Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 7, 2019, #226


Dane Wigington

The weather makers continue to push the climate system ever further into uncharted territory. How bad do conditions have to get before academia and official agencies acknowledge what is going on in our skies? More US troops are being sent to the Middle East. Is the US military about to be unleashed on yet another sovereign nation? Will the ongoing manufactured political circus continue to completely distract populations from the darkening horizon? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Our once brilliant blue skies are now all too often completely tainted by the climate engineering operations. Our once thriving planet is dying. Can our collective efforts still make a difference at this late hour? We cannot know unless we fully face the gathering storm and do our absolute best to turn the tide. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

This week's outreach booth is at the OC Fair & Event Center, Costa Mesa, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire. billboard in Punta Gorda, Florida, on US HWY 17, about 1.5 miles north of I-75, and visible going north towards Arcadia (11/23/19). Our most sincere gratitude to Maciej Kocialkowski for making it happen. To view our other billboards, see the attached link:

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44 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 7, 2019, #226

  1. michael with a small m for humility says:

    Blasting, billowing, bursting forth

    With the power of ten billion butterfly sneezes

    Man with his flaming pyre

    Has conquered the wayward breezes

    Climbing to tranquility

    Far above the cloud

    Conceiving the heavens

    Clear of misty shroud


    Higher and higher

    Now we've learned to play with fire

    Go higher and higher and higher



    [First Man:] I think, I think I am, therefore I am, I think.


    [Establishment:] Of course you are my bright little star,

    I've miles

    And miles

    Of files

    Pretty files of your forefather's fruit

    and now to suit our

    great computer,

    You're magnetic ink.


    [First Man:] I'm more than that, I know I am, at least, I think I must be.


    [Inner Man:] There you go man, keep as cool as you can.

    Face piles

    And piles

    Of trials

    With smiles.

    It riles them to believe

    that you perceive

    the web they weave

    And keep on thinking free.


    Moody Blues 1969

  2. Jeanette S says:

    Dane, I saw today in SF Gate online that they were talking about our rain here in the bay area. They honest to godly mentioned the "ridge" and said that it was lower and that there was so much moisture coming in from the ocean that it just went right over the ridge. fyi

  3. Dennie says:

    FYI:  From SEECPAC:  Here's what some of our elected representatives want to do:

    "This week, the House took action to protect Americans from climate change by passing legislation that will build more resilient communities across the country.

    Led by SEEC member Rep. Derek Kilmer, the Coastal and Great Lakes Communities Enhancement Act will protect coastal communities and marine industries.

    This legislation is a package of critical bills that together will allow our communities to better prepare for the impacts of climate change. Included in the legislation passed this week were:

    The authorization of grants to Indian Tribes so that Tribal coastal zones can prepare and adapt to our changing climate.

    Additional funding for research and development of climate-resilient living shoreline projects that protect coastal communities by supporting ecosystem functions and habitats with the use of natural materials and systems.

    The establishment of a Working Waterfront Task Force and grant program and a coastal climate change adaptation preparedness and response program.

    The promotion of fish conservation and authorization for the U.S. Geological Survey to conduct monitoring, scientific assessments, and research in support of fisheries within the Great Lakes Basin.

    Partnerships between coastal colleges and federal agencies to share their work in order to better respond to climate change.

    The establishment of a new digital information platform to better integrate coastal data with tools, training, and best practices in order to collect new data that will improve the government’s ability to manage our changing coasts.

    Climate resiliency is critical to the continued success of our coasts and our country. As we combat sea-level rise and increased flooding, each community will need its own unique solution – so that our coasts support robust economies and safe homes for generations to come."

    World War Zero:  Even Ahhhh-nold (The Governator, Boobengrabber, etc.) is jumping on the save-the-climate bandwagon (in truth, Schwarzenegger, an outspoken foe of continuing the death penalty among other ideas, was more of a Libertarian progressive than much "mainstream" Republican):  

    "I've said this for years: If we want to terminate pollution and protect the environment, we need to mobilize every American.

    That's exactly what World War Zero is doing — pollution doesn't care which political party you belong to, and dirty air isn't political — and neither are the solutions needed to address it. It's about our future, plain and simple. It's also about what's happening right now.

    As a former governor of California, I can tell you that the threat caused by pollution is not a hypothetical — 7 million people die every year due to pollution around the world, and 200,000 here in America. Those are lives being cut short by the pollution from fossil fuels right here and right now.

    I also know that if want to make real progress — to win the war and end the climate crisis — we have to do it together. I enlisted in World War Zero, alongside my friend John Kerry and countless others, because we've spent too long ignoring the solutions we can all agree on and too much time arguing about the problem. The fact is, we have to fix it, together, and we have to fix it NOW.



    I've said this for years: If we want to terminate pollution and protect the environment, we need to mobilize every American.

    That's exactly what World War Zero is doing — pollution doesn't care which political party you belong to, and dirty air isn't political — and neither are the solutions needed to address it. It's about our future, plain and simple. It's also about what's happening right now.

    As a former governor of California, I can tell you that the threat caused by pollution is not a hypothetical — 7 million people die every year due to pollution around the world, and 200,000 here in America. Those are lives being cut short by the pollution from fossil fuels right here and right now.

    I also know that if want to make real progress — to win the war and end the climate crisis — we have to do it together. I enlisted in World War Zero, alongside my friend John Kerry and countless others, because we've spent too long ignoring the solutions we can all agree on and too much time arguing about the problem. The fact is, we have to fix it, together, and we have to fix it NOW.

    World War Zero is waging this war with the urgency it demands. This is a war for our future, and war against distraction and delay. This is a war we must and we will win. 

    And we're talking about the fight against pollution the same way we talked about our last World War. In World War II, Americans knew there was an existential threat overseas. But until Pearl Harbor, many Americans didn't see how a war halfway around the world affected them.

    But then we mobilized, we innovated — and we got to work. We built industrial capacity to build warplanes, munitions, and materials to fight — to build an industrial economy that simply didn't exist before. We can do that again, by creating millions of clean jobs that also fight the existential threat of climate change.

    We can address this threat in a way that rebuilds our economy and our future — that's what World War Zero is all about. A future without pollution that propels a thriving sustainable economy across the globe."

  4. BaneB says:

    Very Interesting:  A visible-light series of flashes in a concentric circle way up above Ft. McMurray, Alberta, Canada.  Closer to Ft. MacKay.  Below on the ground is a feature on the earth that has a round shape from where comes the flashes.  There might  be side-by-side flashing as there is another sort of round feature next to the clearer one.  I hope this stays up long enough for viewing this.

    • BaneB says:

      Follow up:  For want of another name I will refer to the anomaly as “The Blob.”  Yesterday morning this large circular “cloud” was flashing off and on.  This morning (Friday December 13) it’s still there, but stationary though obvious with activity in its structure.  Beneath this white “cloud” is a circle in the earth.  This is some kind of ‘RF’ Facility I suppose but it’s visible to the naked eye unlike NEXRAD.  The anomaly is way left of Hudson Bay.  Notice the fast moving clouds going by this thing.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      BaneB, excellent observation!! I'd sure like to see some satellite imagery in finer detail of the anomalies you presented. Then have it analyzed by scrutinies factions.

      Where's our friend Gail in Yellow head county Alberta?

    • BaneB says:

      ‘a’ simple horseman:  Couple things:  

      The satellite image is INFRARED.  My mistake.  And the “blob” is gone as of 3:30 am PST.  Because this particular website is on my daily weather checkup, I will be watching for activity.  It could be a NEXRAD But not sure.  If so it seems a bit “rogue.”  And yes, Blue Sue would likely be interested in this.  The website is Northern California Weather Blog:


  5. BlueSue says:

    @ Donna-Arizona, yes I totally agree with you. Don't buy ANY smart products.  My washing machine recently kicked the bucket and I had a hard time finding a non-smart replacement appliance, but I finally did find one (Kenmore) at Sears. I do not own a Smart phone – still have my "dumb" flip phone.  One nice thing about being my age, it doesn't matter what people think about you — "Like seriously? you don't have a Smart phone!"  I teach, and will be retiring this year.  Every single staff member is practically glued to their pathetic pacifiers when I see them at lunchtime in our staff break room.  So unreal.  When the dammed electric company installed a Smart meter against my expressed written wishes, I immediately put a Faraday cage on it.  It's very difficult to be healthy when we are violated at every corner. And it continues to be a snowless warm December here in Alaska where I live.  Completely exposed green grass in my yard.  I hear that the cod fisheries in Alaska have shut down, and there has been a terrific sea bird die off on the beaches here (and in Australia) .  Hmmm, wonder why?,

  6. Virginia says:

    In light of recent statements made by Trump on current relations with Zionist Israel that "Americans don't love Israel enough" etc., I was reminded  of an expression by a Jesuit priest made many years ago and which coincidentally just appeared on WRH   I am sure many of you have read it, but for those who have not, I present it here:

    "Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can't help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East."..John Sheehan, S.J. (Jesuit priest)

    Peace…and Truth

    • BaneB says:

      Virginia:  No truer observation ever observed.  True prior to 9/11, and truer after. The only nation to benefit from this is Israel.  America the Babylon has simply bankrupted herself for her dear dear “friend.”  Meanwhile the issue about election meddling by Russia (a red herring) misguides what and who really do meddle big time in our state and national elections.  AIPAC.  It’s an unregistered foreign lobby operating for Israeli interests.  All the other foreign lobbyists must register.  But not AIPAC.  It’s huge influence upon US elections and the hijacking of our foreign policies is well known by our ruling elite.  Money talks.  So does blackmail (Epstein) and physical threats.


  7. BlueSue says:

    Tonight, here in Alaska where it's a weirdly warm 45 degrees and raining, I took my mom to the local cinema see the movie Dark Waters, which is about how the Dupont company knowingly poisoned untold millions of people with their toxic chemicals found in Teflon products and other common chemical "coatings".  The leading character in this true story is Rob Bilott, a corporate lawyer-turned-environmental crusader who shows admirable courage and tenacity in his decades-long battle with this evil corporation who (like so many others) wields exceptional influence over our so called regulatory agencies and government and has zero regard for how their products harm people or other lifeforms on the planet.  It was so sickening to see the devastation to the farmer's land and animals and the disease, deformity, and death in West Virginia that resulted from Dupont's gross criminality.  Unfortunately, we no doubt ALL have some of those eternally toxic chemicals in our bodies.   Tragically, it took decades before those poor people saw any measure of justice, but many finally did thanks to the persistent efforts of one man who wouldn't give up.  Thank God for men like this lawyer (and Dane) who "walk their talk" and can put the welfare of others before their own.  Too bad the theater only had about a dozen people in it.  This movie should be seen by everyone! And if you have any "non-stick" pans in your kitchen, throw them out and use cast-iron or stainless steel. 

    • William Arnold says:

      I look forward to viewing the movie. Would you think any ceramic cookware that claim zero ptfe and other alphabet chemicals to be safe?


    • BlueSue says:

      @ William, yes ceramic and clay cookware should be safe *(depending on the type of glaze used). 

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      I threw my non-stick pans out a long time ago.  There were warnings that if you had any birds in the house while cooking over high heat with these "fake" surfaced pans, the fumes could kill them.  That's all it took.  I never understood the near-hysteria over cooking with and eating fats.  Your body needs fats and I've noticed that the people who avoid fats like the plague are usually rather overweight from stuffing themselves with carbohydrates all day instead of eating a balanced diet that includes at least occasional animal protein and regular consumption of healthy fats.  For goodness' sake.  And why would enameled cast iron be unhealthy?  As long as there are no toxic metals used in the glaze, you should be fine.  Le Creuset of France has been producing this kind of cookware for generations.

    • Frances says:

      The best non-stick fry pans are made of cast iron, seasoned cast iron.  Then, when frying, heat the pan first, then add the oil and heat it until the oil ripples.  Never wash the pans with detergent. 

      By the way, we are melting here in Australia with another week of heat wave conditions coming up. Skies are mostly full of dust and smoke haze although today I did see lines of clouds that I call fish-scale clouds.

  8. Climate change denial is no small change investment…

    Global Fossil Fuel Subsidies Remain Large: An Update Based on Country-Level Estimates [From: IMF Working Papers]

    Author/Editor: David Coady; Ian Parry; Nghia-Piotr Le; Baoping Shang

    Publication Date: May 2, 2019

    Electronic Access: Download PDF. Use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this PDF file


    This paper updates estimates of fossil fuel subsidies, defined as fuel consumption times the gap between existing and efficient prices (i.e., prices warranted by supply costs, environmental costs, and revenue considerations), for 191 countries.

    Globally, subsidies remained large at $4.7 trillion (6.3 percent of global GDP) in 2015 and are projected at $5.2 trillion (6.5 percent of GDP) in 2017. The largest subsidizers in 2015 were China ($1.4 trillion), United States ($649 billion), Russia ($551 billion), European Union ($289 billion), and India ($209 billion).

    About three quarters of global subsidies are due to domestic factors—energy pricing reform thus remains largely in countries’ own national interest—while coal and petroleum together account for 85 percent of global subsidies. Efficient fossil fuel pricing in 2015 would have lowered global carbon emissions by 28 percent and fossil fuel air pollution deaths by 46 percent, and increased government revenue by 3.8 percent of GDP.

    Series: Working Paper No. 19/89

  9. LORI STILES says:

    Dwayne, thank you for you efforts.

    I would take issue with your presentation of  WW2 as promoting the Military-Industrial complex.  It had not been formed until during and after the war.  Roosevelt felt it critical to stop Hitler and join the war effort to help the allies.  Sure, Pearl Harbor was a set up to push the American public behind that desire.  Had we not joined, Hitler would have succeeded, likely including his plans for the U.S.

    That is when the military was built up.

    • Virginia says:

      Hi, Lori,

      Interesting post.  Thank you.  Curiosity prompts me to ask for the source of your information as to "Hitler's plans for the U.S."  I would very much like to read up on that.  Also, the military-industrial complex was not a 'club' that was built up AFTER WW 2.   It might have been given a title, as per Eisenhower, but the core component was in effect for some years before WW 2 – hence, WW 2.  

      Thank you.  Peace.

    • William Arnold says:

      The military has been controlled by the Central Bankers, Rothschild, JP Morgan, other elite family Banksters who always profit from wars. This since before our own Revolutionary war. Grand Pa Prescott Bush administered financing the third Reich. Rockefeller supported the Japanese fleet through his corporation Standard Oil. There's always been MIC only now is too big to hide US /British imperialism has a long history but has ever been conceived and financed by elite money.

  10. Jonathan O'Quinn says:

    Just got back from distributing GW printed materials at East Carolina University.sny students reached. I don't want at all….let the fliers do the talking for me

    I encourage all to do all you can ….

    Be encouraged!



  11. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Welcome to Western Quebec  (circa: 1965)  when open atmospheric experiments by "experts" didn't require civilian knowledge or consent…

    An Evaluation of Silver Iodide Cloud Seeding by Aircraft in Western Quebec, Canada, 1960-1963

    Journal of Applied Meteorology – Volume 5

    Nearly all environmental toxicology studies referring to Silver Iodide cloud seeding, revert to this ONE STUDY: >>>

    Ecological effects of silver iodide and other weather modification agents: A review

    ArticleinWater Resources Research 6(1) · February 1970

  12. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Air pollution 'caused 400,000 premature European deaths in 2016' | News | Al Jazeera 

    Poor air quality caused about 400,000 premature deaths in Europe in 2016 – the most recent year data is available – and almost every city-dwelling European is exposed to pollution levels that exceed healthy levels, according to a new report. 

    "Air pollution is currently the most important environmental risk to human health," the European Environment Agency (EEA), the EU's health agency, said in the report released on Wednesday. 

    The report's author, EEA air quality expert Alberto Gonzalez Ortiz, said that while the level of dangerous particles in European cities was dropping, it was not dropping quickly enough.” < [ Placating bullcrap from another alleged "expert".Not one word about the obvious atmospheric release of geoengineering aerosols by military and civil aviation.  People need to reject the "experts" and grow some balls…

    • Virginia says:

      Hi, Paul,

      Your research always thorough and informative.  Your last sentence:  "People need to reject the 'experts' and grow some balls."

      If we are not so equipped, what do you suggest?

      Peace to all.

  13. Earth Angel says:

    Heavy spraying this morning over north central Georgia.. X's going every which way just in time to bring in the VERY cold wind and the rain scheduled on and off for the next 2-4 days. The past several days have been unusually warm for this time of year, now suddenly frigid cold winds. Both the high short dispersal trails and huge long expanding ones going everywhere with some haarp waves visible in places. Nothing in nature can adapt to this insanity. This madness must STOP NOW. Thank you to EVERYONE who is doing something about it.

    • Dennie says:

      @Earth Angel:  🙂

    • Dawn says:

      This is happening right now in Virginia as well.

    • christie cobb says:

      same here in Illinois today. i was walking home from the  store and could hardly breath with out my nose running and sniffling as soon  as i went into my house i was fine.Also today in the noon time i saw the blackness in the skies and the pink it was terrifying to see

  14. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL, This last Thursday was our bi-annual vendor meeting for my local farmers market. I find it interesting as to who shows up and wants to be apart of something… and who doesn't. It's an odd position I have with the market. They asked me to be on the board of directors and I sell nothing at the market. I've been a polite guest ya might say. At the end of the meeting, I stood up and addressed the group and explained a few "simple" mathematical equations regarding our current food supply, "globally" AND where it's heading. I encouraged everyone of them to grow as much food as they can. Especially easily store food. I assured them that they will sell every bit of it if they do not compete with the local grocery store prices. I pointed out how food prices have gone up very fast AND how many of the of the items we like are now "simply" gone. You should have seen the head nods on that note, just sayin. I give light to the single greatest "heist" of our times yet I am welcomed and heard in my community. I've always said, "I'm the fly you can't shew away". Isn't that what our "favorite teacher" did? Funny, I came across someone from the market the other day at the grocery store. He knows me well yet referred to me saying, "how ya doing weather man?" I'll take it. One little chip at a time and the walls came tumbling down… Folks, look for those whom you cross paths with often. Don't ignore them. Heck, they're looking at the same stuff you are. Why do you think you cross paths with them? Talk to them. Ask good questions. Ones that get the mind turning. "Do your own home work, first".

    Hard times are coming. "What's in your wallet?"

  15. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL,

    Once again another hard hitting GAN. The "cadence" of this weeks broadcast was of great note. Thank you Dane. Always appreciate company that makes me think.

    Thank you for bringing up the Iditarod sled dog race. I've been following it since the days of Susan Butcher who spawned the phrase, "Alaska, where men are men and women win the Iditarod". (The toughest race on earth). I won big bets, betting on "her". It's a tough race! I admire a woman with grit. In 1972 the Iditarod was won in 22 days. Susan Butcher was the first to finish in 12 days, 1985(I think). Now days the record is 9 days. The Iditarod is "1100 miles!" In the first years of the Iditarod, the weather was more than brutal. "Are the dogs now days that much faster?" Well in some ways they are. But more significantly is the change in the "trail conditions". The change in snow conditions. Yes, the trails became more groomed but that does not mean a half or better of the original finishing time. It was the "conditions" on the trail that made an ultimate difference. The intersection of optimum weather and optimum trail. Now days it is just plain insanity and down right dangerous to run the Iditarod. "There's not enough snow!!!" In ALASKA!! And lastly here on behalf of any sled dog that lived. "There hasn't been one sled dog that started out for Nome Alaska that didn't want to go". The ones that didn't became pets at someones home. I know, I ran sled dogs long distance from 1980 to 2000. I always sold puppies with the understanding that if the dog didn't work out, bring them back "no questions asked". Well, I got several back over the years. "100%" of the time, those dogs plugged into the team just like they had been running with them for years and were never the problem I was told they became. Folks, I feel strongly that our human populous is no different. "Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way".

    Thank you, Dane, for bringing up John Lennon. A man I truly admired. Here's your fun fact for the day folks. John Lennon and Company put up billboards right next to military recruiting stations "world wide!" The sign read, "war is over, if you want it". All these years later, I want it more than anything else possible.

    Love and strength to ALL

    • Dennie says:

      No wonder John Lennon was killed in a C.I.A.- assisted hit.

      "Everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten:"  SHARE resources! 


  16. Maciej Kocialkowski says:

    Yet another 1-minute video with no words, speaking out for itself.

    During all my outings, whether at the beach, or more commonly in the wilderness areas, like this one, I often admire majesty of the wildlife, deer, gators, fox squirrels, birds, otters, coyotes, and also cattle of all sorts, and feel deeper and deeper sense of shame for all the misdeeds of our human race, that will take all those critters down along with us. 

    We after all do have a voice, they have none, they only have us. Given that vast majority choose not use their voice, in this ever more critical battle, are we even worthy saving? And saving by whom? And from whom? By ourselves, and from ourselves.

    And again, I really use "we" very loosely, since I know there are very dedicated and courageous individuals among "we". But again, the few cannot save the many.

    • cristina says:

      Dear Maciej , 

      Your remarks about saving by whom? , and from whom ?. The things is the whole history of men, have been a struggle of humanity. Always  from pharaohs, to Emperors, to kings and queens, to  Popes.and then the merchants , the banks dynasties fro 1700 and oil barons.

      Always this world has been ruled by powers. They dictated every law according to their own purpose not according to the law of justice. Their criminal system is to benefit only themselves , to kill who they want , to steal the land of the people ,They took the power  and rule with all criminality and tyranny.

      This world system is full of injustice , We must understand that as they control the world also using military geoengineering with is an assault on all life and the environment . terrorism climatic , terrorism economic , terrorism social against countries and civilians .All wars are unlawful. 

      We can see all the evil that men is capable of doing for power, love of money (unlawful markets), manipulation and control, As the power drift to shareholders , all in corporations and one world government.

      Men become a slave of this injustice system with all their lies and tramps of very astute men. But our human intelligence part of our inner being wants justice and good. We see the evil of the animal nature , represent by fox, the wolf in sheep clothes, the dogs, the astute serpent, the rat race, the greedy pig.The territorial , predator.

      This is why we shall hate that animal nature of primitive thinking and love the human nature of the civilize society base in human principles and the common good, All we are equal , no men power over another men but in the freedom of thoughts by with convictions and honesty .

      The planet earth is to look after , to learn about the purpose for our existence. We shall live all in peace and understanding. but these poison individuals want all for themselves and for exploitation , the earth is not for experiments , as a temporal place we must search  for all concerning life. True Life is justice, equality, love, peace,  kindness, mercy, compassion. But we see chaos, injustice, wars , hate the seed spread among us of division.

      How can we call true life when we see two things, the good and the evil. This is the purpose to understand what is there in the depths of the heart of men. And to live  rejecting the evil and choosing the good. But will this ever happen ? 

      Outside religions institutions i must say  in confidence that God created the earth and the universe with all laws . But men even imposters pretending to be representative of God on earth wants to destroy all the laws of nature and create an artificial life  by using GMOs on our healthy food, geoengineering, genetic on medicine,.Laboratories viruses and diseases,(bio-tecnology) 

      We are all human , we should all care for each other , to live in a healthy planet . not to harm one another but to learn from each other .

      The eternal God has promise men eternal life as a gift, but for that we must chose the path of righteousness to pursue for the good of our soul and our primitive way of thinking must be renewed  by undressing the old animal nature of the carnal -minded primitive thinking(death of the flesh ).

      The salvation of the soul is to free us fom the yoke of slavery of all lies of men and from the animal nature of the flesh , the death of the flesh (the real crucifixion) is the old way of thinking which is futile to the life of the soul. The works of the flesh is the evil side and the human soul is the good side. The vanities of life are futile  it is called falsehood.that we must to put to death as it is contrary to our human nature of the soul. 

      Life is a journey., symbolism .

      We  are as pilgrims on this earth , as ships in the storms of life  (shipwreck) .  Voltaire  –let us cultivate our garden.( our heart-earth) 

      to read if you want: www. twelveloaves,com Articles: Article 1; Atheism and religion Vs the Untold Truth…

      Thanks to all for your fight to open the mind of people and to care for all the life of the earth.

      Hope for the true life indeed. beauty and good in all justice, eternal and incorruptible Love .  









    • Maciej Kocialkowski says:

      Hey cristina,

      Thank you for your deep and thoughtful comment. I concur with everything you say, I just look at it in much simper terms.

      It hardly comes as a surprise that those, who truly yield power, do not mean well, and orchestrate all the wrong doings in the world, one way or the other. As you say, it has never been any different. At least not, that we know of.

      But having said that, they are not the ones who commit the deeds, fight the wars, do all the ill acts. Regular humans are. And they can only do it, if they either don't care, or don't know what they are really doing (assuming they have good intentions), which both are inexcusable.

      That is why I never take lightly when somebody for example says: "ignorance is a bliss". Ignorance is a bliss? Really? Ignorance (or again, lack of care) of legions of order followers have costed lives of hundreds of millions in XX century alone. Is there any conceivable reason to mass kill humans? No, there is not. Thus the war, regardless of reason provided, can never be justified. Never. It is a simple as that. 

      On top of that, vast majority of pretexts for wars were either made up, or meticulously preplanted (also by humans), further burying human race in the pointlessness of bloodshed, and their guilt for it.

      Simply put, if we take everything or anything that is communicated to us, at face value, without any verification, investigation etc, that is ignorance. If profound and dire in consequences for human race and/or biosphere decisions are to follow based on communicated narratives, and us accepting these narratives, without really knowing if they are true or not, then yes, we are our own enemy, period. At this late stage in the game, one would expect, most of us have figured it out. But again, we either have not, or we don't care.

      I prefer this straight forward, and practical explanation, because it allows to point finger at practically all of us, including so called "good people",and get to the bottom of what is wrong with the world, and what needs to be done to change it. Venturing into elaborate rabbit hole of spiritual explanations, and pointing the blame to the rulers only, kind of gets everybody off the hook, and muddy the subject, so we can feel better about ourselves.

      Again, that is not to take any validity from your comment, but given what kind of population we currently have to deal with, on this planet, anything has, is and will be used to excuse ourselves from any responsibility for all the wrongdoings and misdeeds. And that is simply wrong.



    • Beatriz says:

      thanks Maciej, for your clear exposition. i see the truth of what you are saying.

    • Robin Christensen says:

      Dear Cristina & Maciej,

      A deep discussion!  Enlightenment from both of you.  As Marianne Williamson says to paraphrase- 'if spiritual consciousness focuses away from anything bad, then we have a problem'.  Service to address these bad things/acts "has to be incorporated into their spiritual practice (in reference to New Age criticism) for their spiritual practice to be deeply meaningful."  Muchos Kudos for your example/actions, as Dane says  "…to sound the alarm  and spread spot fires of awareness."

      A signpost that guides me is in both the gnostic gospel and the new testament, and voiced in other words/religions elsewhere.  The Mustard Seed.  Its that seed within us that needs to dissolve away, that courage that we need to flourish, so that we can live to the fullest & have a peaceful, yet firm presence that rubs off on people.

      When we can become aware of the seeds of poison (above us in the fake clouds & below where chaos is visible on a daily basis in our surroundings), we simply go forward & spread the seeds of awareness, toward transformation within ourselves & without- of all nations.  Act on the knowledge, spare the judgment, just be yourself.

  17. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  This report is from DARPA’s own website. I came across this nightmare in a book I’m reading on DARPA, "The Pentagon’s Brain", which states that out of the 2.5 million Americans that served in Iraq & Afghanistan wars — more than 300,000 of them now returned home with TBI traumatic brain injuries, “brain-wounded warriors.” The idea that 300,000 + men are suffering and available as lab-rats for DARPA is haunting me. They are experimenting implanting chips in their brains: DBS Deep Brain Stimulation. Sick. DARPA declined the book’s author when she asked to interview the injured.  – S

    Defense Advanced Research Projects AgencyProgram Information / Restoring Active Memory (RAM)
    Dr. Tristan McClure-Begley
    The Restoring Active Memory (RAM) program aims to mitigate the effects of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in military Service members by developing neurotechnologies to facilitate memory formation and recall in the injured brain. More than 270,000 Service members have been diagnosed with TBI since 20001. The condition frequently results in an impaired ability to retrieve memories formed prior to injury and a reduced capacity to form or retain new memories following injury. Despite the scale of the problem, few effective therapies currently exist to mitigate the long-term consequences of TBI on memory. Enabling restoration of memory function would support military readiness by providing injured personnel the option of returning to duty, and would improve quality of life for wounded veterans.
    DARPA’s end goal for the RAM program is to develop and test a wireless, fully implantable neural interface for human clinical use. To achieve that goal, the program blends fundamental research and technology development. Performer teams are building multi-scale computational models with high spatial and temporal resolution that describe how neurons code declarative memories—the well-defined parcels of knowledge that can be consciously recalled and described in words, such as events, times, and places. Teams are also exploring new methods for analyzing and decoding neural signals to understand how targeted stimulation might be applied to help restore function to the injured brain.
    Building on this foundational work, researchers are integrating the computational models into new, implantable, closed-loop systems able to deliver targeted neural stimulation to restore normal memory function. Volunteers living with deficits in the encoding and/or retrieval of declarative memories and/or volunteers undergoing neurosurgery for other neurological conditions are taking part in human clinical studies to help test and refine the RAM systems. RAM also supports animal studies to advance the state-of-the-art of quantitative models that account for the encoding and retrieval of complex memories and memory attributes, including their hierarchical associations with one another. This work aims to identify any characteristic neural and behavioral correlates of memories facilitated by therapeutic devices.
    The RAM program is informed by independent Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications (ELSI) experts to help DARPA proactively identify potential issues related to memory and neurotechnology. Communications with ELSI experts supplement the standard oversight provided by institutional review boards that govern human clinical studies and animal use.

  18. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    5G Cell Phone Radiation: How the Telecom Companies Are Losing the Battle to Impose 5G Against the Will of the People – Global Research / Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

    The telecommunications companies and the mainstream media would have you believe that the race to roll out 5G is unstoppable. That you are nothing and no one in the face of a lethal multi-trillion-dollar agenda imposed by some of the most powerful entities on the planet.
    They thought that if they called their new, alleged “communications technology”, adapted from the military Active Denial Technology, “5G” or fifth generation, the public would just assume that it was more of the same as 4G, 3G or 2G. And if they could characterise the rollout as a race, the public would not have enough time to find out what a killer technology 5G is. How wrong they were! Not only has the public found out, but now they know how lethal previous generations of wireless technology – to be used concurrently with 5G – are as well.
    Below is the evidence from a number of different countries that the pushback is huge and growing. The telcos have lost the propaganda war, despite their control of the mainstream media, from which not a whisper of the dangers of 5G is heard, and of social media and Youtube, who have been desperately deleting millions of accounts to silence the naysayers.

  19. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Current List of Companies Planning 5G Satellites

    As of today, the following companies are planning to launch, or are already launching, 5G satellites into low orbit around the Earth:

    SpaceX, based in the United States, has plans for 42,000 satellites, has already launched 120, intends to launch 60 at a time twice a month during 2020, and is developing a larger rocket that can launch 120 at a time. As soon as 420 satellites are in orbit, it plans to turn them on. That could be as early as February 2020.

    OneWeb, based in the United Kingdom, has plans for 5,260 satellites and intends to launch 30 at a time every three to four weeks beginning in January 2020. As soon as 300 satellites are in orbit, in late 2020, it plans to turn them on.

    Telesat, based in Canada, has plans for 512 satellites, and intends to begin service in 2021.

    Amazon has plans for 3,236 satellites and intends to begin service as soon as 578 are in orbit.

    Facebook has plans for thousands of satellites but has not disclosed its plans to the public.

    Roscosmos, the Russian Space Agency, has plans for 640 satellites, to be deployed between 2022 and 2026.

    Aerospace Science and Industry Corp., a Chinese state-owned company, has plans for 156 satellites, to be in place by 2022.
    The above companies will broadcast only 5G and will sell user devices that will be mounted on homes and vehicles and will function as small cells. Another company, Lynk, has plans for “several thousand” satellites that will communicate directly with cell phones and will broadcast not only 5G, but also 2G, 3G and 4G. Lynk intends to begin service in 2023.

    In addition to these satellite plans, Loon, a subsidiary of Google, has a contract to provide Internet to remote areas of the Amazon rainforest in Peru from stratospheric balloons.

    China Already Has Nationwide 5G and Is Developing 6G
    Two countries already have nationwide 5G, China and South Korea. And the insanity continues to escalate: China is already developing 6G. On November 7, CNBC reported that 37 universities, research institutes, and enterprises will be involved in developing 6G technology in China. 6G will use even higher frequencies than 5G, and will send even greater tsunamis of data all over this fragile world. And other countries are rushing to compete as well.

    The University of Oulu in Finland has a 6G research institute. On September 29, 2019, Rohde and Schwarz demonstrated a prototype system operating at 300 GHz at a workshop in Paris. And in the U.S., the Federal Communications Commission is planning to open up frequencies up to 3 THz (3,000 GHz) for research purposes.


    • Henry R. Meier says:

      Thank you, Susan-

      As usual, scary as all get out. I recently came across a documentary delved into efforts to develop avoidance systems for these things so they won't crash into one another. Projections on how it might all be set up; pathways, which one's goe which way's… stuff like that. 

      This link might work if you copy/paste it to your browser…? Got an add blocker… use it.


    • Virginia says:

      Susan..thank you for your 5G alert.  It is all so incredible that all the nations you mentioned are of the same frame of mind about activating thousands of satellites – and we are helpless to really stop them.  And China with 6G?   I fear for humanity, or what will be left of it, and especially the young people who will think this is all the 'normal' way of life.  What more horrors are the psychos in charge planning for us, I wonder.  As for me, I intend to write comments on as many articles about 5G that I can find on line.  May not do much, but a least an effort.     Godspeed, Susan.  Peace.

    • Donna-Arizona says:

      Am I the only one having a hard time with the "they're going to get us from space thing?" If they were going to get us from space, then why are they tearing up all of our neighborhood roads, laying the pipe for the 5Geeee system, where there will be an antenna on every light pole, because millimeter waves don't travel very far? The news is all controlled, all of it, and they want you to think it's hopeless and there is nothing you can dooooo. For starters, don't bring that box with 6 antennas on it, into your house, and Stop Buying Smart Stuff.

  20. Shelley Voigt says:

    We need to have these bill boards everywhere to put a halt 

    to this climate engineering insanity.

    • Maciej Kocialkowski says:


      I hear what you are saying, and totally agree. As a matter of fact, I made it clear from the very beginning of my efforts to put up a billboard, that this serving as an example, that others hopefully will follow, is way more important than any donations.

      The problem is that many would want to see these billboards, but they are not willing to be involved in the process of organization, let alone funding them. That leaves remaining very few with all the work, risks and costs. That is the stark reality. I know it first hand. I have tried to energize seemingly active in their FB postings local group, 160 strong. What were the results?

      When it came to committing their readiness to contribute $3 a month on a ongoing basis, to fund it, there was not one out there, not one. I did not hold it against them, and proceeded on my own regardless, but use this as an explanation, why we do not have more of them, and why overall we still have climate engineering and other atrocities going on. That's why.

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