Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 14, 2020, #240


Dane Wigington

Unfolding global scenarios are beginning to break down the deeply rooted normalcy bias that is so pervasive in industrialized societies. Supply chains are being impacted, stock markets are fluctuating wildly, and many store shelves are being stripped clean. Yet all the turmoil is actually further blinding populations to the wider horizon, the accelerating climate and biosphere collapse. The March 14th installment of Global Alert News is below.

If we aspire to alter the current self destructive course of our species, now more than ever we must make every day count. All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

Geoengineering Watch wishes to express our deepest thanks to Maciej Kocialkowski for his tireless work toward raising awareness on the critical issue of climate engineering. The geoengineering awareness booths in the photos below were set up at the Charlotte County Administration Building in Port Charlotte, Florida (3/10/20) and at the Mid County Library in Port Charlotte, Florida (3/13/20).

GeoengineeringWatch wishes to express our most sincere gratitude to Robin Christensen for setting up and managing a geoengineering awareness booth at the Rice Street Library, St. Paul, Minnesota.

65 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 14, 2020, #240

  1. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL, May I present "socialism", another two sided coin,

    There's two kinds of socialism, "from the top down "and" socialism from the bottom up". The top down paradigm does not work due to massive corruption. The theory of real and democratic socialism that always starts from the bottom up through real transparent leadership, "Works quite well for folks like you and me!" "We" actually would get what we agreed to and or mandated, being a bottom up structure. Now with all that being said, which country has the largest oil reserves bar none, "and no USA Inc boots on the ground?" Even a random guy named Juan couldn't convince good cognitive and well informed thinking people to give up what was their's to begin with. It would be right to want to go to that country and join their strength. But we must remain at our post and strengthen what have here at home, our own turf. This is important. We need continents not islands of awareness. Personally, I'm watching a chess game being played quite well, "in an oil driven economy". Pay attention to those that support "the cause", the truth as told by their trusted leader. It's almost like the poker player winner walking away from the game. Take that remark as you will.

    In case you don't get it, from the bottom up socialism is in fact a concept that "is" for the good of the many. It amazes me as to how "most" folks are or will never understand such notions. Dream on…

    I've taken on sled dogs that were destroyed by "emotional" actions. Most came to me as "problem dogs". Well, after about 1 to 4 weeks of hanging out with dogs that were free to express themselves, they were no trouble at all. "Nature deals in reality", the rest of us fell off the bus somewhere along the line.

  2. Black Cat Italy says:

    I recommend going to the  Youtube interview with Dr Judy Mikovits PhD and Candyce Estave on the Coronavirus. Judy states that the new coronavirus is another of their coverups just like the Ebola they released, that killed thousands of  Africans with the help of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. She said that Obama was waiting on the ground at the time, with other officials in suits, waiting for A FULLY EQUIPPED LEVEL 4 –  BIOLAB PLANE to land at the time Dr Kent Brantly got infected with Ebola. It was so obvious it had been released there. She states that "it was absolutely clear that the virus was aerosolized.  These viruses are purposely modified in the lab to become more dangerous and are not attenuated (made less dangerous) as we are told. These strains are capable of going through the air and infecting anyone but not the original species that they were intended for. In vaccines the possibility of  'zooenosis' they can jump species because they are prepared in chicken embryos, aborted human fetus tissue, cow, mice, monkey tissue and so you get chicken viruses like the Avian Leukosis etc . that destroys the white blood cells (apparently this is happening in people diagnosed with the coronavirus.

    Some vaccines have viral monkey kidney cells, there's the origin of HIV. During the interview she says about the viruses "They are purposely aerosolized". "They go through the air, folks" . The vaccines are contaminated with retroviruses and a "ticking time-bomb" for those that take them. Her message is "not to get injected with anything, anywhere, anytime". It's best to keep all this in mind when they call you for your mandatory shot for COVID19 probably arriving soon from that country beginning in Is! 

    Read Judy Mikovits book "The Plague" which I have read. It is quite technical but nevertheless an eye opener on what really has gone on in the vaccine industry and government. She has another coming out April 2nd called "The Plague of Corruption".  

    Report from Italy in lockdown.  If anyone thinks they can go ahead with their normal pursuit of pleasure and not worry about the virus. Take a look on the news today – Bergamo, in Northern Italy where the large army trucks continually lining up outside the Bergamo cemetary. They are collecting and distributing the bodies for cremation now as the mortuaries are full. Normally, bodies are buried the next day in Italy, and people are not cremated here. Now there is no choice. 400+ dying in one day is too much for them to cope with. 

    However, more is surfacing about the inaccurate testing and reporting of fatalities.  An article from Greenmed Research Group March 19th states "Italian Government study – 99% of their coronavirus fatalities were already sick: Half diagnosed with three or more diseases". Study released by Italy's national health authority found that nearly everyone who was pronounced dead from COVID-19 was already struggling with serious chronic disease. Finding that just 3 victims, or 0.8% of the total, had no previous pathology. Almost half the victims suffered from at least three prior illnesses and about a fourth had either one or two previous conditions. More than 75% had high blood pressure, about 35% had diabetes and a third suffered from heart disease. Also that it was a primary threat to the elderly – the average age of those who died was 79.5 and the fatality rate may have been significantly overblown: instead of 8% the fatality rate may in fact be closer to the global average of 2%. The elderly already exposed to polypharmacy for multiple life-threatening diagnoses for chronic diseases".  As I mentioned in my post (which didn't appear), the figures on the European All Factor Mortality Rate taken from 24 European countries( reports no excess deaths for the area and that, in fact, surprisingly, with all the dramatic news reports and lockdowns Europe-wide "2020 is the year with the lowest mortality rate for the last 4 years" (including Italy).  So something is very wrong somewhere.

    What are these people being given once diagnosed as having the virus? The strong HIV drugs, experimental anti-viral drugs and anti-rheumatoid arthritis drugs are used to "treat". Maybe these are the cause so many have succumbed. Plus people who had reportedly died from the coronvirus had ibuprofen in their bodies, whereas those who didn't die, did not have it in their body. Something to consider.

    More and more is surfacing day to day. Hopefully, one day we will find out the truth. But, for now we remain inside our houses unable to go out with out Police permission! Which will continue for as long as the power structure decides. And it could be six months!

  3. 'a' simple horseman says:

    It's interesting how the break down between China and USA Inc has a huge pharmaceutical connection. This current panic has so many layers. It's amazing!

    Has anyone ever hit the bottom of the rabbit hole? Consider the depths we have dove into. I'm so worried as to how people are being herded even further apart. There are so many undetectable energies that we exchange when we are in proximity of each other. It's the way we evolved and changing that point in a time span that can not be adapted to logically will lead to unimaginable consequences. Are we there yet? Will history repeat itself? Only this time we are playing the "last game?" Watch the internet usage exponentially increase as the increase of separation unfolds. It's like we are being conditioned for a "m-law" situation and not blow up socially. Who knows, maybe we will get to have the nationalization of resources that Venezuela affords its people. Trumps off to a good start on that notion. Sad that most americans have no idea what it would mean to be a Chavista. We have 12 times the population and literally a million times less the courage to stand up and defend what we believe. Correct me if I'm wrong here. Please use facts. Question, "how many sanctions has the USA Inc lived through?" Answer, "none!" The laws of capitalism, corporatism and the laws of good o'l mother nature are coming to a juntion on collision coarse. There's no stepping around that eminent fact. Are the lessons from the past so far faded that we can no longer see them? It seems so… "Leading cattle to slaughter". I've driven cattle, they were a whole lot harder to move than what I see with people this day. At least a dumb old cow knew it was giving up its freedom. Just sayin…

    • 1i1ReiD says:

      I CONCUR COMPLETLEY! I had my suspensions but I coudln't prove w/o a shadow of a doubt that the crypto-VIRUSS was Flu-gaZZi % Bogus! UNTIL,,,I learned the truth about PCR testing 80% false positive, which doesn't even test 4 ANY disease in particular! that was a month ago. Needless 2 say I was furious! My mum-in-law wouldn't let my step son go outside & play w/other kids, didn't wan't him 2 visit w/his momma, poor kid was afraid 2 hug her mom. She told me until testing became widely availible, he was locked in his aptmt like it was a cold war era fall out bunker. Of course once U know the truth it makes U BOLD! So I woke up who I could @ my job. Wasn't EZ, I have The HOLY SPIRIT 2 thank 4 being able 2 get through at all! Yesterday they finally noticed I wasn't wearing a mask[it's been company  policy 4 a month] I had 2 walk out on my job! I refuse 2 wear a mask! I'm a former jarhead who's silly enough 2 still want 2 protect the constitution. I told all my supervisors HR that U don't get NOWHERE giving ur lunch money 2 a bully everyday! It didn't make a difference. They acted shocked that somebody still stands up 4 what they believe no matter the consequence. MOST will sell their souls & become slaves,+give up total control 4 a job & a pay check! Thank Jesus 4 ppl like Dane Wigington!


  4. B Eaton says:

    Here in New Hampshire they have tested 1400 and 44 are positive. 800 tests are pending. I'm sure the same as everywhere else, everything is cancelled, restaurants and bars closed except to take out orders. The laws were changed so you can now take out beer and wine from the bars (for twice the price of just buying it at the store). Unemployment wait period waived, office is closed and web site is crashing. Grocery stores are out of many foods and of course toilet paper. When we went for raw milk yesterday there was no bread, none! Schools are closed and chromebooks given out. How did they just happen to have enough chromebooks to hand out to all the students in this little shitty town? This had to have been planned for some time as most of us suspect. My very small retirement fund that I was planning on to pay bills for the next 3 years is probably down to 6 months if that. After that I'm totally screwed. Taking down the whole world and killing innocent people – this is NOT okay.  People won't wake up, not even with this. Look at all the teens dancing on the beach in FL on spring break? Not a care in the world about anybody except themselves. The jets are still spraying as usual around here!! Today it snowed for several hours, big huge wet flakes. It all melted already as the temps went right up to 46.  Tomorrow it's supposed to be 70. Yes 70. Where is all the money in this? Big Pharma, Bill Gates has finally gotten his wish for the next pandemic. Everyone stay well and keep your immune system in good order!!  I am not going to panic, unless I can't get my next refill of insulin, then I'll be upset. For ME that is life and death.

  5. Logans Run says:

    A recent change in spraying technique regarding the east coast of Australia. Instead of the usual heavy and long lines of fifth, being pumped into our skies, I am now seeing very fine (almost invisible) short bursts of spray. This "fine spray" is not localised to certain areas of sky, but appears to be more spread out, then the previous efforts. I find this particularly disturbing, and would warn other people living along the east coast of Australia, to stay indoors when this is occurring. ( keep windows and doors shut, don't hang washing outside in the open etc.) I could speculate on what this means. However, I believe any changes to the routines of global geoengineering terrorist procedures, should be viewed with a high degree of suspicion, and be acted upon accordingly. Better to be safer then sorrier. I will continue to stay calm, observe, report and act against our collective enemies. I CHOOSE TO FIGHT

  6. Dennie says:

    From  Cuban Drug Could Save Thousands of Lives:

  7. Black Cat Italy says:

    From total lockdown in Central/Southern Italy and possibly coming to a town near you

    Now, we cannot even go to get food at the shop without "special permission". We have a form that has to be downloaded and printed off, filled out and ready to take EVERY time you need to go out ,other than that everyone must stay at home. You must have the form ready for the Police Check. The Caribinieri (police) will look at it, check it and sign it. On the form you must give the following: Your full name. Where you were born. The address you are resident at. Your cell phone number. Your document of Identification number (Codice Fiscale). The place you are traveling from and the place you traveling to. The journey can only take place if it is necessary for: your work, a necessary situation like buying necessities, for purposes of a health appointment or visit the pharmacy, or to return to your place of domicile or place where you live.  If it is for work you have to give when you start and when you intend to return to re-enter your home. You have to date the form and give the hour of signing.  It is to be signed by the person and by the Police Operative! 

    Only one person can go out with this form and they must wear a mask and gloves.

    It feels like a war situation or is this fascism and a police state? 

    Most shops are closed. Only 5 people at a time allowed in the supermarket to get food. Bars and restaurants are shut and laying off staff. The Chinese shops and restaurants are going out of business because people are too fearful to go there.

    We are reducing our food intake in the hope of lasting out for another week without having to go through that procedure above.  We have to keep enough food for our cats too.

    Terrible things are being done in China at the moment. I just signed a petition and donated for the animals. The Chinese are digging pits with mechanical diggers and rounding up the poor cats and dogs and throwing them into the pits – often still alive! These stupid people believe the animals are causing the coronavirus!!! Please go to "Lady Freethinker" charity online and see for yourself.

    Unlike the SARS outbreak that peetered out, the medical/industrial/banking complex can keep this pandemic panic going for as long as they want to serve their agendas. One of which is a total global economic crash that they have warned about for about two years. Plus the removal of civil liberties that won't be returned any time soon.   Now the borders are shut too.



    • Dennie says:

      Before everyone goes over-the-top launched-into-orbit hysterical, you must remember that "They" are also very much affected by this mess, too– They, along with you, are losing money, losing value, and also are vulnerable to losing their health. 

      Don't think so? 

      Ask any decent financial advisor or stock broker.  Or physician.  I DARE you!  OF COURSE the stock market's down– it's down for EVERYONE!  How does this fact benefit "Them?"  Answer: It mostly doesn't. Oh, a few clever clever ones will pick up stocks and make more money later (maybe) but the door really is closing on that kind of strategy for "winning big" on this planet, because now we have out-and-out biological warfare.  This one's between the U.S. and China, one of the two fired the first "shot," but it's clear that the U.S. likely planted this SARS-CoV-2 in Italy and Iran because of the deals those countries were about to cut with China…  

      People on "alternative news" sites are always busy ascribing Magical Powers to all of our leaders while totally ignoring their own ability to take action (translated: Power) and make a difference, however small, abdicating much of their own personal responsibility towards taking real action to create a better life experience around them because "you can't do anything about it any way."  This is particularly true with regard to taking part in participatory government, from voting to showing up for city council meetings and speaking out.  And burning down the house, so to speak, is not going to fix the problems for the people still trying to live inside it; only a complete remodel will do.

    • Annelie williams says:

      Ya…Blaine county..which includes sun valley,hailey ketchum bellevue idaho is now in forced lockdown..this all means world wide global control is next..count down to armageddeon…

  8. RandylJ says:

    Good Afternoon Dane and Everyone, (As “a simple horseman” beautifully says, “To All The Friends I’ve Yet to Meet),  ~ from North Carolina where I spotted several ‘Jet Spray Trails’ yesterday, despite the commercial shut down. Last night I could see every star above and yet this morning, despite NO wind or air circulation, the sky was completely ‘cloud covered’ – not just the overcast silver but actual ‘clouds’ – just ‘came out of nowhere, eh? My one neighbor is in denial of the idea of ‘pollutants purposefully placed into the Jet Mixtures’, however, she is willing to admit that the ‘instant cloud cover’ does bespeak of something unusual. As so many here have posted, it just amazes me that the general population is only receptive when the ‘boob tube’ or ‘authority figures’ speak – no matter what the change! That to me is true ‘craziness’!  To “Jr Ro”Bot” Dobbs” ~ Excellent idea. I couldn’t photograph the planes yesterday late afternoon – heading NE (most likely based out of VA Beach/Norfolk) – had completed their “Spray Routine” and were heading back. Very low, could see all the lights on them. Not spraying but large planes – not small jets – flying in linear configuration (not like commercial jets would fly). I counted a half dozen. Flying above one or two small private local planes in the distance. These were the planes I hear (same engine sound) day and night overhead here. I’ve also seen them with varying widths and lengths of all the ‘chemical spray trails’ that we know of.

    Thinking today of what you’ve all said. It’s like those accused of “Crying Wolf” and then the ‘Wolf’ is suddenly at everyone’s door. I thank and bless you again, Dane, for without this website and knowledge, I’d not have purchased a little extra food the last few months. Not much storage place in a Class C motorhome, but plenty of squirrels stashing nuts (still) to remind me that  “where there’s a will, there’s a way!” Also to Laurie, I can identify clearly with all you said. I’m reading an excellent “Revolutionary War Era – mid-1700’s” novel (Our Own Country by Jodi Daynard) and there’s a paragraph that’s most applicable to ‘Now’ ~when only the ‘wealthy residents of Boston area’ cannot come to terms: To them, “The war was a senseless plague, best cured by an immediate return to the status quo.” This sentiment was echoed yesterday as a family member who is a city mayor, returned from endless meetings and one of my siblings “just can’t wait for things to return to normal”.  My thought is, “Normal has to begin from inside oneself.”

    Blessings to ALL!

  9. Donna-Arizona says:

    What a great time to upgrade all of the empty gathering locations that have been closed, with Trumps 5g (silent) weaponry. Havana Syndrome for everyone. Some places have already upgraded to some extent, like the Costco near me. I was there a few months ago and felt a wave of sickness come over me as I was approaching the back of the store, I know what that feeling is, It’s high level of radio frequencies, and for me, it’s a feeling of wanting to throw up. (I am sensitive to radio frequencies thanks to our power company APS who installed Smart electric Meters on our home when we got solar, then, refused to remove them). I go to Costco right when they open, before all the cell phones arrive, I’m in and out because of this sensitivity.  That day at Costco, my friend finished picking up my groceries, and I met her at the checkout stand where I could feel RF again.

    The next time I went to Costco I brought a meter with me to measure their routers on the ceiling, and while I believe that’s what overcame me, it very well could have been 1 or both of the 2 cell poles on the PUBLIC SIDEWALKS, on the street-side of Costco's parking lot, 1 is new (crayon shaped) but both are are really cranking it out, very harmful amounts, one more than the other, and those frequencies go through walls. 

    IF YOU DON’T HAVE A METER TO MEASURE RF, I SUGGEST YOU ALL GET ONE. These are dangerous frequencies and affect everyone differently, you might not get nauseous, you might get a rash, have ear pressure, memory problems, sleep problems, balance problems, tinnitus, nose bleeds, neuropathy, recurrence of, or cancer. That’s right, when you jack up your blood cells, all kinds of things can happen. I look back at when I lived in WA, and I got a rash on the back of my neck, the skin DR. said it was eczema and gave me ointment. Was that what it was, or was it from sitting next to the high RF Apple Extreme router and the deck phone?  

    Wi-Fi uses microwaves. Microwaves cook. The more wireless crap you bring into your house, the greater chance of damage to you and your pets. Stop buying wireless devices. Do not buy anything 5g.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Donna and ALL, "Micro waves". What a dangerous and old technology. Just because we can, should we? Good question always.

      Several years ago I had "line of sight" high speed internet set up in my cabin. It's much faster than the satellite internet I had previously. My line of sight internet came with a wireless router. The tech installer said I needed it so it could communicate with the tower. There is also a very little black box(go figure) that is in line with the system. The black box went bad and I had to have a tech come out and trouble shoot my situation. I noticed that as he was hooking things back up and testing, he did not use the wireless router. I asked If I could "not" have the router. He said "of coarse, all I got to do is click this little switch in the program". From that day forward my sleep has improved and also my thinking. I threw out my wireless phone at the same time. If you call me and I'm not home my phone will ring forever. "Call back when I'm home". Anyone remember those days?! I do NOT have a cell phone. Don't need one. Most people don't need one. I still get the ringing in my ears from the massive "radars" regionally placed in all parts of the country. The internet dish on my roof is "directional" so at least it's focussed away from the cabin. And lastly, I, unlike most folks sleep in a dwelling that has zero electricity at night or during much of the day. Oh the benefits of living very off grid and not having any electronics that rely on full time power. Please know, "anyone can be like this". Before you go to bed or leave the house, go shut the main breaker off on your breaker panel. "Pretty simple", that's the way we like it, "just sayin"(grin). By the way, any frigerators or freezers you may have will be just fine for periods of 8 to 20 hours without power. Thermal mass has it's benefits there.

  10. Donna-Arizona says:

    I’m looking forward to the all of the commercial passenger airlines  being shut down so we can finally have some fresh air. Talk about a petrie dish, shut them down Trump, SHUT ALL THE SPRAYERS DOWN NOW!

  11. Dennie says:

    I live in a regional lockdown zone of California. There are at least 7 counties under quarantine here now in an attempt to slow the rate of transmission down from the COVID-19 viral outbreak (that somehow amazingly appeared only on the Princess Cruise line ships, then almost immediately popped up in every one of the states…that's another story..).  It's been really interesting watching the change of consciousness over the past week or so, going from denial to realization and (mostly) acceptance of the current reality including a whole lot of fear of this plague, then realization that each person can do something by cooperating with health authorities' admonitions to stay home and flatten the curve.  Wherever the population did not follow this advice we see runaway COVID-19 infections and deaths, Italy and Spain being prime examples.  This is coming to you, "rest of America."  You can either stop the going out and slow the virus down or see large numbers of people sickened and even dying.  This country is not ready for this kind of overwhelm of the medical system and there won't be enough hospital beds and ventilators to help everyone if we all decide we can just do whatever the Hell we please, whenever we please, you're being "alarmist."  NOT.  

    Tonight was the last class in a Lenten study series exploring what the crucifixion and the cross means to us.  One comment was that COVID-19 is "a plague from God," God's way of "punishing us for our sins…." because we are just soooooo evil as a species, a la John Stott (and St. Anselm)… not sure it's fair to tar the entire species with the same ugly stick… so I wrote back a group e-mail thanking the instructor for the class, and also to reply that if people really wanna believe that COVID-19 is a plague from God, please do take another good look, because that "god's" been getting a helluva lot more than just a little help from his so-called friends: and this, too:

  12. JR says:

    Hello again from Southwest, New Mexico. To Alan, I saw some teachings on Katherine Kuhlman back in August when I was bed ridden, she didn't hold back on who she stood on. I saw teachings on Smith Wigglesworth, Lester Sumrall, Amy Semple Mcpherson, etc. all of them good. It took me through the hard times 99 % of time bed ridden, big help. As some have opinionated this could be the time to clean the shelves from stores and get us ready for the chip-666 as written would happen. If you don't have it you can't buy 0. The dvd "Confessions of and Economic Hitman" tells what corporate people do in other countries to oppress the people and the economy, good watch. A few years back I found info. on "The High Cabal" and who leads these coup de etat…in other nations. For those who know nothing on how our country led by sadistic leaders in political power have operated in past look into "Operation Paperclip". Families in power in WW II financed Adolph Hitler and in later years had family in political power and certain agencies blinding the american with their goody attitudes not realizing who they were putting in power. Our rain clouds got demolished today again with SAG/SRM aka Chemtrails. When will people wake up and look up at these evil works up in the air we breath? This is a most definitely opportune to try to wake up the masses. I do believe we are not far from Martial Law, LOCKDOWN. Foreign soldiers from foreign countryies here in the USA will not hesitate to shoot us. Maybe our own soldiers will have a conscience. We have lost many good soldiers in these foreign countries we are in now, we have lost a many good souls fighting terrroism. Isn't this perhaps what we are facing in our back yards led by whom?

  13. Laurie says:

    It is great to read everyone's comments weekly and to know that we are not alone in this fight against the tyranny.  With all that is going on around us, they are still spraying our skies.  Does it make anyone wonder why they are spending so much money on these chemicals and paying these evil pilots daily when that money is needed for more important things?  If that doesn't show their evil agenda, what will?  It is bad enough they have poisoned our food with GMO's, poisoned our waters with Fluoride, Oil Spills and Toxic Waste from factories, poisoned the lawns with Glyphosate, Sprayed our skies with these Toxic Chemicals for centuries, now we have a Pandemic from a Bio-Weapon caused by another Evil Agenda of theirs.  While humans race to the stores to pick up food and essentials needed, take their children out of school, wonder how they are going to pay their bills, and how to survive this Pandemic, the Elite are flying off to their Bunkers and Millions of Acres of land where they are fully stocked with every single thing needed.  Meanwhile, they are expecting snow in Boston after having unrealistic warm temperatures on and off.  Imagine those of us who have tried to warn others of these Toxic Sprays to no avail, now hearing those same people suddenly being alert to the Corona Virus.  Now their eyes have opened for the most part.  However, there are many who still insist on going out to eat.  Seniors, in their 70’s, that say they have cabin fever being indoors the past few days, families that still went to a large gathering over the weekend and now have a sore throat and feel afraid, friends and family that still went on a cruise, others that thought of flying to see a friend out of state just for the fun of it, young adults on Spring Break without any Fear and the craziness continues.  You can see that if they have no Fear of this Pandemic that they certainly have no concern about seeing white stripes in the sky when you point it out to them, whether they are young adults or Seniors.  So Kudos to everyone that posts on this website and who cares about the earth and all of the living things that God our Creator made for us.  God Bless Dane, as always.  

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Laurie, I doubt if they will slow down the spraying…if anything they will ramp it up to futher compromise our immune systems so we would be more vulnerable to COVID-19. They always wanted to decrease the population so why not start a pandemic and start first with getting rid of all the old people on Medicare.  What I don't understand is that it is having a negative effect on them as well.

  14. penny waters says:

    dear dane and others 

    just found a website called G-FEED – global food, environment, and economic dynamics

    had an article speculating how geoengineering would effect the world gggrrrrrrr………

    tried to leave a comment but it wouldn't take it – i am so crap with this magic box

    but if anyone else thinks they could, please feel free to take on these stupid people who scribble on bits of paper inside buildings!!!! aaaaahhhh……

    or maybe you know already about these silly people who blah, blah, blah

    i was shocked – again – will i ever get to the point when human folly will not surprise me?

    love to all of you wide awakes out there in human cloud cuckoo land

  15. 'a' simple horseman says:

    I went to town this last Sunday afternoon after doing way to much research 3 days in a row(had a snow 'event' going on here) with what is happening on all fronts globally. The paradigm we have all become accustomed to and relied on for all of our lives is imploding faster than even I want to admit. The money markets were already in free fall and this CV issue will be their excuse even though the fake money collapse was well under way before the CV mass panic. So many states, globally, have already put citizens on "voluntary" lock down and closed schools. Some for a month. As if people weren't divided enough with all the social media avenues. Now people are being scared into becoming even more distant. Already many school systems have set up 'and' furnished students with home schooling materials. Right down to the lap tops and printers. How did they know to have that much supply on hand? What is happening has soooo many layers, it's just amazing!! Sadly, damn near every so called free citizen of USA Inc has done what the bought and paid for main stream media has told them, conditioned them to do. (What Lemmings they are. Hey, wait for me Bob, I'll jump off the cliff with ya!) Watching so many fall for the old bait and switch trick is hard to witness. Never before in "known" history has mankind been this far out of whack. Same goes for the planet. We are seriously in uncharted waters. As Dane often says, "we're already through the guardrail". We all know deep down "Impact is seriously going to hurt". Just sayin…. Face to the wind my friends.
    So anyway, I went to town, got some groceries. The store was out of tp, bottled water and anything that would be a sanitizer. (Which I need none of). Not very many people in town being such a nice sunny Sunday and all. I haven't seen the store so empty since the Sea Hawks were playing last fall. On the way home I passed up Peony creek and went for a drive down the valley. Just wanted to see the snow once more before it all melts away. 2 of the 3 lakes a few miles from me are already free of ice. I love this little valley up here in the mountains. It's sad, it's hard to watch it all dying a slow and sure death. Needless to say, I've been a little down lately. (Can't hardly wait to get back into my awareness booth later this spring. Mike needs his outlet back up and running). (It's the only time I ever feel I am worthy of salvation). Again, just sayin.

    Love and strength to ALL,   'a' simple horseman

    • penny t says:

      Mike, wish i had made it to your pleasant valley to visit before the big lockdown began.  It's not that far from NW Montana to your place, but it would hurt to get 'locked down' there and not see my kid and cats again…  But it's obvious you are a good, a decent human being (the highest praise there is for a mostly indecent species), and it would've been nice to say howdy in person.  I'm feeling pretty down, too, though a good walk usually cures that, temporarily.

      Seems to me that this is it, there is no way of hiding either the financial meltdown or the planetary meltdown (the methane releases are accelerating too rapidly now to expect earth to be habitable for much longer).  Oh well, we've known for a long time that it was inevitable.  Still, she was a beautiful old planet, and it was a lovely little life…  I'm sure that cheered you up immensely, what?  😉

      Read a good article (found on the Off-Guardian site) about how quarantine has never actually stopped a virus from spreading.  Even if it did, people locked inside with no way to get food… well, but let's not all go hysterical and assume that a virus that has, in fact, been around forever, might be NOT what's going to kill people, right?   Let's just do what we're told.  Because scientists are so honorable, as i know having been amongst them for 9 loooong years.  Believe them, and be very, very afraid of a virus that has been around forever (handy that everyone will test positive for antibodies, innit?)  Let's lock it all down and hide away from allies, and don't touch a pitchfork 'cause it might be carrying a virus.  Yikes!   Can't wait for the tanks to roll into town to save me from getting the flu.

      'Give me liberty or give me death' is a sadly unfashionable sentiment these days, but i still like it.  Guess i'm old-fashioned.  I'm guessing you are a bit, too.


    • penny t says:

      Here's another bit of sanity to inject into the mainstream, if only that were possible.

      Cheers to all!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Penny T, Thank you kindly for your reply/contribution.

      "Lock down", what does that mean? There's no way that people are going to get locked down into there homes "and not be able to go to the grocery store". Not in this country of very over weight people that own things that go bang! As long as the powers that shouldn't be keep getting the common person to do exactly as they want, "Commerce will continue". That's not saying everything will be the same from here on out. It's not going to be the same even if "they" "release" everyone to go about their everyday business tomorrow. To much real and active legislation has already passed that takes away even more "liberties". More than anyone in their right would want to consider. (Good thing I'm in my left mind, eh?", grin). Penny T, maybe you read my invitation to share a camp fire here. In that I want to re-invite any honest and active activist to come and share company, share council at my very humble location. Feel free to inquire. The invite is genuine. Just don't expect a lot. The notion will unfold in its own form as a visit progresses. To share a camp fire is a euphemism, but it can be real as long as it's not fire season and the "burn ban" is enacted. Besides, when we can't have a fire together, it's usually best to be seeking some shade. I've got that too. "So far". Also on topic, my regional farmers market "could, may, might" be canceled this year. To me it matters not. I'm going to be in the exact same location week after week all would be market season. Or until "they" kick me out of the "public" location. Imagine, our beautiful farmers market location with one single "booth". "An awareness booth". Wouldn't 'that' be grand? I've notified ALL growers of food at our market to grow as much food as they can this year. Let's see how many paid attention to the facts that are before us. I'll be sure to send some pictures to Dane. These are interesting times. Very soon, on any Thursday, you can bring a lawn chair to Tonasket Triangle Park on the north end of town. (You can't miss it). If you're on vacation, it's a good place to visit, Tonasket that is(smile). It's always a good idea to share like energies. If even for just a short moment in time.

      Love and strength to you Penny T, and to ALL.

  16. Logans Run says:

    Yes I remember the movie on the beach. I have watched it many times. From beginning to bleak end, a movie about despair, futile hope and wishing for a future, that would never come. I guess everyone of us, has our own way of "dealing" with the collective future, we are now hurtling towards. An old much abused cliche springs to mind…."It`s better to die standing then live on your knees." I choose to believe that everyone of us will have some kind of future.  A continuance of the human journey….I CHOOSE TO FIGHT

  17. Gary Morrow says:

    What could go wrong, Dennie asks. Well for one thing, melting of the polar ice could cause a redistribution of weight on the Earth`s crust. Which could cause earthquakes in places where they have never been experienced before. Underground bunkers would not be a good place to be in an earthquake.

  18. The following thought came into my head tonight.  I just wanted to put it out there, in case no one else has mentioned it yet:

    Because we will be seeing Airline flights canceled/vastly reduced Air traffic, now may be a superb time to not only watch if climate behaves differently (because chem-trails may be reduced greatly reduced or even eliminated), but also watch if we see planes still laying the chem-trails.  If we still see planes laying chem-trails, especially in an area and time where we know flights are canceled, we may be able to find out what kind of planes are still doing this spraying and who's on them. Of course it would be great if we can log time of day, location, direction of travel and even tail numbers if possible. I welcome anyone's posts/thoughts.  THANK YOU!

    • sea says:

      @ Jr. Ro Bot Dobbs-Brilliant observation! and makes so much sense. Perhaps it will give us all an advantage of some sort to suggest to those with eyes closed what is happening in our skies that GE is killing us at a faster rate than CV (my opinion after studying some medical numbers based on other created pandemics).Although I am sure the two work well together since respiratory is the key!

      I think those "behind the curtain" dont want to leave any stone unturned (in other words any opportunity to work on depopulation). They cannot just rely on one tactic, i.e. GE or a pandemic,  social distancing alone will drive many people to seek out meds for depression and anxiety, I bet Big Pharma hasnt run out of those meds like the stores have run out of TP!.As Dane has worked so hard to educate those of us following his lead- it is all a part of the theater.

      "Social" media brought isolation to the human psyche  years ago- this is the next layer. Many studies have proven we cannot thrive as a species in isolation. Yet all our ways to "gather" have been taken away????

      I am so grateful to my son that he brought Dane to my awareness 12 yrs ago as he learned about GE while a freshman at a private college-it changed my life in more ways than can be imagined.

      Thank you to Dane and his family for showing us perseverance and dedication to the most difficult challenge we will ever face…educating those around us to information they do not want to hear.And thank you to everyone here, I read the posts every day sometimes checking twice. I always considered myself so strong through life's difficulties but this has brought a very deep sadness to me that is unshakable. Every day I talk to the birds that have a home on my property and apologize for our selfishness and greed as a society.

      Keep on keepin' on! Love to all here that care about the earth and life!….eyes wide open is the only way we can go on


  19. Cynthia Stine says:

    Major spraying going on in SE Arizona today.  Started out bright blue, now totally covered.

  20. Sandy Patrus says:

    I feel really good today because I was able to share Dane's information along with the DVD, with my physical therapist who comes to do therapy with me for my replaced hip.  He was curious last week when I wore my No Geoengineering t-shirt because he had no clue this was going on.  I forgot to give him the information last week but made sure I gave it to him today.  I was reluctant to add anymore stress to the already stressful situation we are all dealing with because of the cironavirus, but he has two small children and should know what is really going on.  I also got a political text today and responed to it with the fact that no candidate will address the elephant in the sky and went on to explain about the geoengineering and how nothing else matters until that is addressed. I actually got a response…so at least I got their attention.  My daughter called me a complete crazy woman today for doing this, but it certainly can't hurt, and I don't care who thinks I am crazy!   I think it is crazy that people know what is going on and do nothing about it!  What we need is alot more gray hair old grandma's like me, fighting to safe this planet for their children and grandchildren.

    • Gary Morrow says:

      Sandy Patrus, many of the supporters of GEW can relate to your experience. About feeling good about being able to share with people who are open. And about being thought by others to be crazy. I remember telling a friend last summer that the stock market did not represent real wealth, and could fall ten thousand points in a matter of days, and she looked at me like I  needed a straight jacket. Two decades ago, some of my friends called me crazy because I warned them that they were in an abusive soul sucking pseudo religious cult led by someone who was nothing but ego. I mention this because it seems to me sometimes that the whole world is a vast cult, led by the same type of self serving psychopathic brainwashing leaders. We are not crazy. And we can all take comfort and strength in knowing that our cause is as right and just as any cause can possibly be.

    • Dennie says:

      The great added benefit of being older and speaking The Truth is that no one looks at you in total shock and disbelief while thinking all the time that you have no business worrying your pretty little head, or opening your pretty little (quiet) mouth… as if one's mouth should be used only for prescribed activities, intelligent speech not being among those…

  21. RandylJ says:

    Holding thoughts of Health to You Dane, and all the  Wonderful Participants here on Geoengineering Watch. A special ‘hello’ to Penny Waters again, with whom I feel a ‘kindred spirit sister connection’ (as I turn age 71 in April) and add this information to our rants regarding ‘The Dysfunctional System’ which seems to serve poorly from the top down. In any downturn, the cuts seem to begin at the bottom. An example today March 16 for Mecklenburg County (Charlotte NC), following CDC guidelines, the Department of Social Services is ‘suspending all congregate meal services’ until further notice. Now they have to re-coordinate the ‘home-bound’ meal services. What a mess! The ‘homeless congregate meal service’ is also moving to a boxed meal distribution. All senior centers and programs are cancelled until further notice and the Parks and Recreation Programs are all cancelled for the next 30 days.  Something tells the me ‘fun’ is just beginning. As you have also intimated, Dane, the CDC is now mentioning that there are 5 Coronaviruses that effect the Upper Respiratory System. (Huh?!) Well, I’m definitely convinced that the “Elephant-in-the-Sky” is involved! I’ve been suffering respiratory issues all winter, especially after new spray activity where the ground-level ‘dry ice’ air quality causes nasal drip and you feel like you are coming down with the flu. Then a day of ‘Weather Warfare Whiplash’ back into sunshine, and you feel ok again. Whew! Charlotte NC area reports Four COVID-19 Cases as of today. Wondering if my Food Lion will see toilet paper again. Being a full-time RV dweller has its advantages. (You don’t want to clutter up a holding tank), so I’ve found that very lightweight, CHEAP paper towels for the trash, work just as well! I stocked up from a ‘Dollar Store’ and I’m ‘good to go’! LOL

    Blessings to All ~

    Randyl J

    • RandylJ says:

      The RV Park has become a VERY quiet 'retirement' landscape (many old RV's, like mine) with the sound of the jets 24/7 (even though air travel is supposedly reduced) and I awoke this morning near Asheboro NC to the consistent droning of them and the 'now-normal' silver-white sky and early cold air. Thank you Dane again and ALL for so much needed information HERE! I would like one of those GeoengineeringWatch T-Shirts! With so much focused on 'ramping up' emotions, this is the perfect time to increase enlightenment of Climate Engineering!

  22. Robert says:

    As reported to me today, a vast amount of military movement towards the southern part of the state here in Oregon. A mile long convoy and rail movement of military equipment  reported by two separate sources. It's happening folks, we are on our way to a martial law declaration. I sometimes wish I could be as dumbed down as all the deniers I try to awaken, but like Dane has said multiple times, we are just not wired that way. I will keep my eyes wide open til the end. Thanks again to Dane and all who are trying to steer humanity towards a just and sane outcome, I hope to see you all on the other side. 

    • Susan says:

      Robert, thanks for the post. I believe this CV is just the beginning. People can hang on for a few weeks, but when there is no money to buy food, riots will start. CV is not only an intentionally deployed biological weapon, it's a weapon of mass distraction…so the real issue can be ignored: biosphere collapse. The "rich rats" scurrying to their underground fully stocked bunkers won't be able to hide indefinitely. There is no escape. At the very least, this manufactured crisis may wake more people up! That's a good thing.


  23. Alan says:

    According to the "Weather Channel", Boston will be experiencing snow tomorrow with a forecast temperature range of 35L to 51H.   They are also expecting snow a week from tomorrow, with a forecast temperature range of 42L to 53H.   As Katherine Kuhlman would have said, "It's … a meeeeracle!" 

  24. Logans Run says:

    Hi from Oz…Was reported on our msm whore, the ABC, that a 4 month period of isolation (forced incarceration) was being considered for Brits aged over 70. However 2 months locked up, for the old and vulnerable, will be enough time, to snuff many of them out.I pray that the British people rise up, against this unspeakable evil. Remember folks, that the culling will not stop at the old and vulnerable, weak or defenseless. It is now, only a matter of time before they come for you, and your loved ones….. Meanwhile the spraying of toxic filth and bioweaponry, continues in our planet`s skies…It is obvious now, that "our" defense forces, are nothing more then brutal mercenaries, supplicating themselves, to the monsters slowly poisoning all of us to death. Dane is entirely correct when he has said that without an awakening, within the world`s military, that their can be no hope. I believe this "awakening" will not happen. Indeed tragically (as history has shown over and over again) a tyrants army will not hesitate to follow orders. No matter how corrupt, morally bankrupt and despicable those orders may be. For those of you in the USA. Today speculation was rife, that your President, was about to close all interstate travel, within your borders. (In effect a prelude to nationwide martial law)  I pray for you as well… The noose is not just tightening around our collective necks…It is now being drawn nice and tight. For those (like I) who will not be lead like lambs to the slaughterhouse. NOW is the time for DIRECT ACTION…If you love your country, your family, your neighbors and your community of programed denialists….Dare to hope for a future….You know who your enemies are so…….         CHOOSE TO FIGHT……………………….. While you still have time.

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      And if your family members STILL refuse to listen, saying "There's nothing we can do about it," it is hopeless. My husband is 79 and says he wants to live the rest of his life happy, so he will not listen to all the "negativity." I'm afraid he is in for a rude awakening, and I cannot change his mind that is shut tightly. Trying to only causes friction and anger.

    • Susan says:

      Logans Run, thanks for your post. And how long will it be before we're presented with mandatory vaccination orders. Can't go out of your house without the certification.

      Last night on the "news" they told us not to worry, our bank accounts are safe. No need to take large amounts of cash out. Well, ok, they're right in some sense because when it crashes, our paper will be worthless anyway.

      No one has said this yet…but how long before they shut down the internet so we can't find out what's happening?

  25. speechless poet says:

    These days I often think of the 1959 movie "On the Beach" in which the last pockets of humanity struggled with their anguish in Australia after WW III, when the entire population of the northern hemisphere had perished. I was only ten years old, but I have never forgotten the end of the movie. To the tune of "Waltzing Matilda" the camera zooms in on a public square in a death-like San Francisco devoid of people, where a demonstration had taken place at the beginning of the film, and where the banner they carried still stretched over the public area, still reading: "There is still time brother."

  26. Dennie says:

    From The Ladders:  The Disturbing Amount of Time the Corona Virus Can Live on Surfaces: 

    The novel coronavirus can live on surfaces for multiple days, according to Rudra Channappanavar, an immunologist who has studied coronaviruses at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

    More specifically, the virus can live on your smartphone screen, if it’s made of glass, for up to 96 hours. This means that if the virus lands on your phone, it can live there for four whole days at room temperature.

    With this information, you should know that in theory, it would be easy to pick up this virus from your cell phone screen.

    How long can the novel coronavirus last on other surfaces?

    The novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is a close relative of SARS and, according to the World Health Organization, likely has a similar lifespan on surfaces.

    Here’s a rundown of how long COVID-19 is estimated to live on other surfaces:

    Plastered wall: 36 hours

    Formica (the laminate material on countertops): 36 hours

    Plastic: 72 hours

    Stainless steel: 72 hours

    How can you avoid touching a surface with the novel coronavirus on it?

    If you are someone who ventures out in the world daily, there is no definite way to avoid touching a surface that has been touched by the novel coronavirus, which is why it’s important to be cautious throughout the day.

    Here are a few tips for commuters:

    Wash your hands whenever you arrive at your destination.

    Wipe down your phone as soon as possible.

    Wipe down your bag as soon as possible.

    Wear disposable gloves when using public transportation or going shopping.

    Clean counter and table surfaces daily.

    How can you clean surfaces that may have been touched by COVID-19?

    You can be safe by cleaning the surfaces around you, even if you don’t suspect that they have become infected.

    Apple recommends cleaning your phone with a slightly damp microfiber cloth and soap, but baby or face wipes are also a viable option. A solution of half water and half rubbing alcohol will also do the trick, but make sure to avoid any openings in your phone with this technique.

  27. Dennie says:

    From GreatGameIndia:  Research into deadly bat CoV prompts investigation of Wuhan Institute of Virology by Indian Council of Medical Research:  

    Bill Gates, the man who tops the Forbes richest person in the world list had issued a grave warning about a potential Coronavirus-like catastrophe that could kill 30 million people at the Munich Security Conference held in Germany in 2017:

    “Whether it occurs by a quirk of nature or at the hand of a terrorist, epidemiologists say a fast-moving airborne pathogen could kill more than 30 million people in less than a year. And they say there is a reasonable probability the world will experience such an outbreak in the next 10 to 15 years.”  

  28. penny waters says:

    dear all 

    with large corporations running everything – tis happening here – frightening cos the numpties don't see it – neighbours, parish, city, county councils and the idiots that are the government – full of the no connection, unattached british empire 1st generation parasites

    did you know boris was born in america – hmmmm

    he looks very old and dark – losing plot – thought it was easy – now his conservative buddies are bouncing off civil servants that aren't used to being treated like servants

    there was a line of command system here – from repeated wars – defending, then taking over as much of the world as possible 

    and us peasants knew how to deal with them – on the qt – means 'on the quiet' – we had our own culture and did what was needed in the situation and, stifled the 'job's worth' people (it's more than my job's worth – not treating the situation with 'common sense' [local cultural sense] but putting self first)

    but it was broken by the tony blairs – an upper class wealthy git who learnt his 'socialist' politics at university – didn't come from the heart – not from a family understanding of capital and how it destroys social and cultural identity – he is now (always was) a bloated, along with his wife (into the law in a very sick way), capitalist – like the clintons

    what's in a word?

    every now and again we see the sun – have been working in the garden when the sun comes out cos then the air is not so bad

    the leaves are not out yet to protect me, and the rest of the creatures that live here – to filter out the filth that continually fills the skies

    we have noisy bird scarers that go off – 5 mins – 20 mins – all day – three to five bangs that i can feel through the ground as well as hear

    am surprised no-one has been out with a hammer yet….hmmmmm…..

    direct action – hate industrialised farming with a vengeance – gives us filthy food with little goodness; plants hybridised for travel not taste; food picked on such a large scale no relation to the state of it and run through machines – like carrots bounced about on an assembly line so they have been bashed and bruised before you get them and don't last; unripened fruit – picked before it is ripe and ripened off artificially so things like pears rot from the inside

    had a biodynamic pear recently that ripened like the fruit in my garden – it was a miracle of luscious and drippy joy

    no wonder people want food from around the world – trying to find food that tastes good – and no wonder so many people in this country eat curries – especially men – want strong tastes

    and our food is bland and tasteless like the people

    heard this in an old black and white film:-

    takes more courage to keep the peace when there is no war

    because in war one knows who the enemy is and so its simpler

    we are run by the simple and heaven help us all

    keep safe and look to the food and medicine that nature provides

    i am taking echinacea with hawthorn, and making soup from stinging nettles, cleavers, ground elder and hypericum plus a little raw milk (milk with bacteria)

    pasteurisation was used, i believe, after the local  milks were all mixed up together – industrialisation of food again – so all the milk got tainted instead of just one area – so they had to heat it to destroy any lving things – so now it is dead milk!

    tis like the coronavirus – got neighbours who went to florida – supposed to be coming back tomorrow – monday

    why did they go?? why get in an enclosed space with people you don't know

    glad to see you are shutting down america's contact with the rest of the world – stay safe

    just been told that as a 70 yr old they want me to stay indoors for 2 months – cos i am the most susceptable – i don't think so – am eating and taking medicine and keeping on the move with the amount of work in the garden

    and the airlines want compensation from the government – can't they  just shut down – air line pilots have such big wages i am sure they can cope with not taking wages for a while – why is money more important than people 

    again from the small to the big – if the small, the individual people, are looked after, the economy (the big) takes care of itself 

    oh dear, so tiring to be old 

    take good care of yourselves, don't panic, keep yourselves safe and use the opportunity to learn

    an old gardener said this morning (and it wasn't me hahaha) – every day is a school day

    much love to you all out there


    • tanya says:

      Penny that was beautiful and I couldnt agree more.. You are a breath of fresh air.. 


    • Dennie says:

      I taught music to one of the children of a man who piloted planes for United Airlines.  They weren't rich.  He did his own work repairing and maintaining his very modest family house in Fairfax and was a faithful Suzuki dad for quite a while, paying me tuition on time every month.  These guys are not making a killing.  Neither are physicians, much, any longer.  Both professions come with no small amount of very serious risk, as well.  I would not want to fly planes 40,000 feet above the Earth for hours on end most days of the week, charged with the safety of my passengers, or be charged with making life-and-death decisions that seriously affect people's lives.  I'm very lucky to live where I do and am happy enough being a music teacher.  Stop believing the grass really is greener on the other side– it's an illusion.  

  29. Bella_Fantasia says:

    In Alaska the planet hackers engineered winter snow and cold to extreme degrees because it's good for the Fur Rendezvous carnival and the dog races.  After close proximity to coughing people, I succumbed to 3 viruses in a row, the first about the 18th of February.  That first virus seemed like it had to be worse the corona, since I felt like I could die.  Could not stand or eat and could barely stop coughing. Just as I felt better for a day, another virus hit, each getting successively milder.  I'm 99 percent recovered today.  It was hard not to think the snow was filled with pathogens.

    The weather readers give the impression the cold comes from the far north, but when they show the long view, the moisture comes up from the Pacific and makes a huge curl left or right over the top of Alaska and from there it appears to come down from the north.  They're now talking about blizzards with enormous amounts of snow near Nome, where the Iditarod dog race finishes soon.  Last night they showed a photo of a person standing on a snowdrift, perhaps on the North Slope, where that person could touch the top of a telephone pole. Thick ice used to be common in the high Arctic.  Thick snow, not so much 

    The 'global pandemic' opens so many possibilities.  A police/military response can quickly devolve into a martial law of sorts, where many freedoms can be curtailed.

    An ID2020 agenda may be enacted involving vaccinations and microchips under duress, and cash can be made useless, and non-compliant people can be rounded up.

    Still, like Dane's tender caring for a little bat, all that dystopia isn't relevant by comparison. I sometimes see one little bird on a wire, alone.  I'm torn between happiness seeing the little survivor and sad for its solitude.

    It looks like fear, intimidation and compliance are being heavily promoted.  It matters that we are in charge of our consciousness.  That will help us to do and say the right thing no matter what happens.  We know there is an death agenda, so we need to be impertinent enough to survive and call their malignancy what it is.

    • penny waters says:

      dear bella_fantasia

      when i did geography i was taught about circulation of the atmosphere and although you wouldn't think it (hahahaha) too many professionals (!) don't seem to really understand it (what a surprise) – if they could, they would be able to explain it in a simple, sensible way

      what you saw made perfect sense

      if you stand away from the earth – the earth (solid) is spinning eastwards – and the atmosphere is pulled after (friction)

      the atmosphere, gaseous, and other stuff like pollen and other tiny creatures and microscopic life that used to seed rain – its produced by the earth mostly

      we destroy too much

      there are two main air friction rolls from the equator 

      the troposphere (cloud turning part of the atmosphere) is roughly 10miles upwards at the equator, – heated air is less dense cos the atoms are more energetic and bouncing about

      the troposphere is 5 miles at the poles – colder air – so more dense – not so lively

      so the air swirls 'up' towards the arctic and 'down' towards the antarctic in big swirls constantly away from the world turning affect 

      deriving its heat/energy from the closeness of that part of the earth closest to the sun – producing seasons

      dependent upon where the earth is, its elliptical position, on its course around the sun

      air moves faster across the seas – little resistance except for the surface of the waves but has a more complicated life across land, which is riven with valleys and stopped and sideways directed by mountains

      many geographers, like many people in all walks of life, cannot see the big and the small

      everything is connected – see the small – see the big

      i remember reading recently some people commented on the smell of  wood smoke and it made them wonder what was being put into the air via geoengineering – could it have been from the huge fire that was in australia

      everything is connected – look after the small and the big (nature) looks after itself

      that to me is so much of what this site is all about

      the corporations are too big (ego) and are trying to make the big (nature) do what they want – whereas anyone with a true sensibility knows that the small is what counts and is really the only true way to help nature – by looking after the world around oneself – locally

      and the way to true change is by not just by attacking the big corporations (very dangerous to oneself and others around you) but by talking to the people next to you – and on, and on, and on – there is the real change

      the rich have just had their 'profits' slashed by billions with the scare that is coronavirus

      i believe, if i am not mistaken that the reason that you, dane, first got switched onto the filth in the sky, is from your solar panels, that didn't give the energy they were meant to

      from the small to the big – now you have all the information on this site that says it all – even to the increasing megalomania of the powers that think that they run the 'world' – the human world anyway – and they bring us to the brink of destruction

      thank you all for keeping me feeling alive in this dumbed down human world

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, "they" stole all of our rain from January through the end of last month to give you guys a bunch of artificial snow.  My cousin in CO said their snow acts weird, turns to ice and just stays there without melting. I told her I bet an analysis of it would match the chemicals listed in the patents used to make everything colder, hahah!

      The way the COVID-19 virus is showing up so widely everywhere all at once all over California even very far away from where it first landed along with all the vacationers who brought it here off all those fancy cruise ships (and how'd it get all over the Princess Cruise lines?  Why just Princess?  I think those ships were sabotaged!!) makes me believe that we are also being sprayed with it:  And, it's in every state now– how'd it get in all those states, all at once, soooo fast?  Of course, we did have ppl who were not properly quarantined on the way off the ships and into planes, and who were not treated by actual trained health care workers (the authorities in charge went out and rounded up a bunch of untrained temps to work amongst people who had come back to the U.S. carrying along a deadly new virus) at Travis AFB.  They were sent in without proper masks or gloves, then they just went out and back to their houses in the area– how stoopid does stooopid get???  This is at least a major part of why we have a massive outbreak now.  Ppl are NOT really trained correctly, the transportation eedjots crowded everyone together in lines at airports and debarking ships, when they knew they were supposed to keep everyone 6 feet apart, and our health care system is just not ready for anything like this.  Just WHO in HELL believes they could "win" at biological warfare?  It'll just come around and get YOU– Jeeeezuz!

      So now we have to shelter at home for the next 3 weeks.  We DO know that the 1918 "Spanish" flu pandemic was stopped whenever people cooperated and did not just go wherever the hell they wanted, whenever they wanted.  That DID pretty much stop it.  Then it just disappeared, until some ghoul from Norway dug up an Inuit woman whose whole village died of it (how'd it get up there?) and was buried in a mass grave in the permafrost.  This Norwegian scientist got a lung tissue sample out of her and brought it back down to the N.A.Z.I. researchers in the U.S. where the virus's DNA was sequenced, so they could make a vaccine, just in case, we were told.  LIARS!!!

      Now we have Dr. Yoshihiro "Mengele" Kawaoka at the Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison splicing this resurrected demon-from-Hell shit onto every heinous virus imaginable to create the nastiest kind of weapons you couldn't imagine (this is from Daily Mail, UK, back in 2014): 

      Only last month Kawaoka revealed in a scientific paper that he had also synthesised a bird flu virus — called ‘1918-like Avian’.

      He had created, through a process called ‘reverse genetics’, a flu virus extremely similar to that which caused the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic.

      Kawaoka and his team declared that they had made the virus to assess whether variants of the 1918 flu were as deadly to humans as the original virus.

      After testing it on ferrets, the team found that what they had created, in the dry words of academia, ‘may have pandemic potential’. 

      An earlier experiment looked at making another lethal bird flu strain easier to catch.

      The idea that scientists blithely create deadly flu viruses, essentially to see how deadly they are, caused outrage in the scientific community and the world at large.

      ‘The work they are doing is absolutely crazy,’ said Professor Lord May of Oxford, a former president of the Royal  Society.  ‘The whole thing is exceedingly dangerous.’

      Marc Lipsitch, Professor of  Epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health, said: ‘I am worried that this signals a growing trend to make “transmissible” novel viruses willy-nilly. This is a risky activity, even in the safest labs.

      ‘Scientists should not take such risks without strong evidence that the work could save lives, which this paper does not provide.’

      Other scientists used stronger language.

      ‘If society understood what was going on,’ thundered Professor Simon Wain-Hobson, of the Virology Department at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, ‘they would say “What the  F are you doing?” ’

      [source article:]

      Unfortunately, society has NO idea what's going on and they couldn't understand it anyway… We have to wait in line outside the bank now, can't just pile in, we are allowed in one at a time and have to use hand sanitizer before doing transactions.  One guy standing outside the line today had NO idea that we have a nasty, potentially fatal virus epidemic going on here and kept saying "Well, SO!!?!!! Well, S-O-O-O-O!!!!!!!" with an extremely defensive, combative attitude.  I had to tell him this one could put him and any of the rest of us in the hospital with a potentially fatal lung infection.  And he wouldn't be able to just haul off and punch it in the nose to show it "who's BOSS!"  Aggressive assholes– UGH!!

  30. Rachael says:

    Hello Dane, thank you again for such a wonderful broadcast. I have been following you for years now, and i have done my best to spread the word about climate engineering, even losing friends and family. But for the first time, this engineered virus and pandemic has me truly frightened. My usual Saturday with my sister ended in shear panic when i found my grocery store empty of food, I almost had a panic attack right there in the store. I am really scared right now and feeling pretty hopeless, but i have to say listening to you tonite has given me some comfort. God bless you and all that you have done and continue to do.

    • penny waters says:

      dear rachel 

      please look at the free food around you – once you start looking at the food that nature grows under our very noses you will be astounded and not so scared – and will be medicine too!!!!

      identify first then eat

      have just found out that a pharmacist in the uk actually managed to shut down all the traditional medicine courses in britain while i have been researching and eating my weeds from my back garden

      do not use the internet as a guide because what they are saying is if a pharmaceutical tablet has side effects, than the 'equivalent' traditional plant medicine will have the same effect – typical scientific nonsense and ignorance

      go to the old books – james duke (worked with the american government), mrs grieve – a modern herbal 1930's classic, or holmes – the energetics of western herbs and so many more – local tribes have all the secrets of your local plants

      also use wild ferments – packed with your local bacteria – katz – wild fermentation – to extend their use – preserve

      or stephen buhner – sacred and healing herbal beers

      plant medicine is mostly traditional food – read 'eating on the wild side' by nina etkin pub university of arizona – will open up your mind and fill your belly – do not depend on your food chain – look to nature

      a pharmaceutical (wonder if they'll come and get me – hahaha – i don't care) is made for a specific purpose – usually by retarding or interfering in some way with a human system

      plants have always been food and medicine (some have extreme effects on the body – but very few) and have a synergetic effect on the body – there is no way to chart what a plant does in a body scientifically – they have been our food as we evolved from shrews!!!!

      some while ago the pharma tried to patent plants – yes wild plants – made by nature that we have evolved into modern humans eating and using as food and medicine forever – as long as we have been on the planet

      they couldn't do it hahahaha – but now they are after controlling it by scaremongering

      this shows you the level of understanding of pharmacists –  when i studying the (wicked – yes wicked) man who was supposed to be teaching us pharmacognosy (plant 'science') gave us the task of drying and framing a plant in flower

      the plant he gave us to frame, would not be found in britain in the wild or horticulturally, would not flower until 2 months after our work was meant to be in, and would be 5 foot tall when in flower

      i pointed this out to him – but he took it very personally and always gave me very bad marks

      i am beginning to wonder if that was him – hahahaha – very sad – laugh or cry – so close

      so rachel, do not be frightened – use this as a way of expanding your knowledge and independence

      much love to you my friend – tis easy to be scared when all around are losing the plot – am thinking of you


    • Jonathan O'Quinn says:

       "Be still, and know that I am God"

      Be encouraged


  31. frank reps says:

    It is "revelatory" to  observe that the  recent news of a Virus ; with it's  potentially immediate { but relatively speaking ; negative  health  effect on people such as a maximum 5% mortality rate }  is causing such a profound  and irrational  response by both the populace and politicians alike.    The people  are frantically rushing out to purchase toilet paper and the politicians are frantically rushing  to  enact " draconian" legislation to restrict  our hard earned freedoms.    The comparison of this recent response to news of the Corona Virus versus the blase insousciance  of the political Elites and the citizens of Countries all around the World in the face of the glaringly obvious  rape of the skies ; {which has been ongoing for years } and  attendant death of  the Earth's Ecosystem because of  disasterous weather modification as a result of Geo engineering  activities leaves any sentient person speechless.    I guess most people only react to  glaringly immediate  dangers.  Geo Engineering ; which has been obvious to anyone who thinks ;  promises the complete extinction of  life on Earth ; Not the chancy five percent death rate of some Viral decease .    Help Dane  { by making a contribution }. to get the word out to others   so we might have a  Planet to live on.   Me thinks the so called Pandemic is actually being fostered by the same  hidden Entities who are funding the ongoing  Trillion dollar Geo Engineering activities.  Now ; Please Look to the "essential core"  of International Bankers  who seem to have a grudge against  most of Humanity

    • penny waters says:

      dear frank

      wonder if it will wake them up?

      often it takes a shock to make people come to their senses

      we can only hope

      love to you sentient being

  32. lorenzo says:

    ,"The School of Americas" ,that Dane talks about, was renamed in 2000

    "The Western  Hemisphere Institution for Security Cooperation"  Softening the name to make it sound worthy, is a load of crap!   Enriching corporate greed is,  and always will be, the  main objective. 

    A Rose by any other name is still a Rose

  33. Jaime D says:

    Could they be using this corvid 19 scare to curb our Co2 emissions? Which it has already done so. But global temps to jump up a degree? More aerosol then to balance out the emission dimming effect? They are spraying the heck out of our skys again to hang onto our artificial snow cover here in NW. MN. Featureless gray skys day after day. Ugh!

    Thanks Dane for all your efforts and educating us on the true matters at hand.

  34. rosemary says:

    thank you Dane and all my neighbors for the info on what is happening. yes, I do let others know and direct to your website. In my opinion the geoengineering being done globally is more threatening than the(fear of man) virus(chaos) remember the red mass i mentioned in last email in Alaska which was sitting on the NE of Aleutian chain; they  pushed that red mass which is blood red up into the Arctic above Alaska that it look like Alaska had a Santa Claus hat but i think it is much bigger than that.. so what happens when you put Hot and Cold together? Are we going to see water tables rising dramatically  (floods) Oh by the way they said Alaska is not in drought? that is a lie. The Little Su late last summer dried up and glacier water was running. the gullies on the mountains are dried up, the lakes are slimy ( no fresh water) they are cranking the turbines up we had epic winds here last week (like the big bad wolf and the three little pigs pounding on our doors)the electric charge in air is sucking up what is in our bodies(electrolytes) i had back spasms. the "wolf and the monster" runs our state not the Governor. i got this text on my phone "Behold the turtle of enormous girth on its back it holds the earth"  "ALL HANDS ON DECK"

    I love my neighbors and pray for them click on wind gusts




  35. Bryan Paul says:

    Wake people up by snapping a pic during a heavy spray day with a local landmark in the background then send a text to everyone you know. Those not awake seem to respond better to a picture on their phone. When you try to get them to actually look up at the REAL sky it is like trying to get a cat to look at itself in the mirror. They just don't see it. Somehow they see it via a picture on their phone.

    To those of you worried about being put on a "list" by raising the alarm……..what are THEY (The Hierachy  Enslaving You) going to do when we are ALL ON THAT LIST?


    • Laura Cotter says:

      So true Bryan.  I'm a senior and just hope I'm around long enough to see the END because no one promoting this can survive it.   I know I've made some people aware….on facebook…..but only 1 has joined me and occasionally posts something.  I post regularly and will continue to as long as I can.

  36. Henry R Meier says:

    March 14, 2020 – Cave Junction, OR, USA. In keeping with the cool down scheduled for the West Coast this month – in the midst of recent daytime temps mid-50s(F) to mid-60s(F) – it snowed here this morning!

  37. Timo says:

    This whole Virus and it's aftermath is a false flag.  The following article demonstrates it can be spread by aerosol easily.  This was sprayed on us.  There is no way it spread as quickly as it did to so many countries in such little time.  Another correlation, most of the countries are in NATO's flight plan of geo-engineering spraying as well.  READ:

    • Cynthia Stine says:

      Major spraying going on today in SE Arizona.  Guess there is not enough sick people.  Sky was great this morning, now totally covered.

  38. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    US Intel Agencies Played Unsettling Role in Classified and “9/11-like” Coronavirus Response Plan
    As coronavirus panic grips the world, concern over government overreach is growing given the involvement of US intelligence agencies in classified meetings for planning the U.S.’ coronavirus response.
    by Whitney Webb

    As the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis comes to dominate headlines, little media attention has been given to the federal government’s decision to classify top-level meetings on domestic coronavirus response and lean heavily “behind the scenes” on U.S. intelligence and the Pentagon in planning for an allegedly imminent explosion of cases.
    The classification of coronavirus planning meetings was first covered by Reuters, which noted that the decision to classify was “an unusual step that has restricted information and hampered the U.S. government’s response to the contagion.” Reuters further noted that the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Alex Azar, and his chief of staff had “resisted” the classification order, which was made in mid-January by the National Security Council (NSC), led by Robert O’Brien — a longtime friend and colleague of his predecessor John Bolton.
    Following this order, HHS officials with the appropriate security clearances held meetings on coronavirus response at the department’s Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facility (SCIF), which are facilities “usually reserved for intelligence and military operations” and — in HHS’ case — for responses to “biowarfare or chemical attacks.” Several officials who spoke to Reuters noted that the classification decision prevented key experts from participating in meetings and slowed down the ability of HHS and the agencies it oversees, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to respond to the crisis by limiting participation and information sharing.
    It has since been speculated that the decision was made to prevent potential leaks of information by stifling participation and that aspects of the planned response would cause controversy if made public, especially given that the decision to classify government meetings on coronavirus response negatively impacted HHS’ ability to respond to the crisis.
    After the classification decision was made public, a subsequent report in Politico revealed that not only is the National Security Council managing the federal government’s overall response but that they are doing so in close coordination with the U.S. intelligence community and the U.S. military. It states specifically that “NSC officials have been coordinating behind the scenes with the intelligence and defense communities to gauge the threat and prepare for the possibility that the U.S. government will have to respond to much bigger numbers—and soon.”
    Little attention was given to the fact that the response to this apparently imminent jump in cases was being coordinated largely between elements of the national security state (i.e. the NSC, Pentagon, and intelligence), as opposed to civilian agencies or those focused on public health issues, and in a classified manner.
    The Politico article also noted that the intelligence community is set to play a “key role” in a pandemic situation, but did not specify what the role would specifically entail. However, it did note that intelligence agencies would “almost certainly see an opportunity to exploit the crisis” given that international “epicenters of coronavirus [are] in high-priority counterintelligence targets like China and Iran.” It further added, citing former intelligence officials, that efforts would be made to recruit new human sources in those countries.
    Politico cited the official explanation for intelligence’s interest in “exploiting the crisis” as merely being aimed at determining accurate statistics of coronavirus cases in “closed societies,” i.e. nations that do not readily cooperate or share intelligence with the U.S. government. Yet, Politico fails to note that Iran has long been targeted for CIA-driven U.S. regime change, specifically under the Trump administration, and that China had been fingered as the top threat to U.S. global hegemony by military officials well before the coronavirus outbreak.
    … While the plans of the federal government remain classified, recent reports have revealed that the military and intelligence communities — now working with the NSC to develop the government’s coronavirus response — have anticipated a massive explosion in cases for weeks. U.S. military intelligence came to the conclusion over a month ago that coronavirus cases would reach “pandemic proportions” domestically by the end of March. That military intelligence agency, known as the National Center for Medical Intelligence (NCMI), coordinates closely with the National Security Agency (NSA) to conduct “medical SIGINT [signals intelligence].”
    The coming government response, the agencies largely responsible for crafting it and its classified nature deserve public scrutiny now, particularly given the federal government’s tendency to not let “a serious crisis to go to waste,” as former President Obama’s then-chief of staff Rahm Emanuel infamously said during the 2008 financial crisis. Indeed, during a time of panic — over a pandemic and over a simultaneous major economic downturn — concern over government overreach is warranted, particularly now given the involvement of intelligence agencies and the classification of planning for an explosion of domestic cases that the government believes is only weeks away.

    • Dennie says:

      All the stupid frightened little people believe "They" have the military by the balls and every possible contingency completely accounted for.  Yeah….. s-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-r-e "they" do…"They" are Omipotent, and Omniscient!!!!… what could possibly go wrong???? Oh, and I know a bridge in Brooklyn that's for sale….

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