Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 19, 2020, #280


Dane Wigington

Pfizer executives don’t seem willing to take their own creations, they want others to take them first. Why? In the meantime governments around the world are laying out their strategies for pressuring public acceptance of various experimental vaccines in spite of increasing safety concerns. Cascading climate and environmental collapse continues to fuel unprecedented desperation on the part of the controllers. More science sources are beginning to acknowledge the looming Earth changes, though such sources often falsely blame Nature for what is unfolding. A stunning recent example of diversionary disinformation is a “science” report that blames the unfolding methane release crisis in the Arctic on the influence of the moon. The report made no mention of the ongoing geoengineering operations that are actually at the core of the equation. How long will the “science” community continue with their efforts to cover the tracks of the climate engineers? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is unfolding on numerous fronts, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

This week's outreach booth is at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

Geoengineering Watch has conducted our first ever high altitude particulate testing. Film footage of the flight and lab testing processes are featured in “The Dimming”, a groundbreaking documentary that is currently in production. This documentary film will provide answers and proof of the ongoing climate engineering / weather warfare operations. Below is a new 12+ minute insight segment on the upcoming film.

28 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 19, 2020, #280

  1. Thomas C Petrie says:

    Sorry, Palevsky is NOT spelled that way.  It's Palevesky.  Yes, he's great!

  2. sea says:

    The ice nucleation in the far northern part of California the last week has been like no other. I pay close attention and have for the many years I have listened to Dane. I try to work outside on my property for a few hours a day and can no longer be out for more than 30 minutes.

    I watch what the ice nucleation does to my beautiful cedar trees and the soil is no longer earth.

    I experience the intense burning of my face, runny nose, burning raw. If no gloves on -my skin starts to crack around my nails…intense.

    As Nemo stated they wont have to jab us with the Vx- the spraying is much easier to get lots of big hits at once. I do believe that  ALL of the CV is useful distraction for the evil criminals goals to keep the sheeples 'eye on the ball of covid' and away from the elephant in the sky.

    As Dane has reminded us many times over, the effects of GE, SRM, Climate /weather modification is destroying ALL life, the planet and animal life (that is barely left)…we cannot live without the web of life that was originally intended to exist and live in harmony.

    Honestly to see the lack of guts to fight back re lock downs, mask wearing and all rules?, most people are so fearful its utterly mind boggling.

    @Nemo- I agree with you Nemo that much of what is going on has been for at least 50 yrs.

    Social Engineering the masses, (many books on this) began with a program of intent and force in the late 1800's. But those calling the shots really hit the jackpot with the introduction of the Tele-Vision, and then the 'smart' phone- we all went down hill fast from these so called legendary moments in history! Yes they were legendary, they added a few more nails in the coffin of what was life.


    • Nemo says:

      Absolutely agree.

      The PC becoming ubiquitous in the late nineties and the smart phone were big nails in our collective coffins.

      If it pleases THE PEOPLES court, I would like to break down my earlier comments for reasons of clarity.

      What I meant by GE ing humans in the twenties was the rather simple task of in vitro fertilization 1925.

      Not 1978 which is what you'll find on the net.

      Hell, I personally have known test tube babies born before that. No joke.

      As far as drilling kids molars and filling them with toxic amalgams in conjunction with slipping a chip in the soft pallet; That ironically started in 1984. 

      At present, the current technology allows for children to be created with multiple parents. The number is unlimited.

      They can extract the DNA from urine and feces.

      They are 'soup dragons.'

      But I digress 😉

      Shifting gears again…

      The chem ice nucleation is really freaking me out. It feels so weird. Because it is endothermic, it steals your body heat.

      My neighbors are walking around in multiple layers and parkas in 35 degree weather.

      And they don't have a clue.

      In the last six to eight months, I don't even want to go outside.

      When I do, It takes 40 to 60 minutes of being indoors and a beer to feel OK again.

      Please take care of yourself and KNOW that there is still unconditional love on Earth and throughout the galaxy.

      I swear I don't know what I'd do without this site and people like you.

      Thank You


      PS Thanks Dane 















    • Dennie says:

      We're seeing the same thing down here in the S. F. Bay area– stinging eyes, burning skin, sickening respiratory and GI symptoms.  Doesn't ANYONE else around here notice this?  I know ppl who say they don't feel anything at all–W. T. F.????  Meanwhile I feel like I'm burning up and this rash on my ears and around my nose isn't much going away.

  3. Rambo says:

    We're being sprayed in So. Cal. right now like I've never seen before.  It is beyond belief just how bad we're under attack by these sinister VIPERS!!!  I hope you that are doing this, controlling this and executing these poisons reap what you sow.

    • Dawnski says:

      The forecast for sun changed rapidly after a full day of heavy spraying in Charlotte, NC. Dark, low cloud cover by day producing toxic rain. Christmas Eve forecast will go up to 60 and then drop to 30. Yo-yo weather!!

  4. Barb E says:

    As I reported last Wed/Thurs we got a blizzard that dropped from 20 to 48" of snow depending what town you live in, here in New Hampshire. Well this coming Wed/Thurs it will be in the 50's and they're telling us we'll get 2" of rain.  Just in time for Christmas of course,  a sloppy gloppy mess on top of all that snow with no where to go but into basements. Heavy winds too, the power company already called me because my sister is on oxygen and has an emergency account to fix her power first – yeah right – the last storm she had no power for 18 hours and almost ran out of manual tanks!  The fire chief of her town got on the horn with them and read them the riot act, 2 hrs later they were fixing her power lines that a tree had knocked down right outside the house.  She's 81 in a wheelchair and can't get out of the house. We will be there with Christmas dinner no matter who tells us to cancel Christmas. Not happening here!!   What do YOU think was in the "vaccine" that Fauci, Biden, Pelosi, etc. received on tv? HA Saline most likely. They know what's in that shot, they would NEVER put it into their own bodies.  Its not going into THIS body either no way in hell. They are all part and parcel of The Great Reset, keep people scared, round em up, give em a shot. 

    Everyone – I hope you have some happiness this holiday season. Enjoy your family and friends, have a good meal, exchange gifts if that's what you do.  Merry Christmas!!!


    • Rambo says:

      "WE DO NOT CONSENT" now do we?  ABSOLUTELY NOT….We are being chemtrailed today, Wednesday, like I've never seen before.  We are literally under assault right this minute.  This stuff steals your soul, looking up and seeing them spraying INSIDE the chemtrails, like what they've done isn't already enough!!!  I DAMN THOSE PEOPLE TO HELL!!!  How dare they do this do us.  I hope you can get some fresh air where you are…R

  5. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: The video linked below is definitely worth your time!

    Dr. Larry Palevsky Pediatrician / Northport Wellness Center 02/09/20

    My notes:
    Aluminum … the kind of aluminum we put into vaccines is a different kind of aluminum than we see environmentally. This is called a nanoparticle. And nanoparticles bind really tightly to the bacteria antigens, the virus antigens, the food protein antigens, and any other contaminants that are in the vaccine we may not know about. And we about the bio-chemical properties of nanoparticles is that they are capable of entering the brain — and so we have not evaluated the safety of the aluminum nanoparticle and its injection and where it goes when it gets into the body.

    antigens Plural form of antigen, ăn′tĭ-jən / A substance that when introduced into the body stimulates the production of an antibody. Antigens include toxins, bacteria, foreign blood cells, and the cells of transplanted organs.A substance that induces an immune response, usually foreign.Any substance (as a toxin or enzyme) that stimulates an immune response in the body (especially the production of antibodies)

    Do vaccine ingredients belong to the body? No! When they get into the brain, no one has ever studied it. But animal studies using the same vaccine ingredients we give to children, show that these ingredients do enter the brain. We are ignoring this information.
    There are scientists in Europe who have actually done studies on the aluminum nanoparticle and have shown that it can persist in the brain for years and decades. What we are seeing is a large outbreak of neuro-developemental disabilities in adults including Alzheimers and one of the main factors they are finding in the brains of people with Alzheimers is the aluminum nanoparticle that is directly related to the vaccines that we are giving.
    We have never studied whether the aluminum that we are giving in the vaccines gets into the brain and we’ve never measured what it does when it gets into the brain … but we do know that vaccines are supposed to cause inflammation in the body.
    We have more than half of our children with chronic inflammed conditions and we’ve never allowed ourselves to ask the question: If the vaccines cause inflammation acutely, do they continue to create inflammation chronically?

    We have: one in five children with neurodevelopmental disabilities one in ten with ADD and ADHD

    one in thirty-five with autism

    one in eleven with asthma and

    one in 20 under the age of five with seizures

    And autoimmune diseases are exponentially rising. We are finding that the viruses and bacteria that we are injecting into the body, along with the adjuvants, create something called ‘molecular mimicry’ — which means the body sees those viruses, thinking that it’s foreign, but actually finds pieces of those viruses that match the self. And the immune system doesn’t differentiate between what it has been told to reject and its self. So it will turn the immune system on itself, leading to an auto-immune condition. We know this about the flu vaccine and multiple other vaccines …


  6. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: This is a partial excerpt from a longer article. What is interesting to me is the analysis of how the endlessly constant contradictions we see in the MSM are intentional and serve to numb us in our search for actual fact. Read this and contemplate how we are being 'played' by these endless contradictions, which are a sort of 'bait-and-switch' op that leaves the mind exhausted, exasperated, giving up.

    The COVID-19 Pathology: Class and Information Warfare, Algorithms and the Role of Artificial Intelligence By Emanuel Pastreich / Global Research, December 20, 2020
    The use of AI
    A key weapon in the battle to the death between a tiny handful of the super-rich and the rest of humanity is AI, or artificial intelligence. The threat of AI is a common theme touched upon by the attention-craving billionaire Elon Musk. But his warnings are abstract, about some future amorphous danger beyond the horizon, and not presented as a threat to us right now. If anything, AI is hyped as an inevitable development in human civilization, and never presented as the political strategy of the rich to marginalize and destroy the majority of humanity. AI is presented to us as a boon for human potential that will boost creativity in a bid to distract and mislead the citizen. Youth are encouraged to learn computer science with the assumption that they will somehow find a place to work in this alien new economy without people.

    AI has two fundamental uses today. 1) The calculation of potential profit from stock, bonds and other derivatives and the formulation of, and implementation of, strategies for maximizing that profit. In many cases, the supercomputers not only calculate the value of derivatives, they create those derivatives and thus create value out of nothing by alchemy.
    2) The large-scale manipulation of the Earth’s population, starting with the United States, through a complex symphonic presentation of narratives in different gendres that serves to, in alternation, frighten and intimidate, cajole and berate, encourage and reassure, the population.
    These patterns of stimulation aimed at social manipulation take place locally, nationally and globally and they unfold on such a large scale, and with such complexity that, unless you are involved in the plan, you will have trouble keeping up, and you will join the billions of people persuaded by these AI coordinated campaigns to engage in acts, or support policies, that are not in the interest of anyone but a tiny handful of billionaires.
    The propagandistic role of AI is perhaps one of the most poorly understood threats that mankind faces. That is not an accident.
    The next stage of brutal class warfare will be starting soon, and as the vast majority of humanity is forced into poverty, and revolutionary action no longer seems unthinkable, we can be sure that AI will take on an aggressive new role in manipulating the thinking of citizens.
    … It was the programs run at Guantanamo Bay after 9/11 to destroy the minds of prisoners using isolation, mind-altering drugs, masks and sadistic abuse (described in the book “Murder at Camp Delta” by a former guard Joseph Hickman) that directly inform current strategies for mass control. Such programs had nothing to do with gathering “intelligence.”
    I do not have access to the results of those experiments, but I can speculate as to what they were trying to determine. There are distinct flaws in the structure of the brain that make it possible to manipulate people without their knowledge or consent and those experiments helped to refine the specific methods.
    The central weakness in the human mind derives from the contest for control between the prefrontal cortex and the amygdala. The prefrontal cortex makes decisions based on the rational analysis of the environment and a sophisticated calculation of the current situation in coordination with other parts of the brain. The amygdala, however, responds to threats with a sudden and irrational drive to flight, or to fight, that is not rational (and can be highly destructive). Although the amygdala traditionally played a critical role in allowing the human to drop everything and pursue self-preservation, its ability to override the decisions of the prefrontal cortex offers the manipulator a tremendous opportunity.
    The results of the torture programs at Guantanamo Bay, combined with the work of Bernays’s modern disciples, provide the basis for sophisticated strategies to stimulate the amygdala so that its compulsive response and short-term irrationality overrides the prefrontal cortex.
    In addition, the pleasure centers (sexual arousal, appeals of food, or of other sensual pleasures) also help this campaign by inhibiting long-term rational planning in the individual and reinforcing an anti-intellectual agenda.
    This “softening up” operation is carried out in a slow and methodical manner globally to prepare for the next step in the conflict.
    In effect, highly educated and capable people are rendered harmless and passive through this process. The promotion of media and educational content full of advanced vocabulary but lacking logical argumentation, serves to lull the educated American to sleep. One need only read the Nation or the American Prospect to see the level of linguistic sophistication employed in articles that are mind-numbing and completely inaccurate in their description of reality.
    The result of this process has been the founding of a nation of “sleepwalkers,” to borrow the title from the novel by the Austrian author Hermann Broch. Broch describes in that novel (1932) how educated Germans allowed themselves to be led into the catastrophe of World War One with eyes wide open. German intellectuals became sleepwalkers in the sense that they were functional in society, sophisticated in carrying out their jobs, even appreciative of music and art, but completely oblivious to the signs of institutional and cultural collapse. The current class-warfare strategy encourages such behavior.
    The next stage in this horrific combination of information and class warfare may be launched by the COVID19 Task Force appointed by president-elect Joe Biden. Headed by Vivek Murthy (former surgeon general), David Kessler (former commissioner at the FDA) and Marcella Nunez-Smith (Yale Professor) the task force is positioned to play the role of judge, jury and executioner in the pursuit of a response to COVID19 that has no legal limits. Any scientific mandate is ruled out from the start because the virus itself is bogus.
    Biden’s statement that “I will spare no effort, none, or any commitment to end this pandemic” suggests that the door is open to massive repression of freedom of action and expression.
    … we can imagine that Americas will be prepared to accept the development of corona camps for groups of thousands, or millions, who are suddenly reported to be suffering from this disease. Citizens fearing that they themselves may be subject to treatment will have no choice but to wear “smart masks” or to have CCTV cameras placed in their homes, or to be subject to any number of mandatory vaccines that allow corporations (posing as “government”) to inject into their bodies with poorly understood substances and sensors.
    That is the frightening prospect that confronts us today.
    The historian Hannah Arendt got it right when she wrote, “Evil comes from a failure to think. It defies thought for as soon as thought tries to engage itself with evil and examine the premises and principles from which it originates, it is frustrated because it finds nothing there. That is the banality of evil.”
    AI is being used promote a “failure to think” at “warp speed” that will serve a critical role in inhibiting resistance in the next stage of class warfare.

  7. Colleen Cran says:

    Is it possible that they are saying there is a second strain of covid and it is more contagious to scare more people into getting the Covid vaccine?

  8. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, my friend in cause, there's a good reason I went all in with you and your/our cause to raise awareness to Geo engineering. Each and every week you prove I made the right choice and have listened to someone that has their stuff in order. I won't ride with just anyone. Dane, I've written before, "you'd have been a great 'horseman" and like me, you'd have appreciated the "ground work" as much as I do. It is good news to hear of your new avenues of raising awareness on a public broadcast forum, Very Cool. I'll try to call in with a relevant and eye opening question(grin). "Bravo mi amigo". Face to the wind…

    Tonight is "Winter Solstice"…. Finally!! Now comes the long haul back to more hours of day light. It's always the hardest for me. I'm already weary of the lack of day light hours. Guess I'm getting old(smile). With engineered skies stealing my sun light, some days are pretty dreary. Rare are the days of sun like we had when I came up here in the winter years ago. Every snow event we've had for 3 years now has come right out of the south… "Since when does cold air come from the south?!" Chemical ice nucleation and the snow it produces is killing everything over here, even people. 'ALL' of the Ponderosa are half dead or more. Do you remember when you could not see through the top of even just one Ponderosa? I hope you do, it's important. Now days you can see through the tops of 2 to 4 tops of Ponderosa. That fact should be more than alarming to the populous of my region, but like most everywhere else on this planet, people have their eyes wide shut.

    The more I research, that shot that private industry is so anxious to give to everyone "is" the mark of the beast. It fits virtually every description and detail. Very, very soon we and our God will find out who has some staying power and who doesn't. Will you take that shot just so you can keep your slavelandia job? Just like all those innocent farmers that lost their farms when Monsanto pollen drifted over their crops and their crops became the property of that absolute monster. So will become our own sovereign bodies. That shot will change our DNA into an already existing patent and there ya go, we are now owned by big business. Believe me, it's coming faster than you can imagine. Basically, it's here already, people just don't understand it all yet. Even living up here away from populous areas, I'm a bit scared of what this next spring and summer will bring. Though I must add, I have no fear. My own death does not scare me. It's all of the innocent deaths that make my heart heavy.

    Love and strength my friends I have and have not met, yet. I wish for you all to find some sort of humble and individual contentment this holiday season. Then go share it……

    • Nemo says:

      Dear Horseman,

      The US gov't has been GE ing humans for well, about a hundred years or so now.

      Most are used and disposed of…

      Soldiers and spies, mostly…

      If you're really lucky 😉 they drilled your teeth (cavities) and slipped you a chip (oral surgery; soft pallet… amygdala


      Jose Delgado mind control bull experiments.


      I've met many that frantically pulled their teeth.


      Turns out your skull is the PERFECT amplifier.


      Everything that all on this site are concerned about,

      Happened , AT LEAST 50 YEARS AGO.

      With exception of the god damned Geoengineering.

      Which is IN FACT,

      Our greatest threat.

      If they keep it up…

      We'll be gone long before the DNA and chips are sorted out.

      Take care and love and respect to you.









  9. Guy Harley says:

    How thoughtful of those Pfizer Executives allowing others to enjoy there overpriced untested and liability free poisons first! They want you to feel guilty for breathing air without a mask and occupying space on the Globalist Delites planet which they wish to rule over! 

    They only want to serve man! For dinner! 

  10. f reps says:

    A classic example of the collective insanity that is overwhelming  the remaining Sentient humans in our Country is the recent announcement  by a Dr. Poland of the Mayo Clinic ; singing the praises of the brand new" and "rushed to market" Covid 19 vaccinations.   I can only surmise that the Financial Incentives for Medical Organizations  to identify as many cases of Covid 19 as possible is the reason.     The superb treatment of patients  ; by the medial staff at the Mayo Clinic is  a given.  ; however ;  the administration of the Organization  have joined the Hysterical Herd.   That  long gone Catholic Nun in Minnesota  who was the impetus  for the  "First" Clinic and prevailed on  Doctor Mayo to administer the original Hospital ; must be rolling over in her grave. 

  11. Black Cat Italy says:

    Dane mentioned in the headlines that Israel National News had an article stating in order to 'motivate' vaccine compliance "you won't be able to buy, sell or trade without the vaccine". This sent shivers down my spine, as I had only recently read in the Bible in the book of Revelation, the EXACT SAME STATEMENT for "the mark of the beast". It looks as if we have confirmation that we are truly in the "end of days" now.

  12. Jonathan Oquinn says:

    Earth Angel,

    Thank you for the beautiful and uplifting message.


  13. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: Watch this important message from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. here:


    He begins with by stating that his message is being presented
    …to thousands of citizens, in 15 countries on all the continents in the world, who have come together today to protest this coup d’etat —  by Big Data, by Big Telecom, by Big Tech, by the big oil and chemical companies,  and by this global public health cartel led by Bill Gates and the W.H.O — and now amounts to two trillion dollars and wants to magnify and amplify its wealth and its power over our lives, over our liberties.


    • Virginia says:

      Thank you, Susan, for all of your contributions this past year.  And thank you for Robert Kennedy info.   He is trying so hard to educate and warn everyone as to the dangers of the killer vaccines.  If only people would listen and realize what the hell is really going on.   It is to their peril that they refute his knowledge and through fear and ignorance follow the dictates of those whose motives are  so dangerous to all of us.

      May I wish you and all those who visit here a very Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with good tidings …. and the fulfillment of our hopes and dreams for the good world it could be.


  14. Jeff Baker says:

    Thank you Dane for your tireless efforts to inform Humanity about the Geoengineering madness that is destroying this Earth.

  15. Jim S says:

    The statements and historical accounts made by Mr. Morrow are indeed sad to contemplate however I submit that the will to live as suggested is now replaced by fear of death by and large. Our minds and ability to think for ourselves have become lethargic and complacency has become the standard for most of the recent generations including the present. The fear has became so tangible that facts surrounding our very existence our completely disregarded, even those that we see with our own eyes on a daily basis. Wanton Ignorance, as it is plainly displayed, has become the enemy that has usurped the will of an otherwise thriving population. Fear is what has replaced vitality. 

  16. Gary Morrow says:

    I can not deny the extremely dire and unprecedented threats faced by humanity today. But I  can say that the will to live is very strong in most human beings. In the horrific Siege of Leningrad by the Nazis in WW2, the people of the city ate their pets, wallpaper, sawdust, and in some cases even their own dead relatives to keep from starving to death. They burned their books and furniture to keep from freezing to death. They did so despite knowing that the best that they could hope for was to survive and continue living under their own tyrannical  Stalinist regime. Especially moving is the diary of Tanya Savicheva. Tanya began her dairy in the fourth month of the siege in December 1941 aged 11. In it she recorded the deaths of all of the members of her extended family one by one from starvation. One of the entries

    Mama died today. All of the Savichevas are dead . Only Tanya is left. Tanya lived to see the siege lifted, but her body was so weakened by the nearly two and a half years of malnutrition that she died soon after in 1944 aged 14. More than a million Russian soldiers and civilians died defending the city, but most of the children and young adults who survived the siege lived long enough to see not only the defeat of the Nazis, but also the fall of communism in Russia.

  17. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Fauci Wants Christmas Canceled: “Just One Of The Things You’re Going To Have To Accept”
    Declares that “independent spirit in the United States” is hurting his efforts
    Summit News / Dec.17, 2020

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      Fauci is a thug and a criminal. Why would ANYONE listen to him?? Let HIM cancel his own holiday plans! I cannot even write what I'm thinking, I'm so angry that this scourge was thrust upon the world. And that we are being forced to live under a lie and that people are operating under it as if it were truth. I thank God that so many have waked up, but we need more to get on board and speak out against this criminality. And the criminals in charge should be locked up for life. They have deliberately committed crimes against humanity to an extreme extent.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Clearly Fauci doesn't understand that Christmas is a celebration of the Spirit and cannot be 'cancelled'. Didn't he see what happened in Whoville when the Grinch tried to steal Christmas?! IT CAME without presents, boxes, or bags. The people of Whoville all came out,  joined hands and rejoiced in the beauty and love of our Creator and His Creation anyway!  satan is trying so hard right now to steal our joy of living but he will NEVER be able to steal the hearts or souls of God's good children. We will not allow it. Take time to feel the joy with beloved family, friends, and pets every chance you get and marvel at the beauty of every incredible creation of HIS this season. Give thanks for the love God feels for you and 'be of this world not in it' as much as possible amidst this unprescedented attack and destruction against our natural world by the vile and evil forces which are doing it. Always be grateful for what blessings you have. I'd like to honor my recently deceased (not of covid, she passed in summer 2019) mother's beautiful soul by sharing her words with the Geowatch community; " I thank the Lord every day for my long, interesting journey through His beautiful world." (H.C.H.) She lived to be almost 99 yrs., missed it by 3 weeks to the day!.. Merry Christmas everybody! Have a blessed holiday season whatever you celebrate, wherever you are. 

    • Gary Morrow says:

      The moneygrubbing control freak technocrat grinch that wants to steal Christmas. Do not let him steal your joy.

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