Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 2, 2023, #421


Dane Wigington

Breaking The Climate: Fires, Floods, Heat And Hail.
While Florida is flooding, Canada is incinerating with over 62,000 square miles burned so far. Super typhoon "Saola" has made landfall in Hong Kong while firestorms rage in Greece. Labor Day record heat will extend the baking of the central and southern US, "aquifers are running dry, posing a major threat to drinking water supply". Weather and temperature whiplash hits the West as moisture is allowed into the region. Cloud seeding with endothermic reacting elements will enhance the temporary toxic surface cool-down. Norway is stock-piling grains to prepare for coming shortages, North Korea is attempting to keep their electric grids functioning with solar power even as climate engineering operations blot out the sun. Global chaos is accelerating in lockstep with unfolding biosphere collapse, how long till impact? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

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35 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 2, 2023, #421

  1. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Same old mental conditioning by meteorologists. (pacifying the masses till the bitter end)

    This is now the fifth year in a row that the weather forecasters play their little games of deception. It always happens in September, October and November and I seem to be the only one who is wise to their annoying tactics.

    The forecast on Tuesday called for a cold front to pass through on Wednesday of next week. With temperatures dropping from around one-hundred degrees, down to only seventy-six degrees and then staying in the low eighties for at least six days in a row. But I know their full of crocodile dung. And tonight's forecast is slowly proving me right. (as always – never fails)

    I knew it was all bogus, because it is what they typically call a back-door cold front. If it comes in from the north, northwest or west. Then it is a genuine (arctic driven jet stream) cooler temperature front that drops us into the upper seventies or low eighties. And stays much cooler for days on end.

    But this very weak cold front is approaching from the northeast and the winds only come out of that direction, for maybe 24 hours, if we are lucky. We usually drop into the upper eighties to low nineties, for just one day and then jump right back up to the mid to upper nineties after that.

    Originally it said 70s and low 80s, but tonight it says low to mid 80s and back up to mid to upper eighties for six days. Closer to what I expect, but not quite there yet. So, I will bet a million dollars that by Saturday the forecast will show us dropping only to around 88 – 92 and back into the low to mid 90s after that.

    And because it is only a very weak back-door front, we are likely to go right back to breaking high temperature records, flirting with the 100 degree mark all over again. It happened exactly as I just described last year and we finally broke out of the upper 90s, about one week after Halloween. But this year I expect it to be about ninety-two degrees on Thanksgiving day. Last year it was Ninety!

    And on Christmas day it was eighty-eight degrees, with unbearable humidity. We don't see winter weather any more until February and then it starts heating up rapidly again, by the end of March. We saw three days over one-hundred degrees in April this year. Prior to 2019 that only happened twice in history of Texas record keeping.

    Now it's the Norm. Heat Dome heaven for those who have a sense of adventure and enjoy flirting with the dangers of heat stroke.You know, like maybe marathon runners from Zimbabwe, or those who are tired of touring Death Valley on their vacation.

    I know why the meteorologists do this every year now. It brings about a false sense of relief and comforts any anxiety that the sheeple may be feeling. And when it heats back up again with more record highs, they just chalk it up to Nature Being Nature. Nothing irks me more than seeing my friend take a bad wrap for climate engineering.

  2. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    The National Hurricane Center continues to claim that it has been an extremely active season, yet there has only been one storm to hit the the U.S. coast. Now, is it just me, or is every single "major" storm turning northward and becoming monstrously dangerous in size, while flirting with hitting the upper-most northeastern states? Could that be because the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) has switched off and even climate engineering cannot coax them to go where they want them to? So instead, they are tracking them and trying to nudge them into becoming another "Storm of the Century", like Sandy was in 2012? Can't get them to strike gulf coast states, so they are settling for the cookie crumbs instead. But still trying to bake a huge cake in the form of a history making Bomb Cyclone, before the hurricane season ends. A non-existent Atlantic Current Flow could also be why it is so easy for them to build heat domes and hold them in place, for such a long time. Just like this one over Texas that's been cooking us for nearly five months straight. Geoengineering is the culprit for killing the AMOC to begin with and now the whole world will suffer more severe weather outbreaks. But to them, it is still considered "Mission Accomplished". Because the fresh water flowing from glacier melt into the Atlantic and becoming stagnant, will allow the Controllers to create even more intense heat domes worldwide. Including the ice pack that makes up the arctic circle. Good bye polar ice, it was nice knowing you while it lasted.

    That's exactly why the Polar Bears, Snow Crabs and King Crabs will go extinct in the next few years. Which will then impact hundreds of other species and exterminate them as well. It's not really a Sixth Great Mass Extinction event. But rather, Humankind's First Great Extermination event.

  3. Wikoli says:

    Sheriff Slams Burning Man Attendees Who Abandoned Cars and Left Behind ‘Trash for Miles’

  4. Momma Bear says:

    Geoenginnering is horrible been studying it for years with Dane and other who never believed us like they never beloved us about breast implants making us sick. But we fought hard to expose all breast implants are toxic and the gov know it's causing autoimmune diseases cancer and death. Now they believe us after we shows proof of many of us being sick inside. We tested all of us and showed videos of the damage being done. We fought hard to get the education out ther for breast implant illness. But with god we were able to win the fight in the end! We can do this with geoengineering! Start exposing patents that are being done for these operations and start showing the testing levels in every state! Time to go after the heart of shutting down these secret programs! It's possible through God! Get business cards made and keep them always with you to give to people! The more you educate the better like we did! We eventually got to many and got it to show up on news stations and more. The more we came together and educate the public years later we started waking many. Now it's been a success but wasn't ready we went through hell to expose the gov and FDA and more who were All bought politically and paid for! So to everyone fighting this good fight…let's continue! We can do this! Buy yourself business cards some can be 200 for $14.99 of you find a deal online! Pass and educate and plant the seed! In the end god will help us shine! Keep strong all of you and know god is with us and we I'll get through this with his help! Keep up the good fight and NEVER back down with sharing the truth! 

  5. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    Scripture refers to the pits of Hell as being filled with a foul smell and constant smoke. Basically describing what you can experience on any given day, when the sky is filled with climate engineering aerosol trails and smoke from massive wildfires that serve the controller's purpose or agendas. There appears to be no description of what Hell actually feels like, other than constant pain and misery.

    Please allow me to describe what Hell feels like in Texas.

    You can be so full of Joy, life, vigor, spunk and zest. But the moment you open that door and step outside. Your head immediately tilts to face the ground and your eys squint (even with sunglasses on). You begin to slouch as your shoulders arch forward, and you almost start to drag your knuckles. But if you do, the sizzling heat from the ground will peel the skin down to the bone.

    It feels as though a giant glass jar has been placed over you and a blowtorch is heating it rapidly from the outside. Making it impossible to breathe as the sweat pours from your body and creates a pool of steam at your feet.

    Depression, pain and misery fills your mind and body to the core. While you can feel the blood in your veins begin to boil and your eyes about to pop out of your skull. Then your hair and clothes feel as though they have just been set ablaze.

    You slip on some oven mitts and grab the package that was just dropped off by Amazon, and wonder if you will even last long enough to make the the short trip back to the door. And once you finally slither your wet noodle of a body back inside the house, you thank God that you didn't have to step out in the sun. Because, well that's a whole different story. One that most people don't survive to tell, here in this climate engineered Lone Star Heat Dome.

    'Ode to Joy and Misery'

  6. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    I received an Amber alert on my phone at 6:00 AM this morning. Except this one was an extreme health danger alert and not a possible child abduction alert. Here is that Text message:

    "From the department of Health and Human Resources. The county coroner has now verified nine heat related deaths, and twenty-three others suspected of being heat related in origin.

    Everyone is advised to avoid being outside in direct sunlight, from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM today through Sunday. Unless it is an emergency or beyond your control. Should you find yourself in such a situation, you need to seek shade as much as possible and drink plenty of water. Find any means available to return to an air conditioned space, as quickly as you can and bring all pets inside as well.

    The forecast calls for deadly heat approaching 120 degrees and higher than normal humidity. This warning has been issued in conjunction with the National Weather Service and County Emergency Response Services. Being safe means being wise to your surroundings and using common sense, when dealing with this unprecedented heat."

    What will that message look like next summer?

    "Danger. Avoid being outside in direct sunlight as you may be faced with sudden death, from excessive heat and UV radiation. Not to mention the insane sauna-like humidity." Remember, just fifteen minutes CAN KILL!"

    Scary Hot.

    • brent papon says:


      I don't own a car

      And I can tell U

      I have fallen from HEAT exu

      Several times in the last few years

      It is worsening with each passing day

      Our lows have been 75

      In NE Ohio

      I know you have worse heat

      I wish U well

      Peace n love


  7. Jonathan says:

    I looked at the polar bear video… anyone who was filming that poor soul should have also fed it while there. It is heartbreaking to say the least. It serves as a horrible reminder of why we do what we do (our efforts to inform others). 

    As I have mentioned before, the Creator designed all Life on Earth to live in a sacred order, a divine balance and harmony, and it is the human race that has thrown that balance off in less than 200 years.

    If, as the Bible says, "dominion" over the works of the Creator's hands was given to us, then we are the ones for whom we have been waiting. We are here, and we are here, now, for a reason… it is a part of our appointed task to do everything within our power to right the wrongs of the human race committed by the geoengineering perpeTRAITORS.

    Let this stir up in your hearts love for all that the Creator made, and get out there and share information far and wide. 

    People are waking up. 

    You might be surprised at how much each of you, individually, can accomplish.

    This is about so much more than just us individually. 

  8. Joe says:

      Main stream media cannot keep up anymore w all the extreme weather events that are happening daily all around the world.  Once the weather event hits your backyard they go to the next event etc. 

    Then you are on. your own.

    • Robert says:

      Thank you Mike for sharing this with us. I couldn't open it at first but typed in the title and author and was able to view the video. When Dane says the controllers will play bigger cards as the time of the awakening unfolds, here's a harrowing example. If you're not in the game yet, this is a must see for you non-believers, along with the "Dimming". Thanks Dane, I'm running out of superlatives for you so I'll end it here. Bravo!




  9. Lance says:

    Industrialization is based on human development of sciences and technologies upon which industrialized civilization is now dependent. All the "problems" humans on this website talk about, myself included, are caused by human industrialization. Attempting to come up with solutions to all the problems caused by human industrialization up to this point in human history by "re-inventing industries" using advanced sciences and technologies, specifically artificial intelligence, is NOT going to save humanity or the earth. In fact, the opposite is already happening!     

    • penny waters says:

      hahahaha lance, yep, but i would say the 'problems' are caused by humans.

      will we ever learn?

      have been here 73years and methinks humans get stupider by the minute

      industrialisation is our way of being lazy and not living close to survival – that's what keeps the mind sharp, nerves still and gives true joy in being close to nature in all its glory

      keep away from humans and learn about the rest of life that exists on this planet – humans only occasionally give joy – but i have found much on this website – thanks to dane and family and all the other wide awakers here

      love it while you can


  10. Eden Lost to Insanity says:


    I asked everyone at the church Labor Day event, if they would recommend the viewing of your documentary "The Dimming" to their family, friends and work colleagues. And nearly every single person responded with a firm "Hell Yes!" (all except for the children of course) They said either "yes" or "you bet". So, I downloaded the link to as many of their phones, as possible. Some were archaic and I wrote it on paper for them. I plan to order the literature that you offer now. Thanks for all that you do. None of this would have happened today without you and your dedication to this very important cause. 

  11. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    I held a viewing of "The Dimming" at the community church today, during our Labor Day celebration and there were forty-three men, women and children in attendance. Including five government workers, three people who are active military, seven volunteer fire people, five ranchers and farmers, and two sheriff's deputies.

    You could easily tell that several of them were genuinely moved by the documentary, others were shocked, and a few were even angered by the scientific evidence of what they are spraying in our skies.

    It was very quiet at the end and about 20 seconds later, a rancher stood up and said this in a loud voice:

    "I #ucking new it. Godammit. I knew it and now I'm really pissed. Now that I know I was right all along and no one believed me."

    He began to tell his story of how he has lost almost 30% of his livestock to the extreme heat alone this summer. But over the last ten years he watched as his herd dwindled in numbers, because of various infections in their lungs, heart and even severe neurological disorders. Plus, all three of his children now have severe asthma attacks, other various ailments and learning disabilities, of which the doctors attributed to pollution and toxic soil from the area's agricultural industry. Both the children and animal's blood chemistry lab results keep coming back with more and more elevated numbers of heavy metals, and toxicology results of pesticides like glyphosate, ethylene dibromide, and DDT. Yet none of the local farmers use pesticides and plant strictly Non-GMO and Totally Organic crops, including the small quantity of crops that this farmer grows. He kept telling everyone that it must be coming from the crap being sprayed in the sky. But no one, including the doctors, believed him and told him that he was just being paranoid. He did some research and found that none of the ranchers or farmers, going back over one-hundred years, ever used those toxins. So the only possible source had to be in the food, water or the air. And he ruled out the first two with extensive certified lab testing.

    Suddenly other people began to stand and tell of similar stories. While nonchalantly directing their words at those in the government and military. But some of them had their own tales to tell, and they were also disturbing.

    I answered their questions as best I could, since I read as many stories and watched as many videos as possible, here on this website. In the days leading up to the viewing of Dane's documentary. I so wanted to be as knowledgeable as possible about this subject beforehand.

    But of course, the main focus of our discussion was on this incredibly long and hot heat wave that is frying our nerves to the core. The forecast calls for temperatures of between 115 and 118 Thursday through Sunday, with the 118 set for both Friday and Saturday. If it does reach that temperature, it will shatter the old record (especially on Friday) by Twenty Freaking Degrees!

    Not simply twenty degrees above the average or normal, but twenty above the record. And we were all in agreement that if that happens, it couldn't possibly be just a freakish act of Nature. I would have to say that probably 80% of the people who walked out of that church today, truly believe that climate engineering is responsible for this heat dome that is making our lives very, very miserable.

    • Jonathan says:


      THANK YOU For what you were doing. I tried to give this information to my church, but I found that the people with the small Episcopal Church that I have been visiting are for the most part older and live very comfortable lifestyles. So they haven't been very much affected yet. They will be as this continues.

      So I got nothing more than a yawn from such people. But in your case, your community is being devastated. And the powers that be don't much like the independent spirit of Texas to begin with. That is my opinion. Anyway, because the people at your community church are being affected and are losing livestock and so forth, it is more real to them. For a lot of people, unfortunately, cognitive dissonance may prevent many of them from opening their eyes until they suffer personal losses because of these weather warfare programs. This is in fact a type of silent weapon for quiet war.

      You are, Eden, taking this information to the public with a passion and an intensity that requires almost perpetually being out of your comfort zone. This is not easy. And I applaud you and all those here who are working so very hard in your efforts to inform others. Let me know through Dane if there's anything that I can do to help support you in what you are doing. Respectfully, Jonathan

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Jonathan, Thank you much. I do no more or no less than what you and everyone else here contribute to this cause on a daily basis. The only reason (as you pointed out) that the people in my community respond more supportive in nature, is of course; "The hardships and suffering at the hands of those in control of the weather."

      It is so obvious beyond any doubt that Nature does not present us with a sun, slowly descending closer and closer to the southern horizon, glaring through ever more thickening of the atmosphere. Yet still able to bake this land at upwards of 120 degrees. This is not Nature. This is climate engineering technology which is capable of focusing and redirecting the sun's heat, even at such a tilted angle to the layers of Earth's atmosphere, by creating a massive high pressure heat dome as if by some sort of evil magic. The same weather wizardry used to bake the mountain tops in South America, at the peak of their winter season.

      The only reason there has been such a catastrophic change in the climate, is because geoengineering has done exactly what the scientists feared it would. Disrupted weather patterns around the world, and it was orchestrated that way to weaponize the weather. Not tame it in hopes of cooling the planet. No, In their minds, that much power must be harnessed to conquer. Not be confused as a miracle of salvation… Which is exactly what they are trying to make us believe now, with announcing that Congress plans to fund their pride and joy. Embolster their tried and true Trojan Horse.

  12. Jonathan says:

    Today my wife and I went to the State fairgrounds in Raleigh, North Carolina. There was a flea market as well as a rock and mineral show. I wore my geoengineering watch shirt. At one of the booths, a lady working there approached me and asked about the shirt and asked if it had to do with seating the clouds to change the weather. This was the perfect opportunity to talk about it, which I proceeded to do. I told her about the website and the documentary, and I had a stack of scannable business cards with a link to the documentary with me.

    She was absolutely on the same page and was aware of the findings up in the sky. She did not have a lot of specific information, but now she has a resource to get that information. She offered to share the business cards with her customers. This is a very busy place on the weekends with lots of people coming through. I gave her lots of cards. She gave me permission to take a picture with her as she was holding up one of the cards, and I sent that picture to Dane to post on the website, as an encouragement. Encouragement other people to be bold and fearless in sharing credible information with the public.

    The lady then took us to another booth close by and introduced us to an older gentleman who runs a bookstore. He was elated to have the same information shared with him and to have also been given a handful of business cards to share. He told me that he has lots of people who want to know more about this subject.

    Has a side note, sometimes the universe gives you little hints that you are where you were supposed to be, do what you were supposed to be doing at certain times. Carl Jung talked about the principal of synchronicity.

    How about this for synchronicity? I felt for some reason that I should share with both of them that Dane is of Choctaw lineage.

    Guess what? Both these people, who are not even related, are both of Choctaw lineage themselves. This was confirmation from the universe that I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing today.

    I exchanged emails and phone number with the owner of the bookstore. I have already sent him several specific links from the website.

    Thank you Dane for making all this possible. People are waking up! In my personal experience, what I'm seeing more and more, year by year, is that people intuitively know something is very ominous about what's happening up in the skies and elsewhere with our weather. Oftentimes however, they don't really have the specific information so that they will know how to share their concerns with other people. Providing this information gives them not only validation for what they already knew was true, but it also gives them a voice and the specific and correct language to use in communicating their concerns about this to other people.


  13. Larry DeMarco says:

    Gee Dane, sounds really horrific ,but t's not in my back yard.  I think I'll wait until South  Carolina blows off the map before I look up and face these issues . If I'm  still alive, who knows from where this might be.  Maybe New Hampshire where I can find my favorite state motto, "Live Free or Die." Your truth and inspiration are mind blowing but unfortunately only to those who not lost their's.

  14. Ken Perry says:

    hello im in northern utah and seen a very crazy year in snow an summer flooding and cooler than usual temps to a point things just arent normal i havent seen a summer like this in years we been in the 70s most of the summer very few hot days last year sept was hottest ever this year now we got tarencal rains cold temps an flooding etc barely any fires this year… but the worst part is everytime they spray the skies me an several friends are so congested and screwed up we sufficate an are so filled with junk we cant talk i lose my voice constantly every 12 hours infact i have been examined an not even doctors understand why im plugged up but its compounded every 12 hours im feeling torchered an condemed to suffer day in day out i cant sleep or have a good day anymore im 62 and suffering this nonstop tc all be safe always

    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Hi Ken, same thing here with the congestion building to a fever pitch, every twelve hours or so. But I also get allergies that are so bad, I can't stop sneezing and it lasts for two days straight, every five to seven days without a hitch. Non-stop sneezing literally and my nose starts bleeding about five hours into those fits. The Doctors say it's pollen and so do those habitually lying weather forecasters. Nothing on Earth is going to pollinate when it has been from 100 to 110 degrees, for over four months straight and no rain either. Everything is dead here and I mean EVERYTHING. Including most of the trees now. Such a sad, sad situation and it still looks like there is no relief in sight. For nature or my sinuses.

  15. Hideaway says:

    Look at the back of the food ingredient labels on packaging in the supermarket. So many times you will see the phrase, contains bioengineered food ingredients. Non genetically modified food. Maybe worth your time to consider.

    I hope that everybody takes the link to this broadcast and each Saturday's broadcast as well as the documentary and sends them on a regular basis to your local news stations. Not just the meteorology department, the general manager, the managing editor, and so forth. Send it to all of them through their website and email addresses.

    Keep till they wake up.

    By the way, in chemistry class many years ago, I remember the professor taught us about the very high heat capacity of water. This means that water takes a long time to heat up, but once it does, it retains that heat for a very long time. This is what Dane is talking about with the oceans. It involves the heat capacity of water. And that is a force to be reckoned with.






  16. Stan Sylvester says:

    Bill Gates recently sent $6.6 million from his "Breakthrough Energy Ventures" climate fund to "Kodama Systems, a forest management company.

    The money will be used to unleash a "biomass burial." In an effort to help stem rising carbon levels, dead trees from millions of acres in California will be cut down and buried. The burial site will be the Nevada desert.

    Trees give off carbon upon death so stuffing them underground will prevent that. This will  help the fight to save planet earth from rising carbon levels. 

    " The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule."

    H.L Mencken

  17. Eden Lost to Insanity says:

    My friend was a college professor back in the mid 70s and searched through his archive of 8mm teaching aid films yesterday, then called me over to watch one of them today in his study. He said I would be quite surprised to discover what was on that film.

    It was titled " The Goals Set Forth By NOAA Through Better Understanding of the Climate"

    It began with a summary of it's 150 year history (now it's 200 years), starting with the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey founded by president Thomas Jefferson in 1807. After that, The Weather Bureau was founded in 1870 as it's replacement. And just one year later, the U.S. Commission of Fish and Fisheries was founded. Individually, these organizations were America's first physical science agency, America's first agency dedicated specifically to the atmospheric sciences, and America's first conservation agency.

    The cultures of scientific accuracy and precision, service to protect life and property, and stewardship of resources of these three agencies were brought together in 1970 with the establishment of NOAA, an agency within the Department of Commerce. 

    (Where the hell did they go wrong? Because they were originally tasked with the service to protect life and property, and stewardship of resources. Not destroy life and property and control the resources!)

    This film was very interesting to say the least. Especially when it came to this part, towards the end of the one hour long documentary:

    "The goal of NOAA is to be able to accurately forecast the weather for at least two weeks straight, and ultimately for an entire month. Including the accurate prediction and forecasting of a Hurricane's path and it's strength, as it initiates landfall.

    Because once NOAA has finally achieved these goals. That would mean that they are no longer predicting the weather's outcome. But rather, they would be making and controlling the weather at such a pivotal moment in history! With the help of weather satellites and advanced computer modeling, the climate patterns could be fully manipulated. Giving NOAA the ability to control all of the weather fom coast to coast."

    And there you have it folks. The whole story in a nutshell, as it was being taught to meteorological sciences college students in the 1970s. My ex professor friend is the only one who consistently believed me, when I brought up the subject of geoengineering. And now I fully understand why.


    • Crystal in Oregon says:

      Great story Eden,

      And you made me laugh with — Where the hell did they go wrong!

      When I mentioned your driveway cooking, I thought of it as heat.  I didn't think of the DNA thing.  Huh, I wonder.

      Cheers, Crystal


    • Eden Lost to Insanity says:

      Thanks Crystal,

      I'm really not sure which one is worse, the heat or DNA damage. The only thing I do know is that all of my close friends (other than my retired professor friend), and most of my beloved family members, have all passed away from cancer and heat related illnesses, over the last ten years or so.

      Most of them worshiped the sun and exposed themselves to the heat and UV radiation, nearly every single day of their lives. But as for me, I have always covered up with long sleeve shirts, no shorts ever and desert style wide brim hats. (plenty of sunscreen too) Ever since I was a child and I don't plan to stop any time soon. I rarely go out in full sunlight and even use black-outs on my windows, during daylight hours. Just lost my best friend in March to cancer and I am dealing with survivor's guilt now. Because most all of them were younger than me, except for my parents. Makes for a lonely life too, as I have no family in Texas to spend the holidays with any more.

      I do have a half sister that's my age… and where does she live? Florida of all places! Her home has been destroyed by hurricanes three times now. I plan to move within the year, but definitely not to Florida! Believe it or not, I am considering Oregon or Utah as my next home. Northern California is also a possibility, as I lived there for two years in 1980 and '81. Absolutely beautiful country, or at least it used to be. I really don't know why I ever came back to Texas, and I certainly regret it now. But of course, this hill country used to have a splendor of its own. Before geoengineering turned it into a wasteland.

  18. Lance says:

    Trying to watch your latest video but keep getting disconnected. Reconnected 3 times only to be disconnected each time. Will try again in the morning. Fake weather here just south of Lodi, CA. Keeping it cooler, mid 70s at least for a few days but its to get back into the mid 90s next week. Air quality here is not good. Sun's hot rays when not covered by clouds are filled with toxic particulates. No one cares.

  19. Jay Dee says:

    Excellent report once again, Dane. I feel the same urgency that you do; in this Global News Alert you spoke a little bit more slowly than usual, which I believe will help some who listen (perhaps for the first time) to hear every word you say, so that they can proceed to study and teach. NOTE TO ALL: Please remember to go to even if you received this (or other videos) via email or a forward. Visiting the site causes the almighty algorithm ("Al Gore Rhythm"? haha) to help people find the site. ALSO: If you can, get some of the materials (which Dane Wigington says are sold at a loss = no one's making money from them. I leave the business-cards and sometimes flyers or booklets at every store, library, park, I manage to visit. I realize most of them will end up "thrown away" but SOME will be looked at, and some of THOSE will be followed up on. It's worth a try. If you have a vehicle you can even get a bumper sticker! Or a stick-it-on-something-else sticker! Time is, uh, getting kinda short, isn't it?

  20. Mary Steigerwald says:

    Thank you for the beautiful synopsis of Ernest Shackleton's voyage on the ship The Endurance. We read the book "Endurance" aloud to my daughter when she was young, while we were living in a tiny cabin in the mountains, snowed-in for months at a time. That incredible tale of adventure, courage and, indeed, endurance, and particularly the details of how the crew maintained good cheer despite unfathomable hardship, inspired us on our humble little adventure and continues to inspire us to this day. My daughter is now 34 and she tells me she has a copy of Endurance next to her bed. Whenever the world feels too dark and overwhelming, I often remember that story and once again muster up that indomitable spirit that lives within. We humans are so, so much bigger than we know! 

  21. Max Dystopia says:

    Thanks for your efforts Dane!

  22. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    New Government Infrastructure Report Pushes ‘Disastrous Water Privatization Schemes’

    Buried in an under-the-radar report by President Joe Biden's National Infrastructure Advisory Council is a call for the privatization of U.S. water systems, according to national watchdog Food & Water Watch.

    An under-the-radar report by U.S. President Joe Biden’s National Infrastructure Advisory Council should not go unnoticed, said the national watchdog Food & Water Watch on Thursday, as buried in the document is a call for the privatization of U.S. water systems, which progressive lawmakers and civil society groups have long opposed.
    On page 15 of the 38-page report, the advisory council said the federal government should “remove barriers to privatization, concessions and other nontraditional models of funding community water systems in conjunction with each state’s development of best practice.”
    Food & Water Watch (FWW) suggested that the recommendation goes hand in hand with the panel chairmanship of Adebayo Ogunlesi, who is the chairman and CEO of Global Infrastructure Partners.
    Global Infrastructure Partners is “an infrastructure investment bank with an estimated $100 billion in assets under management that targets energy, transportation, digital and water infrastructure,” said FWW, making the takeover of public water and wastewater utilities by a private corporation — often under the guise of improving aging systems and lowering costs — financially beneficial for the bank.

    Mary Grant, Public Water for All campaign director at FWW, called the recommendation “a terrible idea.”
    “President Biden should have never appointed an investment banker to chair an advisory council for the nation’s infrastructure,” said Grant. “Wall Street wants to take control of the nation’s public water systems to wring profits from communities that are already struggling with unaffordable water bills and toxic water.”
    FWW has analyzed water privatization schemes for years, finding that they often leave communities “with higher water bills, worse service, job losses and little control to fix these problems.”

    A 2018 report by the group titled America’s Secret Water Crisis found that out of 11 privatized water utilities across the U.S., all but one refused to provide data about shutoffs for nonpayment.
    The group’s 2011 brief Water = Life showed that low-income households are disproportionately affected by water price hikes by private owners, as privatization turns a resource recognized by the United Nations as an “essential human right” into a commodity.

    “Privatization would deepen the nation’s water crises, leading to higher water bills and less accountable and transparent services,” said Grant.
    “Privately owned water systems charge 59% more than local government systems, and private ownership is the single largest factor associated with higher water bills — more than aging infrastructure or drought.”

  23. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Genetically Modified Soil Microbes May Have ‘Irreversible Consequences’ — New Report

    A plan by major agrochemical companies to develop genetically engineered soil microbes to act as pesticides and fertilizers is an “open-air genetic experiment that may have irreversible consequences,” according to a report published Tuesday by Friends of the Earth.
    A plan by major agrochemical companies to develop genetically engineered (GE) soil microbes, including bacteria and fungi, to act as pesticides and fertilizers is raising concerns about the unknown and potentially disastrous risks associated with the new organisms, according to a report published Tuesday by Friends of the Earth.
    Bayer-Monsanto, Syngenta and BASF are among the chemical giants known to be developing the microbes which, according to the report, are fundamentally different from the already controversial genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that have existed for decades.
    GE microbes are living organisms that share their genetic material easily with other species and travel vast distances in the wind. And because they are microscopic, their numbers are vast.

    “An application of GE bacteria could release approximately 3 trillion genetically modified organisms every half an acre — that’s about how many GE corn plants there are in the entire U.S.,” said Dana Perls, food and technology manager at Friends of the Earth, in a press release.
    Introducing GE microbes into agriculture represents an “unprecedented open air genetic experiment,” the report says. “The scale of release is far larger, and the odds of containment are far smaller than for other GE crops.”
    Scientists understand the role and function of less than 1 percent of the billions of existing species of microbes or “biologicals.”

    Yet the race is on by biotech and agrochemical companies to develop, modify and patent new microbes to capture a share of the biologicals market, which is set to triple in value to $29.31 billion by 2029.
    At least two GE microbes, Pivot Bio’s Proven and BASF’s Poncho Votivo seed treatments, are already being used by U.S. farmers on millions of acres of farmland.

    “GMO companies are putting GM microbes into the open environment, yet no one has the first idea of what risks this might present,” Claire Robinson, co-director of GMWatch told The Defender. “And there is absolutely no need to take these risks and no proof that the GM microbes actually work in the way that’s claimed.”

    “The latest science shows that engineering organisms can result in unintended genetic mishaps,” said Kendra Klein, Ph.D., deputy director for science at Friends of the Earth and author of the report. “And there are rare but potentially disastrous risks of creating an invasive species or novel human pathogen.”

    • Crystal in Oregon says:

      Thanks Susan, this is a big deal.

      I don't like commercials, so when doing housework I would tune in C-span and listen to Congress.  One day there was a hearing about tryptophan pills that were contaminated causing injury and death in people.  It was a long, boring hearing but I wanted to know what the contaminate was.  The hearing finally ended and I never learned about the contaminate, but the Congressmen and witnesses were dancing around something and i smelled a rat.  A few years later when I read a book, I learned that it was a genetic engineering accident, and I tried to research the event.

      This is the story from my notes:

      In the late 1980's, doctors were seeing people with extreme pain, muscle weakness and varied symptoms, edema, heart problems, breathing problems, temporary blindness, ear problems, headache, rashes, fatigue, cognitive problems, hair loss, nausea, irritable bowels, and some patients with ascending paralysis —feet, legs, then bowels and lungs, and finally going on a respirator to breathe. 

      The cases dotted the US, so doctors typically had only one such patient.

      A couple of alert doctors found high "off the charts" eosinophil counts, and the three patients had all taken tryptophan pills.  The doctors called the CDC (Center for Disease Control).  The alert went out.  Within a month it identified over 700 patients, and three months later it numbered 1,411 including 19 deaths.  The CDC named the disease eosinophilia myalgia syndrome, EMS.

      It was a mystery.  Tryptophan had been taken safely for years.  All the cases were traced to one company, Showa Denko who had used GM bacterium to ramp up production of the tryptophan, but the FDA withheld the information from the public for months.

      Later, the FDA claimed tht the problem was not likely to be caused by genetic modification because they were aware of cases of EMS that happened prior to the strain V GM being introduced.

      An investigative reporter. William Crist could not find cases of EMS from other companies making tryptophan, only Showa Denko.  Then Crist found a FOIA document that revealed that three earlier strains used by the company were also genetically modified, and that the FDA new about it.  The FDA lied.  At every turn the FDA sought to shield the industry and stonewalled FOIA requests.

      Congress aided the cover up.

      Lessons in this story:

      The CDC responded to the alert doctors and named the disease EMS.  I couldn't find out, but my guess is that the CDC stumbled into this and didn't know,—oops GMO!  They have to protect the industry from liability.  Will the CDC step in the same cow pie again?  Probably not.  Showa Denko had to pay a few billion in compensation.

      Note the varied symptoms in the patients, –needle in a haystack.  Interesting what a little GM bacterium can do.

      If the illness caused was something single and common, asthma, diabetes, the link to GM would likely not surface.  Or if the GM caused delayed onset of a common cancer, birth defect, dementia would the link surface?

      You would think that the FDA would be scrambling to obtain the cultures from Showa Denko to identify the problem.  GM is being used in supplements, pharmaceuticals, rennet for cheese, baby formula, thickeners, — it would be vital to know what went wrong.  Instead of scrambling, I found references to the back and forth that took place, –lies, shipping issues, refrigeration, accusations, –FDA did not scramble, and after a couple years the company threw the cultures away.  So what does that say about the interest in product safety?

      People went through horrible, painful deaths and injury.

      Okay its 2023 and we have a multi billion dollar GM microbe bonanza spewing products across the face of the earth.  Do we have independent scientists, well funded doing deposition studies?  Migration of GM through the environment and living organisms? 

      –effects to wildlife, fauna and flora

      —effects to organic farming

      —GM contamination of seed, wild and cultivated

      —effects to livestock

      —effects to microbiological life, alterations, new forms, creation of pathogens and toxins

      —GM in the aquatic environment

      —secondary and cascading effects following GM release

      —fate of GM artifacts, DNA bits not intended in the GM product

      —genomic instability

      No.  Not something we do.

      Sorry for the long post

      But this is a disaster.  It's not potential something or rare,  This is happening and it can't be cleaned up.  Irreversible damage is being done.

      We are not intelligent life,  Nature is intelligent life.  It is our collective behavior that counts.

      I was very young when I first heard about genetic engineering.  I read about it in the newspaper.  People at the local university were really excited about it and one was quoted, "We are going to reinvent nature."  I laughed and thought that's dumb.

      I asked a guy at the university, what is this genetic engineering about?  He said, "They want to own everything."  I said something and he repeated, "They want to own everything."  He wasn't going to do questions.  In his nice professor way I think he was trying to get me to focus.  He didn't want to clutter my mind with details.  Cool guy.  Good teacher.

      He is not in the drivers seat, the reinvent nature guys are,

      Nature is the culmination of 3 billion years of countless biological experiments.  Microbe to elephant everything is connected.  I learned this year that the Blue whale is less than 1% of its historical population number.  I have been in awe and love this magnificent creature, the largest animal on the planet. I like to think of it as a huge 100 foot long digester cruising up and down the ocean, important to the nutrient cycle, and we have so much to learn about all of the Blues roles in ocean life and what the Blue thinks.  There is nothing more rewarding than a communication with a wild creature.  Hanham knows.


  24. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Two dead as 'unprecedented' 450 wildfires scorch Louisiana

    The blazes were just two of more than 450 wildfires that have scorched thousands of acres in southwest Louisiana in recent weeks during record-breaking temperatures and severe drought conditions.

    “Wildfires this many and of this intensity are unprecedented,” Mike Strain, commissioner of the Louisiana Agriculture and Forestry Department, told the Washington Post.

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