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Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 14, 2017


Dane Wigington

Winter Storm Jupiter is the latest example of weather warfare being waged against the US population by their own government and their own military. This most recent theatrically named manufactured ice storm truly reflects the growing desperation of the climate engineers. Desperation is also the driving force behind the power structure's continuing demonization of Russia as the military industrial juggernaut of destruction runs out of options. Yet another senior Russian diplomat is found dead, this time in Athens, Greece. Walmart is laying off, as is Boeing. The cost of the remaining fish from dying oceans is getting inconceivably high in some cases, a Japanese fish buyer has just paid $636,000 for a single Tuna. The New York Times discloses that the White House is urging Geoengineering as an option to "combat" global warming. The Times made this statement as if illegal climate engineering has not already been going on for over 70 years and inflicting unimaginable decimation to the planet and the entire web of life. What is the highly toxic climate engineering fallout doing to us? Yet more respiratory distress epidemics are clogging hospitals, this time in the UK. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

The battle for the greater good has already been unimaginably long and arduous for all those that are truly committed to it.  But now, more than ever, we MUST keep our stride. Now, more than ever, we must make our voices heard.

This week's GeoengineeringWatch.org outreach booth is at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, Del Mar, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A geoengineeringwatch.org booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.


151 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 14, 2017

  1. Ms. Albina says:

    Hi Dane, I am here in California.  I am visiting my grandma. They speared in the sky yesterday. Fake clouds. I am getting tired of seeing this. Most people do not believe in geoengineering. I was walking outside in my grandmas neighbor hood. There was chemtrails sparing outside. 

    Then my nose started to run. In the past I have gotton nose bleeds but not now. The doctors say you have to use nose spary that has steriods in them. 

    I hope that the chemtrails are not making the old more ill. 

    My mom takes a lot of chemtrails of the patterns. 

    I hope in my life time years to come in the future they stop because if they don't then there will not be no earth. 

    I hope us- the people of our earth are not breathing glass in our lungs from the straying. 



    • MS P says:

      My elderly neighbor was just put into a home. She was sharp as a tack. Now so bad off in dementia, that  she is toast. Her eyesight is also gone.  Which was what started going first.She would be out in her garden most of the day. Healthy otherwise. Really started going down hill, when the 3 smart meters went up next to her house. I also noticed on heavy spray days. She was mentally more out of it.

      All I can say is looking at the chemtrails, is worse that staring directly at the sun! It will burn out  your eyesight.

  2. MS P says:

    Dear Dane, Thank you again for a very real, & very compelling radio talk show. I must greatly compliment your choice of words, & subjects discussed.  I find myself  on the brink of tears; in knowing what you have to  say, is so very true.  Even more so, the denial of the public. So very correct. I too am in hopes that the so called "sheeple" will wake up. Where is the intelligence of mankind, when it comes to life on EARTH?

  3. Lee Eyerman says:

    Live in Ohio.50 to 60 degrees 8 of the last 10 days.Non stop rain and ice.Everyone snotty and sick and during this rainy mess not to mention in our once beautiful woods the trees are breaking off halfway up the trunk.I mean healthy adult trees 70 feet tall.Dont know what the sun looks like.What a bunch of bastards.But on a brighter note chemtrails billboards now frequent our highways.People will question what the signs mean.I feel progress is being made thank God.Everyone try to stay alive!

    • Susan says:

      As I read your comment, I feel informational comments are the only ones worth reading, I thought to myself "Oh ,that could be why my Ebay package is still in Cincinnati. Ice/weather delays"

      Went on to read about geoengineering billboards in your state of Ohio and thought "Good platform,effective."

      Then it hit me! I'm going to put geoengineeringwatch.org in my listings description on Ebay. It's an attentive audience since they have "clicked" on the listing for something they want. Beautiful!

      Thanks Lee! We're making progress.

    • MS P says:

      I agree, that advertising for the cause, might just raise a few ignorant eyebrows. Which would be a start to getting these unaware people to wake up. We can only hope from there. They start to talk about it. In wondering? 
      Been questioning this since the late 80's & seeing it come to reality in 1992. No one even listened to what I was saying about what I was learning. .As if I was babbling out some kind of stupor.  I used to work in electronics. Paid to go to college & worked in the private sector. Mostly computers/components. . Until my last job. Nano RF technology. Doing engineering work. I walked away from that career. Still it haunted me then, & even more so now. Where this technology was, & is going; is not a good place.  I'd rather wait tables, & did so as a result. All this was put together in small bits. So people like me, never knew what I was really doing. Even if I asked? We just did schematics & blue prints. No big picture. Garbage in & garbage out.

  4. Mario says:

    Pacific Northwest is getting pummeled right now (1-17-17 5:15pm).  Transmitters going off all along the west coast from California to Washington.  Looks like Portland is getting the ice treatment.  Slow down and drive safe — stay to the right and let the idiots pass you on the left. 

    The longer you look at radar, the more obvious their desperation looks.

    • Chad says:

      Idaho getting hammered by manmade chemical ice nucleation next four days except friday. Such a nightmare. Just went to doctors last week. Told him and showed geoengineeringwatch.org episode from 2012 of tests from poor soul in Idaho way back in 2003. He said thats a special test and costly, i said thats fine, i want it done soon. Dont have the money right now but soon i will. I am documenting the TRUTH. TAKE CARE GOD BLESS AND KEEP SPREADING THE WORD. AMEN SWEET JESUS!!!

  5. Carol says:

    Hello Dane . History of Lynmouth  uk weather experiment went wrong causing flash flooding storms and killing people  (1952 ) Just thought u might be interested to read this one ?? 

  6. Dennie says:

    More heavy rain slated for northern California Wednesday, then Friday.  The white haze was reeeally thick early this morning, you could see it raining down from the sky.  It's just awful when it gets all mixed in with the fogs we have here in winter, and summer, too.  You just can't breathe, it's like inhaling baby powder.  Funny thing is, you can't really see it while you're inside but you can see it in the dust that lays down quicker than ever (brownish-gray crap coating everything all over the planet now), or in the air in the rooms when you're inside, but you can sure feel it.  Go outside and it's amazing. 


    • Mario says:

      Absolutely right, Dennie.  The canopy was set early, before sunrise.  Very pinkish clouds this morning.

  7. Rachel Robson says:

    Hello all.  Did no one notice some good news last Friday?  Which was that CVS Pharmacy is now selling epipens at two for 110$!!!!!!!  I've had anaphylaxis twice, am supposed to have an epipen, which way back when was 60$ for one.  Then, recently in news alot, that very greedy maker of them was charging >700$ for one!  Heck, mine expired in one year, not something I can afford and so I have not had one since.  But this price is astounding!  Given the rate they were going for.  How the heck did that happen?  In anticipation of Trump?  I really dislike the man, but….., I rather like hearing him call CNN fake news!  Too true!  And they are another sort of elite, in that to them the whole world is east coast centered, hardly a clue about west coast issues, much less all the land inbetween.  Also, Trump not trusting the Intel community.  People seem to find that shocking but I find it very reasonable.  Sounds as if Trump heard what General Michael Hayes had to say about it.  No one trusts them.  We have 17 distinct and separate Intel organizations!  The CIA does not trust them and for good reason.  I don't like or trust Russian politics, but with the campaign issues, why does no one suggest Israel had a part?  For some reason Trump seems to like Israel while most of our government is now opposed to the harms they have caused and upped.  So, given Stuxnet, Israel working with us, the US in charge of it, but Israel sending it off without telling its US counterparts, and not quite ready yet, left the US holding the bag.  Why would they not mess with the election since it seems to stand to benefit them so much? Yet not a peep in that direction.  Seems as if Russia is a fall back bad guy, the go-to answer for all ills.  Grain of truth under tons of chaff!

    But, One good thing, epipens some Can afford and are so necessary now that we've had the idiocy of manufacturing all our foods at just a few places, thus exposing many people to life threatening anaphylaxis.  Has got to be a big help to many a worried parent.  One good thing. 

    • Dennie says:

      The rattlesnakes are starting to attack each other.  And please, YES I DO TOO KNOW that's an insult to "poor lowly" snakes– YEE-UCH!!!!

    • MS P says:

      All I can say. (Not really knowing any thing much about epipen)  Is that this is  really scary! (To me)  Is what is happening with the CVS price gong down, is only a  bad sign? That there will be many more people needing epipen in the future?

       Or maybe on a side note. Another take on this topic.  I'll take a wild  guess here. Since this drug has an expiration date. Did CVS just sign up to sell drugs about to expire?

      So I'd double check that. Since it's the same price for something that will expire in 2 months, as it is something that will expire in 1 year.

      Could it be?. That due to what you said about not having an epipen due to cost. Perhaps the Pharma  suppliers are VERY overstocked, on a product that has an expiration date. So they will now sell it at CVS for cheap, to cover costs. Instead of taking a 100% lose. May I be so bold in saying that this is a pharma drug "fire sale" ? Check the expiration dates. The truth will be there in the answer to my question. Could CVS be the future of becoming a  a  dollar discount, or like a 99 cents store? For drugs that are about to expire? 

      On another mention. (in reply)  It seems to me that the Cabals of the world are at war, with each other. Not countries at war. But Cabals, Fighting for what little is left on earth.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @MS P, hi!  Uh, there has been a huge hue and cry over mega over pricing of life threatening conditions-medicines for, such as for AIDs.  And epipens.  Which, epipens, are for anaphylaxis, the sort that quickly causes death-can't breathe.  Some have this reaction to a bee sting.  Some to nuts, peanuts, Brazil nuts, in the main.  I won't be buying an epipen, besides not being able to afford 60 bucks, I know what I am so allergic to and one is penicillin, probably due to over use.  Another is to what they call major NSAIDs, like Naproxin.  To my horror, my daughter who is SO much like her father and not me, thank God, swelled up when given ampicillin for Impetigo as a child.  A variation of penicillin.  So neither of use will have those related kinds ever again, and I have shown allergic reactions to almost all antibiotics, just that with penicillin, they said I'd be dead in seconds.  Now, the truly scary thing is finding out that bits of this are in other stuff, other pills and shots.  Like, say flu shots which I refuse.  Took a lot of arguing to get them to correct my record in that I am also allergic to eggs and flu shots are made with live egg 'batter', so that gets me off that hook at last.  But, what can daughter do?  Even latex is in these shots.  For God's sake, why?!!  All kinds of crap-and you guessed it, I am allergic to latex.  My allergy list is very long!  No way to fit it all on a bracelet!  For nearly two years now I have been plagued with hives and itchy rash that gets better, then worse.  Cannot figure it out.  Very, very bothersome.  So sick of sick.  Clues, anyone? 

  8. Linda Lee from Sirius B says:

    Have to agree with Earth Angel that the EPA is not helping much with our environment, and Trump's pick to lead EPA is not reassuring.  I want to give Trump a chance too, but when I look at the cabinet he is assembling, it is not giving much hope for progressive change.  

    And Sam's report on the meteorologist defending "contrails" and Sam seeing clearly the nozzles on the planes confirms that even those supposedly in the know about weather etc, really don't know the truth at all.  I try to hope, like so many on this website, but Sam's thoughts about more dark times ahead really ring true.

    Here in La Jolla, we are getting some amazing rain after severe drought that caused the cliffs to start crumbling.  We are grateful…it is like a miracle to have all these rainy days, but I pray we do not get so much that floods and mudslides become the issue.  Hard to trust the weather events much nowadays.  Extremes seem to be the rule.

    We must all prepare as best we can and stay strong and as healthy as possible.  Indeed, may the force be with us.

    • Chad says:

      Im sick as shit in idaho. My ignorant coworkers just dont get it. Havent worked since last week , nor will i. Told them my health is more important than making my boss rich who by the way is SICK TOO. going to doctors today. Pretty much chemically induced pneumonia. Doctors wont know what to do, but going anyway. Gonna ask for heavy metal blood test. I know they will say no, but shall be documented just the same. God bless and Amen JESUS!!!

  9. virginia says:

    Good news, for a change:  From whatreallyhappened.com  1/16/17

    U.S. Court of Appeals:  States and counties CAN BAN GMO crops despite fed laws;

    The Court of Appeals interpreted the Plant Protection Act thusly:  ALL U.S. States, counties and local communities can actually ban, or regulate the planting of any and all commercially-grown GMO crops, no matter what the feds or Monsanto claims about GMO.

    Neither the Plant Protection Act nor the DARK Act can stop states and counties from banning of GMO crops.

    Some of you may already know this. I didn't and think it is a step forward against Monsanto and I hope all of us interested activists get our letters and phone calls going where applicable.  Thanks.

    • Mario says:

      I wonder if the same tact could be taken at the local level in regards to harmful amounts of microwave energy emitting from the weather modification transmitters.  If the government has said that a local community can ban GMOs, why not weather modification devices?  Rhode Island has been trying to introduce legislation in regards to Geoengineering.  <in my best Ronald Reagan voice> MR. TRUMP, TEAR DOWN THESE TRANSMITTERS!  

    • MS P says:

      "<in my best Ronald Reagan voice> MR. TRUMP, TEAR DOWN THESE TRANSMITTERS!  "

      Good One!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Virginia!  One good thing I mentioned followed by another good thing, one that applies to all as opposed to some, this is fantastic good news!  Fantastic!  Thank you!  And, Mario is right.  Given that Monsanto rides geoengineering, this may be a crack in that dam.  Maybe we really can build on this.  The two are so related.  I am so grateful for this good news!

  10. Alex d. says:

    Hi all, here in Liverpool, England the people are noticing the planes actions, a taxidriver with full hayfever symptoms asked why there spraying, told him about this site, elderly ladies on the street complaining of feeling unwell, bus driver to passenger saying feeling tired all the time. I caught a nasal infection never experienced before, a foggy night followed by 5 days of fluid discharge. Inside an organic food store mentioned geoengeneering, all the younger people are in the know. A lady came round from Melanoma UK, spent some time informing her of this site and if she could pass on info to colleages, she was very interested, hope it spreads. Most of my family have been informed with usual reactions. Will keep on spreading the word! It's not staying calm, thank you Mr Wigington, you are uppermost in my thoughts,  God bless you all.

    • BaneB says:

      Alex d.:  England seems to be in a medical crisis of some alarm. Emergency calls overloading the emergency numbers.  Emergency rooms overwhelmed.  I wish you well.  I know they are up in years, but both the Queen and her Consort had pneumonia according to what was published here.  Good luck.

    • Kathy says:

      Alex, you may wish to look into colloidal silver throat spray. i've recently seen a nasal spray too.

    • Chad says:

      Great job. People are waking up and the evil dark forces are starting to TREMBLE. I FEEL IT.TAKE CARE AND GOD BLESS.

  11. Mario says:

    Current ice storm in the mid-west looks to be fueled by a moisture field coming out of northern Mexico / southern Texas (where it is in the upper 60s and early 70s).  I've noticed that these moisture fields always originate roughly in the same area, and in eastern and southern Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana area.  These moisture fields seem anomalous to me because they seem to originate in one little point and then morph into a perfect stream that is aimed at wherever they want to create and place their winter storms (at least in the mid-west and east).  This current stream (1-15-17 8:10pm PST) is directed exactly north through Oklahoma towards heart of the country.  If you know what you're looking for on radar you can see multiple transmitters going off all along the way.  Also looks like heavy transmitter activity in New Mexico near Albuquerque somewhere feeding a "snow event". 

    Thanks to everyone for the health advice.  Susan…I'm getting the collodial silver and other items.  Will report back if they helped my symptoms (which I know are tied to these massive weather events).  

    I pray for peace and an end to this madness.    

    • Kirsten says:


      Can you explain the multiple transmitters on the radar map? I'm new to just how the weather is affected. Also, along with the collodial silver you can use chelated charcoal. I'm not always great about incorporating it daily but I can tell when I do use it. Thanks for any insights.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey Mario, this sounds like a description of Tornado Alley!  I grew up in Oklahoma and Kansas, just outside KC, and it was ever so.  Which makes me wonder if they are using nature, natural flow areas for muscle and then tweaking them?

    • Diane Friday says:


      You got that right. I check the NOAA GOES satellite maps as well as Intellicast when there's precipitation scheduled to hit us here in southeastern Pennsylvania. It rained three nights in a row last week, the rain seemed to start at almost the same time each night, and at that time the point of origin was in Arkansas. With this latest ice storm aimed at the Midwest care of "Winter Storm Jupiter", it did indeed seem to originate in Texas, and it seemed it was enhanced and grown quickly, aimed directly at the states named in the mainstream weather reports. How the hell does such a massive storm "blossom" not over water, but over land, seemingly coming out of nowhere? It's really too bad that there are too few people asking questions like this, particularly the ones severely impacted by these devastating manufactured storms. 

      And, based on the painfully loud noise in my head this morning, as well as the relentless, blatant spraying going on, "they" have something brewing and on the move again. Not that it ever stops, but it's getting more and more blatant with each passing day. As I've been saying for a long time now, every day is the new worst day ever. How can the majority of the populace remain totally, blissfully unaware of something of this magnitude? The elephant isn't just in the room, it's sitting on them!! Yet they still insist that everything's status quo. That won't stop me from trying to wake them up, but damn!! 

    • Mario says:

      Kirsten…get a decent radar app (I'm using Intellicast)…then look for areas of precipitation.  Zoom in on these areas and look for beams of energy that trace back to a central point.  There lies the transmitter.  From the point of the transmitter, look out at the circular pattern of energy emitting from it.  I believe they cover roughly 500 square miles or thereabouts.

  12. Joseph L. says:

        This is Martin Luther KIng weekend . I am sure that if he was alive he would be on board to stop geoengineering.  He was a true patriot and one of his most famous speeches happened in NYC on April 1967 when he came out against the war in Vietnam .  Mainstream news will not touch this speech because what was said then is even more relevant today.. Here is a link to some of that speech 


  13. Alan says:

    I've been watching Sea Surface Temperature anomalies on earth.nullschool.net for a while.  Today, I see that the ocean off Japan's northeastern coast is between 9F and 27F degrees above normal.  

  14. Southern California says:

    The worst hasn't even begun for USA, Japan is getting the worst out of every single nation.. 

    Good luck saving the planet and the human race.

  15. MS P says:

    Killer Mice. What for?  

    "They employed a technique called optogenetics that manipulates neurons using light to make the fluffy critters go all Hulk on prey."

    They say they will not do this to humans.  Like the media, is always saying the truth. YA right!



    • Dennie says:

      Here's former Ass't Sec'y of HUD, Catherine Austin Fitts, interviewed by journalist Daniel Liszt (DarkJournalist) on the last presidential election, the Powers That Be (Clintonistas and their Bush allies), the military and Intel plans for American, the Black Budget/Black Ops that looks like it's being busted up with the election of Trump:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CM9tM9LN6hI&nbsp; Austin Fitts mentions The Kingsman (movie with Samuel Jackson), depicting the  agenda for transhumanization and control of every human on the planet:  http://prophecyinthemaking.blogspot.com/2015/06/church-massacre-shown-in-kingsman-movie.html&nbsp; Personally I'm neither an Obama-hater or Obama-fan, but I'd say that the reference to a black ruler-as-evil character is at least a suggestion of a swipe by the Neocon Repugnicans at the Clinton/Bush cabal just now leaving office.  As if what they're serving up will somehow go down much better.

  16. MS P says:

     Bazaar  Wall of Frozen Fish feed Bald  Eagles. I find the photo to be very bazaar & unnatural looking. Ice Nucleation? 


    • Dennie says:

      More like a BIZARRE Bazaar of frozen fish– truly sad.  My heart breaks, yet again, today.. and what new horrors will we see tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that?  And HOW LONG before slumbering Uhmerukinz wake up and realize THEY are next???

    • virginia says:

      Dennie: Very tactful. Good going, Teach.

    • MS P says:

      I agree. The photo & story just ripped my heart out. Dane's mention of dying fish globally. Sadly rings so very true.  The news we never hear. Just goes to show. How correct & spot on Dane is. As said.

      The media & so called "experts",are really reaching so very  hard to explain the "WHY" on such events.. Fully loaded, with  a very big dump truck load of BS!

      I can only wonder. if these Bald Eagles will be next for a mysterious death story? After eating such fish. Next up, on the food chain of life?

    • MS P says:

      Did you  happen notice in the story, that  the bazaar wall of frozen fish, was in South Dakota?  I wonder just how far this lake is, from the N Dakota pipeline protesters ??????

  17. Wanda D. says:

    Loved your show Dane, as always. About the shelves at the stores, food, that "one Day" is here as far as I can see. I went to the grocer for dry beans, have been stocking up for years, but this time there were very few beans and not as large an area for them as before. Scary times ahead for sure.  

    • MS P says:

      I notice lack of natural spring  water to be an issue. The one CA  brand that is not filtered tap water, is  very hard to get at VONS grocery stores. They have 3 empty shelves daily. I actually have to ask for water? To see if it is in the back room just yet? This happens every day!. I stock up when I can. All is gone by the end of the day. people might just be starting to get a clue.?  In regards to lack of water.

  18. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

    The Weather Channel has intensity classifications for Winter Storm Jupiter's ice impact . The intensities are Glaze/Damaging/Crippling. As I was listening to this weeks Global Alert News on my tablet, my cellphone alerted me, that the Winter Storm Jupiter death toll rises to 6. As of the 2012-2013 Season, The Weather Channel began naming Winter Storms, based on the impact and intensity the storm has on populations and geographical areas! The meteorologists actually know one week out, whether or not to name a developing Winter Storm. How could any meteorologist or human being be hyped up, about what the impacts will be from a dangerous Winter Storm, at the expense of the lives of innocent people in the storms path!

    • Iowa says:

      They ramifications of named winter storms is due to insurance. 

      By naming the storms they get out of of paying billions per year in catastrophes. 

      The term "central bankers" scapegoat can be further defined as we creep further and further into a more complex system of protocols that are designed to insulate the real criminals. 

  19. virginia says:

    Good morning, Dane:  Just heard your presentation and thank you for touching upon the various subjects which are considered taboo by the general media, and, sadly, the general population.  I've been a student of the Near and Middle East on-going political situation for over 70 years. What I have personally witnessed most of you are just now reading about, although distorted beyond belief by  Zionist operatives in media, our government (as well as other nations'), Hollywood (where uninitiated get their "history" lessons a la Spielberg, Icahn and other Zionists).  It cannot be repeated often enough, that, until Palestinians (and the long-suffering Palestinians in Gaza)  retrieve the lands stolen from them, the recognition by Israel of Resolution 242 (years ago passed and ignored by Israel) wherein Israel returns to its pre-1967 borders, until Gaza siege is lifted and the people of Gaza can fish in their waters, plant on their meager acreage (without Israelis spraying poison on them daily), can be freed from the largest prison in the world and live a life without their babies' heads being blown off periodically by Israeli attacks,—–until these obstacles are met by the international community and Israel, itself, there will be no peace on this earth. The wars we have fought and are fighting in Syria, Iraq, Libya and other Arabian countries are direct results of the Palestinian-Israeli question. Today, there  is yet another 'peace conference' being held in Europe on the question of Palestine-Israel by international heads of governments.  Let us see what will transpire and what will be enforced.  If, and a big 'if' those countries voting for an independent, viable Palestine meet an unusual flooding, earthquake, tsunami, or other catastrophe, one should stop and wonder.

    Thank you so much for calling our attention to the woeful state of our world through and by geo engineering, food poisoning, vaccines (how can we get Dr. Pan, the psycho-pharma shill in Sacramento in back of mandatory vaccines, out of his seat.  He is now going for yet another, more dangerous, bill to reinforce State's ownership of your children – Californians should be marching the streets of Sacramento with pitchforks with his name on them) and other de-population techniques.  I was hoping, however, that you would bring up Fukushima radiation, which is responsible for most of the marine die-offs in Pacific, as far as I have read, and which is impacting all of us and to a dangerous degree.  I know you do not want to conflate the radiation problem with that of geo engineering, and rightly so, as this is your main focus.  But, it is incumbent upon all of us to keep abreast of all threats to our lives, our environment and to the future of our planet.  You mentioned, in your broadcast, that "the world will be uninhabitable in ten years" and I was hoping you would expand on it.  But, in my humble opinion and not being that knowledgeable, that radiation would be an important factor in your prediction.  It is becoming increasingly alarming that all of us are faced with so many direct threats; but, I and I know all of your listeners and readers and posters are very much in your debt for showing 'true grit' in all that you do for us and the world.  Appreciation and thanks are small words….but you have mine in abundance.  Thank you, again for a meaningful presentation.

  20. Susan Ferguson says:

    Seemorerocks: Sunday, 15 January 2017
    It rains regularly in Antarctica where it never used to
    Climate Change Shrinking Antarctic Snows / Climate Crocks
    “When I used to come to Antarctica in the 1990s, it never used to rain,” said Rodolfo Sanchez, director of the Argentine Antarctic Institute (IAA). “Now it rains regularly—instead of snowing,” he told AFP during an Argentine government visit to King George Island, off the tip of the western Antarctic peninsula. Scientists monitoring conditions at the base say the average temperature here has increased by 2.5 degrees Celsius (4.5 degrees Fahrenheit) over the past century. “The glacier used to reach all the way to the shore,” Sanchez says. “Now there is a 500-meter (550-yard) wide beach.” Dark scars of rock are showing through what were once spotless sheets of white snow on the glaciers’ flanks. “Antarctica is a thermometer that shows how the world is changing,” said Adriana Gulisano, a physicist at Argentina’s National Antarctic Directorate. “There is no place where climate change is more in evidence.”
    Wildlife signs: Local wildlife also appears to reflect to the change. Scientists at the Carlini base say a pair of yellow-throated King penguins have swum up to mate nearby for the past three years.

  21. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Another up-date from Joe in Philadelphia today sitting by the Delaware River Sunday Morning. And it started again with a perfectly blue sky, then I started counting the jets, 22 in a row of chemical trails, flying at 35,000 ft at least. Spraying all over that blue sky, I had to leave because I started to cry, wondering who are these poeple who don't give a sh1t about life on the only planet we have. How can they do this to their own families, what kind of monsters are we dealing with. This is Joe from Philadelphia North signing off. And thank you again Dane for the reports. I wish they would just stop we've have had enough already. It been really heavy here in the Philadelphia area. 

    • Vito says:

      I lived in Philadelphia for a while and thought it was one of the worst places gor the activity intensity and the oblivious mess of the perpetrators. Still remember the days of the pope visit. They hammered the sky for three full days, which to me suggested those were radar communication easing trails. 

  22. Sherri says:

    They are doing heavy chem spraying us here over souther Calif again today making the skies ugly gray and multiple jets i see from my living room window…this is such evil sick demented shit and I am sure it is part of the NWO to destroy all life on the planet since the final battle is approaching…we are living in the end times,

    • MS P says:

      I agree, they sure have been busy in So CA. Pouring it on a little too thick. My eyes burn today, from it. I can taste it too.

  23. Gretchen says:

    I informed a pulmonologist at an OH hospital about geoengineering. "Is this why everybody is sick," he surmised. Every effort we make has an effect. 

    • renate summers says:

      Hello all. From Mission BC canada. Was doing research on the 1918 Spanish flu (pandemic influenza virus) This happen after WW1. Dead bodies and animals all over, everything was contaminated, everybody, everything had parasites. The link below branded “crazy” by experts; international team of scientists has generated an influenza virus with similar characteristics to the 1918 pandemic influenza virus that killed an estimated 50 million people

      If we’re reading about it now, it’s already been done.


      Another: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2014/jun/11/crazy-dangerous-creation-deadly-airborne-flu-virus


      Australia have approved a license application from Big Pharma company PaxVax for the intentional release of a GMO vaccine consisting of live bacteria into Queensland, via chemtrails.

      CALIFORNIA AERIAL SPRAYING for WNV and SV40 In February 2009 to present date, aerial spraying for the WNV occurred in major cities within the State of California.

      Florida:  Aerial vaccines have used in the United States directed towards animals by the use of plastic packets dropped by planes or helicopters.Sanofi (who is one of the largest vaccine manufacturers in the world) has subsidiary companies such as Merial Limited who manufacture Raboral, an oral live-virus poisonous to humans yet distributed wildlife in the masses.


      If society, the intelligent layperson, understood what was going on, they would say 'What the F are you doing?'

    • renate summers says:

      Of interest. In Vaccines Revealed Episode 6 @ about 49:43 “for more than 3000 years rulers have used germ warfare”. In the 14 century, half of the world population was killed off from the Black Death. It came in two forms pneumonic plague and bubonic plague. Bubonic victims were thrown over walls, fleas from corpses effected rats and it spread from there. Black death claimed 25 million lives in Europe.

      1876, anthrax was extracted from diseased animals.

      Gruinard Island; this island is government property under experiment, the ground is contaminated with anthrax and dangerous, landing is prohibited. 

      Anthrax was used in WWW1 from 1913 to 1918. In this time frame the Spanish flu appeared. It was the anthrax that caused the Spanish flu, influenza virus.

      Anthrax, Agent Orange chemical weapons conducted in secret. 1944 Winston Churchill approved and ordered 500 thousand four pound anthrax bombs to be built in the United States, the war ended before the order was completed. The Japanese continued with the anthrax experiment since 1933 whereas Dr. Shiro Ishii head of Unit 731 was handing out candy to starving children, chocolates laced with anthrax. A disease attacking the respiratory and digestive systems. 100’s of thousand died. Dr. ihiro was enlisted by Henry L. Stimson to conduct biohazard chemical experiments at U.S. Army, Fort Detrick MD.  Experiments were expanded to 100 locations in America. 

      Human experimentation continues to this very day, carried out by all governments.

      They’re all murderers. Hope all are watching "Vaccines Revealed"



    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Gretchen, This is huge in its way.  Was this pulmonologist a Md?  And just like that he asked? or said? what he did?  Was he assessing what you thought or did he/she actually get it?  Did you give this person info and links?  Even though it is the time of year for all this illness, I wonder what the stats are this time with so very many sick from geoengineering?  I mean, if we could get medical people on our side, that is almost as good as the military.  I guess what I am wondering is if he was feeling you out, if you said something to trigger this, or what?  I tried with a nurse the other day.  I mentioned that so many people, more than normal are sick, saying: but this would be normal for now, right?  Sort of tricking her, and she did look confused, but said, yes, normal.  In my experience, doctors are VERY resistant to this issue, but I do know of one.  There is a thing called Physicians for Social Responsibility.  In theory anyway, these are to speak out about various health issues that others will not touch.  Such as radiation, for instance.  I wonder if anyone has contacted this organization about sky crap?  I'm still having trouble getting Any medical people to cop to vaccine harms, and pills in general given the CDC fallout about corruption and all the trash in pills in general, much less the harms of vaccines. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @renate summers, hello.  Well these articles are interesting, but not surprising given we created Lyme's disease and who knows what all?  but got me thinking about ADHD grandson's ordeal with what we thought was H!N!, but they, the hospital, would not say.  Could this be the reason why?  Hmmm.  I thought for sure it was 2008, but could have been 2009.  Nearly killed the kid.

      I thought for sure also that WW1 lasted longer as my "mother's" father died of that Spanish Flu, in Cincinnati.  Able bodied men were to 'guard'? bridges, and walk certain areas at night as a duty to the war, or so I was told.  This was given to me as an explanation of why he got sick–the cold and damp of night.  And, I thought it had been a swine flu.  He was 34 and in very good health.  Articles said that this flu attacked healthy youngish adults specifically.  My "mother"(I was adopted) was 4 at the time.  And, back then it was common to have the body, in coffin, at home as people would come to pay their respects.  Gee, that so does not seem wise!  And 50 million people back then would have been such a huge hit.  Crazy indeed!

    • Dennie says:

      The so-called "Spanish" flu was not of Spanish origin whatsoever.  Mortality reports were published in Spain but there was a blackout about these in English and French publications so as not to cause low morale during WW1… The first cases of it in the U.S. were reported by a physician who saw patients with an "influenza of a severe type," in Haskell County, Kansas.  Boys from there may have passed into the nearby Kansas army base, then on to soldiers in Britain.  Doctors on base hospitals there treated victims who had the same symptoms, two years before the 1918 world-wide pandemic.  It broke out in a large British military base in Etaples, France, where over 100,000 Allied soldiers from all over the world reported before European deployment and lived in close quarters along with chickens, ducks and pigs– the perfect incubators for avian influenza viruses to hop the species into the pigs, thence into humans.  From first symptoms of flu to death by massive cytokine storming and resultant pneumonia was about four days, mostly striking victims who were in the prime of life, young and healthy adults.  Victims' faces turned a lavender color (heliotrope cyanosis) due to the lack of oxygen.  The flu behaved a lot more like a pneumonic plague. 

      No one truly knows what caused the Black Death of the late middle ages but descriptions and drawings of victims showing "bubos," the knobby round raised swollen lymph glands, typical of bubonic plague, were reported from those times. 

    • Dennie says:

      Here's the source article of the information appearing above:  http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5222069&nbsp; I was sent to a pulmonologist when I had the barium poisoning.  These idiots have a waaaaaay s–l–o–w learning curve.  I have two students who just arrived back in the States from living several years in Singapore.  Their mother cannot find a physician who practices medicine in what she feels is a reasonable, sane and safe way.  Every physician in Uhmerukuh gives every patient the same goddamned pill and dose of medicine, whether the patient is six-foot-five or five-foot-six— It. Just. Does. Not. Matter.   We're all the same to goddamned Big Pharma and it's Converts, the Em-Deities.  Yes, please, and you tell me why we cannot have any kind of emotional reaction to all of this shit being dumped on us?  UGH!!!

    • Dennie says:

      @Rachel Robson:  I was contacted about being one of the witnesses in the U.S. lawsuit and asked by the attorneys if I would speak to my physician and ask her to contact the Navy.  She said why couldn't I do that myself?  I asked her if she was aware of the Physicians for Social Responsibility.  My physician is in her 50s.  "Never heard of them" was the somewhat defensive-sounding reply.  She's good but if I could find better, meaning a great diagnostician, can think on their feet, working with each individual case-by-case, caring, and practices "Integrative" medicine with a Wholistic approach, I'd sign up.

    • Dennie says:

      Here's what "they" are not telling you:  25,000 Chinese laborers conscripted by the British military were transported from bird-flu infested regions of China via sequestered rail transport from Vancouver, B.C. across North America in 1918.  There was a gag order on this story then because they were headed for Europe to help with the war.  The British and Canadians did not want anyone to know this was happening because knowing so would not help the war effort and might hurt it if the information got into the wrong hands.  Also, many Canadians just didn't want a flood of Chinese into Canada.  Chinese from flu-infested areas of China were also deployed along the Russian front, another way for the deadly form of what was surely an avian influenza virus to make it's way into Europe:  http://ww1.canada.com/after-the-war/1918-flu-spread-via-canada-author-claims&nbsp; Here's an interesting lecture from the University of Arizona about the genomics of influenza viruses from the 1800s to contemporary times with focus on the 1918 influenza:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48Klc3DPdtk

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie, Hi! and thank you for this information on that 1918 flu epidemic.  I really appreciate it.  But, never really looked into it.  This was a huge big deal for my mother, who may not have gone nuts had this not happened and her mother re-marrying a creep.  Nobody left alive to ask questions about that one case.  I suppose it could have been said he got it when doing that night duty during the war, do know it was 1918 but not the exact date.  Which I probably have somewhere-in Ancestry no doubt.  I heard a lot of stories that went with.

      And, my memory is not so good these days.  It used to be so excellent that many depended upon my very correct and encyclopedic memory and are upset that it is going.  Well, I do wonder if it IS going or just too many things in my head now.  Whatever!  I cannot remember at this moment the name of the woman who started Physicians for Social Responsibility-first name may be Harriet.  She is very well regarded.  My Md friend told me about this organization when telling him about health consequences of geoengineering and asking why doctors are not speaking out.  Instead of himself, of course, he thinks I should contact them.  If I ever have a well moment again, I will try that.  I even assumed someone else would or had.  I've told every medical person I know and they won't touch it with a 100 foot pole.  Some politely listen, some look at me with pity for my mental health!  Some I do believe know but are not about to say so.  And hey, that Cures Act is gonna make the pill thing worse!  We gotta try that organization.  And, may I say, I am forever impressed by your knowledge and info provided, grateful too!

  24. Thanks for the broadcasts.  The collapse may be even sooner than when the shelves are empty.  Luke wrote that as "in the days of Noe" they will be buying & selling, eating & drinking (Chpt. 17).

  25. nobodiesfool says:

    Dane, this truth about the Israeli military is also a truth  regarding the Vietnam Genocide. More soldiers who survived to return  from Vietnam killed themselves than were killed while there.

  26. dave says:

    Carrying around in y pocket a spray bottle of colloidal silver, >= 5%, and spraying a few times per day (tiny amt in eyes,3 sprays in nostrils, and 3 mouth) has so far worked like a miracle since about April….zero colds, etc ( i got (chemtrail?)'flu' in March 2016). worth a try for anyone, IMO! Put those Big Pharma monsters our of business by staying healthy!

    • Chad says:

      Where do you get that collidel silver dave???

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      SF: I have been using colloidal silver for many years now and I swear by it. I first used it only when I was sick, but 10 years back a nutritionist told me that the airline stewardesses were using it during flights to keep from getting sick. She told me that I could use it as needed, not to worry about using too much. Of course, don’t drink the entire bottle! I use it to clean my ears with a Q-tip, and also if I have an ear ache, I drop some in and the infection disappears. I don’t put it directly in my eyes, although that’s said to be OK, but I use a Q-Tip again to gently go around and cover the eyelids. Colloidal silver is safe for any part of my body  to get rid of bacteria, potential infection, sores, anything. You can buy colloidal silver online, at amazon, or any health food shop. Ask for the best, most pure. And use it before you go to the grocery market – anywhere there are people, many will be sick, coughing, carrying these fungi in their breath and hands. Check out counters are the worst. Don’t shake hands and don’t touch your eyes. Wash your hands frequently.

    • virginia says:

      Susan;  Great advice and thanks.  It is coming to the point where we should be wearing plastic-throw-away plastic gloves while shopping and out and about in stores.  Counters  and baskets are especially laden with all kinds of bacteria and sh***t.  Now, when Californians are mandated to use their own bags (some cloth, plastic, paper, even carton boxes) and they are placed on the counter, one wonders what these dirty-looking worn carriers are transferring to the counter itself.  One must be very careful not to spread whatever is lying around in places we do not suspect.  Thanks for the advice, Susan.

    • horsegirl says:

      Dave, can you explain how the colloidal silver spray works?  Your method?  Thanks in advance.

  27. Brad Call says:

    I live near Red Bluff in the country.  I can't remember the last time I saw a kestrel, the sparrow hawk.  They used to be a daily sight.  I remember the huge flocks of Cedar Waxwings.  The flocks got smaller and smaller and now it has been a couple of years without any sightings.  It is sad to see my little friends disappear from my life.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Brad Call, I so sympathize!  But, luckily, we do have a few here.  I love the American Kestrel, what a gorgeous bird, eh?  Not a hawk, per se, but a falcon, with the black vertical side bars on face that all falcons have.  My landlord saw one eating "someone" on top of the blue spruce in back here by his cabin.  A rare-ish sighting these days.  We do have some birds here but no where near the variety or amounts we used to have.  Still, I am getting pissed at the titmouse pecking at my porch window.  He is really getting on my nerves.  It has been nearly two months of this and sometimes all day long!  I suspect he has concussion damage at this point.  What the heck does he want?!!!  I have read some birds do this to make noise to attract a mate, and as of a couple of days ago, it seemed he had done.  I've got a "green roof" bird house for small birds on a pillar on that porch and we saw a female going in and out, so I thought this would quit.  But, no.  This place was built in 1909.  This window in question is over sized with thick glass and does not open.  There are iron bars over that window.  He flies to a cross bar, then lunges himself at the window beak first, then does the most dramatic backflips back and off and away, then, again, and again, and again.  I think he may have lost his woman who thought: He will get us all killed! Or, maybe he wants in because it is SO COLD.  Today is the coldest yet I think.  With fog which at first I could only barely see across the street.  It is so very cold and birds here are not used to that.  Food?  Is he demanding food?  Or is he just crazy?!!!!  I read the other day that algae blooms make dionic? acid which if ingested by birds makes them insane.  An instance of this very thing caused Hitchcock to make his film: The Birds.  Too cold for that excuse, or?    

    • MS P says:

      The Cedar Waxwings have been around here lately. They sure do love Persimmons. I agree that  the flock, is  much smaller this year. Last year was pretty good. They seem to come earlier in the  fall season & stay longer in the spring. Same story for the WC Sparrows.

      Watching bird cams. I have watched the Kestrels raise their young.  For 2 years in a row in Southern CA.( Since the cam went up). I'm not sure if it was the same parent  couple,  in both years?  It was so very special to see them hatch & grow. 

      Both years this happened; all the chicks just die off at about 4 weeks of age.  Within 24 hours like they were poisoned. For no reason.

       According to where the  cam site is. The owner said this… The lost chicks were sent to the  CA F&W  for study reasons. The study on the why part? Was blaming the drought. Audubon is fast to say "Lack of Prey" when these things happen. Audubon is the same as many of "Those environmental groups" Not acknowledging the elephant in the room. As Dane puts it.

      The thing is I watched that cam. From the  male introducing the nest to his lady Kestrel; then the 1-4 eggs laid, to when they just all died within 24 hours. They all were being fed enough. Both parents were tending  to the chicks.

      I too see less, & less birds of prey.  CA F & W did post something  a few years back; about it too. Asking birders to keep an eye out for raptors. Due to the greatly declining numbers. Brown Pelicans are also of great concern. They had made a come back from the 60's DDT era. Now in rapid decline again in 2016-17.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Ms P, Gee!  Your Kestrel story is SO sad!!  The heart break of watching, watching, dead-in 24 hours?!!  My porch birdhouse, for small birds, has so far launched 7 rounds of offspring of titmouse and chickadees.  It was so fun to watch.  But, no way to see inside, just wait and hope.  What exactly killed those two rounds of Kestrels?  Is there anyway to find out?  The head banger is back at it today.  WTF? 

    • MS P says:

      About the Kestrels. The cam is a CA  Audubon site.  The ranch manager, told me the drought/lack of prey story.

      -Which is what CA F & W had to say about the study of the dead chicks. I'd guess an independent study, with a tox. report might have told the real truth?  

      Same story about the CA Condor. I watched the Sespe cam. The chick was a  viable egg from LA Zoo. When the original egg, that was egg laid, was not viable. So the zoo egg replaced the  original laid egg. The parents hatched & raised the chick.The  Condor Chick had fledged. Which was a great story. I watched it grow up, & take it's first flight. Only to be found mysteriously dead. 2 months later. (Ventura County)

      The bird cams, are telling a story. We do not get honest answers when the nests fail. Also survival rates are low.  Which is said to be part of nature. Some of which might be true. These cams tell it like it is. There is no rescues. Just observation. So brace yourself, if you watch.

      To see Osprey, owls, & eagles upon their nests, after being iced. Shows reality in real time.

      Explore.org cams, SW Florida  Bald Eagle cam Cam. (The Eaglet is now 16 days old.Very cute!)

       Audubon Starr Ranch -S, CA cam. .

      Journey North news, covers the Monarchs, & Whooping Crane news.  I also watch the Stork CAMs in Europe, . If you wish to take a look about? 

      CA F & W is also now interested in the Monarch butterflies & is asking for migration reports, on birding news sites. Just like they were asking for raptor reports, a couple years ago. I actually have been in contact with F & W biologists, in regards to my studies. Providing my info. & asking some hard questions.  Monarch butterfly decline & where they go(?); are a topic of interest. So it's  all going down.( As Dane said it.)

      The citizen science people are being asked for info. We do bird counts, & more.

      -Not that we would get an honest answer as a result. HA!

    • Susan says:

      If there were no more songbirds

      We'd miss much more than song

      For they're the greatest bug catchers

      So never do them wrong

      If there were no more raptors

      We'd often hear people say,

      "Oh! The rats! The vermin!"

      "How we miss the Birds of Prey!"

    • MS P says:

      Great poem. Thank you.

  28. Linda Lee from Sirius B says:

    Thanks everyone for all the health tips.  I am 72 and have been really healthy all my life, but these last couple years are pretty scary.  For fungus, I find a glass of water with baking soda and lemon works wonders  when sipped several times per day (recommended by President of International Health in Scottsdale).  Also black seed cumin oil capsules (2 per day) can cure just about anything (Amazing Herbs in Atlanta: 800-241-9138).  Silver gel and colloidal silver/echinacea-goldenseal also great.

    Old Indian Cherry Bark Syrup tastes great and takes care of coughs, sore throats, headaches etc (lots of echinacea in it).  Kirkland/Costco sells capsules with magnesium, zinc, calcium, vit D3 & B vitamins that are great too.  Also, be sure to get enough lysine.

    My heart and prayers really go out to those in the "engineered" ice-cold climates…(and the little animals too) Some stores sell those "bean bags" in flannel covers that you can heat in microwave for 2-3 min and can keep you warm in bed or on a couch for 5 hours.  Better than hot water bottles. Truly cozy & nice.

    Sure hope we can withstand and stay the course….it cannot last much longer.  So many reports are coming out about how the energies are changing for the better and the dark cabal is being defeated.  May the forces of Light be with us.  May love & miracles surround all beings of Light.

  29. Dennie says:

    This interview with Catherine Austin Fitts, former Ass't. Sec'y of H.U.D. under George H.W. Bush, by Greg Hunter includes an interesting analysis of what just happened in the last presidential election:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeYDHfp9P_g&nbsp; Austin Fitts explains that the Money People, the Central Banksters and their Clintonista allies had gone too far out on a limb expanding Empire at the sacrifice of North America in the name of money.  It's her prediction that Trump will be listening to the Intel community that warns of getting into a war that we can't win (one with Russia or China), which is where she said that Hillary would take us.  The biggest money-maker for the U.S. is still the sales of arms and military fighting machines.  Trump plans on bringing back business to North America.  How he goes about that is the Big Question if you ask me.  If Trump and the Repugnicans gut the EPA and regulations that protect the environment, we lose it and we're gone too.

    • stephan says:

      Hi Dennie and all – The Greatest Puppet Show on Earth    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svwW312b1NI

    • Jeffrey E Fish says:

      If you think that any of this political crap could possibly turn off the feedback loops that will continue for another thousand or so years then you are not fully comprehending the sciences behind what's really happening. This civilization has already been pushed over the cliff's edge.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Here's the thing about the EPA and its regulations to protect the environment- They AREN'T WORKING, are they?!  The EPA has never really been interested in protecting what they claim to. For all the regulations how come there are open pits containing dirty fracking chemical mixes in Texas, I believe it is.(See the documentary 'Gasland' full version on youtube to be shocked beyond belief.) I too hope Trump doesn't cut any regulations protecting the environment in favor of profits for big corporate business but lets face it they haven't helped much in stopping the military/big oil conglomerates from trashing the planet!!.. Spraying the skies with toxic waste, dumping chemical, industrial, and God knows what other wastes into every corner of the oceans, burying it, building lakes with it; blowing off bombs and rockets containing nuclear waste (DU), blasting the atmosphere with nuclear bombs (over 2000 according to Dane's research) and now wireless pollution ala HAARP & Tesla technology. No, I don't think the EPA has been much of a safeguard to nature or human life thus far. (of course one could argue that it could be WORSE than it is and be correct- just look at China) Let's at least give Trump a chance- he's not even in office yet. Still, I am wary of business as usual in D.C. and Jeffrey E Fish's comment pretty well sums it all up. Good Luck to all of us living in these end times.

  30. Seeing Clearly says:

    I was listening to Michel Savage on the radio he is openly stated he is a climate change/global warming denier and his views for that are "it's called weather" he was talking about how warm it was on the east coast specifically New York and how cold it was in San Francisco and he called that the "weather " and the fluctuating temperatures normal this is a recent show by the way he has many listeners and has a variety of good information however he doesn't seem to discuss climate engineering neither does Alex Jones they believe the globalist elite are trying to control us and justifying that by saying climate change when in reality we do have an imploding climate and we need to work together to try to reverse as much of the damage we done as possible not mask symptoms with climate engineering the masking card is played by big pharma in medicine and played by countries to manage and treat climate change we live in a society that things it's acceptable to mask the symptoms as if that was a cure or a solution to the actual problem this needs to stop.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello “Seeing Clearly”, thank you for your report from Savage. About your assesement of Savage and Jones, unfortuntely you are exactly correct. Both behave like fossil fuel industry lobbyists, which is the same as following the exact narrative that the power structure and the climate engineers want them to follow. Both individuals are greatly harming the cause of exposing and halting climate engineering. FYI https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/toeing-the-line-for-big-oil-and-the-geoengineers/

    • Roy says:

      One thing to remember about talk radio, and this has always been true:


      He who pays the piper calls the tune.


      IME, talk radio hosts have been neo-cons (except for Air America briefly). Clear Channel owns it all.

      I don't listen to any syndicated radio or mainstream news media.

      It's all brainwashing, programming, and propaganda.


  31. Michel B says:

    That was one of the most powerful and vehement presentations bluntly outlining our dire predicament. It also makes it clear that there is an overarching sinister force that seeks control and seeks results that are concomitant with intentional destruction.

    All the various factors, including Geoengineering, vaccinations, overt/covert/proxy warfare, debt based economic policy, gmo's, state/federal controlled education syllabus, two major party political system (controlled opposition and illusion of choice), political control by lobbyists, militarisation of police, ownership of all major media, journalistic and entertainment, by a mere handful of corporations, etc are not coincidence. History has not happened by accident. This is all very deliberate.

    None of this is about helping anyone except those dishing out the destruction. But how it is any good to them I've yet to figure out, except to realise their sick power hunger is a sickness thrust on to us all. The transformation of the biosphere is integral to their aims. No choice to live autonomously as free and responsible people is the wish of those empathy-crippled few behind the curtain. Population reduction and then control of those who remain are major first steps in the New World Order.

    What will it take to stop this? Will it be just critical mass awareness? Or will that be just a starting point of some serious action required? As well as trying to gain public awareness through the legal action, I'd say generating a military coup is the other and more pertinent method to look into.

    • Cherie says:

      It was the way the air was changing over the last couple years, the leaves, the winds, even the smell.  I couldn't tell you the last time I remember smelling rain coming or even snow in the air.  Last spring the woods lined the field in nothing but solid red as trees began to bud forth.  That had never occurred as long as I've lived here.  Our dogwoods looked poor and shriveled, even the ones in the woods barely shown.  They were dingy and spotted.  I've got trees that big branches just leaned to the ground at the weight of the leaves this summer and split a cedar tree.  We had one just break in half and fall over in the road, not an old tree that started blooming and stopped. I had bees running off my hummingbirds and covering their feeders like mad demons. I sit out early in the summer and have to wrap up for the chill is unbearable? In TN?  I already had physical problems, but began getting sick, fatigue, weak, all the breathing, choking, burning eyes, nose, throat.  Kept watching planes target the skies and it kept increasing, then one Sunday I was sitting out doing my reading and it looking like a checker board out there!  That had to have been the first I've seen (or noticed)!  That's when I started investigating.  I'm really seeing how this is all coming into play with their agenda and the tools they'll use to deceive many people to mimic the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.   

    • Jeffrey E Fish says:

      Well said Michel B., The Grand Illusion, That's what it is. But I can't get my head around the FACT that the imminent collapse of our biosphere is at our door step and that the perps. would be included in said collapse. It is confusing. It leads me to believe that there are forces at work that are far past what any one would believe. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Michel B and @ Jeffrey E Fish, How about plain old stupidity masked with hubris and greed?  I mean really, does it take a cabal?  I don't think so. All this began with the dregs of Europe landing on these shores in search for gold, fountain of youth, freedom from servitude, and all that, and at that time, what would become America was called The New World.  Our drunken forefathers, drunk because they didn't trust the waters as they were used to polluted Euro waters, did everything they could to get rid of the "Indian problem" and still to this very day!  This land was stolen in two ways, one by killing as many Natives as possible, including germ warfare, as in the British passing out small pox infected blankets to Natives, so mass depopulation by germ and gun and brute force is at the rotten heart of our so called democracy.  Followed quickly by cutting down oh so many trees, planting crops for Europe like tobacco that sucked the life out of the land, leaving the land useless and so kept moving west and repeat, move again, repeat, etc.  And slaves imported as Natives would not be slaves, tended to kill themselves instead, or, themselves move west too.  Beaver population nearly wiped out just to make fashionable high top hats for men in England.  After, right after WW2, in Chicago area, all were talking of a new world order but not the way people here do.  Nope.  Hope.  As in surely no one would use this horrific weapon again, the atomic bomb, and all felt there would finally be a lasting peace, a new world order in which we would not use this weapon, we'd establish the UN to mitigate conflicts, and other ways too in hopes of no more hideous wars.  How many ways how many times has this expression new world order been used?  When all along, mankind, but for Natives, wanted and constantly refer to taming nature, milking nature, bringing nature under control, controlling nature–every single thing seemed anti nature.  Tweak nature, make nature better, make nature work for us!  And now, so little nature left.  They told us mankind was greater than other animals, we have a big brain (perhaps too big?) and we walk upright, which leads to graphs, linear of course, of our supposed evolution over time.  Nature seemed too big to break.  I don't think it ever occurred to any of these idiots that they actually could break nature.  It IS stunning, that we did, we the big brained ones.  So much for big brains!  And now in a race for our very lives and the life of Earth, none of these big brains can even admit their hubris, their errors.  They Must be right!  After all, science told them so!  And no two can agree on Anything.  I have now been waiting for the revolution for 50 years.  Sure, a military coup sounds good but are we not in one now?  Not going Our way is it? The single most effective way I can see going forward is to defund our military.  Take the money away.  It is said that the crap they are spraying on us is inexpensive.  Ok.  But the sheer amount of planes flying all the time doing this and other military stuff IS expensive and on a 24/7 basis.  Our military needs to be held accountable and since few are on the side of antigeoengineering, then just hold them accountable for the trillions lost, unaccounted for, and no more money until they do exactly that.  If somehow we could swing That one, the truth would out.

  32. Seeing Clearly says:

    Weather manipulation is not helping the effort to restore the balanced healthy climate system and environment we once had that are affecting our planet and our health I am not going to deny what my eyes see and I see that sooner or later if we don't change course all hell is going to break loose also known as the great tribulation to christians.  I want to take the time to explain the cause and effect or the disease and the symptoms of where we are at today:     Basic fact our health is at stake from every direction    climate implosion and environmental disintegration  threats our health and home    Deception threats our future, our wickedness threatens our future like :   the forced vaccines,the drugs people are bullied into taking to "treat a mental disorders" like ADHD that affects an estimated 1 in 10)  I personally met and been around people who are on medication for phycological "disorder" like ADHD and those kids also happen to have lots of family problems , are very short and look very weak and have chronic behavior problems and are under intense supervision and get into trouble and if that was not enough they also are very corrupt and inappropriate individuals you talk about acceptance and inclusion by the way two very misleading organizations I want to point out as a believe they are a public health threat ( Yo Disabled and proud) and the( ASAN)  they claim disability is beautiful and it's part of our identity and we should just suppress our symptoms never seeking a cure and that life is about having fun and being happy just pop a pill and what makes these organizations so dangerous is they are involved in politics and go around the country promoting there BS in schools and public events I am taking about it's nothing to be ashamed of for having a disability just learn to be proud of it no see it as part of who you are that's not ethical.    Are cures ethically hear this a lot from the anti-cure community they think it's ethical to be drugged to suppress the symptoms but somehow you need to be silenced if you dare talk about a cure of course a cure is ethical your not going to cure special abilities or get a brain implant your just going to detect and treat the root cause until you recover.   so yes we may be in the most educated and advanced era but we still haven't learned to stop sinning or being bad and doing wrong which may be even more dangerous because now we can do more damage than before because we know how to make better weapons and be more effective so with technology should come amplified responsibility.   Things we can do more of to help battle the evil in the world is to expose evil for being evil and educate the uneducated and make them be aware of what's going on many times evil lives off of the lack of awareness to the evils existence for example Geoengineering can't be stoped if the population doesn't know what Geoengineering even is much less going on or vaccination being toxic.     and how do we deal with those who don't care and are in denial for example a family member or someone you love well there is two types of love there is the love as of your going to accept them no matter how bad they are or the Christian love which means you're going to correct them and help them not be evil anymore and definitely not accept them for who they are unless they are perfect doesn't seem like that type of love exists much anymore FYI.     so two dots we need to connect we have the disease causing event and we have the disease worshiper event also known as the anti-cure community who are these individuals in this community :   People who deny anything is wrong with the life style we live yes these people also deny climate engineering and vaccination dangers they call us conspiracy theorist and fake news.   they also have repeatedly stated they are proud to be blank whatever they where diagnosed with because that's part or is who they are they say so the disease is who they are and anyone who doesn't have a disease is labeled or deemed typical or normal and boring.     they are also endorsed and they also endorse big pharma but don't always have financial ties to any company.   They have twisted views to make a long story short I hope we chose to be part of the cure not the disease thank you for doing your part .  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey Seeing Clearly, This sounds So much like Free Energy Technology that it sounds just like him, and it occurs to me that I've not seen him here in a long time now, many months?  Or, missed him if?  He would be pleased to read this I think!

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      I changed my username from Free Energy Technologies to Seeing Clearly and I am considering to changing it to Thinking Clearly however for now it's seeing Clearly just for your information.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Seeing Clearly, Ah ha!  Knew it!  And so I have seen you here!  I agree with you and hope things go well for you.  I know my youngest grandson is not thrilled with having ADHD.  To the max, I might add.  It is a huge stress on him, via schools and even family.  I really have to give my daughter props for this.  Wonder what you'd think.  When we realized he had ADHD, as opposed to just being born evil!!!!, we saw the program: ADHD and Loving It?, and I bought the book.  One heck of a good documentary written by, acted by, filmed by, all by folks with ADHD and some every bit as extreme as grandson.  They were advocating the pills, basically ritalin.  He was put on it for awhile.  What the people advocating this said was that it bought time for the kid to gain an education, leading to future successes.  They felt it was criminal not to do this.  The blow back so extreme.  And it is extreme.  But, he was still up to his tricks, and so thin, no appetite at all.  Daughter made decision to take him off it which seemed unwise to me.  Some say some get better or grow out of this in puberty.  He is almost 13 now, still the same, but is such a wonderful person!  And brilliant!  Really brilliant.  Schools wouldn't take him.  For the longest time, all he ever heard was that he is bad.  A bad boy.  So, he began to gravitate to bad.  Felt he belonged with bad.  The first year of homeschooling did not go so well as he felt punished.  But, now he is thriving.  He has to go to the school part of the time now, for math and some other stuff-with parental supervision.  He is excelling.  Best of all, to us, he is not evil at all.  He is so compassionate, so kind and understanding, so competent if reckless.  The other day he asked me if I knew anything about Muslim mysticism!!!!  There followed a 10 minute intellectual conversation, a first with any member of my immediate family!  Love love that boy!  And he is growing big and strong and is fearless.  Sure, all would rather there be no ADHD.  One guy in the show I mentioned was over 40 years old and the only one in the show who had never tried the drugs for it.  Said that after all he'd learned working on this doc, he was gonna give it a go.  It is exhausting for family members, does take a toll.  But, what a wonderful human being young grandson is!  And good company too!  I am curious what you think of all this.

  33. Carol says:

    Hello Dane .managed to get my hands on the DVD off Vaxxed movie !! we r getting people together to view it !!!! JFK Jr is as been coissioned

    Hello Dane . U.K.!! Just managed to get my hands on the Vaxxed movie and getting people together to view ?? JFK Jr has been commissioned by trump to look in to mercury in vaccines and safer vaccines. Dailymail on line reported on the flu vaccine link to Autism …. I have been banging this drum for 25 years on vaccines how bad they are and side effects .. Been giving flyers on what is happening with our skies  everyday here .Love what you are doing Dane..  scary on what they are doing ..

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Carol, That would not be JFK Jr., rather Robert Kennedy, Jr.–his father was the (also assassinated) brother of JFK.  He is an environmental lawyer and has been anti- vax for a long, long time.  He has a web site on this that you might want to check out as it has lots of information which you might not find elsewhere.  Silent Spring did an excellent job of showing the faulty thinking that goes with the "herd" immunity idea.  On the whole, it seems a side bit, but, to find out just how much "trash" is in vaccines is astounding.  How many antibiotics, traces of, in them!  Latex too and oh so much more.  Inexcusable!!

  34. For 20 years I was a longhaul trucker traveling all over the country and Canada. During those years I witnessed all kinds of severe weather including tornadoes but the worst was always those damned ice storms mainly in the midwest and down in Texas. I have seen the chaos and damage they create. Back then I didn't have a clue they were manipulating the weather I thought it was just natural. You people who are about to be caught in the path of the Jupiter ice storm have my sympathy. Take care and God bless

  35. Cherie says:

    I've watched this our temps jump from 70 to 50 to 60 and now 40s and this front line has jumped above us and below us all day!  I have froze, I have burned up and I can't walk outside without literally choking to death!  We've had that white fog lay over us that blows thick to dim, white to dingy in color.  Saw a peek of the sun and gone again.  It's done nothing but slow scatters of fine misty rains for a week and forecast so far another week.  I've gone back and forth from radar to radar and FL was lit up like the 4th of July I suppose trying to push and steer things into the gulf.  I watched the winds stop off shore and turn south.  I listened to WU videos and their dramatic performances over the ice storm and I'm seeing Amarilo and Lubbock flashing in green, yellow and red signals.  I see beams shooting straight from GA to Nashville.  Next morning, 2 small earthquakes in areas I've not seen hit before.  I've always wondered why we have them in Chattanooga, Knoxville and south east, could this be why?  

    I asked my better half when looking at forecast in Odessa, TX "How can you have thunderstorms at 34 temps?"  That's what it was showing, then move over a bit to show 40 & flurries?  Please tell me this is not true!!! and I wanted to slap his head not mine when he said "I guess that's what you call thundersnow?"  REALLY? ~~ Just go back there and fill up on CNN and Fox news!!~~  So I put my blanket over my head and I pray to my Jesus, once again, don't leave me stranded here all alone, be my protector, know my heart, lift me up, cherish my thoughts and concerns!

    I've been sick and refuse to feed the hands that made me sick anymore finacial backing to further their agenda.  Yes with my battle over the last 15 years I've gotten caught up in their triangular cycle and now it's all shutting down, they're paying less, we're paying more! There's nothing they can do anyway, because it's assured it wasn't taught in medical school, or my last experience with intestinal issues could have been diagnosed, but instead I got a host of robotic, computer animated creatures who knew me by what the screen said that they looked at as they talked to me!  

    I put my headphones on, listen to my worship music to silence the noises in my head.  A benadryl when the drainage and coughing gets too bad, robitussin to keep it lose, plenty of water, juice…eat as good as I can, who can afford it if your in our situation, I read my bible, I trust my Jesus, I know God is still on the throne and has not raised His hand from His children, but many have raised it from themselves and I pray for them before it's too late.  

  36. Dane …Wow You said it all …I post your work every Saturday or Sunday when I see your Posts on YT. I love this one from 14 Jan. It was SO POWERFUL!!… posted it to my FB Page…Man You better be Packin' CCW because the FEDS DO NOT LIKE What you are doing…They Don't Like Me Either. . WAKE UP PEOPLE!! Geez Guys I've Been Following Geo-engineering Aerosol disperssant Aircraft since April 1996, It's really bad Most of the Shrubs and trees in my Backyard are dead and they were fine until 2 years ago …one by one have to cut them out. may God Help us …Thank you Dane …Be SAFE Man !


  37. Jonathan Leitch says:

    When the food runs out and the money you have is worthless it will become the 'LAST POSSIBLE MOMENT." The "government" will quickly come to the decision that for the greater good they will have to cull the population so whoever (wink, wink) is left will have a better chance of survival. There will be no jobs anyway and privilege still exists so I guess that's us…so much for the clergy to actually say anything.  Must be convenient for the power structure to play the separation of "church and state" card. Most people are not even thinking about their own children's future. The billion plus hollow point rounds are there for a reason. Yet, I stay positive. Imagine Peace.




    • Pat says:

      To Jonathan Leitch; I heard our tax dollars go to the U.N. by treaty and are put in the Vatican vault. This is why the pedophilia Catholic priest ring was not even touched. They have alot of power and it is part of the way they keep their power.

  38. DAVID N ALMANZA says:

    ,,,,We in the last few days still have gnats and house flies in constant below freezing weather here in KS. They live in a fungus under the bark of trees that have been poisoned and died early. The flies are in a below the head frozen state and it keeps them alive. The fungal jet sprayed substance is just another problem to contend with.If You are familiar with the deaths of Darlene Novinger from and the usage of fungal spray when G.H.W.Bush was vice president and she observed him taking delivery of a 99.9% package of cocaine along with his son Jeb Bush in Florida (Stew Web Radio Show on You Tube). She was working as an oddly placed person for an undercover FBI/CIA operative.She was not the dumb blonde they thought she was. The insane outcome is that She and her family Mom,Dad, Husband were all murdered after she was determined on filing a report on the usage of drugs by officials in high office and the harsh sentences received by the alleged lawbreakers! I am not a believer in contagions and i fought tooth and nail in 1983 to keep my kids in grade school from being vaccinated with whatever shots to supposedly keep them from becoming ill from whatever they could threaten them with ! A book Titled "Don`t Get Stuck" changed my opinion on vaccines !    Thanks and Remember "Nature Heals All"

  39. June Williams says:

    The ROOT of all this is EUGENICS/DEPOPULATION, mandated by the illegal United Nations. Did we really win WWI nor WW2? These evil projects continued for hundreds of years. Eugenics is behind our food/GMOs, Vaccines, "Insecure Economics"/Austerity, Common Core, Corrupt Financial System (World Bank) to "harvest us", Unprecedented toxic dumping, Geo-engineering, surveillance tracking, the medical complex which DOES NOT HEAL, X-Rated Media/Social Media, Social Movements since 1960s (Hippies, Burning Man, etc.) to degrade youth to expose them to drugs and degenerate lifestyles to destroy their future furthering a short life span. TPTB and Technocracy clearly hate God, Families, push single motherhood and single lifestyles. A life/person cannot prosper, like a tree (family), without many branches and support. Eugenics and so much more–all our problems lead to it. Depopulation is name of their evil game and #1 Priority period. All roads led to it … God Help Us!

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello June Williams.

      You are 100% correct.

      These masonic/satanic neo-fascists MFs are not only ultra-narcissists and socio-psychopaths but also obssessed with eugenics and want to eliminate ALL the ethnicities that they think that are not "proper".

      This nightmare we are living surpasses any science fiction movie, even if we search for the most terrifying of all.

      Climate engineering is already a depopulation program that works at multiple different levels ( and with other strategies of depopulation not connected with the Climate destruction ). The main key of this MADNESS for implementing the "big plan" is the Ozone destruction.

      5.000.000 Persons are already dying every year ( Worldwide ) due to the lost of habitat, and to the impossibility of farming the Land.

      Good Luck to Us All.

  40. horsegirl says:

    Previous to the swine flu epidemic hoax of 2009 in Mexico while we lived there, horrific spraying attacks enveloped major cities.  It is clear now that they were sickening people for months in advance in order to farm statistics.  From the deep turquoise blue skies of surrounding countryside, distant cities looked like deathly pale gray mushroom clouds.  Planes thatched satanic filigree, turning off their spray nozzles, hairpinning 180 degrees and returning for another pass.  Doctors waxed frantic  on blogs for months before the May 2009 epidemic event, describing healthy young people choking to death from cytokine storm.  Nothing they did could break it up.  During that time I tried to tell everyone about GSE (Nutribiotic grapefruit seed extract – please read my response to Yar Swerc).  Mexican friends who tried it reported teaching their children to use it any time their throat tickled with a cough sensation, and that their children were no longer catching colds at school.  It is worth a try to so many of you.   This nucleated stuff is what caught us off guard.  Our lungs got very infected although I was able to break it up daily with GSE, often laboring for an hour to break up the goo at the bottom of my lungs.  it must ALL be expectorated and that can take time.  I report having cleared up the horrid cough in less than two weeks, much longer than it usually takes with this product. 

    These nucleated storms are so deadly.  They are using something now which coats the lungs with an extremely fine film.  You won't sense any mucous.  Only swoon, feel weak and maybe experience heart arrhythmia.  I finally figured out these symptoms were brought on by plugged lung lining.  When I felt weak I misted my lungs with GSE and was amazed to find my vigor return.  I hope this is of help to many here who struggle for breath.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      horsegirl, Hi.  It was 2008 when we were told about a bird flu, H1N1, and my youngest grandson got it.  He had just turned 4, and as usual, the flu shot-not that we would take it and not forced to, was for a different bird? flu which circumstance is so common I don't know why they even bother trying to say which one will hit.  But youngest grandson, the one who could easily be The poster boy of ADHD, would have broken your heart to see him.  Zero energy.  Barely moved but did try.  Picked up a snail out front to be his buddy one day!  Huge clue!  Ended up in Children's hospital here near death, was in 3 days.  Had to use an inhaler for a couple of years after but is fine now.  The story line which I do believe is that these bird flues for one, birds migrate, taking various diseases with them.  The origin was supposed to be Indonesia or some such where it is common for family compounds to raise chickens and a pig, close to family like in a courtyard, thus enabling viruses to mutate quickly, like a family petri dish of possibilities.  Such families often also having caged birds for singing and pleasure.  Thing is, We are basically guessing at H1N1 since the hospital refused to say!!  Which we attributed to the panic at the time and the wrong flu shot used that year.  A save face thing, we think.  I almost lost youngest grandson, so it does stick in my mind.  He is very rarely sick at all ever.  Pigs seem to have some close genes to people thus facilitating this disease morph thing given the right circumstance.  None of the rest of us got anywhere near as sick as the just turned 4 one.

      For us, and for many, this is an unusually cold and wet winter.  People are indoors more, so contagious ones more easily spread it, whatever it is, cold, flu, whatever.  Once, way back when, well, only 10 years or so, we had a raccoon problem.  The CDC sent me info on that one and also info on what wild birds carry and holy!-I was afraid to go outside in my yard for 2 weeks!  Birds carry one heck of alot of diseases.  So, when giving them water, or even food, hygiene is important, as in cleaning bowls and stuff thoroughly on a regular basis.  Also important to wash off foods from yard if only for that reason.  Myself, I got Parrot Fever, really really rare above the border, extremely rare, from a bird given to me that turned out to be smuggled in to US, as opposed to being held in quarantine, and given a shot.  That was in the early 80s.  I got very sick.  

  41. BaneB says:

    London hospitals overrun with sick people.  The emergency number overwhelmed with calls.  I heard tonight on the radio that cats in New York City are infected with bird flu. It's a mild form so they say. This has never been observed in this species, according to what was stated.  Which causes me to ask if we humans are being infected.  Anyone had a bird flu checkup?

    • Dennie says:

      People who have the common cold virus always "have the flu."  I see this all the time (I work with students…). They have nasal congestion and/or a runny nose, kind of a cough, sneezing and of course, "it's the flu."  Most people could not tell you the difference between the common cold, bronchitis, rotavirus infection and influenza.  .

    • Dennie says:

      Now here's the OTHER part of the story of English hospitals being overrun with people who are sick:  http://www.surreymirror.co.uk/weather-warning-in-place-in-surrey-for-snow-and-ice/story-30057839-detail/story.html&nbsp; OBVIOUSLY they are being slammed with chemical ice nucleation.  Idiots have NO IDEA "what" is causing this and even less interest in questioning what, why and WHO.  Dumbshits.  I am beginning to believe that people DESERVE what they are getting, except that we have people who do know and we cannot do anything personally to STOP the MONSTERS from SPRAYING their caca on Earth.  I am now praying for justice– IF YOU or ANY OF YOUR RELATIVES are involved in spraying this shit, you MUST know that WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.  BACK TO YOU WITH INTEREST.  Think about it.  .

    • horsegirl says:

      I believe it was in 2006 when the executive orders were signed permitting the executive office to assume all powers in case of epidemics in particular.  At that time various universities were busy grabbing patents on bird flu (got to try to jumpstart my dinosaur computer where all those links rest).  I've posted twice alluding to the swine flu hoax of 2009 in Mexico, please refer to those.  I think I see the same thing developing here – farming statistics so that at some future point an epidemic can be declared.  As for cats, my neighbor's kittens and their mother just caught some kind of "cold" which alarmed me.  For some reason New Zealand was moving to destroy its domestic cat population.  They may be the targeted species.  There are countless ills to report.  You don't need me to tell you this, but it is always instructive to question why they report the ills they choose to big up.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Bane, I'm not surprised about cats, especially if feral and especially in New York!  And, cats do eat birds, in fact one of the main causes of song bird deaths prior to sky crap info.  But, also, last I knew, they do Not test for bird flu if one is sick!  Why?!

      And I agree with Dennie.  When people have a bad cold, they often say it is the flu.  If they have stomach issues they will say flu, which used to never be the case until it sometimes Was as in noro virus.  Not only can most people not tell this from that, but add in chem crap from skies and the confusion grows.  Seems all my life that winter and early spring is the seasons of these ills.

      And, get this!  Friday I saw a doc who sounded like hell and looked Very sick.  I said so and he said he was.  So I said: So, you decided to take your virus for a walk today all over town and to patients?  He shot back: I' not viral!  I just looked at him.  Then, he sputtered: Well, I guess I am viral.  Followed by a lot of dissembling as in: I guess it depends upon distance, and…..And he ran out of excuses, caught himself in his own trap.  And damn, I have a major autoimmune disease which basically leaves me so vulnerable as my body can't fight stuff like this off!  Wish me luck because that doctor was SO sick!  It is kinda shocking to read statistics of how much disease doctors themselves spread! 

  42. GG says:

    I cured 45 years of asthma with gluten free and anti mold diet.  
    Also rainbow light organic vitamins
    vitamin D3-2000 mg
    Renew life 90 billion probiotics
    omega 3 Nordic naturals liquid
    magnesium 400mg
    Deep breathing exercises
    check out website
    check out website
    called "gluten free society "
    your body is perfect
    the food supply is poison. 
    It is possible the chemtrails are also at play but not 100% to blame .

    • MS P says:

      Gluten  issues seem to be a by product of GMO wheat. I never heard of Gluten issues, before GMO s.

      Bread no longer tastes like bread.

      Not to mention that they now put " food grade " D E in the flour.  To kill bugs.(Diatomaceous Earth).

      Some folks like it, & others hate it.

      I personally do not wish to ingest tiny glass like shards of silica sand. Just because they call it "Food Grade". This stuff kills bugs. I just do not buy into the brand of calling it a healthy alternative. It's also  a garden product for household use. The tiny glass shards bust up insects with shells. It's really bad to inhale this stuff.

      I knew someone who swore by this product. In fact we went round & round on the issue. They had a collection of  expensive show rabbits. They were feeding DE to the rabbits.  The rabbits came down with respiratory issues. Rabbit folks are fast to blame it on snuffles. (Pasturella)  Which is highly contagious. So an affected rabbit was culled by a VET, for study. It turned out to be a result from using the food grade  D E (Diatomaceous Earth). It took that AH HA moment, to show just how bad that stuff is. Now this person agrees with me. That D E is bad news.

      Not to insult anyone who believes in this product. Just saying. I am one who will not go near it, or use it. For there are many who like this product. May I  please suggest. Buyer beware?

  43. Helene says:

    Spraying across Strait of Juan de Fuca (Wash State>southern British Columbia/Vancouver Island); highly recommend eating fermented foods like sauerkraut always feel better after!

  44. Yar Swerc says:

    In central North Carolina: 
    Monday: High 26F.     Low 7F.
    Thursday: High 78F.  Low 58F.
    Daily scotch plaid grid of spray trails.
    Self and wife after 15+ years with NO sickness desperately ill.
    Every known neighbor out of work with similar illness.
    What could possibly be wrong? Duhhhhhhh…….
    Dane is one of a handful of clear perceivers.
    Let's support them while we can.
    God help us all.

    • horsegirl says:

      My heart goes out to you.  While in Mexico during the build-up to the May 2009 swine flu hoax, people galore were dying of cytokine storm.  Doctors fretting on blogs saying neither penicillin nor antibiotics did a thing as so many sturdy young people died.  During that time I almost bit the dust too.  Sick, no sleep for weeks, trying everything.  Finally put Nutribiotic grapefruit seed extract (GSE) one drop per ounce in a spray mist bottle and kept inhaling deep.  That feeling of a little barb of dust on the epiglottis that made me cough stopped BOOM.  Fell asleep for the first four consecutive hours of rest I'd had in almost three weeks.  Healed up fast then.  Have used it ever since.  A powerful remedy against fungus, which is cancer and all the other maladies.  We used GSE to take mold off of bricks, worked as well as muriatic acid.  Have used this now for years when driving through heavily sprayed areas.  I hope this may be of use to you and others.  It has stopped friends' coughs instantly numerous times too.

  45. KB says:

    Also in Washington State.  We are at a higher elevation and consistently this winter the lower elevations have gotten twice as much snow as the higher elevations and often have colder temperatures.  Been below freezing everywhere for weeks.  We've also noticed snow at warmer temperatures. The temperatures and the weather don't match anymore. 

    • Kathy says:

      My backyard is harder than cement even when it warms up to "40" degrees hardly any melting or softening of the ground.here in Pierce county Washington, days days of this. Its a "Hurt skin" cold air as is the HOT sun.

  46. Dave says:

    Dane, and others, regarding the Israel comments please check out the John b Wells/Mariane Azizi interview and find out what kind of system our continuing billions of dollars has supported over the years, sickening. Glad to hear there are some in the Isreali military resisting the policies but some of the deaths may be because of what has been disclosed in the interview. I was taught that we should support Israel, but after some research I've done a 180 knowing how much of our gov't, media, banking, congress, etc are controlled by Israel and their lobby has really opened my eyes. Thanks much Dane, for your wise and judicious responses to our posts. I trust the prayers you asked for Marco (I believe his name is as I recall) at standing rock, find him healthy and still in the battle. 

  47. matt says:

    Dane, we raise awareness, it reaches a threshold that's undeniable, they're forced to stop spraying. What actions are next? I know this is getting ahead of ourselves but it's a question I'm asked. Their response includes "well if we stop it'll be a catastrophe." Is there a link that talks about this. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Matt, if we can fully expose and halt the climate engineering insanity, industrialized/militarized society in its current form must follow. If the human race wishes to survive any longer on this once thriving planet, the destruction must halt on every front, reforestation must be a primary mission amongst many other critical efforts. One battle at a time, we must never yield.

  48. Randallrichards says:

    I agree with u seeing clearly…. With the masses so doped up or drunk, it would be hard to get anything going to stop. Very disturbing news about the Arctic with all the methane releasing which is going to increase this summer. We soon will be in the (preparing for end plan). 

  49. Anthony Enright says:

    Yesterday January 13,2017 The skies over Eastern Long Island were perfectly Criss Crossed with Chem trails I took Photos with my Phone. Is it Possible that they are going to create a weather system for the upcoming Presidential Inauguration or is this the end of Obama's solution to climate cooling. 

  50. Anne Ducks says:

    How do we make them stop!? 
    80% of the sheep-le do not have a clue and many do not want one.
    Who is the Wizard behind the Wizard of Oz?  Is it as simple as Wall Street greed?  Do we just need to collectively, wake-up?  Is the solution so simple that we can not see it.  "You can't see the picture when you are in the frame".

  51. Alistener says:

    Someone I know was driving in Ohio a couple of weeks ago and the weather suddenly went from totally clear to blizzard like.  He started pulling off the road and suddenly felt really sick, almost got in a car accident because of it but luckily the person he almost hit helped him out.  He was sick and stranded there for several days.  Where we live in TX used to be sunny most of the time, now it's hard to find a sunny day or even hour.  I've tried bringing the weather changes up with a few people, not even what's causing it, and they totally deny that anything is different.

    • Ashley says:

      I,too, have gotten ill for no reason several times. I thought it was other factors. As I have allergies and asthma. Now I know it's not me.. it's the damn chem trails I get sprayed with every day.. (My house gets sprayed every day, even at night now!)

    • SUEZ says:

      Amen Alistenter.  Same for me.  Sadly most people are ignorant.   Really sadder when they are willfully ignorant!!

  52. James says:

    Like Mario I too have fallen I'll from all this.  At 57 years young I was healthy, strong, a gym rat and very active so this sickness is hitting me hard.  First time in my life I've had to use an inhaler.  Diagnosed with bronchitis and early pneumonia I've never been sicker.  3 weeks now.   How can a man that eats organically and stays healthy be overcome with this?   It's really depressing.   No appetite anymore, lost 10 pounds and from a skinny lean guy that's a lot of weight to lose in just a week.   I blame the weather and all the chemicals dropped down on us all that has made a perfectly healthy person seemingly chronically sick now.  All my life I've been active and healthy, never needing a doctor or meds of any kind, and would do my own doctoring to heal because I knew the doctors would only give me drugs to cover up symptoms and healing is not in their vocabulary.   4 prescriptions I had to take to help with staying out of the hospital and the most I've ever taken in my life.  Ugh.    

    All this happened when 3 weeks ago we went from warm to ice cold from the ice bucketing weather associated with all the rain snow in the southeast.   I'm in Biloxi MS btw.   I blame the weather Nazi's for my health failure.  

    I wanted to put this out here so to show that no matter how unaffected you think you may be from this it can happen to anyone, even the healthiest people.    I'm son read Yb to get back in the gym but this illness us persistent, 3 weeks now.  

    So this is the straw that broke my back and am now going to fight back.   I'll be printing flyers from Dane's links and passing these out everywhere.    

    I apologize to all that post here for not doing this before but this has woke me up-to the point I want it stopped.   The only way to stop this is to fight and that I will do.   May everyone here be blessed with good health and being and Dane I thank you for being the leader that you are.  

    Peace and love to all here.

    • Ashley says:

      Try detoxing, get the strips you put on the sole of your feet. Far as the bronchitis and pneumonia, try the Etsy shop HonoringMotherEarth aka NeverWalksAlone. She's a Native American medicine woman. In NC, I believe. I had Bronchitis, and she sent me Wormwood to make into a tea, it cured me. 

    • Dale K says:

      Go to Sulfur For Health to learn how organic sulfur (methylsulfonylmethane) can protect us from toxic aluminum, barium and strontium in chemtrails! Ingesting supplemental organic sulfur is our best defense because it helps us detoxify, oxygenate, and keep our cells running at optimal efficiency despite the intentional poisoning of our soil, water and air.

    • Dennie says:

      Unfortunately this is the kind of scenario it takes to wake people up, speak out and DO something.  MORE will have to fall ill before anything changes.  Most will not be diagnosed correctly.  Few will care.  "A fool wonders, a wise man questions."  — Confucius

    • John D says:

      High dose Vitamin C for the treatment of disease by titrating to bowel tolerance.


    • Christina V says:

      Detox is the only way. Ive always eaten healthily and grown my own veg when I can. Now I dose up on vitamin C especially over the winter months. Echinacea tea for colds, sea kelp for detox and spirulina. Because the body is constantly bombarded with toxins in our environment there is no escape. It is so sad and most probably why our environment is so damaged and our kids are so sick. I try and teach my daughter the same way. And vaccines will become the curse of the Western world, it makes me so sad.


  53. Susan Ferguson says:

    FUNGI as Builders for Nanomaterials:  An important challenge in nanotechnology is to tailor optical, electric and electronic properties of nanoparticles by controlling the size and shape. Currently, there is a growing need to develop environmentally benign nanoparticle synthesis processes that do not use toxic chemicals in the synthesis protocol.  … Many microbes produce inorganic substances of interest e.g. silica from diatoms while other microbes formulate nanoscale magnetic particles out of iron oxides. Some microbes consume metals and then excrete them in precise configurations.
    A number of different genera of fungi have been investigated and are extremely good candidates in the synthesis of metal and metal sulphide nanoparticles.  Verticillium sp. and Fusarium oxysporum, when exposed to aqueous gold and silver ions can reduce the metal ions fairly rapidly. The Verticillium can be induced to fabricate silver nanoparticles within its cells when it's placed in a silver nitrate solution. Extremophilic actinomycete, Thermomonospora sp. is able to produce extracellular gold nanocrystals.
    Fungi can be used as builders for nanomaterials as nanotechnology can work with nature to produce fascinating and potentially useful structures. Fungus filaments can also act as living template. As a filament of fungus grows, gold nanoparticles attach to its surface creating additional layers of particles of different sizes or materials. The gold-plating of their hyphae fungi does not impede the growth of the fungi so long as they continue to receive suitable nutrients. By changing the medium and using gold nanoparticles of a different size, the resulting tubes can be grown with different coatings from one section to the next. This facilitate the use of microorganisms as living templates or biological slaves to generate macroscopic architectures with strict control over the microscopic and nanoscopic dimensions of the resulting materials. Hence this approach can be used to build high surface area materials with catalytic properties that derive from the choice and spatial distribution of the nanoparticle building blocks arranged on the fungal living templates.  Studies demonstrated that silver ions may be reduced extra-cellularly using Fusarium oxysporum to generate stable gold or silver nanoparticles in water. Aspergillus niger in the presence of 13-nm-wide gold particles that aggregated on the fibrous hyphae. Other fungus-based nanostructures might serve as designer optical, electronic, and magnetic materials.  
    SF: Perhaps why you are sick and coughing…

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Thank you, as always, Susan for this.  So instead of making us slaves and promoting our conversion into machines, they'll be happy to make life forms just bio-farms for their material requirements.

      This is science in an ivory tower or bell jar totally removed from ecosystems and the biosphere.  This "science" and these "scientists" are monstrous, even as they are more ignorant than the average person.  They seem incapable of remembering the most basic science, such as the Sun, air and water being the absolute basics for Life On Earth. It is SO Shameful of them.

  54. Mario says:

    Thank you for another amazing show.  I am suffering from that hacking cough and have been since the fall of 2016, when I was diagnosed with pneumonia.  Antibiotics don't get rid of it.  Some days are worse than others . . . those days I wake up gasping for air.  Add to this the massive influx of RF energy used in Climate Engineering and I am beginning to see my body break down at 37.  I am trying to combat this by changing my diet, exercising when my lungs aren't on fire, giving up all sugar and caffeine (which has helped immensely in clearing my head and leveling out my blood sugar), taking supplements, listening to comedy and laughing, listening to music for comfort and inspiration, and doing my best to expectorate these toxins from my body.  Its tough to change your habits, but it is now necessary to survive.  I see a lot of sick people around me.  I have been able to perk some ears because people know something is wrong . . . but few be willing to peer down into to rabbit hole, let alone go down it.

    I tried to wake people up during the last storm event in California, but few seem willing to listen or even willing to look at the massive weather manipulation that is very clearly seen on radar.

    One last thought . . . This whole phenomenon of what is Fake News or Real News is a desperate ploy by the power structure to hold on to a narrative that is slipping out of their grasps.  My major problem with this is that they are targeting children in schools with stories about Fake News through sites like NEWSELA and I've even heard rumblings of them wanting to teach media literacy to children.  Fine, lets teach them media literacy.  I'll take that one . . . I have an undergraduate degree in Communication.  First thing I would teach the children is that they need to be highly skeptical and critical of media that comes from coporate owned sources like the big 3 and the cable news and NPR.  NPR is just as bad as Fox News.  NPR just uses a higher form of linguistics and play to a younger and more naive audience with stories that masquerade as in depth, but are basically fringe fluff.  ALL corporate owned media is meant to placate you and keep you a bona fide consumer while hiding the truth of what's really going on.  Thanks to all who read, comment, and speak out.  We all need to do more.  Thank you Dane for the inspiration and courage you display each day in this battle!     

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      SF: Mario, Chad and others who are sick, this is information that needs to be repeated for the current crisis.  We are truly in a fight for our lives. While these periods when we are sick will make us lose courage, instead we must, all of us, fight every single day for our health – and that amounts to nutritional supplements and clean food & water. I am now 71 and understand the depression that illness can bring on, but I encourage you to resist it, and instead fight back by giving your immune system what it needs to detox from the chemical onslaught of aluminum, barium, strontium, and nanoparticles with fungi and who knows what else. There are things you can do, be vigilant, don't let them win. Fight! I personally recommend Olive Leaf spray (nose & throat), Colloidal Silver (nose or anywhere!), chlorella (not from China), vegetal Silica (aluminum detox), Synertek Colostrum (boosts the immune system & I like the serum), Hemp oil, big doses of Vit.C, organic food (as possible), clean water (no flouride, chlorine, etc.), no sugar whatsoever (sugar is a poison), and no alcohol (which is mostly sugar & chemical preservatives). Leave depression behind. Focus on keeping healthy. Don't get mad, get even! Here is Dane's article on how to stay healthy:
      Climate Engineering Contamination, Staying Healthy In A World That Isn’t  / July 13, 2016 https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/climate-engineering-contamination-staying-healthy-in-a-world-that-isnt/

    • Mark says:

      My doctor kept giving me antibiotics, did not work, seems that sinus infections along with ear infections are Fungal infections and require anti-fungal meds like Diflucan or Fluconazole. Also need lots of water and sodium. Check out Dr Peter Glidden and Dr Joel Wallach on these sites,,,,
      Dead doctors don't lie.

  55. Chad says:

    Im sick as a dog here in Idaho. These bastards need accountability soon. These heinous crimes are hanging offenses!! God bless us all!!!

  56. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 148th email, titled "A Perfect Storm is Brewing":

    1.  Global weather will change dramatically over the next two years.

    As Kevin Hester writes regarding the article below: "We face the prefect storm of an unraveling biosphere and an incoming regime of climate change deniers and corporate shills just about to take the reins of the second largest emitter on the planet.  Brace for imminent impact as the great unraveling gains momentum."


    A 'gif' showing the collapse of global sea ice: http://imgur.com/T20V2tk

    Dec 24, chart of Central Arctic Basin sea ice area – disastrous or what?: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=984386145039071&set=p.984386145039071&type=3&theater 

    12 Jan, Arctic Sea Ice Area was about 300,000 sq km below the previous low for time of year – about the size of UK and Ireland: http://web.nersc.no/WebData/arctic-roos.org/observation/ssmi_ice_area.png 

    BOTH of Torstein Viddal's WUJA and PIOMASS Annual Average Volume charts (and final rant!) for Jan 8th 2017 show zero Arctic sea ice in 2020.  It will probably happen earlier.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtc9hXSn0G4 

    Two MUST WATCH videos: 

    Civilisation teeters on the brink of collapse:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyixrC3KxK0    

    Methane, water vapour and an ice free Arctic:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpqxtXmDwS0 

    There is a veritable flood of information coming out similar to the above links.  As Barbara Smith writes: "Claiming ignorance is a tried-and-true technique to avoid taking responsibility or telling the truth."  

    2.  Denmark has stated that they will stop paying unemployment benefit to ISIS/ISIL fighters.  Oh good, that is a start, I suppose.

    The Syrian military have managed to take back control of the Wadi Barada area from the UN/NATO backed terrorists, and are repairing and cleaning the water sources. The Damascus water shortage should soon be over.

    In the last 2 weeks, US has stationed an extra 3,000 heavily armoured troops plus 80 tanks etc in Poland. In total, nearly 4,000 US troops on Russia's borders and 70,000 troops in Europe. Number of Russian troops stationed on US land borders – zero. Even Germany is a bit wary of this massive US/NATO build-up.  There are great similarities between the preWW2 Danzig Corridor and the present day Suwalki Gap.

    In the last month, an extra 4,000 US troops have been stationed in Iraq.

    3.  Notes to Self (week 2 of 104): In an emergency (fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane, riots, terrorism, war, etc) we will be lucky to have between 3 and 15 mins to evacuate.  Think about what we will take, how carried, how transported; put important docs (or copies) in Grab Bag; ensure vehicles always have enough fuel to get to possible destinations – at least 3 different directions. 

    Review Grab Bag and Bug Out Bag contents – try to have complimentary tiered contents with EDC.  Have Grab Bag nearby at all times as, by definition, one never knows when an emergency will occur.

    "…Whether the weather be cold, or whether the weather be hot,  We'll weather the weather, whatever the weather, whether we like it or not"  Anon.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thank you Andrew, as always, a ton of info and good suggestions most of which I cannot pull off though.  Sometimes the info from you I would not have heard otherwise.  Such as stats about our troops building up on borders.  I suppose you've heard Trump is opposed to NATO.  So I do wonder what you'll be seeing by next weekend.  And if I were in another country and saw the US do this, I'd be pissed off.  I hate that my country is such a bully.  And that we, the US, have destroyed Earth, nearly, but for the finishing touches.  It is embarrassing.  Shameful.

      I both do and don't want to watch these videos.  I am still in shock over a number of things and beginning to wonder how much more I can take.  It bites to be so ineffectual.  Of course claiming ignorance is tried and true-what kid has not?  I find myself just avoiding much these days, not that that helps, just that my nerves are frayed.  Few I know claim ignorance.  So to speak.  It is more of an adverse reaction to bad news.  I think a lot of people are mega stressed from a variety of things and don't want to deal with yet another bad thing and don't know who to trust while being aware that we basically live in a police state, making people too too careful about what they say and to whom.  I think we are way past claiming ignorance.  People seem to choose people and info based on how it makes them feel.  They align themselves in that way, so if being informed about this stuff, informer is seen as a downer, a negative person not celebrating the wonders of life and all that is good in this world.  Even me given these videos you offer.  Just so many hours left.  Do I watch yet another video of how dire things are, or do I do something, uh, positive?  Like something to strengthen a friendship, or groan, work needing doing. Lots of choices.  People seem to feel defined by their choices.  I guess they are.  I am finding it hard to focus.  Hard to choose what to do, especially since all I want to do is go to sleep early hoping I wake up in a better world.  But no, I wake up to a freaky red sky all over.  Sunrise in the west, of course.  If I dare tell anyone we have but few years left, they look at me with pity for my faulty depressed self spreading 'fake' news and fear .  Uh huh.

      But I do look forward to your Sunday letters and your mix of current events, excellent suggestions, links and videos-I Will watch!-and a bit of humor, plus a good quote!  This one is great!  If only there was a least one person I could share this with!!!!GRRR!

  57. Seeing Clearly says:

    1 in 5 have a mental "disorder " and an estimated 50% of people are on pharmaceutical phycological drugs on top of street drugs does this look like a population that's going to do much for the greater good in the sense that it's not healthy and is fleeing the stress with drugs and I am not talking like this to kill hope I am saying this out of fear.

    • Dennie says:

      @ Seeing Clearly:  Yes, this news has been out there for a while.  These are the people who cannot tolerate reality in just about any form.  Waaay far too gone.  They ARE denial fragments.

    • Unknown says:

      Those odds are still beyond excellent. A few thousand Elite vs the rest of the planet? Yea.. I wouldn't put my money on the Elite regardless of how much money they have, start telling all of the military around the world, not just US, that all governments are genociding the planet for the rich Elite/"satanic tribe" … Watch how quick shit hits the fan. Yea they can stock pile seeds/food/resources but when the people bum rush them with a deadly force… It wont mean shit. Need proof? Just do your homework, how many Elite tyrants have been overthrown throughout time? 

  58. jake s. says:

    snowing at 40 degrees, rain at 35 is the new norm in washington state. and the snow does not go away.


    • Sam says:

      HI Dane, I just spent the past week in a Boy Scout camp near Waretown, NJ. I took a Tom Brown, Jr.'s class and the skies were being  spayed everyday. One day, I asked a guy about the spraying and as it turned out, he was a meterologist. He got very defensive and told me those were contrails…I asked him if he had seen your site and listened to your presentations…he said, yes (I didnt believe him) and then told me that it was BS and that it was an insult to 30 years of research and to the science that he loved. I said, "ok, let's just agree to disagree." After that he wasn't that friendly to me. There was woman who works for Tom and she had been observing the skies for sometime and she felt that there is something wrong…she is going to look at your site. We did spend a great deal of time outside and many people were getting sick. I came down with a cold yesterday and I haven't sick for about 25 years. But, the most amazing thing that I saw in clear daylight was a gray airplane that was landing at a Military base that was near and it flew right over my head and I clearly saw the nozzles. It appears to me that the powers behind this horror are committing suicide and detroying all life on the planet. On the upside, we all learned some powerful healing techniques that are beyond belief. We are all very passionate about doing what we can to shift this darkness. I think we will be experienceing some very dark times…I would suggest taking wilderness and tracking classes. May the force be with us.


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