Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 4, 2019, #195


Dane Wigington

Are more now beginning to comprehend the destruction being created from industrialized militarized societies? Will a significant percentage of the population wake up in time to alter the outcome of what we will soon collectively face on the current course? Though the West Coast received adequate rain in many locations during winter, the climate engineers are now drying out the Western US at a rapid pace. Does another record wildfire season await the West Coast? What despotic US ally nation is buying US farms and water rights? What is poisoning countless aquifers across the US? Will our own government push us into global conflict as their last resort? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

The future that is closing in on us all won’t seem real to most, until it is. If we have any chance of altering our current course, all who are awake and aware are needed to rise to occasion. All those that are awake and aware are needed to help sound the alarm. Reaching a critical mass of awareness is the only way forward. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

A "Hacking the Planet" Film Screening and a Live Q&A  discussion was carried out at the Scottsdale Community College (Scottsdale, AZ) on Earth Day (Monday, April, 22, 2019). wishes to express our most sincere gratitude to the Sustainability Action Council, for hosting this event. wishes to thank Ben Cehic and other activists for hosting a Geoengineering Watch booth on Earth Day in Springfield, Illinois, at the Old State capitol building (4/22/19).

Our most sincere thanks to Irene and Christina Parousis for trying to raise climate engineering awareness with other activists on Earth Day, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (4/22/19). 

Geoengineering Watch wishes to thank Laura Kozicki for her help with raising climate engineering awareness by placing a booth in front of her home on Earth Day (4/22/19)

Geoengineering Watch wishes to express our most sincere gratitude to Maciej Kocialkowski for his tireless work toward raising awareness on the critical issue of climate engineering. The geoengineering awareness booth in the photos below was set up at the Mid County Library in Port Charlotte, Florida (4/27/19). Maciej has also translated flyers into Polish and personally distributed them in his homeland of Poland.

This week's outreach booth is at the Scottish Rite center, Sacramento, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

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  1. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: This report raises the very real probability that the sock-puppet minions of geoengineering have substantial investments in the very companies that are dumping these toxic metal oxides over the planet. Large chunks of profitable stocks in the 'usual suspect' corporations would tend to stop both academics and engineers (atmospheric & plasma) from revealing what they know. Surely these heartless creatures must know that inundating the planet with metal nano-particles (plasma 'dust' with high dispersion rates) is destroying the human immune system, our fields & forests, all life on Earth!

    Sheldon Krimsky on Conflicts of Interest in Science
    April 26th, 2019
    In 1979, Nature magazine invited Sheldon Krimsky to debate Nobel Laureate David Baltimore, then a professor of biology at MIT on the collaborations between industry and biology.

    Sheldon Krimsky / Tufts University / Corporate Crime Reporter
    Krimsky argued that academic institutions and academic scientists need to be free from corporate influence. … Sheldon Krimsky is at Tufts University. And he has just authored a book titled Conflicts of Interest In Science: How Corporate-Funded Academic Research Can Threaten Public Health.
    … Krimsky’s warning of a demise in scientific integrity has proven prophetic.
    How did Krimsky get started on studying conflicts of interests in science?   “There were two episodes,” Krimsky told Corporate Crime Reporter in an interview earlier this month. “One came a year or two before the debate. I was supervising a study at Tufts. Graduated students were studying a contaminated site in Acton, Massachusetts. Little did I know, but before the study was released, the vice president of a major chemical company visited the president of the university and asked that my study not be released. I think that was back in 1979.  I was an untenured professor at the time. Fortunately, the president of the university told the vice president of this transnational company that we had academic freedom at Tufts. That ended that discussion.”
    “The second was the interchange with David Baltimore in the larger context of new rules being established for private investments in universities. The debate with David Baltimore encapsulated the context of the times. David was a multi-vested scientist. He had interests in companies and equities in companies. It was part of what was going on at that time. I was raising questions about what impact that would have in the trust in science and the objectivity of science if this were expanded.”


  2. Stuart says:

    The rain just keeps coming. The past 12 to 15 months have been the wettest in recorded history across North America. From Gail's backyard in Alberta to my front yard here in southern CA, 8 months of rain and below normal temps.

    The past three weeks we have had low pressure areas move directly over SoCal and bring low clouds and cool weather.  In May?  Rain in the forecast next several days. Several other low pressure areas across the country right now and that is not consistent with Global Warming models.  They are artificial and engineered and are being guided to targets. Aircraft spray activity increases for several days as storms approaches.

    VERY heavy growth of invasive weeds on local hillsides destined to dry out and become major fire hazard.

  3. Bella_Fantasia says:

    In his latest essay, John W. Whitehead consolidates the essence of evil behind all the perverse and vicious experiments done (on its people and animals) by the US government.

    'The Making of a Monster: We’re All Lab Rats in the Government’s Secret Experiments'

    • Mike says:

      This is just insane. Difference between knowing these things exist and reading about it all the time. Good wake up call once in a while. 

  4. Jose Sanchez Gallardo says:

    Herd immunity 


    👉Herd Immunity theory was about Immunity via the Natural Disease Processes and had nothing to do with vaccination.


    According to the American Journal of Epidemiology, The Herd

    Immunity theory was originally coined in 1933 by a researcher named Hedrich.


    Hedrich had been studying measles patterns in the US between 1900-1931 – more than 20 years before the measles vaccine was introduced.


    Hedrich observed that epidemics of the illness only occurred when less than 68% of children developed life-long immunity by contracting or being directly exposed to the measles pathogen. 


    👉Herd Immunity theory was about Immunity via the Natural Disease Processes and had nothing to do with vaccination.


    And let’s not forget that you can’t spread something you don’t have, so the unvaccinated who haven’t got sick should never be guilty during an outbreak. If you are around someone who is sick or is sick then stay home or go to the doctors, if people did that outbreaks wouldn’t happen. Sick people with a contagious disease have no business roaming around in public to being with, isn’t it illegal?

  5. Jose Sanchez Gallardo says:

    A Harvard immunologist has written an open letter explaining why unvaccinated children pose no risk to their vaccinated counterparts. 

    Dear Legislator:

    My name is Tetyana Obukhanych. I hold a PhD in Immunology. I am writing this letter in the hope that it will correct several common misperceptions about vaccines in order to help you formulate a fair and balanced understanding that is supported by accepted vaccine theory and new scientific findings.

    Do unvaccinated children pose a higher threat to the public than the vaccinated?

    It is often stated that those who choose not to vaccinate their children for reasons of conscience endanger the rest of the public, and this is the rationale behind most of the legislation to end vaccine exemptions currently being considered by federal and state legislators country-wide. You should be aware that the nature of protection afforded by many modern vaccines – and that includes most of the vaccines recommended by the CDC for children – is not consistent with such a statement. I have outlined below the recommended vaccines that cannot prevent transmission of disease either because they are not designed to prevent the transmission of infection (rather, they are intended to prevent disease symptoms), or because they are for non-communicable diseases. People who have not received the vaccines mentioned below pose no higher threat to the general public than those who have, implying that discrimination against non-immunized children in a public school setting may not be warranted.

    IPV (inactivated poliovirus vaccine) cannot prevent transmission of poliovirus. Wild poliovirus has been non-existent in the USA for at least two decades. Even if wild poliovirus were to be re-imported by travel, vaccinating for polio with IPV cannot affect the safety of public spaces. Please note that wild poliovirus eradication is attributed to the use of a different vaccine, OPV or oral poliovirus vaccine. Despite being capable of preventing wild poliovirus transmission, use of OPV was phased out long ago in the USA and replaced with IPV due to safety concerns.
    Tetanus is not a contagious disease, but rather acquired from deep-puncture wounds contaminated with C. tetani spores. Vaccinating for tetanus (via the DTaP combination vaccine) cannot alter the safety of public spaces; it is intended to render personal protection only.
    While intended to prevent the disease-causing effects of the diphtheria toxin, the diphtheria toxoid vaccine (also contained in the DTaP vaccine) is not designed to prevent colonization and transmission of C. diphtheriae. Vaccinating for diphtheria cannot alter the safety of public spaces; it is likewise intended for personal protection only.
    The acellular pertussis (aP) vaccine (the final element of the DTaP combined vaccine), now in use in the USA, replaced the whole cell pertussis vaccine in the late 1990s, which was followed by an unprecedented resurgence of whooping cough. An experiment with deliberate pertussis infection in primates revealed that the aP vaccine is not capable of preventing colonization and transmission of B. pertussis. The FDA has issued a warning regarding this crucial finding.[1]
    Furthermore, the 2013 meeting of the Board of Scientific Counselors at the CDC revealed additional alarming data that pertussis variants (PRN-negative strains) currently circulating in the USA acquired a selective advantage to infect those who are up-to-date for their DTaP boosters, meaning that people who are up-to-date are more likely to be infected, and thus contagious, than people who are not vaccinated.
    Among numerous types of H. influenzae, the Hib vaccine covers only type b. Despite its sole intention to reduce symptomatic and asymptomatic (disease-less) Hib carriage, the introduction of the Hib vaccine has inadvertently shifted strain dominance towards other types of H. influenzae (types a through f).These types have been causing invasive disease of high severity and increasing incidence in adults in the era of Hib vaccination of children. The general population is more vulnerable to the invasive disease now than it was prior to the start of the Hib vaccination campaign. Discriminating against children who are not vaccinated for Hib does not make any scientific sense in the era of non-type b H. influenzae disease.
    Hepatitis B is a blood-borne virus. It does not spread in a community setting, especially among children who are unlikely to engage in high-risk behaviors, such as needle sharing or sex. Vaccinating children for hepatitis B cannot significantly alter the safety of public spaces. Further, school admission is not prohibited for children who are chronic hepatitis B carriers. To prohibit school admission for those who are simply unvaccinated – and do not even carry hepatitis B – would constitute unreasonable and illogical discrimination.
    In summary, a person who is not vaccinated with IPV, DTaP, HepB, and Hib vaccines due to reasons of conscience poses no extra danger to the public than a person who is. No discrimination is warranted.

    How often do serious vaccine adverse events happen?

    It is often stated that vaccination rarely leads to serious adverse events. Unfortunately, this statement is not supported by science. A recent study done in Ontario, Canada, established that vaccination actually leads to an emergency room visit for 1 in 168 children following their 12-month vaccination appointment and for 1 in 730 children following their 18-month vaccination appointment.

    When the risk of an adverse event requiring an ER visit after well-baby vaccinations is demonstrably so high, vaccination must remain a choice for parents, who may understandably be unwilling to assume this immediate risk in order to protect their children from diseases that are generally considered mild or that their children may never be exposed to.

    Can discrimination against families who oppose vaccines for reasons of conscience prevent future disease outbreaks of communicable viral diseases, such as measles?

    Measles research scientists have for a long time been aware of the “measles paradox.” I quote from the article by Poland & Jacobson (1994) “Failure to Reach the Goal of Measles Elimination: Apparent Paradox of Measles Infections in Immunized Persons.” Arch Intern Med 154:1815-1820:

    “The apparent paradox is that as measles immunization rates rise to high levels in a population, measles becomes a disease of immunized persons.”[2]

    Further research determined that behind the “measles paradox” is a fraction of the population called low vaccine responders. Low-responders are those who respond poorly to the first dose of the measles vaccine. These individuals then mount a weak immune response to subsequent RE-vaccination and quickly return to the pool of “susceptibles’’ within 2-5 years, despite being fully vaccinated.[3]

    Re-vaccination cannot correct low-responsiveness: it appears to be an immuno-genetic trait.[4] The proportion of low-responders among children was estimated to be 4.7% in the USA.[5]

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      I'm convinced that this entire huge push for vaccines is just a Big Pharma overreach for even more money. Children who contract measles naturally (WITHOUT the vaccine) have lifetime immunity. As usual, the fear card is being played, and without any credible basis. I now so distrust the medical/Big Pharma industry that I refuse to get ANY shots, and I regret the few I've gotten in my lifetime (smallpox 66 years ago, tetanus, shingles, and flu). No more! One site that educated me about vaccine injuries and dangers is The Highwire with Del Bigtree, who is a medical investigative journalist.

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      Personally, I believe that vaccines should not even be a CHOICE, because they all contain toxins and carcinogens. They SHOULD be illegal and might be, if we actually had a government consisting of moral people who refused bribes. Human bodies were not meant to ingest chemicals. People need to get educated about this assault, and simply refuse to be manipulated by the propaganda. My FIRST concern and statement is that I will not allow my body to be harmed. I will deal with their threats of "no driver's license, no passport, or whatever else these control freaks pass laws on. If everyone would just stand up to these bullies, we could put the corrupt pharmaceutical industry out of business!

  6. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Whenever I hear the term "critical mass" I think of places like Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, 2200 atmospheric nuclear "tests",  and 453 active nuclear reactors.  Mankind has orchestrated all this out of some biblical myth of man over Nature… From this site:

    Dear Extinction Rebellion,

    "The emergence of a mass movement like Extinction Rebellion (XR) is an encouraging sign that we have reached a moment of opportunity in which there is both a collective consciousness of the immense danger ahead of us and a collective will to fight it. A critical mass agrees with the open letter launching XR when it states “If we continue on our current path, the future for our species is bleak.”


    We don't have time to blather about human "rights" abusers and "elite" plans for our collective demise.  Read the article.  We will barely have time to turn off the lights and stabilize the NUCLEAR POWER GRID before the fall… Nuclear plant shutdowns take years.

    The oceans are rising.  We don't have time for lame bullshit.

    • jeanette S says:

      My experience is, though it may be hard to see at first, is sticking to your core concern. Your group can get hijacked very easily and lose effectiveness with the original issue. If they straighten out the animal part they can then choose another issue to take up. We should support and assist them. All enviro cause are connected. 

    • Dennie says:

      Well, you can pretty clearly see sea level rise in Sausalito/Marin City, CA, on the edges of San Francisco Bay.  There are swampy areas under water that I never saw under water before.  This is on the edges of Richardson Bay near the south side of the Richardson Bay bridge, near the site of the old heliport and before you get to the Marin Transit bus stop and commuter parking lot by the Buckeye Road House.  It has been regularly flooding and rendered impassable during the times of the "King" tides (6'+ tides in winter).  

  7. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL, Coming home from town today, I now see the wild fire counter board on the edge of town is at "18" and that's just in Okanogan county WA. The humidity has been extremely low with sustained winds out of the north. "They're drying 'us' out". My timber is dryer than ever and it's not even June yet. Soon, wild fires will again take up space in the web of mass distraction. Southeastern BC, which is directly above my region, is the same way. We're all pumped and primed for an explosive wild fire season. Lord help us all, it's gonna be a hot summer in the north west region of north america, especially Alaska. If I had my way, I'd light my place up with a prescribed burn so when the wild fires come they will have very minimal impact and pass me by. "Prescribed burns are expensive". Too bad, they are so essential to the ecosystem. Historical forest health depended on the occasional fire coming through. I've been around timber lands all my life. I know the life promoting effects of fire. To bad these days everything is coated with who knows how many years of nano particulate build up on vegetation surface as well as within its self. Our trees are dying from the inside out and the outside in. That ain't right by any count, period. Pay close attention to what our friend Gail from yellow head county Alberta has to say in the upcoming months. I fear that those folks in that region are literally sitting on a powder keg. So many dead trees from chemical ice nucleation and lack of sun light. I see it here too only not as bad, yet. Thank you Gail for your colorful observations in nature, reality.

    Part of me wonders, If the best man is to win and he is now the enemy of the state. How do you break through the confines that hold you captive? Well, I think nature has the tried and true answer to that question. "Have you ever tried to capture a wild animal?" If you did, you soon learned the only way to a peaceful ending was turning the wild creature loose. Those of us that understand what we are faced with must act as the wild animal being captured. We didn't ask for captivity and we won't accept it. No matter the cost……..

    Love and strength to ALL

    • Jeanette says:

      It is like all the plants have sucked in the nano aluminum and are at breaking point. I noticed that in my yard. Overcast and cool but oddly the air is dry and every thing is that half dried out sage green color.

  8. Jose Sanchez Gallardo says:

    $101 Million Award for Encephalopathy from MMR Vaccine


    Maglio Christopher & Toale, P.A.

    (July 17th, 2018. SARASOTA, FL) — MCT Law attorneys negotiated a $101 million settlement for an infant who suffered a severe reaction to the MMR vaccine.


    O.R.* was a one-year-old healthy baby girl who was already walking and climbing.  On February 13, 2013, she received vaccinations for Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR), Hepatitis A, Haemophilus Influenzae type B (Hip), Prevnar (pneumonia), and Varicella (chickenpox).  That evening, the mother noticed baby O.R. was irritable and feverish. After a call to the pediatrician, the doctor advised Mom to give her Tylenol and Benadryl. The fever continued for several days and on the evening before her scheduled pediatrician visit, O.R. began having severe seizures. She was rushed to the emergency room.  Baby O.R. went into cardiac and respiratory arrest and doctors placed her on a ventilator.


    The seizures and cardiac arrest left O.R. with a severe brain injury, encephalopathy, cortical vision impairment, truncal hypotonia (low muscle tone), and kidney failure. After months of treatment at the hospital, baby O.R. finally went home, but her disabilities require specialized medical care and supervision around the clock for the rest of her life.

  9. Jose Sanchez Gallardo says:

    Facts on profit:

    There are five ways that doctors/organizations make money from vaccines:


     Vaccine Profit – vaccines are purchased at a wholesale price, which is less than the reimbursement rate from insurance companies. The difference between the vaccine cost to the clinic and the reimbursement rate for the vaccine given is the vaccine profit (this goes to the organization, not the individual medical provider)


     Vaccine Administration Fee – insurances pay additional reimbursement to the organization in the form of an administrative fee. The fee is paid per vaccine or vaccine component (i.e., Pediarix has diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, hep B all mixed together – and *5* administration fees for that single shot are reimbursed).


     The reimbursement for this fee is much higher if the medical provider spends time discussing vaccines and answering questions…. however, this is usually just "I gave the vaccine information statement – VIS" and not really an informed consent discussion. And the fee is only paid if you choose to vaccinate after the discussion. If you choose not to vaccinate after the discussion, the medical provider and organization lose anywhere from $50-$150 in the fee reimbursement option. This admin fee mostly goes to the organization, but some organizations give a portion of the fee to the medical provider (one pediatrician made about $30,000 per year in his  "cut" of the fee reimbursement – just for handing out the VIS statements and then bullying people into vaccinating)


     Insurance bonus based on vaccine rates in the practice – this is a real thing but there is a lot of variability based on clinic/contract/insurance company. This is typically an all-or-nothing option/incentive – a bonus of $400 (as an example) per patient if 80% or more of patients are fully vaccinated. This bonus goes to the organization and typically would not be shared with the medical provider (who likely does not know this revenue is coming in)

     Insurance contract reimbursement rates – behind the scenes, clinics/organizations join together (without you knowing about it) to form a "collective bargaining" unit that negotiates much more lucrative insurance contracts and reimbursement rates.


     If one clinic forms a contract with an insurance company, they might only receive $0.50 for every dollar billed/submitted. If a collective bargaining unit (multiple clinics/organizations) join together and negotiate together, they might get $1.00 for every dollar billed/submitted. Criteria for collective bargaining groups require adherence to the rules and practice styles of the entire group, which includes (typically) a metric of 80% or higher vaccine schedule compliance. 


    A clinic who does not maintain the 80% rate will be excluded/removed from the group, and will lose $0.30-$0.50 for every dollar billed because of the low vaccine rates. This is a big number, money that flows to the organization, and medical providers would not be aware of the arrangement; however, it relates to —Medical provider personal compensation bonuses – many organizations reward their medical providers within the organization itself for hitting certain medical care metrics including vaccine rates. Medical providers who hit 80, 90, 100% vaccine rates in their patients are frequently compensated with an additional financial incentive as part of medical provider compensation. This may or may not be well known to the provider ("Here's your bonus, you met all of our metrics including the standard of care for diabetes, asthma, vaccine, cholesterol, and prostate health measures").


    Medical clinics/organizations have an enormous financial incentive to hit high vaccine rates, frequently giving medical providers some type of incentive to help achieve the goal. All without the medical providers' awareness or understanding of the millions of dollars at risk to the clinic if the vaccine rates are not optimal.

    • BlueSue says:

      Very interesting. Not so surprising. Thank you for sharing. Vaccines are criminal as far as I'm concerned. 

  10. Jose Sanchez Gallardo says:

    Want proof that the MMR (Measles Mumps Rubella) shot is far more dangerous than the measles? Check out the following:


    I think it's important that everyone is aware of the documents that Del Bigtree obtained via a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request regarding the MMR shot. The prelicense studies obtained are scary. Check this out for yourself and download the obtained documents to your computer to make sure you have them:

    "Contributed to TLB by: The Children’s Health Defense Team

    When the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for the release of trial results of MMR vaccines arrived, Del Bigtree was unprepared for the shocking results.

    Not only was he surprised about the small number of children included in the trials and the short period of time the children were monitored, but there were a shocking percentage of children participating in the study suffering from gastrointestinal illness and upper-respiratory illness after receiving the Measles, Mumps & Rubella shot."

    The Documents obtained conclude: “Upper respiratory and gastrointestinal infections were reported in about 55% and 40% of vaccines respectively”

    And it's incredibly important to know the risk of these gastro and upper respiratory illnesses in comparison to measles.

    Death rate per population in the US (2014):

    Chronic respiratory diseases: 40.8 per 100,000 people in population

    Digestive diseases: 19.9 per 100,000 people in population

    Diarrhea and common infectious diseases: 38.5 per 100,000 in population

    Death rate per population in the US for measles in 1963!!!! BEFORE a vaccine for the measles??

    .2 (YES, POINT 2!!! in 100,000 people per population)

    Articles talking about these findings: 

        Video on the studies:

        MMR Studies Obtained via FOIA:

  11. Jose Sanchez Gallardo says:

    Man paralyzed by vaccine tells story of Senator Pan's corruption; former Merck salesman reveals his kids are unvaccinated


    Americans who dare to oppose mandatory vaccination for any reason, including that they don't believe that all vaccines are safe, are often ridiculed, marginalized and minimized by Big Pharma vaccine pushers and the mainstream medical community. One of the things that they most often insist on is that "vaccines are safe" and that there is no reason to fear being vaccinated.


    And yet, when vaccine injuries occur – which is often enough that the federal government maintains a vaccine injury fund – they are brushed under the rug by the mainstream media as "rare" and "unusual," if such incidents are covered at all.


    But one man who was recently injured by vaccines has as compelling a case to make against mandatory vaccination as anyone: Ironically, he once worked for California Sen. Richard Pan – the pediatrician/lawmaker behind SB277, the state's recently enacted mandatory vaccination law. He explains in a new video what he believes is motivating his former boss.


    The man, John Berchielli, says he "was a perfectly healthy person" before he received "a vaccination recommended by my doctor."


    'He lacks moral character of any kind'


    The "disease or syndrome" that he has since contracted has left him bedridden, wheelchair-bound and partially paralyzed, he said.


    And now that he is stricken, he says slowly, "it's hard not to think of the decisions of… Gov. [Jerry] Brown [of California] and [Democratic] Sen. Richard Pan on the mandatory bill they signed into law requiring children to be vaccinated in order to get a public education."


    "From looking on the Internet and from the Mayo Clinic's website," he continued, "20,000 people a year are afflicted by this… syndrome that I have. Our lawmakers recently passed a law that allows vaccines to be mandated, yet the manufacturers have complete immunity of the side effects and damages caused by their vaccines."


    You can learn more about the destruction caused by the vaccines being forced on the American People by visiting


    Berchielli went on to question how Pan, a physician who runs the pediatric training program at the University of California, Davis, campus, could be such an advocate for a vaccine capable of causing the kind of harm that he and thousands of others are suffering from, something he called "incomprehensible."


    "Not only does he… lack any moral character of any kind, but because this law is a primary fiscal benefit to the University of California [which] does the research and development of these vaccines and then gets paid to test these vaccines, and then gets paid to administrate these vaccines, it's a complete cash cow for the university," he said.


    "They bought themselves a senator named Dr. Richard Pan, who used to be a community pediatrician whose philosophy used to be at the time I worked for this man as a volunteer for over seven years, in the capacity of pediatric training," Berchielli continued.


    "To have him become a tool and a pawn of the university for the sake of generating billions and billions of dollars into the university, which is a direct benefit to the state of California… it's all about the money, folks," he said, adding that UC Davis was also one of Pan's major campaign contributors.


    What has happened in California – and likely to happen in other states or in all states – is that informed consent and personal choice have been stripped away from residents, Berchielli said.


    Merck rep refused to vaccinate his son


    Another man interviewed in the video, Scott Cooper, a former Big Pharma rep for vaccine giant Merck, said he would never vaccinate his children. He said his son, now 24, has never received vaccines and was rarely ever sick. In fact, he said, his boy seemed to always be much healthier than his peers.

  12. Joseph L says:

    Pete Seeger sings "Garbage" for conservation documentary, ca. 1986


    I highly recommend listening to this music.

    I also handed out about 60 flyers In NYC  on geoengineering  at a concert celebrating which would have been  Pete Seeger's 100 birthday.

    • BlueSue says:

      Way to go Joseph L! I love Pete Seger. Wish their were more cut out of that cloth; what an amazing man/songwriter/activist he was. 

  13. Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

    Alberta's huge Boreal Forest Natural Region covers more than 57% of the entire province. Alberta with the largest Oil & Gas industry, More Trees are cut for Agricultural or Oil & Gas exploration, than for Timber.  Pine & Jack Pine, Black & White Spruce, Larch, Balsam Fir, Balsam Poplar, White Birch, Trembling Aspen & others, Tamarack, And lots of Fauna.   So if it's the Pine Beetle killing all the Pine.  Why are all of these Trees Dying too? At the rate of Trees falling over every where you travel in Alberta, They don't have ten years. It is beyond imagination how Bad, they all look.  There are swaths of Trees toppling over each other.  The Spruce are showing great damage from these Death Dumps.  Red tips or flashing out red. Some Spruce with no branches on 50% of them. Straggly, Gray, & Un-healthy.  Every other tree is the same.  They are suffering & showing in their own way. Dane had said trees that were close to water or around waterways are doing very poorly. They do look worse then those away from water sources or out right dead near water. Always!  The amount of moss, mold, rot on trees from the lack of sunlight. Then the splits in trees young & old.  Madness!      And if they are spraying to block the big bad sun, why do they spray all night too???  Got to keep those poisons steadily circulating in the air around us. Those governments, always out to do the right thing. Always thinking of us. And how about this for the generosity of Canada. Nestle drains B.C. water at a cost of $2.25 per million tons, with the blessing of our government! They are taking water from Indigenous communities, leaving them with nothing. Those that live by Kawkawa Lake in B.C. are forced to restrict their water during a drought, but Nestle is allowed to continue extracting precious water at the same rate. For many years Nestle did not need to pay anything until 2016 due to pressure from citizens.  See what pressure can do?  Then we have Muskrat Falls hydroelectric mega dam will release "Toxic Methylmercury" downstream threatening Indigenous communities & Wildlife. Despite Canada's commitment to reduce mercury emissions. The federal government has invested $9.2 Billion in the Dam, Now at $12.7 Billion! The Newfoundland & Labrador government is equally complicit in knowingly proceeding with this dangerous project despite the lethal risks documented by Harvard University. If built, it will as documented by Harvard, poison a downstream population 90% Indigenous with massive spikes in the lethal neurotoxin Methylmercury that will bio accumulate in the traditional country food web.   How's that for Canada? Always looking out for us!  And, even after warnings, they proceed with this massive dam.   And, the who's who list of powerful pro-carbon tax activists with big networks of donors that have almost bottomless pockets are sending radical well-funded legal teams to Saskatchewan to argue for a carbon tax. Which are;    Ecojustice. – Canada's Ecofiscal commission – The Canadian Public Health Agency – The Canadian Environmental Law Association – Generation Squeeze. (A play on Generation Screwed)   They really want this tax to be in every province.  It's helping to kill Alberta.  Do you eat, or do you pay your bills?   All I see are logging trunks. 9 times out of 10 on the roads I travel to town.  They are sure busy.   Few auto's are traveling as before.                Our Province is dying & everything within it!       

  14. Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    It started snowing in our area on September 12th 2018 after days of black clouds. Which seem to come before a manufactured cool down. 13th snow, 15th snow, 16th,17th, 20th 21st, 22nd,  Then Rain! By October 1st, Calgary was hit with a Blizzard! 1 foot of snow!!! Now they had us where they wanted us. Another devastating crop loss for the Province. (And last years crops are still  laying in the fields from last Autumn) Birds & Animals in Migration. Bears filling up before they Hibernate. Not a chance in Alberta! More Deaths. More Injuries due to this manufactured crap. After near "8 Months" of Chemically Ice Nucleated Toxic substances…No, they are not finished with Alberta. The 3rd week in March we had 10 – 15 C each day. The 4th week averaged 5C. Now that they had our temperatures down, we were kept socked in each day but most evenings they allowed the sky to clear to Stars. Got to keep that cold surface. Then by 7AM, A Canopy again.  Our months of snow was slow in dissolving into the Soil, Grass, Ponds, Lakes & Streams. Then on the 26th of April 2019, after the last toxic snow had melted on the 25th, they hit us with a Blizzard!  I've only seen in the years long ago, during the dead of Winter. It came from every direction. I have a garden shed with lattice on the back wall that looks through a forest of Trees. Not a snowflake have I ever found inside, in the past. The entire shed was covered inside from top to bottom every pot, every garden ornament, Everything! One foot of Snow in 12 hours of time. On the 27th it Snowed sideways again leaving a yellow substance on the North side of  the Trees. Flakes one day, pellets the next, then the nasty, pasty crap I dislike so much.  My Winter feeding Birds left in March. About 250 of them. I had few Song Birds coming through & I was worried. After the foot of Snow on the 27th, They were coming from every direction. We shoveled areas of our lawn for the dozens of Robins, several Thrush which I haven't seen since I was in the lower mainland in B.C. in the 90's & a dozen Junco's.  A few dozen Purple Finches, & a dozen Brewers Black Birds (males, females are nesting) from the Lake. We shoveled the near green grass & now, non frozen ground each day to give them a chance. And with every spot on the ground covered in these concoctions, even under Trees. Their options were few. Most are still here & to my Great Surprise, a Western Tanager male, showed up yesterday the 5th. He's a chubby little guy & fits in well with my mixed group. I saw one breeding couple of Tanagers in Wycliffe B.C. in 2012.  So, a nice treat to have him. A Heron, Geese, Swans, Pelicans, Bald & a couple of Golden Eagles, & a large group of Ravens, we counted 32 of them. They all met together flying around each other, diving, & rolling, talking to each other. What a sight it was to see. All in the past month. They'll never take these moments from me.  My young male Dog chased a Lynx out of the Trees a week ago. That was Scary. I am Glad it wasn't the other way around! They're all Hungry. Looking for something to eat. On May 1st Oilfield camps shut down due to the Blizzard conditions & on the 3rd also.    With a mix of "Sun & Clouds" forecasted, Fort Mac could get Rain, Freezing Rain or a Blizzard today the 6th. Now that's a medley of possibilities. Yet they now can predict the weather months in advance? Tell me it's Black, when I know that it's White.   And I am damn tired of these Toxic Ice Nucleated Mixes that are sprayed on us here for " Eight Months"  out of the bloody year. Year after year after year!!! Everything is Dying or Dead! You can't even see a glimmer of life on most Trees. The vegetation, Nothing! Wake the hell up Alberta. Get off your asses & do something.  Shame, Shame, Shame!   Another election in the province & what we have again is… The new boss, same as the old boss. 40 plus years of the PC ruling & now they'll pick up where they left off a few years ago.  After being brutalized by the naughtly government. They're all Dirty Dogs. Male & Female alike.   

  15. CHICKENHEAD says:

    So after a relatively beautiful weekend I check the forecast last night for the week ahead, and was shocked to see non-stop rain for five days straight.  Looking at the radar there is NOTHING…not one damn thing that should cause this.   So I said to myself "look for the gigantic white X in the sky tomorrow." 

    Sure enough, by the time I got into work at 8AM the seeding of the skies had already commenced.  There was even one great instance where you could see the sprayer had turned OFF for a moment leaving a gap in the trail…which I pointed out the wife, who does not see what's going on up in the skies.  People refuse to see.  I'm looking out my window now at that "contrail" and it has now smeared across the sky in a way that real contrails to not.

    So it appears that the forecast for the week is actually a SCHEDULE.   What would have been a lovely week is going to be turned into heavy rainfall and more strange north and eastern cold winds.

    • Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

      Okay, I'll be the one…Chickenhead,  In a way that "real" contrails do not?  There is no such thing.  It's a con. And one of the greatest lies perpetrated on mankind. Check out High Turbo Fan Jet Engines on this site to understand how it is near impossible to leave any trail behind these aircraft.     I hope your wife too, wakes up soon.   All the best.

    • tom says:

      Here on the east coast NJ De NY they have been spraying non-stop and again scheduling week long rain events, even had the precise time the rain would start. The temp was 70 but the rain felt like 40, false stratosphere nucleated moisture, it sure isn't  H2O probably practicing for a November 2020 mega hurricane to hit the entire east coast.  There were robins but they left, lots of dead earth worms lying on pavement after the "rain" event. 

  16. Wakai95 says:

    The new green deal is a joke nothing more than a feel good fake plan meant to distract people and get highly laughable fools like Alexandria oscio Cortez to get political spotlight. Her followers and others who follow these useful idiots that push the agenda of the banking elite and others on top of the power structure pyramid are all digging their own graves but more unfortunate is that the rest of us who realize that we need to become awakened with the truth and do what we can for the greater good have to suffer their selfishness and idiotic behavior and of course all other life on earth. How can one be so disconnect and blind to just let and be ok saying someone else needs to do something about the unfolding biosphere or more simplified their future and to support, elect and want the government or who ever else to take action while they just live in a personal, pointless pursuit of pleasure never having any real purpose or meaning. 


    Make the change now to help the greater good and future. I work and go to school everyday and still remove invasive species, trash off the oceans shoreline and plant trees but also have a big tree plant plan for the second half of this year so long western Washington doesn’t burn and get to dried out. My point is there are really no excuses for the vast majority of those in first world nations who are currently doing nothing to simply take real action themselves to help our once very green and life filled planet out!!!

  17. Jeanette S says:

    Dane, I was very glad to hear you speak of the homeless. Here in the bay area it is getting really bad. There is so much to say it is hard to sum up in one email. I have thought of a couple of systems and am trying to spread these ideas. I will present them to you…first, I would like to see the homeless in sustainable communities using alternative building methods, alternative utilities, in a community garden setting. Have different neighborhoods of these maybe one for families, vets, mental health needs, addiction folks, so that they may get the specific care and security services needed. have the community learn homesteading survival skills and teach classes. this can be promoted by saying this will be a fabulous disaster force. they can go in the community and teach people at their homes. When there is not a disaster have people come to their community for classes on fermentation, rocket mass heaters, alt building, humanure, gray water. All sewer plants were grandfathered in at the edge of the bay. Nobody wants them in their neighborhood. Sea level rises they will be rendered useless. If you set folks up with a cheap, simple "toilet" and when people are finished you put straw over top and you compost that. Instead of flushing future fruit and veggies out to sea (along with floride and chlorine and more chlorine to kill the bacteria that digest the poo) Can this be where our topsoil is going? we use it up and flush it away. sucking the ground dry. back to the homeless instead of being fringe, they can be valued and respected. For folks that do not make it into the communities or need to wait. I was thinking of a cart made from the tube plastic with a tent, sleeping bag, compartment for food water clothes, maybe a little stove and other items. Have these number and assigned to a specific person this way anybody takes it it is a crime and can be turned in to law enforcement whether another homeless person all the way up to the parks people taking their things and leaving them to die. This would help too with their last family heirlooms to be safe. It may help with cleanliness and neat orderly ness so that they do not get in trouble for that. They seem to have a lot of trash around. I sometimes think that I would like to do a questionaire on the things they do how they take care of their basic needs. They live a disaster everyday. I would be very interested in how they do it and so should everybody else. It helps if people have a permanent place in order to stock up on assets. For instance, show them how top plant veggie scraps so that they may grow more food. but this works best if you are not transient, though not impossible. things like making a rocket mass heater, fermentation, collecting firewood are very hard to do when you have to always be on the move. and remember these folks are marginally fed and do not have the caloric intake to cart much around it takes a lot just to keep them warm at night. It is much more intricate than this. but wanted to put the major ideas out there.

  18. It is not too late says:

    Everyone standing up to this is very brave and we are doing the most important work currently facing humanity. I think the Earth will respond beautifully if the geoengineering stops soon and while bringing down civilization, a lot of terrestrial life could survive if we decommission the nukes in time. I do not think it is too late.

    Thank you for all everyone is doing and to those who helped keep Global Alert News on WAMF in New Orleans, LA (, KABF in Little Rock, AR, which is 100,000 watts and reaches much of Arkansas ( and Acorn International Radio (, which I have recently learned is aired on many stations around the world.

    If possible, please support and thank these stations if you can specifically for Global Alert News (Geoengineering Watch). They charge $250 a month to air the show each week I and several others have paid the past 8 months. I have no financial interest in these nonprofit community radio stations. You can email me at if you donate so we don't pay any more than necessary.

  19. Karl Pomeroy says:

    Thank you Dane Wigington for defending the homeless. I myself was homeless in Miami for a while in 1972, when a deal for my craft business fell through and I was kicked out a friend's rich parents' house on Key Biscayne. I slept in the jungle, or in an abandoned building when it rained. I ate Hari Krishna rice, served free in the park. People persecuted me, told me to get a job. But I couldn't even shower to go to a job interview. Yes, some of the nicest people I've known were homeless along with me. A real eye-opener. Finally someone let me live in their garage until I could get my crafts going. I found a way out. But many had lost hope. I now give a twenty dollar bill to every homeless person I pass begging on street corners. That could be me? That WAS me!

  20. Robin Christensen says:

    My thanks to Laura Kozicki for the poster display of "GEOENGINEERING IS NOT THE SOLUTION, IT IS THE PROBLEM" displayed in the photo section of this week's Global Alert News.  I was at the May Day festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I had a lot of good contact with groups and individuals.  That title was useful for my photo/fact poster featuring this web site, which included geoengineered winter photo facts.  Exinction Rebellion Twin Cities was also present, they preferred I stay seperate.  However, I am keeping in touch with them for the time being.

    • Dennie says:

      Wow, Extinction Rebellion STILL doesn't "get it???"

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Robin Christensen:  Thanks for attending the Minnesota May Day festival and representing anti-geoengineering opinions and materials.  Extinction Rebellion is avoiding any mention of geoengineering at an organizational level… They would prefer to lie – just like all the other "conservation" groups such as Greenpeace, etc.

      The world's hijacked media and lack of any social culture has won the day – for now… Nature will follow our doomsday instructions to a Tee.

  21. tony dubinsky says:

    This is a note to Tanya Quarterman. I share your loneliness and frustration. I need to communicate with people like yourself about this geoengineering nightmare! It does help me! I have been trying to make people and family aware of this catastrophe for over 6 years and am still having friends and family look at me as though I have grown a second head! It has been hell, but my family is finally waking up. It has not been easy. Please feel free to contact me. 

    • Grandpa Chuckie says:

      Hi Tony, I too, have friends and family who look at my wife and myself as if we are from mars! Our 8 & 10 yr old grandsons see the difference in the "stripe clouds" as they used to call the aerosols. They asked and we told. Even the weird "sun burst" ring of golden/violet indicative of aluminum the kids know that's not right. Our son, (their father) called us and asked "What kinda of conspiracy crap are you telling my kids?". We don't lie, even to kids when they ask questions. Now, we are outcasts from all our friends and families! Our grandkids still quietly point out the strange weather and ask, "Is that from the geoengineering?". From the mouth of babes!!! So obvious, a child can see it. We are happy at least they get it!! We refuse to be quiet!!!

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      I totally agree with you Grandpa Chuckie…I point out the skies everyday to my 7 year old granddaughter and she knows more about what is going on than her parents.  Why shouldn't she…It is her future.  Maybe someday she will teach her parents a thing or two.

  22. Joseph L says:

    The First Iraq War Was Also Sold to the Public Based on a Pack of Lies

    Polls suggest that Americans tend to differentiate between our “good war” in Iraq — “Operation Desert Storm,” launched by George HW Bush in 1990 — and the “mistake” his son made in 2003.


    A young woman who gave only her first name, Nayira, testified that she had been a volunteer at Kuwait’s al-Adan hospital, where she had seen Iraqi troops rip scores of babies out of incubators, leaving them “to die on the cold floor.” Between tears, she described the incident as “horrifying.”

    Her account was a bombshell. Portions of her testimony were aired that evening on ABC’s “Nightline” and NBC’s “Nightly News.” Seven US senators cited her testimony in speeches urging Americans to support the war, and George HW Bush repeated the story on 10 separate occasions in the weeks that followed.


    In 1992, John MacArthur revealed in The New York Times that Nayirah was in fact the daughter of Saud Nasir al-Sabah, Kuwait’s ambassador to the US. Her testimony had been organized by a group called Citizens for a Free Kuwait, which was a front for the Kuwaiti government.

    Tom Regan reported that Citizens for a Free Kuwait hired Hill & Knowlton, a New York-based PR firm that had previously spun for the tobacco industry and a number of governments with ugly human rights records. The company was paid “$10.7 million to devise a campaign to win American support for the war.” It was a natural fit, wrote Regan. “Craig Fuller, the firm’s president and COO, had been then-President George Bush’s chief of staff when the senior Bush had served as vice president under Ronald Reagan.”

    According to Robin Andersen’s A Century of Media, a Century of War, Hill & Knowlton had spent $1 million on focus groups to determine how to get the American public behind the war, and found that focusing on “atrocities” was the most effective way to rally support for rescuing Kuwait.



  23. Tanya Quarterman says:

    Here in Maine we are under thick white canopy today, which is an improvement from the dark gray canopy of the past two days. The weather forecasters cant get it right. The moss and molds growing on the bark of the trees seems to glow in the strange light. No singing birds in my area, just an occasional crow. The 3 squirrels I fed all winter have gone, I hope they're still alive. After following Danes work for a decade, and doing my part to raise awareness (have I mentioned I have no 'friends' left and the family thinks Im nuts). I cannot seem to find even one consciously aware, or like-minded person. Im amazed at how isolated I feel, and I am blown away that others seem not to notice or care. Does every tree have to die, every bird and small creature, for the masses to see? And if they still dont? My kids dont want to hear it from me anymore. Ive worked thru most of my fear and what I am left with is a deep sadness, grief and despair beyond belief, deep mourning for the loss and suffering, as the planes continue to fly overhead. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Tanya, thank you for sharing your message, thank you for your courage in the attempt to sound tha alrarm. This that have remained at the front line of this fight, share your angst, they understand. Our will can not be taken, ever. The seeds of awareness we have collectively sown will soon be forced to sprout. My deepest gratitude to you, Tanya, and to all activists and individuals who have refused to yield in this battle, we march on into the storm together.

    • Merrill Anderson Ca. says:

      Boy I certainly get it. I live in the same area as Dane and just a stones throw from him and I feel your hurt and pain because I am getting it also the same way by the same people. I have been called every name in the book for sharing the truth and for the first 5 or so years it went well I woke up a lot of people but it seems like today no one is waking up they are all numb in the mind for some reason. I think they drank the koolaid RE: Tap Water……Keep your head up and don't let any of it get you down there will come a point in time when they will finally pull their heads out of their asses !

    • Lonnie Gordon says:

      I understand what you mean. I just spoke with my granddaughter last night about this issue and was surprised at her skepticism considering the info was coming from me. But I’m used to it now. Many others are now interested. I was at a national park visitors center yesterday for an event and the lady who runs the gift shop was very interested. While we talked another lady said “oh my son is talking about that”. I said “great, the more people who discuss it the better.” So there are some people still open to learn. Don’t despair. We are making a difference. 

      Once awakened you can go back to sleep. Keep chasing the light and thank you for doing your part. 

    • BlueSue says:

      Hello Tanya, please know that you are not alone in the despair, loneliness and grief you feel over the damage to our planet and the enormous ignorance and/or denial of such a large part of the population. If I weren't so far away from you, clear on the opposite coast of our country, I'd invite you to my campfire (as 'a"simple horseman says) because it's comforting to commiserate with like minds. There are many of us who are awake to the insanity Dane describes in his weekly reports, and like you Tanya, we suffer from the weight of knowing just how dire things are. Doing something that feeds your soul helps.  For me, it's gardening, planting flowers, painting, making pottery, walking in the woods, dancing, or playing with my dogs. What feeds your soul?  We all have to recharge and renew (meditation helps too).  Sending good vibes your way Tanya. 

    • You, aka YouMa says:

      Tanya, my sentiments are the same as Dane's.  Yes, those of us who are awake and aware, some for MANY years, some for only days or weeks, understand you.  One thing which helps me:  I DO NOT care what 'other people/including family/friends' think of me or what I align with.   That is their business.  My business is only to put out what I feel is most in alignment with me, with what I understand and know.  If people are unhappy with what I represent, that is THEIR business.  My only business is to do my best, as much as possible.  Thank you for being resolute and brave and sharing your truth.  We are the 'Paul Revere's' of the 20teens right now.  My Love and Appreciation to you.  🙏🏼😍 🌿 🐬  You, aka YouMa

    • Jeanette S says:

      Hi Tanya,

      Me too. What I have done is when I get someone that seriously argues with me, I go home and order disaster supplies. I have started checking out survival skills and homesteading. Also studying the sciences for use in various scenarios that I think may occur. Also it is difficult to say and now that I have gotten into these things, protection of my person but still trying to do good by my fellow citizen. It is a shame to say but when I get somebody and you try to tell them. It is pitiful and breaks my heart I look into their eyes and think omg…they are one of the dead ones (so far). God bless my he find you and wake you up if I can't. Recently, I have been getting outside for a while doing gardening and enjoying the beauty, turning out instead of in. Though difficult because on top of all of that I eat only organic, which can also isolate you too. So I am trying. I would like to travel go camping enjoy it if it will only last so long.

    • Kimberlee Wilson says:

      Hi Tanya,

      I have an unusual suggestion for this, since I, like everyone else here know how you feel.  For me, I can't just exist with this truth of planetary collapse and still function.  I will just be crying my eyes out in my bedroom all day and not be any help at all, or even be able to keep up the day-to-day needs of my family.  I need to reach for love, and compassion in order to engage and do my part.  Its not easy either. After all, I find it hard to believe that if I am human, that these geoengineers and persons running the shadow governments are human also!  Its also hard because our hearts are hurting so much, those of us in this community who are hearing the truth are feeling so much pain.  I follow His Holiness the Dalai Lama; a man who has lost his home, seen members of his peaceful community murdered, and had to flee to India where he still is.  He is actively involved in climate change issues.  He teaches, now, that we need patience and compassion to change the world. I know this all sounds like the opposite of being an activist.  To me it is worth considering tending to some inner emotional work and inner healing AND or while at the same time continuing the outward activist work we are doing.

    • Jay says:

      Tanya, don't give up!  They all think I'm nuts also, but some people are starting to wake up!

    • Tanya Quarterman says:

      Thank you all for your kind comments, suggestions and support.  I meditate to stay grounded, connect with nature, and eat organic. I dont know how this will play out, but I intend to face it, calmly. My heart goes out to Dane, his family and everyone who comments here.


  24. Theo Radic says:

    "All questions of politics, the ordering of society, education have been falsified down to their foundations because the most injurious men have been taken for great men… they are the refuse of mankind, abortive offspring of sickness and revengeful instincts: they are nothing but pernicious, fundamentally incurable monsters who take revenge on life." 

    – Friedrich Nietzsche, Ecce Homo (1888, months before he went insane)

    • Bradley Dueringer says:

      Sounds like he is referring to the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia. The House of Rothschild in the City of London  tells the CFR what the agenda is and the CFR tells these aberrant intellectual prostitutes, like Hillary Clinton what do do. Nietzsche was correct in his description of them.

      All the puppets and sympathizers (Zionist and the like) meet at Bilderberg once a year to plan out their demonic plans for Humanity. 

      I hope this is not too much truth that it gets censored 

    • Jose Sanchez Gallardo says:

      One example of an injurious man is Senator Richard Pan.

      I wonder what Dr. Richard Pan is doing to cure all of the children who are addicted to drugs? And the ones who became addicted to drugs as children and are languishing for decades with addiction, or dying? That seems like a REAL health emergency, but it is easier to force people to line up and pay big pharma for all kinds of vaccines they managed to lobby to get on the mandatory list required to have access to education. Or course, school attendance may quite possibly be the biggest risk factor for becoming addicted to drugs–that or going to a doctor and being prescribed addictive substances. Hard to know. Dr. Richard Pan and his cronies are not interested in THAT problem (the REAL one).

  25. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 268th email, titled 'Climate Chaos within 20 months. Trump's 10,000 lies /  Water vapour vs GHG / 62 yrs or 800,000 yrs? / Marine fish extinct by 2048.

    When will they lob 200 nukes down volcano cones to initiate the 2 year nuclear volcanic winter to refreeze the Arctic (and Antarctic)? This has nothing to do with a nuclear war, although that could be used as a distraction.

    The ongoing intensive, toxic (and therefore extremely profitable for those companies whose business model relies on disease and ill health) geoengineering and atmospheric spraying has delayed the nuclear option by over 6 years. However, because it is a covert operation, the general public has carried on with 'business as usual' and nothing has been achieved to prevent climate catastrophe and our extinction.

    Climate Reanalyzer has been down for most of last week. Yet more recalibration to hide the dire situation?

    Someone critiqued my last email where I wrote '…in 2019 we are going to set a 62 year record for CO2 emissions'. I totally accept that I could have written 'Current CO2 levels far exceed levels during the past 800,000 years'. Both are true.

    There are fifty greenhouse gases that keep on heating the planet to new highs each year. Currently, the worst ones (in order) are water vapour, CO2, methane, and nitrous oxide. Those four make up 99% of global heating and will kill most humans in just a few years from heat stroke and starvation.

    Why do so few people consider water vapour as a "greenhouse gas" (GHG)? Maybe because, technically it is not a gas but the 'gaseous state' of water…similarly steam, or should I say clouds, is also not defined as gas but a collection of small condensed water droplets

    The Heat Index gives you the 'feels like' temperature by incorporating humidity into the temperature calculation. Here are some examples: 20C at 88% relative humidity (RH) feels like 20C; 30C at 88% RH feels like 40C; 40C at 88% RH feels like 92C.  

    For comparison, a steam sauna is usually between 30 – 50C, but one tends not to stay in them for days on end!

    Globally, air can hold 7% more water vapour for every 1C rise in temp…until the cloud water droplets become so big that they fall out of the sky in a destructive deluge.

    It is also worth looking at the 1st May 2019 post on 

    Articles are now appearing that state that salt water fish will be extinct by 2048. A half truth, most will probably be extinct by 2024.

    President Trump has now made more than 10,000 "false or misleading statements" – let's be honest and say that he has lied over 10,000 times since taking office.

    • Larwence says:

      Obama and all of the rest back to JFK are every bit as bad, along with most all politicians, ALL!!! today. 

    • Jeanette S says:

      Andrew, Extinction Rebellion is doing a bangup job overthere. Kudos to them and you. I watched Rupert Read on a news discussion group and he was giving them hey. As soon as they said something like oh a study group and when we have facts then we can…he told them now we need to do something now…and that it would just be stalling around, proposing a study. and one man there said Oh, I think e/r should be more civil and not disrupt traffic. and Rupert said if they did not disrupt traffic, I would not be sitting here…I did a little "Yes, Yes" dance around the living room. You tell 'im Rupert. I have heard that so many times myself. And I try to tell people here…silenced, marginalized is what polite gets you here.

    • Frustrated in WNC says:

      Trump was the only solution to Hillary…. 

      As Dane says, it doesn't matter who is in the WH, they are powerless and merely puppets.  They all lie – Just who does that surprise?  The only people who are accountable are us, 'we the people' and, boy, are we accountable…..

  26. Lori Bridgeford says:

    Very interesting data Dane,  per Univ. of MN and the 3 site samples of snow & the ODD pH values uncovered. Far too alkaline, and  no explanation.  Also, the Trump Admin. has been very unfortunate as he walks BACK  campaign assertion/promise re vax safety.  Horrified he  also  blatantly promotes 5G , as if another  power  race !   So typical of him saying " a  big deal".  More wheeling and dealing. Art of the deal.  Vital links  (yes, to zap us?!)  A race to  our demise is more like it !    Tragic.  This "competition" talk is so immature.   Same as old Boss indeed. Hair color changed.  Same short leash & puppet in WH. Thanks for these profound  Global reports as MSM is a  complete disaster. I would rather know the TRUTH, than the mass distractions many keep falling for -hope shifts  / awareness start to add up soon -with appropriate ACTION. Thanks to all the  activists spot-fires  of education out there!  Takes ALL !!! 




  27. Dennie says:

    The trees will come back but only as long as we keep getting enough water, year after year, don't go through extensive droughts and can stop the geoengineering programs that are shredding the ozone and letting in ultraviolet radiation which scorches everything.  People don't have any idea that tree bark gets sunburned!!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dennie, Some trees will not "come back" no matter how much water they get. The aerosols have seriously messed up soil balances and the life it once held within it. The bark on some of my trees is beyond sun burned. It's grotesque to look at knowing what should be normal. My brain always defaults it all into human terms. Not so pretty. "UVC", that's what keeps me awake at night. A light spectrum that is used to sterilize surgical instruments is beaming down on all of us "like never before". "Will 'they' think of new terms for different degrees of sun burn just like the new so called clouds we have these days?"

      Love and strength to you my friend I have not met, yet.

    • Tanya Quarterman says:

      Is it possible to generate ozone? 

    • Jeanette S says:

      The soil generates ozone or shall I say the microbial life and it does go up in the air column. the problem is our little nano aluminum troll friends. Ozone is good in the very outer shell of our atmosphere where it shields us from ultraviolet rays from the sun. However, the ozone goes up and attaches to a nano aluminum particle (so many) and it is then weighted down stays in the middle layer of the atmosphere where it traps heat from the ultraviolet rays and cannot escape back out into space. 

  28. Alan David says:

    it has been revealed that over 80 cities have court actions to stop 5G, and 5G has been banned in Brussels Belgium which is the head and controlling power of European Economic Community ! They obviously know the threat posed by 5G ! 

  29. vb says:

    Ambitious politicians rant and rave about a "Green New Deal" but not one of them are exposing or opposing Geoengineering.  Writing letters is futile.  They seem to believe that spending trillions of dollars is the answer when not funding aerial spraying would save money.

  30. globalpatriotworker says:

    If a crop duster flew a few hundred feet above your house spewing some unidentifiable white material you would call the sheriff immediately right?

    The sheriffs would use the tools at their disposal to insure that the aircraft being used is identified and the activity is halted. There would probably be some substantial fines and perhaps even jail time for pollution.

    So we see aircraft doing essentially the same thing, only much much higher. There is no difference.Why should the altitude of the offending aircraft matter?

    As average citizens we don't have a sheriff powerful enough or humane enough to protect us on a national or global scale.We must identify the aircraft involved! That will point us in the right direction. All commercial aircraft operate under flight plans. If an official from the FAA tells you some BS about contrails and humidity and what not the question to them must be….is this a commercial flight I am looking at and if so, what is the flight plan? You will be told to go to Flightaware of some such program where you will quickly learn that most of the white material-spewing aircraft do not appear on the program. So then….who owns the aircraft? The FAA ain't talkin'! They are the ones aiding and abetting this massive coverup of a crime. Identifying the aircraft and determining ownership is crucial to ending of this assault on our planet and its living things . A massive boycott on flying altogether is a good start with a very good reason. Knock it off or we are not playing ball.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello globalpatriotworker:  You're right.  The county sheriff can override Federal controls at a local level. The sheriff has much more power than civilians are apprised of > for good reason.

      People need to file proper affidavits of complaint within local District courts.  Sheriffs need to become part of the public notification and complaint loop, and filing a formal affidavit initiates the process.

      See this: The Power of Paper – YouTube

      Published on Mar 31, 2010

    • jeanette S says:

      they are calling for people to stop flying in England. that is one of extinction rebellion's requests.

  31. Anon says:

    Unfortunately, it looks like we are all being suckered yet again.

    There's many people who have been mesmerized by the Q & Trump dog and pony show.

    These Illuminati guys are required by their code of conduct/religion to tell us the truth.  Just look at his name – Trump.  People associate it with bridge term  where to trump is to beat/surpass, or with 'trumpet'.  It's trump as in trompe d'oeil (deceive the eye)

    trump (v.2)

    "fabricate, devise," 1690s, from trump "deceive, cheat" (1510s), from Middle English trumpen(late 14c.), from Old French tromper "to deceive," of uncertain origin. Apparently from se tromper de "to mock," from Old French tromper "to blow a trumpet." Brachet explains this as "to play the horn, alluding to quacks and mountebanks, who attracted the public by blowing a horn, and then cheated them into buying ….

    And Q is even worse.  Q is for Qayin (the original spelling for Cain).  Q comes from the Egyptian hieroglyph which looks like the eye of a needle.  Rotate this needle and it looks like the eye of Ra (a very evil entity).  Compare this eye of Ra with the image of Quetzalcoatl  (the feathered serpent that eats people) and you'll see similarities.  The Quetzalcoatl cult still thrives. Italian elites incorporate the image in their emblems/shields/blazons.

    There's weird occult things connected with Trump.  His son-in-law spent a lot of money buying 666 5th Avenue. 

    Look at what he's doing without rose tinted glasses nor star struck eyes.  Never idolize anyone.  Always question the narrative..  Will people wake up and ask why Trump's administration is trying to destabilize Venezuela?   Or ask why Trump is now telling people to get vaccinated?  I seriously doubt that Trump is working for the highest good of the people.  It's all theatre.

    • Richard says:

      Have you tried thorazine?

    • Bradley Dueringer says:

      I agree with all you post about the Orange clown. You do know that he basically works for the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia.  This explains why he wants war with Iran and why he ….was told…to secure the oil in Venezuela for the Rothschild dynasty. He gave the Golon Heights to Israel and his son in law, Jared Kushner, is a close associate of Netanyahu. All his staff pics are dyed-in-the-wool zionists.

      When analyzing all these facts simple logic dictates who he really work for

  32. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: The Feudal system in the middle ages kept the majority of the population poor and enslaved to the landowners who took their food, their sons for war & daughters as breeders. Technology has ushered in a new form of feudalism – Techno-Feudalism, which is fraudulently facilitating the extraction of enormous sums of money from the public trough, our tax payer dollars. The poor cannot afford legal help and find themselves betrayed. The poor do not understand that the courts themselves & lawyers often profit from their incarceration and fines. The poor and those who have been marginalized in this ruthless practice are the helpless victims of a system that no longer serves the people, but rather is a vampire-like parasite feeding off those condemned to debt peonage. Slavery by algorithms as a business.

    Pigs at the trough
    * New Report Names Nearly 4,000 Companies Profiting Off of Private Prison Industry

    "Today, more than half of the $80 billion spent annually on incarceration by government agencies is used to pay the thousands of vendors that serve the criminal legal system."

    By Eoin Higgins
    May 03, 2019 "Information Clearing House" –  A new report provides information on which corporations are profiting from the private prison industry.  The report (pdf), which was released by criminal justice advocacy group Worth Rises, is based on a database run by the organization that lists a total 3,900 companies in 12 sectors that make money off of the prison industrial complex.  The scope of the income taken in by these companies, the report says, is in the tens of billions.
    Today, more than half of the $80 billion spent annually on incarceration by government agencies is used to pay the thousands of vendors that serve the criminal legal system. They are healthcare providers, food suppliers, and commissary merchants, among others. And many have devised strategies to extract billions more from the directly impacted communities supporting their incarcerated loved ones.
    The database was first published last year, with 3,100 companies. Tuesday's update adds another 800 corporations to the list.  Bianca Tylek, the executive director for Worth Rises, said in a statement that the report will make it harder for prison profiteers to operate without scrutiny.  "Before this report, many of the companies involved in the prison industrial complex flew below the radar, often intentionally to avoid the headline risk that comes with profiting off mass incarceration today," said Tylek. "This data brings these companies to light and equips advocates with the information needed to challenge them."  The report presents the data mostly in raw form as a research service. The download link is in the report.
    Adding more corporations to the list is part of a push to expose the predatory practices of the for-profit prison industry, Tylek said.  "This year's edition expands on our original report with the addition of more than 800 companies," said Tylek. "In publishing this report, we continue to expose the multi-billion-dollar industry built off the vulnerable communities—disproportionately black, brown, and cash poor—targeted by the criminal legal system."

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      "Slavery by algorithms as a business."

      Truer words were never spoken… Slavery is alive and doing well in our plantation culture… The IA Matrix is very real, only the public has been algorithmically modified into disbelief in themselves…

  33. izzy says:

    The “norm” has been crazy for so long it’s hard to find anything to say anymore without repeating oneself.

    An old nugget of wisdom reminds us that “If you don’t change direction, you’ll wind up right where you’re headed.”

    We all know where that is.

  34. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Pigs at the trough: Big corporations pay no income tax, unlike you
    By Pete Dolack / May 03, 2019

    … The latest delivery comes courtesy of the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, which has found that 60 of the largest corporations in the United States paid no income taxes for 2018 despite earning a composite $79 billion in net income.  Worse, these companies actually received $4.3 billion in tax rebates.
    Had these companies paid taxes at the newly reduced corporate tax rate of 21 percent, these companies would have paid $16.4 billion in taxes. So we have a difference of more than $20 billion — quite a nice return on their lobbying expenses and donations to the Trump campaign.
    Heading the list is none other than Amazon. Run by the world’s richest person and recently extracting billions of dollars in subsidies in a sweepstakes in which cities across the United States competed to give away the most money, Amazon racked up $11 billion in profits last year and not only paid no taxes but received a rebate of $129 million. A total of 26 companies, including Chevron, Delta Air Lines, Duke Energy, General Motors, Molson Coors and Prudential Financial, reported net income of more than $1 billion while paying no taxes.
    President Trump claimed that his massive tax cuts for corporations would directly result in the average United States household getting an annual increase of $4,000 in wages. That magical figure came from his own Council of Economic Advisers, which further claimed that the $4,000 was a “conservative” estimate. The Council went on to claim that the average U.S. household might see a raise of $9,000.
    Wages actually fell two percent, adjusted for inflation, from December 2017 to December 2018, reports the Economic Policy Institute. But it would have been fruitless to wait for the promised largesse. …
    The costs of poverty
    This ever-mounting inequality has real costs. For example, almost 13 million children in the United States (20 percent of the country’s children) live in poverty. The Children’s Defense Fund pulls no punches in assessing the cost of that poverty:
    “When we let millions of children grow up poor without basic necessities like food, housing and health care, we deny them equal opportunities to succeed in life and rob our nation of their future contributions. Poverty decreases a child’s chances of graduating from high school and increases her chances of becoming a poor adult. It makes her more likely to suffer illnesses and get caught in the criminal justice system. Beyond its human costs, child poverty has huge economic costs. Our nation loses about $700 billion a year due to lost productivity and increased health and crime costs stemming from child poverty.”
    … In a CounterPunch commentary, economist Jack Rasmus explains that the rise in U.S. gross domestic product for the first quarter of 2018 was due to corporations building inventories to get ahead of the Trump tariffs and a temporary decline in imports (thus providing an artificial boost to the import-export ratio) stemming from the administration’s trade wars. Household consumption, the driver of the U.S. economy, is actually decreasing, Professor Rasmus said, which does not bode well for the future.
    We are losing one of the most one-sided wars in human history.

  35. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    California has 149 million dead trees ready to ignite like a matchbook
    18 million trees died just last year. That poses a huge fire and injury hazard.
    Feb. 2019
    Map showing locations:

    • I was riding down a road where the forest was scorched by a fire and what I noticed is that the trees are coming back, redwoods grow new branches, for the trees burned severely they begin to sprout from the roots, forming a bush of vegetation around the dead tree, I was reading that in about a decade the forest should recover enough to where you can’t notice there was a fire. I happen to live in Northern California and I witnessed the fires.

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