Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 19, 2022, #345


Dane Wigington

Flash floods, flash freezes and flash droughts, is weaponized weather being used to control the masses? While big pharma continues to advocate for even more "boosters" and the Ukraine conflict continues to benefit the military industrial complex, biosphere collapse is accelerating by the day. Last week temperatures in Antarctica were recorded at 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit above normal. In the western US drought is becoming more catastrophic by the day. In other regions of the US engineered winter "weather whiplash" is becoming the norm. We are now in truly uncharted territory, how close is impact? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

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38 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 19, 2022, #345

  1. Lance says:

    Very bizarre cloud formation over the crest of the Sierra Mountains just south of Lake Tahoe this morning.  COD Nighttime Microphysics Imagery shows some odd sparkling things going on in the "clouds" on the east side.  Looked at them from my location this morning moments ago.  They're very dark, low, and flowing to the east.  Low level aerosols visible out over the Pacific Ocean to the west of SoCal.  Storm front moving in late Sunday night lasting till late Monday night.  Light rain predicted with a little snow above 6000 ft.  Not much moisture in the system so says the weather service!  Looking out the window I'm sitting in front of that faces NNW at this moment and there are aircraft flying in various directions spewing out particulates.  Two of the trails coming from the W spewed out earlier are spreading out as they drift to the E.  A cloud formation visible over the north end of Lake Tahoe that has squared edges and frequency patterns clearly visible.  Obviously NOT natural clouds!  By the way, the website reported that a full-halo CME is supposed to hit the earth on the 27th!  They report that G-1 geomagnetic storms are anticipated.  Are the "clouds" really being created to protect against something like this, only worse?    

  2. Lance says:

    Untold amounts of various metal and metal oxide nanoparticles have been released into the atmosphere.  Clouds are formed using NEXRAD heterodyning to block sunlight.  This is what the aerosol operations are for, at least in part.  Am concerned about these nanoparticles being used in what is called "cloud computing".      

  3. Lance says:

    Large number of aerosol trails sprayed out earlier today over most of CA that spread out and drifted to the E over NV.  Still doing it this afternoon.  They're not going to stop!  Am not totally sure now as to the reason why they're doing this.  Could be to attempt to keep the surface temps down by blocking solar radiation.  Aerosols were mainly concentrated over the Sierra Mountains so they may be trying to keep the snow from melting too fast.  Took a drive down Hwy 50 to Placerville and back to take care of some business.  Noticed lots of dead pine trees and some are in the process of dying.  Other types of coniferous trees were in various stages of decline also.  Sad.   

  4. Lance says:

    "Geoengineering Is The Only Solution To Our Climate Calamities" so the headline read on the Lifeboat Foundation News Blog posted on Sept. 20, 2021, which was linked to a article.  If you believe this, and you're putting your faith in their plans, you're lost!     

  5. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL, 

    I went to town this early afternoon and then putted around the yard putting winter away and raking up after the horses and splitting wood. Today was a "just me and Arlo day". I recently got a 9 month old border collie. He came to me as a problem child. Arlo is learning so much so fast and is just a pleasure to have around. Another example of how well the Creator takes care of me. Every day Arlo learns more about taking ownership of this place and watching over it like a good Collie "can". I already feel safer. Now if I could just get my front door hinges to squeak again the security system would be complete. After a couple of those super thick air days we had several weeks ago, my door hinges stopped squeaking. Which begs the legit question, "what was in that crappy air?" Well, I know the answer and it just pisses me off to have it thrown in my face every time I open the door and it does not squeak. Anyway, enough of that, for now.

    As I was cleaning the yard this afternoon I stopped cold when I was looking out over my lower property. My Ponderosa are pocadotted!! I estimated that at least 70% of the trees have extraordinary pine cone clusters. So many that it makes the sparce tree canopy look like it has pocadots. So many that it sticks out as very NOT normal. My Ponderosa had a major conning event last spring and summer. Lots of the Firs did too. The Spruces spent their load 5 and more years ago with some exceptions. Trees cone out because they are dying, just sayin. Look at all the trees and bushes that "still have leaves on them!" Have you noticed that? Where are the bugs?? Nobody ever notices what is missing. There is a lot missing, please know that. I'm glad to have spring arriving but sad because I know that soon enough wild fire season will start again. There's already been 1 up my way and the snow isn't even all gone yet.

    Love and strength my friends. Face to the winds.

    • penny waters says:

      dear horseman

      tis sad to see trees knowing they are done and are trying to keep their species going

      we go from ice cold to burning hot here – think we are in danger of fire here because plants have a dryness that comes from being covered in particulate matter that is also finding its way into the soil

      no amount of water can wash it through

      take care up there in them mountains

      and the virus keeps going around and around

    • Lizzyh7 says:

      I have 5 Ponderosa pines in my back yard.  At least one of them is having a major coning event this year, probably two hundred cones have dropped in the last month or so.  As penny below says, so hard and sad to watch them try to proliferate their species, knowing they are dying.  I sort of talk to them every day now, hoping they'll be able to hang in there, knowing they won't.  Lots of spraying yesterday here in the Spokane area, and today is of course "cloudy" and grey.

  6. Marty Finklemeyer says:

    I've been listening for years and am quite paralyzed and scared to lose my job as I age and begin losing my health simply for disbelieving the mainstream bullying scenarios like harm tequniques even in swab testing, coerced vaccination discrimination, and impenetrable labyrinth of media lies. Learning things about the Committee of 300 and history of the Khazarians in Ukraine… I feel so alone in all this overwhelming despondance and the whole world saturated in ugly evil telling you it's coming up roses. I feel I'm enslaved monitored and "kept busy" without true freedom to even think certain things.

    • penny waters says:

      take heart my friend you are not on your own

      us folks on here all feel the same

      connect over the airwaves cos the world that is not human knows it too

      turn your mind to the good around you and keep the far away, far away, you cannot help but send them prayers, they too are in a dark place and tis only the cracked ( like me, and you, and others ) that let in the light

      we turn to each other

      good ol' dane what would we have done without you?

    • Jeff Baker says:

      You have an Army of people who believe like you do Marty!

    • Steve says:

      You're not alone I feel that posted similar hopeless msg and I'm Perth Western Australia 

  7. Lance says:

    When faced with any inevitable reality, in whatever form it may take, what do humans do?  They either attempt to "fight" against it, or they attempt to "escape" from it!  Isn't this precisely what is going on today?  Based on my understanding, humans have already lost the "fight", and there is no "escape" from any inevitable reality which, by the way, were foretold would happen in ancient testaments written long ago.  Attempts to "fight" or "escape" the inevitable are prime examples of carnal human arrogance and futility!             

  8. Willam Devlin says:

    June 6th…..? And on the way, find peace within yourself, the joyance of true contentment; a self composure in fair or foul circumstances, regardless of outward threat's or response. Receptivity reins SUPREME, assertive mindset must submit to LOVE ABSOLUTE. Don't act as your own enemy. REMEMBER MAHA NAM ( the GREAT NAME ) and be still, this AGE is always established in Truth, eternally! ……Thanks Dane

  9. Lance says:

    And today, far out in the Pacific Ocean off the west coast of the US, sea level aerosol operations are ongoing that are clearly visible on the C.O.D. Nighttime Microphysics Imagery GOES West satellite.  Not sure if this is a scientific or military operation, but you can clearly see the trails in the low cloud/fog layer over the ocean.  This is not for "solar mitigation", nor are these trails "ship tracks" caused by commercial shipping.  Ever heard of "Pandera Fog"?  Its a carbon nanoparticulate filled cloud released from ships to disrupt radars! 

  10. Duane & Mary Frances Martin says:

    Hello Dane – another week has come and gone and the malevolent plague of science-driven technology by the human brain continues – what a mockery of Creation!

  11. penny waters says:

    does it feel like end times

    live every minute as if it were your last

    the intensity of "knowing" can be too much

    we have never known when our last time will be

    and i watch and although the pain is extreme

    when i watch humans i feel it can only be end times

    seen in every "religion" there would be an end time for us

    and the symptoms are all around me

    the reducing life of our planet and the life on it seems to go only one way

    and humans are blind and inadequate

    when i talk to people about the climax i get wide-eyed looks and the question – how long have we got?

    and i say – live in the moment – because the ego and greed of humans seems so entrenched it would appear impossible to stop or even slow our behaviour

    every time i go out where people are in large numbers i feel like i am walking amongst – how can i say – self indulgent children with their children and their children 

    i had to stay away from my house last night – making an old lady sleep on a friends couch whilst the neighbours make merry with such amplified music- so loud i couldn't think straight and certainly not sleep

    in those times i wish for the end to come


    • A Friend says:

      Dear Penny…

      Ahem… please, NO… :+)

      You have a beautiful garden, lovely trees that respond to your hugs, stoats and even hedgehogs… so much Life there that needs your healing touch. None of us is relieved of our post until our duty is finished. So much more Love to share with the world, so much more to do to attempt to save what we can. 

      Let's keep giving it our all.


    • penny waters says:

      thank you my friend although i do not heal (except myself – well i try) i just give space 

      i will keep going till the breath goes – it is so painful though

      went into the garden and took down some dead plant remains for the new growth to come through

      tis such a joy to see new growth but…..

      came back in and found my fingers blackened in a way that i recognised but couldn't work out from where and then…….

      it was the aluminium – a dirty metal my uncle called it – and it was all over my hands – the black stuff that one would get on a dish cloth when trying to clean an old ally pan!

      the old plant remains from last year are covered in a thin film 

      what can i say or do – we are the worst and the best!! – just like nature

  12. Mike UK says:

    Hello Dane,

    Thank you so much for your continuing efforts to wake people up to the dire threats facing us all. You frequently liken what's been happening on the planet for so long now as like living in an asylum – how right you are – and, yes, the lunatics are in charge. Yes, psychopaths and sociopaths running the show. God help us. These crimes against nature surely can't go unpunished for too much longer…

  13. Paul Davis says:

    Action Plan:

    1- Alert people to this global program

    2- Accept that the biosphere and the human-industrial civilization are collapsing now. Accept that your current way of life is gone- we are just in the lag phase of this situation.

    3- Ask your higher powers, your Spiritual Powers, what you must do next?

  14. Gary Morrow says:

    The U.S. has killed more than 20 million people in 37 victim nations since World War Two. Not as many as Hitler, Mao or Genghis Khan, but certainly worthy of dishonorable mention.

  15. Gene Adaway says:

    What's keeping me up nights is knowing nothing is off the table, to keep populations from knowing about this.

  16. Al T says:

    Thank you for explaining why we are not getting rain in California. I did not believe in weather manipulation a year ago, but it was last April that convinced me otherwise for precisely what you were talking about in this show. I watched the skies get littered with trails and watched our ten days of forecasted rain turn into a Saturday morning drizzle. And thats when I found you.


    Since then I have seen a consistent pattern of trails interfering with forecasts. Some days the skies are a clear blue and then the trails appear. I track them. I see trails start and stop. I see some planes leaving none and others laying thick lines AT THE SAME ALTITUDE. The sky never recovers during the day as it becomes hazy and bland. The recent drizzle brought beautiful clouds, a tease of how it used to be.


    The grass is turning brown in March.


    Thank you for your commitment Dane.



    • BBB says:

      Here in central Mendocino County, Northern California my area has received about twenty inches of rain from the latter part of December 2021 to this date of late March 2022.  Unless the geoengineers cease spraying and  unblock the jet stream, California is going to burn up this coming summer.  The moisture fields approach from the Pacifc Ocean.  The jets spray in front and destroy the system's energy.  Another problem is the ozone depletion.  I was out in the sun yesterday.  Totally too intense.  I have so many huge trees in various stages of dying.  Two pines by the house are over 100 feet tall.  Cutting them down is a logical nightmare.  I had one dead pine at 130 feet tall taken down.  $1,000 bucks.  All over this mountain the forest is dying.  This is living on top of a haystack or funeral pyre.  My worries mount Including the real probability that the nut jobs running the new world disorder will get their "great reset" by way of a nuclear war.  


    • JF1962 says:

      AI T   

      I have noticed the same thing the last few years here in SoCal. They forecast rain and then the planes show up spraying and turning the sky milky white. I track the weather radar and it will show a band of rain coming in and right after it reaches the coast, it dries out to maybe a shower or two. 

  17. Stan Sylvester says:

    You can't tell by watching the temple money changers of today that we are hurling toward planetary omnicide. The shooting hasn't even stopped and yet Ukraine has become the first country to install a Universal Credit Score. Using the app "Diia", you bring up your Universal Basic Income, Digital Identity, and Vaccine Passport.

    No need to worry about war decimating your paper currency because there won't be any Ukraine currency. It's amazing what is done under the fog of war.

    It is similar to the invasion of Libya. As the horrors barely unfolded, one of the first orders of business was to install a Rothchild owned central bank. 

    On March 1, Ukraine Parliament member Kira Rudik was interviewed by Fox news. She stated, "We not only fight for Ukraine, we fight for the New World Order." Bankers and their minions will fight for every bit of monetary control even as the earth's life support systems continue to erode. 

  18. Geoff Hanham says:

    Hi Dane,

    I posted your ''Domino Effect'' to a Scots farming friend who responded the next day saying that it had reduced her to tears. She has about twelve hectares of woodland – tiny compared to your land – and whilst the trees are not yet in such a terrible state she has noticed over the past couple of years an increasing diminution of birds and insects  also UV-scorching of delicate crops. I have found that even top-quality sunglasses cannot cope with the UV(C?) and are 'fogging' when the sun is in a clear sky (rare nowadays). We also have drought in North Northumberland but it is ''Not to be mentioned'' . . . Thank you Dane, your courage and endurance is astonishing – but I recognise its source  – Love . . .





  19. Lance says:

    IEA is suggesting big changes when it comes to driving vehicles.   A ten-point action plan is being suggested for Europe and the West to cut back on oil demand.  Reducing the speed limit to 55, getting people to work from home 3 days/wk, no car driving on Sundays, make public transportation cheaper, encourage people to walk or ride bikes, alternate days private cars can use major roads in large cities, efficient driving trucks and delivery of goods, use high speed trains and night trains instead of airplanes, and no business air travel where possible.  All this appears to be directed at reducing pollution via the use of crude oil and other pollutants, but its more directed at forcing people to use all the scientific and technological innovations being made possible by the 4th industrial revolution.  Seems like a "good" thing, but the Devil really is in the details!         

  20. Lance says:

    Fast moving storm came in this morning about 7am here in the Lake Tahoe region.  Some wind, some rain and a few flakes of snow, but nothing appreciable at lake level.  Not much fell at higher elevations.  No thunderstorms even though they were forecast as possible.  Storm has moved east.  Ice nucleated pellets were falling at times too, but they melted almost immediately because the sun is warming everything up.  Ice and snow from December storms still around, but melting faster everyday.  Hwy 50 that goes up from Meyers, CA, had more rock slides.  Section of road where this is occurring is going to be shutdown from the 21st to the 25th to do some rock work (?).  The highway that goes up Meyers Grade is not very safe, far as I'm concerned.  We're moving out of here soon.  Won't make any difference where we go though because there will be no escaping what's coming.  All one can do is watch it happen.  We're past the point of no return.        

    • virginia says:

      Lance:  "All one can do is watch it happen." ????  I think not, dear friend.  It is because too many people have sat on their asses while 'watching it happen' these many years that we are where we are today.

      Negative attitudes do not cure the disease.  We must all continue to do whatever we can to mitigate this crap going on, both internationally and, of course, right in the good old USA.   It may not be much, but I will continue to do my part.   Be active.  Speak up.  Throw your TV set away and obtain whatever material you can from alternative news. 

      It would help to pick up and read a few history books and learn the whys and wherefores of today's wars and other military actions.  Might surprise you.




    • BBB says:

      Totally agree.  And thanks for the report from your area of California.  I tend to agree that the multiple affronts are beyond our capacity to stop the inexorable.  We can slow down the inevitable. Thats about it.  The evil is so utterly pervasive.  After 76 years on this planet observing the incredible evil  of human beings, it's clear that unless there is a divine intervention, our race and our civilization are going the way of the DoDo Bird.  Of course we keep pushing back.  For we have no choice.

    • penny waters says:

      tis not being negative to know that there is so much bad stuff that sometimes it knocks us back and all we can do is sit and watch

      and then we gird our loins and up we get again to do what we can from a position of knowing

    • Dennie says:

      @virginia:  Even if every last bit of hydrocarbon burning were to stop this very second it'll take 40 years for The Machine to slow down then start to show a reversal.  Dane and his researchers know we don't have that long.  It doesn't matter any more whether people sat on their butts doing nothing.  In point of fact, many did in fact do lots– some more than others– to build awareness and write/speak to elected representation on this very subject.  They did and do in fact continue to speak up.  Problem is, the people who are in positions to get something done on a larger level are arguing over what radio station to listen to while not listening to any of us, and most especially, nature itself, never mind it is now screaming in your face.  Can we still have an effect?  I think we still have to keep trying. 

  21. john michael vanOs says:

    GREAT GOODWORK Dane Thank YOU LOVE Always John xxxxxxxxx

  22. Brian M. Buxton says:

    Just a quick note of encouragement Dane.  I appreciate all that you do to warn us of the impending climate collapse and other issues that our mainstream media fail to address.  Keep up the good work.  Thank you.

  23. Sunshine says:

    Hi Mr. Wigington,

    In your Domino Effect video uploaded yesterday, did you say we have 18 months until total biosphere collspse?  

    Thank you for all your hard work

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Sunshine, thank you for marching with us in this all important battle. In regard to your question, what I stated is that based on the current trajectory of UV radiation escalation (and thus ozone layer decline), we may have only 18 months +/- until functional collapse of the ozone layer.

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