Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 21, 2017


Dane Wigington

Barack Obama leaves office with a legacy of war without end. A man that was given the Nobel Piece Prize has been responsible for countless innocent deaths, and the numbers are still going up. With Trump now in the White House, will things be any better? Or even worse? On the economic front, Puerto Rico is about to collapse, Japan's core machinery orders are plummeting, and US retailer "American Apparel" has just gone bankrupt. The globalists will continue to try and cling together as the ship goes down, but their desperate efforts will only speed the process. Japan's largest coral reef is all but dead, just like so many other ocean ecosystems that are collapsing around the globe. Yet more beach strandings of marine mammals as "Canfield Ocean" conditions continue to manifest globally. A mainstream media journalist has recently come forward to expose the truth about the US government's total control over media sources, now he is dead. Who will help to pick up the torch of truth and carry it forward into the darkening horizon? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

The rate of change on countless fronts will continue to accelerate exponentially, there is no going back. If we stand together in a united and unyielding quest to expose the full unvarnished truth, and turn the current tide, we may yet avert the unfolding planetary omnicide. Will you make your voice heard?

This week's outreach booth is at the Marin Center/Exhibit Hall, San Rafael, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.



187 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 21, 2017

  1. John doe says:

    Hello… this is my first time doing this but I live in nc and before they last couple weeks have never noticed the trails in the sky before, here the last couple of days which its feb 27th 2017 I have seen them all over the place even over Tennessee I have a real problem with this I'm a family man and if this is hurting my family I want to put a stop to it in Mc as well so if possible and anyone has friends in high places please see what you can do to get it to stop over nc at the least I know a contrail when I see it and this is not they last for hours and is kinda scaring my family I would love for my kids to get to grow up and have a chance at life just like I did thank you very much in advance everybody on here seems very nice and considerate hopefully we will see a change soon with the power being handed to a working wealthy man who I don't think can be bought off very easily hope you have a good day…

    • Marie says:

      From my perspective i have known about the chemtrails since 1998 when i saw my first one in the sky. I read that the aerosol spray which has nanoparticles in it is so tiny that even a medical mask will not protect. 

  2. susan higgins says:

    The United States has long since given up the 'rule of law.'  Therefore, we all need to stop complaining and think hard and long for a solution.  Everyone still thinks that a petition or massive human illness/death will end the chemtrail assault.  It will not….we are outgunned, outfinanced and outmaneuvered….so what did the greats of history do?  They chose a sideways route….the time for polite legal maneuvers and polite conversation is over……observe a high school robotics group and you will come to understand the sheer genius present in the upcoming generation that is not interested in golf or football and really has not much use for a 401K unless they can cash it out to buy the latest and greatest gadget.  Those in higher education just want to design and build and be different, think different.  In other words this 20 something generation beats the hippies for putting down the establishment both in sophistication and sheer ingenuity…these are the young people that need to be put in a room together with a team of defense attorneys and some old wise mentors and given room….remember it was not too long ago that our federal government hired hackers right out of high school to do their dirty deeds…..Have been told it should be doable if the right minds are allowed free reign. Perhaps for those frightened, remember demagogues and tyrants are afraid of their own shadow….the pilots and all who participate in this shadow play leave their supposed loved ones down on the ground with the rest of us….It is magical thinking on their part that they will not be directly impacted by their complicit actions…


  3. Mark Mariani says:

    It seems everyone is trying to decipher if President Trump is going to put an end to Chemtrailing.  Based on my research, President Trump is very, very versed in many issues concerning the Globalist One World Order Cabal.  The same Cabal that has infiltrated the highest echelons of power in the U.S. of America and directs various programs in secret.
    Our President knows of these evil sub-humans and has known about them longer than most of us have been alive.  So understand, he is going to initiate a total and utter ban until studies are completed and I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Wigington is called upon to speak.  Most of the mainstream media is OWNED by these same Globalists so please do not take stock in their dis-information programs.  The most important thing to do is start a campaign with signitures to get the ball rolling.  It is us that needs to bring it to him so that he than can go on offense and make the changes.   So keep making the program known within the citizenry and let's get a petition started on this website to submit. 

    Dane, please let's get a petition started here for us to forward along to everyone in America.  That is good for us and good for YOU, so that you're website will get out into the mainstream. 

    Thank you all, and let's get going!


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mark, about Mr. Trump and his plans, it would be most helpful if you could show evidence of what you have stated. Though I certainly wish I had reason to feel the same confidence you express about Mr.Trump, his actions would not seem to support such conclusions. Any supporting information you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

    • Lee Eyerman says:

      Mark,remember all the globalists care about is the climate agenda.All the fake news about Trump is to keep your mind off of the checkerboard skies and the continued agenda to spray the population.Someday the skunks will be exposed and when you find out some of them you will question how they were elected and realize why the  press should be renamed.

    • Jenna says:

      how do we start a petition and where do we send it

  4. Steven White says:

         Hello fellow concerned citizens.  I wanted to post to tell you about our central Ohio weather and patterns.  Today, Fri. 1/27/17 it flurried a half inch or so and as usual while cleaning the car off for work noticed the snow looks like tiny snow balls not snow flakes as normal years ago.  For many days its been cloud cover "Overcast" which means 80%+ coverage.  We've bounced the last few weeks from 50's/60's most days to a couple days of 30's and usually rain, now this has been going on all of January which is normally bitterly cold, snow and a fair amount of clear but very cold days.

         Specifically this is totally very abnormal weather for central Ohio especially this time of year.  Finally it looks like they've turned on the cold as follows, Sat 25F/36F; Sun 22F/31F;  Mon 25F/31F;  Tue 28F/40F;  Wed 21F/35F;  Thur 18F/32F and Fri 21F/33F.  Still slightly above normal but I wanted to point out most of those days are listed as "Overcast" or "Mostly Cloudy" which is 60-79% cloud coverage, only next Fri will it be "Partly Cloudy" 40-59% clouds.  Here's the other big point is for many days humidity are to be mid to high 70% but most days look to be in the mid 80's-90's% range and there is no snow to speak of in the forecast till next week end.  Almost every day they don't call for rain but by the end of the day those heavy dark overcast skies out of nowhere develop showers/rain.  Remember this is not summer when this is usual, its colder but I'm sure that rain is still warm enough that once on the ground still keeps the humidity as if it's summertime.

         So if you were wondering if our weather is strange here, it is.  Not to mention haven't seen the sun for days but when you do it feels much hotter than it should at the end of January.  Usually feels a little warm but not hot like you'd get a sunburn from too much exposure.  Can't see chemtrails because it seems like we're living from twilight for a few hours to darkness.  It certainly makes me realize this is not normal and I've been on this earth for 55 years, so I know good and bad weather when I see it, this is weird strange stuff that isn't good ol mother nature at work.  Take care and may God bless the USA by way of our new president Trump!

  5. Clarioncaller says:

    I'm just throwing out this question to all.  I had a conversation with someone in Arizona about chemtrails.  He told me that he has NOT seen any since Trump's inauguration, and his sky usually looks like tic-tac-to.  I live in the NE and it finally cleared up and the sky was absent any trails.  Is it possible that the new president has issued an EO halting further aerosoling?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Clarioncaller, Unfortunately we are (as always) getting ever more reports of increased spraying all over the globe (and from most locations in the US).

    • Clarioncaller says:

      It is Thursday, Jan. 26th, and for the 2nd day, I do not see the usual drifting plumes across the skies of northern NJ.  I did read a tweet from pres-elect Trump in early January which stated that suspending aerosol spraying was high on his list.  I'll keep looking and let you know.  It would be a blessing for America if true.  Of course, Trump can only alter the program in the US, or anywhere that US aircraft is used.  Thank-you for responding.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Clarioncaller, we would be grateful if you could post a link to the Trump tweet you mentioned. We have not seen (or had reported) any such information. So far Trump’s actions would indecate that he is in full support of those who are part of the climate engineering insanity.

    • Christine C. says:

      I live in Las Vegas and witnessed huge amounts of spraying on a daily basis, until Tuesday when this sky cleared up and has been so since then.  I can't be sure about Monday, because it was raining.  I work a few miles from Nellis AFB and I have seen absolutely NOTHING by the way of chem trails, since Trump took office.  I have no idea if this will change but I am absolutely thanking God every day that I wake up and see a clear sky.  For months, it's been cloudy.  No idea how it is in the rest of the US, but I'm hopeful. 

    • Cougher says:

      I live outside of Tulsa, OK.  We have been getting generous amounts of chemtrail spraying almost every day it seems.  After a rain everyone is coughing as if the aerosol chemicals are gassing off when they hit the wet ground.  In the last 3 days (1/25-1/27/17) the sky has been a beautiful blue with no clouds or chemtrails.  I hope that Trump has really stopped the spraying.  We'll all be healthier for it!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Cougher, unfortunately reports of extremely bad spraying are coming in from countless locations in the country, and as I write this, Northern California is being blitzed with horrific spraying. We must fully expose the climate engineering insanity, there is no other way forward.

    • Jason says:

      Its it still going on heavily and in now in western Canada

    • Brannon Johnson says:

      Listen the chemtrails have not stopped. I live in iowa and recently we've been having very warm weather, when normally this time of the year is covered in snow and cold. Most days out of the week theres little to no clouds and many chemtrails are visible. Yesterday 2-16-17 was especially bad. In the morning before I went to school my friends and I pointed out about 6 chem trails. Once we got out of school there was no clouds but chemtrails all over in the sky. So many that each chemtrail crossed with 10 or more other chemtrials they were all over the sky, at all different heights. Just as we were looking 2 different pilots were spraying chemtrails at the same time. There needs to be a stop put to this. People from my school who have no idea about any of this mention that they have been feeling groggy, lazy, not well, and not healthy since my close friends and I have been noticing a lot more. Someone Help.

    • Marie says:

      NO! It's not true! I live in NY state and they are still spraying almost every day. There will be a day or two when they don't do the chemtrails, but for the most part they are still doing it. I think Trump means well, but he is too small to do anything about it. There is a secret black operation going on and only the highest elite know what's truely going on., sad to say.

    • Shirley Jensen says:

      I see them almost everyday, here in Mesa AZ. That is how I found this site. When I go outside my workplace here in Tempe, since I am so close to the airport, I can see some airplanes with no trail, and then I can actually see the airplanes are spraying. The sky today has crisscross patterns as most days. What I have noticed is that 3-4 days before it rains I can watch the planes spraying for hours on end. I tell my husband all the time. "Well we should be getting rain in few days,the chemtrails are really bad." Low and behold, it rains. I have been sitting at the pool and the sky is clear with the exception of chemtrails and I can see some sort of particles falling in the water. Something has got to be done. Government Poisoning. If there is anything I can do, please contact me at the email address given. God Bless us all. 

    • Nancy Fleming says:

      NO!  He did not put a halt to Chemtrails!  Everyday in Southern California it is striped with chemtrails where I live!  Sickening!

  6. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    Mark Baumer 33, A Climate Change Activists walking barefoot in Walton County Florida, was killed earlier this week. Baumer was raising funds for Fang Collective, opposing the Natural Gas Industry as well as bringing awareness to Climate Change. Investigations are being conducted on his death!

    • virginia says:

       Dear David: Thank you for mentioning Baumer's untimely death.  I had read about it and was heartbroken.  This dear man had such high intentions.  He deserved more from his country and from all of us. Rest in peace, dear soul.  Hopefully his death was not in vain….whatever caused it.

  7. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and all, I don't mean to pirate the column here tonight, but… Where is the "speaker of the house"?, Marc from St Louis/Arizona. Marc, my friend I haven't met yet, I hope you are well. Your words reverberate still in the minds of many here. It will take us all to over come what has been the choosing of the masses. Tell those that need to hear, your words. Write those words, stand by them. What says your soul? We read the word, we absorb the content….

    You are not alone. Am I wrong folks?

    Leaders are needed on all fronts. Well taught ones…….

  8. 'a' simple horseman says:

    "Moisture", oh my, is it ever a part of the geoengineering war game. In these times of "global warming", it should be raining 14% to 70% more than it used to, depending on who's numbers you want to use. I apologize that I do not remember the commentor on here that has an old friend that noticed how high the humidity is at such cold temps. I ask, "how much water vapor can the PTB suspend before it all falls down? Well, at this point they can suspend quite a lot with no shortage of ability in sight. Personally, I'd have rather it rained all winter here as our Mother would have wanted and tried to do. Yes it's supposed to be frozen here for 4 months, but our Mother knows best. Best not dis her….

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Many farmers near me are changing from arable to pasture because the humidity is making drying grain too expensive…

  9. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, and all my friends I haven't met yet,

    Where are we going? How do we get there? What will crumble the structures that encompass us so we can be free once again? Anyone ever given thought to these questions? Sure you have! Did you come up with anything that would have immediate impact? Probably not. How can we? We live in a time of super heroes and super technology. In the singular we seem small. But in the number of us we are huge. Anyone that is "unhappy" is in "our" boat, whether they know it or not. Confession time here, I once thought passive activism was a wussy way to go about things. I no longer think like that. A wise old man put it to me this way. "Choose the middle road, for if you choose sides you give power to the other" (Buddha). What does that mean? and how can we "act" for what we want? It is very simple and yet is is very hard for many, "stop participating in what you do not believe in". What do you 'really' need to be happy in this life you have been given? Have you even found it yet? Probably not, once again. And in that you should take a good look at 'how' you live in accordance with our mother. If you do, I wish you great insights. The journey is harsh and yet fulfilling, I promise. Dane once mentioned in a Saturday morning broadcast that he himself would live a "primitive" life style if everyone else would. Well… Why wait for Dane? Would it not give our Mother half a chance if we chose a different lifestyle without being "pushed" into it by a devastated biosphere? Our planet will take many lifetimes to heal. "I" choose to be a part of the healing……

    "War is over, If you want it"

  10. Wayne Koppa says: "Satellite Reveals End of “Unending” N. California Drought" Do you think the California drought was caused by military / geoengineering?  I do.  Do you think the military / geoengineering ended the drought? Is this fake news that the drought is over?  You did touch on it.  Over 2 million Indochinese died in the 'Vietnam' War and massive ecological destruction too. Looks like the military 'found God'.  Interested in your opinion on this.  I find it a very positive thing.  Looking forward to the lawsuit update next week.  Alex Jones, who talks to Trump, said he is aware of GeoEngineering.

  11. virginia says:

    Trump signs orders advancing Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipeline.

    From headline.  


    • Earth Angel says:

       This is bad news. Really depressing. Trump should be pushing for the 'Free energy' technology developed by Tesla, or other methods NOT involving fossil fuels. Same old business as usual for big oil corporations. What a cry. Ugh!  : (

    • JR says:

      Why would we expect any difference, isn't it said he's a crook like the rest of them? The majority of them have a price and will sell their soul to the highest bidder. Meanwhile here in the Southwest, New Mexico our rain clouds being demolished with SAG/SRM-Chemtrails. We have had some rain, but it could be way more every year. The actions of the USA/Babylon increase or should I say more evident. Read the Harbinger. Please don't get me wrong, there are still a lot of good people in this country, but deceit has blinded many. It's been ongoing for many years in the leaders and rich alike for the love of money is the root of all evil. It's what is done with it, good or evil. It is written it will be easier for a camel through pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

  12. Rachel Robson says:

    Anonymous, Hi.  Last week I think I posted seeing a doctor who was obviously sick with something-his voice, how he looked and I could not believe he would see patients like that.  Having autoimmune diseases, it was a slam dunk I would get it.  The following Saturday I had a headache which I just never get, and thought: oh here we go.  Sunday night I tossed and turned in in one turn felt something move in my right ear inside.  By later that day and the next, I was sick.  It wasn't, isn't horrible or as bad as he sounded but I must say it was kinda cool to get an actual virus as opposed to chem flu, chem crap!  I know viruses like I used to know the back of my hand when younger!  As opposed say to these 10 years now of not being able to breather through my nose much at all, drippy nose all the time without being able to blow it away, etc.  Almost refreshing!!  How weird is that?! 

  13. frank says:

    Does anybody remember when "heavy rain" meant you had to turn up the TV because the rain falling on the roof made such a racket? Now heavy rain means it might actually get your window wet! I am near Philly on Tuesday and, from the weather chart we had a day of heavy, cold rain with a warm air mass coming from the south and turning from green to blue over Jersey for no reason. Looks like a case of ice nucleation spray minus the snow or ice. All that to give us a cold day (36 to 39) – I guess they know best. Tomorrow will be 50!

    • Marie says:

      If you notice…it does not rain "normal" like it used to 20 yrs ago. Becuz of the chemtrails it will rain from 10-20 min and then stop. I am in my 60's and i remember back in 1960 when i was 12 that it would just pour and thunder for 2 days about every 2 wks. In my NY area we don't get that anymore. I am saying that in NY it rains for a very short while. I don't know about other places.

  14. Carol says:

    China admits to ongoing weather manipulation program. Who could possibly think that they are the only ones?

    • Earth Angel says:

      Oh no, don't they realize they will simply be contaminating an already dry and damaged area even further with toxic chemicals!!! How can the buffoons participating in these foolish schemes NOT GET THIS???  😮

    • tony browne says:

      There is a video on you tube called- Debunking the chemtrail Debunkers, its about the fact that the U.S. Airforce used cloud seeding way back in the Vietnam war.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Carol, what a good find on this article. I hope it circulates widely. Couple questions folks should be asking. Why is silver iodide the only ingredient ever mentioned in the mass media? And rockets for disbursement? Seriously? Isn't that kind of expensive? Or is that put out to make people go back to sleep and not watch those tankers spraying them like bugs? Rockets?

      FYI, JFK wanted to do the same thing mentioned in this article in the SW states. Only it was being approached from a MUCH more safe and sustainable foundation.

    • Marie says:

      I saw a horrible documentary called Earth in Peril which showed the destruction of our planet from the Industrial/military complex. They also showed that in China they had BEARS in small cages laying on their side with a tube going into them. The chinese were taking their BILE. I know you need bile to digest your food. I wonder if they took all the bile and then the bears just died? Didn't say. I saw no food or water dish in the cages. It made me sick!!!

  15. Roma says:

    Arctic News Website 22 January.  Videos of Stuart Stott of ClimateMatters.TV in Marrakesh Morocco, interviewing Peter Wadhams and Hugh Hunt on Geoengineering, during the UN Climate Negotiations 7-18 Nov 2016 .  Lots off discussion about marine brightening, tethered balloons etc and how all these methods would be costly and take years to develop, and that we need to start doing something now. Second video at 11.30 mins Hugh Hunt says "we could use aircraft, the most obvious technique to deliver aerosols into the atmosphere, we could start doing it this year if we wanted".

  16. Dennie says:

    I wonder how Prince Phillip now feels about the statement he made some years back about wanting to come back as a deadly virus and cause a pandemic that would wipe out the overpopulation.  Looks like that might be getting started right under his roof, right next to him. 

  17. Matthew Clayton says:

    We need an inexpensive, reliably accurate, way for anyone to test for aluminum in their food and beverages, tap water, rain and snow, soil and air. I have a friend who works in testing in the Colorado Springs water department. He said they do not fluoridate there. I asked him if they check for aluminum and he said he learned how and has checked for it a couple of times but , of course, aluminum is a non issue and not really put forth as something that needs to be looked for. It goes to a lab and takes days for results. If there was a way to get real time readings, we could know when we should stay inside. We could post alerts in our areas warning of high readings. Fluoride, being a synergistic bi-product of aluminum manufacture, might be close to the same test procedures as aluminum. If you go out to a restaurant and order fish, you might want to take a Roentgen detector or a Geiger counter. A fast and accurate heavy metal detector would provide much needed protection, and, would be an excellent tool for awakening somnambulists. If we could walk in to our friends houses and show them what levels are present in their living environment; I believe we could have a respectable increase in the number of people rubbing the sleep out of their eyes.

    • Matthew Clayton says:

      If we can send infrared through space and tell what a star is made of by what bounces back, we should be holding Tri-corders in our hands right now.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mattew, yes a high caliber spectrometer would be helpful for us. I attened and spoke at a California Energy Commision meeting where a $200,000 spectrometer was approved for purchase by the state. The purpose of this purchase was specifically for “determining the chemical composition of unknown particulates” in California skies. This instrament has never been used or acknowledge since, it is just gone.

    • Dennie says:

      Oh, the spectrometer exists and it is highly efficient, I understand, at identifying the composition and quantities of unknown substances.  My understanding is that there are federal standards for drinking water testing, all drinking water must be regularly tested for a rubric of toxic materials including heavy metals and aluminum.  Until the state of California decided they weren't going to test for aluminum any more– WWT?  "What you don't know can't hurt you.." ??? Go figure.

    • Chad says:

      Awesome brainstorming matthew. Wow. Great idea. Now we need to find someone with the resources to make that happen. A metal detector for our air and food. GOD BLESS ALL. CHAD IN IDAHO, PREVIOUSLY CALI. 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Matthew Clayton, Damn good questions!!! I have no other words.

  18. barbzi says:

    Thank you Blue Sue for the link …….      ………was most informative, health suggestions good too by Dr Klinghardt.

    • MAP says:

      Yes, Blue Sue. That video is a Gem in regards to awakening those friends/family still "sleeping" on this issue. Please pay close attention to middle of video where a list of supplements is presented that can assist with detox: cilantro, chlorella, silica, magnesium malate and much more. The Doctor mentions a product out of Russia that has greatest impact in detoxification; which of course has been banned in USA. The other interesting piece is the focus on how glyphosate and aluminum work exceedingly well in bringing illness and disease to the masses, that is me and you. 

    • Marie says:

      Sorry to be a pessimist, but we test our food and find out that most of it is contaminated with heavy metals and especially aluminum. What do we do? We have to eat! I have a small suggestion. Cilantro will get rid of heavy metals in the body. You will pee it out. That mean aluminum and mercury and the others., oh, even lead. An Indian cancer doctor discovered this when he was treating patients feeding them soup with cilantro in it. He would test their urine and found that everytime they ate the cilantro they peed out the heavy metals. Buy it, and chop up,, including stems. Put in plastic bag and freeze. Will last a super long time. Put some in your soup or eat in a sandwich. It does not last long in the fridge. It will last for months in the freezer. It won't help our lungs of course, but will get the heavy metals out of our bloodstream.

  19. Earth Angel says:

    Yes. Even the queen of the UK and the Bush Sr.'s sick with pneumonia and respitory ailments. It would appear even they have finally shot themselves in the foot..The chickens are coming home to roost.

  20. NewGirl says:

    Truly horrifying article about "smart dust" potentially included in the geoengineering toxic chemical mix we are being sprayed with. The author compellingly weaves together smart dust, RFIDs, GWEN towers, geoengineering and vaccines. Additionally he discusses how imperative it is to awaken the masses before they are programmed into acceptance. 

  21. Seeing Clearly says:

    Many things in society have been so normalized in society that I believe are not right for example sale prices what's up with the .99 in almost every purchase that's a form of mind control or illusion for lack of a better term not only that but the 3 is big and the 99 cents are tiny and this is just one example or case can you spot more suspicious issues like these?

  22. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, and all, It just hailed IN BERKELEY!!!!!  That just never happens? and it was no where near freezing though quite chilly, as it has been.  We'd gotten a lot of rain, and more, and more.  Then,  a pause in rain, then some rain started, I got home from where I went and into the house when the suddenly, the rain did not sound like rain, confused, I looked out, and hail!  I mean it had to be 45 degrees.  It was stunning and made a lot of noise.  And it was over in minutes, maybe 5.  And no more rain.  It will, but not this second.  First, I noticed that in my oversized bird bath water, the hail seemed to float and did not melt.  Plus, there were some bubbles.  Took the hail maybe 10 minutes or more to melt in that water.  Second, I grabbed a clean ceramic cup and ran out and spooned some up from my porch stairs where it piled on the side of.  Debated about putting it in fridge, frost free and sucks up moisture, so moved it to freezer.  Little balls.  Like the big ice balls but tiny.  All exactly equal to the naked eye.  Perfectly round, not pointy, each exactly like the others, looking for all the world like pearls of tapioca.  Okay, I just measured them, 1/8th inch.  Grabbed from freezer and they were beginning to freeze and glom, took to window light by sink to measure size of and cup slipped out of my paws and handle broke off.  Took awhile for me to realize I was bleeding all over the computer!  Dane, can I get this stuff tested?  Where, how?  I've tried before, for rain, but could find nowhere.  Meantime, a couple more really brief rounds of hail, in the sunshine yet. So weird to see the ground completely covered by these tiny balls of ice!  And I expect it was more than 45 degrees though not much more.  And, no doubt this has happened before though I cannot recall.  Also don't recall hail ever looking like this!  Up high right now is a bit of blue sky and some fluffy white clouds, and a white sun.  Below, an ominous dark grey/blue just pregnant with mischief.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      I put that cup back in the fridge, not freezer and it took 7 plus hours to melt, leaving at that point what looked like very faint snowflakes floating on the top, gone today.  I was careful not to get debris in it.  On the bottom of broken cup is black stuff, under the melted 'hail'.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Rachel, Good Job!! And good for you for reporting the occurrences in your area so well. I believe if enough folks "report" their observations routinely, 'that' will make a tremendous dent in the armor of the powers doing all this to us. If correlated properly, the data will also make a good data base. One which can be credibly presented in the current court system. A system that needs to be inundated with "things that matter". Like, um, our planet/home, right?

    • Chad says:

      Same in idaho. No call for snow today, but white out 2 hours later. Little bs white ball fake so called snow. Then told frozen fog next few days. Last time frozen fog 2 weeks ago with little round balls before i got sick as shit. After fog, everything, i say again everything covered in ice crystals… chemical ice nucleation. God bless all in Jesus name. Amen.

  23. James says:

    Dear friends,

    I wanted to let you know about a new petition I created on We the People, a new feature on, and ask for your support. Will you add your name to mine? If this petition gets 99,999 signatures by February 22, 2017, the White House will review it and respond!

    We the People allows anyone to create and sign petitions asking the White House to take action on a range of issues. If a petition gets enough support, the White House will issue an official response.

    You can view and sign the petition here:

    Here's some more information about this petition:

    Stop Solar Radiation Management S.R.M. Stop Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering S.A.G. Stop Geoengineering

    I am tired of the clean water act being violated on a daily basis . I am tired of being poisoned to death .
    Please restore our constitution and stop this Madness .

  24. virginia says:

    HPV?    The powers that be are now pushing the HPV vaccine – especially for 'black women."    For the last two or three weeks, the vaccine killers are mentioning what a deadly cancer this is and how easily, it can be cured.  Today Yahoo has a big spread  indoctrinating we poor folk on this deadly but 'curable' (with the vaccine) cancer.  I truly hope people will see through this, especially regarding the vaccine given to young teens and young women.  If California uses this as an excuse to mandate it….we'll have no choice but to march on Sacramento.  Bill Gates did a number on the young girls of India and many of them died, were paralyzed, became infertile and more.  The metallic and poisonous cocktails 'they" are loading us up on are not working fast enough for the bas****ds.

    • Dennie says:

      @virginia:  There was an article in our local Marin Independent Journal (it is neither) about a measles outbreak in L.A.  The implication was that it was mainly hitting the Orthodox Jewish community, like somehow those people are just not vaccinating their kids, but it was also like, "Gee, we're most of us all vaccinated now, how in heaven's name could this be possible?"  The article went on about the "deadly" nature of measles while meanwhile, back in Reality, it has always been understood to be one of a group of five common childhood illnesses, an infection that was certainly not considered deadly when I was a child growing up in the sixties.  People sent their kids to measles and mumps "parties," to expose the kids who'd not had it so they would come down with these illnesses and acquire natural immunity.  I'm still here (mostly).  These days you'd be carted off by Child Protective Services if someone mouthy (think:  "If you see something, say something" sloganeering) told on you that you'd sent your kid to a house where someone's got an active infection with one of those illnesses (NOT a "disease.." that should be saved for things like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, etc.).  The article went on to say that FIFTEEN PEOPLE DIE EVERY DAY FROM MEASLES WORLDWIDE, and that makes it, of course, a "deadly" disease.  Meanwhile, back in Reality once again, more people probably die of the common cold each day than of measles, so let's not be surprised when "they" come up with a "seasonal cold" vaccine, just like with influenza…

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Virginia,  I have known of one death from HPV, a friend's wife.  He said she did not stay on top of her Pap smear tests.  I suspect he, who was overseas for a long time, coming back in the summer for long visits, was the problem.  What many do not realize is that men get this too but are not tested.  Women get this from infected men.  Yet another good reason for condoms.  Women die from it, but apparently not men.  And yet another good reason for Planned Parenthood as they explain this, and how a man can be tested, and they do it for free in a non-judgmental way.

      @Dennie, your story had nothing to do with HPV.  As I've said before, measles wiped out a vast, really vast number of Native Americans a very long time ago.  It can be devastating.  In 1952 I was 5 and nearly died from a combo of measles and pneumonia.  That was largely my mother's fault via allowing me to perform in a dance I'd been preparing for, had a costume for and despite a temp of 105 when my photo was taken which she noted on back of photo!  She slathered me with makeup so no one would notice!!  Thing was, I was flat out insisting to do this, I so wanted to, which is why I say her fault as it was winter, a crowded auditorium and bingo, pneumonia.

      And, no one in their right mind would have a measles/ mumps party!  I hope I am remembering correctly but one of these common childhood things, mumps? can cause sterility in grown men if they contract it when grown, and so some chose to expose their young males to this in order to prevent them from getting it as grown men.  Oh how my mother suffered as she never got sick and yet my sister and I and my father all got measles, both kinds of, chicken pox, and mumps!!!!  About the time I turned 12 she sorta gave up and refused to deal with any health issues unless one of us was running a 106 temp or projectile bleeding!!!!  And that was back when very few women worked.  Occurs to me now to consider that factor in terms of them pushing vaccinations, not that I approve of them.  But with almost all moms working now, who could afford to care for, much less hire for two weeks such sick children?  My daughter and I lived in a very small community on the Russian River when at age 3 she got chicken pox, which was very light weight compared to these others.  It was sorta interesting to see it go from brother to sister to best friend to their sibs, etc.  Amounted to one of those days when the kid is a brat and you just about lose it, then at night the fever and one regrets being ill tempered.  Next day spots all over but all better.  She has but one scar on her forehead from that.  Not one kid got very sick at all.  As compared to measles and mumps, in which case one is sick for awhile. 

  25. Terri says:

    In Northern Arizona we had blue skies until about 8:30 AM then the most vibrant colorful rainbow appeared.  This thing was huge!  Mind you, no rain is needed now for rainbows.  The wind however was impressive off and on.  I got  photos of this wondrous vibrant rainbow, wish I could post those for everyone.  A rainbow is very pretty against blue sky.

    Currently, waiting for weather from California to arrive. Our blue skies with white puffy clouds from days past are gone.  This afternoon just dull, dirty, dusty white looking blanket covering the sun and sky.  They spray us up here while flying above the clouds, you can hear them, but can't see them.

    I see many older weather people have all but disappeared from the TV News channels.  Young ladies with color block dresses and short sleeves!  Spandex dresses with heels read the screen to us, I guess reading is also something lost to the past, we need to be read to by a youngster.  The weather reports change more often then those Barbie Dolls change underwear.  Television is just active advertising now for drugs & spending money on things you do not need.  Media is going obsolete due to lack of interesting programming and reworked prior movies and shows.  There has not been an original thought for TV or Movies in years, just the same thing, with a different name, different channel and different faces. Scott Pelly makes his evening CBS Newscast once a week at best….

    Keep your eyes peeled and ears open.  I must hope Trump will see this for what it is and stop it.  I have so little faith in Washington or in anyone really caring about the masses.  I want Trump to surprise me and stop them from killing us all off.  I choose rather to pray for guidance for him and stay away from the negative thoughts, feelings & perceptions of others.  The negativity is extremely heavy today.  Sometimes, it is very difficult to find even a sliver of silver lining.

    God bless everyone here.  (Ears ringing like crazy)

  26. virginia says:

    Hi, Blue Sue:  Just listened to your referenced link on you tube.  Dr. Klinghardt gives so much info that will clarify a lot of our questions as to who and why we are at the same time being poisoned by glyphosate and are being filled, literally, with aluminum.  The presentation is in German with English subs and voice-over.  A little difficult to understand, but it is worth every minute one has to watch this.  It looks like we are really doomed at this point.  The damage has been done according to Dr. Klinghardt's referenced studies.  The United States of America is killing its own people, as is Russia and China to a lesser degree.  Thank you so much for giving us this link.

    Good luck to all of us and to our kids. Damn the evil SOB's who are doing this.

  27. CJ says:

    Bronchitis… Do you have it? How about these symptoms… Non stop coughing… Sore upper back and chest… A girl gets this and goes to the hospital… They don't know what it is… So they put her on IV… What is in that IV drip… How come they can't diagnose her problem… Is it about silence or what…Money…

    I talked with some older men in their 50's and explained this GEO ENGINE phenomena… A younger lad piped up and said Conspiracy Theories… The guy does not even know … He is young… Early 20's… Some day he will find out that it is not any thing but true… I'm saying that most do not have the faintest idea what is out there and what it is doing to each and every one of us… The only thing I can say is to start paying attention to your surroundings and everyone around you… Examine the skies each and every single day… If that black looking cloud keeps on going over your head… It must mean something… I am pretty sure that it is not good for your health… I have no idea who will help stop this… It should happen sooner then later though… We all are in a real rock and a hard place.

  28. Wes says:

    I saved this from a couple of years ago. If you really want to see what war crimes read like, here it is. "Warning", not for the faint of heart. It's difficult to even finish it. Remember how they had their lawn chairs out, having a gay old time watching the fire works? And remember, Israel are us.

    • virginia says:

      Wes, thank you so much for the link to Dr. Barghoti article on the destruction of Gaza and its people, over and over again, by the Israeli Zionist terrorists called our 'ally'.  I know of Dr. Barghouti's work and that of many others who have been reporting on Gaza…….the forgotten hell hole where millions of innocent civilians who were kicked out of their homes in Palestine now are trying to survive under the most hideous conditions imaginable.  America never hears about Gaza or what our tax dollars, yours and mine, are doing to innocent human beings.  We are too busy hearing about the fact that not an inch of daylight stands between Israel and the United States….sayeth all of Congress, Vice-presidents, presidents and the John McCains of the world.  Who cries for the native inhabitants of the U.S.  Who cries for the Palestinians in Gaza and in Palestine proper?  Thank you again for your post…it takes courage nowadays to even mention Israel for what it is. The Israelis who were cheerleading from their seats and picnic gear on a hilltop overlookiing Gaza as it was being bombarded to hell are the of the same ilk who were cheerleaders watching the towers fall, by the way.

  29. Wes says:

    Gut wrenching, heart breaking, these M FR's need to hang somehow. A couple of months ago, before "winter" set in. I saw a squirrel in the middle of main street, surrounded by nothing but concrete and passing cars. He was trying to get something out of the 1/2 inch crack in the concrete. We are so close to systemic collapse.

    I've never had a cell phone. I've never signed up on facebook. These people with their cell phones. It's like looking at some heroin addict. They are constantly taking it out of their pocket. Looking at it. "Flipping" through photos and facebook, texting, all day! It seems like the flipping is part of the addiction. Like the slot machines at casinos.

    I saw them while on vacation last year in Nicaragua. They would take a picture of something and then have to look at the picture they just took on their cell phones, over and over again. No one is living the moment. No one knows what is going on around them.

    The whole nation has the mentality of four year olds. They are so easily manipulated, putty in the hands of psychopaths. 

    How could anyone participate in any part of this fraudulent, evil  "government" is beyond me. 

    Here's another thing on how people can't think. How can some one say they are "proud" to be an American? Doesn't pride come from some sort of accomplishment? Countries (governments) are no different than gangs. Territory (borders), enforcers (the military), payola (taxes). You think you really own anything, think again. Try not paying government rent, errr property tax. See how long your "ownership" will last.

    And all you people that claim to believe in god and are patriotic, you are frauds. If you truly believed in a supreme being, man made borders should not enter into this.

    After every one of these moisture events, the next day the respiratory problems seem to be that much worse. Everyone at my work place now hides their clearing of the throat, or coughs from me, since I've tried to wake them up. F'n four year olds!

  30. Mary Hollowell says:

    shared geoengineering information with vendors at the American Library Association convention in ATL – felt productive – My own publisher discussed making climate engineering exposure into a book. Thanks, R & L.

  31. nobodiesfool says:

    Flouride:Poison on Tap and Silent Epidemic can be viewed on YouTube. I believe that is where I viewed the 911 Engineers for truth documentary also.

  32. Blue Sue says:

    Came across this link shared by a fellow champion for health and sanity.  This German doctor, Klinghardt,  tells it (health impacts of geo-engineering) like it is. 

    Dr. med. Dietrich Klinghardt: Gesundheitliche Auswirkungen von Chemtrails


    • Rosalie says:

      Blue Sue, thank you so much for sharing the link for Dr. Klinghardt's work.  Wow! Everyone, you need to check this out! Closer to the end of the video is very valuable, hard-hitting information.  The whole video is well worth watching. You just have to endure the translation of German to English throughout the video. 

    • Irene Parousis says:

      Thank you, Blue Sue, for sharing this very informative video from a doctor.  This is a good video to share with those who want a doctors perspective on  Geoengineering and the effects of aluminum.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Good find Blue Sue, thanks

    • Wes says:

      Thank you Blue Sue for posting this. All I can say is, wow.

  33. AL says:

    Hello from Northern California Sierras, up in the hills outside of Jackson:

    Went mountain biking a few days ago. When I reached the top of a mountain which overlooked the Jackson area I stopped to take a break. First thing I notice is spray lines completely covering the sky. Then I notice 3 jets spraying over the lines already in the sky. Lines on top of lines on top of lines. I thought it was insanely odd to spray that much chemical in the sky until a day later when it started snowing. Snowed heavy for 2 days, then my area lost power for over 24 hours. I have a temp gage outside my cabin and in my car. The temperature was 39-42 degrees so it wasn't even that cold outside for the amount of snow that was falling. After dealing with no power at all from PG&E for over 24 hours, the power suddenly came on today at 12 noon, just in time for the football playoffs. Thought that was odd and did not think it was coincidental. Could controlled power outages be part of their plan?

    • Mario says:

      Al, we're dealing with a level psychopathy that is reserved for a very few, elite, criminally insane, barbarians.  I wouldn't put anything past them.  Expect the worst from these monsters.  Think Josef Mengele.    

    • Donna-AZ says:

      I strongly believe the power companies are "in the game". Hopefully you have some back up power. We have solar, but it's tied to the grid. I was going to buy some batteries for a small back up system, but we really didn't want them in the house, so to keep things simple, we bought 2 Goal Zero Yeti's and we use them with the led lights they sell, for all the lighting in our house plus charging all the little gadgets (ipad, ipod, speakers, phone etc.) I mounted on a garden wagon, to be mobile and move with the sun, two 100 watt solar panels w/ adapter (not Goal Zero panels and not chained together) on 2 sheets of plywood with the ability to slide in and out to adjust to the angle of the sun to charge the Yeti's. There are smaller, portable panels you can get for hiking and camping, but they are expensive and take much longer to charge the unit. The Yeti's are spendy, but ever since our power company poisoned us with their smart meters when we got solar, we're doing what we can to get even. I think the Yeti's are worth every penny!

    • James says:

      Al ,

      I  feel your pain from a Amador County resident. 

      We  all need to scream as loud as we can to get the powers to be to stop spraying us  to death .   

      I   have  almost  gone postal about 2000 + times in the last ten years from the constant spraying of our beautiful environment  and  all of  the death and destruction of our beautiful animals and his big old trees that have died in the last 5 years of this poison.

      With constant action we will stop this madness .

      Get up ,,

    • Dennie says:

      We had "rolling black-outs" back at the beginning of last decade, courtesy of Enron, a spectacularly failed energy enterprise, the records of which perished on Sept. 11, 2001 when WTC collapsed (and it wasn't even hit by a plane).  "They" would let everyone know when your power would be off, usually for a few hours.  It was a total scam.  I doubt you had this occur.  Many learned about the Enron shenanigans but I wonder how many actually remember.

    • Rutheford_County_NC says:

      I notice the same thing here in the Blue Ridge whenever I'm out in the woods and nature: odd looking skies.  My annual flowers that grow from bulbs which typically come up in early March, are coming up now..  I've lived here 10 years and this is unprecedented. It's as if winter is over already.

      And like you, I'm seeing a pattern wherein heavy spraying precedes a cold snap/heavy rain/snow/ice:  Temps gradually warm up from the preceding event (almost 70 here tomorrow — ~20 over normal high, they hit us with aerosols and radar energy, then it gets cold again.  The forecast for tomorrow is for 'partly cloudy/68 deg' then a rapid cool down. for this weekend, where our temps almost get back to normal for a few days, then right back to the warm weather.  This 'winter' has followed that script. I would bet dollars to donuts that my skies will be heavily sprayed tomorrow, starting early in the morning.

      In conclusion I believe they're working as hard as they can to maintain a facade of winter, thus 'disproving AGW'.  And that these whiplash cool downs help to bring down overall averages, which I think is important in terms of not alarming the population and supporting the false narrative.

      People are expending mental effort just to pretend this isn't happening. There must be epic levels of cognitive dissonance going on right now.

      We have to continue to speak up and draw attention to it.  The first step in solving a problem is to acknowledge it exists.

      Thank you to Dane and everyone here for working to raise awareness.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie, I well remember those rolling brownouts, as they called them. Once, when leaving SF Dental School (from hell), just as daughter and I exited elevator another woman went into it and blam.  Brownout, the doors slammed shut and locked, trapping us and trapping the poor woman in the elevator in darkness.  Like the 'silence of the lambs' I will never forget her screams!  We were stuck in their museum of old timey dental hell.  Thing is, I thought of this on 9/11, as it had been said, explained that our power grid caught on fire and it was situated across the border in Canada.  And that grid was not just California but also most of the states adjacent.  Like a big rectangle down to Mexican border.  For so long we heard no one knew who the terrorists were, prior to 9/11.  Yet, within 24 hours they had not only their names, but addresses and photos which seemed too odd, not to mention I was watching TV as it happened and noticed the 'foot drop' immediately.  But also I thought, any self respecting terrorist would have taken out the West's grid at the same time.  It was, as I then knew, across the border, they would not even have to enter the US and if the west coast was watching this horror unfold, then suddenly lost power, all hell would have broken loose!  It would have!  It is one thing to watch something like this 3,000 miles away, would be quite another to see it and then lose power, would have had much more impact so to speak.  I found it hard to believe we would leave something so important so unprotected!  I do not know of the scam you mention.

      @Donna-AZ, Wow, I am impressed!  I do not know about these Yetis you mention.  Clever woman you, moving solar panels around in a garden wagon!  I'd have to do that here, our place gets little light and the light that is does move.  Sounds good!  What is you uptake?  Like Dane, are you getting far less than you anticipated?

  34. Mario says:

    I saw this map of current "influenza" in the US . . . the source is the weather app, Intellicast, under the Health tab.  Don't know where they get their numbers, but it is telling to say the least.

    • BaneB says:

      Mario:  Good thing I am buried in snow and can't get out to make contact:-)). The Christmas/Holiday Season is the greatest most propitious time of the year for disseminating disease throughout the population.  Millions stuff themselves into a carbon producing winged tube and fly off, to and fro, to mix and mingle with friends and relatives, here in the glorious Homeland, and into foreign lands.  Everyone returns to their point of origin, infected, spreading ever more "cheer" into the medical industry's profit centers.  Also, changing the subject, you have been posting about various microwave transmitters, NEXRAD, etc.  Recently you referred to the transmitters, one south of Ferndale, California, and another even farther south but northeast by a considerable distance from Petrolia, Ca. and southwest of Scotia.  Of course these microwave facilities are well hidden in remote mountainous  locales.  Very few individuals in these regions realize these weather altering "machines" are there.  I had only considered NEXRAD as a major cause of what we observe in our atmosphere.  Boy, was I mistaken!  ;It looks brand new, a five story golf ball flanked by two other transmitters, and the attendant control structure.  Obviously NEXRAD is only a part of a network of weather control.  My guess is these very powerful weather altering facilities are peppered all across the United States, outside of any NEXRAD.  NEXRAD facilities are listed.  Are these other transmitters listed?  Finally, caught between the aerosol assaults and these microwave operations are our dying forests, and our compromised health.  PS – it has been snowing here at my altitude since last Wednesday.  To date over four feet.  It's gloppy, heavy, and many fruit trees are damaged.  I am literally marooned.  One barn skylight is destroyed.  Total tree damage is yet to be discovered because I cannot yet get out to inspect.  There is a low parked off Northern California.

    • Dennie says:

      "They" get their numbers from Dept. of Health as reported to them by local physicians in clinics and hospitals.  Docs keep track of officially diagnosed cases and report numbers to County Public Health Depts.  CDC tracks cases of flu and as much as possible, which strains are showing up where. is a website that has information on flu strains and where they're showing up. I have not seen it particularly updated of late. 

  35. ron hall says:

    Dane! I just came across this today. The topics are varied and all relate to one form or another of geoengineering. And I thought"WTF!' Now we have so-called 'MARINE CLOUD BRIGHTENING!  Also a ship dumping thousands of tons of ferrous sulfate(iron rust) and more insane ideas about dumping whatever into the oceans of the planet which are in their death throws.

    Also brought up are GROUND BASED CLOUD SEEDING GENERATORS which burn silver iodide combing solar paneling and propane flaring to burn and send the silver iodide straight up and seed clouds– there seem to be hundreds of these things primarily located where fracking is done. I was stunned to hear the names of companies like PG&E and the LA Water dept. spending money on various aspects of cloud seeding , etc.       Fracking is another horror which poisons millions of tons of fresh water-and throw in earthquakes and sinkholes. 

    I am sure you know this stuff; but the purposeful ocean geoengineering was new to me–but not surprising. The oceans are in their death throws now…

    • SortingHat says:

      What should be a concern is sucking the atmosphere out.  Enough of these countries playing with each other's eco-systems is going to burn enough holes in the layers of our atmosphere that all our air will escape to space.

      We will become like Mars and it's all the fault of capitalistic greed with no limits.   

      Commercialization!!!!    How would you like to live in an atmosphere with no magnetic field?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello ron hall, I am glad you brought this up!  Others say they smell the metals.  Prior to such chem crap and its affect on my nose, I had a nose like a bloodhound.  I mean I can smell fabric and tell you its content.  But never smelled the metal and never say never.  I've now smelled it twice, maybe three times, but the last time I knew it was a distinct kind of smell.  And with rain.  Then, I left a pot of mine in filled dishpan overnight, hate when I do that as its handles is some kind of alloy with iron so it rusts and I have to scrum a lot.  I realized then that the metal I was smelling was iron!  And in the rain, separate from pot in water issues.  Bingo.

  36. JR says:

    In the Southwest, New Mexico area on Sat. 1-21-17 we had hellacious winds coming through as predicted. All our rain or snow clouds were demolished by the winds with SAG/SRM aka Chemtrails very obvious in the mix blowing eastward. Blood is on the hands of every individual working in the dark shadows of evil with these works. The word says these type of people will not even go through judgement day but straight to Hell It is Written…..

    • Dennie says:

      We can pass on Waiting for Godot, er, Judgment Day– no need, the kiddies in the Control Room are bringing Hell to Earth.  Yep, it's Take Out from Hell, brought to you courtesy of our dear "brothers" and "sisters" (NO, NOT MINE.. again, one more time, dammit!), the professional Order Followers hanging out in camouflage, a.k.a. the military, hoping we won't notice and if we do, we won't say anything about their poisoning of the planet, our only home, as if somehow what THEY are doing won't affect them or anyone they actually care about, as if they were capable of any feeling at all.  Meanwhile, the adults who should be in charge are mostly all either a.) stoned; b.) lost in tee vee/internet addiction;  c.) "too busy" trying to earn a living, driving kids around, etc. or d.) don't notice and don't want to.

  37. horsegirl says:

    Today a new exercise in imagination.  Hypothesis.  If someone is Commander-In-Chief, they occupy an Oval Office equipped with a state-of-the-art command center.  Forget vignettes of Kennedy's tired eyes  printed pouring over books of case law.  Or drumming fingers on the table awaiting five star general underlings and their attaches.  The modern executive office includes a battery of screens, touch screen phalanxes of lights and beeps to rival a NASA control station, all the modern gizmos.  Think Star Wars.  We're talking head honcho here, joined at the hip with the NSA, the CIA and all the rest of the alphabet agencies.  This Narcissus, all new to the throne, can spend all the time he likes gazing into the public mirror.  What are they saying about me now on MugBook, Caligula might query.  He has a total access internet platform that makes our humble Google look like digging through dumpsters.  Voice commands demand numbers, profiles, stats, quotes, instant briefings on any whimsy.  Commands the top strata of the internet, whereby he can preen away at what is happening among his charge.  Ancient Rome was like that   Emperors hired spooks to stand under windows, which is why ancient Christians referred to the Emperor as "666" instead of ever mentioning the name.  Well if ancient Rome excelled in blood-letting snoop intrigues, how much more today.  And why oh why do I keep hearing people imagining the Commander-In-Chief knows nothing of weather manipulation etc. programs?  Has Dane not posted a 1970's vintage classified Congressional report to the President about climate engineering?  Did that stop?  This is childish, to imagine the Chief is out of the loop.  On the contrary.  They get uppity somewhere in Texas, and I guarantee you he has a touch screen, and PUG with a thumb tip and an hour later a tornado forms over their heads.  Please.  No more "I hope Trump…"  You can bet the narcissistic colossi occupying the oval office throughout recent decades are there for the thrill of playing God.  Tormenting their own.  Who among us has not understood we are the objects of warfare waged against us by our own power structure?

  38. This is difficult for me to write… both physically and emotionally.  In the last week or so I have moved so much toxic snow that now even the briefest attempt at typing makes my hands go numb, which is why I haven't been active in the comments… but the suffering of the wildlife, that  I am witnessing this winter, compels me to speak up. I recall Dane's story about the eagle from an earlier article, as well as other stories about a bear eating cactus out of desperation, and the little fox Dane had to put down because it was so sick.  These things broke my heart, both for the specific animals involved, for their brethren who are out there sharing their fate in silence and anonymity, and for the implications for all life on this planet… the impending loss of the miracle we know as our biosphere.

    In the 20 years that I have lived at my current address, last year we had a first.  A yearling deer showed up in our snow covered yard seeking apples from our tree.  I suspected it was desperate… to be just outside my window mid-day, in the midst of our small, Idaho, mountain town.  But what happened a couple of weeks ago really took me aback.  Just on the outskirts of a neighboring town, in a snow covered pasture surrounded by homes on all sides, was a sight I had never seen… about 20 bull elk, huddled together.  Cow elk frequent this area, as do the occasional bulls who sometimes accompany them.  Too see such a large group of bulls together, and in town, was unheard of.  Some of them were royal bull elk, with huge racks extending well over their backs… a sight not easily forgotten and a hint that something was very wrong; for older, experienced bulls like these to be in the heart of a residential area implies desperation.  My companion Al, a seasoned hunter of years gone by, was astounded… in the nearly 50 years since he first began hiking and hunting this region, he had never seen so many bulls gathered together, much less in town.  The elk remained in or near that pasture for many days and were eventually joined by several cows and calves.

    Then a few days ago, as I was driving by the tiny park in my own little town, I spotted a doe near the two rows of fir trees that run down the middle of it.  A closer look revealed about a dozen head of deer sheltering in the snow wells under the trees, where the grass had not yet been covered by the recently fallen 3 feet of snow.  Our park is only one, very small, square block in size, is just 2 blocks off the highway, and is surrounded on all sides by homes and activity… people digging out from the last snowfall, dogs and kids playing in and around the park, snowmobilers bombing up and down the streets.  Sadly, the fact that the deer were seemingly unperturbed by all the mid-day activity in their immediate vicinity, reveals a problem.  They are starving and the condition of the trees where they are sheltering shows that well… they are eating them.  Nearly a week has gone by and the deer are still there… I don't know what will happen to them.  Fish and Game is saying not to feed deer and elk here in the Wood River Valley, that they have an emergency feeding program in progress at some of the local ranches, but these animals are obviously desperate and I fear for their lives at this point.  

    With much of this very harsh winter still ahead of us, it has now become heart wrenchingly obvious that this past summer's browse was not what it should have been and the large ungulates like our regional deer, elk and moose are suffering because of it.  The dramatic reduction in our local bee population, as well as other pollinators, is having a devastating effect on the wildlife that depend on the fruits and seeds of the plants that would have been pollinated.  The ladder of life is simultaneously simple and complex… with all species dependent on each other, one way or another, for sustenance.  Lose enough rungs from that ladder, and the whole thing falls apart.  The signs that the ladder is falling apart are all there; from the whacked out weather, to the crash of the insects and pollinators, to the desperation of the wildlife, to the implosion of the cryosphere and the devastation of the oceans and forests… our world is coming undone.  How is it possible that so many are able to remain detached, unaware of and emotionally unaffected by the catastrophe that is upon us?  

    Here's a clue… from the beginning I could not, for the life of me, understand how someone like Trump could have serious aspirations for the office of POTUS.  I was beyond incredulous when he was nominated, and there were no words for my level of disbelief when he was elected.  But now I get it… it's all just another freak-show, meant to keep us distracted from the enormity of our global environmental situation.  Who better to lead it than an expert in the field of freak-shows… a conscienceless megalomanic who lives to be the center of attention.  And, he is just one of many in the endless parade of clowns who are all too willing to let this entire planet go down the tubes, while they reap the benefits of their perceived rewards.   Too much fun, boys and girls, too much fun.  🙁

    Don't get me wrong, I'm no Hillary supporter… she too is a member of that long list of sell-out clowns.  In fact, there is only one person I can think of that I would have voted for, but he is busy actually trying to save the world… and running this website.  My deepest respect and gratitude for all you do, Dane!

    Best to all…
    Laura Marinangeli

    • Blue Sue says:

      Reading your post about the elk and deer where you live was gut wrenchingly sad.  We live in dire, desperate times; may heaven help us save the wildlife and ourselves.  Sharing your pain over nature's sufferning. With prayers for comfort and healing — and a miracle . . .

    • BaneB says:

      Laura:  your post has touched me.  It hardly seems like the deer and elk want to be in town around dogs and automobiles unless they are starving, as you surmise.  Therefore, feeding starving animals with food until the situation changes is hardly going to form a habit among the starving animals.  No doubt Fish and Game want full control, even at the expense of animals starving animals.  I suppose they informed the starving animals where those ranch feed stations are located?  Someone ought to just go and feed them.  Here where I am literally immobilized from snow, I can get out with snow shoes to feed the birds.  And that is running out with only a few days of seed left.   My vehicle is buried.  I do not know when the snow will cease falling, or will melt enough to force my way out.  I am plenty of food of course.  It's a winter from hell.

    • Chad says:

      LaurA thx for article. Im also in idaho seeing the same thing. I love God and nature and animals and im really starting to get pissed. Its total OMNICIDE AND PEOPLE ARE BLIND AND MIND CONTROLLED AND DONT CARE. SO SO SAD AND DEPRESSING!!! I GIVE IT TO GOD, all i can do next to violence, which i will never do. I will die with dignity, and God given integrity intact. Thx for spreading the TRUTH AND RIGHTEOUSNESS. NO DEED GOES UNPUNISHED. Thx and God bless. Take care all. Chad Haberman, in Idaho spreading the truth until the END, coming sooner than most will ever know or see it coming. 

    • MAP says:

      Laura: Thank you very much for your testimony of what is our collective reality and speaking truth to "where things stand" in regards to our environment/ecosystem.  Your writing brought me to tears.

  39. virginia says:

    The overly saturated discordant information that we Americans are being faced with boggles the mind.  Reading these sincere and concerned posts  on this forum is both enlightening and disheartening at the same time – for from some, they indicate hope from the new administration, where I see very little or none.  If one cannot discern by now on which path Trump will lead us, he is not awake.  Do not listen to his words, but follow his actions.  Look at his cabinet and search their histories and values.  Look at the first actions taken place since January 20th.  Look at who will be his first foreign contacts (Netanyahu, today, for one).  Look at Trump and his family's way of life.  Does he or his wife even know what a loaf of bread costs?  Have any of his sons, or he, himself, served in the military?  He didn't even know what the Purple Heart was. These people on whom we place so much hope have no idea what the 'average', hardworking American family go through each day of their lives – and you know what? They don't give a rat's a***. As far as the environmental causes? He and his staff support fracking on federal lands; have taken down an important website; and support more nuclear plants. Each time he opens his mouth as to what his aims are – dollars and cents get top billing.  Where are his actions of peaceful foreign policy where all countries are treated equally and fairly, without interference or subterfuge involving regime change?  Where is his concern for the wars we are perpetuating in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, for the little children starving to death being bombed to dust for good measure? Has he even mentioned the word Syria, or Yemen?  Does he even know where these countries are?    And what is most alarming, although the average citizen sees it not, for they know not enough of the history involved, is his appointment of his Zionist, Netanyahu-controlled, Israel-firster son-in-law, not only as his top advisor (what happens to Pence and his other top cabinet posts?) but given top security clearance to sit in on all presidential briefings.  This is such a red flag – if only all could see the potential disastrous possibilities for our country.  Essentially, we are being controlled by a foreign nation and our people will eventually be enslaved through higher taxes, etc. to support that country, more than we are now.  Jonathon Pollard, the Israeli spy (if you are not familiar with that piece of excrement, look him up) is being reborn in the form of one Jared Kushner,.  International and Geneva Convention Laws have already been broken or ignored by Trump, in favor of Israel.  If we are to see fairness for the long-suffering Palestinians, or for our own country, the financial ties to Israel must be broken, our support for Israel's continued and flagrant blood lust for wars in which our country's men and women fight and die must be be stopped.  No, Trump is not interested in what happens to the Pacific Ocean and the precious marine life; he is not interested in the dying trees all over the world from climate engineering.  His patrons, Raytheon and others will carry on their deliberate destruction of everything we hold dear on this earth – for who in Trump's administration is even concerned for the deteriorating health of We the People?  Hope?  I sadly have none in the foreseeable future.  Am I all wrong?  Perhaps. I would invite opposing views.


    • William says:


      I am in total agreement.  Thank you.


    • BaneB says:

      Virginia:  My concern at this late stage of evolution's biggest mistake is that the tin can of nuclear war be kicked continually down the street. Stall, stall, stall. At this juncture in my own assessments of what the hell is going on I can only conclude that the inevitable is eventual.  Obviously we reside in an insane asylum, one not of the choosing of the posters on this board.  We are born into this mess.  I bet most people here knew instinctively, if not consciously, years ago, that our paradigm was dead on arrival.  But, we are trapped.  We can protest, write our concerns, phone our Congressional stooges, and March by the millions, and still the bastards ignore our protestations.  It's a self-dealing monstrosity , and short of a divine intervention, we pawns are their existential collateral damage.  Still, I am compelled for my own sanity to make a modicum of protestation no matter the seeming hopelessness of the overall situation by participating on this board. 

    • horsegirl says:

      Spectacular analysis, Virginia.  I keep thinking of the Spanish proverb:  dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres – tell me who you company with and I will tell you who you are.  So many are lost in the angry bee swarm of the Appointee's rhetoric, but just look who's with him.  This has held true for so many previous presidents.  What's worse, there's a tendency of people to hear what they want to hear.  The buzzwords are spat out and people fill in the blanks.  I watched Christians rejoice over Reagan and Bush as Christian presidents because they said "God" so much.  I defy anyone to show me where either mentioned any relationship with  Jesus Christ in any form or ever dropped the name.  Even Caligula and Nero eulogized their "God" to woo their minions.  Talk means nothing.  Actions are what to watch.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Well said Virginia.  And today he signed the go ahead for Keystone and DAPL.

    • BaneB says:

      Vieginia:  Intel states Pollard did more damage to US security secrets than ever before by anyone.  And, astoundingly Obama tosses Netanyahu a kiss and makeup…by releasing this scurrilous traitor.  I cannot become too exorcized over this except to say if Pollard is allowed this free pass, then too so should Snowden and Assange!  And these two actually informed the American People of the incredible deep state corruption that is destroying our very anemic republic.

  40. Rosalie says:

    Let's go back to human anatomy class.  Draw a picture of one 30 year old healthy female, and one 30 year old healthy male.  Draw a normal sky and normal green grass, and normal trees, based on your perception. This is the before. Now, draw that same 30 year old woman and man with this in a separate picture, with these items listed beside the body:


    2)Water ingested containing: fluoride, chlorine, altrazine (the gender bender chemical), hormone disrupting plastic, birth control pills and other hormone disrupting drugs and anti-depressants and glyphosate and aluminum. Don't forget to add the synergistic connection between aluminum and fluoride that increases toxicity 10,000 per cent and more easily crosses the blood-brain barrier.

    3) Vaccinations

    4) Smart Meters

    5) Wi-Fi exposure

    6) Cell Phone radiation exposure

    7) Mercury Filling and Root Canal toxicity

    8) Geoengineered  and HAARP skies

    Once you do the before and after diagram, the pieces to the puzzle start falling in to place more clearly.  Cell phone towers in the background, microwaved skies, etc… A picture is worth a thousand words, and all that good stuff.

    If someone on Dane's site has the talent and ability to put something like this together to show the world what is being done to our bodies in a well drawn way, I can't help but think an approach like this could hit home a strong message to the masses in a fairly simple way.

    I'm not that great at drawing.  Hopefully by planting this seed, someone can carry the ball from here.  

    I really do believe that we need a hard-hitting visual of what this garbage is doing to our bodies and minds.

    • virginia says:

      Rosalie:  Great Post.  Instructive.  Thank you much.

    • Amy says:

      Rosalie, I think that would be an excellent idea. Something that doesn't require people to "Read". I notice, on Fakebook especially, that people want visuals not words. I have no respect for those outlets because they all lead to dead ends, but if I had a full page picture illustrating what you proposed, I would post them all around Reno, just like those missing cat posters I see all over the place! 

    • sea says:

      Thank you Rosalie, this is so right on.We are up against a LOT of toxins that we can not shed fast enough from the human body, no matter how much "detoxing" we attempt to do, the worst offender is the geoengineered air that we all take in every day with every breath.

    • Concerned says:

      I agree, that is an excellent idea!

    • Blue Sue says:


      Dr. med. Dietrich Klinghardt: Gesundheitliche Auswirkungen von talks in this video about Chemtrails, and shows 2 pictures of a person drawn by four and five-year-old children, two that have not been victims of aerial crop spraying (glyphosate plus the devil know's what else) — and two children that have not been sprayed.  Their drawings reveals the criminal damage done to these children cognitively and creatively.

    • Jon says:

      Hello Rosalie,

      May I recommend for some artwork of what you may be looking for. He has created quite a few pictures of exactly what you describe! I have forwarded quite a few of his pictures to people and it has opened their eyes.

      Check out number 61/98 in this gallery.

      Eye opening, it helps people access long dormant parts of the mind.

      Take care,


    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Blue Sue, Thank you very much for this incredible link to a speech by Dr. Klinghardt!  Gee how I like the guy, I've seen him before but not in awhile.  Oh how I'd like to see him with Dane and boy would they have a good and productive talk.  Even I was shocked by this, and now I know why I'm not as sharp as I once was, especially today and maybe should not have played with that ice yesterday!.  According to him, the main culprits are fire retardants, glyphosate,  and aluminum.  Did you notice that one paper he referred to was the 2015 one by Dr. Herndon?  He mentions a trial, an experiment, by the US on Ecuador.  They sprayed a portion of that country with glyphosate, and found the DNA of the people damaged.  He says they are spraying this in the US and that these three things bring people to their knees.  He says only very evil people will do this, the US does it the most, 99% of people here are good people and he lives here.  Has recommendations for cleansing, that these three things cause autism, and the other neurology disorders among other things but seemed the most concerned about glyphosate: Round Up, which he says is being heavily used in Germany.  The drawings, really, really sad, were from kids in Mexico who had been sprayed with Round Up.  Says the US gets the worst of all this.  That China and Russia will not use such poisons.  I must watch and read more of him.  Thank you! 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      To everyone that want to have clean teeth and don't know how to avoid the products with the fluoride poison, there is a very healthy and effective option; brush you teeth with vinegar. One or two times a day, 1 or 2 minutes. Put vinegar in a glass, soak the brush and do it gently.

      Wonderful results in two weeks, and it's very cheap.

  41. MS P says:

    Very Odd Moment in Southern CA.

    It was in this past week.

    We have been having rain. The storms come in un natural (to me ) ways. Instead of watching a weather system build up. We get what starts out as a white out haze. I even saw the chem trail lines in the haze. The chem clouds are wider, Still I see the lines.  Or it's like a toxic cloud cover blanket layer.  Just covers the sky. Like a blanket. What ever this is. It burns my throat & lungs. Makes my eyes itch too. 

    Back to that strange moment.  It was not raining. We had the layer. More so white out looking;  than any dark cloud cover. So I am working with someone. The sheeple type, had  even noticed this. They noticed this too. Finding it very odd….We talked about it while it was happening.

    It got dark for 15 minutes. Like an solar eclipse. I have no way of explaining what happened? Or why? I'd say  that the sun was blocked out by at least 50% in my best guess.  

    Has any one else here seen, or notice anything like this?



    • r k says:

      Yes, hear in nyc we have lots of white outs with trails and scalar patterns in them. Lots of itching, stinging, burning, and "colds that people can't get over. Skies start out clear many days and out of nowhere the sky hazes over then thickens like a blanket.

    • Colleen Cran says:

      September 16, 2012 I was in Vegas. It was the first time I had ever seen a massive grid pattern in the sky. Over several hours the trails slowly spread out completely filling in the sky. At 2:00 in the afternoon, the same thing happened. It was like it was a solar eclipse. The light had decreased by at least 50%. As per usual, no one noticed.

    • MS P says:

      I've seen it get dark from an eclipse before. What took place was much greater than that. 30% or less from geoengineering. We are here. It's like the new norm. Dark mid-day? I still can not figure that one out. Was like before the pre-dawn hour.

      Yes human conditioning. Cough Cough. People seem to not even be aware that they cough. 

      Or they have no manners anymore. They will cough in your face, then get offended if you turn away to protect yourself. 

      What ever happened to cough in your hand. Or sleeve? 

  42. MS P says:

    Global economics said  this back in the year 2000. "If you have a nickel in your pocket. You are part of the top 5% in the world."

    USA heading towards cash less?  NWO moving people  towards a Nanny Bank Owned Society.

    Where you get to pay a % of your cash, for the great plastic  convenience. It's so much more easy to use plastic.

    (So they say. HA!)

     It's not faster. That is for sure. A credit/debit transaction takes 5 times longer, than to pay cash, to a cashier. That is if the machine works correct?. You also get to stand there working for the store. Enter your pin # here. Instead of a cashier who is getting paid to stand there. While you are paying. A much higher % price.

    People  are trained to talk about the new ways. it's all bought & sold with plastic. Nanny Bank owned plastic people. How convenient. Anymore it's like " what's wrong with you, for not buying with plastic? " 

    Or even better. To have cash in your pocket, means that you will surely loose it. "What are you doing with all that money (?). You should put it in the bank, so you don't loose it"

    How many times have you heard that line? 

    What an insult. To say it too. As if one is way to stupid to be in control of their own finances. Or to learn how to count & handle their own cash. Balance their spending. NOOOOO! they want you to blow out, spend it all. Borrow some $ when you do. 

    We are being conditioned in the most subtle ways.

    No one questions if you have $10K on your bank card. Yet it's a questionable -possible crime to have $10K in cash. The GOV does not like it. They want to control your money. We are trained► must put money in the bank. Right?

    Based on observation." Very Young. Children"; now have their own debit cards. They do not know how to count cash. Maybe they no longer teach how to count money in school?  Use their brains to think?

    (On a side note  beautiful cursive handwriting & calligraphy,  is also a thing of the past…► Teaching of Cognitive Skills. Gone. To ensure a brain dead society. Then when you get older. People are tested for their cognitive skills, when evaluated, by the medical industrial complex.)

    Most people do not even want to keep their debit/credit receipts. Mindless spending.They pay more when buying with plastic. Mindless money transactions. So very detached from reality.

     Not paying attention to what's in your wallet, let alone hidden costs. We are there. Detached from paying attention to one's own cash. Then wonder. Why am I broke?

    As discussed here; regarding India eliminating currency denominations. It is happening in the USA too. We are loosing the red cent. The mind set is a penny is not worth anything. Let's get rid of it.

    In case you have yet to notice this? Many stores now take pennies, in a transaction,, but do not give them back. The change is rounded up to the nearest nickel. The cashier is instructed to do so.

    Old pennies are also worth more than 1 cent.

    Brought to you by someone who still rather live in the land of CASH  Just like the old saying. Cash Is King"




    • virginia says:

      Hi, MsP:  You brought up some important points I had never thought of. Thanks for the good post.  Keep up the fight…we'll win if we stick together – and be not afraid to speak.


    • BaneB says:

      MS P:  your post is spot on!  The war on cash is a war most directly upon the poor and middle class.  If one has cash, one will be suspected as criminal.  Not the wealthy, just everyone else.  This cashless BS is being pushed by the the banks.  They will skim a fee with every purchase.  They cannot do that if one pays cash. One will be charged a fee for a savings account at NO interest. This is going to be the final monopoly in collusion with that self-dealing swamp Trumps says he will drain.  Good luck!  And you are so right about how much more time the cards takes for a transaction.  And some slide in, some are "swiped"…an appropriate term for what has happened to our freedoms here in Babylon….. Swiped!!

    • Donna-AZ says:

      It's obvious to me they don't want us to have cash. Try to take more than $2,500.00 of your money in cash out of your bank account. I read about this a year ago, that people were having trouble getting cash out of their accounts. I wanted to see if this was also true with credit unions, so off I went! I wrote myself a check for $3,000.00 and sure enough, they said they could only give me $2,000.00. After a long conversation, I did walk out with $3000, but Geeez….makes you not want to leave any money in there, if you can't get it out.

    • MS P says:

      Do not forget that your work earnings are taxed 3 times, & more! 

      When you get paid. Payroll tax.

      When you spend it. Sales Tax

      When you do your taxes at the end of the year. IRS income  tax.

      Now we have 401 K& IRAs. instead of pensions  All with very big  taxable small print when you sign up.

      Yes I too agree on drawing funds above $5K. One has to order their money from the bank, in advance. I've cashed a few large settlement checks, & they hated me, for not leaving my money in their bank!

      Also Bank  safety depo boxes. Another way to get your  personal goods. I have friends who told me that when their loved ones had  died.  Knowing the contents.The box became  (?)  empty, with no  real excuses.  


    • Rachel Robson says:

      MS P, Hi.  I too prefer cash.  I can say that I've yet to run into a store or shop where they do not give you back pennies.  Some do have a place to leave the pennies if you don't want them.  Judging by my youngest grandson, he is learning cognitive skills.  Or, maybe he was just born that way.  I had a friend once utterly devoted to calligraphy, its beauty. That is true, that is gone and all seem to print now.  If they write at all.  I too hate plastic and credit card everything.  I don't and never have done that.  When forced to go cashless via a debit card, I resisted until the very end when forced to for the only income I have.  My big worry about all that was theft.  I was right.  Seemed as if no one saw it coming.  Cyber money and cyber threats.  The old ways are gone, they just are.  I am worried more about new things and primarily about geoengineering, and also my own survival under our new Great Orange Father.  Who just signed for Keystone XL and for DAPL.  18,000 jobs he says.  Lots of oil to drink and eat!  The rich are famous for Not carrying cash!

  43. MJ Johnson says:

    I PRAY President TRUMP sees this and makes it a TOP PRIORITY! This new administration is our only hope. We've been duped for decades. On Inauguration day, I looked out and the skies here in Florida were crystal clear. I was exalted! Alas, now I am still seeing chemtrails..though not as many.  (Also, I hope Pres. Trump is AWARE of the aluminum, that I understand is now being added to all commercial jet fuels as well. My backyard plants are dying..not to mention my lungs are suffering as I live under a landing path).  Can't help but wonder WHAT is going on..who's still directing this to happen and how soon it might end. Anybody have any insights?

    • Karen says:

      MJ – Trump and his EPA cabinet appointee, Scott Pruitt, both want to do away with the EPA, which is all we have at this point, but this shows the Trump administration will not do anything to help as they only want to continue to line their pockets with profit from the oil and gas industry.


    • Anne Denise White says:

      Pretty sure Trump is not going to improve the environment in any way, shape, or form! Kindly pay attention to the billionaire sociopaths he is appointing to leadership positions! Not what multinational corporations they represent. Not only was "the swamp not drained" , the swamp creatures have exploded all over the government.

    • Christine says:

      As much as I try to avoid the incredibly painful facts about geonegineering/bioengineering, it seems like we all need to simply face it, and spread it A.S.A.P., since most of the young people do not ever even look at skies, their hands and brains are wired by IPhones…

    • Jeff says:

      Hey Mj-

      I have felt & wondered the same about Trump myself. I would like to think that maybe he really wants to reverse what has happened to the United States, do what he can do to help ALL of us & go down in history as a great president.  But now – although I hold out some hope & do pray (because it seems that's all there is left to do) I'm getting worn out about it & my personal hope is slipping away.  I would think that the FIRST OBVIOUS thing to do in his position with the knowledge & IQ he has, is sign an executive order DEMANDING that ALL aerosol spraying/weather modification/SRM programs etc. be HALTED within the United States IMMEDIATELY, and THEN, we could work on healing at least our country & its people.  I have yet to see this happen, & here in the Seattle area, the stuff seems to be getting worse really – I can smell it both outdoors & in almost constantly 24/7, sinuses are a mess, mild but persistent headaches often (haven't EVER been one who gets headaches & am 54), asthma like symptoms, burning eyes, etc. (can't describe but can't STAND this smell)!  The trees don't look good, & things just aren't right.  People don't even seem to notice any of this.  

      I am "involved" – I spread the word , talk to the receptive, post the flyers  Dane has here on the site, leave links to the site on other sites within posts & learn what I can here on the site.

       I just really feel that our time is running short – that's likely why I feel kinda hopeless currently….

        Maybe it WILL stop – maybe not, but if it doesn't, life on earth will.

      …Pray please.

    • virginia says:

      @Jeff: I hear you loud and clear.  But, please do not be depressed or hopeless, as things will change, sooner or later, and for the better. As you feel now, so did I just a few days ago.   But, I figured out that is exactly what 'they' want us to do.  To give up, feel down and just plain icky.  Let us not fall for that damn trap.  Think of us thinking of you and giving you our positive thoughts.  If Dane can keep going and keep steering this ship we are on despite the hurdles he meets, so can we.  Right?  Cheer up, and good luck.  Your friend, Virginia

  44. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Hello, Dane, and thank you for feeding the hungry eagle.  I share your hurt feelings (as others do also) over the suffering wildlife.  It feels so wretchedly emotionally painful thinking of their innocence and suffering, so unjustified, as animals starve, freeze, burn or suffocate quietly to death.

    When will more people even begin to notice how many beautiful creatures are missing?

    • Amy says:

      People will only get upset if and when they can no longer find wildlife to hunt in their backyard. Nevada and other states will not consider many wildlife species relevant so they allow the senseless killing of many animals like the coyote for example. Its all a money game for our Government agencies. It keeps me up at night thinking about these sort of things as well. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Bella, Way back when, people did notice as eagles and hawks disappeared.  DDT.  We fought that one for a long time and won.  Then, it was lead from guns.  Fought that too and all was better and rebounding.  So exciting that was to see!  To be a part of.  So, I hold out a wee bit of hope.  Based on the past efforts and winning.  But, time is short now.  As Trump would say: Sad.  It is a bit weird how easy it is to feel for critters' pain, when so many innocent humans are suffering so. 

  45. MS P says:

    Dear Dane,& All; The American  cotton industry has  greatly tanked big time. We used to have a cotton belt in the USA. Georgia, the Carolinas were strong in the industry. The mills are gone. The farms dried up in the drought. They ended before the drought.  Due to shiploads from China. The tipping point for the USA  cotton industry was in the late 90's. I work in the apparel industry. 

    GMO cotton is like wearing sand paper. 

    I must ask. What is your favorite shirt? I'll guess that  it's an older one. Same here, with me.

    What is sold these days, gets so very rough to wear. Hanes, Advil, Jerzeez, & more are still playing it, the  best that they can. Most of it MFG in other countries. For USA companies. Screen printing is going down, & so is a whole lot of the clothing industry. They still try to spin it like the great cash cow days of the late 80's. It's just not happening anymore. I see it in my sales.


    American Apparel  (I'm going to miss them, & the Limited too) seemed to  have expanded way too much, in troubled times. High dollar for their product line. Gilden of Canada will take over that company. At the auction bid price of $88. million.

    • MS P says:

      LA Times qoute►

      Gildan, which said it will buy American Apparel’s inventory in a separate deal, will now move most, if not all, production to its manufacturing hubs in Central America and the Caribbean, analysts said. With minimum wage going up in the state, a company like Gildan would view manufacturing in L.A. as more of a liability than an asset.

      Even with a change of ownership, industry watchers say the future of American Apparel is in doubt. Since ousting founder and Chief Executive Dov Charney in 2014, the company has been hit with one crisis after another. Constant turmoil and poor design has hurt the brand in the eyes of its young consumers.

      With its stores soon to close, American Apparel will have to rely on e-commerce and selling in other retailers. Ultimately, the company’s products will likely be sold at a low-cost chain such as Target, Greif said.

      “American Apparel is headed to the discount bin,” he said. “What was once considered to be an upscale brand doesn’t have that cachet anymore.”"

    • Rachel Robson says:

      MS P, you are right about the sandpaper feel.  Exactly and I've said so but thought it was my sensitive self!  Cotton is the fabric of my life.  Or was, still is and hopefully what I have will last until I die, but…..Time to shop American Apparel?  I did notice they were having troubles for years now.  I seldom get to shop-no money.  But, they were having a sale once and for a very good price I got a couple of simple leggings and two bras-both items still in good shape, still incredibly comfortable and easy to wear.  Cotton now, and most prior, heavy on the pesticides.  It is a difficult crop.  But we do have some organic choices.  Pricey but…..some things are worth it if possible. 

  46. E. Andrade says:

    Look, anyone trying to get fit………. well, if Yellowstone goes and nuclear plant meltdowns occur…… you'll wish you were 90 year old aunt Ethel.   All we can do is pray to make peace with our creator  before the time comes.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Personally, I wish to give myself the best chance possible to live through whatever is coming our way – in as comfortable a situation as possible. 

      I would feel an absolute dork if I failed (myself and my family) at the first hurdle…however, each to their own.

    • Jeffrey E Fish says:

      Hello E. Andrade. As a person who has spent my life in the sciences of horticulture with emphasis on arboriculture, I see it too. The rate of die off now is riveting with regard to trees and smaller plants. I don't see how humans alone could mitigate this mess. I believe there are many forms of higher intelligence out there but I don't believe any organism should be helped along to further it's existence unless it provides something critical for greater purpose. If we do then maybe we would be helped. I fear though that for humanity on earth it is sink or swim and the chains are dragging us down into oblivion. Best wishes; J. Fish


    • Susan Ferguson says:

      E. Andrade — Thank you. I would like to offer you another way to approach the impending collapse, which indeed may be very violent bringing death on a massive scale. We have long been warned through various prophecies that a culling is coming, a harvesting, the sorting. We cannot know what secrets lie dormant within each of us, within our individual genetic proclivities, our DNA. It may very well be that some are completely protected from all catastrophic violent cataclysm, no matter how grave, convulsive, and devastating. We know change must come, the empire is rotten, and most of us welcome that. So I suggest that we deceive them, cheat them, and instead of letting our bodies become “90 year old” we continue to fight, to become stronger, using the various supplements that will keep our minds alert and flush the toxic metals out of our beautiful bodies. Yes, we must all “make peace with our Creator” – and we must do this regardless of our future. Death comes to everyone inevitably. But many will remain unharmed, world without end. They will survive it all as the Remnant, and you and many who are here on GW, those who are aware, who have an expanded consciousness and an open heart, may very well be part of that Remnant, the seeds of the future. Like the lambs’ blood that was smeared on the doors of those who were protected in the time of Moses [Exodus 12:3-5], many will have the Grace of a mysterious inner protection that will see them through anything, and those that do survive will need their strength. We cannot know, but we know how the story ends. Good always prevails.  — Respectfully, Susan

    • virginia says:

      Hello E Andrade:  You may be right about Yellowstone, etc., but I beg your indulgence:  "All we can do is make peace with our creator."  That is admirable, but it is NOT ALL WE CAN DO.    We teach, we fight, we insist, we fear not being ridiculed, but we keep on course in our fight for our earth and our future generation, for the future of our trees, our innocent little animals, our beautiful birds, our gorgeous  marine life and ourselves and our progeny.  To give up is to die now….many of us are not ready for that as we have work to do.  Thank you and good wishes for a happy life.

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Garden Guy says:

      Andrew, I feel the same as you. I plan on being the last man standing, or at least second to last next to you. Never Give Up!!

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Thanks Steven, though my intention is equally to give the best possible chance of survival for my children, grandchildren etc, and the same for close family and friends (even if they do not yet accept the seriousness of the situation).  On on.

  47. deplorable says:

    Great show today. I've been posting Geoengineering Watch info at dozens relevant places all over facebook and first they wanted my phone number to confirm my identity…now they want me to upload a picture ID.

    Pretty heavy spraying here in Darkansas. Yesterday's trails didn't dissipate as they often do, they contracted and formed weird looking blobs and streaks in the previously clear blue sky.

    I'm hoping high quality zeolites and chlorella will help detox this poison.

    • BaneB says:

      deplorable:  Treat Fakebook in the same manner you would handle a vampire.  Stay as far away from it until you can locate a silver bullet.  It's a information gathering operation in which the user hands over personal information to a "collection agency."  This beast wants your facial image in order to do biometric, and iris scans.  And it wants to garner what are your person preferences, shopping, travel, politics, you name it.  Total Information Awareness is the name of their game.  In short, joining Farcebook automatically guarantees the creation of a dossier on each user.  The privacy pronouncements are loaded with doublespeak. You are their copyright.

    • virginia says:

      Hi, BaneB:  Your post is right on target about Facebook.   It was so obvious, right at the start, of its real intentions.  Tried to warn folks, but they thought I was nuts.   Oh, no, said they.  This is fun.  We get to 'talk' to our friends and families, show pictures, give our plans for vacations.  Who, when, what, where, why, – how easy it was for baby-faced slime ball Zuckerberg to get you all in the net of the deep state.  But, what the hey,  he's a billionaire now grabbing up lands in Hawaii and elsewhere at the expense of others.  What a swindle. Americans just have to get wiser.  Thanks again….great post.  Hope all who read it will heed the warning, and dump the damn thing.

    • deplorable says:

      Thanks for the advice. It was a fake name and fake account and I'll just make another fake to get this info out there. I bet the NSA and surveillance groups, after monitoring all communications for the past decade probably more, realized what a crazy, deranged, drugged, armed population we are in America and are probably more scared of us than we are of them….

    • Dennie says:

      BaneB:  That's pretty much how I've seen to treat Fakebook.  I only want to use it to advertise my music performance services, that's all.  And they can "like" my business on a personal Fakebook page.  I already have about all the real friends I'd want anyway.  Life is not a popularity contest with the winner being the one who has no opinions and no pesky solid stances on anything that might possibly offend anyone.  What a load. 

    • MS P says:

      BaneB you are very correct. How did Facebook come to be. It's a GOV tool to profile people & what they do in life.

      Funded by??? YES you got the right  idea….

      Anymore your credit & jobs look at your FB profile. Then decide?


      I have always refused to sign up.

  48. Bella_Fantasia says:

    "Poppy" Bush and Barbara are both in the hospital with pneumonia, fatigue and coughing.  Also Poppy has Parkinson's.  I'll leave it to others to draw conclusions.

    A&E for 911 Truth reports a demolition in Tehran, Iran, due to the top floors burning.  It happened on 1-1-9 (opposite of 9-1-1).  Perhaps more truth will be forthcoming from the East.  Videos are here:

    There was an avalanche that buried a hotel in Italy, reported 1/19  On Wednesday 1/18 the area was hit by 4 seismic shocks inside of 4 hours above magnitude 5.  Of course this could be natural.  (I'll do some research of recent political moves.)

    It's been really cold in most of Alaska, -25F to -60F, which used to be normal, so people still see it as normal.  (One day around New Year's the stupid weather shills said they were given three conflicting models, so they didn't even know what to report. At that time the North Pole was above freezing.)  Now in southcentral Anchorage we're getting cold (-20F to 12F) and snow from the lows coming up from the Pacific into the Gulf of Alaska.  The panhandle and the Aleutians are warm with rain.  The shills said the northern cold descending was "seeping in under" the front coming up from the southwest Pacific.

    We're getting nearly a foot of snow right now that appears fairly normal.  It's pretty, but likely toxic, which breaks my heart.

    The northern jet stream looks more fluid than it has in the past year, but it does not seem to touch Alaska (except for a small blob) nor does it impact Siberia much.  Of course that makes the deep freeze suspicious. 

    As always, offering my Love and Best Wishes to everyone here.  Please keep commenting and pointing out the reality.  (I know some days it's harder to do than on some others.)


    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      My apologies everyone.  The map of the jet stream is "missing" today, even though I swear to you I saw it. 

    • BaneB says:

      Bella:  Over four feet of snow here in my area of Mendocino County.  The temps have remained steady at around 30F since last Wednesday when the snow began.  Lots of tree damage because the stuff is wet heavy, gloppy.  One glob came off a 150 feet fir tree right through a skylight in the barn.  It must have weighed 300 lbs.  Fruit trees a broken mess.  And fir trees beginning to lean more than I care to see.  Basically I am marooned here.  Which is okay. I did stock up last week.  And that included a large bottle of bourbon.  What is depressing is the nonstop lack of sunshine.  

    • Christine says:

      Pacifica CA, heavy storms, one after another, really heavy ones.. One of them, left our neighbors out of their house, which collapsed after huge eucalyptus tree damaged the roof and part of the house. Investigations confirmed land slide.. That seems to be partially justified however, since most of the heaviest oldest neighbor trees, on this very steep hill, were all removed, one by one, since ~2013… Storms come out of nowhere and disappear as quickly as they come. What is strange is that in addition to almost total obstruction of the sun light, very unique white haze (which does not look like fog), is that clouds come in groups from ocean side at pretty low height. Once part of the skies clears, you see thin white parallel streaks at very high attitude. The parallel streaks of heaviest clouds come almost exclusively in the direction Nort-South..   

    • BaneB says:

      Bella_Fantasia:  One can hope these who placed the nations into the current predicament will live long enough to 'appreciate' their incredible folly.  Babylon's blunderers.

  49. LoriBridgeford says:

    Your description of the  hungry eagle , with fewer options is so symbolic for humans as well. The food chain is so damaged. We don't really know WHAT we eat even if labeled organic. What got me was the gesture of kindness, of sharing, of goodwill. The polarization seems to escalate while media keep it stirred in case in subsides. Whistle blowing is nothing short of suicide –the heart attack devises make it easy/ efficient to take out those exposing such corruption. The ocean update / warmer waters as key to further end of  vital resources  Meanwhile Obama and Holder, and the rest are descending  upon CA  next to perform the rest of globalism agenda-thus Calexit  being some kind of "remedy" . They have little clue how late it is for such a scheme, plot, cure. None. This state has many bankrupt cities. Like the eagle, almost  nothing will be offered to humans who have turned from the obvious, as we  have shredded this  Heavenly Garden it seems. Thanks Dane for ALL you offer in this connect all the dots to wake up what we have left. Won't be long before you will be completely and fully recognized for the massive time you dedicate to sharing with us the painful  truths.

  50. Seeing Clearly says:

    We have less privacy than ever before with technology and how society is shaped we do live in the most special society by that I mean we have the most mental disabilities and the most entertainment and vanity our planet has become such a horrible place to live everything is a disorder everywhere no balance anywhere I was having a conversation with someone and she said she doesn't believe in an absolute truth so whatever she decides is true is true. The level of importance to the commitment to the grater good is scarce we need to wake that spirit up that's what we need that spirit has been quenched we need an awakening.

  51. Tracey says:

    Thank you, Dane for all of your work. I've continued to try and spread the word about climate engineering despite academia, media and others entering the fray and distracting from this issue. I remain hopeful (I believe it's the only way forward), and can't wait to hear your updates next week. I was part of an amazing group of concerned individuals to end fluoridation in our community. We were marginalized, but the truth was on our side. Thank you! 

  52. Joseph L. says:

    Great show—  Today was alot of demonstrations for women's rights across the country w hundreds of thousands people protesting     I always wondered why the democratic party gets a free pass when both parties are part of the big problem.  Had Hillary Clinton won the election there would be nobody protesting.   Anyway, the whole system is phony.    GEOENGINEERING NEEDS TO STOP, 

     George Carlin  on War and American Politics— This is a great video using comedy but tells the truth about American Politics— Done in 1992




  53. Anne Denise White says:

    What was the name of the Journalist you referred to, the one who is now dead? Thanks!

  54. Mark Mariani says:

     Have you reached out to President Trump or any of his administration in regards to Geo-Engineering?  It seems to be very plausible that he would be open to a conversation and it wouldn't surprise me if he doesn't know all about it already.  Thanks for all you do! 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mark, about your question, yes, trumps election team was briefed and given materials from over a year ago, so far, no action from them. The materials were passed on through a retired USAF general whom is my contact.

  55. Maureen Keeler says:

    One of the first tabs removed from the site was 'climate change' after the torch was passed to the new administration. Not a good sign.

    • Anne Denise White says:

      Yes, Maureen, and it is unrealistic to expect someone with such hostility to science and climate devastation is going to do anything about it. He probably owns significant stocks in these methods and chemical formulas!  

  56. Dennis says:

    The "winter cough" is widespread in my neck of the woods as well as the UK. I and EVERYONE I know and work with has been sick since a cold November rain. Can't get anyone to see a connection from the weather mod taking place right in front of their faces.

    Another interesting fun fact.

    8 people own as much as 4.5 billion people!!!! Let that fact sink in for a moment. Last year that same wealth was held by 561 people. THe powers that should NEVER have been are consolidating their wealth and I would imagine getting ready to BUG out.

  57. We will know Trump is winning for we the people when the Geoengineering stops. He has called out the CIA which looks promising. Pray that Trump can survive and do the right thing. Could DJT be JFK, RFK, JFKjr , MLK revenge. Prayin.

  58. horsegirl says:

    Dane, another great if alarming presentation.  On the eve of the reign of a new executive – be he the plaything of bigger money that he is – southeastern Arizona has been inundated with the latest storm and the most hideous rain we've witnessed to date on this spot.  Not intending punnery, a rain that bodes ill for the new reign.  As though the Sea of Cortez was squeezed out of its bed and wrung out overhead all night long.  Winds too violent and catastrophic for sleep in a turbulence that feels as omni-directional as an ocean's storm tide.  A taste of what's to come on an allegorical level?

    I believe it was in one of Michel B's posts I first read the term "billionairism."  We are in total agreement that the phenomena is inherently criminal.  A degree of criminality that should be categorically refused for leadership.  Sadly most Americans understand so little of international finance they don't realize you don't "earn" a billion dollars, you steal it.  That the criminal hijinx requisite to "owning" a billion dollars proscribe trust in anyone – absolutely anyone – who claims such wealth. I have known millionaires who asked "what's a fiat currency?"  The phrase international reserve currency – the bottomless financial pit securing fiendishly false finance like a moat around the gangsters' hideout – is a phrase most Americans can't grasp because they've never had to trade currency on the global market as every other nation must do.   It must be a strain for Michel B. and others abroad to behold comments hopeful of goodness from the seamy underbelly of vulture capitalism.  As though pirates who stole the most were the most appropriate leaders to man the helm of state.  What Americans don't realize is that to most worldwide, the recent executive appointment only hoists the grinning Jolly Roger yet higher in fleering defiance of all decency to the rest of the nations.

    As for the storms lashing us personally as with bullwhips, it is an apropos reminder of the impermanence of earthly empire.  That empires generally endure some 225 years.  We don't need a weatherman to lie about why the wind blows.  Or does anyone think there's not a joystick hot-wired into the oval office to torment the executive's own people with weather manipulation as pleases him?

  59. Chad says:

    Thx for great, informative video as always Dane. Always a pleasure and always anxious to be in the know weekly. Thx for your persistent hard work and dedication for good of humanity, even for those undeserving. Grateful and your rewards will most likely come in the next life. Business as usual here in Idaho as around the world, more bs weather whiplash of manmade insanity killing all of this world's life forms. Everytime i go outside, sneezing, burning nose and throat on fire with relentless cough and chemical phlegm that dries out the throat due to its moisture robbing dessicants. Next 3 days chemical ice nucleated projected storms. PM 2.5 with occasional PM 10. Salt Lake City, Utah getting hammered with Ozone and Wyoming too. Just a few that im aware of. Weather app shows it. They are Nanoparticulates , but they wont say that specifically. What a sham and joke this country and world has become. Take care and God bless all. They, the power structure getting nervous and starting to tremble because people are awakening and the ecosystem implosion is becoming way too much to hide and they are scared of Trump, not like he will do much, thats a sham too, but i like how its riling folks up. Keep spreading the word and Truth. Amen sweet Jesus. More ice balls in Great lakes. Thx again for all who do Gods work. Peace out. Chad Haberman In Idaho and unafraid. Take care ALL.

  60. Kathleen says:


    Thank you for your never ending presence. I go day to day knowing my children and I are breathing in dangerous toxic chemicals all day long. I look up into the Gorge skies and monitor the spraying. The Gorge is always cast with a haze. I never see the view clear any more. My sensitive friends get really ill on the days they spray hard. I can see the effects on our forests. The trees don't stand up to the heavy ice freezes. They fall showing how 'pithy' they have become. Large splits on most trees occur showing signs of stress. 

    I know that global warming is geoengineering. I know geoengineering is WEATHER WARFARE. It must be stopped. Any signs out new admin will be affective and get this stopped? 

    Can our new president help us. We know he's not falling for the whole global warming hoax. 

    Im extremely concerned!


  61. Susan Ferguson says:

    Seemorerocks: The sixth world extinction
    Friday, 20 January 2017
    Earth has crossed it's own tipping point and is creaking under the strain: Two thirds of animals extinct by 2020! Climate changed forever! World population to hit 8 billion and accelerating.
    Planet has crossed the tipping point. Our planet is creaking under the strain By 2020 two thirds of all wild animals who once lived on the world will be dead.  The world's primates face an "extinction crisis" with 60% of species now threatened with extinction. Unprecedented death of millions of tons of marine life around the world’s oceans and water ways. NOAA and NASA claimed 2016 marked three consecutive years of record warmth for the globe with the first eight months of 2016 unprecedented warmth! 10 of the 11 warmest years ever recorded coming in the last 16 years. Not climate change but climate "changed". North Pole warmer than the Mediterranean in winter.  World population soon to hit 8 billion and accelerating.  Wars and rumors of wars. During the 20th century alone, the population in the world has grown from 1.65 billion to 6 billion. In 1970, there were roughly half as many people in the world as there are now. We will hit 8 billion people within the next 8 years.

    • Joseph L. says:

      Your articles are very informative

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Joseph L — Thank you.

    • TNGeowatch says:

      I spoke to about 20 adults today outside in 70 degree weather 

      I emptied out on em about geoengineering and our climate state. Out of those 20. 2fathers were looking at this site when I left the others all walked away. One said I was a freaking idiot. 


      We we live in times we're we must love others more then ourselves and be bold to say difficult things. We must wake people up. 

      65-75 degrees in Alabama past week  

      lows are not dropping below 45  

      skys look terrible 



    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

      The MFs that are trying to kill Mankind, Freedom, and the Biosphere have began pushing forward with the evil plan since the 60's, with the agrochemical products and the vaxxines. The Population numbers is just one PRETEXT. They want to appear as the big saviors but in reality they are the BIG ( psycho- ) KILLERS, as we know very well.

      The control F masonic/satanic maniacs!!

  62. Bluesky says:

    Hi Dane, wanted to post this again for today.

    Weatherfest is happening in Seattle on January 22, 2017. It is part of the week long American Meteorological Society's annual meeting. This is a good opportunity for anyone in the area to speak out about Geoengineering. 

    Here is the list of exhibitors:

    NASA, NOAA, and many others exhibitor booths.

    This is a free event!   

    There will also be town hall events and workshops through the week.

    Would love to see anyone & everyone there!

  63. L says:

    Is there anybody on this forum who is in the UK and doing any coordinated campaign work?

  64. Jeff says:

    A high of 59 today in the mountains of WV.  That must be about 25 degrees above normal.  Another dark day no sun at all.

    • Deborah says:

      Is there any coordinated efforts to find out President Trumps position on Geo-Engineering and what he plans to do about it?  

      We are being sprayed like roaches on a daily basis in North Florida, when this STOPS we will know there has been  positive action against the Globalist Agenda.


    • Bill-e-Bob says:

      Same in Ohio, I've seen the sun maybe 3x in about 65 days, they completely spray over until it's nothing but sickening grey overcast everywhere. In the morning sometimes the 'chemfog' is so thick you can't see 200 ft. in front of you. Unbelievable what is happening- you couldn't make this up in your wildest nightmares.

  65. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 149th email, titled 'Weird, Weirder and Weirderer'

    1.  a. At 0152 hrs on 15 Jan, as if at the flick of a switch, we suddenly started to record solar radiation at @ 2.5 watts per sq mtr. The full moon was on 12th and and there had been clear cloudless nights before and after that event. This 'background' level of nocturnal solar radiation continued until 1620 hrs (sunset) on 18th despite cloud cover and other natural atmospheric conditions.

    b. At 0541 hrs on 12 Jan, the atmospheric pressure near here suddenly shot up from 997.2 to 1004.6 hPa in 5 mins.  Similar, but not quite so dramatic pressure leaps up and down have occurred ever since, also with no visible or naturally discernible reason.

    c.  Since 12 Jan, the dew point has been very erratic, with marked rapid swings up and down – again with no obvious natural reason – and certainly little correlation with the air temp.

    d.  In my email of 10 Dec (no.143), I stated that Global Sea Ice Area was @ 4 million sq km below average. Despite a winter of Arctic heat waves and a summer of remarkable Antarctic ice melt, the deficiency in Global Sea Ice has somehow dropped to 2 million sq km.

    e.  Looking at the satellite images of the "Pineapple Express", one can clearly see pin point locations in the Pacific (and Hawaii) where massive amounts of water vapour are being produced – as if by platforms/ships. This water vapour is then taken by the wind over western America.

    If you have not yet realised the intensity of the massive, fatal, global geoengineering that is being conducted in the skies above us, then you are seriously lacking in brain cells in you left hemisphere – maybe you have breathed in more than your fair share of the aluminium and fluoride mix, and coal fly ash, and whatever other nano particles of toxic waste they are spraying into the troposphere (mainly).

    During the Climate Change Conference in Paris in July 2015, Prof Tim Lenton (Chair in Climate Change/Earth Systems Science, University of Exeter, UK) twice said with regard to the ongoing intensive global atmospheric spraying: "None of us want to continue with the current uncontrolled experiment".  Well, come on then, if you don't want to continue with it, why are you?

    By not telling the public, we continue as if nothing is wrong and so make the situation dramatically worse.

    2.  What is coming next – a Nuclear/Volcanic Winter or Methane/Water Vapour Summer?

    There has been an increase in earthquake activity, not just in frequency but also in locations. 

    For instance, the recent 5.8+ earthquake in the Canadian Arctic archipelago released significant amounts of methane.  In a different area it could have caused significant volcanic activity – watch out Yellowstone. 

    On 19th Jan, BBC breakfast news reported that imported vegetables were 25% more expensive than last year because weather anomalies.  We ain't seen nothing yet. Recommendation: buy local in season veggies or grow your own.

    3.  There are huge stockpiles of US military equipment (tanks, artillery, etc) hidden in tunnels in Norway, and now, for the first time since WW2, 300 US Marines will be stationed in Norway – initially for a year (…or until open hostilities commence?).  

    This is rather like the 1940 Operation Wilfred and Plan R 4 (the British plan to invade Norway and Sweden, which was pre-empted by Hitler).

    UN/NATO continue to provide ISIS/ISIL in Syria with up-to-date satellite and drone images so they can launch accurate attacks on Syrian Govt forces. 

    US airstrikes on Mosul continue to cause increasing numbers of civilian casualties…war crimes? 

    4.  Notes to Self (week 3 of 104): I guess it is time to reduce my intake of that recreational drug alcohol, and gently try to regain some of my fitness, strength and stamina of earlier years (Jesus probably enjoyed a good party or he would not have turned the water into wine – he also had the dubious pleasure of knowing the details of his fate)…Oh well, thinking of 2 above, is there an Olympic biathlon competition for the over 65s that I could train for?

    Buy (and not drink!) some half bottles and miniatures to be kept for barter.  Think of other small, light and easy to carry items for use and barter – seed packets, painkillers, diarrhea/constipation pills, water purification tablets, dental repair kits, FFP2 face masks, boiled sweets (individually seal wrapped), etc.

    A 2015 news skit, but still good:

    Make the best you can of every day: "What day is it?" asked Pooh.  "It's today" squeaked Piglet.  "Oh good. My favourite day." said Pooh.



    • Dennie says:

      @Andrew from Scotland:  Here in San Rafael, CA we've been getting dumped on daily with large quantities of water falling from the skies, we've got about 40 inches to date and somehow it's still not enough.  None of this is normal, you can feel it.  We've had weather whiplash, warm after the storms, then heavy spraying, then cold again. 

      We're due for another day of rain starting at midnight PST tonight, with periods of heavy rain tomorrow.  There's a mudslide at the top of the Lincoln Avenue/Los Ranchitos Road pass (I pass through there twice daily) in San Rafael near our county administrative center that looks like it took out a few trees on the downhill side, over by the Porto Suello Hill train tunnel.  There are potholes all up and down Lincoln Avenue and on the roads, places like the Richmond Parkway and Sir Francis Drake Blvd.  It's worse after these heavy rains– the potholes get even bigger, then you drive right into one and it's just horrid.  And now we hear we'll be getting even more rain– wish I had been able to come up with the capital to do that water catchment system, then I'd have 7k gallons of my own water to use for landscaping during the dry late spring, summer and fall months.

      Getting, and staying, as fit as possible has been a definite to-do on the list for anyone preparing for SHTF times.  Daily long walks and hikes, bike riding and even stationary biking, plus a weekly regimen of strength training and flexibility is a must-do. You never know when you may just have to run.


    • penny says:

      Andrew, do you attribute items 1a and 1b to ionospheric heaters, or what? 

      Here in the northern Rockies, we are periodically hammered by unnatural types of radiation.  I can't prove that through any sophisticated measurements, but the headaches and tinnitus produced by these electronic weapons are confirmation enough for me – and then there are the endless rows of parallel lines running through the silvery-grey sky, like furrows in a freshly-plowed field.

      From the time I spent living in Norway, I'd say no invasion is needed – or rather, it's been effected already, by oil companies.  Norway is uber-American.  Although (unlike your neck of the woods) Trump doesn't yet have a golf course there.  That's something he could work on while the Deep State takes care of running the Empire.

      Personally, I expect only the worst from Trump.  He obviously won the popular vote by a huge margin, even though officially the count went to Clinton and the election was presented as highly controversial.  Divide and conquer, and keep the circus going in all three rings (pseudo-politics, sport and celebrity gossip).   The inaugural speech sounded to me like an open declaration of martial law: up the ante in the 'war' on drugs; expand and 'win' the 'war' on terror; bring the troops home and let them and the police maintain 'law and order' while the Billionairists fund ever more riots and 'protests'.  Oh, and don't forget that you little guys in the fly-over states will "never be ignored again" (so watch what you say about taboo topics like geoengineering, bucko!  A little Public Service Announcement, inserted into the Inaugural Address, from your friends at the NSA.)  But I digress…

      Maybe I'm just paranoid.  Not.  Definitely cutting down on sugars, including alcohol, and pumping up (pun intended) the weightlifting regimen.  Not to live forever (because at 4C above baseline, with no habitat left, and nuke plants melting down, we are all going down with MotherShip Earth), but to minimize suffering in the final days, which will be challenging at best.  That said, the plan has always been to enjoy life till the end.  I figured out a long time ago that being born is a death sentence.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Penny, 1b could easily be 'old' HAARP – when activated on high frequencies the high pressure system forms very quickly, usually causing wind gusts at ground level of 40-50 mph.  The more numerous and upgraded NEXRAD system will 'even out' these sudden fluctuations, particularly when used sequentially.

      Not sure yet about 1a – still researching.

      You are spot on with 'enjoy life to the end', and maintaining a good level of fitness 'to minimize suffering in the final days, which will be challenging at best'.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Thanks for another great post Andrew.  Do you swim?  I know a number of people who compete world wide swimming at advanced ages.  One version of fitness that does not cause injuries.

      Glad you are cutting down-out? alcohol.  Boy, when things get really bad, the last thing I want to deal with are drunks!

      I'll have to remember your Pooh quote here today when I speak next to my brother in law, in a 'home' in SD with brain damage.  He is forever asking me what day it is!  Next time, and I call him nearly everyday, I'll say: It's today!  That will at least make a change and might get a chuckle out of him!

  66. Jonathan Leitch says:

    Dane, how do we (not in Calif. or U.S.) get copies of the dvds that are available only at Orchard Nutrition? Why can you not post them? These are important in our fight.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jonathan, thank you for your interest in sharing the information contained on the DVDs.  All the information in question is already posted at GeoengineeringWatch in the center column of the home page, just click the images to play the presentations. I hope this helps with your efforts, thanks for helping us to sound the alarm.

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