Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 31, 2020, #273


Dane Wigington

While all eyes are focused on the coming election, the covert climate engineering onslaught continues to take its toll. The New York Times has just published a new and extensive report on planetary geoengineering. Though the article has not actually admitted geoengineering programs are already ongoing, that reality is becoming all but impossible to hide. A Cornell University scientist, Dr. Douglass MacMartin, was prominently covered in the New York Times article on climate engineering. MacMartin made the following statement in the report, “we know with 100% certainty that we can cool the planet”. But do Dr. MacMartin’s “facts” hold up under scrutiny? WBAI radio, on the East Coast, hosted a live on-air debate between Dr. MacMartin and Geoengineering Watch, audio excerpts from the debate are included in this broadcast. Dire news on unfolding mass methane expulsion is coming in from the Arctic, a scenario which climate engineering is making worse overall, not better. What are the ramifications? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Now more than ever, exposing and halting climate engineering is the great imperative. All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

In the live on-air debate below, Dr. Douglass MacMartin did his best to deny the ongoing climate engineering reality. But did MacMartin's stated conclusions hold up to factual scrutiny? Listeners can decide.

With the help of very dedicated activists in the field 20 page full color informational booklets have been mailed to nearly 1500 individual officials and agencies along the entire US West Coast.

For those that have not yet seen our recent post on “The Dimming”, it is a groundbreaking documentary that is currently in production. This documentary film will provide answers and proof of the ongoing climate engineering / weather warfare operations. Below is a 4+ minute trailer on the upcoming film.

23 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, October 31, 2020, #273

  1. Raymond says:

    Living in a town with 98% climate change denying, Trumpinopolis mindfreak morons, who worship the fossil fuel energy vampires… is without a doubt  WAY BEYOND MY WORST NIGHTMARE!

    I am certainly no fan of the lesser evil puppet Bidon either, since politics is the equivalent to fingernails screeching on a chalkboard with me.

    But if the sheeple and brain dead masses continue to embrace division, while pounding each other's thick skulls in with blue and red protest signs. The power and control addicted elitist Empire monsters, can just sit back and watch society go into full meltdown. In spite of the Plandemic and Geoengineering.

    I truly wonder if the new aerosol particulate formula being sprayed from coast to coast, isn't purposely designed to make people stupid and enraged with bitterness. Acting like a highly addictive drug that creates a road rage side effect as they go into withdrawal, from not having any more toxin free clean air to breathe.

    The madness that surrounds all of us awakened few, continues to grow exponentially like a malignant cancer on steroids. Feeding on the brutality and suffering from people at both ends of the Nation's insane asylum spectrum. The police state is now programmed to shoot first and ask questions later. Pepper spray folks who try to express their right to free speech. Crack open the skulls of our elderly, who try to peacefully stand between riot police and freedom marching youths.

    Everyone's rights and liberties are being crushed as the meltdown simply fuels the fires of Fascism and strife of division. The United States of America more closely resembles Germany. Prior to Hitler becoming a genocidal dictator and ushering in the Empire of the Third Reich. Are we destined to see history repeat itself, when Trump returns in 2024 with a vengeance for wanting to rule the entire world?

    Geoengineering has become the new definition of insanity and the asylum will place every living thing on Earth in a straight-jacket. Once it has groomed the perfect warden for hypnotizing all of humanity… into believing that our fate is not in jeopardy, from climate collapse, global warming and suicidal leaders… who treat our complete web of life, as a greenhouse gas and fossil fuel lab experiment. 

    In the words of Greta Thunberg:  "Chill, Donald, chill."

    AND these words of wisdom, for all of us here at Geoengineering Watch to live by:

       "A small body of  determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission… can alter the course of history."    Mahatma Gandhi

  2. Em Schneider says:

    Here in Florida the skies were beautiful and blue for weeks, I thought that maybe things were changing… Were.

    Chemtrails all over the place today and for the past few days and now a storm is "a brewing". When I saw the trails last week I called it out and said, I bet they want to keep that storm active and try to make it head right for the U.S. Is that possible or am I truly insane?

     So exhausted over all this crap. I just want to Thrive and live a life of joy alongside my fellow humans…

  3. JOE CARTER says:


    ON NOVEMBER 4,2020 as an example the SKY WAS CLEAR AND BLUE and CLOUD FREE in the A.M.



    ON GIANT HOLE IN THEIR LIE…..ZERO wind to produce such DUST CLOUD.



    • Dale K says:

      Take a look at the track forecast for Tropical Storm Eta. Does that S-shaped curving motion around Cuba and toward the Florida Keys and the Gulf of Mexico look like a manipulated weather pattern to you? It certainly doesn't look normal to me, especially this late in the hurricane season.

      NRL Tropical Cyclone Page

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes, they've got that tropical storm bouncing around the gulf and carribbean waters like a pinball, don't they?.. beats all I have ever seen! Completely unnatural. Here in north Georgia it is the strangest November yet. A week or two ago they did a little artifical ice nucleiation to cool things down a bit from the abnormally warm temps seen in October, which of course brought temps down quite a bit BELOW normal for a few days & nights. Now for the first week of November we're feeling some strange hot humidity (which I assume is from the methane releases occurring globally) in the air, followed by odd coolness coming in on the breezes followed by more feeling of an overheated humidity, back and forth. Of course all of this accompanied by unusual strong winds from various directions- since tropical storm zeta blew through last week with gale force winds both BEFORE and AFTER the storm! Wow- super strange weather patterns for this time of year in this part of the country. Also we are now seeing armadillos being hit by cars on the roadsides. I've lived 60 yrs. within 70 or so miles from where I now reside(for the past 30 of them) and NEVER an armadillo seen this far north before. Formerly these creatures were not seen much farther above the Florida /Georgia state line. Crazy!

  4. Diana says:

    The methane is blowing out indeed. It's 11 at night in Southern California at 2500 feet; the temperature just went from 67° to 68°.  It's November 4th guys. Tomorrow's forecast is 89 degrees here and 95° down in Temecula. That is absolutely absurd. The spray-a-thons have not been cooling things down anymore, unless of course, it's becoming so hot that it's actually doing it's nasty job.  Covid is nothing here but people have all sotrs of breathing problems, etc.. Forecast is we're going to have miniscule amounts of rain this weekend and a cooling for 2 weeks. Living off-grid is extraordinary frustrating with so many particulates!!!

  5. Terry says:

    Global Alert News Watches numbers 272 and 273 have been bonafide classics, chock-full of critical information; thanks again Dane.  

    As predicted in the Global Alert News Watch from a couple weeks back, a highly toxic chemically nucleated cool-down hit here in the Cincinnati metropolitan area and Ohio River Valley. We had many consecutive days of absolutely no sun, a heavy London-esque fog, and frigid temperatures, which blasted a good majority of the leaves from the trees. If it weren't for the nucleated cool-downs, the dark green or wilted leaves would remain on the trees (there is barely any foliage anymore due to a lack of photosynthesis) and perhaps the blind masses might take notice. It appears as if we've had an autumn (many of the leaves have fallen), thought of course we have not. Today, with spraying reduced some comparatively to past weeks, the temperatures reached the low to mid 70s, with a rare blue sky. Tomorrow sounds as if it will be another canopy, per the NOAA script. 

    Also as predicted in the weekly broadcasts, I am not at all surprised by the presidential election results — it's nothing more than orchestrated theatre, created to divide and distract the masses, and boy does it ever do that. The majority of folks aren't paying attention to what's really going on, as they're taking the bait for them to bicker and be brainwashed. It's comforting to know that some of us are awake, like everyone on this site. 

    Ignore the political theatre and focus on what matters. Love and strength to all. 

    • Brent K Papon says:

      Yeah, the piddly weird two weeks of exfoliant rains have stripped the trees of their leaves. No fall colors, just sickly barren trees. Sadly, my neighbors don't look much better. 

      If THEY don't stop the geoengineering within this next few months, everything and everyone will die.

      Akron, OH


    • Aaron says:

      Terri, Iam glad to see people start to wake up in Southwest Ohio. Record cool downs to Record Heat this weekend. Standing here on 11/05 watching them Spray Warren County to the point that the sky is just lines and haze. So many in denial. I have talked with Randi Rico with Channel 5 in Cincinnati several times about all this and she says just Contrails and Natural Weather. Thanks for your post and thanks to Dane for trying to spread the Truth to try and save a little of this once Incredible Planet!

  6. Gary Morrow says:

    As I write this, it appears that the elites have gotten exactly what they wanted in the presidential election. A close and bitterly contested result that will ensure that most Americans remain divided, distracted, fearful and confused in the weeks and months to come.

  7. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: This opinion piece sums up the last four years – and was written anonymously on the Hal Turner website.

    OPINION: Election Day — The Farce is Over . . . and begins anew . . .
    … The whole "Q" and "Q-Anon" thing turned out to be a total fraud.  "Trust the plan?" There was no plan.  The whole thing was a scam.  Drop vague crumbs to slow-walk the public into thinking something big was coming, and nothing big ever materialized. No big arrests. No big shake-ups.   

    The 100,000 Sealed Indictments?  Another scam.  Oh, sure, there may be sealed Indictments, but they don't matter a hill-of-beans because they weren't acted upon.

    The whole child-sex pervert rings take-down?  Claims of thousands of children "rescued."  Lies.  All of it.   There were no kids in tunnels deep under New York City — or anywhere else — from which thousands of children were rescued and put aboard the Navy Hospital ship then-docked in NYC.  The pervs are still out there doing kids.
    Speaking of which, Epstein . . . the child sex provider to the rich and powerful . . . flat-out murdered inside a federal prison . . . . and we're supposed to actually believe the internal cameras at MCC in Manhattan "didn't work."  Lies.  Cover-up.
    Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein's right hand child sex pimp, locked away where she can do no harm to anyone powerful, and absolutely nothing taking place from all the info she has about child sex predators in Hollywood, politics, and law enforcement.   I wonder how long until she "kills herself in prison?"

    After the totally phony "Russia Collusion" hoax, we were told that a real go-getter was finally on the case: Durham.  He was going to uncover the misuse of Constituted Authority which attempted to overthrow a duly elected President.  Durham turned out to be as useless as t___ on a bull.   A distraction prop of a US Attorney who accomplished nothing.
    The exact same type of useless piece of ____  as US Attorney Huber from Utah.  He was appointed by Jeff Sessions to investigate the Russia Collusion hoax.  The fat-a____ ignorant f___ did just about nothing. Completely ineffective.

    Oh, and let's not forget their boss, Attorney General William Barr.  Useless.  Did NOTHING to hold accountable anyone of consequence.  

    Naturally, there's FBI Director Chris Wray. That snake seems to think his role is to obstruct anyone and everyone seeking answers.  His agency is still, to this very day, obstructing inquiries into the Seth Rich murder, Benghazi and a host of other real crimes.   They sure as hell went after General Michael Flynn, though.
    When it came out the whole Flynn case was a set up, a useless House ____ federal Judge, Emmett Sullivan, threw the rules out the window and kept the case alive despite a Justice Department decision to dismiss.  Judge Sullivan is nothing more than a  house ____ on the Democrat Party Plantation.  And we're supposed to respect people like him?  No thanks.  
    Let's not forget the wars in Afghanistan, Syria and God only knows where else. Trump said he'd get us out of those places.  We're still there.
    Yes, President Trump ORDERED the Pentagon to withdraw the troops.  They didn't.  And no one is fired. No one is relieved of duty, no one is Charged, no one is in jail.
    Oh, and about Afghanistan, former CIA Director Leon Panetta knew that Osama Bin Laden was NOT in Afghanistan, because his agency helped move Bin Laden to Pakistan!  The ENTIRE 17, 18, 19 year "war" with all the injuries, deaths, and destruction, was a complete, total fraud.  Bin Laden . . .  who we were "looking for" wasn't even in that country.  Our CIA knew, but the war went ahead anyway.  It continues to this very minute!
    How many tens of thousands of Afghanis are dead because of it?  How many US military are dead? Wounded? Maimed?  All for nothing.  Literally nothing.
    No one is in jail over that, either.
    Syria?  Oh, that's a real gem.   They refused permission for a gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe.  So our State Department and DoD developed a plan to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad.  Buildings bombed. Tens of thousands of people killed. Hundreds of thousands displaced by years of war.  For what?  For nothing.  It was all a complete fraud.
    Who got held responsible? No one.  
    Because we've been STEALING $30 – $50 MILLION A MONTH in Syrian Oil since this operation began.  That cash is lining the pockets of the people controlling the troops.   Outright, ongoing, theft and murder on an unparalleled scale, and not one person held to account.  And while you've been reading this, it is STILL going on.

    So here we are, four entire years later, and absolutely nothing has changed.   Pardon me if I'm sick of it all.  

    What a shame.  What a waste of time.
    But fret not, America.  The same people who brought us all these farcical wastes of time . . . are set to begin anew after the election is decided.   
    Four more years of lies, murder, bull____,  and no accountability no matter who gets elected.



    • Sarah says:

      You are so completely accurate and spot on in your reply. So few can see the atronomical scale of evil controlling the world. 

    • francis m reps says:

      V. Susan Ferguson is absolutely correct in all her statements.  Any  novelist who proposed the " Story line " of this current Presidential Election to a reputable Publisher as it is "actually" unfolding before our very eyes ; would  immediately be tossed out of the Publisher's Office for proposing such an unbelievable concoction of nonsense.    Readers must contribute to Dane….to help him continue his work……..and ; as well ; should read a short book titled  " Facts are Facts" by one  of the "few" people who had identified the source of our difficulties .   This true Patriot was  named ;  Benjamin Freedman .

  8. Sandy Patrus says:

    Great report Dane.  I live in New Mexico and had no idea that they were going to start spot testing people in restaurants here using the military.  That is going to turn people away, is that their goal?  The restaurants are struggling here to begin with.  It seems they really do want to permanently close businesses here.  Our Governor goes right along with these mandates with no regard to what she is doing to her state, and all the Democrats here think she is great… and I bet she is getting a pretty penny for this!  I heard they wanted contact information off of people who are eating at the restaurants and if they refused they couldn't eat there!  Now it takes this to a whole new level with this spot testing.  Where are our rights?  How can they get away with doing this?  Why are the people not questioning these absurd Covid numbers.  They are sky high here and if these lock downs and mask mandates are working, then why are our numbers so high?  It is time to end these mandates now before people have brain damage from wearing these masks!   It is not working so it is time to let our immune systems do their jobs.  But, is it even about Covid, or is it more about controlling us, and closing down small businesses, and keeping us from having any pleasure at all in life?  This is sheer hell we are living in and it is never going back to the way it was, and we better get ready for that Great Reset!    Enough is enough and I am so done with this!  How much longer are they going to carry out this lie before the people have had enough?  Why are they still doing the inaccurate nose swab test when they can do a blood test?  My daughter has to have hernia surgery and needed a Covid test first because her surgeon is 8 months pregnant.  Somehow the date she was scheduled to do the test got screwed up so they did a blood test instead the next day.  So why are they forcing you to get that painful swab test?  Is there something more nefarious going on with this test?  I know one thing for sure, I am never getting this test…no way, no how!   Thanks for hearing me out, I have been so depressed over all of this!  Is is good to have a place to go to and share information or even vent!  You are all great people who are genuinely concerned about this planet!  Peace and love to all!

    • Earth Angel says:

      Hello Sandy, How I hate to hear about such lockdowns in NM. I also have a friend in the northern Illinois suburbs who speaks of similar conditions but fortunately here in the southeast- we rebels and rednecks are still asserting our rights to freedom and many are ditching the masks! People have just decided they are done with the farce and are stopping participating in it. Sure there are still many wearing the masks who are working in the places forcing them to wear them but increasingly we see customers in restaurants and stores refusing to wear masks. Fortunately our governor happens to be a freedom and constitutionally minded individual- Thank you Brian Kemp!- so we aren't having police state and military order followers sent to lock down everything. Hooray for the south!.. I don't care what people say.. I hope MORE of these united States begin to assert their authority and defy these criminal and unlawful federal mandates. Its up to us all to take control of our lives, no matter who is in the white house. It is truly pathetic that we have let people who should be absolutely INCONSEQUENTIAL in our lives ruin them. Everybody, including all you bought and sold order followers in the police state and military- TAKE BACK YOUR POWER!.. YOU are US!! We need you to honor the oaths you swore to protect and serve the PEOPLE and our RIGHT to FREEDOM from OPPRESSIVE governments, both foreign and DOMESTIC!! Wake up and do your job by standing DOWN in the face of TYRANNY!

  9. jonathan oquinn says:

    Much, so much!! work to do… I had a conversation Friday with a retired LEO about the state of things… he was not even aware 9/11 was an inside job… so I gave him one of the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth DVDs to begin breaking his programming… I can only hope it works and that cognitive dissonance doesn't prevent his Awakening. 

    I also left him with GW information of course. 

    Just an example of WHY we have so much work to do to awaken the sleeping masses.

    Look the storm in the eye,


  10. Jim S says:

    Lies,lies and more lies!

    There is absolutely no logical reason that we should believe "Government" and especially when their movements are featured within a mainstream media outlet. This has been the case in every war we have been involved in since this Country's inception. How can folks participate in the so called "Elections" when the reflection of the entire system is so outwardly evil? And, we are in the war of our lives now!

    The answer lay within the constant propaganda, gas lighting and programming delivered daily by the television. Television was long revered as "The Perfect Tool to Shape the Psyche". Preceded by press and radio in like fashion though of varying degrees.

    As I have stated here before, all of the politicians, Left or Right, work for the "Corporation" The "Corporation" does it's own Hiring and Firing. When they get your irrelevant vote/endorsement, the deception is carried out. Then they go on to do what the "Agenda" calls for. That, leads to Death and Destruction as is their Track Record. This for over 2 centuries. Look at how we have digressed according to a "Moral Compass". The entire system is corrupt and broken, PERIOD! There is no solution to such a Dilemma except that which is stated in our own Declaration of Independence. You need not recall or read too far into that to get the jest of it. Any other efforts are practices of futility and literally define insanity. Yes, We keep doing the same over and over again yet expect a different outcome. All who participate in such insanity are active participants and indeed Endorsers of such Evil.


  11. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, thank you for once again ruining my Saturday afternoon. I can't thank you enough for putting out the whole truths. GAN #273, wow, very, very cool. I've been with you since before GAN began. Trees, that's our and many others common ground. Have you thought of doing a live on location broadcast of GAN, #300? The settings are available all over your region. I'd be more than willing to travel the long distance in order to participate. "How much impact could a 'protest' , 'podcast' way out in the woods have?" The numbers of folks don't need to be large, "they need to be genuine".

    "Polymer fibers". How ironic that Dane with the help of Douglas MacMartin bring up the polymer fibers that are raining down on us more often that one would care to admit. Yesterday and today we have had very abnormal aerosol dispersions, very still air. Now I've got 20 foot long strands hanging from my ponderosa trees. And even more have collected at ground level. Spiders could only wish they had such an extensive strand of fiber. The late afternoon sun has accentuated the fibers in the sun light. Funny how we all have enough plastic in us to make up a credit card. Never cared for them myself and now I'm breathing them. That's not right! I've witnessed polymer clusters during spring thaw. They occurred in little places where the snow melt water would pool and swirl. Always with a white hue and obviously very fibrous in formation. It's not fun connecting all these dots we are facing, "but", it is soooooo necessary. And for all you religious folks or not religious folks out there. Being a good teacher in these hard times is crucial to our own sanity. Those of us "in the know". Those of us in the know must "take it to the street". I've already put my "self" through all of the consequences that would be cast upon me for doing what I know to be right. It is good for those true of mind and heart to walk forward with confidence and conviction. Focus on what matters.

    I could, we all could, write so much more. Take it to the street. Ultimately that is what has always mattered. Folks showing up for something they believe in.

    Love and strength my friends,   'a' simple horseman

  12. Jonathan Oquinn says:

    One week and a half ago I took my German Shepherd to Goose Creek State Park in eastern North Carolina. We were walking along the shore of the Pamlico River, and I started to notice clumps of very dry, very sticky White fibers. I have been an amateur naturalist for decades. These are not spider webs, and they are not downy feathers from birds. One of those clumps was approximately an inch to inch and a half in diameter. They were stuck all through the grasses growing on the shore of this River. Apparently they have been blown in from the wind. I find these frequently at my home in Greenville North Carolina. Dane is telling you the truth!

    Years ago, before I head of this website, I had some samples of these fibers sent to an independent molecular biology laboratory in New England for testing. The sample size is rather small and limited a complete analysis. But the one word that I was told in the results was… nylon.

  13. Jeff Baker says:

    Thank you Dane for your hard work at producing these weekly shows about the dangers of Geoengineering.

  14. Jonathan Oquinn says:

    And it just came out that our beloved puppet in Chief has signed an executive order to protect fracking!

  15. Gary Morrow says:

    THEY have meddled with the primordial forces of Nature and there is going to be hell to pay for THEM as well as the rest of us.

  16. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  As most of you know, Glenn Greenwald is a highly respected journalist. According to Wiki: Beginning in June 2013, while at The Guardian, he published a series of reports detailing previously unknown information about American and British global surveillance programs based on classified documents provided by Edward Snowden. … Greenwald won both a George Polk Award and a Pulitzer Prize for the reporting.
    While Greenwald is known to be influential in the left-wing, he recently left The Intercept, an organization which he was one of the co-founding editors — because he was censored by his own partners.

    In an interview that defies the polarities of conservative and liberal, Glenn Greenwald reveals his insights into the dangers posed by the CIA and other agencies who are controlling the mainstream media. We can be certain these agencies are controlling the cover-up regarding geoengineering.
    I have loosely transcribed his words from that interview — beginning @4:00. This information affects us all regardless of out political leanings.
    As Alex Carey wrote in his 1997 book “Taking the Risk out of Democracy: Corporate Propaganda versus Freedom and Liberty” — we Americans might be the most brain washed country on the planet! One professor in Carey's book, Professor Harwood Childs, states, "Americans are the most propagandized people of any nation." And … “Propaganda has become a profession. The modern world is busy developing a corps of men who do nothing but study the ways and means of changing minds or binding minds to their convictions."  

    Glenn Greenwald: The real story on the last four years…
    For a long time there was a healthy skepticism on the CIA …
    The CIA from the very first days of the Trump administration devoted themselves the sabotaging the administration — because Donald Trump questioned just a few of the “pieties” and that can’t be done in Washington DC. Whoever does that must be destroyed.
    And so the CIA and the Deep State operative became heroes of the Liberal Left, the people who support the Democratic Party. They are now in a full ‘union’ with the Neo-Cons, the Bush/Chenney operatives, the CIA Silicon Valley and Wall Street. That is the union of power along with the mainstream-media outlets that are fully behind the Democratic Party. Which is likely to take over — a very alarming proposition because they are authoritarian, they believe in censorship, and they believe in suppression of information that exposes them in any kind of a critical light.
    A USA government agency is disseminating propaganda within the United States. The tools of the NSA have been turned on the American people.
    The CIA are trained disinformation agents. They lie for a living! But they are supposed to do that in other countries. The law said this was never supposed to be turned domestically.
    Turn on any of the mainstream media networks or any of the biggest newspapers and all you will see are X-members of the CIA, the DOJ, the FBI, the NSA telling Americans what they ought to believe. They have infiltrated the means of communication. They do it through leaks, through clandestine operations, and lies. They propagandize the American people in a way that is incredibly dangerous — no matter what your ideology is.


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