Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 12, 2019, #179


Dane Wigington

So called natural disasters are escalating rapidly all over the globe. How many of these disasters are actually natural? How many are not? How much longer will the vast majority of academia continue to deny the ongoing geoengineering operations? A new study has recorded a near total collapse of the iconic Monarch butterflies, are we next? How much longer can the current paradigm be maintained? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Battle fatigue has taken its toll on countless caring activists, but though we are understandably tired, we must summon the strength to maintain our efforts to sound the alarm. Circulating compelling printed materials can help to overcome the increasing social media censorship. Share credible data from a credible source, we must make every day count.

This week's outreach booth is at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

96 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 12, 2019, #179

  1. David Bach says:

    Hello, Dane,

    Once again I am writing a report about the weather in my region. Who does not know my contributions, I live in the Thuringian Forest. It is a 900 meter high low mountain range in the middle of Germany. For some time now I have been recording the 10km data forecasts of the JRC and comparing them a week later with the new data. It is amazing how it changes with the overlapping time periods in the simulation. In fact, the polar air is directed through extremely stable high pressure areas into the most densely populated regions of Europe to produce a winter picture. However, this leads to exceptionally mild temperatures in the Arctic. Since November last year, long-term forecasts have been published again and again – a winter of the century is approaching. Apart from a short-term cooling just below freezing point, not much of this was noticeable until the extremely humid and warm air from the Atlantic suddenly brought the abundant rain that we missed last year, which turned into snow at the beginning of January, although it was much too warm for it. Directly before the mainland almost 10 degrees warm air suddenly turned into cold air and strong wind near the ground in the opposite direction. This is inexplicable and of course makes no sense. The air that comes to us from the Gulf Stream is very mild and humid, but much too warm for snow. Several times the weather changes between windy and stormy cooling with lightning ice and some snow and rain in dense fog. Almost like this fog coming out of the open freezer. Puddles froze despite plus degrees, my car froze, so I couldn't open the doors anymore. However no stable winter weather could come up, since the warm sea air from west to east brought again and again relatively warm rainy days. Only in the middle of January one managed it, like before the east coast of the USA, when there the air from the gulf of Mexico provided for snow showers that it came in the heights with us and in the alps to massive snow storms, which followed again warm rainy days far over the freezing point. The polar vortex, which was supposed to bring a century of winter through its "accidental" division, did not do what was predicted. However, the continuous use of ionospheric heating elements now seems to achieve the "desired" effect. For the next few days, an extreme cold snap to -20 degrees Celsius over Europe is predicted. That is not unusual for our region. Unusual are however the warm air masses over Russia and further north direction Siberia. The weather makers direct the polar air to Central Europe, North China, North America and Canada. On the other hand, it is much too warm in the Arctic for this time of year. Many of my fellow men laugh at me when I try to explain to them that this weather is unnatural, because usually extremely cold air comes from the east at this time, not from the northwest, because a vortex that forces the jet through a permanent high pressure area in front of Europe in the north and then back to the south, i.e. to Scandinavia and Europe. This season the weather was usually caused by dry and cold air from the east. Only if you hold the GFS 10Km simulations in front of people's noses and compare them with data from 20 years ago, does one or the other begin to think. I am also in contact with people in Nepal, Australia and Russia. They all tell me about extreme weather conditions. Especially my Russian friends who live on the border to Siberia. They come to Germany from time to time to visit relatives and have been telling me for years that it was unusual in winter. They were accustomed to temperatures down to -45 degrees Celsius and below 20 years ago. In the last ten years, the average temperature and the minimum and maximum values at my friends' homes have risen by almost 30 degrees Celsius in the winter months. Meanwhile they have only -17 degrees Celsius, which they find unusually warm at that time. Russians, like Icelanders, almost take off shorts and T-shirts. Of course it's not funny, but it's definitely time, like the reports of my friend in Australia, who doesn't want to go outside at this time because it's too hot there. My buddy from Nepal also said that there was far too little snow and that the border where he lies is now over 5000 meters high and has also settled in the Everest area.  That the planet has become warmer is undeniable.
    The GFS maps also provide impressive evidence of this. The media are silent and it betrays you. Also our weather forecast seems to follow only one schedule, because every approach of winter weather is celebrated as an important "event". However, this makes more and more people suspicious when every snow shower in the daily news attracts almost 5 minutes of attention, but the mass murder in Yemen by our Western friends and the Democrats in Riyadh is completely concealed. We live in a madhouse, it's so sad. But we must not give up.  Every Saturday night I listen to your broadcast, read the contributions and hope that we will soon find these madmen before the ecosystem completely collapses. I myself have forest, we also plant trees, but the weather last year destroyed a lot here through drought and heat. People in the cities don't seem to understand that this great summer weather can't be good if it doesn't rain for months and the sun always shines. They seem to love it, but they often have no idea what it does in nature. I wish all those who have dedicated themselves to the Enlightenment on this subject the strength to get through it until all people have awakened and hopefully it is not yet completely too late. Dear Dane, I thank you for your commitment and all the great information you share with us to get hope for a better future.
    In this sense,
    Greetings from Thuringia to all who stand up for our cause.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      David Bach, thank you, what an excellent report, contribution. I use reports like yours at my awareness booth and in friendly conversations around town. I would appreciate a report from those same folks you mentioned, during the "wild fire" season. It's going to be a hot topic, pun intended, this coming summer and fall.

  2. Lorraine says:

    Hi everyone.  I read the comments ever since I began to listen to the weekly installment of geoengineeringwatch global alert news.  That is how I started noticing the spraying in my area (Atlantic Canada), and recently it is getting much worse.  Thicker lines which spead out like veils, looking like gigantic tic-tac-toes.  I can easily count a dozen lines across the blue sky, changing it to greyish blue.  Even in the moonlight, those "veils" adopt a charcoal  hue.  Over the last weekend, the spraying was a sign of the coming winter storm, and we have a deep freeze right now to prove it.  Good luck and may God bless you all who are fighting this big monster (geoengineering).

  3. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Another clueless media article regarding "weather" conditions in Australia. No questions or comments about the cause…

    Roads melt as temperatures break records across NSW

    January 17, 2019

  4. Jeanette S says:

    Hi everybody, just wanted to let you know that this lovely rain we are having here in the bay area sf are man made. this "storm" and wind is man made. this am was a blue patch of sky and sure enough their were three geoengineering lines crossing each other over top of the storm clouds. It is a weird feeling here too. Plenty of rain but your passages do not get moisturized.

  5. BlueSue says:

    This comment I'm writing may be too off-topic for posting, but I was hoping to hear some feedback from the sane folk here as to whether anyone else has had a similar experience. 

    On my way home from work tonight, I stopped in at the grocery store (Fred Meyers) to pick up a green pepper for making dinner and some laundry detergent. While rolling my little cart down the aisles I became disturbingly aware that I was under the horrific assault of some loud extremely jarring and atonal heavy-metal "music" that sounded like demons screaming.  Feeling immediate and intense distress, I hurried to the self-check out, as I couldn't get away from that sound fast enough.  Spotting a store manager in the aisle on my way out, I expressed my horror that they would play such awful "music" at 6:10 pm in there store, and that the sound of it was actually causing me physical pain in my chest around my heart. Her reply: " I can't do anything about it, it's piped in from "Corporate."  My reply, "Well, you might want to let "Corporate" (or anyone who cares) know that if I hear such menacing noise again, not only will it abruptly end my shopping, it will also be the last time I spend any money in your store." Then I realized that I had forgotten what I came in to buy (the green pepper) due to the distraction and distress of the demonic "song" and had to make a quick second trip through the self-checkout lane.  Half an hour later, I still had a "pinched" (for lack of a better description) feeling around my heart.  Anyone else ever experienced this? 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Blue Sue, I get the same type of "sensations" when I walk into Walmart. I'm there for one thing, cheap TP. I figure that's about all they're good for, if you get my drift(grin). I had over the top experiences when during the few times I have been dragged into going to a casino. So much so I had to step outside several times just to gather my senses. Couldn't get out of those places fast enough. "Someone should"(smile) coin the phrase, "marketing frequencies". For what it's worth, I miss shopping at Fred Meyer. I ate pretty good when I lived close to one. They have a great "local grower" produce dept. It's the price I pay to live so far away from such commerce. As long as I'm off on a tangent here, when I was a kid, I went to the Tigard OR "Freddy's" to see Oscar Meyer and the Weiner Mobile. Every kid got an Oscar Meyer "whistle". There were 3 of us kids. The whistle drove my mom crazy and she threw all 3 of them in the trash. Here's the punch line, "today "1" of those original whistles is worth 350 bucks! The first thought to run through my mind 'is', "geesh, we sure took a wrong turn back there 'somewhere". When a pennies worth of plastic can become worth 350 bucks, "somethings wrong". Just sayin.

  6. Leah Altmann says:

    P. S.  I strongly recommended to the Sens. in responding to the email about how the President is not allowing FEMA to be funded for wildfire relief in CA, that they visit this site to understand how SRM can create dryness and flammability and mentioned that there was a whole rectangular area of back-and-forth travel of a SRM plane the morning before the Car Fire, over that very location.. and that they should look here.   I hope that is okay.  They are emphasizing that to deny aid, in this case is not okay.  I added, how much more so as the Federal Government has actually made the situation worse.  86 deaths, 14,000 buildings destroyed – or so – and I forget how many acres burned.  It is something to be very concerned about and I hope, after the fact, that CA will get the necessary and deserved aid and that this will highlight the urgency of the message of

  7. Leah Altmann says:

    B"H  I am now responding with this info on all climate change questionnaires and petitions that I have time to deal with, and just got an email from a new committee featuring statements by Sens. Feinstein and Harris, about the chief executive's refusal to authorize FEMA expenditures in the California wildfire aftermath. Thank you, Mr. Wiginton, for letting me be one of the first to know that 80 percent of the affected land is national land, and since there is a shut-down of the government, how could state forestry officials contact their counterparts in the national parks and forests systems in that area to make arrangements for the necessary forestry?  It is too late, anyhow. Where forests stood, nothing is now.  I think, at this point, it may be possible, telling how SRM drives flammability, to gain support from government officials on both sides of the aisle.  Whether that can reach up into the ranks of intel, who make elected members of all three branches of the federal government afraid, I do not know.  This I still have to look into.  Not connected?  Try now.. connecting, very soon, to political representatives who can examine and cut down on, if not eliminate, dangerous geoengineering. I hope.

    • Dee says:

      Leah: I just became aware of the information on this site around last August/Summer 2018. It started with becoming super aware of surroundings 2/8/17 and all the fires and anomalies (?) 2017-2018. My intense research has taken on full time. It has been a process of devastation, grief, hope, courage, a re-learning curve.  Good Luck and may God be with us all

      PS: it was wonderful to me to meet and shake the hand of Dane Wigington at the meet & learn last Oct 20th. My heart goes out to him. I trust his information and realize how much he has been hurt by all of this

  8. Stuart says:

    "Ice Circle" Images of a perfect circle of ice slowly spinning in a river in Maine today. People trying to explain how the circle formed. Best explanation seems some adhesion or AGGLUTINATION of ice crystals occurring in the river eddy. 

    Just like the huge ice balls seen in recent years on Great Lakes, more evidence of Chemical Ice Nucleation.

    Cold, cloudy and rainy weather continues here in southern CA.  Precip being delivered on "as needed" basis.

  9. Frank says:

    The chaos dial is being cranked way up with the argument over a border wall turning into a government shutdown that is turning into a widespread public logjam. Last week I said the best way to get rid of us would be to have a great blizzard that locks everybody right in their homes, followed by a week or so of frigid temperatures. Then they bring down the power grid (terrorism, of course), and with no TV, radio, Internet, NO HEAT, they can FREEZE half the northeast population to death in a week or two. No blame, no backlash, no problem.

    Check the weather forecast. A huge block of arctic air is on the way this weekend. Plenty of ocean heat and moisture to drive a train of mega-storms. Better check the fireplace, get some food and extra blankets, and some good books.

  10. steve brownsberger says:

    We know that aluminum nano particles are raining down on us all. Coal Fly Ash contains mercury and is being sprayed in the atmosphere. Most recently the WH puppet removed industry regulations that mandated the sequestering of the toxic ash. The coal industry spent billions over the years to meet these regulatory standards.

    Dane has stated when these two ingredients mix a synergistic toxic effect is created. This 1.5 min video is pretty telling.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      steve brownsberger, very compelling video there. I watched the follow up video to it also. Folks, welcome to what used to be "high school science". I know, I was there. I took as many science classes as possible. In an effort to avoid art and PE. I suck at both. I was graced with two very awesome science teachers. They had good answers for a young minds questions. When I wager the tangible education I received in high school against the so called credited Academia we know today. I'll stick to my own thoughts. Those academically indoctrinated folks are so far behind the curve it's not even funny. Relying on such subversions will kill us all.Their lack of back bone is a disgrace. My dad always said, "of all the senses that mankind has been given, "common sense" is the most evenly distributed among all". "Everybody thinks they have enough!". Watching a video like you contributed is good input. Thank you.

  11. concerned UK says:

    I tell people here in the UK of the west coast USA caddisfly collapse, of the pacific seabird collapse and how 'coral bleaching' is not an accurate term ie the symbiotic partnership with diatoms is kaput. Do they listen …. I dunno. I blog near daily on chemtrails, pics, observations etc  and my new DQA reporting system.

    i coined a term this weekend i shall plaster it everywhere ..

    'wise-up – CARBON DOWN' !

    • Jeanette S says:

      I like that! If you are speaking of cattidid? I did have a nice one in the fall. grasshopper type of bug, back looks like a leaf from the side view and is a predator, I believe. It is a bright almost lime colored leaf green. It was a very good specimen, healthy. I wondered if it came to the bay area from being forced out of the fire areas. Our wildlife is kind of ratty from human activity such as car oil, glyphosatey gutter water to damage by cars. Our raccoons look like powder dusters, dull coats, low weight, ones from elsewhere that come in are healthy, bright eyes, their fur glistens in the sunlight. Poor things make their way here only to have to make like chickens crossing the roads in between dealing with the bay area doofuses.

  12. Star Messenger says:

    VIRGINIA:  I went back and reviewed some of Tulsi Gabbard's "talking points" and found a strong resemblance to the way Trump began his "run for the presidency".

    Trump ran as an "Independent" candidate and rejected the Republican Party.  Hmm…  So, how did that work out for everyone?  Not very well.  Trump quickly "discovered" that if he wanted to win the White House he would have to "hook-up" with a political party, namely the Republican Party with its "war-is-the-answer" foreign policy.  Trust me, Ms. Gabbard will do the same thing…if she expects to win.  BTW, the Democrat's foreign policy is identical to the Republican's foreign policy with a few added "tweaks".  

    Gabbard is a "fresh voice".  So was Trump.  As was Obama, as was "W", as was Bill Clinton,  Does anyone see a trend here?  Gabbard seems to be "comfortable in her own skin".  But the stress of running for and winning the White House  WILL take its "toll" on this young naive soul called Tulsi Gabbard.  Remember Obama with his all black hair – no gray.  But in eight years he became "frosty" – lots of gray hair.  "W" was just "unconscious" so he doesn't count.  Bill Clinton was just amoral, so what he did or didn't do didn't matter…to him, but for the world…   Think about what "Slick Willy" did.  Remember the NAFTA agreement?  Remember Glass-Steigal?   Nine years and 17 Trillion dollars later western capitalism nearly collapsed.   And who paid for this debacle?  YOU AND I DID!

    I can only wonder what Ms. Gabbard will bring to the White House…if there is a White House in 2020.

  13. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Antarctica losing six times more ice mass annually now than 40 years ago – “We expect multi-meter sea level rise from Antarctica in the coming centuries”
    IRVINE, California, 14 January 2019 (UCI) – Antarctica experienced a sixfold increase in yearly ice mass loss between 1979 and 2017, according to a study published today in  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Glaciologists from the University of California, Irvine, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Netherlands’ Utrecht University additionally found that the accelerated melting caused global sea levels to rise more than half an inch during that time.
    “That’s just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak,” said lead author Eric Rignot, Donald Bren Professor and chair of Earth system science at UCI. “As the Antarctic ice sheet continues to melt away, we expect multi-meter sea level rise from Antarctica in the coming centuries.”

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      The Malcolm Light/Sam Carana chart shows 2m rise during first 6 months of 2020, rising to 7m by 2023.

      Not saying they will be correct, but they have been remarkably correct so far. 

  14. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    US Navy moves toward unleashing killer robot ships on the world’s oceans
    By: David B. Larter / Jan.15. 2019
    The Sea Hunter, developed by DARPA, has launched the Navy down a path of developing a fleet of unmanned ships that could upend the way the Navy has fought since the Cold War. (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)

    WASHINGTON — The world’s largest navy has spent the last few years feeling like it was being put in check.  China and Russia have heavily invested in anti-access technologies aimed at holding its main force-projection assets — aircraft carriers — at risk. Now the U.S. Navy and the upper ranks of the military are preparing to take back control of the game board, and it’s looking to unmanned technologies to help.
    The U.S. surface fleet has for the past few years sought to flip the script on actors such as China. The fleet aimed to move from a role of simply defending the carrier to going on the offensive.
    The goal was to spread out over a wide area to strain Chinese intelligence and reconnaissance assets and thereby exercise a degree of sea control in places such as the South and East China seas that China seeks to deny with long-range, anti-ship missiles and an ever-growing fleet.
    … The unmanned surface combatants are part of an overall fleet structure that has been approved by the Joint Staff, Boxall said, and includes both the Navy’s next-generation frigate and the large surface combatant that will ultimately replace both the cruisers and the destroyers.  In this construct, the manned combatants will act as command and control for the unmanned sensors and shooters, keeping humans firmly in the loop.
    For the medium unmanned surface combatant, the fleet is looking at a forward sensor platform that can connect back to manned surface combatants that can process and act on the data.
    …  plan to develop and unleash unmanned killer robot ships is an integral part of the Navy’s new tactics to counter Chinese maritime advancements and, to a more limited extent, those of Russia.
    …  getting to the fleet’s goal of 355 ships was going to include unmanned ships.

    • Alan says:

      What could possibly go wrong?

    • Heh, heh… I know this "news" isn't the stuff of jokes, but those robot ships will be fighting it out on a dead planet with no water or floatation. Good luck with all that… These Navy ghouls need to be completely put out of business.

    • Alan says:

      Susan, your post presents another opportunity to remember this man -Vasili Arkhipov – who is universally credited with preventing an all out nuclear war during the Cuban missile crisis by refusing to allow the use of nuclear torpedoes to be fired from his submarine against U.S. Navy ships.  As we know, the year before that happened, Arkhipov was the commander of a different submarine that experienced a reactor leak at sea off of Greenland.  Every member of that crew eventually died of radiation exposure, some within days of the event and others within years, like Arkhipov himself who died of kidney cancer.  I think there is more than one lesson in his story.  When will we ever learn?

  15. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Contrary to what the media has instructed the populace to believe, it's important to acknowledge that the presidency is not a popularity contest.  The American Constitution is the Law of the Land, and the United States is a Constitutional Republic created by the civilian populace within each sovereign State.

    Constitutional amendments declared in the Bill of Rights; dictate that the president is held accountable and in servitude to the Congress.  An educated president would understand this relationship, and not become a corporate chump like the last seven presidents.

    The executive branch is NOT there to follow "media" wisdom and dictate foreign or domestic policy… Public policy is heard by "States" representatives and enacted into Law when applicable.  This process is also defined by several Constitutional amendments.

    I know facts often conflict with public "opinion", but following Face Book fads are the perverse pass times played by fascist emperors such as Mr. Trump…

    Congress hasn't taken a proper role in administrated policy since before World War One, and has allowed corporate banking interests and dual citizenships to infiltrate nearly all levels of governance.  This is called Treason, and the American public has been too lazy to even understand why the American Republic was created, and why we don't have "holy" Kings and royal families as leaders.

  16. Chad Haberman says:

    Its almost over. Take care, God bless, and keep spreading the word,  the TRUTH,  the way !

  17. Randall rj says:


    Here in n wi we are thrilled with the great news of this little girl escaping from her capter to freedom after she was kidnaped from her home after the killer, killed her mom and dad. The details are heartbreaking.

    However with extraordinary courage she escaped. All the prayers, the comunity spirt behind the search for her is nothing short of a miracle.

    Total inspiration in todays world. Human beings at their best. 

    It will be a movie im sure of that. 

    The top news reporters of america are scrambling around thirsting for any info. 

    All this love for one little girl. However as i sit and think of all the little girls in the world and how all are in serious danger, how do we put the same passion and prayers into saving our little girl, planet earth? Why wont people wake up? 

    Read up on some good news for a change,watch vids on this little gals ordeal. Cbs 48 hrs ran a hour  segment two days ago. 


  18. virginia says:

    T U L S I   G A B B A R D……..GOT ANYONE BETTER"? Let's hear it.

  19. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  A Springer text book, ‘The Atmosphere & Ionosphere, Dynamics, Processing & Monitoring’ provides detailed information on the effects of experiments by “ground-based transmitters” — the key is an “external current” … perturbation of the electric current flowing in the global atmosphere-ionosphere circuit. A selection beginning with, Effects of the Ionosphere Heating by powerful HF Transmitters:
    The first successful observations of the lower ionosphere heating by electromagnetic radiation from a powerful ground-based HF (3-30 MHz) transmitter were carried out [in 1972] … in Platteville Colorado. … a heater … probe signals … measuring amplitude and phase perturbations.
    Later, subionospheric VLF probe waves were used to probe D-region heating [in 1985] with a steerable heater in Tromso Norway … the Omega navigation transmitter in Alda Norway … and the transmitter near Helgeland.
    The heating experiment [termed in the USA ‘Active Experiments in Space'] with the use of the … transmitter near Fairbanks Alaska, and transmitter in Oahu received at Fort Yukon Alaska has demonstrated perturbations …
    Periodic heating of the ionosphere in the current region modulates the electrical conductivity of this region and consequently causes modulation of natural electric current.

    This process forms giant radiating antenna at the altitudes of 60-100 km.

    The generation of ULF/ELF/VLF waves be such antennas is extensively studied with the use of of special high-frequency (HF) heating facilities in Tromso Norway, Arecibo (Puerto Rico), HIPAS (High Power Auroral Stimulation), and HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program – Alaska), and SURA Russia.

    Influence of Powerful VLF Transmitters on the Ionosphere & the Magnetosphere
    Artificially Stimulated Particle Precipitation into the Ionosphere
    … the powerful ground-based VLF transmitter located in Arkhangelsk region (Russia – 1975).  … Direct measurements of artificially stimulated electron precipitation … carried out onboard the SR81-1 satellite … with use of USA VLF transmitters.

    Effects of the Ionosphere heating by Powerful VLF Transmitters
    Acceleration of Ionospheric Ions

    Artificial Stimulation of Geomagnetic Pulsations
    Beginning from 1975 the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation of Russian Academy of Sciences (IZMIRAN) has carried out a series of active experiments on the ionosphere modifications by electromagnetic radiation from VLF transmitters … related to artificial stimulation of geomagnetic pulsations. … called ‘Juliana’ using the Arkhangelsk VLF transmitter …

     The Atmosphere & Ionosphere, Dynamics, Processing & Monitoring; Vladimir L. Bychkov, Golubkov, Nikitin; Springer, 2010.



    • Dennie says:

      This exactly reminds me of going to my M.D.  We have fancy names of every imaginable thing and make up even more stuff as we go yet for the life of us all, NOT ONE WAY to make the assholes STOP spraying, poisoning, irradiating and otherwise committing warfare on Earth's stoopid sheeple who are looking more and more to me with each passing day that they probably deserve a planet that is dying.  People generally don't care what happens here to the environment or  even grapple with the idea that they are part of it, or even begin to think that there are countless feedback loops and how these could possibly affect them.  Too stoopid and too uncaring.

  20. Lawrence says:

    I too watched Gabbard's interview by Van Jones.  I was also impressed and thought that Tulsi might be our best chance against trump.  

    But seeing what Clinton and Obama did to our democracy has given me pause to jump onboard anyone's bandwagon before digging deep into the history of any candidate.  We don't need another "hope and change" candidate to lead us astray.  It's past time for us all to do our homework and make sure of our choices.  

    The oracle at, as Dane has advised, can be your friend.  I consulted with him just now and found this:

    If and when you take the time to read the links above, I suggest that you follow the advice of V. Susan Ferguson's post below

    A thank you to Susan for posting this vital article.

  21. 'a' simple horseman says:

    I just love waking up at sunrise to a sky completely filled with aerosol trails. Kidding of coarse. Here in my region we are experiencing a 5 day air stagnation "advisory". Saturday thru this coming Wednesday. In essence, the aerosols I see being laid out virtually drop straight down the the ground and the surface air. 12 to 24 hours descent time. The frost at night is not normal. It has almost a cube shape to it. Similar to large granule sugar. I wonder how many pine needles are going to get freezer burned and fall of 'this time'. Like Blue Sue mentioned, the humidity is way to high. All my life I've noted that when the temps drop, so does the humidity. Not true anymore. BaneB recently mentioned struggling with a bit of mild depression. I battle every day with such depression. Especially so with the daylight hours being so short up here this time of year. Some days it is extremely hard to find my get up and go. It's not easy being awake 'and' aware of the devastation being wielded on our only home in the universe and the life it supports.

    Love and strength to ALL my friends I haven't met, yet.

    • Keeping At It says:

      Horseman, Glad to have met you a couple years ago in Puyallup at Gem Faire.  Been living on the north slope of a forested wetland for a dozen years and have in recent years come to appreciate the shade from the blinding glare of the sun at this time of year. 

      Speaking of depression, (and not the upcoming economic one) my partner and I both struggle increasingly each year with the lack of daylight ( we have the sad lights not always working) and have even been suffering from apatite loss and lack of enough walking exercise in the surrounding evergreen forests.  Clean diet etc usually does it.  It may be time to return to wheatgrass farming and juicing for a spell.

      Hope to make the 70 mile drive to Puyallup for the  next Gem Faire.

      Keeping At It

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Geesh, Just read what I wrote above. I sure don't proof read very well when I'm hyped up in the morning and haven't had my second cup of coffee yet(grin). Today I watched an aerosol sky turn into ground based "fog", "clouds" with a light brown hue, 20F or so. Same thing happened yesterday but my cabin was above the "compression level" of the chemically cooled surface air temps. It was nice to spend a day out in the sun. With what I was able to observe before the sun went down today, there's going to be an astronomical amount of freeze burned, chemically burned pine needles falling when the next wind comes. Every time a piece of them dies, a piece of me dies. We are all connected. It would be foolish 'and' futile to think other wise. My dad worked for the USFS for 33 years. I've been around a lot of trees in my life. The Ponderosa, for many reasons, have always been my favorite. And now I live among what was once a great stand of majestic long lived wonders. After the wild fire here in 2015, those SOB's cut down a live 300+ year old ponderosa down by the water trough at the spring, a mile from me. That tree had seen 7 wild fires in 50 years that I know of. Who knows how many before. The whole timber salvage situation after the fires was a money grabber for sure. If it had black on it, it came down. No ecology laws to get in the way. Man kind will never be able to change the laws of nature. When will "we" learn to play the cards we've been dealt? The path through life is a gamble. What are we ultimately wagering? That's the truth that has been kept from us. "Covet means society", I just can't seem to shake that one out of my thoughts. That line of thought is going to kill us all. We all have been ripped off in so many ways. More than we would care to count. If truth sets you free, I will die a free man. "What a long strange trip it's been"…..

    • rick says:

      your not alone it takes all ive got not to give up. being awake in the insanity and self destruction around us is extremely challenging.most people are totally blind they think everything is goin on like it always has. there will be no future 

    • Lynn says:

      Thank you sir,

      I appreciate following yor remarks and comments.

      I am a Simple City Folk and…so far behind.

      Take good care and may He most assuredly Bless you and your days.

      Most kindly,


  22. Melissa says:

    Whatever new chemical composition the snow now contains seems to prevent it from melting quickly.Our last snow fall in Billings Mt was around the new year. Nothing else substantial has fallen since . Our Temperatures have been well over freezing reaching into the's 40's and 50's for at least a week or more. The snow should be gone by now yet remains. 

  23. Alan Casson says:

    While listening to Dane's commentary, I'm reminded of a documentary I watched on US television (perhaps on "60 Minutes") circa late '80's/early '90's. Said vignette explored the need for- and application of- hand pollination in a certain province of China. The need was reportedly due to the complete and inexplicable absence of the usual pollinators. No other province had experienced such need. Of course, I found the scenario to be rather curious at best. Having no access to a resource such as the Internet and little free time, no further research was pursued. Within a decade of absorbing the story, I noticed the decline in the presence of the bumblebee and honey bee. Yet again, an eyebrow was raised.

  24. Star Messenger says:

    So you think that Tulsi Gabbard will make a discernable difference if elected President in 2020?  Even though I like what she says, I think she doesn't have the slightest chance of making the changes that need to be made within the Democrat Party.  In fact, the DNC recently has "doubled down" on the principles that the voters rejected and that caused Hillary's loss in 2016.  The Democrats are the nearest thing to the old Soviet Politburo that there can possibly be.

    But, if you like Tulsi Gabbard, here she is:


  25. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Hello Virginia:  Yes.  I've been watching Ms. Gabbard for several months, and hopeful she becomes our next president.  I think she's for real…

    Tulsi Gabbard tells Van Jones why she's running in 2020 – YouTube   Published on January 12, 2019

    Full Interview:

  26. Lori Bridgeford says:

    Although we can suggest ideas for moving issues forward, to keep  ASKING DANE  to hey, do this, or do that may get futile. He is one person being assigned far too much to shoulder. Let us each take on what we want, what we envision, what we prefer. In other words, what if we each proclaim an effort, then state how we will each accomplish this. Dane & family are bombarded with ideas, tips, and suggestions to go further. He can barely open emails alone to address-let alone take "action".  I have a room dedicated to 90% of my life on researching Climate -Eng  issues, I take photos, and NOT on FB.  We all have talents, time, and skills.  Prior comment from Ed  (1-12-19) suggests Baby Boomers to set up  Geo-E watch in each state  for organized grass roots, and only imply it happen organically. Dane is so beyond buried in  massive input, it must occur WHERE  You are !    Just claim Right Here, Right Now !!!  Release the burden on Dane. He has so much more to impart w/out figuring out your own locale, which you know best. OWN it .  I show up all the time SOLO , and had to get over the comfort factor. Stand in TRUTH !!!  Best way to die is in  pure alignment . Not a fake or a fraud.  Show UP !


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Here, here and bravo Miss Lori. Very well stated. I am forever amazed at how many people expect some magical being to carry the baton forward rather than carry some of the burden themselves. Our society as a whole has become way to soft, wishy washy. Nothing turns me off more than someone saying, "you should". I hope "Ed" will read these words and yours to, Lori. Will he get his nose bent or will he instead stand up and start his own campaign of awareness? The only thing I've ever wanted from Dane is a simple thank you. Dane has never let me down.

  27. PJ Kellogg says:

    Dane, you CONTINUE do a GREAT job getting the word out for so many years.

    Talking to local people I find that they need to read & view your" honest" advice LOCALLY for themselves. Until they do, they will continue to believe that "OUR GOVERNMENT" would never be part of what is actually taking place around them, even though they know it is somewhat CORRUPT….THEY JUST HAVEN'T SEEN/HEARD TO WHAT EXTENT. In my opinion, we need people with some $ to buy/local media space in papers, radio, TV, using your  verifiable information and "CREDIBLE DATA, CREDIBLE SOURCE". Maybe using "FUND ME".
    I have put numerous posts on local Craigs List/ Community/General, about health, vaccines, pets, and Geoengineering, but, CL /Google kicked me off last month along w/ your information. Now, I have a sign in my truck w/ your website (scary/target-wise).
     The jets seemed to have increased their visits over my small farm & there route to anytime a large enough patch of "blue" sky shows up. So dark, depressing & cold here in the east. They are spending "our" money to annihilate us and the rest of the world for POWER and GREED– INSANE is right, which will not help them, unless they plan to obtain additional assistance.

    LAST THING:  We need a FEW GOOD POLITICIANS / LAWYERS ,etc. who are a "little" CRAZY – GOOD" TO get the UNITED NATIONS to  rework/update the 1976 TREATY – ARTICLE 1, so the world's governments that are not "SHADOWS", can counter what has been done to them – all without citizens' permission.  SIMPLY COMPLICATED.

  28. Bonnie Crawford says:

    Two nights ago when it was dark, I took a powerful halogen flashlight outside and turned it on with the beam upward toward the sky. There were many tiny silver specks that showed up floating in the air, which I assumed was probably the aluminum part of the poisons being sprayed on us.  I did not stay out long, since I did not want to breathe any more than necessary. I shined the light in a dark room of my ouse, but did not see any of these flecks.

    • Drew says:

      They have to  be feigning their surprise? With a simple glance at the pole movement charts, even someone with only slight intuition can see where it's headed.

  29. Bonnie Crawford says:

    Regarding the spraying of trees with antibiotics (horrors!): When money becomes the highest good, society deteriorates, as we are clearly seeing. These psychopaths even ADMIT that money is more important to them than the harm to the environment! Unbelievable!

  30. Bonnie Crawford says:

    Trump is such an ignoramus, it turns my stomach.

  31. Leah Altmann says:

    B"H  Prescribed opioids orphaned me in June.  I tried to stop the process in April but could not move POA or hospice to think differently and did not know enough facts to present, and the victim suffered.  Health would not have declined so quickly.  Opioids drive certain painful conditions, causing necessity for intake for more and stronger opioids, should victim and 'caregivers' not know of alternative painkilling methods.  For anyone caught in this feedback loop, wheatgrass could help break up constipation. Apple cider vinegar in water, ginger, garlic, and turmeric can too.   But the patient has to be open to this.  Where there is emotional harm, a desire for comfort may cause unhealthy but short-term-effective measures to be sought.  

    For greater privacy, i've read that Thunderbird is a better browser than Chrome, and even Mozilla Firefox is also better.  RiseUp has totally encrypted services but the problem comes when your recipient doesn't have it.  Someone eventually will check to see who is using RiseUp.  It is a good and effective private email system, but eventually, i am concerned, the net may be drawn in on that.  It's hard to get along with no contacts on gmail or other non-encrypted email systems.  

    One consolation is that manmade plots in the end fail as nature tends to right itself.  How many more tragic deaths will occur until then, it's too discouraging to even try and guess.  Steven Roubideau, a first cousin of Leonard Peltier, assessed the situation astutely in 1979 when he was interviewed by NSF.  He said that we won't be here forever (if we don't change our ways); but nature will.  He said that it could take a while, but that nature will recover.  The biosphere has some mechanisms for hemeostasis, beyond those which we might guess at.  We don't.  There have been extinctions.  A new web of life can be built every time… but we as individuals, families, countries, can be lost.  I hope that we will be able to find a way to avoid that.

    It requires deep humility in the face of Nature's wisdom, and the ability to still the drive for power and acquisition to just behold and be grateful for everything beautiful that nature, on its own has to offer.  That gratitude and receptivity to the beauty of our non-human natural environment is the foundation of the ability to be able to relinquish deadly power and manipulative projects and do an about-face to rediscover age-old ways of living, as recommended by the Hopi, for those who would like to survive the coming days.  At attitude of gratitude can make what would otherwise be an unbearable exercise in ascetism into a pleasant and possible journey.  Thanks.

  32. son of san quentin says:

    The good people must understand we are in the midst of the reenactment of and sequel to the “holy” apocalypse right before our eyes. The criminal and cabalistic new world order are in fact all descendants and the progeny of ancient warring, head hunting, brain eating cannibals, irregardless of race, religion, colour or creed, false or otherwise. In today's pop-culture verbiage, pimps, whores, hustlers and thugs posing as deceitful leaders, providers and protectors. As an aside, JFK's brain was removed and missing prior to arrival at the hospital. This is the real deal, WWIII, undeclared, treasonous, seditious, clandestine and subversive, and worthy only of planetary life-saving speedy Nuremberg trials, convictions and public executions, but done right this time, for the entertainment and awakening of the blindly spectating public (sheeple).


    Eating, drinking, shitting and living like genuine beasts of burden, the global silence of the lambs is now deafening. In Toronto, Canada you can feel the god damn metal and sprayed shit in the air. The cold air recently is much thicker while breathing. We are now officially living in and breathing ether, which is nothing new, but not as romantic and healthy as taught in university history.


    The unfolding global tragedy is now sadly comedic as the human species have been thoroughly toxified, completely betrayed and deceived by government, and lost all instinct, intuition, epigenetics and sense of self-defence, self-preservation and self-love in exchange for that “selfless/selfish” selfie, which is also simply a lethal military weapon deployed on the ignorant and unsuspecting public.


    • BlueSue says:

      Thank you for sharing the sharp-edged and sad truth via your always potent prose.

      The foul frigid metallic air you describe is a daily reality here in Alaska where I live. I can smell it and feel it against my throat when I breathe. Yesterday, at 10:30 am the it was -4F with 81% "humidity" (according to an online weather source) — now tell me how that happens! Of course with the constant spraying, it quickly warmed to 12 above, and after more of the same through the night it is now 29 above zero. The fake snow that falls  shortly after hearing the sound of an overhead aircraft has become a dreaded and sickening sight. I bring my dogs into the house to escape the toxic "precipitation" when I can. Yesterday, a huge cow moose and her two yearlings were munching the fallen birch trees in my yard. My heart aches for their suffering though this chemically ice-nucleated tragedy.  Our work to expose and end this assault is a matter of life and death.

    • aml says:

      its everywhere man :/

      mom was hospitalized almost died, myself sick, bro spleen exploded lung collapsed, nephews sick in yyc


      everyones got the cough.


      fkn psychopaths. 

  33. John Constantinides says:

    Greece is targeted by a large-scale US Military operation since January 3rd. Scientists claim the ice storm being the worst affecting the country since 1987.

    In total 4 major precipitations had caused serious damages in the power infrastructure as about 75% of the population is plunged into the dark and many areas being severely affected by the bad weather conditions.

    Forecasts predict a new ice storm for the upcoming 3 days, with DoD officials issuing new war threats against the Greek government if their demands are not met.



  34. Nemo says:

    This is our last dance 
    This is ourselves 
    Under pressure 

  35. Pete says:

    Hello Dane – I’ve not posted on here for some time, but I never fail to listen to your weekly news and am still very much in this battle.

    Here in UK it’s been relentless heavy spraying of late and I see so many photos and videos on Facebook in many groups I am in from all over and I can say from UK point of view I am seeing new members every day and there are remarkable people waking up to this insanity and many have been at it for some time. But I am still banging my head against a brick wall of denial and ignorance with most people I know personally, but will never stop trying.

    As far my family go – the only one who is noticing is my 6-year-old nephew – he’s asked his Dad twice now, what are the patterns in the sky, he said to me, without me saying anything to him ever, it looks strange. I just told him, they are not nice and we don’t take care of the planet. I raise this coz that’s what we’re fighting for, all children’s futures and all life. If children can see it, why are their parents not doing so too, but at least him saying this has grabbed their attention a little more I hope – all should listen to their children, look in their eyes and know not doing anything is not an option…

    • Dale K says:

      In 1956 Clinton Webb starred in a WW2-inspired movie called "The Man Who Never Was."

      What I am witnessing in the San Francisco Bay Area are the storms that never were (or will be). I keep reading forecasts of storm systems moving in on a daily basis and, so far, no precipitation to speak of. Just the usual aerosol trail formations and what I can describe as pinprick dots masquerading as clouds. 

    • Dennie says:

      Yup, that's what we're seeing.  Drove from Marin down to Mountain View and back today, flat gray/brown sheets covering the skies the entire way down and back, punctuated by the ubiquitous not-so-high-flying jets dispersing their toxic white loads in streaks all along the way, above the chem-cloud sheets.  Now we're breathing it– it's raining down on us and I can feel the irritation starting up again.  Too many have "flu" and "colds," when an awful lot of those symptoms are being outright caused by the toxic metal sprays.  We're supposed to have a lot of rain Monday night but it looks to me like "they" want to bust up the storms and stop the rain from falling.

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Pete, I talk about it with my 7 year old granddaughter all the time.  She knows exactly what is going on.  She knows the difference between a real cloud and the trails… although we have not seen real clouds for some time.  She knows not to argue with me on heavy spray days when I won't let her play in the playground after school.  My daughter thinks I overreact, and on the days she picks her up from school she lets her play out in that poison air.  Well, now she is sick again!  When are these parents going to wake up and realize you need to take precautions to keep their children from getting sick.  I noticed even with myself, if I stay indoors on heavy sprayed days I don't have that hacking cough.


  36. Leonard Mehlmauer says:

    In the amazing book, Prior Unity, Adi Da says, “The same issues pertain at the individual level that pertain at the global level.  They are about the same pattern.  Self-management must be established at the individual scale, just as it must be established at the collective and global scale.  Thus, the big picture and the small picture are one picture.  They are hand-in-glove with one another, and must be understood as such.  Global imbalances are a reflection of individuals.  At the global scale, everyone is aware of pollution and climate change and extreme weather patterns, and so forth.  However, people are less aware of how such global issues are a reflection of what human beings are doing individually and how the system is controlling people negatively.  The same system is producing both pollution of the Earth-world and pollution of the individual body.  It is all one pattern.”

    • Dennie says:

      If your N95 mask isn't uncomfortable while you're wearing it, then you're not wearing it correctly.  That's what I've heard from the pros in FireSafe Marin classes and as one who lives in an area that was exposed to large amounts of smoke from the wildfires last year in Santa Rosa and more recently from the Camp fire in Butte County, having worn an N95 mask, I'd say that's correct.  I don't think the N95 filters out the nanoparticulate metals in toxic sprays because those are finer than smoke particles, which the N95 does filter out.  Most of the particles go right through even hyper-HEPA filter devices.  That is what Alexander at Environmental Resource Group in Mill Valley found, and that's why they are not running negative air any more when they come to get it cleaned out of your house.  They can really only just keep it wiped down (the walls, floors and surfaces of items in your house, like furniture and books) so the dust doesn't keep building up and overwhelm.  You can hire a team of house cleaners to do a deep cleaning that does virtually the same thing but for less cost.

  37. Ed says:

    will an N-95 mask effectively filter the nano particles of Aluminum, Barium, etc for those wanting to exercise outdoors?

    they are treating global warming the way the medical industrial complex treats every chronic disease.  Don't look at or address the root cause, just treat with more damaging treatments so patients can continue living unaware and unhealthy of how to cure their problem, just take more drugs to address side effects of drugs.

    Can we start to drill/frac the Arctic so as to reduce the pressure and  amount of methane that will precipitously be released once its warmed? We should leave the methane alone that is stable in the ground and drill that which will become an ELE Extinction Level Event from the Arctic.  Pipelines down to Canada, Russia, Europe, China.  We could use the energy to replace current Nukes and decomission them or change them to thorium based fuel. with equal to greater energy production and no chance of meltdown if the grid were to fail.  

    2016 presidential contest had Bernie Sanders for the people, Hillary for the Corporations, and Trump for the Nation.  We need Dane for the World to dismantle the stupidity driving us to extinction. Thanks for all you do.  You should set up an office of geoengineeringwatch in each state for an organized grass roots movement.  there are enough talented, semiretired baby boomers that could start this.  Then they could start recruiting school age kids to start clubs at schools to focus on this and discuss it.  who knows you might even get politically motivated students who use this as a platform into politics?  


    • Marie says:

      I do think the N95 mask will filter the nano particles out BUT not very comfortable. I have a Vog mask and an Omni Pure mask….i think that's the name….very comfortable. Comes with charcoal filter. You can buy more filters sorta cheap. I would go with that. I wear mine outside in good weather. Also, we are INGESTING these nano fibers…it's even in the Organic foods…very hard to wash off of lettuce greens i've read. I don't eat lettuce anymore.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Ed: About filtration masks for those readers who wish to keep breathing:  

      Comfo Classic Half-Mask Respirator in Air-Purifying Respirators (APR) | MSA – The Safety Company | United States

      These masks are available at industrial equipment suppliers or on Amazon. Most individuals find the Hycar masks more comfortable, and there are 3 choices for your particular face size.  Pre-filters come with P100 rating, and there are several volatile gas or organic vapor filtration filters available.

  38. Jeanette S says:

    Andrew thank you for supporting extinction rebellion and the yellow vests. I am also VERY glad to see new names on here. I also wanted to comment on the glyphosate and beech trees and the rest of the trees. glyphosate renders useless magnesium and zinc by attaching to them and making them non bio-available. Magnesium and zinc are used by the immune systems of everything that lives. weed killers do not kill weeds; it is the impaired immune system and the opportunistic pathogens that kill them. that being said my theory is that by using any kind of weed killer roundup or "weed" and feed in yards, parks, business grounds, schools that the immunity is lowered and disease has found the trees. In hospitals, human tissue is burned and sewage plants put bacteria in the slurry to eat human cells in the slurry and then the bacteria is killed off by adding chlorine before letting the slurry out into the waterways. this is done because pathogens will find the dead human cells and eat it and they can potentially come after live cells too. and so with the trees, weed and feed lowers the immunity of the beech tree in that wondrous front yard and let's not only it, but the trees in the wild or untreated yards, wide open to disease, mutated disease organisms too as everything is trying to survive the inundation of chemicals from every product the sociopathics make. that is gathering of materials, manufacturing, abuse of product, carting away product after use, pollution even in the use of product, and all of this for the packaging too. everything is mutating. Unfortunately, the good microbes that defend us and every thing else are the first to die off and leave us with the bad, not only that the bad mutate to survive and more ofter than that they turn into something worse. the moral of the story…stop buying junk, stop using chemicals ALL OF THEM, bug sprays, dryer sheets, hair dye, air fresheners, what a lie, nail polish. do not buy or use even something like bath salts. You are paying the top back and making the ocean saltier, even the overly salty food-everybody urinates it out and the sewage plant does not have a wand. all water goes to the ocean and only PURE water evaporates out. No you don't need it…

  39. Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

    Deadly Pig virus shows up in Alberta for the first time. A viral disease that has killed millions in the United States has been found on an Alberta hog farm. Location not mentioned. Once you have it, it`s pretty much the end of any baby pigs that are on that farm. The survival rate is quite low.  There are 735 registered hog farmers in the Province, accounting for 11% of Canada`s hog production overall.  A hog farm in Alberta has contracted the Porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) virus, which kills 100% of nursing piglets that catch it, though older animals can recover, began sweeping the United States in 2013 with 200 – 300 cases per week reported between 2013 – 2014. It killed so many animals, it drove up the cost of pork & bacon. Canadian cases appeared in 2014.   Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, Quebec have also had cases, however, P.E.I. & Quebec managed to get control of the disease, while Manitoba saw it spread significantly in 2017 reporting 80 infected premises that year. According to Alberta pork exports $425 Million annually. Government stats.   Is this to push up the prices here? A pig farm in the Rocky Mountain House area in 2009 was culled for Swine Flu. 2,200 pigs exterminated! It`s believed the animals caught the illness from a Carpenter who had recently traveled to Mexico. The report states. And the fear spread.  I remember costs going up after this report in 2009.      How about the sustainable fish for sale. I was at the grocers a few days ago looking at the fish for sale in Alberta. The majority is sustainably resourced. Disturbing. Most packages of these manufactured fish slices are individually packed. Then if you look at the High Liner or other prepared fish, they too are sustainably resourced. What a sad state of affairs.  What  happened to Healthy looking whole fish for sale? Fresh from the Lake, Ocean, or River?  Trout from near-by Lakes in Alberta. We are loosing so much from all these mad practices. Sicken or Kill, then mass produced, the monsanto way. Genetically altered. Our safe choices are becoming less & less. What Twits we are!  We have been!   When is it time to stand up for WHAT is RIGHT? ?   How much dumber, more foolish, or ignorant, can we get?  

    • Dennie says:

      Biological warfare on the food supply.  A$$holes know they can't go dumping nuclear bombs the minute our neighbors don't do exactly as "we" want, so kill all their livestock– now what's that gonna do in the long run?  As Colbert so brilliantly asked the Mad Doctor David Keith, "Gee, don'tcha kinda sorta think this thing could turn around and bite us in the *ss??"

  40. Angelhair says:

    One good way to get this out there is to get your local community radio station to air the show. Dane cannot reach them all. The show is now aired on Little Rock community radio KABF. If anyone can contribute to KABF at for the Geoengineering Watch show we can keep it on the airwaves to most of Arkansas at noon on every Friday. I and others have paid for several months and will keep it going as long as we can but any contributions are much appreciated. KABF is nonprofit and I believe donations are tax deductible. The people dedicated this issue are some of the best people to ever live and stopping climate engineering is the most important work we will ever have.

    • Kathy says:

      I want to second this call for support. I have reached out to many radio station in my area and not one has responded yet. This is just one way we can help get the word out when a door opens in another area. Thank-you Angelhair. Lets keep Danes broadcast going in Little Rock.

  41. BlueSue says:

    Thank you Dane for another hard-hitting, but accurate and brutally honest Global News Report. As you know, the facts are so dire and depressing that most folks just want to block it out and totally avoid hearing and seeing the true reality we're all mired in.  Desperation is unpleasant and we certainly live in desperate times.  These days are literally getting darker and darker.  

  42. Mark says:

    If this is all true, then why is Trump allowing this?

    • jeanette S says:

      He grew up in something like the towers probably and around people that will do anything for money and that nature will persist no matter what we do to it. He probably never laid in the grass and looked up at the clouds to know if they were abnormal or not. and now what he doesn't know, he relies on other wealthy sociopathic corporate imbeciles to tell him. In all honesty, he probably doesn't even know. the top often does not care what happens to their children's future. they just need more power and wealth right now, no matter what; it is called sociopathy and is a mental illness. they all have it. they would sell their neighbors out in an instant, promote themselves at work at the expense of other employees, you know the ones. Only those at the top are at least 20, if not 100 times worse. people believe pretty words and things. It is why Al Capone and many others went to church a few hours a week, nother mind what they did in the rest of those hours.

    • DC says:

      This is way bigger than Trump.

  43. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Skim reading is the new normal. The effect on society is profound
    Maryanne Wolf / UK Guardian
    When the reading brain skims texts, we don’t have time to grasp complexity, to understand another’s feelings or to perceive beauty. We need a new literacy for the digital age.  The iPad is the new pacifier for babies and toddlers. Younger school-aged children read stories on smartphones; older boys don’t read at all, but hunch over video games. Parents and other passengers read on Kindles or skim a flotilla of email and news feeds. Unbeknownst to most of us, an invisible, game-changing transformation links everyone in this picture: the neuronal circuit that underlies the brain’s ability to read is subtly, rapidly changing – a change with implications for everyone from the pre-reading toddler to the expert adult.
    … The possibility that critical analysis, empathy and other deep reading processes could become the unintended “collateral damage” of our digital culture is not a simple binary issue about print vs digital reading. It is about how we all have begun to read on any medium and how that changes not only what we read, but also the purposes for why we read. Nor is it only about the young. The subtle atrophy of critical analysis and empathy affects us all.  It affects our ability to navigate a constant bombardment of information. It incentivizes a retreat to the most familiar silos of unchecked information, which require and receive no analysis, leaving us susceptible to false information and demagoguery.
    There’s an old rule in neuroscience that does not alter with age: use it or lose it. It is a very hopeful principle when applied to critical thought in the reading brain because it implies choice. The story of the changing reading brain is hardly finished. We possess both the science and the technology to identify and redress the changes in how we read before they become entrenched. If we work to understand exactly what we will lose, alongside the extraordinary new capacities that the digital world has brought us, there is as much reason for excitement as caution.


    • izzy says:

      Not directly mentioned, but certainly a factor, is the notion of “human scale”. The now-disappearing practice of savoring a book – reading a bit, then pausing to consider, perhaps daydreaming – does not adapt readily to digital modes of presentation. And the time available, indeed even necessary, to live at that speed is being co-opted by the many demands made with participation in such an always churning maelstrom. I’m old enough to remember when all we had were print publications, the landline telephone, & the US mail. And things worked better. There is also a generational aspect to the problem, with entrenchment already largely accomplished for those born and raised into the current milieu. Another horse now far out of the barn.

  44. Eric from New England says:

    I just recently noticed the every YouTube video on geoengineering and chemtrails has an Encyclopedia Brittanica explanation of a contrail under it explaining water vapor trails and why you see them. Really???? This is so out of control. Stay strong, no fear 

    • Daniel says:

      I hope to God that that signifies increasing awareness and a nearing of a breakthrough. The power structure is getting desperate because they know the populous is waking up, so they're pulling out all the stops. We've got to keep pushing the envelope.

  45. Barb E says:

    If this administration would STOP spraying us he would have enough money to build a wall around the world. Period.

    I see the "shutdown" surely didn't stop the spraying, we watched them fill the blue sky this afternoon with their deadly crap here in New Hampshire. Keeping us in the deep freeze below zero with the wind chills. It's bitter cold that bites like a snake!!

  46. Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

    Thank You Dane for explaining the hazards of the Chemical ice nucleated substances that have caused so much damage, everywhere.  I find it greatly disturbing to know how much more toxic these mixes are. They hit us again with this toxic crap in early Autumn, then they let up once they accomplish the "Winter Look". Since then we've had little snow, just a skiff, up until 2 weeks ago, now we have more then a foot. Although we have a gray canopy above us most days & the reports are for a possibility of snow, which rarely happens, or amounts to little. This recent snow was very fluffy when coming down, snow falls prior were much wetter. Rain turned into snow? But not Mother Natures way. Rain still being forecasted in areas in Alberta up until last week. Insanity!  Might get a little snow, or maybe a wee bit of rain. Snowing in one area at the same temperature it's raining in another!  La, La, La.    My Brother in law  owned a large acreage for over 25 years in the Rocky Mountain House area with great drinking water. They Fracked an area near his property, & his well was toast. He was compensated & another, I believe deeper well, was dug on his property. How many times has this happened? He now has passed, can't ask him. 50's Dead!  Heart Attack!!! Wink, Wink! Seeing these fracking vehicles on the road make me cringe knowing they are on their way to cause such devastation in an area near by, or anywhere, for that matter.        How can more people be dying of influenza if the vaccines are working so well?  If more people are accepting this shot, & more people are dying…How is this not seen as the "Cause" for the many deaths?   Connect the dots. Or does 2 + 2 still equal 4?   Medical offices are used to give out fixes, then the media blames it on the drug traffickers. A half truth, is a whole lie. Same old Bull Crap.             I saw 1 Monarch Butterfly & had 2 Swallowtails stick around, last Summer. Very, very, disturbing.     I only had 2 Pine Grosbeaks return about a month & a half ago, but now have about 3 dozen regulars. So Happy to see them back again. Still watching for Gib. Hope is eternal!   Only a half dozen Redpolls this Winter. They are so tiny & hang out with the Grosbeaks.  It is clear there are less & less each year.   They are worth every dollar spent to give them a full belly & fresh filtered water each day. I feel Blessed to have them choose our place to winter at.  God knows they need it & deserve it.  

    Superstition, Idolatry, & Hypocrisy have ample wages, but the truth goes begging. ~ Martin Luther ~      

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Gail, my friend I would like to share a camp fire with, "Gib", oh yes, 'I' remember 'him'. Wouldn't it be a great spark of true hope if he returned. The very thought brings a smile to my face. Even though Gib may be gone now, he still lives in our aware and attuned heart. I'd be watching for him too. 3 years ago I had 2-4 dozen Grosbeaks competing for a space on the floating piece of lumber I keep in the Mustangs water tank. This last summer I had "2" and they were just passing through. 3 years ago I had a healthy flock of Gray Jays that came by the water tank twice a day. I haven't seen what currently remains of them in months.

      "Snow", don't get me started about snow. I won't shut up! I am feeling seriously ripped off this winter as well as many before. And it's not for the lack of snow. It's for the lack of "RAIN" that would fall if "they" didn't chemically nucleate our would be moisture into snow. Call me a realist, but I hope civilization falls and the aerosols stop before it's to late. It's going to be one storm after another. I say bring it. Our Mother has a lot of cooling off to do. Being an unwilling member of the culprit, I will jointly pay the price to have our home cleansed and cooled. Maybe even a chance of "re-growth". That's the goal.

    • Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

      Thank You Mike for remembering Gib. I sure wish he would show up. A spark of true hope. That's for sure. He sure had grit & determination.   I Love that in any being.  I really like my Gray Jays. I want to pinch their cheeks! Those I have visiting each day land next to me inches away from my hands, & eat as I put out food & tell them how cute they are several times a day. They love bread & berries & a fish based cat food.  I don't see them much during the Summer months. They don't usually come as often as they have been. Sometimes 5 or more times a day now. They seem very hungry. I stop everything when they come by. They don't stick around, unlike the Blue Jays. They drive me nuts, but, one of Gods creatures. So… The Gray Jays hold their own & win any argument with the Blue Jays. So sweet, but they don't put up with crap. Got to like that attitude!    

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Gail, I am also very much hoping to hear of Gib’s return, his story touched me deeply. Please update us if Gib does show up. Thank you for your caretaking of the birds, I also put seed out for them everyday, there is not much food left for them in the forest.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Oh my goodness Gail and Mike, you have brought back some great memories.

      There is a large military training area near Medicine Hat. In the 70's whilst in the British Army, I went there several times for Battlegroup training. I usually managed to take a couple of weeks holiday immediately after the exercises and being a country bumpkin would take myself off on walkabout – usually heading west/west-north-west towards the Canadian Rockies (often to Banff and Jasper National parks area). I tended to avoid large towns/cities, but did call in on Rocky Mountain House, and of course Calgary for The Stampede.

      The wildlife and views were stunning – possibly even better than here, though I quickly add that we have a different kind of grandeur!!

    • Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

      Late in response, but, Thank You Dane. It is the reason why I do feed Birds or Animals that stay, or come every now & then, more then anything. Simply because their choices are so few, & have been greatly reduced due to the outcomes from the toxic air that is killing off their food choices. Seeds, Berries, Insects…  I use to count 75 types of Birds that would come over the year. I still remember going through them with a Birding lady of 50+ years. Now a dozen types of Birds or so, come through.   Oh My!  Two years ago I had two Fox come daily for a month to get a dish of food I put out for them each night. (They were eating Bird Seed!) They would sit on a hill near-by & wait for me, then one would eat it's fill & leave food for the second Fox. They would even sleep on the hill during the day. They felt safe. It warmed my heart. They even put up with my Dogs. They stopped coming once the Mice were aplenty again. I still come by now & then to eat mice. There always seems to be rodents to feast on. Like the abundance of Wasps & Ants. The Great Gray Owls love the abundance of Mice.  I have seen three types of Owls land in the Trees outside my kitchen window, waiting for the night to come.  Where ever seed has dropped out of the feeders. The Mice are.  The Deer eat the fallen seed too. They also drink out of the heated water dish. I also buy them blocks of alfalfa. They devour them. They are clearly hungry & grow weak & bloat up from eating Hay from farmers fields & of course from the long manufactured ice nucleated Autumn, Winter & Spring events that keep the ground covered for long stretches each year.  They scratch a lot too. It's truly hard to watch  the results of these deadly programs. Gib of course suffering in his own way from them, but, with determination that we rarely see these days in Mankind. He stuck it out. No Pity For Himself.   Sink or Swim!   Sadly the lack of desire to swim is rampant. Or to see that we are sinking collectively, for that matter.  

      I went down with the Ship but, I kept my mouth closed. So, I didn't drown like the rest of them!

    • Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

      Andrew, It would truly break your heart to see Banff & Jasper now.  They were Stunning in the 70's. I agree. And Plenty of Wildlife.   Now I Cry when I drive through those areas. So few Birds or Animals seen with the multitude of Tree death in the forested areas through out. The Great Trees look like Death.  Very Grateful for the billboards that are up against Geo engineering. 

  47. Stephen K. O'Neal says:

       There deserves comment upon the diverse suite of political and sociological dimensions that attend the monumentally subtle subject of geoengineering, but which some may, having not fully considered the deliberately hidden foundation, find curiously tangential or perhaps even objectionable.  This composite view is firmly founded upon the realisation that it is not nuclear explosives, but a subtle and pervasive blame and affrontal put upon Mother Nature, secretly become the most powerful weapon ever devised by man that is not hamstrung by binary logistics of immediate consequence, but fully integrated within a complex, denatured reprogramming of our existence and purposes together on this little blue planet.  We are then left with a new definition of "immediate," in which the consequences measure not in hours but decades, of which perhaps only one is now left.   
       Any non-superficial consideration of climate, socioeconomics and warfare today discovers at its root a comprehensive but now arguably obsolete common denominator, or old world order that is in the process of labeling itself as "New"…. a collection of cultures originating with struggle for survival of very small numbers of aboriginal peoples, but having explosively multiplied to consume the earth, sustaining a naturally favoured cultural vortex in which the bulk of population is controlled under quietly brutal norms of coercion and duplicities by a concentrated and self-encapsulating ontology that occultly rationalises itself as a virtual, new, supernatant, "illuminated" species.  Nearly every scribe of corporate and university tenure constructs a synthetic reality from it, and every celebrated prophet has, before debasement by sanctioned ink, lived and taught the contrary example of essential symbiosis as a universal law, or fractal law of action, at every point of social order and existence itself, and chastised each barnacle of facile consensus with earthly authority as whited sepulchers defining temporary blooms of incomplete success and understanding.
       The idealistic American rebellions of the sixties germinated a new Reformation in which the uncalcified youth rejected the self-deceptions of their culturally ossified, albeit obediently productive predecessors, but fell victim to an insidious, sophisticated obfuscation of their ideals into every human vulnerability, naivete and good intentions.  Yuri Bezmenov makes the mechanism of this very clear.  So it is today as well, that Charlotte Iserbyt's thesis of Deliberate Dumbing Down has consummately increased the range of its integral, with our society now defined almost entirely by escapisms, glibly playing pinochle on the seventh deck of a supposedly unsinkable ship.

       Such considerations, applied as an operator to the modus operandi of any sanctioned sociological process today, yield a consistent dichotomy of elite few manipulating a nation or world of people as a defacto subspecies, but now defined by existential materialism and the inbred derangements of its technological solipsism.  In Jacques Benoit's description of Alexander's Greece, we find a remarkable precedent of summary ecclesiastical rejection in favour of romance of a newly found, purely logical and geometric foundation in the order of the physical space, but without retention of the esoteric mechanisms by which we gain the logic of higher spaces than the world our senses project our perceptions into. Such is therefore fatally flawed against the true complexity of Nature, as are those who worship chemistry as a closed set and axiomatic algorithm of redemption.  In the logical domain however, we see that geoengineering is a subset of global social engineering, which in turn is a subset of a centralised vortex of ontology developed over many millennia, and possessing incomplete features of its original archaic manipulations of higher order physics of consciousness itself, including a commonplace appeal to luciferin concepts and child blood sacrifice, as Ronald Bernard has revealed at great cost.  If the modus operandi of the global elite fails the overtly logical conditions, then neither will such map as complete, benevolent expressions in any domain.  In a world of so many fine examples we can ostensibly turn to in the established structure, the illusion of universal cultural ethos is refractory and insidiously subjective.  But we know what the road to hell is paved with.  The momentum of societies is governed by so many who have not a clue who and what they truly work for, or else do and quietly carry the rationalisations of heavy guilt and blackmail.

       With those who dare to cross the current and address the reality and consequences of planetary thermodynamics in full candor, we see that here come now the rare dedications to truth of our lot, revealing our larger portion's role as unwitting accomplices of a pluperfect mass genocide paradigm, a perfect fibrillation of simplistic human intentions and resignation to convenience and banal authority, operating in febrile obedience of conformity to ostensive norms programmed from our youth, but whose net collective effect is a masterpiece of fatal holistic dysfunction.  

       In the commerce of these discussions regarding geoengineering there lies coiled up under the table the inextricable mass of diverse human affairs both cultivated and subducted by that common denominator, demanding that in order to unravel the knot now tied around the planet's neck, we must first pull away the lurid paradigm that so easily hides and prostitutes men behind its drapery.  It is these shadowed men who should take the knot before a betrayed, outraged civilisation, but best as part of a rebellion, the consummation of a Reformation and its rightful Apocalypse, in which, for the first time in human history, the victor does not become the enemy he has vanquished, likewise having learned what the elite mentality has not – an emancipation recognising that a wheel is perfected only when every spoke is rendered equally strong, and more generally, the principle of resurrection of the spirit, away from the fears of the flesh and pride that have so long christened those pillars of salt we know as pharaohs of old and self appointed kings anew, with the slaves and salted fields they leave in their wake.


       Allow me to include an anecdote, a tangential social issue, put into perspective of the common denominator –

    SKO 1.10.2019/
       Of course these issues [1] will soon be moot as planetary events develop, but the attitudes and policies of institutions and governments are a concern in the context of logistics and necessary interactions with society as the transition to collapse occurs, and for the more abstract ideals of overcoming the current paradigm, as our situation still permits.  These social programming notions do possess a grain of truth to the extent that a more refined civilisation might be defined, less coloured by the more primitive, reptilian reflexes, but there is a fine line between fineness and emasculation, especially when considering the pedigree of medical rationisations instituted to promote Draconian state policy.  Hitler's use of the 1906 Indiana (and subsequent) American policies on sterilisation and other distillations of population behaviour come to mind.  Our forced medication in the form of specious vaccines and fluoridation, not to mention the massive aerosol programmes, are directly a part of this comprehensive policy that has no measurable distinction from Third Reich operations, in fact may be much closer to it than we prefer to contemplate.  A huge irony exists in that these social engineering programmes are painted with the mantra of stopping division between people, yet are sanctioned by a central policy fully dedicated to dividing peoples and nations against each other.  These considerations are not lost upon those who trouble themselves with the truths of our overall situation, and one must also note the irony of suppressing male behaviours in favour of clearly aggressive, or more precisely passive aggressive female role modeling.

       In this arena, we remember that half-truths are among the most potent of weapons, used copiously, for instance, in regard to climate issues, forming powerful duplicities that only relatively well focused minds can remove the degeneracies from.  Val Valerian, in Matrix-III, describes the implementation of the "Prussian educational philosophy," in which the state removes the man from his position in the family, and then removes the woman from hers through a mechanism closely resembling the obliteration process for Native American culture, cutting their hair and forbidding them to speak their languages or retain customs, all the time reducing them to welfare chattel.  That composite of social engineering has come full term, as Russell Means describes in "Americans are becoming the New Indian."  The only good news in all of this is that such social constructs ultimately collapse of their own accord, and that the coming changes will require ultimate strength of character and extended (decentralised) family unit, and will have no mercy for those who have denatured and wantonly emasculated mankind in these ways, or for those who follow them.


  48. Paul Vonharnish says:

    "The “Big Bad Fix” is being launched today in Nairobi during the 3rd United Nations Environmental Assembly and in the run-up to a meeting of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in Montreal. Geoengineering is subject to a de facto moratorium under the CBD, and marine geoengineering is prohibited by the London Protocol of the London Convention on the Prevention of Marine Pollution. The authors of the report argue that these decisions must be upheld and must be the starting point of any legitimate, international and democratic discussion of geoengineering governance."


    Please review complete text here:

  49. A Listener says:

    I recently found that Seymour Hersh wrote a series of articles about the use of cloud seeding as a weapon in Vietnam for the New York Times.  I was surprised to find some of these items on the NYT's website – here's a link to one from July 3, 1972:

    • Dale K says:

      With Operation Popeye, the U.S. government made weather an instrument of war
      As geo-engineering projects soar, the declassified project is newly relevant.
      By Eleanor Cummins  
      Popular Science
      March 20, 2018

      It was a seasonably chilly afternoon in 1974 when Senators Claiborne Pell, a Democrat from Rhode Island, and Clifford Case, a Republican from New Jersey, strode into the chambers of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations for a classified briefing. While the meeting was labeled “top secret,” the topic at hand was rather mundane: They were there to discuss the weather.

      More specifically, Pell, the chairman of the now-defunct subcommittee for Oceans and International Environment, and his colleague were about to learn the true extent of a secret five-year-old cloud seeding operation meant to lengthen the monsoon season in Vietnam, destabilize the enemy, and allow the United States to win the war.

      Though it cycled through several names in its history, "Operation Popeye" stuck. Its stated objective—to ensure Americans won the Vietnam War—was never realized, but the revelation that the U.S. government played God with weather-altering warfare changed history. The Nixon administration distracted, denied, and, it seems, outright lied to Congress, but enterprising reporters published damning stories about rain being used as a weapon, and the Pentagon papers dripped classified details like artificial rain. Eventually, the federal government would declassify its Popeye documents and international laws aimed at preventing similar projects would be on the books.

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, I remember hearing about this at the time.  Photos of the war areas from publications that actually depicted scenes of real warfare, where the U.S. military was attempting to chase out Viet Cong always looked leaden-skied, soggy and flooded.  Apparently the "brilliant" tactical minds thought it'd wash 'em out, kinda like drowning rats– fat lot of good that "brilliant" attempt at weather warfare did in helping the U.S. to "win" that so-called war, really just an occupation.  Was Jim Morrison of The Doors one of the casualties of that war?  hmmmm….

  50. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 252nd email, titled 'Good Grief – 24 months to Climate Chaos.'  

    Malcolm Light and Sam Carana have had further confirmation of their 2016 chart 'Planetary Genocide – Ecocide between 2023 – 2031'.

    Unfortunately the new information indicates Global Extinction within 18 – 34 months. This implies extinction between July 2020 – Nov 2021. 

    So, in the 3 years since they produced their chart, the nearest dates have shortened by 30 months  – or an average of 10 months per year , although the majority of that time loss actually came during 2018.

    Similarly, in the 3 years the end dates have shortened by a staggering 9 years and 2 months – but that is what exponential does.

    As I wrote in my 251st email, I am not going as far as they do.  I still hope for 24 months until Climate Chaos, followed by 24 months of the Extinction Finale. 

    Not much of a difference I know – but I like to be stoically positive.

    There is plenty of grief ahead of us. I intend to have the Good Grief of knowing I did what was appropriate for me to do. 

    This would not be a selfish "I want to…" bucket list, but rather I plan to make good use of the remaining time: a) to continue to warn people of their impending demise so that they can better prepare themselves, and b) to seek out and enjoy the company of family, friends and other life forms.

    I mean to avoid the Bad Grief they comes with too many "I wish I had…" moments.

    I do admire Extinction Rebellion. They are doing something positive in an organised way, and as their latest email says: With love and rage…We will not disappear – We will not die off – We will not give in. They are organising increased activities this year. It would be excellent if there was a good turn out in USA on 26 Jan…come on the general public of the USA, get going – you have little to lose. 

    I also admire the Yellow Vests. The French know how to carry out a rebellion, and global rebellion is what we need. It doesn't matter if you live in a so called democracy or a dictatorship, our "leaders" greed, ego and love of power has to be extinguished. 

    It would be wonderful if Yellow Vests manage to get 46 million French people to withdraw all their money from banks. 

    If we got 70% of the world's population to take out all their money from banks – that would be a worthwhile non violent protest.

    And of course, I admire for their relentless and well researched exposure of the ongoing intensive covert toxic geoengineering and atmospheric spraying that is going on above our heads. 

    Toxic to all life forms, and atmospheric spraying aka global dimming aka aerosol masking effect.


    • Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

      Great post Andrew. To seek out & enjoy the company of Family, Friends, & other life forms. We do need those moments too, don't we? Scary how short our time may be. I dread the moments of wish I had also. In a blink of an eye, our reality will change. Now there's no turning back. I'll need the feeling of pride for the effort I gave to be present in my mind to survive the moments I'll struggle with in the future if it turns as ugly as it may.  What effort did I give towards awakening others?  To save one more Animal, Bird, Bee, Bat, Insect, Frog, Fish, Tree….I wish many more would understand the lateness of the hour. 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Andrew, always I enjoy reading what you have to contribute. You have gone over the top this week. By golly, I think you even started another 2 year count down. I'll watch this one as close as the last. Like you, I'm in this for the long haul. I too have noticed what current public upheavals are worthy of note and support. "Proofs in the pudding". Does anyone say that anymore? (I do). "There is plenty of grief ahead of us. I intend to have the Good Grief of knowing I did what was appropriate for me to do". Si comprende mi amigo. Thank you for a worthy "historical quote". Believe me, I will be quoting you on that to the folks I converse with. To Andrew and ALL, is it just me or is it getting easier to tip folks off the top of the fence. Serious, I'd like to know. There's a lot of "stuff" that isn't lining up and my "students" are catching on quicker than even last year.

      Andrew, I truly hope I will be able to comment on your last account of your newly started 2 year count down. "See you on the other side".

      "Do they have camp fire wood in Scotland?(grin)….

    • Dennie says:

      I don't understand why people don't help decentralize the Toxic Twenty and put their money in CREDIT UNIONS.  These are usually local institutions that lend locally to your neighbors, such as the Redwood Credit Union found in 8 counties of the San Francisco Bay area and north.  You're a member there and not a customer.  Nothing is traded on Wall Street.  You get shares returned to your accounts.  They have a fantastic savings and overdraft protection using built-in savings that puts part of every deposit into a separate savings area for every account you have.  You get way better APR rates on credit cards than you do with cards from the big banks and they have very competitive rates on auto and house loans, as well as an auto buying service that will help you find a new or used automobile and come up with a plan to help you purchase or lease it.  

  51. John Berzins says:

    Great work and your voice resonates to us over in Europe.

    Everyone seems to have their eyes glued to the ground! I live in south west France and we notice the planes arrive whenever there is a blue sky. Scores  leave their tell tale pulses that take 30 minutes or so to spread hours later a vloud cover appears  followed by a misrrable mizzly  drizzly rain the following day. The planes cover the villages the gocernment mentions nothing of it. Yes issue decrees like Herod to vaccinate every baby with 14 vaccines in 12 injections or face a scholl ban and a mandatory 30000 euros fine(sic) . Thank God the Yellow vests  who are regular  folk who man thoysands and thoysands of roundabouts in tbe bitter cold… yes hope is not lost!! May we join hands and take back our planet !!! Fantastic work !!! Very kindest John a

    nd Tanya 

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