Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 20, 2020, #254


Dane Wigington

Only six months ago, none would have believed that we would find ourselves in a face mask wearing society today. Initially US agencies like the CDC said wearing face masks would not protect from CV -19. The surgeon general said the same. Other medical experts have cited serious health problems that can result from extended face mask use. Now the CDC says wearing a mask is essential. What changed? Is protecting public health really the goal? Or are other agendas in play? While populations are understandably burdened with the increasing day to day difficulties that covid-19 has brought on, what wider horizon challenges are looming? Could these background challenges very soon make other concerns mute? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

No matter how dark the horizon is, we can still make a difference if we stand together. All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

What in the world are they spraying?
Barry County, Michigan (6/13/20). Photo credit: Trevor Bachi
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For those that have not yet seen our recent post on “The Dimming”, it is a groundbreaking documentary that is currently in production. This documentary film will provide answers and proof of the ongoing climate engineering / weather warfare operations. Below is a 4+ minute trailer on the upcoming film.

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  1. Joseph says:

    Geoengineering Is Causing Drought And Fueling Fires

    March 9, 2015    


    l around the planet our skies are being saturated with toxic metal and chemical particulates. These particulates are being sprayed from jet aircraft as part of the global geoengineering/weather modification programs titled "SRM" and "SAG". Any that take the time to investigate the subjects of SRM (solar radiation management) and SAG (stratospheric aerosol geoengineering) will find that many of the “predicted” effects of these massive climate altering programs are not disputed. The climate science community is blatantly lying about the ongoing climate engineering programs, claiming they are only "proposals". One of the many well known effects related to geoengineering which is not debated is DROUGHT. How bad is the engineered drought in the US West, specifically California? The latest drought monitor map is below, the climate engineering assault has consistently robbed rain from the Western US.

       this is 5 years old and things are alot worse now.  Dane I read this book in the 90s angels don't play this haarp.  Thank you again for all you do for the greater good.

  2. Joseph says:

    THANK YOU DANE–Great work—I hope more people come on board  to listen to your broadcasts and help spread the word, Time is not on our side.

  3. JR says:

    Hello to All from Southwest, New Mexico USA. The sons of Satan are out an about with what they like to call normal, creating drought with their SAG/SRM/SAI. Our beautiful clouds surrounding us about now in their season given to us by the one and only Almighty are being obliterated. As I've stated before there will be Hell to pay for when it's all said and done. Unfortunately one could say we are going through hell ourselves having to endure such hardship with the like and now this Covid crap, wherever it came from. God Bless those here and their families with open eyes, ears, and hearts with the hardships we are being susceptible to. Those in authority in this country and others will suffer in the long run because they did nothing good with that authority they were given. Not by my words I'm saying, but what is written in Scripture, we don't mock Our Creator and get away with it. His Strength…

  4. Paul Vonharnish says:

    See V. Susan Ferguson's post: "Temperature hits 100 F degrees in Arctic Russian town" Yup… No such thing as global heating… But the arctic is "warming" at twice the rate of other areas. Let's all mask up and ignore the information…

    The manipulated drought in Northeastern Minnesota continues to astound the unwashed, as trees, grasses, and marshlands wilt. There is no rain. Only scattered sprinkles. Electromagnetic ringing and cloud manipulations have become obvious.

    New Rule: Wind direction blows clouds in the opposite direction…

    I watched a farmer disking his land the other day. The dust cloud looked like pictures from the days of the "Dust bowl". The naughty man wasn't wearing a mask. Shame, shame…

  5. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Strange days indeed!….

    Today was my first day I "could have had" my awareness booth at my local farmers market. I chose to opt out. Because our market manager resigned this week due to non adherence to this covid BS. 8 years of doing a good job thrown away for fear of the unknown. I made it more than apparent that I boycotted this day for our fallen leadership. It is hard to not bad mouth such a duration of effort for the good of the many. I am sad it fell so abruptly. I will be what rises out of the ashes. It is an obligation to those that have listened to me for so many years. Like Dane, it is not a position I strove for or wanted. It is one that I must pursue to stay even with my Creator. Our spineless Governor Jay Inslee here in Washington state has now made it "mandatory" for 'all' to wear those f'd up masks. I will comply. I 'will' have a sign safety pinned to my mask stating one many things that come to my mind that may be significant to my fellow community members. I have earned a firm foundation among my peers. It is important to not let them down. "They are so lost". Most of you know that I like to write. Some of you know how well I can. I have been the beacon of light for many members of my community and members of the market. My most important hour is yet to be conceived. Most days I feel like cement setting up. Most days I muster up the will to have my say and promote good and truthful will. I take great pride knowing that "no one" has come to me and said I am full of BS. Not one! Sometimes it's important to note what they don't say. I possess a very simple mind. It is hard to keep up with what comes at me through truth. Try I must. Try I do in all ways. Being quite frank here, I'd much rather stay up in my mountains and work at making other peoples dreams come true. The demand for truth rings out and demands to be heard. I can find no reason I should not let that demand be unfulfilled.

    To the good of the many!! Spread your wings and find a new perspective with which to view your own world. The same world we all share and should care for by standing up for what is right and true!!

    Love and strength to ALL,   'a' simple horseman

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      No governor, mayor, county commissioner, or any other official has the legal authority to mandate wearing masks. Only the state legislature can do this by making a LAW about it. There can be recommendations, guidance, suggestions, etc. from officials, but no one is required to wear a mask, unless it has become a state law. You might want to call your Health Dept. and ask them: (1) Which law is associated with the wearing of masks? (2) When was the law passed? (3) What is the law code?

  6. Dennie says:

    Dr. Judy Mikovits on biological research on pathogens including "teaching" ebola how to infect human cells at Ft. Detrick, MD, corruption at the NIH, the origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and a lot more:

  7. Sandy Patrus says:

    For weeks now at least once a day, a beautiful monarch butterfly the size of a bird, flutters through my back yard but never stays to get the nectar from my flowers.  I have never seen one this large before!  When I see it I feel hope that not all is lost.  

  8. Keeping At It says:

    Covid Is Making a Comeback

    Paul Craig Roberts

    It was only last week that we heard endless BS about Covid being a hoax, and that masks, social distancing, and close downs were pointless.  This week we learn that Covid is surging in more than half of the country.

    I have no doubt that the virus will be used in behalf of self-serving agendas.  Nevertheless, I also wonder about the external cost imposed on others by the propaganda that the virus is a hoax or not dangerous, and that the precautions taken have killed more people than the virus. This propaganda causes people to be careless.  Consequently, they become infected and spread it to others.

    Of all the countries in the world, the United States has the largest number of infections and deaths, more than double those of the second worst country— Brazil— with 2,278,588 infections and 119,959 deaths.  The United States has one-fourth of all the Covid deaths in the world. Currently, the new cases in the US are 30,000 a day and 1,000 daily deaths.  One problem with Internet information is that seldom is anything dated.  These numbers could be outdated.

    This article — — raises an interesting question.  Was Covid seeded, and are the second waves in fact reseedings?

    I would have more confidence in Larry Romanoff’s argument if he had not associated it with a gratuitous attack on President Trump.  Nevertheless, if Romanoff is correct, there is much dark evil behind an engineered pandemic. Conspiracy theorists have hardly scratched the surface.

    The fact remains that whoever, whatever is responsible for Covid, precaution is the only protection. In the US it seems that precaution has been thrown to the wind.

  9. Diane Maupin says:

    Thank you Dane for this recent post. As usual, it's pertinent! My husband and I live in Fall River Valley in northern California, and have witnessed the same scenarios you have shared with us. You have described beautifully, what life in the forests, oceans and other areas used to be like, we have seen them too. We keep in our local shop flyers and other pamphlets about "geoengineering" and try to keep customers advised of these weather modifications. Many people take the literature and we can only hope that the info begets curiosity and they are passed on. Blessing to you for all that you do…

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Diane, my most sincere gratitude to you and your husband for your help with sounding the alarm. My deepest thanks to all activists and individuals that are doing the same. It is our combined efforts that can yet make a difference for the better. 

  10. f reps says:

    Read the English translation of the  " Kol Nidre" prayer to get a clearer , and accurate understanding of the "Forces " that are extremely well organized ; and have an Agenda that ties in with the " Worldwide" Geo Engineering activities.   A  study of Mankind's History with its joys and Travails points to a Major source of the world's difficulties.

  11. penny waters says:

    dear dane, and all people, feeling the emotional and physical pain of the human destruction of our world

    have been introduced to a film that was taken off the net but now put back on

    not sure have seen it flagged up here before

    tis called planet of humans directed by jeff gibb and promoted by michael moore

    has irritated many people – cos it tells the truth of what we are doing – how the corporations and environmentalists are in bed with each other!! in their silly attempts to 'save the world'

    'environmentalists'…. huh, had some in my 'circle' of friends until i realised they were the 'band wagon' people (you know – jumping on the band wagon! – no real understanding) – left 'em

    saw jeff gibbs on rt tv – his desperation at what he has realised and the reaction of others too, it reminded me of this here collection of wonderful people who can see the light and dark of human behaviour

    would it be useful for you dane to contact him – he seems a genuine person – don't know about michael moore?

    v. susan talks about indigenous people around the world being squashed – have felt it for a long time – my family (by my name – in the doomsday book), obviously with a sprinkling of immigrants, has been in this country for over a thousand years and i have watched, since the second 'world' war, the destruction of the tribes of britain

    all the big cities were bombed during the war, with large scale destruction of neighbourhoods – kith and kin – once lost never to be found – the destruction of traditions held within the oral language in sayings and also attitudes

    to be english and always to be associated with the british is the hardest thing i endure – tis about time we were disentangled

    british – british empire – viking/norman colonisation of the english first – then irish, scots and welsh (alphabetical order!) and then………the empire – another damn empire

    thatcher (reagans mate) brain washed the working people here to think they were middle class cos they owned their own houses bah humbug – stupidity on a large scale – clever propaganda!!!!

    her, the daughter of parents who owned a corner shop and who made enough money out of their neighbours to send her to uni!!

    my grandad had a butchers shop in the 30's in london and he tried to help the people around him by giving to the hungry children, became bankrupt and lost the shop

    heat is building up here – weather forecasters are saying – how wonderful – but i see the trees dying everywhere i go – no-one sees it

    i am beginning to feel sorry for the many people i see who wear face masks – they are so frightened – along with the people 'in charge'

    what irritates me are the 'job's worth' (can't do that – more than my jobs worth) and the peaked cap brigade who love their little bit of power – stand behind that line – you haven't got a face mask!!!!

    'nother thing – young man – few days ago – stabbed and killed 3 people in reading – came from libya

    how can politicians not see – no excuse for his behaviour except for the fact that he is mad!!!

    how could you not be – coming from the middle east and the mess that is human society, interfered with by other nations after the oil – tribe versus tribe 

    although there was much innate psychological understanding between people from the bombed areas of britain – there was no kith and kin connections to retain culture and carry it on

    but to take a young human coming from the area of the world called libya – ravaged first by tyranny and then by war – and dump him in a self indulgent country, as ours has become, and expect him to cope!!!!

    and as a young man full of energy – do they ever wonder why wars are controlled by old men but fought by the young men

    humans are so stupid

    watched tribes of blue tits snacking on insects when i pulled back the curtains this morning – hahahaha just had a visit in the kitchen (am sitting in front room but can see) from a great tit – and what did he/she land on – the sunflower seeds hanging on the wall in a stretchy bag

    can't feed them at present cos got rats from new people across the road – babies keep arriving in my garden – but that's a whole other story

    good to see new neighbours but……. they have no idea – 'how wonderful to see muncjacks (chinese escapee from zoos) – wait till it gores their dog – or the foxes – wait till it rips all their rubbish apart

    where have the stoats and weasels gone – the honey bees, the myriad of shield bugs – all different colours and sizes, the mayflies that thickly filled the air in their mating dance, the spotted fly catchers that visited every year, the dancing house martins and swallows

    but did find an oak bush cricket sitting on my head – new to me – a little shiny bright green little creature sharing its day with me

    extinct like us soon

    what a time to be alive – to witness so much and yet retain our minds and hearts and not want to go around attacking people

    thank you for staying in the light you good people – you are my rock in crazy times

    much love


  12. Jeffrey J Szulczewski says:

    I noticed here in Pleasant Prairie, WI a solid cloud blanket above us for almost 30 days just before the Corona nonsense went mainstream.  When the local weather (paid actors/conspirators) did their broadcasts and showed the radar images, it did not show these clouds on the radar.  Coincidence?

  13. Dennie says:

    From  Warp Speed COVID-19 Vaccine Makes Big Pharma Crooks Rich: 

    At a glance:

    Two Moderna executives cashed in $25 million when stock prices rose immediately following the announcement that its COVID-19 phase 1 trial showed promising results

    Stock dropped within days, as critics pointed out the results were likely misrepresented and actually quite alarming

    Twenty percent of Moderna’s phase 1 volunteers suffered severe systemic side effects. With a reaction rate of 20%, vaccinating the global population would gravely injure at least 1.5 billion individuals, and likely more, since only exceptionally healthy volunteers were included

    The most hazardous hurdle for Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine lies ahead. Past attempts at creating coronavirus vaccines have failed, as both animal and human subjects would develop robust antibody responses but then become gravely ill when exposed to the wild virus. In some animal studies, all the animals died upon exposure to the wild virus

    Coronaviruses have been shown to produce two different types of antibodies: neutralizing antibodies that fight the infection, and binding antibodies that cannot prevent viral infection. Binding antibodies can instead trigger “paradoxical immune enhancement,” causing severe illness and/or death when exposed to the wild virus

  14. Mike UK says:

    Dane, thanks as ever for your latest update. Your weekly broadcasts are better described as impassioned appeals for humanity to wake up and radically change course – before it’s too late.

    You are right about the inner poverty of modern life, which makes so many people seek damaging and meaningless distractions – which corporations and others through the media are only too willing to feed us for their own profit. Of course, it’s not a business model that has a long-term future…

    Here are a couple of reports about what is happening in the Arctic regions – which of course give further support to your own reports. It’s frightening, if I’m honest.

    Thanks for all you do.

  15. Tee Smith says:

    If all 35 million people watching, reading, awakening to the planned manipulation of our planet could:

    stand together in a MOMENT OF PRECIOUS INTENT (id PRAYER)


    We know the chaos.  Can we stand in LOVE TOGETHER FOR A "MOMENT."




    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Tee Smith, I find it interesting how you have described a "tipping point"

      So simple yet sooo complicated. Nature will dictate that it all comes down to a "flash point". We're talking about our mother here! My mother is 4' 11" and I learned to respect the huge(to me) wooden spoon. I am fortunate to have a mother that by rational reason, was always right and kept me moving in the direction I saw fit. Now, multiply that by say 7 billion or so. "Things we could have had or things we will have?" Maybe things we already have and just don't know it. Everyone is going to hit the wall. No way around it. For those of us in the know, it is all playing out in slow motion(but some days not so much. Mandatory masks starting this Friday). For those that are blind it will force them into decisions they did not see coming and they don't understand the question to begin with.

  16. Laurie says:

    After all of their heavy spraying in NC yesterday and our heavy rain storm yesterday and again today, our AQI (Air Quality Index) is 62% with a warning about the Dominant Pollutant PM2.5. And they listed "Tiny particles called PM2.5 irritate the eyes, nose, and respiratory system.  Long-term exposure aggravates heart and lung disease."
    Being in the mountains without much traffic and seeing this kind of air quality is proof that they are spraying this toxic poison everywhere. We never had air quality like this.  You can actually smell it in the air when you walk outside. We always had the cleanest smelling air here in the mountains. Not anymore.  It is infuriating.  Thank you to all who post what is going on in your area as well.  



  17. Butch says:

    Here in SE Pa.,In the middle of June, even after very much gulf "originated" rain, I am witnessing August-like brown grasses. I suspect its UVC harm, can't really recall seeing such large swaths of browned grass in mid-June, in all my 70+ years. 

  18. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Had just about enough of this scam-demic yet? It is embarrassing to see, when I go to town, all the sheeple showing their true and weak colors. Seems like nobody has the ability to think for themselves anymore. And no one knows it! Go figure. No one asks questions and does their own research! The "majority" will get what they have earned in "gods plan". It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep them(sheeple) from taking folks like me down with them. It's amazing how fast the world we once knew is changing into something we know nothing about. "Just do as you're told". I say F U !! I will not comply nor conform! I will do what is right.

    Dane, I am happy you took a trek out into your wooded lands. It's a hard thing to face, I know. Happy Fathers day by the way. Today I gave myself a present. I trimmed my Mustangs feet and saddled them both up. One at a time. "It's been 3 years since they have seen a saddle let alone a rider" Most horsey people will tell you that your horse needs a "tune up" before you get in the saddle. Today I went out and did my "chores" just like we would have done them yesterday. Long story short, I got two nice rides down to the gate and back, "un-eventful". (Step one huge step, to getting back out there).The exercises in obligation are needed now more than ever before in "human" history. True to human form, we need to clean this mess up or we're done, Ka Put! Problem is, in the end, "we" took just about everything down with "us". Funny, the thought  just crossed my mind, "humans should have gone away just as quietly as the Dodo Bird". It would be fitting in the long range scope of "things".

    Love and strength to ALL,  'a' simple horseman

    • Brent K Papon says:


      Anyone with half a cup of sentience is losing their collective shite…

       …Some of us WILL live…

      And we are TWO of the luckiest fools on this here earth

      It's hard to love and so easy to hate

      Don't let them get y'ou down…

      "friend I ain't met yet"

      PS. It's not an illusion.

      You are surrounded by complete f'ing idiots;)

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Yes, horseman, I have had just about enough of this plandemic and I will not go silently into the night!  People have got to wake up before it is too late!  And yes, why aren't they questioning this or doing any research?  It is all about fear and control!  As long as they can keep the people in fear, they can totally control them!  I am a very angry person these days because I know the truth, and going along with this charade is hard for me because I  can't keep my mouth shut once I know what is really going on!  Our plans for our 50th anniversay next month are being ruined by this plandemic and I am not happy to say the least!  I am going to my friend's wedding in Pgh in August though, because she does not believe any of this bullshit and did not cancel her wedding plans over it.  Good for her!  Even though I got my airfare for more than half of what it would have normally cost, I am not looking forward to the new draconian flying rules!  It is always good to be able to express our feelings here with like minded people.  Peace, hope and love to you and all the people trying to do what is right in their hearts!

    • joe Strauss says:









      A simple horseman,

      I kow, you are a nature lover, animals too.

      I hae been frustrated at times with the "sheep" of

      this world, foreign and domestic. The masks,as reported by

      Dane is true (gather more virus.)  So what if others say you are crazy.


      We can hold steadfast to our own truth. WE know the Geoengineering is  up to no good for Mother Earth and us.

      I was inspired by your prior posting…The new little nature

      beginings  you found where you live.  City life, San Francisco

      has parks. If none, I will go off the charts (looney  tooney).

      Nature will assist our being.  Those people who become

      controlled, refuse to listen to others as Dane et al ;  It is

      their choice. We can not convince them. It is a mis creation for us to convince them.

      Dane has given us the good information.   He is clear and concise in the delivery of  assistance thru his positive Spirit.


      I have  since 1995, observed changes in Geoengineering

      tactics. Those using aircraft change compounds and  mimic

      natural cloud patterns.  Many people as Dane said , The

      printed  and video material show those who open the mind.

      I  asked friends to  look when the Aircraft, prior 20 years

      appeared with the extra long trails. They did not respond.

       I  can not open it for them. Let it be as  they chose.

      Light is positive.  Darkness is ignorance. We all chose.

    • Arbor Shield says:

      I live in Bellevue 20 minutes from Seattle this year has been like no other I'm 25 years old and those around my age especially the younger ones are going to be dead or in a camps awaiting the same fate in less than a week with no power and all the stores shut down for what will most likely be forever. I can't help but to be angry with them and not just those that are way older than me. Like gen z has to be the dumbest generation ever I hate to say. Nothing to them is sacred and they have the attention span worse of that of a squirrel and most of their life is through a screen. We could change course if the younger ones just put in effort and cared about the future cause now they don't I don't really think they  care about anything or then their own entertainment and amusement. Along with lacking the ability to understand what true value and morals are you can tell by the way most live on a daily basis with maybe a few exceptions just not in the greater Seattle area. I can't help but to think this is all done by design by the elite but they've allowed this to happen by consent they have stolen their own futures by lack of action let alone actually caring. I've been doing work similar to what Dane talked about with the forest here since I was 14 because I do care and value nature. I have pretty much completely disconnected and distanced myself from those around my age especially the younger ones this year cause I've seen their colors, I really do think the dumbing down has been a huge success and I can't help but to be low key very mad at most of them to allow themselves to be so dumb. What does that leave for me then? I've been going out to the mountains in the region looking for a off grid site and having it fully stocked which is what other than sounding the alarm and doing what I can for what's left of nature, so when martial law happens and the final nail in what was society's reality completely dies I will have a little longer to go than those who will just listen to what their overlords want and die a s*** death likely never even knowing what is going on and honestly right now it's going to be hard to feel bad for at least those I've tried to wake up and maybe even the rest of them seeing how pointless they've allowed themselves to become and Tomorrow the new law with the mask comes in to play and those brainwashed idiots again most around my age just suck up and eat right up all the propaganda thrown at them with out actually thinking or doing any real reasearch. looks like I may end up in the woods even sooner which i really don't want to do but if it means survival and being away from their bs and soon to be total collapse then so be it. Until then I will keep sounding the alarm and doing what's right. 

  19. Laurie says:

    They are back again in full force in North Carolina as they were spraying our sky from early this morning. They totally ruined our blue sky and sunshine.  Then hours later we had a storm warning for our area come over our weather radio.  And then the sky looked very dark and eery and the heavy wind and rain came. Our lights kept flashing on and off like they were going to go out.  Our weather has changed so much over the years.  It's still so hard to believe the sheeple do not see the stripes right over their head.  Again, thank you Dane for all that you do  


    • Jonathan O'Quinn says:

      Randyl and I both are in NC.

      We discuss the same weather phenomena bewtwen ourselves…. you are noticing the same. I'm in Greenville, would be nice to organize some college campus distributions of GW materials, if your like.

      I believe we must reach the younger generations… 

      I am seeing so much scorching of green leaves here. The sun is so hot on my skin that I try to avoid it whenever possible. I literally carry an umbrella on a lot of hot sunny days when I have to go outside.

      Update of North Carolina State legislature. I sent educational materials from this website every member of the state legislature North Carolina, 170 representatives and senators across our state. So far not one has responded to me.

      We are fighting serious levels of apathy.

      Some of my recent posts have not been posted. I'm not sure why. 

      The link to the Judy Mikovits Plandemic  documentary on I have typed up as well as the post that Dane covered several weeks ago that was posted by a physician earlier this month on another website, in which he or she talks about vaccines. I put them together in a flyer and hand them out to patients in my office along with Dane's educational materials I order from the website here.

      I want to encourage people to do everything they can too costly share written printed material with people about these and similar subjects. We can also certainly use our email is Dane has mentioned recently. That way we may be able to cast a wider net.

      I know I have jumped around a little bit in this post. Please be encouraged, everybody.


  20. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: Worldwide the 'plandemic' is being used for hidden toxic agendas. The last ditch grab for resources, money and power is obscenely blatant.

    The Pandemic’s Hidden Casualty: Human Rights
    For many of Asia’s indigenous peoples, COVID-19 is exacerbating long-standing policies of marginalization.
    By Carmina Flores-Obanil / The Diplomat
    June 16, 2020

    The lush forests of the Sierra Madre mountain range, on the Philippine island of Luzon, have been home to the Dumagat-Remontados indigenous peoples for centuries. But their ancestral lands are now under threat.
    In this area, the Philippine government is planning to build the Kaliwa Dam, despite environmental concerns and opposition from local indigenous communities at risk of being displaced and losing their livelihoods. In 2009, the Dumagat-Remontado – with the support of the Save Sierra Madre Network Alliance (SSMNA) – had successfully stopped the construction of the Laiban mega-dam  through a public campaign and legal actions. But under President Rodrigo Duterte, the project was scaled down and last year it secured a dubious environmental compliance certificate and a $211.2 million loan from China Exim Bank.
    Since then, militarization in the area has increased. Community leaders have been “red-tagged” and falsely accused of belonging to the rebel group New Peoples’ Army (NPA). “Under the guise of suppressing the armed rebellion, the military keeps attacking indigenous peoples, who are caught in the crossfire despite complete lack of evidence for the accusations against them,” said Conrado Vargas, a local community leader and coordinator of the STOP Kaliwa Dam Network (SKDN).
    When the pandemic hit, the situation became even worse, as the heavy presence of police and the military due to the lockdown made it doubly hard for the local people to move freely in their land. In March, a member of the Dumagat-Remontado community was abducted and physically abused while in custody. As denounced by the SKDN, this was the latest episode in a context of continuous violence, unreasonable use of force, threats, and harassment by the military.
    The case of the Dumagat-Remontados is not unique. Across Southeast and South Asia, indigenous peoples and local communities – who were already severely impacted by development projects such as dams, agribusiness, or mining activities – are now facing additional challenges due to the COVID-19 emergency.
    “In Nepal, those who violate the lockdown have been arrested. But there is insufficient information about COVID-19 for indigenous peoples, as materials have not been translated into the different local languages. This fact – coupled with police arrests – has raised indigenous peoples’ fears about the disease,” said Durga Yamphu, from the Lawyers’ Association for Human Rights of Nepalese Indigenous Peoples (LAHURNIP).
    Moreover, despite the lockdown, many companies have even expanded their operations. In the Ratanakiri province in Cambodia, while local indigenous peoples were sheltering at home because of the pandemic, the Vietnamese rubber company Hoang Anh Gia Lai (HAGL) cleared hectares of land and bulldozed two sacred mountains, wetlands, traditional hunting areas, and burial grounds.
    “My people believe in the spirits that inhabit the forests and mountains. Now that the company has cleared our mountain, we have no place to pray and the spirits will be very angry with our villagers for allowing this to happen,” said Sev Suen, a community representative from Kak village. …

    … “While we are observing quarantine, the government has continued issuing mining permits. And communities we are working with also reported an increase in illegal mining activities, conducted especially by Chinese companies. This has led to increased tensions, adding to the emotional and psychological burden of communities under quarantine,” said Jaybee Garganera from Alyansa Tigil Mina (ATM), a national coalition of organizations fighting destructive large-scale mining in the Philippines.
    Moreover, in many countries the lockdown was used as a pretext to further curtail freedom of expression, of assembly and of protest, exacerbating the risks – including threats, attacks, criminalization and retaliations – that activists often face.
    “In Mongolia, we have seen the police stopping any attempt to voice a protest, even when it was just one or two persons doing live streaming, and people have even been detained without court orders,” said Sukhgerel Durgunsen, director of Oyu Tolgoi (OT) Watch.
    In the Philippines, on April 6 Rolando Pulido  – chairman of Didipio Earthsavers’ Multipurpose Association (DESAMA) – was arbitrarily detained while trying to stop the illegal mining activities of Oceanagold Mining Corporation. Some indigenous Tuwali women who had joined the peaceful barricade were also injured by the police.

    … “When spiritual ceremonies are performed to enforce village lockdowns, it is not to invoke fear but to call forth our spiritual conviction and courage to face the unknown. These are rituals used for healing and saving lives,” said AIPP Secretary General Gam Shimray.
    The COVID-19 pandemic is laying bare all the challenges that vulnerable and marginalized communities were already facing, and the unequal and unjust system we are living in. But it is also showing the resilience of these communities, who continue to be vocal in their struggle for human rights.

  21. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Temperature hits 100 F degrees in Arctic Russian town
    A Siberian town with the world’s widest temperature range has recorded a new high amid a heat wave that is contributing to severe forest fires
    By The Associated Press / June 21, 2020

    MOSCOW — A Siberian town with the world's widest temperature range has recorded a new high amid a heat wave that is contributing to severe forest fires.
    The temperature in Verkhoyansk hit 38 degrees Celsius (100.4 F) on Saturday, according to Pogoda i Klimat, a website that compiles Russian meteorological data.
    The town is located above the Arctic Circle in the Sakha Republic, about 4,660 kilometers (2,900 miles) northeast of Moscow.
    The town of about 1,300 residents is recognized by the Guinness World Records for the most extreme temperature range, with a low of minus-68 degrees C (minus-90 F) and a previous high of 37.2 C (98.96 F..)
    Much of Siberia this year has had unseasonably high temperatures, leading to sizable wildfires.
    In the Sakha Republic, more than 275,000 hectares (680,000 acres) are burning, according to Avialesokhrana, the government agency that monitors forest fires.

  22. V. Susan Ferguson says:

     VSF:  Sad to see so many who are duped by the allure of power are advocating violence. In this case, fighting windmills Don Quixote style to benefit the 1%. No mention of geoengineering… as usual.

    ‘Act with necessary force’: Greta Thunberg says BLM protests & ‘corona crisis’ give blueprint for climate change fight
    20 Jun, 2020

  23. Paul Davis says:

    Polymer chemistry.. While I am not a chemist, it would be interesting to get the insights of one..It seems that long polymers could have their surface chemistry altered in order to attach heavy metals or endothermic chemicals… These polymers may be able to stay aloft in the atmosphere for longer periods of time than say the heavy metals alone…. Dane thanks for connecting the dots. We do live in asylum.

  24. Jeff Baker says:

    The last 3 months have had fewer days with chem trails in Southeast Wisconsin than the last few years. Today the jets exploded over us with spraying.  How is it in your corner of the World?

    • Irene Langer says:

      I live in SW Florida and I don't see the trails during the day any more – the reason: they fly at night.  Looking at the sky in the morning  it is easy to differentiate between natural and chemical clouds.

    • Živilė says:

      Hello everybody. I'm still brand new here. In the past 12 years everything has gone crazy here, especially increased COPD, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, Mortality is increased dramatically.

      Many herbs have disappeared from willows, the trees fall ill and are infested with bark beetles. The German wonderful forests are getting smaller by deforestation and pest infestation. 

      The groundwater has also changed noticeably. Nature no longer creates, the poison from above and our government with its green policy accelerates the extermination process. 

    • Denise says:

      Same here in Oconto, and all of North East WI. Only it was one month of less trails, now they're back, and the rain will be continuous.  The last 3 years of flooding, crop loss, and property damage is shocking. 

  25. Duane Martin says:

    Dane – Once again an incisive and illuminating compilation and expression of the heartfelt treachery and malevolence within the human species – that which earlier prompted Yevgeny Zamyatin  "We" (1921-22) and George Orwell "1984" (1948) to publish such a damning conclusion to the human experience. 

    • Gary Morrow says:

      Orwell`s hellish vision of the future was a boot stamping on a human face forever. He was wrong, although not for the reasons that most people think. But, because of all the rapidly converging catastrophes that Dane speaks of, we don`t have forever. Unless people quickly start waking up in massive numbers, there may well be a brief period of brutal global fascism. But it certainly won`t be forever.

  26. Paul Davis says:

    Dane- Thanks for this week's broadcast.  

    Polymers- proof for the unconvinced.  One can now see these fibers, long strands, in the morning if one but looks. I used to think that these  long strands were spider webs, but that did not seem to be right.  Now it makes sense that one is  looking at long, polymer strands, visible to the eye as they reflect the sun.  

    And the Matrix: we are all plugged into the matrix. This Matrix, the Human Industrial Civilization, the matrix. Many afraid to unplug from the Matrix…We are approaching a time where that will not be a choice to be made, but a choice thrust upon each of us.

    Appreciate your quotes from the Stoics; so appropriate at this time.

    Many thanks,     Paul

  27. Brent K Papon says:

    " A living carousel of astonishing beauty "


    I wish more folks saw things that way…

    Peace and Love to ALL life throughout the galaxy and beyond


  28. BJ says:

    Apache County, Mexizona experiencing toxic chemtrail spraying, Gov Inc in denial of. Fires being set, smoke heavy in the air, sky is gray. Complaining to so called government congressional representatives; in denial; won't address the issues. Chinese moving across southern border up to 100 trucks a day say people in Patagonia, Cartels in Control with spotters from mountain tops. Sheeple Asleep, comply with implementation of Agenda 21, UN Globalist OWO NWO, while Trump is doing the Fancy Facist Fauci Footstep to force vaccines, the chip, Killery Clinton and Michelle Obama; not wasted mind Biden is the ticket. Chaos is destroying the former USA Inc from within. Veritas! 

    • penny waters says:

      methinks that chaos is destroying nations everywhere

      tis a strange way to go

      once your eyes are open it can be seen everywhere

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