Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 17, 2021, #310


Dane Wigington

Severe weather anomalies are now becoming so extreme that many are finally beginning to ask if there is more to the story than we are being told. Catastrophic drought and deluge scenarios are taking a massive toll on crop production and food supplies around the world. Are all these events just random acts of Nature? Or is there another hand in the equation? Does the same conclusion apply to the CV-19 pathogen? As societies flounder, governments around the world are pushing populations to blindly accept pathogen protocols without investigation or disclosure. How glaring do the red flags have to be before more start digging for critically important information that they are not getting from power structure controlled corporate media? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

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35 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 17, 2021, #310

  1. Raymond says:

    ‘Patience has worn thin’: Frustration mounts over vaccine holdouts (

    "Biden administration officials increasingly frame the current outbreak as a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” seeking to persuade and perhaps even frighten some holdouts to get the shots."

    That statement is already frightening enough to someone like me, who has been clinically assessed at only having a 25% chance of surviving any vaccination.

    But what worries me even more, is that this is only step one of a Hitler style propaganda campaign. Directed at building public animosity towards those of us claiming our lawful right, to the freedom of choice.

    What is step 3 or 4 going to be?

    Unvaccinated Bounties?

    Doesn't make sense in a sane and rational world. Because the vaccine makers are profoundly touting that their shots offer 100% protection against the Covid strains and the Delta variant. Yet the government is making up the false excuse "Narrative" that the vaccinated are growing angry towards the unvaccinated, because they fear that WE are going to make them deathly sick. When official statements by doctors and government statistics prove it to be the other way around. The vaccinated can still carry and spread the virus to US and make US become infected. But that was more than likely the reason, for the government to force the FDA's hasty approval of vaccines in the first place. Something which the FDA has never done before the mandatory 12 year clinical trial phase had been met by vaccine makers, in the past. Unless of course it had the billion dollar "Bill Gates" stamp of assured approval.

    Which brings us full circle and to the one question that no one is asking.   "Why are we allowing the pharmaceutical industry to make billions of dollars (soon to be Trillions) from vaccines, unable to be proven safe before they meet the mandatory 12 year clinical trial requirements?" Giving them full immunity for injuring, disabling and killing millions, while they make a sizable enough fortune that could be used, to pay off the Nation's debts!

    It's all about money and it always has been. Those who print the money have been given the entitlement, of having the right to choose who lives and who dies. And the Unvaccinated aren't making them even more filthy rich. So they see us as nothing more than expendable trash, who needs to die… and if they can make that happen, at the hands of the vaccinated themselves. What better way to prove how easy it is, to conquer and rule all of humanity.

    They won't even allow folks like Dane to tell his heart wrenching story, of how he nearly lost his father in law and stepfather to the unsafe experimental vaccines. Or publicly acknowledge my case and hundreds of thousands of others like me, who will likely die or be seriously injured and disabled, if we are forced to get vaccinated.

    Because the government, the pharmaceutical empire and the money printers are trying to convince the masses, that we need to step up and do the right thing. And if that means sacrificing our lives to the greater cause. So be it. They want the public to see us as predetermined Martars, rather than respect our right to a live full life, guaranteed to us by our right of free choice.

    It has become so insane that the vaccinated minority in this community (being brainwashed by propaganda like this), are now making social media threats against the majority unvaccinated. Who are also becoming the majority of victims, in the violent crime sprees sweeping through this mostly government friendly town. Which in itself tells a whole nother story. Why are so many holdout and supposed supporters of the government here, choosing not to be vaccinated?

  2. Raymond says:

    Geoengineering doesn't exist. It is simply a suggestion by academia to possibly use atmospheric aerosol chemicals… some day in the future. A forethought that could, may, might mitigate or solve mega droughts and excessive heat waves. And what we are seeing in our skies is very deceiving, because that's exactly what geoengineering would look like, if humanity ever decides to go down that road in the future. But we are only witnessing persistent contrails from airline jets, as the atmosphere becomes more saturated with moisture… all because of climate change.


    well stick this up your ass, you gutless, spineless cowards… sitting at your weather desks and radar monitors!

    Dubai Creates Fake Rain Using Drones to Battle 122 Degree Heat (

    "Scientists in the United Arab Emirates are working towards new methods of weather manipulation in an attempt to bring increased rainfall to the desert country—and so far, it appears the efforts have been successful."

    "According to The Independent, the cloud seeding method employed in Dubai relies on drone technology. The drones release an electrical charge into clouds, prompting them to coalesce and create rain. The technology is reportedly favored compared to other forms of cloud seeding because it uses electricity to generate rain rather than chemicals."

    Holy Chemtrails Batman! Did I just read that correctly?

    Did the Independent just mention the use of CHEMICALS and not SALTS, to create Fake Rain? I thought that chemical cloud seeding didn't exist (AKA Geoengineering).

    Pay attention to these words specifically:  "…favored compared to other forms of cloud seeding…"

    How does the independent even know that there are "ANY" other forms out there to begin with? Could these guys actually be BFFs with those guys at NOAA. Or eating at the same table with those other guys at Raytheon?

    Could, may, might you possibly get your stories straight for a change? Does Geoengineering presently take place in our skies, or not? 

    Could you please just make up your psychopathic minds, for God's sake!

    • Raymond says:

      By the Way

      The "Independent" (Should be called the "Federal Follies") also uses the phrase:  " Scientists in the United Arab Emirates are working towards new methods of weather manipulation."

      What's wrong with the old methods? You know, the chemical cloud seeding operations that aren't even supposed to exist. Except on University drafting tables and in similarly sponsored Climate Change Think Tanks. 

      According to the Government's Top Ten Conspiracy Theories that many Americans believe are true. Real time Geoengineering and spraying of Chemical Contrails, to manipulate the weather… is on that list!

      So why would government sponsored media sources like The Independent and the Washington Examiner, put out articles like this one… that directly infers, references and verifies the Existence of Current Weather Manipulation Programs

      Because not once do they mention seeding clouds with salts ( which actually goes back to before WW-1, when balloons were used to seed clouds), but adamantly use the word Chemicals.

      And to say that scientists are working on NEW methods. One must assume that other or old chemical methods currently exist. They don't say "methods possibly being considered", or "methods that may some day be deployed".

      They use the words "new methods of Weather Manipulation" and "uses electricity to generate rain rather than chemicals". Directly referencing  geoengineering operations that use chemicals to manipulate the weather. Which, according to the very same government media sources… is a ridiculous conspiracy theory and are only as real, as Bigfoot or Aliens.

      Those two also happen to be conspiracy theories, according to a government that never tells a lie. Yet they recently released military footage of flying crafts, displaying maneuvers that are impossible for human technology to replicate. And now openly admit that they could be evidence of "Off World" technology.

      They covertly admit to the existence of ongoing geoengineering operations to manipulate the weather, and the existence of aliens.

      But they still lock us up in a Funny Farm and throw away the key, if we dare to call them out… on their very own conspiracy theory propaganda.

  3. Andrew from scotland says:


    For example, Venezuela is being long term destabilized in a similar way to Libya…The Bank of England is still refusing to release 31 tons of Venezuelan gold bars ( about 15% of the country's currency reserves). That 31 tons is billions of dollars worth. 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Excellent point Andrew. It's always what 'they' are "not" talking about that raises 'my' eye brow. Venezuela has a lot of powerful friends that enjoy the oil they get from Venezuela. Plus, the citizens of Venezuela have things that go bang, just like here in USA Inc. There are a few choice adjectives for people that don't give something back that does not belong to them. Are there 'any' consequences for the bank of England basically stealing 31 tons of gold? When the "W" card gets played, things will be quite interesting to say the least.

  4. Dennie says:

    From NASA, Local Lockdowns Brought Fast Global Ozone Reductions, NASA finds  

    or, How the pandemic "lockdown" relates to climate collapse:

    A new study finds that reduced fossil fuel burning due to lockdowns in American and Asian cities caused a global drop in ozone pollution.  

    As the coronavirus pandemic slowed global commerce to a crawl in early 2020, emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) – which create ozone, a danger to human health and to climate – decreased 15% globally, with local reductions as high as 50%, according to a study led by scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California. As a result of the lower NOx emissions, by June 2020, global ozone levels had dropped to a level that policymakers thought would take at least 15 years to reach by conventional means, such as regulations.

    The study shows that innovative technologies and other solutions intended to decrease NOx locally have the potential to rapidly improve air quality and climate globally. It published today in Science Advances.

    When the world went into lockdown, scientists had an unprecedented opportunity to study how human activity interacts with natural Earth system processes at regional and global scales. A team of international researchers led by JPL scientist Kazuyuki Miyazaki used this opportunity to research the two main oxides of nitrogen: nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide, collectively called NOx. They charted the chain of events from reduced fossil fuel burning during lockdowns to reduced local NOx emissions and finally to reduced global tropospheric ozone pollution. The more stringent the lockdown a nation imposed, the greater the reduction in emissions. For example, China’s stay-at-home orders in early February 2020 produced a 50% drop in NOx emissions in some cities within a few weeks; most U.S. states achieved a 25% drop later in the spring.

    The total result of the reduced NOx emissions was a 2% drop in global ozone – half the amount that the most aggressive NOx emission controls considered by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the authoritative body of international experts on climate, were expected to produce over a 30-year period.

    Ozone reductions from the reduced NOx emissions quickly spread both around the globe and from the surface upward more than 6 miles (10 kilometers). “I was really surprised at how large the impact on global ozone was,” said JPL scientist Jessica Neu, a co-author of the new study. “We expected more of a local response at the surface.”

    • BBB says:

      Dennie:  One can guess this is what Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset are planning, more lockdowns, and economic destruction for the middle class.  NASA fails to mention that other ozone, the kind that protects the earth from life destroying UVB and UVC.  Their rockets destroy huge amounts of zone.  Wonder if NASA would care to be locked down?  Or locked up?

  5. Raymond says:

    White House turns up heat on COVID 'disinformation dozen' (

    "The White House turned up the pressure on Silicon Valley to get a handle on vaccine misinformation Thursday, specifically singling out 12 people one group dubbed the “disinformation dozen,” saying they were responsible for a great deal of misinformation about Covid-19."

    "That statistic is from the nonprofit Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) which identified in a report published in March about a dozen people it said were super-spreaders of anti-vaccine misinformation."

    After doing some serious digging, I was finally able to come up with the official Dirty Dozen list.

    1. Joseph Mercola   2. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  3. Ty & Charlene Bollinger  4. Sheri Tenpenny  5. Riza Islam  6. Rashid Buttar  7. Erin Elizabeth  8. Sayer Ji  9. Kelly Brogan  10. Christiane Northrup          11. Ben Tapper  12. Kevin Jenkins

    Sorry Dane, you are not a member of the Dirty Dozen…yet.

    But as they get sanitized from all social media platforms, one by one. They will likely move you up on the White House list, as you aren't even on the CCDH list… at this present time.

    However, I would wager a million dollars that tattle tail Gavin Newsom has given your name and this website to the White House and the NSA.

    I wonder how many of the dozen will find themselves in a high rise building that mysteriously collapses, sometime in the near future? Or suddenly become infected with the virus and forced to stay in a federal quarantine facility?

    Either way, they are now targeted and have been evicted from nearly all social media platforms… by the Federal Government.

    The recent MIT report on "The Great Vaccine Lie" has also been targeted and will be removed from the internet very soon. So I downloaded the PDF file directly from the MIT archive.

    Door to door vaccine teams will definitely be coming to every single neighborhood, before January 1st of 2022 and they will have either Federal Agents, Marshals or a National Guardsman to enforce compliance. According to the Texas dept. of HHR

    Which is basically a death sentence for me! Because my primary care physician issued a "No Vaccine" ID tag necklace, bracelet and wallet card in my name, with my SS# and his personal cell phone # on each.

    My military and private medical records verifies that my body chemistry is somehow making me extremely allergic, to all vaccines and immunizations… going all the way back to the age of four.

    I was a military brat and traveled to locations around the world. But each time that I was immunized for the pathogens of each country. I became deathly ill and had to be hospitalized. So I spent most of my childhood in various intensive care units and nearly died in the Philippines, Japan and Thailand. The various vaccine adverse reactions that I suffered from, lasted for months and sometimes even years. I was always sick, from age 4 to 16 and only became healthy again, after my father retired from the Air Force.

    But my parents were staunch vaccine believers and had me get my first FLU shot at 18 and within 48 hours of that injection, I became deathly ill yet again and came down with a severe case of the FLU. Same thing as I got my first pneumonia vaccine at age 20. That shot gave me both pneumonia and sepsis and I nearly died again. During a 5 week stay at two different hospitals.

    Unfortunately it happened again while I was serving in the Army. Just 18 hours after being immunized for my first tour of duty overseas. I was so sick that I actually died in the Fort Benning Hospital and after several attempts, they were able to resuscitate me. But I was officially dead for over 12 minutes!

    My doctor issued me all of those "Do Not Vaccinate" items and officially documented those health alert warning directives, in my medical records… back in 2001. He puts my chances of having a fatal reaction to any vaccine injection at 75% and a 95% chance that if I survive the adverse reactions. I could suffer permanent damage for the rest of my life.

    I recently gave copies of my medical records and my doctor's Do Not Vaccinate directive, on file with the CDC and all local hospital computer records, to the dept. of Health and Human Services.

    But they said if mandatory vaccinations are authorized by the Federal government, that I would still not be exempt from such mandates.

    So basically, they are going to outright and blatantly commit a felony crime by forcing me to get their experimental vaccine. Knowing full well that I will only have a 25% chance of survival!

    And there are about 800,000 other Americans out there, who share the very same vaccine allergy history as me… according to CDC. But we will all be murdered by these genocidal psychopaths. Because they are NOT trying to protect us from infection. The MIT report clearly proves that CV-19 vaccines are less than 5% effective against the virus and its variants.

    So, what other conclusion could possibly explain the goals of the Warp Speed program and the inevitable mandates to follow?

    The US Federal government has just become the most prolific mass murdering entity on planet Earth, and they have even convinced those same targeted masses… that anti-vaxers are the real criminals!

    • Dennie says:

      …and all the stoopid, stooopid little sheeple believed Every Last Word they were force-fed by the all-knowing Ministry of Truth– a-MEN!!

      Well, now "they" want us to take a THIRD "booster" shot of the poisonous prion known as "COVID-19" (guessing it's not killing more of us nearly quickly enough):

      Excerpted from Stat: 

      "There’s a lot we don’t yet know about the data behind Pfizer and BioNTech’s renewed push to change their two-shot Covid vaccination series to a three-shot regimen. But as various factions bicker about whether a third shot is going to be needed, one thing is certain: The final decision will not rest with the companies.

      Public health officials, not pharmaceutical executives, will be making the final call on when and whether booster shots will be needed. Pfizer and other manufacturers will surely try to push for approvals; Moderna is already testing a Delta-variant-specific booster. Depending on how their conversations go with vaccine regulators at the Food and Drug Administration, companies may apply for a change to their emergency use authorizations (or to the vaccine license, if they secure one before applying to change their vaccine label to a three-dose one).

      But unless the FDA agrees to the change, and unless the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends use of an additional booster — in some or all of the people who got the Pfizer shot — this will remain a two-dose vaccine."

      [source article:]  

    • Dennie says:

      @Raymond:  This is absolutely chilling.  I think we oughta stand before Congress and scream this stuff in their dead ears. What IS it going to TAKE???

    • Raymond says:


      No doubt, very chilling!

      Especially since I have now read at least seven different articles by vaccine experts, clearly stating that the first four authorized for emergency use… offer long term protection and require no booster, for at least 3 years!

      Now suddenly the government health experts are insisting that two or three boosters are needed! And not only that. How can the FDA possibly justify emergency use any more. There is no official National  emergency declaration in effect any more at this point in time.

      But I'm sure it will be declared again by Biden, when they roll out their new door to door Gestapo Holocaust round up and euthanize campaign.

      Funny how the vaccine makers claim that they have achieved a 95% to 100% protection rating against the virus and it's Delta variant. Yet, all five democratic reps and their aids from Texas, who went to DC recently… have tested positive and three with the Delta variant. And they all had their two shot vaccinations!

      Over 50% of all Americans testing positive have had both shots. 65% in the UK and almost 80% in Africa! WTF happened to their remarkable claims of IMMUNITY?

      Now the government is claiming that the unvaccinated are responsible for infecting the vaccinated and that's why a door to door mission is required to reach herd immunity. Even though Fauci, Gates and over 100 other scientists have gone on record to say that Herd Immunity is impossible for eradicating any virus on Earth. Because they are so virulent and just continue to mutate forever. Finding a way to break the gain of function cycle is the only way to attain herd immunity and defense contractor, weapons bio labs… will never let that happen.

      As a human being myself, I am deeply appalled at their constant reference to the people of this planet, as being some kind of herd or livestock animal to begin with. But it also makes sense in an insane world, as they herd us to their slaughterhouse. Called the Covid Crematorium.  Why waist those billions of hollow point bullets? When Hitler style propaganda is even more efficient.

  6. SAM ASHTON says:





  7. Lynn Phillips says:

    As of 12:30 PM, July 18th, the Weather Underground (Intellicast) radar loop for USA is still showing the data from July 13th. If you zoom in to the different regions, it will play a more current loop, but a five day old recording for the continental US. Wonder what they are trying to hide?


    • Laura Cotter says:

      Lynn, don't drive yourself crazy over that Intellicast weather map.  If you click on your area or any area, it changes to the current date and shows the radar in that area.  If you compare that radar at any time, it will be showing exactly what the Weather Channel is showing.   Radar is radar… actually shows moisture in the air…..coming or going depending on wind direction.  Try it, you'll see.  Hope that helps.

    • Lynn Phillips says:

      Laura, I am aware of how radar works. WU used to be simply Intellicast. I have utilized their radar system for many years. I check it near daily, and there are glitches from time to time, but I have never seen the U.S. loop playing a recording this long. Btw, it's still showing loop from July 13th – been a week now.

      Intellicast was founded in 1996, with a complicated history (Blackstone Group involved). Around 2011-2012 you could actually see evidence of weather modification on a regular basis, practically in real time. They realized this and began to delay the loop, so they can brush/scrub the data. This also explains how TWC, Intellicast, or any radar the public has access to is garbage now, when it was top notch in 2012.    

  8. Paul Davis says:

    Dane-Keep up the great work. Your resources here are so valuable, providing proof and understanding  of the different aspect…

    A few observations from the field in Massachusetts:

    1.  Here temps go into the 90s for several days,  rainfall happens, temps drop into the 60s, then back up again…

    2.   Vaccines are becoming mandatory at many companies; they are easing their employees into this little by little. Once these gain FDA approval, then the vaxxs will be mandatory for all.

    3.  Now, they are playing the Inflation card…  As the government and the Fed  keeps injecting Billions and Trillions into the economy, how can it be a surprise…   They are trying to downplay as it ramps up…  Cannot hide it as gas, food, and housing are escalating… ….as ppl cannot make their mortgage payments, vulture capitalist will swoop in and take the properties….



  9. Gary Morrow says:

    Another medinazi who wants to enslave you is Kathleen Sibelius. She says that unvaccinated Americans should not be allowed to work or have access to children. And Biden has a plan to send federal teams door to door to persuade people to take the shots. At first they will come with clipboards. How long do you think it will be before they come back with handcuffs and automatic weapons. The situation today reminds me of a poem by Pastor Martin Niemoller in 1930s Nazi Germany.

    First they came for the Communists

    But I did not speak out because I was not a Communist

    Then they came for Socialists

    But I did not speak out because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists

    But I did not speak out because I was not a Trade Unionist

    Then they came for the Jews 

    But I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me

    And there was no one left to speak out for me.

  10. Dennie says:

    From The College Fix:  Communist Chinese-born professor says "we need to make life hard" for the unvaccinated:  …my rX??  SEND THE AUTHORITARIAN HAN BITCH BACK TO WUHAN!

  11. Raymond says:

    Former CIA agent: America moving slowly from freedom to tyranny (

    Former CIA agent Bryan Dean Wright details exactly how the government is only allowing the media to report and post articles that fit the Official Narrative. Anything else that conflicts with it or proves it to be untruthful, will not get released, published or posted and will be dealt with severely… if it does happen to end up on the internet, television, newspapers, books and discussed at live public forums. Have you ever wondered why anti-government books never sell very many copies and similar TV shows get canceled only after a few episodes? Government censorship has now taken over the free world and the Orwellian nightmare is definitely a new shocking reality.

    They have gone beyond gag orders now and are making examples of those who try to expose the lies, behind the government's official narrative conquest of exactly what populations think and believe. We are now the new North Korea and public executions may even become the next phase of their conquest, with Eric Snowden possibly becoming the first victim of American Tyranny!  Look out Julian Assange, you're also on the assassination/execution list.

    V. Susan Ferguson posted this last week:  "Worse than the disease? Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines against COVID19:" 


    I actually read this entire 42 page long PDF version of the MIT report, of their review (TWICE) and I am shocked beyond comprehension!

    The entire world is being LIED TO and this report proves it beyond any doubt!

    This team of scientists make it very clear that no mRNA vaccine has ever been more than 5% effective, even after going through the mandatory TWELVE YEAR trial phase FOR ALL VACCINES. (Which Bill Gates somehow skirts by too)

    And they (the scientists) seriously question the DOD's involvement, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation involvement and the NIH's involvement with the Warp Speed production of the two mRNA vaccines.

    And also question how the FDA could possibly authorize the emergency use of these EXPERIMENTAL vaccines. Knowing full well that only a six month trial period is NEVER going to produce a 95 to 99% effectiveness rating. (or the 100% rating they are now touting)

    mRNA technology is still in it's infancy stages and it's impossible to produce any vaccine to treat SARS Covid-2 viruses at this point in time, within the immunology research programs anywhere in the world. Even the DOD could not produce a vaccine in their bio-labs research field and that should raise huge red flags, about their role in the Warp Speed vaccine program!

    These MIT scientists also point out that the government is censoring all peer reviewed published reports like this one, which actually discloses the science behind mRNA vaccine research and they do not even give an adequate reason for such actions. Plus this research group is based out of Cambridge, MA and so is Moderna. So there is no bias or conflict of interest to consider and these researchers have ALWAYS supported Moderna in the past.

    They also warn that their findings suggest the two mRNA vaccines are likely going to trigger dna changes, later down the road in the vaccinated and also threaten or compromise their immune systems. Causing irreparable damage and degradation that will keep them from producing antibodies or the ability to build immunity to any future virus outbreaks. Plus, one of the vaccines utilizes genetically altered tumor proteins and enzymes that are likely to damage the dna of the vaccinated over time and make them very susceptible to getting cancer, just months or even a few short years down the road.

    The vaccines also produce cardiovascular anomalies with mRNA genetic components that the human body cannot adjust to, since they haven't gone through the twelve year trial period. Where these adverse reactions could be remedied by adjusting the dna sequencing of the mono helix vaccine components, to the human double helix coding. The adverse effects will likely include symptoms that generate over time, in every organ including the nervous, respiratory and circulatory systems of humans.

    In other words. These scientists are (trying to) warn people that mRNA derived vaccines are very dangerous and are definitely worse than the disease itself. Since the government decided to distribute them without a proper and sufficient trial period, to make them safe for injecting in humans in the first place.

    We are the guinea pigs, lab rats and monkeys in a DOD, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and FDA contrived experiment, of unknown origins and unknown goals. I recommend that everyone takes the time to read this report, before the government removes it permanently and decide for yourself… if the jab is really worth it or not.

    The questions raised by this report suggest a clandestine or ulterior motive behind the entire SARS-II origin theories, the genetically mutated Covid strain and the pandemic itself in general. Leading up to unanswered questions about a mysterious warp speed vaccine program that shouldn't even exist for at least another 12 to 24 years.

    Unless of course, the government simply needed an excuse to cull the population by any means necessary, and this appears to answer these questions more "effectively" than the vaccines themselves.

    Earth's resources are dwindling at alarming rates and can no longer support the billions of human lives, or any other life forms for more than just a few more years at best. All of Nature and it's wildlife populations can instinctively sense that the end is near. But governments do everything fathomable to keep people clueless, to the timeline of our impending demise. 

    So, it makes sense that in their desperation of trying to keep complete societal collapse, from happening overnight and turning their suicide party into a world of mass chaos. They prefer to bewilder us with such insane ideas like "Sustainable" resources, geoengineering to fix climate change and zero greenhouse gas emissions by the turn of the century. To make it sound like the Earth has endless resources. Blocking the sun with atmospheric aerosols will stop global warming. (how's that working out for us, with the engineered heat domes?) And giving us false hope, by having academia embrace the lie… that humanity still has at least 75 years to fix our own extinction challenges.

    While secretly generating global pandemics and creating genocidal vaccines, to kill off Billions of humans… before we finally realize that the official narrative is actually a set of blinders. Keeping us from seeing the guardrail, we just plowed through, at the edge of a steep cliff.

    They want to party and enjoy what time they have left, without having all of us running around amuck and causing them any turmoil. You know. Just like the wealthy elite passengers aboard the Titanic, who sipped champagne and listened to the band play happy tunes, after they hit the iceberg and realized there weren't enough life rafts to save everyone.

    Only this time. They are responsible for creating the chemical ice nucleated iceberg that's going to sink the USS Earthship Titanic. And they are methodically drugging all of us into a bewildered state of melancholy, as they toss us overboard into the icy waters below. Then they plan to load the life rafts with party supplies and float off into the abyss. So they can at least, enjoy their drift at sea and not have us around to spoil their "Soylent Green" happy thoughts, ending mood.

    Because, if they really think that by killing billions. That will save the remaining resources for them to enjoy and that it will also reverse the Venus Syndrome, which they initiated to begin with? Then their madness and insanity is beyond measurement and even microbial life forms, on alien worlds… have more sense and intellect than they do, at this eleventh hour of humanity's existence!   


    • Raymond says:


      I apologize for my mistake. I need to give credit, where credit is due. It was Dennie who posted the "Worse than the disease…MIT report" last week and my reply got posted, both then and now. But that's because I didn't know if Dane and his family had to evacuate ahead of encroaching fires. Sorry for the double post. However, that MIT report needs to be shared with as many people as possible. Just as much as Dane's baby "The Dimming". Which I believe to be the most important documentary, in the history of the human race!

      If enough people are helped into becoming aware of the MIT mNRA vaccines report. Millions of lives could be saved and the Covid Pandemic/Vaccine, money making ponzie scheme, perpetrated by the government (DOD especially), Fauci, Gates and the FDA. Would be exposed for exactly what it is. A scheme to drastically reduce the worlds population and an effort, that our government has made quite popular in recent years. Which is: How to take advantage of a catastrophic event and turn it into something positive. For Them, NOT US!

      They get filthy rich, off of our pain and suffering and the devastating loss of our loved ones. All the while, taking over complete control of our lives and convincing the sheeple… that by getting injected with their money making vaccines, it will save them from the wolf pack in sheep's clothing. Problem is though. It happens to be those very same wolves, who are sticking the needle into their arms.

      The Dimming removes the sheep's clothing and exposes their fellow partner in crime. That stealthily cloaked Elephant in the sky!

      I would also like to point out that I am in no way, trying to downplay V. Susan Ferguson's role here at Geo Watch. Her contributions are some of the most informative and eye opening posts that I have read so far. She really does her homework.

  12. Jonathan says:


    Thank you for all of your tireless work. May It Be an inspiration to each of us to do likewise. I do have one question, if I may. I was sharing a number of links to different parts of your website videos Etc with someone who is very intelligent and sincerely cares about the environment. Her reply to me was basically that does understand why they would be doing this. As much as I've read on this subject, I did not know exactly what to tell her. I know the how more than I do the why.

    I am sure that I am not the only one who has been asked a question like that. I'm wondering how best to answer a question like that to someone who knows absolutely nothing about this subject. The trick is trying to find common ground and that is very difficult to do with somebody who does not know what is going on. Thank you so much

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Jonathan, thank you for standing with us in this battle. Answers to your question (and many others on the climate engineering subject) are addressed in the attached link.

  13. Kelly says:

    Kill Web? What an absolutely descriptive phrase. I recently watched 'The Origin of HIV' after finding it on your site. Very important as the same players have been active in that arena for decades as well. Thank you for all you do Dane and everyone at Geoengineering Watch. 

  14. Paul Davis says:

    Dane-  I have a radio station in mind at the Univ of Amherst, MA; the flagship campus…for the weekly broadcast.  It would be useful to post instructions on how to bring your podcast to their station.  Other people may also be thinking the same.  It would be useful in the section on Activism to post instructions…who to contact within your group, any technical details….etc…  I would like to approach them, but I need to know next steps…   Their campus is 40K+ students; great place to get your message out as it includes many international students, too.–Paul

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Paul, thank you very much for your efforts to help us sound the alarm. Have any station staff contact us at, we can walk them through the simple process of accessing the weekly Global Alert News broadcast file.

      Thank you again for standing with us in this battle, Paul.

  15. Benjamin says:

    Let me rant for a moment 

    Ladies and gentlemen you are to blame for our current predicament. I, as a constitutional policeman have done everything I can to warn you and educate you on the loss of your rights. Every call for service I respond to I attempt to arm you with knowledge and truth. Many continue to deny the truth. Many believe that this government is out for our good.

    During the plandemic they, the police leadership, with the behest of the local government elected officials wanted me to write tickets for their revenue gains. I refused and was punished. I pleaded on the behalf of you. I told them the largest transfer of wealth occurred in March of 2020 and many are suffering as a result of it. Still they didn't care.  I explained to them the following:

    14 million of you lost your employer provided health care. 19 million will be evicted, and 50 million are in bread lines

    Your fear and avoidance to the truth has cost your everything.

    Now the manufactured delta variant is here and so is the ligma variant.  They are used to shut us down and push us into totalitarianism. My warnings still go unheard. 

    Soon the cv 19 vaccine will be mandatory. What then? This experiment they push on us will be in most of you. And many of you will gladly accept it for your own comfort. 

    To resist means to suffer. To resist means to endure. Do not blindly accept this narrative from MSM. Stay away from this jab.

    You can make a difference, stop this denial of truth and accept the reality as is. You hold the power, don't let them trick you into giving it away.

    • penny waters says:

      good man benjamin

      the biggest thing we can do is carry our moral beliefs with us through our contact with others

      and your job brings you into contact with people at the but end – we often need the help of the police

      so we do appreciate you – but you won't hear about the individuals that walks through life balancing the good – and struggles to do that – as we all do

      thank you for your message – you are not alone sir



    • Laura Cotter says:

      So true Benjamin.  Many of us feel your pain at the ignorance of the masses.  I have a pilot friend who refuses to think about the spraying of our skies…..or that our air force had anything to do with it.  Yes….unbelievable, with enough info online, let alone this site, to choke a horse….so to speak.  He just thinks I'm a conspiracy theorist (or a loose cannon)…..end of the subject!

  16. Sunshine says:

    Hi Mr. Wigington,

    I was wondering, as conditions worsen, would they cause a snowball effect?  The timeline you've stated regarding insects, animals etc.  would that time period be shortened?


  17. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Extreme flooding hits multiple provinces of China, capital Beijing brought to standstill

    Prolonged heavy rainfall affecting parts of China over the past couple of days caused extreme flooding in several provinces, including Sichuan, Hebei, Shaanxi, Henan, and Shandong. Severe thunderstorms also affected the capital Beijing, bringing the entire city to a standstill. On July 12, authorities have issued an orange alert, the 2nd highest in the country's 4-tier weather warning system.
    Parts of eastern China registered as much as 457 mm (18 inches) of rain in a matter of days, turning roads and rivers into raging rapids and causing extreme flooding.
    The storms produced what is described as Shandong's worst tornado outbreak in more than a decade on July 11 and 12. At least 10 tornadoes were reported in the province, with at least 3 of them violent.
    A major tornado moved directly into downtown Shenxian around 13:00 UTC on July 11, causing 'catastrophic' damage.
    The twister debarked hardwood, tossed cars, leveled a number of homes, and left several people injured, according to extreme weather enthusiast Eric Wang.
    Wang shared what he described as 'unbelievable footage' …captured at the time the violent roaring wedge moved directly into downtown Shenxian. "The worst case scenario," Wang said.

  18. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Experts Warn of ‘Huge Risk’ as Moderna Launches COVID Vaccine Trials for Pregnant Women

    The vaccine maker is launching a clinical trial to assess safety of its vaccine in pregnant women, despite 133,000 pregnant women having already received a COVID vaccine prior to trials.

  19. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Russia’s largest and coldest region is on fire – again, and this year wildfires strike early
    By The Siberian Times reporter
    10 June 2021
    Even school children are in firefighting brigades in some areas of Yakutia.
    Two school boys aged 13 and 15 were seen working on the edge of a wildfire threatening their home village of Ynakhsyt, Nyurbinsky district in northwestern Yakutia.
    Local authorities tried to deny teenagers were involved, but later admitted parents allowed them to work alongside firefighters and volunteers.
    The number of the wildfires in the Nyurbinsky district grew so fast due to a long spell of hot, windy and dry weather that a state of emergency was announced in the area, with calls for extra help in both manpower and equipment.
    Residents of at least two villages had to evacuate as wildfires got too close to their homes.
    Early summer 2021 wildfires inferno in Yakutia, Russia's coldest region
    The republic’s authorities were accused of downplaying statistics on wildfires by a factor of between ten and twenty by Russia’s Federal Ministry of Nature.
    ‘The Republic of Yakutia claims that wildfires in Nyurbinsky district burn across 1,057 hectares, while our data shows that it’s over 20,000 hectares’, a statement from the Ministry of Nature said.
    Videos from Nyurbinsky district show local residents helplessly attempting to stop crown fires from the ground, then retreating as a mighty wall of fire towers in front of them.


  20. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Food labels and the lies they tell us about grocery store ‘best before’ expiration dates – Vox

    … Right now, landfills are piled high with wasted food, most of which was perfectly fine to eat — and some of which still is.
    On top of this, I know that in the same country that throws away so much food, about 42 million people could be living with food insecurity and hunger. Yet state-level regulations often make it difficult to donate past-date food to food banks and other services.
    … Researchers have found that “expiration” dates — which rarely correspond to food actually expiring or spoiling — are mostly well-intentioned, but haphazard and confusing. Put another way, they’re not expiration dates at all. And the broader public’s misunderstanding about them is a major contributor in every single one of the factors I named above: wasted food, wasted revenue, wasted household income, and food insecurity.
    … A big part of the problem is that most of us don’t really believe we’re capable of determining if a food is good for us.
    “It’s really hard to imagine you’re supposed to trust your own nose and mouth,” Adler said. “Add that to convenience culture and rapacious late-stage capitalism and, well … “
    Everything you assume about date labels is probably wrong
    There are two vital facts to know about date labels on foods in the US: They’re not standardized, and they have almost nothing to do with food safety.

    • penny waters says:

      the most amazing thing about growing your own is

      you eat little 

      you pick it when ripe

      less money to wasteful human organizations

      you can pick food and medicine seasonally at the same time – hhow mad is that – and most of it can come from plants that you didn't plant

      you can learn about your environment

      and in britain the elder (lung medicine) has had had a long flowering period – elderflower champagne – delicious medicine – how mad is that – but have some elderflower wine bubbling away – huh, virus, huh!!!

      it can be done in the tiniest of spaces – plants just want to grow

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