Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 22, 2019, #202


Dane Wigington

Power and profit continue to be the primary motive of so many in industrialized societies, even over the obviously essential need for a living planet. What will it take for reason to prevail in this equation? Will the increasingly draconian social media censorship successfully keep populations in the dark? Many still believe that technology will somehow magically save us from ourselves at the last possible moment. Question, how is that going so far? In the meantime, while the biosphere implosion is accelerating by the day, the military industrial complex is trying to make the case that a nuclear war is winnable. How long do we have on the current course? The latest edition of Global Alert News is below.

Priorities must change for a much larger percentage of the population if we are to have any chance of changing course. Can we still make a difference at this late hour? How can we know unless we try? We must also never forget this, the fight for the greater good matters in and of itself. Share credible data from a credible sourcemake your voice heard, make every day count.

Our thanks to Con Pedersen for his help with sounding the alarm on the critical climate engineering issue. The newspaper ad below was placed in  the Northern Kittitas County Tribune, Kittitas County, Washington. The ad ran from 6/13/19 to 6/20/19.

Geoengineering Watch wishes to express our most sincere gratitude to Maciej Kocialkowski for his tireless work toward raising awareness on the critical issue of climate engineering. The geoengineering awareness booth in the photos below was set up at the Charlotte County Administration Building in Port Charlotte, Florida (6/20/19).

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  1. Art Radtke says:

    Thanks Dane for excellent reporting. Recently Western Wisconsin had 2 huge nights of micro-waved skies. I wonder what the end game is here for this action. Usually there is a cool down and overcast skies the next day but I'm wondering does this microwaving have more than one agenda? I corresponded with a fellow follower of yours about 90 miles west of where I live and he said he saw it to on his way to work in the Metro Twin Cities area. The last 2 days Western Wisconsin finally had warmer/normal temperatures.

    Keep up the great work Dane and followers. God Speed all. 

  2. Duane Martin says:


    Thanks for the info on dr mercola.  It validates a suspicion we had of him a  number of years ago.  I had e-mailed him about Bill Gates promoting mass vaccinations in Africa – after dr mercola had been lauding the "Billionaire Philanthropist".  This was when we were subscribing to the doctor's newsletter.  We never heard back and  he went on lauding Bill Gates -we severed our connection with the "good" doctor.  Thanks again!

    • Dale K says:

      While it's interesting that Mr. Yang would present geoengineering at the Presidential debate, he fails to acknowledge that such man-made weather modification has been in place for many years.

      Andrew Yang Pushes Controversial Geoengineering Policy In 2020 Campaign
      Jim Satney 
      Prep For That
      June 29, 2019

      Democratic 2020 Presidential candidate, Andrew Yang, rarely surprises people with his unorthodox ideas. In this case, his approach to climate change management also stands in contrast to that of his Primary challengers. Yang, a venture capitalist, is pushing for a federal research program into geoengineering.

      Most Democratic presidential candidates are holding strong, boisterous positions in the climate change field. Candidate Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) wants to utilize our military funds to combat a changing climate. There is talk of banning fracking by some Democrats. Yang’s geoengineering proposal is the most controversial of them all. And that’s saying a lot, all odd policies considered.

      Geoengineering is a controversial deployment of manmade technology to change weather patterns. There are numerous ways to geoengineer the atmosphere, including sucking carbon dioxide out of the air. Bill Gates is currently funding a Harvard research team to block the sun.  To those who believe the earth is dying from a changing climate in short order, the sun is enemy number one.

  3. Dennie says:


  4. Jeanette says:

    Hello just wanted to report in that here in Oakland, CA SFbay area. We were heavily sprayed today. The clouds were microwaved. They had ripple and fishscale ones. However, there is something new. The ripple clouds…the ripples were much larger, not fine like before. Something new.

    • Jacob Kramer says:

      Yes, Jeanette.  We, the Sierra Nevada Foothills in Oregon House, CA are getting heavily attacked with the aerosol spraying.  Thick dense metal tasting air is hard to breathe outside.  My partner has a case of bursitis, more than likely caused by the intense amount of aluminum in the air.  My mouth tastes like an aluminum can.  The attack has been relentless for over 48 hours straight constant spraying for plain white unmarked jet airplanes, who crisscross the skies leaving a thick off white spray, which is oily, by the reflection of light as rainbows or cloudbows in the sky.  Noticably is the fact that Southwest Airlines flying in and out of Sacramento International do not leave any chemtrails behind as they go above and below the white line chemtrails.  Reports that tomatoes are not flowering properly make me wonder about the chemicals in the air that they are spraying.  Where are the geoengineering whistleblowers?  Everybody thinks Hitler is gone, but who is in charge of this operation is your Hitler Incarnate.

    • Dennie says:

      YES, completely weird weather here in the S.F. Bay Area yesterday– started out dry and hot, with ugly gray sheety-looking "cloud" cover, with wan orange-yellow sunshine off and on and around 3:30 or so you could faintly smell that "campfire" smell, the tell-tale sign of a distant large wildfire.  Then at around 4:45 p.m. the wind started picking up to about 20-25 mph, blowing chilly from seemingly every direction with what looked like it wanted to be a cold front, even some rain, roaring into the area, then it settled down to a spectacular lithium-red sunset, about which time the air completely calmed and it was still as death all night long.  

    • PatinSF says:

      Yes I noticed the strange artificial cloud formations over the Bay Area the last few days. Last night's Sunset was intense bright red it look very scary in my opinion. Today I saw people photographing the chem bows in the sky. Most people are still clueless to what's really going on. Heat wave in Europe 115 degrees in France, and another bad fire season is predicted in California either because of the rain or because of the lack of rain. These people are so predictable… 

  5. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met, yet, Today was market #8 for the season. Today was not my most productive of the markets I have tended, but, today was the most earned, by far. I wish you all could accomplish the feelings I hold tonight. I wrote a friend of mine a few weeks ago, "tending the market awareness booth is the only time I feel any real sense of accomplishment. This coming from a skilled carpenter that gets to look at the fruits of his labor at the end of each day". Religious folks spend one day a week asking for forgiveness. I spend one day a week pointing out things to ask forgiveness for. We've made a mess out of our one and only home that was given to us all to take care of and actually prosper. Each and every one of us.

    I'll write more this weekend. For now though. I need to "think"….

  6. Bella_Fantasia says:

    My apologies if someone posted this information already, but GeoengineeringWatch isn't alone in being scrubbed from the internet.  Now, google has axed alternative health leaders.

    Please listen to Dr. Mercola's very important video message:

    Incidentally, while at a clinic to have my ankle looked at, the assistant asked me when I last had a tetanus shot, and I told her I hadn't been stepping on rusty nails.  She wanted me to know that the pertussis vaccine had been added to the tetanus shot, which secretly horrified me.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Bella, unfortunately, Dr. Mercola has participated in his own sensoring of the critical climate engineering issue. Several years ago I did a full hour plus interview with Dr. Mercola (covering the critical issue of climate engineering). In the end, Dr. Mercola refused to post the interview, and forced to also pull the post. 

    • Joseph L says:

      Thank you Dane — I remember watching that video w Dr. Mercola. 

    • Dennie says:

      SICK– We are now in the Age of Enforced Medication.  THAT IS N.A.Z.I. Concentration-camp-style tactics– do we really agree to have this kind of one-size-fits-all medical "practice" by Big Pharma rule our lives–????

  7. Pauline says:

    No. 175 of NEW DAWN …  Clouds of secrecy..from climate geoengineering to weather warfare (on the cover).

    Dr. T.J. COLES looks at the history of the CIA's interest in manipulating the weather, and the very blurry line dividing civilian and military climate geoengineering projects.

    Page 21 shows three pictures of  billboards  displayed in various locations in the USA. by the watchdog website

  8. son of san quentin says:

    Tick tock, tick tock, time is running out. Why would THEY, the elite, do this to themselves? A redundant and irrelevant question once the big dots are connected. THEY still have fertility and nourishment, pristine clean water, organic food (the maximum security seed vault is for our viewing and delusional pleasure), naturopathic, holistic and homeopathic healing. Most importantly, THEY have the deep underground military bases (DUMBS) with all the safe and lavish comforts of home. The apparent insane quest and mad dash for the dying earth's remaining resources is for THEIR health, safety and sustainable development, while underground, and waiting for the planet to detox for one new round of ungodly genetic experimentation. The remnants of the human species are not worthy of sustenance, only eugenics.


    As the current G20 summit is strategically held in a state of the art military installation, Osaka, Japan, will the hatch doors swing shut one final time? The power structure knows that THEY have done a wonderfully effective job in bio-chemically contaminating humanity and the entire web of life. Like all petty thieves, it's now time to take the money and run, but who will be admitted to the new world “disorder” of subterranean creatures?


    The last G20 summit was held at Nazi headquarters in Buenos Aries, Argentina, also equipped with DUMBS, as Alaska crumbled from an earthquake.


    How tragic that the vast majority of the human population is oblivious to the fact that they have been toxically and treasonously fumigated by their governments for a very long time. Unfortunately, once there's fire in the sky, it will be too late.


    As for the messianic military and feverish militarized police, their guinea pig lab rat days are now overdue for a ceremonious Jacob's Ladder enlightenment event.


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      son of san quentin, You have provided the perfect topper for the end of my market day. It's good to know you're still out there among us. "We are family in an age gone wrong". Always, I appreciate and respect your contributions. Your last two paragraphs, what do you mean by a ceremonious Jacobs ladder enlightenment event? Color me silly if you will for asking. I'll respect your definition if presented.

  9. Charlotte says:

    I came across this clip of JFK I have not seen before on controlling the weather.

  10. Charlotte says:

    I am so grateful for Dane and everyone who writes in adding information.  Although I do not write in often, I have not missed a global alert news since finding this sight.  It is truly a lifeline for me.  A connection to the truth, staying afloat, above the madness!!

    We took our bi monthly trip off our Mt. in northeastern CA, 5000 ft, off grid to Redding for supplies and visiting our children/grandchildren this last weekend.  We were more astounded than ever driving home on Monday because the tic tac toe grids in the sky were too numerous to count and in every direction.

    On the local chico, CA news yesterday they ran the story below about a flying disc in the skies above chico.  There is a giant plane with spew out the back right below the disc.  I'm surprised they didn't cut out the shot with the plane.  This news clip hopefully got some people talking.  If only they had asked the physics professor about the trails out of the plane instead of the flying disc.  They presume the disc is a weather balloon.

  11. Larry says:

    Dane one final observation that I have made and need to share with all all of our team… Occasionally I watch the NASA channel when it shows what is called EARTH VIEWS.  This is real time footage from the space station or maybe from a satellite that films the earth surface while traveling slowly around the earth .  What is astounding is virtually the entire land mass is covered in clouds.. Not scattered natural clouds but massive clumps of white nano aluminum clouds . The oceans have scattered clumps of clouds too clearly connected by criss crossed wispy trails everywhere . The continents are Not visible at all anymore . I have been checking frequently for months and all I ever see anymore is a total white out of all land mass! I can see the oceans but virtually no land visible at all.  This is about 98% of the 50 million sq.Miles of land. covered in man made SRM clouds!  20 years ago the views of the earth from satellites was normal with scattered clouds and visible continents but those days are gone! It is mind boggling the mass scale of these operations worldwide and this cannot go on much longer without a complete die off of every living thing on this beautiful planet. The dumbass NASA scientists and astronauts have got to know this is not normal but NONE speak out .ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS LEAVING AND COLONIZING SOME EMPTY ORB IN DEEP SPACE.   I urge all to take a look at this channel and see the scale of the covert in your face operations actually are.

    • Dina says:

      You are right, the only place that is never sprayed is North Africa, where the Sahara desert is, they are not waisting their supplies where there no people living which makes obvious why are they spraying the rest of the world, check it out, not a single cloud over Sahara.  

  12. Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

    The daily toxic skies of Alberta.  Yes indeed, BLACK CLOUDS day after day after day …. from "8"months of black manufactured ice nucleated crap skies, to 4 months of daily black clouds & gray or white canopies with a "chance" of Rain or Thunder Showers throughout Spring & Summer months which are kept to 4 months of the year. As a matter of a FACT, Autumn, Spring, & Summer are now only four months out of the year & Snow for EIGHT months in Alberta. Rain showers that all seem to start with hail when moisture finally comes out of the ice nucleated toxic clouds. They're now warning us of rivers being high due to the excess rainfall. This is after warnings of forest fires due to the hot, dry weather. Now the signs into town say, low chance of forest fires! Lets examine their idea of hot & dry weather in Alberta. We have had “23" 100% cloudy days & 3 days on the 12th, 17th, & 22nd of June with minutes of Sunshine, as of the 26th! My Son remarked on the 22nd of June, there's our 15 minutes of Sunshine required by the Alberta government each month. Don't expect anymore in a month, that`s all we ever get here.  Well, this statement might seem outrageous to the average Man, but this is actually, sadly, the facts of the matter in Alberta. It has gone from out of control wildfire warnings in the Spring, to swelling rivers from the record rain now that its Summer. Go figure B.C. is having a drought. Could it be that they are moving their moisture to Alberta. Every stinking day, Black Clouds. They are the nucleated ones without a doubt in my mind. Just watch as the temperatures drop by 5 – 10 degrees when these TOXIC, SICK, UGLY MASSES that come in from every direction. That`s Alberta for you!!!  Yes, they buy this hook line & sinker. Every freaking day CLOUDS in a province that had 300 days of Blue Sky & Sunshine a year on average. Brain dead madness is what it is. Complacency at it`s finest. Ignorance, Stupidity at it`s finest! We use to hear, Blue Sky & Sunshine all week. Not a cloud to be seen for weeks at times of the year. Clint Eastwood raved of the skies of Alberta. They were Magnificent! Bold Blue Skies. AZURE! Chinook Arch above Calgary bringing in warm Chinook winds & warm weather. The Beautiful Rainbows after a Rain shower. The Spectacular Northern Lights, I could count on to see each year. The Stunning Forests of Alberta, The Lakes, the Rivers & Streams, the Amazing variety of Wildlife, The abundance of Bird Species throughout the year. More Bee Colonies then all other Provinces in Canada. The Fishing.  Now we are told not to fish in Lakes due to this or that. Mass Fish die off due to this or that. Oh, we just do not understand whats KILLING EVERYTHING!  Lakes I would never swim in again as I did as a child.  I use to count 75 Bird Species  at my home, now I am lucky to count a dozen. Oh, its the Pine Beetle killing all the Trees. Forest Fires up in Canada by 600% as Dane has reported. The poor Rocky Mountains are hit hard. Banff woke up to 1 degree Celsius yesterday (33.8F) In Southern Alberta June 25th!!! This isn't even remotely funny.      I would swear on a stack of Bibles a mile high that I haven't seen a day without seeing these toxic spraying jets flying over Alberta in SIX freaking years. I would take any truth serum, any lie detector test.  Call me a liar.     I DARE YOU! I also have years of daily kept weather above me in the province of Alberta recorded.  And now others that live with me that have seen over three years with me on a daily basis & know I am telling the TRUTH". SIX YEARS! How many days, weeks, months or years, before Dane woke me the hell up on March 13, 2013 while on Coast to Coast AM. Everything became CLEAR.  I will for ever be grateful to this Man of Integrity, & Honor, to have opened my eyes to the cause of the daily clouds in Alberta. Could never understand why there were clouds always lined up in the Suns course from east to west. We would say FIFTEEN YEARS AGO when the Sun came out in Alberta, What The Hell Is That! Just to be Funny because we saw it so little during the daytime.  Now I realize why it was unblocked so rarely. How sick is that. Now they cover us with a canopy most days. What I would give to be somewhere on this planet and not HEAR a jet fly over, SEE a jet fly over, just one day!!!   IT WOULD BE A MIRACLE! I have a kite ready to fly, that day, that evening. I want to fly a kite in a deep blue sky again. Will I ever be that lucky. 

    When the people are afraid of the government, there is tyranny, when the government fears the people, there is LIBERTY!   We sure need some Liberty!   Where oh where are the Men & Women of Moral standards.   Too many blind, selfish, cowards to count. Money hungry bastards! I am so sick & tired of jets flying over my remote area every freaking day.

    The world is a dangerous place. Not because of the people who are evil; but because of the people who don't do anything about it!

  13. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  The cunningly deceptive strategy of removing the term 'geoengineering' from the public discourse is a classic propaganda technique that intends to obfuscate, confuse, make ambiguous, hide and lie regarding all previous discussions – even the name GeoengineeringWatch!  They are as one observer said 'redefining reality by the manipulation of language'  —  and what will come next will be monopolies on these technologies. Yet another giant corporation.

    CARNEGIE Climate Governance Initiative
    What’s in a name? Why we became C2G
    By Janos Pasztor / 10 June 2019
    As of today, Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative (C2G2) will go by a new name: Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative (C2G).
    This was not a decision taken lightly, but one we felt had become increasingly important to achieve our core mission: to catalyze the governance of emerging large-scale approaches to tackle climate risk, such as carbon dioxide removal or solar radiation modification.
    As an initiative with the term ‘geoengineering’ in its title, C2G2 was sometimes – mistakenly – viewed as promoting ‘geoengineering’. This brought with it many negative connotations and misunderstandings, which hampered our ability to engage with society, and to catalyse the learning processes necessary to take informed decisions.
    If terminology stands in the way of understanding, then it should be changed.
    Our mission, however, remains the same.
    … Each of these approaches offers a unique set of potential benefits, risks and governance challenges. But in many cases, these approaches are not considered by their proponents and others to be ‘geoengineering’, and the term might dissuade them from getting involved in essential conversations.
    Increasing attention is also being paid to some forms of solar radiation modification – such as efforts to protect and restore polar ice, seeding clouds to protect corals, or painting roofs white to reduce heat stress in cities. Those considering these approaches might also shy away from the term ‘geoengineering’, yet their participation in the governance conversation is essential.
    Amid all this uncertainty, one thing is clear: none of these emerging approaches offer a risk-free pathway to tackle climate change, and all would need to be governed. If catalyzing that governance requires us to change the way we describe these approaches, then that is what we should do.
    The problem with the word ‘geoengineering’
    The word ‘geoengineering’ is, according to many of the defining studies in this field, an umbrella term to describe a broad range of often very different approaches. The thing that unites them is that they are large-scale intentional interventions in the Earth’s systems to tackle climate change.
    The problem is that using a single word can give the wrong impression that ‘geoengineering’ is one thing, with a single set of features. This leads to the conflation of different approaches, which does not contribute to effective governance.
    It can also lead to the blocking of constructive conversations and new learning. This is unhelpful, as the IPCC has warned us that a variety of approaches to large scale carbon dioxide removal will be needed, most of which are either not yet available, or not deployed at scale.
    In particular, the term ‘geoengineering’ is often equated with one particularly controversial technology – stratospheric aerosol injection– which raises very specific challenges.
    Well-placed concerns about this technology have dominated the debate, hindering urgent discussions about how to remove enough CO2 to achieve net zero emissions.
    The costs of continuing to use the term ‘geoengineering’ can be high. In one particularly instructive example, its use in a recent draft resolution at the UN Environment Assembly was seen as one contributing factor to that resolution being withdrawn.
    It’s noteworthy that the IPCC chose not to use the word ‘geoengineering’ in its latest report, explicitly giving “separate consideration” to carbon dioxide removal and solar radiation modification instead.
    Continuing to put emphasis on governance
    We hope our name change will emphasise our core commitment to the governance of actions to address the climate crisis, rather than a desire to advance any particular approach.
    At the same time, we will retain our specific focus on those emerging carbon dioxide removal and solar radiation modification approaches for which significant governance gaps exist, particularly at the international level.
    This is not because we are promoting them, but because some approaches are already being developed, and need to be governed.
    The IPCC has made it clear we must remove carbon at an unprecedented scale and speed. Researchers are exploring whether solar radiation modification might buy us more time to do so. The world needs to know if any of these are viable options to address the climate crisis or not, and if they are, how they would be governed.
    We can no longer afford for these essential policy conversations to be derailed over the use of confusing terminology. The stakes are too high, and there is too little time.

    • Dennie says:

      "Large-scale carbon dioxide removal" used to be accomplished by trees, and forests, actually.  But planting condos and single family homes is much more profitable…..

  14. 'a' simple horseman says:

    "The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane".

    Nikola Tesla.


  15. Laura Kozicki says:

    The Pope, of all people, should understand that the control of the climate and the weather rightfully belongs to the Creator, and only to the Creator. 

  16. Gary Morrow says:

    We used to get a break from geoengineered skies in the warmer months here in SC; but this year it looks like we will have Frankenskies all through summer.


  17. Annelie williams says:

    Tonight here in Bellevue Idaho June 25 2019 apx 1030 I saw for the first time noctilucent clouds with a glowing electric blue  about them..really wierd…

  18. Jeff Z says:

    Hi all.  Here's my report from southern Connecticut.  It's not good.  I went for a long drive today just to look at the trees.  As Dane has mentioned, we've had alot of rain.  And one would surmise the trees would be lush.  That's not the case.  I'm not claiming to be a dendrologist so I can't namedrop specific varieties but suffice to say some species are faring better than others.  For example, trees such as the one overhanging my deck have markedly smaller leaves than just last year.  Smaller, lower branches are dying & coming down in greater frequency across the board.  Many trees are being eaten up by fungus and mold.  In short, they look sick.

    I drove to a local farm where I have a chicken CSA.  They lost a great number of acres last year due to the unprecedented rainfall.  Although early, this year is much the same, sadly.  So while the story continues to be about the flooded heartland farms, the situation is tenuous in the northeast as well.

    We have had some nice weather here & there with reasonable temps and low humidity.  (I guess we're that 1% of the landmass that gets cooled off for effect according to Dane)  That appears to be over for now.  Temps are spiking and the humidity along with it.  As I always say….the nights DON'T COOL OFF AT ALL!!!  Utility rates here are some of the highest in the nation.  Airconditioning was on nearly nonstop all summer and the bills were crushing.  My wife has MS and I have lingering symptoms from Lyme disease, so going without airconditioning ain't happenin'.

    What's so sad is that this is actually happening and that either people can't see it for what it is or they refuse to see it.   

    • Larry says:

      Very interesting. I’m in So Cal and trees and plants are not looking healthy either. As for your comment about other people noticing or careing well it’s simple … they don’t notice the changes in foliage and if you tried to tell them they will not believe you and as for just looking up at the sky or remembering what the sky used to look like they are not interested and refuse to believe those of us that do know what’s going on! 

  19. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  This is an admission based on 'credible data' from Reuters that the judicial system is corrupt, crooked, and owned by the corporations!  Judges, courts and lawyers serve the empire. "…judges have countenanced a lethal and often unlawful secrecy"  — just as geoengineering and weather modification are kept secret under the deceitful repeated excuse of national security, need-to-know, layers of organized criminal mendacity and fraud!

    How judges added to the grim toll of opioids
    For years, they sealed evidence about the risks as the body count mounted. And as a Reuters analysis found, it’s only one of many big product-liability cases in which judges have countenanced a lethal and often unlawful secrecy.              
    … evidence was clearly compelling: In a 2004 ruling, Judge Stephens rejected Purdue’s motion that he dismiss the case and sided with the state’s assertion that the material could convince a jury that Purdue’s sales pitch was full of dangerous lies.

    But Stephens sealed the evidence on which he relied in that ruling. And when Purdue and the state reached a settlement that year, before the case went to trial, the evidence remained hidden, out of sight to regulators, doctors and patients. Over the next few years, as OxyContin sales and opioid-related deaths climbed, more than a dozen other judges overseeing similar lawsuits against Purdue took the same tack, keeping the company’s records secret.     

    It would be 12 years – and 245,000 overdose deaths – before evidence Stephens and other judges kept hidden was made public, and then only after it was leaked to a newspaper. What it showed was revelatory: OxyContin, the first billion-dollar-a-year narcotic, was not the reliable 12-hour painkiller Purdue long claimed it was. Its effects often wore off much sooner, exposing patients to a relapse of pain, withdrawal, or both – suffering relieved only by the next pill. When doctors raised concerns, the documents showed, Purdue sales reps counseled them to put patients on bigger, more dangerous doses.

    The eventual release of the evidence reinforced the widely held view that OxyContin was a catalyst for the epidemic, which by then had expanded beyond prescription opioids to include illicit drugs such as heroin. The material also informed hundreds of new lawsuits seeking to force accountability on the entire opioid industry for its role in the addiction crisis.

    STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL: Federal Judge Dan Polster has maintained a consistent secrecy in the nearly 2,000 lawsuits against the opioid industry consolidated in his Cleveland court, allowing evidence drawn from millions of records on industry practices to be filed under seal.  Northern District of Ohio/Handout via REUTERS

    But for untold numbers of opioid users who had overdosed, it was too late. “Heartbreaking and sickening” is how Congresswoman Katherine Clark, a Massachusetts Democrat who has been involved in investigating the causes of the opioid epidemic, described the early decisions to seal the Purdue evidence. In an interview, Clark said she believes that had the secrets come out earlier, doctors would have written fewer OxyContin prescriptions and fewer insurers would have covered the drug. “We don’t know how many lives we could have saved,” she said.       

    Today, 15 years after Stephens protected Purdue’s secrets, Federal Judge Dan Polster is providing the same cover for multiple opioid makers, distributors and retailers. He is presiding over a mass of litigation that seeks to hold the entire industry responsible for the epidemic. Life-saving information contained in those cases, too, may remain under seal, as Polster has stuck to a strict secrecy playbook.
    Polster declined to comment for this article.

    The trail of hidden evidence running through the opioid crisis is emblematic of a pervasive and deadly secrecy that shrouds product-liability cases in U.S. courts, enabled by judges who routinely allow the makers of those products to keep information pertinent to public health and safety under wraps. And since nearly all such cases are resolved before trial, the evidence often remains secret indefinitely, robbing consumers of the chance to make informed choices and regulators of opportunities to improve safety.

    In an unprecedented analysis, Reuters found that over the past 20 years, judges sealed evidence relevant to public health and safety in about half of the 115 biggest defective-product cases consolidated before federal judges in so-called multidistrict litigation, or MDLs. Those cases comprised nearly 250,000 individual death and injury lawsuits, involving dozens of products used by millions of consumers: drugs, cars, medical devices and other products. And the numbers don’t convey the full extent of information locked away because they don’t include thousands of product-liability cases heard in state courts.


  20. PatinSF says:

    The mantra for the current era should be Dorothy Parker’s rumored telephone greeting: “What fresh hell is this?”

    Every day the national administration produces a new unbelievable occurrence, most often generated by the guy at the top. The last couple of days, however, have revealed, to my great surprise, that there’s someone in the White House that makes Donald Trump look sane and sober. That would be John Bolton, who with his henchman Michael Pompeo has been ginning up a war with Iran.


    • Earth Angel says:

      Keep calling your congressmen and telling them how VERY WAR WEARY WE the American people (and the people of the rest of the world as well) ARE!! I have been.. perhaps if they receive hundreds of thousands of messages letting them KNOW we are onto the defense contractors, the military industrial war machine, the international criminal mafia, and THEM- the politicians, we may finally see some de-escalition of conflict and finally, the PEACE we are seeking for a change. Tell them in no uncertain terms: ABSOLUTELY NO MORE WAR, WE WILL NOT HAVE IT!.. THE PLANET CANNOT TAKE ANYMORE!.. I tell them WE HAVE FUKUSHIMA boiling away unabated in the Pacific for 8 years now, isn't that enough of a problem to try and overcome?! Do we need to continue to add to THAT?!.. I think NOT.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Earth Angel, from the draft of my next email:

      True?: "The Pentagon unveiled last thursday evening (20th) a new medal to honour troops who will serve in the upcoming fight against the Islamic Republic of Iran. The new Operation Iranian Freedom Campaign Medal will be awarded to service members who will deploy to Iran or its airspace or territorial waters…for at least 30 consecutive days" 

    • Dennie says:

      The people "in charge" don't "get it." THEY actually believe that there is an endless supply of goodies they can dig, ram, yank and otherwise force out of the earth, polluting the air, water and soil in the process, then take the profit laughing all the way to the bank. 

      People, you MUST understand that focusing always and ONLY on everything negative and horrible IS NOT GOOD FOR MENTAL AND SPIRITUAL HEALTH.  PEOPLE MUST HAVE HOPE, the DO THE WORK to HEAL THE PLANET.  YESSSS, bees are dying; the GOOD NEWS is that they are not completely gone; we have quite a few wild bees here getting honey off the garden plants that people in my area put in their landscaping to help them. 

      To keep "everyone" happy, now here's  a dose of REALLY B-A-A-A-D news:  HUGE wind came up today at dawn, blowing in…. fog… sky was clear at dawn, now fogged over– it's 11 a.m…… this is weirdfog should be burning OFF by now, not roaring in.  Lots of sirens from police/fire/paramedics accompanied this roaring wind.  There you have it, and it's not yet noon here in the S.F. Bay Area– plenty more can go wrong today– are we feeling better now?

      P.S.:  It cannot hurt to keep holding your elected representatives' feet to the fire and rubbing their noses in REALITY


  21. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL, Gracious, me oh my, what a week of events it has been in our ever imploding reality….

    Bringing it forward: To those that read my contribution from last weeks broadcast. Thank you for reading it, my friends I have not met, yet. All of the folks here provide me with the grounding and perspectives I need to carry on in this battle 'and' not question my sanity. We are all a cut above the rest. Blue Sue, your words of comfort put a lump in my throat. I am touched by them. Robert, I have given great thought and consideration as to what I will say when confronted with family after TSHTF. Like you stated, "if" I get the chance. It won't be pretty if they do show up at my door step. I won't turn them away, but I have grown callus in my old age. I have softness for many things. I have no softness for those ignoring the truths that were pushed to the side in order to maintain a paycheck and pension. Gretchen Thomas, I sure hope that banner of yours is showing some signs of wear. Faith, my friend I have not met yet, on the other side of the Cascades. I'm happy you look forward to reading what I contribute. You all would chuckle if you knew how long it takes me to compose my contributions. I'll elaborate more on the rain fall I had below this. Robin, If you're here in this comment section, you have no barriers, None. Those that surround you may try to enclose you with them but I know you will step over them easily. If only you could see how "simply" I live my life. I walk what I talk and am comfortable. I hope you get rid of more than just your microwave oven, just sayin. Jeanette, Thank you for sharing a bit of your own family. I follow closely what you contribute here. If I had a partner like you in my life, I'd be sitting pretty, I'm sure. Thank you all that read my contribution. It means a lot to me.

    "The scented rain", Sure enough, it had some sort of defoliant in it. The Cheek grass flashed out without any hot sun. The Dandelions took a nose dive but came back(kind of). The other grasses had their seed tops flash out brown. Kind of like I would imagine the wheat crops do in the fall when sprayed with glyphosate. Also, the iddy bitty pine beetles have been munching away at the new growth on the branches of the Ponderosa. Already they have lost half or more of the new needles and the rest of the new needles are munched from the tip inward an half inch or more. No pine cone buds on them this year. The beetles are invading the trees that coned out last year, not so much the ones that still have few or no cones. Testimony to how healthy trees don't get bugs. For the past 3 or 4 days we've had "dots in the dust rain" that dries up abnormally fast. That is proof as to how much desiccant is built up in the soils. The native ground cover plant (not sure what it's called) that always takes over a trampled area first is flashing out dead all over around the cabin. It was the last thing still growing last year. That scented rain was a game changer for sure. I've noticed this year that the forest floor vegetation is much taller than usual. It's been good weather for the native plants until that scented rain. I know that taller "dry" vegetation burns hotb\v and fire travels faster than in shorter vegetation. I fear this area is destined for wild fire this year. I've watched it rain all around my valley but seldom in it. Add to that, that I have twice seen a huge Air Farce intelligence, surveillance(4 high bypass engines) plane fly low and slow over my area. Once below my elevation(I'm 400 ft above the valley floor) and once about 200 ft above the cabin. 2 days apart. More to come…..

    • GretchenThomas says:

      Hello Mike, My "STOP TOXIC CLIMATE ENGINEERING" banner is doing a great job of staying in one piece on my porch. The rubber tie-down straps; however, have been replaced numerous times and I finally changed to the woven-over elastic tie-down straps which satisfyingly keep my banner deployed at just the right height for viewing from passing traffic. The weather terrorists have blown it down a few times; we've had many damaging wind storms here in the lower Great Lakes region. F**king psychopaths. The weather reporters are "predicting" a dramatic change in the weather pattern, hang onto your hats, here we go….


  22. Larry says:

    Thank you Dane for the link.  I want to add an observation that I have noticed here in So Cal.  For the past week we have the typical June Gloom that has followed a heat wave in early June . 105 to 114 degrees for about three days. Blue sky and dry then the as predicted the aerosol operations fired up again with possible Ice nucleating bacteria added in because it got fairly cold for June for a few days. Then Following a super SRM operation in the cover of darkness Saturday morning we got cool rain in the morning and a fabricated marine layer lasting till about 2:00 pm. On Sunday I woke up to a perfect So. Cal. June morning with blue sky all day and a pleasant warm and dry day and cool evening . It was a Good Old NORMAL day . Did they run out of fairy dust to spray us with for the day ?  My guess s yes  . Today on Monday It’s the same business as usual with gloom and a white haze over the entire valley. But here is what really pisses me off is when the sun tries to burn off the fake marine layer of God only knows what nano particle cocktail it gets horribly HUMID. This crap holds in the heat and this has been going on long before I discovered the whole Clumate engineering plot. I’m talking about as far back as the mid ‘70’s I have noticed weird clouds, extreme humidity . For me the most noticeable change was in the Intensity of the sun. Prior to the ‘70’s I was always at the beach or the Colorado river in Arizona and the sun of course was hot in July thru September but in the 70’s one could feel the rays searing our skin . I pointed it out way back then to a few friends and all agreed but none of us knew that the military had been very busy destroying our protective ozone layer with their new toy the HAARP..This I did not discover till 15 years ago. So here we are with a Sun that is more like a Huge white hot arc welder in the sky rather than that warm yellow glow that I grew up with as a kid . Is the Sun just changing and preparing to super nova or has the war machine actually destroyed the earths natural protective layer and these aerosol SRM OPERATIONS ARE JUST A COVER UP BAND AID FIX and to serve a a mass PROFIT making scheme for all involved?? Evil mindless pieces of crap that have got to be stopped. I’m praying that the law suites will bring this to the mainstream public and create outrage.

  23. V. Kelvin says:

    Greetings Dane,

    Excellent news synopsis and commentary; thank you for your courage and leadership!  I will continue to review it at least weekly and send the link for your website to all people I know that are "awake" or even at least nearly".  I've found that for those whose minds are made up (by the MSM/CIA, don't need/want the facts.

    I too worked for Riley, etc., including many overseas projects where I saw American hypocrisy in action, it really lowered my flag waving and spurred me to find answers.  In my opinion, it all comes down to Good vs. Evil.

    I have watched (and photographed) the spraying on a very regular basis right over our heads here in MT.  I wonder how people don’t see it!!  I'm pondering placing some letters to the editor…as you said it takes courage.

    Best Regards,


  24. Joseph L says:

    Dane I hope you are in Gary Null's new film that is finished but not yet released on the environment. He says on the show today which I get on my local radio that this is the most comprehensive film on the environment. He very rarely mentions geoengineering at all. I wish he would have you on his show more often and mention geoengineering.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Joseph, in regard to your question, I did do an interview for Gary’s film.

  25. Wanda D says:

    Dane says every week, that if the oceans die, we die. Check out NOAA OKEANOS EXPLORER.  They are on the Southeast coast.Watch and you'll see all the dead and dying coral.

  26. Joseph L says:

    Great show–


    You might be consuming a credit card's worth of plastic every week from your food

    A previous study, published this month, estimated that Americans consume between 74,000 to 121,000 microplastic particles per year.

    The health implications of such high amounts of plastic in our diets are unclear. Even if adverse effects are proven, it will be extremely difficult to remove microplastics from the environment.


    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Instead of a credit card, it would be more useful if it was a debit card already preloaded with £1000s!!

  27. Duane Martin says:

    It is written in Genesis 1 that "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was waste and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep…………"  Is "that" what we are returning to? And is "that" which is bringing  it back of that "darkness" and now operating the geoengineering "evil" through its "minions" from within the United States power structures? Where are those contending that they are following the "light" to be found? And could they themselves ever be found? – unless they make their presence and intensions known by Shining Their Light! 

  28. Alan says:

    This week saw a train derailment in Nevada with 24 cars leaving the track.  The train's manifest included bombs and other munitions destined for a military base where they were reportedly going to be disassembled.  Authorities investigating the accident also reported that a fine material, identified as aluminum oxide, was escaping from one of the overturned cars.  Aside from the possibility of causing skin irritation for some sensitive people, potential adverse health impacts associated with the leak were considered to be negligible according to investigators.  

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      VSF: Thank you, Alan. Good catch! Note the material "has been determined to be non-hazardous aluminum oxide, a skin irritant that should be washed off if anyone comes into contact with it."  Non-hazardous aluminum oxide? Hah! Try "…the effect of these nanoparticles on the brain and spinal cord, since a growing list of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) are all strongly related to exposure to environmental aluminum.
      Nanoparticles of aluminum are not only infinitely more inflammatory, they also easily penetrate the brain by a number of routes, including the blood and olfactory nerves [in the nose]."   One wonders what else was in the other cars? Oh, right…classified info…national security. Look at the video to see the white powder escaping into the air.

      KOLO 8 /ABC
      WELLS, NV (KOLO) – The Elko County Sheriff's Office and Nevada Highway Patrol say Interstate 80 has been reopened east of Wells in northeast Nevada. Powder released after a Union Pacific freight train derailment has been determined to be non-hazardous aluminum oxide, a skin irritant that should be washed off if anyone comes into contact with it.
      Photo courtesy Elko County Sheriff's Office
      80 was closed as a precaution about 10:30 a.m. Wednesday between Wells and Moor. The train tracks parallel I-80, and there was concern the material was hazardous.
      No injuries have been reported and the cause of the derailment about three miles east of Wells has not been determined.
      Rail cars containing munitions are at the opposite end of the train, away from the derailment, according to the Sheriff's Office.
      Statement from Union Pacific:
      Around 11 a.m. MT, a Union Pacific train derailed approximately 23 cars in Wells, Nevada. Some aluminum oxide, which is not hazardous, and a small amount of diesel was spilled. Preliminary information shows the derailed cars were not carrying hazmat; however, there was hazmat and ammunition on board the train. No one was hurt, and Union Pacific is working on site cleanup. A timeline for completion is not known, at this time. The cause of the derailment is under investigation.

      Also on:  Fox5 KVVU-TV

  29. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 275th email, titled 'Climate Chaos within 18 months. Other than that… 

    When will they lob 200 nukes down volcano cones to initiate the 2 year nuclear volcanic winter to refreeze the Arctic (and Antarctic)? This has nothing to do with a nuclear war, although that could be used as a distraction.

    The ongoing intensive, toxic (and therefore extremely profitable for those companies whose business model relies on disease and ill health) geoengineering and atmospheric spraying has delayed the nuclear option by over 6 years. However, because it is a covert operation, the general public has carried on with 'business as usual' and nothing has been achieved to prevent climate catastrophe and our extinction.

    Despite the continued heat in the Arctic, the Greenland Surface Melt Extent chart shows a decline in the rate of melt, similar to 2016.

    Global CO2 charts still hover around 414.50ppm.

    Methane charts show huge methane releases from Europe through Russia and Siberia to China – and this is before next week's heat wave in those areas.

    Sea surface temps of 19.8C in areas of the Bering Sea. 

    Other than that, the collapse of our biosphere continues at an ever increasing pace, as reported in this week's Global News Alert: 

  30. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL, just a random thought if I may. In regards to recent global posturing. I have a manufacturing R&D, slash, manufacturing engineering back ground. I know efficiency, the best bang for the buck. The "best" product for your money. Now ponder this my friends I have not met, yet. We all know the US of A, Inc spends more money than the next ten militaries combined. With all the corruption involved with the current Roman Empire, "who would ya lay stakes on if you had to make a bet?. Those that are getting a lot of bang for the buck or those that spend the most?" Back in my sled dog days I had a team of 7 dogs that 12 dog teams couldn't keep up with. Heck, all "I" had to do was hang on for the ride. Kind of ironic, when my dogs saw a team in front of them, they started pacing a little harder, not much harder, but eventually we passed that team. Food for thought my friends.

    • Dag says:

      Thank you!! This just gave me the boost I needed. Three steps forward and two steps back, is still moving forward. MUSH!!, everyone!! 

  31. Paul Vonharnish says:

    I thought it appropriate to post a poem from days when I still had a functional Pineal gland.  This one seems to fit the Solstice mood…

    The Collective

    The collective shall always immerse itself

    In the busy grey beatitude of consensus

    Condemning any singular effort

    That probes the flames of self-surrender 


    Self-love invites the curse of envy

    Mystical love is considered subversive

    Erotic love is not concerned with economy 


    We tear our saviors’ limb from limb

    Listen not to needful fires

    And build numb arks of coinage


    Paul Vonharnish – 11/16/2002 –

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Thank you, Paul!  Eloquent, elegant, and profound. I'm certain there is nothing wrong with your Pineal gland.  🙂

  32. Flying Squirrel says:

    ALL; I know how difficult it is to breach climate engineering to virgin ears. I have heard all the ridicule. It is not a matter.of "how can I awake people", it is a matter of awakening those who take your time to listen. Most won't, so don't waste your time on them! Start slow by pointing out prolific engineered trails in the sky and pointing out the white haze that covers our upper atmosphere vs. 'normal clouds'. Not all will listen, but that brings strength for those of us who do. Dane's weekly newshour broadcasts made me understand the full-scale insanity in the skies and in the medical industry. If Mother Earth is in CRITICAL DANGER do you care about looking like a cuckoo to the sheep around you? Or do you disregard being outcast by peers in quest to save what is left? The universe rewards bravery, and hopefully our bravery will save what is left … best regards to all, stand up tall to what you believe!


  33. Earth Angel says:

    Wow Susan- what a find! We are in great gratitude for your excellent researching skills.Thank you for your invaluable contributions.  ; )

  34. Maria Peccorini says:

    I pray that the people who continuously ask Dane "to help"  their state or geographical location, might start to wake up & realize THEY need to become the change they want, by DOING SOME Communication about the Global destruction of our planet. EACH PERSON NEEDS TO BE THE CHANGE THEY WISH TO SEE(:

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Maria, I completely agree! Roll into what you wrote the word "should". "someone should…" "They should"… and so on. Odd how that word rolls along with the words, "could, may, might. I've been telling myself and others, all my life, "woulda, coulda, shoulda don't add up to one "did". And so, "I do". I wish "all" could be the change they want to see. Personally, it's makes for a pretty exciting life style.

    • Geoff Hanham says:

      Maria, I do so agree! Yet here in North-East England the sky is full of ''trails'' almost every day. The weather? Totally ''outside the box'' – yet the only interest is 'How's the (football) match?' . . .

      Heads in the sand and a ''playpen'' culture and the world meanwhile  goes to hell.

      Dead bees found by the hundreds every day . . .

      Or they were, just four wood bees today . . .

      No sunlight – just grey ''stratus'' – only it is not stratus . . .

      But just moronic idiots staring at phones and pads and going ''wow''!

      I truly believe that when the first nuke lands or global systemic collapse arrives in the UK the first response will be a ''selfie'' accompanied by a 'Wow!'. . .

      And meanwhile we watch a tiny colony of sparrows trying to survive in our back yard . . . Once there were dozens and dozens . . .

      And there are no longer any swallows bringing a blessing to our house .

      Their innocence and destruction breaks our hearts . . .

      Geoff & Gill Hanham







  35. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    'Corruption in Plain Sight': Jared Kushner Firm Took in $90 Million From Unnamed Foreign Entities Since 2017
    "It will cause people to wonder whether he is being improperly influenced."
    By Eoin Higgins
    June 10, 2019 "Information Clearing House" –  The latest scandal from the President Donald Trump administration involves secretive foreign investments in a company in which the president's son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner has a stake.
    As The Guardian reported Monday, real estate speculation corporation Cadre, which was co-founded by Kushner, has received at least $90 million in overseas capital since 2017.
    "Corruption in plain sight!" tweeted journalist Rula Jebreal.
    Corruption in plain sight!
    A company part-owned by Jared Kushner has received $90m in foreign funding from unknown offshore investor. The came through a vehicle run by Goldman Sachs in the Cayman Islands, a tax haven that guarantees corporate secretary.
    — Rula Jebreal June 10, 2019
    The money came through financial services conglomerate Goldman Sachs via the Cayman Islands, making the original sources impossible to track. Neither Cadre nor Goldman are required to make the investors public and neither company has expressed any interest in doing so.

  36. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Fourth Carcinogen DMF Found in Blood-Pressure Pill Valsartan – Bloomberg
    The FDA doesn’t regularly test pharmaceuticals, relying instead on companies to ensure that medicines work and are safe.

  37. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Direct quotations taken from: Nanotechnology in Eco-efficient Construction, Materials, Processes & Applications; Woodhead Publishing, 2019

    Toxicity of Nanoparticles
    Nanoparticles have the ability to “enter the respiratory system and ultimately the cells.” They can “penetrate the cellular membrane and cause damage. … airborne nanoparticles when inhaled and ingested, enter the circulatory system and organs and cells and affect cellular processes leading to disease.”
    “…nano materials used in construction: a mixture of metals, metal oxides, and carbons.”
    “Due to their minute size, nanoparticles can be inhaled or ingested in the primary organs, such as the lungs and stomach, respectively, and from there they can translocate to secondary organs.”
    “Nanoparticles that are small enough can pass from lungs into the circulatory system and become systemic.”
    “Nanoparticle cellular uptake and residence in organelles results usually in cytotoxicity (toxic to cells). … The higher the nanoparticle concentration, the higher the membrane damage. … mitochondria is affected … Nanoparticles can have toxic effects upon mitochondria, causing its dysfunction … Impaired mitochondrial function leads to cell death. Some small nanoparticles are able to pass through the pores of the nucleus membrane … and enter cell nucleus, causing DNA damage. … neurogenerative diseases.”
    Nanoparticles have been found to cause toxic effects in the blood, in colorectal cancer, in the brain (Alzheimer’s), maternal-fetal exposure, orthopedic prosthesis (implants) wear, immune reactions.
    P.706 “Smaller than lung alveoli and human cells, nanoparticles can enter the respiratory system and distribute to organs, enter cells, and become toxic to organisms. …like viruses, can enter cells and induce cellular damage.”
    “… airborne nanoparticles can be inhaled and ingested, enter circulatory system and organs and cells, and affect cellular processes leading to disease.”
    P.713  “Small nanoparticles can interact with proteins…and disturb cellular signaling. The misfolding of specific protein is related to the appearance of amyloid-type structures which are found in neurogenerative diseases … cellular internalization of nanoparticles effects cell metabolism and produces … DNA damage, genotoxicity, and cell death.”
    P.717   “Nanoparticles made of metals and metal oxides seem to have the highest degrees of cytotoxicity (toxicity to cells.)”
    P. 725   “Magnetic nanoparticles were detected in the brain patients … with Alzheimer’s disease.”
    P.729   “Exposure to metallic dust is showed to cause various diseases … A study shows the existence of various nanoparticles in patients suffering from severe respiratory impairment who were exposed to dust and smoke from the collapse of the World Trade Center … aluminum and magnesium silicates, chrysotile asbestos, calcium phosphate, calcium sulfate, and small chards of glass.”
    P.732 (quotes)   Nanoparticles in colorectal cancer
    Nanoparticles in the brain: … some with Alzheimer’s disease, showed the presence of magnetic nanoparticles in the frontal cortex.
    Maternal-fetal exposure: Nanoparticles can be passed from the mother to the fetus … Nanoparticles containing various metals were found in the amniotic fluid … in fetuses with congenital malformation.
    Orthopedic prosthesis wear: Nanoparticles can be released by orthopedic prosthesis in the periprosthetic tissue (tissue located around the implant). … Materials of joint implants include ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene; metal alloys … ceramics … often leads to nanoparticle debris — induced inflammation, reduced mechanical stability of the joint, often requiring revision surgery.
    Immune reactions: Nanoparticles … induce systemic inflammation. … risk of developing metal sensitization.
    Systemic toxicity and death: Exposure to high concentration of Nickel nanoparticles can lead to systemic toxicity and death … spraying nickel using a metal-arc process … lung tissue … kidneys, heart, and brain showed necrosis.
    P.733   “Inhalation exposure to particles and dust containing metals is known to cause respiratory disease. … proven carcinogens in humans: particulate pollution, asbestos fibers, soot, Diesel engine exhaust, paint, silica, silicon, carbide, cigarette smoke, welding fumes, some wood dust, many metals [aluminum] and their compounds. … nanoparticles with long aspect ratio, or long fibers may be more toxic than spherical shaped ones.”
    P.734   “Biodistribution to organs & tissues: Inhalation is probably the most significant human exposure … Part of inhaled particles will deposit within lung alveoli, while a fraction will be absorbed within the epithelial cells of alveoli, and some of the nanoparticles will cross the air—blood barrier of the lungs. These nanoparticles will enter the circulatory system and travel further to the organs, becoming systemic. … organs and tissues such as blood, heart, lymph nodes, tonsils, spleen, bones, brain, thyroid, liver, colon, and kidney.”

    Nowadays more than thousands of different nanoparticles are known, though no well-defined guidelines to evaluate their potential toxicity and to control their exposure are fully provided.
    The way of entry of nanoparticles together with their specificities such as chemistry, chemical composition, size, shape or morphology, surface charge and area can influence their biological activities and effects. A specific property may give rise to either a safe particle or to a dangerous one.
    The small size allows nanoparticles to enter the body by crossing several barriers, to pass into the blood stream and lymphatic system from where they can reach organs and tissues and strictly interact with biological structures, so damaging their normal functions in different ways.
    This review provides a summary of what is known on the toxicology related to the specificity of nanoparticles, both as technological tools or ambient pollutants. The aim is to highlight their potential hazard and to provide a balanced update on all the important questions and directions that should be focused in the near future.
    Paper, charts & graphics:

    • Larry says:

      We have the best team of knowledge of this serious subject . As we all know it is virtually impossible to convince anybody to simply look up and question what the hell are they spraying . I have been looking up and researching this climate engineering since 2004 and have learned volumes from Dane and all the rest of you that are regular contributors here. The more I learn the more I pray for a miracle to happen to stop this madness .   The nano aluminum particle cocktail is very disturbing and as of late I reading some science studies stating that now it’s gone too far and if they stop the SRM operations suddenly then the earth will react violently with a whiplash effect of extreme heat. That’s just great !! So is there any hope I’ve stopping this insanity ? The genie is out of the bottle and they can’t put him back in.  The spraying is killing the entire planet and it appears that now they can’t stop or that is all more propaganda from the military industrial complex and its corporate suppliers of the nano particles to continue the operations for profit . Is it all about business as usual?? My guess is yes . Our voice is being kept silent as far as reaching the public. And as Dane and the rest of already know it’s a uphill battle . The news is the only way the general population will believe anything but we all know that will never happen ! Those corporate monsters will take the bribes and neve

      r reveal the truth and when the planet goes into a deep freeze or mass extinction they will simply blame a false narrative as usual . The weather forecasters are all paid off as well.  A march on the capitol is also not going to happen because as we all know it is impossible to organize 10 people in one direction let alone the millions it would actually take to win this battle. 


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Larry, thank you for standing with us in this most critical battle to expose and halt climate engineering. On that note, in regard to your question of what to expect with a climate engineering shutdown, FYI link attached.

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