Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 27, 2020, #255


Dane Wigington

Question, sprayed skies and the current situation, is there a connection? Headlines from all over the globe confirm rapidly unfolding collapse on countless fronts. Official sources say the second wave of Covid-19 is upon us with new strains of the virus showing up. What agendas are being carried out? Will unfolding events help to awaken populations? What are the core underlying factors that are fueling the current trajectory. So many breaking reports to cover, please tune in, the latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

So much of what is unfolding won’t seem real until it is. All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

Geoengineering Watch wishes to express our deepest thanks to Maciej Kocialkowski for his tireless work toward raising awareness on the critical issue of climate engineering. The geoengineering awareness booths in the photos below were set up at the Charlotte County Administration Building in Port Charlotte, Florida (6/26/20) and at the Mid County Library in Port Charlotte, Florida (6/23/20).

For those that have not yet seen our recent post on “The Dimming”, it is a groundbreaking documentary that is currently in production. This documentary film will provide answers and proof of the ongoing climate engineering / weather warfare operations. Below is a 4+ minute trailer on the upcoming film.

24 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 27, 2020, #255

  1. JR says:

    Good morning from Southwest, New Mexico. The evil bastards were working overnight spraying and again our rain clouds overnight were obliterated with SAG/SRM/SAI. We have no valid government leaders but only puppets and mouthpieces spewing out lies and therefore being naysayers when confronted with this issue. God only knows what faces us and our kids in the near future but it doesn't look good on this Earth & country folks. It's all about Control and the Fearmongers are hard at work wanting to put us in our place.

  2. JR says:

    From the Southwest, New Mexico-El Paso, Texas area. Yesterday which would've been Friday the 3rd was a repeat of July 2nd of our rain clouds being destroyed to nothing. It looked promising but not with the Prince of this World and it's workers of iniquity which we know they're good for causing havoc and destruction with SRM/SAG/SAI aka Chemtrails. Today Saturday 7-4-20 our sky is being covered with rain clouds but the scumbags sons of whores are up there hard at work to destroy them. Who directs and pays these scumbags to break the backbone of America. So much for Freedom, perceived perhaps. It's unfortunate people from this country can't or won't open up their eyes.

  3. JR says:

    Hello from Southwest, New Mexico. We had some awesome short lived rain clouds again today only to be demolished by SAG/SRM/SAI and the fly boys and whomever direct their footsteps in these evil works all the way to El Paso, Texas. I've noticed than even the normal house fly is to not to be seen and that is very unusual. What happened to them, anybody? We are living in very troubled times in this perverse, crooked and evil generation starting with our country. We don't have to go to far and point the finger elsewhere, it's in our own backyard. Peace to all here in more than one way…

    • Dennie says:

      Your New Mexico houseflies are all in my S.F. Bay Area kitchen… that's where they went–  Plenty of 'em, too.  UGH.  And while it's "All death-and-destruction, all the time" here, so it won't be so popular to print this, fortunately we also (still) have plenty of birds in my area… Some of us (like me) have started bird watchers' groups on our local websites… it is a very sneaky and easy way to get people to join in the environmental movement… "Why is that?," you ask? 



  4. penny waters says:

    i cannot believe what i am hearing and seeing amongst people

    had just arrived home t'other day and around me in the closest roads were 6 accidents – all at once – mind you, moon was in leo ( i know that sounds mad – just another human pattern ) but when moon in leo i like to stay away from roads as drivers become so aggressive

    went out today – across the road saw a bundle of cars and then out of nowhere 2 young men suddenly went for each other – leapt at each other and went smash on the ground, with a thump – ghastly

    went down road aways and there were two more cars – smashed – at least the drivers were talking

    in uk when all was shut down – roads virtually empty – driving like the roads were race tracks – statistics – in those few days – speeding motorists caught were 71% of normal numbers – yep crazy

    normal road numbers are usually huge yet driving more stable????

    so with empty roads all the drivers were nuts

    hahahahahaha – sorry can't help but laugh sometimes – feel quite mad – humans!!!!

    think this virus is having more of an effect than what we think

    remember reading years ago about an area in africa that had become a protected park and the lion population soared, resulting in a virus that was commonplace and did little harm, mutating and taking out vast numbers of lions

    had a driving incident with a young arab man who after much dangerous driving, proceeded to undertake and nearly drove me off the road – further up the road – pulled up beside him – waved – and then gesticulated with an action that really upsets men (sorry all you good men out there, but think you know what i mean) hahahaha the anger he then exhibited by his frantic horn blowing – i was leaving the road off left – it made me laugh because i had made him so mad

    i had lost my fear and anger and given it back to him

    there are many cultures who have moved to this country, whose men exhibit an unbelievable lack of respect for women, and an old woman at that – he was so upset – aaah – dear boy – he has a lot of growing to do – and not much time to do it!!!

    i am trying to keep myself well with my herbal concoctions – but also always notice the plants that are doing well in the present year

    you americans are so lucky to have echinacea as a native plant – i can only get a hybridised form – how is it growing this year

    but think that the virus, which surely has to pass through all of us, attacks people at their weakest part

    cos i had chemotherapy (1997) my kidneys were damaged with the damn poison  (didn't know then what i know now) and for at least 4 months have had swollen undersides of feet – now i realise tis part of the viral infection – attacks the weakest part

    have spoken to a few people and many seem to have had some kind of infection over the winter months – one that lays you out flat

    so methinks that people who know that they have various organs that are weak – turn to the food and medicine link to help the body sustain itself – don't take notice of the new pharmaceutical idea that plants will have the same side effects as their pills and potions – mostly made from petro-chemicals – not good

    herbs on the internet now have provisos that equate modern pills with medicinal herb plants which were our food and their assumption that the side effects will be the same 

    science – bah humbug!!!

    this is all made worse by the fact that industrial farming has stripped the soils of trace nutrients and minerals – which is why the foods don't taste good

    that's apart from the fact that fruit is picked before its ripe, stored in cold, then artificially ripened with chemicals – definately not the same as ripening on the tree

    we need especially vit c from fruit for immunity – especially for us old folk – still high levels in most green plant/weeds picked outside the back door 

    and meat, before being sold, can stored for over a year – in my younger days worked in smithfield – in an office – not cutting meat – hahaha 

    everwhere i have worked has shown me how corrupt and greedy people are – why – who can tell?

    trees dying everywhere but no-one sees

    one side of my garden has a line of native (oops just met a beetle rushing across the floor) trees – the ones that are growing are growing much quicker with the increased co2

    some taller than a house – the uglies (that's my new name for the two beauties one side of me) i spoke to them ten years ago because i could see that they (the trees not the uglies) needed topping but needed to do it from both sides – he said ' oh, i love trees, no its alright leave it

    they don't listen

    t'other day, the noise – without telling me – he cut up his side really high, so now all these huge trees are so unbalanced – savagely cut – with no love or care – hurt my heart

    and they are a potential danger – not to me cos on my side the big trees all have smaller trees and bushes that graduate down – the only way – so when the wind hits them the energy is transferred throughout the canopies and makes all the roots stronger

    how can i explain to the uglies of what they do – hurts my heart to see and experience their behaviour

    have decided to call the people on t'other side, dum and dee, as in tweedledum and tweedledee

    had occasion to ask dum to copy a paper for me (don't have such equipment) and he saw my few environmental qualifications and now our conversations are littered with his competition to show me how little i know – he seems to have become so defensive

    i find it so difficult to be at ease with people – i only care about the environment and the other creatures that all us humans live with

    and they are all becoming fewer and fewer whilst the humans seem to be losing their minds

    there's boris shouting how we are going to BUILD, BUILD, BUILD our way out of the economic distress we are in – not more bloody building – less environment – more pain

    the queen – up in windsor – spends time ringing round all the other megalmaniacs – trump, macron, trudeau etc – she too is in lockdown – with prince philip!!!

    and because all the public toilets are closed all the walkers along the footpaths and byways of her property at windsor are using her land as a toilet – and she's upset

    the weather became so hot many londoners drove to the coast – taking the virus with them – beaches were full of so many people – fights broke out

    and then the wind came from the north again – wind cold virus – went shopping when weather turned and all the people were still in shorts and tea shirts

    i walked out my back door and thought – better put my long johns back on – went out with corduroy trousers, 3 layers of 2 woolies, scarf, and woolley hat

    felt warm but silly but didn't care – was walking back to car and spoke to a woman my age who was in tea shirt and shorts and spoke about how cold i felt and she suddenly 'showed herself', shivered and said she was freezing

    people are not living, feeling the environment – virus doesn't like it warm – likes cold and damp – likes people damp and cold

    can see how vulnerable people are in their understanding of all of this – like the geoengineering – don't see it – yet as plain as the nose on your face

    same today with the white fluffy clouds moving upwards, some flying off the planet, but geoengineering above the clouds where it touches, seeds the clouds with filth and it rains – unnatural rain that hardly wets anything

    hope all you good folk out there are able to take good care of yourselves – please think about the plants – especially the ones around you – the ones that nature grows for us all – and yet are despised by most

    much love to you all in these strange times


  5. Joseph says:

    Largest Mass Execution in US History:

    Lincoln ordered the execution of thirty-eight Dakota Indians for rebellion—but never ordered the execution of Confederate officials or generals.

    December 26, 1862: thirty-eight Dakota Indians were hanged in Mankato, Minnesota, in the largest mass execution in US history–on orders of President Abraham Lincoln. Their crime: killing 490 white settlers, including women and children, in the Santee Sioux uprising the previous August.

    Lincoln’s treatment of defeated Indian rebels against the United States stood in sharp contrast to his treatment of Confederate rebels. He never ordered the executions of any Confederate officials or generals after the Civil War, even though they killed more than 400,000 Union soldiers.

    Minnesota was a new frontier state in 1862, where white settlers were pushing out the Dakota Indians—also called the Sioux. A series of broken peace treaties culminated in the failure of the United States that summer to deliver promised food and supplies to the Indians, partial payment for their giving up their lands to whites. One local trader, Andrew Myrick, said of the Indians’ plight, “If they are hungry, let them eat grass.”

    The Dakota leader Little Crow then led his “enraged and starving” tribe in a series of attacks on frontier settlements. The “US-Dakota War” didn’t last long: After six weeks, Henry Hastings Sibley, first governor of Minnesota and a leader of the state militia, captured 2,000 Dakota, and a military court sentenced 303 to death.

    Lincoln, however, was “never an Indian hater,” Eric Foner writes in his Pulitzer Prize–winning book The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery. He did not agree with General John Pope, sent to put down a Sioux uprising in southern Minnesota, who said “It is my purpose utterly to exterminate the Sioux if I have the power to do so.” Lincoln “carefully reviewed the trial records,” Foner reports, and found a lack of evidence at most of the tribunals. He commuted the sentences of 265 of the Indians—a politically unpopular move. But, he said, “I could not afford to hang men for votes.”

    The 265 Dakota Indians whose lives Lincoln spared were either fully pardoned or died in prison. Lincoln and Congress subsequently removed the Sioux and Winnebago—who had nothing to do with the uprising—from all of their lands in Minnesota.

    This is a very important part of U.S. history that is not pretty.  The way things are today things are not getting better on so many levels.



  6. Linda.. LS says:

    If anyone is going to the mountains, please be ready to take care of your own needs as services are lacking everywhere.

    Bring a cooler with your own food. Buy a snap top round container that's as big as a toilet seat and as deep as a roll of T.P.  Put a roll in there. Keep it will need it. Also it's freezing at night and unbearably hot in the Sun. Have fun. Be prepared.

  7. stan sylvester says:

    Stan says,

    Not sure if this has been posted on this website. It is amazing that Wuhan, China hosted the 2019 miitary olympic games October 16 – 27th. They are held every 4 years. The U.S. team was unusually poor. They placed 35th as a team with no gold medals in the official medal count.Midway through the games, 5 American athletes, if they were athletes at all, came down with flu like symptons. They were sent to a local hospital. They were then flown back to the U.S. on  a special plane. 2 weeks later the outbreak started. China has said the virus did not origionate in their country. China has  openly wondered if the U.S. sent the bioweapon over with the athletes. Our government was the first th call it the "China virus." It is interesting China was praised for their decisive action to shut down when the virus started spreading. This made it easier for our government to respond by shutting down.


  8. jonathan o'quinn says:

    Just had a long conversation with a very intelligent and well connected patient about CV19. I gave her a run-down on the virus and its general nature, spliced-in genetics from other viruses, multiple bioweapons labs involved in its engineered gain of function capability (partly thanks to UNC-CH), its huge genome and high mutation rate, etc.

    I explained how they have found particles of CV!9 on air pollution particles and discussed geoengineering and its connection with engineered pathogens being deployed upon populations, as Dane has mentioned many times.

    I gave her a printout of the long post Dane covered about a month ago by that astonished MD who found out the truth about vaccines, plus a link to the Judy Mikovits story ( on and the booklet and the two-sided flyer from Dane.

    Now she can spread the word further, into endlessly enlarging spheres of influence ad more and more people wake up.

    I also discussed with her what a fellow physician and I have come up with from all our research for a daily home preventive regimen: such as coconut oil, oregano oil, baking soda, elderberry, Vit C and D, 100 mg ZINC, Fever Tree brand tonic water with quinine (essentially a poor man's hydroxychloroquine [British military used it to prevent malaria long ago, just like we use hydroxychloroquine today], drives zinc into cells, where zinc inhibits RNA Transcriptase, preventing the virus from replivcating inside our cells, and so forth, etc etc)

    Be encouraged all!

    Never give in!

    Never give up!

    Look the storm in the eye!

    Blessings and Peace,



    PS ECU GW distributions commencing when students return to campus in August!

  9. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  How many of these died needlessly in excruciating pain from the mechanical death-ventilators? As you know, NY Como ordered the nursing homes to take CV infected patients. Social Security was robbed 'appropriated' eviscerated years ago — so less of those, who all their lives were forced and faithfully contributed, to provide for?

    43% of all COVID-19 deaths in the United States are residents or employees of nursing homes or other long-term care (LTC) facilities, according to the New York Times (which fails to mention that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered NY nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients from hospitals). Nursing homes, meanwhile, account for just 11% of all COVID-19 cases in the United States.
    To date, just over 125,000 people in the US have died of COVID-19, 54,000 of which were linked to LTC facilities.


  10. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: Draw your own conclusions regarding the recent exponentially increasing case numbers…  Please read the entire science-based report for yourself. And weep … We are being lied to on a level so evil, so heartless, that most of us cannot begin to comprehend.

    COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless Though the whole world relies on RT-PCR to “diagnose” Sars-Cov-2 infection, the science is clear: they are not fit for purpose
    Torsten Engelbrecht and Konstantin Demeter
    …  belief in the validity of the PCR tests is so strong that it equals a religion that tolerates virtually no contradiction.

    … Walter Lippmann, the two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and perhaps the most influential journalist of the 20th century said: “Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.”

    So to start, it is very remarkable that Kary Mullis himself, the inventor of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology, did not think alike. His invention got him the Nobel prize in chemistry in 1993.
    Unfortunately, Mullis passed away last year at the age of 74, but there is no doubt that the biochemist regarded the PCR as inappropriate to detect a viral infection.
    The reason is that the intended use of the PCR was, and still is, to apply it as a manufacturing technique, being able to replicate DNA sequences millions and billions of times, and not as a diagnostic tool to detect viruses.
    How declaring virus pandemics based on PCR tests can end in disaster was described by Gina Kolata in her 2007 New York Times article Faith in Quick Test Leads to Epidemic That Wasn’t.
    … we asked Dr Calisher whether he knows one single paper in which SARS-CoV-2 has been isolated and finally really purified. His answer:
    I know of no such a publication. I have kept an eye out for one.”[4]
    This actually means that one cannot conclude that the RNA gene sequences, which the scientists took from the tissue samples prepared in the mentioned in vitro trials and for which the PCR tests are finally being “calibrated,” belong to a specific virus — in this case SARS-CoV-2.
    In addition, there is no scientific proof that those RNA sequences are the causative agent of what is called COVID-19.

    Irrational test results
    It is also certain that we cannot know the false positive rate of the PCR tests without widespread testing of people who certainly do not have the virus, proven by a method which is independent of the test (having a solid gold standard).
    Therefore, it is hardly surprising that there are several papers illustrating irrational test results.
    For example, already in February the health authority in China’s Guangdong province reported that people have fully recovered from illness blamed on COVID-19, started to test “negative,” and then tested “positive” again.
    A month later, a paper published in the Journal of Medical Virology showed that 29 out of 610 patients at a hospital in Wuhan had 3 to 6 test results that flipped between “negative”, “positive” and “dubious”.
    A third example is a study from Singapore in which tests were carried out almost daily on 18 patients and the majority went from “positive” to “negative” back to “positive” at least once, and up to five times in one patient.
    Even Wang Chen, president of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, conceded in February that the PCR tests are “only 30 to 50 per cent accurate”; while Sin Hang Lee from the Milford Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory sent a letter to the WHO’s coronavirus response team and to Anthony S. Fauci on March 22, 2020, saying that:
    It has been widely reported in the social media that the RT-qPCR [Reverse Transcriptase quantitative PCR] test kits used to detect SARSCoV-2 RNA in human specimens are generating many false positive results and are not sensitive enough to detect some real positive cases.”
    In other words, even if we theoretically assume that these PCR tests can really detect a viral infection, the tests would be practically worthless, and would only cause an unfounded scare among the “positive” people tested.
    This becomes also evident considering the positive predictive value (PPV).
    … And experts criticize “that the notorious corruption and conflicts of interest at WHO have continued, even grown“ since then. The CDC as well, to take another big player, is obviously no better off.
    Finally, the reasons and possible motives remain speculative, and many involved surely act in good faith; but the science is clear: The numbers generated by these RT-PCR tests do not in the least justify frightening people who have been tested “positive” and imposing lockdown measures that plunge countless people into poverty and despair or even drive them to suicide.
    And a “positive” result may have serious consequences for the patients as well, because then all non-viral factors are excluded from the diagnosis and the patients are treated with highly toxic drugs and invasive intubations. Especially for elderly people and patients with pre-existing conditions such a treatment can be fatal, as we have outlined in the article “Fatal Therapie.”
    Without doubt eventual excess mortality rates are caused by the therapy and by the lockdown measures, while the “COVID-19” death statistics comprise also patients who died of a variety of diseases, redefined as COVID-19 only because of a “positive” test result whose value could not be more doubtful.

  11. Sandy Patrus says:

    I need everyone's imput right now.  Knowing what you know about Covid 19 and about how much damage it can do to your organs besides your respiratory system, as Dane just reported, do you think I am acting very irresponsibly by taking a trip by plane at the end of August for a wedding?  I am having this huge arguement with my daughter right now who feels I am being very selfish and putting my family at risk!  I am going alone since my dog is very old and my husband is staying back to take care of her.  My daughter said I have health issues which warrent my staying in, let alone traveling.  When I wear the mask I can't breath and when I take it off I cough the rest of the day.  When she sees me coughing after a day of wearing my mask, she feels that I am high risk since in the past I got a virus that developed into bronchial pneumonia.  Three years in a row I got this mysterious virus that ended in months of coughing afterwards.  This year I did not get it because I took alot of immune boosting suppliments.  To this day I swear the spraying in the skies brought this virus on.  This is the reason my daughter is so upset with me right now, and she just learned her friend's parents in Arizona are deathly sick.  What are your thoughts on this?  I would appreciate your honest opinions.

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Sandy Patrus, no matter how you 'cut' this, even with all the confusing endless conflicting wicked lies — it's a bioweapon created by CRISPER technology with "gain of function".  Imagine what that may mean. A plane is a petrie dish. Who knows? Only you know if the risk is worth it.

    • Jonathan O'Quinn says:

      In my humble and respectful painting you need at the very minimum a very high quality in 95 mask preferably the kind of has the one-way valve. If you can possibly find one and and 100 or even p100 mask would be even better for you.

      No, I do not think you're being selfish. I go wherever the heck I want to go. However, I take reasonable precautions depending upon where I am. This may include going up on my cell prescribed doses of certain supplements and vitamins, it may even include occasional using a Neti Pot with distilled water the salt packet and even one drop of oregano oil, which is highly antiviral. In some cases involves wearing a surgical mask. In some cases involves wearing an n95 mask. In some cases involves not wearing a mask at all. But I am not, not! Going to let the Psychopaths that are trying to run this world tell me how to live my life and tell me where I can and cannot go. I will not give in and I will not let them run my life. So go enjoy that wedding and be safe and have a wonderful time but keep your mask on around others.

      Do not take it off if you are in an airport or an airplane around crowds of people!!

      You may want to look at the post of mine above that gives some suggestions on things we can do to make ourselves less susceptible to this infection. Respectfully, Jonathan

    • penny waters says:

      this may be hard but…… we've all got to die sometime……maybe sooner, maybe later

      should we skulk about worrying about this and that and the other when life as a human can be such s..t

      freedom is responsibility

      do what you feel comfortable with – tis all you can do!!!

      much love to you sandy


    • Tom Kelly says:

      From Tom:  New to this site, wife told me to find time to stay alive, by reading this #255 alert!  Oh My God, has mankind been decieved…

      Short and sweet Sandy  Stay Home Girl, you are medically vulnerable, IIMHO.  I am only a former Ambulance Driver, and Law Enforcement  Senior Patrol Officer.  Blessings and get in your Bible,  Jesus is coming and boy is he P.O.d!  Stay Safe. Tom

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      I always enjoy an intriguing set of questions that are relevant to one another. This is what 'I' know. 4 years ago I took the Bus to Redding because it was going there anyway. 3 years ago Tom Keith took the train to Redding, because it was going there anyway. We both chose to "not" get on a plane. "I'm not taking my boots off to mix foot germs with 10,000 other people!" And they're "not" going to get a 'current' bio-scan of my physical being, 'period'.

      Keep your vitamin C uptake high, get zinc however you can and most of all, think positive thoughts of how you are forging through the storm to fulfill your family rights. Your journey will be without mishap. Mask or not, I promise. Ultimately it all comes down to how strong your will 'and' how strong your faith is in what you actually believe to be true. Ironic how the real solutions are so 'simple'.

      Safe journeys my friend I have not met, yet.

      And for the record, 3 and 4 years ago there were just as many "bugs" floating around as there are today, just sayin.


    • joe Strauss says:

      Sandy ,

      I have known last  20 years,the Geoengineering has and I say

      mix compounds into the  formula (s) sprayed. Mycoplasms,

      fungi, bacteria  and other found items, from those reporting thru

      sources as Dane and others. 

      My mother, lived  in Lake Havasu City, Arizona 14 years ago.

      She moved and passed away at 85,  2006.  She had fibromyology

      in her hands.  Arizona has/been sprayed. So has other states.

      Yes, you could have caught bacteria ,others things in the spray. 

      Keeping the immune system full function will get you going again.  

      Medical doctors (except ones who know) won't look  to  the geoengineered  skies as  a source of  disease.  



  12. jack says:

    Here in central Tennessee it's been a hard year so far.  It's almost like Whoever is controlling the weather does not want small scale farmers or those trying to grow their own food to succeed. 

    It was a long cold winter. We used up all our firewood.  Then a long hot spell in March followed by several consecutive nights of hard freeze killed the grape vines outright, and killed the blueberry buds, so no grapes ever, and no blueberries this year. 

    Some things did well.  The weaponized ticks were out in force, like an alien army.   The coyote population exploded. Notice that you don't see roadkill these days?  The coyotes clean it up every night, turning all those nutrients into coyote pups.  This has decimated the local populations of ground nesting birds, like turkey and quail. 

    It's strangely weird that the spraying is so blatant, yet not okay to mention in 'polite' society – the overton window is growing narrower by the day.  If it weren't for people like Dane and the posters here, I would agree with George Carlin, and give up on the human species altogether. So many thanks for being there. 

  13. Kurt Hubbard-Beale says:

    Dear Dane and all your team and those of us in this world that still care enough and that are bothered enough to do something etc. You INSPIRE me and likely millions more also. 

    If I may – some poetry that I think fits I suppose (by sentiment only) to your tireless work sir 🙏





  14. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  The biotech term is "gain of function" …

    Scientists just beginning to understand the many health problems caused by COVID-19

    Besides the respiratory issues that leave patients gasping for breath, the virus that causes COVID-19 attacks many organ systems, in some cases causing catastrophic damage.
    “We thought this was only a respiratory virus. Turns out, it goes after the pancreas. It goes after the heart. It goes after the liver, the brain, the kidney and other organs. We didn’t appreciate that in the beginning,” said Dr. Eric Topol, a cardiologist and director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute in La Jolla, California.
    In addition to respiratory distress, patients with COVID-19 can experience blood clotting disorders that can lead to strokes, and extreme inflammation that attacks multiple organ systems. The virus can also cause neurological complications that range from headache, dizziness and loss of taste or smell to seizures and confusion.
    And recovery can be slow, incomplete and costly, with a huge impact on quality of life.
    The broad and diverse manifestations of COVID-19 are somewhat unique, said Dr. Sadiya Khan, a cardiologist at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago.

    With influenza, people with underlying heart conditions are also at higher risk of complications, Khan said. What is surprising about this virus is the extent of the complications occurring outside the lungs.
    Khan believes there will be a huge healthcare expenditure and burden for individuals who have survived COVID-19.

  15. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Norway proposes to open 125 new oil exploration blocks in the Barents Sea
    The heat is on: While record Arctic heat in Siberia makes worldwide headlines, the Norwegian government presents massive oil drilling plans north in the Barents Sea.

  16. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Media Executive Warns Big Tech Is Secretively Seizing "All The Power" Over Information | Zero Hedge
    Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,
    Newspaper executive Peter Wright has slammed big tech for secretively developing and changing algorithms for news distribution without giving the industry any indication whatsoever of what they are doing.  … companies like Google and Facebook of ‘monopoly behaviour’ as they seek to seize ‘all the power’ in online news and advertising.
    Wright claims that the Mail’s online daily traffic from Google searches has been diminished by 50 per cent in just one year after the company changed the algorithm for news content in 2019.
    “Google and Facebook in our view are market dominant companies and they behave in the way that market dominant companies do,” Wright stated, noting that it is significantly impacting journalism.
    “Google and Facebook both distribute our content via algorithm. Those algorithms are what is known in the digital world as a ‘black box’ – they are secret, you have no idea how they work. But we can see and measure the results,” Wright said.
    Wright also implied that the Mail’s pro Brexit stance led to it being targeted by big tech for diminished online distribution.
    He noted that last June “over the space of three days, our search visibility, which is the measure of how often your content is appearing against a basket of search terms, dropped by 50 per cent, and it was particularly marked against some particular terms. One of them for instance was ‘Brexit’.”

    Wright noted that after his group protested, normality eventually returned.
    “But this is monopoly behaviour. You can’t do this if you’re in a business relationship with someone where there’s any semblance of equality of power,” he urged.

    Wright noted that Google and Facebook are not regulated and so they are getting away with a secretive takeover of content.
    “As far as the commercial relationship between news publishers and the platforms is concerned, it’s a business relationship between two partners in which one partner has all the power,” Wright declared.
    He described Google as “completely dominant” in search and digital marketing, the two main avenues for distributing news content, and Facebook (which also owns instagram) as “dominant in social media”, pointing out that they make “more money out of advertising than our newspapers do.”
    Despite the vast power that these companies have in such areas, Wright noted that their terms of service are completely “opaque”.
    “Even the contracts that we sign to use their services are often presented to us on a take-it-or-leave-it basis. So what we’re asking for here is for regulation, and the CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) are about to report on a massive piece of work they’ve been doing, to address the complete imbalance in the business relationship,” Wright asserted.


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