Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 25, 2022, #359


Dane Wigington

Lake Mead, Lake Powell, Lake Shasta, Lake Oroville and countless other Western US reservoirs are all drying up by the day. When the water runs out, chaos will commence at blinding speed. While relentless record heat bakes much of the US and the world, freak flash summer snowstorms are increasing, the one that just occurred in the Northeastern US is a case in point. Now that California is completely dried out with dying and dead forests everywhere, a "rare lightning barrage of 66,000 strikes" just struck the state. Just a coincidence? Has climate engineering yet again set the stage for a year of unprecedented wildfires? As the walls close in, the controllers are now playing every "divide and conquer" card they have in order to keep the public's eyes off of the wider horizon till the moment of impact. How soon till we hit the wall at full velocity? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

This week's outreach booth is at the Scottish Rite Event Center, San Diego, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

26 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 25, 2022, #359

  1. Stuart says:

    More Earthquake Weather

    Unusual series of quakes in coastal South Carolina past week.  M3.6 near Elgin the largest.  Quakes felt over large area.

    On June 18th an even rarer quake was reported in coastal GA.

    Today Tropical Storm Colin "suddenly appeared" off the coast of SC.

    Just coincidence?  I don't think so.

  2. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Thank you all for your kind concern and advice! As the proverbial cannery in the coalmine, I posted my personal story to make the connection between the increase in lung disease and the nanoparticle filled air we are breathing – provided by geoengineering.

    WOW! Virginia 93!!! Amazing!  🙂

  3. A Friend says:


    I have often wondered- and so may some of you here in this audience- "Where is the justice?"  That is to say, how can people be allowed to continue doping such harmful things?

    Like the Enigma song describes, there is a Universal Justice, and the eyes of Truth are always watching.

    Some people/institutions are vehicles of Justice, while others, like the movement, are vehicles of Truth.

    Logically, there is Justice in the Universe… were that not the case, Life would be meaningless, and it certainly is not meaningless. One day years ago, I was driving into town to go to work, when I looked to one side and saw, in the golden morning light, a mother deer nursing its fawn. That image still remains with me, and I see them every time I look there, in my mind's eye. Just one of countless examples by which we intuitively know that Life does indeed have meaning.

    Therefore, let us encourage ourselves and others to focus on our calling- of being vehicles of Truth, and let us not trouble ourselves with the inexorable revolutions of the wheels of Justice; they will continue to turn. That is not our appointed task.

    Let us simply focus on spreading that Truth, of which Dane so poignantly speaks each week, while there is still some Time left to make a difference.


  4. JR says:

    Good morning to all here concerned on stewardship here on this Earth we live on, more power. Here in the Southwest, N.M. as always our rain clouds are constantly through day and night sprayed with SAG/SRM/SAI are never ending. They do represent evil in their actions and intentions to the bone marrow. We got a little rain for a few days but we should be getting way more. These people and talking heads blame it on Climate Change, no longer Global Warming? Peace of mind and heart to all…

  5. Zen says:

    University agricultural departments have known for many years that chemically-treated crop soil's natural "aluminum sheath", which facilitated plants' ability to uptake and utilize water, has been destroyed. This "aluminum sheath" was an ancient complex within the soil that cannot be replicated by applying aluminum, although I have wondered if the powers spraying aluminum into the air have vaguely hoped it would settle down to the soils to ameliorate the loss of the complex aluminim sheath, a hope that would be naive at best or a cynical excuse at worst.. This aluminum spray drying of all the earth's plants, and poisoning of the mental processes and biological systems of mankind and animals, is only a part of the murderous poisons in these sky applications. Certainly these sky sprays are destructive of the non-crop soils, as well. Be here now. Orthodox Baha'i. Allah'u Abha (God is Gloriousness Itself) and is The All-Informed.

  6. jo says:

    For Susan Ferguson, hello, sorry I am french and I write bad english , but perhaps garlic against virus and bacteries , my grandfather died 89 eat garlic every day. God bless you.

    For All and Dane Read Mat chap 24 only hope by God

    Thank you for face the facts

    • virginia says:

      Bonjour, Jo,

      How good of you to write to Susan and telling her about using garlic. 

      Garlic is a wonderful food and I know the French and Italian people use it every day.  My parents are from Northern Italy (Asti) and used it almost in everything they cooked.  They lived to be in their 90s so maybe it was garlic and hard work outside in the vineyards.

      Thank you very much, Jo.  And you write English very well.  I wish I could write in the French language.  May God bless you for your goodness.

      Can you write to Dane, again, and let us know how the weather is where you live?  Thank you.  Merci.      


    • Jo says:

      Hello, here in south-west of France, today the weather is nice with some clouds but yesterday the sky was overcast with rain but obviously there is geoengineering some days with large traces all over the sky 

      This verse can make think of the consequences of a deteriorated ozone layer ? 2 PETER Chapter 3 verse 10 ? 

      Thank you (google translation help me)

    • sea says:

      Hello jo- thank you for sharing the garlic suggestion, yes I ferment garlic so it will last throughout the year. Garlic is powerful for our health.

      Thank you for the Matthew Chapter 24- it is a valuable read right now for us.

      take care

  7. Maggie VanNieuwland says:

    Thank you.  You are appreciated your work and efforts.

  8. BoomerFred says:

    Greetings, We're to forget the months of pseudo-rainfall adding up to about 7 inches here between Austin/San Antonio and between dramatic and drastic drought. The spigot was turned on today for a one hour shower and perhaps tomorrow. Nice, different, the cat's nose led her into all sorts of exotic smells. She is not expected to tolerate the new early Summer triple digit furnace by mid-late morning. She likes the night roamings when our A/C is off and the early a.m. air is cooler. She's special like all pets are and it does feel good and right to try and roll with her needs during this manipulated weather.// Shirts have arrived, clearly stating our position and willingness for questions and comments arising from the PSA intended by their front and back commands to STOP messing with our weather. Let Go Let God    None of this is Natural 

    Finally ordered shirts when a man engaged me about bumper-stickers he noticed on my older Dakota. Well, dinners ready and I fall short trying to write how I feel anyway;  even if commenting here is good therapy for us to use, as our heads spin and we're so fortunate to have Dane as our Point Man !!. Peace Be With You All

  9. Matthew/Boston says:

    The weather up here in Boston has been unnatural. The nights have been consistently chilly. Hot in the day and chilly at night. Spraying has been about two out of three days. Sometimes during the day, other time spraying just at night. Today, Sunday, was frighteningly hot. The birds hide in the woods and go silent. They're only out feeding in the morning and before sunset. I generously feed them so I've noticed this. Today, you could not remain in the sun. After less than a minute, you must head for shelter.

    Today, at about 6:00 PM, the sun was less than 18" above the horizon and the sun was too much to stand in. 6:00 PM folks.

  10. virginia says:

    Dear Earth Angel,

    Thanks for the mullein support.  It's great stuff.  Cleans out lungs if taken at regular intervals and stops persistent coughs.  Hope Susan will try it and find relief.

    Your barn cat problems are very familiar to me.  I also have barn cats that I shelter and feed.  I have noticed within the past year or more, that the water they drink may have an impact on their health problems.   I have many containers all over yard full of fresh water, each day and sometimes twice a day changed.   I had to because the cats will not drink the water that has these micro plastic particles in them.  These can be seem floating on the surface of the water and appear as very, very thin strings of sewing thread.  As they soak, they will sink and appear at the bottom of the container as being darker and larger.  So, water must be changed accordingly.

    Sometime ago, I had a forensic scientist (who worked for State) look at them just floating on surface and without hesitation he pointed out that they were plastic particles, possibly from some form of insulation. 

    Needless to say, we all know where these came from.  I still continue to have them (Eastern Shasta Co, Calif. at 3000' elev) and continue to inspect and replenish clean water each day.  A pain in the neck, for sure, but none of the cats have been ill since doing that routine.

    Thanks for your diligent care of your cats, Angel.  I know it is expensive and time-consuming.  You are to be commended.

    Hope all will be well for everybody including our animals who are also fighting this war being waged upon us.  Help them as much as it is possible for one to do so.  Godspeed.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Bless you virginia, a sister I haven't yet met! I love caretaking all  animals. When doing so, I feel content and know I'm where I'm supposed to be. I truly feel that is one purpose I was sent here for. Ten yrs. ago I was ordained into this fight for the life of our planet and its NATURAL inhabitants. I take both very seriously. Thank you for your kind words.

    • Malia says:

      Hi Virginia, 


      I was just at the rustic family cabin at formerly pristine Flathead Lake, MT. I saw in addition to pollen, the threads on the water surface you described. Thousands of them. Less fish and the lake weed growing near the dock looks stunted and not as green. There were some dragonflies but not as many as when I was a kid. Still some hummingbirds and birds of prey. Dock fish fewer but still found some. Waters turbid from heavy rains compared to past glassy appearance and idk the water just looks different from even a few years ago. Irradiated maybe? The whole world has a different quality each year exponentially more eerie. When I was younger locusts used to scare me you would take a few steps and one would startle jump up and fly away making loud clicking sounds. I realize the past 2-3 years I have not seen these bugs at the cabin. Still saw some lacewings. I heard the faint voices of a few crickets at night but still nothing like it would have been years past. Plenty of normal pests like wasps and ants.

  11. Alan says:

    Hi, Susan!  

    When I didn't see your posts for quite a while, I became concerned for your health and now I'm very sorry to read your story.  You are an amazing person and you've contributed in a big way to help others wake up to this mess. Thank you for everything you do here.   I sincerely hope you experience some relief in Florida.  

  12. Under the same sky says:

    Here we are at the beginning of the one year anniversary of the June 2021 heat wave in the Pacific Northwest region.  I am reminded of the day I walked on the beach of the Salish Sea early this spring and saw with my own eyes the most beautiful neon pink and green sea anemones firmly planted in-between the rocks of the tide pools!   I will never forget the feeling I had in that moment, it was a simple joyful love of meeting family members that I hadn’t met yet, in the form of these unique and sincere tiny survivors.   


    We are all witnesses to nature’s triumph right now, this beautiful day of June 25 of 2022.  Did anyone think anything living could have possibly survived the onslaught we just have been going through up until this very moment???  I know I didn’t, no way!!!  Yet, despite it all we’re still here…  AND we have a window of opportunity that is unprecedented.  We have a chance to be the glorious and whole person we always knew we could be if we could finally let go of our preconceived notions of ourselves.  We have a final window of opportunity to speak the truth to the humans and sing healing songs to the plants that will alter the course of everything around us in ways we can’t conceive of right now.


    With that said, all I know is that if the sea anemones aren’t giving up, then how could I ever give up?  It also makes me ask this question of myself- If we made it this far, then doesn’t that mean we HAVE to find a way to keep going because we are actually going to survive?!?!?…. (even though it looks completely impossible from my limited present viewpoint?!?)  In my humble opinion, yes I believe it does.


    It seems apparent to me that this glorious and mysterious thing we call “Life” always finds its own way forward and wants desperately for us humans to wholeheartedly join in.  Sometimes it might have to go underground but it’s still there, silently urging us to grow spiritually from within.   And Life itself will emerge in surprising ways to help us when we most need it, if we are humble enough to ask for and then accept it.  


  13. Wishes goodearth says:

    I live in Tasmania Australia, they had a review of the 2016 floods, they asked Hydro if the cloud seeding they were doing would have made more rain…..they said NO…..BUY NO ONE ASKED …WHY THEY WERE DOING IT……..Thanks for all your doing

  14. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    FDA Approved Plastics for Food Contact — Which Plastics Make the Cut? | A&C Plastics
    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was created to set standards for the safe production and storage of food, beverages and drugs. On top of creating stringent guidelines for consumable items, they also look closely at things like preparation equipment and packaging materials — including plastic. Given how many of our snacks, soft drinks and medicines are packaged in plastic, you might think the list of FDA approved plastics for food contact is quite long. In reality, there are only a few major varieties of plastic used for our favorite foods.
    What Does "FDA Compliant" Mean?
    "FDA compliant" means that a material meets all of the FDA's guidelines for safe, direct contact with food. It's essentially an official way of saying a material is "food grade." To be FDA compliant, a material must be able to withstand the environment it will be used in. For example, if a plastic conveyor belt transports food through an extremely hot oven for cooking, it must not undergo any physical changes when exposed to those temperatures. It will also need to hold up through rigorous cleaning and sanitizing cycles, if applicable. Finally, it has to be compatible with the type of food it will be in contact with and not leach any chemicals if a food is acidic, like tomato sauce, or has high moisture content and so on.
    Which Plastics are FDA Compliant?
    Several plastics have made it onto the FDA approved materials list for food contact, and are used in food, beverage and medicine packaging you most likely already have in your home. While it's always important to follow specific guidelines related to food storage, temperature and recycling, the following plastics are generally very safe for food contact.
    High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
    HDPE is the most common household plastic around, used to make beverage bottles, butter containers, cereal box liners and thicker food storage buckets. Recycled HDPE is reviewed by the FDA on a case-by-case basis, as it can sometimes become unsafe in the recycling process.
    Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
    LDPE is similar to HDPE, but tends to be less rigid, making it perfect for squeeze bottles or plastic film like cling wrap, six-pack rings and more. It is chemically resistant, repels microorganisms and doesn't leach harmful toxins when used to store food at a variety of temperatures. However, it is not deemed safe for food contact in a recycled state.
    Polycarbonate (PC)
    While there are concerns about bisphenol A (BPA) present in polycarbonate resin, the FDA has conducted numerous studies and concluded that the intake of BPA from plastic is very low and has no apparent negative effects on physical health. There are also specific FDA approved polycarbonate sheets available for all sorts of food applications, from hospital trays to water bottles.
    Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
    Any plastic jars and beverage containers in your home are most likely made from PET. This material is used in 2-liter soda bottles, peanut butter jars, salad dressing containers and more. While many plastics are only FDA compliant and food safe in their virgin (or unrecycled) state, recycled PET is an FDA approved plastic for food contact. It also repels microorganisms and doesn't corrode, making it an overall ideal material for food and beverage contact and storage.
    Polypropylene (PP)
    Polypropylene is most often used for single-serve containers like yogurt cups, but also shows up in reusable containers that can store leftovers. On top of being one of the FDA approved food contact materials, it's microwave safe and nonvolatile, meaning it will not react with any type of food you store in it, whether it's acidic, basic or liquid.
    Continue Learning about FDA Approved Plastics for Food Contact
    If you have more questions about which plastics are FDA compliant, food grade or food safe, check out the rest of the resources in our food grade plastics info hub. Think plastic might be the right material for your project? Contact our team of friendly plastic experts to get started.


  15. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    China Faces Power Shortage As Heatwave Pushes Demand To Record | ZeroHedge

    Thursday, Jun 23, 2022 – 05:40 PM
    By Tsvetana Paraskova of
    Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said this week that China should increase its coal production capacity in order to prevent power outages, as the northern and central parts of the country are baking in a heatwave that is driving power consumption to record levels.
    China needs to “resolutely prevent power outages,” the premier was quoted as saying on Tuesday while a heatwave sweeps through northern and central China, while heavy rain in the southern provinces is flooding cities, including in the most populous province, Guangdong.
    Consumers are cranking up air conditioning in the north, driving power demand in China to records, and threatening to overwhelm the Chinese power grid again.
    China has significantly boosted its coal production in recent months, following government orders for more coal supply. Faced with power shortages last autumn, Chinese authorities ordered an increase in domestic coal production as global coal prices soared.
    In March, China’s daily coal production hit a record high as it jumped by 15 percent compared to March 2021.
    However, Chinese miners are looking to meet the required quantity regardless of the quality, which is often low and less efficient when burnt at coal-fired power stations.
    So, despite a boom in coal production in recent months, China could experience another power crunch this summer as miners race to meet government targets with lower-quality coal, analysts and traders told Reuters earlier this week.
    China has put more emphasis on energy security in recent months. Earlier this year, China said it would continue to maximize the use of coal in the coming years as it caters to its energy security, despite pledges to contribute to global efforts to reduce emissions.
    China is concerned about its energy security after the autumn 2021 power crisis and, most recently, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which pushed energy commodity prices sky-high.

  16. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Children's Health Defense

    1 in 3 Kids Worldwide at Risk From Drought, Flooding, Extreme Heat, Air Pollution or Water Scarcity
    An estimated 850 million children — or 1 in 3 children worldwide — live in areas “where at least four climate and environmental shocks, such as severe drought, extreme heat, flooding, air pollution, and water scarcity, overlap,” according to the authors of a scientific review published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

  17. V. Susan Ferguson says:


    Nanoparticles from the Sky, My Coughing, & Increasing Allergies

    This post is about my own experience with persistent-coughing. For the last seven years, I lived on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. As time passed, I began to notice a change in this once rural paradise — a change for the worse.

    The Olympic Peninsula had become a designated Electronic Warfare EW Zone. There was nothing any of us could do about it. I found myself living under the chemically sprayed and radiation scarred skies provided everyday by the Navy. I took hundreds of photographs to no avail. Over the seven years, how much of this stuff has made its way into my lungs?

    For various reasons that I’m certain the readers here will understand, in February of this year, I made the decision to pick up and move to Florida — where it seemed some sanity still remained. At my age 76 this was a highly stressful and overwhelming decision. The packing & moving logistics were bad enough. Plus we had to drive, that meant 10 hours a day for six days on the Interstate — which is a horrific nightmare of trucks and traffic jams. Oceans of cars…

    A few days into the drive, I began to cough. It wasn’t so bad at first — but  increased in severity. My immune system compromised, by the time we got to Florida, I was very ill. For the past 5 months I have been coughing continually. I have lost 15 pounds, I am completely exhausted, in despair, and still coughing.

    Dane Wigington has reported that millions of tons of these nanoparticle size aluminum, barium, microplastics, etc. are being dropped into our skies everyday. How much was already in my 76-year-old lungs when I arrived in Florida.

    Because the coughing has never stopped, I began to research coughing. Did you know that our body produces mucus to protect us? We cough to get rid of ‘particles’ that our body doesn’t want in our lungs.

    Apparently there is an epidemic increase in allergy related symptoms, including coughing. And a epidemic of people who cannot get their levels of mucus back to normal.

    There are online articles predicting the increase in sales of “mucus clearance devices” that say sales will top US$ 595.2 Mn in 2022 — and US$ 847.0 Mn by 2028.

    Big business! Look at the explosion of ‘mucus relief’ products on allergy shelf in your local pharmacy. What is going on here? I realize my age makes me vulnerable. But this seems to be truly epidemic.

    Is there a relationship between the tons of particles in the air we are breathing every day and excess out-of-control mucus in our lungs? We know our immune systems have been compromised by the food we eat — 65% of Americans are now obese, which usually means diabetes. And a huge percentage are on prescription drugs.

    So this is my personal story. I am sharing what happened to me in the hope of expanding our knowledge regarding the ongoing dispersions in our skies. I hope none of you are suffering from this.



    • Under the same sky says:

      Thank you for sharing your Ms. Susan!!!    I am also in the zone right now.  In fact I lost hearing in one ear- about 50%- two days ago suddenly that could have to do with ototoxicitybut also could be related to the wargamesoverhead, both together probably.

      Luckily the hearing came back, but it happened again briefly yesterday.  It's terrifying but a reminder that we all must leave our body someday so now the time is to take action.

      You are in my prayers big time!!!!!  I will always especially appreciate your post way back when about all the satellites they are launching- that really rocked my world, thank you for your research contributions!



    • virginia says:

      Dear Susan,

      Thank you so much for sharing your personal experiences regarding your health and your problems of relocating to Florida.   I am so sorry you are going through these discomforts which must be truly energy depleting.  But hopefully your move to Florida will help…let us hope and pray that it will.  

      I know you will be getting advice from our friends who comment on this forum on various routines that will rid you of your cough, so, I hesitate to be presumptuous but I would like to recommend mullein tea as a really helpful herbal remedy.  It has long been recognized as a lung decongestant and cough suppressant.  I have grown  it in my garden and used it for over 40 years and can attest to its efficacy.  It can be bought in pill or capsule form as well as in dried leaves and if one does not have access to fresh garden variety, the commercial offerings are excellent.  There are no known side effects.

      It is my hope you will recover, Susan, and quickly.  I shall be thinking of you.  Let us know how you are faring in Florida.  What a trip that must have been getting there.  Thank heaven you are now settled.

      Best wishes,


      ps.  Seventy-six, Susan.  You are a youngster.  I'm 93 and still giving them hell…you can do it, as well.  You will be fine.


    • Earth Angel says:

      Thumbs up on the mullein tea advice from virginia, VSF. Our neighbor around 80 yrs. young is a natural mountain healer and she has recommended it to me. She obtains the mullein leaves and steeps them for the tonic. She's given me some and I like it with honey. A comfort drink for sure! I've been feeling a bit off in the sinuses & head lately. I've done the nasal rinse Dane has recommended and it sure did burn and sting but I've felt a bit better. Also recommend taking Source Naturals Wellness Formula (advanced immune support tablets) at the first sign of malaise. I should have done this sooner but have felt relief already & just started them today. Another oddity is that one of my barn cats, who hasn't been sick a day in 7 yrs. came down with a hacking cough and was so congested in a day and a half I had to take him to the vet where he was diagnosed with fever of 104 & lung issue. I could actually HEAR him breathe it got so bad so quick. Thankfully he was treated with fever reducer and an antibiotic injection which will work for 3 weeks and he has shown significant improvement but still hacks occasionally. How weird he should come down with a respiratory illness out of nowhere in the summertime. Another strange story is my friend's pony came down with a urinary tract infection which they had been treating with bute & a broad spectrum antibiotic but he still had it 5 weeks later. The vet returned and got a sample of some sort to send to a lab for analysis. When the report came back the lab associate said it was a bacteria he hadn't seen in 25 yrs.! My friend's farm is in the N. Georgia mountains and the pony has lived there for at least 20 yrs. He's geriatric & never leaves there.. Yes, we are all wondering what is circulating in our air column these days. Hope you are well soon Susan and enjoy your new home. As Dane has so often said its looking more and more like "We're in a fight for our lives" every single day. I hope our military brothers & sisters are waking up fast as well as the rest of the population. I know everyone here sees what's going on & is doing all they can within their own environment to remedy the situation. 


    • Robin says:

      Susan,  I among many who were so glad to see you are back.  Im sure many were tempted to ask 'Are you ok?'  But we understand that this discussion board is to focus on the weekly GAN news of existential importance.  We knew from your character that you were/are staying at your post in this battle.  Thanks for sharing what happened in your absence.  Wish you the best in your recovery.  

      As you share CHD news on occasion, I found one video that you may like if you haven't had a look.  Another 76 year old that has had the courage to stand with us was on CHD tv:  Advocacy Lifeline.  Dr Russell Blaylock was interviewed by Dawn Richardson.  Outstanding interview!

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