Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 5, 2021, #304


Dane Wigington

Official narratives on some of the dire issues we face are beginning to unravel, but others remain unaddressed. What will it take to break down the official denial of the ongoing global climate engineering operations? Geoengineering / solar radiation management programs are not only preventing ozone layer recovery, they are radically fueling the process of total ozone layer collapse. The weather makers are continuing to cut off any and all flows of atmospheric moisture from California (where conditions are already catastrophic). How bad will it have to get before more Californians are willing to face the climate engineering factor? The geoengineering onslaught against California is not unique, countless other locations around the world are being subjected to various forms of weather manipulation mayhem at any given time. Agricultural regions are often especially hard hit, are the controllers targeting our food supplies? As biosphere collapse accelerates, the CV-19 scenario continues to play into the hand of the power structure. How do all the dots connect? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

33 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 5, 2021, #304

  1. Dennie says:

    The mysterious red rash going across my cheeks and down the sides of my nose definitely starts with irritating nanoparticles they're dumping in the air to cool it down sandblasting my face– I can actually feel it while it's happening– then turns red and when I put stuff on it because I don't know what's causing it, my skin hardens up and starts peeling and cracking around the nasal folds.  Then I have to be really careful to take care of it so it doesn't get infected with fungus or bacteria.  You get a bacterial infection there and you're setting yourself up for pneumonia or kidney infection.  I got an infection a few weeks after this kind of irritation started around Thanksgiving last year with the cold from the spraying of toxic cool-down chemicals, then blasting myself further from turning on the forced air heating system.  Now I know to start putting salve on the area so it won't dry out, and use cortisone cream to calm the inflammation down.  About all I can tell my doc is that it really seems very much to be driven by some kind of environmental irritant because when I stay indoors it goes away. Well, he'd probably call the psych unit if I told him what it really is, and here we all do know.  

  2. Robert says:

    This is to the Simple Horseman. 

    I hope you are well and recovering, I miss your weekly commentary. Strength and peace my friend I haven't meet yet.

  3. Black Cat Italy says:

    The drug Midazolam has been used to kill off the elderly in care homes in the UK and Europe. This drug is also one used on Death Row for execution in the US.  The UK Health Secretary – Matt Hancock bought huge stocks of this drug to be used in the UK. The "Care homes" were told to put people on "end of life care" and withdrew their medications, food and water even though they were not "days from death".  One carer smuggled in baby food to try to feed the residents in secret to stop them dying. The Government then called the thousands of deaths the "First wave" of COVID19, when instead the people were literally being euthanized.  The people involved should be brought to trial and treated in the same way as their victims. In fact, hanging would be better.   

  4. anon says:

    Amen to that Earth Angel


    Music to my ears and imagination

  5. Alt Ind says:

    Artificial Engineered Chemical Ice Nucleation Event

    Underway Across Australia.

    Thank You Dane Wigington. Bloody Legend . 

  6. Matthew/Boston says:

    On May 29, 2021, Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker lifted his mask mandate. On Tuesday, June 1, between noon and 1:00 PM, I was in a larger supermarket about 5 miles west of Boston, as the crows flies. I'm not one to exaggerate. About 3 out of 4 customers were still wearing masks. At least 3 out of 4 employees were still wearing masks. 

    Everyone I've asked recently, maybe 5 to 7 people, have all taken the shot. (No one has at all been put-off by my asking.)

    I think Americans are, 'gluttons for punishment' as the once commonly used expression states, on top of being ignorant and stupid.

    Spraying today, June 7. I have itchy eyes, fatigue, and mild nausea.

  7. Raymond says:

    20 years ago all of the trees here in Texas were lopsided. The southern side of the trees that received more sun exposure year round, were much more lush and greener and grew faster than the side facing north. And over 95% of them were very healthy, with a beautiful fragrance filling the air as they flourished and breathed through their leaves.

    Now it is the exact opposite. The sides facing south are stunted and not growing at all. They don't bloom or flower and no new pine cones grow. No seed, nut or fruit baring is occurring and well over 65% of them are dead or dying. And all you smell anymore is the sprayed atmospheric aerosol toxins and pungent tree rot or mold.

    Yet there are no alarms going off in the minds of conservationists, arborists, nature journalists, activists and so called wilderness experts. No one whatsoever is bringing this dire and shocking development to the attention of the public or even relevant government agencies here in this part of Texas. Concerning the new threat of dangerous UV-C exposure.

    Except Me! 

    That shows just exactly how millions of people aren't even aware of their surrounding environment, or simply don't care. And those are the reasons why this planet will not (cannot) be saved by the sleeping masses! They have all slipped into an extremely deep official narrative and technology addicting coma.

    It is up to all of us, under the leadership of awakened stewards like Dane Wiggington… to find a cure for the omnicidal comatose people of this world. Or we stand no chance at all of altering the course, for our Earthship Titanic's perilous journey into the unknown.

    Raymond, signing out and focusing on my great exodus for now. Love and respect to ALL.

  8. Laura Cotter says:

    Earth Angel… sentiments exactly.  History shows that humans can be dangerous.  Who knew….how many…..and how dangerous.  Hopefully the military will wise up and take matters into their own hands…..since so called 'world leaders' are so corrupted.

  9. Raymond says:


    I thought you might like to know how California's "Forever Drought" and resulting mass exodus of people in droves, is impacting everything in Texas.

    The housing market alone is unbelievable. Nine out of ten homes, condos and estates sold have been to buyers, who moved here recently from California. They are offering two to three and even four times fair market value, to squash any competing offers and often having bidding wars with fellow Californians as well.

    County tax appraisals mean nothing in these contract offerings, but unfortunately the tax assessors are now getting involved with the new housing market on steroids and the county commissioners see an opportunity to fill their "Greed" coffers with this new influx of money and property taxes have risen by over 250% on average. Forcing families on fixed incomes to sell and move to states not being effected by this insanity. 

    A studio apartment with only 400 to 800 square feet of living space that used to rent for only around $500 to $600 a month, is now going for between $2,500 and $3,000! Even new complexes being built with the cheapest materials possible and at lightning speed, are now trying to get in on the action. Which is not very ethical  or practical, because just EF-0 tornadoes, straight force winds and weak derechos are completely destroying them. But only caused light damage in years past. The deaths and severe injuries from these storms are also skyrocketing as a result.

    The electricity bills to heat and cool these 'Balsa Wood Shacks" are also doubling and tripling. All of which is forcing the native Texas tenants to move out or go bankrupt. Homeowner utility bills and essential service bills are also increasing by the month. Leading to multi family occupants and adult children, moving back home with their parents.

    Food prices used to be some of the cheapest in the country, but have risen sharply and more and more store shelves are going empty by the day. But that's happening everywhere. Just not helping with Texas becoming the new California and the very wealthy elites are now taking over, like invasive fish smothering out the native species.

    Million dollar super cars are showing up all over the place and crime rates are really becoming quite scary. Fort Worth itself used to only see about 50 murders a year and now it's closer to 300 or 450 even now. Drive by shootings that kill innocent children just playing in their front yard, never happened before and now occur virtually daily. Same with road rage and car jacking murders! Home invasions are also a serious problem as are auto thefts.

    Texas is nothing like I remember from my youth and that includes the weather. The rains will finally come to an end, in about 36 hours from now and it will become hot and sunny. The seasons are all out of wack, with Summer now being from the 4th of July to Thanksgiving, or sometimes even coming to an end around Christmas. Then it's usually simply "Not So Much Summer" From New Year's to around Easter. This year is an exception with the engineered arctic freeze in February and this freaky cool rain, lasting all the way into June.

    We can easily see 100 degrees on Christmas and New Year's day and I've seen that happen now, three times in the last eight years. I have researched which places on the planet are the coolest year round and only one location takes that prize. Other than the Arctic and Antarctic, and of course the "climate engineered" coolest place on average being the eastern coast of America. In regards to which place has been saved by the "Controllers", from the devastating effects of global warming. This place isn't even figured into that equation, or shown to be experiencing warming temps on the NOAA global maps. Because they have ALWAYS been cool year round in New Zealand!

    Being closer to the Antarctic than possibly any other land mass or continent on the planet, and having the roughest cold waves of any sea… circulating against their coastlines. Their average temps range from 35 to 65 degrees Year Round! The atmosphere is way too turbulent and seas too dangerous for most planes and ships to operate daily, on a commercial basis year round. So they rarely see any climate engineering and still have the cleanest breathable air in the world.

    SO FAR! 

    • Joseph says:

      Thanks Raymond for your input on this great site.  Dane thank you for all you do. I have been coming here for over 10 years now.  Alot  of the time I feel most people are totally asleep until the s–t hits them personally.   Over the years  I personally have handed out thousands of Dane's flyers.  I am sure there are others like me that have done the same.  Anyway. alot of apathy out there. I hope it gets better .

  10. Anon says:

    Woohooooooo   I second where is my broomstick…sigh   if only ()



  11. Laura Kozicki says:

    On Tuesday my kind and loving Aunt Kris died with pneumonia/covid 19 after spending weeks on a ventilator. She is so very loved and missed.

  12. Stan Sylvester says:

    I'm more than a little suspicious of this sudden Wuhan lab interest. It just seems to add to the anti China rhetoric that started with Donald's "China virus" shouts. This was the same Donald that saw "dancing Muslims" on 9/11 instead of dancing Israelis. .

    Consider that the bioweapon plant at Fort Dietrich in MD closed down   shortly before the 2019 October military Olympics that were in WUHAN, of all places. The U.S. team that participated was suspiciously inept. Were they sent over with the bioweapon?

    2 weeks after the games ended the first outbreak was reported. The broadcast of the lockdown in China was the much needed publicity to get other countries to follow along whether the world wide outbreak was real or not. The China government has consistently denied that the alleged virus originated in Wuhan.

    At the behest of the world power players, this orchestrated China/U.S. conflict would give the U.S. yet another enemy to keep the military $$$$ flowing. Like 9/11, it also keeps the U.S. out the picture as possible suspects as to the origin of the virus. Who knows what China's conspiring rulers would be promised for betraying their own people. 

  13. Carol says:

    Dane,  Well said, Thank you,  like I said last week, Memorial day weekend rained, dropped to the 40's at night, in our local newspaper there was an article: Where did the cicada 's go? What happened.  A lot died due to change in weather, the rain, or simply baked from the sun.   This week they sprayed 3 times, now it's Hot..  Moving on,  Heard via internet podcast. 2019 in a country (Asia region ). The air pollution was so bad due to chemical & manufacturing plants, people were having upper respiratory distress, complaining of breathing problems that a protest formed and demanded that they shut down, basically the area forced lock down,  hence covid, not sure if true or false (still researching ).  

    I feel like I'm in that movie " They or Devils Advocate " ) I can  sense who got, and who did not.  Have been kicked to the curb  by my own family,, it is what it is. We live in a matrix world of lies , blood money, gossip, fake stories, etc. Praying that the truth be exposed, & those involved  face justice.   If a Purple Dragon flew in the skies, how many people would see it?  Last year was great , NO SPRAYING for at least 3-4 months, the skies were so blue, different shades of blue, Crystal clear, the night time was awesome, didn't now there was that many stars up there, also great to see Starlinks pass by.  Air quality had to improved, makes one wonder if all that spraying had caused us to shut down.

    Thank you  supporters for posting your comments and information.

    time to cool off, it's Hot

  14. BBB says:

    Strange winds blowing in on unexpected strong gusts.  This has been going on at least for a couple of weeks.  At times it's truly alarming how quickly out of the "blue" these gusts rip across the property, and roar up against my sturdy cabin.

     Also of note are the many aerosol jet trails being laid out in various configurations here in my region of Mendocino County, Northern California.  I have taken pics yet again due to the utter weirdness of the spreading sky configurations.  

    Yesterday morning the odd white sun was up maybe 10 degrees above the horizon.  Usually I can take a quick glance at it.  But nope. The eastern sky was so bright around the sun that it was impossible to glance or see the actual round sphere.  Seriously, so massively bright as to hurt my eyes.  

    Regarding the drought here in my area which is heavily forested with many massive trees, many in the process of atrophying, there was somewhat more moisture than last year.  The zinger is the season is a month ahead of the normal.   Spring was very early.  No late frosts.  Visually my dying paradise looks like the first week of July, not June.

     My region was massively on fire last fall.  At one time before noon the smoke literally occluded the sunshine in total for a couple of hours.  If you have ever been in complete darkness with zero illumination you get the picture.

     So, what will be the situation this season,  A season out of whack, dry already, I shudder to think of the perils if we do not have an early rainy season.  Usually my spring produces water into the first week of August.  It's down to a mere trickle.  By perils I refer to lightning, accidental human error, and even worse the fact that most of our fires are arson related.  Cross my fingers and  hope to survive.

    • Dennie says:

      That you, Bane?  It's windier'n Hell here today down in San Rafael, Marin County.  Started a few weeks back, then we had a few days' respite and now, today, after massive spraying late last week dumping the cool-down white haze all over everything, it's frighteningly windy, like don't-go-out-of-your-house-at-all windy.  We can all imagine another season of massive, big brutal fires– everything burning while the damned jets fly overhead dumping their toxic white nanobullshit.  It's downright depressing.  NOTHING is a human right any more, not water, not food, not work, not housing– not even clean, clear, fresh air devoid of every kind of impurity that God didn't invent– Now, what kind of "human being" denies and continues to deny real rights like this to actual humans, not just the phony ones posing as human who suck up everything and believe that you having anything at all means that much less for them– UGH!!

  15. Jaime says:

    Hi Dane

    I am unable to see, listen to the June 5th addition broadcast. It is being blocked, restricted. Your bad news broadcast is the best there is. Thankyou.. but how can I view it . Anyone? Jaime D

    • Robert says:

      Try YouTube. Sometimes I have the same problem, no on my tablet, yes or no on my phone and then Youtube always.  My next purchase is a quality radio, any suggestions here as what to buy. And as far as the abandonment problem from friends and family about the subject of Geoengineering, I've found that sticking to you guns and not backing down with sound facts and a cool head has some success. I have the ears of some who in the past have written me off but are now coming around, persistence is the key. Rember, you are right and they are fearful. Keep with the facts in a calm manner and don't retreat from your mantra, they will find the truth to your words soon enough.

  16. Jonathan O'quinn says:

    To add support to what Dane is talking about. In 1989 I went to Pasadena California to spend about a week with some relatives of mine. I remember it being roughly a hundred to a hundred and ten degrees during the day everyday. However, they did not have air conditioning. They would open their Windows every night, and the air was so cold that it would cool with house off sufficiently. While I was there, and it was either June or July of 1989, one night we went to the Hollywood Bowl to see Doc Severinsen perform. I remember having to borrow a sweater and I mean a heavy sweater, so I wouldn't freeze that night. And this was the middle of the summer in California.

  17. Raymond says:

    State Department officials were warned NOT to investigate Wuhan lab (

    "DiNanno wrote that staff from two bureaus, his own and the Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation, 'warned' leaders 'not to pursue an investigation into the origin of COVID-19' because it would 'open a can of worms' if it continued. 

    In one State Department meeting, officials say colleagues explicitly told them not to explore the Wuhan Institute of Virology's (WIV) gain-of-function research, because it would bring unwelcome attention to the U.S. taxpayer funds that were supporting the work."

    Wait, didn't Congress scold Fauci and his NIAIDs funding for gain of function research, sent to the Wuhan lab prior to the beginning of the pandemic? Now we discover that American tax payer dollars were also funding the exact same research, at the exact same lab!

    That's ironic, because that's exactly what I said in the comments section of past GAN broadcasts. But not one single person believed me, outside of the Geoengineering Watch forum. Even with this article of revelation, exposing the truth of the matter. Everyone in the general public is still NOT going to believe me, as they explicitly refuse to read any news whatsoever on the Wuhan lab. The sheeple will only graze on the grass that's been grown from official narrative fertilizer and sprayed with Monsanto Roundup. (Because they've been conditioned to accept both and forced to become addicted to both. Just like the GMO corn and oats on every store shelf.)

    If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is and the million dollar lotteries that the vaccinated are only allowed to play. Sounds more like a Ponzie or Pyramid scheme. Designed to lure the ill informed and those who refuse to research the ingredients and test trial results of the Covid vaccines, by playing Russian Roulette with not just their own lives. But those of their family members, friends, coworkers and anyone else who feels "Lucky". Because it's the perfect marketing strategy for vaccination proliferation, during a time when so many are struggling just to make ends meet. After they see for their own eyes that someone just like them (or a family member, friend etc), suddenly has the ability to never worry about bills ever again. They find themselves thinking to themselves: "Hey, what have I got to lose? It's just a couple of shots in the arm and people have gotten vaccinated, before traveling to other countries for countless generations in this world. Seems totally harmless to me and getting rich while being protected against infection, sounds like a win, win situation."

    So the government is offering incentives to businesses to give free products and merchandise, to all of those who get vaccinated. Which is phase two of the Fed's vaccination marketing program, designed to make the unvaccinated feel left out and not recognized as being special, or worthy of their free gifts. That strategy is working beautifully with the poor and impoverished of America. Getting the majority of people of color and indigenous people to get the jab.

    Which all of this is really strange, because Fauci's emails, the former director of the CDC and even the WHO, all confirm that HERD IMMUNITY is virtually impossible. When you have new, deadlier and more infectious variants popping up all around the world and each one has the ability to render the various vaccines useless.

    So, can anyone please explain to me… just exactly why the U. S. Federal government, the UK govt. and the Israeli govt., are all pushing to get every citizen of their country vaccinated. While other nation's governments aren't so adamant.

    Wait, could it be that those three governments I just mentioned, are the biggest sponsors and supporters of global geoengineering operations? And the ones who provide most of the planes, personnel, equipment, infrastructure, logistics, satellite and air traffic monitoring of those operations?

    Surely there couldn't possibly be any connection between climate and solar geoengineering aerosol injections of the atmosphere and the coronavirus itself, infection rates, death rates, virus variants, vaccines and the herd immunity fairy tale? Those governments wouldn't possibly attempt anything so brazen as that… would they?



  18. Robert Hagen says:

    Hello Dane,  Thank you for your continued work Tibetan is about this geoengineering debacle. We just moved from Virginia to Minnesota. Many times our skies were clear and clean ,then the planes started their daily Hollywood squares( crisscrossed with CHEMTRAILS OF POISON). HOW dare these Globalist tools do this too us. Because very few people even cate. I do and there are many others that do. Keep on truckin. 

  19. Jonathan O'quinn says:

    My maternal grandmother lives in an assisted living facility. She had always possessed a literally photographic memory. I thought that I had talked her out of getting any experimental medical procedures when I last saw her in December. However, her so-called physician apparently talked her back into it and she got both of the experimental medical procedures. Within a few short weeks after the second injection she was diagnosed with dementia. 92 years without a single cognitive Hiccup and then within a few weeks of the second injection she was diagnosed with dementia and family members are noticing that She's having personality changes.

    • Gary Morrow says:

      Jonathan, I am sorry to hear this about your grandmother. We need to share these kind of reports among ourselves, because the main stream media is doing everything in their power to downplay the number of deaths and injuries following these experimental treatments. The cure may turn out to be worse than than the disease. People need to do their own research, but as for myself, I am saying no to the pricks.

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Jonathan, so sorry to hear about your grandmother.  So many people where I live in Santa Fe, NM, including my own son and granddaughter got the jab because they are not seeing side effects showing up in other people who got the jab.  Did they give out placebos in certain areas?  God knows how I have tried to talk my family out of getting that poison injected into their system, and they went ahead and got injected anyway!  I pray every night nothing happens to them.  My daughter finally admitted to me that I was right about a lot of things I tried to warn her about, only after her friend sent her some information about how dangerous these shots are.  She refuses to get this shot and so does her husband.  She also said if they ever tried to give this shot to her almost 10 year old daughter it would be over her dead body!  She is fearful they are going to require it at her place of work now that she is starting back, but what recourse does she have?  The ones who did their research and refuse to take the jab are now being punished for caring about what goes into their body.  How are all these businesses getting away with this!  Her place of work is a local business who was seriously affected by this Plandemic and had to shut down and lost a lot of money over it.  Are these businesses now being coerced into obeying their unconstitutional laws with money?  Something is very wrong here…if anything these small businesses should not be going along with these draconian laws!  I am very fearful for all of us who did not and won't get that jab!  They are trying to make our lives shear hell!  My husband and I went grocery shopping yesterday and did not wear the mask they are requiring the ones who did not get the shot to wear and we both felt very liberated!  Not one time did I cough like I do with the mask on.  The mask has seriously affected my lungs and someone someday is going to pay the price for this and I hope it happens very soon!  Making children wear a mask is child abuse especially when they are doing physical activity!   This needs to stop now!!

    • Jonathan O'Quinn says:

      Thanks Gary. Blessings to you. j

  20. jonathan o'quinn says:

    A brief respite, a moment to ease the mind.

    Eye to the coming storm,







    A windy Spring night, standing in the grass and watching the sky.

    Clouds appeared illuminated from within by a pale light.

    The House lights dimmed as the nightly performance resumed.


    Stars twinkled faintly, politely stepping back as the moon lit the Stage.

    Familiar shapes offered salutation as old friends.

    Fantastic shapes also came into view- mythical creatures from long-past ages

    Resurfacing as a whale breaches the water.


    Their parts in the celestial Play rehearsed, each entering the spotlight for a

    Moment, unannounced.

    Find them if you can!


    The Great Library turned out its books and scrolls, allowing every character

    Ever written about to step off the pages and join the Play,

    Each given a moment to read their lines, to act out their parts…


    Ships crashing through the waves, great dragons hurling fireballs across the sky-

    People, places, things, in a never-ending procession.


    Each character, each performance only for a moment… in the next moment,

    Their features unrecognizable as they fade into the background, back to their

    Source, as ever new characters appear in the moonlight, then fall back

    In turn to discuss what new forms they will take.


    And so with Life- a sketch, a painting, a photograph capture the ongoing Play

    At one instant, a window into what was in that moment.


    Can you find that moment again?


    Recapture it?


    For Life is inexorable change.



    • Earth Angel says:

      Beautiful, thank you for sharing these thoughts Jonathan. I am praying for your grandmother's health as I am praying also for Dane's relatives harmed by the experimental shots- and for people everywhere suffering harmful effects from the sick delusional world we are now living in, out of control, controlled by maniacs. It's high time for ALL good people to stand up and take back our power! Be well friends and keep up the great work everyone. And of course, never ending gratitude for our north star, great Dane!

  21. A Friend says:

    From an Atty, recent correspondence on a certain subject, edited/redacted as needed for reasons of confidentiality and for posting here. FYI

    A Friend


    "This letter is in response to your questions about the recent statement from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The article you sent me was from the following web address: https://www.__________employers-can-mandate-the-______-vaccine. Upon further review of this web article, they link to the Reuters report, where the EEOC’s statement was mentioned.

    The actual statement to which the article refers, is located on a press release at the following address:

    Upon review of the EEOC’s press release, it states explicitly that:

    Federal EEO laws do not prevent an employer from requiring all employees physically entering the workplace to be vaccinated for COVID-19, so long as employers comply with the reasonable accommodation provisions of the ADA and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other EEO considerations. Other laws, not in EEOC’s jurisdiction, may place additional restrictions on employers. From an EEO perspective, employers should keep in mind that because some individuals or demographic groups may face greater barriers to receiving a COVID-19 vaccination than others, some employees may be more likely to be negatively impacted by a vaccination requirement.

    I believe that the article you read spun this specifically as “EMPLOYERS CAN MANDATE THE COVID ‘VACCINE.’” However, they left out the fine print, which I have bolded above.

    If you recall our conversation on the phone, I specifically discussed your particular situation regarding your ‘sincerely held religious beliefs.’

    Under the current EEOC regulations, while they are correct in asserting that an employer may require a vaccination as a condition of employment, however, there are always exceptions to that general rule, most notably, reasonable accommodations must be provided in cases of (1) Disability, or (2) sincerely held religious beliefs. Ref.1

    If I recall correctly, your religious belief’s exemption is on file with
    ______, and also, you have consistently refused _____ shots over the years when they requested those as well. Based on those facts in your case, it would be next to impossible for ______ to require you to be vaccinated. Additionally, I spoke about this on a featured article for WNCT back in December of 2020 specifically about employer mandated vaccines. Ref.2

    This article appears to flat out state that employers will mandate the vaccine and uses scare tactics in its messaging, however it is not that simple for employers to require a mandatory vaccination. In fact, most large companies/corporations have not mandated vaccines because of the fear of the blowback that such a mandate would cause.

    A more recent article from the New York Times explains that very few companies are pursuing such a mandate. Ref.3

    I recognize your concern in your effort to prevent your employer from mandating you to take the vaccine, but as I’ve explained above, in your particular situation, you are very likely to meet the threshold of the ‘sincerely held religious beliefs’ exemption, and would thus be exempt from an employer-mandated vaccine.

    Sincerely, _________"








  22. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Genetically engineered ‘Magneto’ protein remotely controls brain and behaviour

    “Badass” new method uses a magnetised protein to activate brain cells rapidly, reversibly, and non-invasively


    Researchers in the United States have developed a new method for controlling the brain circuits associated with complex animal behaviours, using genetic engineering to create a magnetised protein that activates specific groups of nerve cells from a distance.

    In recent years, researchers have developed a number of methods that enable them to remotely control specified groups of neurons and to probe the workings of neuronal circuits.

    Several earlier studies have shown that nerve cell proteins which are activated by heat and mechanical pressure can be genetically engineered so that they become sensitive to radio waves and magnetic fields, by attaching them to an iron-storing protein called ferritin, or to inorganic paramagnetic particles.

    These methods represent an important advance – they have, for example, already been used to regulate blood glucose levels in mice – but involve multiple components which have to be introduced separately.

    The new technique builds on this earlier work, and is based on a protein called TRPV4, which is sensitive to both temperature and stretching forces. These stimuli open its central pore, allowing electrical current to flow through the cell membrane; this evokes nervous impulses that travel into the spinal cord and then up to the brain.

    Guler and his colleagues reasoned that magnetic torque (or rotating) forces might activate TRPV4 by tugging open its central pore, and so they used genetic engineering to fuse the protein to the paramagnetic region of ferritin, together with short DNA sequences that signal cells to transport proteins to the nerve cell membrane and insert them into it.

  23. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Superparamagnetic nanoparticle delivery of DNA vaccine

    Fatin Nawwab Al-Deen  1 , Cordelia Selomulya, Charles Ma, Ross L Coppel Affiliations • PMID: 24715289 • DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4939-0410-5_12


    The efficiency of delivery of DNA vaccines is often relatively low compared to protein vaccines. The use of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) to deliver genes via magnetofection shows promise in improving the efficiency of gene delivery both in vitro and in vivo. In particular, the duration for gene transfection especially for in vitro application can be significantly reduced by magnetofection compared to the time required to achieve high gene transfection with standard protocols.

    SPIONs that have been rendered stable in physiological conditions can be used as both therapeutic and diagnostic agents due to their unique magnetic characteristics. Valuable features of iron oxide nanoparticles in bioapplications include a tight control over their size distribution, magnetic properties of these particles, and the ability to carry particular biomolecules to specific targets.

    The internalization and half-life of the particles within the body depend upon the method of synthesis. Numerous synthesis methods have been used to produce magnetic nanoparticles for bioapplications with different sizes and surface charges. The most common method for synthesizing nanometer-sized magnetite Fe3O4 particles in solution is by chemical coprecipitation of iron salts. The coprecipitation method is an effective technique for preparing a stable aqueous dispersions of iron oxide nanoparticles.

    We describe the production of Fe3O4-based SPIONs with high magnetization values (70 emu/g) under 15 kOe of the applied magnetic field at room temperature, with 0.01 emu/g remanence via a coprecipitation method in the presence of trisodium citrate as a stabilizer. Naked SPIONs often lack sufficient stability, hydrophilicity, and the capacity to be functionalized. In order to overcome these limitations, polycationic polymer was anchored on the surface of freshly prepared SPIONs by a direct electrostatic attraction between the negatively charged SPIONs (due to the presence of carboxylic groups) and the positively charged polymer. Polyethylenimine was chosen to modify the surface of SPIONs to assist the delivery of plasmid DNA into mammalian cells due to the polymer’s extensive buffering capacity through the “proton sponge” effect.

    • Earth Angel says:

       Pardon my opinion, but the sick bas#@r&s calling themselves scientists and researchers who are participating in this type of interference with nature and the natural order of life on this planet- should be immediately arrested, subjected to Nuremberg type trials and WHEN FOUND GUILTY(if not executed) be locked up or sent into space on some sattelite or rocket (orbiting mars or another distant planet) until the end of time where they can no longer do harm to the rest of us here. Who in their right mind wastes a lifetime on this kind of crap?  Don't they have anything better to do?.. I have to wonder.

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