Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 15, 2022, #375


Dane Wigington

A number of governmental representatives are now advocating for nuclear war as being "good for the climate". This should be an extreme red flag warning for us all.  Mainstream media has now admitted that wildlife populations are dying off at free fall speed with nearly 70% already gone. As dire as that sounds, the truth is even worse. The collapse of Earth's oceans is occurring simultaneously, the latest published casualty is Alaskan snow crabs. Official sources now admit that a billion of the crabs have gone "missing". The White House has announced that they are considering the option of climate engineering. Hasn't it already been ongoing for over 75 years? How long do we have if we remain on the current course? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

This week's outreach booth is at the OC Fair & Event Center, Costa Mesa, California, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

Must view, THE DIMMING, our most comprehensive climate engineering documentary:​

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59 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 15, 2022, #375

  1. Debby mcclure says:

    This is very interesting. Thank you 

  2. JR says:

    Hello to all from Southwest, New Mexico USA. There are those days these devils spraying us really go to town as the saying goes. They love what they do obviously and lovers of themselves it has to be and the money to go with it. It's an abomination it is written. People have accepted these chemtrails as normal? It is not good for the earth and its people…They don't bother to hide, it's in your face unfortunately. Peace to all…

  3. brent papon says:

    NE OHIO.

    The 02 at ground is dissipating rapidly.

    It's getting hard to function.

    I have poor vision , so I hear very well.

    The respiratory stress is obvious in all of us over 40 years.


  4. Lance says:

    Am now staying at an RV park in Fortuna, AZ, which is E of Yuma.  Quite hot down here.  In the low 90s.  Supposed to cool down starting Sunday.    Lots of military activity in this area.  Flight of 11 attack helio's of various types flew right over the RV park quite low and quite loud.  A tilt-rotor aircraft also flew over.  Reports coming out of various places regarding the warfighting in Ukraine, and the warfighting in Syria, and in other hot spots.  However, if news reports can be trusted, sources indicate that a major war with China over Taiwan may take place THIS year according to the US State Department.  Not a "good" situation in any way, shape, or form.      

    • Lance says:

      Correction: A top Navy Commander stated that a major war with China over Taiwan may take place this year, not the US State Department, though they know this as well.  Excuse me.

  5. "

    “..We partnered with Google,” Fleming said, adding, “for example, if you Google ‘climate change,’ you will, at the top of your search, you will get all kinds of UN resources.”

    “We started this partnership when we were shocked to see that when we Googled ‘climate change,’ we were getting incredibly distorted information right at the top,” she said, before claiming ownership of science.

    “We’re becoming much more proactive. We own the science, and we think that the world should know it, and the platforms themselves also do,” she said…

  6. Andy says:

    "Temperatures 10 to 20 degrees below average"

    "This cold snap will be short lived, with temperatures expected to rebound beginning Friday"

    The fake *weather* 

    On and on


     As I Pray for answers  I am reminded of this verse often.


    They say that heaven is;10 zillion light years away,And just the pure at heart,Will walk her, righteous streets, someday.They say that heaven is;10 zillion light years away,But if there is a God;We need Him now; "Where is your God ?"That's what my friends ask me.And I say it's taken him so long,'Cos we've got so far to come.

    “Stevie Wonder”


    Speak the Truth be Brave, Vigilant, Humble and above all be Reverent to the source of all Goodness. SPREAD  THE GOOD NEWS  Fight for the Noble cause of God's Kingdom.

    These things too shall come to pass.

  8. brent papon says:

    "you wanna make people hate you, tell them the truth."

    Gregory Mannarino

  9. brent papon says:

    I just read that food was up 8%.

    The food I've been buying is 2 to 4 times what it was a couple years ago.

    What a mess of BS.

    Who are these clowns trying to kid ?

    Even Ramen noodles are 50 cents.

    Member when they were 5 in college ?


    • Lisa Wilkinson says:

      Exactly! Agree 100%. 8% would be nice compared to these 50% cost hikes. The prices are even higher when you realize the amount of product is also quite smaller. 

  10. Ziggy says:

    Oceans are warming faster than ever. Here’s what could come next. (

    Brady Dennis mentions how the record heat in the Gulf of Mexico was likely responsible for hurricane Harvey's rapid gain in it's magnitude of strength and catastrophic rainfall. Yet he still avoids the elephant in the sky that (brought it to and) kept it in the Houston are for so many days. Simply because he isn't allowed to tell the truth (without being terminated immediately and that could even mean more than just his employment). Just like all of the weather forecasters across America, who's hands are tied by gag orders from NOAA and Raytheon.

    I just have two questions though. How could the oceans possibly be colder than normal? As they keep saying the term La Nina and blaming droughts and heat waves on that phenomenon. When it is clearly evident that the oceans have been getting warmer every single year since the 1950's. Isn't that considered an oxymoron? 

    • Ziggy says:

      Not only that folks. According to "their" interpretation of the "supposed" facts. Doesn't it stand to reason that the droughts and heat waves should have been much more extreme, from the 1950's to the present? And not the other way around?

      Because it is certainly a proven "fact" (and even by their standards of recording ocean temperatures through the years" that all of the oceans and seas were much cooler… before now.

      And they would have us to believe that Global Warming is melting all of the cover ice. Thusly warming the waters. But once again, I have to ask:   "Then where the hell does La Nina even fit into this equation?"

      The real answer to the droughts and heat waves lies in Climate Engineering, as being the most causal factor. Not La Nina. And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

    • Ziggy says:

      NOAA releases winter weather outlook: How La Niña will impact your state (

      There is an editorial mistake with this headline. It should have been published as:

      … How Climate Engineering will impact your Life

  11. Ziggy says:

    California wildfires wiped out nearly 20 years of greenhouse gas emission reductions – in 2020, alone (

    Wildfires in US west fueling extreme weather in other states, study finds (

    Just when you thought you've seen and heard it all!

    Now, the "so called" (government paid) experts are starting to blame California for losing ground on cutting back CO2 emissions. And all of the severe weather that hits the rest of America.

    They are trying to say that the people of California are to blame for EVERYTHING! Because they protest and stop the Forest Service from doing controlled burns, and won't do the right thing by cleaning up the "fire volatile" dead and dried out underbrush, of the state's woodlands.

    They don't actually come out and say these things per say. But they certainly leave enough hints and unfounded insinuations, to convince the reader that California consists of nothing but reckless people and idiots who think that they are protecting the forests. But are actually letting them burn to ashes by their inept actions.

    It was only a matter of time before the climate engineers starting blaming scapegoats, for their weather warfare crimes. And who better to roast over the flames, than the actual victims themselves?

    I suppose the good people of California are also to blame for the worst drought in 1,200 years. Just give it a bit more time. Because I'm sure that they will find another "expert" , who will publish a report saying something like:    "If California had clear cut a billion acres of trees, to make way for the new Lithium Mining Boom. There would have never been all of those massive fires and smoke, to make the rest of America so miserable and threatened by freak storms… spawned by an even more pronounced Climate Change. Which is also, more than likely, the reason for their record setting drought."

    I could just see thousands of class action lawsuits being filed in 2023. And people like Dane and all of us, will be viewed as just another Alex Jones Conspiracy circus.

    In Psychology that is known as "Projection". You project your insane actions on someone else, to draw attention away from the atrocities that you are actually responsible for, and perpetrate without any remorse at all.

  12. Lance says:

    NATO nuclear air "exercises" are underway over parts of Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, the UK and the North Sea .  Russia is holding their own unannounced nuclear war "exercises" in case something happens.      

  13. Lance says:

    Massive aerosol ops over SoCal showing on the Nighttime Microphyics Images on COD website and on the NWS/NOAA weather website.  Entire mass of particulates is moving up from the SW toward the NE.  Am staying at an RV park in Laughlin, NV and could see some of these aerosol trails about a half hour ago.   

  14. Ziggy says:

    Climate Corps is a corporation founded by Monsanto that was originally designed to help their GMO farmers know exactly when to plant, spray pesticides and harvest. According to the most favorable weather conditions in their area. They also offer "Climate Protection Insurance" to not just the farmers who buy their seeds and lease farmland from them. But to all farmers and ranchers across America.

    So, if you paid your premiums on time they would pay you for damages incurred by floods and droughts, or even other storm related losses to your crops and livestock. Like wind or freeze hardships from Derechos, Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Blizzards.

    What if Climate Corps gets like 2.5 billion in insurance premiums from everyone in South Carolina? But only 895 million from Texas?

    Would they work with Raytheon and NOAA to engineer rain for their most profitable insured clients in South Carolina, and do nothing for the ones in Texas? Or, even create severe drought conditions for states that have mostly Organic and Non GMO farmers and ranchers… like California, Oregon, Washington and Nevada?

    In order to run them completely out of business? So as to help their GMO seed purchasing clients move in and lease that same land, that Monsanto bought for pennies on the dollar?

    Or, maybe even… sell that land to the newest white gold exploration companies, who plan to mine for Lithium? Because, clearing large swaths of land with purposely engineered wild fires, would also help the lithium miners set up their operations and drastically cut their start-up expenditures.

    If we are talking about how insane this world has become. Then all of this would make perfect sense.

  15. Rhonda says:

    Thank You Dane and Many Blessings to You and Family, And Staff

    I would like to reach out to all of you here on this platform to ask if you would be interested in doing a project with me. I am currently e mailing "The Dimming" to everyone in the International Intentional Communities, via the book: (Edition Vll Communities Directory) it is slow moving all by myself, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You and Many Blessings To All

  16. Joe says:

    More than 80% of US waterways contaminated by ‘forever chemicals’ | PFAS | The Guardian


    Most of America’s waterways are likely contaminated by toxic PFAS “forever chemicals”, a new study conducted by US water keepers finds.

    The Waterkeeper Alliance analysis found detectable PFAS levels in 95 out of 114, or 83%, of waterways tested across 34 states and the District of Columbia, and frequently at levels that exceed federal and state limits.

    “The results clearly show widespread PFAS contamination across the country and demonstrate that existing laws and regulations are inadequate for protecting us,” said Marc Yaggi, CEO of the Waterkeeper Alliance, a non-profit network that represents local “water keepers” who monitor watersheds throughout the country for pollution.

    PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, are a class of about 12,000 chemicals often used to make products resist water, stain and heat. They are called “forever chemicals” because they don’t naturally break down, and are linked to cancer, liver problems, thyroid issues, birth defects, kidney disease, decreased immunity and other serious health problems.

    Previous analyses have used municipal utility data to estimate that the chemicals are contaminating drinking water for over 200 million people, while another study found widespread contamination of groundwater drawn by private and municipal wells.

  17. Lance says:

    Everyday I find information that confirms that much, if not all, of the world is polluted.  India is one of the most polluted places on earth.  Its airspace, its waters, its soils are heavily polluted with toxic elements and metals.  Therefore all biological lifeforms are polluted as well.  Nothing is being done to address this, nor will it make any difference if they do, for it is far too late.  

  18. Lance says:

    Ya'll know anything about Rare Earth Elements?  They're not "Rare".  They're just not found in other "natural" concentrations like coal, oil, or natural gas.  They're toxic.  The processes to obtain them results in the creation of toxic wastes.  These toxic elements and toxic wastes are in the air, the water, and the soil.  Without them the technological revolution would not be possible, but there is a catch.  There is no escaping the debilitating and destructive effects they are having on the biological life on this planet and humans.       

  19. Laura Cotter says:

    There are plenty of photos online showing what's left of the Mississippi drying up by the day.  It's amazing how many people think this is all climate change.  Yep…..climate change always shows up to destroy harvests and shipping no matter what the crop or the season or the country!!!!!   Unbelievable stupidity.

    • Lance says:

      Am staying at an RV park in Laughlin, NV, which is right next to the Colorado River, or what there is of it.  Its very low and not flowing very fast either.  Years ago came here in the Spring and this River was raging and full to the top of its banks.  Not anymore.

  20. Al T says:

    This episode did not appear in my podcast feed

  21. brent papon says:

    If you get the time,

    Read the lyrics to 'watching the wheels go round.'

    Jon Lennon

  22. Lance says:

    Looking at the COD Nightitme Microphysics Images a flow of moisture is coming into the west coast of the US from the S.  Highly unusual for this time of year.  Not normal as in normal the way the weather used to be.  All kinds of toxic "stuff" from aerosols have been released into this flow of moisture.  Surface level low pressure off the coast of OR is pulling this toxic mixture up from the S.  The assault on the web of life continues unabated!  

  23. Lance says:

    Human's are now engaged in a high tech arms race.  If you think this is going to lead to anything "good", you're NUTS!    

  24. Gary Morrow says:

    I was  much surprised to see the largest flock of birds that I have seen in years as I went for my walk this morning here in Aiken SC There were several hundred birds on the ground at one of the local horse farms. It was heartening to see that despite everything, at least some of God's creatures are still hanging in there.

  25. Christine says:

    I have been telling everyone I come in contact with. One woman said, "Yes, I know, but what can we do about it?" It is not enough for me to tell them to tell everybody, and when enough of us know, something will be done to stop the spraying, because we cannot imagine how.

    • Jonathan says:

      be encouraged…

      your job is to spread Truth

      you are not responsible for what others do with it :+)

  26. Larry DeMarco says:

    Nuclear war, "good for the climate?"You seem like some very well seasoned government reps. Although your explosive idea would certainly make a bang, wouldn't it be just a little less drastic to stop the geoengineering that you claim to have never started? It's a good thing that your endless perks include psychiatric  care. It looks like  good time to use it. You may want to take your puppeteers with you to share in a shot at sanity. Thank God we're not all crazy!

  27. Lance says:

    COD website showing a flow of moisture coming from the SW Pacific heading toward the US west coast as of right now.  A lot of big fat aerosol trails visible in it.  Hard to tell if this is going to lead to rainfall or if its just going fade away.  Forecast "models" show no precipitation from it.

  28. Lance says:

    Am now staying at an RV park in Bakersfield, CA.  Air pollution here is unreal!  Been traveling from RV park to RV park in CA for over a month now.  We don't do anymore driving than we have to.  We usually stay for two weeks in one place before moving on.  Am at a loss for words to describe how damaged the web of life is in the state of CA.  It is naive to think that this situation is going to get better and its even more naive to believe that humanity is going to come up with solutions to all the problems.  Far as I'm concerned, its only a question of when the situation leads to its inevitable conclusion.

  29. Ziggy says:

    The forecast at 2:00 AM called for heavy downpours to begin around 8:00 AM with steady rainfall ending around 8:00 PM. Flash flood warnings were in effect too. So, I honestly thought that just maybe my prayers WOULD finally be answered. Well eight O'clock came and went… no rain (but we did get that super fine mist I mentioned just a few days ago). Then the forecast called for those same downpours to come through at 11:00 AM. Once again no rain and instead, the sun came out and it almost reached 90 degrees. Even though the official high was only supposed to reach 72 degrees.

    Not one single drop of (real) rain fell from the sky HERE. But everywhere else in the state (Hell, anywhere else), got several hours of soaking rain and temps only in the low 70's. Every city and town around us here, received from two to four inches of much needed drought relief rain. But we are still without rain and being baked, as if they are now operating what I'm now calling "Micro Climate Zones". With Northern California simply being an expanded area of climate control that's identical to our smaller zone of Geoengineering weather warfare crimes being committed. Not manipulation, but rather complete control of the climate and 20 years of devastating drought in northern California is testament to that claim.

    Dane's theory (proven fact actually) that high pressure heat domes are being constantly maintained over the Pacific north west, in order to use the clockwise rotation of winds aloft. To spread moisture latent (rain producing) air further to the east, and fuel low pressure systems in the mid west, and eventually along the mid to upper east coast. Which is similar but opposite to the process that they are "possibly" using all along the Appalachian and Blue Ridge mountains.

    I believe that there are more very tall microwave towers along each mountain range, like the one they constructed near me recently, that are being used to lift the rain producing moisture up to a different layer of the atmosphere. Then by using other towers and or microwave radar facilities that transmit at a different frequency, in another line going north of the mountain based towers. They are able to influence low pressure systems to develop and pull that moisture downward and northward. Creating an atmospheric river effect that brings "stolen" rain to those areas of the east coast that have been cooler and wetter than the rest of the country "the whole world actually" (on average), for more than 45 years now. 

    So, not only do they steal rain from the western half of the country. They also steal it from the southern states and possibly even from Canada. Not to mention how they use those same tower and radar transmissions to manipulate and steer rain, from hurricanes that move (or are directed) inward onto land as well.

    I watched the original and remake of George Orwell's 1984 today and it made me think. What if there is a secret society of "Bidders" who place bids on rainfall, for their specific areas of farms, ranches and other industries (who require rain, like hydroelectric plants, etc.) that they own or hold shares in? What if the changing forecasts that Lance and I have been commenting on, are actually related to who is the highest bidder at the time that each forecast is posted? (Of course this auction is only open to the excess rain that the east coast isn't stealing for themselves, and representatives from areas of southern California and west Texas are only allowed to bid under extremely rare occasions. Otherwise, their forecasts are mostly derived from "scheduled" weather by Raytheon. Which is the only weather that northern California and east Texas sees at all.)

    For instance. The conditions are set for rain to fall in the south east and the bidding is suddenly open to all of the members of the climate engineering auction (in that region). Mr. X places the high bid for a specific region and the rain chances increase, as per the weather forecast. But the following day he is outbid by Mr. Y and the rain chances increase for his area, while they drop for the area that Mr. X represents.

    However, places like northern California and eastern Texas are not allowed to have representatives bid on their behalf. They just simply get the meager leftovers and occasionally they get dumped on by atmospheric rivers to "flood crops" or kill ranch livestock, and disrupt food transports. Like they do in all areas of this country, at their choosing of who gets artificially flooded.

    All in the name of totalitarianism and short term survival from the coming Venus Syndrome. And absolute rule of law, plus the complete control of the environment, are both essential for them to be in total control… over billions of sheeple. And wars are still one of their favorite staples, for culling populations. Just like in Orwell's 1984.

    These people are so insane "now" that they believe a Nuclear War is a great way to start over anew. If all else fails.


  30. Jackie Simmons says:

    I am just now learning about climate engineering.  I am sorry it took me so long to wake up.  I live in Austin, TX and we have been sprayed last Thursday, Friday, and really heavy on Saturday. I know now why I have constant pains running through my head, sore throats, a dry cough.  I have been sharing info with my friends and family, but unfortunately, no one is really taking it seriously.  I spent the whole afternoon on Nextdoor trying to share facts with my neighbors. Some people tried to ridicule me, bully me, shame me.  I got a little bruised up from their nasty, hurtful comments,  But I also had quite a few people who were very positive and supportive.  Overall, I think it was a very productive day. Hopefully some of them will look at the Dimming and Why are they Spraying videos. I will keep trying to wake people up to this important issue. Thank you for everything you do!

  31. Jackie Simmons says:

    Hi Dane.  I am just learning about climate engineering.  I am sorry that it took me so long to wake up.  I discovered you on Gaia TV, otherwise I may never have learned about this issue.  I live in Austin, TX.  We were sprayed last Thursday, Friday, and on Saturday really heavy.  I now know why I am getting constant pains in my head, sore throats, full on migraines, and an annoying dry cough. I am trying my best to sound the alarm, sharing the Dimming documentary with family and friends, but no one is really taking it seriously.  I spent the whole afternoon on Nextdoor.  I  shared some of the info I have learned from you and then put the links for The Dimming and Why in the World are they Spraying?  in so anyone could investigate further.  I had a few that ridiculed me, bullied me, shamed me.  But I had quite a few people who actually supported the post.  I got a little bruised up from some of the nasty, hurtful comments,  but overall,  I think it was a very productive day.  I will keep trying to make people aware of what's going on.  

  32. Larry DeMarco says:

    It's not possible to give Dane an iota of the praise he deserves for his selfless quest to save humanity, wildlife and all of God's creation. Besides the Lord, I cling to the exercise of truth to provide me with the strength to move forward in our battle and in life. Dane provides us with the workouts to do this. Regardless of what te future brings, I an grateful and honored to be among those who are privileged with this exercise.

  33. erik says:

    in the Rockies in Alberta, we've had about six weeks of clear cloudless sky, not a single cloud except for the spraying.   There isn't any wind, the sun is so hot in the afternoons even though the air temperature is only about 15 C.   it isn't this warm in July around here.

    The latest killing frost date I ever recorded was sept 26.   no hard freeze yet, still have tomatoes in my greenhouse (unheated).


    yeah, there's no problem.   I'm most alarmed by the heat of the sun, if you sit in a chair in a field, in late October, and it's too hot to sit there.


  34. brent papon says:

    CNN actually reported @ the snow crabs and accurately said it was due to warming oceans.

    It was front page today on line.

    • Ziggy says:

      Listen to what some of the most experienced crab fishermen have to say as well. These are their words, and I quote:

       " Since the waters have become so warm over the last ten years or so. Maybe millions of snow crabs have died off, and millions more accidentally walked right off of the continental shelf (in search of colder waters). While millions more made it safely to colder waters, nearer to the north pole. Waters that we aren't allowed to fish. Because of all the new offshore gas and oil drilling leases, that are going to kill off all of the marine life any way. By destroying their new habitat in waters that were originally covered in sea ice… year round"

  35. Jonathan says:

    WTIB FM in Greenville, North Carolina is the new station broadcasting the Global Alert News broadcasts.

    You can look up any of the radio stations around the country that are broadcasting these recordings and go to their homepages and listen to the podcasts of those recordings there. They have a slightly different format, as they are longer and have additional information.

    On a different note, when I used to leave Geo Watch materials at my hospital, many times they would be thrown away. Now what I'm seeing is that when I leave those materials and circle back a little later to see if they are still there, I find that some of the materials have been taken and others are remaining where I put them instead of all them being thrown in the trash can by people with narrow minds. It means that people are starting to pay attention. People are starting to wake up. Like he says, it will get to the point where no one will be able to hide this any longer.

    • Earth Angel says:

      I wish I had a connection to get the GAN broadcast on the radio in Georgia. Please if anyone has connections to be able to help with this, wherever you live, I hope you will plant some seeds with any station or personnel you may have or know in Georgia. This has been on a wish list for a very long time.

  36. viv says:

    I want to alert you to geoeingineering in Crete Greece. They had freak rain and floods yesterday and of course just before the harvesting of the olives and other crops. A seemingly fairly independent island is no longer going to be able to provide enough food and income this year. . 

  37. Annabel says:

    Yes Dane, a few l have spoken to also say it's all too depressing then go off to watch murder shows on tv!

    Here in  Australia we are currently experiencing flooding. Fortunately l live on high ground in the Grampians, Victoria so floods are not an issue but coming into summer I have to wonder if this locale is marked for a mega burn as they are already talking about big grass fires due to lush growth.

    I have observed the planes overhead but the trails are not of the magnitude that you get in the US. I continue to plant trees on my property and these are growing but l do have a battle to keep the kangaroos and deer from eating them. Still, it's good that the animals don't seem to be in decline;  l have many species of birds and reptiles. I will continue to do my utmost to support them with habitat planting and a chemical-free environment.

    • Jonathan says:

      Annabel, THANK YOU for what you are doing to provide the animals in your area with a habitat that's more conducive to life for them. I'm doing the same here with some degree of success. Bless you.

  38. Sunshine says:

    Hi Mr. Wigington,

    We are still "sounding the alarm" worldwide as to what the near future holds for all mankind. 

    I hope this encourages you today. 

    Take Care,


  39. Jonathan says:



    – how can we raise the vibration of humanity? Will it help our efforts to inform?

    – is karma real? Is there a universal justice? If so, where is it?

    – given the state of the world today, who will protect the innocent of this world? The Creator? If not, then who?

    – is it therefore up to us? Is it a case of, "No fate but what we make?"

    – are you all sharing Dane's cards and flyers? If not, why?

    – should we, as they say, pay it forward? For example, perhaps pay for the meal of the person behind us in line at a fast food restaurant. Is that part of raising the vibration of humanity? Will that help us in our efforts to inform others about the weather warfare? I hope that it will.

    – are those sticky white webs falling down into our yard from the sky polymer fibers? I'm sure they're just spider webs…

    – is anyone coming to "save" us? If not, why?

    – and, if not, then are we truly on our own, and therefore is it up to _us_ to do all that we can to stop this madness?

    – are the horrors of dying people, plants, and animals enough to motivate us?

    – do you know what graphene does to glutathione production, and what glutathione does in the body?

    – are you in your comfort zone or in the trenches?

    – are you willing to make things happen or content to watch others do so?

    – have you had a personal cost to sharing GeoWatch info?

    – some people talk of the idea of the Creator being like a clock-maker… setting a system in motion and then stepping back to watch it with a sort of indifference.

    – what if there were a greatly reduced population in the next 2 to 3 years. Who would benefit?

    – Edmund Burke wrote, "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing." Consider this in light of the principle of free will, and consider our individual capacity to inform those in our sphere of influence, and think about the possibilities we can take advantage of to reach more people with Dane's message.

    – is our own hard work the major part of the answer to our prayers? Is that, in fact, part of what we are here to learn?

    And remember, no matter what type of life form we are considering, particularly in these days when so many are being slaughtered… IF ONE IS BOUND, NONE ARE FREE.

    • brent papon says:

      No one and No thing are coming to save us.

      We must save ourselves.

      Start with LOVE and Encouragement.

      Those things are truly FREE.

      I wish I could say the same for US.


    • Stan Sylvester says:

      "is our own hard work the major part of the answer to our prayers?"

      Proverbs 12:24

      "Hard work will give you power, being lazy will make you a slave."

      God's word is simple. Religion is complicated. Our response to a verse like this either opens the door to God's blessings or closes it.

      When one is out there pushing against the global controllers, you are being empowered. Our own hard work is necessary but certainly not the major part of our answers to prayer. God is the major factor, thankfully!

      James 2:17

      "Even so believing, if it hath not works, is dead being alone."

      Prayer alone won't stop the attack on the earth's life support systems. Prayer however acknowledges that you need God's help. Then off you go. You do your best and God will do the rest.

    • brent papon says:

      Spot on Stan

    • Rhonda says:

      Thank You Jonathan,

      Well wrote and very appreciated!!!!

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