Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 6, 2017


Dane Wigington

The Legal Alliance To Stop Geoengineering (LASG) is continuing with the effort to gain critical information from government agencies. The global climate engineering assault is completely out of control, the consequences will be total if these programs of planetary omnicide are not exposed and stopped. The US is ready to instigate WWlll by using the North Korea missile testing as an excuse. What is the US doing at the very same time? Testing ICBMs (Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles). Fukushima continues to get worse with a "huge red blob of nuclear waste" being reported off the US west coast. The latest completely engineered chemically ice nucleated "snowstorm" has devastated crops and killed as many as 10,000 cows. The Saudis now own major US oil infrastructure with the full support of our criminal government. The Saudis are also enjoying the US government's support of their ruthless bombing of Yemen, one of the poorest nations in the world. The military industrial complex is ramping up their aggression on countless fronts with president Trump as their new mascot. The office of the president is now just a part of the power structure, it has been so for a very long time. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Willful blindness and blatant denial are running rampant in the ranks of the human race. The more critical our collective reality becomes, the more fanatical the behavior will be from many. Fully facing dire realities is extremely difficult, to ignore those same realities is certain suicide. Any that are truly awake are desperately needed to help with the effort to wake others, this is the only way forward in the fight for the greater good.

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  1. To commercial airlines and/or their assigns: >
    18 U.S. Code § 962 – Arming vessel against friendly nation"Whoever, within the United States, furnishes, fits out, arms, or attempts to furnish, fit out or arm, any vessel, with intent that such vessel shall be employed in the service of any foreign prince, or state, or of any colony, district, or people, to cruise, or commit hostilities against the subjects, citizens, or property of any foreign prince or state, or of any colony, district, or people with whom the United States is at peace; or
    Whoever issues or delivers a commission within the United States for any vessel, to the intent that she may be so employed—
    Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.
    Every such vessel, her tackle, apparel, and furniture, together with all materials, arms, ammunition, and stores which may have been procured for the building and equipment thereof, shall be forfeited, one half to the use of the informer and the other half to the use of the United States."
    (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 746; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(L), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.)
    Complete text:

  2. Laws and court proceedings are designed to clearify a Lawful process. The issues involved in geoengineering have been well documented on these pages, as well as hundreds of other pages devoted to weather control efforts. The cumulative effects of geoengineering methods on environmental systems are staggering.

    Geoengineering chemical compounds cannot be transported without clear disclosure to the transport agent of record. Clandistien or covert transport of these toxic materials is clearly ILLEGAL within the boundries of the United States.

    Hazardous Materials Transportation Authorization Act (1994)

    ["Signed by President Bill Clinton on August 26, 1994, the purpose of the amendment was to broaden the "regulatory and enforcement authority of the Secretary of Transportation." [31] The Secretary is given discretionary power to require anyone who transports hazardous materials through aircraft, rail, ship, or vehicle to register with the Department of Transportation who are not already under mandatory obligation to do so. Additionally, the amendment restructured the Act, reauthorizing funding for the HMTA and requiring additional safety initiatives to be taken by the Department of Transportation.[32] Under this amendment, its underlying goal remained the same as the Hazardous Materials Transportation Act: to protect against the risks to life, property, and the environment during the transportation of hazardous materials."]

    Please READ Complete text:

    Persons employed in geoengineering activities need to be arrested and imprisoned for the remainder of their lives, period.

  3. James M Nunn says:

    I live in the Willamette Valley, Salem, Oregon. When I'm in an open air space (like a parking lot etc) with open sky I'll say to someone around me things like "Well they're Geo-engineering again today" as opposed to talking about Chemtrails. People seem to be more open to the subject using that language.

    • SueL says:

      GEW Admin & JamesN, Willamette valley of OR is a beautiful place to live. 🙂 My husband Cliff was born 1944 and raised in Albany, OR, died of pancreatic cancer in 2004. Living anywhere in western US as did we, under chemtrail fallout could have contributed,we feel now… Two of my daughters have had most of pancreas and gall bladder removed as well.  Saw the spraying and resulting criss cross clouds of chemtrails many times, still do.. Now we try to counteract the heavy metals and other toxins raining down with whatever medical folks or others are finding to help live a healthier life. Thanks for  posting, every bit of support helps deal… <3

  4. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Felony and Treason

    Title 18 of the United States Code Crimes and Criminal Procedure provides, in pertinent part:

    18 U.S. Code § 4 – Misprision of felony

    “Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

    All officers of the Uniformed services of the United States have a duty to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies,
    foreign and domestic, as set forth in the United States Uniformed Services Oath of Office, which each officer takes upon commissioning:

    Complete text:

  5. Paul Vonharnish says:

    18 U.S. Code § 3 – Accessory after the fact
    [“Whoever, knowing that an offense against the United States has been committed, receives, relieves, comforts or assists the offender in order to hinder or prevent his apprehension, trial or punishment, is an accessory after the fact.

    Except as otherwise expressly provided by any Act of Congress, an accessory after the fact shall be imprisoned not more than one-half the maximum term of imprisonment or (notwithstanding section 3571) fined not more than one-half the maximum fine prescribed for the punishment of the principal, or both; or if the principal is punishable by life imprisonment or death, the accessory shall be imprisoned not more than 15 years.”]
    Complete text:

  6. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Excerpted from: 18 U.S. Code § 229 – Prohibited activities

    (a) Unlawful Conduct.— Except as provided in subsection (b), it shall be unlawful for any person knowingly—

    (1) to develop, produce, otherwise acquire, transfer directly or indirectly, receive, stockpile, retain, own, possess, or use, or threaten to use, any chemical weapon; or
    (2) to assist or induce, in any way, any person to violate paragraph (1), or to attempt or conspire to violate paragraph (1).

    (b) Exempted Agencies and Persons.—
    (1) In general.— Subsection (a) does not apply to the retention, ownership, possession, transfer, or receipt of a chemical weapon by a department, agency, or other entity of the United States, or by a person described in paragraph (2), pending destruction of the weapon.
    (2) Exempted persons.— A person referred to in paragraph (1) is—
    (A) any person, including a member of the Armed Forces of the United States, who is authorized by law or by an appropriate officer of the United States to retain, own, possess, transfer, or receive the chemical weapon; or
    (B) in an emergency situation, any otherwise nonculpable person if the person is attempting to destroy or seize the weapon.

    (c) Jurisdiction.— Conduct prohibited by subsection (a) is within the jurisdiction of the United States if the prohibited conduct—
    (1) takes place in the United States;
    (2) takes place outside of the United States and is committed by a national of the United States;
    (3) is committed against a national of the United States while the national is outside the United States; or
    (4) is committed against any property that is owned, leased, or used by the United States or by any department or agency of the United States, whether the property is within or outside the United States.

    Complete text:

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Great Job Paul Vonharnish.    Take That You Order Followers!

  7. Alfie says:

    Thank You Dane for all you do. I just discovered this site about 6 months ago, although I've been awake to the chemtrail agenda for quite some time.  Such a great cache of information, I've shared with many people. Shoot, Ive made fliers and posted on telephone poles sharing this site, lol.  Anyway, the fight goes on.. God bless

    • Carl says:

      Agreed,  well said and we'll done. We're being poisened worldwide and people need to wake up…

  8. Seeing Clearly says:

    Sustainability is demonized until it can be corrupted then its embraced and even made mandatory make no mistake, I am all for healthy lifestyles that do not destroy the environment however we shall not tolerate corruption in the name of living green.


    Going green should not be about implementing a cashless society or paying more for less and reducing our standards of living.

    I concur, the economic system fails to depict who contributes the most or works the most which is moneys intent the whole reason for money is to reward the working for how much they work, but as we all know money can be manipulated to the point that it does the exact opposite of what it was intended to do.

    Going green should be about seeking more not less.

    With a cashless society you will be at the mercy of those in power and we all know how easy it is to be corrupted when you have power or for corrupt people to get into power so no that's a big NO NO.

  9. Phil says:

    HAARP ELF waves at 4Hz plus harmonics do actually interfere
    with our metabolism of potassium.

  10. Alan says:

    Hanford declares state of emergency at former nuke plant.  Go to for further information.

    • Alan says:

      My wife discovered this because she was wondering if they were still running school children's tours of the facility, and visited the site this morning.  Sure enough, they are – or at least they were, right up until the state of EMERGENCY was declared.  

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Alan, I'm sure 

      Dan McDonald, From Washington Department of Ecology will tell the audience that there is nothing to fear, every will be cleaned up, he won't mention the 10 decades of poisonous radioactive waste that is going to permeate the local ecosystems for the next ten years or so…

      Which means the same response again, Nothing to see here, move along to another subject, one more positive. The same way 911 was handled by our impartial media, forget it… Be Happy! Go Shopping "we" will take care of the clean up.

      Please if you made it to the public meeting that was help May 3rd, I like to know what was said at that meeting??? If you know someone who was there, and can report back what was said, that would be great, It's not that I don't trust what on their web site? It's just I don't trust what's on their web site : ) Scary times we are living in, and Dane said this would start to happen, and with more frequency, no cachinnate intended.

  11. Cassandra says:

    After much introspection I believe that Oprah Winfrey has deliberately contributed to the collective cognitive dissonance by regularly and continuously featuring guests on her show who admonish others for ever thinking thoughts that are anything but positive, and encouraging people to reject any type of "realistic "thoughts if they contain any negativity whatsoever. The power structure has elicited the help of Oprah Winfrey, a member of Bilderberg, to keep the people blissfully unaware of the fact they are being poisoned from every direction and stolen blind by the elite.

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Never thought about Opera in that content, but your right, all media if drilled down to who owners the media, it's a handful of Families. They're also the one and the same Elites that control the scripted news media.

      Don't look here! There's nothing to see?? Yea right !! Thank you Cassandra. 

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Two Decades I have said; there's something off about this woman, only to get dirty looks from others. Alex Jones even had a segment on her dealings with the elites. It looks like Oprah is out to harm the so called people she declares to care so much about. She too is a FRAUD ! 

  12. EyepilotX!!! says:

    Day 13 of the artificially nucleated cooldown here in Chicago… today with cold rain; persistent highPressure over Canada bringing strong winds down the length of the lake to keep it cool, chill, abnormal… at least 10 degrees below "normal". I watched weather last night (got past the endless reports on "Drump did this or that" and the ShootingcrimeDeathReport, and endless sports reports "go cubs" that sort of boring stuff… to see Tommy Skillet and the WGN weather, WGN used to be the best weather! When I taught the weather unit I'd tape Tommy's reports for the students because he'd explain air-masses and weather patterns… He has a picture segment; I love seeing his weather pix people send in and spot the obvious geoEngineered ones… and hear him try to explain them! He's not on as much these days; in favor of weatherReporters who just say innocuous stuff like 59 degrees tomorrow or 30% chance of rain… I wonder sometimes if in his explaining of weather patterns he has eluded to much to globalwarming and by showing un-natural pictures he's been told to stop it… Well we are to have at least another 15 days of fake chilly weather… for a total of around 30 days in a row below average but I know it's such fake weather! And it is very chilly yet the sun is so HOT! Can feel that heat… need A/C in car because it is so hot… Yet the chill wind off of cold lake waters keeps the temp down while in St/ Louis or Iowa its in the 80s! I know the reasons why they want to artificially make the eastern half of USA seem cooler! Or usual pattern iswarm winters with a blast or two of arctick air but cooler summers… I bet the summers would be worse than 1995 or 1988 without the artificial cooldown. Persistant days of no relief. These last few years it's has all been a few days of heat (usually( two followed by a  bizarre cold front and winds off the lake. Lake Michigan must be an excellent climate modifier for the geoEngineer Demons!

    BTW Chris Hedges had an excellent column Monday satiring the whole celebrity culture… People were down on him because he wasn't serious enough but WTF! It is serious if it is a mega-distraction keeping us "proles" in line! Watch Steve Harvey talk about "boobies" instead of looking at the sky! 

    • Lissa Ensign says:

      I'm with you on this Chicago cold air & hot sun. My neighbor & I were talking about it & I gave her one of Danes flyers. The skies are so full of fake clouds. People don't even seem to notice that the clouds don't look like clouds should around here. I take photos every day.  So frustrating that our planet is being killed every single day and so are we.

  13. C.J. says:

    I like the idea of wearing gas mask's and holding up signs saying stop spraying us. It might awaken a few, but in all honesty most would think that this person holding the sign must be a total Nut-case. There are people that are in your Neighborhoods that are involved in these operations. Therefore you could become a Target. Who knows what they would do. Maybe they wouldn't do anything. I think that strength in numbers would be better. A whole bunch of people wearing gas mask's and carrying signs. The other side of the coin is that they wouldn't know who you are because your face would be covered up. Good proposal though. Try it and tell us how you make out. If it works, I might give it a try. I have a painter's mask with the 2 carbon filters that would look good. I could wear goggles also. The problem is my partner would not like it. Some don't want to hear about it. Like my partner. I just can't understand that part, while it is so obvious listening to the jets constantly going overhead and the sky is completely covered with this mess with no Sun. Then there is flooding going on in so many areas. The people think it is just Mother Nature. I guess they are right. It's the New Mother Nature taking over. She's getting us all.

  14. marc says:

    I received my book (just released by Dane), and it now occupies a space next to my bed on top of about 10 other books I am reading simultaneously. Not light reading, but neither is anything else I read in bed. It's a f**king miracle I get any sleep at all. Nonetheless, most excellent, Dane!!! Thank you for this stupendous effort.

      Many people I know are suffering, or have recently suffered, from a very nasty respiratory thing. These are people from both coasts of our country. I myself just had something, too, that was off the scale compared to similar afflictions I've had in my life. All of these people resigned their thinking to the "spring allergies" explanation. WE all know better. While allergies are, of course, real, I submit that we cannot know the true source anymore of such afflictions. It is no stretch of the imagination to entertain the very real fear that we are being maliciously and intentionally sprayed with biologically injurious substances that settle down through the air column and right into our lives on a daily basis. If that possibility weren't enough to elicit anxiety, we would be remiss if we didn't acknowledge the absolutely horrific quantities of other microscopic irritants, chemicals, aerosols, volatiles and god only knows what else, that we are all breathing with every breathe we take. Add in Fukushima and we're done. Zee-u-layder-bye. Fukushima radiation will continue to be grossly underreported. (a few hints have made their way into MSM) For if the real truth were fully publicized, some version of mass panic would develop. I am convinced of this. I do not see how we survive the next handful of years. No possible way. AND YET, NONE, AND I MEAN NONE, OF MY CLOSER FRIENDS CAN HANDLE TALKING ABOUT IT. Not one will openly engage in a conversation about this looming apocalypse. They just don't want to hear about it. Furthermore, the majority of them are unfortunately also under-informed about these realities and don't give a rat's ass about learning anything new. I have difficulty with this. You know, the "not giving a rat's ass" part. 

      So….then… weird is it that I should just receive a message from overseas (8 minutes ago) that I am now the proud grandfather of a new baby boy!! A pic was sent and all I can say is, what a handsome lad is he!!!  However…..and it is a big "however", I would be lying if I said I have great hope for his future and will cherish watching him grow into a fine young man. I would never say these things to his parents, though. Unfortunately, the extent to which I am acutely aware of the precipice we all now stand on cannot be talked about openly with my daughter. She is adamant in her demand that I not discuss geoengineering or Collapse or related topics with her. She can't handle the darkness very well. I respect her wishes and love her eternally regardless. If there is a God, (and I do believe there IS a Supreme Intelligence that permeates the multiple dimensions and multi-verses) I beseech Him/Her to take a second look at the atrocities being perpetrated here on earth and to consider bestowing Grace and a Change of Heart upon those who would seek to annihilate this once inexpressibly magnificent planet. Then perhaps the miracle of a sustainable biosphere might become a real possibility for little creatures like my new grandson.

    • Dennie says:

      Yeah, I just do not understand the deal with parents who don't want their kids to know reality– I mean, are kids really that dumb???  My cousin didn't want her grand daughter hearing about what's happening in the skies when I came out to Denver to draw up a will back in 2010, right before I was hospitalized with acute barium poisoning (and tonight I have a dry hacking cough from all the toxic metal shit we're being forced to breathe and I'm worried like hell about being able to get any sleep with the massive assault going on Every Single Day now-, does NO ONE ELSE FEEL what I'M FEELING–????)

      My six-year-old student told me today that whenever she opens her mouth lately, it instantly dries out– how 'bout them apples, for a six-year-old (her father is a physician…)?  When I was at the "tender" age of six I was treated to a very special once-in-a-lifetime event:  A presidential assassination!!!!  Now, nobody but NOBODY came up with a way to "sugar-coat" THAT– or the existence of the Warren Commission (a total joke, just like the commission on "nine-one-one," the fact of which was described almost immediately, unlike in 2001), or the squabbling about what the Warren Commission was actually going to do, or any kind of attempt to put fingers into my ears whenever the news came on and we all clearly heard discussion using the words "cover up."  I don't "get it" about today's parents.  Some of us are really just not stoopid, not even at the young age of six.

    • MAP says:

      Regarding your comment on people around you who refuse to discuss the reality and calamity at hand: this fact is proof that many of the schemes of The Power Structure over past 100 years have worked perfectly. The western world has been the epicenter of all of the brainwashing. Training and conditioning. 

      Very few want to face this issue head on since doing that would force them to engage in radical change. One of the schemes of power structure has been to introduce a lifestyle of comforts and conveniences to most people in western world. So facing this issue means also realizing that all of these comforts and conveniences that most now expect have come at a Huge Price: the destruction of Mother Earth. That, my friend, is just too much for most people to deal with. They want their pretty houses and cars ; and every other thing that humans have brought to fruition to make the lives of most in the western world as radically comfortable. To put it bluntly, most have been "bought off" with all of the quadrillions of fake fiat currency that float around the world. 


      In my estimation, we are living in a Modern Day Concentration Camp. There is no need for gathering up millions of people into fenced camps when the power structure can "spray everyone" from above, poison our food supply, water supply, etcetera. 

      Vaccines are another poison doled out by power structure. Dane and his associates have covered this topic in much detail. Why do tens of millions line up willingly to receive poisons? These people were trained and conditioned in schools that modern science and inventions only are for the greater good. Therefore no questions asked – just give me the shot is what most people think. 

      It is easy for me to acknowledge and discuss these issues since I suffer multiple chronic illnesses that would bring an early death without all of the effects of GeoEngineering. Make no mistake, all of the toxicity of these programs is making my situation that much worse. Not today, but down the line I plan to reveal to all visitors here how the power structure has used people like me to make profit off of chronic deadly illnesses. These psychos in charge are very very sick. 

  15. Gary D says:

    The weather sociopaths really do harm to anyone they perceive as ruffling the feathers of their demonic agenda. Within a day or two of the Canadian Prime Minister firing back at Trump for his latest tirade of imposing high taxes on imports of Canadian lumber, dairy and energy products, rainstorms not seen in 30 years deluged Southern Ontario and Quebec. 150 towns and cities are under water, the Capital region of Ottawa was in the crosshairs, Montreal and Quebec City have partial flooding, Lake Ontario has risen 18 inches above normal, hydro-elecric power plants are inundated and hundreds of thousands have lost their homes and businesses. This rain bomb on the most populated region of Canada was not a coincidence. 

  16. paul fowler says:

          We just had reports of mass fish die off on the east coast of Canada not so long ago . Scientists were baffled as to what was causing the die off , just like they are stumped at what is causing the die off on the west coast USA . . They can split atoms , land on mars and make nano robots but they can't figure out why all the marine life is dying . I would like to see the results of the toxicology test , if they did one .

     Sycophants never make good scientists . 

  17. ron hall says:

    DANE: This is the kind of ALT-MEDIA discussion among 3 progressive intellectuals that is INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING for an old activist like me and must be for EVERYONE WHO KNOWS THE REALITY OF GEOENGINEERING!  THEY MUST NEVER LOOKUP!! DAMN! Everything sounds good, but they cannot, apparently, see the ELEPHANTS IN THE SKIES!!      MAN!! 

  18. Rosalie says:

    On garbage day last week, in my neighbourhood, there were heavily sprayed skies all around. I made sure I covered my nose and mouth while moving things to the curb.  I had a thought: what if we all put on a gas mask or surgical mask the first day of every month, or the first Sat. of every month and posted or held up a sign: Stop Spraying Us! We could post it to social media in large numbers from people all around the world on the same day. Major impact! Another sign could read: Give Us Back Our Blue Skies! Btw: I received Dane's book, dvd and poster today.  It felt so good to have it in my hands. A little pricy to have it shipped to Canada, which is crazy since we're right next door to the U.S. Worth it all the same. Great job, Dane.  So proud of you and your team.

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Rosalie, I actually love that Idea… Short and to the point!!

    • Randy says:

      Let's do it!! I live in Phx AZ. There must be others in Phx AZ that see what gets sprayed on us almost every day. Phx let's meet at a park in Central Phx or close to all TV stations and all wear our masks. Please reply if this is something we can accomplish in Phx. As always Dane Great work keeping us all informed. God Bless!! Randy 

  19. Seeing Clearly says:

    A society that burdens people just for their color, look or personality or something that makes us unique in a non disabling, non extreme and harmless way is not a sane society, nor is a society that is so backwards as to calling a color or personality a disorder or disease despite no medical cause no toxin gives you blue eyes or brown skin and calling that variation a disorder and then embracing the label disorder as diversity and in need of tolerance and that's just hypocracy because your not even tolerating diversity by calling it a disorder in the first place in other words you have to see variations through the lence or pink shades of disorder in order to accept what you now convinced yourself is a disorder as being diversity does anyone spot the problem?

    Just for the record, I don't call or preach for the death of disabled people nor do I want to eradicate harmless variation I am a big pro-life advocate and the word cure means to heal a sickness you can't cure blue eyes if you don't see it as a sickness because that would contradict the fact that cure means to eradicate an illness so in order to cure something it has to be an illness in the first place so no you can't cure able bodied people by making them disabled or unnaturally immorality different you can only break them and destroy them.

    So the controversy be not on whether we should cure someone or not, but rather instead the discussion be on what is a real disease and what is a difference. 

    We are also now confusing toxins and nutrition some people say aluminum is harmless to the body for people who call lies truth and can only back up their lies with pride and ignorance, we should remind them they don't get to decide what is the truth and what's lies that was already decided for us by god or since the beginning of time.

    Let's continue fighting, deception and seeing clearly.

    We do not only live in an age of information we also live in an age of information manipulation.

  20. paujl fowler says:

       It was mid morning . A beautiful sunny day and only few toxic strips in the sky . Then out of no where a vehicle swooped into and blocked my driveway . Four people scrambled out of the car and went in different directions . A large man in a gray trench coat was headed my way . I figured this was it , off to the FEMA camp we go . However that was not the case . He was a messenger of GOD handing out pamphlets . I accepted the pamphlet and asked him to wait a minute . I went in and got a GeoEngineeringWatch flyer , then I went back out and handed it to the gentleman . I mentioned a few of the facts about Geo Engineering to him , his response was , " These people are too powerful for us , we should leave it up to GOD . He will take care of this and everything else that is wrong in this world today . " I then said to him , " He is going to need our help with this one ." He responded with a snicker and then said , "GOD  doesn't need our help , he is the all mighty " . I pleaded with him to look at the material and research for him self and to look at the sky . I didn't say it but I couldn't help but wonder , if GOD doesn't need our help with GEO Engineering , why does he need help delivering pamphlets . 

    • Dennie says:

      You hit the nail on the head.  Somewhere in this guy's copy of the bible it says that God is incorporeal, without form…sooooo, who gives form to His Will–??? Just a question.  Too bad this idiot and so many others like him have fallen for the clear deception promulgated by misguided religious "leaders" that WE have Zero Responsibility because Big Daddy's got our backs, therefore we're not under any obligation to act as God's hands.  It's the ultimate DISINFORMATION programming that WILL keep us down and out, barefoot and pregnant, or now, KILL US ALL, as long as we keep falling for the "do nothing, God's taking care of it already.

  21. Joe Ceonnia says:

    When I said it's getting worse I meant they're flying these Trails at night now… It's 9:20 pm EST in Eastern Pennsylvania just north of Philadelphia, and I just had three flights go pass the bright moon, because it's clear now they are attacking the clear night skies. Yes it's getting worse! Day and night they are spraying. So, I now know my letters and emails are being answered, with more frequent flights..

    • Dennie says:

      It's soooo awwwful, I don't think I'm going to be able to sleep tonight for lack of ability to breathe.  The chest pain I'm having IS my lungs aching.  YOU KNOW "THEY," the Ones Doing the Spraying, ARE BREATHING THIS SHIT TOO.

    • Lisa LeVally Evans says:

      Ohio here. Sunday and Monday,  they left us alone, blue skies, 0 clouds. Weather report  said rain today.  So when I woke this morning,  I looked at the sky, and we had even stranger yellow/orange trail clouds. Started me wondering, are they doing it at night now? Got on computer to research, and here I am,lol. You're  right, they're doing it at night now! My family knows and agrees about geoengineering, , but they tell me I have to stop talking about it, people think it's crazy. We must inform others is my response.  Just wanted to vent, as my thoughts,  when I was outside at 6:30 am, taking cloud pictures, were,  does anyone look up at the sky anymore? I have 3 beautiful  grandchildren, I'm fighting for their lives. 

  22. C.J. says:

    Everyone is breathing this Chemtrail Fallout. You can actually see it at night with a high power spotlight. It's loaded into your air column. Fungus,Aluminum,Barium,Cadmium,Mercury,Roundup,Fluoride,Strontium,Silver Iodide and all kinds of other Chemicals.

    Not a wonder why people are sick and Dying. Not to mention all the wildlife and marine life and insects and Foliage.

  23. Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    By the Skillful & Sustained use of Propaganda, one can make a People see even Heaven as Hell, or an Extremely Wretched life as Paradise.       Adolf Hitler

  24. Windy says:

    I have been thinking for the last few months as to how by controlling the weather they could destroy the entire food supply.Looks like they have a good start.Has anyone talked to Dennis Kacinih who had written the bill trying to ban chemtrails?I think him and Ron Paul tried.

    • Dennie says:

      We all know that Kucinich tried a long, long time ago. 

      The Idiots-In-Charge don't give a zippin' fcuk where their food comes from– they get it at "the mess hall" anyhow, the STOOOPID mtohrefcukers. 

      >HOW are these monsters created?  READ IT HERE, from former U.S. Army officer Joachim Hagopian, who is now a counselor for emotionally disturbed children:

      Could it be better?  YES:

    • Joseph L says:

      H.R.2977 – Space Preservation Act of 2001107th Congress (2001-2002)



      Rep. Kucinich, Dennis J. [D-OH-10] (Introduced 10/02/2001)

      Here is the bill.  I actually met him at the big climate march in nyc in 2014 while handing out  flyers against geoengineering.

      He is a good man that also ran for President of the U.S.  2 times.  There aren't many politicians that are worth anything.

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Dennie,  we are in very deep shi*! if this what we are producing at West Point. This is the saying "Truth is Stranger Then Fiction" I just finished reading .. wow. Our country is in for a long and sinister ride. When you think things can't get any more corrupt, well yes they can, and are!!!

      Thanks for posting the links.

  25. penny waters says:

    dear dane

    thank you for your continued emails about the madness in the skies

    new scientist report about gold nano particles (an experiment) people breathed them – 15 mins later gold found in the blood – found in blood and urine 3 months later (ACS Nano,

    article mentions 'air pollution' and ends the article with this 'nugget' 'although gold particles are inert, the reactive compounds found in nano-pollutants in the air could have all sorts of harmful effects'

    shall be emailing mark miller at edinburgh uni to find out more – like who is paying for their research!?

    it appears that many people are in the 'know' or is it just that they are the only ones getting funding? and their interest coincides with geoengineering bunch, huh who knows?

    read some stuff on your website and lots of stuff fell into place re death of creatures here

    geoengineering started in 1987 – was just after the hot year of 1984 – i was working outside in parks in london and the suns rays were spitefully penetrating

    mum and dad moved here into the countryside of essex – bees would drown human speech in the spring when they visited the fruit trees

    going out at night was precarious because everywhere one stepped there was a frog or toad

    i had never been anywhere so bountiful and when i came to live here in 1992 it was still the same, even found myself in a bee swarm in the garden one day but….

    by 1999 bees and reptiles had gone – now we have a few bumble bees but few and far between, and reptiles have disappeared

    no butterflies, dragonflies and other insects like shield bugs – all gone

    seems like they spray in the countryside and not the towns or cities – or do people in built up areas not notice the sky

    we still have had no rain to speak of – think that is why my house is subsiding – clouds of white dust that makes it cold.

    sprayed during the morning it is now happening at night – nights get cold when no cover, cold enough for winter – but when sprayed at night covers all the next day

    white dust on everything 

    what a joy when good dose of rain would make the earth smell clean – but no longer – nothing smells as it should – everywhere i go people are constantly buying stuff – stuff that's not made from plants and animals but made from petrochemicals – all the things for the home – all the perfumes etc – all made from petrochemical derivatives

    it makes me choke – neighbour opens door and i choke – her house stinks of unnatural smells that hit my throat and lungs and makes them burn

    have to be careful when i go out cos people are losing the plot – the lithium connection is interesting – aggression seems to be the order of the day – no wonder people do not know what is happening they are so excitable that they do not think

    what's to become of us all, i dread to think – so many other creatures are dying around the world for no good reason except humans are destroying their habitat by all manner of means

    thank you for this website and for all the wonderful people who contribute and help to keep this head on these shoulders

    with the extra carbon dioxide all the plants are growing crazy growth but i know that much of the foliage will get burnt over summer

    i have been observing plants for over 49 yrs – other people don't see or understand what i am talking about but i had a surprise the other day

    had a young builder to look at my tumbledown house – he was enchanted with my garden and even said that his granddad lived as i do (very messy – lots going on all the time) and loved the birds – noticed 3 birds he had never seen before (how parched our young ones are of nature) but surprise, surprise he knew about geoengineering

    i have found that many ordinary youngsters know about it but their attention is taken by their difficulty in making a living and as many have small children i didn't like to pursue it too much – but hopefully he will be coming back to help me so we can chat some more

    made me realise that the first people to tell me about it were two youngsters – thinks maybe many people know but do not do – live in their bubble as it is easier for them

    i am not able to do that – have to communicate with others about the world i see before me so…

    thanks to you dane for getting off your chair and helping us all with the madness and too susan f for all the amazing stuff you write about that i only half understand

    much love to you all



    • Dennie says:

      The white crap-dusting was very heavy all over the cars this morning–A$$HOLES sprayed us but good here in No. Cal. late in the day yesterday.  It was also very h-o-t in the sun, until the Spray Boys came out, and then you couldn't breathe– sooooooo many people hacking and coughing AND THEY THINK THIS IS "NORMAL," it's always rationalized away as "just allergies…" oh, FOR GOD's SAKE, WAKE THE FCUK UP, people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But then again we're dealing with SHEEP, who have been described as "smelly, stupid and stubborn," also "very vulnerable…" now, yesterday being Good Shepherd Sunday, this description came right from the pulpit during the sermon at the Episcopal Church of the Nativity in San Rafael, CA yesterday.  I think our priest is really beginning to Tell It Like It IS, and I want to do more to get involved in launching an Economic and Ecological JUSTICE and CORRECTION Movement in my church and start a spotfire of awareness right where I am!!!!

      So, all, go and enjoy your salty topopos (tortilla crisps) with plenty of good ol' guacamole (1 cup) and get your boost of sodium chloride along with 20 percent of your basic RDA for K (that's "potassium…") ;-).

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Penny, I noticed the same things… No insects to speak of, there used to be bugs around the only lamp post on our road, which is in northern suburbs of Philadelphia, State Side.

      There used to be swarms of insects especially in the Month of May. Also, it's 45 degree which is cold for this time of year. As Einstein said: Once the bee's are gone humans are soon to follow.

  26. Christina V says:

    Thank you Dane for your weekly updates, I thought this article was interesting.

  27. Dennie says:

    My friend sent me a preview of a movie that one of her friends is making about conscientious objectors.  It's the story of Francesco Da Vinci and his five years in prison for being a conscientious objector to the Vietnam war, and a documentary of how this country has treated its conscientious objectors:; "The true patriot is one who loves his country not for what it is but for what it ought to be." — Camus  If we ever hope to change how things are, this movie should be required viewing for every kid in America.  WAR IS OVER, but only as long as you agree to that!

  28. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: Now I am not recommending this to anyone, especially those of you who may have high blood pressure issues that react to salt. However, regarding the Lithium toxicity, I have a friend who is a doctor and I trust him, he is also aware of everything that is occurring. I sent him this link from 1984 on “Treatment of acute lithium toxicity”:Hemodialysis, and, to a lesser extent, peritoneal dialysis, will both rapidly eliminate lithium from the body. Sodium administration, and the maintenance of high-normal sodium levels, may also reduce the severity of lithium toxicity by removing the dangerous intracellular fraction of lithium from inside excitable cells.

    So I asked him, my doctor friend…
    SF: What does the administration of high levels of sodium actually mean?
    Doc:  Loys of Na means the Na"/K” pump fails to transport lithium ions, which have ionic properties very similar to those of sodium ions.
    SF: So, it does not imply that salt will counteract Lithium?
    Doc: It does ‘imply’ that in a way.
    SF: So, for those people who can eat salt, maybe a good way to counteract the Lithium we are breathing?
    Doc: Right.

    Now do not overdo this! And especially those with blood pressure and salt issues. The more recent papers on Lithium toxicity prescribe haemodialysis, but that is for severe cases.

    • Dennie says:


      Most adults need 4700 mg DAILY of K (potassium); EVERYONE  is LOW on potassium (K) because of the BARIUM SALTS we're being sprayed with 24/7/365!!!!!

      So folks, start your day with a big glass of o.j. (8 oz. = + 600 mg. K) eat up your guacamole, potatoes of every kind and that spinach salad for lunch!  I keep a list of potassium-rich foods on my refrigerator door.

      Please, people, discuss your medication regimen with a qualified health professional.  YOU DO NOT want to start fckuing with your electrolytes!!!! 

    • helot says:

      Here’s a good article about salt and the different types of salts –

      ‘Low-salt diets do not lower the blood pressure for the vast majority of individuals. In fact, low salt diets are detrimental to most as shown in this study.’ …

      Lower Your Salt Intake? Fugetaboutit!- Dr. David Brownstein

    • MAP says:

      Thank you for exploring this topic more in detail. Greatly appreciated. 

      I have a blood pressure meter in order to track that. So what is the best source to obtain the needed sodium (for those of us who are able to take this track)? As mentioned before, I suffer from a handful of lithium toxicity effects.

    • Tanya says:

      What do you think about cell salts?

    • Lawrence Beck says:

      Interesting post Susan.  

      I live in San Carlos, Sonora Mexico, and see the overhead aerosol spraying often.  As of late I've been craving salt, so I put Himalayan salt in water I've run through my distiller and drink that.  

      I've read that distilling water removes all mineral content and those minerals need to be replaced.  Himalayan Salt has over 70 minerals… so by adding it to my distilled water I'm not only getting the benefits of the minerals but the added benefit of a little more salt to possibly counter the lithium being sprayed in the aerosols. 

    • Gail - Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Table salt is crap & can be very harmful, that is why Salt has been so feared. But, Pink Salts & other salts are in Great need to our systems for our health. Dr. Group has a video online about consuming Pink Salts. Animals will walk for miles for salt.    A sore throat, or infections…Gargle with salt a few times a day, infection gone !   Salt has been revered for Century's.      Great advice Susan, I can see the logic.                 The Salt of The Earth !

  29. Gary D says:

    Speaking of wind chill, I think it has less to do with the chill of the wind but rather a lot to do with the metallic nano particles settling and stratifying. The term wind chill was probably conjured up to cover up the subtle coolness provided courtesy of the toxic particulate fallout. Granted wind does reduce (the feels like) temperature but does not explain the exceptional unnatural cool sensation experienced with no wind present, either outdoors or inside the home, particularly in the morning. Dane has mentioned the endothermic reaction phenomena on large animals. I believe this type of thing is what's really going on and why the weather establishment is fond of the euphemism; wind chill.

    • Dennie says:

      It was freezing here on Friday and last evening as well.  That's the result of the ice nucleation crap being dumped on us.  Today the sun felt broiling hot when you were in it and I'm sure I got a bit of a sunburn, working out in my beautiful back garden.  GOD HELP US, we need to let more of the true light of God into our lives and then MOVE OUTWARDLY TO SAVE OUR EARTH, NOW!!!!!!!!!

  30. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    A large Wildfire in the Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge, in southern Georgia has burned over 100,000 acres for over one month now. The fire has now crossed over the Georgia/Florida state line, into the Osceola National Forest in northern Florida. The wildfire was sparked by Dry Lightning. I can see the GeoEngineering taking place above the developing showers and thunderstorms, diminishing any potential precipitation and of course the metallic nano-sized particulates in the atmosphere further fueling these Wildfires!


  31. C.J. says:

    Dear Jane:

    I lost so many to Cancer. Sorry to hear that.

  32. Dog says:

    Here is an excellent article on the media's "normalization" of Geoengineering – PLEASE pass this on to any and all Naysayers!!

    The article does a fine job of pointing out the hypocrisy of the government, the media, and of David Keith in particular.  Everything that Dane has been saying all along is supported here – and the very fact that "they" would conduct such experiments on anyone, at any time, let alone on whole populations, without considering the possible ill effects, is disturbing, and we must see that these things are exposed and stopped.

    It almost makes it appear that they DO know the ill effects, and are doing it anyway – which is the most frightening and important thing of all. It's a hard thing to imagine, but history has shown again and again that there are people who would, and have, committed such atrocities.


    • Blue Sue says:

      Dog, Thanks for sharing the link to this article.  I read it, copied it, posted on FB and will circulate hard copies. 

    • helot says:

      The history of this is indeed spooky –

      Former President of Merck Led Secret Biowarfare Program, Influencing Experiments on Americans

      ‘So a question to ask is: could Merck today be complicit with an agenda to poison people?’ …

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Amazing article, Thank you for posting. David Keith and Frank Keutsch should be shot for treason, they were confronted by Dane Wigington years back and asked the question about the effects this will have on the human populous, David Keith said; "It's like free riding on our grandchildren, but there has been no real testing of effects" Which means; we know this sh*! will kill you, but we just started a company that's about to make $$ millions, so go F yourselves. We're moving ahead with agenda 21… I wish someone in his family get very ill from this sh*! that we're all breathing, but I'm sure he has the antidote to what these nano particles are doing to the human body. I'm a true believer "what goes around – comes around" I hope he gets his!!! Along with all these other geoengineering MF'ers… Sorry But I'm so pissed!! I could spit wood!!

  33. C.J. says:

    The world we live in is an Empire. Sound's Crazzzzzzy. This is what we Got.

  34. Seeing Clearly says:

    T͟h͟e͟ m͟o͟r͟e͟ yo͟u͟ K͟n͟o͟w͟, t͟h͟e͟ m͟o͟r͟e͟ r͟e͟s͟po͟n͟s͟i͟b͟i͟l͟i͟t͟y  yo͟u͟ h͟a͟ve͟, including the responsibility to learn about what you don't yet know. In the age of information we have the most misled and irresponsible leaders and population that it's like a living nightmare. 

    Instead of investing our intellectual abilities in creating the most addictive video game we should be solving the worlds problems how is it that we have spaceships, drones, nuclear weapons and Geoengineering and all this advanced technology phones, TV's but hello, we still haven't won against cancer if anything we are having an increase in chronic childhood diseases, yes, we may have been fortunate to somewhat eradicate or minimize infections diseases but my point is for what we are capable of doing we haven't done enough and I believe ignorance is one of the main reasons why.

    We also have a deception problem meaning we are educated about some aspects of reality and subjects, however, we are not aware or accepting if the whole truth and have knowledge of the entire topic or case.

    We may be able to drive cars and fly planes and do all this material, however, if we still don't know that junk food is bad for us or drugs are bad for us for example then what good condition are we really.

  35. barbzi says:

    Phoenix 108 on Friday, Today 71 on Sunday with HAZY sky's , rain predicted starting Monday tomorrow. 37 degree difference between Friday and Sunday. Needed light jacket this AM in the desert.
    "Meanwhile, Phoenix had its first 100-degree day of the season on Wednesday. On Friday set a record with a high of 108 degrees.
    The previous record for May 5 in Phoenix was 105 degrees set in 1989.
    The city doesn't usually see temperatures that high until early June "                                                                                                                                                                          

  36. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Great as always Dane, Your weekly up-date is quite awakening of urgency and the utter ignorance of the public. I believe it's wanted ignorance. 

    I good to see a legal update,  This Bill 2017 — H 6011 = LC002266 = S T A T E  O F  R H O D E I S L A N D  IN GENERAL ASSEMBLY JANUARY SESSION, A.D. 201

    Introduced By: Representative Justin Price Date Introduced: March 24, 2017 Referred To: House Environment and Natural Resources

    This bill covers all the problems with Geoengineering and SRM and all the ill effects that go with these programs, Now let's see if it goes anywhere? My bet is it goes nowhere.. Money controls all interests, including this one. Unless we have everyone on this site CALL ALL THEIR LOCAL REPRESENTATIVES, because only then, and then only the peoples voices may have a chance to be heard!! By the way, the weather temps in Philadelphia has been up and down for weeks, and it's been overcast for the pass few days, with the rain coming only when a High Attitude Aircraft flies over head, The NG I DON'T UNDERSTAND IS THAT WHEN THESE AIRCRAFT FLY OVER HEAD, THE WIND PICKS UP SEVERAL KNOTS, iI DON'T KNOW WHY, BUT EVERY SINGLE FLIGHT OVERHEAD, THE WIND FOLLOWS? CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHY THAT IS?

    They usually fly by every half hour to an hour. And they fly over the northern part of the city from what I can tell. I know there is a military air base in north New Jersey, and if you follow the white trails, that's where the flights seems come from. I am sick to death that we can't get more politicians on board, As Dane said we are all on this ship together! I know from this site that many – many officials have been notified from their constituents that they are upset and troubled with these government geoengineering programs and the HAARP that is changing the Jet Stream & Destroying the  Ecosystem. I know I've called everyone, and written emails to all my state of Pennsylvania's Government Officials; that fell on death ears..The whole money and corruption's that destroyed other great civilizations with the same type of programs, I mean war all over the world, you can't maintain standing armies and war programs, without it destroying the  very people they say their (Our Government) is trying to protect? Now we have even more to destroy ourselves with these additional programs. This is a full blown war against humanity. On All Fronts!

    When will one honest man in high rank step up and commit to the people, the people of the country, The United States of America, They took an oath. Either being told this is to help the environment or their just to stupid to speak to opposing scientists for a come to Jesus meeting as we once called them, which means tell me the absolute truth !  If you haven't written, emailed or called I suggest that you do, the more people that do the better chance we have, oh by the way you can email call and write more then once.

    Have a Great Day, God Bless All.

    It's a shame that we (MAN) is destroying all of nature pure & beautiful web of life…. Everything has a purpose, & is needed for us to survive.  

    • BaneB says:

      Joe:  Regarding the wind following on the heel of a passing aerosol trail, my experience is the fake cloud creates a low pressure within the shadow from cloud to earth in that zone.  And when it moves along across the sky-land it creates a small vacuum.  The sunlight follows behind and fills in the low with a high thus creating the wind.  Mini-weather micro climate.

    • helot says:

      RE; ‘They usually fly by every half hour to an hour.’

      Oh boy, are you ever getting a light covering. Here in the Midwest, it’s more like, two or three – or four – every five minutes, maybe ten.

      One pattern here – after a full blue sky with no clouds – first they fly real high with short trails, then the trails get a little longer, then they fly lower with even longer trails, at that point the pattern ends, they either fly higher, disappear a bit, or the sky goes either full white-out, or totally storm-cloud covered.

      I’ve noticed, at least in my nearby vicinity where no one sprays any kind of insecticides or herbicides, after a heavy rain, there aren’t any earthworms on the driveway or the sidewalk like there used to be.
      Turn a spade of dirt and there are plenty, and I get up at Sunrise everyday, so I know it’s not due to birds clearing them off. I have not checked around to see if this is the norm everywhere, here.
      Have any of you noticed this, too? After a heavy rain.

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Thank you BaneB for the explanation… Makes sense.

      And Helot, sorry I should have clarified that it was cloudy and overcast since Thursday afternoon, my post was Sunday and they were still flying even though it was very overcast, trying to make it rain more. Even though we had over and inch of rain the day before. Sorry I didn't clarify that point.

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      Helot, When it is sunny with blue skies, My wife and I just sit out on the stoop and watch as they attack the Sun – Like it's the enemy, Many. many, many flights with white trails, just as you described, and after the many, many flights, a otter and complete white out of our ski, We both are alittle older now and can remember when a beautiful blue ski just as the sun rises, is very BEAUTIFUL. That's when they come. And believe me when I say, it's like an attack. 

      6 planes at a time, ever half hour until the job is done. The weather or I should say the local liars called weathermen & women say it's going to rain today, and we get up every morning and it's clear, then they come. and before the day is half over, it's raining.

      I written, I've made copies of CD's from this web site, sent them to politicians listed as our local government offices, never got one response, sorry, I got one respnse from the Governors Assistant saying they are going to look into it, Never heard a word again, even though I sent follow up letters, thanks to Dane who gave me the Idea. I tried handing out free CD's to my neighbors, and the police said I couldn't do that it was soliciting, even though they were free and soliciting is against the law in our little development. I still try and fight this very important fight, but I've been at it since this site first appeared some years ago, and people say

      "they see, thank you, but what can I do about it" And I say join the fight and write letter telling your local government your not ok with them poisoning the atmosphere and all of our ecosystems. I never hear from them again either… It's getting frustrating and I'm getting older by the minute. Not one thing has changed, in fact it's much worse then it was when I first started down this rabbit hole. This whole lithium thing started when they (NASA) shot a rocket full of lithium into the stratosphere and exploded it over several states back in 2002 I believe, in was in all the papers. They said it was a test for communications. No one believe it then and now.

      Have a good day  

  37. Seeing Clearly says:

    One of the biggest problems humans face is the failure to distinguish the cause and effect correctly, for example "do chickens come from eggs or do eggs come from chickens?" maybe it's both,  some people have even claimed organic food as causing autism instead of autism causing people to look and buy organic food because of how bad their health is. 

    Here is another one is blue a hot color or red a hot color? Blue has a wavelength that is more energetic than red and it has been said blue fire is hotter than red fire yet we tend to think as red being hotter than blue I wonder why?

    My point in all this is that there is so much deception, it seems like mostly everybody is detached from reality and some people even say that there is no reality or absolute truth it's simply a matter of what they perceive to be truth that makes it true.

  38. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane.

    I do not want to be boring with all the comments, but if you have some TIME, please READ THIS (!!!);

    Personally I'm convinced that this global depopulation plan has everything to do with the fact that the Fkrs are losing control over people. And this is not "only" about controlling the actions of the People, it is much more deeper and darker than this.

    Thank you for your Work.

    • izzy says:

      This sort of stuff is a lot like chasing that rabbit down the proverbial hole. No matter what document is gathering dust in the archives, neither the Vatican nor any other entity owns my soul. Or yours, unless you give it away. We all have our own pineal gland, though now often compromised by impurities. Parsing such reports lends them an unwarranted credibility.  In this era of bluff and bluster, better to keep one’s (third)eye on the ball.

    • keith says:

      Pedro, I agree with you. Deeper and darker. I think agreements have been made  that for what ever reason they plan to depopulatate the people sooner rather than later. They have been soft killing us for at least 50years, now there has been a decision made to speed it up. Then we got fukashima, the desaster  in the gulf of mexico Now much stepped up spraying all over the world. keith

  39. Jane Tande says:

    I am collecting the geoengineered rainwater right now.  I'm getting my little girl's hair tested.  We have 4 children, isn't it peculiar, my youngest is the child who is sick all the time.  The days of me wondering WHY, she is consistently ill, are gone.  I already know what all my test results will be.  Then, with test results in my hands, I'll be paying our attorney a visit………….

    • Jim Yost says:

      Dear Jane,

      I'm sorry to hear about your sick child. I started having asthma symptoms in the spring of 2008 which was about a year after the globalists really ramped up the chemtrail program. I went to a lung specialist and he said that he was seeing ten times as many asthma cases as he was seeing ten years earlier. My cat also started having asthma symptoms at about the same time. I took her to the vet and the nurse said that they were seeing nearly ten times as many asthma cases in animals as they had been seeing ten years earlier. I got my asthma symptoms pretty much under control by taking a lot of vitamin C (five grams per day). I also try to remember to take vitamin D3 fairly regularly because it seems to help. I try to take around 3000 I.U. per week. Turmeric also helps (around 2000 mg. per day). I also try to eat green leafy veggies every day. I like kale steamed. I cut out the stems and slice them up in inch sections and steam them for about ten minutes. Then I cut up the leaves into two or three inch squares and dump them in on top of the stems and let them steam for another five or ten minutes (depending on how tender they are). I also do collard greens and broccoli the same way (the broccoli takes a lot less time). Plus I try to eat a salad made with red leaf lettuce two or three times a week.

      But the vitamin C is the main thing. I buy it in powder form from I put a heaping teaspoon in about 12 oz. of spring water and add about a half teaspoon of baking soda (makes it 20 times more absorbent). Then I add the juice of two fresh squeezed lemons. I drink on it over a period of a few hours. I hope this helps.  

    • penny waters says:

      sorry but i have to say again – eat your local weeds – do a crash course in wild food – buy the reference books – don't go on courses – look at the weeds around you in your neighbourhood – get to know them – wash them when you bring them indoors but if they are new leaves they do not have much dust on them

      they all have plenty of vit c in them alongside many other nutrients

      what did we do before shops? we ate from our surroundings and so got the energy needed for that time of year.

      look into biodynamic gardening – when one picks fruit when the moon is in leo the sugars are at their highest and if making preserves – whether alcoholic or not – less yeasts and sugars need to be added

      tis so sad to me that i have found the real magic in nature as we destroy the last vestiges

      much love to all you sensitives out there in the world


  40. Gretchen says:

    Dept. of Commerce is non-compliant with new instructions-

    Out-of-Date Rules Rob Requesters of Appeal Rights

    Expecting our so-called government to cooperate with disclosure of climate engineering is not facing reality; our so-called agencies are located in and are controlled by  the CORPORATION, and their job is to perpetuate the massive deception being orchestrated by the psychopaths that control everything.  Playing their game by their rules is their advantage.

    • Dog says:

      I went to the local climate rally last week and spoke with a person who works with our congressman, and he asked me to send him an email regarding the geoengineering issue, which he said he would be sure to pass on to the congressman's environmental issues person. In the email I asked for a response, so that I know that the email was received and passed on as promised.

      To date, I have had NO RESPONSE.

    • MAP says:

      There will never be a response. Or at least not a response that addresses the truth of the matter. Just more cover-up and deception.

      It does not matter which party "wins" an election anymore. We all lose every time. That goes for 90% of all nations around world.

      We are living the Orwellian Nightmare in a Corporate-Fascist USA. And Uhmerikah is the Front Man, so to speak, for the Criminal Cabal. That is the reason that the US Military is so very large with its tentacles in much of the world. The good-ole USA was chosen to be "a tool" for the Criminal Cabal. And so many of us got suckered in to the (including me) Blind Patriotism scheme. But no longer for me.

      What is disturbing to me is to see family members, friends and acquaintances sucked in to the divisive arena of politics. It is a Divide and Conquer scheme. Most of those around me passionately believe that if "my side" wins next election, everything will be fixed. But as the criminals come and go (being well-paid and taken care of), NOTHING changes.

      We must be the change right now in everything we do and not continue to validate theschemes of the Criminal Cabal. 

    • penny waters says:

      old bit of graffiti i saw long time ago

      whoever you vote for – the government gets in!!!

    • Dog says:

      MAP, spot-on!

  41. Robert says:

    I'm so grateful for people like you Dane! 

  42. There have been a number of excellent posts regarding the active Lithium poisoning of OUR atmosphere. (Tip o' the pen to Susan Ferguson and Andrew from scotland – among others,)

    This is truely a no-brainer, as the entropic effects of hacked and fake political sysytems are clearly emerging. Ya'all rich enough yet?

    The control mechenisms have always been technocracy and/or religious magic for personal profit. Earth's total environment is now on the line. We are dying of anticipation and dread. Things well known:

    Vet Hum Toxicol. 1984 Feb;26(1):31-5. Treatment of acute lithium toxicity. El-Mallakh RS. 


    Although accurate epidemiological data is not available, it is generally agreed that acute lithium toxicity is becoming a more frequent problem. Consequently recognition and treatment of lithium toxicity has also become more important. Acute lithium toxicity is generally subdivided into three grades: mild, moderate, and severe. Mild toxicity can often be managed successfully with minimal intervention; often only cessation or reduction of lithium doses is sufficient. Moderate and severe toxicity both require more aggressive approaches. Initial general anti-poisoning measures, such as gastric lavage, may be helpful, but the ultimate success of treatment depends upon the elimination of lithium from the body. Hemodialysis, and, to a lesser extent, peritoneal dialysis, will both rapidly eliminate lithium from the body. Sodium administration, and the maintenance of high-normal sodium levels, may also reduce the severity of lithium toxicity by removing the dangerous intracellular fraction of lithium from inside excitable cells.

    It won't stop untill you stop the magic…

  43. Susan Nunn says:

    I would like to provide a link,I haven't had time to get thru all of this but my gut is telling me that there are answers here. Why they are using barium,strontium,aluminum,smart dust. I believe Quantum physics has a connection. Here's the link to every website and facility that is 'known' for messing around with our universe. Together we can overcome,separated we fail. We cannot afford to fail!

    • penny waters says:

      thought it was to do with the mountains of coal ash dust that exists!!

      isn't that what we do – as humans- dump our rubbish somewhere – or/and try to make money out of it – (old english up north saying – where's there muck there's money) now we are dumping on ourselves

      and it will intrude on everyone – no-one will get away – not the 'clever', the greedy, the opulent, the arrogant, etc

      no one human will get away

  44. Here are some negative media messages, that are even in the comics.  They are versions of Stockholm Syndrome: people are petlike, shadow government agents are children/teens, and shadow government agents are inquisitive.  Today's family circus normalizes an aerosolized sky.  (I've been privileged to review children's media for a parents' magazine, for almost twenty years, and a press pass enabled me to meet Dane.) Thanks to fellow activists.

  45. Pedro says:

    Hello All.

    The MFs that are talking about the releasing of nuclear materials into the high Atmosphere, to deal with the problems of GW ( which are caused by themselves through their game of Climate destruction, aka GE – the BIG SCAM ), are wanting this to ALL Humanity:


    Good Luck to Us All.



  46. ron hall says:

    DANE!  You knocked it out of the park, my brother!  I wish there were something positive to say about our earthly globe's amazing bio- wonder being smashed forever. Sadness like saying good by forever to one's parents. Anger at the one species out of millions, except for a small number of humans, is clueless regarding the NOW unfolding horror.  It has begun. And BaneB, I hear you, man. Thanks Susan F.                                                 Here is a recent interview of Michel Chossudovsky , who speaks of our global destiny of LIFE(sadly, he knows not of climate engineering):

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ron, thank you for your support in this most critical battle. Just a footnote about Mr. Chossudovsky, he knows about climate engineering, I have communicated with him in the past. This being said, as you stated, he is unfortunately not willing to talk about this dire subject.

    • Dog says:

      WHY will he not speak about this issue? He seems perfectly credible in all other respects.If he has been informed, does he not believe that it is happening? If he does not, he ought to address the issue – is it on his "radar" regarding global hegemony? Such a critical issue would surely be of concern. One would think that he would be in the company of other courageous people whom have addressed this issue.

      Regarding the US Dept. of Commerce stating that they have NO records of atmospheric modification activities – This is most alarming – the continuing obfuscation and shut-down of access to government documents and information is a harbinger of grave dangers to follow…a continuing program of disinformation and denial of access to the truth –


    • penny waters says:

      am glad my parents aren't still here – they were wide awake – it would have caused them much pain

  47. B.C. says:

    Dane you make a good points about weather forcasting.

    I was looking at a long term local forecast that was day by day predictions for three months in advance. Three months!!! Until the end of July. How arrogant they are!! And what's with the 7 or 14 day forecast that shows rain tomorrow and then sunny the rest of the week but when tomorrow comes the new forecast is rain tomorrow and then sun for the rest of the week again. This happens for weeks on end. They forecast sun knowing full well it will never be allowed to be sunny. I'm talking  British Columbia here. They know the trees are sick and dying. They know the trees cannot take the full direct rays of the sun any longer but they pretend the sunny weather will come but knowing full well it never will. Just crappy dirty skies and coolant chemicals sprayed day after day. Constantly under a canopy of filth in the sky. Have to preserve the oxygen making trees in the west but kill the pacific ocean, the greater oxygen producer, that laps at our doorstep. Hypocrites. The weather has become so violent the last two years in particular. Raging wind storms day after day. Fully manipulated frontal systems spinning and charging about in the most unnatural directions and then stalling just long enough to allow the next contrived pacific frontal system to catch up and push the old spent system out that again blots out the sky again for days on end. Every glimpse through the clouds shows the same toxic heavy metal barrage above and herring boned clouds of Rf interference beneath. Down visiting the relatives on Vancouver Island. Sea side home with shellfish farms in the shallow water out front. Was told the acidity is getting so high in the salt water that the clams etc are not growing. Their shells are getting thin and fragile.They are now worried about an extinction event of all shell fish on the west coast of BC.
    And the band played on……….

  48. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, and ALL my friends I have met yet,

    3 years ago today, May 6th, I was assaulted by the land owner of the property I leased for the "Horse boarding and horse(people) teaching business" I 'had', past tense. He was not a stable man to begin with which is why I made the agreement with his wife(the bread winner) to lease 22 acres and 3 old run down feed barns. At "my barn" I always talked about what we see in the sky coming out of those jets and I taught folks as much as I could about the false realities that surround their every day life. The land owners husband, I'll call him Dick though that is not his real name. Dick used to become quite animated when I would look up and watch a tanker flying over do it's job of killing us all slowly. He would yell at me, "they're just contrails". It bothered him that when he would get animated and bullyish, I would back up a few steps. Dick is much bigger than I am. Then one day(May 6th) Dick came around and I looked up while he was walking towards me and he "snapped". His antics became more violent than ever before and he cornered me beside the barn. I tried to get around him and he grabbed me from behind and had me in a choke hold. Dick didn't choke me, he did start bashing my face with his fist. I got loose and he grabbed my hair(it used to come down to my belt). He swung me around and I fell to the ground, he then started kicking me. Just then, the only border there at the time heard me yelling. She came around the corner and Dick stopped kicking me and took about 5 steps towards 'her'. She said she was calling 911 and Dick started yelling threats at her. I asked her not to call 911(biggest mistake I ever made). All I was thinking after getting my brain knocked around, was this can't be real, I can fix this, where's the solution? The very next morning Dick met me out in the common area and started up with bullying me. I called the cops(911). When they showed up, Dick had some explaining to do. I can't believe they didn't take him to jail. They should have, it would have saved them 7 more trips out to the Barn before I left there. I dissolved 4 years of hard work building a successful business, in 12 days. I lost my source of income and I lost my place of residence in one fell swoop. The lease was supposed to last 6 more years. I had 3 shattered teeth, 2 very swollen eye sockets and 2 broken ribs. One of the gals that used to hire me to take her on horse rides and her very big husband helped me move all my stuff into storage. All my boarders had their horses out in 4 days after the incident. Dick told them they could stay, all my boarders in their own ways told Dick to F-off. I had a big friendly horsey family at that barn. We were all friends unlike most boarding barns.

    "A couple three things about Dick". He had been using prescription pain killers most of his adult life. His health was pathetic. Dick is 1 year younger than I am. He is severely diabetic. Dick would almost brag how he was on "22", sometimes up to 24 "PRESCRIPTIONS!" Dick had always been a loose screw per say and was from what I gathered, a hair triggered temper kind of person most of his life. Something I always kept in my mind when he was around. (The simple horseman is very nonviolent and very even tempered). Dick was not employed nor was he employable. Dick slept with a "smart meter" exactly on the other side of the wall from the head of his bed. Dick tried to convince everyone that he had Alzheimer's. Myself, I could easily tell it was the "drugs" combined with mental illness.

    My friends, please, this is not a boo hoo writing. I hope some of you get "something" out of what I have shared. Now here's the silver lining to this story. I'll start by stating this, "sometimes God, the Creator, will ring your bell if you're not paying close enough attention". When I left the Barn, I moved here, to my mountain Cabin. I had no where else to go. This place has been paid for for a long time now. It was my get away place for years. Now I live here. I had no idea if I could make it through even one winter. The Okanogan will chew you up and spit you out and then if you're still here, it will try to freeze you out. "I just finished my 3rd winter here" and I have not gone hungry. I honestly tell folks that my life is entirely sustained by grace. Today, to sooth my soul, I built my booth for the farmers market. It starts this coming Thursday. Front table and a frame for banners behind. And it will sure as hell look better than something "made in China". Maybe Dane will post a picture of it sometime. I did a lot of reflecting today as I toiled for the common good. "I healed a little more". Mass awareness is our only way out of this mess we've let ourselves get into.

    'a' simple horseman

    • Dennie says:

      @ 'a' simple horseman:  WOW, what a story!  Unfortunately the planet is overrun with and being run into the ground by the "Dicks" of this world; the one you had to deal with sounds like The Perfect Poster Boy for the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex– what this society calls "normal…" 

    • Dave Avers says:

      God Bless you for your Testamonial!

    • Joseph L says:

      Wow what an amazing story.  I read alot of comments  on here and your story is pretty amazing and  you bring alot to the table.   This is a tough ride for all of us but it is all of us working together for the common good that can make a difference.     Dane you bring it every week w these Saturday shows.

    • You are in a better place now. It was all meant to be. Never Look Back and Never, Ever, Give Up!!!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dennie, you hit it right on the head. There were 3 key factors at play in my story. I doubt anyone here has been dealt what I was. I could have easily become timid to speaking truths and teaching people but I didn't. I doubled down and kept moving forward. My area is small enough that we all see each other from time to time. Already I am known as "that guy"(lol), the one that thinks 'they' are controlling the weather. I've done such a good job that those folks still talk to me or give me a nod as we cross paths. The third factor at play was the fact that a community of kind "wanting to learn" people was destroyed. I chose who got to board at my barn and barn witches were not allowed. There were no doors or locks on 20 saddle stalls and nothing ever came up "missing". The thing I miss the most is going on trail rides(I had a five horse trailer) with my friends and teaching them about what we were riding through. Especially the kids, they listened so well. The outcome of my story is one I hope folks will give some mind to in their own lives, "grace", find it! Living a life style that is crippling to the power structure is quite comfortable, please give it some thought. If anyone needs any suggestions as to how to do that right where you reside now, I'd be glad to share with you and you might save a pile of money in the process. I got my bell rung for sure, but now as Steve put it, "I am in a better place", lol, kinda sounds like dying. In a way I did, that guy that ran the Barn doesn't exist anymore. Please folks, I am just a little guy making a huge wave. "You Can Too!!" Thank you ALL for replying to my comment.

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, on that same subject, John Michael Greer has a book out called "Collapse Now and Avoid The Rush."  Should be good:

    • MS P says:

      simple horseman. Unfortunately stories like this happen all the time. You are an inspiration. For I too am dealing with the landlord from hell.
      This mental basket case. YES indeed. He likes to spray farm chemicals. All for Monsanto & DOW Chem corp. As if this is the GOD he prays to. More so he is a good o'l slave to such products, & the BS in the pamphlets. He must be on some kind of pharma drugs. To act in such ways. Bi polar or something. Mental problems run in his family. 

       I too am closing up my home biz- shop. Going to my place that is paid for.  Wondering about surviving the summer there. Looking forward to my freedom from this place. Hope to get outta here without ever talking to him. For I fear just the same kind of physical abuse.  The only reason I was living here, for as long as I have been. Is that I hardly would ever see him. I do not like this man. I doubt anyone else does either. His friends, & even wife say he is a _____________________!

      Paralleled universe? 

      Your story came to me, at a perfect time. For I too see that getting outta here, will be so very refreshing.  The people of the world are going mad. They see it, all crashing down. Upon it's axis. Still in denial. 

      On the flip side, we were talking to a couple. My sweetheart, who it took a good bit of talking to, for him to wake up to G E. Until he started watching the planes with me. Mentions the planes & the trails that they leave to a couple.  I was so surprised & very impressed.

      The conversation went well. It's just that they too think it's condensation. We talked more on condensation. I asked why the condensation from my breathe does not leave a 2 mile long trail & not disappear. I think the couple then had an AH HA moment. We talked about lack of bees, & weather too. Perhaps we just woke up 2 more people up to this? I can only hope so. They were interested. never heard the word "geoengineering" before. I told them what it meant when I looked the word up on google.   They seemed very  concerned for their children, breathing this stuff in. 

      My new journey begins now. I rented this place for a reason. It is not fitting my needs anymore. I am gone!

      Thank you for your story ♥

      Dennie your reply is classic. I fully agree. I am also dealing with a perfect poster boy.

      The only thing normal around here, is the "normal"  setting on my clothes dryer. Which also went kaput, just the other day. 

    • horsegirl says:

      Dear yet-unmet friend, this was wrenching to read.  Still too overcome with repugnance to find words well.  So sorry you went through this. And yes, these times and their warlocks' brews are making monsters of humans.  You are most charitable about your attacker.  Thanks for your resolute courage on the blight consuming our lives which so many attempt to deny.

  49. The only solution is political….we need to totally rout all sitting LEGISLATURES   [where laws are made]  and ignore Executive
    Offices like the Presidency and state Governor……

    Should be easy……and will be, IF WE WILL JUST LAUNCH THIS.

    The public has ZERO affection for these legislatures……IF we name our thing  OUT  and clearly state our intent to totally replace every sitting legislator WITH ALL NEW PEOPLE ACROSS THE BOARD, we can make the necessary REVOLUTION out of a mass voting project in this manner.  START NOW and defeat every incumbent
    who is running in less than one year from now.  THAT'S ENTRTAINMENT!   and it can & will CHANGE EVERYTHING for us all.

    Dennis Morrisseau

    US Army Officer [Vietnam era] ANTI-WAR

    Lieutenant Morrisseau's Rebellion
    Second Vermont Republic

    • Dennie says:

      @ Lt. Morrisseau:  Yes, we need to change the leadership, AND it is going to take a lot more than just the usual "throw the bums out." Here's the kind of leadership we see arising from the ashes of burned out cities, like Stockton, CA:; It's going to take time to change the leadership because we need to change our thinking about what makes a really good leader and to do this we'll also have to change the way we rear our children, and begin to teach them that responsibility and obligation to protect from harm and serve ALL beings on this planet is what is really the topmost value.

  50. WILLIAM says:


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Because there's more profit in rebuilding and that's where Insurance companies are investing their dollars. "Simple equation".

  51. paul fowler says:

    First ever study comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated children , pioneers blazing a new trail .

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Georgia Guide Stones say: "reduce the world population to 500 million". Those stones didn't just appear for no reason. And in 8 languages too! The power structure needs a foundation. Please join me in turning it into sand. There's enough of our mother earth to sustain us all, "if" you take profit out of the equation. The cave man years are coming back. What's in your wallet?

    • Ryan1111 says:

      The super bugs are a result of a perfect storm of gmo nutrient deficienct food, agrobacterium, oil derived products, an onslaught of harmful emf that is decimating our immune systems, a medical system that based its entire approach on a band aid system using drugs to cover up symptoms rather than address the real cause. This is all happening for a reason. Unconscious humans are a cancer to the planet and it's now in self preservation mode, and massive system breakdowns that make way for change look damn ugly for a while. Love changes things, anger and resistance polarized people and can fuel change for a while.. but in the end the only lasting change comes through loving even the ones that hurt themselves and their brothers and sisters. 

  52. Dan says:

    And the weather whiplash continues. 85 degrees yesterday mid 40's today. Also today another 5 minute fog bank rolled through the valley. I do not know what's in this toxic fog but if you get caught outside in it it will make your eyes water and throat burn. It has a very strong chemical smell. This is the third time this year I have experienced it. Has anyone else experienced this?

    • herb says:

      I drove through this one day,totally toxic.the "fog" was starting to rise. 

    • BaneB says:

      Dan:  Here in my area of Mendocino County at 4,000 feet, the forecasted rain was aerosoled into oblivion.  What followed over the past three days, including tray so far, has been horrific winds.  I do not imply a strong breeze.   No, gale force gusts from the southeast.  The fluorescent sun/sky is free of rain clouds.  They say a high pressure is building. Another warfare tool to huff and puff and blow down human habitat.  Regarding fog, day before yesterday a sick smokey weird fog rolled over here.  It had a color to it that said stay inside.  Do not breathe this. So I waited it out.  What is looked like was an aerosol cloud come down to the ground here.  Thanks for your report.

  53. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane, great article.

    Thank you for your Work.

    Yesterday, 5 of May we had here in southern Europe, a day with max temperatures of 14ºC, in my region, and a lot of rain. Two days before, temperatures were of 30ºC. What happened to cause this brutal swing of temperatures of more than 15ºC in less than 48h?, The same; a day of heavy spraying conducted by the satanic MFs. They start spraying 3 of May in the night, and during the 4 of May, incredible quantities of the DAMN aerosols were released into the air, with the white very long and thick lines that stayed in the air until they transform into "clouds". 3 of May, around 22h, I was outside, and I've seen for the first time a very big and shining Moon halo, like the ones I've seen sometimes before, during the day light, around the Sun. The MFs were spraying, and it was possible to get an idea about the enormous quantities of metallic particles that are needed in suspension in the Atmosphere for creating this very bright Moon halo, with only the first quarter of the Moon shining.

  54. Melody Meachum says:

    The best bumper I've seen in a while…so good I just had to leave the owner of this lime green Mini Cooper a thank you note.

    "We can bomb the world to pieces

           but we can't bomb the world into peace"

    Since WWI, the Citizenry of the US have had militarism and patriotism (absolutely and completely synonymous) drum beat into them. You're can't be patriotic if you don't stand by every wholesale bloody action of the government. War, war and more, 24/7. Got to keep the military/industrial complex and Heroin (guard those poppy fields soldiers like your life depends on it) industries rolling along.

    Problem is, the boyz with nuclear toyz are bringing it all down not just on the heads of the world, but theirs as well. I N S A N E!!



    • MAP says:

      US Federal Reserve was chartered in 1913. Then WWI begins shortly thereafter. And the Military Industrial Complex begins with WWII. And False Flag after False Flag for decades now to instill the incessant fear in the masses in order to carry out the wishes of the Criminal Cabal. The same people who bring us War also bring us Geoengineering and GMOs and pesticides and vaccines. and every other toxin. These people also "print endless money" in order to enable the masses to destroy Mother Earth through rapacious activities. 

    • Dog says:

      "Bunker-Ville" is the name of the New Metropolis, apparently…these bunkers exist.

      They must think that they will re-emerge after the Final Conflict unscathed, and control what little is left.

      Dancing In The Debris

      Gotta give 'em Credit

      Gotta give 'em their due

      I've never seen a sunset

      Quite those hues

      Lots of things they started to change

      The day we lost control

      The night we danced on

      The surface of the Sun

      Now we're Dancing



      Dancing in the Debris

      I like to cruise downtown, count the shadows etched in the wall

      I hear the governments have gone underground

      From their Shelters they can watch the Fall

      Lots of things they started to change

      The buttons all got pushed

      The night we danced on The surface of the Sun

      Now we're Dancing



      Dancing in the Debris

    • Dog says:

      Hi Melody excellent observation IMO

  55. richard mann says:

    It's not just the coral reefs that are dying around australia  , more importantly the kelp beds , the nursery for sea life , although rarely mentioned are almost gone.

  56. kathleen says:

    Our species is a most depressing lot — present company excepted — to wit, the highlight of my week is hearing dire news from Dane and you all. This latest travesty of denial from our govern-ment (control-mind) re geoengineering is further proof of omnicidal tendencies that appear to be out of control. Many thanks to each of you for doing what you can to fight against the evil confronting us. 

  57. Julie Loewy says:

    I have been trying to spread the word in health food stores. 
    Finally got someone who is awake and remarked on seeing the Bill boards. She will be researching and spreading the message. 
    It is very challenging because people just treat you like you are crazy.
    But I will continue to fight on and pray to God that people will wake up soon.  Thanks so much Dane for all your hard work. 

  58. paul fowler says:

    This is a pdf of the MMRII vaccine insert
    This is one statement fro with in it , " http://M-M-R II has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or potential to impair fertility " 
    and here is another http://Other Death from various, and in some cases unknown, causes has been reported rarely following vaccination with measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines;
    Safe and effective ???????????????????????????????????????

  59. Seeing Clearly says:

    Weather manipulation, genetic engineering (GMO) and any form of geoengineering weather it be moving mountains or cutting down trees or whatever the form not only remains so controversial, but very dangerous and from my analysis or understanding it also remains very unethical, however such complex and controversies cannot be discussed without acknowledging the existence of an absolute truth and dedicating yourself to discovering the one and only truth which can only be done if our bias and preconceptions are fully abandoned.

    If you don't like the truth you can alter the story, however, if you don't like the story you can't alter the truth.

    If you don't like these realities mentioned in the global alert news the sooner we solve all these problems the sooner your desired reality of living in a world without fear of such problems like Geoengineering would become a reality but you have to ern it by stopping and fixing what is bad so you get what you want assuming you what good things because some people also like to break things and call it fixing and then get bad results and things and call them good things one example of this is Geoengineering they acutely state it as a fix or cure so we can continue to live how we want which is living for those in power and getting dog treats and rewards if we do what they ask us to do.

    As soon as fruitful variables or good people stand up against diverse problems the entire math equation will begin to shift from a negative number to a positive number meaning we progress with righteousness instead of regress with wickedness.

    I came to realize how complex life really is that algebraic equations are the closest I know in how to simulate the complexity of our reality. 

    Organize your priorities from most important to least and get proactive there is no hope in ignoring the bitter truth I know we are conditioned to thinking the next "president" is our hope, however  if you subscribe to that notion you are deceived you are the hope you can be the reason we make it or fail it. 

    Keep growing, have knowledge to discern from good and evil and fight wickedness in its every diverse variety.

    • Dennie says:

      Thanks– please know that here you're preaching to the choir; it's the clueless "leaders" who need the waking up– or not– hell, what we really need are NEW LEADERS who really do LEAD, and as regards the 95% (followers):  FOLLOW THE LEAD OF THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE A HEART AND A HEAD AND KNOW HOW TO USE THEM CORRECTLY. 

      As for the rest of the infected herd, I think it best to break our magnetic fixation on fixing them and simply let them go, and watch as they walk right over the cliff.  Sad truth is, our "Leaders" have led everything and everyone on this planet into a perfectly UNIMAGINABLE HELL and we have simply followed their "lead," eagerly waiting to get all the prizes in the Crackerjacks boxes thrown to most "domestic humans" at the end of every month, leading forward on the trail moving closer day by day to the edge of that cliff ;-).

  60. Deanne says:

    Thank you Dane, this is a great message I will be forwarding. I have been battling away for the cause, in hopes at least one awakened mind will get this and pass it forward. Today was that day! Thank you for all you do. 

  61. Susan Ferguson says:

    SAN FRANCISCO BAY: Record die-off of marine life along West Coast — Huge numbers washing up on shore… “This is just the tip of the iceberg” — Several types of animals found dead — Hemorrhaging from brain infection (VIDEOS)
    May 6th, 2017 / ENENews
    San Francisco Chronicle, May 5, 2017: Leopard sharks dying by the hundreds in San Francisco Bay — Scores of leopard sharks have been found dead or dying… No one knows yet what is the cause. Alarmed biologists are trying to figure out why leopard sharks are dying by the hundreds in San Francisco Bay this year… Huge numbers of dead sharks, some bat rays and a few halibut have been found since mid-March along the shorelines… It is the second year in a row that large numbers of the bay’s most abundant shark have been going belly up during the spring pupping season… It is the largest leopard shark mortality event since 2011, when more than 1,000 dead sharks were counted…


    • Christine says:

      One of the resources about this mass die-off showed the cultured brain tissue with a fungal green colonies..

  62. Randy Newland says:

    definition "mad as a hatter"

    Mercury poisoning of hat-makers – A popular explanation of the phrase suggests that it was connected to mercury poisoning or Korsakoff's syndrome experienced by hat-makers as a result of the long-term use of mercury products in the hat-making trade.[1][2] 19th-century hatters in Danbury, Connecticut, developed a condition known colloquially as the Danbury Shakes. The condition was characterized by slurred speech, tremors, stumbling, and, in extreme cases, hallucinations.[3]

  63. Jintampa says:

    To paraphrase what you just posted, the more fanatical the behavior will be of many people who refuse to believe that their Uncle could possibly do them any harm. I have taken much heat from family and friends who refuse to believe (there is that phrase again) that the weather is bizarre, they feel sick all of the time, that what was life as usual 20 years ago is gone and is a distant memory. I really can't expound on what you have written any further. Your coverage of this global poisoning and current events is top notch. I suppose all we can do is take it one day at a time and try to reach out to as many people that are willing to listen.

    Thanks Dane for your Herculean efforts.

    • Clare Ormerod says:

      So what is the plan to arrange rallies and inform people. WE need to execute events in different cities on the same day.How do we start this?

      Do you have contact in major cities that are much more well informed than myself? I would be glad to help with whatever I can . I have been trying to inform random strangers each day form 5-10 people, to try to educate them. People think I am crazy for the most part!

  64. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 164th email, titled 'The Great Dumbing':

    1. There are many Peer Reviewed Studies that show the toxic link between the chemical ingredients of the tropospheric sprays (lithium, aluminium, aluminium and fluoride, barium, strontium, coal fly ash, etc), and alzheimer's, dementia and parkinson's – to name but a few. 

    A symptom of lithium poisoning is aggravation and an 'altered mental status'. Alzheimer's and dementia are symptoms of aluminium poisoning.  Flouride has a synergistic toxicity with aluminium. Heavy metals cause brain damage and behavioural changes that trend toward more aggressive and animalistic behaviour.

    This general dumbing down of the public and the increase in sudden deaths is considered "acceptable" if not desirable to the geoengineers – David Keith has admitted as much in interviews.

    2. Even allowing for wind drift, it seems that much of the current methane release is from land areas – just wait until we see the explosive power of methane released from sea clathrates. Notice also the methane concentration/release near sea level just off the east coast of Greenland.  

    Similar three day "events" that will become common: 

    3.  Many of the "cannon fodder" foreign fighters provided by US/NATO for ISIS/ISIL in Syria and Iraq are from further east towards China. They are generally poor, illiterate, and are moved to the fighting areas with their families. If they survive the frontal attacks on Syrian and Iraqi Govt forces, they are then highly likely to be bombed and gassed by their US/NATO masters.  When their husbands are killed, the wives often become suicide car bombers.

    In the 1920's Adolf Hitler said: "What good fortune for governments that men do not think."  

    In 1940, SS Chief Heinrich Himmler wrote in his 'General Plan East': 

    "For the people in the east there must not be any school at all – beyond a primary school with four grades. The goal of this primary school has to be: simple calculations until maximally the number 500 and writing of their names.   Further, the instruction that it is a divine law to obey the Germans, be honest, industrious and obedient. Reading capabilities are not necessary. Beyond this primary school there must not be any type of school in the east." 

    4. Notes to Self (week 17 of 104). "Whatsoever thou resolvest to do, do it quickly; defer not until evening what the morning may accomplish".  Damn, I can not remember who said that…!

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Andrew — "A symptom of lithium poisoning is aggravation and an 'altered mental status'. Alzheimer's and dementia are symptoms of aluminium poisoning."  Thank you. I sincerely believe that Lithium is a very big component of the "milky haze" effect sprays we are being inundated with. There are multiple experiments using Lithium in plasma for electrical conductivity research by Russia and others. Since 2011 NASA has been using Lithium in ionosphere plasma experiments:
      Sounding Rockets Study How Winds In Space Drive Currents in the Upper Atmosphere / July 6, 2011
      The rockets — known as sounding rockets from the nautical term "to sound," meaning to measure… NASA's … sounding rockets … provide access to areas of the atmosphere too low for satellites. In this experiment, the scientists will fly two pair of rockets. One in each pair will measure data about the charged or "ionized" gas — called plasma — as well as the neutral gas, through which it travels. The other will shoot out a long trail of lithium gas to track the wind movement. The instrumented rockets are 40 feet long and 17 inches in diameter, carrying a payload of 600 lbs. The lithium rockets are 14 inches in diameter and are about six feet long.  … a crystal clear skies – necessary for successful observation of the lithium trail.  "We're studying a current that runs through the atmosphere much like the Gulf Stream moves through the ocean," says Doug Rowland a space scientist at Goddard who also helped design this mission. "In the Gulf Stream, a given parcel of water travels around the whole system, and the same thing happens with the plasma in the atmosphere. In general, during the day it travels in giant, horizontal loops from equator to pole and back."

    • horsegirl says:

      A symptom of lithium poisoning is aggravation and an 'altered mental status'.

      Thanks for helping connect the dots.

      I sincerely believe that Lithium is a very big component of the "milky haze" effect sprays we are being inundated with.

      Every time we go to town we come back different people.  Furthermore we see plasma experiments.  The repetitive nightly explosions manifesting in the same six places every night for months on end surely have to be plasma operations.  Half the time we can't see the city ten miles away here in southern Arizona due to white haze – on days when the sky is bright blue everywhere else.

      The lithium rockets are 14 inches in diameter and are about six feet long.  … a crystal clear skies – necessary for successful observation of the lithium trail. 

      Clear blue skies frequently mark days we get sick.

      The mental and physical decrepitude is off the charts.  People are getting really mean.  We're sure we're being wracked by ELF waves and saw a herringbone HAARP pattern this morning which enveloped nearly the entire sky.

      A person can strive with detox, but how do you fight ELF and lithium poisoning?  I dread it so much but we are in a hotbed of such activity.  i see no recourse but to move.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Andrew, I have been reading your contributions here since the first of them. 164 now, Good Job! I have appreciated each and every one of them. This one is extensively hard hitting. Thank you for the information. Keep your spirit elevated and please, keep contributing here on GW.

    • jsthe2nd says:

      Andrew from scotland:

      1920's Adolf Hitler said: "What good fortune for governments that men do not think."   This iIs propaganda BY THE ALLIED FORCES; a demonization campaign.   If in fact this is not true and the allied forces were the good guys then how can one explain all that is going on in our world today?   Pure evil.   THINK ABOUT IT…..

      Further down, the rest of the remarks are ALSO falsely attributted to Hitler and staff and  the 'good'

      Dr. Rath is outright wrong about his (false) views on the 3rd reich NS Germany.

      Please note…we are on the same team against the International banking cabal.    We need to keep our side of the truth 100% right.   Please do more verifiable researching.


    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Hi jsthe2nd

      I think you have misinterpreted the reason why I gave that first quote and Hitler's reason for saying it. Maybe I should have quoted his complete and very impressive speech (it was aimed at the populations of neighbouring countries and particularly the UK and USA).  

      Do you analyse Tomatobubble? A good place to start is here:  

      I have huge respect for Dr Rath's research and continued fight against the financial, military, industrial, pharmaceutical, religious  and media cartels, industries and families that control/direct our lives.

      There is no doubt that the EU and the EU Commission is a direct descendant of Hitler's top legal advisor, Walter Hallstein's, plan for a Nazi controlled Europe.  Hallstein was the first President of the EU Commission.

      On on 

    • BaneB says:

      horsegirl:  Would you please describe the event(s) of "repetitive nightly explosions." What do this "explosions" look like.l?  And approximately in which of the night sky.  I ask because I took my dog out at 3 am a few nights ago.  A very highflying jet that barely could be heard traveled from southeast to northwest.  It's aviation lights were flickering like a firefly.  I was observing it to the north of me, when another white strobe type light flashed ahead of the jet.  I assumed another aircraft was operating and heading southeast.  But to my surprise a series of these white flashes popped on and off.  The original jet had moved way past this area.  These flashes were in a general confined  area, north. The flashes would jump to different locations in this defined confined section.  Finally they became dimmer and faded out.  Had I not been observing the jet fly across the sky, I probably would have missed this.  My other thought is because the jet passed through the area outlined, it was a part of an "experiment."

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Andrew.

      It is impossible to "demonize" the big puppet of the small moustache, He was PURE EVIL. And his campaign to destroy the LIVES of 60.000.000 of PEOPLE all around the World ( and start preparing the World for the BIG coming DISORDER ) was sponsored by the same MFs that are doing and sponsoring the CLIMATE / OZONE ( and consequent ) BIOSPHERE DESTRUCTION, aka GE – the BIG SCAM, today. The PROBLEM remains the SAME.

      It is possible to stop this, only if we start to understand how the occult world functions.

      Thank you for your comments and info, Andrew.

    • horsegirl says:

      BaneB, we are in what is said to be a no-fly zone, close to Ft. Huachuca Army base, where some 60% of top secret "intel" operations are said to be carried out.  The flashes occur on land spanning the Sulfur Springs Valley as it washed south into Mexico.  Across the peripheral hillsides, about six points experience repeated flashes for hours on end at irregular intervals.  It would be comical if not the most idiotic, tragic, earth raping outrage it is.  For it is so obviously fake. 

    • BaneB says:

      horsegirl:  Thank you for the information.  That which you describe is lower or near the ground/horizon.  What I saw was way up there in the heavens to the north.  That early morning hour was remarkable, too, because the Milky Way was more east and unusually bright. I have noticed these flashes over the years on occasion.  They have been towards the north and northwest.  This incident is the first time I have observed a cluster of these going off in a confined area of the sky.  Thanks for the details about your observations.

  65. JF says:

    Here in Riverside CA, last Wednesday it was 93 degrees,  Thursday 93 degrees, Friday 81 degrees. Today (Saturday) it is currently 61.7 degrees. It is also completely cloudy with some showers forecast. The last few days, and especially yesterday, they were spraying very heavy. There was almost complete white out yesterday with a lot of haze.

    That's about a 30 degree temperature change in a couple of days.

    • richard mann says:

      JF ; over the hill in lancaster, yes … we had 97 deg.  thursday  with spider web clouds and chemtrails x-crossing . when the sky is clear the sun feels very hot to the extreme 

    • Dennie says:

      It was fr-eeeeezing in San Rafael, CA (north of S.F.) last evening, with thick white haze that appeared as thick as mist– all of it toxic metal crap.  I woke up with "cotton mouth" three times during the night last night, needing to drink a lot of water to wash the toxic metal powder on down, just so I could breathe :-(. 

      DON'T the Military A$$HOLE'S kids and GRANDKIDS feel sick from their sick parent's shit????


    • JF says:

      Richard, I have noticed the same, how the sun seems much more intense than a few years ago.

      By the way, this storm has fizzled out as of lard evening Saturday night.




  66. Jim Schultz says:

    Seems as though the so called "Patriots" in this area are more motivated to confront ANTIFA, 2nd Amendment issues and deny they were duped once again with the election of Trump. I called the election for Trump as of July 2016. I also named the Sec of the Treasury at the same time. In 5 months of warning them, I could not get through to any of them. I have stressed getting priorities in order regarding GE. Your dedication to this helps me with my own.Thanks.

    • JF says:

      Jim, some of the people I know who voted for Trump said it was one last shot for them, and they couldn't bear the thought of HRC getting in. I'm not gonna bother voting anymore, especially here in California.

  67. Matthew Clayton says:

    I don't want (Monopoly) money. I don't want my belongings. I want there to be some chance that my son, and my yet to be born grandson, has a slim possibility of survival. My voice in a sea of billions seems smothered. If more would stand and be counted with those who give a damn, we might have a chance. Even cars that have already gone through the guardrail, and are plummeting, have survivors, at some percentage. Stand up! Wake up! or say goodbye. The global elite want 500 million, as opposed to 7 1/2 billion. Without a habitat, there will be not one (Singular) person left, no matter how long the bunkers hold out. D.U.M.B.s are dumb, so they are aptly named. What is there to come out to but poison and starvation? Stop drinking tap water,(Distilled is the only pure), detox, and try to get some semblance of reality in mind. Dane is spot on, if it is not already too late to salvage anything.

  68. Randy Newland says:

    50,000 PARTS PER BILLION OF MERCURY IN THESE FREE FLU SHOTS! THIS is turning Americans into "MAD HATTERS"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the CDC states anything over 2 parts per BILLION IS UNSAFE!!

  69. Randy Newland says:

    Americans are being sooo dumbed *ucked insane its because…..

    THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    FLU SHOTS! now we know why these flu shots are FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everywhere you go ,

    they are offering FREE FLU SHOTS!!! the grocery store –,the doctor office…drug stores..all stores..ALL OF THEM!!!

    50,000 parts per BILLION

    a unsafe amount is 3 parts per BILLION and beyond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TPTB/juice cabal/banksters are turning Americans into "MAD HATTERS" if you don't know what a "MAD HATTER" is GOOGLE IT!



  70. Sylvia says:

    Ohhh Dane, my heart bleeds everyday from the weather manipulations that I watch that goes on everyday! I'm on the internet everyday and post this war of weather warfare everywhere I go. We're in so much trouble with these daily attacks. They're micro waving everything ''to death" by using HAARP to manipulate the jet streams and chemtrails to raise the temperatures and drying everything out, don't know any other way of saying it. I've lost friends and family because of either denial or they don't want to hear that our government and military are attacking us!! They're attacking our water supply from all of the South West States by drought. I feel very alone while knowing and watching this tyranny.

  71. BaneB says:

    I fancy myself as being awake but have moments whereby I wish I was asleep.  Truly the global situation is spiraling out of the control of the sane, few who they are. The reactionary generals and their Neocon/Internationalist handlers are lining up every living being in the United States onto the crosshairs for their planned WW3 extinction.  We are their pawns.  They gamble with our lives. Their incredible chutzpah, their zealotry, these are the minds of lunatics.  The Congress just passed some kind of edict authorizing stop and search of vessels operating in the South China Sea.  Russia has stated if any of their ships are interfered with its a declaration of war.  And Mr. Bean is President!  I do not think the brain dead citizenry of the U.S. understand the seriousness of the hour.  Nor do they realize the awesome destructive power of the modern multi-nuke (MIRV) single ICBM.  One nuke can wipe out the greater L.A. Area in a nano second.  Imagine a barrage of the many.  At this juncture I live my life one day at a time, being more attuned to the tiniest of life in the pathway, careful not to injure, and realizing just how precious is every waking moment.  There are those who say logic will prevail, that the "unthinkable" is not logical.  Since when has warfare ever been rational?

    • Edward Palys says:

      Unfortunately, so many people have the same idea as you have regards  wishing to be asleep. I've had a few discussions with my sister, a retired educator, and she tells me the same when I explain the truth about geoengineering, she'd rather NOT know about these things because they are too scary. A sfor that latest Congress passing edict, they authorize the US, on behalf of the UN, to support further sanctions against North Korea by inspection ALL NK ships entering Chinese and Russian ports. Of course, Russia immediately claims that it would be an act of WAR!. Do you suppose Trump alone is so stupid to get such an edict approved? No, he has become another puppet of the deep state or the NWO. Why do you think Trump is doing nothing about the antifa hired thugs? The divisions in all the countries lately is a creation of the globalist NWO. 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      BaneB, your comments just get better as time wears on. Always, I appreciate the thoughts and reflections they produce in my own mind.

      Thank you my friend I haven't met yet.

  72. Fran says:

    Have noticed ..A lot of humanity is blocking out…In there own little bubble… Perhaps it's to late to wake them up …We the ones that are fully aware of what's going on have nasty remarks made towards us ..Some try to understand…But just don't grasp it ,. We know it all sounds to far fetched …But yes it is happening…., Chemtrails and cell towers working together….What hope have we got …Russia .. President Putin has vowed to stop agenda 21..There is hope…

    • Dennie says:

      Yeah, it's like there's a WINDOW of consciousness.  Some are looking, some can't even see the window.  I think it's all set in dye now.  The ones who are awake are awake right now.  Everyone else is where they are along the spectrum.  It's not "required" that Every Single Last Person has to be awake for changes to come.  Processes are in motion now that cannot be stopped.  There is yet not enough WILL to STOP what is looking to be the near-total destruction of the planet.

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