Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 15, 2020, #236


Dane Wigington

Climate engineering, the coronavirus outbreak and countless other converging factors are taking their toll on modern civilization and the planet's life support systems. The Pentagon is preparing pandemic quarantine centers in the US, how bad will the outbreak get? Why is the World Health Organization involved with bio-weapons labs? Snow just fell in Mexico, Baghdad and Saudi Arabia, while the majority of the planet is melting down. What's wrong with this picture? Australia has gone from flames to floods, can it get any worse? Are the same scenarios in store for us all? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

No matter how daunting the challenges are before us, it is imperative to press forward with our combined efforts to sound the alarm. All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.
DW wishes to express our most sincere gratitude to Suzanne Waltman for her efforts in spearheading the latest Geoengineering Watch billboard. The billboard is located at 6656 East Eleven Mile Road, Warren, Michigan. 

This week's outreach booth is at the Earl Warren Showgrounds, Santa Barbara, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

60 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 15, 2020, #236

  1. Eric from Lansing Mi says:

    Ok took a hand full of snow came in the house at 70.  Took a hour for it to vanish basically leaving hardly a trace. Left ice cube out of freezer same time same melt rate but left water .  Weather channel says it’s 34 but feels like 21. No wind.  Been that way all winter. Thanks Dane for opening my eyes.  God bless.  Sad thing every body thinks I’m nuts. No matter who I tell.  

    • penny waters says:

      dear eric

      everybody thinks you're nuts – only the people you have met – join the club mate – be like horseman – we are friends that we haven't met – don't lose heart

      regards penny

    • Robert says:

      You are not crazy, just honest and truthful,  also know that many of us are with you in this battle to expose these criminals. You are not alone my friend, stay the course.

    • alex says:

      Dear friend! You are not crazy! You are right!

  2. Dennie says:

    For anyone interested in filtering contaminants out of tap water, check this out:  Clearly Filtered 3 Stage filtration system, under sink model:  Clearly Filtered makes a very popular counter top model that has been selling out so quickly, Amazon couldn't keep them stocked though I found a "used" one (means someone bought it, didn't actually use it but returned the item) for $69 and change when I looked again a few hours later.  New counter top filtration pitcher models cost $75 each.  You will have to purchase replacement filters eventually but the filters are much better than Brita and they process about 100 gallons of water, about 6 months of use.  You can order water filtration units and filters directly from Clearly Filtered at their website.  Their filtration system takes out over 99 per cent of fluoride (most brands don't) as well as PFCs ("forever" chemicals), aluminum and barium, cesium, thorium and a whole lot more from your drinking water.  

    • JR says:

      Aye Dennie, Amen. I've had a 5 stage filtration under sink for years from Water Resources International based out of Phoenix, Arizona. People can also look up systems on Look for filters as you say for VOC-volatile organic chemicals etc…

  3. JR says:

    Hello folks, from Southwest, New Mexico USA. About a month back we got rain and a little snow, long overdue. The cause for the lack of I know is due to SAG/SRM, SAI-, better known to many as Chemtrails. The way our government leaders operate and those in higher authority always want proof they say, but they are the culprits causing these evil works or are just in denial, ignorant in other words. This country and the people representing its people in authority are & have for years pointed the finger at other countries representing evil not looking at its own rearend with so many lies, called corruption and oppression in simple terms. As always our skies are polluted with these Aerosol Operations down here on earth throughout where they desire to do such. They are evil pieces of dung standing on 2 legs in human form, Satans workers of iniquity the whole lot of them, nothing less. God forgive me for saying so, and may He remember His people on the final day as He says He would. He is not a liar as the lowlifes we are surrounded by are and represent the Evil one. We are in a Spiritual Battle people & will overcome in the end of time as we know it down here on Earth. His Peace and Goodwill to the real peacemakers…

  4. steve says:

    The entity and omen known as Justin Trudeau, Dishonourable, Ungodly and Disgraceful Prime Minster of Canada.


    Just-in-time Trudeau, the part-time high school drama teacher, has no say in the matter.



    A brief review of his impressive resume:


    1. The son of a raving, closet Bolshevik communist, daddy, Pierre, was best chums with Mao, Stalin and Castro, engaging these distinguished gentlemen in several secretive, clandestine meetings, courtesy of the Cdn taxpayer.


    2. Mother, Margaret, a downtown Toronto El Mocambo bar-hopping, Rolling Stones groupie, dope head, adulteress, and trophy wife, who actually managed to elope and tour with the Stones, while hubby, Pierre, was stacking the deck in Parliament. She has recently metamorphosed from mentally deranged to women's mental health champion.


    3. Justin, a genuine, Jesuit miseducated sodomite and sexual degenerate of epic proportions, prides himself on attending parades with his wife and young children, where grown men, some naked, others clad in leather straps and chains, exhibit their Canadian ideals.


    At the very least and bare minimum, Trump's characterization of his Cdn counter-part as “weak and dishonest,” speaks volumes.


    Canada, you must now enjoy the fruit of your worthless vote and witness, first hand, the destruction of your nation.


    • Dennie says:

      As Sting said yesterday in his interview on KQED's Forum radio show, ALL the leaders of every nation are, just like their people, struggling now.  Why, you might think to ask?  IT'S BECAUSE THIS PLANET HAS BEEN BANKING THE MONEY FROM THAT CHEAP SLAVE, OIL. 

      WHEN THE RESOURCES (like oil and uranium and gold and silver) RUN OUT, WE SAY THEY ARE SCARCE. 



      YES, IT IS THAT SIMPLE.  UGHHH!!!– Surprised so FEW STILL don't "get it" about Peak Everything (there's even a book of that title) and I have to point that out.

  5. steve says:

    The last stand. It is tragically ironic that the Canadian Native Indian, a victim of centuries of genocide and countless hoodwinking, enough to make a billy goat puke, is the only line of defence for a disintegrated nation of human sheep and cattle.


    The spirit, fortitude and survival of these peoples is unparalleled. It appears the tribal elders have spoken, and the youth understand they no longer have anything left to lose except death, disease, cancer, starvation and displacement from their sacred lands.





  6. Mary Hollowell says:

    I can't think of another film that makes more sense, 22 years later, than The Truman Show.  Thanks, Jim Carrey.  It's worth a watch.


  7. steve says:

    Snow mould?!, courtesy of the fairy tale, make believe, pretend Cdn Weather Network. Watching these paid circus clowns, entertainers and B-movie actors is tantamount to viewing a group of delusional schizophrenic parasites.



    Drawing on Dane's fact-based true research and credible, verifiable data, observing such paid, deceptive, ignorant liars provide an autistic playschool narration of the fiercest and most observable eugenics-based military operation of modern times does contain a trace of entertainment value, albeit, in a clinically insane manner.


    Of course, the toxic geoengineering aerosols, sprayed pathogens, lethal inoculations, fluoridated, hermaphrodite-inducing drinking tap water and GMO filth-laden food supply have nothing to do with allergies, asthma and respiratory illness.


    The mentally deranged MSM solution will probably be: destroy and sanitize your lawns, grasses and fields with further toxins to avoid suffocating. This is now out of control and over the top. Unfortunately, the criminal syndicate establishment is just warming up.


    • Irene Parousis says:

      Wow, this makes sense why my daughter and I have been sneezing more this winter after being outdoors, even our dog is affected.  For most of this winter, the sky in Toronto, looks like it would on hot, humid summer days.  I used to look forward to winters just to enjoy the crisp blue skies and puffy white clouds which have become obsolete.  Steve, your description of the Weather Network is spot-on.

  8. Rick says:

    A dusting of snow that does not melt in the hazy sun at 40 degrees? Is this to give the appearance of winter in the face of an extremely mild winter with an early spring to come. The weather wizards are out of control, but the question i am asking is, Is there any ozone left? The sun is Hot even this winter, exposure may not be a good idea for extended periods of time. God Bless everyone, Live your life with the Truth, it is the only way. We are going to need each other in Numbers to do anything worth while before all hell breaks loose, we are in totally unchartered waters with engineered clouds, which we are all inhaling in ever increasing levels. Time for some Soul work, know who you are, and you will know all others.

    • Laura Cotter says:

      Good thoughts there Rick.  I'm a senior….and those I come in contact with,… you would think would join me on their FB pages to spread the word.  But no.  And FB will not put any articles or comments I post, out to the Public.  My stuff stays on my page only.  Their "newsfeed" is just a bunch of nonsense unimportant.  But I will keep trying….posting pics of my skies.

    • Nancy S says:

      Hi Laura, you might find a sleight of hand manner in which to describe the obvious thing happening overhead, while making it sound like you're actually describing something inane. Like, "Look at these wonderful pictures of my three year old granddaughter on her birthday! Isn't she pretty.  Too bad it was so hazy though, you can't really see the pretty sequins on her dress because it got a little hazy…." Drawing the viewer's eyes skyward, where from one end of the horizon to the other are stretched bleak white chemical scrawls. Just make it sound innocent. 

  9. penny waters says:

    clouds broke this afternoon and as the darker clouds rolled in i saw above the clouds the chemtrails – the filth

    don't know if you are aware but the west side of britain is drowning, and they still can't stop throwing out their filth

    words fail me

    • BaneB says:

      Here in Northern California we are being droughted out.  The arrival of rain and snow was almost two months late.  Then at the beginning of December for a couple of weeks we had nothing but cloudy days and mostly mist, some snow.  Guessing my area of Mendocino County received less than 15 inches of rain.  The annual average here is 60 inches.  It’s the middle of February.  The rain “window” closes in April and or May.  “Blue” skies and no rain in sight.  My big fear is of course the terrorists weather warriors burning us out this summer like they are doing to Australia.

    • Carla Blue says:

      I understand just how you fell Penny.

      Feb. 19 2020- We are being sprayed today like roaches in Tennessee.   We had beautiful blue skies for a change and then came the planes spewing their poison.    Now the sky from horizon to horizon is nothing but chemtrails.  We are obviously not doing enough to stop these deranged evil people.  

  10. steve says:

    Dane, this is vital need to know info. (Con)science is calling. Unfortunately, the godly essence of the article has been spun diabolically for those in darkness and ignorance.

    As Dick Gregory said before he passed, the vast majority of people, living in fear, will no longer know what "truth" is.


  11. steve says:

    Attached is a decent, albeit vague and misinformative, piece from Canadian MSM, where an elderly journalist admits to the near-term impending collapse, while side-stepping and skirting the fundamentally lethal issue of geoengineering. He also highlights his plan to get out of Dodge and make a “safe” exit strategy. Whether his critical omission of state-sponsored militarized weather warfare is deliberate or simply ignorant, only he knows. A word of advice to the author: The program is new world order, global, and there is nowhere to run or hide.



    What is certain though is that in his latter years he feels (vs. knows) that there is something extremely wrong. The recent series of shake, rattle and roll tremors felt off the coast of British Columbia (BC), Canada may be a faint signal for a handful of people. The major problem is that most people are watching the show, drama and special effects, not peeking behind the curtain to view the actual production crew and cast ensemble. Dane has been, and continues to be, a pioneer and native hierophant in giving his listeners an in-depth back stage view and detailed tour of the premises.


    Last week, out of the blue, insurance companies in BC refused to renew condo (strata) insurance policies for residents. No reasonable explanation whatsoever was provided, except the usual BS – a financial system services glitch was offered in appeasement. However, a few cutthroat bandit corporate outfits hijacked policyholders and hyperinflated policy renewals from 50 to 400%. Once you understand what is really going on, it makes you think long and hard, causing great concern.


    One of many fundamental truths: MSM=BS. An equation to live by in the current state of affairs.


    More importantly, also in Canada, the honourable native aboriginals are taking one final stand for humanity against an ungodly, toxic, exploitative pipeline project, that will only further fuel the annihilation of their lands and the centuries long LIBERAL, PROGRESSIVE genocide of their peoples. The movement is gaining momentum and action, with national grassroots support, but considering who and what (“the entity”) is at the helm, it will probably be short lived, with lockdown and bloodshed, courtesy of a diseased, brainwashed and indoctrinated personnel of order-following mercenaries, posing as official law enforcement. Hopefully, I am wrong, but the rule of law today is that when business is disrupted, the big guns are called in, usually blazing, all in the name of freedom and democracy.


    • Nancy S says:

      I wish I could leave my work right now. I'd travel there to stand with them. Am doing it in my heart, the people are in my thoughts and prayers. The collective heart of the peoples is breaking. If this is still going on in a couple of months, am going to try to get away to see this for myself and perhaps march and stand with them.

  12. Donna- Arizona says:

    I watched several coronavirus videos being fed to us, and I question several things, one being, the Personal Protection Equipment practices for such a deadly outbreak.

    Question: Why are people dropping like flies, dead in the streets in china and no one has died on that cruise ship? And how can two people in the same cabin, swapping spit, have one test positive and one test negative if "it's" so contagious?

    Question: Why are health officials in china wearing hazmat suits and the military and police are wearing only a surgical mask, no eye protection and in some cases no gloves while handling infected people?

    Question: Are the thousands of military and police going into quarantine after a long day handling infected people on the street, and are they being replaced on a daily basis? 

  13. Donna- Arizona says:

    2002 Nile Virus

    2004 SARS

    2005 Bird Flu

    2009 Swine Flu

    2014 Ebola

    2016 Zika

    2019 Measles

    2020 Coronavirus

    Did Gates finally get that pandemic keeping him up at night?

    • BaneB says:

      Donna-Arizona:  I want to add two other man-made pathogens to your list:  Legionnaires Disease, a novel bacterium (1970s),  AIDS, a novel virus (1979).  Only after Crick and Watson discovered the double helix DNA “ladder” (1950s) was it achievable to create new diseases, enhance old diseases, and create hybrids such as AIDS and this novel coronavirus COVID-19, via genetic engineering.  Bio-labs are creating diseases, patenting diseases, selling diseases, mailing diseases to one another.  It’s become big business and a way of life that threatens the lives, health and welfare of everyone.

  14. Roy says:

    Watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind recently from 1977. The military attempted to quarantine the 200 sq mile area due to a fake toxic leak. Stainless canisters containing EZ-4 were mounted under the helicopter & they then sprayed the region to temporarily put the livestock & birds to sleep & then used on the people being drawn to the alien site.

    That was 43 years ago.


  15. penny waters says:

    monday morning 17th

    floods, floods and more floods

    and people are so helpless cos they have left it to the 'authorities' to look after them – spending zillions of tax payers money – to build a defence – that is only as good as the height of the water

    and they are not to be trusted and why?

    re terrorism  and/or freedom fighters??? – and my memory of the ira with their anger at the british government and the uda

    so they committed acts of terror on the british mainland against ordinary people who have no say

    the only time the british government changed was when the conservative government got a bomb up their backside at the conservative party conference

    dreadful – maimed and killed people but the government then felt what it was like to be vulnerable

    why do people have to feel the pain before they act

    because the only people who have positions of power have trodden on others to get there

    herbal medicine – the amount of ordinary working people who attempted a uni degree in herbal medicine – couldn't cope with the middle class way of education and nobody helped them or saw the problem but me

    i struggled 

    humans are so flawed 

  16. Mary Hollowell says:

    I am indignant on behalf of good CDC employees, here in Atlanta, and I demand more from my tax dollars than an unedited transcript. 

    There are discrepancies between this audio file on coronavirus & the posted transcript (it's brief). And I have sent GW materials to Dr. Messonnier.

  17. penny waters says:

    dear all

    new scientist 1st feb – what is reality

    reality surely is, after all, a human concept 

    and isn't it just, for each individual, what goes on between the ears???

    here's some crazy reality

    re scientists and their reality and how the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing or do they, aaaaaaaahhhhhhh – really (that word again) are they competent??? are we all just:-

    human life: a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing!

    a team of scientists at the imperial college london have decided that damage to the climate could be reduced by as much as 59% by changing the altitude that planes fly at so they don't produce the (yes wait for it) 'contrails' says nasa ' a type of ice cloud formed by aircraft as water vapour condenses around small dust particles' cos  it 'blocks sunlight' and 'also act as an insulator, trapping heat'

    it is published in environmental science and technology on feb 12th 2020 entitled 'mitigating the climate forcing of aircraft contrails by small-scale diversions and technology adoption' by, tech, schumann, majundar, stettler. emails to

    is this for real – ay there's the rub

    reality – can't cope – i certainly wouldn't be able to write a concise rebuttal, what say you dane, or anyone else out there who could take on a 'scientist'and their reality

    am sure you could do a better job than me – in fact the way i feel anyone could do a better job than me at present, trying to get justice for a nearly blind old man struggling to be fed and kept happy

    at present wish i could run away and hide from the grotesqueness of humans

    oh dear weeping again – trying to get the institutions to function is like asking the brain dead to use their brains

    i have been hungry, homeless and absolutely terrified in my life and because i have used the bit between my ears, with the bit that beats in my chest, i have come through it but how to put my experience in some one else's mind is impossible

    reality – madness for a thinking human 

    pay attention, believe nothing and don't take it personal

    can't – too much – 

    • Jeanette S says:

      Just heard today from I believe it was someone from the administration that Trump hired cabinet people that were against agencies with the intention of taking them apart, not leading or making them stronger. Somebody said today it was intended to pick apart EPA, FDA, etc.

    • Frances says:

      I found insight reading The Nature of Personal Reality, a Seth book, by Jane Roberts.

    • Maciej Kocialkowski says:

      Hey penny waters,

      Thank you for bringing this "study" to our attention. This is just another example and proof, what is our academia being occupied with. I actually have looked thru this "study". The level of convolution, complexity, endless graphs, mathematical equations, assumptions and theorizing what if, boggles mind of anybody with any semblance of sanity, let alone humanity. 

      How many highly credentialed and compensated individuals spent how long to create this completely flawed, and thus useless paper?

      Of course, it is flawed, because it assumes, what planes leave behind are contrails, which vast majority of, if not all, are not. Thus false assumption, and then input into the study, will inadvertently result in completely false conclusions. This way vast intellectual and monetary resources have once again been wasted to create, again, I don't even know what to call it.

      As far as rebuttals go, yes, I encourage those who have capacity to write them. I have before with very top people like David Keith, Ken Caldeira, and few others. They do not fare well in those rebuttals, simply because they have nothing to back their points, rather than getting buried deeper in their lies and denial. They do not like it, and I do believe, that if enough of those well crafted, non threatening letters were consistently being sent their way, they would have detrimental effect on their deceptive position in the whole scheme. There are just too few willing, and perhaps capable of doing so.

      Another observation, and those who participated in this multi cc communication, probably remember that, that at some point, replies coming back were so long and fast coming, that it raised our doubt about the true source of them. In another words, resources exist to divert communications of that type and take their burden of the shoulders of any particular academician or scientist, without party communicating with them knowing.


    • penny waters says:

      dear maciej

      thank you hmmmm… no surprise then

      science bah!!!

      much love to all the wide awakes however painful it may be



  18. Tom says:

    coronavirus china stole coronavirus from canada & weaponized it.

  19. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: This is an excellent intelligent video explaining the difference between colloidal silver and 'structured' silver.  Very helpful to those of us who use silver – and also silver's potential role in combating any virus, including this one from China. I have been safely using colloidal silver for everything for decades.

    Coronavirus and Structured Silver discussion with Dr. Gordon Pedersen by Dr Paul Cottrell

    • Joseph says:

      Thank you for this link Susan. Dane thank you for all you do for exposing what is happening around the world.  There are just too many issues these days effecting the whole universe. It would be nice to just  have clean air ,water and food. It sounds so simple but in reality it is all polluted w Climate Engineering, GMOs , fracking, nuclear power- fukushima etc and I can go on and on. 

  20. David Smith says:

    In 1974 i took a class called Film Studies. The class was about how to fool the viewer into believing anything from products to by to changing peoples beliefs. Yes they were teaching how to manipulate the masses to follow anything produced by the media. They have come a long way, now there is no credible news or science produced by our government or corporations. The USA has been infiltrated by so many special interests there is no honorable people left except toughs on the outside trying to expose the truth. We fight an uphill battle with an avalanche fall on us. The youth of this country have betrayed themselves in their blind denial of their futures. The masses have drank the coolaide and soon it will be over for all due to the chest pounding blind right, left ignorance.

  21. penny waters says:

    so many wonderful and dreadful things going on at present – keep weeping

    tis said the tears are for when a heart can take no more

  22. Jen K says:

    Folic Acid (synthetic form of folate) Is it possible that this innocuous sounding additive first for pregnant women, then added to grains, now in so many products, including body building formulas, etc., and addition of seems to coincide with huge increases in autism. Is it possible that this synthetic folic acid is blocking the ability of many to understand the gravity of the present circumstances, or indeed the ability to see the blatant takeover. Very few studies seem to have been done on the detrimental effects of synthetic folic acid, however have seem one where it appears that there is premature hippocampal neurogenesis. Of course the who push this synthetic folic acid as well. Apparently in a stroke there is increased hippocampal neurogenesis, however this is also premature and does not create healing. Good luck to all of us, am so grateful and do not consent to these psychopaths…especially those who hold themselves out to be helping humankind.

    • penny waters says:

      from what i can remember folic acid exists naturally in grains and has only been added since white bread

      synthetic anything is usually made from a dodgy source and often from petro-chemicals – left over chemicals after the petrol has been taken out of oil

      that's why the colours in childrens drinks made many go doolally and why many pharmacuticals that damage people (kidneys especially) are made from the same stuff – waste from the oil industry

      and that's why the pharmacutical industry and the petro-chemical industry go hand in hand

      understand where food came from – before shops we ate the plants (womens task) from our surroundings and hunted the wild game (mens task)

      humans have been so successful that we have gobbled up our world, if not gobbling, then blowing it up

      this poor little whirling lump of matter 

      and i don't mean me hahahaha – need the laugh

    • melissa says:

      I have read that folic acid synergistically works with glyphosate. The body can not turn the folic acid into folate which the body needs due to the glyphosate. In turn the body stores the folic and can cause cancers . Go figure. It just so happens that they staring mandating the addition of folic acid at the same time glypospate was being added, think 1990’s. Coincidence? Doubtful 

    • Nancy S says:

      Penny Waters, FOLATE, not folic acid, exists naturally. Folic acid is a man-made compound and does not act in the dame way in the body as folate. I have a defect in folate metabolism, and must take high dose L-Methyl folate daily. Folic acid is neurotoxic to me.

    • Dennie says:

      Get a Clearly Filtered counter top pitcher water filtration unit.  It takes out over 99% of the glyphosate in your water.

    • penny waters says:

      dear nancy s

      thank you for your correction

      have trouble remembering bits of science – don't think of life like that anymore, in any way

      can see why you would remember that though 

      thanks again


      p.s. think folic acid is not good for anyone then!

  23. steve says:

    We are about to lose this world, what little is left of it, unless humanity awakens from its slumber and raises is god-given consciousness and awareness.

    How could we allow and permit an infectious and virulent, archontic orgy of pedophiles, sodomites, pimps, whores, hustlers and gangster thugs to destroy all this, while keeping the entire human race in darkness and ignorance?

    All life on planet earth, now sucking on chemtrails, radioactive waste and toxic filth of every imaginable kind, is hanging by a god damn thread. This genetic experiment of genuine global and cultural degeneracy has gone completely awry and is about to be concluded, with the Petri dish in the process of being discarded.

    As for the globalist subservient, self-hating annihilators, inglorious bastards, military brothers and sisters (including, militarized law enforcement), WAKE THE FUCK UP!, and do what you were trained to do: defend your innocent fellow man and citizen, and exterminate the real enemy, the “alien” destroyers and murderers of mankind and our world. Immediate trials, convictions and public executions, with due dispatch, for all politico, academic and media war criminals, aka criminals against humanity. There is very little to no time left, and the clock will soon stop ticking.

    • penny waters says:

      as many will know i am against war but i wept when i heard that the army was helping the people up north – yorkshire way – with the flooding caused by the second 'storm' to hit the uk in weeks

      so many people live in comfort, too much smug comfort, ignorant of what is facing us – at least the army are being used for the best purpose – to help the civilians survive

      many go into the forces because that is the only stable work they can get – coming from broken communities with no proper land management where one should be engaging with the processes of food and clothes made by locals for locals

      i have seen a shirt made from nettles – held by the local agricultural – now haughtycultural school – the most beautiful material shiny with energy 

      i was lucky many years ago, whilst wandering around before the heart was removed from the industrial north by 'improvements', to spend time with lancashire women and visit the market in lancaster where i bought the most comfortable pair of shoes i have ever worn in my life – clogs – made by the man who sold them 

      the heart seems to have gone from humans – except one finds it in patches

      have been trying to help a 93yr old gentleman get into residential care

      i now have the contact numbers of 2 women in his post office and again the numbers of 2 women in his local co-op shop because they have seen him slowly decline and all four women have been trying to help him keep straight and fed and not robbed  

      so they have rung different people – social services – so weighty with beaurocrats, with each person's job to do so little – stuck in a quagmire of pieces of paper

      and eventually found me – have known the old man for 40 yrs – and yet i am nothing – have no authority – i am definately living in the human asylum that we call 'modern life'

      so we are all having to play it by ear – to try to keep the old man steady

      there is a crisis with us old folk living too long – recent bbc 'environmentalist' chris packham in a bbc programme saying there are too many people on the planet and his dad had lived too long!!!!! the mentality – oh, and his dad doesn't live with him – he lives alone with his dog – honour your mother and father hmmmmm…….

      there are people out there in every street who care for others all the time, unpaid and caring people, and yet they do not have any knowledge of the dreadful things that face us all

      i try my best to talk to them but too much will make them turn away and that is such a negative result of engangement

      i have to go so slowly  – because they are the trusting ones and are beautiful souls because of it

      there are so many though, who are arrogant, and full of their own aggrandisement – they are the ones i detest

      how does one keep the strength to go on, knowing too much


  24. Vivien Bunnell says:

    Nothing changes if nothing changes…Call it what it is…a Zionist take over.

  25. Excerpted from: VIDEO: The "Lock Step" Simulation Scenario: "A Coronavirus-like Pandemic that Becomes Trigger for Police State Controls" – Global Research 

    "But few are aware that the epidemic playing out in China and two dozen other countries, including the US, is unfolding in line with a decade-old simulation titled “Lock Step” devised by the Rockefeller Foundation in conjunction with the Global Business Network. The scenario, one of four included in a publication called “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” in 2010, describes a coronavirus-like pandemic that becomes the trigger for the imposition of police-state controls on movement, economy, and other areas of society.

    Complete page:

    There are numerous articles regarding this “novel” new virus, yet no discussion of how civilian populations can put an end to the militaristic poisoning of their common environments…

  26. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 303rd email, titled: 'Global Climate Chaos within 7 months. 80% El Nino / 2024. 

    Just 7 days after Antarctica's record high temperature of over 18C, we had a new record high this week of over 20C.

    Just 20 days after Moana Loa's record high CO2 daily average of 415.79 ppm, we had a new record high this week of 416.08 ppm.

    Globally, January 2020 was the hottest January ever recorded, and has kinked the 'short term' hockey stick trend for temperature anomaly increases into an even steeper trend.

    Maybe they will endothermically geoengineer a 'coldest ever recorded' February or March? 

    The thing about the massive low pressure system(s) that is parked just south/southwest of Iceland is that the winds will push Arctic sea ice south along the east coast of Greenland.

    This year we have an 80% chance on an El Nino (when the oceans release some of their heat). If it happens, it will probably trigger:

    1). Catastrophic crop failures by September 2020. 

    2). Catastrophic Arctic methane releases by September 2020.

    3). …well, I could go on about food shortages, food riots, end of life as we know it, the collapse of our so called "civilisation", extreme violence etc, but there seems little need.

    We may not have an El Nino this year, but the % gets higher with each passing year, so it will happen within 3 years. 

    As of 15/2/20, Malcolm Light thinks that the final subsea Arctic methane blowout, that will kill all life on earth, will happen in 1409 days (Autumn equinox 2024).

    Let's hope I can send a good news email within the next 7 months.   


  27. andrew coonce says:

    Thank you, yet again, Dane.

    I am 66, I have no children, I have no grandchildren, so I guess I supposedly have no interest in the outcome.

    But yet I disagree.

    I am a human being- one of the 96% of human beings who are non- sociopaths.

    …………and I must concur with you, that there is yet something the population at general, can do, to stem this tide of psycopathy

  28. Kyle Hill says:

    They are steering storms away from the PNW up thru Canada down to the midwest/East coast. Something funny is going on around 145 degrees west.  

    There's also a huge 'trash' heap but trash is the wrong word.  The actual trash is only along the coast but what's in the middle is tiny microscopic pieces of plastic like only a milimeter across where most of it's not visible to the naked eye. That is bigger then all of North America now.  Several years ago it was the size of the US West Coast. It effects ocean currents due to laws of thermodynamics and Bernoullie's Principal. 


    The Humboldt Current isn't able to work anymore and there are 5 large zones of this in different oceans. The Atlantic has their own issues as well and the UK has had mild winters lately almost Mediterranean climate.

    • penny waters says:

      yet in uk, even with the 'mild' winters – we get night times that are so cold it feels like i am in space (freeze the whatsnames off a brass monkey) and sunshine that burns the retinas – no atmosphere

      where are the leaders of men

      sitting around with other soppy men and soppy women in their sharp suits and neat hair chattering about sweet fanny adams

  29. Paul Davis says:

    Massachusett's update.  More engineer-ed cool downs here; constant jet spraying in the skies; no one seems to be concerned. Leaves still on the trees, too.  Very heavy wet snow.. Snowfall engineered; very cold….Also travelled to Dublin Ireland 2 weeks ago; plenty of jet spraying there as well.   No concerns there..  Keep up good work, all.   -Paul

  30. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Coronavirus risk for Asians, Africans, Caucasians revealed

    Japanese and Chinese at highest risk for Coronavirus
    What is your risk to get infected coronavirus?
    FEB.10, 2020

    East Asians, Japanese, and Han Chinese are the most likely people to become severely sick by the coronavirus with a chance of more than 90% when exposed. Europeans only rank in the 50%, Africans in the 60% range, and considered low to medium. It also makes a difference if one is a smoker or non-smoker.
    … researchers are working around the clock to learn more about the deadly virus. Recent studies may explain why Europe, America had no deadly cases of the virus, and no coronavirus cases at all were reported from Africa.

    Full article and more risk reports like this, here [link]:

    According to this preliminary study the risk of obtaining the virus:
    High risk 90%-99%
    Japanese in Tokyo, Japan
    Southern Han Chinese
    Kinh in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    Han Chinese in Bejing, China
    Chinese Dai in Xishuangbanna, China


  31. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Censorship Is the Way that Any Dictatorship — and NO Democracy — Functions — Strategic Culture

    No democracy can survive censorship. If there is censorship, then each individual cannot make his/her own decisions (voting decisions or otherwise) on the basis of truth but only on the basis of whatever passes through the censor’s filter, which is always whatever supports the censoring regime and implants it evermore deeply into the public’s mind — regardless of its actual truthfulness.
    The public does have a mind, as a collective constituting the majority of the residents in the given land, which majority rules any democratic government. If the government doesn’t really represent the majority, it’s no democracy, at all, but instead represents other individuals, the real rulers, who might be hidden. Consequently, if a democracy exists but a censor somehow becomes allowed, and emerges into existence in a given land, then democracy will inevitably be snuffed-out there, and dictatorship will inevitably be the result — merely because censorship has been applied there, which blocks some essential truths (truths that the rulers don’t want the public to know) from reaching the public.
    Nothing is as toxic to democracy as is censorship. Censorship prevents democracy.
    If a dictatorship already exists in a given land, then it does so by means of censorship, because only by that means will the public be willing to pay taxes to the regime and to go to war for it and to kill and die for it. Without censorship, none of that could happen, except in an authentic democracy. An authentic democracy has no censorship.
    This is why democracy is so rare. Almost every dictatorship calls itself a ‘democracy’. But a government which calls itself “democratic” isn’t necessarily democratic, but more likely it has simply fooled its public to think that it is one (such as the United States has by now been scientifically proven to be — an actual dictatorship).

  32. Jeanette S says:

    Thank you for the billboards, Susan. A famous neighbor was in tune to the geoengineering, Prince. 

    • Patricia Jordan says:

      Dear Dane:  thank you for your information which I have distributed.  I plan to do this wih the remainders.  I have distributed many, some do not want to admit to what is happening.  However, people have to be told what to do is my opinion.  The general people in this country do not know what to do.  They are afraid of wars. consequently afraid they will get "into trouble".  I think people should be signing petitions, get people involved.  I do not see people making any actions.  Patricia Jordan

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