Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 27, 2021, #294


Dane Wigington

Mainstream articles about climate engineering are now frequently being published, but they are nothing more than disinformation and denial. A constant flow of disinformation is being propagated by all mainstream media sources on countless subjects as they carry out the bidding of their power structure paymasters. Ecosystems all over the world continue to collapse, global food production is falling fast. Key links in the chain of our current reality are already breaking apart and even now the majority of populations are completely asleep. Some in academia, who serve the global controllers, are being tasked with trying to convince populations that to even question official narratives is a sign of mental deficiency. Orwell’s 1984 society is here. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

44 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 27, 2021, #294

  1. Raymond says:

    I found this article just a few hours after posting my last comment:

    Vaccine passports are latest flash point in COVID politics (

    This report makes it appear as though Republicans don't agree with the Covid passport idea and they are trying to blame Biden and the Democrats for exactly what the citizens of this county in Texas is dealing with right now. They even mention New York's proposals for such a program, which I learned of through the CDC originally. The difference being that current passports only involve a vaccinations certificate. But ours involves using that certificate to get a Visa passport card and vehicle registration sticker.

    Personally, I don't believe any of the political sideshow insanity and our Covid Visa Passport trial program is likely being run entirely by the Federal Agency that has set up shop here. Explaining why it is being kept from all social media outlets and why they have threatened us with prosecution, if we leak this to the press. The three newspaper journals in this town have also been placed under a gag order!

    I see this as becoming a new law in every state by 2023 as per the Controller's Official Narrative Agenda. No matter what the mainstream media wants everyone to think about the political bickering over this issue. Remember, they are just puppets in the Bill Gates master plan of conquer and divide… while reducing global populations in the long run. Gates and the elites pull their strings and Fauci is merely their maniacal public relations crony, who is getting richer by the day for spreading Covid lies, not facts. 

    Meanwhile millions of children and billions of trees will die around the world this year, from lack of food and soil nutrient starvation. But you won't see any of that covered by the media. I drove around for hours yesterday and only focused on observing trees. It broke my heart to witness first hand, our true state of reality in the biosphere collapse nightmare. Over 90% of all the trees in this county are dead or will be completely dead by 2023 and not one single elected official or organization, is doing anything to address this issue!

    NO TREES… NO HUMANS… and we are only a few short years away from those words becoming reality!

  2. Raymond says:

    This county is discreetly using the residents as guinea pigs, for a future Covid immunization program linked with consumer digital technology.

    All of the following information was provided to me by the Sheriff's Department, Human Health and Resources, the DMV, the DOT and a Representative from the Dallas county CDC.

    The vaccinations mandate (for this county only in Texas) is supported by an actual Visa card that has a magnetic strip, encoded with our personal identification details and a vaccination serial number registered to each individual over the age of eighteen.

    Our county is a trial program that will likely be implemented nationwide in 2022, if it proves to be viable and becomes approved by the President and Congress. The vaccine card is known as a Covid Passport Visa Card and we will be required to have it scanned, before paying for groceries, gas etc. Same with crossing state lines, but commercial trucks will have a special strip (proving that all employees or contracted drivers have been vaccinated) on their vehicles, tractors and trailers that gets scanned as they drive by special booths at state borders. Much like toll roads with paid permit scanners. But everyone else will literally have to stop at the border and have a booth operator scan our Covid visa card, in order to gain legal entry into any bordering state. These state line border patrol agencies would be constructed, with these special booths by no later than August of 2023. And will operate to regulate traffic between states during future pandemics that are not Covid related as well

    Otherwise, if you willfully and defiantly cross state lines and authorities in that state find that you have no Covid Passport Visa, or determine that your card is counterfeit. Then the harshest of penalties could apply, determining if you already have a criminal record or you resisted arrest and fled the police, trying to avoid your responsibility as an American citizen by being vaccinated to ensure the safety of everyone in this country. The border patrols at Canada and Mexico will also require proof of vaccinations, by scanning the Covid Passport card before entry.

    The Five year prison convictions (If someone is captured by authorities in another state without the card, or in possession of a counterfeit card) only applies, if you are also in possession of illegal drugs, firearms, counterfeit currency and or wanted for serious offenses like murder, assault, carjacking and such. If found guilty of Covid vaccination avoidance and any other felony crime, then the government could also confiscate your real estate and personal properties. Including cash and monetary savings in banks. They would auction off properties and use confiscated funds to help pay for all Covid Vaccinations Compliance Consumer Digital Technologies. The five year (Covid vaccine avoidance) prison term would be served in a detention/labor center, before serving the rest of your sentence for other felonies in a Federal prison. However… the five year sentence would be waved (and no confiscation of property or funds would occur), if you simply agree to be vaccinated ANNUALLY or Bi-Annually, determining on what the CDC recommends.

    If I am only convicted of crossing state lines without a Covid Passport Visa on file, then the penalty is a $10,000 fine and six months probation… to be served at home with an ankle bracelet. But again, the fine and six month sentence would be waved, if I agree to be vaccinated. The offense remains on my record and any future violation results in an automatic fine and prison sentence of up to two years.

    When you get vaccinated a certificate with a serial number is then issued to you. That is taken to the DMV or DOT and a new vehicle registration sticker is then issued with a barcode that can be scanned at border patrol crossings and Airport entry gates (by 2023 after that technology is installed). You will also get your first Covid Passport Visa card at that time as well.

    All of this was explained to me, as only applying to residents of this county… at the current time. But other counties in other states might adopt the same vaccine mandate law beginning this year and give their residents 12 months to comply as well. Counties in New York, South Carolina and Colorado are considering adopting and passing this law, in the coming months… according to the CDC. But it all depends on how well it works and has been documented in this county first. So far about 72% of all residents have been vaccinated and they expect to see 85% by June 1st.

    I still refuse to be vaccinated and I am hoping that our lawsuit here, will create an exemption program that only limits our essential activities to specific days and times. But I know that the unvaccinated will still never be allowed to cross state lines, or travel outside of this country. 

    But who knows just exactly at what lengths they will go, to get everyone to accept the Mark of the Beast!?

    • Earth Angel says:

      Folks, Can we say nazi Germany early 1940's but on STERIODS- this time around?!  I sincerely hope that we NOW have societies worldwide sentient enough to be capable of recognizing this outrageous ploy once again, only WORSE because they are trying to perpetrate this ugly scheme on entire world populations not just a few segments of it. Of course to those anihilated by nazi war criminals during WW2 it really doesn't get any worse, does it? We can NOT ALLOW this to happen again. Everyone must resist this evil with every fiber of their being. I pray that Law enforcement (and some poilticians) are smart enough to see through this medical tyranny and realize that it is unenforceable under our Constitution and the Bill of Rights!  Visit and have your local Sheriff hold a seminar with Ret. Sheriff Richard Mack educating the local law enforcement on these critically important principles asap! We MUST ACT PROACTIVELY and quickly to HALT this before it gets out of control. This same draconian system is being rolled out in Israel (of ALL PLACES!!) by netanyahu as a template for the world. We must STOP THIS in it's tracks!  PS- Law suits are being filed under the Nuremburg Code in Int. Criminal Courts right now also.

  3. Raymond says:

    This is in conjunction with Dennie's latest comments…

    My county is mandating a Vaccine Visa Passport law which requires everyone who plans to do any essential activity like shop for groceries (even online), fuel up vehicles, go inside banks and hardware stores. Must be fully vaccinated by December 31st and issued a vaccination certificate with a visa card.

    Then I received this email today!

    Congratulations Raymond. A Pfizer Covid Vaccine Survey Reward has Arrived! Grab your $90 Cash Reward after you get your vaccination and take our survey! Here is a list of all the locations administering our FREE vaccinations in your area. But you must hurry, because this is a limited time offer. 

    Can everyone just say…… Mooooooo!

    The Orwellian Nightmare that we all feared…has just become a reality!

    I signed on to a class action lawsuit today, with thousands of other residents in this county and we are fighting this all the way to the Supreme Court. Because these criminal actions by Federal, State and County governments are clearly breaking our constitutional and religious rights! I will fight this to the bitter end before they give me their Genocide/Sterility shots!

    We will not be allowed to even cross state lines if we refuse the vaccinations and can be charged with a felony offense. Punishable by up to five years in Prison (detention/labor camp)!… And the forfeiture of all personal properties. Including financial institution's holding of any life savings and cash possessions!

    Welcome to the new China and North Korea. The United States of America has now officially collapsed and will be in total ruin and chaos, by the end of 2022!

    This must have been part of Bill Gates' master plan all along.

    • PatinSF says:


      When did we decide to let mentally ill people run our lives? Look at the numbers, numbers don't lie unless people have skewed them. Fauci paid China lab to study "Gain of Function" in a virus, virus suddenly appears in the public, media and government blame bats in a market, suddenly a company that never made an anti-virus drug in it's entire existence gets emergency license to distribute this "operating system" that kills your own ability to fight viruses, then the virus mutates "in 9 months is what the virologists are calculating" and now you will need an update so the operating system can create a so called anti-virus weapon within your own body. Many updates will be needed and so many doses of thimerosol, and or mercury for suspension, and who knows what else injected into your body year after year after year if you live that long..

      Raymond can you give us a link to that class action lawsuit I'm in! 


    • Raymond says:

      Hello Patin SF,

      At this moment the lawsuit is only for residents of this county, who claim religious exemption or have serious health concerns, such as myself. We are told not to get vaccinated if we have a history of chronic allergies and heart (arithmetic, defibrillation, stints etc.) lung (mycoplasma, pneumonia scarring, emphysema etc.) or brain (Alzheimer's, dementia etc.) issues. I personally suffer from untreatable allergies that cripples me at times, when a flare up occurs. Which usually happens after heavy plane aerosol spraying and that ends up effecting me about 100 days out of the year.

      But the Federal authorities running the Covid Visa Passport program will not accept my 300 plus pages of medical records that detail my allergy problems, or any official doctor's report by my primary health care physician. They require that I be screened by a team of physicians working for the Federal branch of Human Health and Resources and the CDC, at the Dallas VA hospital. In order to get a Covid Vaccine Exemption Visa… and so far, not one of those cards has ever been issued to date. In the eyes of the Federal government NO ONE IS EXEMPT. No matter what precautionary health risk advice is published or distributed, by the various vaccine making pharmaceutical companies. They will settle for no less than 100% compliance and that goes for all children and infants too! 

      We are all being herded like cattle in this county, just as Dennie has described in his comments. AND the heavy chemical aerosol spraying that nearly killed me recently, is likely their way of making everyone so sick here that it virtually scares them into vaccine compliance. It's like an invisible force field has been placed over this tiny piece of Texas real estate and the geoengineering climate controllers (Raytheon and Lockheed facilities just 15 miles away), Federal authorities, county elected puppets, the CDC and the EPA can all do whatever they want to us and they simply make up the rules along the way.

      We are told that vaccines will have to be given twice a year, for the next five years here… just to quell the Covid pandemic alone. And this is all expected to convince people like me that THEY have our best interest at heart. When this county has the lowest Covid death rate of any other county in Texas!

      I guess that's why they chose us to be their lab rats. Because they haven't killed enough of us off yet to fulfill their depopulation quota.

  4. Dennie says:

    UNBELIEVEABLE–Coming soon:  Vaccine "Passports" for all the cattle in the herd:  

    When people talk about vaccine passports, they’re generally referring to a two-part system: a digital record that a person got vaccinated, and an app that can access that record to confirm the person has met the requirements to visit a particular place or attend an event. For the system to function on a large scale, those designing vaccine passports need a way to access records from a wide variety of providers and form partnerships with venues willing to trust their apps.

    Walmart announced in early March that it would offer digital vaccination records that could be used with vaccine passports. The company said its digital vaccination record was built to meet the standards set by the Vaccination Credential Initiative, a coalition of health records management and tech companies that is co-chaired by the Commons Project, maker of the CommonPass. Walmart will also allow people to access paper versions of their health records at their local pharmacies.

    Walmart’s digital vaccination record can be uploaded to one of three apps that function as vaccine passports. One is the Health Pass by Clear; the others are the CommonPass and CommonHealth apps, both of which are made by the Commons Project. Ultimately, proponents of these apps say they make it quick and easy for venues and airlines to verify someone’s vaccination or Covid-19 status while also maintaining that person’s privacy.

    “The airline doesn’t necessarily want to have your vaccination record,” explains J.P. Pollak, a co-founder of the Commons Project. “They would work with CommonPass to get a checkmark that, ‘Yes, in fact, J.P. has been vaccinated by a trusted source,’ without having to convey all of that sort of underlying health information to them.”

    I wonder how many stoopid ppl know that even if you've gotten vaccinated, it doesn't mean you're now 100% immune and that having been vaccinated will surefire keep you from getting COVID– WTF??

  5. Dennie says:

    As if COVID and it's legion of variants unleased upon us from Pandora's Box weren't enough, we now have this news, from Canada:  

    Researchers believe five people have died from this disease. 

    A leaked memo from health officials asked doctors to keep an eye out for brain disease symptoms.

    This unknown brain disease causes hallucinations, memory loss, spasms, muscle wasting, and tooth shattering.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Was this another side effect from the shot?.. or some other new strain that's been created? Hard to tell the difference, I guess!

  6. CJL says:

    Barrier Reef doomed as up to 99% of coral at risk, report finds

    Sydney Morning Herald-April 1, 2021

    The Great Barrier Reef is all but doomed, with between 70 and 99 per cent of corals set for destruction unless immediate “transformative action” is taken to reverse global warming, according to a new report.

    The Australian Academy of Science says the more ambitious target of the Paris Climate Agreement of keeping global warming to 1.5 degrees has now slipped out of reach and is “virtually impossible”.

     “Limiting the temperature rise to the lower Paris Agreement target is exceedingly difficult, and with only three or four more years of emissions at current levels remaining, the target has become virtually impossible to achieve,” says The Risks to Australia of a 3C Warmer World.

    If 1.5 degrees of warming was sustained, the Great Barrier Reef would cease to exist as we know it, says one of the authors, Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, a biologist and climate scientist specialising in coral reefs.

    At 1.5 degrees of warming, the reef would shrink by 70 to 90 per cent.

    At 2 degrees, just 1 per cent of the reef would survive.
    If warming was stabilised, surviving corals suited to warmer temperatures may eventually return to cover the reef. Should it continue unabated, corals would vanish entirely to be replaced by other organisms such as seaweeds and bacteria, said Professor Hoegh-Guldberg.

    More Information at:


  7. Raymond says:

    The aerosol battle continues here in Texas, but thankfully it doesn't appear to involve Tear Gas and Ammonia any more. Last night the planes and spraying were so numerous that 18 flights left trails in front of the moon… in just two hours time. By midnight the moon and stars weren't even visible any more. The aerial battle waged on through the night and they are still spraying as of 2:35 pm. Each and every airline passenger jet is also filling the sky with trails of muck that slowly transform into dirty and ugly cirrus clouds.

    Tomorrow night the forecast calls for a low of 34 degrees and by Monday it will be in the mid 90's! Then Summer heat sets in three months early and the first two weeks of April, is supposed to be in the 90s with no rain in the forecast. Normal temps in April should still be in the 70s, with our first 90 degree day usually coming in late May or early June.

    In just ten years time we have gone from 4.5 months of 90 plus degree temps, to 8 months of Summer-like weather and daytime highs above 95 degrees! Gone from an average of 20 days over 100, to around 58 days. And from 3 to 5 days over 110, to an average of 23 days. All with unbearable humidity levels over 65%.

    I predict a massively extreme drought is being scheduled for Texas and then they will ignite the brush fires. Oh Joy! Can't wait for that!

    I would move to the north pole, but it has warmed up so much there over the last ten years. That Thunderstorms are now the new norm and lightning strikes have increased by over 800%!

    Welcome to Hell On Earth everyone.

  8. Sandy Patrus says:

    They are already segregating the vaccinated against the unvaccinated.  I can see it in my neighborhood.  Neighbors who got vaccinated don't feel comfortable around us that didn't.  My son is a waiter in an upscale restaurant and will be starting back to work the middle of April.  When talking to his manager he was asked if he got vaccinated and he told them no because he is skeptical about the safety of the shot.  His manager told him he didn't have to get it, but his customers would feel better if he did!  This is so wrong on so many levels!  This has to stop now!  What is next?  Are they not going to allow you in restaurants if you are not vaccinated?  I can't believe this is happening and they are getting away with it.  There seems to be a campaign out there to vilify the unvaccinated.

    • Dancing Spirit says:

      What is next are Vaccine Passports….unfortunately. Please listen to Naomi Wolf on you tube…."Why Vaccine Passports Equal Slavery Forever…"  She tells you everything you need to know. I believe the governor in Florida has recently stated that he will not allow Vaccine Passports in his State. So it may be up to each state to enforce this or not. 

  9. Dennie says:

    From U.S.A. Today:  U.S., other nations, challenge WHO on origins of virus

    The U.S. and a dozen other countries issued a rare joint statement on Tuesday questioning the validity of a World Health Organization study into the origins of the coronavirus, which was first detected in Wuhan, China and has now killed almost 2.8 million people across the globe.

    “We support a transparent and independent analysis and evaluation, free from interference and undue influence, of the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this regard, we join in expressing shared concerns regarding the recent WHO-convened study in China,” reads the statement, which was issued by the U.S. State Department in coordination with a raft of other governments, including Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

    The statement included strong support for the WHO and did not directly blame China for interfering with the scientific probe. But it said health experts were delayed in studying the origins of the virus and that even when granted access, they were denied “complete, original data and samples.”

    “The mission of the WHO is critical to advancing global health and health security,” the statement said."Scientific missions like these should be able to do their work under conditions that produce independent and objective recommendations and findings.”

    The WHO’s director, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has also highlighted China’s lack of cooperation.

    “I do not believe that this assessment was extensive enough," he said. "Further data and studies will be needed to reach more robust conclusions.”

    – Deirdre Shesgreen

    • Raymond says:

      Dennie, I have read the WHO report and there are a growing list of articles being published by government sponsored media outlets that are desperately trying to keep with the official narrative, of the virus leaping from animals to humans.

      One such article published just yesterday said: "Anyone who believes that the virus leaked from a lab in China, is basically immature and needs to grow up. Because fantasy has no place in the real world and conspiracy theory rumors like that are the stuff of Comic Books!"

      Even though the former CDC director is adamant about his claim that the Virus couldn't possibly have jumped from animals to humans and spread at such alarming speeds. Without a perfected gain of function ability created for that specific strain… in a lab!. The original SAARS strain of the Covid variant was found to have infected cave workers and miners, after they came into contact with bat dung about 10 years prior to the pandemic. (only 5 people out of thousands too) And of all places… in a cave complex 1,000 miles from the Wuhan lab!

      That's exactly why the orchestrators of the Plandemic-Scamdemic chose the bat scenario. Because it was already public knowledge and could have easily been verified by anyone.

      Hundreds of scientists from around the world also confirm that such a virus is incapable of making the leap from animals, without the help of laboratory genetics intervention. Same with all of the variants popping up around the world at lightning speed. Scientists that aren't following any government agenda or receive federal funding, also point out that such variants would take tens or hundreds of years to mutate, in cases of natural pathogenic spread from animals to humans. But labs can make that happen virtually Overnight!

      I found all of the facts listed above in peer reviewed studies and reports… that have since been removed from the internet, one by one by agencies like the CDC, the WHO, the NIAIDs and the NIH. All of whom claim no support or sponsorship of those studies and reports and thusly were removed by the US Federal Government, to suppress and censor any contradictory findings which doesn't conform to their official narrative.

      Even books and microfiche records that confirm the findings of those independent studies and reports, have been removed from libraries around the country. I know because I visit the libraries in my county about 50 times a year and the Federal Government is now overseeing everything being placed on their book shelves and archives.

      Just like the geoengineering elephant in the sky. The facts are obvious and common sense should be the rule of law. But no one can see either one, even though they exist right in plain sight. Because the government is always right and if they say you're not supposed to be able to see them. Then "Hocus-Pocus"… they aren't there!

    • Dennie says:

      I think we've all been treated to the bullshit, by now….loads of epistemologically challenged folks out there.  Oh, and just plain liars.  And crazies, too, like this ad-hominem-slinging name-calling child. tarring and feathering all vaccine disbelievers with the same schtick that got him (her?):

      "Anyone who believes that the virus leaked from a lab in China, is basically immature and needs to grow up. Because fantasy has no place in the real world and conspiracy theory rumors like that are the stuff of Comic Books!"

      Tell your Doubting Thomas friends to "grok" this, about a nanotechnology expert working in Chinese research labs (now think about what's keeping the COVID virus airborne– floating aloft so well– could it be "gain of function," ya think?): 

      And this:

      And this:

      There's a lot there about Charles Lieber and more if people will simply look.  

    • Raymond says:

      In regards to all of the information and links about Charles Lieber that you provided. Which is awesome research work, by the way!

      And yet the government allows Bill Gates to directly work with the Chinese, on mining all American Covid test results for their own personal use!?


  10. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL,

    For months and months now I've have been contemplating how I will commemorate Dane's 300th "in a row" broadcast. Having run sled dogs for 20 years and caring for horses for almost 15 now, I understand the commitment it takes to be as solid, reliable and persevering as to what mile stone Dane is about  to "surpass". The dogs don't understand you're feeling sick, so out ya go to feed them in the rain and the cold. "They're counting on you". Never does a wood stove feel so good as after all the chores are done and you can get back to sweating out the fever. I can't imagine that Dane's fortitude is any different. The principles are the same. Nod of the hat to you my friend.

    So, on may 9th(Sunday) after listening to our friend Dane during breakfast, I am going to ride my mare out to one of my favorite trees, a Ponderosa tree that is registered on the original USGS survey. It's 400 or so years old and I'm going to have a picnic lunch with my 4 legged friend. Might even share a cold one with her. I haven't been in the saddle for almost 3 1/2years. Getting to that tree will take some conditioning. Mainly on the mares part. It's hard to muster up and go walk among the dying. Especially when the whole of your heart is in sinc with the land. For my 'self' and for Dane, and even all of you, I will conquer my turning away from touching the land and walk on it for the last time in it's life. I hate good bye songs….

  11. Raymond says:

    Is anyone else out there experiencing severe eye, ear, nose and throat irritation? I mean to the point that your eyes burn constantly and the pain is comparable to getting pepper sprayed?

    There has been a massive spraying campaign here with at least 8 planes leaving horizon to horizon aerosol dispersal patterns, all at the same time… non stop for 3 days and nights straight. Literally THOUSANDS of flights so far and it created a phenomenon last that I have never seen before.

    The full moon was shining bright blue, like the sky in daytime and a very bright blue glow could be seen, coming up from the surrounding horizon. Almost as though it was really daytime and only the top two thirds of the sky was still dark enough to see a fully lit moon and stars shining faintly. Sort of like a frosted blue glass dome was in place and another light source, other than the moon itself, was making it glow brightly where the sky meets the entire 360 degree horizon.

    Another wards, if you looked off to the horizon in any direction, it appeared to be daytime. But the full moon was still surrounded by a dark night sky. The effect of that anomaly made it appear as though, approximately 40 to 50 percent of the light that typically reaches the ground during the day… was still present in the middle of the night. Much more light than even at dusk or dawn. 

    I could literally read car license plates and the town name on the water tower, that is five miles away! Something that is still impossible during normal full moons and dusk or dawn lighting conditions. It felt like a thick translucent chemical soup of light refracting aerosols, had filled the sky and was literally glowing so much… that it was half day and half night!

    The air smells heavily of ammonia and my eyes water up so much that it looks like I'm crying, with actual tears running down my cheeks constantly. I have to squint because it's impossible to keep my eyes wide open. It's just too painful to do so. The choking, gagging and hacking up "stuff" is basically an involuntary reaction to what's in the air. My nose burns beyond description and I get nose bleeds every 15 minutes or so. Ringing in the ears that is deafening and they both ache so much that if I even so much as touch them, I scream out in pure agony. Aspirin or Tylenol doesn't help at all and totally unable to sleep.

    Hepa filters make no difference either and only laying a moist towel over my face, gives a little relief. Massive headache, no appetite and can't stop drinking water. The neighborhood community blog website (NextDoor) is flooded with comments describing exactly the same symptoms and everyone's pets are even more miserable than the people.

    The last time that I experienced every single thing that I just described, was back in Army boot-camp basic training. When we had to remove our gas mask and give our name, rank and serial number. Then take in a deep breath, while standing in a small airtight room that was flooded with actual Tear Gas! But that effect only lasted a couple of hours and it is now going on 35 hours or so this time.

    Sure seems ironic that this atmospheric climate warfare attack, is almost identical to the toxic chemical pollution and dust storm, taking place in Beijing, China at this very moment. Where the sun turned sky blue as well and they are at the maximum pollution hazard level of 500.

    Not to mention Biden's recommendation that all states reinforce mask mandates again, taking affect immediately. Trouble is that not even masks are helping us here, in our WW-I gas warfare simulation by the climate controllers. So I have resorted to wearing my full face chemical and biological, canister filter gas mask… and that's the only way that I have been able to write these comment replies.

    These have been some of the darkest and most miserable days of my entire life here in Texas. Ever since the chemical cool-down of our Polar Vortex apocalypse back in February!

    God only knows how much things will get even worse, as the Earth's whole biosphere and web of life, collapses in upon itself. And our suffering here becomes a planetary wide global event. Slowly turning every major city into yet another critically and lethally polluted Beijing!

    The omnicide extinction event that Dane warns us about, is looming heavy now if we can't stop the climate warfare madness… as of yesterday! At least it certainly feels that way here in this part Texas, at this very moment. And I'm sure you felt that way yourself Dane, as you watched the state of California burning down all around you… and felt totally vulnerable and helpless as hell. I completely know and understand that feeling now.

    • Robin says:

      What I have noticed is a change in the health of my pets! I own 2indoor cats and a dog. In the past couple of years, my dog's coat has gotten shorter, dryer, and rougher. She used to have silky, long, wavy, shiny fur. I haven't changed her food brand. 
      My older cat (about 14 years old) has almost stopped grooming himself. His fur is more sparse, shorter, and generally poor looking. It wasn't like this before the past couple years. My younger cat just lays around like she's in a stupor or like she has bad "brain fog".

      The wild animal and bird population in the southeast  area of AZ  has dwindled drastically…and I have been living in the same area since 1989!

      This is such a sad situation.

    • shanti says:

      Raymond, I hope u get better soon! So sorry u have to go through this.

      I think it was in February when we suddenly had an engineered winter weather event with lots of snow in the middle of the night, i looked outside and it was just like u described – almost bright like daytime. I just thought wtf is going on??

  12. Lance says:

    It is written that the wickedness and violence of man caused the Lord God to destroy the ancient world and every living thing alive on the earth at that time with a flood of water, with the exception of Noah and his sons.  The evidence to prove this flood took place is readily observable all over this planet!  It is written that the Lord God will destroy this world again because of the wickedness and violence of man, not with a flood of water, but with fire.  Mankind today, just like it was before the flood, lives in denial of the authority of the Lord God over creation, including mankind!  More specifically, those involved in the "scientific community" believe they can, by developing their esoteric sciences and technologies, attempt to create their own future and escape this, or even keep this from happening!  The haughtiness and arrogance of man is beyond description!                 

  13. Paula McGinnis says:

    Blind belief in authority,

    is the greatest enemy of truth!


  14. Joseph says:

    Alais Clay – Deadly Rain


    This is a great song that was written almost a decade ago.  This is a song that covers what Dane talks about every week.


    • Laurie says:


      Thank you and God Bless you for posting the link to this important song. I will be forwarding it to many. And to think it is from January 2012. 

      God Help us all!!!


  15. Kenneth Miller says:

    To the general public and Dane Wigington. 
    Dane your knowledge is gargantuan. The truth you and your followers share is needed appreciated and should be broadcasted from the mountain. Why are we gagged, muted, shut up by this evil murdering creation of evil.  Admitted my emails are rarely answered. When Ive written to our lawmakers about Geoengineering I'm ignored. What's frustrating is the sickest weather I've ever experienced in the Chicago area. We are allowed sunlight less and less every season. People here and across the country are fooled like a teenager buying they're first car from the Devil's car lol. 
    When I write to our lawmakers about a law stopping violence against women, I get a office assistance answer thanking me. Ask why Geoengineering is happening and can I have their opinions on the subject? No answer. No acknowledgement. 
    This depressing life were forced under? No Sunlight? 
    Drive past the Forest Preserves only to prove every sentence you spoke on the destruction of our trees getting worse every year. When I was younger I dirt biked with the neighbors cutting narrow trails and clearing as much as we could to have safe trails and cleared breathing earth for the preserve. Now today we would need an army of men to clear the Forest Preserves just to walk safely through the woods. 
    Any comment I get when I'm out I use the term Geoengineers and Geoengineering to describe the torture people call weather. 
    Thank You Dane , and all listening to you sounding the alarm! 
    Life has an expiration date pre dating whatever 

    (Our lying doctors! ALL OF THEM ) tell us. 

    thanks Dane

  16. Resi says:

    I can't work without getting the Vaccine, higher ed.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Time for a new career, Right?

    • Dennie says:

      They won't let you go to Europe via air plane without proving you got "the jab."  This is definitely medical autocracy.  Why so few can see it beats me.  I heard today from a woman down in S.F. CA taking care of her 85-year-old grandfather who's paralyzed after taking the damned COVID vaccine.  These are NOT completely safe and after hearing this I am not letting ANYONE force medication on me.  I am pointing out to people all the time that IMMUNITY IS VERY SPECIFICALLY INDIVIDUAL, and just because YOU had no problem with the vaccine doesn't guarantee me that I won't.  I always say to these vaccine-shaming ppl "Okay, so, let's see– because you didn't have any problem taking the vaccine, then that means that you also have the magic ability to guarantee to me and the rest of the whole world that I won't have any problem with it either??" I don't gamble with my health this way.  YOU take it first.  After YOU :-).

    • Robert says:

      Sorry to hear that Resi. Maybe you could file a lawsuit against it. There are a lot of people here who might be able to point the way for you to do just that. I just don't get it, and won't, you aren't sick but they treat you as if you are. One thing I know they'll never create a vaccine for is stupidity. Take care Resi.

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Dennie, no one will escape side effects from this gene therapy shot.  They might not show up right away, but eventually they will.  MS is one of the side effects and I have been hearing a lot lately about people having MS symptoms after getting both shots.  My neighbor is a physical therapist and has had a lot of clients recently with MS symptoms.  My 94 year old neighbor fell after her legs gave way, onto the floor in her bathroom and laid there till 10 am when her caregiver came.  She has been complaining a lot lately of her legs being very weak.  She had both shots.  Dr Judy Mikovits the renowned virologist said this shot sets your brain and body on fire.  Some other side effects she mentioned were:  ALS, Parkinson's Disease, the autoimmune diseases, cancer and aids among other things.  Some will die, but most will have these diseases the rest of their life.

  17. Paul Davis says:

    Dane- Great broadcast today. I Thank you so much!!!

    Field Report: from West of Boston, 30 miles.   Signs of Climate Engineering:

    1. Past weeks:  temps in high 60s and 70s; followed by rainstorms & high winds..designed to cool down temps.

    2. Endless Drought: the rains only appear when temps exceed the 60s/70s…   Feel that temps are under-reported.

    3. Sun: Extremely Bright; hurts the eyes.  Unlike the past.



  18. Gary Morrow says:

    Dane has mentioned the more than 2000 nuclear explosions since 1945. There is a short video on the internet called A Time Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945 by Isao Hashimoto. The insanity starts off slowly until 1950 when the map starts to light up like a pinball machine. Note the hundreds of nuclear explosions in the Southwestern United States, many of which were conducted above ground.

  19. Denise M Horn says:

    I went on the Art Bell show in 1999 and mentioned the trails in the sky.  I believe this agenda is far more nefarious than people suspect.  To say I irritated someone would be an understatement.  This is of the highest secret priority, which is even more concerning considering the overall ignorance of the global public.  I sincerely hope there is more awareness about this subject; so many people are encountering health catastophies that are suspicious as illnesses abound.  Thank you for all your hard work; together we can bring about awareness.  

  20. Raymond says:

    Once again my thermometer registered a high temperatures here in Texas of 93 degrees and the NWS says that we only hit 81. It felt more like 100 plus degrees though as the humidity stayed above 87% all day. This is only March and we're already seeing typical June heat and blistering sun issues. My blacktop driveway hit 168 degrees, when I used a thermal scanning thermometer and at this rate, I will likely see record readings of over 250 degrees come August! Last Summer it physically started to bubble and melt in places and that tells me that the Sun's thermal energy is just a few short years away, from becoming lethal to all life here in the sunbelt region.

    The sun is no longer slowly becoming one of the factors, in our inevitable mass extinction event. But rather, it is now rapidly ushering in our destruction of the human race, at an ever more alarming rate as the Primary factor. It has now become what the doomsday Asteroid was to the Dinosaurs.

    The UV readings are now hitting record levels virtually on a daily basis. Instead of monthly or yearly, as it has been in years past. Maybe that's only happening here in Texas and a handful of other places right now. But I'm sure it will become a global issue before we even reach the year 2025.

    Yet no one else that I know of, is even monitoring UV Radiation levels or shows any concern over how deadly the sun has become now. Except for federal government sponsored scientists, who are being paid to disavow any knowledge of this threat. In order to keep the masses from panicking or learning these truths for themselves.

    The consensus here in my town is that I am a Doomsday freak. Who babbles about end times, like so many other truly mental minions that quote prophecies and scripture. Or claim to possess clairvoyant powers and the ability to see into the future and speak to spirits. Others proclaim that Aliens or God bestows their time travel knowledge and divine powers unto their spiritual essence and awakened conscious realm.

    But I only stick to scientifically proven facts and verifiable truths. Along with dedicated research and first hand experience, or peer reviewed academic studies by reputable experts in their field of study.

    So what all of this is telling me, is that you are so unbelievably right Dane. The people of this community and all of society in general, simply refuses to accept the facts, the truths, the huge volumes of research, any first hand personal experience and studies by non governmental academia experts. Because it short circuits their brain and scares them to the core so much… that they choose to flee rather than fight, for their continued existence. They mentally flee to their alternate reality comfort zone and choose to completely ignore their responsibility as a human being and a steward of planet Earth.

    They cower and cringe as they sink into their shell of ignorance, all while calling me (you Dane and everyone here in the geoengineering watch community) a liar who spreads fake news and conspiracy rhetoric. Falling back into a lapse of reason and allowing themselves to be filled with hostility, anger and disgust for some one who dares to shake up their once stable and secure paradigm. Calling me (us) insane and freaks of humanity, somehow helps them feel in control again and allows them to regain their power over me (us) and the message of dire changes to this world… for which I (we) bare witness to and hold to my (our) convictions.

    That part of the human race that chooses to remain totally passive and complicit of the Insane Asylum's Official Narrative, has devolved into a much lower class of being and species. Who now resembles a mutated freak of nature, which more so resembles a cross between an Ostrich and a Sheep! With the Intelligence of a Slug and the Empathy of a Mass Murdering Warlord. They no longer have Morals, Dignity, Compassion, Love of thy Fellow Humans and the Universe of Nature's Wild Kingdom, or the Spirit and Soul required to Strive for a Better World.

    They are simply cattle being herded into the slaughterhouse and willingly keep blinders on, as they graze their way into oblivion and the bottomless pit of nothingness. But they still consider people like us as the lowest form of life on the planet.

    Because we still know and remember what it's like to be human. We have a sense of passion and fondness, for the beauty and serenity of nature. Our spirit yearns to live in harmony with all forms of evolved and thinking life. Our conquest to nurture all life and improve the health of our planet, is in sharp contrast to the elitists goal of conquering this planet and all forms of life on it. They strive to pillage and plunder all of its natural resources, while we hope to preserve and protect everything this planet has to offer humanity.

    We are the guardians and mindful stewards of Mother Earth trying to talk some common sense into the Bill Gates' and David Keiths of this epoch in our existence. Trying to counter their insane plans that will undoubtedly transform Earth into another Venus. Even though they tell us that is what they're trying to avoid. But their insanity leads to egotistical and maniacal lies that are only self serving… at the cost of Earth's entire web of life.

    Most people are obsessed with and envious of the rich and famous. Never fully understanding how they are sacrificing their own free will on a daily basis, to keep the wealthy elites in a class that only wants their servitude and devours their life force energy. As though it were an elixir that keeps them forever young and powerful… like a God.

    Please excuse my rantings and frustrations as I stand upon this soapbox of endless misgivings. But it was hot as hell today and I know my time is getting shorter on this planet, with each passing plane trail in the sky. So I have resorted to echoing Dane's weekly Global Alert News anxieties, frustrations and anger that I sense in his words and vocal tones of each broadcast. Number 294 and counting… like the seconds ticking away on the proverbial doomsday clock. There will certainly be no celebrations and joyful gatherings to commemorate his milestone 300th GAN broadcast event. So instead, I would just like to say:   "Thank you for staying the course and never saying NEVER, to the sentence which ends with… will we ever make a difference and we should all just give up hope, of ever being able to save Earth and all of  humanity. Because that word doesn't exist in our vocabulary. But the word EVER is a shining light that guides us through the fog of this journey through storms of insanity."

    Our diligence and perseverance will ultimately defeat the elitism that's desperately trying to keep the human race and planet Earth, from living on for EVER more in this miracle of life, known as God's infinite universe. 

    Thanks Dane, for yet another broadcast report that keeps chipping away at the foundation of the insane asylum and gives us the fuel needed, to feed the fires of our coming…Great Awakening.


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Raymond, Thank you for all your contributions here. I appreciate what you bring to the plate. Looking forward to more content.

    • Dennie says:

      We know it's over when everything we learned is "backwards," in a world where "bad" means "good," "white" means "black," "stop" means "go," "up" means "down," etc. etc. etc.  The churches aren't going to step up and stick their necks out for the sake of sanity, decency or much else, either.  And certainly not for the environment, for right stewardship of resources on a planet where resources are finite! The white church leaders are going to stay home and stay away from any kind of protest, march or demonstration.  No, they want their paycheck and pension above all.  Never mind we have holy week upon us, no alarm bells are going off in their "inner" hearing and no sacrifice of any kind will be made anywhere by these people for the sake of continuing a truly healthy life on Earth.

    • Raymond says:

      'a' simple horseman, Everything you have posted is very inspirational to me and equivalent to reading the personal journal, of a friend's life experiences and daily treks through concrete jungles and densely forested back country. Who endears to be one with nature and has his heart broken, every time that man plays God with the environment of his previously untouched and melancholy surroundings, known as your home in the hills. Your comparisons of those two mirrored worlds are like fire and ice, on a sea of perturbing waves. I'm sure that I speak for everyone here, when I say that we thank you immensely for the Geoengineering Booth that you captain in the Farmer's Market. It's the boundless and selfless efforts of you and Dane that is likely to turn the tide, in our struggle to bring some sanity back into this world. I know that the controllers are scheduling more drought and record Summer heat, for you and Dane and I just want ya'll to know that I'm praying for your safety… when the fires ignite yet once again.

      And to you Dennie, my friend.

      I can truly relate to the Mirror/Mirror (Star Trek episode of alter egos), backwards world that you describe. As though the official narrative has somehow flipped a mirror around on all of society. Everyone is now looking at a reflection of their alter ego and what they once knew as their former self, is no longer to be found in their subconscious thoughts. Many however like most millennials, were born under an umbrella of reversed psychology to begin with and have no clue, as to what a normal and sane world actually looks, feels or acts like.

      Your analogy of the Church's role in exposing geoengineering is also very correct. I always get the same response from pastors, preachers, deacons, their "insanely religious" flocks and all of the other clergy members… when I ask for their support in spreading the truth about climate engineering and solar radiation management.

      They always say:   "No need to go down that path. Don't worry, God has our back. Just have a little patience, as God will fix the atmosphere of Earth… when he feels the time to do so is finally at hand. He will right all wrongs and end all pain and suffering, from the climate apocalypse that is currently challenging his children."

      When I reply back with:   "Trust me when I say that there is no time left and we have already passed the point of No Return. If we don't help ourselves, then God won't intervene and all of this blind worshiping is not how God expects his children to serve the greater good. God only helps those who help themselves, right? So if your answer is to simply kneel in prayer. Well, I'm all for the power of prayer and that's what has kept us in this fight to save our planet this far. But God's ultimate gift to his children was this world (and the Gospels affirm that fact), plus the miracle of life's diversity that it nurtures. God specifically stated that we alone are responsible for taking good care of his gift. AND we are failing miserably at being the responsible stewards that he expects us to be. So why is it so difficult for the Church to see the bigger picture and help us to stop the geoengineering insanity?"

      I always get this in return as they turn and walk away:   "Oh ye have so little faith and patience."

      Christianity has been manipulated so much by our elected leaders and their governments that it no longer serves the will of God and the betterment of humanity. Just take the undying support of Franklin Graham for Trump as a prime example. Even though his legislative actions did more to pollute Earth's atmosphere and destroy the web of life. Franklin Graham praised him for just the opposite. 

      Exactly as you pointed out that the world has been turned backwards and insanity is now the new norm. But only a few of us can see through the mirror, to the other side of which we remember from our past and how the world used to be… and definitely before the Industrial Revolution opened Pandora's Box of future Biosphere Collapse.

  21. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Death Rates Skyrocket in Israel Following Pfizer Experimental COVID “Vaccines”
    The National File reported this past week that a group of Israeli doctors, lawyers, campaigners and concerned citizens have hired the services of Tel Aviv-based firm A. Suchovolsky & Co. Law to file a criminal complaint in the International Criminal Court, stating that the mandatory vaccine laws are a violation of the Nuremberg Code.
    Israel became one of the first nations in the world to mandate COVID-19 vaccines, and to introduce a COVID passport system that would only allow individuals to participate in society – including commerce – after they received the vaccine and were approved to join the system.
    Now, a group of Israeli Jews are suing the Netanyahu administration in international court, making the case that Israel is violating the Nuremberg Code by essentially making Israelis subject to a medical experiment using the controversial vaccines.
    Reporting for Church Militant, Jules Gomes wrote:
    The Anshe Ha-Emet (People of the Truth) fellowship — comprising Israeli doctors, lawyers, campaigners and concerned citizens — complained to the ICC prosecutor at the Hague, accusing the government of conducting a national “medical experiment” without first seeking “informed consent.”
    “When the heads of the Ministry of Health as well as the prime minister presented the vaccine in Israel and began the vaccination of Israeli residents, the vaccinated were not advised, that, in practice, they are taking part in a medical experiment and that their consent is required for this under the Nuremberg Code,” the Anshe Ha-Emet suit states.
    Tel Aviv-based firm A. Suchovolsky & Co. Law argues that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s agreement with Pfizer and Netanyahu’s own admission make it clear that Israel’s warp-speed vaccination campaign “is indeed a medical experiment and that this was the essence of the agreement.”
    The complaint has now been accepted by the International Criminal Court (ICC), and will be considered.
    The Nuremberg Code was “written after Nazi doctors were put on trial for performing their medical experiments on concentration camp prisoners, stipulates that it is deeply unethical to force or coerce a person to take part in medical experiments,” according to a Jewish anthropologist. Those behind the lawsuit believe this is especially relevant after Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla called Israel the “world’s lab” due to its ready acceptance of the company’s COVID-19 vaccine.
    This comes after an Israeli group decried the country’s green passport system, which allows only those who have taken the COVID-19 vaccine or developed immunity from the virus to engage in commerce and leave their homes, as “demonic” and a “second Holocaust.”

    • Lynn says:

      Funny, Susan. The AP news just reported this headline, "Israelis gather for Passover, celebrating freedom from virus" The story reads, "Israel has vaccinated over half its population of 9.3 million, and as coronavirus infections have plummeted, authorities have allowed restaurants, hotels, museums and theaters to re-open." Of course, you have to read through to the end of the story for this admission, "It’s too early to say that Israel’s coronavirus crisis is over, as new variants could emerge that are resistant to the vaccines." But, no mention of skyrocketing death rates or the criminal complaint against mandatory vaccine laws. I guess most Americans think everything will be just rosy as soon as most people get their jabs. Dane is right, it's mind-boggling how people are lining up to get these vaccines even when the "experts" admit the new variants may be resistant to the vaccine! 


    • Dennie says:

      That's what I'm seeing, too.  Many people have no idea that the COVID vaccines do NOT PREVENT you from getting COVID, but because most other vaccines in the past operated that way, they assume that these ones do, too.  I was talking with someone from church today who says she knows someone who got sick with COVID in spite of having had the COVID vaccination and I personally spoke with someone this afternoon who's here taking care of her 85-yr-old relative who was paralyzed after getting "the jab."

  22. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Yemen is heading toward the biggest famine in modern history, WFP Chief warns UN Security Council | World Food Programme
    On Yemen:
    “Just two days ago, I was in Yemen, where over 16 million people now face crisis levels of hunger or worse. These aren’t just numbers. These are real people. And we are headed straight toward the biggest famine in modern history. It is hell on earth in many places in Yemen right now.”
    “Around 400,000 children may die in Yemen this year without urgent intervention. That is roughly one child every 75 seconds. So, while we’re sitting here, every minute and a quarter, a child is dying. Are we really going to turn our backs on them and look the other way?”
    “To add to all their misery, the innocent people of Yemen have to deal with a fuel blockade. For example, most hospitals only have electricity in their intensive care units because fuel reserves are so low. I know this first-hand because I’ve walked in the hospital. And the lights were off. The electricity was off. The people of Yemen deserve our help. That blockade must be lifted, as a humanitarian act. Otherwise, millions more will spiral into crisis.”
    On conflict and hunger:
    “Man made conflict is driving instability and powering a destructive new wave of famine that threatens to sweep across the world. The toll being paid in human misery is unimaginable. So I want to thank the Secretary-General for his leadership in trying to avert these famines.”
    “These looming famines have two things in common: they are primarily driven by conflict, and they are entirely preventable… The cycle of violence, hunger and despair pulls in more and more individuals and families as the weeks and months pass. But the potential consequences are truly global: economic deterioration, destabilization, mass migration and starvation.”

  23. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    On The Verge Of A Global Crisis: One Bank Warns Of A "Biblical" Surge In Food Prices / by Tyler Durden
    Thursday, Mar 18, 2021
    By Michael Every of Rabobank
    Biblical, Lean, and Mean: 'Dreams' of an agri-commodity super-cycle
    Then Pharaoh said to Joseph: “Behold, in my dream I stood on the bank of the river. Suddenly seven cows came up out of the river, fine looking and fat; and they fed in the meadow. Then behold, seven other cows came up after them, poor and very ugly and gaunt, such ugliness as I have never seen in all the land of Egypt. And the gaunt and ugly cows ate up the first seven, the fat cows. When they had eaten them up, no one would have known that they had eaten them, for they were just as ugly as at the beginning. So I awoke.”
    – Genesis 41:17-21

        •    Key feed and food prices have been pulled to 9-month and 7-year highs
        •    We explore the ‘dream’ of Biblical scarcity; its origins and impacts; and draw comparisons with Joseph, the trader and central planner who avoided starvation for ancient Egypt
        •    One point is clear: global food insecurity falls heaviest on lower income, importing nations, who spend a far greater share of their income on food than the richer ones
        •    The Fed would play an ironic role in this process even as it embraces fighting poverty and inequality alongside inflation
        •    This could exacerbate (geo)political risk – potentially even regarding institutional architecture
    Our Base Commodity Call
    At time of writing, our forecasts for three of the world’s key agri commodities, soybeans, corn, and wheat are as follows:

  24. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    US Military Ordered 'Clandestine Burning' Of Toxic Chemicals In Poor Neighborhoods: Study | ZeroHedge

    Authored by Kenny Stancil via
    New research conducted by environmental justice scholars at Vermont's Bennington College reveals that between 2016 and 2020, the US military oversaw the "clandestine burning" of more than 20 million pounds of Aqueous Fire Fighting Foam in low-income communities around the country—even though there is no evidence that incineration destroys the toxic "forever chemicals" that make up the foam and are linked to a range of cancers, developmental disorders, immune dysfunction, and infertility.
    "In defiance of common sense and environmental expertise, the Department of Defense (DOD) has enlisted poor communities across the US as unwilling test subjects in its toxic experiment with burning AFFF," David Bond, associate director of the Center for the Advancement of Public Action at Bennington College, said (pdf) in a statement earlier this week.


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