Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 26, 2015


Weather warfare is ramping up around the globe as the climate continues to disintegrate. NASA states on the record that "Earth is running out of water" but they will never mention the climate engineering insanity that is the core cause of expanding global drought conditions. The ongoing fracking insanity is poisoning much of our remaining ground water. Damage control measures are being implemented by an ever more desperate power structure that wants to hide reality for as long as possible. The recent "gag orders" placed on all National Weather Service employees and all National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration employees are a glaring sign of this desperation. Those that agreed to accept the criminal cabal's oath of silence will be dealt with in the harshest imaginable fashion by agencies like the CIA and Homeland Security if they choose to tell the truth. Converging Catastrophes are closing in on us all. Who will continue to hide in the shadows? Who will stand and make their voice heard for the greater good? What will you do?
Dane Wigington

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  1. Michael Arden Yows says:

    …..It is a weapon of mass destruction orchestrated by a so-called elite group of losers who refuse to go out quietly and are quite intent on the destruction of all life including human on this sphere….could be defined as their doomsday machine….those working for them would never conceive that…..but know clearly they are doing wrong….put your Bibles down it will not solve this….if prayer helps you feel better so be it…..this will be resolved quite frankly on a reality plane not through pretentious or other wishful thinking….we are up to our eyeballs in deceit and corruption….that is very clear…..this is our battle for our very lives and the lives of our children….period….

    • Alrik Wylie says:

      And its carried out by the High Jesuit hierarchy in control of Papal Knighthoods , Many large Corporations , Universities , High Masonry , Secret Societies , Military , Banking , Law , Police etc etc

      I'm very sure about it.

  2. Terri says:

    Spiritual Sedona Arizona is saturated.  Super Moon barely visible, huge strange colored rings around the sun and moon in the haze. Pastel colored little 2nd sun noticed around sundown last night was interesting. Today looks like a San Francisco day rather than Arizona wide open blue skies.  Laying down chemtrails all night & day, stop and start and thick horizon to horizon lines.  Sun is hot! I am unable to even try to glance up at the sun due to brightness.  THe sun is not yellow.  The sky is not blue.  Many species of birds missing.  I have noticed strange things like my 4 dogs who never howl for any reason, all sat side by side on the back porch and howled (sang) and no siren or other noise was heard by myself while I watched the dogs for a considerable length of time!.  A friend down in the phoenix area swears she hears a sound just under the regular noises that can be intermittent.  Now, the health issues are not being discussed but numerous gut issues, eating issues, respiratory issues, emotional issues.  Had a 35 yr old man take out his 45 and shoot at my 29 year old son on his motorcycle while both were driving (The shooter is gonna get 4 years probation for that!  Not terribly comforting since we saw this incident as attempted murder, oh he gets to keep on taking Tramdol and 4 other medications for emotional issues & continue to drive!)….We all are beginning to really see things degrade & people snapping or just not giving a dam.  Guess it is time after 50 years or poisoning in-utero and outside on planet.  Glad to not be a grandmother, I would be leaving them in a dying world.  I now stay silent about Geo Engineering, no one around me wants to see, wants to know, wants to stop the spraying.  I became a nut along the way of informing folks and am treated as one now often, even by my 2 grown sons and husband.  They don't want to hear it, (too depressing) while one is off for treatment of yet another Asthma attack and one has developed anger issues recently that he doesn't understand.  Oh well….let them do things the hard way and not hear or listen.  I no longer care if they do or not.  I know what I know.  The truth will come out.  It is impossible to enlighten someone who chooses not to see the light/the truth. 
    I think when spraying is in your area, folks should go out in public on purpose with white masks like they wear in China for air quality.  Sooner or later people will begin noticing so many people wearing the masks…little investment for the mask but could call attention to this issue in a major way to many more people & peak their interest.  I also believe that many of the flights to spray are accomplished by remote control, not human pilots. The hours, the boredom, the health concern of the pilots, the distances, day and night…..remote control has to be being used.

  3. cinny says:

    Much military plane and helicopters for the past 2 weeks.  They usually flew under the featureless canopy, for the past 2 days, I have been hearing them constantly, but they are now apparantley, the are flying above the solid white skies.  From other sites, many people have been commenting on the increased military planes/copters activities.  Monday morning at 2:30 AM, our local alert sirens went off.  I have not heard them since Hurricane Sandy or their scheduled testing, which we are given mailings well in advance.  Luckily, nothing happened, but cannot help but wonder, what that was about.  We are just 2 towns away from a nuclear plant…Divine intervention??  Today is very eery, strange far off sounds (other than the planes/copters)  We keep going from total stillness to out of the blue strong wind gusts…from all different directions. God only knows what "they" are doing above the totally canopied sky

    I believe in the book of revelations, that this last war would not be of flesh and blood, but one between the spiritual realms, or something like that, and that keeps going over and over in my mind.  A war between those who think they are gods or deserve to be, or believe they have been empowered with all this technology, that they can challenge the Creator, by using his children as pawns/sacrifice?

    I believe I understand where Dane is going with this, it is not just about public awareness, to end the silence,, it is about collective prayers/intentions/thoughts that focused together enmass, that will end  this/their madness.  "they" may think, "they" have procured our consent, but our awareness and fortitude is breaking it down.  People are seeing how we were manipulated and deceived into implied consent.  When people starting speaking out about ObamaCare, "they" had believed we were all still obedient sheeple and just would go along with what we were being told.  When the people came back, in essence not giving implied consent, that is when "they" all went behind closed doors and came back with utter BS, that you have to pass it to read it.  Really? Really?  Think about it, the masses

  4. Mary says:

    Hi Dane,

    We are seeing a horrific die off of seabirds here in Santa Cruz County, the beaches are strewn with dead birds. The scientist scratch their heads and look for answers, anchovie population crash due to over fishing, warm waters moving prey into deeper waters, algae blooms, etc. I'm sure it is a combination of all these and more. This morning I read an article that sends up a huge red flag for SRM and your warnings:

    Elephant in the Room Dangerous levels of mysterious toxin showing up in Año Nuevo seals.

    Is "methylmercury" one of the compounds being used in the spray programs?

    Even a simple walk on the beach is a truly heartbreaking experience these days. Thank you for all you do.



  5. Andrew from scotland says:

    Part 2 (of 2) of my 80th email:

    Geoengineering and GMOs 
    The globalists have always profited on the pain and suffering of others, and this is no exception. They did not bother to put much research into the “side effects” of dumping millions of tons of these elements in the atmosphere—they figured they could take care of the side effects later on. But here was a major opportunity in the form of disasters, pain and suffering. 
    A couple of the major side-effects were drought and superstorms. One cannot tip the seesaw, without having extremes. 
    Drought occurs in the areas that are being heavily seeded, as these nanoparticles in the upper atmosphere form condensation nuclei for rain—but there are so manynuclei, they never condense sufficient water on them to get heavy enough to fall out of the sky, at least not right away. They just stay up there as water vapor, drifting with the air currents, creating drought conditions below. Given enough exposure to moisture over time, they will condense sufficiently to form rain. Due to the significantly higher volume of nuclei, will have a much higher “rain density” than a natural storm, so when it rains, it pours – the superstorm. This creates an unnatural dichotomy; upwind you will have drought, downwind you will have excessive rain. 
    Also, nanoparticle vapor could be knocked out of the sky with an application of RF energy to shake things up a bit and cause condensation and rain. Thermal vibration causes collisions, and collisions have the tendency to merge particles. 

    Experiments along this nature has been conducted by Arco Power Technologies for weather modification, and  they resulted in HAARP, which had all the tools to do this. These metals in the upper atmosphere made it incredibly simple to control the weather, planet-wise. If you control the weather, you control the world. 
    Controlling the world through weather has its own side-effects, particularly since it tends to poison all the life on the planet. In order to keep things going—and under their control—the genetic makeup of life had to be altered to be tolerant to the new, planetary climate—particularly aluminum and barium. And it was not just people.

    One of the things that must be kept in mind is that this started in the 1950s. Long-term food sources had to be adjusted to remain viable in the artificial environment, and that’s where your good friends at Monsanto came in with their drought-resistant, toxic chemical resistant, GMO foods. Sure, experiment with the mass population to find the good strains for the people who deserve them. And make sure you have HIPAA and “health care” to get all that genetic data back to the computers, to determine what worked and what didn’t. 

    They are really quite happy with their little, artificial empire and are engaging in all the stalling tactics they can. All they have to do is keep the masses distracted long enough for the good stuff to start so they can lock themselves away in their underground bases and let the rest of us burn. 
    Or so they think. To quote Dr. Malcolm from Jurassic Park… “Life will find a way…” 

    Extinction Level Events, ELEs, are not an “end,” but a time of change. Happens all the time in nature. Happened with dinosaurs, the hominids, uncountable millions of insects, bugs and varieties of plant life. Recent summaries say that the number of species going extinct has increased 1000-fold, compared to a century ago. But they aren’t just disappearing… they are evolving. And that is what is supposed to be happening with mankind and the other intelligent life forms of Earth. (Humans are only thedominant species, not the only intelligent one.) 

    If the Earth were generating its own version of sunspots, i.e hurricanes, what would we see? 
    Hurricanes show up at the same latitudes as sunspots, move in the same fashion, and diminish as the sunspot cycle. There is a very high correlation. Hurricanes, like sunspots, are a feature of planets. These are seen on other planets as well, such as the giant red spot on Jupiter – a hurricane. 
    Knowing that hurricanes are the product of “co-magnetic thredules” in the Earth’s core, they are natural events and cannot be artificially created. Nor can they be directed in their early stages, when the magnetic forces are at their strongest. But they can be intensified during formation by the same process that creates the super-cell thunderstorm mentioned earlier—excessive amounts of water vapor nuclei forced into the upper atmosphere through chemical seeding of the tropopause to create vast quantities of clouds and torrential rain. When the generating thredule begins to collapse, the hurricane can be controlled by localized changes in temperature and pressure, just what HAARP does best. 
    This was observed in the case of hurricane Sandy. A small, tropical depression that never got to more than a Category 1 hurricane. Nothing spectacular about that, and common for the time of year—except the quantity of water vapor present in the system was significantly higher than it should have been. Watch the animations of the storm as it grows—the center of the storm is literally throwing off massive amounts of clouds because the small amount of ocean water being pulled up met the excessive amounts of condensation nuclei that were sent to that location via atmospheric chemicals – commonly called chemtrails.

    There is little benevolence in all of this, so I did not title this: 'Ye Pow'rs wha mak mankind your care, And dish them out their bill o' fare" 

    2.  "And now for something completely different" Actually, it is the same topic on a different theme:


  6. Melody Meachum says:

    Dear Vince…Most of us posting @ Dane's site know EXACTLY how you feel. We feel your pain and loneliness regarding your place in a world where most still refuse to wake up or acknowledge weather warfare right under their noses. We also know your sorrow over the devastation to this beautiful planet.  Also, thanks for sharing all that you've noticed in your travels along the way.

    Sometimes our frustration level can be so high it feels like you'll explode if you don't vent at or to someone. We all cycle through those emotions of highs and lows regarding our fight against weather warfare. Just wanted you to know I "hear" you. Hang in there and keep telling or writing even when it feels like no one is listening. I'm basically in this fight with only me, myself and I!

  7. Muse minus Time says:

    Found an interesting article by Bloomberg on private industry cloud-seeding, make one wonder why West Coast Governors haven't resorted to these companies(No.Dakota) to produce rain. Very interesting read!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Muse, it is important to consider that climate engineering is not about the common good, it is about power and control. The types of cloud seeding shown in the Bloomberg link are simply red herrings, such programs are completely negated by the exponentialy larger climate engineering programs.

  8. Marc says:

    For the first time in a year I turned on my TV to check in on the world series game. I never watch network TV anymore, and was alternately amused, perplexed and repulsed by what I saw. Wondered how many of the tens of thousands of fans there even have the slightest clue as to what they're breathing in with every breath. Or how many are essentially lost without a compass inside the "dominant culture" of lies, theater, and pop-cultural sideshows of presidential campaigns and human-interest stories, including one of the biggest sideshows of all: Climate Change. Climate change? Ok. Yes, "anthropogenic" factors influencing weather and climate, and feedback loops, I get that. What's not to get? But, given what we all know who visit this site and others, the whole goddamn world is being "played like a fiddle" inside the increasingly visible (in MSM) issue of climate change. With land and sea-based HAARP facilities all over the f**king planet, and what must be thousands of jets delivering aerosols to every corner of the sky, the degree to which so-called "climate change" can be considered a "natural" reaction by Mother Earth to our industrial obsession is highly suspect, if not absurd. The deck (of Truths) has been shuffled and we have not been dealt a good hand. Are we geoengineering like mad to fight climate change warming or are we geoengineering for reasons entirely unrelated to climate change??? As Dane so often reminds us, we are living inside an insane asylum, and the administrators are all about deceiving the residents (us) into remaining medicated and manageable. I'm quite sure the aforementioned administrators are more than a little annoyed with the likes of Dane Wigington, who perhaps is much like Prot in the movie, K-Pax, whose presence in the psychiatric ward caused so many problems for the staffers. In fact, Prot is a perfect example of the extraterrestrial or interdimensional "walk-in" I referred to in a previous post. How many of these walk-ins are currently incarnated here? Don't know, but we sure could use their help. But seriously, folks, this whole gameboard of  "climate change" is, for me, highly suspect in light of the massive geoengineering that has been deployed for so many years. How the f**k do we tease apart what is really going on here on earth? If, as the data proves, we have been geoengineering for close to 60-70 years, and said geoengineering has ostensibly been for purposes of SRM to combat warming, then why the f**k are we experiencing record global warming??? Sounds like a gigantic FAIL to me. Therefore, either the scientists behind all this are imbeciles in lab-coats or there are and always have been non-warming related agendas of a strictly military or genocidal nature. So we should not be surprised when the power structure continues to sell geoengineering as a last resort to combating global warming. It's just the administrators of the psychiatric ward trying to keep us calm, everything's under control, not to worry, the science will save us.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, by next week I will post on the historical effects of climate engineering. In the eyes of those in power, the climate engineering insanity worked, at least in the begining. The extremely anomolous cool-down of the planet from the mid 1940s to the mid 1970s is a result of climate engineering, but of course there were unimaginable consequences that now continue to manifest. The cooling effect was temporary and ultimately leads to a far worsened warming. The power structure only knows how to keep “doubling down”, they are not about to let go of their weather weaponry. No matter how dark the horizon, we must expose them, this is the only way forward.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      The sky is now one giant "Science Lab" for the Corporate/Scientific/Military/Bankster Cabal we have allowed to run amok on Earth. There is NO regulation of the spraying programs anywhere and any laws we do have that would stop this are simply not being enforced.

      Rosalind Peterson has said that we have multiple agencies with multiple agendas operating with no coordination, no oversight and no public discussion– obvious once you're clued in, and goes far in helping explain why we see such a weird "stew" up in the sky.


  9. Anyone who thinks big oil naively plunged forward should check this out.        Short rope and narrow trap door indeed.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Good catch! 

      We also need to hear about and be reminded of the MILITARY and "scientific" community's contribution to the attempted murder of all life on Earth.

      So now I wonder when CounterPunch will again throw a few at the Nuclear Industry, that spewed forth MASSIVE amounts of man-made carbon-14 into the atmosphere, which did what?  Convert into methane?  What has THAT contributed to the warming of the planet here, anybody wanna shine a more-continual light on that??

    • Marc says:

      Awesome link, Keith!!! thank you!

  10. Rebecca says:

    "Our flyers are printed on high quality color glossy paper with brilliant color printing to increase their impact. "

    Do not see where I can purchase these printed flyers.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rebecca, we are not selling flyers at this time, but you can download them from the site for free and print them locally. A print shop can produce then for much less cost than a copy store.

  11. Vince says:

    I am a 25 year old male. I live in SoCal, and have fished and backpacked my entire life in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. When I was younger, I remember enormous amounts of snow pack that lasted through the summer through to the next winter. The last 4-5 years, i’ve noticed more and more that the snow pack is gone by July. A lot of natural streams just stop flowing around then too. My favorite places growing up are disappearing. My favorite lakes are getting lower and lower every year and the rivers I used to enjoy are almost too low to support life. The Salton Sea in California, even though man made, used to be a giant fishery for Corvina and a great place for vacationers to enjoy. There are massive amounts of white and brown pelicans and other birds that use this inland sea as a migratory haven. The salinity has gone up exponentially over the years because of the lack of fresh water (and farming waste), eradicating the Corvina that were there and only Tilapia were able to adapt. Now, with year after year of hardly any rainfall in California, they’re estimating that the salinity will be so high in the next year (if we even have that long) that even the Tilapia will die, which will have a traumatic effect on the hundreds of thousands of birds that migrate there. The world is slowly crumbling apart with these ridiculous experiments.            
    I’ve noticed the exponential spraying for about 8 years now. I’ve done pretty well for myself and have been allowed many opportunities to travel for work. I’ve traveled for work to China, Germany, London, Massachusetts, San Francisco, Albuquerque and a few other places for extended periods of time. The spraying was at EVERY SINGLE ONE of the locations i’ve been to, day in and day out, except China, granted they have their own problems there putting particulates into the atmosphere. The US and EU are all in this. It is very hard for me to find happiness in life knowing that we’re being assaulted 24/7 and it's incredibly tough to relate to people from me being awakened to the atrocities that are among us every day while they are still “asleep”. It’s like i’m living in different paradigm or reality. I can’t get through to the majority of my peers and even the older generation of folks about the ongoing assault. As long as they have their next alcoholic beverage, their next prescription refill, or their next validating comment on social media, they keep fumbling through their days thinking they’re “okay”. I’ve gotten through to a few people, but they don’t want to expend their energy into this subject. It’s sad and depressing. Most of the people I show, with undeniable evidence, just claim ignorance, or call me crazy. They will shut down when they aren’t able to deny what I tell them or get angry because they can’t fathom that we are ruled by an evil, demonic cabal without our interests in mind at all. It’s very disconcerting knowing that most of the population is, shall I say, numb, or operating on a TOTALLY 100% unconscious level. FOLLOW THE MONEY!

    I thank you endlessly, Dane, for putting forth your efforts into trying to expose these criminal operations for what they are. Humanity and the planet we know and love is at risk! We must re-awaken the conscious, caring, loving beings that we once were! We HAVE to all stick together and keep moving forward in this fight. 
    – Rant over
    – Vince

    • Wayne says:


      Well stated, I too attempt to enlighten people as to the realities of Geoengineering ,most of the time I feel  think I’m getting through, however, I find young folks 18 to 35 don’t get it, don’t listen and simply don’t care. Any suggestions of how to reach this group would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Marc says:

      Superfine comments, Vince. Much gratitude for your observations. Thank you.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Wayne, anyone under 30 has never lived in  a month in which the average surface temperature of the Earth was below average.  Also, you've never seen natural skies (i.e. without the effects of atmospheric spraying)….I guess the 35yr olds didn't pay much attention to the skies/heat in their first 5 years!!

  12. Andrew from scotland says:

    Part 1(of 2) from my long and informative 80th email to my contact list. Mostly taken from the  'Daniel Papers', where there is plenty of excellent information – start at the bottom and work up…  (Marc and PatinSF, you will find his other papers interesting!)
    His Geoenginering paper, from which this is taken, was posted in Nov 2012, so some of the info will be outdated (does not include NEXRAD dual polarisation, etc, etc):
    1.  If you were NASA, or the “powers that be”, and knew the earth was constantly getting hotter (for whatever reason), what would you do? Obviously, come up with a long-term strategy to deal with the excess heat. 
    Back in the 1950s, a study was made on such a possibility and came up with three alternatives 
    Use nuclear weapons to blow holes in the upper atmosphere to let the increasing heat out, 
    Create huge, underground cities to live in, or 
    Get the heck off of Earth. 
    The first one was a bit preposterous and could not be pulled off without public knowledge, so they started the 2nd and 3rd. 
    The underground bunker approach was simple enough, as one of the features of HAARP, was that it was able to probe well beneath the surface of the earth looking for oil and minerals resources, but also identified large caverns that would make excellent cities (large enough for 80,000 people with supplies for 30 years). Construction of these underground bunkers has been in progress for decades, and Alternative 2 is nearing completion. 
    NASA came into existence shortly after this 1950's report was issued; some believe as a direct consequence of Alternative 3. Their mission was to find out what was “out there,” and what they found was that mankind is not going anywhere else, any time soon.
    With Alternative 3 not viable, and knowing they would be stuck here with the rest of us, and not particularly wanting to live underground all their lives, they needed to come up with a way to make their Utopia on Earth… and that is geoengineering:-  Make this planet resistant to the changes they knew were coming and keep their corporatocracy going. 
    Geoengineering: Customizing the Planet 
    First, they needed to come up with a way to create a “global dimming” effect (now at 30%). Aluminium, a nice, lightweight and very abundant element, works rather well for that  (most of our mirrors today are coated with aluminium – not silver). Nanoparticles, distributed in the tropopause (about 7 miles up), would increase the albedo of the Earth and turn the upper atmosphere into a partially-reflecting mirror. This has the result of  “global dimming” on the surface.  This explains the hazy white featureless skies and hazy white distance views we regularly see.
    Next problem is the x-ray bursts. The Van Allen belts protect the Earth from most particulate radiation that comes from CMEs, but that magnetic field barely slows down x-rays. Fortunately, back in the 1950s a technology became available that had to address a similar problem—the Cathode Ray Tube, or CRT. To get this technology out, they had to develop something to block x-rays but not interfere with the picture.  Searching around, they found a couple of oxides that did an excellent job at blocking x-rays and stayed viable for a long time without browning out. That was a combination of barium and strontium. CRTs were considered highly toxic because of this – if you broke one you had to make sure not to touch the broken glass, as it was considered poisonous. Today we have to breath it in every day, along with the synergistically toxic mix of Aluminium and Flouride. 
    They also expected huge particulate radiation from both the CMEs and the solar heat-up, so they looked for a way to increase the magnetic flux in the upper atmosphere, which has been popularized now as “magnetic reconnection”—not a natural phenomenon. Aluminum, barium and strontium are paramagnetic and what was really needed was a ferromagnetic material… how about another popular metal, like iron? Might make the sky and rain turn a bit reddish on occasion from iron oxide, but you could just say the people who saw that were crazy. And so what if thunderstorms got massively more violent from the conductive metals in the atmosphere (super-cell storms).  
    So they developed a technique to disburse aluminum, barium, strontium and iron in the stratosphere using the aircraft  that are in the sky every hour of every day (schedule, contract civilian and military aircraft are now used). All they had to do was develop an aerosol and fuel additive. Couple the aerosol dispersion system with a GPS (Global Positioning System) and you can even control precisely where the chemicals get dumped, possibly without the pilots ever realizing anything is happening. Where can you get these ingredients whilst at the same time negate the expense of dealing with a problem? Coal fly ash, of course.
    Now if you look at chemtrail fallout in snow, ice and rain… what do you find? Aluminum hydroxide, barium oxide, strontium oxide and iron oxide. The same elements listed on climate modification and geoengineering patents. What a coincidence. 
    As to the question of “global warming”… yes, the planet is heating up. However, due to the global dimming (and chemical/biological/frequency generated ice nucleation) created by the chemtrail project, that heating up actually turned to a bit of cooling for a short time, causing some to say the whole global warming thing was a farce. But if you’ve been outside lately, it is obvious that the sun, when it can be seen, is significantly brighter than it used to be, particularly at the higher elevations. The chemtrail sunscreen is failing, though they constantly double efforts to reinforce it. 
    You can’t get the sun to pay “carbon taxes” for causing global warming. But if “man” is the source of the global warming, then you’ve got yourself one major cash cow with carbon taxes, environmental research, cleanup, breathing taxes, drinking taxes, waste reclamation taxes.
    The initial geoengineering work was just a temporary solution. But, the globalists saw a different picture… what if they destroyed the natural cycle and introduced an artificial one? One that they were the sole supplier for? And the only way you could survive was to pay through the nose. 
    This geoengineering is also achieving their Alternative 1.
    Part 2 will be posted on this page.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Andrew, yes, there are the “disaster capitalists” who will continue to try and profit from the disintagrating climate system and runaway warming of the planet, but those two factors are still very real and not in anyones “control”. The danger posed to the planet and all life from the ongoing and rapidly increasing methane releases cannot be overstated. If the current trajectory is not altered, no one lives. “Humanity” has decimated the planet in too many ways to even begin to calculate. Climate engineering is the epitome of human insanity and has mathmatically done the most damage of all, and that is saying a lot.

  13. charles says:

    Nature published article able particulate diamond or alumina

    Sam Carana remarked on FB 'Climate Scientists ponder springng

    diamond dust or alumina dust to cool the planet' ???

    Climate scientists have thought up plenty of futuristic ways to cool the planet, but an analysis published on 26 October1 examines what may be their wildest idea yet: spraying tiny diamonds high into the atmosphere.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Charles, definite red herring there.  Project Lucy is all about using frequency (13.56 MHz) to break down methane into nanocrystalline diamonds. One, two or three transmitters can be used to create the 13.56MHz.  Then we have to breath in these diamond particles.

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Charles, FYI:  I was recently struck off/excommunicated from Sam Carana's Arctic News FB page.  The only reason I can think off is that I was prepared to question some of the information posted there.  I received some crude, rude and unnecessary comments, yet it is me that is struck off!  It appears they only want sycophants who do not question the veracity of their posts.  Sam, Malcolm Light, Harold Hensel and others do produce some excellent info, but when it is GIGO, it is GIGO.

      On a similar subject, it is very easy to prove that the WorldView  satellite photos are photoshopped or at best hand picked to hide the intensive geoengineering going on in the arctic.  1. Take a recently added photo frame and go back to it/compare it to ones later in the day.  More often than not it has changed considerably – now, why change an already posted photo?  2. It is still only "twighlight" in the arctic and yet there is this massive black area ('night') where we apparently do not have the capability to produce any photos.  3. This black area starts a week before the autumn equinox and ends a week after the spring equinox… 4.  Compare 'cloud cover' with the atmospheric pressure for that area.  They usually do not match.  5. I could go on, but you get the picture!

      Equally, have a look at the original screen shots of early film such as 'The Railway Children' and then look at the newer 'digitally enhanced' version – usually plenty of atmospheric spray trails added.


  14. Joey says:

    Arthur Schopenhaer-1788-1860  
    All truth passes through 3 stages.
    First it is ridiculed,
    Second it is violently opposed,
    Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
    Thanks Dane for continuing to expose the truth.  I have been ridiculed but still standing strong for truth. God bless you for your courage!

  15. deb says:

    Hi Chris in Florida,
    As Gary on the east coast of Florida states, here in southwest Florida, the spraying "basically never stops". We are presently suffocating under an aerosal blanket that is expected to remain in place for several days. Since we seem to be the collection point for moisture that is directed north, whether sucked in from the Gulf or the Atlantic, the skyboys can be seen round the clock herding the poisons through the atmosphere. Often, in the far distance, the western sky over the Gulf is littered with trails that appear like check marks on the horizon. Right above us, we see the long, thick, milky fat trails that extend for miles as well as the short, thinner silvery trails that stop and start. All the snowbirds are making their migration south with their petrol-guzzling campers and cars towed behind, ready to enjoy another winter in "sunny" Florida. As long as it's warm and humid, which geoengineering guarantees (absent ice nucleation), they claim to be happy. Mostly cloudy is what Florida has become, but even the park rangers who work outdoors most of the day attribute this change to the natural cycle of weather. "Some years are good, some years are bad", one gentleman advised Friday as we were talking underneath a heaviily aerosalized  cloud canopy. He did not know or care to know about geoengineering. It continues to be startling to me that people are not reacting to the loss of sunshine. Chris, although you may not be observing spray trails, are you noticing the lack of light? There is a film of aerosals in the sky all the time, even when you think you are seeing blue. As a result, shadows are never sharp, if they exist al all. Mold and mildew persist where previously, the full sunlight would quickly eradicate this problem. It's necessary to turn lights on inside the house in the middle of a "fair" day because the natural light is so dimmed. Do you have a pool? The pool store manager remarked on the abundance of chlorine that has been purchased this past year because there is so much more algae in all the pools due to the generally cloudy skies. The toxic blocking of the sun is underway every day and undermines everything. 

    • cinny says:

      We used to vacation in Florida every March, until 2009.  The weather was so horrible, 2 weeks of cloud coverage and drizzle.  I knew something was wrong back then, but did not stumble upon geoengineering until 2012.  I had worked on getting a job working from home, hoping to move to Florida to get away from the ever harsher prolonged winters here in the northeast.  So thank you for your reporting of the REAL Florida weather.

      This week they have been spraying non stop, you cannot even see the planes anymore, just the huge wide chemtrails one after the other, until the skies are thick white and then you cannot even make out the chemtrails, they just blend into the white background.

      From the comments here, and what I am experiencing, they are not doubling down, they are throwing everything in their arsenals at us.  Within the past 2 days, I have seen the "evergreen" trees go from green to browned out.  In 2 days, mind you.  My eyes are burning, tearing and swollen, I barely recognize myself

    • BaneB says:

      Florida would be the perfect region, particularly over the east coast, for disseminating toxic weather altering aerosols.  The Gulf Stream is just off shore.  It is a weather maker for the East Coast of Babylon, and has a major impact on Europen weather.  What you describe about the canopied grunge sky is the norm everywhere it seems.  You can appreciate how important is the Pacific jet stream to the diabolical weather control and weather warfare plans of the control freaks who play God.  I watch your region and weather via a visual satellite.  It is as scrambled in appearance as with California's.  I was a regular visitor to the Miami region years ago.  There was no chemtrail issue because there were no jets doing it.  Blue skies, beautiful sunshine and temperatures, and beautiful rainstorms that did their job and then moved on leaving georgeous skies and an oxygenated atmosphere.  Currently it is raining off and on, most of the wee hours too, mostly brief showers, with mist in between.  I am surprised it is raining at all here in Northern California.  But beggars can no longer be lamenting loss of the natural hydrological cycle.  We will take a moisture handout from whomever:-). Meanwhile, I heard jets flying over all night.  The questions are were the weather warriors spraying us with toxic aerosols, or was PG&E or other entities spraying us with silver iodide to squeeze out rain?  It is an irony that one entity denies rain while the other makes rain.  Both are toxic, both are making war on the natural world and all life on it.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bane, though the radar images show rain falling in Northern California, hardly a drop has hit the ground. A parade of jet aircraft can be heard just over the top of the featureless heavily aerosolized cloud canopy. The geoengineers continue to rob rain from the parched state of California.

  16. leonard says:

    Dane, On Feb. 21, 1871 when Wash. D.C. became a corporation, we lost our government. At that time the incorporation of THE UNITED STATES,all capital letters, and is owned by the international bankers. The corporation must have bylaws, UNITED STATES CODE, USC. They took our original Constitution. The Constitution FOR the United States of America put it into there corporation put changed the FOR to OF. This was done give the people the illusion that they were still living under our original Constitution. Now when the president and our service men take there oths to protect and serve the Constitution, its to the one that in the Corporation. This is clearly a FRAUD. Congres had no authority to do this. Now all the states are Franchizes and the people are sub corporations, with all capital lettered names. In my opinion to stop what this corporate government is doing, we must recind and void this Corporation and all the agencies that have been formed since its inception. Personnally I think its to late to stop them. They have to many weapons of mass distruction to stop us.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mike, the wild card in the equation is this, if we can reach a critical mass of awarness as to the ongoing weather warfare/biological warfare assault against populations around the globe, and our military brothers and sisters understand what they have been doing to their own families and children, we have a chance. Never give up, hope you will keep marching with us in this fight BIG MIKE.

    • leonard says:

      Dane, a long time ago I heard about a group that was planning to have all the states elect their own congressman and senators to replace the corporation ones in office today. This group said they had the support of some of the generals, if it was done peacefully. Well it never happened. The problem again as I see it is that we are fighting battles but not the war. We need to cut the head of the snake off and its body will die. I left the US over 10 yrs. ago. Here is why. I legally removed my property from the tax roles. They needed to put me in prison so that I could not teach others to do it. So they had the IRS come after me. I had also bought a new ATV out of my state and only wanted the manufauars certificate origin. I took it back to my state and placed it on a UCC claiming ownership. They and took it and octioned it off. I placed my car, drivers license and tags on a UCC. While driving one day a state trooper pulled me over for speeding. I gave him my license and certified copy of my UCC. He was in his car writting up a ticket when he got a radio call. he came up to my car window giving me all my paper work back and said have a nice day. Then he ask me off the record what was this UCC. I told him that the state owned my car, tags and driver license. I simple took it back and claimed ownership. He said woo. Maybe the answere is to play there game and place all of your adhesion contracts, Drivers License, Marriage license, etc. etc. on a UCC and notify all of them that threw FRAUD they have Incorporated you into there Fraugulent Government Corporation without making full disclosure of everything by giving you a ALL CAPITAL LETTERED NAME. You have to do this while claiming you soverinty. You have to do this while being very careful of the Lawful words you use, Not legal words. They have changed Blacks Law Dictionary many times. Words like citizen, or person may have one meaning to you but a totally different meaning to them. When they take you to there USC Court for anything you must file a motion prior to appearing and challeng there authority. Questions like. Is this court a corporation acting in a bankrupcy capacity or by what authority. Rember that you must have already filed your UCC documents before they ever make a claim against you. That you only reconize The Constitution FOR the United States of America and not the one in the corporation OF Constitution that our Government is now operating under. So unless you take back your soverignty they asume and presume that you are under there jusisdiction. This District of Columbia Corporation on fed. 21, 1871 was only for the 10 sq. miles of DC and not all the States. They had all the Governors join the DC Corporation. Many Many yrs. ago the governor of North Dakoda refused and he was told that he was being replaced. That he could retire or be killed. Sorry about the spelling. I only have a 8th grade education. Anyway I wont take up any more of your time. All these coming events have been told in the Bible and we cant stop it now. I personlly believe that God and the Devil had a understanding. The Devil said the people will follow me and God said O:K: but only if you first tell them what you are doing. I thing we are being told by the controlled Hollywood in movies. God Bless.  BIG MIKE 

  17. JR says:

    Hello from Southwest, N.M., In all the area of Las Cruces, N.M. & El Paso, Texas the SAG spraying is tremendously heavy. On 10-16-15 over a southern most part of Anthony, N.M.-Texas border town 7 aircraft flew side by side spewing their evil trash there flying west. How unusual is that? The evil bastards are killing off the rain clouds. What a bunch of souled (sold) out souls. Lord have mercy and peace….

  18. horsegirl says:

    It finally dawned on me.  Regarding the issue of California as a climate sacrifice zone.  I think more is at stake than climate.  We've all been conditioned for decades to expect "the big one."  I bet they pull the ultimate false flag to throw down the country and provoke the big one.  That the longer term function of the drought and the aluminization is to dry the substrata of the coast out like a wafer.  All the better to crumble.  Just like they painted nanothermite diagonals on the steel structure of the towers.  I know this is horrible.  But even in the Revelation there is mention of something like a burning mountain crashing into a sea.  I grew up in south central Montana, where Californians began streaming into the state in the 70's in great numbers.  There were all kinds of new age people (even the showdown area where the Church Universal and Triumphant almost went Waco) suddenly flooding the streets of the rather hick railroad/cowboy town.  All of them saying "karma, karma, the big one….."  I remember one man running around with a large published map of the future coastline of the US once California went into the ocean.  Best I recall it tore off the coastline about back to the depression around Bakersfield.  Looking back I think the area was swarming with black ops "remote viewing" personnel.  I don't think that map was personal whimsy.  I think spooks produced it.  I wish I were wrong but I see there are no limits to the depths the varmints will go to pull off their false flags.  Nothing too gross.  They want to destroy the last vestige of freedom.  They are that depraved.

  19. Ellen says:

    What will be next on their agenda? The thought is too frightening to dwell on!

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      What these monsters are doing is simply untenable.  I don't believe the planet is going to keep on taking it. 

      Nikola Tesla bragged that he had the knowledge to SPLIT EARTH IN TWO PIECES– now WHY would anyone even consider so doing, for even a New York nanosecond–?  SHEER ARROGANCE and unbridled HATRED of life on Earth is the only reason that makes any kind of sense to me. 

      I live in California and everyone on the underground grapevine said that the Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989 that stopped the World Series, destroyed two freeway viaducts and seriously damaged the Bay Bridge was a H.A.A.R.P. induced "trial run" of much larger things to come.  If we have weather warfare, we also have seismic warfare.  Fukushima was likely another example.  We have Chile and Pakistan and Afghanistan and Haiti and Everywhere Else that this nation's military/industrial/banking cabal has to insist on getting it's way.  It's entirely possible that China or another nation who hates what this country's military/industrial/banking/government complex is doing to them would also strike the United States with a dose of their very own brand of medicine– why not?  Hence, the "disaster preparedness" classes and events going on all the time.  Also, when you keep people feeling like they're continually off-balance, you win– or so you think.  Winning the battles is not the same as winning the war.

  20. Suzy Carr says:

    First of all, THANK YOU Dane for all you do !   This Tuesday morning Oct. 27, the skies over L.B. , Ca. were RIDICULOUS!!!!  I could not even begin to count how many very thick and thin chem trails there were with a big " X " going right across the sun, with the corona of fake rainbow all around the sun………….. I got a very sinking feeling and an immediate depressed " doomed" sort of feeling.    I try to do MY due diligence and tell everyone who will listen, but they just don't get it and don't want to hear it AND think I am FULL OF IT…………  I look at people with babies and women who are pregnant every day, and get MORE depressed!!!!
    I have some questions to ask.
    Dane—- In your honest opinion HOW LONG DO WE HAVE ???????

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Suzy, hope you will keep investigating. A few quick answers, the power structure can print all the funds the need out of thin air so long as the dollar remains the global reserve currency (not much longer). Jet fuel, yes, thus the ongoing global quest for hydrocarbon resources. How long do we have? That depends on what we collectively do to chance the course of the Titanic on which we are all currently passengers.Lets all make every single day count in this fight.

    • George says:

      The Federal Reserve Bank is privately owned and its owners also own all the big banks, and they are literally printing money for themselves.
      Here is exactly how:
      Since the Federal Reserve Bank merely puts ink on paper and calls it money and then lends it to the US government which has to pay it all back, the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank are, in reality, printing money for themselves.
      Also, these same owners, who also own all the big banks, when they make loans, they simply add a number to their electronic balance sheet without doing anything else, and again, it all has to be paid back to them, so again, in reality, they are printing money for themselves.
      Now you can see who it is that is intentionally inventing and funding all the chaos in the world so they can use it as a pretext take away Person Freedom, Human Rights, National Sovereignty, and to force a One World Government into existence, which is the ultimate protection for this scam.
      This is the ULTIMATE scam and the ULTIMATE outrage, yet the media, including all the publishers of textbooks, are totally owned by the Money Vermin and WILL NEVER SPEAK OF THIS!!!
      You are lucky, that after a lot of hard work by people to uncover this, YOU NOW KNOW!!!
      Do something with this knowledge and call your Representatives right now and tell them you want Monetary Reform!!! (See the solution below).
      To shut down this scam for good, YOU MUST STOP governments from borrowing money from the Money Vermin.  
      Governments MUST START instead start creating money for their own use, and start lending it to banks so that government will get revenue from the interest.
      Money should NOT be backed with Gold, because the Money Vermin now own the supply of all the gold and there is no way for governments to get the gold back from them.
      However, Silver has real worth and the supply of is not 100% owned by the Money Vermin like Gold is, so it can easily be used to coin money.
      Money would be backed by Silver AND by the word of Government, which is the word of the People who live and work in that country and therefore are the true Government of it.

  21. Frank says:

    The current administration plans are to impose big fiscal levels of EPA mandated climate change. The global elites will enforce tough restrictions on all C02 emissions to save the runaway climate change. The restrictions we all have now will be sparse compared to the new laws that will be forced upon us especially in the US. There will be new terms of use forced on us all to save the planet. The use of aerosols will never be introduced to the masses as they know that can of worms would fall back into there laps. The power structure has been manufacturing many category 5 typhoons in the western Pacific this year to facilitate there agenda of the runaway climate. The recent ramp up of Hurricane Patricia was a prime example of there big stories to impose more restrictions on us all. They will use the record breaking cat 5 storms to impose there sick agenda on us all. All weather people know what is going on and most refuse to mention it. The last hope all of us has is coming to a end. The power structure has all there work done and will be playing there grand plan. All of us need to end the fear and stand now as only death is your option. We all need to burn our bridges and burn our lifeboat  because  tomorrow never comes.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Frank, though hurricanes are being manipulated, the runaway greenhouse effect is all too real. Yes, geoengineering is helping to fuel the fire, but there are countless other forms of anthropogenic damage also that we must not discount or ignore. I fully agree with you that we must all make the fight against climate engineering our absolute top priority.

  22. 57 Les Paul Custom says:

    I've seen some very strange cloud conditions since I've been watching the sky, including one about 15 years ago in which the clouds looked like grey beach sand with huge undulations.  On Sunday I saw another bizarre formation.  There was a very thick cloud bank with an almost perfectly straight edge that spanned pretty much from horizon to horizon over northeast Massachusetts.  It was about 20 degrees from directly overhead, and its edge looked like one side of a trail.  I've never seen anything like it before.  They must have been busy last night because the sky was loaded with trails early this morning.  The upper-level winds must have been strong because many had spread into formations that looked like feathers.


  23. repeat offender says:

    I wouldnt depend/believe in/on the cia or homeland to do anything for the people anywhere….as for word getting out, yes it is. keep your eye on the sky…"they" are gaining on "it". there is "action" being taken on behalf of the people out there that eyes do not see….believe in that, and you will help the "people" that ARE working for us all..for a healthier planet.  😉 chins up

    • Larwence says:

      I would like to get involved in anything I can to stop this insanity of our government. I have some real good ideas and I am more than willing to do what I can.

  24. Mike says:

    Dane……… In regards to the term, Global stilling, we know that the coriolis effect is produced by the rotational properties of the planet. Is it possible that these programs can cause an accelerated reduction of the rate in which the Earth spins?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mike, in this case, it is an issue of altering convection and thus wind.

    • Mike says:

      Dane thank you for your response, much appreciated and enlightening.  Just a quick sidebar if I may. Now that I think you essentially have Infowars on board, maybe it would be a good idea to send them a FAX regarding the 750 page congressional document along with the Gag order info. I think they would utilize that material to further the cause.  Thank you

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mike, I did send the post of the documenet to Jones. This being said, I can use all the help I can get in regard to getting new posts out to news sites. As soon as we put up important posts, if activists can help forward them other sites, that would be a a big help for us in regard to getting the word out.

  25. Steven Chamberlain says:

    When I first found this site in January of 2014 the Visitors Counter was was at 12 million. That means that over 7 million new visitors have found this site in the last 19 months. Over 70,000 new visitors in the last 2 days alone. The awakening has begun!!! Everyone, please step up your efforts now. Never Ever Give Up!!!

  26. Robo Sapien says:

    You have to understand the WORST part of the corruption is local. In my community we had disastrous fire, the money granted by the YOU ALL through the federal government, nearly a half billion dollars disappeared into the pockets of the county planning commission. 10,000,000 dollars in road repair taxes taken from our property tax disappeared into private development tied to our county comissioners. Any law suits are quickly dismissed. THERE IS NO LONGER ANY SEPARATION OF POWERS.  WE DO NOT HAVE A FUNCTIONING GOVERNMENT. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WRITING CONGRESSMEN, PICKETT THEM. SPREAD AWARENESS BY OUTRAGEOUS PUBLIC DISPLAY. THE MORE SHOCKING THE BETTER.

    • 57 Les Paul Custom says:

      Couldn't agree more, Robo.  The corruption level is close to 100% all the way down to small town governments.  At the city level, who can forget the Big Pig…err I mean Dig up here in Boston?


    • Jenny says:

      Robo Sapien and 57 Les Paul Custom:

      I live in MA.  I happened to see a Bernie Sanders tweet the other day about how it's an embarrassment that a major political party rejects established science on climate change.  I tweeted him a reply that it's an embarrassment that our legislators and others in gov't pretend to us that geoengineering is going on.  No reply.

  27. Marc says:

    Let me tell you what worries me today. Firstly, the sons of bitches who are behind all this mayhem are directly responsible for the wobble in the jet stream, or in otherwords, the jet stream for uncountable centuries has tracked largely west to east with mostly gentle wavering, not the wide north-south swings we see commonly today. Though there is apparently some continuing debate as to what exactly is the primary causative factor behind these undulations, the fact that it is real is of extreme concern. What this means is exactly what Dane talked about in the current Global Alert News as a "stilling" of the atmosphere relative to it's traditional strength. This should scare the holy shit out of all of us for this stilling process allows auto and industrial air pollution to stagnate longer over major cities before moving on and mixing. By the same token, uh, hello?? SPRAYED NANOS HAVE AN ENHANCED TENDENCY TO SETTLE DOWN TO THE GROUND IN THE CONTEXT OF INCREASED ATMOSPHERIC STILLING. And we all know what that means, don't we??? It means YET ANOTHER mechanism by which we are helplessly vulnerable. (effed)

      And you know what else worries me? And maybe Dane can shed some light here. The gathering rumors re: the Paris Climate Summit are saying that a case will be made to "begin geoengineering" to save our sorry asses, and that SAID GEOENGINEERS (VARIOUS GOVERNMENTS AND MILITARIES, ETC.) WILL BE RENDERED COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY IMMUNE FROM PROSECUTION, making it a slam-dunk for the CABAL. So my question is: Dane, from this perspective it would seem that time is of the essence, so to speak, to expedite the filing of your lawsuit. In fact, it is way, way late in the eleventh hour and it's getting very scary. If legal immunity is secured internationally, what then? Is it game over?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, about the “global stilling” issue, the toxic reflective particles radically effect convection, this in turn diminishes surface winds. In regard to the Paris conference, I am highly skeptical about any such rumors that geoengineering will be exposed and advanced. It is much more likely that their attempts to hide this greatest of all human crimes will continue untill we, the people, expose them. This is our duty, and we can accomplish this task, if we all pull together.

    • Bill Smith says:

      They are doubling, tripling and quadrupling down with their spraying of toxic, noxious poision on Humanity. Now when I look up I see 4 to 8
      jets spraying at any given time, mostly in parallel lines with controlled bursts. By mid-morning the entire sky is filled with their
      insidious, diabolic poison which will fall to the earth and we will all breathe.
      They now spray day and night, and in the morning there are huge layers of 'chemfog' on the ground so thick you can't see 500 feet in front
      of you while driving to work- the dumbed-down masses think its fog. During those times I know I am breathing pure, 100 percent Chemtrails
      as if I was right behind one of the nozzles on the jets. I get massive headaches and can barely drive, let alone think.
      The foul stench of their devil-mixture is unmistakeable. Every time I look up and see a trail of poison being laid takes a thread from the
      fabric of my soul and my happiness- which is now constant. I am hardly ever happy now.
      I look up and think, "How can I stop these jets from spaying their poison up there?" and alas, like all of you there is no way to stop the
      jets from spraying their poison on humanity.
      However, these noxious poisions have to be shipped from their place of manufacture to the airports to be stored and then loaded onto the
      planes. With the unreal quantity being sprayed these chemicals MUST be shipped via tanker on rails. All airports have railroads going to
      them- look on any online map. The distance between the chemical plants and airports must leave a large amount of railroad between them.
      Now, when I was young I loved to play with miniature trains. Funny thing about those trains.. they have to be on perfectly flat, sturdy,
      uninterrupted tracks or they will not work…

    • Tom Liccione says:

      Hi Marc!  Dane is right about the stilling of the winds. The same thing is happening to the ocean currents, such as the Gulf Stream. You are very good at connecting the dots and you are a very effective writer with a great command of the English language. A PHD from the National Renewable Energy Laboratories gave an interesting explanation for the odd behavior of the Jet Stream. He said that the speed of the Jet stream depends on the difference in temperatures between the Arctic and the Tropics. The greater the difference, the faster the speed. With today's diminishing temperature difference between the Arctic and the Tropics, the Jet Stream slows down and meanders way north and south and even stalls. I have seen record highs set 1000 miles north of Denver and record lows 1000 miles south of us on the same day: those undulations can be very acute.

  28. Wayne says:

    Thanks Dane,

    I thought I was losing my mind during rain events here in Yucca Valley, all you hear is nonstop jets for at least an hour or more , insane. I was considering purchasing a recording device in an attempt to record them.

  29. J Rizk says:

    So what's the latest thinking on the Afganistan earthquake? Also noticed that news about Hurricane Patricia went away super fast. The shooting here in Oregon is still front page news weeks after it happened, yet anything about what has to be a devastated Mexico is already gone. The earthquake in Afganistan was in areas now controlled by the Taliban. Curious and I suspect those in power will say it's just coincidence. 

  30. Alida Herrera says:

    I want to express absolute conviction upon hearing you describe hearing the jets above when already heavy cloud cover exists. I have a quiet ridge at 3500 ft in WNC. I hear more jets late at night and before dawn during the oncoming lows and rain events. There are no transponders on, no identified aircraft on plane finder or flight aware. NEVER during the few clear,, very dry high pressure ridge days do I hear so many jet sounds. When I do hear them, they are identified.Thank you again, Dane, for the constant vigilance in exposing the criminal action against the globe and all life forms on and around it. I have been a subscriber for a few years and am gathering rain samples and chem webs. I have  shot vids of  changing skies with stripes turning to  murky blankets of toxic layers when the "weather" readers report partly cloudy or clear weather.

    • BaneB says:

      For the most part you describe my very same observations.  Though the rat pack jets are more noise-obvious during day hours.  Not always, but most of the time.  And these inundations of jet traffic always precede a low pressure system coming in from the Pacific.  That was my original clue when first really paying attention to why my 4,000 ft perch no longer had blue skies.  That was about four years ago.  It has become visually worse, but lately the jets from hell are more off shore out over the storm fronts in the Pacific.  THAT crap moves over here (Mendocino County, in huge morphing rafts.  The trails are obvious but the stuff is a soup and the weirdest feathery "electrified" zapped clouds that defy any natural provenance for origin.  And, I could be overreacting but while the air is barely moving here on the ground, these Frankenclouds rapidly change their shapes.  I keep my camera handy for a quick snapshot.  How many pics can one take?  It is a 3 ring sky circus of the macabe.  Further, your comment about the jet stream brings to mind my visible satellite Pacific image of this morning; indeed for several years of twice daily updates, the elegance of the formation of low pressure systems from out of the Aleutians and the Gulf of Alaska is no more.  The beautiful counter clockwise comma shaped lows coming into the Pacific Northwest are almost nonexistent.  The spinning low yesterday over the Aleutians/Gulf was almost a compact circle, but spinning and heading east.  This morning that has disappeared, and off our coast is a huge flat spread out amorphous front that clearly is and has been chemtrailed into a gigantic cloud cover.  My weather icon shows rain for tomorrow.  I will be surprised if we get anything but a toxic aerosol mist .  In past years, five years and before, if the weather prediction was five days in advance, it almost always held true.  If the forecast predicted a 10% chance  up here I got rain even if the valley did not.  No more.  The forecasts cannot be relied upon.  

    • Jonathan Leitch says:

      Here in Toronto, on Sept. 27th at 17:30 hrs. I witnessed 2 metallic grey 2 engined jets with no visible markings flying so close together at no more than 300 meters spewing huge amounts  of chemical.  They were so low and close I thought it would set of warnings at the airport. One went North, the other east.  Never heard a peep from Transport Canada. By the way I noticed they do their dirty work later in the day. Regards.

    • Tamara says:

       Alida, I have been noticing the same late night jet flights overhead. I live in a rural area. Quiet at night except for the jets now. It keeps me awake, knowing what they are doing.  

      BaneB, I live in Mendo too. Yesterday driving up the grade to Willits the sky was filled with those "zapped" clouds and chembows. You are not overreacting. It is blatant. 

      Now this morning it is misting/raining and I want to be grateful for the much needed moisture but, I can't help thinking it's just poison raining down on us.

  31. Rosalie says:

    I'm ashamed of the journalism profession I was once a part of in the late 80s until the mid-90s.  I used to work for CBC in Toronto, Canada. It wasn't  the best family-friendly career, so I changed my profession.  I've brought Dane's stories to the attention of CBC, opposing federal politicians during the recent federal election campaign here in Canada, as well as to in-person meet-ups with environmental organizations. No response. It goes against everything I was taught in my journalism studies.  It's time to call them all out as cowards with no honour. Add meteorologists to this list.

    • Tim Reeder says:

      Right on Rosalie!!!

    • Isabel Polo says:

      Dear Rosalie and Dane,
      I can not avoid to feel the same that Rosalie expressed about journalism regarding environmental issues. From university I was taught about social responsibility, ethics and practice of truth on issues that directly affect citizens. I also worked for several newspapers and magazines in Lima, Peru, until one day I had enough when I had to deal my "uncomfortable" articles with executives, because I was affecting their interests. So I decided to devote myself to other things related to cultural studies. Although I followed related to the journalistic community, it is surprising that they have little interest in these issues. I've wondered about these sprays in our skies, but they put face of ignorance. The worst was the disinterest and boredom showed on their faces, because they assume that this is happening elsewhere, not here. That mistake! This is also happening here, in Lima also! Although we are in spring, our weather in Lima is like in winter, cloudy and cold. It is unfortunate, but in my country as many other parts of the world, the practice of journalism has come down to the merely commercial job. Only if the news is profitable and spectacular is on air. Just look at the headlines about Patricia hurricane news. Only sensationalism, unless if you are reading a specialized article. As we can see, the complicit silence is just a sample of how the factual powers handled reporters at will.

      My appreciation to you Dane. It's a great job you're doing, and my sincere respect for the expressions of concern and desire from all of you have to do something to stop this damage is being done to the planet.
      Greetings from Lima, Peru

    • 57 Les Paul Custom says:

      Like Dane says, it's more important to know what sneakers the Kardashians are wearing this week than anything else.  BTW, Dane, please keep the crazy CNN headlines in your reports.  I'm not one who complained about there being too many of them, as you had indicated in one of your earlier reports.

      I worked for Raytheon early in my career, and did work on the very early development phases of the NEXRAD weather radar.  This was over ten years before Unisys (which was competing with Raytheon) finally won the contract.  Back then NEXRAD was an interesting doppler-based radar system that had one benevolent purpose (at least one known to me) — detecting wind shear at airports.  Who knows what is has become now, and if it's tied into geoengineering in any way.  I'm still in the EE field, and fortunately there are still some jobs in which one can retain one's integrity.


  32. RandyS says:

    Dane, first of all THANK YOU for your work. You often talk of the bravery of others, but no doubt you put your own well-being at risk because of what you do.

    I am one of the people who doesn’t have to struggle quite so much to believe that “they” are in fact capable of doing the horrible things that are passed off by most who say, “Naw. This is America, that could never happen here.” I have grown to HATE those words. My disposition to believe comes from an experience I had when I was taking my first steps in adult life. It was the description in this particular video about the threatening of employees that inspired me to write here.

    From late 1970 to mid-1973 I was a crew member on a nuclear ‘fast-attack’ submarine. The majority of that time our home port was Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. With normal submarine ops we were in and out, in and out during that time. 

    My particular work ended up being that of a Navy yeoman (administrative). I was granted a Top Secret/Special Intelligence security clearance because I had kinda “fallen into” the responsibility of preparing the mission reports. Submarine operations are always hush-hush in general, but the info about WHERE and WHAT of the spec ops (special operations) was super secret, as at the time the fast-attack boats played a critical role in “intelligence gathering” during the Cold War. The ballistic missile boats of course had a totally different mission.

    Something that I hear mentioned sometimes in the alternative media is the concept of “compartmentalization” of access to classified information. “Need to know” is used in the military and intelligence communities. Just because a person holds a Top Secret clearance does NOT mean that they have free access to any and all information at that level. I was thus only one of probably 8 of 120 crew members aboard at any given time who held that level of security clearance. My experience helps me to understand how this "need to know" works. The majority of my shipmates never had the same level of clearance.

    The day before I was to fly away—being released from active duty—I was taken to an underground command center at the Submarine Base, Pearl Harbor. Despite my almost 2 years working on that base I did not even know the place existed ("need to know" at work). I was given a “debriefing” that included being forced to swear that for 25 years I would not speak about anything I had seen, heard, or even smelled during my time as a crew member, lest I face serious criminal charges, etc., etc.

    It sounds like my experience was minor league compared to what is done these days as we heard in today’s video. Nevertheless my experience opened my eyes (I was only 22 years old the day I underwent the debriefing) and disposed me to mistrust the government based on seeing how much and how fluidly they lie and keep secrets.

    As for the geoengineering/chemtrails—I recall that I young age I asked my mother about the planes that made “stripes” in the sky. Of course she had no idea. She told me only that they were “sky writers.” This would have been in the late 1950’s, and serves as my own confirmation that these programs have been around for a long time.

    Again, keep up the good work. I am doing what I can to wake up the sheeple, but as you know it’s not easy.

  33. debra says:

    Have noticed a change in the spraying the last week. Though extremely heavy, and the planes are putting out quadruple lines.  Some of the spray lines look like a contrail. They seem to dissipate fairly quickly. But if you watch a half hour or so, they then start to look like feathered rain. Without the water of course. Auburn area is just thick and coming up the hill. Now they are spraying Foresthill. I wrote Senator Feintsein, Gavin Newsome, Senator Boxer again today,awaiting an answer. Still writing many environmental groups. This past week,Greenpeace,Earth Justice,Sierra Club,NDRC,Center for Biodiversity. Not one answered back. It is maddening that no environmental group will step up to the most important issue facing the planet. So angry I could spit nails. Still handing out CDs and flyers wherever I go and sharing with anyone who will listen. Never give up the fight!

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, I too have noticed the less showy trails.  Two very high altitude jets, one following the other, leaving trails that mimic the tradition contrail, but are longer and fatter.  The clouds here can not possibly get any weirder?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bane, with very few exceptions, we should see nothing behind the jets due to the high bypass turbofan jet engine technology. A tutorial is on the home page of

    • J Rizk says:

      I did the same when I lived in WA. Had a conversation with the head of the WA EPA that was good and just kept sending him pictures that he said he had to pass on up the ladder. Also tried to talk to ALL the environmental groups and NONE of them would take my calls or answer e-mails. I pulled my support from all of them I'd sent money to in the past. Recently sent photos to Environment Canada of weird spraying over N. Vancouver Island. No response. Actually did get a response from David Keith of course saying the picture I sent was just contrails. So frustrating that all these people are just willing to sell the earth down the river for a few bucks.

    • Jonathan Leitch says:

      October 27, 15:30 hrs. Toronto.  The sun is shining but it is through a creamy haze.  Not a patch of blue..will be meeting my doctor this week and I will ask to add a test for aluminum to the blood requisition.  Good luck to me, eh? Think Prime Minister-elect Trudeau can undo former P.M. Harper's compliance with the power structure?  Good luck to all of us.  Regards.

  34. penny says:

    Dane, I think this was your best broadcast yet, and that is saying a lot!  I'm glad you are more emphatically expressing your indignation.  I can't imagine that anyone listening would not be moved to start questioning things.  Bravo!

  35. Dane I would like to buy a copy of this speech. I think the CIA whistle blower is talking about the Targeted Individuals program.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ken, radio shows or video presentations from can be freely burned to DVD’s and distributed, so long as they are given away and not sold. The data on our site is for one purpose, to raise public awareness of the critical climate engineering issue.

  36. Robo Sapien says:

    We haven't had the chinook winds for nearly 3 years. They were regular like clockwork 100 mph winds no longer. Nothing just stagnant air.

  37. Robo Sapien says:

    Dane, what scares me the most when I hear you speak about the decimation of the environment which goes against all logic. They must believe that the Earth is ending no matter what they do. It is the only conclusion I come to. Why would they ground down the environment unless they KNOW that there nothing they can do about the methane release.  I dont know but it scares me because if you come at it from this perspective it all makes sense. They are scouring the Earth to stock their bunkers. They may even be able to reach homeostasis indefinitely underground by using unlimited water and geothermal energy. Could it be they already know the Earth is doomed and there is nothing anyone can do about it? It is sad because I can think of a million things, for one during winter they can increase thickness of the ice sheet by spraying thin sheets of water on it. They do the same thing in ice rinks. They could increase the icepack so it would last through hot summers. Whisson's water river, o so many things.

  38. Helene says:

    you're gaining ground as more and more MSM are covering this, and as more docs are brought to light, and as more scientists step forward whether in person or ananomously…the meteorologists and weather people here in British Columbia are clearly being told to lie as they stumble and nervously giggle through their forecasts which seem to change every few hrs…one in Vancouver seems to be really struggling with this and it seems to me she is trying to insert the truth as much as she can, particularly re "el nino", as ski mountains around the Pacific NW are hoping for snow and a good ski season this winter…keep putting the info out there for all to see!!  Across Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast there have been non-stop spraying for days and nights for the last two weeks or so…before this we had a break and actually had clear blue skies and could see the stars at night which was dark not light black as it is most of the time.  We live across from the ocean and we often have to close the shades at night to sleep, it's so light from the spraying.  Watching the weather on the news has become a joke except it isn't funny.  My nephew who is 10 has never been vaccinated yet still has asperger's on the autism spectrum even though my sister buys only organic and they take loads of herbs, vitamins, grow some of their own food, and use homeopathic meds, now I see it's from the mercury in the aerosol spraying and other pollutants where they live, they have a special house filter for fluoride and heavy metals.  Have you considered getting touch with our new PM, Justin Trudeau?  Wouldn't it be something if he is open to this. Already he's doing a lot of good for Canada including stopping our bombing in the Middle East wars.

  39. LALeveeGirl says:

    Hey Dane,
    The tools at Popular Mechanics just put up another article about Geoengineering, — still pretending it's not happening……but interestingly,  author William Herkewitz posits that of the "three alternatives" available to help dissipate hurricanes the spraying of aerosols is not an entirely attractive option…. Check it out!

  40. angela cunningham says:

    They've destroyed the earth's ability to cool itself apparently, the 2 days they didn't spray last wk the temps climbed to nearly 80 here in Indiana.  They were spraying after dark last night, made an X that passed in front of the moon.  If there's to be a change of seasons at all now, it seems it must be done artificially.  Keep up the great work Dane and thank you for all that you do.  

  41. Tevo says:

    I wish I knew what the elite were taking to block absorption of these chemicals. I have already heard about their $25,000 nano particle filtration systems that they have installed in their homes. Wish there was a support group for people who know about this spraying and are fighting depression because of it. It sucks to look up every day and know you're one of the only ones in your small city that knows what's going on.  Thanks for all you do, Dane. I wish more people would wake up, God knows I've tried but nobody wants to believe it.

  42. Janet Pickel says:

    Wow! I agree with Dane on everything! We need to stand up and be heard. If we die at least we will die with our self respect intact! I refuse to roll over and die!

  43. JACTN says:

    Totally can hear the jets over Southeast TN today.  Overcast, drizzly, cool day they can spray whatever they want over us now.  again all green on the radar but very light precipitation in reality.  Temps holding now at 60 degrees for going on 24 hours.  No wind hardly at all.  Very weird outside.

    • Chris says:

      In florida we are catching some wind and rain off of Patricia. I wanted to mention to you that they have all but stopped spraying in this area. Have they slowed down at all where you are? Just trying to figure out why everyone else across the world says they are still spraying heavy, but i no longer see the trails i used to?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Chris, the geoengineers know they are being seen, many areas are reporting more covert spraying operations.

    • Chris says:

      After putting more thought into it, i live in a low populated area. Maybe that's why?

    • Alida Herrera says:

      Same here in WNC, JACTN!

  44. Wyatt Berry says:

    I sent another message to my Represntative Chellie Pingree across the bay on North Haven, Maine.  None of these politicians will even touch this subject.

    Attention Chellie Pingree,
    I understand that you have good intentions as our voice in the United States House of Representatives, for Mainers and for American citizens alike.
    But you need to do more.
    I have related to you my accounts on at least several dozens of occasions.  So far Susan Collins is my only Maine representative to acknowledge my concerns about the ongoing atmospheric spraying in writing; regardless of the fact that it only consisted of a flat templated denial, it DOES still constitute as a form of "official" recognition.
    This past weekend California got absolutely annihilated with stratospheric aerosol injections.  Look up images on NASA EOSDIS worldview and see for yourself the hundreds of aerosol trails clouding the ENTIRE state.  This is unprecedented and I have read from dozens of residents who have related their accounts on what is left of the free internet.  All of you politicians ignore these requests to investigate.  It is sickening.  I give you, Chellie, the benefit of the doubt because many of my personal friends and associates know you and say that you are a good person, but I assure you that this aerosol spraying program is intensifying and accelerating at an astounding rate and you must do something in your power to act against it.  I invite you to review the weather sounding data from the University of Wyoming, they have a website that gathers and catalogs all of the upper atmosphere weather soundings taken daily.  Look up the conditions between October 24 and 25 from the San Diego station and notice that the relative humidity at all flight levels does not exceed 70% minimum require for ANY persistent contrails, yet the entire California coastline was littered with them.  We know that this is a federal program, that it is untouchable for you politicians, and that your inaction will cost you and your legacy in the long run.  I believe in peaceful, nonviolent resolutions to our ongoing problems and I hope that you will be willing to participate in being part of the solution.
    I demand that you acknowledge the existence of these programs, I have no doubt that you and your staffers are well aware of this ongoing criminal and compartmentalized operation.  The time for denial is far past.  Please work with me to expose these ongoing crimes.  This is not paranoid nonsense or a "conspiracy theory".  Please listen to reason.  We are almost out of time.  You are in a position to help.  Please don't let us down, Chellie.

    • Marc says:

      Spectacular letter, Wyatt Berry!!!! Many bravos on this one. Great!!!

    • Gary says:

      Hey Chris from Florida,   I don't know where you live in Florida but I live on the East coast 2 hours north of Miami.  I haven't seen a slow down here ever.  Every now and then we may have a day that appears spray free and maybe a couple in a row but that is few and far between.  It basically never stops.  That is also my observation on the whole East coast as I travel also to Pennsylvania.

  45. Cheryl Webbe says:

    I see great articles on this site (have been following about 2 years) and enjoy the comments just as much! Sadly, the spraying is far out pacing the results of the heroic work by Dane and others. I've noticed a significant increase in Southern California and the physical injury from it. I'm planning to have business cards printed with this site listed as the source of information to make it easier to awaken those who are interested. My 10 year old grandson is more aware and informed about this issue than 99% of the adults I know! He has done several short videos posted on youtube under the title 'Kids Against Chemtrails'. (Kids are not going to be attracted by 'Solar Radiation Management', etc.,)

    I have seen some excellent ideas here, especially lately, and I want to make a suggestion. Why not do as Martin Luther King and others did, and study/follow the example of Ghandi. He and his followers accomplished the seemingly impossible: got the British out of India! The people of India were impoverished but, they were not being sprayed with poison like cock roaches. We have it far worse. I realize the critical mass doesn't know that but, a Ghandi style boycott and protest marches could change that due to the attention it would get. (BTW- Ben Swann's 'Truth In Media" is attempting to raise funds for a news site dedicated solely to Activisim around the world).  Who can step up to the plate and lead that type of movement???



    • penny says:

      Yes, Cheryl!  You are the one you are waiting for, and your obvious brilliance qualifies you to get this thing going.  If you hate being a leader, so much the better, because that is the best kind of person to be trusted with leadership!  If this were a general 'We want our planet back and clean" movement, it could pull in tons of support.
      I'm not in the US or I would help you there, but I will take on the UK end of things (with anyone here who wants to join in) if you will take the US.  What do we need to do?  Start a website first, for discussion.  Anyone out there who can do that?  Create a list of groups to contact, to get them on board?  Maybe you have a good voice, and could start a radio program (Breath of Change or Mad as Hell, something like that).  We need to share information, direct people to this site, and push the idea of an imminent general strike.  I can think of some people who would certainly help out (the ENEnews community springs to mind). 
      I have seen many other great ideas here, but this one will not exclude any of those, and it's something virtually everyone can get involved in.
      The one thing I think we should leave open is the date, because if it were announced too soon there would be bad weather.  🙂
      In the wee hours of tomorrow morning I will wake and think, 'Holy crap, what was I thinking?"  But that's okay.  Courage isn't the absence of fear, it's being afraid but acting in spite of it.

    • Sherry says:

      We were sprayed like crazy on Saturday in Carlsbad, started in the am and didn't stop until the sky was covered. I think they take a 2-3 day break to re-fill the planes. It's sad because I even hate to go out to do garden work as it seems hopeless as everything is starting to die off. Couldn't they use this power to make the world a better place?

  46. russ elder says:

    Dane-I look forward to your reports(they give me hope and strength)Dont  know what we would do without you.God Bless and keep fighting the good fight!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. JW in Victoria says:

    Who will stand and make their voice heard? All who respond to the call of the heart. Knowing right action is it's own reward. This is to me above all a spiritual fight. Regardless of whether you are an atheist or into religion you know the difference between right and wrong. If my life is to have meaning I must work for the greater good. Secrets whither in the light of truth. Giving up is not an option. Thank you Dane, and all of you fighting the good fight!

  48. chris says:

    Since the entire destruction on this planet has common roots, groups, goals and that includes 9/11, which was the start of this human assault, one would need to expose that lie first. It is so obvious that the simple known physics facts speak for the clear process how Bush administration performed that attack. Further, the fact that we are running out of clean water 'leaving' all lands, due to impossibility of proper condensation in air and forming rain, is additional indicator to shut down the entire life for the affected. Without stopping the criminals and cleaning the air, not much progress can be done. Desalination of sea water seems like the only solution in the meantime for reasonable amount of enough drinkable water.  Facts about real meaning and purpose of HAARP and GWEN technologies should be publicized and laws introduced reinforcing and prohibiting any negative impact. There should be enough place and resources for everyone on our sick->healthy planet, as long people will stand up for it.  

    • Edward Palys says:

      Chris, unfortunately it is the same evil people doing the spraying who did 9/11. Bush was quite aware about 9/11 happening and followed the orders to attack Iraq as a start. Obama is also very aware of this situation and is getting very sloppy in promoting his climate change agenda, just like his agenda for gun control. Is there anything we can do? That's a hard question as the more is exposed, the more intense is the evil spraying and utter silence from people in government. I be anything that all of Washington has a gag order on all these details, just like that gag order given to the weather reporters prior to Patricia hitting Mexico. By now, there must be thousands of planes spraying daily all over the planet.

  49. Roger Mitchell says:

    Hello Mr. Wigington,
    First of all, my wife and I would like to THANK YOU for all your diligence and determined activism in raising environmental awareness. You are making a huge difference.
    I am one of your YouTube subscribers and I would like to ask a question, if ya don't mind. I think I may have a ground water contamination problem. My family is located in Muskogee, OK. We're "Okies". And we are plagued with over-fracking of the Woodford Shale deposits. Numerous wells all around. And it has come to my attention that an abnormal amount of locals have or know someone with Crohn's disease, thyroidal problems, prostate and various cancers. I've lost two close relatives to cancer and my wife had hypothyroidism. Now I'm starting to have some medical issues myself. My question is, what is the best way to test my drinking water and who sells it?
    Thanx Again,

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Roger, there are certified labs all over and many can send you a test kit in the mail. Something to consider, many of the major labs have recently raised their minimum detection levels by astronomical amounts. This means that many tests don’t show any contamination unless there is an extremely high level and even then how can we now know if the tests are valid at all at this point. This being said, perhaps you can find a local certified lab and hand deliver a sample, don’t tell them why you are testing. There are huge interests in play and they are covering their tracks any way they can.

    • Marj Darling says:

      I believe fracking is just one of the numerous ways the mega wealthy parasites are genociding 7 billion people.  They make money no matter what they do.  In the case of fracking, they make money on health organizations, pharmaceuticals, clean water brought in, etc.  We have to stop them before we're all too sick.


    • 57 Les Paul Custom says:

      "…many of the major labs have recently raised their minimum detection levels by astronomical amounts."
      As someone involved in the sciences, I have one question.  How can these people be so evil???  Is there any place on this earth that has escaped corruption?  The ultra-rapid degradation of our culture is mind boggling.  I wish I lived in my father's generation that had great music and entertainment, along with integrity.  My father was the best man I've ever known.

  50. Jsunn says:

    Dane “your voice makes a difference inspiring millions to change the world”!Your tireless effort is a beacon of light in a increasingly dark world!

  51. Mike says:

    What the hell do we need to do, picket every air force base non-stop until the media reports. Those in control don't care about us or what we do. We are powerless against them and they know it. They are too insane with their money hungry greed and blindness about even their own destruction!

    • Reverend Galileo says:

      True however "the elite of the elite" have ways to protect themselves against this shit.

    • BaneB says:

      Reminds me of the sum total of human history.  In particular, of my era in consciousness, the Nazi suicidal capture of Germany.  They were determined to control the world, or die trying.  The beautiful German cities were decimated.  The population, of which far too many became deluded by propaganda of the most wicked kind, lost millions of men, women, and children.  Is America the Babylon repeating history?  Our leadership, such as it is, will do everything and probably anything to keep its global hedgemony.  The Empire does not realize and will not the gears of history have wrenched forward, a giant clock heralding the realistic assessment that time has passed us by.  Hopefully sane statesmen will prevail and the Neocon psychopaths will be forced out.  

  52. Tom O says:

    I started looking up on October 21 and 22 and I was overwhelmed with the jets creating the lines and the poofs and then the fake clouds- for miles and miles.  It was clear on October 23- and more all weekend and today.  High up trails and lower ones.  Not condensation.  I did take pictures and people I show are amazed this is going on right under our noses.  I am in Wallingford, Pa. 19086 but the spraying is miles north and east and south. Less in the west.  Today is clear blue until the start of the pure white- then grey created clouds.  Just wanted to let you know.  I feel helpless but know there is a lot going on that is following the bible prophesies either intentionally by the evil ones or it is happening by design.  Thank God I have more faith in Jesus and less fear of man and what happens in this life.  Not happy for my grandkids and whatever world they will face.  Let me know how I can help.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Tom, thanks for your willingness to help sound the alarm on the climate engineering insantity. On the home page of there is an “activist suggestions” link and a “flaming arrow” link (on the upper left of the page). Lets all keep marching in this fight.

  53. John Gavigan says:

    no message…just keep up the good fight…much appreciated

    • beretta says:

      I was on "The Economic collapse" website this morning where the author had written an article about the recent flooding in the last 30 days. There was a blog at the end of the story where a person asked what were in the contrails and how they were being turned on and then off. I told them to go to and they would get their answers. Another person after me gave this very same website. Looks like the word is getting out.

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