Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 26, 2020, #281


Dane Wigington

Official sources are changing the CV-19 narrative and protocols as they go. In the meantime, new strains of the virus continue to surface. Are we to believe these are just random acts of Nature? Is it reasonable to expect corporate media to tell us the truth? In the meantime the weather makers are wreaking havoc all over the world, further escalating an already beyond dire biosphere collapse scenario. Biden recently stated that “the US needs to defeat” climate change. Does that mean the climate engineering operations are about to be ramped up even further? Increasing the already accelerating climate chaos and collapse? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is unfolding on numerous fronts, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

Geoengineering Watch has conducted our first ever high altitude particulate testing. Film footage of the flight and lab testing processes are featured in “The Dimming”, a groundbreaking documentary that is currently in production. This documentary film will provide answers and proof of the ongoing climate engineering / weather warfare operations. Below is a new 12+ minute insight segment on the upcoming film.

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  1. S. Rene says:


    What exactly are you finding evidence of in the chemicals being sprayed?  And, I further wonder, how much does it have to do with everyone being susceptible to this virus?  Or have they intentionally included microns of virus in the tankers?  I say this because it has become apparent to me that this is all out biowarfare from the elites to minimize populations.  Honestly, as corrupt as all governments have become, I don't put anything past them.  

  2. Salty says:

    So sorry to hear of those struggling w hearing the emf

    I see many are supplementing and id like to suggest you look at ginko extract. It has been studied regarding protective and healing effects from radiation in Asia. 

    Also, for heavy metal detox, the common ruminex / buckwheat type weed, curly dock is powerful metal detox.

  3. f reps says:

    2021 will be even more troublesome for Traditional Americans than for  the last several years.  One must keep i mind that the Corrosive activities orchestrated against Christian Civilization  has been going on since the time of Christ.    In 70 AD ; the Romans destroyed the Temple of that troublesome Tribe.  Then in 300 AD ; the Talmudic uprising against Rome was ' Again" suppressed in such a bloody and devastating manner ; that the Tribe actually went  " underground " for over one thousand years.   Talmudics had  become more emboldened lately ; and even  enslaved Russia  in 1918 ; with their "Paradise on Earth" for over eighty years .   Their  instigation of WW1 and ; also WW2 ; as well as their constant and current  involvement in the Middle  East is pretty obvious to honest Historians.  Their Infiltration in Banking, the Media , and particularly within the  Internal Policies of the US Government is obvious.  Over forty  elected and scores of appointed Government Officials hold Dual Israeli citizenship.  Even our popular potus seems  to treat that Foreign Nation in the Middle East ; Israel with Blind deference.  Guess who controls the Pharmaceutical Industry.  Guess what Bill Gates's goal's are ?.  Do they coincide with Talmudic Goals ?.  There may be some new strain of manufactured Flu virus affecting our health ; with exactly the Same mortality rate as the Old " Forgotten" one….but the REAL VIRUS is an International Group of adherents to an evil Rule book.   Study History and stop being politically correct.  If you don't identify the cause of a problem….it will never be solved.  

  4. Andy says:

    Greetings folks, from England. 

    Regarding ringing in the ears (alleged 'tinnitus') I have noticed a marked increase in recent years for myself. I have long thought there were factors other than old age and attending too many rock concerts in formative years!

    There is in my opinion a rather obvious correlation between the constant barrage of 'ringing' in my ears and the steady increase in electromagnetic smog in the local area, be that from WiFi, 3/4/5 G or the insidious creeping introduction of those accursed new LED street lights. As these systems have increased in scope so has my 'tinnitus'.

    At night, in the quiet, it is at its most noticeable and sometimes so loud it's almost painful. I keep a low volume classical music loop playing in the background which seems to help my mind fix on calm sounds rather than the incessant screeching. 

    Regards to spraying – such programs are somewhat sporadic in my area (the SW of the country) so I'm more inclined to think (at least in my case) that the constant barrage I endure is most likely associated with aforementioned EMF pollution. Perhaps I am one of those unfortunate people more susceptible to this affliction, certainly I am no stranger to the misery of it.

    Best regards to all and keep as well as you're able. 

  5. Dennie says:

    This is the article in the Nov. 16, 2015 issue of that announces to the world that a team of bio "researchers" from the Univ. of N. Carolina at Durham have successfully welded a protein onto a bat corona virus that now makes this bat-only virus capable of infecting humans– it's a true chimera and this is not a dot to connect, or a smoking gun, it's an outright admission of monstrous research.  So with this the world should understand that the bat corona virus had a little stop-over at a bio "research" lab on it's way to the Wuhan Virology Institute.  It was never at the "wet" market– bats aren't even sold there (more bullshit).  Since the article came out, it appears that the link has been so heavily copied and accessed that felt compelled to deny everything with this recently-attached disclaimer:

    Update (March 11, 2020): On social media and news outlets, a theory has circulated that the coronavirus at the root of the COVID-19 outbreak originated in a research lab. Scientists say there is no evidence that the SARS-CoV-2 virus escaped from a lab. 

    (BTW, FYI:  This disclaimer did not appear on the top of the article until sometime late this fall, 2020.  It was not there in March of 2020.  MORE bullshit shenanigans…)

    [source article:]

  6. Dennie says:

    L.M.F.A.O.!!!  You gotta just LOVE it starting at 2'45" where we're treated to the audio clip from 40 years ago, broadcast by ABC (a.k.a., "A-B-C.I.A." by none other than the intel community– you can read Crossing The Rubicon for that one, hah hah!) telling us all about the "contrails" we're seeing being crapped outta the back of The Jets and told "could/might/may" alter our weather for the "better."  Sheeesh– REEEALLY??  Whatta whopper!  Only a slow-minded second-grader would actually believe that one!

  7. Dennie says:

    From the Dept. of "Could/Might/May:"  New Coronavirus variant may have been in U.S. since October:

  8. David says:

    Hello everyone. Hope you are all doing as well as possible in this insane world. I am wondering if anyone has any experience with Collodial Silver? My mother has been "diagnosed" (in a tent in a parking lot…sigh) with covid. I am trying to help her understand that if she takes this and other natural remedies, she can kill the bacteria. Whether it is covid or the flu, she is worried. My father is completely brainwashed. Sadly, he will direct me to misinformation such as that on webmd and take it as truth. Does anyone have any insight? I'd very much like to help her beat the fear and let her see that she will be fine. Thank you.

    • Thomas says:

      Zinc, v. D3, v.A, Iodine, sunshine, buckwheat, red grapes.

    • penny waters says:

      dear david

      don't know where you live in the world – immune enhancers are key – build up your mums stamina – reduce inflammation – i use echinacea (much scientific research on it – e. angustifolia seems strongest) and hawthorn – in uk – and rose hip

      there are still many trees heavily hung with hawthorn and rosehip

      so look to your local herbal history – internet herbal advice has become besmirched with the ignorance of the pharmacist science

      hawthorn has also been used for heightened anxiety and heart disease and diabetis (hmmm…. show me a pill that covers that kind of ground without making it worse!!)

      so your mum's fears can be allayed – also if she uses dried herbs and makes teas she will benefit from added liquid to flush the virus through as she fights it

      i have often felt that because i learned about plant medicine i feel more empowered to look after my own health as much as possible

      ask her if she remembers anything from her mum or granma, or funny old aunty who brewed stuff

      don't know about colloidall silver

      we could email direct in case there are questions or you want more info

      i know dane could set it up for you if you wanted to

    • penny waters says:

      dear david 

      forgot to mention – hawthorn increases circulation (red and blue fruits!) – fear make one stop/shock so need to get circulation going again – that's why traditionally used for heart disease – was once in every medical cabinet, still room, and brewery and drunk as a tipple in old age

      if blood pressure pills taken – need to moniter blood pressure as can reduce or enhance pressure – depending on underlying heart weakness – can end up taking less pills!!! have clinical experience of that effect

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      David, I don't know about Collodial Silver, but what helps with my immune system is vitamin C, (1000 mg twice a day), D3, (5,000 IU once a day), Zinc, (15 mg once a day) Olive Leaf, (500 mg twice a day), Selenium, (200 mcg once a day) and B12, (2000 mcg 3 times a week).  Every time I go outdoors or wear the mask I cough the rest of the day.  I don't have Covid,  but my lungs have been compromised from the spraying of our skies.  Four years in a row I got bronchial pneumonia that lasted all winter!  No one else in my family got it, but since my first time of getting it, I have a compromised immune system,  Oil of Oregano helps too!  When I am in a grocery store and start coughing with the mask on people stay clear of me.  Don't trust that test if your mom does not have any symptoms.  I listened to an interview of a nurse who said the tests are very inaccurate.  She saw people get tested and one day be positive and the next day get tested again and be negative.  A good multiple vitamin along with all the other supplements would be good if she does have symptoms.

    • David says:

      Thank you so much for the advice, everyone! I don't believe she has it; her symptoms are very mild. Sadly, my aforementioned brainwashed father has decided to "quarantine" himself away from her on his boat. He has become a complete coward this year. I live a few hours away but may just go spend time with her. I'm not afraid because I take care of myself and am encouraged her to do the same.

    • David says:

      And Penny- she is in south Florida and I am in central Florida. For anyone who is curious, things are open here and we've all been fine. We are the example of how this pandemic is a lie. If you watch the news, we are the wild west, playing fast and loose with life. Not so. People are out everywhere. The only difference is most people are guilted into wearing a face diaper. Unfortunately, the shit still seeps through.

    • Jesse says:

      Hi David,

      your best solution for immediate results are to get your mom doing intravenous vitamin cocktails and glutathione injects 2x weekly you'll need to find a naturopathic doctor in your area who can administer them.

      the problem with orally taking vitamins is that most of them pass right they us unless our guts our in good shape research the healthy colon handbook,the vast majority of us have mucus petrified in our intestines which stops the absorption of vitamins/minerals etc.

      I hope this helps 

    • penny waters says:

      hahahahaha oh dear south florida

      not many hawthorn or rose hips there methinks

      not everyone who gets the virus will get very ill

      i think we all have to chew on it and maybe it becomes part of our microbiota?

  9. Jesse says:

    8 degrees Celsius today in Eastern Europe you would think that would be news worth globally my 72 year old grandmother has never seen it this warm.

    god speed, Dane, at this point most of us need to focus on what is morally right on the small scale or large scale.

  10. Earth Angel says:

    Wow, It just keeps getting weirder with the artificially induced cold! Today I was just outside and walked to the barn from the house, about 150ft. away. I brought a drink of water to my better half who was blowing leaves there. Upon turning to return, to my utter surprise, I could see my breaths blowing out from my mouth- but the temperature here as shown by our thermostat outside the house AND just confirmed by the noon news weather report on Fox 5 is 45 degrees!  As I returned to the house it ceased, even though by then I was purposely making an effort to blow hot breath out into the air around me. So weird! Never happened before in my life and heretofore by the laws of natural physics (to my knowledge).. impossible! Another recent anomaly happened after our scheduled Christmas eve light snow fall and bitter cold spell. A couple of days after I found a thick layer of ice covering a plastic water tub (1-2 inches) totally covering the water yet the same exact type of tub filled with about the same amount of water only 50 ft. away had only a razor thin film remnant of ice floating around in it! The cats plastic water tub (which holds about a half a gallon) inside the tack/feed room contained NO ICE in it at all. I have experienced something similar to this occurrance previously with the water situation but only in the recent past several years. I guess wherever the concentration of artificial ice nucleiation (AIN) ingredients falls the most heavily the thicker the ice, and in the case of the enclosed feed room, little to none at all. I've NEVER before seen my breath at 45 degrees F. Who can live with this insanity?! Whats worse is those who don't even see it happening.

    • sea says:

      Earth Angel, I experience the same re water containers per se on my property. The other day after 'frozen fog' ???? – I never knew frozen fog was possible, but NPR indicates that is a regular  occurrence-Huh?

      Anyway after a frozen fog morning, little pellets of white were left in patches, almost uniform to a degree (so not nature) and they remained, even though the temperature was hovering between 40-45 F. I watch how the ice nucleation burns my beautiful cedar trees a burnt red color…just like it burns my face and hands.

    • Dennie says:

      I've seen that here in northern CA on a number of occasions when it's really not that cold but you can see your breath condensing in the ice-nucleated endothermically reactive air.  Disgusting. I can always taste what I'm breathing now.

    • Dawnski says:

      I sent my son a picture of my breath plume on NYE when the temps were 52* and very chem foggy out in Charlotte NC. 

  11. Joseph says:


    Not Just Another Pipeline

    The expansion of Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline is a breathtaking betrayal of Minnesota’s Indigenous communities — and the environment.

    Last month, Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz’s administration signed off on final water permits for Enbridge to complete an expansion of its Line 3 pipeline. After the final section is built in Minnesota, the pipeline will pump oil sands and other forms of crude oil from Hardisty, Alberta, to Superior, Wis., cutting through Indigenous treaty lands along the way. Lawsuits — including one by the White Earth and Red Lake nations and several environmental organizations, and another by the Mille Lacs Nation — are pending. But construction has already started.

      This is not just another pipeline. It is a tar sands climate bomb; if completed, it will facilitate the production of crude oil for decades to come. Tar sands are among the most carbon-intensive fuels on the planet. The state’s environmental impact assessment of the project found the pipeline’s carbon output could be 193 million tons per year. 


  12. Mariah Sundvold says:


    What a noble thing to lead by example. 

    Thank you Dane.

    Thank you.

  13. Robert says:

    Where are all the big names out there calling out the monster in the room, and I need a little more than Chuck Norris and Jesse Ventura?  Thanks Dane, as always you’re my anchor to sanity, keep up the pace my friend.

  14. Jonathan O'Quinn says:

    I went to go see my 92 year-old grandmother ever Christmas. She's been in a virtual prison in an assisted living facility. She had not had any human contact in terms of physical contact, not even a hug or handshake in almost 10 months. This is absolutely ridiculous. She was terrified of being too close to me when I went and saw her the other day. I had a scheduled visit in a private room, and she had clearly been brainwashed by her facility on by the media and the establishment in general. She had no idea any real facts about this virus. I was lucky to be able to get about an hour of time with her. I spent some time educating her in general terms about the virus and how is transmitted and how risky it is or is not to do certain things regarding this virus. After I explained to her, that hugging me is no more dangerous than touching a tabletop or wall or door knob, she stood up and gave me the biggest hug of my life. And then she kept on hugging me again and again. And I hugged her right back. She had mentioned to me that she had not had a hug and a long time and really miss that most of all. Of course she did. We were not designed to live in a vacuum. This is one of the ways that the globalists are trying to beat us down psychologically.

    When are our was up and it was time for somebody else to visit their family in that room, she walk me out to the front door and gave me several more hugs. I met a friend for lunch yesterday. I had to give them my name and we had to wait a few minutes for a table. The lady checking Us in insist on having my phone number. I refuse to give it to her. I explained that I was going to be right there in the lobby waiting anyway and if they did not need my number and then I don't give that out. She threw a couple of daggers at me with her eyes. Ask me if I care. I think they are getting information on people for the purpose of contact tracing. Over Greenville North Carolina this afternoon, there are Trails up in the air everywhere. I also have been noticing that I don't feel the same. It is probably the Twilight Zone we were living in but also probably the things that were breathing such as the aluminum. I take supplements and do things to mitigate that Danger, but zeolite and other things only goes so far. It also feels to me like we are living in a forced normality. In other words, it feels to me like I am trying to go through the motions of living according to the pattern that I think is normal, but I know in the back of my mind that I'm only kidding myself, because nothing is normal anymore. I sent my dog for a long walk today, and the forest was eerily quiet. You literally could have heard a pin drop. Almost no birds or other wildlife. It was very creepy. The East Carolina University students will be back soon, and I will be back and the out more geoengineering materials. Much things today in for all of his constant hard work about this. And he is absolutely right and that quote he shared about the Fellowship of the Ring. The only thing we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us. Sage advice from a sage old professor who wrote some wonderful books.

    • penny waters says:

      well done with grandma – didn't take long for her to get what you were saying

      fruit doesn't fall far from the tree

      take care my friend

  15. Denise says:

    Does anyone else notice ringing/hissing in their ears when the spraying starts?  What causes this, and is there anything I can do to remedy it?

    • Knownforlongtime says:

      Yes I'm in Florida. My ears been ringing last few weeks as well!  I know bathing in baking soda and Epsom salts help.  Drink water with silica like Fiji water.  Take a spoon of apple cider vinegar in water daily. Trying to keep healthy. But still have the ringing in my ears. Can it be the spraying or 5g?

    • Knownlongtime says:

      Yes I'm in Florida and I too have the ringing in ears recently last few weeks.  I bathe in Epsom salt and baking soda. Drink green tea. Fiji water with silica for aluminum removal and Apple cider vinegar in water suppose to help. Is it the spraying or 5g?

    • Gary Morrow says:

      Yes Denise, I have also experienced increased ringing in the ears on spray days. I was once treated for Menieres disease and was told to limit intake of caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and salt. Maintaining a healthy weight and blood pressure may also be helpful.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Yes, I have it almost all the time when I'm in a quiet situation. When there is background noise or I am watching something on video, not so much. I would like to point out one significant observation I've been noting for 3 years now. "When I go to town, 17 miles away and literally 2,000 feet elevation lower, 1,200 ft ele, the ringing goes away. When I climb the grade out of town and am crossing the first plateau, approx 2,600 ft ele the ringing returns and is quite noticeable. When I get to my cabin at 3,100 ft ele, the ringing is a bit 'louder' or noticeable when sitting quiet in the mornings or like now writing this. I'm sure the difference is because of the notion that those high powered micro wave facilities that cover large distances don't quite reach down into deep valleys. Living in the high country used to be more than a blessing. Personally, I resent that the air I breath has turned me into a two legged walking talking micro wave receiver. For those that have ringing in the ears, listen for a change in tone and then watch what becomes of your sky. It might take a few hours, but just take note, you'll be amazed… maybe not.

    • Jan Becker says:

      Hi, Denise

      Apparently, a very unlucky 10-20% of us can "hear" the electromagnetic field frequencies (as translated to the highest frequency we are able to hear as individuals) by a largely vestigial organ in our ear.  These are not just coming at us from personal 'devices' and cell phone towers (although that's bad enough), but from military sources such as H.A.A.R.P.  Read "The Invisible Rainbow" by Arthur Firstenberg (chapter entitled "You Mean I Can Hear Electricity?").  I have been suffering from this since the fall of 2013. Most people you talk to about it will just blurt out an immediate diagnosis of "tinnitus" and tell you to go see a doctor, but doctor's can't help with this. As Firstenberg's book points out, "tinnitus" has been rapidly increasing in grade-school aged children.  Since it is supposedly an old person's disease that results from hearing loss, scientists are–of course!–puzzled about many many more youngsters suffering from it all of a sudden.  Another interesting point the book makes concerns the Spanish Flu.  Firstenberg makes a solid case for his theory that the wave of deaths at that time were directly correlated with the sudden appearance of miles and miles of telegraph lines, which were first used in WWI.  The overall point of the book is to show that we are bio-electric beings, and that even weak synthetic EMF fields disrupt processes within our bodies, such as heart beat/blood pressure, sugar metabolism, red blood cell formation, etc.  Think about all those new 5G towers that went up while folks were "sheltering in place" during the lockdown that started in April.

  16. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, thank you for once again fortifying our pursuit of truth. Weekly I am amazed how much you bring to the plate.

    Bringing it forward, our friend "Sea" makes a real tangible point about the physically apparent aspects of chemical ice nucleation. And may I please add an observation, "when you go outside the cold sort of clings to you. When you're of physical stature like Sea and I are, the effects are easily felt of the chemical reactions going on in our breathable air column, plus, Sea and I, we don't exactly have much "insulation". So we feel it the most. As far as my far north central WA region goes, they've been nickle and dimeing us with snow fall and it's adding up. A month or two ago Dane mentioned in his broadcast that Washington state would get "10 times more snow than 'last year". Well, we certainly are directly on coarse for that to be true. It's not about how much snow is on the ground, what is advertised is how much snow fall accumulatively there is. Well let me tell ya, That would be all well and good being we've had about 30 inches of snow fall and there's only a foot on the ground AND "none" of what vanished gave moisture to the soil as it melted. "Snow that sublimates is down right theft in more degrees than I can count!! It's been interesting to witness how this years snow reacts on my Mustangs fur. Let me make clear here, there is a new mix in the air this winter. The "snow" tells the story. There's way more to the equation than looking out and thinking, "yep, it's white, must be snow". The snow we've had has readily turned to ice where compacted. Some might say, "of coarse it does, it's compacted". I've never witnessed compact snow and ice be so resistant to sun light. There's more than meets the eye at play there, if you get my drift, pun intended(grin). Lastly here that I want to point out is the extremely low number between the high and low temps for the day. Frankly, the radical change from just last year to this year is WAY more than off the charts, at least for my corner of the world. Also of note, the humidity in my region has averaged 40% over historical norms. "They're getting quite proficient at floating the atmospheric river right over our heads and dropping it where ever 'they' want to drop it". Rain, snow or ice, at this point if one is aware of the cards at play, it's all weather warfare, plain and true to form.

    Lastly here, I live on a mountain side jutted out on a knoll. It's 27F outside and 92 fricking percent humidity! It historically should be 30 to 50 percent. It's been a long time since you could rub your shoes on the carpet and zap some poor soul on the ear, Just sayin(grin). There was a time not so long ago that my dog would come up and want the touch he requested but  braced himself for the first initial shock. As much as I like snow, I'd be way more than happy with RAIN, everywhere!!! After all, it's what our Mother wants to do and it's what "they" have turned into a weapon, globally. Sometimes I feel like I just want to roll over in my warm covers and sleep for another hour or two. "Make it all go away"…. Ya right!(lol)…..

    Love and strength my friends,   'a' simple horseman

    • Brent Papon says:

      The ground level humidity in NE Ohio has been ridiculous for @ 3 years. 80 to 100 % almost all the time. And I'v experienced sub freezing temperatures with the same crazy humidity numbers.

      The snow here is also sublimating and has been for years.

      Of course, that's what dry ice would do, too.

      The reason I say 'dry ice' is because that's what it feels like and behaves as. IE burning in your lungs eys nasal passage.

      Of course we know from this site that this 'stuff' is far more toxic that that.


      I went for a walk on our 'white Christmas.'

      And experienced all those symptoms.


      I'd also like to give some props to Dane for yet again scaring the shit out of me with something I hadn't thought about.

      The possibility of Prions in the mRNA vaccine.

      Christmas, indeed.

      Peace to All



    • Dennie says:

      Dry ice– perfect analogy.  Yes, burning, stinging eyes that are alternately dry or watery, and stick shut; burning nasal passages and lungs, dry mouth, dry insides, dry dry dry.  They're stealing all the water in our bodies now, too.  Also, stiff fingers that sometimes can't be controlled and I have this awful, angry-looking red rash around my nose extending to my cheeks.  Started in my ears a little after Thanksgiving and I can't seem to shake it.  Osteopath says it's yeast.  Must be a super-duper strain or somethin' but I suspect it's these chemicals we're being sprayed with.

    • penny waters says:


      "to roll over in my warm covers and sleep for another hour or two"

      hahahaha – me too

      don't tell me you get up????

      this is hibernation time – never felt it so keenly

      keep warm you conscious people you

    • Dennie says:

      Update:  Rash is going away with the use of my L.Ac.'s wild herb (from Marin County) salve, thank goodness.  Whatever's causing it, it seems to be going away with the use of the salve, thankfully.

  17. Teal Jade says:

    Thank you, Dane, for your continued work in this area. I know it is a very complicated, yet insidious matter. Best regards.

  18. Duane Martin says:

    Thanks once again, Dane, for giving voice and passion to that which "haunts" many of us day after day…………….on and on. So, we await patiently for a "break" in the dark stupor that so many, many are gripped in: handing out flyers to whoever we encounter. We will not stop: Why would we? Why would we?

  19. nancy kluska says:

    are they spraying the cov 19 in our air.

    • penny waters says:

      as it moves in water vapour do 'they' need to spray it – seems to have a life of its own!!!?

      protect yourself my friend

  20. James B says:

    PERTINENT QUESTION:  If we duct-tape a tube and canister devise so that our air intake is bubbled through water, does the liquid water trap the nano particulates better than an air filter type mask?  Is there an available commen chemical that can be put in the water to bond with and trap the nano particulates? 


    • Jesse says:

      Hi James,

      the most effective way we found was to use high end hepa filters in your living area and not go outside but it's really no way to live,my mother had severe realities problems and when she stayed inside with the hepa filters going she got better as soon as she went outside she got worse eventually she passed away IMO a lot of us will be leaving in the same way our bodies are amazing but when you reach a certain level of toxicity they have a steep rapid decline.

      vitamin therapy,glutathione injections can help to along with zeolite,cilantro,I have travelled extensively to try and find somewhere that wasn't getting sprayed and well the westcoast from Panama to Alaska seems to get in the heaviest it's definitely happening globally.

      currently where I am now in Eastern Europe it's not near as heavy as the westcoast of North America,the forest here seem much healthier.

  21. James B says:

    THE MOST PERTINENT QUESION OF THE DAY:  HOW EFFECTIVE (or un-effective ) ARE CLOTH OR PAPER FACE MASKS AT KEEPING OUT THE NANO-PARTICULATES of barium and aluminum compounds poisoning our air from chem trails? 


  22. Lorraine Phillips says:

    I understand that you can ask the vaccinator for the list of inserts as the vaccine comes with one even though you are not issued with it like you would be if you purchased a drug.

    • sea says:

      Lorraine- the CDC, Center For Disease Control lists the ingredients of vaccines on the CDC website. You will find mercury, formaldehyde, egg protein (aborted fetal tissue) and a lot of other goodies . ALL harmful to a human being or an animal (as animals are now on a vaccine 'schedule too'!)

  23. Sandy Patrus says:

    I was just informed the other day that my granddaughter, who is in her second year of college, decided without informing any of her family first, to get the rest of her vaccinations.  She is now completely caught up!  She had to get 5 of them to start college because it is mandatory, and that was bad enough, especially since her mother and dad chose not to vaccinate her as a child, but make this decision without our knowledge is a shock!  My son did not know, nor her mother who lives in another state.  I am sure she did not tell us because she knew we would object and try to talk her out of it.  She is a consenting adult and can make her own decisions, but I am wondering if the college had any influence on this decision since she is taking classes that can lead into the medical field.  Or could it have been the influence of her boyfriend's mom who is a doctor and who she is currently living with when she comes home from college.  Why my son did not insist she stay at his place when she is home from college is beyond me!  She wants to be with her boyfriend and that makes things difficult since her parents can no longer tell her what to do!  They cannot hold anything over her head, like they are paying for her college, because she is on a full scholarship!  Her mom even moved out of state since she has no influence over her anymore and I think her mom was feeling very left out of her life!  I am very unhappy and wish she would have done the research before making this decision.  She also got the flu shot which she had never gotten before.  I am very saddened by all this!

  24. Dava golino says:

    I studied self help health starting in 1975…all true, that for many years the FDA and “scientists” have lied about safe ingredients in food and drugs. we are told by historians that the NAZI's were defeated in WW2. Instead WE CAN NOW FIND OUT THAT WITH PROGRAMS LIKE "Operation Paper" clip the Nazi eugenics plans are alive and well in the world. In many countries they are still working toward their Utopian perfect race, world with their soulless plan to CULL and dumb down the population. they traded their SS uniforms for white coats and billionaire criminal CEO's of tech corporation titles. it is for eugenics, of course the czar of eugenics, fauci did NOT take the gates cocktail… also the face diaper he had on his scum bag face was so big, any extra actor could have been behind it. ALL BS TO SELL THE GATES KILL SWITCH. James Perloff is FANTASTIC. Always Spot On. for America this whole mess from trumps 4 years of lies about saving the 2nd amendment… to harris as president it is about disarming for the Smart cities, soft prisons…which are Noahide cities.

    JUST IMAGINE IF ALL THE WORLDS ARMIES WORKED TOGETHER TO CLEAN AND RECYCLE GARBAGE. THEN PLANT TREES TO CLEAN THE AIR. I know that is too… simple and this is proof how evil our so called leaders are. in Brazil, they are more concerned with moving an embassy to the stolen land that belongs to the Palestinian people, than saving the last rain forest (The Amazon) that would heal this planet. they spend all this money on making electric transportation and no one is able to figure out how to recycle the toxic batteries. No land fills want them. No one talks about the children slaving in lithium mines, either. Also it is BS that they can not create a clean internal combustion engine. all is a lie coming from that apartheid regime.

  25. Charles R Perschbacher says:

    "Operation Popeye" from 1962 into the 1970's article came out in VFW magazine in November 2020.  It speaks of using weather as a weapon.

  26. Gary Morrow says:

    A recurring theme from mythology and the earliest science fiction literature and film is the mad pursuer of knowledge and power destroys mankind or himself rather than helps it. Mary Shelly's Frankenstein is subtitled A Modern Day Prometheus. Prometheus stole fire from the gods. Hiroshima, Chernobyl, Fukushima, geoengineering, and engineered pandemics are what happens when people like Gates, Fauci, Keith and Caldeira aspire to be gods and deny their own humanity.


  27. Lea says:

    I am a huge fan of your work. My mother has been in my case about this for over 20 years and recently I woke up and seen how deceitful and immoral out very existence is. Thank you for allowing us to be wise and make a stand. Im in portugal, it's not as bad as many places, but it's definately ramped up in t past months. How can I soread the word down here?? 

  28. Million Mile Flier says:

    The damage done by mRNA vaccines can never be undone, completely irreversible.  The RNA hijacks your cell and takes over protein production.  Just like a retrovirus (think HIV), it is in your body forever and is passed from parents to children.  Welcome to a new DNA-altered human.  You then will develop every autoimmune disease known to man.

  29. Laura says:

    I agree!! There are conversations that this vax will contain DNA/RNA changing and sterilizing ingredients that if the vaxed is able to reproduce, the next 2 generations will ALSO have fertility problems even if they themselves don't get the jab. If this vax can, in fact, change our DNA, those vaxed will actually become a genetically modified "product" that can then, legally, be pattented and owned. Eugenics is their method to reduce the world's population -as Bill Gates said in a Ted Talk in 2010, "if we do a good job with vaccines, reproductive and healthcare (sterilizing both male & females alike & abortions) we could lower the population by perhaps 10-15%. Out of the horse's mouth. Beware the vax and keep warning others to be aware of what they let our crooked gov't wants to do to humanity before they agree to receive it. There's more to be wary of with the rona shot. I'm happy so many ARE questioning it!

  30. Ben Billings says:

    What basic question regarding the COVID vaccines is never asked? Exactly what ingredients are in the vaccines? Where are the itemized  published lists of ingredients, with no ingredient omitted? What are the health impacts on the human body of each ingredient individually, and what are the synergetic health effects of all the ingredients when combined into a vaccine? Also, once vaccinated, can a person somehow be un-vaccinated?

    • Laura Cotter says:

      Has that kind of information ever been reported on the thousands of vaccines already fed to the public?   I've never seen it.  And pharmaceuticals all operate alone and in competition.  Why would they reveal their "ingredients" ?

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Ben, I as well, would like to know what ingredients are in the Covid vaccine.  You don't get a print out of all the side effects with it like you do every other drug the pharmacy gives you.  This right there is a big red flag in my opinion.

    • Earth Angel says:

       Please folks, visit Robert F. Kennedy jr.'s website another valuable resource in waking others up as to the dangers of vaccines in general and also the cv-19 injection brew being pushed by the mainstream media presstitutes at 'warp speed'. The sheer number of articles under the Big Pharma heading should slow everyone down about accepting this into our bodies. Please warn everyone you care about against taking this concoction before SERIOUSLY researching it themselves, especially seniors over 60 and those of your loved ones living in a nursing or assisted living home. RFK jr.'s is a very credible source just as GEW is. It's a good site to share with medical professionals. Also, I want to share a story of what happened when I walked into our local small branch post office about 10 days before Christmas. When I got to the counter one of the postmasters who works there smiled and said, "I thought of you the other day."  I couldn't imagine why she would think of me when in the next breath she said, "There were "chem"trails all over the sky and I showed my mom and even took pictures of it there were so many!"  She used the 'chemtrails' term though, but I couldn't have been more proud and grinned back telling her "Well I can't think of a better compliment! I guess I'm doing a good job if people think of me when they see geoengineering in the sky."  Thank goodness the last 8 years efforts are finally paying off. Its moments like this that make it really worthwhile! I walked out to the car with a grin from ear to ear! I can only imagine the satisfaction Dane must feel after his monumental efforts for nearly 2 decades are finally taking effect. I feel proud to walk with ALL of you here in this critical battle for life. Namaste.

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