Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 13, 2018, #127


Dane Wigington

The weather makers are continuing to ramp up their all out assault on planet Earth. Winter storm “Hunter” is the latest geoengineered creation of the climate engineers. The temperature whiplash scenarios associated with this completely engineered chemical ice nucleated event were far beyond extreme. While the power structure wages weather warfare on populations around the globe, US diplomats are now slated to become weapons industry salesmen to the highest bidder. How much additional global carnage can we expect from this shocking scenario? North and South Korea have finally tried to reduce the tensions between their nations, why is the US now threatening a military first strike? The militarized / industrialized civilization circus of insanity continues to gain momentum even as the existing paradigm is disintegrating. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

These are indeed strange days on planet Earth. If we are to have any chance of making it any better, the effort will take all of us. Help to wake those around you by sharing credible data from a credible source, ask those you awaken to do the same. We cannot conquer the dire realities that surround us unless or until we first fully face them. Make your voice heard in the critical battle to sound the alarm.

This week's outreach booth is at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.


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  1. Peter says:

    I have bookmarked this website. Truly Awesome

  2. Peter says:

    My political beliefs forbid me to comment

  3. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    The Media has only been covering the extreme weather anomalies, such as Snowfall in the Sahara Desert, the Historical Fires in California, the Winter Storms, the record setting 2017 Hurricane Season, without any reasons as to why. They will never discuss the reasons why these extreme weather events are occurring! Questions I would like to ask these reporters, that are giving this news are,  what are the factors that are creating these Historical Weather Events and why are the details and evidence contributing to the creation of these catostrophic occurrences not being discussed?

  4. Ermmm… Flu "outbreaks"… 

    Dirty Vaccines: New Study Reveals Prevalence of Contaminants Oooops!!!

    • beatriz says:

      Paul, thanks soooo very much! everybody needs to read this research, wonderful ammunition article to wake up those that are open to find the truth about vaccines.

    • joe Strauss says:

      Paul   Vonharnish,


      My Thanks to you for the EXCELLENT SOURCE

      given to us in your posting Jan.20, 18..DIRTY VACCINES..


      The Italians have found out the secret(deadly toxins),

      that many report  on the vaccines given to us.

      I know the  Medical profession are pawns,

      duped into believing a good vaccine will cure  illness.


      Of course most Doctors would not dream/ know how to test

      for the vaccine ingredients…


      My  kind regards to you  for the knowledge given.

    • JR says:

      Hey Paul and all. Today in Southwest, New Mexico the clouds coming in from west were obliterated with SAG/SRM and then the winds came as they had announced would come. Thank the Lord they were were not super bad as in other times. FDA along with USDA are worth about the same, in so many ways crooks.With GMO approval they are bought off most of us know. They let these companies do all their testing! So why do they still exist? To have people believe they have our best interest, right?! They approved Aspartame in diet crap, now in gum etc. There is no legit regulations to safe guard people, the puppet government representing us we know does not represent us. Taxation with no representation over us. Yet these companies boast on how much profits they make and say they are the best for you and I. The dvd "Burzynski" reveals on big Pharma how they fought this Dr. against his cure for cancer with antineoplastons, along with FDA. This dr. does not use chemotherapy or radiation, yet they tried running him into ground. It's a good watch, just watch yourself over the frustration you will experience!!! In so many ways as good as this country could be, it's run by the like of these sick type of bastards in love with their money and the power it gives them on this side of eternity. Vehicle insurance companies are no better buying off politicians putting them in their pockets and they could care less if one dies when they owe a pay out. To them it's all about their profits, the love of their money will wind most of these jerks in hell for that love of it! It's unfortunate for the real person to fathom this thought on how we are played by the like. The word says the dog likes to go back to his vomit…In the end most of these lowlifes will get what they are due, meanwhile let us not lose that hope, yeah…His Peace with all of You!!! I forgot to mention if anyone here has not seen the dvd "Sweet Misery A Poisoned World" it's about the crap Aspartame and how it got on the market with our wonderful leaders as Ronald Reagan, Donald Rumsfeld and the like of such nice guys, real hero's folks. Really nice guys, puke…Thanks for putting up with this post. I'm trying to stay focused as all here with so much corruption in this crooked and perverse generation we live in.

  5. joe Strauss says:

    All, do take heed of this report today


    LATIMES.COM  Title: Flu death in California count jumps.

    Jan 19, 2018


    Note a MILITARY GRADE PORTABLE tent is seen in

    article picture.  When have you all seen a Hospital

    Parking lot in USA with a Military tent …


    And the flu vaccine is known to be more lethal

    than the current strain of vaccine( will either kill you or very sick)


    This is MORE  than a reported story….

  6. Dan says:

    Rains all night at 32 degrees snows during the day at 35 degrees, what is wrong with this picture? Our predominant winds and storms used to come out of the west but now the winds are mostly out of the east and the storms move up from the south. Talk about mother nature in reverse. It's all messed up now thanks to the climate engineers.

  7. Dog says:

    Almost every day here lately, the spraying, the flight and trail patterns, the "clouds", have been SO blatantly obvious, SO surreal-looking, to the point where I cannot fathom how anyone who is looking at these things can possibly view them as "normal".

    Yet, I am still encountering resistance to rational arguments, from intelligent friends ("they are just Contrails – What's wrong with YOU?") …

    Here's a very powerful clarion call from John Whitehead, that we all need to heed, right now – please see:

    Even without the geoengineering crimes, we are at a tipping point in all respects, and we must stand for the planet, and for its life in all of its expressions, while there is still time.


    • GretchenThomas says:

      The NWS has just posted the 2018 Weather Spotter Training Schedule. Classes are free and open to the public and is an excellent location to spread awareness and flyers to people already watching the weather. Get there earlyish, bypass the registration table( not necessary) and inconspicuously speak to people awaiting the presentation to start. 

    • GretchenThomas says:

      Weather Spotter Training Programs by state.

    • Hello Dog: Clear and present statements by John W. Whitehead in his January 18, 2018 article.

      Silence Is Betrayal: Get Up, Stand Up, Speak Up for Your Rights

      Thanks for that! Though I agree with his assessment, I no longer sense that our "government" is amendable by vote, by protest, by petition, nor journalistic review.

      As Mr. Whitehead alludes, our Republic is now a Fascist corportacracy; overseen by a hapless idiot wafting to the varied winds of finance. Our Congress is now made up of invested shareholders with an inside trick. We have presently enshrined Constitutional cowards, liars, war mongers, and masters of industrial slavery. I say: Let's play their game right back in their faces. I posted this link below, but here it is once again. >

      InPower Movement:
      Posted: 26 August 2017

      Though these two videos revolve around "Smart Meter" property damages, corporate trespass, illegal surveilling, and multiple health issues, the LAWFUL process are applicable. The only way to regain our personal sovereignty in the courts, is to wrest control away from the bastards who are enslaving our Nation. Hold them "stickily liable" as individual "Actors", and sue them into the ground. Watch the entire films, and download the legal formats.

    • Dennie says:

      On NPR's Science Friday show this morning one of the announcements was that the website has a "How to Talk About Climate Change with Deniers" article.  I haven't had the time to see it but I'm certain that there's at least one Very L-A-R-G-E fact about climate change that we won't find here: and:

      Other Science Friday news:  We hear that all 49 states in the continental U.S. are reporting severe and widespread flu outbreaks, all at once, never happened before (…gee, I wonder how that happened?).  We hear how horrible this H3N2 strain of flu is, then the news that Scientists are working on a universal flu vaccine that works on the parts of the flu virus that does not mutate.  Alicia Fry of CDC and Anthony Fauci of the NIH in Bethesda, MD (think:  Military-Industrial-Pharmaceutical complex) appear as guests:  So scare everyone like Hell first, then spray the entire nation with geoengineering air crap that's had flu viruses added, making everyone sick and terrified, then they'll flock to the vaccination clinics.  

      Speaking of widespread outbreaks, in 2015 we read that 200,000 endangered antelope in Kazakhstan were killed by a bacteria that was triggered by increased warming:   

      "Over the span of three weeks in 2015, more than 200,000 saiga antelope suddenly died in central Kazakhstan.

      Scientists knew that bacteria called Pasteurella multocida type B caused the mass death. Now, new research suggests that the bacteria was already present in the animals; it was triggered and became harmful because of a period of unusual weather.

      Richard Kock, a professor of Wildlife Health and Emerging Diseases at The Royal Veterinary College, witnessed the "rapidly accelerating death."

      "You went from one or two animals to within three or four days — thousands. And then they were all dead by the seventh day," Kock tells NPR. "The animals were showing normal behavior, normal signs, normal grazing and then suddenly they'd start looking a little bit unhappy and stop feeding. Within about three hours they were dead."


      The War Against 'Goat Plague'

      This happened across a landscape of several hundreds of kilometers. Kock says the animals showed clear signs of a form of blood poisoning called hemorrhagic septicemia, caused by the bacteria initially found in the tonsils. The bacteria "very rapidly goes within the bloodstream," causing hemorrhaging, he says.

       [source article]:  

      More plausible denial, I say a pretext for practicing aerosol-delivered bio-warfare out in Kazakhstan where nobody would expect anything bad to happen, right??  When it worked, "they" will unleash it on the U.S., all 49 states, in January of 2018… Ya think?

    • Dog says:

      Thanks all for the replies. It is amazing that so many people still don't see what has been happening to our government.

      @Paul, I have seen the videos; I think demonstrating "legal" liability is the sticky point…and, the courts are being subsumed as well it appears. I think that maybe the Geo legal team may be running into this very issue (besides gvt. agencies refusing to abide by the law and release FOI Act documents!)

    • Pedro says:

      Hello everyone.

      They have said that the increasing warming was the cause for the "plague caused by the bacteria" that killed so many animals in Kazakhstan, but the "plague" started in TROPICAL countries:

      …"The virus was first identified in Ivory Coast in 1942 and has spread to some 70 countries since then. It is quite good at spreading, both by animal-to-animal contact and through the air. "It's very, very contagious," says Adesogan."

      …"Scientists knew that bacteria called Pasteurella multocida type B caused the mass death. Now, new research suggests that the bacteria was already present in the animals; it was triggered and became harmful because of a period of unusual weather."

      Because of the increasing warming, yes?

      But to kill All animals "they" do not need to release sophisticated viruses or bacteria into the air. Similar symptoms and consequences ( to the grazing animals ) can be achieved also with the spraying of GLYPHOSATE and RAT POISON ( the herds of caribou are also disappearing ):

      …"This happened across a landscape of several hundreds of kilometers. Kock says the animals showed clear signs of a form of blood poisoning called hemorrhagic septicemia, caused by the bacteria initially found in the tonsils. The bacteria "very rapidly goes within the bloodstream," causing hemorrhaging, he says."

      And the animals became sick AFTER eating:

       …"The animals were showing normal behavior, normal signs, normal grazing and then suddenly they'd start looking a little bit unhappy and stop feeding. Within about three hours they were dead."

      Now we have "weather envelopes" in immense flat landscapes like the plains of Mongolia or Kazakhstan… :

      …"The 30,000 surviving animals probably lived because they were out of the deadly "climate envelope," says Kock. Some "bachelor" male saiga antelope move further north where the humidity was lower, he adds, and some females stayed in smaller groups in remote areas."

      The animals that survived were feeding outside the sprayed area.

      No Food, no People.

      The end will come with a change in the juice the Fkrs are spraying.

    • Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Dog,  Have you asked them in response to their ignorant conclusion of what these lines, smears, streaks, & or, waves in the Sky are.   Why would a" Team" of Lawyers file a Lawsuit to end them in the U.S.A.? Why is there yet another Lawsuit filed in Canada to end them there too?

    • Pedro says:

      Dane and everyone;

      I've remembered something – and this is to all the PROFESSIONALS who are trying to protect all the children against the harm caused by the vaxxinations:

      »» And if starts a MOVEMENT in the US demanding for the implementation and use of only oral vaccination for children and adults?

      We know that vaccines are not what the guys of big pharma are telling us; vaccines are not only tiny bits of inactivated or dead viruses or dead bacteria suspended in a harmless solution, which are used in order to expose the human immune system to very low levels of contamination in order to stimulate or activate the organism to create immunological protection against a contamination to which eventually populations may be exposed in the environment. Vaxxines are much more; these substances are a deadly cocktail of ( sometimes altered ) viruses, bacteria, pathogenic and infectious agents, heavy metals, and chemicals that cause the immunological suppression of the organism and thus the suppression of health for the persons who are vaxxinated (Like a Good Dr says; "children vaccinated are customers of the pharma industry for life"). Causing also a long list of chronic illness ( autoimmune and degenerative diseases, chronic allergies, etc.. ), the reduction of cognitive capacity, causing also autism, diabetes, and cancer.

      –»» BUT, if we could put an END to inoculation by needle, the potential danger of all vaccines will be drastically reduced. ««–

      99.99% of the chemicals and heavy metals when ingested are excreted by the organism and the cumulative effect is much lower in this cases than when the contamination occurs via needle.

      Vaccinations with needle are not safe, the production of vaccines do not obey and are not under the control of tight (and independent) criteria of safeness and quality when in the production phase.

      "they" want to make vaccines to be mandatory, so in that case People must have the option of vaccinating with the syringe OR by the oral way with drops. If it is mandatory in some regions, people should have the liberty of choosing. That possibility must be given to People.

      They will say that in some cases it is not possible. Bullshit, if these vaccines are not available now, the pharma industry must be obligated to produce these oral vaccinations, for security reasons.

      This can call more attention to the vaxxines issue without creating a stance of being against vaxxines, creating an opportunity for protecting more all kids and gain time.


    • Dog says:

      Hi Gail – there have only be a couple of people with whom which I've been able to even take the lawsuits conversation that far with, and they still don't get/buy it….

      As I posted here in another thread on this topic, when I look up and see what's going on right over our heads – the planes, the trails, the whited-out sky, and realize that these things are a new phenomenon compared to how our skies used to look, which I remember well, it strikes me as a real-life horror movie, because it is so surreal. It's hard to look at.

      To even think that there is such an agenda in operation, as we all discuss here, and which I continually hope and pray is not the case, is frightening. Yet almost no one notices.

      But we should not be cowed by evil. Those who gain the world and lose their souls have gained NOTHING.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Only to clarify, I don't say that we can take orally any kind of poison, even if the intake is only a few micrograms. Lead is poisonous if ingested ( for example ), but the contamination via needle is always more harmful ( for all heavy metals and bad chemicals which are present in vaxxines. Specially in the case of the heavy metals ). I do not know in the specific case of polysorbate 80, formaldehyde, and the other bad chemicals, if the oral ingestion can be very harmful or not, certainly much less harmful than when these substances are injected. And of course, if alien substances like glyphosate can be found inside vaxxines, we know that in any case this substance will be always ( even when ingested orally in very small amounts ) a poison very perverse.

      Another fact that can help in the issue of the vaxxines:

      In Europe, as far as I know (and maybe I'm wrong), all patents after 50 years stay under the public domain, and it is possible for everyone to make free use of the patent in cause. I do not know if the same occurs in the US, or if the same applies in the case of pharmaceutical drugs, and vaccines. If yes, vaccines can be produced outside of the big pharma companies ( of death and disease ).


  8. Nate says:

    Hi everyone, I live in Maryland, NY. Last Friday 1/12/2018 we had temps in the 60's the next day Saturday we were @ 10 degrees and 4 inches of snow! Now thats a weather whiplash! We just came out of a deep freeze most days for 2 weeks were below zero and below zero for days and days. So the 40's, then 50's and then 60's that Friday were a nice change but we are back to freezing once again. I get the word out any time i can when weather topics come up. I have shown a few videos on this site and they are impressed with the presentation of material. Keep up the work Dane!

  9. MS P says:

    New California?

    Perhaps it will be free of geoengineering too? I sure hope so… I really am not sure what to think on this. Other than Old California, under current conditions, really bites! 

    I guess I need to learn more about the agenda of our new CA state. In more ways than one.

    I am for it in some ways. Since CA is about to go into a $20 Billion dollar recession. Under GOV Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown.

    Or as they would say on Star Trek… ''She's breaking up "

  10. Rachel Robson says:

    All: I found out yesterday that more American women die in childbirth than in any other developed country!!!  I knew it was high, but not that high!  And children here have a 70% greater chance of dying in childhood!  These two things are unacceptable!!!!

  11. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    The most valuable military real estate in the world
    Strategically placed at the entrance to the Red Sea, Djibouti is home to more foreign bases than any other country.
    By Bruno Maçães / 1/15/18
    DJIBOUTI — “World War III will start here.”
    Strategically placed at the entrance to the Red Sea, commanding a large percentage of the trade and energy flows between Europe and Asia, Djibouti is home to more foreign military bases than any other country. We drove by one of the four surviving French bases. The perimeter was wide, but the building immediately reminded you of an old Foreign Legion fort, with its run-down walls and picturesque watch towers. What a contrast to the dark and menacing Chinese naval base I had visited the day before or the autonomous city in the desert that is Camp Lemonnier, the American base. … As new powers rise and the formerly hegemonic West loses relative power, we are entering the first period in human history in which modern technology will be combined with a chaotic international arena, in which no single actor or group of actor is capable of imposing order.
    The coming wars may be armed conflicts, but they could also take radically different forms: struggles to control infrastructure, propaganda battles, tech races in artificial intelligence and robotics, cyberwar, and trade and economic warfare. Only one thing is certain: They will be contested by nations with deeply integrated economies and infrastructure across borders that are diluted, permeable and sometimes supple.

  12. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: I have just begun to read this book, published in 2017 by Springer. The author, Andrew Glikson, Earth & paleo-climate scientist, Australian National University, presents his riveting conclusions, many of which correlate with Dane’s assessments. The term Plutocene was coined to describe a post-Anthropocene period marked by a plutonium-rich sedimentary layer in the oceans. The Anthropocene is very short, having begun (depending on your definition) either with the Industrial Revolution in about 1750, or with the onset of nuclear weapons and sharply rising greenhouse emissions in the mid-20th century. This Daily Mail article (linked) is an introduction with good graphics.
    Nuclear war and rising CO2 levels could trigger a radioactive 'Plutocene' that would 'change the course of evolution'
    Plutocene is a period marked by plutonium-rich sedimentary layer in the oceans – Could be triggered by nuclear war on Earth – During the Plutocene, temperatures would be much higher than today – Extreme scenario could mean sea levels were 20–40m higher than today
    THE PLUTOCENE: Blueprints for a post-Anthropocene Greenhouse Earth / by Andrew Glikson, Earth and paleo-climate scientist, Australian National University
    The term Plutocene is used to describe a post-Anthropocene period marked by a plutonium-rich sedimentary layer in the oceans. The Anthropocene is very short, having begun (depending on your definition) either with the Industrial Revolution in about 1750, or with the onset of nuclear weapons and sharply rising greenhouse emissions in the mid-20th century. The future length of the Plutocene would depend on two factors: the half-life of radioactive plutonium-239 of 24,100 years, and how long our CO₂ will stay in the atmosphere – potentially up to 20,000 years. During the Plutocene, temperatures would be much higher than today. Perhaps they would be similar to those during the Pliocene (2.6 million to 5.3 million years ago), when average temperatures were about 2℃ above those of pre-industrial times, or the Miocene (roughly 5.3 million to 23 million years ago), when average temperatures were another 2℃ warmer than that, and sea levels were 20–40m higher than today. Under these conditions, population and farming centres in low coastal zones and river valleys would be inundated, and humans would be forced to seek higher latitudes and altitudes to survive – as well as potentially having to contend with the fallout of nuclear conflict. The most extreme scenario is that evolution takes a new turn – one that favours animals best equipped to withstand heat and radiation. …
    This is our home, and there is currently little prospect of realising science fiction’s visions of an escape from a scorched Earth to some other world. Yet still we waver. Many media outlets operate in apparent denial of the connection between global warming and extreme weather. Meanwhile, despite diplomatic progress on nuclear weapons, the Sword of Damocles continues to hang over our heads, as 14,900 nuclear warheads sit aimed at one another, waiting for accidental or deliberate release. … if we don’t take urgent action to defend our planet, life as we know it will not be able to continue. …


  13. Marta says:

    Does anyone know DeSmogBlog connections. they just put this article out saying all the methane problem is because of oil and gas 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Marta, in regard to the hydrocarbon industry, in one form or another, it is in so many ways directly connected to the planetary meltdown. Hydrocarbons have fueled industrialized / militarized civilization from the start (which now includes climate engineering). Now, if only DeSmog (and countless other organizations) would acknowledge the climate engineering attrocities, time will tell.

  14. Nina says:

    Hello Pedro, thankyou for your report about the fires which makes sense to me. The media come out with such ridiculous stories, I really dont know how anyone can believe them about anything anymore!  Although I did not feel the earthquake (I am south of that region) you must have read my mind as I have a feeling we are overdue for a larger quake. But how can we know if it natural or not? We know "they" have the technology to induce them.

  15. barbzi says:

    Normally a spittoon is used by tobacco chewers but now a days i find them handy for depositing that thick stringy sticky mucus i cough up from aerial spraying. I refuse to swallow that stuff !!! Just this last week or so the spittoon is forming lots of green mold on top. SO WHAT ARE THEY SPRAYING NOW. Are they using us like a petri dish?? ….. spreading Lord knows what…..

  16. Blue Sue says:

    As a longtime Alaskan used to very cold temperatures in January, the balmy and comfortable 45 F degrees on Jan 15 felt like a guilty birthday gift (turned 62 that day) and the warmth continued on the 16th (49 degrees) and again today (46 degrees).  This unnaturally warm weather reminds me of when on the same date in the year 2008 (I think) it was 53 on January 15 and they opened the local golf course which had zero snow on the fairways then.  Of course, these abnormal warm temperatures are totally geoengineered; the aerosol trails were clearly visible everyday this past week for anyone who had eyes to see.  In a bizarre contrast, my brother who telephoned me from Kansas City said it was 11 degrees there (on Monday Jan 15). This evening our "weather forecast" is calling for "partly sunny" skies with fast dropping temps down to about 10 this weekend and single digits by next Wednesday.  Well, at least those temperature are normal here for January!  

  17. terrry turner says:

    Money….money….money ; is what is needed to produce dvds and print flyers and pay expenses so Dane may continue the efforts to alert people about the Scheisse in our skies.  Please scroll up to the  " DONATE " section of Dane's website and add some substance to your encouraging words.  Thanks in advance.

  18. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL my friends I haven't met 'yet',

    Well, here I sit this last few days in utter awe of the abnormal weather. Chemical ice nucleation abounds. Life is currently in neutral. My area outside of the cabin where I plow is a skating rink. A few rounds of melt and freeze have done their job. Right now as I write these words, it is raining outside at 37F degrees. Two days ago it was snowing outside at 37F. Rain now and colder(below freezing) temps coming in the next few days. Won't that be fun. Especially with a forecasted 3 to 5 inches of nucleated snow on top of it. It's two miles exactly from my cabin to the mail boxes down on the "main road". 400 ft ele loss. Ever try to drive down a sloped hockey rink? It'll get your heart pumping for sure. For those of you that may be curious, the Mustangs are fat and doing ok. I'd say they're happy, but I think they see things aren't what they used to be. I am inspired by their "adaption" to current circumstances. They are resilient in all ways. I've learned a lot having had them in my life. They are free once again living here. We're a humble little herd, but we know how to put the rubber down on the road. I was talking to a friend of mine today on the phone and the topic of trees came up. It's something we have in common. I mentioned that I could "see 'through' my ponderosa". The pulse of energy that came through that line was just what the doctor ordered. "Someone that could recognize my observations from their heart" and knows the full scale of which ours trees are in decline "and why". In my younger years, I remember the Ponderosa getting a good wash job in the fall and looking a vibrant green through out the winter. Not so anymore. With each snow fall that falls on them, when the snow melts they look a bit more faded than just a few days prior. The creator gave me great sense of color. That's probably why I remember as a young boy looking up and asking myself, "how can the sky be so dark blue and it be so bright here around me?" I have very mixed feelings about my kids and grandkids having not been afforded the same chance to ponder those childhood questions. It's hard to accept. I've paid my dues for trying to explain the differences between my young years and theirs.

    Nothing should be shocking anymore(grin), I am a Frank Zappa fan. Yepper indeed. I never cared for his music but I "always" enjoyed what he had to say and how he said it. Cool, calm, factual and to the point. A lot like someone else I know. My friends, here's 20 minutes of shi… stuff you'll enjoy listening to. A man that tried to get the message out. Proudly somewhere Frank is smiling down upon us and saying, "I told you so". I'm sure his smile was for hope that we will some day we will wake up and actually evolve. Anyone got a copy of "Lumpy Gravy?"

    Love and strength to ALL,

    'a' simple horseman

    PS, Andrew, I've read all "200", loyally. Good job my friend I haven't met yet.

    • BaneB says:

      'a'simple horseman:  Thanks for your update.  We have very similar lifestyles though I have no horses or cows.  The road in is a very rugged six miles.  Mostly forest or what was once a virgin wonderland of forests and salmon.  There has been no winter here at my altitude (4,000 ft).  Currently it is "raining," a forecast The Weather Channel rarely gets right.  For the past two weeks, days of rain were 'scheduled'.  I keep an eye on this like a hawk.  What we get are aerosoled skies, and clouds that ought to rain if appearance is a factor. Actually the jet stream is coming into most of California including Los Angeles. But the moisture is being deliberately evaporated.  The rain forecast is simply moved back a day or three days.  And when that day or three arrive the forecast is again delayed.  Never use to be like this.   I too can see through the thinning forest.  Once not long ago my vale had no immediate view of the valley and distant mountains.  No more.  The die-off and thinning is opening up a view to the east. YES, you are spot on about the color of the trees.  The green vibrancy has faded.   The overall state of health has deteriorated.  Many trees have died.  And many are dying.  What are my health issues:  Non-stop tinnitus.  And my nose drives me crazy being dry and uncomfortable.  Major sneezing more than is normal.  Take care.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      To ALL, A follow up from last night. It was raining when I wrote last and it rained so much during the night that I have lost half of the snow pack on the ground. 18 or so inches down to 7 to 9 inches. I have several measuring sticks located around the cabin. Half gone in less than 12 hours. While raining it was 40 and 41 degrees F. This morning when I got up it was 30 outside and everything was an ice rink where I plow around the cabin and 3/8 mile driveway. It is sunny right now and things are thawing out. So far "they" haven't pushed back the forecasted 3 to 5 inches of snow scheduled for Sunday. Starting this evening temps are scheduled to fall into the mid 20's to low 30's. After I get done writing this I am going to attempt to slide off this mountain side and on into town 2,000 ft ele below me and 17 miles away.

      Bane, thanks for the reply my friend I hope to meet some day. You're right, you and I have very similar lifestyles. We both live on "1" outlet of electricity and off grid. Do you haul your water in like I do? Being you're at 4,000 ft ele and I am at 3100 ft ele but hundreds of miles north of you makes our climate similar too. Though I am much further from the ocean. Lastly, I don't have cows(grin). Just two little puppy dogs with hooves and 1 damn dog(smile). Enjoy your day.

    • Dog says:

      Frank Zappa was a rare genius who cared enough about the human race to dare to shock and cajole it out of its self-induced hypnotic amnesia. For that, he was constantly derided by the MSM as a "Freak".

      You don't even need to listen to his music to appreciate what he had to say about politics, society, and myriad other issues.

      "The mind is like a parachute – it only functions properly when it's OPEN" – Frank Zappa

    • BaneB says:

      'a' simple horseman:  Yes, I haul water via metal buckets into the house (cabin).  Two kinds of water:  one is filtered for cooking needs and drinking.  The other for dishes and bathing.  Two ways to collect and store:  horizontal well at the lowest part of property and pumped from holding tank up to 2500 gallon tanks.  The other is gravity feed into uphill tanks from higher up and held til the summer season.  About 35,000 gallons total storage.  I have a water bucket bench in the work porch and also eight olive barrels for drinking water.  It's a good system.  The lifestyle is easy.  But I stay on top of it and do my chores every morning.  The key is to stay organized. And not procrastinate.  Further, I have no plumbing, wiring, refrigerator, nor kitchen sink.  It's not for everyone but I live very well.  It's amazing how much crap we buy into.  Most are sold as labor-saving and time saving devices.  I have few technical skills.  Therefore it makes sense to avoid things requiring repairs.  And it turns out my decisions have been validated.  I miss none of it.  This is 19th century living but it's a fact no man is an island. This place is not a true homestead because it's not totally self- sufficient as in my great grandparents' day. I do depend on the over-arching outside system.  Regarding the weather, rain all day yesterday.  Snow overnight , about three inches.  Still waiting for a real winter to arrive.  

  19. renate from BC says:

    Of interest…..and counting..


    • Dog says:

      "COMMENTS ARE DISABLED FOR THIS VIDEO" – just like an increasing number of videos which address many of these critical issues –

      Is anybody else also noticing this "phenomenon" on YT??


    • BaneB says:

      Dog:  Absolutely!  It's a plague of censorship.  I find many sites and videos down or back up again or gone forever.  This is what monopoly does.  And a monopoly on communications sold to us as a free and open dialogue is rapidly morphing into a general intimidation upon net visual and verbal discourse.  At some point when our controllers wreak this medium like what they have done with television, I will go silent and return to my flip phone and books.  Until then, push back!

    • Dog says:

      @Bane – They've already done it – Social Media and Technology Itself  is the "New" TV, with observable and manipulable interactions.

      Welcome To The Future

  20. Frank says:

    But what's going on with all those thousands of people in Houston that got rained on for like 3 days straight, more than ever in history? What's going on with them, or the Californians that were running by the hundreds as their homes disappeared behind them. You almost think it didn't happen how they report it. Where are all those people now? in tents somewhere, or lining up in some high school gym for donated socks. It was only a few months ago. Where do people go when their homes disappear? Somehow they never show that, but there's always room for some stupid one-in-a million sick story. The media chooses what the story will be and they are some sick SOBs.

    • BaneB says:

      Frank:  MSM is entertainment for the brain-dead.  The feed is a lure, a fixation upon the misfortune of others.  Including what is more like a soap opera from Washington.  So much is salacious from all quarters.  These highly paid non-stop babbling news and weather entertainers do not give a damn about follow up.  The matrix is not going to empower the people.  At this juncture, the melt-down of all those tens of millions of fixated minds upon misdirected nonsense, one has to ask if zombies can be empowered.  They are the dead who sense they are living.  Do these look up and notice their shroud?  They are sleepwalking into a nuclear war that will wake up the dead and destroy life.  MSM is the cheerleader. 

    • Prairie Explorer says:

      Frank –

      I've thought the same thing you said, not only about Houston, but also about that huge strip of land in Florida that destroyed the power infrastructure, and also Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Antigua and Barbuda, the Eastern end and Northern coast of Cuba, etc.  On Barbuda, they had to evacuate all 1,700 residents due to the damage, and on St. Maartin, I remember them saying that 90% of the buildings were damaged or destroyed.

      Whatever happened to everything and everyone?  It's like it never happened.  I still look up info on what is going on down in those areas.

      The media and many people act like a dog that gets distracted by everything that goes by.  "Oh, look! Squirrel!!"  When the next thing breaks, no matter how large, or even small and trivial, if it can be utilized as a distraction, it will be.

  21. david says:

    This flu season makes me wonder if they're also spraying flu viruses from these planes as well as the rest of the garbage as a form of biological warfare.  It's just a theory on my part but it wouldn't surprise me.  I got a stomach virus and had not felt that sick to my stomach in 30 years.  I just dont think its because of the cold or natural.  And of course all this flu is just more excuse for them to push more worthless flu vaccines.



    • Rachel Robson says:

      Yup, Possibly the worst most complete flu season Ever!  Like an advertisement for the freaking shot that never works?!!  I mean if it did work, more people would risk it.  Not to mention it is a bird caused virus, and, what birds?!!  Seriously, what birds??  Here in the Pacific Flyway, I've seen so few, especially few travelers.  Ok.  Two or more weeks ago I did see maybe two dozen ducks, flying outta mega sprayed 'clouds' over the Bay in batches like bats outta hell, flapping their little brains out, their backs shining a bright turquoise color which looked blatantly unnatural.  I assumed that an artifact of the 'clouds' and light and they seemed freaked out, not just making time.  And that is it.  Total list for fly bys.  As seen by me, not that I'm watching all the time, but often, and hey, there used to be far, far too many to count.

    • Frank says:

      I think so too, especially how the media reports it like it's really cool that there's a death count to the flu. I never remember the flu being a killer before, and I never remember the glee with which it is reported.

    • Dennie says:

      @david:  I've had a few times when spraying's been heavy and I wound up with what felt like rotavirus ("stomach flu," which it really isn't, since the virus inhabits the small intestine and it it NOT an influenza virus).  You have the runny nose, fever, chills, don't feel good and are throwing up.  That's rota virus for ya.  Then there are all the chemicals being dumped on us.  If the powdery barium gets in your stomach it causes a bubbling effect (like "pop rocks, Watcher has said) that can make you instantly nauseous. I've seen that too.  Then there's another toxic formula that gives you a stiff neck, pain behind the eyes, dizziness and sever nausea.  That's a chemical, but of course, "they" aren't telling us which one.  We are definitely being treated to biological and chemical warfare, crimes that "they" should be charged with and locked away forever for committing on a daily basis for the past 70 years.

  22. JR says:

    Hello to all from the Southwest area of New Mexico, USA. We as always are getting our rain/snow clouds obliterated to 0-nothing, it's very unfortunate for the good people and earth. The lowlifes of the lowest form of life continue ramping up their operations and most people think what they see up in sky SAG/SRM, aka Chemtrails are all normal. Most people as we know believe the media and our so-called government leaders with the spewing of lies and propaganda. God Help Us All in this fight with the losers in the selling out their souls for the so called riches of this world which is only temporary gain. Fire and brimstone I'm sure awaits many of these dark souls…The sell outs, the whole lot of them! Truly scum of a human being, God forgive me…

  23. dennis l godfrey says:

    Please look at the movie trailer for (Bad Day at Black Rock),on, Filmed in 1955 and it has the most beautiful blue skies you may never see again. 

    • Dog says:

      One of the best ways to prove our point is to direct people to color films, and even Polaroid family photos, from those past years, which recorded in real time how the sky once looked. Then, ask a person to explain why the sky no longer looks like that, and why/how these trails and white haze in the skies are here now, when they weren't there before.

      Descriptions and explanations from older people who lived back then aren't enough to convince people who weren't alive back then.

    • Dog says:

      Making these comparisons of how the beautiful deep blue sky once looked (which I remember), with what we see with our own eyes happening now, and realizing the stark difference, makes the present world look like a terrifying horror movie sometimes. This is most disconcerting.

  24. Lee Eyerman says:

    Another week of Sub zero windchills,large jets spraying at night(almost look like milatary planes),frequencies in my ears and more people I know that have passed suddenly.Thinning the herd is a 3 fold plan.Crappy weather,vaccinations that don't work,and frequencies causing strokes in your head, it's a good formula.Good luck everyone,if the fake weather doesn't get you the fake flu will.Maybe we should stay outside like TB patients in the 40's.The 30 below might actually be good for something.


    • Earth Angel says:

      Hi Lee, It's nteresting you mention the frequencies causing strokes. We recently lost a prominent news anchorwoman from the Atlanta area, Amanda Davis, who was only 55. She was a wonderful person, much loved and respected for her kindness and her work by so many people. For years she hosted a segment called Wednesday's Child, which highlights children each week that have been in foster care that are in need of permanent adoptive loving homes. This program still continues on today, though she retired from the news station some years ago. As I understand it she was in the Atlanta airport when she suffered the stroke and died shortly thereafter. So far as I know she had no preexisting medical conditions that might have caused this. If she did it was not mentioned in the news. Only 55 years young- another beautiful soul taken from us far too early. RIP Amanda Davis, yours was a life well lived.

  25. Captn.Jack says:

    First fires in CA.,then they let them have it with heavy rains to wash the scorched land away. Now they are freezing everyone within reach,next will come the flooding of the midwest by the Mississippi River and it's tributaries with ice jams and lots of rain,they are already doing the flooding in the NE that way. Lots of action left  from the boys at the deep state.

    • MS P says:

      The largest fire in CA history was caused by the electric company!

       Thomas Fire DEC. 4, 2017. Where 2 transformers on telephone poles blew up & had caught fire. Merging into 1 great big fire.

      SCE (Southern California Edision) Law suits have been filed

      The Montecito CA disaster was caused by the water Co. For a main had broke & 8+ millions of gallons of water rushed down into Montecito creek. Killing many! The numbers on the media, do not reflect reality. For only those "reported" missing or were found dead or alive, have been accounted for.

      What is being called a "Natural Disaster" had nothing to do with nature. Other than naturally being a major disaster.

  26. Ron Marr says:


    geoengineering is only a symptom of the evil that pervades our existence.

    Jason Price, the Rhode Island state rep. that put in legislation against geoengineering is a fraud, a fake, and a very avid Trump supporter. He believes the economy is doing good because of the stock market. He has taken his legislation against geoengineering to committee. Legislation that goes to committee, goes to committee to die. This is what, briefly, came out of my meeting with Justin Price. The pretenders, that run around the fake reality, called the RI state house, only serve as an emetic. The Warwick, RI, mayor is no better, COWARDS, he never met with me. I had tracked the materials about ego engineering to his door and he denied getting it. I had left flyers and a booklet. The watch dog secretary Carol, SCHEDULER, said it was protocol that I meet with the, CHIEF OF STAFF, so I did. Anyway, the RI state house and its dome tell us that RI is run by hybrid humans and their freemasons. The independent man that stands atop the dome, is painted gold and hollow, a symbol. A symbol like truth and justice and liberty. Now, you can add geo engineering, thanks to Justin Price, as another symbol. Another hollow, empty word, rendered meaningless by committee. Oh…he did say I could be a witness, after presenting him Dane's thick book of compiled facts, on geoengineering.


    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane. Hello everyone.

      Since the last giant fires of mid-October, here near my region in Iberian Peninsula that have killed almost 50 persons and destroyed hundreds of houses ( together with the fires of June more than 100 have died, hundreds were injured ), we had maybe 3 to 4 periods of rain ( since June; 5 to 6 periods, of never strong rain, but very humid weather with some rain ) lasting for 3 to 6 or 7 days, intercalated with long periods of very dry weather and deep blue skies almost without clouds lasting weeks ( thanks to the high pressure zone created by the Ionospheric heaters ). And as several friends here in the site have posted, the rain was always mitigated by the spraying of the aerosols, or totally obliterated ( as many have reported, it was easily observed here in my region that in the moment when a front of natural clouds was starting to grow heavier and start producing some rain, the planes were at the spot right in time for conducting the criminal spraying, in some cases obliterating the big formations of heavy clouds in two or three minutes – just terrible, our rain is being stolen away by these criminals! ). I'm convinced that the obliteration of the clouds is only possible if these are bombarded after the spraying with the electromagnetic warfare emitted by the antennas, without the bombardment with the frequencies, they can hold the rain in suspension because of the spraying, but the part of destroying literally the clouds, I'm convinced that is not possible without the EM warfare. And the result of this criminal campaign is the insufficient rainfall that is far from being able to compensate for the dryness we have on land and in the aquifers.

      But I have something extra to show coming from the official narrative that here in this land have tried to explain why the disaster was so great and how it was possible that this happened twice, with a few months in between.

      They say the blame for the fires being so strong was because of a kind of "rare" cloud that was only seen twice in the history of this "country" ( region of the EU ). Not because of the previous months and years of intentionally and incredibly intensive spraying, and because of the engineered long drought. But better, I will translate with my poor translator, part of the text, and after reading, one must decide to cry or to laugh.

      »» »» And anyone who reads this is not dreaming, yes, they say that the friction between ice crystals can cause lightning.. «« ««

      "Pirocumulonimbo is a storm created by a fire," says Paulo Fernandes, Ph.D. in Forestry and Environmental Sciences at the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD). Among the images he saw and the reports he heard about the fires, highlights the cloud of the fire, which describes as "very developed, very high, that at a certain point began to produce lightning and thunder." "This is one of the signs of pyrocumulonimbo," he concludes.

      This phenomenon had already been described by the Independent Technical Commission regarding the fire of Pedrógão. "It is a cloud of smoke that rises very high, 10 kilometers, 12. When this cloud rises so high, in addition to condensation, ice is formed and is the friction between the ice crystals that can cause lightning, caused by the fires themselves , and that sometimes give rise to new ignitions, "describes Paulo Fernandes, for whom the existence of a pyrocumulonimbus" would explain, at least in part, the devastation that was witnessed in these two great fires of the interior. " According to what the researcher told TSF, "a typical forest fire does not cause that destruction," and it is necessary for that to happen "strong wind, with projections at a great distance from incandescent materials."


      Carlos Fonseca, another member of the Independent Technical Commission, tells the same radio that what he saw was "a fire of a size, of violence, of a speed like never before." The investigator, who also walked the field to fight the flames near his property, recalls the? "flames over 30 meters, with multiple color fumes", a scenario with "a whole strange atmospheric dynamics".

      Now is time to ask:

      1st – WHY: …what he saw was "a fire of a size, of violence, of a speed like never before." ??

      2nd – And WHY: …HE SAW "flames over 30 meters, with multiple color fumes", a scenario with "a whole strange atmospheric dynamics". ??


      1st – it will not be because of the manipulation of the AIR COLUMN caused by the ELECTROMAGNETIC TRANSMISSIONS??

      1st and 2nd – it will not be because of the INCENDIARY metallic nano particles of ALUMINUM ( and the rest )  which are covering ALL the LANDSCAPE, and ALL TREES??

      Yes, it's SAD. they reign over the ignorance of the ones who believe on the system.

      Another very important DETAIL ( we humans call it, FACT );

      In these days of the big fires the wind in all the "country" was very weak, but all the persons who witnessed the fires and had to escape running for their lives have said that the fires were like a CYCLONE OF FIRE, with very strong winds that were bringing the fire with great speed and projecting debris in flames for hundreds of meters. 5 to 6 or 7 km away from the fires there was no wind. And this probably is possible to be verified anytime, because maybe they keep these records. What I can say is that the wind was weak or very weak everywhere in the country, only in the areas of the fires people witnessed very strong winds.

      And about this: … "a typical forest fire does not cause that destruction," and it is necessary for that to happen "strong wind, with projections at a great distance from incandescent materials." + the manipulation of the air column OR + the FACT that the ignition point of the nano particles of ALUMINUM is 100ºC ( 100 ) + the EXISTENCE of HUNDREDS of EM towers that are EVERYWHERE ( mostly along of the roads ), towers which can produce powerful and directed transmissions. ..About all of this together, one can wonder.

      NINA! you've felt the earthquake of two days ago?

      maybe the bad "guys" are preparing something for the Iberian Peninsula!



  27. Jeff says:

    You must write, email, and call your local county and state officials, along with your Government and the President.

    Even if these liars do not answer you are letting them know, you know. Tell them you do not consent and you will continue exposing this. Also contact your local paid weather liars on TV. They are a huge part of the problem. One in particular in Birmingham, Al is a total fraud! Has followers and trolls all over twitter and facebook. When did a bald guy telling lies on TV become a rock star?

    They all are criminals  


  28. Alan says:

    Statistics from the Cancer Society indicate that the incidence of melanoma in the U.S was 7.9 per 100,000 people in 1975.  In 2014 it was 25.9 per 100,000, about a 228% increase if my arithmetic is correct. More recent data indicate that new cases are increasing rapidly – from about 74,000 in 2015 to about 91,000 expected in 2018.  

    The sun feels abnormally hot on your skin these days – some days it actually feels piercing hot, way out of proportion to the temperature.   Reduced ozone layer = more non-filtered sunlight = UVC on the ground = melanoma.    

    • Hawkeye says:

      Yes Alan, geoengineering has finally answered the question of why is there such a stark increase in UV solar radiation hitting the ground and causing so many cases of skin cancer. There is no other reason or explanation for it. Everything has a cause! Cause and effect exists in every aspect of everything. Ask "WHY" always!

      If the harmful UV from our sun is not penetrating the ozone and causing skin cancer then ask WHY does every tube of sunscreen lotion sold today list UVA & UVB protection on their labels?! Started out first with only UVA, remember? Then later improved to stop UVB too, soon will UVC be added? 

      The same proof is also admitted to with regards to fluoride being a drug, aka chem, so un-natural. Read your toothpaste tubes if you use fluoridated toothpaste. On the back of every box and or tube they list fluoride as a drug! Then they have the balls to say it is healthy to add to public water systems……but it is a drug! People are really gone not to put this simple math together and recognize it for what it truely is, drugging populations! 

  29. Lumaaqahü says:

    And thank you Roi from Texas for your eye-opening report. Hang in there!

    • Roi says:

      I will do whatever I can to help this cause Lumaaqahu. I am a lone survivor of my entire family. Every single member of my family has recently passed and my brother was only 52. Unfortunately they did not protect themselves from these chemtrail airborne toxins and ate GMO food like it was candy. They also worshipped the sun and I have always worn UV protective clothing. Chemtrails have created weak zones in our protective Ozone layer of the atmosphere and UV-C in particular is now 1,000 times more potent than it was in 2001 and it happens to be the most harmful to humans! That particular band of the sunlight wavelength spectrum is also what's killing the majority of the trees in this country. The United States Government and the EPA in particular (especially NOAA), are all reporting to the general public that not one single ray of UV-C sunlight is reaching the ground, anywhere on this planet….except at the poles. REALLY? All I did was purchase a $1,500 Professional UV metering device which reads the amount of UV-A…B…and C light and it was calibrated by the U.S government. The readings for all THREE are Off the Charts!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Roi, First, wow, and my sympathies for the loss of your entire family!

      Second, All you did was purchase a 1,500$ professional UV reader?!! I mean, I guess I can't get by the cost, but if I could I would, if only to show people, educate, even my doctors.  However, I've noticed lately that when I tell them we are now getting UVC light, they nod.  They don't say a word, but they don't argue or say no.  Which I take to mean, based on prior experience, that they do know!  Gee but I wish I had some equipment!!  And good for you.  Minus family, maybe you should travel, show and tell!!

  30. Lumaaqahü says:

    Thank you Audrey. Had no idea of the Space Fence.

    welcome to the brave new world.

    Maybe this is how the Beast will fullfill Revelation 13:13

  31. Danny Mandryk - Calgary AB says:

    Well…(heavy sigh)… just another day deep inside of Plato’s cave. 

    I’m taking care of my neighbor’s dog for the week while he’s gone on a vacation. Out of curiosity I decided to take in some television “programming” this evening (I ditched my tv years ago). Wow, what a distopian world we’re living in these days. Like Dane keeps reminding us, the news stories are just pure distraction and the advertising is either big pharma, big finance, or big energy. What a joke! I switched over to the weather channel and to my amazement (and horror), I was watching footage of heavy rain and flooding in Newfoundland and Quebec. It’s the middle of January for ____’s sake! 

    On a more positive note, I went to get a much needed haircut on Friday and when my barber mentioned the frigid weather we were having, (he’s from the Middle East) I told him about the Sahara Desert getting snow and he was very surprised. I then told him that it was engineered and he said he’s never heard of such a thing. So when I was paying him I asked for a pen and paper, wrote down the address for this site and told him that if he wants the real facts about what’s happening with our weather he should check it out. If he looks or not is up to him but I did what I have the power to do which is to plant that seed in his mind and hopefully it will take root. 

    Tomorrow is forcast to get up to 8C here so when I take the dog for a walk to the off leash park I will be taking the opportunity to talk about this weather whiplash with whoever I meet. I’m looking forward to it. 


                       I am only one,

                       But still I am one.

                       I cannot do everything,

                       But still I can do something;

                       And because I cannot do everything 

                       I will not refuse to do the something that I can do

                                                — Edward Everett Hale


    LOVE, STRENGTH, and PERSEVERANCE to all who are fighting this most important battle!

    – Danny



    • Earth Angel says:

      Danny, Thank you for your comments and for sharing that wonderful statement by Edward Everett Hale. Awesome and inspiring!  : )

  32. Dennie says:

    Here's the link to the article that published excerpts from a book titled "The Taking of America, 1-2-3," by Richard Sprague.  Apparently, the "Deciders" have decided that it is such a dangerous book that (Emperor Jeff Bezo's United States of Amnesia) has added the psy-ops comment that a copy of this book was found in Bin Laden's cave, or some such non-factual idiocy perpetrated by the writers of adult fairy tales a.k.a. contemporary "news" and "history." 

  33. These are the atrocities permitted by finance. The empty souls of men – do not matter. The color of the uniforms – do not matter. The faces of the dead – do not matter. The stench of drying blood and earth – do not matter. All that matters is the lie we have become…

  34. horsegirl says:

    SOS – a dear lifelong friend's doctor talked her into taking both a flu and pneumonia shots at the same visit.  Of course she got both.  Can anyone recommend a protocol for detoxification from these things.  Thanks in advance.

    • Dennie says:

      … meaning, "Of course she was given both vaccines, or actually, "Of course, she fell ill with both maladies" ?

    • Roi says:

      I am one half native American and I found that a true sweat lodge type of ritual works well for eliminating the Pneumonia (Mycoplasma) from your system. Cover up with an electric blanket and force the body to sweat…for at least 24 hours straight. Drink nothing but room temperature water and hot herbal tea and eat nothing but organic whole wheat wafers. Take aspirin for the fever of course and keep trying this ritual until the body decides to sweat out all of the toxins. You may have to try several times before the body breaks into a profuse sweat….but I just performed that very same ritual to recover from this severe flue…that many are dying from right now. If you are(she is) on prescription meds? Definitely continue taking them along with the wheat wafers. The body will simply sweat out the meds it doesn't need to expel the toxins. Going to the hospital is almost definitely a death sentence if the person is over 80 however. Because statistics absolutely prove that the majority of the elderly who are admitted to a hospital…come down with Pneumonia, as it resides within the air filtration system and those facts are on line for you to verify. I hope this helps and personally I have not taken a flue or pneumonia shot in over 20 years and I only came down with a mild case of the flue twice. I am 58 by the way and avoid public places as much as possible during the flue season.

    • joe Strauss says:



      for detox and immune system build up:

      Flush the body daily with Spring water, not tap water.Fiji water is excellent, NZ spring water at Trader Joes outlets

      Imperative to keep warm all night.Bacteria and virsus enjoy

      the dampness and cold.

      A South Pacific herb to consider  NONI. Health food stores

      have it.  I have used this one  from all my South Pacific

      travels, began 2000.

      Dane, has posted on his site ; check ,  HEALTH  topic

      at top of the site . More excellent info…

      And do note: those vaccines have Mercury and nasty

      toxins to make us sick. I know many believe in the MD's .That is believing in the "Tooth Fairy " for adults.

      And the goal is to have your blood @ 7.2 Ph and higher

      All the MD's Drugs will bring you below that Ph as the drugs will put one into an acidic level..JUST THE OPPOSITE of what your

      natural immune system is for…..

    • Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Fever's can be reduced quickly with Pure Peppermint Oil rubbed on the forehead & or, the back of the neck, avoiding the eyes.  I have seen it take down very high fevers. Works well instead of Asprin ( No offence Roi)   Sweat Lodges, Steam rooms & Sauna's work well.  And if sweating out impurities, please replenish your Minerals. Mineral loss can cause other problems in Health. These days & due to our poor food quality, Minerals are already greatly lacking in our diets. A Herbal Detox gives you the nutrients of Herbs & they help to eliminate toxin's from your system.  I Hope she recovers soon, whatever she chooses to do.   Damn the Doc's endleess Ignorance in what is Good & Bad for the Human Body! Toxic injections will never make sense to improve one's Health.

    • Audrey says:

      I've read that a massive amount of vitamin C (especially by IV route, if possible) is good for detoxing vaccines.

    • penny waters says:

      residents of america have a wonderful native booster of the immune system – echinacea angustifolia. e.purpurea etc., although angustifolia is the most dependable!

      if taken when a cold or flu is coming the infection will not develop.

      5ml x 5 times – 1st day

      5ml x4 times – 2nd day

      5ml x 3 times – 3rd day

      also excellent for all infections – abcesses etc

      grow it in your back yard

      love to all 


  35. Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    I watched an In Search Of with Leonard Nimoy, titled; "The Coming Ice Age — Season 2  #23  Show # 47—  They said that Baffin Island is on the brink of an Ice Age. FYI: Baffin Island is the Canadian Territory of Nunavut is the largest in Canada & the 5th largest Island in the World. It's area is 507,451 Km2 ( 195,928 sq. miles )  They said that temperatures have dropped drastically over the past 30 years. Since the 40's. And the Arctic cold, could turn us into a Polar Desert!  As Dane has stated, it worked at the beginning.  Will we survive the change, they asked? Trails are clear & visible in the Sky during the show.  8 Ice Ages in the past 700,000 years & we are due for another. Then ofcourse they used the Winter of 1976-77 as an example to what has happened in the N.E. USA in, Chicago, Cincinnati, & that Buffalo had 44 consecutive days of Snowfall. The National Guard could not keep up to Snow. Whole Regions were left without the ability to find food & drugs were running low. Oh no, Not the Drugs! Some Snow drifts were as high as 30 feet!   Some residents in Buffalo had to access their homes from the 2nd floor. They were confident that we were on the brink of an Ice Age!  If an Ice Age is coming, what can we do to Stop it? The use of Black Soot could be used to melt the Sea Ice to increse the absorbtion of Sunlight.  Sound familiar to anyone? "Nuclear Energy" could be used to loosen Polar Ice Caps. The demand for fuel (to heat homes etc.) could trigger an Oil shortage!  Dr. Steven Snider asked, Can we do these things? Yes, he answered.  But, will that make things better? I'm not sure!   We can't predict with any certainty, what's happening with our own Climate Future. How can we come along & intervene in that Ignorance.  (Sounds like Dane) You could melt the Ice Caps. What would that do to the Coastal Cities? The cure could be worse than the disease!  Would that be better, or worse than the risk of an Ice Age? The show stated then, If the Polar Ice melted completely, Sea levels would rise by 180 feet! New Orleans, San Fransisco & New York would be submerged.  Clearly, they stated, one of the Futures Great Problems, will be to Survive the next Ice Age!   Dr. Steven Snider again; It's the interaction between People & Climate that," Worry me the most". Because everyone jammed in Countries. Locked in boundries. A change in Climate means, our distribution of where the rain is & when the growing seasons are. My worse fear is if the Country could endure the change.    In some Countries, this would be devastating to their local survivability & that would lead them to desperate acts that could drag everyone else down!  And it's happening now as Dane has mentioned in so many Global Alert News programs.   I wonder what Dr. Snider would say today?  He seemed like a Man of high intelligence & an Understanding that by "Playing" with the planets "Natural Stystems" could alter endless changes & not always for the betterment of the Planet & Mankind as a whole. I found this program interesting & it showed me how quickly the efforts & use of these spray programs of these weather making, climate changers & the damage they have done over the past 70 years. And the confusion they have caused the public, by making so many of these weather events over the years to divide & confuse.  Hot – Cold & back again!   Whee!!!

  36. Mark says:

    Ada and Canyon Counties here in Idaho were sprayed heavy Sunday and again today.  It was 50 degrees Sunday and close to 50 again today.    Big, thick white trails criss-crossing the sky and fanning out wide turning our beautiful blue sky hazy.  Anybody living here in Ada County that saw this and is seeing it today please share.

    • simone says:

      Please start writing Petitions to the local authorities!! Remind them that  you give them highest RESPONSIBILITIES to support and PROTECT people, kids and environment in your county or state!  An economy does not exist when people are deadly poisoned and  sick.. DEMAND YOUR LOCAL AUTHORITY  TO immediately take actions and whatever this takes,  to LET YOUR SUFFERING  KIDS BREATHE AGAIN!!!  I'm doing my best to organize these URGENT  petitions and meetings in our county.  Never be a helpless victim!! Blessings! 

  37. Heidi says:


    Since I'm not a US citizen, I don't think I am a good initiator of an initiative at  On this platform, one could however bring up the issue of geoengineering directly to politicians and on the way spread the word.  This organization might even help the effort.

    • simone says:

      You are the denizen of the world 🙂 YOU HAVE ALL THE RIGHTS TO START A PEACEFUL REVOLUTION! You might generate more power from the outside, and Many will follow..  Blessings!

    • Dennie says:

      …let's.. start…..s-m-a-l-l…… like, BE AN INFORMED CITIZEN and actually SHOW UP at a City Hall meeting once a month.. because that seems, to me, to be a very effective place to make a difference.

      Change starts AT HOME.  Wanna clean environment? Then make it a priority to TEACH YOUR KIDS TO CLEAN UP EVERY BIT OF ALL OF THEIR MESSES!!!

    • Roi says:

      My father was a member of the City Council and the very same day that he brought up the subject of chemtrails, he was OUSTED. However, other communities that were sensitive to this issue offered him a place on their council, if he ever decided to run for office in their district. He definitely considered their offers, but suddenly died mysteriously form Listeria, just a few short months later. Back in those days Chemtrails was real Tabu and literally bad for your health to even mention it.

  38. DawnSki says:

    Google Doodle MLK Day

    Love Forever Stamp 2018

    Mocking mankind 

  39. GretchenThomas says:

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) holds a "Public Grand Rounds" teaching session monthly workshop. The January 16, 2018 presentation was changed to, "Public Health Response to Severe Influenza."

    That page was last updated on January 12, 2018, one day before the "Hawaii Missile Threat."

    According to Scientific American, the original topic was "Public Health Response to a Nuclear Detonation" and would have been held just three days after the Hawaii Ballistic Missile "False Alarm."

    Just saying…


  40. Lumaaqahü says:

    So I just watched this bootleg DVD I picked up on the streets of Bangkok: GEOSTORM which actually echoes LBJ's end words on your introduction Dane- "control the weather-control the world"… Yeah, it's written right on the cover! This hokey Hollywood disaster movie with big budget stars and special effects begins with the worlds weather collapse…duh, I wonder how that happened? But no worries, because NASA and the USA fix it up in the end with a zillion dollar high-techno satelite net which surrounds the whole world. And that's the happy end.

    what an insane, moronic, ignorant world we live in.

    • Audrey says:

      I haven't seen the movie, but you're describing the Space Fence.  It's real. 

    • Pedro says:

      … and they are calling to that insanity; the solution … unbelievable.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Audrey, Thanks for sharing the Lockheed Martin link. What a bunch of poppycock it is. I'm sure the people of the Marshall Islands are just 'thrilled' to have them building there too. It sounds like a bunch of bunk to me- "keeping space safe"? Ridiculous. Just another cover story for whatever the nefarious 'real' reasons are for it; likely more surveillance and control over the rest of us unfortunates inhabiting our  'Late, Great, Planet Earth'.  : 0

    • Dennie says:

      Will somebody who's "been there" and "done that" please translate this robotic military gobblety-gook double-speak bullshit, please? From the glowing description of the Lockheed Martin Space Fence webpage we read this unintelligible double-speak:

      With critical design review completed, the Space Fence team is focused on production of technology that will bring the system online. Space Fence will use Gallium Nitride (GaN) powered S-band ground-based radars to provide the Air Force with uncued detection, tracking and accurate measurement of space objects, primarily in low-earth orbit. 

      "Gallium Nitride?"  Where the Hell do you get Gallium?  

      Do you need to have an Air Force carpet-bomb some poor country where the kids' daddies wear turbans in order to shake them down to get their GALLIUM?  W. T. F.!!!!!  HERE WE GO, AGAIN!!!!  It's off to war-war-war-war-W-A-RRR we go, forever, because Uncle Sam needs the very last drops and crumbs of what is left of YOUR country's natural resources!!!!!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      BaneB, I'm not sure what all media you consider MSM, but what I have seen does keep up with the after part of disasters.  And same for some of what Dane said too.  I mean I do see and here it.  I think a lot of what you are referring to has more to do with just how many disasters there have been!  I mean this has been one extremely stressful year.  It does all begin to blur.  But efforts to help do not.  I just saw, but via computer news, Puerto Rico getting back 70% of their electricity.  Quite a few disaster people attempted to come here, but there is no room, crowded already and via tech boom, extremely expensive,  yet homeless encampments are vast and everywhere.  Much suffering going on all over.  Weird 'weather' does not help!  Maybe that is the point!  And this post was intended higher up, but offed!  So gave up, but reappeared…. Also, I had trouble getting to this site today.

      @Dennie, I have no idea YET what Gallium Nitride is, but this sounds as if not operational yet, which is what I thought when I first read the post saying the space fence was in place.  Nitride should be a clue, I will try to find.  They may also be talking cube sats.  Small land based moveable radar/satellite like things, by the hundreds, if not thousands, to sub for space satellites to cover for disasters in space as with space satellites, as no doubt would be necessary.  In their minds anyway.

    • BaneB says:

      Rachel:  Thank you.  It is a fact I am not plugged into MSM.  Therein may lie my ignorance.  I do peruse the net (on this thingey too much) and seek out info.  And there is much about which to be informed… in overload.  Thanks for what seems to be some good news.  Mainstream media from my perspective are the five/six corporations who literally totally control 85% of newsprint and the electronic radio and television disseminations to the general public.  I do not rely on them for factual information even though, no doubt, some are some of the time.  

  41. Roi says:

    I have lived in the North Central Texas area for over 30 years and it has now become a Climate Nightmare. The rich and lush diversity of Nature has been transformed into a barren dead zone. Much like the dead zones of the oceans, seas and lakes. The birds and bees have since vanished and are being replaced with species that I have never seen before. Almost as though these new "Alien" insects and plants are being seeded from the sky, to grow and thrive in very toxic soil conditions. Not to mention the micro droughts that have left this place without a single drop of rain for over a year. The winds were ALWAYS out of the west and southwest for nearly 300 days of the year. But since chemtrails have invaded our skies the winds are now out of the east and southeast for over 300 days of the year. The jet stream tries to dip this far south and is met with thousands of chemtrails and HAARP like microwave transmissions that force it to dip over the east coast instead. Where all of our rain is also diverted to, so that the Government Elites can still have "SEASONS" and fool the people of the east coast into believing that there is no Global Warming. I present free lectures on Chemtrail Crimes and show those interested just exactly how our military is sending specific flights to a region directly above super massive "Still Building" thunderstorms, to spray a silky white layer of chemtrails that settles down over the top of the thunderhead and dissolves the entire storm in less than two minutes. These very powerful storms took from 45 minutes to an hour to form and the "storm buster" chemtrails will eat away the entire cloud base, from top to bottom…sometimes in less than 90 seconds! The rain chances from NOAA suddenly drops from 100% to less than 10%… just minutes after the entire squall line of storms have been devoured by purposely sprayed chemical aerosols. There is a chemtrail plane that I have nicknamed Big Bertha and they only pull her out when Mother Nature is fighting back hard against their geoengineering. This plane is super massive and can lay 12 chemtrails in one single pass! This particular plane has a small glitch in the spraying apparatus and leaves a distinct gap between the chemtrails, on the left side wing. I have documented the crimes being committed by this plane with my Nikon D-90 and a super massive 1,000 mm telescopic lens. This military tanker is also painted to look like a commercial airlines jet, with fake logos and plane identification serial numbers. But it clearly flies out of Tinker AFB in Oklahoma! That particular base is responsible for flights that control the severe weather patterns and exactly how much rain each region will get, in Texas, OK., and even parts of Kansas. I know because I have been documenting these military "and commercial jet" chemtrail crimes for nearly 10 years now and every time I post a new video on YouTube exposing the Air Force and Navy for playing GOD. They delete my video and shut my website down, then Lockheed will order the flights of over 50 freaking aircraft, including Chinooks, Apaches, Osprey, C-130's, C-5A Galaxies, B-52 Bombers and even the AWACS plane to make several low flying passes of my property and house. I can literally have over 150 military flights over my property and I live way out in the country…where I still get over 300 airline jets that pass directly over my house as they head west out of the Dallas area airports, in a single days time. AND yes I have documented many of those commercial flights purposely spraying chemtrails to fill in the gaps, that the military flights left behind. Every single morning now, I can walk outside to see chemtrails being sprayed before the sun even comes up, starting from east to west. By 10:00 am the entire sky is filled with chemtrail clouds, where there was nothing but clear blue skies before. Well, todays Blue is actually a milky white, with a slight tint of blue. Where as I can remember when the skies used to be a majestic Sapphire Blue, from the 1970's and back. I posted a YouTube video two years ago showing archived tourism advertising photographs, where those images showed beautiful resorts and also very deep blue skies and "Natural" clouds in the backgrounds. Then, I compared those photographs from the 1930's to the 1970's… to present day photographs of the exact same resorts and their new advertising layouts. Which clearly showed pale whitish-blue skies and tons of CHEMTRAILS! It was like looking at photographs taken from two completely different worlds. In that same video I compared very old NASA Apollo and satellite images from the 1950's to the 1970's….to present day images taken by satellites and the international Space Station. However, only the Chinese and Russian satellite images were untouched and a few ISS images remained free of airbrushing. But, they clearly showed how Earth has transformed from a Majestic deep Blue pearl in the black starlit background… to this Murky White hazy ball of chemical gases, that looks more like an inhabited white  "not pale yellow" Venus. THAT VIDEO was removed and deleted in less than 72 hours, and it had over 10,00 views as well. But NASA continues to doctor their satellite images and show everyone that the atmosphere of Earth is still BLUE. Sorry, look at the Chinese images and see what extremely high resolution images truly exposes to the viewing public. Not color enhanced and artificial CGI manipulation. At the end of that video I tried to expose the chemtrail fraud that exists in Hollywood as well. I showed a clip from the original 1930's version of Snow White, which I found in my Grandmother's safe "*8mm reel", to a present day Remastered version of that very same movie. In my Grandmother's version the background skies were deep blue with white puffy clouds. In the new remastered version the sky was pale white-blue and there were CHEMTRAILS everywhere! That my friend is known as the Desensitizing of our Youth, to accept chemtrails as NORMAL. All I can say is:    Thank God for "real" activists like Dane and others, who have pierced the veil of corruption that our government and military industrial complex has hidden behind for years. The Elite Trillionaires really do own this planet and every super power government that vies for total control of the masses, will do ANYTHING to maintain that power. Especially if those puppet leaders are paid enough to secretly hide who really holds all of our lives in their hands.Wake up and smell the roses people…and not those GMO flowers grown by our Eugenics overlords. Klaatu Roi out…..

    • BaneB says:

      Roi:  Thanks for your great report.  Tinker AFB is located at Oklahoma City.  Also, the University of Oklahoma is at nearby Norman.  The NEXRAD radar was invented at U of OK in 1990.  160 of these things are dotted all over the continental US.  I do not know if the facility is on the Tinker base or not.  But I know they do have a weather radar site there and it might be the NEXRAD facility.  I did a quick search but nothing yet.  Further, earthquake research is another specialty at U of OK.  Notice how many earthquakes are swarms around the region where is located Oklahoma City, a huge concentration for that region.  Yes, I know there is "proof" fracking causes Oklahoma's earthquakes.  Attached is a 23 second you tube video radar image from that area.  Purportedly the NEXRAD is blocking the storm from hitting Oklahoma City.  There are a number of strange anomalies in this video.  I have thought for some time Tinker is a major player in the network of weather terrorists screwing up the natural order.

    • Dennie says:

      These arrogant military-"scientist" mtoherfcukerz need to be taught a Grand Lesson and have their @$$es sued out from under them for stealing our water vapor.  That CAN be proven– do they really think we are that stupid?

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Roi, Thank you my friend I haven't met yet, That is one hell of a contribution you wrote there. I wish there were many more acute and accurate observers like yourself. Good job for getting it all out there. How about those "fly by's". I get them here at my place too. A hundred feet over the tree tops at my cabin. I guess they don't like getting flipped off. Their onboard cameras that someone at a base is monitoring pick up quite a bit I'd say. The eye to eye contact was the best happenstance so far with those fly boys. Every time I hear them coming in fast and low, I race outside to face them and flip them off. Even if I'm in my underwear!(grin). "I wonder if their equipment can pick up what I am saying?" No cuss words mind you, just words that anyone monitoring the equipment should hear. Hey, it's worth a shot, right? Again, thank you Roi for your contributions.

    • simone says:

      Please start writing Petitions to the local authorities!! Remind them that  you give them the highest RESPONSIBILITIES to support and PROTECT people, kids and environment in your county or state!  An economy does not exist when people are deadly poisoned and  sick.. DEMAND YOUR LOCAL AUTHORITY  TO immediately take actions and whatever this takes, and LET YOUR SUFFERING  KIDS BREATHE AGAIN!!!  I'm doing my best to organize these URGENT  petitions and meetings in our county, NV.  Never be a helpless victim!! Blessings! 

    • Roi says:

      Hello Bane B. and 'a simple horseman. I had already watched the video that you sent me the link to Bane. That is part of my research and lecture presentation and one of the best captures of Radar Precipitation Dispersal and Nullification to date for that area my friend. I have found perfectly formed squares and rectangles in radar images that showed no precipitation at all and it should have simply been an anomaly (gap in radar coverage are). Where the rain should have appeared again on the other side of the geometrically shaped void, as the radar images progressed through time. But it did NOT…and the entire storm or massive rain event was completely squashed out of existence, by more and more of these square and rectangular voids that started appearing….ONLY in the path of the rain. My research would later prove that those were HAARP type of transmissions orchestrated perfectly with ground based radar emissions. Their technique is basically to heat and lift the moisture from that rain event into the upper atmosphere, where an altered jet stream can carry those ionized water vapor nuclei, by way of Atmospheric River flows, to a completely new region of this country.  That of course being the Eastern One Third of the United States! Notice how the western half of America is slowly being robbed of it's rain by simply observing satellite images (West is brown and East is green) and the rainfall history of each region, going back to the massive chemtrail genesis of approximately 1995. Geoengineering and Solar Radiation management started back in the 1950's, but was mostly relegated to desert regions and uninhabited zones, where massive military complexes and land (bombing sites and such)existed. White Sands New Mexico saw some of the very first chemtrail spray pattern and dispersal trials in this country. I only know this because I researched thousands of archived military atmospheric project photographs and connected the dots. Why does one state need 50 NEXRAD radar facilities, when five can cover the same area? They are not there to help with weather forecasting, they were created for weather control and there is no other logical explanation, that can be scientifically proven for their existence. Especially those massive XB radar sites! ELF towers also integrate with HAARP and NEXRAD to attain absolute weather control. My research goes Very deep. Oklahoma is ground central and basically the HUB of all weather control events in the Southern U.S. Tinker AFB is also the ONLY base that is completely protected from any EMP event and becomes the Center of Operations, if we are ever attacked or invaded. The underground complex is almost as massive as the Colorado DUMB (deep underground military base) and guess what Bane? HAARP transmissions create earthquakes and aftershocks on a massive scale across this country! Fracking simply coincides with the HAARP activity for that area, at the same time and is used as an EXCUSE for these anomalies. Fracking does cause some earthquakes…But mainly when they are injecting radioactive waste water from nuclear plants, into huge underground drilled reservoirs. That should scare Everyone! because 99% of the general public does not know that these "wells" even exist…..right in their very own neighborhood, to say the least! No one ever asks: "Where does all of that waste water go to and how is it "safely" stored? AND to 'a simple horseman…. I too have actually run outside in my underwear to flip off the pilots. Especially when there is a Chinook hovering over my house, only about 20 feet above the telephone post and tree tops. That really angers me, because any debris could be thrown up into the rotors and it could easily lose power and drop right onto my house! Ever watched the movie: The Twilight Zone? However, there were two pilots (F-135 Strike Fighter jets) who actually Saluted me as they flew low and slow over my house…and they broke rank from the other jets, when they saluted. I saluted those pilots right back and realized there is a Break In Ranks with all military pilots and some of them do not agree with Lockheed and Raytheon's harassment and intimidation "crimes". I was saluted again a few weeks back, by a pilot flying in a Training jet and he circled back around and waved on the second pass, before flying back in the direction of Lockheed. Some of these pilots are actually human and have morals and a conscience. So this MUST be true with Chemtrail pilots as well! We can only hope my friends. Klaatu Roi out… 

    • Roi says:

      Simone- The local authorities are finally starting to take an interest in these unlawful low flying military aircraft above my property and two other chemtrail activists in this area. There have been three near misses between military and civilian aircraft recently and that is because the Air Force and Navy are dropping down into civilian flight's airspace. I photographed an Apache taking extreme  measures and nearly rolling the aircraft to avoid hitting a small Cesna, who's pilot did not see the helicopter until it was only about 50 feet away! Then, just a week later another Apache actually struck the wing of a small plane as it flew directly above it, on an intersecting course and the plane nearly lost control from that minor collision. There was crash debris from that plane's wing that landed in my front yard! AND I captured the entire event with over 150 photographs! Both aircraft landed safely, but it could have been much worse and it is only a matter of time before a deadly collision occurs. Now here is the kicker…. Both the near miss and light collision happened, because the helicopters were dropping down in altitude and flying directly at my property, getting in position to make super low flyovers! I often wonder how many millions of tax payer dollars are wasted on these stupid and most definitely Life Threatening low flyovers? Every window of my house has cracks in them form these insane flyovers.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Roi, Damn but you are good!

      @simone, I've been doing what you say daily for Years!!  Many, many years.  I agree with Dennie in that, start with local.  And hey, voting DOES matter.  Each bit of this comes down to a piece of legislation and a corporation funding it.  Think globally, vote locally and sure, if you are able, show up at town halls and your mayor's office!  Make it clear that you will Not vote for anyone complicit.  And that only works if you do vote.  And it needs repeating.  Shocking how little most know.  Be the hammer on that nail that works for you!

    • Earth Angel says:

      Roi, Interesting you mentioned the sightings of these 'alien' bugs. A neighbor mentioned to me a few years ago she was seeing 'bugs she had never seen before' and I've seen some too. Strange colors of bright blue and emerald green, also some very weird shaped bugs that I never recall seeing from my youth. I've wondered if opening portals to other dimensions or time frames?.. with CERN?..could somehow possibly be responsible for this?.. Or are the mad scientists down in the military lairs just cloning and concocting the sh*t and 'seeding it out of their jets along with the rest of the crap they're spraying? Who the heck knows in this crazy, sick, science fiction flick we're all now living in.

    • Dennie says:

      The Criminals threaten those as well as the lives of the families of those who would honestly and honorably serve the public.  Here's how the United States was taken over by the greedy juvenile delinquent enemies within it:  Now resolve to show up at your local town hall meeting and stand up for an issue there.  We have a DUTY to be engaged civically if we do not wish to see the insanity continue.  The price of democracy is constant vigilance.  And your still just a dependent kid if you don't/can't/won't LIVE that!

    • Dennie says:

      As painful as this entire episode of Earth's history is, and despite our ongoing personal pain and struggles, it is music to my ears and balm to my soul to hear the voices of our Native American brothers and sisters speak here, and may God especially bless the Native American people.  May God bless us all!

    • BaneB says:

      Roi:  GOOD on you.  Great research, knowledge, and reporting!  

  42. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: This an old interview with a lady from Spain that Dane did in Oct. of 2014, that still has much of the same essential wonderful sincere and adamantine Dane, his profound understanding of our situation and the collapsing world. @35:00 he begins to talk about governments being like Mafia families, the government is not there for the citizens but for the various Mafia factions. He says we see this all too clearly, and now these Mafia families, these governments in the power structure are starting to fight (each other). What could be a more timely observation? His forest is dying. Every day even in 2014, Dane wakes up and reminds himself this is not a dream. Nothing will exempt any of us what what has been done. We face global extinction. Do watch this lovely exchange to get a feeling for who Dane is.

  43. David says:

    I very much appreciate the accurate forecast prior to the wind event (fires) in southern California. The graphics and description explaining the high pressure system was very accurate. Please continue to post similar broadcasts.

  44. simone says:


  45. Phil says:

    Well, I was reading an article "How to cool the Arctic" from Apparently the U.N. and IPCC supports SRM. Looks like the U.N. is in this Big Time. I think they want to kill all of us and start over.

  46. Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

    Ruth Mundy  :  Love in the time of coral reefs
    Ruth Mundy  :  Playlist – Seven original songs

  47. Dave says:

    Why no activism by some of the heavyweights (Ralph Nader, Chris Hedges, Cornell West) about this issue? 

    • Hello Dave: Ralph Nader is still quite articulate regarding the existence of a fascist state within a state, and is still active on many fronts. Unfortunately; The former Republic of the United States is quite dead. Thus the persons you mention above are not foolish enough to engage in classic forms of political activism. Even social activism (when used effectively) can result in car accidents, plane crashes, falling out of motel windows, heart attacks, sudden cancers, and all the rest.

      Chris Hedges has been extremely effective in passing on his journalistic observations and historical perspectives onto persons who are still functionally alive… Here's a recent video:

    • Earth Angel says:

      Paul, It looks like the video has already been scrubbed. I clicked on the link provided twice but got nothing.

  48. joe strauss says:


    A photo of covert military use aircraft spray nozzels close-up. ?

    google the below title…

    source: The top US airline that flies unmarked planes into

    Area 51 is hiring cabin crew,  Jan 8, 2018  The SUN, UK news

    Dane, one of the e-mailers to your site ,last 3 weeks mentioned,

    on  flight going to Hawaii..She noticed nozzels spraying as she

    looked out cabin windows.

    Do take a look and see, if a good photo for you to verify to others.

    • Close says:

      That photo made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I call those the red and whites. I see them spraying in the highest atmospheric levels all of the time. Thanks for the wakeup call. 

  49. Barb E says:

    Are they dimming the sun? No, they are totally hiding it. Even when it should be shining brightly it is not. The sky is totally covered with a blanket that the sun cannot penetrate. Nobody notices. The storms have ravaged us all from the West coast to the East coast. Tuesday another is "scheduled" to have "plowable" snow. Sure, we went from 25 Below Zero to 52 Above Zero and all the shit melted. It was so foggy it looked like smoke swirling around. I think it was the chemicals evaporating into the air. I dreaded having to take the dog out in that. But not to worry move the jet stream yet again and drop it back to 5 Below zero last night.  I watch the few birds coming to the feeders at my window. There should be droves of them in these temps feeding to stay alive. Barely any. I watch bird cams too and they have no birds either. Where did they all go? Second week of July they just disappeared. Mass murder of the birds from all the chemicals?  We're in deep doo-doo without birds, bats, snakes, etc that eat bugs. Oh, I forgot most of the bugs are gone too. Except for Ticks. Pass the disease please. Get your flu shot…it's only 10% effective but you must have your mercury & more aluminum. Yep stand in line.  VSF I bet your take over (of your state) is just the beginning and soon we'll all be in the same boat. Does anyone there know or even care? (besides you)!!

    • gloria says:

      Dear friend:  I live in Puerto Rico and it is the same.  We are in the "used to be beautiful carribbean" and suddenly we have strange foggy days.  The cool days in December does not exist any more.  It rains every day. Solar Radiation Management is managed with fly ash deposit; in other words coal combustion garbage.  Our trees are turning black in their branches, it's leaves and they are not producing food (the ones that used to produce).  Most of them are broken, dead or in the process of death. (although they have green leaves).  I have seen them that way but falling dead.  This is so frustrating and we do not know were or how or with whom to fight the fight.  My country used to be so beautiful and now looks like trash. After man made Maria hurricane, the spraying is much more.  We have a kind of green/gray fungus that distills all the way down from fences, houses, outside floors and so on.   Crops are difficult to get if not impossible.  I traveled to Florida two weeks ago and I was observing the same situation there.  In some instances, worst.  They do solar radiation with the moon too.   The sun and the moon deals with life and agriculture.  Maybe these people believe seriously that they and their families are going to leave forever without needing it; they feel like being God.  Besides praying to Lord and telling everyone I do not know what else to do.  Thank you for sharing your story!

    • JF says:

      Strange you mention the lack of birds. I have noticed the same. There use to be a lot of birds around my property singing away. But it has been quiet since the summer.

    • Dan says:

      No, DO NOT get a flu shot. Vaccines do not work and will only destroy your immune system. Clearly you don't know what is going on. Do more research. See Dr. Rima Laibow.

  50. Lumaaqahü says:

    Riveting broadcast, thank you Dane!

    Just returned from a "vacation" to Thailand after 17 year absence. My special remote hideaway island (previously mobile-funk freezone, with rainbow-kaleidoscopic reef teeming with sea life) is now hosting gigantic microwave towers with huge array of antennas. So currently the trees are dead and dying and the once spectacular reef is now a 99% crumbling grey dead zone.

    The long train ride back to Bangkok revealed a mushrooming cancer of microwave towers, antennas, and masts throughout the whole landscape. Previously interesting individualist-backpackers have now morphed to dead-eyed zombie-clones staring into their smart phones which seem to dictate their every move resulting in conglomerations of zombies paying high prices to be stuffed in a dormetory sardine box full of dead air and farts while around the corner are great local, CHEAPER, PRIVATE rooms but I guess they are not cool because they are not ONE-LINE!

    I am "Electro-Sensitive" so I was growing increasingly sleepless, weak, and irritated but went to Cambodia anyway to see my missionary brother who is providing home and school for bunches of homeless children in a very impoverished border town. Worst slum I've ever witnessed ( I've been around and seen quite a few). These survivors and descendents from the killing-fields of Pol Pot and the ruthless Khmer Rouge regime (yeah, of course, sponsored by the Nixon/Kissinger gang of the good ole U.S.ofA.) however had hearts of gold and diamond smiles. Meanwhile the Chinese are moving in BIG TIME and building a mini Las Vegas of kitschy casinos and brothels. The teenagers I talked to are already considering where they will escape to when their country is sold out soon. And of course all throughout the slums are large billboards and shops selling cell-phone mind-control zombie machines. This madness is unbelievable but seeing is believing!

    Tourist towns near ancient temples are like a kind of Sodom and Gomorrah den of iniquity with every sin and perversion available for the dollar…. And then I realized that this is just the beginning…. Of the End…just like I read once somewhere in this ancient holy book. 

    So just like you always say Dane… There's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide on this small planet anymore.

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Lumaaqahü, this is a stunning, informative, and devastating report. Thank you sincerely. On NASA Worldview, I have found evidence of massive microwave emissions coming off multiple small islands around the entire planet, especially near the polar regions. You are a brave hearted one indeed. Keep telling us about your world, please. Gratefully, VSF.

    • Kathy says:

      Gloria and Lumaaqahü…Thank-you for the update. It is a very disheartening reality. We must all do our very best in waking anyone left who has ears to hear and eyes to see. We have no choice but to continue to sound the alarm. I wonder how many times Dane could have given up but if it werent for his sheer determination, none of us would be posting here today. Stay safe.. With prayers and a grateful heart, again I thank you for the update on PUERTO Rico and THAILAND and hope this fuels fire for all of us to hit the front lines of battle. We dont have any other choice.

    • Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Thank You Lumaaqahu into the Reality of your travels. We are ever so quickly dying all over this Planet, that once thrived. The Trees are such a "Dead, Give Away"!   We are truly flying off the cliff, Together!

  51. penny says:

    Here's a bit of good news/bad news about Chronic Wasting Disease, also known as mad cow disease, Creutzfeld-Jacobs disease, or TSE's depending on the afflicted species:  it appears that the real cause is not some recently-evolved virus, but those familiar metals barium and aluminum and others.  This article is from a REAL scientist.

    Here's an excerpt for those who don't like to click on links:  " High levels of Silver (Ag), Barium (Ba) and Strontium (Sr) and low levels of copper (Cu) have been measured in the antlers, soils and pastures of the deer that are thriving in the chronic wasting disease (CWD) cluster zones in North America [ …  I]t is proposed that these ferroelectric crystal pollutants represent the transmissible, pathogenic agents that initiate TSE."  The good news is that you don't have to worry about having eaten 'infected' meat.  The bad news is self-evident to people here.

    On another note, I was surprised that Kristin Meghan wasn't mentioned as a known whistleblower, in the LionelNation interview.  Is there some reason why she shouldn't be referenced?

    • penny says:

      Here's some substantiation (but with no abstract given, just the title) for the above, from the same author.

      Auburn university research substantiates the hypothesis that metal microcrystal nucleators initiate the pathogenesis of TSEs

    • Dennie says:

      @penny waters:  I read the NIH abstract article about the metals levels being found in deer antlers and soils. Paul Vonharnish posted it here about two years back.  There was also mention made of low-frequency noise pollution from jet aircraft as having an effect on developing the ferroelectric crystal structure of the suspected culprit element.  All of the evidence points to silver, barium and strontium and noise pollution from low-flying jet aircraft (biochemically, the low frequencies are mechanically compressed into electrical signals) as highly suspect as the catalysts for chronic wasting disease.  It's a little technical but here's the dope in a nutshell:  

      The elevations of Ag, Ba and Sr were thought to originate from both natural geochemical and artificial pollutant sources–stemming from the common practise of aerial spraying with 'cloud seeding' Ag or Ba crystal nuclei for rain making in these drought prone areas of North America, the atmospheric spraying with Ba based aerosols for enhancing/refracting radar and radio signal communications as well as the spreading of waste Ba drilling mud from the local oil/gas well industry across pastureland. These metals have subsequently bioconcentrated up the foodchain and into the mammals who are dependent upon the local Cu deficient ecosystems. A dual eco-prerequisite theory is proposed on the aetiology of TSEs which is based upon an Ag, Ba, Sr or Mn replacement binding at the vacant Cu/Zn domains on the cellular prion protein (PrP)/sulphated proteoglycan molecules which impairs the capacities of the brain to protect itself against incoming shockbursts of sound and light energy. Ag/Ba/Sr chelation of free sulphur within the biosystem inhibits the viable synthesis of the sulphur dependent proteoglycans, which results in the overall collapse of the Cu mediated conduction of electric signals along the PrP-proteoglycan signalling pathways; ultimately disrupting GABA type inhibitory currents at the synapses/end plates of the auditory/circadian regulated circuitry, as well as disrupting proteoglycan co-regulation of the growth factor signalling systems which maintain the structural integrity of the nervous system. The resulting Ag, Ba, Sr or Mn based compounds seed piezoelectric crystals which incorporate PrP and ferritin into their structure. These ferrimagnetically ordered crystals multireplicate and choke up the PrP-proteoglycan conduits of electrical conduction throughout the CNS. The second stage of pathogenesis comes into play when the pressure energy from incoming shock bursts of low frequency acoustic waves from low fly jets, explosions, earthquakes, etc. (a key eco-characteristic of TSE cluster environments) are absorbed by the rogue 'piezoelectric' crystals, which duly convert the mechanical pressure energy into an electrical energy which accumulates in the crystal-PrP-ferritin aggregates (the fibrils) until a point of 'saturation polarization' is reached. Magnetic fields are generated on the crystal surface, which initiate chain reactions of deleterious free radical mediated spongiform neurodegeneration in surrounding tissues. Since Ag, Ba, Sr or Mn based piezoelectric crystals are heat resistant and carry a magnetic field inducing pathogenic capacity, it is proposed that these ferroelectric crystal pollutants represent the transmissible, pathogenic agents that initiate TSE.

      Dane has mentioned Kristin Meghan's work in prior Global Alert Newscasts.

    • penny says:

      Hi Dennie – lest she not want to be blamed for my comments, i should specify that this wasn't written by penny waters. 

    • Pedro says:

      Is not Creutzfeldt-Jacobs disease a variant of the Alzheimer's disease in people? And the bovine spongiform encephalopathy is not the Alzheimer's disease of cattle, caused mostly by the aluminum nano particles ( and the rest ) which are causing the contamination of the entire Biosphere? And when the first cases of CWD were observed?

      With Humans, we know the result of aluminum exposure.

      With Bees, we know the result of aluminum exposure.

      With Dolphins, we know the same.

      Why not the same result with all the other Animals?

      Now even wild cats are having huge neurologic problems.

      The first cases of mad cow disease were observed in the mid 80s.
      the spraying programs were increased significantly in the 80's also.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Dennie, I too read Paul's offering on this, and my takeaway, confusing as it is to me, was that copper was the main thing enabling development of TSE as seen in antlers.  And I don't know what to make of that.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @penny, Thank you so much for this info!!  I feel reassured and I have some Elk and Deer meat in my freezer, very grateful.  But, no upside for the critters though, hell of a way to die. By the way I knew you were not penny waters because one: I've seen your posts before, two: just penny, no waters, and three: you don't sound a bit like penny waters who sounds as if she stepped out of an old English novel I don't want to stop reading!  So obvious, each individual is individual!!  Thank you! for being you!

    • Hello to those commenting on this thread. I am honored that you have remembered me in your posts, and thank you for following up with your own research and interests. Dennie mentions some very important criteria regarding the metamorphosis (mutations) of cellular prion proteins to ultrasonic and electromagnet induction.

      It would seem the basic building blocks of life as we know it, are based on magnetotactic bacteria and paramagnetic materials. Magnetosome self-assemblies can be considered one of the earliest biological features inherent in the evolutionary process.

      There are many interesting "facets" to phenomena such as bee colony collapse, impaired migratory capacities within multiple species, and urban disorientation to North/South magnetic fields in modern humans… See articles regarding: Magnetite (Fe3O4) crystals…

      Magnetofossils from Ancient Mars: a Robust Bio signature in the Martian Meteorite ALH84001

      Magnetosome vesicles are present before magnetite formation, and MamA is required for their activation

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thanks Paul for explaining this better than I ever could have done, as this is also basic in the formation of bodies in space, our whole earth as well and yet another reason why what all is being played with today could end us today.  But what about the copper?  That really stood out to me.

    • penny waters says:

      oh rachel robson

      'stepped out of an old english novel that you don't want to stop reading' – what a heart warming overwhelming observation – wish i could wrap myself up in that and keep safe for ever – i have tucked that away for when i am feeling lonely 

      i absolutely love all you people who pop in and out of here – if only we all ran it all – we all get on don't we – so hard to live amongst the soul-less ones – love many of them but always feel sucked dry if i spend too much time with them

      clear cold days and nights – no atmosphere to speak of – sun comes through bare – hurts the skin – rains at night – but no-one notices the strange stuff that happens above our heads

      had success with someone in a call centre t'other day – he took down the info and was going to look up this site

      many people i talk to, turn away – have realised they cannot/do not want to take it in – many frightened people – feel many things wrong but couldn't cope with being aware

      but you people, i love you all – your tales of the weather, of your surroundings and your lives and often the people you love

      and how much love you have for the world and your place in it, and all the other creatures too

      you fill me up with love for the human race

      thank you all, and bless you all

      all my love

      penny w



  52. Here's another example of 100% corporate media control. > Report: Health problems could arise as Alaska warms

    The Kool-aid is so sweet it must be loaded with aspartame. Don't let these jerks get by with it. I (thankfully) don't live in Huston. PLEASE see my posting below regarding LAWFUL remedy for the geoengineering slaughter. The military must be served notice…

  53. CP says:

    Thank you for another insightful program Dane.  A couple of passing thoughts….  A) Evil is real and it is pervasive in our culture and around the globe.  As it was in the days of Noah….

    B) I am certain our government (along with the EU, Chinese, Russia, et al.) are fully aware that this world is approaching a 'Madmax Thunderdome' type of event.  I believe they know that reality is about to assert itself in the most harshest of ways, resulting in death across the globe.  Each country is vying to be the last standing survivor of what will be left, which is pretty much …..nothing.  I think of that ol' bear in the woods analogy.  A group of hikers stumbled across a hungry grizzly bear in the woods.  They all realized, very quickly, that they did not have to out run the bear; they just had out run their fellow hikers.  I truly believe this is where we are.  Their goal, for now, is to keep the grizzly bear hidden from us so we don't even realize we are being chased and thus cause a panic.  Like you often say…. 'business as usual'.  Panem et circenses for the masses! 

    Man plans, and God laughs

  54. richard says:

    A week ago on Sunday here in northeast England the con trails (spraying?) were quite bizarre against what should have been a bright blue sky. Next day Monday, perfectly clear, not one to be seen. I'd noticed this going on for years before i ever cottoned on that others too around the world also question this. I don't know much but all I know is that it should disperse if its innocent, these melded into cloud cover.

  55. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: A new HB ‘house bill’ law is being pushed through in Washington State that basically gives the entire state to the military here. I live in an electronic warfare EW zone on the Olympic Peninsula here. Washington State is now officially a military zone enterprise. The PDF reads to me that they have covered any possible objection. Ever. They learned from their Whidbey Island experiences and more recent objections over the Olympic Peninsula. WA now belongs to them, they are the priority. The entire state is now a Guam, or Germany & parts of Japan. A friend sent a summary of the bill HB 2341 to me:
    "I've had an opportunity to review HB 2341 a little more closely.  It is simply atrocious, not to overstate how bad it is. Simply put, HB 2341 allows the military to dictate what uses shall be allowed, and whether any development shall be allowed, on any land in the State of Washington. This is accomplished by Section 4(a) that removes a prior requirement that at least 100 people be employed on a military facility before the provisions of RCW 36.70A.530 would apply, and removes the requirement that military land be adjacent to land to which the development regulations that the bill addresses would apply. As an example, the military could conclude that residential development in western Clallam County poses an incompatibility with the Navy's Pacific Northwest Electronic Warfare Range because people living there would be adversely affected by the EWR.  That incompatibility would preclude any residential development there. The bill also provides for a state program and state subsidies to condemn property which might otherwise be developed in a manner incompatible with military intentions.  This means more direct subsidization of U.S. Military development with state tax money. There are other procedural and technical provisions in the bill that are also concerning."

    • Jeffrey Fish says:

      Just as we were warned by great men in the past, the monstrous military industrial complex has overtaken us and globally so.


    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      That is beyond distressing VSF.  It's sickening how you have been targeted already.  Democratic, representative government gone without pretense. 

      Pence is coming to Alaska on his way to the Olympic Games to oversee ballistic missile re-deployment here.  The federal government already owns 61.3 percent of Alaska.  The implications are scary, especially when all the environmental laws are being gutted so extraction can be king, no matter who objects.  As for the military, it tells outright lies to communities about what it is doing.  In 2013 people in my neighborhood had been victims of Air Force lies, and I've had to officially complain to the Air Force through our US Senator's office.  The people who write the Air Force responses are very sophisticated. I got some truthful admissions from them by not backing down. But you are are equal to them Susan!  Please don't give up.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan!!  When you first showed up I so wished I could have warned you as already for years I'd been fighting against this!  I have friends up there and my neighbors were building a simple home near the bottom of Puget.  They were supposed to leave this summer but have not, and I did try to warn them, but didn't seem to listen, yet have not moved so I will have to bring this up again.  One dear friend, a Lakota married to a Skokomish keeps us posted but has not mentioned this new? development.  To me, their intent was clear from the beginning as well as their total lack of concern for people.  The Lakota friend there I mentioned has 7 acres of heaven on a river/water area with an Eagle rookery to boot!  She described more than a year ago what it was like when these idiot stormed their property, beaching a boat, then running up with guns drawn and aimed, in practice.   Scared the bejesus outta of the kids!  The military gets to do whatever they want and they are not going to stop…..unless their funding is stopped.  But 5 will get 10 that they have a rainy day fund, and investments.  This must stop.  I keep asking government peoples why our military is attacking the homeland, but to no avail, or even a reply.  Everyone is afraid of the big bad military.  Dreams of them seeing the light seem as remote as it gets!  Gonna move?  I mean sure, it is everywhere, but you are so sensitive to this stuff they are doing, may be less bad elsewhere?  So sad.  So beautiful. Hate them, serious hate which is otherwise foreign to me.

  56. Christine says:

    Every time a new notv seen before 'structures' form out of the 'contrails', I'm getting more nervous about an additional feature, tested on us all.. Today sprayings here south of SF area, were terrible and one new feature was a generation of equally spaced streaks perpendicular to the length of the streak, which started to twist around itself. Many trails had a dark gray 'echo' running  parallel to the main one. The uniform contrails were extremely long, hanging in the air from horizon to horizon, as if the air would not move at all, anymore. Only from some contrails a chemical slurry would  scatter perpendicular to the entire 'contrail' in form of extremely thin hair, covering ~1/3 of the entire 180deg half sphere of the visible sky…

    The only thought left is, the ones who spray must have calculated the saturation level of the toxic slurry, at which all  life will vanish exponentially…


  57. Dennie says:

    It's Saturday night.  Tomorrow is Sunday.  The monsters responsible for plotting and partaking in the murder of JFK and the smearing of his brother, Ted, so as to keep him from running for president, should have gone to mass, so to speak, and confessed a long, long time ago.  What did they do instead?  Lied like hell, murdered, then lived "the good life," like kings, until their quiet (but maybe not peaceful?) endings.  And the lies go on, and on, and ON.  Here's a notorious example: Gerald Posner, the lying, shilling Wall Street lawyer who hastily wrote the error-riddled book titled "Case Closed," (NOT, by far!!!) for the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the assassination of JFK, which was reviewed at the time by history professor David Wrone:  Unbelievably, Posner tried again, 54 years after the assassination, to provide an establishment "counterbalance" to shout down the Oliver Stone movie:  And here is a reconstruction of the events at Chappaquiddick:

  58. marc says:

    Intense presentation today, Dane. Thank you. Not much new to report from my world. However, I did experience something surreal in a grocery store a few days ago. I was pushing my cart along somewhere between the rosemary-encrusted artisan bread and the toilet-paper aisle when suddenly an artificially upbeat male voice came booming over the house speaker system and I will try to recreate his exact words: "Hello shoppers! Don't forget we have free flu vaccinations available until 5 o'clock today. Go to the Pharmacy Dept. and ask for your free vaccination. That's right, shoppers…." And then he repeated the exact same thing. The end. That was it. No other announcements. No shitty pop music. Nothing. Dead quiet.

       In addition, this same store (large local grocery chain) hung signs on the shopping cart corrals out in the parking lot: white background with large bright red block letters saying "Free Flu Vaccinations Today". I will assume these stores have an incentive similar to countless doctors' offices and clinics….they get paid by Pharma for their participation in the program, just like Walgreens, CVS, etc. More vaccinations= more cash on the barrelhead. The marketing of these vaccinations is braided with an equal measure of mindless convenience, which is exactly what "they" want. As to who this "they" is….well, I think most of us here understand by now that there is a palpable and identifiable evil in play, masquerading as protection (from evil). I confess, I had a cosmic moment standing there in the middle of that store listening to that announcement. Even after the announcement was over I remained frozen, looking around me in awe at the near total unreality of the whole scene, shoppers, like cyborgs, examining produce, geezers moving slowly down aisles filled with thousands of packaged substances, almost none of which are gonna actually add much to their health. Yes, many such products might stave off starvation. But many may actually hasten it. The weirdness of our culture sometimes makes me feel like I've dropped in here from somewhere else, like maybe another f**king galaxy. Have a nice day. 🙂

    • penny says:

      marc, good to hear from you again!   Your post struck a chord – specifically, a blues chord.  Here's the first part of the only blues song I ever wrote… Doctor wants to shove another pill down my throat, up my assssssk him: " Why do I need it? Don't think I really want it" And he looks at me, says, "What planet are you from?" Friends all say "You need this car, t'be a happenin' kinda person." Tell 'em I'm happenin' to like my bicycle just fine… And then I wonder: Did a second head just sprout on my shoulders? (chorus): Got those Got a Second Head Stuck on My Shoulder Momma blues But two heads are better than one Been searchin' for the answer to two questions: What's the meaning of life, and What planet am I from?  

    • Dennie says:

      @marc: YES, "they" are really pushing the vaccines Big Time now.  We hear the drum beat on NPR during the news.  I had a similar discussion with one of our parishioners this morning.  We were talking about the fact that dietary cholesterol has very little correlation with serum cholesterol.  Big Pharma wants your cholesterol levels at 200.  Baseline when levels were first being measured was 300.  There is a directly proportional relationship between the rise of dementia and the rise of the use of cholesterol-lowering medications.  Cholesterol protects the nervous system from damage.  When you don't have enough of it you're prone to the nerves being shorted of protective covering they need to have that is made from cholesterol.  And there is no "good" or "bad" cholesterol, only LDL and HDL.  As far as I remember, each type moves cholesterol in different directions.  The other Big Pharma Bugaboo are the statin drugs.  We're now supposed to have perfect scores of 120/80 or even 120/70.  They start threatening to put you on a statin drug if you're even at 140, which the medical industrial complex says is "high." Hilary Clinton, we are told, has the blood pressure of someone "much younger," (she takes a statin drug), consequently she has fainting spells because her BP is actually too low.  They no longer take into account the age of the patient.  As we age our pressure gets higher, that's just part of the aging process.  Doctors are getting stoopider by the year.  They are losing all of the good training and knowledge they used to get as more and more "knowledge" is driven by the profit motive of the pharmaceutical industrial complex.

    • Pedro says:

      There is no escape. For those who think this issue will be resolved in the future, think again. Even if the food does not end, and this will happen sooner or later (the O2 first?), the future generations are already compromised, many of today's children will not be able to have children in the future. The extremely high degree of environmental contamination represented by this new electromagnetic pollution ( inside the routers there is a "hot spot" plus the wireless system –  2 systems of radiation! ), and the increasing nuclear pollution besides the other more known ways of chemical pollution are already dictating this reality about which only a few are talking; of the infertile populations.

      The moment is now.

      Thank you for all the ones who are exposing themselves to bring the issue of climate engineering to public awareness without thinking twice.

      They will Fall !

    • horsegirl says:

      At the Safeway in Bisbee, AZ – home to the shuffling, baby-stepping gasping horde who amount to the most unhealthy population we've ever seen – they continually lure shoppers with a 10% discount on their total grocery purchase for having a free flu shot.  The kickbacks literally amount to a bounty on our heads.  I'm with you.  Rolling and bobbing horrified at this vile tide of lies sweeping us along that life has become.

    • Michelle says:

      Marc, I had the same experience last week while in "Safe"way. I don't usually shop there. It was super creepy. I bought some organic cilantro and got the heck out.

  59. Dennie says:

    I have begun quietly speaking one-on-one with my more-familiar fellow parishioners at St. Paul's, bringing up the ugly, taboo topic that we will no longer be able to "feed the lambs" on Earth when the environment becomes so defiled, poisoned and degraded, from ionizing radiation coming from decaying and destroyed nuclear plant meltdowns, UV radiation and high temperatures and massive droughts alternating with catastrophic flooding, so that the plants that have evolved here to live and grow and flourish and produce food within a certain temperature range, will no longer grow– What then?  

    The poor, (with no food we will all be poor!) and the rest of us, need to be fed, surely, but why won't these well-meaning, good-hearted and sweet-natured people take a good long look at the factual evidence, then resolve to commit to a course of action locally and globally?  They seem unable to connect the dots that we in fact already have increasing temperatures every year.  They don't seem to know or understand, or maybe even care, that plants won't photosynthesize once the temp hits 104 Fahrenheit.  

    Focusing on feeding the poor should really be the second step in feeding them.  Protecting the environment, stopping the spray programs and the fossil fuel burning, the latter which Carter tried to initiate back in the 70s but was stopped, "thanks" to Zbig, his angry posturing and the war weapons industry that depends on unbalanced hateful psychopaths such as he was, and the oil industry cabal that profits from endless resource wars, now needs to be put in overdrive before anything else.  I am terrified that this is just not going to happen. 

    So, what will happen to us?  Some will last longer, with their hoarded rations, but how long if the UV and other radiation coming here with their continued spraying of the atmosphere with toxic metals and other chemicals, makes it impossible to come to the surface of the planet, and what of the air that they need to have in order to survive down in their "secure" bunkers?  We all know here that the air can't be filtered with HEPA or hyper-HEPA filters because the particulates are too small and go right through the filters.  Some have said that the air could be filtered through water, but the water's contaminated, too.  And lastly, "they" have done so much underground nuclear bomb testing, what is that going to do to their bunkers, when the ground crumbles from their oil-extraction schemes, or in seismic warfare, or just crumbles– what then?  No, I do not believe that "they" will be able to cover every single contingency in order to have "continuity of government" or anything else.  NOTHING will continue when there is NO habitat here.

    "Sue me" is a phrase we also heard from time to time by Michael C. Ruppert, author of the 2004 magnum opus titled Crossing the Rubicon:  The Decline of the American Empire at the end of the Age of Oil, that, with it's nearly 1000 footnotes, proved the massive coverup of a massive crime known as "9-1-1."  No one ever did sue him.  The book was a NYT bestseller for at least 9 weeks.  

    • Jeffrey Fish says:

      Years ago a geologist who had been in the oil exploration industry all his life stated publicly that we will not run out of oil but we will run out of oxygen to burn oil.


    • Dennie says:

      When it takes more than one barrel of oil to produce a barrel of oil, the only logical thing to do, if you're in business, is to go out of business.  That's what's meant by "running out" of oil.  Killing off the plankton, cutting and killing the trees by geoengineering means a drop in the oxygen on the planet.  No one much knows about that.  Fewer still care.

    • Pedro says:

      Great posts.

      And we have a INFINITE source of energy – the Sun. Not forgetting Hemp ( which has a multitude of applications ).

      But the masonic / satanic gang want to go forward until the end with the paradigm of the oil centered "economy" ( Earth devastation ). 

      Because of their own psychopathic and eugenic reasons.

      Every empire collapses, the problem is that this time probably they will drag everything with them.

    • Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Thank You Dennie. Great point to mention on Cholesterol & the lies involved making millions sick by having too low of levels due to their Doc's advice to lower it to un-healthy level. No Surprise, the few hours on Actual Health in a medical degree shows clearly their lack of training on a Healthy Body & Mind & what is a correct balance.  Drug It!!!      Great advice on Michael C. Rupert book.  A worthy mention.

  60. Lucille Munro says:

    Hello fellow Canadian, New Brunswick post.

    The thing is these so called "metorologists" are willing to go in front of a large audience and tell lies, day after day after day.

    I don't think they will think anything of lying on the witness stand.  They have no moral compass and so perjuring themselves mean nothing. 

    Lying is all they do, like their father, lucifer.

    But I do agree, let's start naming names.

    • Prairie Explorer says:

      Lucille –

      To add to what you said, they do it with a straight face, too, day-in and day-out, and probably sleep well at night, all while thinking what they are doing is good.

  61. Blue Sue says:

    Thank you Dane for another superb headline-highlighting truth-packed Global News Alert broadcast.  Having been recently and fortuitously steered to Lionel Nation's excellent website, I visited there today and was delighted to find what could be one excellent and effective lead-in to even more viewership of his interview with you.  As a fellow logophile who is fascinated by the meaning, mystery and power of words, I was delighted by Lionel's witty romp that examined the "most prolific, varied, descriptive, and utilitarian word in the American lexicon".  I will share widely — especially with my skeptical/denier friends and associates who I know would enjoy this humorous video and once it wraps up, might just have a look at the second video on Lionel's line up (your interview).  Perhaps this might have been Lionel's motive for making it.  If so, thank you Lionel!  I am delighted to have discovered you.

  62. SilentSister says:

    I’m so tired of being attacked for my “contrail” videos. All I can say is ignorance is bliss. Such narrow- minded, programmed arrogance!! Sometimes, I think I am the one missing the point. Maybe we are just in this transhumanist birthing process- is it supposed to be like this? Will this downright arrogance win? I really don’t have the words. I teach music privately, and continue to spread love and care to children through Music. That’s all I feel I can truly do to help celebrate a life now. I feel split and hopeless, and isolated on this matter. However, I also feel in love with the bigger picture of the microcosm. I will continue to share my links, and personal videos like the one I took today. Send Seattle – machine city, is having another beautiful day for all the tech hipsters. 

  63. Joseph L says:

    Excellent Show.    Martin Luther King – one of his best speeches denouncing war one year before his death.  This speech will not be on mass media.

    MLK’s Warning of America’s Spiritual Death
    Martin Luther King Jr.’s Riverside Church speech was titled “Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence.” It was delivered exactly one year before his April 4, 1968 assassination in Memphis. In the speech, King declared, “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.”
    But King went farther, diagnosing the broader disease of militarism and violence that was endangering the soul of the United States. King said, “I could never again raise my voice against the violence of the oppressed in the ghettos without having first spoken clearly to the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today — my own government.”

    • BaneB says:

      Joseph L:  There was no way in hell the MIC was going to allow Dr.King to get in the way of profits.  Three in a row these psychos murdered to maintain the 'pox Americana.'

    • Dennie says:

      Though King's wounds were mortal, he didn't immediately die of his bullet wounds.  He was taken to St. Joseph's hospital in Memphis, where the attending physician, Dr. Breen Bland, ordered staff to "let the nigger die," then ordered everyone out of the room, pulled the breathing tube out of Dr. King, then the attending nurse saw them spit on King's body.  Here's a deposition detailing what a man said he was told by his mother, a surgical nurse who was working at St. Joseph's hospital when Martin Luther King Jr. was brought in with grave wounds:

    • Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Dennie, That rips my Heart out to Hear. Thank You for the Truth.   As Ugly as it seems to be more often then not.  Can't We All Just Get Along !

    • Dennie says:

      Interestingly, when I tried this afternoon to pull up the .pdf deposition from the surgical nurse's son regarding what she'd told him and his siblings about the actual death of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I got a "Not Found" "error."  It did, however, pull up again when I tried later.  But if it doesn't for you, just type in ", or even just stop after the assassinations part.  

      The reconstruction of events at Chappaquiddick designed to keep Ted Kennedy from ever running for president was found on a publication called  The full article there is titled "The Taking of America, 1-2-3" by Richard Sprague, 1979. When I went to look up the title at, there was this nice little footnote, appearing for all Americans to take note of:  

      "This title was found among the collection of Osama Bin Laden when the US raided his compound. It discusses what one might do to overtake the United States."

      So "They" really Do think we are THAT dumb.  Never mind it was Abraham Lincoln who foretold that America would be destroyed by enemies within the country, and that it was well-known that Osama bin Laden was actually in the advanced stages of kidney disease and was being given dialysis treatments in the military hospital at Bethesda.  Bin Laden was likely dead of renal failure before the remote-controlled planes hit the buildings, or not long afterwards.  In any case, his "death" was announced to us by the MSM about 10-12 times over the course of at least six years, each time in a different place– please explain how he could have died so many times, main stream media!  ANOTHER thing we DO know:  Bin Laden was NEVER in any cave, gloating about destroying this country.  Amazing how the terminally "epistemologically crippled" can't even follow the so-called "news," but then again, this should not be surprising, not when those who write the fairy tales can't get their stories straight ;-).

  64. Linda says:

    Those that have known of this for years and bravely communicating is good. When the masses are blamed for not waking up and doing something, I ask, could the communicators organize something they would like the masses to be a part of to support the change. 

    What can we do?


  65. horsegirl says:

    In returning to the US Air Force 1996 manifesto ""Weather as a force multiplier:  Owning the Weather in 2025" it appears they plainly envision a trained horde of phony weather reporters.  Page 8 lays out plans for such a network:

    Our vision is that by 2025 the military could influence the weather on a mesoscale (<200 km

    2) or microscale (immediate local area) to achieve operational capabilities such as those listed in Table 1. The capability would be the synergistic result of a system consisting of (1) highly trained weather force specialists (WFS) who are members of the CINC’s (commander-in-chief's)weather force support element (WFSE); (2) access portsto the global weather network (GWN), where worldwide weather observations and forecasts are obtained

    near-real-time from civilian and military sources; (3) a dense, highly accurate local area weather sensing and communication system; (4) an advanced computer local area weather-modification modeling and prediction capability within the area of responsibility (AOR); (5) proven weather-modification intervention technologies; and (6) a feedback capability could be employed to meet a CINC’s needs.

    Page 11 depicts our current legion of paid liars deployed as meteorologists:

    WFSE personnel will need to be experts in information systems and well schooled in the arts of both offensive and defensive information warfare. They would also have an in-depth understanding of the GWN and an appreciation for how weather-modification could be employed to meet a CINC’s needs

    The scope and activity of Raytheon is outlined in these pages in its role of modeling the weather.

    Suggested reading for all.  Nothing in this document appears yet left undone.

  66. Gm says:

    In Southern California, here near the beach, continued assault via spraying by jets. No sooner one can finally see a clear blue sky they get busy spraying with who knows what on us and the environment.  This climate engineering is sickening!

  67. Dan says:

    Last year at this time here in south central Idaho it was -15 with a windchill of -38 and 2 feet of snow on the ground. Today we are in the mid 50's with no snow. This last week has been very warm with rain and they even gave us a little bit of freezing rain at 34 degrees. No ski season this year for the dumbed down masses who just don't get it.

    • JF says:

      Here in SoCal it has been warm all winter. We have had only one rain storm last week. Today it was in the high 70’s, but the sun seemed very hot. 

  68. Sundai says:

    Has anyone heard anything on the secret spy satellite that was supposedly lost a week or so ago? It was reported one time on RT then nothing more was said. There was a complete blackout on info. as to it's purpose, what happened, or didn't happen. It was said to be on an Elan Musk rocket but no further details were available. Reminds me of the satellite supposedly lost back in the 80's when they were conducting the 2nd phase  testing of HAARP capabilities. It was trailing a 2 mile long wire and they denied it was generating electricity, but it was. This was failsafe communication technology, same as used on nuclear subs. The silence is  curious, NO?????

    • Prairie Explorer says:

      Sundai –

      I haven't heard any recent info, but you may be interested some information that I came across.  During the same time period, four different countries (China, Japan, Russia, and the United States) launched rockets over the course of four days.  Japan launched a rocket with two satellites, one they claim as being a "climate monitoring satellite," while the other was touted as being a "demonstration satellite."  Within 72 seconds of Japan's launch, SpaceX launched their rocket from California.  These two launches set a record as being the shortest interval between launches.  It is inconceivable that those two launches, alone, were a coincidence, given how close the timing was to each other.  It's even more interesting when you consider all of the different countries that were doing the same thing at the same time.

      Here is detailed information on it:

    • Prairie Explorer says:

      Add to that, India, as the fifth country.  I just found out that they launched a rocket about two days ago with 31 payloads on board, one of them being a British satellite that can focus on individual people on the ground, with a frame rate of 50 fps:

      Interestingly, the Indian rocket is known as the "Indian POLAR Satellite Launch Vehicle" (Emphasis on the word "Polar" is mine.)

    • BaneB says:

      Prairie Explorer:  The fact is a huge amount of UV-blocking ozone was wiped out.  There is no serious commitment to halting the destructive nature of our sick entrapment.  The capture of our planet via the high-tech race to oblivion requires aerosol spraying, a "altruistic" sop to correct that which cannot be fixed by piling on us toxic band aids.   Unfortunately for most humans, if humanity is to have any life at all, the beast must be unplugged. Whether voluntary or by catastrophe, disaster is unavoidable.  

  69. Richard Doiron says:

    Last week in New Brunswick, we had such a vicious storm the Weather Network said this about it: "A major weather bomb status was achieved with this storm." That should have caused the masses to pause, but it did not.

    Over the past 24 hours, we have had temperatures of 15C (60F) or so; we have had 4-5 inches of rain; and the wind has been of hurricane force; the house I live in was barely missed by two large trees brought down by the wind; tonight, we get freezing rain.

    As Dane so clearly states: our meteorologists are lying; personally, I think they should be identified by name; I say this because I would like to see them take some of us to court and swear under oath that they are not lying; they can't and won't do that because they do know and are complicit in this ongoing assault of the very earth they themselves live on – how bizarre!

    • Dennie says:

      I'm glad horsegirl dug up the military report, Air Force 2025 that tells in the chapter titled Owning the Weather in 2025 that our weather reporters should be "well schooled in the arts of both offensive and defensive information warfare. They would also have an in-depth understanding of the GWN and an appreciation for how weather-modification could be employed to meet a CINC’s needs."  I mean, "They" are doing it right out front, right over our heads, then telling you they're doing it, and we are not supposed to notice this?

    • While I'm not a big sports' fan, I do enjoy watching curling, as I see it as a game of finesse; the past few days, I watched some entertaining curling; what made me gasp, however, were some of the sponsors: world financial group and Dupont, which showed a large field of Canadian corn grown, with a commentary that said, "Corn with above ground insect protection!" That corn is so genetically-modified it kills insect while growing for our consumption!

  70. Heidi says:

    Does anyone know when the North Atlantic jet stream started to deviate increasingly from it's previous usual path?  The 1960s?  Does it 'coinciding' with more intensified solar radiation management/stratospheric aerosol injections?  Are all jet streams moving differently now than previously?

    Thanks (from NOT a troll! – just a person seeking answers) and Blessings

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Heidi, not sure but do know not 60s as I've always watched it and there are but two, one in northern hemisphere, one in southern.  I didn't really notice a big change until the ramping up of spray crap.  So, I'd guess not more, maybe less than 12 years?  Dane would know.  I think…

  71. Alfred Dornemann says:

    GOD bless.We're in a lot of trouble…..Al

  72. trish says:

    anyone notice the fox news logo? how it appears to have stylized chemtrails on it?

  73. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: Dane, you remain our North Star! Yet another YouTube channel has understood the value of your work and Geoengineering Watch, from the Lionel Nation interview. Have a look at the wonderful unbridled enthusiasm and support BPEarthwatch is offering for Dane here:

  74. Alan says:

    New USPS "Forever" stamp features an airplane emitting a long, twisting trail spelling out "Love".   Our government's way of promoting "love" is to perpetrate yet another psy-op on the vulnerable population.   

    • Alan David says:

      Well, I hate to say it but it is not our "Government" it is a De facto military regime posing as a Civil Government. Law suits are coming !

    • BaneB says:

       "She believes she shall be 'forever' is a biblical phrase about a "end-time" power.  It's interesting to me that the most likely candidate for said Darwin Award is that which exercises such hubris.  This latest postal stamp is one in a long string of "forever" issuances which presumably refers to these stamps being legit for use upon a first class letter from now until eternity.  This too implies the power behind the arrogance expects to be forever, along with aerosol spraying…..infinity, government playing God.

    • Dennie says:

      Buy the stamps, fix them to every piece of correspondence you actually mail and write all over them:  NO "love" in the toxic sprays!  Or just
      "STOP spraying us," and "STOP geoengineering NOW!" This, I think, will make for an easy and quick way to spread the word wherever your correspondence goes and sound the alarm!

  75. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 200th email, titled: 'How would YOU refreeze the Arctic?'

    1.  On 12th Jan, the 365 day average Arctic sea ice volume remained at record low @ 12,913km3. The 1 to 3 year Arctic sea ice loss indicates that it could have 6 months ice free as soon as 2019. 

    The recent geoengineered cool down of Northern America and other areas is making the situation exponentially worse and has caused destructive weather anomalies elsewhere.

    On 7th Jan at 0800hrs, frost crystals at outside house were -16C and the surrounding ground and air temp was -5C. 

    On 12th Jan, BBC breakfast weather reported "…come sunday night the jet stream rushes towards us and it is that which will help to engineer a change…".

    2. BP and Shell are preparing for a 5C temp rise by 2050. Increasing methane release and resultant ocean heating indicate that it probably happen within the next 5 years. A 5C increase is an extinction event for most complex life on earth (including humans). 

    How would YOU refreeze the Arctic within the next 4 years?

    As Granny said: "If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well".  So, blaming it on earthquakes and the like, you would set off 2-300 nuclear explosions in volcanoes and fault zones, and let the resultant ash, sulphur, radiation and debris do their thing. The majority of explosions would be in the northern hemisphere with a few in the southern hemisphere for good measure. Thus it's goodbye to Iceland, Aleutian Islands, much of west coast Northern America, Japan, etc. 

    As the oceans cooled, they would release their heat and cause 2-300 ft of snow to fall over much of the Northern Temperate Zone (where most of us live). 

    Due to our gullibility and inaction, this is The Final Solution we are being led towards.

    3.  Notes to Self (week 53 of 104). I have been sending out these emails for over 4 years (I was sending them before I started numbering), and we have now reached the point where we will all face dramatic climate and weather changes within the next year or so – similar to those already being faced in many areas of Asia, Africa and Latin America. 

    Very few people have chosen to wake up and take action, and so we go unquestioning and uncomplaining to our demise…rather like the holocaust Jews.

    Those in charge are continually amazed at how easy it is to deceive, dumb down and control the masses. 

    To paraphrase Edmund Burke: "Evil is winning because too many good men do nothing"

    I would love us all to be here in 8 years time, but that will require something amazing to happen.

    True words: 


    • Jeanette S says:

      andrew, it will not be fine one day and chaos man-made and natural the next. It will get bad before two years and for sure by five. Most people will wake up by then, I think.

    • Jeanette S says:

      the knuckleheads are taking warm air from HI and the pacific and pushing it up over north of ca, Or and wa and canada, through the artic and backdown again about chicago and across the east coast. the east coast and mid west typically or used to get snow most of the winter and ca does not as with the west coast and the western states snow is sparse except for the occasional storm. so because of said knuckleheads moving warm and cold air in this way it seems like a normal, close to "normal" winter all over  the country. everybody is getting pretty much what they have in the past. sneaky trash aren't they?

    • Bluv says:

      Thanks Andrew for the link you provided, although our situation is dire a little humor goes a long way in this world today. I'm thrilled I found a replacement for George Carlin who certainly would have addressed the perversions this country is administering worldwide had he been alive today. 

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