Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 18, 2019, #197


Dane Wigington

So much in our world is changing, and so quickly. How many are still trying to convince themselves that all is normal and sustainable? How many still believe that the government, our government, has our best interest in mind? Scientists working with Geoengineering Watch have now analyzed samples we recently collected in high altitude flights. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Fighting against the growing tide of insanity is a daunting task, but not impossible. If we stand together, and if we collectively keep a correct compass heading, we can yet make a difference in this all important battle for the greater good. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard, make every day count.

Our thanks to Mike Torrence for continuing with his efforts to raise awareness at the Tonasket farmer's market in Washington State (5/18/19).

This week's outreach booth is at the OC Fair & Event Center, Costa Mesa, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

75 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 18, 2019, #197

  1. Jose Gallardo says:

    Before buying or supporting lab grown meat watch this video

  2. Jose Sanchez Gallardo says:


    🔴  1987:  Measles outbreak in a vaccinated school population: epidemiology, chains of transmission and the role of vaccine failures.

    B M Nkowane, S W Bart, W A Orenstein, and M Baltier  

    “Nineteen (70 per cent) of the cases were students who had histories of measles vaccination at 12 months of age or older and are therefore considered vaccine failures. Persons who were unimmunized or immunized at less than 12 months of age had substantially higher attack rates compared to those immunized on or after 12 months of age.  …. There was no evidence to suggest that waning immunity was a contributing factor among the vaccine failures.”



    🔴  “From December 9, 1983, to January 13, 1984, 21 cases of measles occurred in Sangamon County, Illinois.* Nine of the cases were confirmed serologically. The outbreak involved 16 high school students, all of whom had histories of measles vaccination after 15 months of age documented in their school health records.”

    “The affected high school had 276 students and was in the same building as a junior high school with 135 students. A review of health records in the high school showed that all 411 students had documentation of measles vaccination on or after the first birthday, in accordance with Illinois law.”


    2019  2019  2019  2019  2019  2019  2019 ……👇👇


    🔴 2019 – Physicians for Informed Consent    May 1 at 2:36 PM · 

    Did you know that a third dose of MMR is unlikely to solve the problem of waning measles immunity?


    “While a third MMR dose may successfully immunize the rare individual who did not respond after 2 doses, MMR3 (a third dose of MMR) is unlikely to solve the problem of waning immunity in the United States…. We did not find compelling data to support a routine third dose of MMR vaccine.”


    Assess the risks of measles compared to the risks of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine:


    #Physicians4InformedConsent #InformedConsent #Measles #Outbreak #MMR #1stDoNoHarm #PICphysicians  #immunity #vaccines

  3. Jerry A. Miller says:

    I wrote to 3 different weather men in Reno NV. to get an answer to the question…… Does all the airplane "Vapor" have any direct way of changing normal weather patterns or enhance or discourage what it should normally do? Not one weatherman would even respond. So, I then started writing to congressmen until this one answered back. Here's what he said about it…….


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    April 5, 2019


    Mr. Jerry Miller

    750 Divot Drive

    Fernley, NV 89408-6686


    Dear Mr. Miller:


    Thank you for contacting me with your concerns regarding “chemtrails”. I appreciate hearing from you on this important matter.


    As you know, contrails are trails of condensation made visible when water vapor freezes around the aerosols released by aircraft exhaust. There has been speculation that not all contrails are innocuous and that in some instances they contain hazardous chemicals. According to some, these “chemtrails” are part of a classified government solar radiation management program, sometimes referred to as geoengineering, designed to mitigate climate change by redirecting or absorbing solar radiation. 


    I certainly understand the concerns with the premise of undisclosed substances being released in the atmosphere without public knowledge. In response, I contacted the most relevant state and federal agencies that would be able to provide additional information on this issue.


    After contacting Governor Sandoval's office, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Department of Defense (DOD), and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), I have found there is no scientific evidence to suggest that chemtrails exist. You can rest assured I will continue to monitor this situation with your concerns in mind. I will also continue to fight for transparency, openness, and accountability in this Administration and our federal government.


    I appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to apprise me of your opinions and hope that you will contact me again should you have any further comments or concerns. If you would like additional information on my activities in the House, please visit my website, or connect with me on and


    In closing, please know that I consider it a privilege to serve and represent you and your family in Congress.




    Mark E. Amodei 

    Member of Congress


    • Dennie says:

      I think we all need to get these people's e-mail addresses and disabuse them of their massive "misunderstanding" regarding the true nature of what we see blasting out of the back of the jets leaving massive long-lasting trails in the sky.  But as Mike Ruppert wisely said when proving the massive government cover-up known as "9-1-1," using actual government documents to do so, no less, "If four or five good pieces of evidence don't sway a jury, neither will 400 or 500 pieces."

  4. Gary Morrow says:

    Elias Davidsson`s book The betrayal of America, revisiting the 9/11 evidence demolishes the official narrative and is available for free download.

    • Dennie says:

      Or you can visit your library and check out a copy of "Crossing the Rubicon:  The Decline of the American Empire at the end of the Age of Oil," by Michael C. Ruppert, 2004, a best-selling book for a number of months and a copy of which sits in the Harvard Business Library for proving, among other things, the arms-for-drugs trade known as Iran-Contra.  Mr. Ruppert's From the Wilderness blog broke the Pat Tillman death by "friendly fire" story as the Tillman Files, by Stan Goff, and takes credit for getting the N.A.Z.I Donald Rumsfeld fired.  

  5. Gary Morrow says:

    April 2019 was the second hottest ever on Earth behind the strong El Nino year of 2016 according to NOAA. Viet Nam set an all time national high of 110F.  When corrected for the El Nino Southern Oscillation it looks like 2019 might end up being the hottest year on record.

  6. Bella_Fantasia says:

    I'm only 29 minutes into John Pilger's video film 'The Coming War On China' but I had to take a break.  It is very hard to watch, but it is essential to the understanding of American hubris, which is both breathtaking in its horror and disgusting in its cold callousness. 

    For anyone who thinks the US cares for the well-being of any human or animal or for our environment, this video must be seen.

  7. Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

    Thanks to those pesky dandelions, the Bees have something to eat. Nothing else is growing.    Well Mike, you were right about the possibility of forest fires in Alberta after hearing of the state the trees were in by me, in an earlier post. So, their was an evacuation in the Marlboro area just 60 km from us. Then on the east of us, another Wildfire. So I checked into the amount of fires since March 1st. Just Guess? "23 Forest Fires" in the Edson area alone, which is near where the fire is burning now.  In total, 5.3 hectares! Out of control Wildfires they say. This is just a portion of Yellowhead County. Winds & Dry conditions expected to increase the risk. Do tell! We just came out of 8 months of snowfall. They sure can make wind, can't they? The trees are just leafing now. The fauna is almost nonexistent. We still have areas full of water & mud.   The Wildfire danger in the Slave Lake area is "extreme".   It is forecasted in our area for the next two days, Thunder Storms!  That use to take a lot of high temperatures for a period of time. Never happened, I assure you. Late July, or August thunder showers in the past.       And with having fires burning 60km away, we don't smell smoke. When B.C. was burning down last Summer, all we heard was how smoke was in the air, poor air quality due to smoke. Oh, that's why we are under a canopy every day. I just see a hell of a lot of jets overhead spraying toxic substances out of their rear end! It's Madness. They just don't stop even while an out of control fire burns below them.  And it does feel cooler when they spray less. Under these canopies, the temperatures rise. Their plans aren't working. The Planet Isn't Cooling. And the Sky & the Planet is now, Simply Ugly & Toxic!   This is a Gain?  I guess they don't understand the importance of Trees!  Maybe they need a real expert or two to tell them this!           Thanks so much Big Brother!     Great show Dane.   

  8. Jose Sanchez Gallardo says:

    This site won’t let me post Doshi’s  BMJ article- hilarious:






     Year after year they have quoted observational studies to announce, “…80% vaccine effectiveness…60% effectiveness…40% effectiveness…” They do not mention that these studies make no effort to look for adverse vaccine effects (e.g. narcolepsy, seizures, high fever, oculorespiratory syndrome). They do not mention “negative vaccine effectiveness”, the increase in risk of illness from influenza and non-influenza viruses associated with (or caused by) the vaccines. (Cowling, Clin Inf Dis 2012;54:1778) They do not mention that a vaccine “effective” in one season may increase influenza risk in a subsequent season. (Read about “antibody-dependent enhancement” to understand one explanatory mechanism). They do not mention that the observational studies they refer to are likely to exaggerate vaccine effectiveness in the first place because of the “healthy user effect” well known to epidemiologists.


    Some history: 1960 Nobel Laureate and a primary developer of today’s influenza vaccine, Macfarlane Burnet, didn’t think it was worth much. (Br J Path 1936:17:282. Natural History of Infectious Disease 1972, page212)….In 2000 Kenneth McIntosh warned that we should not routinely give influenza vaccine to healthy children until multicenter randomized trials were done over several seasons to be sure that it was safe and effective. (Editorial, NEJM 2000;342:225) His advice was ignored….In 2004 a “Seven-Step Recipe” for using the media to boost demand for the vaccine was presented to the National Influenza Vaccine Summit, sponsored by the CDC and the AMA. The recipe included, “…statements of alarm by public health authorities…prediction of dire outcomes from influenza…continued reports that influenza is causing severe illness affecting lots of people…repeated urging of influenza vaccination…” (Doshi, BMJ 2005;331:1419) Sound familiar?”


    Out of over 62,000 deaths-it turns out only 18 were actually tested to identify the influenza virus…. and yet they report all cases as flu deaths….


    I mean these folks are just bs artists 


    They inflate the death numbers and fear monger to hype demand for the flu vaccine. 


    US data on influenza deaths are a mess. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) acknowledges a difference between flu death and flu associated death yet uses the terms interchangeably. Additionally, there are significant statistical incompatibilities between official estimates and national vital statistics data. Compounding these problems is a marketing of fear—a CDC communications strategy in which medical experts “predict dire outcomes” during flu seasons


    Yet this bill obscures the fact that CDC is already working in manufacturers' interest by conducting campaigns to increase flu vaccination. At the 2004 “National Influenza Vaccine Summit,” co-sponsored by CDC and the American Medical Association, Glen Nowak, associate director for communications at the NIP, spoke on using the media to boost demand for the vaccine. One step of a “Seven-Step `Recipe' for Generating Interest in, and Demand for, Flu (or any other) Vaccination” occurs when “medical experts and public health authorities publicly…state concern and alarm (and predict dire outcomes)—and urge influenza vaccination” ( Another step entails “continued reports…that influenza is causing severe illness and/or affecting lots of people, helping foster the perception that many people are susceptible to a bad case of influenza.”


  9. Jose Gallardo says:

    🔴2010: Hepatitis B vaccination of male neonates and autism diagnosis, NHIS 1997-2002.

    Gallagher CM1, Goodman MS.


    Universal hepatitis B vaccination was recommended for U.S. newborns in 1991; however, safety findings are mixed. The association between hepatitis B vaccination of male neonates and parental report of autism diagnosis was determined. This cross-sectional study used weighted probability samples obtained from National Health Interview Survey 1997-2002 data sets. Vaccination status was determined from the vaccination record. Logistic regression was used to estimate the odds for autism diagnosis associated with neonatal hepatitis B vaccination among boys age 3-17 years, born before 1999, adjusted for race, maternal education, and two-parent household. Boys vaccinated as neonates had threefold greater odds for autism diagnosis compared to boys never vaccinated or vaccinated after the first month of life. Non-Hispanic white boys were 64% less likely to have autism diagnosis relative to nonwhite boys. Findings suggest that U.S. male neonates vaccinated with the hepatitis B vaccine prior to 1999 (from vaccination record) had a threefold higher risk for parental report of autism diagnosis compared to boys not vaccinated as neonates during that same time period. Nonwhite boys bore a greater risk.


    🔴2011: Do aluminum vaccine adjuvants contribute to the rising prevalence of autism?

    Tomljenovic L1, Shaw CA.



    Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are serious multisystem developmental disorders and an urgent global public health concern. Dysfunctional immunity and impaired brain function are core deficits in ASD. Aluminum (Al), the most commonly used vaccine adjuvant, is a demonstrated neurotoxin and a strong immune stimulator. Hence, adjuvant Al has the potential to induce neuroimmune disorders. When assessing adjuvant toxicity in children, two key points ought to be considered: (i) children should not be viewed as "small adults" as their unique physiology makes them much more vulnerable to toxic insults; and (ii) if exposure to Al from only few vaccines can lead to cognitive impairment and autoimmunity in adults, is it unreasonable to question whether the current pediatric schedules, often containing 18 Al adjuvanted vaccines, are safe for children? By applying Hill's criteria for establishing causality between exposure and outcome we investigated whether exposure to Al from vaccines could be contributing to the rise in ASD prevalence in the Western world. Our results show that: (i) children from countries with the highest ASD prevalence appear to have the highest exposure to Al from vaccines; (ii) the increase in exposure to Al adjuvants significantly correlates with the increase in ASD prevalence in the United States observed over the last two decades (Pearson r=0.92, p<0.0001); and (iii) a significant correlation exists between the amounts of Al administered to preschool children and the current prevalence of ASD in seven Western countries, particularly at 3-4 months of age (Pearson r=0.89-0.94, p=0.0018-0.0248). The application of the Hill's criteria to these data indicates that the correlation between Al in vaccines and ASD may be causal. Because children represent a fraction of the population most at risk for complications following exposure to Al, a more rigorous evaluation of Al adjuvant safety seems warranted.


    🔴2009: What is regressive autism and why does it occur? Is it the consequence of multi-systemic dysfunction affecting the elimination of heavy metals and the ability to regulate neural temperature?

    “This article explores the issues and concludes that sensory dysfunction and systemic failure, manifested as autism, is the inevitable consequence arising from subtle DNA alteration and consequently from the overuse of vaccines.”


    “…The argument has never been that they are completely safe but that the consequences are less than having the disease. Now it is illustrated that the consequences of intensive vaccination schedules pose a greater risk than could ever have been imagined. This leads to the evolution of new viral strains, an unsurprising development when the environment to which it is exposed is being altered by new proteins, structural variants and altered DNA.”


    🔴2007: A case series of children with apparent mercury toxic encephalopathies manifesting with clinical symptoms of regressive autistic disorders.


    “….It is clear that…. mercury exposure can induce immune, sensory, neurological, motor, and behavioral dysfunctions similar to traits defining or associated with ASDs.”


    “…these previously normally developing children suffered mercury toxic encephalopathies that manifested with clinical symptoms consistent with regressive ASDs. Evidence for mercury intoxication should be considered in the differential diagnosis as contributing to some regressive ASDs.”


    🔴2008:  A comprehensive review of mercury provoked autism. {vaccines still have mercury and all Flu vaccines]

    Geier DA1, King PG, Sykes LK, Geier MR.


    Emerging evidence supports the theory that some autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) may result from a combination of genetic/biochemical susceptibility, specifically a reduced ability to excrete mercury (Hg), and exposure to Hg at critical developmental periods. Elemental/inorganic Hg is released into the air/water where it becomes methylated and accumulates in animal tissues. The US population is primarily exposed to methyl-Hg by fish consumption. In addition, many pharmaceuticals have been, and some continue to be, a ubiquitous source of danger because they contain mercurials. Mercurials may be found in drugs for the eye, ear, nose, throat, and skin; in bleaching creams; as preservatives in cosmetics, tooth pastes, lens solutions, vaccines, allergy test and immunotherapy solutions; in antiseptics, disinfectants, and contraceptives; in fungicides and herbicides; in dental fillings and thermometers; and many other products. Hg has been found to cause immune, sensory, neurological, motor, and behavioural dysfunctions similar to traits defining/associated with ASDs, and that these similarities extend to neuroanatomy, neurotransmitters, and biochemistry. Furthermore, a review of molecular mechanisms indicates that Hg exposure can induce death, disorganization and/or damage to selected neurons in the brain similar to that seen in recent ASD brain pathology studies, and this alteration may likely produce the symptoms by which ASDs are diagnosed. Finally, a review of treatments suggests that ASD patients who undergo protocols to reduce Hg and/or its effects show significant clinical improvements in some cases. In conclusion, the overwhelming preponderance of the evidence favours acceptance that Hg exposure is capable of causing some ASDs.


    🔴 2013: Thimerosal Exposure and the Role of Sulfation Chemistry and Thiol Availability in Autism



    “…With the rate of children diagnosed with an ASD in the US now exceeding 1 in 50 children [166] and the rate of children with neurodevelopmental/behavioral disorders in the US now exceeding 1 in 6 children [167], and the preceding evidence showing that there is vulnerability to TM that would not be known without extensive testing, the preponderance of the evidence indicates that TM should be removed from all vaccines.”

    • Louise Neufeld says:

      Many thanks Jose Gallardo for your numerous and informative posts on vaccinations.  My daughter and I are collecting info for a very large binder on how and why vaccines are NOT effective NOR are they safe as physicians repeatedly lie to us.

    • Jose Sanchez Gallardo says:

      Thank you, my gratitude goes out to those who listen.

  10. Mary Hollowell says:

    Reminder of Vine Deloria Jr. saying, "Most of the people shouting were government undercover agents, who were on these marches and things."

  11. herb says:

    I found this the other day.. Ive seen the video about turbo bypass engines a few times. and it says only under certain conditions can a contrail form,but doesnt say what those conditions are. well Ive heard one scientist say its -40 f and 70 % humidity and another article say -40 and 69% humidity. well this is from the encyclopedia of atmospheric sciences.Generally speaking it takes -40 f and 100% humidity..Ive tried to find these conditions dozens of times from the university of Wyoming atmospheric sensors page.Ive found these conditions twice. Where do they accure ? over a hugh winter storm  Period !!  this the article  , a very good read..   peace..

  12. Theo Radic says:

    "Every American should be ashamed.  But they are not.  At some point, the Russians, Chinese, Europeans, Iranians, and everyone else will finally realize, hopefully before it is too late, that Washington is overwhelmed by evil, capable only of destruction, and a dangerous threat to life on earth."

    Paul Craig Roberts


  13. Linda..LS says:

    Thanks to all that post their regional reports. I skip the rest but enjoy reading the 1st hand experiences on the ground of how our planet is responding to the poisoning it is taking. And how people are responding. Here in the high SIerra it is almost unspeakable. Like BaneB said…the work to clean up the destruction is almost too much. Gotta hand it to the folks that live here though.They have already cleaned up from so much winter destruction and geo engineering and now the branches and limbs are all over again. And trees/bushes pushed sideways by the glacier they created. They don't pop back up. It is wrong. All of it is an exercise in futility but it must be human nature cause we are all doing it. Thanks Dane and all the heroic know who you are. Some people will go down fighting or spreading the truth as is the case here. Keep up the work.

    • Melissa says:

      May 21 st,

      Billings Montana ,

       7 th consecutive day with rain and clouds . Mostly clouds tho. Stuck In the high 40’s and 50’s. I’m starting to feel like I live In Washington state. Very strange for these parts . 20 degrees cooler than average as well. Some trees are still struggling to leaf out. Snow in the mountains.

  14. Clare Goldsberry says:

    It's May 20 in Phoenix, AZ and the temperature this morning at my house was 56 degrees! Today's high is going to be 77 — a full 20 degrees below our average temperature for this date. The sky to the north was blue-black just like a winter sky. It snowed in Flagstaff yesterday. I wonder if I'm still living in Arizona! While we're usually hitting 100 degrees this time of year, we've only hit 100 once so far and this week and next week are forecast to be in the low 80s to 90 degrees. The jet stream the local weather forecasters are displaying show a huge ridge reaching up to Alaska then falling sharply all the way down through Nevada and into Southern Arizona. Freeze warnings tonight for Sierra Vista, AZ on the Mexico border.

  15. Rosalie says:

    Thanks for the update on "real news" Dane. Hard to hear it, but, facing the truth and spreading it to the few who are receptive to it, is the only way forward.  Good to see you get more exposure with Lionel.  Soppy wet and cool for weeks and weeks on the East Coast in Canada.

  16. Jose Gallardo says:

    Did your Dr. tell you this ? Avoid vaccination of the MMR if your child has a sibling or parent with an autoimmune deficiency

    Thanks to Health Freedom Idaho for the list below 

    What exactly is an 'immune system problem?" Does this include every single auto-immune disorder?  
    *.  Achalasia
    *  Addison’s disease
    *  Adult Still's disease
    *  Agammaglobulinemia
    *  Alopecia areata
    *  Amyloidosis
    *  Ankylosing spondylitis
    *  Anti-GBM/Anti-TBM nephritis
    *  Antiphospholipid syndrome
    *  Autoimmune angioedema
    *  Autoimmune dysautonomia
    *  Autoimmune encephalomyelitis
    *  Autoimmune hepatitis
    *  Autoimmune inner ear disease (AIED)
    *  Autoimmune myocarditis
    *  Autoimmune oophoritis
    *  Autoimmune orchitis
    *  Autoimmune pancreatitis
    *  Autoimmune retinopathy
    *  Autoimmune urticaria
    *  Axonal & neuronal neuropathy (AMAN)
    *  Baló disease
    *  Behcet’s disease
    *  Benign mucosal pemphigoid
    *  Bullous pemphigoid
    *  Castleman disease (CD)
    *  Celiac disease
    *  Chagas disease
    *  Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP)
    *  Chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis (CRMO)
    *  Churg-Strauss Syndrome (CSS) or Eosinophilic Granulomatosis (EGPA)
    *  Cicatricial pemphigoid
    *  Cogan’s syndrome
    *  Cold agglutinin disease
    *  Congenital heart block
    *  Coxsackie myocarditis
    *  CREST syndrome
    *  Crohn’s disease
    *  Dermatitis herpetiformis
    *  Dermatomyositis
    *  Devic’s disease (neuromyelitis optica)
    *  Discoid lupus
    *  Dressler’s syndrome
    *  Endometriosis
    *  Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE)
    *  Eosinophilic fasciitis
    *  Erythema nodosum
    *  Essential mixed cryoglobulinemia
    *  Evans syndrome
    *  Fibromyalgia
    *  Fibrosing alveolitis
    *  Giant cell arteritis (temporal arteritis)
    *  Giant cell myocarditis
    *  Glomerulonephritis
    *  Goodpasture’s syndrome
    *  Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis
    *  Graves’ disease
    *  Guillain-Barre syndrome
    *  Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
    *  Hemolytic anemia
    *  Henoch-Schonlein purpura (HSP)
    *  Herpes gestationis or pemphigoid gestationis (PG)
    *  Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) (Acne Inversa)
    *  Hypogammalglobulinemia
    *  IgA Nephropathy
    *  IgG4-related sclerosing disease
    *  Immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP)
    *  Inclusion body myositis (IBM)
    *  Interstitial cystitis (IC)
    *  Juvenile arthritis
    *  Juvenile diabetes (Type 1 diabetes)
    *  Juvenile myositis (JM)
    *  Kawasaki disease
    *  Lambert-Eaton syndrome
    *  Leukocytoclastic vasculitis
    *  Lichen planus
    *  Lichen sclerosus
    *  Ligneous conjunctivitis
    *  Linear IgA disease (LAD)
    *  Lupus
    *  Lyme disease chronic
    *  Meniere’s disease
    *  Microscopic polyangiitis (MPA)
    *  Mixed connective tissue disease (MCTD)
    *  Mooren’s ulcer
    *  Mucha-Habermann disease
    *  Multifocal Motor Neuropathy (MMN) or MMNCB
    *  Multiple sclerosis
    *  Myasthenia gravis
    *  Myositis
    *  Narcolepsy
    *  Neonatal Lupus
    *  Neuromyelitis optica
    *  Neutropenia
    *  Ocular cicatricial pemphigoid
    *  Optic neuritis
    *  Palindromic rheumatism (PR)
    *  PANDAS
    *  Paraneoplastic cerebellar degeneration (PCD)
    *  Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH)
    *  Parry Romberg syndrome
    *  Pars planitis (peripheral uveitis)
    *  Parsonage-Turner syndrome
    *  Pemphigus
    *  Peripheral neuropathy
    *  Perivenous encephalomyelitis
    *  Pernicious anemia (PA)
    *  POEMS syndrome
    *  Polyarteritis nodosa
    *  Polyglandular syndromes type I, II, III
    *  Polymyalgia rheumatica
    *  Polymyositis
    *  Postmyocardial infarction syndrome
    *  Postpericardiotomy syndrome
    *  Primary biliary cirrhosis
    *  Primary sclerosing cholangitis
    *  Progesterone dermatitis
    *  Psoriasis
    *  Psoriatic arthritis
    *  Pure red cell aplasia (PRCA)
    *  Pyoderma gangrenosum
    *  Raynaud’s phenomenon
    *  Reactive Arthritis
    *  Reflex sympathetic dystrophy
    *  Relapsing polychondritis
    *  Restless legs syndrome (RLS)
    *  Retroperitoneal fibrosis
    *  Rheumatic fever
    *  Rheumatoid arthritis
    *  Sarcoidosis
    *  Schmidt syndrome
    *  Scleritis
    *  Scleroderma
    *  Sjögren’s syndrome
    *  Sperm & testicular autoimmunity
    *  Stiff person syndrome (SPS)
    *  Subacute bacterial endocarditis (SBE)
    *  Susac’s syndrome
    *  Sympathetic ophthalmia (SO)
    *  Takayasu’s arteritis
    *  Temporal arteritis/Giant cell arteritis
    *  Thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP)
    *  Tolosa-Hunt syndrome (THS)
    *  Transverse myelitis
    *  Type 1 diabetes
    *  Ulcerative colitis (UC)
    *  Undifferentiated connective tissue disease (UCTD)
    *  Uveitis
    *  Vasculitis
    *  Vitiligo
    *  Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada Disease

    Wonder how many doctors are paying attention?

  17. Jose Gallardo says:

    Vitamin A has been found to be effective in not only treating measles and preventing complications, but it has also been found to reduce the incidence of measles. 

    Better nutrition and vitamin A sufficiency were the biggest factors in the decline in measles mortality in the US prior to the introduction of the MMR vaccine. There is a multitude of studies in the scientific literature to support this fact. 

    The following is just a sample of that research:


    👉🏻 In 1977: “Malnutrition was thought to have depressed the immune response… resulting in a severe and prolonged attack of measles. This, in turn, led to further damage to the immune system and more severe malnutrition.”

    👉🏻 In 1990: “Measles depresses serum levels of vitamin A, and hyporetinemia… is associated with increased mortality from the disease.”

    “[V]itamin A is sometimes referred to as the ‘anti-infective’ vitamin.”

    👉🏻 In 1992: “Children with no known prior vitamin A deficiency exhibited a significant decline in their serum retinol levels during the acute phase of measles. This decline in circulating retinol was associated with increased duration of fever, higher hospitalization rates, and decreased antibody titers.”

    👉🏻 In 1993: “Among these children with measles in an urban United States community, retinol concentrations were depressed, and the degree of depression was associated with illness severity.”

    “We conclude that a policy of high dose oral vitamin A (400,000 IU) supplementation in measles provides benefits which are equivalent to those previously observed only in controlled research trials, that it is highly cost effective, and that it should form part of the routine case management of all children hospitalized with measles.”

    👉🏻 In 2002: “Vitamin A deficiency is a recognized risk factor for severe measles.”

    “We conclude that 200 000 IU of vitamin A repeated on 2 days should be used for the treatment of measles as recommended by WHO in children admitted to hospitals in areas where the case fatality is high.”

    👉🏻 In 2008: “Vitamin A (retinol) treatment of acute measles can reduce measles-associated mortality by 50-80%. We sought to determine whether or not retinoids can act directly to limit MV output from infected cells.”

    “[R]etinoids can directly inhibit [measles virus] in vitro…”

    👉🏻 In 2009: “Our goal was to understand the mechanism by which vitamin A and other retinoids reduce measles virus (MeV) replication in vitro.”

    “[R]etinoids inhibit MeV replication by up-regulating elements of the innate immune response…”

    👉🏻 In 2011: “Vitamin A supplementation is associated with large reductions in mortality, morbidity, and vision problems in a range of settings, and these results cannot be explained by bias.”

    ‘Vitamin A supplementation was associated with a reduced incidence of… measles.”

    “They found vitamin A supplements reduced child mortality by 24% in low and middle income countries. It may also reduce mortality and disability by preventing measles…”

    “The researchers argue that the effectiveness of vitamin A supplementation is now so well-established that further trials would be unethical, and they urge policymakers to provide supplements for all children at risk of deficiency.”



    Persistent measles infection in malnourished children.

    A randomized, controlled trial of vitamin A in children with severe measles.

    Low serum retinol is associated with increased severity of measles in New York City children.

    Measles severity and serum retinol (vitamin A) concentration among children in the United States.

    Routine high-dose vitamin A therapy for children hospitalized with measles.

    Vitamin A for the treatment of children with measles–a systematic review.

    Retinoids inhibit measles virus in vitro via nuclear retinoid receptor signaling pathways.

    Retinoids inhibit measles virus through a type I IFN-dependent bystander effect.

    Vitamin A supplements for preventing mortality, illness, and blindness in children aged under 5: systematic review and meta-analysis.

    Vitamin A supplements for children could save 600,000 lives a year, experts predict.

  18. Mary Hollowell says:

    Regarding Gardasil, hear Polly Tommey say, "They murdered her" [beginning 20:46 min.]

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      Heartbreaking that such a beautiful girl would be killed with the Gardasil vaccine! And only 21 years old. Vaccines do NOT "save lives." The reality is that they kill and maim, and no vaccine should ever be given again! It is no less than genocide.

  19. Pedro says:

    "The first American settlers cut down millions of trees to deliberately engineer climate change"


  20. Gary Morrow says:

    One hundred degree temperatures have only occurred once in the month of May in the Augusta Georgia area. The Foreca weather app is forecasting five straight days of 100 degree plus temperatures beginning on May 25 in Augusta.

  21. Paul Vonharnish says:

    This video discusses the financial and political agenda of United Nations owned groups such as Extinction Rebellion.  It's a shame, because well meaning persons like Greta Thunberg and millions of climate change protesters are unaware they're being pimped and used.  Agenda 2030 is a corporate funded "environmental" control mechanism detailed widely within many United Nations, United Kingdom, Canadian, and NATO driven social policies…

    The truth about Extinction Rebellion. Published April 26, 2019 Please view in entirety:

    "Who runs Extinction Rebellion? What is the fourth industrial revolution? What are their goals? What is a climate emergency? What is sustainable development? How is 5G connected with all of the above?
    Many of the sources from site below plus others which I have sourced which have URLs displayed in the video."

  22. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, thanks for putting up a picture of my(our, we are all one) booth. That was market #2 for this year and #57 over all. Look people, if 'I' can do it, 'you' can do it. Get a banner, a table, a chair, a bunch of flyers and start talking 'with' people. At this point in time, "nothing else matters". The more time wears on, the easier it is becoming to wake "some" folks up. Like you say Dane, "they can't hide this issue much longer".

    Gail, in yellow head county Alberta, I had a visitor stop by that had just come from Jasper. She visits there every couple of years to take pictures. As you know well, she was met this year with complete devastation of the forest lands. Those were her words. The very best part is that she is totally on board with the mind set here on this column and spreading awareness in general. We should expect a photographical account of the changes(trees dying) in the Jasper area very soon. Her accounts of what she witnessed lined up exactly with your observations. Thank you for them, they made it possible for me to ask good questions.

    I took myself for a little drive today. A spring time treat. (I don't give myself a treat very often). Up into the Okanogan high lands. Got up to 5500 feet or so. I always marvel as to what the land scape would look like before the white man arrived. There is so much evidence of plentiful beaver habitat. Which promotes a lot of other rich and diverse "wild life". I've written before, every rancher owes a great deal to the beaver. There still are beaver dams on most creeks. Though there is not as much water in them and many creeks have already dried up for the season when decades ago they flowed all year around. Like Dane's hydro power losses. I drove by several basins that just last year had beaver dams on them and held water. It was evident that there was not enough water flow(sanitation) and the beaver moved on. Interesting how quickly those basins turn into green grazing land for all wild life. I drove through a canyon that had soooo many wind fall trees from just this last winter. The root clusters that get turned up with such trees are "much smaller" than I am used to seeing. The trees are dying from the bottom up for sure. They're also dying from the top down. I have never seen so many cones on any one tree let alone a bazillion of them. This is not good by any stretch. This year we can add the Larch Fir to the list of trees that will soon be gone, much like the Ponderosa's of my region. The western tamarack are still hanging on but showing signs of stress. They loose their needles each fall and grow new ones each spring. They are a species to themselves. So far this spring the needle regrowth is close to normal. They are miraculous to me. They also make great strong lumber. My cabin is framed with tamarack lumber. That's how I got away with just 2×4's for framing. It was a nice drive today, 3 hours of it. Spring is here and things are green. It's been a trying winter. Mother Nature is so giving in the spring time, even when insulted by many assaults of climate manipulation. It was good to get out and witness it "all". No, I do not like that large regions of timber are dying where they stand with out any life boat in sight. They are set up to fail, just as we all are. I truly hope all my efforts will add up to at least "something", even if it is only for the greater good of what will become the collective consciousness of our future. Love everything with all you are. Give everything you have and want for nothing. Love and strength to ALL.

    • Flying Squirrel says:

      Simple Horseman,

        Thank you for your picturesque accounts of the beauty and the horror of what unfolds in Nature. Yes, She is fighting hard, even though She is dying. Thank you also for your effort in raising awareness with your booths! We need more volunteers and activists to make a presence and share a voice at physical meeting places, like fairs and Farmer's markets. We need to band together! I hope to join soon.

    • Dennie says:

      We're seeing this kind of massive environmental assault's results in the tree population, which is the next massive genocide.  Drove up to Ukiah (Mendocino County) and back down this past weekend.  Though the heavy winter rains this year, continuing into this week, have meant a lot more water in every creek going into the Russian and other rivers and more green on trees than we've seen in a while, you still see many stressed and dead trees standing.  Needles on redwoods and firs are having a harder time recovering but they're still trying.  This is what I tried to say last time I wrote in about it here.  If "they" would only admit that what they're doing is not helping, maybe everything really would have a chance.  

    • Flying Squirrel says:


        It was so nice to read your account of what you see in the trees, thank you. Nature is ultimately stronger than we are. The trees will probably survive much longer than we will… I think staying grounded to our Mother Earth is key, for protection from these toxic skies, waters, and microwaved atmosphere. Thank you everyone who is trying, one ear at a time; it is hard to be looked at like a quack, but what if one ear changes our fate?!

        Keep it up everyone, Thank and Bless You, Dane.

  23. Scott Davis says:

    I am having a hard time finding an labs that will test for Aluminum, Barium and Strontium in Vegetation matter.

    I have sent my rainwater samples to Basic Labs in Redding and Chico California in the past. I called them and asked where I could get vegetation tested for these elements. They said they don't know. They don't test vegetation last time I talked with them.

    I thought I would try the Cannabis Labs, like SC Labs, and Steep Hill labs. But to no avail, none of them test for Aluminum, barium and Strontium (ABS). They also could not recommend any labs that do. 

    I find this so odd, especially since the Government in CA is requiring cannabis testing labs to now test for Heavy metals, Cadmium, Lead, Arsnic and Mercury.

    But not Aluminum , Barium and Strontium????    Hmmm, I call BS on the labs and the whole Cannabis testing community, and the State agencies, do they have something to hide?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Scott, thank you for your efforts to investigate. Just an FYI on Basic Lab in Redding California, Geoengineering Watch is no longer utilizing their services, I will leave it at that.

    • Kim Ireland says:

      LHi Scott

      Anresco Laboratory in So San Francisco has been a food testing laboratory since 1945.  Recently they became a certified cannabis testing lab so they may be able to help you.  For sure they have AA equipment capable of trace metal analysis.  Whether they’ll do it for you is another question.  My experience is they prefer working with large clients.  You could be testing food garden vegetation.

    • Dennie says:

      I'm wondering if we have any old Hippies out there with degrees in chemistry or whatever who could start a testing lab that measures aluminum, barium and strontium for vegetation.  I know that Standard Process vitamins will run metals tests on hair samples for participants in their ongoing education classes for health care professionals such as L.Ac.s.  My acupuncturist said his hair contained aluminum– Now what's that metal doing there, as any reasonable person would ask?

  24. patrick mchenry says:

    Voting for democrats or republicans will continue to ensure more wars, death of animals and plants (6th extinction) gmos, increasing use of pesticides, more and different kinds of geoengineering, continued coverup of what really happened on 9/11, and continued dumbing down of Americans by a bought and paid for corporate media.


    • Larwence says:

      Thanks to everyone here for caring and trying to get this stopped. About our votes, I think that the only reason we have elections is to make us feel like we are a part of what happens in OUR country. But after 65 years of watching and participating I am certain that what we want, or who we believe we are electing does not ever matter, or ever happen. THEY do what THEY want and that is that.Sad but true!

  25. BaneB says:

    May 19, 2019:  What can I say?  I sit here in amazement looking at a full scale blizzard blowing sideways from out of the southeast.  It’s been snowing for an hour or more.  The ground is covered white.  This is suppose to be springtime in central Mendocino County.  Granted I am at 4,000 feet.  Nonetheless in the almost 30 years here never have I experienced this bizarre weather.  The birds are nesting.  Indeed, all of my fruit trees are leafed out and full of young fruit.  The peonies and other flowers are being mashed down.  I expect trees to begin breaking limbs.  The beautiful tall green grasses are being flattebed.  Mowing later in July will be difficult. In sum, if this keeps up there is going to be a lot of work to clean it up.  I was up and outside at 4 a.m.  There was lightning, but more like a brief quick flash with no point of reference.  No thunder.  The sky was totally cloudy.  I could light up the lower portion with my powerful flashlight.  It was then I noticed a small light going very slow overhead.  It seemed to be right up next to the canopy.  It disappeared.  Then after a minute, it showed again in about the same position.  Satellite?  How could it be. My light sort of lit it up but was indiscernible. The sky was utterly obscured.  Night drone?  Whatever, just an observation.  The total accumulation of rainwater up here is well over 6 inches since last Wednesday.  The forecast is more to come.  Dane, your radio broadcast of yesterday is absolutely correct in every aspect.  Not a pretty picture, but one that is an honest assessment of just how far gone is humanities detachment and destruction of the natural redundancies that are being rapidly unplugged everywhere we look.

    • Dale K says:

      Will the Oroville Dam continue to hold up in the wake of all the storms that have continually moved over the area?

      Lake Oroville Water Level 891.00 Feet MSL 
      Sunday, May 19, 2019 5:00:00 PM. 
      Level is 162.90 feet above full pool of 728.10 
      Lakes Online


    • BaneB says:

      May 21, 2019

      Dale:  Good question.  I am a hundred miles from Oroville.  And am not sure how much rain and snow they are receiving.  But here the rain has been non-stop since the wee hours of the morning.  It’s just pours and pours.  And will do so until late this evening according to the weather schedulers.  

    • Dennie says:

      I was staying up in Redwood Valley playing with Ukiah Symphony over the weekend and I heard Mendo County had over 3 inches of rain last Saturday.  All the creeks like Forsythe were swollen and full of brown roiling water.  By Sunday morning they had settled down and were looking a (mostly) serene aquamarine blue again.  Russian River alternately looking like rapids (south Mendo County getting down near the Frog Woman Rock, a huge vertical rock face directly above the river near the Korean Veterans' bridge) or languid (gravel beds south of Hopland Overhead bridge), depending on location.  Looking brown near the Old Redwood Highway exit just south of the bridge crossing the Russian River on Hwy 101 south of Healdsburg.  

  26. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 270th email, titled 'Climate Chaos within 20 monthsCO2 levels / "Global dimming" aka "Aerosol masking effect" aka toxic atmospheric spraying (geoengineering). 

    When will they lob 200 nukes down volcano cones to initiate the 2 year nuclear volcanic winter to refreeze the Arctic (and Antarctic)? This has nothing to do with a nuclear war, although that could be used as a distraction.

    The ongoing intensive, toxic (and therefore extremely profitable for those companies whose business model relies on disease and ill health) geoengineering and atmospheric spraying has delayed the nuclear option by over 6 years. However, because it is a covert operation, the general public has carried on with 'business as usual' and nothing has been achieved to prevent climate catastrophe and our extinction.

    Recorded CO2 levels at Mauna Loa, Hawaii: 15th May 2017 – 411.27ppm; 15th May 2018 – 411.96ppm; 15th May 2019 – 415.70ppm ( with hourly peak at 417ppm). That creates an exponential curve on any graph. However, due to the time lag between emission and peak heat generated by CO2, we will have be alive in 10 yrs to experience the heat increase caused by this year's emissions. The annual cycle indicates that CO2 levels should now start to fall as vegetation growth increases – let's see. 

    Methane is rising at an even faster rate.

    The historical temperatures that correspond to these high levels of 'greenhouse gasses' show that global temperatures should be 8 – 10C higher than we currently are. Oceans are absorbing some of this missing heat, but there were oceans before, so what is the difference?………Ah yes –  "Global dimming" aka "Aerosol masking effect" aka the covert intensive toxic atmospheric spraying (geoengineering) that is carried out in the skies above our heads (it is the major component of the first two expressions).

    Further information on this week's Global News Alert, listen to the very end: 

  27. Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

    33,000,000 visitors to this site. The true number is most likely three or four times that, maybe more considering that most computers are accessed by several people. When I first found this site the counter was at 12,000,000. I am considering making a new YouTube video. I will let you ALL know when I post it.

    Never, Ever, Give Up!!! 

    • Michelle Edwards says:

      Thank you, Stephen. I just watched your video. Inspiring. Like you, when I first noticed the spraying, I pointed it out to friends, family, and some strangers even. And like you, I was made to feel like the crazy one. So I stayed silent on the issue (for the most part) for the last 6 years. Last week I started conversing with a random person in the neighborhood. She shocked me when she started mentioning “chemtrails”. I left that conversation feeling like I need to stop being quiet! She hadn’t heard of geoengineering Said she’d check it out. Your activism has inspired me as well as Dane’s incredible week after week updates. 

    • Daniel says:

      Please do make another video. Your first one inspired me to turn my online resale store into a similar function for getting flyers and information to people. Thanks for what you do and keep it up!

  28. NEGREL Gabriel says:

    Bonjour, j'habite dans le sud de la France ( Aubagne à 30km de Marseille) Je suis admiratif de votre lutte et l'engagement de Dane. Nous aussi nous avons des épandages en masse et qui commencent à réveiller les esprits. Et le journal Le Monde a récemment écrit " que les traînées d'avions accroissent le réchauffement climatique" Les mentalité changent et c'est tant mieux 

  29. MAP says:

    So does anyone on this site have any thoughts on when food shortages become widespread in USA?

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      I'd say sometime last year. There are a lot of things missing from the shelves of the average grocery store. Mainly variety, "so far". But also chicken wings from what I gather here.

    • Dale K says:

      Prices are noticeably higher at the local grocery stores. We're not talking about a measly 1-2% inflation, but rather $1 per pound increases on meats and 10% price increases for other selected items. The one staple that I buy regularly that hasn't gone up in price over the last year are eggs. I suspect that much of what I will find in the produce section this summer will either be imported or non-organic.

    • Jeffrey E Fish says:

      They have started. What is coming will be so brutal that I don't think storing a couple years worth of food is worth it. "Carpe Dium".

    • Tanya Quarterman says:

      Here in Maine they just ran a report on the local news about how the farmers cant plant seed in mud. Seeds are usually sewn mid April, and with continuous rain, any seeds that are sewn get washed away. Farmers markets open this weekend, but nothing to sell. Other farmer friends have been telling me about an increase in animal deaths, less successful pregnancies in the herd and more stillbirths. Of course, they will try to hide it, the shortages. I could be wrong, but me thinks the collapse (environment, not economy) will seem sudden, will appear to be sudden, but only to those who either didnt pay attention or didnt care. It will not be a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention. Those paying attention are clearly 'the brightest bulbs in the box". This has bugged me most of my life….folks refusing to see what is right in front of them. Sociopaths have no capacity for consequences.

    • Dale K says:

      Grain prices on the U.S. futures exchange are starting to rise significantly off their lows and may be a harbinger of higher bread prices at the retail level. Here is an excerpt of an analyst's report dated May 20, 2019, although I suspect it was actually written last Friday after the markets closed.

      Weekly Ag Markets Update
      by Jack Scoville
      The Price Futures Group
      May 20, 2019

      Corn exploded higher last week as the weather market got underway. It was a very impressive rally that was caused by another week of cold and wet weather. It has been too cold and wet for most producers to consider planting. Many have not even been able to do initial fieldwork to prepare the soils for planting, and soils in many cases are too cold for seeds to germinate properly.

      The planting pace is thought to be one of the slowest in history, or at least over the last 30 years or more. Ideas are that USDA ill show that half or less of the crop has been planted when it releases its weekly updates on Monday afternoon. The slow planting progress means that lower yields are a certainty and there are increasing ideas that not all of the intended area will get planted. 

  30. Brian N Tanimoto says:

    The US is running amok out-of-control causing tremendous death, destruction, and suffering in the Middle East countries, usually under the guise of fighting the fabricated war on terror, or a fabricated evil dictator. And yes, in case you were wondering, the citizens of these countries do hate us for it. That's the real reason behind President Trump's immigration ban from these Middle East countries. The US government is concerned about people coming in who will spread the truth or seek revenge for these war crimes. Of course, the official BS narrative, parroted by President Trump, is that the US is concerned about terrorists coming in. The fact is, America is the leading terrorist country in the world by far.

    At about 50:00, President Trump accuses Iran's leaders of spreading chaos, death, and destruction, and not respecting the sovereignty of nations. The US government has also designated Iran's Republican Guard, which is part of its military, as an international terrorist group. It's remarkable how consistently the US government relies on this well-worn tactic of accusing its adversary of the same crimes the US is committing. Really, only the dumbed-down American populace is fooled by this trick of misdirection, and I suppose as long as the government can maintain its narrative, this tactic will work time and time again. But, once it loses credibility in the eyes of enough people, change will happen. Vote Tulsi Gabbard for President in 2020.

    • PatInSF says:

      If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran. Never threaten the United States again!

      That appeared to be a considerable shift in tone from the president's brief remarks at the White House on Thursday, when he responded "I hope not" after being asked whether the United States and Iran were headed toward war. What the hell? 

    • Brian N Tanimoto says:

      PatinSF I think President Trump actually does not war with anyone and sometimes carelessly let's his sentiment slip on national TV. Then the  PTB gives his leash a hard yank to remind him to stick to the official narrative.

  31. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Americans must turn away from the media proscribed hypnosis.  A hypnosis that insists that everything "governmental" is corrupted and beyond correction.  Beyond correction?  What are the options for a people when when cynicism and denial have gained control of common conscience?

    This is the only presidential candidate laying the proverbial cards on the table. Though no direct mention of geoengineering, giving the military the financial shaft would alter their plans considerably…

    Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard – Build, Don't Bomb: A New American Foreign Policy – YouTube

    Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs   Published on April 23, 2019

    • Brian N Tanimoto says:

      Paul Yes! Let's spread the word. I realize the federal government and electoral process are rife with systemic corruption but, now that the political process has degenerated to such a degree, I hope enough people will 'buck the system' and vote in a real leader such as Representative Gabbard. The government controls the geoengineering program as well the trillions of dollars required to fund the military and deal with climate change, so we have to vote in the right people to run the government. We don't have a choice.  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Brian, though I too have been impressed by Gabbard, no “elected” individual can make any difference in regard to the centuries old cancerous cabal that is currently controlling the entire system. The population must be awakened to the fact that we are fighting for our lives, only then do we have any chance of altering the equation in the right direction.

  32. Susan says:

    Thanks, Dane, for another sobering report.

    Here in northeast Washington we have not had a drop of measurable precipitation in months. When I dug a three foot deep trench to fix a water pipe, the ground was bone dry, even though the "snow" has only been gone for 6 weeks. Temperatures in the low 80's in early May brought on the blooming of the region's fruit trees. And then came the rain. It has been raining non-stop for three days, dampening the blossoms and preventing what few insects remain from pollinating our trees. As you said, they control the spigot,..when, where, and how much, so the timing is no accident.

    I have been teaching middle school math in a remote, rural school district for the past several weeks. It is so depressing to work with these 12 and 13 year olds who cannot remember from one day to the next how to follow a simple mathematical formula. When I take them outside for P.E., I watch the planes fly over us, spraying poison. No wonder the kids can't think! Then we go in for lunch to a GMO/glyphosate-laden meal. Geez!

    I had one victory last week.  I've been slowly trying to educate a friend about the geoengineering issue: pointing out the planes and the way the trails they leave in the sky spread out and cause the whole sky to become white, explaining about jet fan engines, etc. Finally last weekend he looked up in the sky in front of his house and pointed out three planes racing side by side across the sky leaving trails. He said, "But who would do that to themselves?" Acknowledgment and questioning…first baby steps to opening his eyes and his mind to reality. That's the first person, in my 10 years of trying, who has made that step.

    Thanks for your excellent work with Lionel's interview, too.

  33. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    America’s Insatiable Military — Strategic Culture

    The United States government authorizes itself to be the dictator of the world, and this couldn’t happen if it didn’t have allies who accept this type of humiliating treatment. An insatiable US military is essential in order for such a regime to be able to have any success at all.

    …  The purpose of the military is to apply the ultimate weapons, if and as needed, in order to impose one’s will. The US dollar is backed by blood — victims’ blood, the target-nations’ blood — and the dollar wouldn’t be the world’s reserve currency if it weren’t backed up ultimately by America’s military, “the policeman to the world.” (That’s how the thug calls itself, instead, a ‘policeman’.) The dollar would be just another currency.

    Alliances are essential in order for an empire such as this to be able to function. But alliances also need enemies — and those are intended to be the victims. And trading with the ‘enemies’ (any sanctioned country) causes that trader to become likewise punished. As was stated before, these sanctions are actually economic blockades. A blockade doesn’t affect only its target-nation but also the nations which don’t join the economic war against that target. This is how a blockade works. The purpose of the sanctions is to isolate the target-country by extending those sanctions also against any nation which doesn’t abandon that target-nation. After the target-nation becomes sufficiently abandoned, the empire invades it. That’s how an empire works, in our time (if not all times).

    More blatantly than ever before, the US regime is now actually trying to terrorize the entire world into submission.

    • Dennie says:

      Goddamned military can't run without O-I-L– can't fly supersonic jets on solar batteries, Once the oil runs low enough, they're finished, Game OVER, and they know it.  That is why these ugly Reptilian-brained creatures of their handlers, the Banking-Corporate-Industrial Luciferian Angels who run the show, are so very desperate to stay "on top…"

  34. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    The Normalization and Institutionalization of Fraud
    Charles High Smith
    Normalizing and institutionalizing fraud undermines the foundations of the economy and the financial system.
    I am indebted to Manoj Samanta … for the insightful concept the commoditization of fraud. The first step in the commoditization of fraud is to normalize fraud as Business as Usual (BAU) to the point that it's no longer viewed as "wrong," destructive or an aberration of evil-doers but as an accepted way to maximize gain and offload risk onto others.
    The last step in the process is to institutionalize fraud within central banking and government policies.

    How is selling shares in a money-losing corporation at outlandish valuations not the commoditization of fraud? The fraud has been normalized into a game of hoping that greater fools will be so enamored of the normalized fraud that they'll take the IPO shares off your hands at ever-higher valuations until the fraud breaks down.
    But by then, the instigators of the fraud–the IPO–have escaped with billions in gains and zero liability.
    How is private equity loading companies up with debt as a means of paying outlandish dividends to themselves not commoditized fraud? How is paying dividends with debt rather than earnings not fraud? The net result of this fraud is the debt-burdened company eventually defaults on its debt, defrauding the investors who were suckered into the scam.
    But once again, the instigators of the fraud–private equity–have escaped with billions in gains and zero liability.
    How is understating inflation so Social Security retirees get near-zero cost of living adjustments as real-world inflation pushes 7% not normalized, institutionalized fraud? We all understand the motivation for this institutionalized fraud: to limit the increasing cost of Social Security and mask the erosion of household income's purchasing power.
    While the Social Security recipient and the minimum wage worker are getting squeezed, those getting nearly free money from the Federal Reserve to plow into stocks are piling up trillions of dollars in gains. How is the Fed's fee money for financiers not commoditized, institutionalized fraud? Those who can borrow outlandishly large sums at a discount are in effect being given the tools to defraud the financial system and all the other players who aren't as close to the money spigot of the central bank.
    How is charging 20% interest on a credit card balance while financiers pay 2% not commoditized, institutionalized fraud? The cover for this fraud is particularly rich: the high credit risk of the credit card holder demands a high rate of return, while the "low-risk" financier gets 2% financing to blow up the entire financial system and get bailed out by the taxpayer.
    Normalizing and institutionalizing fraud undermines the foundations of the economy and the financial system. Calling these commoditized frauds business as usual doesn't mean they won't destroy the system from the inside.


  35. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: This report is posted by multiple sources online. "…powerful LED lights are 'photo-toxic' … can cause an irreversible loss of retinal cells and lead to a common cause of blindness."

    LED lights in your house can cause irreversible damage to the eyes and lead to a vision-robbing condition, French health authority warns

        •    ANSES urged officials to revise the maximum limit for exposure to LED lights
        •    In a 400-page report, the body warned powerful LED lights are 'photo-toxic'
        •    LED phone, tablet and laptop screens do not pose a risk of eye damage, it said
        •    But it urged car manufacturers to 'limit the luminous intensity of headlights'

    LED lights can permanently damage the retina and disturb natural sleep rhythms, France's government-run health watchdog has said.  The French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (ANSES) warned powerful LED lights are 'photo-toxic'.  In a 400-page report, the body cautioned it can cause an irreversible loss of retinal cells and lead to a common cause of blindness.
    ANSES urged officials to revise the maximum limit for exposure to LED lights, which emit 'blue light' at much higher quantities.  LED phone, tablet and laptop screens do not pose a risk of eye damage – but the intense bulbs used in car headlights may.  French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (ANSES) warned exposure to an intense and powerful LED light is 'photo-toxic'
    The report distinguished between acute exposure of high-intensity LED light, and 'chronic exposure' to lower intensity sources.  While less dangerous, even chronic exposure can 'accelerate the ageing of retinal tissue' and contribute to poor vision, the agency said.
    Long-lasting, energy efficient and inexpensive, LED technology has gobbled up half of the general lighting market in a decade.  And industry experts predict its share will continue to rise, topping 60 per cent by the end of next year.
    Long-lasting, energy efficient and inexpensive, LED technology has gobbled up half of the general lighting market in a decade.
    And industry experts predict its share will continue to rise, topping 60 per cent by the end of next year.
    However, LED lights emit much higher quantities of blue light than standard incandescent bulbs of comparable brightness.
    Blue light, which has one of the shortest wavelengths, is also emitted by flat screens, smartphones and tablets.
    It has long been suspected to be the reason that night shift workers, exposed to artificial light for longer, have a greater risk of cancer.
    The light cuts the body's production of melatonin, which plays a key role in regulating the body clock.
    This may disrupt other hormones. Both prostate and breast cancer are known to be hormone-related.
    And researchers at the University of Toledo last year warned blue light may damage vision and speed up the onset of blindness.
    They found prolonged exposure triggers the death of light-sensitive cells in the eye — which can lead to macular degeneration.
    Blue light can penetrate the deeper layer of skin, making skin thinner and more fragile, dermatologists also claim.

    The "blue light" in LED lighting can damage the eye's retina and disturb natural sleep rhythms, France's government-run health watchdog said this week. From a report: New findings confirm earlier concerns that "exposure to an intense and powerful [LED] light is 'photo-toxic' and can lead to irreversible loss of retinal cells and diminished sharpness of vision," the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES) warned in a statement. The agency recommended in a 400-page report that the maximum limit for acute exposure be revised, even if such levels are rarely met in home or work environments.

    The report distinguished between acute exposure of high-intensity LED light, and "chronic exposure" to lower intensity sources. While less dangerous, even chronic exposure can "accelerate the ageing of retinal tissue, contributing to a decline in visual acuity and certain degenerative diseases such as age-related macular degeneration," the agency concluded. Long-lasting, energy efficient and inexpensive, light-emitting diode (LED) technology has gobbled up half of the general lighting market in a decade, and will top 60 percent by the end of next year, according to industry projections. science slashdot


    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Susan:  Blue spectrum emitted by LED lighting has been causing multiple vision and neurological maladies since introduction.  LED driven televisions and computer screens have a deleterious role as well.  There are many health studies and published papers…

      IEEE licensee's working on LED technology are well aware of vision issues, but are driven to make a living inventing new forms of human illness; just like the soulless pharmaceutical ghouls and agribusiness slaves calling themselves farmers…

      The U.S. Patent office issues patents on any technology it wishes, because that's the way corporate capitalism functions in a world of financial hogs.  The capitalist system is sick.  Here's another item the CDC is well aware of: >

      Excerpted from: Non-Thermal Electromagnetic Radiation Damage to Lens Epithelium 

      Open Ophthalmol J. 2008; 2: 102–106.  Published online 2008 May 21.  doi:  10.2174/1874364100802010102

      "In summary, our study shows the damaging effects of high frequency microwave radiation on the intact lens and demonstrates that the optical damage can be recovered. However, the data suggest that more exposures to microwave can cause cumulative damage and can cause cataract.”

      Complete text:

    • Aswellian says:

      LED flickers something like 10,000 times a second, and with a sufficiently fast camera you can catch earlier generation car tail lights in the off mode. Even though we don't consciously perceive the rapid flicker, it can't be good for eyes or the nervous system…

      Look at OLED lights as being the replacement for LED. OLED is also low power consumption, and the O is for organic, which will ultimately lead to less costly and easier production. It's not quite ready for light bulb form factor, but will be soon…


    • Bonnie Chase says:

      I just put on my blue blockers.  Thanks for the reminder.

    • Jose Gallardo says:

      The way to protect against high frequency electromagnetic radiation (blue light) is one you can put on blue light blocking glasses, but the natural way to do it is by increasing the amount and quality of melanin in your body, melanin is very important, this is why you find that darker skinned people age slower and are far less likely to get sunburn, skin cancer and macular degeneration, certain foods can help increase your melanin, this is not about racism, this is about public health, I don’t believe in racism as a Christian, there is a lot of human variation within our species and one of those variations is the melanin we have, and in a world where UV extremes are on the rise due to Geoengineering and pollution, we need to be well equipped with the melanin we need to endure it, melanin is like sunblock.

      You can verify all that I am saying with a simple search.

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