Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 10, 2015


The US Department of Homeland "Security" has purchased BILLIONS of bullets in the last few years. Much or all of this ammunition was "hollow point" rounds (illegal under international law even under warfare conditions). In 2010 the US Census Bureau went to the unprecedented effort to record the GPS location of every single residence in the country, why? In recent years drone bases are being actively and aggressively set up across the country. If you don't find this chain of factors alarming, then it is time to wake up. Countless factors which hold the current paradigm together are fraying apart, this leaves the reality we have all known hanging by various threads. While the mainstream media continues to spew out a constant stream of idiocy, the world is unraveling. Could the ongoing atmospheric spraying be the final lynch pin for us all? What haven't you been told? 
Dane Wigington

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  1. Gibber says:

    Drugs Drugs and more Drugs
    Big Pharmaceutical kills more people by far then anything else.
    Don't take any of them.
    Wake up people and do some Research!
    They want you on them Big Time
    Better off for them.

    • Ian MacLeod says:

      I don't know that Big Pharma does THAT much, though here in America, yes – the entire "medical" system is almost useless for everything but trauma. The corporations masquerading as the legitimate U.S. government wants us to be and remain distracted. If we weren't, tha mass of the We the People would soon learn (assuming the undistracted would pay attention and learn about what's going on) that the government has long since been hijacked, and the pretend one is destroying the country and setting us up for mass deaths!

      We're being poisoned by the air, the water, the "food", medicine – you-name-it. I think they're trying to collapse the ecosystem, the food and water delivery systems, the  financial systems… It's ALL going to come down, all at once. WHen it happens people will being dying almost immediately, and population losses will total, I'd guess, more than 90%. Some of the prepared will, of course, have the best chance to survive, but a lot of it will be pure luck. It's going to be very, very bad, folks.  

    • Ian MacLeod says:

      The question, Dane, has to be WHAT DO WE DO?? What are the  actions that we can take? A letter writing campaign? I don't think so. That's the problem – what can we do that would make a difference?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ian, there is one way forward, to reach a critical mass of awarness with the population as fast as possible. Two links are attached to help.

  2. Susan says:

    To all those writing with such despair, it’s never too late!! I do all I can, like call the state air quality office, (they hate me), talk to whoever will listen, (they think me unbalanced), and take photos of everything in the sky. Dane, you do a great job of motivating those of us who need it.  Early this AM, we in El Dorado Co., CA were awakened by the most severe lightening, thunder and monsoon rain I have ever experienced, and I have lived here 30 years. We got 3.5 inches of rain in 5 hours. When you consider we hadn't had rain since Oct. 1, and nothing that severe was forecast, it's pretty weird. Anyway, all you out there, don't give up, do what you can, try to get other folks to discuss this mess. Maybe we should do a protest somewhere. Every protest voice counts. SG

    • Becky C says:

      I too, have watched helplessly as they spray and respray until the sky above is filled with the vapor trails.  The day after I alway have a migraine and feel unwell for a few days.  What gives them the right to do these things without our consent?  The continued to hide it for years, and say we didn't know what we were talking about.  Bull!
      Damn mad scientists!  Always have to create something new to patch up their latest screw ups.

  3. Nino Nick Romano says:

    All this information! What a shocking wake-up call to the destruction of life – in all its many forms and means of awareness – that is obviously presently occurring, everywhere, to everyone, to everything. It sounds like a sci-fi horror story.  But the signs are beginning to emerge to the naked eye, now that it's learning to see more clearly and learning, as too often been taught to do, to no longer ignore what it plainly sees. Many thanks and much appreciation, Dane and all of you others for your dedicated, careful and detailed presentation. The big question? What do we do besides taking some precautions and making some (small) changes and trying to inform others who remain mostly incredulous? We need to develop a whole new frame of reference, vision, value system! This is perhaps our greatest challenge we face. Will we be able to do it? And if so, How? All I have at present are big doubts and questions. We will need a lot of help! Hope that the Life Force gives it and we get it. Bless us/you all.       Nick R.

    • Robo Sapien says:

      It starts with providing all people with free housing and intensive agriculture to heal this planet, every person should be required to maintain a garden, farm on his or her land. Free food, free transportation and no taxation. The quest for these things causes people to live in the rat race unable to think of anything else. The money system has to be destroyed and everyone, EVERYONE must accept an equal material existence. Only then can we begin to change our values.

  4. Dane: The information you provide is very important. Thank you for all you do. I keep sharing this with all my friends and family.
    Ray P

    • Laurie says:

      Thomas, I believe (though you can check) that nosebleeds are more a result of radiation than chemtrails.  The rad levels have been going up drastically in the last five or six weeks, all across the U.S.  The baseline is Fukushima, of course, but then there was an accident at the Honeywell nuclear processing facility in Illinois, sending massive radiation out across the Midwest but also the Northeast.  (Though actually, the readings seem to be going up now in ALL parts of the country.)  Check Bob Nichols, Veterans Today, Your Radiation This Week.  He publishes updates every week.  It's EXTREMELY worrisome.  Also good idea to go get a complete blood count for irregularities in either red or white cells.     

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Laurie and Raymond, nose bleeds after heavy aerosol spraying (especially during chemical ice nucleation of winter storms) has been reported since long before Fukushima occurred. This is not to downplay the dire threat posed by nuclear contamination, but rather to point out the lethality of the aerosol operations. I was in the forest with 7 other environmental restoration personnel during a winter storm aerosol assault, within a 15 minute span of time, 6 out of 8 got nose bleeds.

  5. Thomas Ambrozy says:

    Just wanted to share this one. Happened to glance out the window and noticed this crap. Was wondering why I've had 2 nosebleeds in 2 days…highly unusual for me. This explains it to me!

    • Dee says:

      Here in NE Ohio they doing these chemtrails almost daily in the past few years. And as many of you wrote in past replies on articles, people simply do not care, do not believe the truth, of course we know, they are brainwashed,by stupid tv shows, reality shows, etc, schools are the same, so what we can expect.? The chemicals causing allergies, and all kind a sickness, and of course the pharmacy companies, with their so called medicines, helping too, since those medicines, have much worse side effects, then the sickness itself. Not many people can afford in old age or on disability to eat GMO free food, etc. Simply we have no money for it, and no health, strenght, or good soil in the yard to plant our own foor. Natural supplements, herbs are good answers for so many problems, and cleaning the body out of all these poisons, even, if we have the knowledge, who can afford it??? I hardly can, food, soil, water air, killing us, here in Europe, in Hungary they have those chemtrails. God have mercy on all of us.

  6. Tamara says:

    Interesting read, it tells all about the new chemicals they are adding to the aerosols:


    • Marc says:

      A most repulsive and sickening document. The sheer weight of the arrogance embedded into every word, phrase, equation, observation and simulation is more than I could bear. I scanned about a third of the document until I became so depressed and disgusted I bailed. This is not science. This is madness.

    • Marc says:

      The document I am referring to in my comments below was shared by Tamara her link.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      The evaluation of the HadGEM2 model reads like a mad scientists' recipe book for cooking our own mother!!!

    • Tom Liccione says:

      How foolish of them, instead of putting the science/technology roadster in reverse, they are putting the metal to the pedal! They will be unpleasantly surprised by unforeseen variabilities, just as the methane release from the Arctic was an unforeseen variability. Evolutionists and biologists  are baffled by a group of cyanobacteria that do not behave as expected: Trichodesmium. These bacteria are going into overdrive because of the excessive CO2 in the oceans and, surprisingly, will not return to normal once pushed over the edge. Trichodesmium turns the waters red when blooming profusely. Big red tides have been seen from California to Alaska and other locations on Earth. Trichodesmium has given the Red Sea its name. Looks like we're going to have a Red Ocean, with disastrous consequences for its denizens. That brings to mind two points of Revelations: the Sea turns to blood, all the creatures of the Sea die.

    • I don't understand 99.9% of the technical wording but it reads like frightening stuff to me!

  7. JACTN says:

    I have just finished listening to your radio broadcast and have been listening to them all since March.  This message is about as clear as it gets of the total reality that we really are at the 11th hour 59th minute.  After researching Methane alone our paradigm is pretty much over.  What we must do now is stand for all that is innocent and right in this world.  When we stop this.  The feedback loops will be devastating, but we can not either way not try to stop it.  I've even read where to save the planet we will have to detonate a nuke over Yellowstone.  Does that make sense at all.  Lets nuke a volcano to create a global winter to balance out all the crap we broke by unbalancing the place in the first place.  What a dumpster fire.  Lets stop destroying our planet and allow it to repair.  Less Self and more selflessness. 

    From what I can gather.  The arctic must of been blitzed this summer like no other?   To what cost of the poor animal life and then us of course.  Just to keep it cool enough to keep the frozen methane from spiraling out of control.

    Get right with Family and Friends.  Do whatever you can to prevent chaos when this comes undone.

    Dane great job and God Bless you.

    • Bob says:

      Picture from Infowars regarding emissions scandal.
      Big deal!
      Check out he spraying in the background.

  8. Melody Meachum says:

    PS – Count me in too Wayne!

  9. Melody Meachum says:

    Expressing myself in a little poetic justice this morning.

    Diversions, distractions and blank reactions
    The t.v. blares and no one cares
    C’mon ya’ll it’s Saturday, Sunday and Monday night football!
    They stand, they cheer, man they can’t be bothered
    To hear
    That the tanker sprays right overhead
    are not from jet contrail
     but a heavy metal deathbed.
    Raining, raining
    See how it falls
    Strange snowflakes, spider-webs and chem-bow aerosols
    It’s all right there
    quite visible
    Unless you listen to the dribble
    From paid talking heads
    Who convince of fake clouds
    That never used to exist
    Beautiful new creations NOT
    Milky, hazy, and luminous rot
    How we hate the lies
    of those
    That take away our beautiful skies
    Raining, raining
    Down on our heads
    Our air, our lands and riverbeds
    Wake up Wake up
    It’s getting Late!
    This evil power would like
    Nothing better
     than to say

  10. Marc says:

    As I drive, bike and walk around my city I am keeping a wary eye on the trees. Yes, it being the middle of October, "fall" is in progress and trees are dropping leaves everywhere. But that doesn't tell the whole story. I am shocked and saddened by the vast numbers of previously healthy trees that are quite verifiably dead or dying. And that includes conifers as well ("evergreens"). Trees I have admired for years along various boulevards and in parks are now leafless or needle-less, dead and dying. Many hundreds of trees are displaying bare branches at the tops while the rest of the foliage hangs on. Telltale signature of ozone depletion and UV damage. In the cemetery near my house were large numbers of uncommon species of deciduous trees obviously planted at various times over the last 100 or so years. I have admired many of them and considered them my friends. Now an alarming number of them are either dead or look sickly or have the characteristic top-down frying of foliage. So sad and so disheartening. And yet the vast majority of humanity appears to not give a rat's ass about any of these "canaries in the coal mine".

       Wrote a long letter to my State Governor's email last night spelling out the primary talking points on geoengineering and decrying the assault upon our health and well-being. I concluded with a demand for a reply as to what he intends to do about this unbearable situation. I cautioned him to not insult my intelligence with the "chemtrails are just contrails" line of bullshit, which was the stock response I received from one of our senator's offices several months ago. I have absolutely no doubt that at this late stage of the game most, if not all, congressmen and women are well aware of the geoengineering nightmare. And if by some miracle they are not, then they are not qualified to represent the people of this once fine country. When I hear back from our governor, (which is questionable) I will share his response. But, of course, I am under no delusions as to where exactly this response will originate, be it his office personnel, or PR people or whomever. The reply I received from Claire McCaskill appeared to be a "form letter", manufactured to fire off to any such inquiries pertaining to geoengineering and aerial spraying. We'll see….

       And it must be said also that I, for one, am also not under ANY delusions regarding the efficacy of sending such letters off to our representatives. Nonetheless, we do it anyway. I think the dark underbelly of our government, otherwise known as the shadow government or Cabal, is so infinitely far removed from the concerns of the "public" that it is likely most of our efforts are essentially pointless. But here again, we do it anyway. Why? Because it is the sane and right thing to do, for it embodies an effort on behalf of the "greater good", which is the only real form of spirituality.

    • Becky C says:

      That's pretty much what I get when I send letters about the many forms of poisons pushed upon us.

  11. Nigel says:

    I have been sharing what I know with others and am getting somewhere. One person who replied posted this letter from an airline mechanic.

    • Marc says:

      Bravo, Nigel!!! This link is a must read for every person who visits this site. Unbelievable!!! And yet VERY believable. The very fact that the mechanic who is telling the story, was "called on the carpet" for his snooping, complete with mysterious "agents" present, and then the apparent covert monitoring of his internet activity, ALL POINTS TO ONLY ONE POSSIBLE CONCLUSION: THESE SPRAY PROGRAMS ARE CLEARLY DEADLY AND SINISTER AND MUST BE CONCEALED FROM THE PUBLIC AT ALL COSTS. SAID CONCEALMENT BEING OVERSEEN BY COVERT GOVERNMENT AGENTS OR AGENTS OF THE CABAL. The obvious implication, then, is that the whole goddamn spray program has little or nothing to do with saving the planet and EVERYTHING to do with power, control, dominance, and the intentional sickening and/or extermination of the living populations of Earth.

    • A fantastic find. This explains such a lot to me. Only the other day on here, I was rhetorically asking "I wonder who is making these nano-sized materials and HOW ARE THEY BEING TRANSPORTED?" Well, now I think I know the last part of that – the sewage tankers to and from the planes.

      If `they' were watching this individual so closely back then, we can be assured we certainly are now. Hi NSA/GCHQ.

  12. andrew james says:

    Rising Hydrogen Sulfide levels in the ocean are probably not anthropogenic in origin.  My guess is its from volcanic activity.  We got a lot of Hydrogen Sulfide from the Gulf spill but we got a lot of oil too.  So since there is no accompanying oil spill in the Pacific Ocean then my guess is that it's from volcanic activity. We are screwed either way. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Andrew, the primary source of hydrogen sulfide release from the sea floor is radically warming oceans. As formerly frozen methane hydrate deposits thaw and release, hydrogen sulfide often comes with it.

  13. Greg Price says:

    Awesome as usual. Thank you Dane!

  14. Wayne says:

    It’s going to take a march on the White House, ten million or more folks to stop the insanity, we the people must take control of our God given right to live in a society governed by the majority, we must take our house back.
    It has become overwhelming the constant 24 hour spraying, if we don’t take action soon I’m afraid it will be too late.

  15. free the others says:

    Thank you Dane. For all that you do, my spirits were fiery by the end of this particular broadcast. Good work. Those of us aware really appreciate your unrelenting leadership and bravado in doing so.

  16. Daily Wavester says:

    Reading all these well stated comments above ideas how we could take action?
    I’m reminded of a Native American from new england who set up a petition at the White House web site where he challenged the president if he had gotten 10,000 signatures Obama would answer the Petition
    Can we all get together on the wording , post it at the White House website and ask 4 friends to sign it, If we all sign it we could create the biggest Geoengineering awaking yet?
    I can understand why people may be reluctant to register with the ‘man’~ to sign the petition
    do it anyway
    how do you like my new bumper sticker?
    Exposing Geoegineering isn’t a matter of live and death ~
    It Is More Important Than That
    Sign the white house petition get a sticker?

  17. Andrew from scotland says:

    Excellent broadcast, Dane.

  18. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 77th email to my contact list, titled 'Back to the Pingo'.

    1. An interesting 22 Sept 2015 article on pingos:  Combine this with passing the atmospheric methane threshold on 3rd Oct, and we are extremely close to the 4 year deadline for the northern hemisphere.

    2.  An excellent article from Zen Gardner and the absolutely brilliant speeches by Putin to the UN:

    3.  It is definitely a poor life choice for Iranian scientists and their teams, particularly nuclear scientists, to go on pilgrimage to Mecca.  Over the years a good number have been assassinated or otherwise died from 'crane failures', crushes and the like.  This year is no exception.  No wonder Iran has great distrust of the "West", our peculiar brand of democratic dictatorship/dictatorial democracy, and our allies. I am sure most people in Yemen, Syria and Iraq feel the same.  

    Saudi Arabia has beheaded well over 175 people this year – some of the headless bodies are then hung on….you guessed it, cranes.  I wonder if we will encourage an uprising in Saudi Arabia and then invade them?

    Not a particularly good time for holistic doctors either – 11 mysteriously dead in last 90 days:

    4. Another very informative Global Alert News:

  19. Las Vegan says:

    Another poster has already mentioned the one fact which sent chills down my spine:  departments which have traditionally never been armed, to any degree, are now armed with massive amounts of ammunition.  Why?  Every American needs to ask themselves this question.  Why?  

    I am beginning to think the following scenario after viewing Hurricane Joaquin spewing off an incredibly separate arm of water with unbelievable force into the Carolinas as the main body of the storm appears to be drifting N/NE.  (BTW, you are all aware, I'm sure, that SC continues to release water from tottering dams and to flood certain areas to stabilize this unbelievable deluge left in their state.  In one instance, citizens are being evacuated because their homes will be under water for 10 days.)  The consequences from that one arm "spewing" water in an anomalous fashion toward the Eastern Seaboard has had wide repercussions for city, county, and state governments.

    I think our government became hugely involved in climate engineering, as Dane remarks, years and years ago and began to wreak havoc on other countries' weather systems, perhaps even inadvertently.  Other countries woke up and responded.  Now, I think we might be involved in a game of chess where those major countries/political-economic spheres take a constant defensive posture (much like Mayweather holding his gloves up in a defensive stance for most of the fight), i.e., the insistent, constant genocidal spraying of chemicals killing humans, vegetation, water, and the planet, but also try to initiate offensive climate catastrophes whenever possible.  Dane recently mentioned that Mongolia had lost 80% of its crops.  80%!!  The arm spewing and separating from Joaquin in a completely opposite direction with TREMENDOUS FORCE is ENGINEERED!!  So, I see the whole conflict like a boxing match.  As soon as you get an opening, you take your shot.  Additionally, include the fact that these programs are not omnipotent and are still "learning the ropes."

    Add another ingredient:  war can still be played out as a known quantity with movie-like scenarios involving troops and machinery, but most war will be more asymmetrical than most citizens can conceive with a "tit for tat" narrow focus managed on multiple planes:  replacing the US currency as the world currency, the Tianjin explosion with a mini-mushroom cloud, or Putin telling the "greatest power in the world" to get the hell out of Syria.  Wherever weakness is exposed, it will be manipulated if feasible.  Period.  The Rod of God was probably positioned in space and weapon primed to use over China and, thereby, accessible once the very small chemically induced fire began.  Rumors also abound that, for some reason, China might have had a small nuclear device secreted below ground at this point.  How wonderful.  Bring in Rod of God.  Tianjin killed 124 and injured scores; the area surrounding, citing cyanide poisoning, has been forcibly evacuated.  By contrast, the recent restaurant/gas cylinder fire in Wuhu killed 17.  Period.  No evacuation.

    So, dear citizens of the world, we may be living in a horrible scenario:  war now involves most countries and citizens of the world, and when the food becomes scarce and people can't feed their children, governments will likely be prepared with detention camps (I've driven truckers in my cab who tell me they have seen them), hollow point bullets, and black coffins.  Sorry this post is so dark. Unfortunately, humans have not developed the wisdom, compassion, nor insight to use this knowledge.

    Let's hope I'm highly imaginative and wrong. 

  20. Terri says:

    There are huge numbers of deer dying. No one wants to believe it because there are still so many left alive. They call it Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease. The powers that be claim it is from the bite of a gnat. What a bunch of baloney. I am convinced it is from having to eat the grass that is coated with metal particles. It has reached a saturation level where these animals can no longer survive.  These particles cause the deer and other browsers to hemorrhage. 

    Livestock are next i am sure. in some places they have a deer die off of 50% is that because those area's are sprayed heavier or the toxic waste dump that the deer have to eat is that much worse? It isn't just deer though. All animals are dying. look around. All we see are young animals. the older ones are dead or dying. The woods smell like death. like things are rotting but you cannot find a body. 

    Raccoons staggering around like drunk.not rabid. sick. Birds. Fish die offs all around the globe. yet there is always a ready ''official'' scientific excuse. It doesn't matter how big the lie is most people swallow it. The majority won't see it even if it drops at their feet. the media does their thinking for them. Their brains are carried in the same pouch as their ipads. The machine tells them how to think. what to think and WHEN to think. They are not people anymore. They are borg. machine hybrids. not capable of thinking for themselves. insane world. wish i knew where the exist door was as i would walk through it if i could. 


  21. Muse Minus Time says:

    Yesterday, this was emailed to Oregon Sen/Rep, Or. divs. of EPA, OSU-Prism Group,, oreilly@foxnews.  Where ever I see an opportunity, I'm writing, staying inspired! (I am approaching my backyard initially but am working outward as well)

    Solar Radiation Management Program poisoning Oregon 

    Please stop the government's Solar Radiation Management Program or the NGO's who execute this unproven science and are poisoning us. I am submitting an opinion piece from the IRGC where SRM is not attaining the climate goals of carbon dioxide sequestration and removal. It is used to cool the planet when in imminent danger but has many other SERIOUS implications.
    The implications currently impacting the West Coast with dire consequences due to the aluminum aerosol spraying over Southern Oregon affects human health, our environment with the wildfires, tree & bee die-offs, a severe engineered drought, climate/ocean warming and marine life extinctions. ENOUGH of this Solar Radiation Management program!!!
    Some days the spray trails can be up to 30+ lining our valley upon the forecast of precipitation coming our way up to the point of having a metallic taste in your mouth. Is NOAA in charge of this program? Can the EPA stop this abomination of air quality? I am able to predict when we'll be SRM sprayed by observing this map;
    I have witnessed on C-span the hearings on the subject and am appealing to you on a human rights level to stop this infliction of injury & death to our state. Your Oregon citizens are waking up to these attrocities and as an EPA representative have you considered that it impacts everyone in a harmful way, including yourself? STOP the SPRAYING!

  22. Like many other pages on this site and others, readers keep asking why nothing is being done. Why no mass protests? Why no "government" agencies take action? Why would "they" do this to us? No answers will be forthcoming from the "normals". Perhaps this is one reason why: >
    Google lithium and spraying and you get a lot of questions answered:
    This is a multi-tiered military assault against numerous civilian populations around the planet, and it's been going on for nearly a century. Thanks Michel B and others for your excellent talking points.

    • ken says:

      YES, THIS IS WHAT I HAVE READ.  felling the symptoms since 12/12, but so much more now.  'they" have deliberately, drop the temps on the eastern US yet again.  Just this past Wednesday, the temperture in my home reached 81 degrees by 10 AM in the morning, shortly, massive dark clouds came from the west, even tho' the winds were so strong out of the north, within a 1/2 hour, the temps dropped in my house from 80 to 70, that was within my house, not outside temperature readings.  typical temps here in southern east coast at this time of year, should be in the high 70's…but no one listens, the sheeple just follow…..with the rewrite/recycle…damn you all for FORCING us to remain in your game

  23. Marc says:

    The "new world order" is now upon us. Extermination of all life save the "privileged few" appears to be unfolding before our very eyes. This broadcast by Dane was bleak, indeed. It is difficult to retain a grip on relevance (of anti-geoengineering efforts) when all around us, everywhere we turn, we see spraying and dying and disease and forest fires and massive marine die-offs, and stupidity and arrogance and more stupidity and disdain and mainstream media and government agency complicity. It's a peculiar predicament we (who are fully awake to what's unfolding) find ourselves in. Depending on how deeply we've gone into awareness of the unfurling catastrophe, our ability to "have fun" in the way we used to prior to our awakening, is now transformed and in many cases, almost impossible. I think most people would agree it is our natural inclination to want to live in harmony and security with our fellow man and the environment. And to include a diet of meaningful social relationships and good old-fashioned "fun". I have encountered many who will acknowledge that geoengineering is happening on a large scale, and that social collapse is immanent, but who prefer to remain unconcerned and will cling tightly to their normalcy bias, almost always based upon a feeling that there is literally nothing they can do about it, i.e. the issue is too BIG, so why bother? I like, totally get that. I really do. But on the other hand, there may yet be factors at play behind the scenes that we can scarcely comprehend. Case in point, David Wilcock, has illustrated extensively his conviction (insider contacts) that there exists what he calls an "Alliance", which is working mostly out of view to take down the "CABAL". BRICS is perhaps the most visible of these efforts that have congealed to counter the tyranny of the US dollar. But there are invisible factors at play and all may not be as crushingly hopeless as it appears right now. The CABAL, for all appearances, I would concede, is an impenetrable monolithic structure, against which there is nothing on Earth that presents a real threat. And while my desire to reference some of these "other factors" at play behind the scenes is irresistible, I will leave them aside for the time being. Rest assured that even though my own emotions regarding this catastrophe rise and fall with the passage of days and weeks, THERE ARE SEVERAL WILD CARDS IN THE EQUATION that we find no discussion of here. 

      Be that as it may, today I head to Whole Foods, area restaurants and maybe a few locations that jump out at me, to install full color flyers in the free-magazine bins. Love ya'll. Have a great day.

  24. Jeff says:

    Here in central Idaho,I read in the local paper about one year ago,that USDA was introducing drones to study pigmy rabbits in the Magic Reservoir area. I asked people there thoughts about this,only to get the same blank look of no concern. Waking up is going to be chaos for many people,when it all crumbles,due to lack of interest,and concern,and most of all IGNORance.

    Thanks for the good you do Dane,more power to you.


  25. dan says:


  26. Raymond Rush says:

    Dane, Please check out the Documentary "Corporation" in it the FOX Reporters sued FOX under whistleblower law and won, but FOX took to Higher Court. The ruling was I quote "There is no Law that says TV NEWS has to tell you the TRUTH"! 

  27. ken says:

    After last week's Noreaster that lasted 5 full days here, all the tree tops were FRIED, litterally.  My neighbors white picket fence stripped of it's white paint, our balcony railings, blistering and peeling.  Our windows have a white greasy residue.  My other neighbor now has COPD and cannot be outside, while her husband has now developed an "allergy" to the sun and breaks out into a rash.  Whatever they sprayed here yesterday, turned the skies around the sun a thick hazy yellow with huge ostrich feather like plumes instead of any cloud like structure. I have read reports that some believe they are also spraying lithium.  They are relentless, I am watching them spray along the east coast as I am typing this

  28. penny says:

    Another small point to add to this excellent discussion: nearly every citizen of the US, and of most other countries, has bought a GPS tracker and carries it around willingly, in a pocket.  It may be a cell phone, it may be some other permutation.  Ditch the electronic toys and you will be healthier, others will be healthier, and you will have more privacy (if you haven't learned yet about the evils of cell phones and WiFi, the Barrie Trower interview linked on this website is a great starting point). 

    I live in the northern UK, in a thick chemical fog.  How do I know it isn't smog or fog?  Well, there is no industry to speak of in my area, and the winds off the Atlantic and North Sea should keep the air fresh and clean, in a natural world.  And if this were fog, the humidity would be high (it isn't), the fog would be visible up-close (it isn't; it just obscures the horizon and makes everything from a hundred yards away look depressingly grey), and there would be a smell of fog (there isn't!)  Which brings me to another point…

    I think that half the reason that people can continue to be numb to the spraying is that they surround themselves with a chemical smog voluntarily (just as they tag themselves with a GPS device).  They wear and use so many perfumed products that they are unable to detect the heavy, unpleasant, and completely unnatural odor which pervades every corner of the planet nowadays.  The air smells like a mixture of colognes and cleaning supplies, in ratios which vary by the day. 

    It isn't, as some believe, that only a few people are born with a gift of smell and taste which allow them to detect the sprayed materials directly; it's that most people have overloaded their senses.  I've never understood why so many products are 'perfumed' (that stuff stinks, imo), until recently.  It's cover for the crime, plain and simple.

    Last thing: Once, just after Edward Snowden had burst onto the scene, a young man came to my door to try to convince me to sign up for Comcast. I kept refusing, he kept persisting, and finally he asked me why I wouldn't even consider it.  I told him, I'd rather go with a company that (to the best of my knowledge) didn't just willingly hand all my personal information over to the NSA.  He literally was taken aback (his head pulled backward by a few inches), but then he smiled and said, "Okay, then, have a nice day!" 

    I don't know if he later (a) quit his job or (b) reported me to Homeland Security, but I suspect (c) none of the above, he went on working and forgot all about me.  Such is the way of humanity.  Such is the reason why we, like Dane, have to hammer the message in day after day after day.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      According to information on Russ Tanner's website,, only 3 per cent of the population have the "gift" of being able to  feel, smell and taste the chem sprays.  I am in that rarified number and I can tell you that it is NO picnic. 
      I have friends who are pretty aware, good people and who don't use perfumes or chemicals and still they are not aware of the air crap– seriously.  I also suspect that many of the 97% are very, very well-trained NOT to pay much attention to what's going on with their bodies, but my whole life I've been devoted to the study of music and to a certain degree, athletics, and you HAVE to be aware or you're not going to get good at what you want to do.  So I've paid attention to what's going on.  Now while I can't speak for the other 97%, I think some of them just ain't payin' attention and really can smell/taste/feel the metal particulates.  The rest seem to me to be on the way to their total and complete spiritual, moral and physical demise.

  29. penny says:

    Here is more compelling evidence that hydrogen sulfide is building up in the Pacific ocean. 

  30. Thomas Joseph Ambrozy says:

    Love Ya Dane! Fully support you.. keep doing what you do!

  31. dave says:

               At the same time the DHS criminals are stockpiling billions of hollow point bullets, the DHS crime syndicate is also orchestrating FAKE 'shootings' which are nothing more than 'drills' with no one hurt at all! Then use these to try to push gun-grabbing laws to disarm us civilians! aka Sandy Hook scam, Aurora theatre fake 'shooting' scam, and most recently the fake Oregon 'shooting' with a supposed 'hero' taking 7 shots but not bleeding at all or showings any of the claimed injuries! google these ' shooting hoaxes' and you will be shcocked at the absolule proof of their being nothing more than crisis-actors paid by DHs and many getting millions in donations from defrauded people. Point is they ,DHS/FEMA are in the process of trying to take our weapons while simultaneously stockpilingbillions of bullets to use to kill us! I stronly suggest everyone join/support as they are trying to counteract this DHS evil program!


    • Audrey says:

      Amen.  Bush Sr. said himself, (I'm paraphrasing) "If the people found out what we had done, they'd hang us from the nearest lamppost."  Once the extent of damage is evident and people think they have nothing to lose, TPTB know they're toast.  They have to get the guns away from us before then.

    • BaneB says:

      Its funny, I was skeptical about fake mass shootings until the Virginia "reporters shooting."  Both the "fiancé" and the "father" are professional actors.  There also is a photo of the two "dead" earlier having a great time in fake blood and injuries for some other acting job.  The new term for me is 'crisis actors.'  This concept boggles my mind.  How deep does run deceit.  How willingly are we self-deceived?  And deceived by digital technology.  How prevailent is pixil rearrangements, adding in persons or groups, deleting background, substituting one person or prop for a virtual partial reality?  It is a mental mine field that requires careful assessments about what is and what is not.  It seems to me that a force involved in creating fake weather, placing faux clouds in the sky, and whipping the jet stream into place for weather warfare could be capable of faux mass shootings for the gun control agenda.  Gun control for all but the police and war machine.

  32. Ivanna Barnes says:

    WWF was founded by Prince Bernhardt & Prince Phillip.  The latter has publicly stated that if he dies he wishes to be resurrected as a virus to wipe out humanity.  Based on my research, they among others are  directly responsible for the Ecocide.

  33. The monkey with his hand in the jar is like baby boomers with their hand on entitlements while the government sets them up for slow kill . The biggest voting block baited into a trap and we all pay big time .

    • Marc says:

      With all due respect, Mr. James, your comment is ill-informed and out of line. We "baby boomers" have worked our entire lives and paid into social security for upwards of 40 years. This modest stipend is not an "entitlement", it is a right we have earned based upon our participation in the "system". Meanwhile, Medicare was signed into law in 1965 and has benefitted one or two generations PRIOR to your so-called "baby boomers". Without Medicare (and Medicaid) and social security, the landscape would be bleak beyond comprehension for countless millions of Americans who are up in years. I don't know how old you are Mr. James, but these programs were designed to help people like you, too. Unfortunately for all of us, and I mean ALL OF US, these "entitlement" (your word) programs will soon become irrelevant, and that includes disability benefits, government pensions, farm subsidies, big oil subsidies, black budget infusions, welfare, and countless other government programs. 

        To point a finger at baby boomers is not fair, while turning a blind eye to the countless billions funneling into geoengineering projects, military defense contractors, black budget (untraceable) projects, Big Oil and other corporate mega-interests, including Monsanto and GMO research, and Big Pharma.

    • bija says:

      Thank you, Marc, for stating what is obvious to most of us from the baby boom generation. Most of us have slaved and paid into the social security system for upwards of 35 years. This was designed to be our safety net and not an entitlement designed to burden and bankrupt future generations. It is a shame that our governments around the world have chosen to lavishly fund the darkest of projects rather than take care of it's countries and citizens. As a young person, I envisioned a much changed and caring world where greed and power were no longer the goal. So much for that kind of naive world view!

      That having been said, I do blame myself and my generation for handing over our power to corrupt politicians in the pockets of corporations and military agendas. Ours has been a lazy generation willing to reap the benefits of post WWII pseudo prosperity rather than taking responsibility to stay informed. Our glimmer of hope in the late 60's and early 70's was hijacked and co-opted and we soon fell in line with the brain dead multitude, selling out for a job and a paycheck.  It is nothing less than devastating to discover that we and the generations behind us are all set up for "a slow kill". We only have NOW to possibly make this right for any future generations. We can wallow in the destructive agendas of the past and present, or pull on our boots and be the change that needs to happen if there is to be any future at all! Bradley James, I hope you will join us in the only game that is left.

  34. Dawn says:

    I love all the work you do, Dane. I try EVERY day to wake people up. Thank you.

  35. SD says:

    Here in SoCal we saw record high temps in March, 2015.  Now we're  breaking high temp records again – in October.  Unbelievable eight month run of above normal temps.  Corresponds to NASA images posted by Dane. Is it just me or is California now the HOTTEST and DRIEST place on earth!

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Very warm in Ukiah, Mendocino County, CA, U.S.A. today.  Much cooler on the way home tonight, I heard it got into the low 90s in San Rafael, Marin County, CA, U.S.A.  I swear, this morning I believe I saw STEAM come out of someone's mouth in the cool morning air up in Ukiah.  Crr-AYY-zeee, man!

  36. Larwence says:

    Hello everyone at this site. I have found a short video that I think you will find interesting by the former Prime minister of Canada, Paul Hellyer. in it he discuses geo-engineering and a lot of what Dane and others on this site have said, and we all think. Enjoy. We will all keep fighting!

  37. JW in Victoria says:

    So not throwing in the towel. What! Are we a bunch of wimps? I don't think so. What I have learned and gained from this site is so encouraging. So many people waking up. So much momentum. Please don't any of you give up! This earth is worth fighting for to the last breath!

    • Elena says:

      I agree with you completely! So many waking up. I so admire your complete lack of fear! Jade Helm crawled back under its rock and so will DHS when they realize that people know about them and are not afraid!

  38. One thing is for sure, I ain't the monkey with his hand stuck in the jar. Thanks Dane for the great show once again. Although I keep fighting and being the activist that I am, I'm totally fed up with the fellow humans of this planet, the dormant ones. It sickens me to death, I don't feel like living with these bastards anymore. I'll fight 'til death, trust me, I will. You, Dane, is my hero, all I ask of you is please, if I leave, let people know that my fight was for my daughter but, also for them…

  39. Kim says:

    “Sprayed aerosol mess.”  You said it perfectly right there, Dane.  I sat at my son’s soccer game today and watched plane after plane here in Southeast Michigan spray the blue sky into one big mess.  The sun was very hot and the temperature got into the lower seventies.  I watched my son, running, having fun kicking a ball around a field with no clue as to what was going on above his, and all of our heads.  Since September, when it started to get a little cooler here (but not much, although I’m sure the old Polar Vortex will show up soon enough and take us again into toxic winter hell) the spraying has been greatly ramped up.  For the sake of our children, the spraying has to stop.  

    • David says:

      Kim, Dane and everyone else. I was in the Navy in the 1990's as a Weather Observer and Forecaster. Every city in the U.S. has a 4 letter identifier, for Weather and Airports,  Military and Civilian. For example Mayport Naval Station in Atlantic Beach, Florida where I currently live, is KNRB. San Diego California, where I was stationed in the Navy is KNZY which is Naval Station North Island. Everyone can go onto the NOAA Weather websites for past hourly weather observations, for their home cities and towns, to look at the current and past reported observed cloud heights/layers. You will see CLR which means clear skies. Cloud cover is measured in 10 ths of coverage. SCT which means scattered cloud layer 5/10 or less. BKN which means broken cloud layers 6/10-9/10 of the sky is covered, and OVC which means overcast 10/10. You will also see the height with 2 numeric digits dropped. For example 10SCT means a scattered  low cloud layer at 1,000 feet above the surface of the earth. 200BKN means a broken High Cloud layer 6/10-9/10 coverage at 20,000 feet above. Low clouds range from the earths surface to 6,500 feet. Mid clouds range from 6,500 feet to 16,000 feet and High clouds range from about 13,000 feet to 25,000 feet. I always physically observe the Geoengineering everyday in North Florida, when I go onto the NOAA website for KNRB Mayport Naval Station , there is usually an artifical high cloud layer (toxic geoengineered chemicals) sprayed at 25,000 feet. It reads either 250SCT or 250BKN. At times it is inconsistent, I see the aircraft spraying but no report of the layer above.

  40. carol freiberg says:

    How can anyone become so complicit with the level of psycho? Is our moral compass completely gone? No political heroes? WTF…Is everyone on this planet really that stupid? Maybe genocide is the only answer.

    • David says:

      Dane, Tim C and everyone else. Google "Seeds of Suicide and Slavery instead of Seeds of Life and Freedom". Monsanto's GMO seeds, they now own 90% of the worlds seed supply market. I watched a presentation, on C-Span given by Jeffrey Smith on Genetically Modified Organisms GMO's. This video can be found on for anyone interested. Also google "Seeds of Deception".  and "Genetic Roulette" I watch C-Span occasionally, we could call in when they have Open Phone Discussions ,to voice are concerns on geoengineering, to get the word out on live TV to everyone watching.

  41. Tim C says:

    Welcome to Colorado – Enjoy the aerosols. We have had 3 straight days of insanity type level spraying. It has whited out what would have been blue sky days. Choking on this crap. 

    My clothes and hair reek of this spray. My wife is coughing. My son is feeling sick. My joints ache without explanation. I cannot take it anymore.

  42. Muse Minus Time says:

    Hi Dane,
    Here's another document to add to your library, it appears the IRGC in Geneva is a global governing body over the usage of Solar Radiation Mgmnt.  So it appears that what is being executed over our skies is government research?  This IRGC opinion piece explains SRM and how elite scientists see SRM as a possibility should our planet be in TROUBLE as it still does not attain the goals of CO2 capture & removal in the climate control goals.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      "If We Know What We Should Be Doing, Why Aren't We Doing It?"  The question is asked in the irgc goals.
      2. We Do NOT REALLY "KNOW" what we SHOULD be doing, except that
      3. "We Should NOT MESS with very large systems about which we know VERY LITTLE" while pretending that we actually know EVERYTHING, when we DON'T.

  43. Boopa says:

    The truth shall set you free

  44. Michael Arden Yows says:

    ….It all adds up now….they were already at war,  with all things orchestrated,  certainly implying a sweeping win with no question,  and that included cleanup procedures as well…..The Globalists and their paid flunkies……..that's it……..

  45. Michel B says:

    Still think your 'leaders' and The Powers That Be are getting ready to help you?
    The long education in mass ignorance has been very successful.
    SRM has many advantages to its deployment: Wall St weather derivatives, military application, enforcing foreign policy, corporate takeover of resources (foreign and domestic), bolstering the pharmaceutical industry, population control and others.
    The hollow points and drones will be used when the population gets restless from lack of food after agriculture starts failing. All the different forms of environmental destruction are collateral damage and also profited from.
    When it is obvious that the government is a whore of the bankers and works against the public, then it will be necessary for the bankers to maintain the mentality of obedience in its military because the military will be used against its own people.
    Everyone knows Kissinger's quote about "military men being dumb, stupid animals used as pawns in enforcing foreign policy." This quote should be plastered on banners and put at the front gate of every military establishment, not to enforce its sentiment but to expose it. But there should be an extension of the quote: "to be used in enforcing foreign AND DOMESTIC policy. Because that is what is happening. Hence, the militarization of the police.

  46. chris says:

    The Norway Doomsday seed center has many 'participants' including Bill gates, monsanto,etc.
    One of the best fishers here in Pacifica, CA, is selling his boat and changing to other profession, private food supplier for local companies, for now, at least.
    The entire spraying is a weapon of mass destruction, depriving us of water, sun light,toxifying us, the entire environment with aluminum,barium, strontium.
    The Morgellons conference 2012 reports about
    'absolute chemically unidentifiable' fibers in bodies of diseased.
    That alone should start emergency right away, since it comes from
    our environment. These 'objects' are inside of human bodies,
    following to psychological effects. It becomes clear that like
    telling us GMOs are feeding the world and are good, while being
    actually filled up with carcinogenic toxic substances,
    reprogramming the genes of our gut bacteria, the pattern
    of current clouds indicates already control over 3D water supply, 
    using nano-piezocrystalls!!!! It is hard to believe these are all
    humans, doing that to others, just for money??

    • Michael Arden Yows says:

      I totally hear you…a weapon of mass destruction…never heard it like that,  but clearly…that is what it is…as far as the origin seeming non-human oriented…I understand as well….it all seems so anti-humanity to even stem from it…in my years of research- from what I gather,  the globalists were originally engaged with the anunaki, who were asked to disengage their relations with this planet in regard to their influences over it by some others looking out… the story goes they said OK fine due to logic and reasoning, but the globalists said hell with that we want it all and have literally flown off the handle in regard to their activities…a very brief summation…..however no matter how big the picture really is,  I know enough that it all scares me to death and I am very-very uncomfortable with what I actually do know which is enough just concerning the spraying….it is all so completely contrary to anything concerning logic or reason….it is utterly unfathomable concerning any spectrum of sanity…..period.

  47. Shelley Ross says:

    I've written a letter to six Record Searchlight  journalists with links from the conference in Redding on Aug. 14, 2015. Last night, as in April this year, the haze was so thick that driving home after work at 6 pm I could not even see some of the coastal mountains. I almost avoided that route because it's so heartbreaking and frustrating.
    I'm astounded at the lack of response to my reposts of this site [with brief comments] from my mere 95 facebook friends and those with whom I try to converse in person. Don't people notice? This is Redding, CA. I've only lived here 10 years and the skies were once blue regularly. Plus I'm a born and raised northern CA resident. My mother says, "There's nothing I can do about it," whenever I breach the climate engineering subject with her.
    It breaks my heart about the seals being pulled up dead from crab lines- and nobody reporting these kinds of facts. Couldn't some journalists with the passion of reporting the obscure hidden things start their own agendas?
    I'm one of those with chronic health problems and I've recently dropped my 10 yr relationship with my former doctor because of her lack of searching for the root of things and resorting to giving me pharm drugs! Which I don't take, nor have need of.
    I continue to pray to God, for guidance in how to raise awareness.

  48. Edward Palys says:

    The other worrisome event is the supply of plastic "coffins"  in black. These were discovered by some "conspiracy theorists" and also reported on TV. We can only speculate on the purpose of these hidden things and there are thousands of them.
    The only consolation that we the people have is that when all these evil things take effect, we'll all go rather quickly. 

  49. Paul .UK. says:

    When the truth on 9/11 is released. Out will come the hollow points. Followed by mass spraying. To silence us. Is this their insurance plan? I hope not.

    • BaneB says:

      The militarized local police use hollow point bullets.  This is to make sure the police victim never survives.  The revelation about the truth regarding which. "Friendly ally" planned and executed is a terrorist act itself.  Truth is terrorism to murderers, liars, and thieves.  I read somewhere that DHS is the bastardized child of 9-11.  The entire mess in the Middle East comes out of this canard.  This may well be to what Putin was alluding to when at the UN he said to Babylon…"do you know what you have done"?  We should all be prepared for the disaster that is surely going to come out of the Syrian debacle.  GOG vs. Babylon.  The chemtrails in our face are a manifestation of so many deceits.  One has not enough time in a day to cover all the rot.  With the Geoengineering of our once beautiful skies, there is no need to turn over a rock to observe the worms.  The worms are in our face every moment of every waking day up over our heads.

  50. Chuck Schoon says:

    Last I read, 1.2 billion rounds had been purchased up to perhaps a year and a half ago or thereabouts and then a few months ago, another 300 million rounds or so. They have been estimating that the Federal government has bought something like 5 – 7 or more rounds of ammunition for each person in the United States.  Federal agencies that normally do not have weapons like the Department of Agriculture have been stockpiling ammunition. Very bad to say the least.

  51. supplemental listening – kinda sorta a must
    stay informed

  52. Dane, May God bless you and everything you do. We are indebted to you. I am talking about those of us are awake. The world seems to be divided between those who are and those who are not. I frequently feel that I am existing in a world that is parallel, but separated, to the vast majority of other inhabitants and wonder which has got a grip on reality. Like being on the Titanic, seeing the approaching iceberg, whilst everyone else is dancing the night away, oblivious to the coming disaster. Yet everything I see in daily MSM comments on world events , here in the UK at least, points the fact that people ARE awakening to the attacks on us from so many different directions.
    You seem to be expanding your output to cover more than just the horrors of geoengineering and that is most welcome. As I write, you mention the heat of the sun and it struck me only a couple of weeks ago when, unusually, I was exposed to full sunlight, I was struck by just hot it was. There is a lot going on that is being kept secret from us yet we have every right to know, good or bad.
    It may be completely coincidental but this year for the first time, I have converted most of my garden into a vegetable plot. Whilst my root crops like potatoes have done very well, most other crops , sunlight dependent, have done badly despite good soil and plentiful rain.
    Regarding your comments on the depletion of fish stocks and tuna in particular, you're readers may be interested in this article sent to me this week by Greenpeace, of which I am now a member, showing the wanton destruction taking place in our once-abundant seas. This is not conflicting to you're warnings about the loss of sea species but adding to it. It includes a video of what is happening.
    Stay safe and best wishes.

  53. Muse Minus Time says:

    Hello Dane,
    Your dedication to bringing awareness is so appreciated and I'm actively inspired to write letters, emails and participate in other blogs to bring people to the collection of credible information you have on this site.
    Thank you again for all your energy to this campaign.

  54. stephen mallen says:

    So true Dane! No where to hide or is there? All things are closing in and tightening up, hit by all sides…….! I believe its just a short matter of time left before all doors and roads close for us all. Waiting to be sprayed with the toxic mix is all it will take. Good luck everyone!

  55. Kathy McGarrity says:

    Is it too late?  Craziness!

  56. dondavid says:

    Proud supporter of you Dane!
    Keep up the knowledge! Sheeple are waking up!
    Angelfire Network

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