Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 31, 2022, #386


Dane Wigington

Record warm to record cold and back again, the climate engineers are completely out of control. Flash freezes are turning to flash warmups, flash flooding, thunderstorms and tornados. Ecosystems and wildlife can't sustain the worsening winter weather whiplash scenarios, forests are dying, insects and earthworms are disappearing and the birds along with them. The Western US megadrought has forced some municipalities to turn treated sewage into drinking water. Now devastating deluge has been scheduled for parts of the West. Fake meat and fake fish flesh are now on the menu as livestock, wildlife and fisheries are all dying off. Will technology magically save us the moment before complete collapse? How's that going so far? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

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45 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 31, 2022, #386

  1. Ziggy says:

    BTW… The weather channel has a video showing how Hurricane Hunter planes are now flying through the west coast bomb cyclones and atmospheric rivers. Which simply proves to me that NOAA and Raytheon have their fingerprints all over those climate making crime scenes.

  2. Ziggy says:

    Wasn't everyone made aware by several sources posting articles a few months back, that talked about a near term potential "Month Long Massive Flood" threat to California? And how it could turn out to be catastrophic because of the drought wiping out all vegetation, and basically the entire state turning into one huge Burn Scar? After all of the fires that were purposely ignited by the "military branch" of the climate engineering mafia? Not to mention how they are also responsible for the drought and extreme heat waves.

    And does everybody remember how Dane responded to these articles by saying: "Are these reporters/researchers/clairvoyants simply thinking out loud of some worst case scenarios in store for California? Or, is this actually scheduled weather for the very near future?"

    I remember the articles talking about really heavy rain on a daily basis. for as long as an entire month. Which causes California to experience the worst flooding in over ten thousand years!

    Well, isn't this exactly what is happening right now? Especially since yet Another Bomb Cyclone is in the forecast for the middle of next week. And even more rain behind that, according to the weather prediction computer models.

    What's next? Earthquakes? Oh wait, I spoke too soon. Northern California has already seen two big ones just recently. That only leaves deadly heatwaves and more drought. Which of course, is a given for Northern California. Thanks entirely to the climate engineers.

    Sorry about your roller coaster ride from hell Dane. We can only pray that you and your family remain safe, through all of the non stop Climatocalypse events in California. (See, I can make up cool "sarcastic" {fake} weather terms too.)

  3. Lance says:

    Video of Capitola, CA, right on the west coast which we visited this summer, because my wife grew up there, shows large waves coming in and high tide has yet to occur.  The Capitola Wharf, where we had lunch one day, was badly damaged.  Building close to the sea there are being slammed with waves.  The waves are pushing salt water up the Capitola river!  Gonna get worse based on the a.i. generated supercomputer models. (Likely quantum computers!)  

  4. Ziggy says:

    Welcome to the Pineapple Express and a superfluous magic trick by the climate controllers. Yes, we are talking about another Bomb Cyclone. Only this time it will be impacting Dane's neck of the woods. More rain and snow, flooding and drama to keep everyone entertained, by the winter wonderland wizardry of climate engineering theater of mass distraction.

    Potential bomb cyclone heading for the West (

    Can it possibly get any more ridiculous than it was in 2022? Meanwhile, we are baking down here in the south and looking to see even more tornadoes, in the coming days. Then, immediately back to freezing again. Like the ENVIROWARRIOR said… all four seasons in a single week.

  5. Lance says:

    Additional info on the "storm" to hit CA on Wed and Thurs this week.  NWS Bay Area is now issuing warnings that the winds from the SW will be STRONGER than the winds in the previous "storm" on Dec 30/31.  High Wind Watches have been issued for all the areas under the Flood Watch.  Due to the ground being saturated the high winds and high gusts will bring down trees that will block roads and cause power outages.  Going to cause a lot of trouble for sure.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Lance, about the wind warnings, it’s difficult to say what will or won’t materialize. In my location of Shasta county, the wind never happened for the last two warnings mentioned.

  6. Lance says:

    National Weather Service Bay Area has issued a "Flood Watch" for the Bay Area and most of northern CA for Wed. and Thur. this week.  The cyclone approaching is to bring in a "Level 3" atmospheric river according to other weather reports.  A report out of the Bay Area on youtube shows raw sewage flooding a SF street in San Mateo County.  Anyone out in this c*** could get very sick!   

  7. Jackie Pollock says:

    Hearing you say that next year (2023) is going to make this year (2022) seem like a Club Med vacation is outright chilling!

    You speak the truth Dane, chilling or not, we have to hear this and do Something!!  Thank you for all your non-stop dedicated work.

    Jackie from Texas


  8. Vic says:

    While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.”

    Genesis 8:22

  9. Lance says:

    Just in case anyone questions my posts concerning the "storms" coming in, I've checked more than one weather forecast model.  Other weather forecast models are showing basically the same "storm" setup that is about to hit the west coast of the US that is to run through the middle of Jan.  Have seen other's tracking this and they are very concerned.  These "storms" may not be as severe as the Columbus Day Storm that hit the OR/WA west coast in 1962 when I was 9 years old, the winds of which blew me off the back porch of our home, but the amount of rain they will bring with them will cause catastrophic flooding if the predictions are correct.     

  10. Lance says:

    The cyclone forecast to come into the west coast late Wed. Jan 4th is not forecast to go inland, but skirt along the west coast and eventually move north.  Not far behind it is another cyclone that is forecast to hit the west coast of CA with a central pressure of 980mb on Jan 7th.  It too will then move north up the west coast and drop in pressure down to 976mb as it moves along the OR/WA coast.  But wait, there's more!  On Jan. 10th another cyclone with a low pressure of 970mb is to hit CA, followed by yet another cyclone forming out in the Pacific which is to head toward British Columbia that will suck up tons of atmospheric moisture from the subtropics that will flow into the west coast.  All these cyclones will have high winds with them that will cause lots of damage to go along with the major flooding that will occur IF these forecasts are accurate.  They usually are! 

  11. Lance says:

    What is categorized as a hurricane (Atlantic) or cyclone (Pacific) is mainly based on the barometric pressure at the center of one of these "storms".  Most have barometric pressure readings below 990.  According to the GFS model a "storm" with a barometric pressure below 990 is to BEGIN to form off the CA/OR/WA coast starting Jan. 3rd far out in the Pacific Ocean.  As it spins up the barometric pressure at its center is forecast to be 987mb on Jan. 2, then drop to 980mb on Jan. 3, then drop to 972mb on Jan. 4th, and then drop to 957mb as it makes landfall on Jan. 5th.  Based on this forecast, which is reasonably accurate, this is at least a category 1 or possibly category 2 CYCLONE!  Big trouble coming!      

    • Lance says:

      For clarification the center of the Cat 1 or 2 cyclone is not going to make landfall, but is going to move up to the north off the west coast according to computer models.

  12. Lance says:

    One more tidbit of info.  Info on social media regarding what is going on in some locations, specifically the Lake Tahoe region, is dated the 31st of Dec., but its now the morning of Jan 3nd?  Looks to me like information is being "controlled", especially on Twitter.  Did find out that places at the N end of Lake Tahoe were also without power on Dec. 31st, but no updates as of this morning.  Amazing how the technology that instantly connects everyone is so slow when it comes to needing to know certain "things", don't you think?  

  13. Lance says:

    Woke up to more details about the cyclonic "storm" that hit California on Dec. 30/31.  There are at least 4 levee breaks, two on the Consumnes River and 2 on the Mokulumne river, in south Sacramento County.  The ongoing years long drought, despite all the water flowing down the rivers right now, caused much of the land to sink all up and down the central valley of CA.  Have read reports about this and even talked to a man who worked at a water resources office when I lived near Sacramento.  He told me that there was a big problem with the land sinking because salt water was coming back up into the rivers that all drain into the SF Bay.  Lack of fresh water flowing down the rivers because of the drought also contributed to this.  Because the land is now lower than it was when the levees were built its no wonder that the "atmospheric river" that hit the area, dropping more rain than we're being told, caused the rivers to rise and flow over of the top of the levees in spots thus causing them to fail.  There are other things that cause levees to fail, but am not going to go into that now.  There are other issues regarding the developing situation.  When the "storm" first came in temps at higher altitudes were warm enough that the precip that fell was rain, not snow, despite claims by some to the contrary.  The CHP in CA on Dec. 31st closed US Hwy 50 at Sly Park near Placerville and at Myers, a small community located south of South Lake Tahoe (SLT), due to "flooding".  Then the ice nucleated "storm" hit dropping heavy wet snow which stuck to the tree branches and power lines causing many of them to break, which led to the power outage in SLT and the west side of Lake Tahoe.  Based on social media reports out of SLT the power outages are still ongoing in many areas there.  Some social media posts from people living there say they've been without power since Dec. 31st.  If they don't have a natural gas stove or wood burning stove it gets very cold at night at 6,500 feet!  Have noticed something else about these "storms".  Another weather observer pointed out yesterday that the jetstream, high altitude high speed winds, are flowing directly at the west coast.  Cyclonic low-pressure systems are spinning up, rotating counter-clockwise, as they approach the west coast of CA.  They're drawing water vapor up from the subtropics which creates the "atmospheric rivers".  The GFS weather model showing the entire Pacific ocean forecasts not 2 or 3 more cyclonic "storms" to hit the west coast but up to 8 with differing levels of intensity.  Could be big trouble!            

  14. Lance says:

    Rain has not stopped all day here in the RV park near Mesa, AZ.  Don't know the rainfall total yet, but its likely in the 3 to 5 inch range.  A line of thunderstorms is moving from the SW to the NE slowly drifting to the E towards our location.  Haven't seen any lightning or heard any thunder yet, but the weather news out of Phoenix was showing some.  Heavy rain right now.  Meanwhile, in Sacramento reports claim that nearly 200,000 homes and businesses with out power.  At least two levee breaks on the Consumnes River.  Many roads, highways, and interstates are closed due to major flooding south of Sacramento.  Many vehicles trapped on roads and people were being rescued.  That's all for today.  Will see what tomorrow brings. 

  15. Randyl J says:

    Happy? New Years and Continued Blessings to Dane and ALL Exceptional Souls Who Wander in Here!

    The huge ‘megalopolis’ of Charlotte area NC is booming with gigantic new grocery markets replacing smaller older ones and they can’t build houses and rental units fast enough in the bursting suburbs where all the newest available tech and toys are on display. Meanwhile in the country areas the small farmers are feeling the lack of real moisture and the rising costs for everything. Small town groceries, like our two markets, are poorly stocked following the Christmas shopping season. Produce is coming in non-sellable. I wanted seedless grapes but was told, “the shipment was spoiled and returned.” Restocking outlying stores is slow in the smaller population areas. It seems the low income and poor senior communities are receiving less all the time while the wealthy suburban areas are getting a glut of products. We’ve all heard Here about the government interest in creating high tech, government-controlled housing areas within cities. Definitely shrinking supplies to country areas would force people to move to more populated areas. We also seem to be on a heavier ‘Climate Engineering Flight Path’ even though we are over 60-70 miles from the major population centers, without a major commercial airport nor any close military installations, that I know of. Just a lot of farm people, retirees on country plots, lower income Senior housing in town, with a mostly low to middle income residency. Yet we often get heavy spraying over this central area. 

    Last month an internet provider’s sales person I spoke with, who lives in New Mexico, made this comment when I mentioned the ‘drought Out West’: 

    I was told that “rumor has it that the Mississippi River water is going to be piped West to solve the crisis.” This is exactly the kind of insanity that Dane speaks of. And no one seems to want to be the proverbial “straw” even though the camel’s back has begun to collapse.

    I appreciate all the Reader Comments! Thank you especially last week to ‘Ziggy’ for the report on the ‘What if SAI?’ Information.  I miss ‘A Simple Horseman’ and many others. It’s wonderful seeing so many new people! I’ve been following since around 2019 and thanks to Dane’s unyielding March of Awareness, I’m much better educated as to what we are all facing. Many here simply can’t understand, but it feels awesome when I can help someone else ‘connect the dots’! 


  16. Son Of Ethan Allen says:

     H. L. Mencken, Quote The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.


  17. Coward Teleprompter Readers says:

    Chemtrails in Sedona AZ all the ways back across AZ, to NM, to TX on my drive back during the last week of 2022. The spraying goes above any nation or state's sovereignty. The spraying is done by the military industrial complex/Rothschild Bankers which controls Russia, USA, China and EVERY nation of the world. There are a TON of chemtrails over Dallas Texas today 01/01/2023. The shameless coward whore news media will not utter a peep about it while they read their teleprompters.

    • Jane Love says:

      Yea I had seen it yesterday in Sedona. It's al over AZ and Prescott and Lake Havasu, Kingman Parker it's all over. Have you tested your rain water! It's highly toxic in AZ from the chemicals they spray daily. 

  18. SOS says:

    Multiple agendas being served. Please look up the relationship between graphene oxide and the body's production of glutathione.

  19. Lance says:

    Following this first "atmospheric river" and "rainbomb" that struck central CA on Dec. 30th and 31st there are more "storms" coming.  According to the GFS model a series of atmospheric rivers are to come into CA starting Jan 4th.  This first storms rainfall rate is forecast to be up to 6 inches per 6 hours!  Storm is to last through Jan. 5th. and bring significant ice and snow events in the mountains.  Then there are a series of "storms" to come into CA all the way through the 16th of Jan with very little down time in between them.  Rain and snowfall rates are forecast to be quite high in most of them!  Given the damage to the forested watersheds were all the "fires" occurred over the last 5 or 6 years the potential for massive flooding exists!  Looks to me like a major disaster in the making.


    Thank You Dane and other dedicated vigilant inhabitants of "Turtle Island"  our Planet Earth.

    We are paying attention. Whatever our detractors get away with will befall them and seriously bite them back in their evil asses. Yes many Good, Loving Conscious people that share this effort to honestly save our planet will suffer as well . They are much less culpable and are used merely as cannon fodder. There are also the good people, still asleep, complacent and guilty of turning a blind eye. Those of us who care have a "Great mission" . even if We are thwarted,  We must not stop and as You say Dane: "Sound the Alarm" .  As I point up to the sky to my friends a normal contrail  versus a long spreading one and discuss white / gray cloudless days outnumbering blue sky days of 6 hours or less. Some start to at least consider to pay attention. Others refuse and think me a kook. I would proudly rather remain a kook than a sleeping guard caught unaware. Being a nature lover for my 72 years on Turtle Island , I do have reference point memory of healthy soils and forests. Even stones and rock formations have darkened, blackened and changed color. Moss / lichen growth are browning and appear to be dying. Once, You could use trees as a compass to navigate by the side moss grew on . Now it seems the mosses are heavily feeding on the trees all around them. Good luck navigating by that age old method. I have so many more new anomalies to decipher and pay close attention to in a limited area of inhabitation in New England where I have spent all of my life.  Here in New England, We have 4 distinct seasons. NOW ! These seasons may  all appear in the same week.

    Sleep not too soundly, My Brothers and sisters.  Keep one eye open, pay attention and Yes ! Investigate clues to help others become aware. Maybe just maybe I pray We can make a difference.

    • Victoria says:

      Wondering where you live.  I am in the south.  We have had crazy weather like Hardley any rain during our normal time and no sun for days on end.  I have kept saying to my husband they have to be playing with our weather etc.. 

  21. Lance says:

    National Weather Service out of Sacramento has issued a "Flash Flood Alert" as of about 30 mins ago!  Flash flooding possible on Highway 99 Between Galt & Elk Grove, Wilton, Galt, Bruceville & Thornton.  Streams involved include Dry Creek, Deer Creek, Cosumnes River Overflow, Mokelumne River, Cosumnes River, and other streams.  I know this area because I used to go fishing on a boat I have stored near Walnut Grove.  It may not be there for long if the water gets high enough and the levee's begin to break. 

  22. Lance says:

    And, here…we…go!  In two days, starting on Dec. 30 and through Dec. 31, nearly 10 inches of rain fell from the "rainbomb" that hit the coastal range of the Sierra's and central CA.   Many reports of flooded streets, roads, highways, and interstates up and down the state.  Ground transportation has been slowed or stopped, including trains, in many areas.  Many mud and rock slides blocking roadways making them impassible.  There are lots of power outages caused by the high winds that knocked over drought weakened trees onto power lines.  Authorities are telling people to "shelter in place" in some areas!  Lived in and around Sacramento in the past and have been to lots of places in CA.  Levee along Hwy 16 that channels the Consumnes River near Sloughhouse, a Hwy I've driven on in the past, failed and the water is flooding homes and businesses.  There are so many emergencies going on all at the same time that its impossible to list them here!  Emergency services are being overwhelmed by the chaos.  But, its the "new normal", right?   

  23. Jonathan says:


    I'm not trying to go off on a tangent and stray far off the subject matter. I do however think it is important to share this. A lot of people justify not doing anything, or at least not doing much, about what is happening with the weather Warfare programs, because they say that they're waiting for the Lord to come back. Look very carefully at the wording in Matthew chapter 24 verse 29. Analogous versus are to be found in Mark chapter 13. Jesus did not say the word, "before." He said, "after." Do not look for his return until "after the tribulation of those days."

    In practical terms for us, this means we must roll up our sleeves and be about the business of informing others to set the ship in the right direction.

    • Inspire says:

      Jonathan… I do appreciate what you wrote, however, I am aware of the Word of God stating that we will go through the Tribulation. That is why I was stating the fact that His return would be the only way to remove the corruption, of course, after the tribulation.  I have rolled up my sleeves by handing out Dane's Flyers, DVD's, Brochures and even making Business Cards, as well as alerting family, friends and neighbors. If I had the money, I would put Bulletin Boards up in NC and GA everywhere I possibly could.  I do NOT believe there is a RAPTURE that will save us from all that is about to happen because JESUS did not mention that when He said:  

      Matthew 24:20-22  Pray that it doesn't happen in winter …
      20 Pray that it doesn't happen in winter or on the Sabbath day. 21 There will be great suffering such as the world has never before seen and will never again see. 22 If that time weren't shortened, nobody would be rescued. But for the sake of the ones whom God chose, that time will be cut short.

    • Inspire says:

      I have handed out Dane's flyers, DVD's, brochures and even business cards as well as alerting my family, friends and neighbors.  If I had the money, I would put Bulletin Boards up all around both NC and GA.  So, my friend, I have rolled up my sleeves.

  24. Lance says:

    Lived in South Lake Tahoe from Dec. 2010 to April 2022.  South Lake Tahoe and other areas up there was hit with major rain storm early yesterday which was followed by an ice nucleated snow storm.  Major power outages there overnight and going on right now.  Power out all along the west shore of Lake Tahoe too.  In Dec. of 2022 a major rain, then flash freeze ice storm, then snow storm caused a similar situation.  Power went out and the roads became impassible unless you had a 4×4 with all terrain tires which I had at that time.  In all the years we lived up there I never saw a rain/ice/snow storm like this prior to 2021.  These artificially created "flash freeze" storms cause ice/snow to build up on branches causing them to break and fall on power lines, buildings, cars, etc..  The power lines themselves become coated with ice which adds weight and causes them to break also.  The American River which flows down toward Sacramento along Hwy 50 is at flood stage right now due to all the rain that fell on the west side of the Sierra Mountains above Placerville.  Video on Twitter shows the water in the river raging downstream.  Evacuations of some areas downstream have already occurred.  Due to the damage done by the massive Caldor Fire in the summer of 2021, which forced thousands of people to evacuate including us, there are not enough living trees to hold the water, so all that water flows into the streams that feed the river.  Snow that falls at higher elevations in that area is exposed to solar radiation because there aren't enough trees providing shade.  The snow melts faster than normal for this reason adding to the excessive runoff.  Mud and rock slides are also reported in the burn scar areas west of the summit along Hwy 50.  Authorities are telling everyone up there to "shelter in place"!  Sound familiar?  Where we're staying east of Mesa, AZ, at an RV park.  Phoenix and this area is expected to get hit with a "rainbomb" as a reult of the "atmospheric river" moving over AZ.  Its raining right now and thunderstorms are forecast this afternoon the first day of 2023.  Nothing happy about this new year far as I'm concerned.                      

  25. Sam Bo says:

    The aluminum is killing phytoplankton game over if it does not stop and very very soon.  

  26. Ziggy says:

    Last week my doctor said that all the allergy tests I had taken in early December, came back negative for reactions to anything in Nature. So, he said that my chronic sinus infections and severe allergies must be a result of exposure to pollution. But I reminded him that I am at least 150 miles from the nearest big city, and even the small town where his office is located, has to be at least 100 miles distant too. Plus, there are no industrial plants, large commercial sectors or even major highways near us. Nothing that would cause high levels of exposure on a daily basis.

    Then I said: "Could my issues be a result of breathing in toxic aerosols being sprayed by military and commercial airline planes… as part of the ongoing geoengineering operations in our skies?

    He gave me this weird look and said:  "Do you honestly believe that our government and military would purposely spray toxic materials in the sky, without our knowledge of such activities?"

    I said of course… "YES"

    He then flipped his computer screen around and opened a link from his favorites. Suddenly this website came up and he said:

    "Ziggy, that's exactly what is causing your sinus infections and allergies. But I can't tell my patients any of that, out of fear that they would report me and cause me to lose my practice."

    We literally sat in his office (for over and hour) and discussed all of the medical health issues that he is treating his patients for, in regards to their exposure and inhaling of so much toxic crap falling out of the sky. He has been following Dane and this website for over seven years now.

    Needless to say I made a new friend and ally in this fight to end Climate Engineering once and for all.

    • Ryan S says:

      Thank you for sharing this!!!! Muuch love!!!

    • Mel says:

      Hi! Thanks for sharing your story. My husband has been dealing with the same health issues, did your doctor recommend anything to help protect against the chemicals? We're in SoCal, and the spraying is every single day. 

  27. Vic says:

    Jesus said: "Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me".

    Happy new year everyone. 


  28. Earth Angel says:

    Thank you again Dane for this most powerful New Years Eve broadcast. I can't think of a better way to enter 2023 than with a renewed determination to assist with attaining any better outcome possible for every inhabitant of Planet Earth than we are facing right now. Though our circumstances are dire, your words of encouragement that we must NEVER yield in our fight for the life of this planet and its inhabitants- and the importance of HOW we FACE these difficulties is what truly matters, whatever the outcome. May God Bless you and your family and everyone in our Geoengineering Watch family going into this new year. I am grateful to all of you for all your good works and for caring about Mother Earth and Father Sky. Together we WILL make a positive difference come what may.

  29. David A Wallace says:

    I don't believe the individuals who lurk behind the curtain will ever come clean and admit to their engineered weather systems that continue to wreak death and destruction across our country and around the world. I assume they look at the decimation which they create as acceptable losses.

    • Gary Morrow says:

      It is even worse than that Many of the individuals that lurk behind the curtain look at the death and destruction they cause with a fiendish delight This is evil in the biblical sense of the word

  30. Ziggy says:

    Here are other Climate Engineering crimes that happened elsewhere around the world in 2022 (mostly in the southern hemisphere). Of course we all know about the Australian floods, storms and record cold and heat. Since Dane has been keeping us advised in his weekly reports. But try to soak in all of this devastation and remember the incredible numbers of lives lost and people displaced by these ongoing operations. Not to mention the number of wildlife populations lost and displaced, of which never gets reported in the news.

    Last summer, devastating floods swept Pakistan, displacing 32 million people and leaving more than 500 children dead. According to UNICEF, nearly 10 million girls and boys still remain in need of immediate lifesaving support. Meanwhile, between June and August of 2022, record-breaking heat waves boiled much of Europe, with Pinhão, Portugal, recording a high of 116.6℉ on July 14. Over in Tunisia, the high reached 118.4℉  that same month, while other parts of Africa suffered unprecedented weather events that took thousands of lives.

    In Uganda, drought and famine caused 2,500 deaths, while six severe storms in 2022 killed at least 890 people in Madagascar and Mozambique. Nigeria experienced its worst floods in a decade, causing over 600 deaths, while nearly two million people in Chad were affected by floods in August and October. Temperatures in Germany are expected to reach roughly 60℉ on the last day of December, and other places in Europe are "still" seeing record highs, for this time of the year.

    All of this is just the tip of the iceberg however. I'm sure that 2023 will be even more deadly and existentially more insane than 2022 ever was. When it comes to the atrocities by the climate engineering crime sprees, being planned for the final years of humanity's existence.


  31. Aaron says:

    This is complete and utter insanity. The eastern states were all in a deep freeze with temperatures under -20, now they are predicting for it to warm up to 30 plus degrees temperatures? What happened to seasons? Are seasons disappearing? It's becoming quite apparent that are planet is in serious meltdown. Every time I go outside in my small community in southern Alberta, I see the deer, foxes, birds and become quite sad that we will be the cause of these beautiful animals extinction. As well as the trees, plants, etc. All getting more sickly, dying more and more each year. It's unfathomable the amount of devastation taking place on our once thriving planet. 

  32. A Friendly Face says:

    And Israeli company is getting ready to build a huge manufacturing facility in Wilson County North Carolina. It will be the largest artificial meat producer on the planet.

    • Inspire says:

      North Carolina is NOT the greatest place to live anymore.  They have destroyed our pine trees that used to stay green all year.  Now those same trees are brown and empty.  They have less and less pine needles each year.  And they are CONSTANTLY spraying our sky during the night and early morning hours when they feel everyone has gone to bed. Then you can see the haze in the sky every day. There is a constant covering of fake clouds and haze everywhere.  We actually went from 5 degrees to then being in the 60s, which is unheard of.  And now to have this NC state build the this HUGE FAKE MEAT Manufacturing facility in Wilson County is totally ludicrous.  When are the people going to finally WAKE UP and see what is going on all around them. Probably when it is too late and the entire earth is GONE!!!  Our ONLY hope is the LORD coming back as He said He would.  We definitely need a new Heaven and a new Earth.  This one has become totally corrupt!

    • Kim Ireland says:

      The fake meat guys already in business here in the US don't appear to be doing very well.  Just look at the highly publicized company Beyond Meat.  Stock value Jan '21 was $160. Jan '22 dropped to $60 and currently at $12.  Consumers woke up to the fake value of fake meat….another Bill Gates fiasco.

    • brent says:

      It will NEVER happen, just like going to Mars.

      Absolutely, mathematically IMPOSSIBLE.


    • Larry Demarco says:

      We in South Carolina are experiencing a similar situation. The "holiday feeze" didn't take us to your low, but the mid teens for us was enough was enough to cause our trees, plants and lawns to produce an environmental browning that I haven't seen since I moved to the Charleston area 7 years ago. The whiplash back to the 60's was welcome, but we are left with signs all around of the mess caused by the geoengineers. The mess in the sky is also more constant and intense then ever.

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