Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 24, 2022, #372


Dane Wigington

Hurricane manipulation season is here, grab your popcorn, the spectacle is about to begin. Weather everywhere is erratic, extreme, and increasingly destructive. Hurricane Fiona is being called a "hybrid storm" and "Canada's version of Hurricane Sandy". The reason? The anomalous track of the storms that "forecasters" somehow "predict" up to a week in advance. What do the weather makers have planned for the approaching Hurricane Ian? Hurricanes are being manipulated and the "forecasts" are nothing less than the scheduled weather.

Rivers are drying up, crops are collapsing, lakes are turning from blue to brown, oceans are superheating and fish are dying, how can so many still be so oblivious to it all? What will it take to wake them up? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

What could be more frustrating than trying to wake family and friends up who still believe skies like this are completely normal?
Osnabrück, Germany, September 7th, 2022. Photo credit: Berti Brecht
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43 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 24, 2022, #372

  1. Mark says:

    Heavy spraying daily in Northern Minnesota. I have been documenting events daily. With photography. The hardest thing for me is all the people that post sunset pictures although the colors are quite spectacular, people are so ignorant and call it Gods work. They are clueless. I totally understand Danes frustration in exucating people on whats happening. Complete denial from mostsome are polite and here you out. But still look at you like your crazy. Yet i still plow thru. 


  2. Lance says:

    In the areas around the RV park we're staying at for two weeks there are a lot of hills and some mountains.  On the hills the major type of tree are oak trees.  There are many big patches of dead oak trees in among the living oak trees on the hills all around the RV park.  There are other types of deciduous trees too.  Some look okay, some are dying, and others are dead.  Many of the coniferous type trees look okay, some are dying with the tops of these trees showing bare limbs, and some are dead.  This is the same as it has been in all the places we've stayed in WA, OR, and CA since early April this year.  One can pretend that all is well environmentally, but its not.  Most don't even take the time to look as they're too busy doing what they've always done.  You know….eating, drinking, marrying, etc., and they'll do so right up to the bitter end.         

  3. Ziggy says:

    Accuweather no longer offers monthly temperature averages for this area and that is so ironic, since I commented here about how sharply they have risen over the past three to five years. They truly do move swiftly in order to keep the actual numbers of planetary heating a secret. And I guess that's why the new weather stations I see on store shelves has this in fine print: "These meteorological instruments have been officially calibrated by NOAA" What they really mean to say is: "Here is your new global warming, pacifying weather station. Provided for you by Raytheon."

    My family runs a ranch in Texas, of which is now up for sale. Because the heat and drought are killing what's left of their herd and crops. But this is how much it has changed there over the last 10 years.

    June bugs only came out in May and June. Now they don't appear until October! There used to be thousands of fireflies every spring through fall and now they haven't seen even one, in over three years. Chiggers were an itchy annoyance from July through September. Now they are around all year long. There were always thousands of song birds every year, but they have only seen about 10 in the last 18 months! Tornadoes were a (given) and now they are lucky if they even get any rain at all. Frogs were always in great numbers and they haven't seen any in over three years. Cicadas only came out every 13 years and now they are making their God Awful noise for ten months out of every year. It NEVER gets over 85 degrees on Christmas or New Years day. But in the last ten years it has been over 98 for both holidays… 3 times each. The wind was always out of the west and southwest (in their part of Texas) But since the Gulf of Mexico has become super heated over the last 12 years or so. It stays out of the south and southeast, for about 300 days of the year. However, over the last three years there has been virtually no wind at all, for about 200 days of the year.

    Those kinds of changes in nature would usually take hundreds or even thousands of years to manifest. And they have now become a reality in only ten years. Just like the 20 year super-drought in California that has now surpassed the worst drought ever in the west. Which happened 1,200 years ago, according to tree ring data.

    But there aren't going to be any trees left in California to do any tree ring analysis' any more. Because they are all being burnt to ashes, by the use of climate weapons of war. And there won't be any humans alive in 1,200 years to repeat those tests any way. 

  4. Joe says:

    Record methane leak from damaged Baltic Sea pipelines



    SEP 29, 2022





    COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Methane leaking from the damaged Nord Stream pipelines is likely to be the biggest burst of the potent greenhouse gas on record, by far.

    The Nord Stream pipeline leaks that were pumping huge volumes of methane into the Baltic Sea and atmosphere could discharge as much as five times as much of the potent greenhouse as was released by the Aliso Canyon disaster, the largest known terrestrial release of methane in U.S. history. It is also the equivalent of one third of Denmark’s total annual greenhouse gas emissions, a Danish official warned Wednesday.




    Record methane leak from damaged Baltic Sea pipelines | News, Sports, Jobs – The Daily news (

  5. Lance says:

    This morning overhead there are, again, long wide aerosol particulate trails moving from the NW to the SE.  They are not "contrails"!  Satellite images clearly show them as "dust" in the troposphere.  Smart "dust"?  

  6. Lance says:

    Massive aerosol ops visible in the sky overhead our location at an RV park between Gilroy and Morgan Hill.  NT microphysics shows a very concentrated mass of particulates now present over most of northern and central CA moving to the SE.  Unreal, but it is real!     

  7. Lance says:

    Looked on the NT Microphysics image loop on COD website and there are at least 3 long aerosol trails clearly visible over central CA and the Monterey Bay area.  The one over central CA could be seen spreading out becoming wider as it moved from W to E.  Big storm spinning up out in the Pacific off of the west coast of BC, WA, and OR.

  8. Lance says:

    Staying at an RV park between Morgan Hill and Gilroy in CA.  The creek I mentioned in another post that I said was bone dry, its not.  It does have some water in it, but its barely flowing, murky, and quite warm.  Not a stream in which steelhead would migrate up and spawn in for this reason!  Did not see any fish in the creek.  A fire erupted this morning and is burning south of Gilroy in the coastal hills near there.  Also, aerosol spray lines visible out over the Pacific Ocean that drifted in from the W to E.  First time I've seen any since being down here.  Sun's rays are hot and penetrating today.  Have also noticed a lot of oak trees that are quite dead in among the living ones.  Morgan Hill is in a Level 4 Water Emergency too.  All water is obtained from underground aquifers that are likely polluted with all kinds of toxic particulates.  Am drinking bottled water for this reason.  

  9. Ziggy says:

    Denmark says Baltic gas pipeline leaks 'deliberate actions' (

    Now warring nations are starting to blow up PURE METHANE gas pipe lines under the ocean! (I know they have been doing so for years. But the pipes they are destroying are getting bigger and bigger. Releasing more methane into the atmosphere than any other source of these leaks, since the modern era began.)

    They just don't care if their actions will ultimately bring about the extinction of all life on planet Earth. The human race has become so focused on destroying itself, all because we are hell bent on killing as many people as we can in wars, and the use of climate weapons are beginning to take center stage. Blowing up pipelines is just as much a weapon as Geoengineering.

    Based upon what Dane has been hinting at over the last couple of years. I wonder if there is now In-Fighting among the insane power mongers, who originally cooperated with each other to engineer the planet's climate systems…. to suit their evil agendas.

    Not only are they possibly using droughts, floods, chemically induced blizzards and heat waves to attack their enemies. Now they are attacking or wasting the actual resources needed to keep populations alive. Not to mention the ever increasing economic wars between countries that are slowly destroying the entire monetary system worldwide.

    If this insanity continues. We won't have even 18 months left, before the entire web of life crashes and burns at lightning speed. All because we allowed governments to become play toys of the ultra wealthy and create wars to stave off their boredom, or bankrupt their competition. 

  10. Joe says:

    Great work here. 

    Over the years I have handed out thousands of your flyers.  Right now I have your business cards– which is a great way to share this website and on you mention

    Your new documentary movie

    This movie should be shown in every household in the whole world.

    The Dimming        Exposing the Global Climate Engineering Cover Up.

  11. brent papon says:

    In the last few months, I have have noticed a much greater number of people aware of the spraying. I think Dane has got it right. They can't avoid seeing it at this point.

    I don't own a car, so I know this stuff is killing me and the entire web of life.

    It sucks cuz there is no going back.

    I always think of abused children.

    Ya can't fix that kind a broke.

    And those poor whales.

    I read that the orcas are birthing stillborn calves.

    Thanks to Dane and all of you that post.

    Take care ,


  12. Lauren says:

    The collision of "DART" with Dimorphos is very unsettling to me. I watched a live stream of a South African- based ground telescope of the collision. About a minute after the collision, Dimorphous goes from barely visible to getting brighter and brighter until it is as bright as its parent, Didymos. Then a long, bright trail (looks like a "chemtrail") goes across the entire screen, the speakers briefly brushed it off as a satellite trail. Dimorphos changes very noticeably in its distance to Didymos, it gets MUCH closer to it, while NASA claims it will take weeks to months to know if the collision made any difference in the orbit of the moon, Dimorphos. I don't believe most (or any) of what I see on the internet or television anymore and especially NASA's claims. Wondering if anyone witnessed this collision on their own telescope or found a video of someone who did. Why would Dimorphous get SO much brighter upon impact… Shouldn't a huge dust cloud erupt and dim the asteroid more? Did they nuke it?? Did it even happen?? What the heck is going on! is where I found the live stream.

     It's hard for me to go on most days in these days of carelessness and planetary destruction. Thank you, Dane, for being the light in our darkest days.

  13. Lance says:

    Drove S on I-5 this morning after leaving Walnut Grove.  Air pollution was bad all the way down to the turn off to head toward the South Santa Clara Valley.  Large body of water called San Louis Reservoir on the way up the Pacheco Pass Hwy was very low.  To say that this area of CA is dry is to understate the seriousness of the situation.  The CA aqueduct which transports water through the valley east of I-5 was not full of water either.  Oh, there's water flowing down it, but not like in past years.  Many dying and dead trees all along the way.  Those living are having a hard time surviving.  Many orchards full of dark green trees, but the naturally ocurring trees were a dull lime green, brown, dying, or dead.  Some orchards are completely dead on the west side of the freeway in some areas.  After going over the Pacheco Pass on the drive down toward Gilroy the air in the distance over the valley was a thick brown color from all the air pollution.  Very little wind until we got to the RV park which is between Gilroy and Morgan Hill.  Light breeze coming fom the west from.  A federally protected steelhed spawning area on the Uvas Creek, which at one time flowed along one side of the RV park, is bone dry!  Most of the areas creeks and drainages are bone dry!  This is a very bad situtation because without water nothing survives for long!       

  14. Paul Davis says:

    Puerto Rico….heard a report that the hurricane struck at peak harvest season…that over 90% plantain crop destroyed…….heard that Russian fertilizer is being blocked from shipment. to Africa, Middle East… heard that in the region of  maybe Russian that truckloads of Apples were being blocked, rotting in the trucks….  a concerted effort of storms and food production…

  15. Lance says:

    Sector Images: U.S. Pacific Coast – NOAA / NESDIS / STAR 

    Take a look at this odd spinning thing off the coast of OR/WA.

    • Rose says:

      Looking at your link, and the titles of the different views they have on there, I see now why they are putting a gag order on NOAA members etc. They're examining and looking for, evaluating, cooling cloud cover, tropospheric particles, etc. So they must KNOW what's actually being done. And they are not allowed to divulge it. Even all the meteorologists.

      Yes that's an interesting formation off the West coast. What are they saying about that? I am on the opposite end, I don't hear about your weather phenomena over there unless I take time to look, unless it will impact us, like the typhoon triggering cold air to mix with Fiona–that "weird act of nature" so-called.

  16. Rose says:

    Hello from Nova Scotia! Fiona hit here Friday night/ Sat morning. There are still hundreds of 1000's of "customers" (homes, buildings, etc.) without power. Fiona made landfall at precisely the same time as high tide, with very high winds. Some houses were swept out to sea by waves in places in Atlantic Canada. Not sure of the totality of damage yet. 

    One Twitter user said "this hurricane should've come with a wind chill warning." We get the end of hurricanes regularly, hurricanes are part of the normal hydrological cycle, as I understand it. However, I've never experienced a hurricane that turned back towards land, nor one that was so COLD. The temps went down to 7*C, with very high winds, it felt like freezing was around the corner. Normally we get warm air with the end of a hurricane, usually a tropical storm category by the time it hits land here, but not always.

    Nova Scotia has sometimes been called "the tailpipe of North America" because of our position and the prevailing westerly winds much of the year, bringing pollution. Now, I learn about geo-engineering, and that we are also getting nano-particle crap and engineered weather.

    We are all on this beautiful planet together! It pains me to see what crazy fools are doing to life on the planet. 


    • Earth Angel says:

      Thank you for your report Rose. Prayers for all affected by this weather warfare. I had a very dear friend from the New Brunswick area near you, Moncton and St. John. He spoke well of his childhood in Canada and summers working mowing hay with a farmer somewhere up there, also the beauty of the deep woods. He was a kind and generous soul with a big heart. Now it looks like the weather terrorists have got Florida in their sights- perhaps to punish DeSantis?!.. I wonder.

  17. Frederick Richards says:

    Greetings Fellow Followers of Truth with Dane:Credible and Archived Facts,  Dutifully listened to this week's global report,my 298th, took two handwritten pages of notes and deeply felt heartsick for all of the suffering.everywhere. What will it take to shake them awake ? Unknown But certain it's not God's doing, but men and Governments..

    However there was one unexpected documentary we watched for one hour, from an old timer giving his witness of changes during his long life of exploration. It is on NetFlix done in 2020,and it's David Attenborough again, but this time he didn't disappoint me for never mentioning geoengineering, I don't think they know or can give it up.

    Titled "A Life on our Planet" I (we) allowed it to move us for all but the last 23mins.. Like Dane, and longer, he was a naturalist and can recollect how magnificent it was, and admit to how it isn't anymore.

    He is in his mid nineties and is convinced of some patty-caking solutions without going to Source can stop the onslaught before Century turn. Unfortunate he doesn't see it is worse than that and we're in free fall. Anyway he seemed more real this time, see what you think  That is if you are as hungry for what seemed to be a genuinely expressed and well depicted witness to this tragedy as we were. Or say what you will about our gullability when someone so adeptly misses the mark.  Sometimes we need a 'break'     .        

  18. Randyl J says:

    Predicted Engineered Hurricane? Now Tropical Storm Ian.

    This came in yesterday Dane, and I waited to post after Your  urgent Alert News Report today. The battle is certainly ramping up!

    I read something around June’s NWS false hurricane predictions, that this season would be greater than normal and that ‘the Gulf Coast should be especially prepared’. Just as Dane mentioned, it’s obviously not occurred, and the season is almost into the final stretch in October. But ‘lo and behold’, look what’s so obviously being engineered- and possibly’brewing’  further East into the Atlantic as ‘The Weather Makers’ have to grab what little moisture They can to stir up – see my underlining below), it looks like they are going to forcefully engineer this towards Their desired locations… namely the usual. They’ve even set a September 27 “start date”! Gulf States (Pensacola?) get ready! 

    From the “Watchers News” September 23, 2022

    “New Tropical cyclone (Yes, it didn’t even originate out in the Atlantic- definitely engineered) brewing in the Caribbean Sea….”Could, May, Might (WILL) Strengthen into a Major Hurricane,… “ 

    (And at this point the satellite image was a large white cloud – a bit rounded on the north edge and all ‘feathered’ around the southern part of itself, just like the constant feathered ‘spray trail remnants’ we see constantly.)

    So “The planned script” is to get the storm more organized but it’s not easy. The report continues:
    “Satellite imagery indicates that showers and thunderstorms have increased and are showing signs of organization tonight with a well-defined low pressure system located over the central Caribbean Sea about 160 km (100 miles) NNE of Curacao, NWS National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida reports on September 23.

    Even though the upper-level wind environment is currently only marginally favorable, only a small additional increase in organization would result in the formation of a tropical depression later today.

    The system is expected to continue moving WNW 15 – 25 km/h (10 to 15 mph) across the central and western Caribbean Sea.”

    They definitely have assigned specific coordinates that they expect it to follow! Even the pathetic current radar looks suspicious! I saved the photo but couldn’t post it here.

    You are awesome Dane, and definitely ahead of Mainstream as to keeping us posted also!

    As I read many Sources concerning ‘dot connecting’ overall, (and I’m not advocating ‘jumping on a particular religious/philosophical or ‘LaLa’ bandwagon’, I do feel that one of the major important things We can do individually, is to Raise Our Personal Frequency! As much as possible- begin to Picture the kind of Earth (which I like to call Terra) we Wish to be on and send out as much Love, compassion and healing as we can to Earth and to each other! I believe we are not alone in the Universe and that our Creator (All Consciousness-Source) has a Perfect Plan, whether we can see it or not. It’s important to help each other. Share truth as possible and keep working to Let Go of Fear! 

    Dane is keeping us informed! This can help us help others!

    Blessings to All~

    Randyl J

    • Ziggy says:

      Randyl J,

      You mention "constant feathered ‘spray trail remnants’ we see constantly." around the perimeter of tropical storms and hurricanes.

      That's exactly what I point out to people who ask: "If you're so smart. Then just exactly HOW are they manipulating storms and hurricanes?"

      They still don't believe that they are purposely sprayed aerosol trails, when I show them the satellite images, of those hundreds of evenly spaced (white cloud-like "sometimes light gray") lines encircling the storms.

      Until I show them a huge collection of satellite images that I collected over the last 35 years or so.

      You can literally see how the natural cloud formations that form (formed) around the outside circumference of the storms, have slowly morphed into the evenly spaced lines that we see today. Especially when you compare images of storms from the late 80s and 90s that became category 3 and 4 hurricanes. To images from only the past few years, of comparably sized storms and hurricanes. There is a huge difference in appearance, between the natural clouds and the evenly spaced (much shorter and more feathery) spray trail lines in current satellite images.

      Even so, only about one out of ten people admit that they look more like plane trails now, compared to just 20 to 30 years ago. The other nine would rather remain in absolute denial. Because they can't handle or fully grasp the truth. Without letting it destroy their paradigm and threaten their comfort zone of "Just Look the Other Way" mentality.

      Every meteorologist was saying that Ian should continue to track to the WNW… and then suddenly over night, it turned due NE and is now expected to turn east as it nears the coast. Painting a perfect bullseye on Florida! No surprise there at all. Because that's exactly what I expected from day one. You can literally track the storms yourself by paying close attention to the aerosol spray patterns around it, and not even consider any of NOAA's "Spaghetti" computer modeling predictions. Because Raytheon will make it go wherever they want it to go.

      I predict that it circles back around after hitting Florida, and hits the gulf coast AGAIN. Because they really like to do that, especially during such an inactive hurricane season.

  19. Malia says:

    About dysbiosis of water bodies- I have seen it first hand especially since last year. In summer the usually blue magnificent Columbia river between Oregon and Washington looked sullied and thick scum on edges. 

    Coeur d'Alene has lost her sparkle and looks lower every year I drive past and the trees tinder dry. Ponds in the Flathead Valley that used to have fish and birds now look like scum pits if they are not entirely dried up and deep blue beautiful Flathead lake in Montana where my family has had rustic cabin 50+ years was more green and less clear. Landscapes everywhere feel charged, dead, and stagnant it's heartbreaking how wide reaching it is there really is no where to hide. 

    so many are suffering from dysbiosis and toxicities and it's no wonder with the entire world around us so visibly in a deep state of dysbiosis itself.


    in other news, after some scummy particulate days the last 2 days have been pretty nice outside and relatively better air.

  20. Clare Goldsberry says:

    Dane – you might have seen this on Sept. 15 when it was published, but just in case others would like to read it: "A Subpolar-focused Stratospheric Aerosol Injection Deployment Scenario" by several authors led by Wake Smith. It appeared in Environmental Research Communications ( and explains the method for using a "prospective climate intervention technology that would seek to abate climate change by deflecting back into space a small fraction of the incoming solar radiation" and thus refreezing the poles. It even explains how they might use current jet technology to get the SAI into the stratosphere, showing a possible new design, how much this might cost (they say it's relatively cheap), and what we might expect, i.e. how soon we might be able to refreeze the poles. Given that the poles were once tropical, as shown by soil and ice cores from the Arctic that revealed remnants of tropical plants, high rates of CO2, etc., I'm not sure why they are worried about trying to "refreeze" the poles. Insanity rules!

  21. Tim Trillwood says:

    Spraying like mad over Victoria BC, Vancouver island September 24th.


  22. Lance says:

    Talked with a few people I know who live near the Sacramento River yesterday.  One fellow is a long time fisherman on this river and the Sacramento Delta.  He and some fellows he knows went fishing below Isleton, CA.  They use good electronic fish finders.  He said they marked "a lot" of salmon on their fish finders in this area of the river.  Having fished on the Sacramento River for many years I know what "a lot" of salmon in the river really looks like and its not like it is now.  In 1986, for example, 100s of thousands of salmon migrated up this river.  There were salmon constantly breaking the surface of the water for miles up and down this river!  Caught the largest bright beautiful salmon ever weighing in at 50 lbs. that year!  Now, you might see one or two break the surface because there are far less salmon migrating up this river!  There are three main reasons for this.  Toxic pollution, lack of fresh oxygenated water, and unusually warm weather!  This fellow I talked to did say they caught one 15lb salmon, but it was quite dark, not the bright silver color they should be when coming in from the Pacific Ocean.  The reason for this is due to the very warm water flowing down the river.  Salmon don't like warm water so they remain in the cooler Delta waters until cool water flows from the mountains in the fall.  They then begin to turn darker in color as a result.  This fall, there is no cool water flowing down from the mountains.  In fact, the fresh water flows are extremely low for this time of year.  What water that is coming down from the reservoirs and lakes is also polluted with numerous toxic substances.  This water also lacks oxygen in it.  When trying to discuss this with this long time fisherman he would not listen to what I had to say.  This is typical of how people don't want to deal with the reality of what's happening!  They deny reality and will do so until the bitter end!        

    • penny waters says:

      wow lance what information you gave – i was entranced 

      don't fish but that was wonderful – especially how it used to be 

      i actually got images as i was reading of salmon leaping through water in their hundreds

      tis fascinating how i connect with the language of people who 'know' nature

  23. Lance says:

    Trust the science, they say?  Don't trust the science deniers, they say?  Here's the problem with this.  The scientific community providing science information more often than not provide scientific information that is complicated, hard to understand, and worded in a way to lessen, cover up, and hide the destructive effects a particular scientific discovery and its use actually causes.  When someone issuing scientific information based on science, information that is often available from their own scientific sources, that brings to light and proves their scientific discoveries are toxic and destructive, they are censored, or worse!

    • penny waters says:

      totally agree – my biggest eyeopener was attending university as a mature student and realising that most of the teachers had never worked in the field that they were supposed to teach – hahahaha – i used to take them to task in the classroom cos i could not let these vulnerable young people think that these teachers had the answers!! i must have been so irritating hahahaha although some did appreciate!

      what we have to remember about science is that it is a tool (actually in my society a 'tool' is a dickhead!!! hahahaha) but……

      for science to measure – cos that's basically what science does – it has to place boundaries either side of what is being measured – the problem is – nature has no boundaries!

      silly humans

  24. Mike says:

    Another great wake-up broadcast, Dane. Thank you.

    Plenty of climate engineering going on in the UK section of the asylum. Looking up, as I do daily, I very often see dozens of spray trails streaking across the sky, particularly when we have high pressure systems over us. They are so clearly visible, surely others must see them and wonder?

    Just last week our idiotic government cut taxes across the board, especially for the already wealthy, in order to boost economic growth!? It's not going to happen obviously. They've also removed the ban on fracking and the cap on banker's bonuses! The carbon party has just been ramped-up even further. Madness beyond madness. The human race is slowly committing suicide and has been doing so for a long time. I'm not sure there's time left for us to halt the process…but I guess we have to try.

  25. geoff hanham says:

    Spraying patterns nearly every day, but the patterns and dispersals  are changing. Ony four butterflies seen all year, no honey bees, two bumbles, one large 'shed spider',  a few web-spinners who seemed to die within a wek or so, no beetles of any kind and worst of all, birds of all kinds disappearing and dying…

    It is beyond heartbreaking….

    Meanwhile the RAF/USAF/NATO (who knows?) practices 'stand-off' bombing of this small coastal town and the E.W. and targeting systems are both measurable on equipment (allegedly) and produce immediate tinnitus and headaches when switched on and which symptoms clear immediately when these trained and willful killers of populations over the hills and far away, "Of whom we know nothing" and care even lessless, depart…

    Meanwhile my beloved late wife's rescued wild birch seedlings that were just an inch or two when planted and now have reached three to four feet, are dying, as are our ancient  wooded lands…

    Geoff Hanham




  26. wayfarerjane says:

    CATASTROPHE IN SOUTHERN FRANCE; yesterday we visited the hills behind the Cathar tourist town of Carcassonne where a large VLF station dominates what was once a beautiful area. I have never seen such devastation of nature. Evergreens dead or dying, scorched shrubs, bare brown fields, throttled leaves on just about every tree limply hanging down. An odd oasis of life in sheltered places but even then the vegetation looked sick. No hope, trust in science will not save us as the chef to a billionaire told me. No hope, when I hear " what do people need to know where there food comes from". No hope when the habits of a life time continue in the majority….Back to school, Christmas, Birthdays, Sunday lunch, as many holidays as possible, bigger better cars, local tourists with their phones constantly taking pictures. Maybe it's time to let this civilization go in this vibration state nothing good has come, perhaps the next will produce a paradise for that after all is possible.

  27. Ziggy says:

    Hello Sea and everyone.

    To answer your question from last week Sea. I can't expose my exact location for reasons that I will explain at a later date. But I live at an altitude of over 5,000 feet and I still get hurricanes occasionally. It rarely gets over 100 degrees, yet that has all changed over the last five years. I am now seeing over 40 days a year where it gets over 98 degrees (before it was only 5-10) and the humidity has virtually doubled as well (from an average of 32 to 61%). Went through a horrible drought recently and overnight we got a 1,000 year flood. Then, right back to drought. Thank you very much you climate intervention criminals.

    Lance, your almost daily updates on the insane conditions in Dane's neck of the woods, is a constant reminder to us all, of how much the Weather Controllers are attacking your once peaceful and pleasant life.

    I volunteer most of my time with the Park Service and help to find injured and sick victims of the (seriously dwindling) wildlife population here, that are also having their once serene lives shattered by the military's arsenal of weather weapons of war.

    Many species are coming down with massive ulcerating soars on the outer parts of their ears, nose and facial areas around the eyes. Including chronic loss of hair and fur all over their bodies. My guess is that the elevated UV-C is causing these issues. Plus nearly every single animal is suffering from an upper respiratory infection and what looks to be asthma. Which doesn't surprise me at all, with the amount of toxins falling out of the sky 24/7.

    I am glad to hear that Herman is still on the mend and will be released back into the wild, when he has fully healed. The bird and insect populations have dropped by nearly 95% over the last 5-10 years and the National Forest here, looks more like a scene from another world. With over 60% of the trees being brown and dead!

    It truly blows me away that NO ONE from this area seems to care about any of this and are totally oblivious to the elephant in the sky.      I believe that all of humanity should be renamed…. Total Insanity.

    Dementia is also a very serious problem here and the last poll estimates that over 35% of the citizens in my town alone, suffers from one form or another, of this disease that is likely due to the massive amount of aluminum in their bodies now. At this rate, we will probably hit 80% in just the next 3 years! It isn't looking good at all, for the feeble minded insane sheeple that I seriously try to avoid at all cost.

    • penny waters says:

      i have to say – my mum had alzheimers and i came to stay with mum and dad to help

      she was diagnosed at 55 and died at 79 – a long time for a beautiful soul to become more and more isolated from the outside world – but i was in contact with her until she died

      because, at the end phase, she couldn't speak or move we communicated by her raising her eyebrows – once for no and two for yes

      i believe that alzheimers and other dementias are not what the 'scientists' say

      my mum didn't really come out of herself all of her life – her sisters were spiteful and dad (loved the man) was quite dominant

      she was a delicate soul who saw nature as i do now – i asked once if i could cut the grass and she said – don't cut the flowers – i hadn't noticed the daises and meadow buttercups amongst the grass which were absolutely beautiful

      living in this place opened me up

      i think people who develop these diseases are the delicate souls in our societies – but no-one listens to them – they have no place 

      i was lucky to leave home and express myself amongst the women in the womens movement – it was about consciousness raising – and that is the problem with most people i believe- they have not been in a situation that enabled them to investigate themselves – who they are and what they think


  28. Lance says:

    You might want to look at whats happening off the Oregon coast on the C.O.D website or other images on some other websites!  Highly unusual weather manipulation.  Aerosols clearly visible!

  29. Gene Adaway says:

    You can find Trinity and Beyond on

  30. Russell says:

    WA ST is spraying like mad today Saturday 24th short bursts not too long of the spray stream, It looks like they have changed the chemical composition from what they usually use, anybody else notices this. thanks, RUSS.




    • Nat says:

      Yes, noticed this and change up of pattern on 24, Whidbey Island, WA state 

      thank you Dane for your work 

  31. john michael vanOs says:

    great good work dANE shared tHANK you

  32. Tad says:

    The sooner "The Collapse" – aka TEOTWAWKI – the greater the odds that the Earth itself may survive. In this case, Ignorance is not only Bliss, but very Welcomed. Bring it on.

    • brent papon says:

      Unfortunately, I agree and have felt that way for a while.

      For the record, It's very close to collapse.


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