Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 15, 2019, #201


Dane Wigington

Normalcy bias and apathy continue to rule the day for the majority of populations in first world industrialized nations. As biosphere and societal collapse accelerate, few are yet willing to face or acknowledge what is unfolding on the wider horizon. How much longer can mainstream media propaganda maintain the facade of normalcy? Can populations be awakened in time to make a difference? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

The challenges we collectively face are immense, but not yet impossible to alter in the right direction. All who are awake and aware are needed in the desperate effort to fully expose the atrocities in our skies and on countless other fronts. Share credible data from a credible sourcemake your voice heard, make every day count.

This is what the meteorologists call "partly cloudy”. Does this look normal to you? The 1 minute video below was captured in Henderson, Nevada. Video credit: Byron Kacheris

To see more shocking geoengineered sky vdeos click here: Geoengineering Watch Photo Gallery videos

To see shocking geoengineered sky photos click here: Geoengineering Watch Photo Gallery photos

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50 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 15, 2019, #201

  1. Lori Bridgeford says:

    This episode #201 was so intense, with respect to deep coverage of methane gas /permafrost warming  and noctilucent clouds , as never this low !  We know the walls are closing in so tight.Wish to thank you for helping explain the Grand Facade -the theatrics of mafia- Israel, Iran & fake news/ false flags.  Cannot swallow this BS, nor the glyphosate/  fake food either!   Thanks for such compact NEWS!  Trump is so involved with DEEP realm . Maybe pretends to repel DEEP state, yet has all too many players on board-such a mess. Stay safe Dane, as you reveal so  very much.  Best to all in the film you are completing for  world premiere in 2019.

  2. Nick says:

    Nick here from Michigan. Yesterday I awakened a rather important person from California Air Resources Board(CARB or ARB). I am an engine emissions testing dyno operator for a company that I will not name. The company is currently being audited which is why i was in the presence of a lady from CARB. On day 3 of our audit I asked her bluntly "so when will you guys start regulating airplane emissions" her response was im sure its coming. My next statement was have you heard of geoengineering? She said no but was intrigued. I pulled up a picture from geoengineeringwatch and said do your skies look like this? She says yes they do, you mean contrails and I told her no they are spraying these particulates on purpose and have been for more than 50 years and there are over 150 government patents relating to these operations. Long story short we may have just gained a strong proponent in our fight to reach awareness. She was very interested in the topic and took down in her notebook. Thank you for everything you do Dane and company! BTW I just took ambient air measurements of CO2 and got .05%. That is 500 ppm.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Great work Nick!  Also could you explain to those of us who do not know what the significance of 500 ppm of CO2 means? Is this good or bad, and what might the expected amounts of CO2 in an ambient air test be? I am assuming 500 ppm is not good- based on the alarming destruction rate of our Earth's atmosphere and other natural resources. Thanks again for stepping up to the plate with the lady from CARB- Way to go friend!!

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      BRAVO, Nick! Your informing this lady might be even more far reaching than you know. I felt very encouraged reading about your experience. Please keep us informed on any new developments with this.

  3. PatinSF says:

    America is so brave these days, pumping billions of USD worth of arms into Israel, Saudi A., UAE. All the Saudis do is bomb innocent schoolchildren in Yemen, weddings, Saudis are complete and incompetent stooges that seem incapable of managing anything properly, except cutting the heads off their own people with religious zeal, executive journalists in foreign lands etc. Iran defends itself because it is surrounded by angry Sunni zealots ranging from the UAE to Saudis and the war monger Bibi Netanyahu, incapable of forming a government in Israel and now itching for America to go to war with Iran so that he can bolster his sagging poll numbers. Great allies America has in the Middle East…

  4. Damon Cook says:

    Thank you Dane for all you do! 

  5. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: Lithium is a primary nanoparticle component of the toxic metal spraying operations, along with aluminum, barium, strontium, etc.

    LITHIUM: A Metal Lithium (Li) is the softest of all metals and is an alkali metal. It is relatively inexpensive to mine as it is fairly common. Lithium, refined, is highly reactive and flammable. Lithium will ignite and burn in oxygen when exposed to water or water vapors.  It is highly conductive of both heat and electricity, which is why it is used in batteries. This is why it is now being widely used in geoengineering, to increase electric conductivity, as a desiccant (drying agent) and to increase volatility in forest fires. Without any regard as to its extreme toxicity to living creatures.
    Symptoms Of Lithium Exposure First and foremost, lithium is an FDA Pregnancy Category D drug which means, even in very small doses, it causes birth defects, most especially of the heart.  Lithium also passes through breast milk and will harm the baby. Although the many websites which list the uses and warnings of lithium as a drug often divide the symptoms into Common Side Effects and Dangerous Side Effects, these effects are only gradations. The toxic dosage is small and each person is affected differently.  For some individuals, even the smallest dose of lithium as a drug can be highly debilitating and some people react allergically. There is No Antidote for Lithium Overdose or Allergic Reaction.

    Here are all the Side Effects Listed At Once • First and foremost – Lethargy. You feel heavy and drugged; • Thirst. You can become quickly dehydrated especially if overheated. You crave salt; • Stomach Distress including both diarrhea and constipation; • Sudden Weight Gain; • Muscle/Joint Pain; • Twitching of hands and head, sometimes of the whole body; • Loss of Appetite. You can’t taste your food; • Slurred Speech and Blurred Vision; • Confusion/ Hallucinations; • ‘Imitation’ Goiter.   Looks like thyroid malfunction but isn’t; • Impotence; • Endocrine Disruption Causing Severe Menses/Periods. Stomach swells up as if you’re pregnant; • Kidney Pain as the renal glands become dysfunctional; • Acne/ Severe Skin Rashes and Sun Burn; • Hair Loss. [Dr. A. Fillmore]


    • Jeanette says:

      Susan, thank you for posting this. I went out Sunday evening. Sky looked clear but we had a wind from the west and bright? sun no clouds but white pearly mist from a finger on the sun to your finger tip at the edge a good six to eight inches of aerosols but I sat out anyway. I usually sit between homes but the sun was going down so I sat out in front in the wind and elements. I now have and have had since Sunday evening a rash, it wont heal and looks terrible, first day it itched. And you have to watch what you put on it because it can make it worse. Olive oil, aloe, All good goop, do not wash your face put water on and pat dry, clean water to moisturize then put a medicated grease like ointment, not too lavendery, I think that it is acidic or something. Guys, this had to be what was in the air. I did experience very lightly confusion, etc. And I was sitting in the yard and noticed just how dehydrated everything looked. If I miss a pot it can very well die. Everything turns a blue green gray. YOu can "see" through bushes, that's cells were more full. That is what I am thinking the chaffing/metal particles need to "grow out". I do exfoliate. Am I forced to give the idiots a point? They did this to the bay area, Oakland.

  6. Bella_Fantasia says:

    I hate to say it. . . . . . The Washington Post premiere propaganda organ for the power structure. . . . . has been stealing Dane's descriptions again, except for the could, may, might scenarios they're famous for.  Then they punctuate their conclusions with 'scientific' uncertainty with phrases like, “2019 has been… anomalous… so far, but also quite variable. It’s early and weather is weather, so keep your eyes peeled. …”

    The article:

    'Temperatures Leap 40 Degrees Above Normal As the Arctic Ocean and Greenland Ice Sheet See Record June Melting' And it May Be Messing With our Weather (Ya think?)


    The Washington Post, June 14, 2109, by Jason Samenow

    Apparently, leaping up with the 40 degree above normal was a reading above 0C on June 12.  An 'anomaly' not seen since July, 2012.  (So is the temperature Zero or 40 degrees above normal?) There is a big high pressure dome over Greenland with clear sunny skies causing the rapid melting (almost seems deliberate). The Jet stream is wildly meandering and cooling down the East coast 'like someone left the refrigerator door open' (see the actual map of the jet stream here where it is broken into a few fragmented splotches:

    There is open water from the Chukchi Sea through the Bering Sea into the Beaufort Sea at Utquiagvik  (well they wanted this, didn't they, for the cruise ships and container ships?)

    Then they say that 2019 could rival 2012 in ice melt.  Later on they say:

    “There is no indication that this year will be as low as 2012,” when Arctic sea ice reached its lowest extent on record, Labe said. “If cloudy weather occurs, it would slow down the rate [of melting]. It’s really hard to predict.”

    "Whether the Arctic sea ice minimum is record-setting, like the Greenland ice sheet, will depend on weather in the coming months."

    THEN THERE'S THE VIDEO!  They say the extreme cold will NEVER GO AWAY, DON'T WORRY, it will just move around. . . . or something. . . . .

    So, my dear 'scientists' Is the melting ice messing with weather or is the weather messing with the melting ice?

    My Conclusion:  They're seriously messing with the Arctic and seriously messing with our minds.  With articles like this, no one would ever understand what to think.  Their eyes would glaze over.  My eyes went cross eyed trying to decipher this scientific propaganda. . . . . . . . .A real piece of work.

  7. BlueSue says:

    Plenty of "weather modification experiments" shown on this map and of course a big purple dot right over where I live in Alaska, confirming what's been obvious to me for a long time.  This morning a heavy blanket-layer of particulates made for a disgusting sky that seeped a weird moist chemical fall-out upon my skin as I worked in the yard moving rocks for a new perennial flowerbed (it didn't feel  natural — as would a very fine sprinkling of real water). It was too cool early in the morning, but warmed up quickly making for a gray, muggy, day that called for showers that never happened.  I hate this robbing of our beautiful sunshine and blue skies.  And I did soon go inside to shower off whatever "it" was that fell onto my skin.  Aargh! 


  8. BlueSue says:

    Another excellent GNR Dane.  The words "thank you" are so inadequate for all you do day in and day out in your full tilt, fearless, head-on wrangling and exposure of the evil, lies and pathetically underreported reality of our world today.

    Came across this short youtube vid and it's good (image wise) except for the fact it doesn't admit that SRM and SAI are and have been happening for a LONG time.

    A techno fix for the climate? 


  9. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL, especially to those fathers who might not have gotten a call from their kids today. "Crazy dad, he thinks 'they' can control the weather and 911 was a demo job". Happy fathers day to 'you'. 18 years ago I woke up to the BS that surrounds us as I watched on live TV, the second plane hit the trade center. And the day George Jr said "you're either with us or you're against us". That sealed it. What a frat brat weasel he is. I no longer believed 'all' that I was told that I saw with my own two eyes. Real cognitive thinking kicking into gear for the first time in my life. Let me tell ya, life hasn't been the same since(grin). Especially with my well indoctrinated family. I'm not sure what they think of me  because they don't have the courage to say, but I do know their actions, non actions. It has cost me a lot to be in this fight we all share. Anyone that has met me will tell you that I am a well mannered nice guy and yet I haven't seen my kids or grandkids in over 5 years. And don't go boo hooing for me, that'd just piss me off(smile). I've lost friends from the past for what I have to talk about. That's OK, but days like today it's just a little bit deeper of a dent in the o'l soul when I don't hear from my kids.

    On a brighter note, this evening I got to go outside and let a thunder storm roll over the top of me. The wind went from zero to 40 mph(sustained) in about a minute and then it started raining. I know you folks out east have had enough of rain, but for me, here where it's been bone dry, "It was great!" The lightening got as close as a mile away. An hour later the storm was gone. Just barely enough rain to settle the dust for the night and cool things off. I'm sure by noon tomorrow all the moisture will be gone from the soils and plants. For now though, my spirit has been tilted back up straight and a little bit of the worries I hold for what is to come this summer fire season, are subdued temporarily. "I'll take it". Incidentally, the micro wave activity in the sky stuck out like a sore thumb, "if" you know what you're looking at. I thank Susan Ferguson for that ability. She's been a good teacher for me. A while back she hit us with all kinds of plasma science and micro wave science and how they are deployed in our atmosphere. I looked up and read every single link and a few more that she contributed here.

    Kind of funny, I have a burn pile outside that I did not get to burn this spring. It's tempting to go out and light it up right now. The winds are at 1 or 2 mph until tomorrow. "But", I know that the overseers in the sky are looking for hot spots after the lightening went through 'and' there is is burn ban on from now until probably the next snow fall. So I'll pass on having the local volunteer fire department showing up and handing me a huge ticket. At least that burn pile is in a place that has only cross winds from the cabin. It's going to be a hell of a fire season in my region. Already the reader board on the edge of town is at 35. That's just for Okanogan county, WA.

    Thanks for reading, Love and strength to ALL

    • BlueSue says:

      Sorry to hear that your Fathers' Day wasn't warmed by the appreciation and love of family that you surely deserve. Not soon enough, I know,  but I can imagine the day will come when they will realize what a fine and wise man they have for a father. Whether they know it or not, what you are doing now is in their best interest, and unlike many today, you walk your talk no matter the cost.  Many here, like me, understand your pain, but applaud the difficult path you've chosen.  Happy Father's day friend I have yet to meet, (but sort of feel like I already know).  May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your face, may the rain fall soft upon your fields — and until we meet some day, be at peace my friend.  

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Follow up: Last night after the rain, I kept smelling what to me smelled like dryer sheets. I don't have dryer sheets nor do I use any scented laundry soap. I then recalled that a while back when I commented on a similar experience, Dennie mentioned that Vietnam vets said that agent orange(glyphosate defoliant) smelled like perfume. I'll be watching closely to what happens to the vegetation on the forest floor in my region in over the next week or so. What a great way to upscale the volatility rates of wild fires. Connecting dots….

    • Robert says:

      If it's any solace to you Mike, remember this, when the big reveal happens and the crackdown begins,  your family will be looking to you for answers. I'm curious as to what you'll say to them if you are able too. Stay strong in your saddle Horseman, you've got a herd around you.

    • GretchenThomas says:

      Mike, here in OH.  Toledo has officially surpassed Seattle in rainfall this year. People are noticing the unusual weather, it's easier to make sense of climate engineering when it barely stops raining for any length of time. Hope the farmers I've made aware are taking weather modification information more seriously, Governor declaring state of emergency, farmers can't get in fields to plant "crops" here in Monsanto-land. Some farmers still haven't harvested 2018 crop for all the rain and flooding, the weather pattern's been consistent; more days of rain per week than not, for many months. Literally monsoon season for months and months.

      Peach, plum and apricot crops in western Michigan damaged by strong winds and hail, that governor declaring state of emergency. I've also talked to a few Michigan farmers and fruit growers about climate engineering.

      Lake Erie's harmful algal bloom will be a whopper this year with all the chemical/nutrient runoff, plus the "wind machine" that brings strong winds out of the East (quite frequently as of late) which keep the runoff (and the algal bloom) consolidated in western Lake Erie basin where the water intakes for many communities are located.

      If you pay attention,weather patterns become evident. Mostly chemical ice nucleation weather modification, temps continue to be way below average still, for months and months and…sigh.

      Through the smoke and mirrors of mass mind control and wizardry, I think I've finally figured it out.. To the wishful thinkers "trusting the plan,"  Q is a brilliant psyop. The psychopaths running the asylum are obsessed with manipulation of human consciousness, and are desperately doing whatever it takes to keep 'sheeple" bamboozled.

      It's not just mainstream media spewing propaganda; even alternative media participates in misinforming and distracting, confusing and dividing the population. Discernment is necessary to navigate the minefield of half-truths and lies.

      Donald Trump is a Trojan Horse who boasts how much he loves Israel, a Soviet-era Rothschild Zionist creation, as US tax-payer funded technology continues to be "transferred" to Israel via Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation.

      Trump's history of mafia connections and  relationships with criminals and assorted sexual deviants should raise red flags for rational thinkers. Trump Tower NYC upside-down pyramid – one of the signs and symbols that rule the world.

      Question: Why is Trump on the new Temple Coin? Oy vey…


    • Faith says:

      Happy Father's Day!

      I look forward to reading your posts every week:)

      You are blessed with the wisdom that comes from having eyes to truly see and ears to truly hear, and the courage to face the truth. I know so many people who don't seem to have the mental or emotional strength to face this reality.

      We are in Washington too, on the other side of the mountains. In response to the dryer sheet smell after the rain, I have smelled that too recently, especially after the big snow we had. I suspected the surfactants that we know are in the mix. Didn't know agent orange smelled like perfume! Please keep us posted on what happens to the vegetation as a result.

      Love and strength to you too!

    • Robin Christensen says:

      Horseman, Thank You for sharing that family reflection.  I'm trying to hang on, but have to ask-  Am I the biggest barrier to act on this greatest cause for the greater good or is it my immediate family that just wont get involved, as you say- "indoctrinated".  Also, the false flag event of 911.  Its good to know how that was your turning point.  Having protested the Gulf wars, I just figured revenge was a way of getting back at what our country had and continues to do in it's path of destruction.  How long it took for reality to take hold (controlled demolition)!  Regardless, I will follow my wife's wish now by walking the talk.  Im getting rid of our microwave oven.  As your blog name implies.  "Live simply, so that others can simply live."

      (Edward Abbey)  



    • Jeanette says:

      The same for me. Mine wanted me to sit down and be normal. I hope and pray the day never comes that she finds out the truth and comes to me in desperation and fear. As "bad" as I am, I am the go to, when the world crumbles. A saving grace is that she embraces all that I taught her. She loves nature and travel, music dancing, and most important of all homesteading skills, self sufficiency, cooks, cans, gardens, sews, knits, power tools, art, crafts. I am hoping that she expanded into wilderness, alternative building and utilities. Raises chickens now I think. Tree, plant, weed id, herbal healing and ecology (from mom). Rocks, shell id bugs too. Love of learning…I hope every time she uses these that she thinks of me. You are not alone…I will stick to my guns no matter what. 🙂


  10. Paul Vonharnish says:

    At approximately 46:56 Dane mentions Mr. Trumps reaction to a compilation of agency submitted reports regarding the security consequences of environmental heating.

    Obviously:  Mr. Trump is "not a believer" in anything but his own delusional reality.  He needs to be arrested before he starts pushing imaginary codes into our imaginary nuclear arsenals…

  11. Ms Randyl says:

    We are getting the exact same spraying and atmospheric patterns over central North Carolina- 4+ months of Very altered “weather”, health conditions and vegetation changes. Last week I took a picture of the sky and it looked like curdled milk within a quilt pattern that was very unnatural. People here are not looking up or they blame health issues on diseases the doctors label for them or on religious predictions. It’s pitiful! I’m from Western Colorado and have traveled as a full time RV’er since 2006 and noticed changes even then. Thank You Dane for giving us clarity and a place to meet and share findings. Everything seems to be speeding up as you have said.

  12. Dennie says:

    From Earth Justice newsletter:

    State by state, clean energy is sweeping the nation:  Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee signs 100 per cent clean energy bill targeting 100 per cent clean electricity generation (but not until 2045….):   Oh well, argue all the f***ing hell you want, people– taking a step in the right direction is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, eh??

    • Jeanette says:

      You all those noctilucent clouds really have me going. That one on this site is horrifying; it looks like a painting. Again you should see all the pretty posts on Google. Cloud phenomena club…keep watching as they lower into the bottom atmosphere…be sure to breathe and watch out for that methane…you just want to take your three inch rubber pad and thump your head on it…Speaking of love-el-ly atmosphere sucking clouds, it seems to me these were pictured in many paintings and art. People that find out about these things always try to tell. Many authors with a story to tell have mysteriously vanished or had suspicious deaths. I honestly think that is why…they told but of course in a hidden, ambiquitous, abstract fashion. It would take a while for the public to catch on but just for the transgression. Pop. Some artworks with them, I want to say a painting called "The Scream" by Edvard Munch and especially a spin off of American Gothic…a t-shirt by Moondoggie designs, it is a white and black, Day of the Dead version and named "American GMOthic". The anti-gmo and ag chem protesters wore these but if you look in the very top most portion of the sky…in my opinion it is portraying the noctilucent clouds. It seems we are warned often. All we have to do is be open, and look and listen.

    • Jeanette says:

      Thank you, Andrew. I went on line and looked up noctilucent clouds. Project Possum? gov/t I think, had a paragraph that was almost too honest to be true. Saying these are a relatively "new" phenomena; no surprise there. Can't imagine wherest they came from. Get this everybody…there are like little clubs, associations and chasing events, isn't that nice? It would be like the "welcome aliens" group in the movie "Independence Day". Unbelievable…come look at the pretty clouds… Another movie, "Raiders of the Lost Ark" where the cloud streaks come out of the Ark, form a womans face then it turns into a skull and then they all get electrocuted. Stockholm syndrome to the max.

  13. Laura Kozicki says:

    I've always loved summer, but for many years now when I go outside I so often smell pesticides in the air from people spraying their yards in the neighborhood. Then I just want to go back in the house where it feels safe to breathe. Do people realize that when they spray chemicals in their yards, it affects the air that people, pets and wildlife all have to breathe? The air we breathe belongs to all of us.

    • Jeanette says:

      Ditto for dryer sheet "fog". Ever go through a neighborhood and go through a cloud of that. Gag me. I wish they knew how toxic they are and that it makes others sick. They do not smell good at all. Along with conventional "perfumes" at the dept. store counter and in everything with "fragrance" in the ingredients. Google? "the toxicity of fragrance".

  14. Joseph L says:

    Dane your  videos and shows belong in front of the United Nations.

    Pete Seeger – Bring 'em Home

    This is a great song just replace Vietnam for all the countries we are in today.

  15. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Anyone who raises their eyes from their Binky-phones long enough to notice the real world, "should" be alarmed by the obvious collapse of the ecosystems around them.  Granted, most humans have been herded into steel and glass monstrosities called "cities", but even there, film clips like "Hidden in plain sight" should shock them out of their comas long enough to stop grazing on electronic idiocy for a few brief enlightened moments…

    Hundreds of scientists have recited the end results of man induced heating on the oceans and glacial systems over te last 70 years, but no one wants to drive a smaller car or boycott rabid (and subsidized) petrochemical companies and tax free airlines.

    The first link is the question and answer portion of a presentation given before the British The Royal Institution .  Notice the mention of an ocean rise of over 100 feet is glossed over and lost in the traffic of discussion.  As I stated, this 100+ estimate has been circulating in the scientific community for over 70 years… Let's ignore it…

    Q&A: Sea Level Rise Can No Longer Be Stopped, What Next? – YouTube The Royal Institution

    Published on May 29, 2019

    Complete presentation including excuses, apologies, and buffed up words that ignore the NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS HAT WILL BE UNDER WATER in less than 15 years.

    Sea Level Rise Can No Longer Be Stopped, What Next? – with John Englander – YouTube

    Published on May 29, 2019

  16. Jerry says:

    Dane is truly a 21st century hero!

  17. Bella_Fantasia says:

    In most of Alaska we've been kept cool using cloud cover and lots of rain and hale, except for the lower half of the southeast 'panhandle' that is in an extreme drought, a first ever. That area is temperate rain forest.  Even so, it is too warm here the minute they stop the cool down.  Temperatures are definitely under-reported, sometimes by nearly 10F.

    The weather liars have animated graphics that show circular pressure zones and the arrows around the circle point in both directions, no matter whether there is a L or a H inside.  Our moisture consistently is directed up from the South Pacific. I have particular contempt for these weather people.  Tracy was entering a bike race for the Lung Association, keeping fit and supporting this cause, she said, because she had lost both of her parents to lung related issues. Fine, Tracy.  Take your inhaler.

    The purple lilacs came out just last week and today they're already very faded; half of the blossoms turned white.  Never saw that before.  Another flowering tree that had reddish magenta blossoms for only last week, had shriveled brown blossom remnants today. 

    Last Sunday during the Renaissance Fair a commercial jet, which had just taken off, was right overhead (our airport runways are being paved, so we have jet traffic taking off and landing right over midtown.) With my sunglasses I could see all along the wingspan a shiny iridescent mist, multicolored.  I'd never seen that except for a photo from last week that showed the same phenomena.  It is subtle.  You'd have to be looking for it (with sunglasses) to see it.  No white trail, but temperatures soon dropped precipitously.  It seemed like the spray jets must have turned on immediately after take off.  My scalp was awfully itchy that evening.  None of this is helping my chronic digestive issues, which became worse suddenly coinciding with the runway reconstruction.  Some nights I can't sleep due to all over itchiness, which seems nerve-related.

    At the fair there was an eagle circling low with sea gulls trying to chase it away from their nests on the ground.  It became clear how most people do not look up or else they can't see.  Many couldn't even see the eagle, huge as it was.  How can anyone not see an eagle?

  18. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 274th email, titled 'Climate Chaos within 19 months. ESAS / Koalas & humans functionally extinct?

    When will they lob 200 nukes down volcano cones to initiate the 2 year nuclear volcanic winter to refreeze the Arctic (and Antarctic)? This has nothing to do with a nuclear war, although that could be used as a distraction.

    The ongoing intensive, toxic (and therefore extremely profitable for those companies whose business model relies on disease and ill health) geoengineering and atmospheric spraying has delayed the nuclear option by over 6 years. However, because it is a covert operation, the general public has carried on with 'business as usual' and nothing has been achieved to prevent climate catastrophe and our extinction.

    Several parts of the Arctic have had temperatures of 20C – 30C during the past 10 days, hot enough to increase methane releases to rates "not expected" until 2090.

    The surface melt of Greenland is increasing at a similar rate to 2012 and 2016. Will the melt increase as in 2012 or 'stabilise' as in 2016?

    Methane peaked at 2975ppb on June 11th. It appears to have come from seafloor sediments in the East Siberian Arctic Shelf (ESAS), the area that Natalia Shakhova warned us about.

    The Australian Koala Foundation has declared that Koalas are functionally extinct. There are now about 80,000 Koalas left in Australia, with rapidly diminishing food and habitat. It is unlikely that Koalas will be able to survive for much longer.

    Sam Carana suggests that humans are also functionally extinct, due to global heating and the overwhelming lack of action – leading to rapidly diminishing food and habitat. It is unlikely that humans will be able to survive for much longer.

    As a side note, it is suspected that antibiotics given to diseased Koalas often causes their death, because it upsets the balance of their gut bacteria…Same probably applies to humans.

    The recent attacks on oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz were probably carried out by the Dolphin-class submarines that have been/are being built by Germany for the Israeli Navy. 

    These subs are believed to be equipped with 16 cruise missiles that have 200 kiloton nuclear warheads, which gives Israel an offshore nuclear second strike capability…"Not a lot of people know that!" 

    Mumtaz: mine clearing and reconstruction work has been sufficiently completed to allow displaced civilians to return to Palmyra, Syria.

    • Dennie says:

      @Andrew from Scotland:  For a few years there I would get cat scratches and finger dings from working out in the garden that would get infected.  Several times over a few years I was prescribed antibiotics for these infections.  Then one day I tried to "toss a caber" (I threw a small eucalyptus tree… yes…. I did… about 15 feet long, it was…) across a hillside while standing in the loose soil of the California hillside behind my house and I felt something "slip" internally.  My osteo told me when I next visited him that it was a connective structure structure holding my large intestine in place and I'd yanked it.  Several days after tossing the tree I started having this really bad G.I. upset and P-A-I-N unlike anything before so I got an appointment with my M.D. who diagnosed me with diverticulitis, which can be serious, for which she prescribed antibiotics.  When I finished the course I was okay, until I had the colonoscopy that she ordered (she wanted to make sure I didn't have anything "structurally" wrong). Well, right after the colonoscopy, the diverticulitis came back… and another round of the damnable antibiotics just wasn't cutting it, so my acupuncturist said to go get a bottle of liquid probiotics and take double doses.  I am not kidding, the minute after I drank a few tablespoons I would feel M-U-C-H better!  He said keep taking large doses of this until I was pain-free.  Sure enough, that cured me of the diverticulitis, caused, I'm sure, from the upset balance of the gut bacteria from those years of taking the antibiotics. 

      With all the spray crap that we know contains pseudomonas, e. coli and other bacteria, and god-knows-what-all-else, we should be taking probiotics from time to time, especially when over the age of 50.  The gut bacteria keeps your immune system running, and prebiotics such as onions and other stuff you can look up on the prebiotic list should be a regular part of our diet.

  19. Wakai95 says:

    Western Washington Seattle area is all ready in drought like conditions. I just got back from driving from Bellevue Washington where I live just 20 minutes east of Seattle to Missoula Montana and you can see trees that have recently died all the way from Bellevue to Missoula. Nothing to worry about right? People in the greater Seattle pretend to care about the collapsing biosphere but they take no action themselves all they do is say someone in politics or whatever should do something. If only saying it would make it so. They are all cowards who just live for their own personal pursuit of pleasure. Sorry to sound mad and blunt but come on our sky’s look ridiculous and soon they will be completely smoke filled. Then I would say in less than a decade from now the whole area in the greater Seattle area won’t even look at all how it did 100 years ago or when as of right now. 

  20. globalpatriotworker says:

    Having lived in my area , southern WI, for 30 years I have never experienced a spring such as this. We are normally at near peak high temps. As I write this we are at about 50 degrees with a stiff northeast wing blowing off of Lake Michigan. It feels cold. This exact pattern has been repeating for months on end. Sunny day…spray spray spray…winds push the chem haze out over the lake and then it reverses and brings back chilly wet weather. It is hardly ever calm. There was only the tiniest of windows for the fruit trees to flower. I pollinated them myself. The bees and wasps are nowhere to be found. My hive is empty. There are nowhere near the amount of birds we are used to seeing. The cardinals are not here. At least 50% of the fields aren't planted yet. The lower lands are soaked to the point you can't get a tractor in. For sale signs on cropland are showing up. The temperature inversions are sudden and dramatic and have been for years. You never ever see a natural thunderhead cloud riding a prevailing west wind like the old days. All you ever see are gigantic blobs of gray schmutz. There is a distinct difference between what is left of natural clouds, which are very low to the ground, and the upper canopy of control aerosols. It is so very obvious. The upper level blobs have no distinct edges and are constantly being zapped into odd and strange patterns that are like something out of the Twilight Zone.

      I believe that this is an intentional assault on our food supply. But Why? Big Ag, Big Food, Big Pharma collaborating to get prices up and fix us when we don't eat well? What in the hell is going on? I have been around for some time and this really does not feel right. Call it instinct. Thanks Dane for the platform and meeting place. Godspeed.

    • annick says:

      Please, I recommend you read on the UN website "Agenda 2030, Sustainable Development." You'll be told that "sustainable development" is only possible with 1 billion people on the planet. So, how do we shift from 8 to 1 billion? I call it "Depopulation Program"… First targeted are non-whites, the poor, the old, and the latest generation (babies, toddlers, teens). It becomes obvious when you start connecting all the dots… I really feel for you, your observations are so accurate and heartbreaking… The same is happening where I am, not a single day without planes spraying in the sky, ice nucleation again and again, and as a result the coldest spring I've ever witnessed. No bees, no butterflies, no bumble bees… This is the first year I've kept feeding the birds, because they find so little to eat now and their newborns are going to starve… So my friend, keep courage… I send you a big warm hug! 

    • rk says:

      This includes making whoever is left in need of artificially generated "food" created in laboratories and using technology to replace all biology.

  21. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL. I was shocked to hear about the drought conditions in the Olympic Peninsula region. All my adult life I have avoided that region because it rains tooooo much. It's a glorious habitat, at least it used to be. I can only imagine how flammable the the forest must be when dried out. So much carbon stored up in sooooo much vegetation. I know many of you folks in the SW Alaska and western BC region can see the same conditions in your regions. I've been around Boweron Lakes Provincial park twice. Once in 72 and once in 92. Both times we had rain 7 out of 9 days during the "least rain time of year". It was hard to start a camp fire. Last year, that region was dryer than a popcorn fart. The many fires in that region prove it.

  22. Henry R Meier says:

    I come across this article the other day… are these people living under a rock, or what?

    • Dennie says:

      Great catch!  The story starts out like an "O.M.G.!!!!!" hysterical shrieking of a laundry list of all the various ways we "could be" ("could-may-might," again) geoengineered, then a few paragraphs down slips in this kind of crap in order to get you to think we really should agree to let this be done (never mind it's been ongoing for decades…):  

      "Earth's temperatures are set to soar to dangerous levels so a lot of scientists think the unknown consequences of geoengineering are worth the risk.

      The worse case scenario is that Earth's atmospheric chemistry is irreversibly altered and causes freak weather conditions like monsoons, hurricanes and heatwaves that could kill thousands and increase global tensions.

      However, geoengineering may be the only way to reach the goals for reducing climate change set out in the Paris agreement and so many countries may agree to trialling it anyway."


    • Jeanette says:

      I know it is depressing, Dennie. Be depressed but please do bounce back to us. It is the same for me…they are doing the same with the gmos. Trump needs to be…. …;;;;;j. Did you see the noctilucent clouds? I have a southern exposure/view, I even think that I went out grocery shopping and did not see anything. Were they up your way? You all get more rain? then we do. Take it easy…self heal all.


    • Dennie says:

      @Jeanette:  What I'm talking about is why would the shilling media even bother to announce to us all of the ways that the corporate-scientific-military-industrial complex believes that we need to be geoengineered in order to be "saved." Like somehow we should all just swallow that crap and not even bother to question it, let alone notice it right over our heads, never mind it's been going on for decades, and finding the patents and doing the testing to prove it is easier than pie?  "THEY" NEVER ASKED YOUR PERMISSION to blow +2000 nuclear "devices" into the atmosphere (and just what the Hell did that do to add to the warming, and the cancer rates, on Earth, hmmm?) so WHY would "THEY" even bother with publishing some hysterical sky-is-falling article in a mainstream journal about what "They" believe is better than sitting back and actually letting Nature take it's course now?

      YES, I saw the noctilucent clouds, a few of them hanging over Marin, above the fog last evening as I made my way back from teaching students in Berkeley– w-e-i-r-d, or whaaat??  My aching retinas!!!! You're really going to need special sunglasses if that treatment of "clouds" is going to become "the norm." 

  23. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    The Unholy Alliance Between DNA Sites and Facial Recognition
    By Dagny Taggart
    Technology that was once only seen in dystopian science fiction is rapidly infecting real life. Two means of collecting personal data – DNA databases and facial recognition software – are forming an unholy alliance, and the privacy implications could be devastating.
    Privacy concerns surrounding DNA and facial recognition aren’t anything new. As the popularity of DNA genealogy websites like Ancestry DNA and 23andMe increase, so do questions over who has access to that data and how it will be used. The use of facial recognition and other biometric data technology is on the rise, and people are expressing concerns (and outrage) about that technology as well.
    Genealogy sites have been making the news of late, mainly for concerns over how our personal data is used – and who has access to that information.
    Recently, GEDmatch, which has more than 1 million genetic profiles in its database, decided to stop providing information to police without user permission. Last month, the site faced criticism when it allowed Utah police to use the database while investigating a violent assault. “Prior to the change, GEDmatch had allowed police to use its data only for rapes and homicides,” reports Bloomberg:
    The site is now asking users whether they want to allow police to access their DNA information. Previously, law enforcement could search profiles in the database unless a customer explicitly opted out.

  24. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Report: Prepare for the Climatic Collapse of Civilization
    Wayne Madsen / June 13, 2019

    Two authoritative Australian experts, backed up by a retired admiral of the Royal Australian Navy, recently issued a dire report that warns of an impending collapse of civilization from human-caused climate change.

    … It is no longer unusual to find military services warning about the impending catastrophic effects of climate change. In January 2019, the US Department of Defense’s
    Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment issued a report to the US Congress, “Report on Effects of a Changing Climate to the Department of Defense,” without the usual fanfare accompanying such an alarming finding. The Pentagon report, which forecasts US military bases susceptible to recurrent flooding, drought, desertification, wildfires, and thawing permafrost, was introduced in a low-key fashion due to the anti-science dogma of Donald Trump and key members of his administration.
    The Pentagon’s study sees 79 military bases to suffer from the effects of climate change. They include bases in Virginia, California, New Mexico, Utah, Florida, Colorado, Washington DC, Alaska, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Ohio, Hawaii, Guam, and even the National Security Agency (NSA) complex in Maryland and the Pentagon building, itself, in Virginia. …
    … “In Australia recently we have seen and heard signals about the growing realization of the seriousness of our plight. For example, young women speak of their decisions to not have children, and climate scientists admitting to depression as they consider the ‘inevitable’ nature of a doomsday future and turn towards thinking more about family and relocation to ‘safer’ places, rather than working on more research.”

    The Australian report’s conclusions are sobering. It states: “Climate change now represents a near-to mid-term existential threat to human civilization.” Predicting the advent of a “hothouse Earth” by 2050, the report’s authors foresee devastating weather extremes, including wildfires, heatwaves, drought, and massive flooding. The loss of the Asian monsoons, glacial and polar ice, slowing of the Atlantic Gulf Stream, and collapse of the Amazon and other eco-systems will result in massive population shifts. The report states that such conditions will result in “outright chaos” and the “end of human civilization and modern society as we have known it.”

    … It is the collapse of food production that spells the onset of civilization collapse, according to the Australian report.  The disruption of the human food supply will be brought about by heat waves, floods, storms, and the decline in beneficial insect populations. Food and water shortages will lead to social upheaval on a scale virtually unknown in modern times. Oceanic flooding of some of the world’s agriculturally-important river deltas – including, the Mekong, Ganges and Nile – will result in massive population movement to areas where there is food and clean water. Seawater inundation will also make major cities uninhabitable and Chennai, Mumbai, Jakarta, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City, Shanghai, Lagos, Bangkok, and Manila will be abandoned. Even entire countries, like Bangladesh and small island-states, will lie empty.
    The starkest prediction in the Australian report predicts that “even for 2°C of warming, more than a billion people may need to be relocated and In high-end scenarios, the scale of destruction is beyond our capacity to model, with a high likelihood of human civilization coming to an end.” The report points to the beginnings of climatic collapse with the current loss of Arctic sea-ice, the disintegration of the West Antarctica Ice Shelf and Greenland and Himalayan Ice Sheets, and global destruction of and coral reefs.

  25. Jose Gallardo says:

    Big pharma is controlling politicians by buying them off in order to get them to mandate a product for which they have no financial liablity when a child is pernanently harmed or killed by a vaccine. (See NCVIA of 1986) Vaccine makers have no financial incentive to make a safer vaccine. More and more vaccines are being added to CDC vaccine schedule with little discussion at ACIP (Advisor Committee on Immunization Practices) 
    Each vaccine added to the vaccine schedule means billions of dollars to the pharmaceutical companies – without any risk of being sued. 
    The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, (VICP) has paid out more than 4 billion dollars to parents whose children have been permanentlly harmed or who have died – and that injury attributed to a vaccine. It is not an easy process and takes year. Many parents whose children have been injured or killed by a vaccine don't bother. 
    Many don't have the resources to hire an attorney . It has been described as a kangaroo court. 
    I'm hoping that the NCVIA will be repealed so that the slimey, dirty dealings of the pharmaceutical companies in their emails will be revealed in the discovery process, just like Big Tobacco. There is no discovery process when parents go through the VICP to get much needed finances necessary to care for their children.
    Vaccines carry risk, as all pharmaceutical products do and 
    Where there's a risk, there should be a choice. Parents should have the final say as to what is injected into their children. We all should have the choice as to what goes into our body and we shouldn't be forced to choose between our kids going to school and injecting them with pharmaceutical products that have never been tested with an inert placebo. 
    It's time to stand up. Everyone. Because once vaccines are mandated for children, pharma will push bought politicians to mandate vaccines for adults. 
    You like all vaccines but the flu shot? Too bad. You'll be mandated to get it. Like all vaccines, but HPV? Too bad. 
    If you let bought politicians mandate vaccines, you won't have a choice. 
    It's time to stand up against mandated vaccines and against politicians that are bought and paid for by pharma.

  26. Jose Gallardo says:

    Fun Fact: 85% of plant life is found in the oceans, when we harm the oceans we are harming an important part of the biosphere. 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Jose, thank you for the "fun fact". I did not know that. Kind of ironic that I often say to folks, "here's your fun fact for the day". It always gets a grin and always stands folks up for receiving "new data". So, which aspect is the cart and which one is the horse? pretty 'simple', wouldn't ya say? I'll be sure to pass on that bit of info. 85%, seriously? Wow……….

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