Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 18, 2021, #332


Dane Wigington

For time immemorial ruthless dictators have known and understood the effectiveness of decimating the food supply of those they wish to oppress. Favorable weather is, of course, essential for staple crop food production. When former US president Lyndon Johnson stated "he who controls the weather, controls the world", is this what he meant? Why would we think otherwise? Are the current controllers any less tyrannical than Johnson? Or, perhaps, far worse? If the aforementioned methods were not getting the job done fast enough, what other tactics should populations have long since expected psychotic rulers to implement? Have we arrived? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

This week's outreach booth is at the Scottish Rite Event Center, San Diego, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

49 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 18, 2021, #332

  1. anton roudette says:

    Revelation 11 : 18 , Dane , " . . and He will bring to ruin those ruining the earth . " . .

  2. ann jero says:

    I appreciate your input. Your input is good, Thank you. I too take many vitamins/minerals. I also try to stay away from manufactured food-try to eat vegies and fruit-make my own meals. Long ago I read a list of atributes  of farmed food.  It listed strawberries as healing the heart. Since the covid war, I have a regimine of daily fruits-the most being strawberries for the heart.


  3. Lance says:

    As stated in previous posts the first part of the winter storm that came into the South Lake Tahoe area and Lake Tahoe in general earlier this week started out warm with rain and very wet snow.  Temps dropped overnight Wednesday and Thursday the wet stuff froze to the trees and wires causing yet more power outage problems.  Yesterday much of South Lake Tahoe E of where I live was without power.  Someone also crashed into a power pole on the icy road coming down Kingsbury Grade causing more power outages.  Power in our area flickered a few times but remains on as of this time.  Snow continues to fall and its getting colder.  Small ice nucleated pellets fell this morning, but no one notices.  Supposed to get up to 2 feet of snow Saturday the 25th into Sunday with another 2 feet possible.  Could affect the availability of food at the area markets if the main hwy's are closed for any length of time, though for now that's not an issue.  Can't do much but stay home, clear the driveways, keep the snow off the roof of our mobile home, and clear neighbors driveways.  Spend time online reading about the technological revolution ongoing which is disturbing to say the least!  I don't do the video conferencing stuff, nor play online games, nor do I purchase anything online for security reasons.  Too many ways they can play with your life!      

  4. Sasha Smirnoff says:

    At the moment, it is -8 Celsius in Chelsea, Quebec. Same on the internet weather feed and on my thermometer. It is also raining. Not hail, not sleet, not a slurry of snow and sleet. It is wet rain, and it is -8 Celsius. I have never seen this or heard of such a thing. Another odd thing is the total absence of birds. I loaded the feeder days ago and it is still full. This is also unheard of in this weather, where it is -17 C at night and the birds are usually ravenous.

  5. Lance says:

    University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, developed a biosensor that is to "revolutionize brain-controlled robotics".  In order to control robots with the brain the signals generated by the brain have to be decoded, which is to READ the brain waves, or thoughts, of the person "on" whom it is placed .  Article appears on the website. 

  6. Lynn Phillips says:

    Dane, you and your family remain in our thoughts.  We pray this holiday weekend will give you a momentary reprieve from the chaos of the weight you bear. You are a warrior for truth and righteousness. May God bless you and your family with hope, peace, and joy this Christmas. 

  7. Dennie says:

    From Orlando Sentinal:  Microchip implanted under your skin could be your COVID passport:

    Okay, so "They" are finally getting itchy and at last are officially announcing this diabolic plan being passed off here as just a trifling little "nothingburger," nothing to see here, of course it's all just "conspiracy theory…  BWAAHH–Hahahahahaaaa!!!:"

    ORLANDO, Fla. — A rice-sized microchip implanted under your skin could become your vaccine passport.

    A Swedish tech startup says its device could be customized to display people’s COVID-19 vaccination records, according to a video the South China Post posted Friday on Twitter.

    Epicenter, based in Stockholm, says anyone who opts for microchip implantation can later change their minds and have the device removed.

    “Right now it’s very convenient to have a COVID passport always accessible on your implant,” Hannes Sjöblad, Epicenter’s chief disruption officer, says in the video.

    The chip uses near-field communication (NFC) to send the data to devices, including smartphones, that can read them.

    It’s the same type of technology used in most contactless credit cards and mobile payments, according to Fox Business.

    Such devices have a range of practical applications.

    “They can act as a key fob or a form of payment, or they can be programmed to store data, like, for instance, your resume. (All you have to do is hold a smartphone over the chip to program it.) ,” according to Hour Detroit Magazine. “They’re not dissimilar from the identification chips you’d install in your cat or dog.”

    The novelty of the technology makes some people uncomfortable enough to label it creepy, dystopian or even apocalyptic.

    Many responses to Friday’s video were negative and angry.

    Some noted that involuntary microchipping via vaccination was a prominent conspiracy theory last year.

    A poll taken in May 2020 found “44% of Republicans think Bill Gates is working on a coronavirus vaccine because he wants to plant a microchip in them and monitor their movements,” the New York Daily News reported.

    Can't say we didn't warn ya…

    • Lance says:

      These microchip implants are "old" tech.  They've got "new" biosensor tech that is placed "on", not "in", a human being.  Its "non-invasive".

    • Lance says:

      Again, this is OLD technology!  Most people will not accept being microchipped in this way.  Think more along the line of a tattoo that is printed on the forehead or right hand using single-atom thick graphene.  Its invisible!

  8. Lance says:

    For what its worth, aerosol ops ongoing again.  Trails can be clearly seen on COD GOES moving over central CA from the W and moving over the Sierra Mtns. and Lake Tahoe region.   

    • Dennie says:

      I've been sick in bed with chem trail flu the past few days, as a result of the toxic geoengineered rain and cool down out here in Northern CA.  So many particulates, you start coughing and can't because you're being blasted with air crap.  You get nosebleeds.  There's such an overwhelming amount of crap that your body can't take it, "their" toxic sh*t just coats everything.  You drink water but it comes back up.  Guessing that means you're getting cleaned out.  Problem is when you've coughed so much you see blood coming back up.  I really don't understand how other ppl do not so much as notice this crap.  I essentially haven't slept in two days.  Imagine what happens when the spraying "officially" gets started.  We need to keep fighting and not let despair win, then "they" win.  

  9. IdahoAnnie says:

    It’s been a long while since chiming in here, but greetings to you all from SW Idaho.  Things are so overwhelming these days with all of the BS going on, it’s a wonder we haven’t all gone stark raving mad. Not only are the controllers spraying us relentlessly and playing God with the weather, but now get a load of this:


    Terrifying rise of AI “Slaughterbots” programmed to kill as experts warn of robot apocalypse if they’re not banned NOW


    A SUPERPOWER arms race to build killer robots could wipe out humanity if left unchecked, experts fear.

    The doomsday warning comes after a UN conference failed to agree a ban on Terminator-style "slaughterbots" – which are being developed by China, Russia and the US.


  10. Lance says:

    Got up at 4am.  Went outside to see if had snowed and there was just a dusting, so far.  Looking up I could see a wide faint aerosol trail overhead through the light clouds just to the SE of my location moving to the E.  Checked outside again moments ago and its alternating light snow/rain.  Moisture is coming in from the SW Pacific so the air is above freezing.  Later today, after 4pm, its going to drop below freezing and everything will be iced over again.  Heavy wet snow will buildup on top of that, up to 2 feet forecast, and the same problems caused by the last storm will be likely.       

  11. Lance says:

    Little to no snow to fall overnight here in South Lake Tahoe and surrounding areas.  Big weather event won't start until after 2pm on Thursday now.  Weather hasn't been "normal" for a long time.  Fact is, nothing is "normal" anymore.

  12. Lance says:

    Human's have for a long time had to engineer things in order to survive.  Three major industrial revolutions involved the design, building, and the use of engines.  The 4th industrial revolution involves developing, designing and using engines of creation!  Read the book "Engines of Creation"!  Past industrial revolutions have contributed to the pollution and destruction of the natural biological world.  This is a documented scientific fact!  The 4th industrial revolution is doing and will continue to do more of the same!   

  13. penny waters says:

    hmmmm……………. nanoparticles

    have an cooking apple tree that is the last to ripen

    have noticed strange 'runs' of 'dark stuff' down other apples especially these cookers

    started using them and tried to wash the 'dark stuff' off – under the hot tap and using my fingers – nothing moved

    dear god in heaven – i then used a very beautiful useful little japanese brush i have had 50yrs( made from plant material)!! 50yrs!!!???

    and it took off the 'dark stuff' and it was then i realised that this 'dark stuff' was the filth from the skies

    am i worried about the virus made and accidentally wafted out of the lab – shows our scientific understanding is childish and inadequate – but it gives me a chance to get to pass and get away from these humans that seem hell bent on their own egotistical missions

    god save us from ourselves

  14. Lance says:

    There are many types of pollution.  There are also many types of toxic nanoparticle's that pollute the earth's environment.  They're in the air, the water, the soil, and underground.  They're invisible!   They're in all biological life, including the alleged to be most intelligent biological life on earth, human beings.  Where did all this pollution that is causing all the physical and mental disorders and destruction of the biosphere and biological life come from?  The past human technological industrial revolutions that's where!  The 4th industrial technological revolution, which has been going on for awhile now, has added even more pollutants and toxic nanoparticle's to mix causing even more disorders and destruction.  The types of pollution and the levels of pollution are increasing!  This is devastating and overwhelming all forms of biological life!  All this is directly attributable to the most intelligent biological life on earth, who's logic, or human way of thinking, is desperately corrupt, which is stated in the true versions of biblical Scripture.  Up until a year ago I did not fully understand what is really happening on this earth, or why, but my way of thinking changed, and I no longer regard everything from the human point of view.  Humbling experience to say the least.  Hope you understand!                           

  15. Lance says:

    And here it comes, the same weather setup that caused the ice buildup on the trees and power lines that led to all the power outages in the South Lake Tahoe area and other locations around Lake Tahoe. 1 to 4 inches of heavy wet snow forecast for late Tue. night into early Wed. morning  followed by 1 to 3 feet of snow with rain mixed in at times at lake level, 6500 feet, and 3 to 8 feet above 7000 feet.  Wind gusts up to 40 mph here and over 100 mph over the mountain ridges.  Thursday and Friday forecast calling for 2 to 3 feet of snow accumulation each day at lake level.  Big trouble to go along with all the other trouble!  

  16. Paul Davis says:

    Boston Field Report:  Last week in the 6s & 70s, heading towards the 80s…  Jet Spraying activitities.  Rained on/off for a couple of days..Now temps in the teens, 20s….going to be a rainy/white Xmas as scheduled.

    And yet, ppl go about their business as normal….

    • Lance says:

      According to Accuweather here in South Lake Tahoe its now 46 F!  Was only supposed to get to 41 F!  My thermometer on the back porch says 52 F!  Just checked the Accuweather temp moments ago and its now up to 48 F!  Something not right?  You decide!  Storm front along the CA coast moving slowly E, but the water vapor is coming from the SSW.  Certainly not going to snow to begin with here until late tonight or early tomorrow morning.  Everything is going to get wet and freeze once the temp drops!  Heavy wet snow to fall later Wednesday and Thursday along with high winds will cause more tree damage and power outages. 

  17. Lance says:

    Temperature this morning in South Lake Tahoe at my location is 10 F!  Supposed to get up to 41 F.  Starting out warm ahead of big snow storm coming Tuesday evening followed by a non-stop series of storms forecast to continue through the rest of the month into Jan. 2022.  Aerosol ops were visible in satellite images earlier this morning around 4:14 am.  Aerosols drifted over CA from the Pacific.  They show up as dark lines on Nighttime Microphysics Imagery on COD website.  The aerosols are now over much of Nevada heading east.  Heavy wet snow will again fall and freeze causing more limbs to break off and trees to fall over when the wind blows.  Power outages likely as a result which means businesses and banks won't be operating again.  Supplies of food and drink don't seem to be in short supply yet, but the weather may change that.  The cost of many of these products, however, has gone up between 20% to 50% since the first of December.  Fuel for vehicles is over $5.00/gal here!  25 miles away in Carson City, Nevada, at Costco the price was 3.39/gal.!  The masses don't care that the weather is being engineered!  All they care about is eating, drinking, and gratifying the desires of the flesh!       

    • Dennie says:

      Agreed, most especially with the last sentence.  The sky was a criss-cross lattice work chem-trail pie above the low foggy-type clouds over the S.F. Bay Area yesterday, 12/18 and last night we were all eating what got sprayed on us the past few days– is this because The Controllers don't want it raining here?  We're on severe water restrictions, never mind the massive amount of water pouring down and running everywhere imaginable when it actually does rain now.  Insane.

  18. MAJ says:

    Here is absolute PROOF that our wonderful government indeed HAS the technology to manipulate the weather for warfare!!!

    • Earth Angel says:

      This is a GREAT find. Here is a convincing piece of evidence to show to disbelievers of climate manipulation. Hard to argue with it's credibility & proves this has been going on already for a LONG TIME. We have so many bright folks who participate on this site. Thanks MAJ!  Wishing ALL here a happy, peaceful, healthy & safe holiday season and all good blessings for 2022.

    • Lance says:

      Not surprising that the weather is being geoengineered for specific purposes.  Blocking the radiation from the sun is also happening.  Its still going to get warmer no matter what the geoengineers do.

  19. Stan Sylvester says:

    The enemy is organized. In 2004, Klaus Schwab started the "Forum Of Young Global Leaders." Hmmm. Alumni includes some names you may be familiar with: Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Chelsea Clinton, Ivanka Trump, Angela Merkle, Tony Blair, Jacinda Ardern,  Justin Tureau and California's own Gavin Newsome. 

    There's a reason the Covid psyop was uniformly acted on by leaders of about 170 countries. In 2012, Klaus  started the " Global Shaper's Community." It boasts about 10,000 grads of this curriculum of destruction. Nothing of significance moves without united leadership. The right folk were in the right positions when Covid was announced.

    Psalm 37:12

    "The wicked plot against the righteous. they snarl at them in self defiance."

    Is this snarly attitude necessary to be a part of Klaus' schools of learning? Might be, after all, it takes a certain type of individual to impose a mask mandate and then get seen at parties with no mask on.

    Psalm 94:16

    "Who will rise up for me against the evildoers, who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?"

    What a honor to stand with Dane and each of you as we answer God's call. We do our best and God will do the rest.


  20. Lance says:

    Am not a believer in the ideology that humanity can save this planet and themselves using scientific solutions and technological innovations.  Quite the opposite is occurring which is being hidden from the public's knowledge as detailed on this website.  That the masses are being deceived is obvious, but those who believe they can somehow save themselves by saving what remains of the natural world using their own scientific solutions and technological innovations are deceived as well.  Biblical truths or the gospels, as contained in the correct versions of Scripture, not the false versions, are being omitted regarding these DAYS we're experiencing!           

    • Lance says:

      The molecular nanoparticulates that are in the atmosphere, many that are known to be toxic to cells, cannot be kept out of a human beings lungs, nervous system, or brain using a paper or cloth mask.  The theraputic's that everyone in NY is being mandated to take contain molecular nanoparticulates also.  This is scientific fact, not conjecture, or a conspiracy theory!  These molecular nanoparticulates are invisible to the human eye.  They're only visible using an electron microscope.  Aerosol's containing molecular nanoparticulates have been released into the earth's atmosphere for many years, just as Dane has proven!  

    • Laura Ida Cotter says:

      This first comment on my page……is more of the same destruction of our civilization.  What follows it is generally more.  I find it extremely difficult to ignore all articles appearing here that people, young and old, are doing NOTHING about.  Regardless of age or your position in life, the general attitude appears to be …"who cares about the Earth and everything in and on it" ?  If all ages can't find phone, computer, photos, pen, paper, the 'news' and any other way of displaying your disgust that all around you is  either Dying or Fun for you, why even get up in the morning? Don't bother to find and complain about lies in society, take deep breaths of that white stuff being sprayed in your sky as fake clouds and weather planning and altering.  Allow people who prey on children in all bad ways, to continue…along with women, boys, men, animals. Complain about general growth and repair needed by all of us.  Find jobs and help society.  Spread your ideas of what is needed, along with honesty and respect.  Do something weekly or daily, WORTHWHILE.  

    • Mary Hollowell says:

      supposedly, a K-12 version of the Cornell testing plan has been supported by American Federation of Teachers (AFT) president Randi Weingarten

  21. Lance says:

    Here's a headline for ya!  "US Space Force Awards $67M Deal To Test Prototype Weather Satellite."  Its designed to replace the "Defense Meteorological Satellite Program satellites" that have been in orbit for years. (    

  22. Laura Kozicki says:

    The high winds in the Midwest a few days ago tore about a third of the shingles off of the front side of my roof. In 57 years, I've never lost a shingle before.

  23. Praying for Mercy Everyday says:

    Wow- next week is broadcast #333

    This is a victory for free speech and freedom of thought and calls for a celebration! 

    My Deepest Gratitude to you Mr. Wiggington and your entire support crew!!!!!!   

    • Laura Cotter says:

      Definitely a victory speech for Dane.  And since #333 and all other 3's have followed me around for my life time, I'd have to say contrats to you Dane.  I'm left with a positive feeling about this, as I always am around "3's.   So I will quit here feeling something good is on the horizon.  Lord knows we need it !!!!

  24. Lance says:

    As stated before, I live in South Lake Tahoe.  Today starting early this morning aerosol operations began and are continuing at this very moment.  I'm looking out my window looking to the NNW and I can see them! 

  25. Randyl J says:

    From Central North Carolina:

    Contaminated rain is ‘misting in heavy droplets’ here tonight – the first actual moisture in over a week. The freeze-fry episodes have been ongoing all Fall. Consistent spraying activity; warming then chill downs. Many trees turned colors with the ‘ice locker temperatures’ and then just wilted; leaves curled tight, turned brown, hung on dying trees until artificial winds finally removed most of them. I moved here in the Fall of 2019 and a beautiful Holly Tree just beyond my back door, was covered in berries – orange as Fall came, then turning red into Winter. The red berries are again on the tree but now only a quarter or less of the tree has them. I can literally see the inner part of the tree drying up from lack of Real and sufficient moisture. And many of the large oaks will probably not get buds next spring. 

    Humans around me- many elderly in this small town area, live in a world of hospital- doctor visits. They have no future and seem oblivious to nature.

    But there is some hope. A family member living in the large Charlotte metro area to the south, found “information-share-papers” in a large organic foods market. Someone calling themself  ‘A Good Samaritan’, has created a list of ‘Non-mainstream news resources’ and their online URLS on both sides of the single paper. Part way down on one side was ‘’ – followed by this note: “(Climate Change or Climate Control)” and listed between a health resource and ‘free world’.  My heart soared to see one awake person or group spreading truth! All it takes is One!

    Every week I listen and feel Dane has again outdone the previous week’s news and yet, here I sit wondering how this 70-ish person can make a difference. I may not get out much but every week I share your broadcast, Dane, to family and because of that, one of them noticed GEW in the ‘Info Share Paper’.  I don’t drive far or often but I’d be proud to have a Geoengineering Watch bumper banner or something to advertise with, even if only getting groceries. I’ll be checking into that here. Thank you for the ongoing Life Supporting News, Dane, and Blessings to You and All those who are finding their way here.

    Randyl J

  26. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    "The Truth Is, We Have No Idea" – CDC Data Missed Millions Of Unvaccinated Americans
    ZeroHedge / Dec 18, 2021

    What a surprise – the CDC and states across the country have been over-counting the number of American adults who have been fully vaccinated.
    Here's how Bloomberg explains this accident (because what kind of person would do this on purpose?): "in collating reams of data on vaccinations, the US has counted too many shots as first doses when they are instead second doses or booster shots."
    Here's the tell: CDC data show 240MM people with at least one shot – about 72.5% of the population.
    But it also says only 203MM have been fully vaccinated, or 61.3%, an 11-percentage-point difference that is far larger than in other developed countries.
    So, either Americans are so lazy – or perhaps don't want to endure another series of adverse reactions – that they won't show up to get their second dose, or there's something wrong with these numbers.
    And it might not surprise you to learn that a number of state and local officials believes it's the latter.
    State and local officials say it’s improbable that 37MM Americans got one shot without completing their inoculations. Instead, they say, the government has regularly and incorrectly counted booster shots and second doses as first doses.
    Their conclusion is that both fully vaccinated and completely unvaccinated are officially undercounted. As for the precise number miscounted, that's unknown, but revisions in data from three states – Illinois, Pennsylvania and West Virginia – found enough over-counting of first shots to suggest that there are plenty of unvaccinated people nationally who’ve mistakenly been counted as having received a dose.
    One of the biggest gaps identified was in Pennsylvania, where CDC estimates of first doses for the elderly exceed the state of Pennsylvania's estimate by about 850,000.
    If changes are made to the national data on the scale of Pennsylvania's revisions, this would mean increasing the number of Americans who are unvaccinated by more than 10MM.
    "The truth is, we have no idea," said Clay Marsh, West Virginia's Covid czar.
    It might not seem like such a big deal (China lies about its numbers almost constantly) but it could create problems when it comes to distributing boosters (and the inevitable next generation of vaccines): "where it has really made it difficult for us is targeting our booster messaging" said James Garrow, a spokesman for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, which has worked with the state to blend data sets for a more accurate view of vaccination trends.
    "We don’t have any faith in the numbers on the CDC website, and we never refer to them," he said.

  27. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    North America Has Lost 3 Billion Birds in 50 Years

    A sweeping study says a steep decline in bird abundance, including among common species, amounts to “an overlooked biodiversity crisis.”
    Slowly, steadily and almost imperceptibly, North America’s bird population is dwindling.
    The sparrows and finches that visit backyard feeders number fewer each year. The flutelike song of the western meadowlark — the official bird of six U.S. states — is growing more rare. The continent has lost nearly 3 billion birds representing hundreds of species over the past five decades, in an enormous loss that signals an “overlooked biodiversity crisis,” according to a study from top ornithologists and government agencies.
    … The study’s authors, who include scientists from Canada’s environment agency and the U.S. Geological Survey, were able to put a number on the decline because birds are probably the best-monitored animals on Earth. Decades of standardized, on-the-ground tallies carried out by ordinary bird enthusiasts — including the annual North American Breeding Bird Survey and the Christmas Bird Count — provided a wealth of data that the researchers compiled and compared.
    They then cross-referenced that with data from a very different, nonhuman source: 143 weather radars that are designed to detect rain but also capture “biomass” flying through the skies, as hundreds of migratory bird species do every fall and spring. Birds look “sort of like big blobs” in radar imagery, said co-author Adriaan Dokter, a migration ecologist at the Cornell Lab. Measurements of the blobs’ size and movements showed that the volume of spring migration dropped 14 percent in the past decade, according to the study, published Thursday in Science.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Hey, Let's just keep erecting more & more cell towers- and shoot up a few thousand MORE sattelites into Earth's orbit so we can keep CRANKING UP 5G for everybody.. It's been GREAT so far, right?!   ; )

  28. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    20,000+ Deaths Reported to VAERS Following COVID Vaccines
    Children’s Health Defense

    VAERS data released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention included a total of 965,843 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 20,244 deaths and 155,506 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and Dec. 10, 2021.
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention today released new data showing a total of 965,843 reports of adverse events following COVID vaccines were submitted between Dec. 14, 2020, and Dec. 10, 2021, to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). VAERS is the primary government-funded system for reporting adverse vaccine reactions in the U.S.
    The data included a total of 20,244 reports of deaths — an increase of 358 over the previous week — and 155,506 reports of serious injuries, including deaths, during the same time period — up 4,560 compared with the previous week.
    Excluding “foreign reports” to VAERS, 691,884 adverse events, including 9,295 deaths and 59,767 serious injuries, were reported in the U.S. between Dec. 14, 2020, and Dec. 10, 2021.

  29. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS: Finance Guru Explains: ‘We’ve Been Lured to Create Our Own Prison’ • Children's Health Defense

    If you don’t want to contribute to building this global prison, you have to actually take action and change how and who you do business with, says Catherine Austin Fitts.

    Story at-a-glance:
    In 1998, trillions of dollars started to get sucked out of the U.S. government by the central banks. Our retirement funds have been looted and will within just a few years be nonexistent.
    Historically, U.S. intelligence agencies have primarily worked on behalf of the central bankers.
    Central bankers are now putting into place a system that will allow them to extract tax without representation.
    The central bankers, most of whom are technocrats, have created a breakaway society, a parallel society, in which they are above all law and control everything.
    To combat their control system, we must first be able to see it for what it is and realize how it’s being used by us, to our own detriment.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Fantastic article!! Should be shared EVERYWHERE. Thanks for posting it VSF.. always appreciate your contributions.  : )

    • Donna says:

      A group was discussing how this could be stopped the fastest.  One idea was interesting.  The theory was that the elites that have the massive and beautiful bunkers to take refuge in, once the planet and most life has been destroyed (those who have played major roles in this as well as the others).  An investigation needs to be done by an non gov. agency.  Surprise show up blocking all entrances and exits.  No one in or out until they are identified and verified. (perhaps sales, construction, etc.  Each property needs to be assessed for all the lengthy details from start to present, as well as all owner info  Meanwhile no one in.  That might put a halt on some of the break neck speed that is taking place to finish off all but these folks once they realize they are stuck above ground w/ the rest of us useless eaters until the inspections are completed.  Wonder how many trafficked would be found, or routes that lead to them?  Just imagine all the secrets that might be uncovered?  As they are stuck until they are cleared….might concern them enough to hold off on any future programs that are being done by these and their buddies until they are sure they have access to the bunkers again.  Then they finish the job on the rest of us, other life, as they wait to exit when the coast is clear.  (If the investigations ever allowed the most evil to see the light of day in the 'free world') 

      Interesting dialog that kept having more and more theories as to what else might be uncovered and who????

  30. Lance says:

    Today, off of the west coast of CA, over the north half of the state, and over Nevada major aerosol operations have been underway.  Readily observable from the ground and on the radar images on the COD website.  This happened right before the big ice and snow storm that knocked out power to much of South Lake Tahoe and in the Stateline area earlier this week.  Another round of storms has been forecast that are to start on Tuesday next week and last through the 28th of this month.  Snow totals predicted to possibly be up to 100 inches by the time this is over.    

    • Ann Jero says:

      I am always watching the sky when I am outside.Luckily, it is cold and I hurry. But I started to notice that  I start to have  forgetfullness when they are spraying. I have noted the dates and times for the forgetfullness  mirror when the spraying is happening. Does anyone notice personel changes when outdoor during spraying?

    • Dennie says:

      Yeah, "chemtrail flu" is pretty common.  You feel like you've got a spikey fever but are cold on the outside, eyes are burning, sometimes ears, too, dry cough (because this crap dries you out), stomach pains, nausea and sometimes vomiting, and since last year, a rash around the nasal folds that is only mitigated by a special concoction of olive, lavender and CBD oil in an ointment.  The nasal and mouth dryness and discomfort often keep me from getting a good night's sleep when spraying's heavy.  Most of my friends have begun to notice but are not as seriously affected as I am.  I take magnesium/potassium supplements for a wonky heart rate because the aluminum is a bio-available displacer of these two critical elements for healthy electrolyte balance.  You can develop cardiac arrhythmia from acute barium poisoning, like I did back in 2010.

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