to 40 years ago for me. Once a friend pointed out weird contrails to me and agreed with my observations and he was already aware of the Spraying situation. Prior to that revelation, I first became aware of weird skies. I was noticing weird colors in the evening skies that I never seemed to remember in my earlier 72 Year life. The colors were weird transparent hues of somewhat pastel drab yellow peachy browns drab greens and dirty pink rose grays. Truthfully, I was not aware or educated of contrails yet. Yet these late afternoon early evening seemed odd to me.

       My real study and observations and questions were the illness death of Forest trees. Clear-cuts not regenerating and remaining brown burn for much longer tan in the past , In the past within 1-2 years these were full of  berry vines, wildflowers, grasses, tree seedlings and healthy hardwood stump regeneration. Wild berries and grapes were everywhere, year after year mostly heavy fruitage on random years less. For about 10 years now all my jam and winemaking of fruit has ended due to rarely fruiting favorite habitat for them. The trees as Dane explained perfectly is bottom up and top down dead growth. When I was a boy I could climb up easily from the bottom of trees by reaching up and grabbing healthy tree limbs, all the way up. Now I look at trees and the branches are dying, dead and broken 20 feet up; almost impossible to climb. Young Jack-pines  do not thrive and group green anymore .They rust up and dye skeletons 6-8 feet tall in the sparse grouping to their earlier in the 20th century. Early on I was told hazardous waste was being dumped on the ground and in the sky from cracked valve containers on tanker trucks and aircraft. I really never doubted that theory.  FUNNY! Theory in the past which sometimes  gave way to fact has become CONSPIRACY THEORY.

       I have to end this somewhere.  So I say: Question everything, Pay attention, Pray Pray Pray and Spread GOOD TRUE Thoughts Theory and Facts.


    • Nat says:

      Dane, thank you for all you do. 

      we are in WA, on island (since 1991) and concerned about this apparent "suspected" avian flu. (Unusual strain and spreading globally)
      past week there have been reports of 1,700 fallen birds in Skagit co, with 700 of those being juvenile snow geese. 
      this is not normal, and it's only a guess that waterfowl are the carriers to poultry.
      there is one documented case of jumping to mammal (mink)Use caution when handling injured or ill birds.

      would really like to know what folks are seeing or experiencing in regards.

      And the usual odd, plants flowering when they should be dormant, or not thriving. Trees showing distress, (leaves still on alders) and from all the development, habitat destroyed (bee colonies)

      ((our species sure is a curious bunch, wanting a piece of paradise, remove all that makes it beautiful, complain about deer, coyote, raptors , rodents- using more toxins to control their lot))

      keep strong everyone 


    • Thistle says:

      Hey guys! Wow, all the comments! It's great to hear from you all, especially a coupla fellow Washingtonians! 🙏

      My family + I live in NCW, just outside the basin area. Our side of the state is notorious for drought + wildfires, though I know our fire seasons are deliberately engineered too. I worry about fire season now more than I ever used to, as we live in canyon lands away from town. It is so dry out here, and we see the dying trees everywhere around us. This past year, we saw more sunburned vegetation than we ever have, as well as many south facing trees with their bark scorched. We no longer smell the trees either, not even in summer when normally you can smell the rich scent of evergreen sap. It's heartbreaking.

      I believe you, Sea, about the candida issue. I struggle with candida, myself, and so do my children. And it seems that no matter how healthy or strict our diet, we cannot fully eradicate it. We also deal with chronic sinus issues, and I've developed asthma + swallowing troubles. I know it's from breathing in all the particulates floating around; my lymphatic system is overburdened + struggling to detoxify. I try to stay indoors more on heavy spray days, and I keep the children inside too, but with running a small farm, some days that is simply impossible. I'm also sorry to hear you are losing plants too. I understand your situation, and know how frustrating + heartbreaking it is. I am sending you love + big heart hugs. Hang in there. Don't give up. 💜

      Speaking of particulates – Dane – my husband + I tried the light trick you referenced awhile back. On an evening after a heavy spray day, we took a small spotlight outside + turned the beam straight up to the sky, and lo + behold….we could see the particulates. They reminded us of very fine snowflakes or ash. We were beyond angry seeing them. We know geoengineering is real, but still….seeing the proof constantly with your own eyes is enough to make your blood boil.

      Penny – I notice what you're saying about the plants too. Pretty much all of what I grow are native medicinals, but even they are struggling. It's hard for me to see, as I have grown all of my plants from seed + have been tending some of them for several years. I'm afraid I will lose my garden before too much longer. All my years of hard work, medicine + food for my family + the local ecosystem….I just can't fathom it.

      We will continue spreading awareness when we can, as well as caring for our land, livestock + the wild animals in our local ecosystem. My only hope is I can keep my health + that of my family's intact until hopefully one day when this is all over.

      Blessings + love to you all. 🙏💜

  13. Annabel Australia says:

    Thank you Dane, the best broadcast yet. So much information in it that l need to go back and listen again. The spraying is definitely becoming more overt where l live and yet nobody seems to notice though they remark on the 'funny weather'! Wake up people.

  14. Brandi says:

    We have had seven (7) straight days of rain in Western NC and then one day of clouds with partial sun that was then sprayed away and brought back with the total cloud covering.  We had the craziest warm weather creep back in and the bugs decided to come back out as they must be confused. Then today it raining again and much colder.  Family Upstate NY called and said they are getting freezing temps with snow. All of us have been talking about how crazy the weather is because it was never like this before.  In fact, NC had the most beautiful blue skies with puffy white clouds and you could look up a night and you would think you were at a Planetarium.  It was the most beautiful site to see that many sparkling stars.  Good luck seeing that at night in NC anymore.  They have totally destroyed God's beautiful paintings that He paints for us every day.  Talking with others about all that is going on is like getting water off a Duck's back. After giving out Dane's Flyers, Cards, Brochures and even DVD'S, I just have to SMH.  I have S.A.D. and this cloudy weather affects me so much.  Dane, you are such a Blessing having this website for so many years, so that we can connect with like-minded people. There are not many of us in the world who feel the way we do, but this group is a total blessing.  God bless you Dane and put His Protection around you and all who are on this Website.

  15. Stan Sylvester says:

    Last week 5 companies won bids with the U.S. government to build wind turbines of the coast of California. The areas will be Morro Bay and Humboldt County. The bids totaled $750 million. Impressive, but nowhere near the earlier Bight project off the coast of NY. It's total was an eyepopping $4.37 billion.

    Anyone in California that doesn't like looking at wind turbines can rest assured that  the companies involved were thinking of you. The turbines will be 20 miles offshore. This presents a slight problem. Anything over 200 feet of water is too risky to build from the seafloor. However, engineers have the answer, a floating platform for the turbines! 

    Hopefully, these companies involved did their research on permits. It is estimated that there are 30 permits that are on the state and federal level that have to be obtained. The estimated time to obtain all these are, wait for it, 5 to 7 years. With that timeframe, it appears none of the companies has management that listens to Dane's weekly broadcasts.

    • brent papon says:

      Yeah, at this point I laugh when they're machinating to make the big

      gist plastic plant in Louisiana.

      As Dane would say

      Good luck with that

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