Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 26, 2020, #268


Dane Wigington

Heat, wildfires and smoke in the US West have been relentless. The climate engineers can continue the trend for as long as they choose. The scheduled weather for the West is for more of the same. In the eastern half of the US a round of engineered winter weather is being staged. As food crops and fish harvests around the world continue to collapse, the CV-19 societal lockdown scenario is being advanced. How long till forced vaccinations are a part of the equation? The following quote is from a statement just given to Geoengineering Watch by a medical physician, Dr. Anthony Parkes:

When doctors refuse to even look at evidence on vaccine injuries or genetically engineered viruses, simply dismissing them as conspiracy theories, I truly fear for the future of humanity.

Anthony C Parkes MB, ChB, FRCS (London)

To hear the entire statement from Dr. Parks, tune in to this week's broadcast. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

The majority will not accept what is unfolding until they have no other choice. All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

Geoengineering Watch extends our deepest thanks to Dr. Jonathan O'Quinn for his efforts to raise awareness of climate engineering at the East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina (9/20/20).

Our most sincere thanks to Mike Torrence for his ongoing efforts to raise awareness at the Tonasket Farmers' Market in Washington State (9/17/20).

This week's outreach booth is at the Mountain America Exposition Center, Salt Lake City, Utah, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

To see firsthand film footage of the climate engineering impact on our forests and its vanishing inhabitants, view the new series: "Into The Wild, With Dane Wigington":

For those that have not yet seen our recent post on “The Dimming”, it is a groundbreaking documentary that is currently in production. This documentary film will provide answers and proof of the ongoing climate engineering / weather warfare operations. Below is a 4+ minute trailer on the upcoming film.

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  1. Ray savage says:

    How can I support these investigations 

  2. Dennie says:

    Sen. Diane Feinstein's letter to Wm. Perry Pendley, the Acting Director of the BLM (…no, that is not "black lives matter!"), re methane-leaking "Orphan Wells" and what to do about them:

    William Perry Pendley Acting Director Bureau of Land Management 1849 C Street NW Washington, D.C. 20240

    Dear Acting Director Pendley,

    We write to express our concern regarding the expected increase in orphan oil and gas wells on federal public lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) as a result of falling oil prices. Left unplugged, these wells that have been deserted by operators can contaminate groundwater and leak toxic gases like methane into the atmosphere. We urge BLM to develop a plan to identify and remediate orphaned wells in order to protect public health and the environment.

    Two years ago, the Environmental Protection Agency estimated that 2.15 million abandoned and unplugged onshore wells exist nationwide. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic and recent international price disputes, the oil industry has experienced an unprecedented downturn: a survey conducted by the Federal Reserve found as many as 40 percent of oil producers expect to face insolvency within the year if oil prices remain at current levels. When companies declare bankruptcy, their wells are often left unattended, leaving states to assume responsibility for cleanup. In the face of economic headwinds for the oil industry, the number of orphan wells can only be expected to grow, which will be detrimental to workers, the environment, and already budget-constrained states.

    Many states have confronted this issue by addressing the bonds that companies pay as insurance before drilling begins. In California, these bonds have been periodically increased over time to account for well depth, idle status, and number of wells. Attached is an assessment from the California Council on Science and Technology that exposes the state’s potential liabilities and analyzes measures for financial security for these wells.

    In comparison, BLM has not adjusted its bond levels for projects on federal land in more than 60 years, and a 2019 report by the Government Accountability Office found that “bonds held by BLM are insufficient to prevent orphaned wells.” As a result, 84 percent of bonds linked to wells on federal lands are insufficient to cover the full cost of cleanup. By raising bond values, BLM could both accurately depict the true cost of reclamation and help fund needed work at orphaned sites.

    At a time when millions are out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic, funds can and should be used to foster job creation in economically depressed areas. In April, Canada announced a new $1.7 billion effort to clean up its orphaned wells, which will create more than 5,000 jobs in one province alone. This corresponds with research that finds a similar program in the United States could support job growth for workers in an industry in turmoil while also benefiting the environment.

    We urge BLM to use this opportunity to support workers and protect the environment by prioritizing the reclamation of orphan wells. Thank you for your consideration of our request

  3. 'a' simple horseman says:

    To ALL, today was awareness booth day at the farmers market. I set the booth up and was sitting on the  street side of my booth on the shoulder of the hwy. I like to watch the world pass by. Sitting in my lawn chair eating my "lunch" I watched a large SUV pull up in the parking lot at the grocery store across the street. Some folks my age got out and I noticed the lady pointing at my banners. She made her way across the street and got a closer look. She asked me, "who's booth is this?". Well come to find out, she listens to Dane's broadcasts on you tube every week. To bad she doesn't visit the home page of GW, she'd have known who I am. I sent that nice woman away with 25 flyers and lots to think about. It was a great way to start the market day. It does wonders for the soul to sow seeds of awareness, and in my case, watch them grow. I particularly like watching new patrons of the market, which there are plenty of. They try so hard to ignore my booth, like it wasn't even there. Sooner or later, they all end up front and center. I have done this for so long in the same location that I can tell who is going to stop by next month, next year, what ever. Their curiosity will get the best of them. It's human nature to pay attention to the bump in the road or the proverbial squeaky wheel. In my case I try to be the fly "they" can't shew away. I don't sell anything, I do not accept donations, yet I'm there week after week and now year after year. When I die and go meet my maker, I will state something like, "No, no sir I 'did not' drink the kool-aid. I stood up and did what I could to promote the health of our planet/home, and if I may, I have a few questions…".

    I wish for you all to witness the seeds of awakened fruition "I have". It's not much but it 'is' a good start. 1/7th of one week, I wish I could give more. And just for fun: Has anyone ever thought about the fact that folks knowing that our demise is at stake might just be the remedy that could, may, might just save 'some of us'? It's a lofty endeavor for those that care enough to lead people in the "true" direction. The truth always hurts no matter what. What one redistributes it as is what counts. Like I wrote before, it's not always  easy to be on the outside looking in. The techno world baffles my mind. Separating humanity from reality has never been easier!

    It was a good day in spreading awareness. Love and strength to ALL

  4. Kate KELLY says:


    "What if you've already had your first dose of this new, risky, GMO changing, vaccine, w/o consent — at the end of a nasal swab test?"

    Kate Kelly, Sept. 30, 2020: Article below found on Pub Med

    Hydrogel nanoparticles and nanocomposites for nasal drug/vaccine delivery

    Sara Salatin 1 2Jaleh Barar 1 3Mohammad Barzegar-Jalali 3Khosro Adibkia 3 4Mitra Alami Milani 2 4Mitra Jelvehgari 5 6

    Affiliations expand



    DOI: 10.1007/s12272-016-0782-0


    Over the past few years, nasal drug delivery has attracted more and more attentions, and been recognized as the most promising alternative route for the systemic medication of drugs limited to intravenous administration. Many experiments in animal models have shown that nanoscale carriers have the ability to enhance the nasal delivery of peptide/protein drugs and vaccines compared to the conventional drug solution formulations. However, the rapid mucociliary clearance of the drug-loaded nanoparticles can cause a reduction in bioavailability percentage after intranasal administration. Thus, research efforts have considerably been directed towards the development of hydrogel nanosystems which have mucoadhesive properties in order to maximize the residence time, and hence increase the period of contact with the nasal mucosa and enhance the drug absorption. It is most certain that the high viscosity of hydrogel-based nanosystems can efficiently offer this mucoadhesive property. This update review discusses the possible benefits of using hydrogel polymer-based nanoparticles and hydrogel nanocomposites for drug/vaccine delivery through the intranasal administration.

    • Raymond says:

      Kate KELLY,

      I know for a fact that hydrogel-based nanosystems were already being used to increase mucoadhesion properties of nasal swabs, by the DOD and DARPA… back in the late 80s and early 90s. As my battalion was given vaccinations, performance enhancement drugs, and a caffeine-like drug to keep us awake and alert, for up to 78 hours straight. By our medics from the MASH and QS (Quick Strike) branch teams, using nasal swabs prior to boarding C-130s and modified PC (personnel carrying) Apaches. Because they could be administered 10 times faster than injections and rapidly spread into the nasal mucociliary membranes, where toxic chemicals would be inhaled, ingested or absorbed by tear ducts.

      Nanotechnology was in it's infancy back then and soldiers were their preferred choice of lab rats, for testing on humans… because we were expendable and if something went wrong. They simply covered up the experiments and paper trails, by officially recording our chemically derived permanent disabilities as battle injuries and deaths as casualties of war, or unfortunate training exercise mishaps.

      The nasal swab vaccinations were supposedly to help us deal with any contact by biological weapons designed to penetrate our chemical suits and gas masks. Or infectious diseases that the locals and livestock around the drop zone may be infected with… including rotting battle casualty corpses.

      After each mission, where tactical nasal swab procedures were required… about 1/3 of the men in my unit, became extremely sick for a week to ten days. And at least eight men in my platoon alone, that I can personally attest to, died from mysterious (undiagnosed) illnesses. Which we all knew that the nasal swab vaccines were the cause of those fatal illnesses. But we were never allowed to mention that to anyone, including our own family and civilian friends. Or especially the relatives of those deceased and crippled soldiers.

      I would not doubt, for one single second, that thousands or even millions of people who received Covid-19 nasal swab tests. Were in fact, purposely infected or had blood, enzyme and bacterial activating nanobots released through the nasal membrane cell walls… that immediately went to work on mutating and coding their dna. 

      Bioengineering their entire body to allow the virus to be turned on, by possibly even a specific 5G signal or pharmaceutical drug they are prescribed. But even more scary than that… the swab nano system properties might even engineer neurological pathways that allows the virus to attack the brain and nervous system directly!

      Which has completely baffled scientists and hospital doctors around the world. Because, they can't figure out how the virus is able to make the jump from blood and tissue cells, TO NEURONS!

      Virus testing nasal swabs!

  5. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, thank you for such a technical broadcast this week. And for those that might not have seen it as such, please listen again, I did. There is so much unfolding all at once it hard for those of us in the know to not get literally dizzy, "wouldn't ya say?" Dane, I know full well that you see the writing on the wall living so far away from any kind of irrigation or development, just as I do here in far north central WA USA Inc. The decline in vegetation alone even with recent rain is down right heart wrenching. You all watched the video with all those frogs and dry creek beds surrounded by dying trees. I resent how well I know how hard it was to place ones self in that much reality. But it is what it is and so far I have a sane mind 'and' I'm not afraid to use it!! So watch out!(grin).

    Jonathan, Wow, I admire your using your proximity and informing young folks in the pictures presented here. We are a whole continent apart sharing the same narrative. 'That' makes me proud and confident that I am on the right "trajectory".

    Don't kow about you folks, but I sure am happy to see some pictures of the Gem Faire awareness booth, 'and' someone tending it. Thank you to the person that took the time to make a difference.

    The pic you see of myself was taken on an extra ordinary day in my 4 years of tending my post(booth). Mike needed his batteries recharged and I got my batteries charged and then some that day. Please notice that I did not have my tarp over my booth for shade. The smoke was so thick up here there was no need. I sent a picture of me to a friend of mine and stated that I was wearing my lucky shirt. For what it's worth, that day it could rightfully be considered. The creator gave me what I needed and also gave me much to think about. "Masks", folks, the horseman has a few hard to accept facts about masks. I will write more later but for now, I have walked through several mask mandatory signs "without" "any" "push back". In fact I asked those that were tasked with "policing" the situation what they thought about the mask mandate. Every one of them was ready to throw all of them in the trash. Not one of them questioned my 'not' wearing a mask. Even the Wally world mask police. I have found it quite fun to strike up a conversation just like it would have been OK last year and let questions with facts interjected do the work. Sadly, in most cases it causes most cognitive nerve centers(people) to default and reboot their mindless hard drives which they think they depend on. I always get a chuckle when I ask them if they have one of those "super phones". Humanity is lost in a whirl pool of deceptions. Very often it is hard to be in the position of being on the outside looking in. The reality that your world affects mine and mine does not want to affect yours is quite frankly, haunting. Only because all of our world's are closing in, imploding. Which totally sucks!

    "Drizzle drazzle, drazzle drone, time for this one to come home"….

    • jonathan oquinn says:

      Thank you MT for your awesome commitment to expanding other people's awareness through your constant devotion to this task. Each of us must decide how best to use the time given us. Like you and Dane and many of us in the GeoWatch community, we set aside many personal aspirations to focus on things that are frankly more important.

      I heard from someone just this week that our numbers are very small compared to those who are unaware of what is happening in this world. yet still, we must each of us do our best to make a difference.

      No matter what the outcome, let is not be said we did not give it 100%

      be encouraged everybody, Jonathan :+)

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Jonathan, thank you kindly for your words of encouragement for us all. For the  record my friends I have not met, yet. I "do not" nor have ever had 'any' social media account unless it be my email I've had for 20 years now. From the git-go I saw it for what it was. One big tracking device. Not to mention all of the warped "rewards" that are derived from it. "Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars". Very wise words regardless of where they were coined.

      I do not get to have the populous anonymity that most of you have. I live in a small town region. Several times this last few weeks, folks have come up and said, "oh, so you're the weather man I've heard about". I could think of worse things I've been called, I'll take it! Point is, folks I've come across are talking amongst themselves about what I have presented to them. Mission accomplished. Let's go home now.

      And for what it's worth, it's OK to call me by my name. And if you ever want to get ahold of me, I'm in the book.

      Love and strength to ALL…

  6. penny waters says:

    been so taken by the corruption written about here have forgotten to report the state of the trees here in uk

    going into autumn/winter

    so,so many standing dead trees – and others half dead

    leaves not turning autumn colours – dying on the trees and staying stuck on the branches – many, many trees just falling out of hedgerows – dead

    and no-one sees – not one person has mentioned it – so caught up with the relentless obsession with a virus

    heard a report from the daily telegraph that the virus has mutated to live on those blue and white masks and that the grease from all the hand 'sanitizers' has also become a substrate that the virus can live on

    everything in public has become sticky – had a period when i was young when i realized how dirty people's hands were, so have for many years always washed my hands when coming in from public places – and now everything is covered in greasy s..t

    the world of humans is decidedly mad – only my link with my home, surrounding green world, the creatures that live with me here and most of all this site, and the good people who are involved in it, enable me to retain some semblance of sanity in a human world dying on its feet with no knowledge that it is happening!!??

    i asked someone, whom i used to feel close to, to look at this site

    when i first told her about it she said that sound like a conspiracy story to me

    at the time my eyes were being opened to many friends whom i realized had little idea about the world we live in

    recently i asked her to look again – don't know if she has – she has an environmental degree and does much work in the environment – but doesn't look up – obviously

    but she is young – well younger than me and i have been aware of the environment most of my life

    one of my first memories, and excuse me if i repeat myself, is of sitting on the grass in our back garden (we had come out of london, after the war, to a huge council estate – but we had gardens) surrounded by dolls and teddies (me – pre school age) and picking different leaves out of the grass to feed them with (they all had a plate in front of them) – weird and strange, cos i now pick those same leaves out of the garden and eat them 

    hahaha full circle – tis a strange life and ending up to be a sad one as i sometimes raise my head and engage with people – only to feel such disappointment at such a lack of knowledge and engagement with our amazing and magic environment that i see in other people

    'all things bright and beautiful' are not seen by most

    so many on this site are so lucky to know the magic of life although now so tinged with the pain of knowing

    i salute you all – you wonderful bunch of humans – with love for our world 

    • Bonnie Crawford says:

      What touching posts you write, Penny. I so relate to what you are saying! And your story about when you were small, feeding your dolls and teddy bears leaves on plates – so sweet! I feel very fortunate to have lived to 71 in freedom. I am heart broken to realize I won't live out my entire lifespan, especially being so healthy and on no medications, but still very grateful for a happy life and good memories.  And I grieve for every innocent person whose life will be cut short, due to the stupidity and greed that was so unnecessary. Thank you, Dane, for your diligence and perseverance in this battle. Your tenacious spirit to continue is amazing.

  7. penny waters says:

    i know this is going to sound quite nuts and even though i am not good with pain, after reading the posts i often feel the quicker we do ourselves in, the better

    to disappear from the universe would be doing it a favour – but then i feel that out there in space must be many planets inhabited by creatures like us, all at different stages of evolution

    and so it goes on

    i can remember how it felt to be a child – not knowing how corrupt humans are – didn't know the big story then

    nuff to make this ol' heart break sometimes – brought me to tears

    but great to the see photos of all you wonderful people going out there and contacting others

    and always to dane, my heart felt thanks 

  8. Michael Skaggs says:

    Dane my friend,

    Fellow believer and kind hearted Ranger! Listening to your Alerts is heartening and inspiring and I hear a kindred heart and voice from you. I stumbled across the Geoengineering back in the Northeast USA (Maine to be exact) prior to 2001 when driving home in the convertable looking up at the sky and jet trails marking "X" marks the spot and serioiusly questionable flight paths, then remembering we have no major jetports anywhere near where I lived, and the military bases were supposedly shut down.  Tracking them with photography and paying attention to the shifts in the wind, rain, and snow amounts plus seeing the ever popular "rainbow halo" around the sun on blistering hot days where not one natural cloud could be seen all day.  
    Then Sept 11th happened and that day I was nowhere near a cell phone nor news media until late in the afternoon. Thankfully, when I did turn on the television, I witnessed WTC 7 fall in less than 10 seconds, demolished live.  When I saw that, I never fell for a propaganda story again, and like yourself, always had an inclination from a young age that things were just "not right" with the world.

    Most, like your quote from Morpheus, would prefer to live in denial and not see it.  With the mass distraction of 9/11 it was difficult to get people to see the climate engineering, they were more focused or shall I say distracted with that. And then more and more distractions, etc. but you already know the drill.  I wanted to take a moment to thank you for speaking out and providing us with the credible data and being so sharp, consise, and truthful about this whole thing.  I appreciate your straight forward candor and no "candy coating".

    I have since moved to New Zealand since 2014, and witnessed horrid geoengineering amounts across the USA when I travelled from East to West Coast and then saw it almost days after arrival here in New Zealand.  I was hoping it was not a global event, but it is a fact that Geoengineering is a global autrocity. It was easy to surmise that the fires in Australia was in fact from it.  We are under constant ice nucleated moisture station bombardment here in Auckland.  They continue to inform the people that Auckland has a water shortage, and we receive deluge rainstorms that are not natural causing flooding and damage regularly, then days of dryness.  The Sun's UV level was off the charts yesterday after another geoengineered severe rainstorm with high winds.  You are right my friend, there is always the winds that show up at the worst time.  That was one of the observations I made back in Maine when documenting these is that after the spraying occured, the temp would drop and winds pick up. 

    The forests here are also dying, and less and less lizards and animals are showing.  When I hike thru the bush, you can see the dryness in the trees which are also dying.  We had a Kauri die-back even happen here, ancient trees were rotting and they spent tons of money trying to figure out why, and also preventing people from going into the parsk that had them. Their final conclusion was that it was caused by humans! They put stations up everywhere forcing people to spray their shoes going in and out.  One day I saw a woman from the environmental department maning the station, they were policing making sure people were "spraying". I saw there was geoengineering in the sky, so I asked her if she had heard about it.  She said "no". We had a long discussion about it and I said "I wonder if there is any tie to the Kauri dieback and the spraying overhead".  Soon after I made that suggestion, they stopped managing the entrances to the parks.  I wonder if she had done her investigative work on it.

    Keep well my friend, and I would love to meet yous somday! Go for a hike somewhere!

    Cheers from Auckland, New Zealand

  9. Raymond says:

    Geoengineering: Denial of the government program’s existence is pure absurdity. Considering that over 50 books have been authored on the subject (including Dane’s work… “Geoengineering a Chronicle of Indictment”) With over one million copies of these 50+ books sold worldwide and hundreds of government and defense agency reports having been published. Universities offering classes on the subject and even more news articles published, by entities such as Rolling Stones Magazine. How can even one individual place it in the realm of conspiracy theory hysteria? When the proof of it’s existence, is merely a click away on the internet! I have personally read over half of those books and here is an editorial, with some excerpts, quotes, sources and links. This will be my most scathing report on the subject of Geoengineering and I wanted to share this with everyone here at our information hub of truth and consequences… for spraying climate altering chemicals and nano particulates into the stratosphere. This report will also cover profound revelations by governments and their militaries, for the objective of pioneering the new climate engineering exposed frontier known as the “Polar Silk Roads”. Exactly what Jan Becker commented on yesterday. Before I begin this detailed commentary, I wish to point out that humanity is both the plundering conqueror and eventual collapsing empire, of this ill fated new quest… to turn both polar land masses and deep water abyssal zones, into a treasure trove of unexplored natural resources. Simply to appease the whims and desires of the wealth seeking insane asylum, responsible for placing planet Earth in the Critical Care Ward of God’s heavenly universe to begin with. But it is Nature itself that will pay such a heavy price, for our lust of power and riches that will only corrupt our souls and doom us to extinction. Soon after the animal kingdom withers and blinks from existence as well. My heart and conscience are burdened with the understanding that the most intelligent marine mammals on Earth, are trying so desperately to communicate with us and tell us to “Stop Killing the Planet!” The whales and dolphins choose to sacrifice their own lives in mass stranding events, rather than live vicariously in the shadow of humanity’s void of empathy and continued path of self destruction. As if the holocaust of murdering millions of their species, with atomic bomb detonations in oceans and seas around the world… wasn’t enough! We are now attacking their underwater frontier with aerosol particulate poisons and polymer plastic toxins. On top of sonar and 5G microwave insanity that we take for granted as necessary but harmless to the web of life. The most intelligent mammals on Earth are screaming to be heard and recognized, for their equal right at a life without humanity’s toxic and destructive… malevolent treatment of every species that we deem to be either inferior, or just food for our dinner tables. Mother Earth is begging us to listen, but we drown her out with our technology fueled addictions and love of thyself only, restricted comfort zone. Welcome to the insane asylum of the cowardly, acidulous and caustic human civilization. I would also use those words to describe every cruel and calculating, military industrial complex of the world super power nations. And their plans on using Geoengineering to purposefully thaw both polar ice caps within the next five years or less. In order to make it accessible for rare Earth, coal, precious mineral and gem mining. Oil and gas exploration drilling and on site refineries. Plus the construction of more than 500 new military bases and nuclear powered ice breaker ships, to keep the strategic balance of power in check. Pretty muck like turning the fictional movie “Ice Station Zebra” into a reality. And the final episode of nailing the coffin of humanity shut. While opening the Pandora’s Box of mutually assured Global Warming, Nuclear Melt Down obliteration! Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead. This is my report: CNBC report published September 7th, 2019  This Bill Gates-funded chemical cloud could help stop Global Warming Bill Gates is backing the first high-altitude experiment of one radical approach called solar geoengineering. It’s meant to mimic the effects of a giant volcanic eruption. Thousands of planes would fly at high altitudes, spraying millions of tons of particles around the planet to create a massive chemical cloud that would cool the surface. The technology is not far from being ready and it’s affordable, but it could cause massive changes in regional weather patterns and eradicate blue sky. Watch the video to learn how it would work and hear the debate around the ethics and efficacy of solar geoengineering. Bill Gates chemical cloud project of Geoengineering and its possible bad side effects, are made perfectly clear by this statement. “These consequences might be horrific. They might involve things like mass famine, mass flooding, drought of kinds that will affect very large populations,” said Stephen Gardiner, author of “A Perfect Moral Storm: The Ethical Tragedy of Climate Change.” Rolling Stones Article published February 12th, 2015 The Pentagon & Climate Change: How Deniers Put National Security at Risk This article discusses how congress will likely join Russian and Chinese militaries, in conquering the Arctic “Polar Silk Road” The white house and congress deny climate change at present. Because as this article points out in this excerpt: This kind of talk vanished from the party after 2008, when the GOP turned into a subsidiary of Koch Industries. Since then, Republicans have worked hard to undermine any connection between climate and national security. Case in point: In 2009, then-CIA director Leon Panetta quietly started the Center on Climate Change and National Security. It was a straightforward attempt by the intelligence community to gather a better understanding of the changes to come. Among other things, the Center funded a major study of the relationships between climate change and social stress, under the auspices of the National Academy of Sciences, one of the most respected scientific organizations in the country. Climate deniers in Congress didn’t like it, especially Republican John Barrasso of Wyoming, a Big Coal state. By the time the report was completed, Panetta had left the CIA and his successor, Gen. David Petraeus, let it wither. “We felt constant pressure to water down our conclusions, ” says one of the co-authors of the National Academy report. The day the report was released, the press conference was suddenly canceled, and the report was buried. A few weeks later, the Center on Climate Change and National Security was disbanded. Koch Industries are more than likely supplying the stratospheric aerosol spraying ingredients, used to thaw the polar caps and Monsanto fertilizer concoctions for GMO farmers … as this Wikipedia profile clearly looks to support such claims: Koch Industries, Inc. /koʊk/ is an American multinational corporation based in Wichita, Kansas. Its subsidiaries are involved in the manufacturing, refining, and distribution of petroleumchemicalsenergyfiberintermediates and polymersmineralsfertilizers, pulp and paper, chemical technology  equipmentranchingfinancecommodities trading, and investing. On the subject of Ice Breakers: The price tag for a new icebreaker is $1 billion — not cheap, but about one-third the price of a destroyer. And not something Rep. Duncan Hunter, the San Diego climate denier who chairs the House subcommittee that oversees Coast Guard affairs, wants to hear about. (Although he does seem to be in favor of an ice-free Arctic: “Thousands of people die every year of cold, so if we had GLOBAL WARMING it would save lives,” he told a group of Californians in 2009.) In the view of one Pentagon watcher, the problem is not just that deniers like Hunter don’t see the need for icebreakers, “they don’t see the need for any kind of strategic thinking about the Arctic at all.” I am sure that if you were one of the members, of that group of Californians, Dane… you would have definitely given him a piece of your mind, after making such a rude climate change (Global Warming) insult!  For the life of me, I just don't understand why governments and their militaries feel the need to conquer and control EVERYTHING! The depths of the ocean were once the last great undiscovered frontier. But it has now been totally militarized and polluted, just like both polar caps soon will be… and even space has military forces that are sneaking around the millions of pieces of junk and debris! Not to mention the thousands of tiny Star-Link satellites that will soon be taking the place of the stars! I repeat: "… the insane asylum of the cowardly, acidulous and caustic human race."

    • Jonathan Oquinn says:

      Thank you Raymond for your valuable contributions. It is an unspeakable tragedy, what has happened to the marine life at this planet, much of which is in possession of an intelligence at least on par with Humanity if not even greater. You certainly don't see them selling out themselves and their other marine animals for profit. Thank you also for mention the article about the CIA, which is part of the Shadow government running the show behind the scenes. Remember the video of Senator Daniel Inouye describing the shadow government, which has its own private military, during the Iran-Contra hearings.

      I was outside last night trying to enjoy watching the moon and the stars and the Beautiful moonlit clouds when I kept getting interrupted by noises from two large parties down the block from where my wife and I live, parties which appear to have been going on for years with few breaks. Much of that was probably filled by various chemicals and other substances. Search people have largely lost the capacity to think. They certainly do not possess critical thinking skills on any significant degree. They live only for the gratification of the moment and operate in a complete state of Oblivion 2 things that really matter. These are the poles that's what we're dealing with…. a ruthless military industrial complex with no empathy and no regard for life on the one hand and on the other hand, people who are blindly and willfully ignorant and apathetic to anything going on in the world that really matters.

      Will we ultimately be successful in raising enough awareness to put this madness behind us? We will never know if we don't try. Again, as the wise character from the book said, all that we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.

    • penny waters says:

      dear raymond

      i feel your pain my friend, to read of your anguish and the love that you obviously feel for this poor old planet that humans are gobbling up with the disdain not only for other humans but all of the creatures we live amongst and the beauty of a sunrise or a full moon illuminating magically

      my heart goes out to you – i feel it too – the pain of watching destruction and corruption going hand in hand into a very dark place

      try to retain some light my friend – be grateful for the small miracles that we can all see, even if so few and far between – join the dark and the light together and observe sir – and just do what you can – and love what you can

      i cannot help but will be thinking of you

  10. f reps says:

    Do not allow anyone ; Government Functionary ; Medical Doctor ; School Nurse ; or even your Employer  to administer any medical test of any kind to your own person or any of your family members.   A Plan exists  to use the results  of such  coming Tests to enforce additional restrictions on one's freedom.     Do not accept any vaccinations.   Your privacy is absolute.  Any argument that the  "non Vaccinated " are a danger to society is not logical.  The vaccinated are already safe….your health is none of their business since you are not harming them.   Do not wear a mask.   A mask  is proven to inhibit one's intake of oxygen.   Stop patronizing enterprises that insist on Mask wearing.   Be vocal { politely } about the fact that masks cannot even stop bad odors…let alone  stop Virus nano particulates .   Prepare to be lonely  for  company .  Our Nation has become a flock of Sheep.  The current Worldwide  Shepherds are primarily adherents of the Book of Talmud.   Both political parties are two sides of the same debased coin.   Enjoy the Theatre ; but realize you are living in an Era that makes Weimar Germany or the former Soviet Union seem like a Club Med Vacation in comparison.    Be True to your family and friends and send some money to Dane ; who seems almost alone on this Mission.  The least we can do is help him with the fare.

    • penny waters says:

      i have to say that i am very lucky to have a young woman doctor – we communicate – one human to another – made her laugh one day – took her some herbal medicine

      she has said to me that she wishes that other people would take responsibility for their health

      she was shocked with a blood test i had that showed low levels of inflammation – am 71 yrs, so should be very inflammed and ill

      had ovarian cancer so should be in bad state, but wouldn't be here if not for modern surgeons

      but as many of you know i took a degree in herbal medicine and can hold my own with medics – many of whom have such ego problems

      my friend says everything we do is from love or fear

      so we mustn't lump all – as many of 'them' do – and just because they are part of the system doesn't mean they are not reachable  

      from what i have observed the more someone has to lose the more stuck in their blinkered view – i find many ordinary people quite clued up – that's was what the vote for leaving the eu was about – ordinary people saying they had had enough of diluting our society in the name of cheap labour and destroying our working culture of ordinary people with no illusions of grandeur

      i am so lucky that i can hold onto the love and try to keep the fear under wraps and in the dark where it belongs

      and it is the people on this site that help to keep me so, so if i take anyone to task it is because we can drive ourselves insane with the frustration of it all and rant and rave with the best

      but i say again nature runs it all – it creates and destroys and within its creation lie the seeds of distruction 

      is this the stage we have come to??

      and dane is not alone – without him where would we all be – no he is not alone and we love him for his lead and his stand in everything he does

      and my love to all of us trying to make some sense in this crazy human life we are living

  11. Jonathan Oquinn says:

    I'm sharing geoengineering handouts from the website as well as handouts about the immune system and viruses in general as well as vaccines in general and covid-19 in particular with everybody I can hear in this area of North Carolina. This includes patients and physician and non-physician staff and our local hospital, local parks, Public Library, Starbucks, everywhere I possibly can. I am seeing a mixture of different kinds of responses from shock to anger to disbelief and denial. Some people are quite antagonistic on this subject. Never the less I share the information with everybody I possibly can here. I encourage everybody to continue sharing sharing sharing! If anybody does not listen to you then politely and respectfully Shake the Dust from your sandals and move on to the next person. We have no time to waste on people who don't take this seriously. Don't let it get under your skin. We can't change these people. Focus on the people to whom you can get the message across with positive results.

    I am finding some of the greatest resistance to this message among people who have strongly held core beliefs that such things could not be possible. There are many reasons why people feel this way. No matter. Keep on sharing and keep on reaching out. Never give up! Look the storm in the eye!

    There is a series of books titled Lord of the Rings. In one scene, Frodo says to Gandalf, " I wish it need not have happened in my time." Gandalf replied, "So do I, and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us."

    Make every day count!

    • Terry says:

      I have been spreading the word here in the Ohio River Valley. Perhaps one overlooked aspect of understanding what is going on in our skies is the age of the person who is observing those skies. 

      A close friend of mine is 41 (born in late November of 1978). I introduced this website to him, sent him the flaming arrow link, along with personal photos and videos I have captured here in the ORV (in my experience, if you can capture footage of close to home, it strikes a chord), and this friend instantly "got it." He is now a self-proclaimed "anti" SAI advocate, and has informed me "once you see it, you can't unsee it." 

      My 41-one-year-old friend was the first to point out to me how individuals, just five to 10 years younger than he is, have a harder time understanding SAI or SRM, and that there is now an entire generation that only knows what we currently have (such as microwaved clouds, and aerosol canopies that are not clouds all) as their reality. If you were born, say in the late 1970s as he was, or in the early 1960s like myself, you are old enough to remember what "normal" skies looked like. 

      I am aware that climate engineering has been going on for nearly 75 years or so, though the out-of-control weather warfare of SAI really ramped up, by my watch, in this area, sometime this century, and probably started here in the late 1990s. I look at all of my printed photographs (in albums) from the early 1990s, 1980s, 1970s and 1960s, and of the hundreds and hundreds of "sky" photographs I have, nothing resembles what we see time and again in our skies today. 

      Imagine though, if you were born post 2001. Or even if you were born in 2009. This is your reality. The only evidence you would have that this wasn't occurring (at such rampant speed as it is today, and high volume as it is today) is from videos, movies or photographs that us "old-timers" possess, or our memories (those of us that still have them) and "our word." 

      What is baffling, though, is how anyone could possibly deny that climate engineering isn't real and ongoing. All you have to do is look at the aircraft, which are clearly visible so much of the time. Simple logic is all that is needed to know these aircraft are dispersing aerosols, which are greatly affecting weather, human health, the health of the bees, trees, birds, and all living things. Three billion-plus songbirds don't just "disappear." Combined with the plethora of cell phone towers, HAARP, fires, nucleated cold spells and nucleated methane via those radio frequencies, we truly are living in a planetary insane asylum. 

      As an incurable optimist, I am holding out hope that rightousenss prevails in this fight. Thanks to Dane and everyone here. Life can find a way, and no good thing ever dies. Stay strong, healthy, and never lose hope, all my friends. 

  12. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: Our future? Aren't we being told that with AI, the useless-eaters are no longer required. Who knows what is in the particulates being sprayed worldwide. We are expendable… awaiting the next bio-weapon.

    The Dying Russians
    Between 1992 and 2009, the Russian population declined by almost seven million people, or nearly 5% — a rate unheard of in Europe since World War II.

    … Not only had the retirement system collapsed, but neither the job market nor their own families—those grown children who had once been entirely dependent on their parents—had any use for these people.

    Gone, too, was the radiant future: communist slogans were replaced with capitalist advertising that didn’t speak to the masses, who were in no position to over-consume. 

    For those over forty, the message of the new era was that no one—not even the builders of an imaginary future—needed them anymore.

    Above all, the veil that had hidden the wealth of the few from the incredulous and envious gaze of the many had been ruthlessly removed: for the 1990s and much of the 2000s, Moscow would become the world capital of conspicuous consumption.

    No longer contributing to or enjoying the benefits of the system, members of the older generations, Parsons suggests, were particularly susceptible to early death.

    … what is happening now is “merely the latest culmination of ominous trends that have been darkly evident on Russian soil for almost half a century.” With the exception of two brief periods—when Soviet Russia was ruled by Khrushchev and again when it was run by Gorbachev—death rates have been inexorably rising. This continued to be true even during the period of unprecedented economic growth between 1999 and 2008.

    • penny waters says:

      wow gorbachev and krushchev – always had good feelings about those two – mad!

      2 reasons i have thought russia became dodgy – heard how many russians removed money from russia and injected it into land and buildings in uk!! 

      also watched putin walking through what was the old palace of the tzar – gold embroidered building

      and it was said at the time how the buildings were pulled down after the revolution – and they were build again – copied in exact detail

      actually made me feel sick

      and why does putin look like dobby from harry potter

      and did you know that the tzar wrote to his cousin – he was king of the uk at the time – cos the bolshevics didn't want to kill the royal family – and asked to come over here – and our king refused

      fancy denying your cousin and his family their lives – how to live with that!!!

      who wants to be in charge – not me – i'll stay at the bottom of the pyramid and out of sight

      although i believe that mi5 have me on a list somewhere cos i was in the womens movement – and america wouldn't let me visit even though i have relatives in new york state who said they would put me up

      hahahaha soppy ol gardener – a real danger hahahaha

      the mad are really running the asylum – good job i am only here for a human lifetime

  13. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Fighter pilot shortage puts US Navy in a quandary – Asia Times

    It seems a rash of technical and safety problems has left the US Navy’s fleet short by about 90 fighter pilots. Fixing the issue is an uphill battle, a top aviator said last week.
    The Navy has seen a slew of issues, including problems with the oxygen flow to the pilots causing negative and unsafe physiological responses in pilots and trainees, as well as readiness and engine trouble with aircraft, according to a report in Defense News.
    All of this has extended the time it takes to create a fighter pilot from three to four years, and the issues have created a gap in the number of pilots in the fleet, naval air training chief Rear Admiral Robert Westendorff said at a virtual Tailhook symposium.
    “We can’t just snap our fingers and produce those immediately. The time to train of a strike fighter pilot is about three years; due to the bottlenecks we’ve had, its getting closer to four years,” Westendorff said.
    … Naval air training has been beset in recent years with controversy over the so-called physiological episodes, the cause of which has been very hard to pin down.
    The Navy now believes it’s a complex issue involving air flow and air pressure related to the breathing apparatus, and measures have been put in place to mitigate it, USNI News reported in June.
    For its part, the USAF has already begun to introduce a number of advanced tools including virtual reality (VR) to help train F-35, F-22 and F-15 pilots, National Interest reported.
    In August, Air Force announced the inauguration of the new Virtual Test and Training Center at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada — which will house the future of joint-aerial combat training.
    In addition to speeding up the production of pilots, VR could also help ensure US pilots are getting the realistic combat training that traditional real-world training conditions have been unable to provide.
    The Marine Corps’ pilot shortage has become so great this earlier this month the service announced that it will give out an aviation bonus of up to US$210,000 for select pilots who are willing to extend their service commitment by up to six years.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yay!! Hopefully more pilots will continue to drop out & not be replaced. This could be one of the best things to happen to planet Earth in recent history.

    • Raymond says:

      Dear V. Susan Ferguson,

      In regards to the Fighter pilot shortage puts US Navy in a quandary post. 

      I read that article from Asia Times as well and trust me… it is simply the DOD trying to cover up the REAL REASON for the pilot shortage. The number is not 90 either, but rather over 500 in all armed service departments combined! (with nearly half being Navy pilots)

      Three years ago I read an article published by the Huffington Post (which was retracted two weeks later by request of the DOD) and it stated clearly back then, that the problem wasn't an issue involving air flow and air pressure related to the breathing apparatus (even though it was occurring occasionally and causing pilots to lose consciousness for a few seconds in about one out of every 5,000 flights), but rather… the issue was exposure to RADIATION and nearly half of all pilots were being diagnosed, with terminal brain, throat and sinus membrane cancers. Including lymphoma and lukemia! Just three to four years into their career as pilots.

      The Pentagon claimed it was plane design flaws by defense contractors, which didn't properly shield the cockpit crews from the new highly advanced nuclear ordinances, in the weapons bay and radioactive devices recently added to flight instrumentation hardware. They announced back then as well, that it would be resolved with new alloy shielding material, invented by Lockheed.

      But the sick pilots who were now forced to resign their commission, because of medical reasons, were told that the new shielding was already in place during flight school training. So they knew that the radiation exposure was not from their own plane's weapons or flight control components.

      When they took their plight to the highest authority and met with congress behind closed doors. The pilots said that according to the types of cancer they were getting… the lethal radiation exposure had to be coming from outside of the aircraft, through the cockpit's clear canopy. When they flew at very high altitudes, during extended flight times. They insisted that their cancers were the result of UV, Cosmic and X-Ray radiation! AND that their supperiors never advised them of this new danger. 

      They were all forced to sign NDAs (non disclosure agreements) and promised by congress, that their surviving family members would recieve death benefits, in honor of their sacrifice to the country.

      The $210,000 aviation bonus is merely to sucker in pilots, who haven't yet caught wind of the new radiation dangers that is a result of a severely weakend ozone layer in our atmosphere. It is basically a death sentence by radiation induced cancer, if they accept the bonus terms… but they don't know that.

      All defense contractors are now rapidly working with DARPA on designing AI controlled and piloted autonomous aircraft (like the XB-37 space plane), to eventually replace all human flight crews. Rather than admit to the world that their geoengineering operations have degreded our protective ozone layer, exposing every living thing to a new and deadly radiation threat. 

    • V. Susan Ferguson says:

      Hi Raymond – Thank you. I am aware of the radiation issue from dealing with the Navy Growlers on the Olympic Peninsula WA. The more we protested, the more they ignored us. That was when as a taxpayer I understood I had no rights. The public is considered 'collateral damage'! The Navy 'owns' this state. As time passed it became more difficult to find any truth about the physical consequences of the radiation, which is being emitted on us daily from the PODs beneath the planes. I have hundreds of photos of 'fried skies' over the entire Olympic Peninsula taken from my house, first comes the sprays and then EW electronic warfare patterns.

      It was said that the pilots out here were showing up sterile and that many of them objected because they wanted to have children. Around two years back, the Navy took down the local website that was finding accurate information. I did not know that the pilots were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements – but that makes perfect sense. I have learned so much about the military in the last four years. They really don't care about their own. Ego, power & control. Using taxpayer money. I have concluded that every admiral, every general stands on a pile of damaged, destroyed, and/or dead men & women. Look at the Vet suicide rate. This appears to be a consequence of a collapsing empire. Like the Praetorian Guard.

  14. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Revenge of the Money Launderers – Reporting by Matt Taibbi

    … The regulators outlined a slew of admissions, with HSBC’s headline offense being the laundering of $881 million for Central and South American drug outfits, including the infamous Sinaloa cartel.
    The laundering was so brazen, regulators said, the bank’s Mexican subsidiary had developed “specially shaped boxes” for cartels to pack with cash and slide through teller windows. The seemingly massive fine reflected serious offenses, including violations of the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) and the Trading with the Enemy Act (TWEA).

    The next years would follow up with a flurry of similar settlements extracting sizable-sounding fees from other transnational banks for laundering money on behalf of terrorists, sanctioned businesses, mobsters, drug dealers, and other malefactors. Firms like JP Morgan Chase ($1.7 billion), Standard Chartered ($300 million), and Deutsche Bank ($258 million) were soon announcing settlements either for laundering, sanctions violations, or both.
    … Translated, this meant the Justice Department was crafting punishments to make sure banks landed on their feet and remained functional as American businesses, even in the face of public reprimand.

  15. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    With AstraZeneca's vaccine trial still on pause in US, questions abound about study participants' mysterious illnesses – CNN

    …The trial has been on hold in the United States for more than two weeks, and regulators face the task of trying to figure out if these illnesses were random and disconnected from the vaccine, or if they are related to the vaccine.

    AstraZeneca and its partner, the University of Oxford, have given various accounts of the sick volunteers.

    AstraZeneca told the media that the first volunteer who became ill had "an undiagnosed case of multiple sclerosis," but information on the Oxford website describes volunteers who developed "unexplained neurological symptoms."  The company has stated that the second volunteer had "an unexplained illness" but an internal company document, which was labeled as "initial," states that at least at one point, she had a rare neurological condition called transverse myelitis. …

    "Those are very different statements," said Dr. Harlan Krumholz, a professor at the Yale School of Medicine, after reading accounts from AstraZeneca and Oxford about the first participant's condition. "Their information should be consistent, and when it's not consistent, that raises questions."

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