Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 27, 2023, #407


Dane Wigington

And now the weather: "cloudy with showers of plastic" and the "perfect pathogen storm". Weather whiplash chemical cloud seeding cool-downs are being carried out above the most populated portions of the US while much of the world bakes and burns. Though the northern latitude cyclone season has only just begun, the most powerful category 5 storm in years is already wreaking havoc over record warm seas. Polar meltdown is rapidly thawing as many as 10,000 toxic sites that power structures pretended would remain frozen forever. Vast portions of Earth are already becoming "uninhabitable", and above it all climate engineering operations are raging. Brace for impact, the sand in the hourglass is running down fast. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

What could be more frustrating than trying to wake family and friends up who still believe skies like this are completely normal?
Grand Valley, Pennsylvania. Photo credit: Cindy Balsiger
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Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

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23 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 27, 2023, #407

  1. David Williams says:

    Last but not least or even extra special, man was added in, fitting perfectly with all coming before man. Plants, animals, water, everything needed for man and all other creatures and life to thrive. Then some men decided to create their own world, experimenting and observing their way along, looking at physical things and tossing the spiritual aside while claiming superiority to all others. Now in a few hundred years, this religious, dedicated, insane evil death cult that hates life, has created such a huge mess for all other life and even their own.

  2. Joe says:

    There was a  People's Climate March back in 2014 around the world.

     How time flys has that was almost 10 years ago. I was at that in NYC and handed out hundreds of Dane's flyers against geoengineering..   

    We need another march but including a march against Climate Engineering that no environmental groups want to touch. 

    Lab tests do not lie. The Dimming movie tells the truth .

    People's Climate March: thousands demand action around the world – as it happened | Climate crisis | The Guardian


  3. Earth Angel says:

    As david commented about Florida it has been unusually cool & windy here in north Georgia as well, yet sun feels very hot on the skin. Another couple of observations; in the past two or three years I have commented about very small minute ticks which seem to bore into the skin of my horses (that in itself very strange) difficult to remove causing almost immediate large painful swelling of the animal's skin around it (and very SLOW wound to heal despite daily treatment) rather than the usual tick behavior attaching itself to the animal and it swelling with the hosts blood. Gratefully, so far this spring season I have encountered NONE of these odd pests. The second observation is the alarming LACK of grasshoppers which I encountered while bushogging roughly 14 acres of relatively lush pastureland in the past 3 or 4 days. I haven't seen more than 14 or 15 large mature insects flushed out by the mower and less than that of tiny young hatchlings liting on my arms or the mower, though there were a few. Normally 10 or 15 years ago fields were buzzing with these insects. We should be seeing dozens if not hundreds of these critters per acre- not averaging roughly just ONE. This is beyond disturbing to me. Sad and unsustainable, if this becomes the norm. Hopefully it is just a freak year; for the birds sake, the snakes, the frogs and for the rest of us. I also observe oddly discolored patches of grasses and weeds and  weeds partly shriveled and burnt by either uvb & c or chemicals being deployed by the aerosol shows above our heads- which I was also treated to suddenly while mowing the fields this afternoon, Memorial Day Monday. Clear blue skies and normal cumulus type clouds most of the day and then late afternoon suddenly jets and lines going every which way overhead. Fumigating everything. They sure know how to ruin a good day.

    • Randyl J says:

      Thank You Earth Angel for that excellent observation as I'm East of Charlotte and only noticing birds and squirrels playing in the Asheboro town area. Only a few Huge bluish 'houseflies' appeared last month. Nothing else! Large ant mounds- gone. Small ants (twice I've been stung) are in my apartment but none out along walkways- just very teeny ones. No normal flying insects, period! And the same ground cold all through the Memorial Weekend of Rain. Occasionally someone will comment and I'm carrying the GEW business cards on walks.

  4. Joseph says:

    Thanks Dane all that you do for the greater good. 

    I continue to hand out your information- Dimming business cards– More people need to help share the info. on this great website. 


     It has been a very unusual cool spring in the nyc long island area where I live.


    Extreme weather has taken over the whole planet and there is no escaping climate engineering.

  5. penny waters says:

    that was weird


    i read above :-

    "The last installment of Global Alert News…."

    or so i thought, as a strange feeling rippled through me

    unnerving it was

    is it so close?

  6. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Microplastics, potential threat to patients with lung diseases – PMC

    Microplastics are air pollutants that have attracted intense attention in recent years. Microplastics have been detected in the air of large, densely populated cities (e.g., Beijing, Shanghai, London, etc.) (Liu et al., 2019; Li et al., 2020; Wright et al., 2020), and the type and concentration of airborne microplastics are influenced by community lifestyles, anthropogenic activities, and meteorological conditions (Chen et al., 2020; Mbachu et al., 2020).
    Atmospheric microplastics can settle on the ground or float by wind and air movement. Due to the small size, airborne microplastics can be directly inhaled by humans (Kaya et al., 2018; Chen et al., 2020).

    Microplastics are present in indoor and outdoor air, although the concentration of microplastics in the indoor environment is greater than that in the outdoor environment. Indoor objects, materials, and furnishings produce plastic debris due to abrasion, and microplastics from these sources have a much greater impact on humans than the polymers contained in food and beverages (Rist et al., 2018).
    Inhalation of plastic fibers and particles, especially by exposed workers, often leads to respiratory discomfort due to inflammatory responses in the airways and interstitium. Even at very low ambient concentrations, the susceptible individuals are at risk of developing lesions (Atis et al., 2005; Prata, 2018).

    The deposition of microplastics in the human respiratory system has been demonstrated. The presence of microplastics has been found in the human lung (Amato-Lourenco et al., 2021; Jenner et al., 2022) and in the sputum of patients with respiratory diseases (Huang et al., 2022).
    A maximum of 565 particles/10 ml and 21 types of microplastics were identified (polyurethane, polyester, chlorinated polyethylene, and alkyd varnish, accounting for 78.36% of the total microplastics) in sputum.

    Microplastics are inhaled into the respiratory tract and can be excreted with sputum, and personal smoking habits and invasive tracheal examinations have been associated with microplastic exposure (Huang et al., 2022).

    However, studies on the effects of these microplastics deposited in the lungs, especially in patients with respiratory diseases, are still in the initial stage. Here, we present an overview of the potential effects and possible mechanisms of microplastics on respiratory health (Figure 1) with the aim of
    providing an awakening to the detriments of microplastics.
    Inflammatory response and redox imbalance

    Rather than acting as a simple physical barrier, the airway epithelium detects allergens, microplastics, and other irritants and then helps to organize the subsequent immune response by releasing a large number of secretory signals. Microplastics’ exposure induces epithelial cell inflammation. The pro-inflammatory cytokine TNF-α may have a momentous impact on microplastics-induced airway inflammation.

  7. david says:

    Here in Florida its unusually cool this week in the 60s and 70s.  Its been abnormally cool for the most part going into summer.  This was not the case last year.  Its definitely not what I expected.  Another thing that's very noticeable is the grass isn't growing as fast as last year or in the past.  

  8. Pam says:

    I live in the Boise area of Idaho.  It is beyond pathetic to see the behavior of the residents around here.  They are clueless as to the looming collapse.  There are so many beer and wine bars here and nearly everyone drinks.  The non-stop construction of housing is mind-boggling.  The land is rapidly disappearing. 

    Out come the big RV's and motor boats, it's party time now that school is out and long-awaited summer temps are here; it's what the blind wait for.

  9. Jackie Pollock says:

    Thank you Dane for this week's dismal report but it is so necessary that all of us hear and listen and act. I am doing what I can to "plant seeds" even though by far most people are not interested and do not want to take time to investigate on their own. We then move on to the next one. Things are devolving very fast now climate-wise and civilization-wise and the convergence of all of it seems to be forming very fast too, as a result. Very sobering but we all must continue the fight no matter what.

  10. Jay says:

    As a practical suggestion: If you watch a Global Alert News via an email you received, please try to ALSO go to the website. You might even watch that broadcast again, or merely just start it. By visiting the website, even if it may *seem* to be redundant. you cause the "algorithm" to recognize that many people are visiting the site. This might (and probably will) help to increase awareness and make it harder for "THEM" to censor. (THEM are the sociopaths, money-printers, liars, sadists, etc. (You can also study at the site!

  11. JR says:

    Good Morning, some would say God morning, all good. Still alive and somewhat kicking from when I got rearended on my bike-Fatbob Shovel 6 years back. It's a wonder. I had been cancer free for 20 years, rare form in 2001. New issues folks developed from trauma & all this one doctor said off record. We were killed yesterday by the deceitful sprayers of SAI/SRM/= along with our clouds. Our Creator of all knows what His plans are totally for this Earth. All the way around what we are facing is a hard pill to take, meanwhile we endure, tough as it is. Water is back and flowing in Rio Grande after flow shut down a few months back. Peace to all…

  12. Stan Sylvester says:

    Uh – oh, Bill Gates is now involved in the produce that you eat. In an effort to flatten the curve, this time regarding produce waste,  Bill has enlisted the help of Apeel Sciences.

    According to an FDA 2019 report, 14% of all produce is wasted from the farm to the supermarket. Blessed with a $100,000 donation from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Apeel has come up with a coating to prolong produce life, including organic. It is called Eideel. For example, lemons now look sellable at 60 days on the shelf with this product. It cannot be washed off.

    The Rockefeller Foundation and the World Economic Forum are also on board. James Rogers Ph.D. is the Apeel Science Founder. He is an agenda coordinator of the WEF and is also one of their "Young Global Leaders." To give you a little idea of where his head is at, James  hailed the Covid lockdowns as a model for  future action on climate change. Thanks for the warning.

    Proverbs 4:16

    "For they cannot rest until they do evil, they are robbed of sleep until they make someone stumble."

    This is who we're dealing with, folks. They are passionate about misery for the rest of us. We must match their passion to educate others as to their evil intent, even  when so many seem to not care.

    • Robin says:

      Thank you Stan.  My wife was noticing how the lemons at Costco appear in such perfect condition (it's hard to confess that I still shop there).  I will look into this & share my concern that appears to be connected to the forever chemical category.  We compost food scraps.  It seems to me another way for corporations to poison the compost pile.

      A most symbolic way that I can share with people about 'those who do evil' is in the fact Dane has revealed-  that DDT barrels have been dumped into the ocean.  So, if we are to protect and defend life and liberty, nationally & elsewhere, why are we harming ocean life, and for that matter all life, with the same DDT that almost wiped out the bald eagle- our national symbol!?  I illustrated this with a poster showing a winged-flying skull surrounded by jets spraying a cobwebbed sky.  I need to get this poster back in action.  Yes!  Match their evil passion!

      I shared with our two young adults, how their dear old dad (then 5 years old) watched DDT being sprayed in the woods surrounding the summer camp where my parents worked.  We lived in a camp quonset hut. 

      Courage Forward

  13. RandylJ says:

    Thank You Dane – Another week leading us in Your Incredible march to fight the Geoengineering Activities that are contributing #1 overall to Earth’s extermination.

    I remember driving south on I-95 in North Carolina, to get my “home-on-wheels” inland, away from Hurricane Florence. I’d discovered your amazing website while researching causes for the weather anomalies I had begun noticing. I even searched ‘Earth Shifts’ which my Dad had developed an interest in during the 1950’s. He didn’t realized the Dark Forces were already creating weather abnormalities even then.  And Your Website has been my Guidance since discovering it in 2018. 

    Listening to the weekly Alert News, is awesome but like ‘dipping one’s toes’ into water, if you really want to understand I suggest getting into the swim at website and STUDYING!!! This is where I truly began to ‘Connect the Dots’! And my understanding is that We on Earth are nearing the Tipping Point – the “Bottom of the Canyon” as Dane vividly and realistically describes it. So Dig In! Study! You’ll begin to see what’s going on Clearly! There isn’t a single place on Earth that’s not being Geoengineered right now!!! Point others to the Website. Give them a brochure and anything related. But just tell them, it’s soooo easy to just listen to “The Dimming” and explore this website.

    That’s all I have this week. Ongoing frozen particulate fake rain in central NC, keeping heat away until THEY decide to make it “summer-like” which won’t be difficult – as soon as THEY stop spraying, We’ll swelter! Oh – and if I could, I’d share a photo of the extremely gross orangey stuff I collected from my window sills last week – it came in through tight screens. Fiber-like. Glows under a flashlight. Absolutely creepy. Something else from ‘Above’!

    Be Safe! Keep Studying Here! (Plus this Reader’s Comments Section – Collective Ideas!)

    Randyl J

  14. f reps says:

    Dane is right.  In Ancient Times ; Noah saved a tiny remnant of Humanity from the Insane activities of Satanic Activists who were engaged in the destruction of the World  and Mankind who were violating Natural Law.   The "Flood" might happen again ; perhaps in another manner.   Since the Majority of  men are "currently" engaged in destroying the World and all of Natural Life; another Flood is needed. Destruction of the  Earth's Ecology through Geo Engineering as well as the destruction of Humanity itself ; leads one to think that this Purging is overdue.   This time the "Flood" may be replaced by "Fire". ; and   Since the Semmelweiss Reflex seems to be built in to most people'; and the path we are on will not end without  Catastrophe.      The New "Noah" will probably be Vladimir Putin .  He might  be the  unwitting agent who will set the World on Fire in order to save some  innocent human beings in his country from the Corruption in the Western World.    The " Rule of unintended consequences"  is upon us again.       

  15. Jonathan says:

    The Universe owes as a living.

    The flip side of that is that we owe the Universe a life, well lived.


    A suggestion for everybody is to look up your local news or radio station or in fact any news or radio station anywhere in the country, and go to the website and look at the section that says, "Contact Us." No matter who receives that email, send them a link to the documentary, etc. You will help spread the message.

    • Be says:

      Occasionally I try to watch MSM type weather news, usually Fox. The other day they kept going on and on about how ‘nice’ it was out – whilst the sky was pure white since before sun up even – as it is most days these days – but it was 80 or so. Then it surprised me – they came back on with a sort of moderating comment – I wish I could remember exactly what they said. But it indicated to me that others – like myself – could be right there giving it back to them through feedback mechanisms. Like the search box – all those searches can be tracked and viewed in the website’s content system. Seems like a little thing –  but pretty sure it works in terms of getting views across. Pretty sure NPR tracks it for one – must be others as well.

  16. Jonathan says:

    Various topics for your consideration…

    State Farm is no longer going to be accepting new clients in the state of California. Presumably the costs of ensuring against weather related damage has become too high. And that weather related damage is largely engineered as we know.

    The link to yesterday's global alert news broadcast as well as one for The Dimming, I sent to a contact a TV station outside Knoxville, Tennessee this morning. I think if people put some effort into it, they can send links to their local TV and radio stations. I don't know that I would waste time with the meteorologists. They will most likely not reply. The ones out here will not talk to me, and in fact, the meteorologists here have blocked me.

    Here are a few selected, and I believe, appropriate, teachings from a Native American medicine woman I know, who is teaching me.


    Creator said: "I will give you a Spirit, and you will know that Life is nothing but circles, a circle without end. The Spirit is eternal and never stops traveling the Circle of Life. The body I give you does not belong to you, it belongs to me who created all things."


    The Anglo way of thinking is it all things belong to them or to another human. The Spiritual way of thinking is that all things belong to the Creator, and that we humans are only using them for a while.


    In modern times, the balance of intellect and intuition has been lost. This imbalance has separated us from our relatives, the four-legged, the winged ones, those that crawl and those that swim. It has separated us from the elements and from the Earth Mother.


    Wealth is measured not by what one possesses but by what one gives away.


    The Spirit connects us to the eternal and to all things.


    All things with life are related.


    Beware of the importance you place on your material possessions. Release your hold on your belongings and relinquish your fears of scarcity.





    I had written here probably a year ago that people are going to start encountering more and more abandoned animals, and children in the foster system and so forth. Update on the pitbull I found dying in a ditch last July. Gracie is 100% healed and is literally come back to life. She is pure love.

    Earlier this week I was again driving down a country road and found another young pitbull who had been thrown out and was starving. I stopped and gave her what I had available to drink, and while I was there, a car pulled up. Up. A mother with her two children. Her young daughter reached out the window and held a container full of water for me to put out for the dog, whom I call Daisy. She also handed me a plate of food to set out for her. I then went home myself and brought back more food and water. I have been checking everyday since but have not seen her again since that day. I keep food and water in the truck in case I do see her. My feeling is that we had been called and appointed by the Creator to be there precisely when she needed us, so that she could get the hydration and the nourishment she needed to strengthen her for the next leg of her journey, for which prayers have been offered. Offered. I have five dogs and cannot take another one in at this time. My feeling Is that in this case, it was not meant for me to take her in but Mary to be there to help her. I trust and pray the others will meet her at other stages of her journey until she finds a forever home with a loving family, to which I believe she's being guided at this moment.

    The meadow I'm allowing to grow up at the back of the property is filling with different types of wildflowers and other plants to provide shelter and food for the many animals that will need it. We have to be sensitive to life and trust that we are brought in contact with people and animals and different times for specific reasons, and we must be willing to let the Creator work through us to reach each others.

    Similarly, we are working to the same end to the extent that we work to help. Dane share this most important message of his.

    Blessings all-ways…





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