Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 29, 2018, #164


Dane Wigington

Yet another chapter of mass distraction theater has been scripted by those in power to keep the attention of the population occupied. All the while unimaginably dire scenarios continue to develop in countless locations around the world. The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

The effort to awaken the masses is a race against time. The rapidly increasing rate of disasters and conflict zones around the world is finally causing more to start asking questions. Can our collective efforts supply enough credible data to help those that are waking to correctly connect the dots?

Geoengineering Watch wishes to express our most sincere gratitude to Maciej Kocialkowski for his tireless work toward raising awareness on the critical issue of climate engineering in Gdansk, Poland (9/29/18). Maciej has also translated flyers into Polish and personally distributed them in his homeland of Poland.

Our thanks to Mike Torrence for continuing with his efforts to raise awareness at the Tonasket farmer's market in Washington State (9/27/18).

Our most sincere thanks to anti-geoengineering activist, Tom Keith, for helping to sound the alarm at the Davenport Freight House farmers market, Davenport, Iowa (9/2918).

This week's outreach booth is at the Expo Idaho, Boise, Idaho, and is shown below. My most sincere and continuing gratitude to the Gem Faire exhibition organizers for facilitating and setting up this very effective booth in every week's Gem Faire location. The schedule for upcoming Gem Faire events is HERE. A booth will be at all events, thanks to the steadfast support of Gem Faire.

An important reminder of the upcoming climate engineering awareness event / forum in Northern California, October 20th, 2018, hope all who are able will attend. For more information click HERE:​

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140 Responses to Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 29, 2018, #164

  1. Bob Mazza says:

    The weather here where I live in Northeast Florida has been manipulated for quite some time by my reckoning. I've lived here all my life(I'm 68) Seems like back in the early ninetys I began to notice that we would have extremely blue skies. Yes they were beautiful but after a week or two of this I began to hate it. It was too blue. We still have many days like that. They're not natural. 

    In this area huge cumulus clouds were most common before this phenonomen. I never see them now. We also used to get rain almost daily in this area. Very high humidity. Not now though.

    The Saint Johns River has become very salty. I never see a water moccasin on the shore in the river anymore, not that I like them. Used to be you couldn't walk 20 feet without seeing one.

    I believe that HAARP and Chemtrails are real and I have no idea why it's being done. And I also as others have said here believe that these planes are drones. I hope that people very soon will begin to pay attention to this website, inform themselves and begin to be vocal about what's happening. Thank you Dane Wigington for your very heroic efforts at trying to awaken the public.

  2. Dennie says:

    From the "Too Little, Too Late" Dept.:

    "The Trump Administration knows the planet is going to boil.  It doesn't care."  The Trump years are a fantasy land where we pretend we can go on living precisely as in the past, unwilling even to substitute electric SUVs for our gas guzzlers, and able to somehow insist that the rest of the world stay locked in place as well.​

  3. Virginia says:

    Hi, Dennie: Your reply to mine about the Crusades vs oil/Oct. 5


    Well, old friend, consider me a first grader, according to your assessments and post.  I plead guilty. (after teaching for over 30 years, I actually take it as an honor, for first graders are great people). Thanks, Dennie.

    However, we have a slight difference of opinion, it seems.  We have been killing Muslims throughout history. The Crusades which began  (first of three or four) in about 1085CE were not (and I think you will agree) about cornering the market on oil, but for the European desire to spread Christianity vis a vis invading and conquering the "Paganish" Muslims and Arabs and procuring Jerusalem for the cross. (Also to control the routes to Far East)  In recent history, we, the West, are  fighting wars for the  Mogen David and the  fulfillment of the First Zionist Congress in 1899 held in Basel, Switzerland, which stated that world Jewry will hold and control all of the land "from the big river in the West (Nile) to the rivers in the East (Euphrates/Syria)" and beyond..  It is no secret that Israeli aims were  the acquisition of land, (not oil) and more land, and full control of Near and Middle East. In order to acquire that land, it would be necessary to destroy the populations, their culture, their religions and their beliefs.   We destroyed Iraq, not for their oil, but to protect Zionist interests.  Indeed, Royal Dutch Shell and other big oil  were against the invasion, as they were getting all the oil they needed from Sadaam Hussein.  Perhaps the pretext that you posited is actually the converse of the present agenda – that  the pretext is that we are going after oil to mask the murder of millions of Muslims/Arabs and the total, and I repeat, total destruction of their countries. Zionism cannot have religious or political hegemony over the entire world until Muslims/Arabs are neutralized. One needs only to research Israeli-admitted references and actions on this point.  Crusades never ended. Rather than utilizing horses and crossbows and swords, the modus operandi  is a compilation of missiles,depleted uranium, white phosphorus and nuclear devices of various descriptions.  And…..the piece de resistance ….bio warfare, climate destruction and manipulation of weather as a weapon on helpless countries and their people. It can be agreed upon that this world is in a most dangerous state of chaos and destruction and that we must all work together in order to insure our collective survival. Crusades or oil?  Dead is dead.

    Peace…no other choice.




    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Virginia:  Alas, the battle for Babylon started very early, and the players were most likely Pelasgian.  It gets complicated, as much of the history was intentionally erased by conquest.  Here is an interesting introduction to the situation prior to the Punic Wars: > 1177 BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed (Eric Cline, PhD) – YouTube

      But lite crude is not the issue.  The issue is control of oil, and here's why corporate crusades seem never ending: >

      The Absence of the Corporation in Islamic Law:  Origins and Persistence

      Timur Kuran* – Department of Economics – University of Southern California – Los Angeles, CA – February 28, 2006

      Abstract. Classical Islamic law recognizes only natural persons; it does not grant standing to corporations. This article explores why Islamic law did not develop a concept akin to the corporation, or borrow one from another legal system. It also identifies processes that delayed the diffusion of the corporation to the Middle East even as its role in the global economy expanded.

      Community building was central to Islam’s mission, so early Muslim jurists had no use for a concept liable to facilitate factionalism. Services with large setup costs and expected to last indefinitely were supplied through the waqf, an unincorporated trust. The waqf thus absorbed resources that might otherwise have stimulated an incorporation movement. Partly because the waqf spawned constituencies committed to preserving its key features, until modern times private merchants and producers who stood to profit from corporate powers were unable to muster the collective action necessary to reform the legal system. For their part, Muslim rulers took no initiatives of their own to supply the corporate form of organization, because they saw no commercial or financial organizations worth developing for the sake of boosting tax revenue. [End quote]

      The text also outlines the often arbitrary style of negotiation employed within the true Muslim tradition.  This archaic and libertarian modus renders outside (corporate) control of local business interests untenable or impossible.

      Please refer to the complete text for more insight: >

    • Dennie says:

      "Peace… no other choice."

      "Where there's oil, there's war."  — Colin Campbell

      Reread what I wrote.  



      NO Oil, No war.  YOU tell THEM (Hah!–and good luck with that)

      Oh, and then they'll just be fighting over the lithium in the ground for all your lithium ion batteries. Sheesh.  This is already happening.  What do you think is in Afghanistan (beside opium poppies)?

      Here's more Geopolitics 101:  


      2. CONVERTING THE PAGANS IS A PRETEXT.  Don't think so? See Number one, then go read Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, or just take a look at Hawaii, South America, Africa, the South Pacific, hell, the former North America.

      3. RELIGIOUS PROSELYTIZATION AND RELIGIOUS WARS ARE A PRETEXT.  But first, you gotta get 'em to go out and H-A-T-E Muslims!!!!!

      Go look up what Herr Henry Kissinger had to say about inciting religious wars.

      Look people, "they've" known for a long, long, long long time about oil in the ground in the middle east…. and when did the Industrial Revolution really get going?  Yes, the 1700s.  Exhibit 1A: Chechen oil is very pure and the lamps in the Vatican are filled with it.  

      The Ecologist is nice, but they got the title of this article wrong, it really should read "Where there's oil and gas pipelines, war is never far away."  How very n-i-i-i-i-i-c-e and completely tactful of them!

  4. Michele Marck says:

    Dane, I live in the UK and the activity in the sky above me is extreme, yesterday it was sunny and they were active, today it is cloudy and raining, that figures. I listen to your updates with such alarm and courage to carry on spreading the knowledge and awareness about Geoengineering and the destruction of our planet by the Global elite, I take pictures and record videos as my evidence, I work for a Global Company and have shared with the Environmental Group my knowledge but they ignore me, not surprised at all, as it goes against their agenda, will keep up the alerts and stay strong.  keep up the good work, we are all following your lead. Michele 

    • ROB says:

      Michele Marck,  Don't (((they))) usually spray ahead of the storm front in order *stop the rain?*   Thus – flooding elsewhere.

  5. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met, yet,

    Yesterday was farmers market #22, 5 more to go, this year. I usually write when I get home from the market, though yesterday I didn't feel like it. Was it that I ate dinner at the market? Was it because I was given several thoughtful gifts(note pads and something to eat) for my efforts? Was it because this warm season of raising awareness is coming to an end? Was it because several contributions here this last week have resonated deep into my thoughts? Well gee Bob, I'd say D, all of the above!(grin). The creator will never give us more than we can handle. So in that, I try to find the strength to persevere through all that comes my way. I'm not one for saying "this is to much to handle". Where there's a will, there's away. Who's will, who's way? Well, I guess we all have to answer that one for ourselves.

  6. Stuart says:

    Here in Orange County, CA we gave had more reports of "rotten egg or chemical" smells along coastal cities like Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa. General consensus is odors are from offshore/ ocean areas, blowing landward in PM.

    My take is they are smelling Hydrogen Sulfide which has been released from seafloor deposits. Most recent reports from last week correlated with big increase in local Geoengineering ops such as SRM.  Bright red sunset last Monday evening was one for record books.  Temps have dropped, cloud cover increased and some local rain.

    And yes, seismologists scratching their heads over massive tsunami and destruction caused by M7.5 EQ in Indonesia, also a SEAFLOOR disturbance.

  7. Matt Sarlo says:

    I diligently keep spreading facts to people concerning geoengineering. I will keep spreading facts to people who will listen. 

  8. BaneB says:

    First the good news:  Taking a walk with my dog last early evening in the waning light I a familiar sound that I have not heard for quite a few years.  There overhead way way up high and barely seeable was a large flock of geese.  A very long undulating dark line.  I did a quick estimate that was roughly 400-500.  They were headed east southeast.  Probably into the Sacramento area.  I hope they can find lots of water and food.  I am guessing these amazing creatures are fleeing the awful weather and early snows in western Canada, especially the Calgary region.

    Tinnitus:  It's back.  Noticeably back!  The high pitch whine is here again.   And there is a new tone to add to the cacophony, one that is a much lower pitch, almost throaty and deep similar to the sound of a "bass"  string strummed on a guitar.  Three times I have listened to this new sound over the past two days. It first intruded into my consciousness yesterday morning.  At first it seemed so odd that I thought it's outside somewhere.  But no, it was inside my head.  Age might have something to do with these sounds.  I bring this up because others younger might be experiencing these odd internal tones.  At the moment (very early morning) the higher pitch whines are very intrusive, and fluctuate in intensity.  I cannot rule out the cause is microwave energy.  It permeates everything and is being intensified with 5G and other uses held in secret.

    • Laura says:

      BaneB  I also have had a recent return of tinnitus here in Central coastal Calif…especially about 3 or 4 days ago.  It had been gone or minimized for months before.  It really coincided with the bit of rain we received. 

    • BaneB says:

      Laura:  My suspicion is its related to that approaching weather front threatening to actually bring some real rain into California.  I make a daily effort to search out all my daily weather inputs to observe how accurate are the forecast.  And to observe what the jet stream and the moisture fields are doing as they approach the Pacific NW and Northern California.  National weather service has been doing a lousy job of late in their forecasts.  I think the weather controllers have been a bit overwhelmed with so much to juggle via aerosols and RF.  But they did manage to dry out most of the rain that should have been much more than this region received.  The moisture-saturated jet stream was flowing south right over this region.  Even on Intellicast it was easy to see the moisture was being dried up by RF.  Probably aerosols, too, but Intellicast has a filtering algorithm that removes aerosol evidence.  I relate the excess tinnitus to increased powering up of NEXRAD, one over at Beale AF Base.  The other just south of Eureka.  They each have a pulsed maximum output of 750,000 watts.  Each has a sweep out 250 miles 360 degrees.  And they overlap one another.  Imagine getting zapped by both at maximum power at the same time.  Small wonder we hear weird high pitch squeaks and trills in our brains.

  9. Gotta give Dennie a hand for bringing up the idea of "out of control" weather control @ Dennie says: October 3, 2018 at 10:58 am

    Damn straight.  There are so many competing interests involved in geoengineering/weather control games, no one can or will complete a reliable picture on compounding effects.  "Climate modeling" programs will never mathematically converge under under these kinds of diverse and cumulative influences, and NASA knows damn well their climate "models" suck a-lotta wind.

    Not to be redundant, but I'm going to repeat myself all over again.(Yogi Berra) : >

    What If You Could See WiFi? – Nickolay Lamm 

    Be sure to watch the silly ditz on the YouTube video in full screen mode… 

    Then click this link >  Enter 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Wilmington, DE 19806 There are 95 towers and 624 antenna located within a 4 mile radius as of today's date.

    If you believe our "leadership" geniuses are somehow impervious to these levels of electromagnetic saturation, you should peruse the (non-industry funded) science of 65+ years of studies into radio signal interactions with functional health. One site: >

    To check for impairment at local leadership levels, click the above antenna search link and enter the address of your State capital.

    There are now over 7000 medical studies providing evidence of impaired autoimmune function, impaired cognitive function, impaired reproductive function, migraine headache and peripheral neuropathies, induced autism spectrum disorder, induced type III diabetes, induced Parkinson's disorder, and cumulative biological damage often leading to aggressive gliomas and cancers.

    I think the control situation might be out of control, but I could be wrong…

  10. Virginia says:

    Dennie!!!!!! Just read your post of 10/3/@10.04am.  WAY TO GO, MAN. COUNT ME IN.  THANK YOU, SIR.

  11. Virginia says:

    Hello to Danny Mandryk:  
    Thank you for your heartfelt  post, Danny.  Please do not despair,   though you have been through so much and I am so sorry.  Many of us have walked in your shoes and know how much courage it takes to meet these low points head on and still maintain some sense of hope.  It's okay to mourn and ask why. And,  I hope you will find some peace of mind and remember that "you are not alone."  Things will change for you and you will adjust to them because you are strong and not afraid to make hard choices, as your post indicates.  Please keep posting and let us know how you are.  Keep planting that little garden, even if it is in two or three pots.  Keeping touch with Mother Earth is good for one's soul….and, hey, having a ripe tomato on your window sill is a good thing.  Take care of yourself and be strong, for no matter how hard a time one is having, there are always those who are having a harder time.  Good luck to you, Danny.  Please remember that this site, besides trying to awaken people to fight for the survival of this planet, is, by the kindness and generosity of one Dane Wigington, also a point of inspiration to preserve and encourage  the spirit of man to treat all living beings on this planet with the greatest respect and concern. So, welcome to a great site and a great group of people that have found that spirit.

    Love and peace…..we all need it. And, thank you, Dane, as always.

    • Danny Mandryk says:

      Thank you Virginia, I appreciate your words very much. I do know that there are many who come to this site who have been going through very similar challenges that I face and some that have gone through much worse. Sharing my experience and reading all the comments really helps me to keep plugging away. Love, strength, and perseverance to you and all who are in this most important battle. 

  12. Virginia says:

    Hi, Dennie (@10:29pm).  Hope all is well down in the Bay

    You asked (rhetorically) at the end of your post: " What does Indonesia have that we would want so much to kill for?"     Well, besides the resources, Indonesia has the largest MUSLIM population in the entire world. The Crusades never ended, whether in Palestine/Syria or Indonesia, the beat goes on.

    First the horrific Banda Aceh quake and tsunami  in 2004 killing hundreds of thousands. Now in Sulawesi?  Is this just a very active seismic zone??  Or, is it being given a "gentle nudge?" 

    Either, thinking of the immense suffering of the innocents and the sorrowful loss of lives are with me each day – and I feel guilty for being part of a country which has become (or was it always and we were too dumb to realize it?)  a pariah, the antithesis of all that is good and decent. The  terrorism we are spreading throughout the world must stop – in whatever form we are devilishly utilizing it.  For in the end, it will be America who will reap what it has sown.   It has already started.

    • Dennie says:

      The 9.1 magnitude quake that struck off the coast of Banda Aceh was almost surely manufactured.  "Give us your oil or else, you stupid pigs-in-blankets!!!"  The "crusade" against Muslims is simply a pretext to go in and take all the resources, in a lame attempt to "justify" the aggression due to some kind of imagined "superiority" based on who wrote whose holy book.  If anyone actually still believes that these wars are about religion, their mental operations are roughly equivalent to that of first graders.

  13. Why are "they" doing this?

    For those who doubt the true intent of weather warfare as related to disaster capitalism, you really need to wake up.  The study cited posts comparisons of federally sponsored "recovery" contracting following hurricane Katrina, as well as current funding profiles following hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.  Add in the intentional forward debt loading of Puerto Rican banks – as reported within numerous expose's on other web sites, and it's obvious that Federal agencies such as FEMA are deeply invested (through surrogate companies) within Wall Street and Chicago Mercantile derivatives and futures markets. > God bless Numerica…

    Transforming the Recovery into Locally-led Growth: Federal Contracting in the Post-Disaster Period – Center for a New Economy

    "In the wake of the devastation resulting from hurricane Maria, the United States Federal Government mobilized numerous emergency relief efforts in Puerto Rico. Traditionally, Federal disaster response has been thought of as the “silver lining” that stems from a catastrophic event, given the millions of US Government dollars that are pumped into the local economy.

    The report examines Federal post disaster expenditures and the sectors and companies being contracted. Our primary findings suggest that Federal relief and recovery spending in Puerto Rico is mostly being used to contract mainland US firms. Moreover, existing trends signal that local economic development opportunities stemming from post disaster funding are possibly lower than expected." [End quote]

    Read the complete analysis below:

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Paul,  yes, there is no denying the disaster capitlist aspect of the climate engineering operations. This being said, the larger and more lethal components of the climate engineering operations must be kept in the forefront of our vision. Geoengineering programs are being used mask the unfolding climate implosion from public view till the last possible moment, to decimate and destabalize nations (in addition to being a form of bio warfare). The disaster capitalists won’t matter on a dead planet. We must fully expose and halt the climate engineering assault, we must change course.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Hi Paul,  I'm glad you brought up the destruction of Puerto Rico with the engineered monster storm 'Maria'. I pondered WHY 'they' would want to destroy this island, especially since it had been taken over by the corporation of the United States of America. A few months ago I stumbled on a FRONTLINE series production titled "Puerto Rico Blackout"…and BINGO!.. it hit me like a ton of bricks- just as you point out, there was a massive 'pump and dump' by the usual suspects in the criminal international banking cartel that took place there, unbeknownst to the majority of us 'rank and file' members of the population, (most likely 97% of us, I'd guess). So, what a perfect way to cover their tracks- just waste the whole island for years to come so nobody will investigate!..brilliant!. Who cares if thousands of lives are lost, ruined, and properties totally destroyed in the process? The important thing here is to get away with the money and the cover-up, right?! ( I'm being sarcastic, if you couldn't tell) I highly recommend finding that Frontline program for all to see. I guess it could be found on their website or be ordered at 1 800 PLAY PBS. It was bombshell information to me. I'd sure love to view it again.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Dane:  I agree it's important to remain focused on the severity of these chemical and electromagnetic assaults.  My post was partly in response to reader comment/inquiries into the recent Sulawesi quake and inundation, the 2004 Banda Aceh disaster, and the currently active Typhoon Trami incident in Japan.  All of these events were apparently accompanied by seismic activity via HAARP and/or other ionospheric assault..

      As in hurricanes Katrina, Harvey, Maria, Irma, and many more planned disasters, there is evidence of prior debt loading upon local bank bond issues – debt loading for infrastructure improvements subsequent to the disaster (a nice double-dip) and CIA sponsored debasing of local authority both prior and subsequent to the "event".

      Once the "event" takes place, there's corporate looting via property leveraging and private property confiscation.  UN (military) "relief efforts" are soon to follow.

      There has never been a "recovery" in places such as Haiti, and the pattern has occurred in so many Indonesian and South American economies, there's no chance whatsoever that it's coincidental…

      Environmental slaughter and intended famine also devastated Darfur, the Sudan, Libia, many other South African districts starting in the late 1990's and continuing to this day.  God bless Numerica… Where every thing is Free…

  14. Tom Petrie says:

    Thank you so much once again, Dane Wigington for that excellent presentation.  As an activist on this issue, I can say there is no better source of information on this topic.  But as you routinely note, academia has long betrayed their purpose by both ignoring this topic or lying about it.  A most recent example is from the "Earth Science Institute," of Columbia University in which they say, Geoengineering hasn't been implemented yet, but we may have to do it.  What nonsense.  And Columbia University–smack in the middle of the city of New York (that, by the way, adds 55,000 gallons of hydrofluosilicic acid to their drinking water EACH day).  Not a peep from them about the provable dangers of fluoride in over fifty years and, of course, not a peep from them about the provable dangers of GeoEng'd weather.  How could they admit to dangers of a program that they say is "only in the thinking phases."  W.T.F.?  

    I almost forgot, here's the link to their article:

  15. Bella_Fantasia says:

    It's beyond appalling and horrifying that Sulawesi was besieged by both a devastating earthquake and tsunami, but now a volcano on that island has erupted.  The frequency waves need looking into, but I don't where to look.  In the meantime I feel very distraught for these vulnerable people, and will be disgusted if we find out for sure that this carnage was deliberate. (And that's just one terrible event of many.)

    Is Sulawesi a test, like the 'FEMA presidential warning'?  Remember Hawaii's ballistic missile warning?  Cue up the fear?  Better not.

    • Dennie says:

      Well, the 9.1 seabed quake that devastated Banda Aceh back on December 26, 2004 was located near the strategic Strait of Malacca, a major shipping lane, including oil tankers bringing Indonesian oil to the west…. "Keep that shipping lane open OR ELSE!!!!!"  The tsunami that went around the Indian Ocean killed 227,898 (and probably more) people in 14 countries.  National Geographic published this story on September 28, 2018: Could Sulawesi be another "Or ELSE" warning?  What could Indonesia possibly have that we need so much that we'd kill to get it??  Hmmmm…

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Oh, Dennie, there is much to speculate regarding these Indonesian tragedies (2018 and 2004).  Here (linked below) is a tsunami of information that's over my head. . . . . It sounded like the whole world of warning devices absolutely knew both these tsunamis were coming, but the people affected were kept in the dark.  I'm not sure whether my understanding hits or misses the point, but imho there seems to be something more going on than controlling the transport of oil (even as that is usually the usual suspect).


    • Dennie says:

      … and what does the military have to have in order to fly those jets–???  ANSWER:  O-I-L.  What do the tanks and the destroyers use?  O-I-L.  We're not done with the mano-a-mano aspect of war and it won't end with a bunch of video gamers zapping everyone from hidden computer screens in remote corners of the state of Nevada.

      Have you availed yourself of the lecture titled "The Truth and Lies of 9-1-1?"  Mike Ruppert rattles off numbers of barrels of oil in terms of new wells drilled like nobody's business right near the beginning of the lecture at the University of Portland back in 2001, right after the crime of 9-1-1 occurred.  Better to investigate a little more deeply because these motherf*****s cannot kick their oil habit.  Their war machines are the ultimate addicts from Hell.  And when you want to MAKE SURE you'll get it, just kill a few hundred thou as a means of warning.  Why?  We've all heard Dane's quote from Zbigniew Brzezinski, that it's a lot easier now simply to kill millions than to try to control millions.

  16. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  Russia is constructing military infrastructure throughout the Russian Arctic, as it continues plans to defend and ship it's oil & gas products through the Russian Arctic waters, the Kara Sea, Laptev Sea, etc.

    Loading of nuclear fuel to floating power plant completed in Murmansk
    Reactor testing starts later in October or in November.
    October 03, 2018
    On October 2nd, the last fuel elements were loaded into the reactors of Russia’s first floating nuclear power plant.  “The next key stage will be their criticality in October-November this year after corresponding permit is received from Rostechnadzor [Russia’s state nuclear regulator].  Then, the integrated berth trails will follow, which are necessary before the reactor is brought to design capacity,” says Vitaly Trutnev in a statement sent to the Barents Observer. Trutnev is Head of the Directorate for building and operation of the floating nuclear power plant.
    The plant “Akademik Lomonosov” is currently moored at Atomflot, Rosatom’s service base for nuclear powered icebreakers just north of Murmansk on the Kola Peninsula.  After the two reactors are tested and approved, the plant will be towed from Murmansk across the Barents Sea and further northeast along the Northern Sea Route to Pevek on the Chukotka Peninsula where it will produce electricity for the remote Arctic town.  Towing is supposed to happen next summer. Currently, needed construction of coastal infrastructure, hydraulic structures and on-shore facilities is carried out at the port in Pevek.
    The reactors on board the floating nuclear-power plant are a modernized version of reactors used on board the Russian civilian fleet of nuclear powered icebreakers.

  17. Barb E says:

    At 2:18 pm both of our cell phones rang with the presidential alert as they stated on the news that all cell phones would.  Think about the bigger picture. How did they get the cell phone numbers of everyone in the USA?  How did they all get the message at the same time?  What is their end game using this technology?  Scary thoughts running through my mind!  How about yours?

    • Dennie says:

      Well, I have a cell phone and it sure didn't ring at 2:18 today.  You see, I do NOT have a contract.  I have an older 4G T-Mobile Samsung phone and I bought it used.  The SIM card was from my prior Nokia cell phone and it fit this Samsung model.  Sometimes it's good to be off the grid.  

    • Melissa says:

      I turned my phone off yesterday knowing they were doing this creepy test. At about noon I saw on the tv that they were deploying the emergency alert. Later, I turned on my phone and no text. Thank god. I do find it odd tho . Any other time I have my phone off and turn it back on I will still receive text messages. Odd indeed

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      I ditched my cell phone almost four years ago. If I ever need to make a call I just turn to the person next me and say "Can I borrow your phone please" I have never been turned down yet. How about that for "off the grid" , Dennie.

    • Frank says:

      Why was it at 2:18 pm. Kinda weird? When there's smoke there's usually an eleven.

      2 + 1 + 8 = 11

      9 + 1 + 1 = 11, etc.

  18. Mary Hollowell says:

    Way to go, activists!

  19. Theo Radic says:

    I have often fantasized about a civilian police force locating the landing strip where a given jet plane landed after a session of spraying toxins into the atmosphere. They would board the plane, handcuff the pilot and crew, and take them off to prison where they would await trial for crimes against humanity. They would be interrogated to find out which military personnel, which pilots, which scientists, which industrialists, which politicians, which bankers were part of this crime, and a war crimes tribunal would be instated by the people to try them and sentence the guilty to life in prison.

    Darwin’s survival of the fittest is the reverse of the truth. The fit are in fact sacrificed by the unfit, who rule the world now as they have always ruled the world, for the most part mediocre creatures with little or no talent but who think highly of themselves. Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Nero, Caligula – average types who achieve and maintain power with the support of millions of average types for whom they only have contempt. Mediocrity enshrined. The majority is the holiest group in modern democracies, “the chosen ones” who can do no wrong, even when committing atrocity and genocide at home and abroad.

    Who do the majority routinely sacrifice? The fit. They sacrificed the fittest of them all – Crazy Horse – and countless other divinely inspired people, gulags, prisons, reservations full of the fittest among us – sacrificed by the unfit. The survival of the unfittest. Nietzsche described the morality of the unfit that has dominated history: “this morality is: the mediocre are worth more than the exceptions; the decadent forms more than the mediocre; the will to nothingness has the upper hand over the will to life. […] I see on top and surviving everywhere those who compromise life and the value of life.” (The Will to Power)

     Who is it that detonated thousands of atomic bombs in the atmosphere and underground, destroying not only Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but the many paradises in the Pacific Ocean populated by the fit, poisoning the atmosphere and killing thousands of their own citizens with radiation poisoning? The unfit. Who has wrought planetary havoc, invaded sovereign nations and unleashed devastating wars for idiotic reasons, murdering tens of millions of human beings? The unfit. Who proceeds today with bio-, geo- and social engineering on a planetary scale, using the sovereign ignorance of science to “compromise life and the value of life?” The unfit. They survive, for a while at least, but the survival of the unfittest, like the survival of cancer, leads to nothingness, and omnicide, “the destruction of organic life.” This Nietzsche wrote in the summer of 1888. A few months later he went insane and remained insane for the twelve years remaining to him.

    • Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

      Well said Theo Radic. I like what you fantasize. I would Love to see that come about.           How twisted it really is & has been for so very long.           It is a Mad, Mad World indeed.

    • Dennie says:

      Re: Citizens' arrest of spraying aircraft "pilots."  Nice in theory, but let's all get up to date regarding the fact of remote flight control of jet aircraft, which the aviation community knows works perfectly well and has been around and since the 1970s.  Remote flight control played a very major part of the "hijacking" of the jetliners on 9/11/01. We know the so-called hijackers did not have nearly enough flight schooling in order to 1. fly a jetliner, or 2. make the jets do the maneuvers that they did with an ordinary human, let alone a very unschooled human, at the controls.  See "Pilots for Truth."  

      Now, consider this:  Dov Zakheim, dual U.S./Israeli citizen (and ordained rabbi, so of course, he's always innocent even when guilty as Hell) was the Controller of the Pentagon (where trillions went missing during the chaos of 9/11, thanks to PROMIS software) and he also owned a remote flight control company, headquartered in WTC7.  Do the dots connect??  Betta to find out where the drone pilots are housed, infect their computers, then nuke the building.

  20. Laurinda Morrow says:

    I live in Florence Alabama. Every year the Summers become hotter and the Winter's much shorter. As of today October 2nd 2018 are high was 90 degrees. And still this evening it is in the high 70s at night. Once Upon a Time October was a very cold month but now it is blistering during the day very hot very dry. I can't help but Wonder how the spring and other parts of the country have infected the state of Alabama.

    • Dennie says:

      The crap "they" spray drifts thousands of miles.  See the NASA satellite images.  Then there's the fact that "they" are also spraying it directly over your state.  That's what's "infecting" your state.  Mine too.  And everyone else's for that matter ;-).

    • Melissa says:


      I live in Billings Montana and our summers are getting shorter than ever before ( that I recollect) and our winters longer and more harsh. On a good year we have about 3 months of summer. This year we got 6 weeks of warm weather, All of June was rainy into the first couple of weeks in July. It finally got warm the remainder of July and a bit into August. We had 3 days in August reach 100 degrees then suddenly , fall like weather ensued. Here it is Oct  and we are 20 degrees cooler than average.Might I mention they have been spraying us a lot recently. No doubt creating this colder weather, Sunday we had snow .Weird snow too, the styrofoam ball looking kind. Absolutely fake and chemically nucleated. Monday was 70 with spraying. Tues , high of 63. Today our high is 46 degrees. Brrrrr, and every day has a chance of rain or snow showers. Next week our highs are suppose to be in the 30's. This is early for Billings. Its very disheartening to think winter is upon us already and to know criminals are controlling the weather scenario. Our once " Big Sky" country is now one big toxic mess!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Melissa, yes, the geoengineers have kept some regions of the US cooled down with ample moisture and chemical ice nucleatin processess, just as you correctly stated. It is the nightime low temperatures that are the most telling. What were this summers overall night time lows for the US lower 48 states? All time record highs, FYI,

  21. tris says:

    May the Ba$tard Demons Geoengineering yet another Tornado in NW, N.J. Rott for all the havoc, death and destruction they have deliberarely caused and continue to cause with their deceptive Weather Tricks!God knows! And they may escape judgement here, but Someday soon they face The Greatest judgement from GODAllmighty. Their vaccines wont save them either! Dane, Thank you for your courage, unselfishness compassion,honesty,love for humanity and Truths! 

  22. Danny Mandryk says:


    To all, it has been a very hard couple of weeks for me. Shortly after my dad passed away suddenly from a massive stroke four and a half years ago, I made the decision to focus totally on making those around me aware of what’s being done to our world. Unfortunately for me I became ostracized by those around me including my brothers, one of whom is living next door to me. I left my job at the beginning of 2015 and started to use my savings to pay the bills and build a little greenhouse and raised beds in my backyard. My landlords were okay with it and I was happy to start growing my own food. I would share with my neighbors and try to talk to them about the predicament that we are all in. Though they were appreciative of the produce, they were not willing to even consider the possibility of our government doing such a thing. It wasn’t long before I became a pariah in my community. I kept to my principles and tried not to be discouraged by all the ignorance around me. I am still trying but I exhausted my savings and had to give my notice to vacate this last weekend. I came across the video below about three years ago and I’ve watched it periodically since then to inspire myself to keep going in this insane world. It’s a short film that was shot in Spain I think. The sky shots show blatant geoengineering but I’m sharing it with you all because of the Charles Bukowski poem being recited in the soundtrack. 

    Almost forgot to mention that Calgary AB is now buried in close to a foot of chemically ice nucleated snow. 

    Love, strength and perseverance to all of us.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Danny Mandryk:  I can relate… Don't become discouraged. There are many of us in the same situation. Thanks for the poem. Here's one from one of the world's most profound mystics: >

      “Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.”


      – Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī –

      (September 30, 1207 – December 17, 1273)

    • Theo Radic says:

      Good luck, Danny. I too have lost friends for bringing up the subject of  geoengineering. Beware of drunken poets: Bukowski went all the way with his alcoholism. "Go all the way" is just what the geoengineers, the bioengineers, the social engineers, are doing. 

    • Danny Mandryk says:

      Thank you Paul for your words of encouragement. I will keep going until the end. 

  23. Madhatter says:

    So nice to hear the Truth being Spoken on the airwaves! In a way it is Biblical! I have been dealing with this type of situations now for over 60 years ! Because of the family I was born into & their connections! I know that anything I write or say is actually hearsay to anybody who wasn’t with me thru my experiences ! So let share something that’s more important! If you can & will answer these Questions! I know for fact you will not only benefit yourselves but all Creation! 1 What do all Belief Systems have in common ! What happens when you ring an  A-Tuning fork in a room with other tuning forks (to include other A- Tuning Forks)3what is The Golden Rule & Why is it important & how does it relate to the tuning Forks?4 Does a Belief cup or (make us believe cup hold real water )? 5 Were we all Created Eaqual? If so when & where &how does that relate to the Golden Rule &tuning Forks ?6 what word in a system that allows lies ,secrets,Hypocrites,hypocrisy,humans to rule over their own kind ,is going to get you closer to the truth ! Saying yes to that system or  politely say no ! 7 How many honest leaders have there been in the so called documented history of this world! ( what if the answer is none ) why would I say such a thing? & how does it all relate to the Tuning Fork answer &  The Golden Rule?8 what does ,let your conscience be your guide mean & what does the straight & narrow gate that leads to a place of Peace & 100% truth mean in relationship to all Technology,past,present & future ! 9 It is stated that no one can serve two Master That  is not true you can serve many masters ! The true Statement is no one Can Serve two Master plans  ! Why is the Why is the question! The answer ties all the other questions together!      So if you cannot answer all these Questions or Don’t care to it’s because you are part of the problems  more than the solutions & you are Disingenuous & Gutless to face the Truth of who & What you are& what your involved in of your own Free Will. ! This is the good news!!! The Bad news is no one in All Creation or Existence can remain  ignorant or Stupid ! Ignorance is not bliss. ,to be or not to be is Not the question for you already are ! Only stupid can fix stupid ! Karma is Data = Data is Energy Used & all Energy used is recorded as used by a System that is above all the systems now being used by the human race& their Hierarchy’s which are all disingenuous selfishness in worthless persuit to rule over their own kind with the use of forceful technology like Maggots in an incarnate carcass of Death ! Their self professed Rebellion is the key to knowing that they are all Billions of Parasites that cannot destroy the host without ending the own existence !  So there in lays why the whole truth is coming out & always has been & will ! Thankyou Dane & so many Other real humans for being Part of bringing it to be spoken on the Rooftops ! The truth sets you free because it is facts & needs no authority figure to make it better! The lies are for all the liars to use on each other for Eternity because they choose of the own free will Con-Science instead of having connections to a conscience that can walk a straight & narrow path of Truth &Equality  ! It’s A magical mystical Game of Musical Chairs & Of all those who should Nobody really cares ! But it’s kind of like the Wind you never can tell what looks like a Heavenly Breeze can be a hurricane from Hell  Karma is A Bitch &She always gets paid ,she has been a Universal Whore & Never Got Layed !     Some say the Madhatter is trying to Rain on your Parade! Not true I’m just telling you all from the facts of first hand exsperiance that the Parade is over and you rain over your kind Humans is over. ! 100%truth & 100% PEACE is the only intelligent option ! 

  24. frank reps says:

    We ; who agree with Dane regarding the "un authorized " and patently illegal spraying { on the citizenry } of Nations  with toxins have  a simple option ; if we really want to help spread the alarm.   Pass on Dane's materials to others…..or help with  a donation to the cause.  The current Kavanaugh  "Distraction " must be viewed as a really unimportant , and meaningless Soap Opera.   Think about this  So Called " Supreme Court ". that Judge Kavanaugh wants so eagerly to join.   Isn't this the same body of prestigious lawyers who in the recent past  applied their scholarly brains and erudite mental powers to  make the " Grave and Solemn " pronouncement that a brand  New Law { which overturns thousands of years of Human Practices and Traditions }   mandates the status of  "legally binding Marriage " to people of the same gender ?.  Why  woild any rational person concern him self  with membership in an Organization that engages in such  " Fuzzy " thinking  that works to destroy the family unit ?.  Who benefits other than Divorce Lawyers ?.   

  25. Michelle says:

    We are consciousness! We are bigger than this. We are limitless. We need to tune in to ourselves (meditation is one way) 

    As well as being activists recall / reclaim the beautiful planet in heart and mind. This is all a distraction from who we really are. Go within. 

  26. Sandy Patrus says:

    I know everyone in my family thinks I am a little crazy, but my granddaughter is off to college next year and I am worried about her choice of where she wants to go to school.  I don't want the college to be near a coastline.  She has already looked at colleges in many different states all over the country.  This month she will check out a couple in Minnesota and early next month she will be looking at a few in California and then she has to narrow them down and apply to 7.  I just want her to be in the safest state in case anything catastrophic happens.  I can't even bring this up to her because she already thinks I am a little off my rocker.  Now her sister, on the other hand, is very awake for 14…unfortunately not many are.  It is definitely not something they talk about in school either.  

  27. Atilla-the- Hunney says:

    Can someone please comment on this:

    The spraying started again a few days ago after a reprieve of about three weeks. Storm clouds were making their way to us when the spraying began and within three hours an enormous mass of artificial clouds were pushing the storm front away The speed at which the geoengineered cloud was put there was so fast, it was astonishing.

    I witnessed planes in the sky and now, at 6:00 pm., there are no storm clouds in sights.

    The storm clouds LITERALLY receded– traveling in the opposite direction as if being pushed by the massive white mass.

    I am in the San Gabriel Valley area of Los Angeles. If anyone else saw this, can you please comment? Thank you.


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      I'd say, look a little closer at your sky "all day long". I question that aerosols have been vacant for 3 weeks. Just because you do not see
      "lines in the sky" does mean you are not being "sprayed". Our foes have become quite covert and even more crafty.

    • BaneB says:

      Atilla-the-Hunney:  The aerosol desicants will dry and dissipate the approaching cloud-front.  And create some high pressure by trapping in heat.  The aerosols will weigh heavy upon the cloud layer flattening and lowering the tops.  As I understand it, for rain to be produced by a storm cell the height of the system has to be at least 8,000 feet.  Correct me on this.  Your area is laced with powerful RF microwave transmitters.  These are capable of creating high pressure zones, thus in combo with the aerosols a low pressure system can be diminished or destroyed.  I watch your area using meteorological info from Indy "rogues" in your region.  There is no doubt in my mind the weather terrorist have it in for your region.  They simply will not let in the storms.  That which does slide through are uncannily dry until the Arizona and Nevada borders.  Then the rain begins.  I have the impression the terrorists want your region dried out, including the Colorado River Basin.  Have you looked at the water level in Lake Mead?  LA gets water from there though it's not your only source.  Search out independent meteorologists in LA on YouTube.  Good luck.

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Yes, and they spray at night too.  For about 4 days here in Santa Fe, NM I noticed unusually blue skies during the day, but what I didn't notice because I was indoors making dinner and what not, is they were spraying in the evening and into the night.  By morning they were blue again.  Don't be fooled by blue skies that they are not spraying…just not when you are aware of it.

    • Jf says:

      Earlier this evening, I saw a large band of rain just off the coast. As i watched the radar, it started to dissipate as it came closer to land. I have  witnessed this a few times the last couple of years. Seems like they are drying up the storms as they get to land.

  28. Mac says:

    Pre-note, I agree with horseman below best to listen to Dane's video a second time.  — I've been meaning to share a few things, some practical some personal. It shouldn't really need saying but will note it anyway, being concerned or upset doesn't make a difference if we don't make actual effort, not just words but effort where we live. Though Dane has said this many times I want to mention handouts based on experience. Saying 'lookup website' isn't the same, words are thin air, a handout goes with them. I think a few hesitate thinking you have be 'activist' about it, no it's just being a person. Mention the haze, or floods or fires, and share a handout. I use them standing getting gas or anywhere and also mail them. They do the talking so you don't have to over explain, and lead to the site so then others use them – and it's not just you doing it. The point isn't to do it all yourself it's to inform – and get those who see the danger to also do handouts.  Another reason as Dane points out is people are distracted by medias and 'wa dc' when the spraying is what matters, handouts focus where we live. It's the link that says ads on it and note the plainer sheets at bottom, also, folding in half makes it easiest to hand people. On the personal side I wanted to say something about sacrifice. I've worked to wake people over several decades, the last decade giving up everything. Early on I had a horse, trained him myself how to ride, and also how to drive -pull a buggy with me in it. He was big, 16 hands and 1200 lbs, bright and so spirited. As years went by I wanted him to have pasture since he was in a barn most of the time, so I took him to stay with friends, two hundred miles away. I also thought I just needed to try harder to wake people then I would get a place with pasture for him. Along in this I found there are those who know things are wrong but don't know what to do, and those who know, and know what to do, but expect others to stop everything for them while they only focus on themselves and sit. It's difficult to see, the arrogance, decade after decade of disasters and poisons and destruction, here and worldwide, yet decade after decade, no care or effort for our once-beautiful earth,  no consideration of the serious personal sacrifices of the those of us trying to stop it.  

    I saw my horse only a few times when he was at my friend's because I knew he would look for me for days afterward. I kept thinking if I just worked harder others would do their part then I could have him with me, see him out my window. I lost him a year and a half a ago. When my friend called to tell me I knew by his voice before he said the words, as I caved a few minutes he tried to reassure me I gave him the best possible life. Nothing can replace those years. Even as I write this I have not fully grieved. Because of the selfishness of others I did not have a child, or even the last years with my horse. To others who sacrifice I understand, and it's important to acknowlege. A good thing is it can help sort out those around us who are anti-energy, and draw others to us who are like us because we're clear about ouselves and our value. Sharing energy and focus with those who are like us is important, personally, and because it helps us extend to others who care about things and don't know what to do. The other day I was standing 'in line' and saw a sign with perpaganda on it and said to a woman next to me 'that's not good', and she didn't say much, though sensing something else I said 'things won't change if we ignore or don't do anything', and she said 'well I don't know what we can do anyway.' I said well but there is something we can pass along info and asked if she knew about the spraying as I gave her a handout -I always have some with me. In doing that it was like a light came on, she instantly changed and said thanks and really meant it. It reminded me  some people just don't know we have energy because nobody showed them. So, if something in this resonates maybe useful to jot it down, I do that with things to remind me. And by the way there's nothing wrong with a tin foil hat, I found it makes a pretty good lining when it's chilly out. Dane's words of truth, the web of life is an obligation –





    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Mac, Well written my friend I haven't met yet, Truly, I hope you feel better for offering your words of self. I hope that those who read these words will understand that it is not about waiting until the moment is right, like with your horse coming home. It's all about making the opportunities to connect with others that want to know but didn't know it. The greener(realistic) our own pastures are the better we can take care of our fellow planet dwellers. Make sense?

    • Mac says:

      Horseman, regards and agree. If I were to adjust my post I would add spacing, several thoughts in one post is why I mentioned jotting down if something resonates, and notes your post further down, and Dane's video, and frank above, notes are good. The situation on those who know and just sit doing nothing to stop this could be a page itself, plainly said there are people who just don't deserve this earth. To me, there isn't an inch or daylight between them and those who are doing the spraying. Something I forgot to share on handouts is -expectation, when we engage, if we expect a negative reaction – and it is – we're not deflated because we expect it- and positive reaction is just extra energy. Makes a big difference. Also good to remember be ourselves, it's serious so be serious regular person, real, and -somewhat brief, move along first, and mention see right side of page Sept 29th. And again can mail them also. Last thoughts for energy, I eat full fat yogurt and get enough light so can sleep at night. *And physical action is energy, the other thing about handouts, it breaks paralysis. By doing, any weird fears or worry stops instantly because we're Doing something about it. It's instant.  Horseman thanks again and it would be good to connect on the horses sometime as I'm in the northwest territory also. To others remember there's people like us all around us if we engage, energy is a circle just have to grab on and start spinning, and remember if it's brisk out wear a hat – I'm really on that for some reason just something I picked up being outside a lot last winter  –




  29. Alan says:

    Report from the bird feeder – 

    This morning I saw a dove flying onto the perch.  It was trailing a four-foot-long filament.  The irony was striking.  

  30. David says:

    I recently read an article on but find it a little hard to swallow, it's covering an anomalous spike in temperature during the 9/11 no flight order of US airspace directly connected to the lack of atmospheric aerosol spraying because all the planes were grounded. Here's a quote from the article:

    "The effect during the three days that flights were grounded was strongest in populated regions where air traffic was normally densest. The increase in range came to about two degrees Celsius."

    Dane, was the situation really that bad already in the year of 2001 ?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, David,in regard to your question, yes, it was that bad in 2001. In regard to the climate, we likely passed the point of no return over 2 decades ago. This being said, the post 911 data is only a snapshot and does not take into account what conditions would be like if the hydrological cycle was given enough time to fully resume (which climate engineering continues to completely disrupt).

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, I have often wondered what effect there would be if the hydrological cycle were allowed to recover naturally, i.e., stop all of the spraying.  Have any of the climate scientists taken the fact that a warming planet would have more rain, and what would that do to help the planet recover it's equilibrium in regard to temperatures?  In any case, we must still work diligently to put an end to the hydrocarbon burning and stop the green house gas emissions a.s.a.p.  We tried moving towards going solar back in the 70s with Carter in the White House, then Ronny Ray-Gun surfed in, riding on a tsunami-sized wave of petrodollars and took the panels down.

  31. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    NASA WORLDVIEW of blue-green waters in the Russian Arctic

  32. KnownForLongTime says:


    They Were spraying in Nassau County NY like crazy today, always can tell by huge X that marks the sky! Horrible like twilight zone. I sent complaint to the FAA. Wonder if they laugh at me. Either way, more that do the better. Let’s let them know we are all into them. Wish I knew where these pilots get the nerve to spray u? And wake up next morning and not feel Guilty!

    • Atilla-the- Hunney says:

      If you really want to be ridiculed– try talking to a meteorologist at the local TV station. Yikes.

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      If you think you are being laughed at, I can imagine the field day my local newspaper had when I wrote my 4th and final letter to the editors of that newspaper for not publishing any of my previous letters about our geoengineered skies.  I wrote that letter directly to them and I was mad as hell, and told them they didn't have a conscience among other things.  I know they were all laughing at me, but I quite frankly I did not care.  This is what we need to do to all media…just bombard them with letters until they have to feel guilt or something if they are even capable of it.

    • BaneB says:

      Sandy:  Is your local newspaper truly local?  I do not know why a newspaper cannot publish ALL letters to the editor.  Why not?  It's a local voice for the community.  All viewpoints are politically correct.  

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      BaneB, our newspaper is called the Santa Fe New Mexican and it is published right here only about a mile or two from me in down town Santa Fe.  I had just assumed after I wrote the second letter that it was a topic they could not publish, and so I worded the third letter differently and it was not published either. My forth letter was written to the editors and I called them out on it and I was not happy.  I have never seen a letter on this topic in that newspaper yet.  I don't really read the newspaper anymore, but I do check out the letters to the editor and most are political in nature which I could care less about, but something so important as what is going on with the spraying of our skies they won't touch.

    • BaneB says:

      Atilla-the-Hunney:  LOLS!  Yes, so true.  I corresponded with a meteorologist at Channel 5 TV Sacramento several years ago.  Sent him photographs and all manner of evidence about atmospheric aerosol spraying.  They did not want to hear the truth.  I was polite.  They have blocked me from any further tests to them.  Of course they say they want input from the public.  Just do not provide them with any threat to their job security.  It's not easy lying 24/7 to the public.  But the paycheck makes it worth the sellout.

      Sandy:  I did a search of your local paper.  It truly is locally owned by a big shot regional construction tycoon.  The paper has a large printing business that does printing for many publications.  I noted the New York Times somehow in the mix.  Your local rag was founded in 1849.  Since then it has become embedded into the PC matrix.  You might put on your walking shoes and hand deliver your letter in person.  You deserve to know why your citizen input via a letter to the editor was not printed.


  33. Neil Rushton says:

    This is an interesting article that describes weather manipulation in 1950's Britain. The article is laced with the usual mainstream facetiousness, but it does make clear how long geoengineering has been utilised… 

    • Marie G says:

      Hi Neil, I tried this site this morning and guess what, “site not foun”, figure!

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Neil Rushton.  Broken link.  Here it is again: >

      RAF rainmakers 'caused 1952 flood'

      “On August 15, 1952, one of the worst flash floods ever to have occurred in Britain swept through the Devon village of Lynmouth. Thirty five people died as a torrent of 90m tons of water and thousands of tons of rock poured off saturated Exmoor and into the village destroying homes, bridges, shops and hotels.

      The disaster was officially termed "the hand of God" but new evidence from previously classified government files suggests that a team of international scientists working with the RAF was experimenting with artificial rainmaking in southern Britain in the same week and could possibly be implicated.

      Squadron Leader Len Otley, who was working on what was known as Operation Cumulus, has told the BBC that they jokingly referred to the rainmaking exercise as Operation Witch Doctor. []

      Until now, the Ministry of Defence has categorically denied knowledge of any cloud-seeding experiments taking place in the UK during early August 1952. But documents suggest that Operation Cumulus was going on between August 4 and August 15 1952. The scientists were based at Cranfield school of aeronautics and worked in collaboration with the RAF and the MoD's meteorological research flight based at Farnborough. The chemicals were provided by ICI in Billingham.” [End quotes]

      I really don’t understand any need for FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) documentation.  Any FOIA acquired documents will be so heavily redacted; they might as well be Charmin toilet paper.  There are thousands upon thousands of pages of incriminating evidence, but no one knows a prosecuting attorney, a States Attorneys' General, or how to file criminal charges… It's pathetic.

      Sigh.  Complete page: >

  34. Josh says:

    Here in Colorado today it appears Denver and the front range are under a cool down while the mountains fry. It is under 50 degrees in Denver while just up the mountain it is like a mid summer day with 70 degree readings before noon. 

    As a matter of fact when I got off work at 3 am last night it read 55 degrees at 9000 feet!!  This is unheard of and even two years ago would be unimaginable.  

    The changing of the trees this year was earlier than ever and in the San Juan mountains began as early as august! Odd for the hottest summer ever!   The trees began to yellow from dying as early as late June This year.  Seems the 'changing of the leafs' helped to blend the fact that they look awful and are mostly dead. 


    Strange how different mountain ranges turned colors at different times this year. The elk range was two weeks after  the San juans. Some trees have lost their leafs completely,  some with brown leafs that will stay on till next spring  while some right next to it are still green. 

    last week areas got a deep freeze in spots while right next door was no where close. The headline on noaa web page is titled 'average date of first frost'.  They are trying hard for this one!  These freezes came out of nowhere overnight leaving farmers totally unprepared. 

    My last journey in to the woods was Erie to say the least. The plants are so brittle and everything is so dry it is alarming.  The osha plants are a brownish color and look like chemicals burned them. 

    i could write all day about this stuff but I gotta go and I'm sure most of you reading already know. 

    It gets frustrating and weighs heavy on the heart to accept reality and discover the truth. Even more when trying to pass it on to others. For all out there just a reminder for you and myself as well  , that love is the greatest gift we have as a species!  When I can't awaken people with words I realize that if they just knew love they would wake up naturally on their own. We are all one and part of a miracle of life on a miracle planet. Love will bring light to this dark world. 

    • Danny Mandryk says:

      Thank you Josh, for your thoughtful words at the end of your post. I’m pretty much empty now and not sure if I can make it but I’m so grateful to come to this site and see for myself that I’m not alone in this insane world. Love, strength and perseverance to us all. 

    • Michelle Edwards says:

      Thank you Josh. With such a heavy heart I read your words about my home state of Colorado. I went back there this summer to visit and was sad to see all the dying trees along I-70 from Denver to Dillon. I too am grateful for your words at the end here. I would rather know the truth, and have a breaking heart, than be in denial. Yes, Danny, love, strength and perseverance to us all.

    • Wolf says:

      Write more please, I live around this area and notice strange patterns.


  35. izzy says:

    Another comprehensive and unvarnished report that leaves little uncovered. No one can say we haven’t been warned. Over and over again. 

    The decreasing O2 levels have started to become experientially apparent lately, and I have remarked to my wife that there seems to be a noticeable lack of oxygen in the air now. Things are ramping up fast. I started a semi-retreat into the woods back in the late 70s, when the first signs of trouble began appearing, but the problems are just too big to run away from at this point. And the forest fire thing currently makes that even more problematical. Of course, many military and black-box programs have already dug their hidey-holes, and it is more than ironic that humanity’s last survivors may well be these dark angels. As far as speculation about theoretical outside observers goes, I do sometimes wonder if merely observing would be all they do. But the human agents we know about are already bad enough.

    Please keep up the good work, Dane. It’s going to be a photo-finish.

  36. Randy says:




    Grand Funk Railroad 




    Hey, everybody won't you lend me your ear,

    There's something to fear, it's here, and that's clear.

    Men gettin' rich off rapin' the land,

    I can't understand, why we don't take them in hand.

    Woah, oh … Lord, I don't want to be their fool no more.

    I don't want to be their fool no more.

    Open eyes, but you're sleepin',

    You best wake up 'fore tomorrow comes creepin' in.

    'Fore tomorrow comes creepin' in.

    Feel that our lives are in the hands of fools,

    Loosin' their cool, it's us that they rule.

    Too many people sittin' dead on their ass,

    They ain't got no class, people, this time must pass.

    Woah, oh … Lord, I don't want to be their fool no more.

    Hey … I don't want to be their fool no more.

    Open eyes, but you're sleepin',

    You best wake up 'fore tomorrow comes creepin' in.

    'Fore tomorrow comes creepin' in.

    Woah, oh … yeah, tomorrow comes creepin'.

    Oh … hear me cryin' 'cause the people like me,

    That long to be free, are not actually.

    Please everybody won't you hear this song,

    Help a country that's wrong, to someday be strong.

    Woah, oh … Lord, I don't want to be their fool no more.

    No! Lord, I don't want to be their fool no more.

    Open eyes, but you're sleepin',

    You best wake up 'fore tomorrow comes creepin'.

    Creepin' …

    Creepin' …


  37. herb says:

    Were getting the sh.. sprayed out of us ahead of Rosa.I live in central arizona. Like Bane b said well get 24 to 48 hours of drizzle..            

    • BaneB says:

      herb:  Forecast for central Mendocino County, Ca.:  Rain this afternoon with the weather icons showing two more days of "rain."  It is cloudy out.  The sky is obscured.  There have been a few sprinkles.  At 10:20 am I heard a large jet pass over hidden from view.  Immediately I went into Flight Aware and searched out my area on their live map.  There was nothing showing, no aircraft within 50 miles of here.  I know the sound of the very large gray or green military jets that fly more to my west out of Travis heading northwest.  It's a different sound than commercial and more distant.  Since this was right over me at maybe 20,000 feet ( me at 4,000) I figured a commercial jet.  Nope.  It's did not register on Flight Aware.  So who was it and what were they doing?  My best guest:  Spraying over the cloud tops to tweak the intensity of the predicted "rain."  Good luck in Arizona.  I do know the jets are out spraying in Southern California.  You might B get some heavy rain out of Rosa.  These weather terrorists are not totally in control.  Some storms are bigger than their ability to quash. But these criminals can enhance, and mitigate.  They are high tech jugglers from hell!

    • Dennie says:

      We had light rain, then heavy steady rain, basically a tropical downpour, for 20-30 minutes in San Rafael, CA late last night.  

      I do NOT believe the weather terrorists have "complete control" over ANYTHING– least of all, THEMSELVES.  Just take a good long look at the weather– like it's "makers," it is now completely OUT OF CONTROL.  

  38. M. Barthoff says:




    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, M. Barthoff, in regard to your question of flu shots being safe, the short anser is no. Search “flu shot dangers” and sort out the facts from the official denial of the danger.

    • Dale K says:

      Help For Gardasil Side Effects
      Posted by Christiane Northrup, M.D.

      While the following expert advice is in reference to being injected with Gardasil, it can also be applied to vaccines in general:

      "Vaccines are full of materials that can be toxic, especially to the central nervous system… In order for the vaccine to work, it has to contain an adjuvant, a substance that stirs up the immune system enough so that, later on, it will recognize the injected, inactivated bacteria or virus as an enemy. Adjuvants are often made from substances that contain mercury or aluminum. And these are very toxic to the nervous system. Vaccines contain many other substances as well—any of which can cause an adverse reaction when injected."

    • Dennie says:

      FYI Everyone:  I had a violin student whose parents were scientists who sold their business and made a tidy little pile, then invested it in real estate (Tiburon, CA), sold that and made another tidy pile, then retired to St. Helena.  I asked my student's mother what branch of science they were in.  She said vaccine research.  I asked her one year whether she got the annual flu shot.  She said no.  When I asked her why she said it's because you cannot test it and it's not effective.  This, from a vaccine researcher.

    • Josh says:

      The people I know who get flu shots seem to get sick multiple times each year.  Get a  Neti pot. 

    • Dennie says:

      It's "Gimme the shot and I won't have to take any other precautions."  These are lazy and irresponsible people who do not even know that they don't even care about themselves– how could we expect such blobs of walking protoplasm to care about the welfare of their neighbor, or that of their own planet?

    • GretchenThomas says:

      Hello M. Check out these articles and abstracts on Aluminum Immunotoxicity and Neurotoxicity from the International College of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine and exercise your critical thinking skills…

    • Star Messenger says:

       Your question:  "IS IT SAFE TO GET A FLU SHOT?"

      Answer:  It is NEVER SAFE to get a flu shot.   What's more is, the vaccine you receive will probably NOT be effective against the strain in circulation when the flu season starts.  The flu strain in the street can mutate by the time the vaccine is available which will make it virtually ineffectual.

      You see, each year the CDC has to decide which of the flu strains will be THE MOST LIKELY strain to hit the Streets.   In other words, they guess!!

      But here is the worst part.  The CDC by LAW must test every vaccine for 3 to 5 years BEFORE it is let out for sale to the general public.  But, alas, the CDC doesn't have time to do all the testing needed to see if this year's flu vaccine is indeed safe.

      So, every year the CDC takes a chance and hopes that they will "get it right".

      This PAST flu season the CDC said that the vaccine they were using for the 2017-2018 flu season would be only around 30% effective.  In other words, for every 100 people vaccinated only about 30 would be protected …against the flu virus THAT THEY THOUGHT was going to strike the area.  SO ANYWAY YOU LOOK AT IT YOU ARE TAKING A CHANCE, A VERY DANGEROUS CHANCE!

      On a personal note, I took a flu shot only twice in my lifetime.  Once while in boot camp and another while "in the fleet" preparing to go to sea for flight ops.  Guess what?  Both times I got the flu.  And the flu I received while in boot camp made me so sick that I wound up in the hospital for five days.  But they caught me again and I was forced to take the second flu shot in preparation to go to sea for flight ops and I got the flu for the second time.  But after that, I decided to NOT TAKE THE FLU SHOT.  I was 19 years old.

      But here is the bright spot.  After I got over the ill effects of the second flu shot, I decided to never take a flu shot since then and I haven't had the flu since then either!!

      And every year to this day, the V. A. still tries to convince me that I should get a flu shot.  And every year I say no.  Then I add,  Hey doc, I'm healthy.  Why should I take a chance with a flu shot?  Then I tell my Primary Care Doctor what is in the vaccines they prescribe.  I  tell them there is Thimerosal (which is mercury in disguise), Aluminum, and Formaldehyde.  And to my surprise, the doctors had no idea that those toxins were in each and every shot they prescribe.

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      My sister-in-law died at age 62 from Guillain Barre syndrome, a side effect to the flu shot that you wouldn't know about because they don't give you a print out of the side effects like they do with prescriptions.  She was a nurse in Florida and had to get the flu shot every year.  She started to notice she was having trouble walking and after many tests they found she had Guillain Barre and she was in a wheel chair for several months, but ended up in a hospital when her kidneys were shutting down and died a week later.  

    • Dennie says:

      … 30 per cent effective?  That's ALL??? And these people have the AUDACITY to talk about vaccinated individuals conferring public "herd immunity–"???  YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!!!!!!

  39. Gretchen Cook-Anderson

    NASA Headquarters, Washington
    (Phone: 202/358-0836)

    Chris Rink/Julia Cole
    Langley Research Center

    Hampton, Va.
    (Phone: 757/864-6786/4052)

    April 27, 2004 

    RELEASE: 04-140 


    Clouds Caused By Aircraft Exhaust May Warm the U.S. Climate


    14 years of geoengineering hasn't changed the picture, and constant escalations of military sorties into foreign airspace have compounded the atmospheric heating problem by magnitudes of order.  Do aircraft cause atmospheric heating?  Yes.  Is there a way out?  Yes.

  40. Tom says:

    Genesis 2:15 “The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and keep it.”

    God gave mankind a command and told him that he must tend or keep the garden. The Hebrew word for “tend” or some translations say “keep” it is “shamar” and it means more than just keep it neat and tidy. The Hebrew word means “to guard” or “to watch and protect.” The other Hebrew word in this verse that’s very important is the word “work” or as some translations more accurately say “to cultivate” and is from the Hebrew word “`abad” meaning “to serve” so Genesis 2:15 would better read as: “The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to serve it and to guard and protect it.” That means that we are stewards of the earth and the Master will require of us an account on how we’ve been stewards of what He has given us. So far, it’s not been good stewardship to say the least.

    God commands us to keep and care for the earth but God’s edict to have dominion over the earth doesn’t mean to have complete domination and exploitation of it but sadly, this is what has happened; we continue to rape the land, denude the forests, strip-mine the hills, burn through the resources, and gut the earth. This is the only place that we have and if we chose to abuse it, it will be a choice we will live to regret.

  41. Tom Keith says:

    It was a good day for me in Davenport Iowa.  More people waking up and receptive to my efforts at exposing these crimes against humanity. I try to move in quickly and move out before the thought police apprehend me. 



    • GretchenThomas says:

      Oh, Tom Keith, you crack me up! Sticking out like a sore thumb is not very stealthy… I have been passing out flyers for about 5 years now and agree that it is harder to hit a moving target, but is stealthier to not be a target at all. Just saying… blending in has its advantages. Leave your placard near the entrance and they'll keep looking for you there while you're elsewhere blending in with the crowd. 

    • Tom Keith says:

      Hi Gretchen, thanks for the advice. The farmers market monarch is trying to wiggle some fees out of me even though I sell nothing. 

         As a wise old railroader told me once "everyone has their own way of doing things". I've found parading around in my mask and sandwich board to be effective "at this time". We have to be flexible in our endeavours.  As Mike says, you have to "look them in the eye" !



    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Tom and ALL, what Gretchen didn't mention, is that she has an awesome banner deployed in her own neck of the woods. She's pretty cool if you ask me. Gretchen, I appreciate that Tom quoted me in saying, "go out and look'em in the eye". Dear friends, there should be a virtual army of us out there like Tom, Maciej, Kathy and Larry, myself and many others that are out on a consistent basis teaching others about what they are all seeing right above their heads. We, those that are actively getting the word out, fully realize that nothing will matter if humanity does not come to grips with what we are all facing and watching happen so blatantly above our heads.

      Tom, "some times you have to pay the Troll to cross the bridge". I pay full fare like any other booth tender at my market. Yes, you are not tending a booth. I'd be impressed if you could "haggle" out a "deal" with your market monarch. That would be progress in a positive direction. We must be careful as to the road we lay out that those that will join us will travel across. We can not take out the sharp turns or scary cliffs, but we can help create a veritable freeway of how to "get the word out". Lead by example. For myself and I'm sure it is for you too, it's a good way to sleep good at night among all the chaos all around us and above us.

  42. Frank says:

    Does it feel to anyone else that we're in a big Simpson's episode? All the characters playing for their special laughs. Sometimes ingenious, sometimes embarrassing. Just want to say thanks for everyone here that knows what is going on. It's still a rare commodity.

  43. Theo Radic says:

    Two cents from Stockholm: I am a southern Californian who as a young man was only interested in one thing: surfing. After 44 years in Sweden with a loving wife, I have matured a bit, even while maintaining a (distant) love of surfing. But I have discarded the brainwashing I was given in school and by the media. (The most terrible omission in my education was the genocides committed in California against the indigenous nations, especially severe around Mt. Shasta.)

    I have listened to you for years, Dane, and agree with another commentator above: you are the most credible person I have listened to on the internet. After many years seeing chemtrails over Stockholm and over the Baltic sea, I have not succeeded in making one person aware of geoengineering, other than my wife.

    That changed the other day at a bookstore in Stockholm at a talk given by two authors, one a famous soprano and her husband, a famous actor. Their autistic daughter was so concerned about global warming that she held a one-girl protest outside the Swedish parliament. The seriousness of the extreme weather had contributed to the family's psychological problems, and the writing of their book.

    After the talk I asked from the audience if they had considered the effects geoengineering in their activism. The answer was no. When I referred to chemtrails over Stockholm, the husband said, "Oh, you mean condensation trails?" Later, a lady who sat in front of us asked me about geoengineering. She had seen the chemtrails and coming from Lappland near the arctic circle, she was very concerned about the 40 degree Celsius temperature this summer in her hometown up north – totally unheard of in her lifetime. She had me write down the URL of in the back of her book. One down, millions to go.

  44. Brent Papon says:

    I have been listening to you for a couple years now.

    You are a good man and I wish we were all in a better state.

    I've known about 911 and the geoengineering for about fifteen years now. but like many people in this country , I was taught to serve and keep my mouth shut.

    You are the ONLY person on the net telling the entire truth..

    As you said in this broadcast,

    What's the difference, at this point.

      Anyhow here's whats up in Akron Ohio.

    About 18 months ago, we lost about 95 percent of our insects; not over a thirty year period. Instantly.

    That would be the UVC

    We haven't seen a real sunny day in at least a year.

    The trees are dying and everyone , myself included,appear to be losing their minds do to the aluminum.

    The humidity rises to about one hundred percent by dawn, every night.

    We have been about fifteen degrees above normal for four months.


    From my math,  we have anywhere from 90 days to three years on the current trajectory.

    I have shared this with everyone over the age of 30..

    Nobody wants to hear the truth and who could blame them.

    I've been alienated  and marginalized for many years because of my views.

    Unfortunately, we represent about .03 percent of the worlds population.


    That's why the Man hasn't shut you down.

    But as you've stated…

    Everybody gonna know real soon.

    I just want you and everyone else who gives a shit to know…


    Peace and Love,


    • josh says:

      Very well spoken. Everything  you just said with different climate issues..  way too many issues to even know where to begin. Everything dying of course. Tree defoliants. Animals few and behaving very unusual.  Crop failure. Flash freezes……

      you are not alone 

      peace and love

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Brent, thank you for sounding out in this most critical battle. One more consideration, though we cannot know all the protocols of the power structure, for the record I have never, ever, in any way, shape, or form, given my oath to those behind the curtain. I left my employment with the worlds largest engineering and construction firm at a very young age because I did not want to become what I saw. I will remain at my post, no matter what comes. I am immensely grateful and deeply honored to march with every single individual and activist that refuses to bow down to the criminal cancer that is currently wreaking havoc on the planet and the web of life. If we collectively keep our course, waking others along the way, we may yet accomplish profound good even at this late hour.

    • Jeanette S says:

      thank you, Brent. I too am ostrocized but that does not deter me. I happen to like the education I have gotten over the years, many about 20. One thing for me is what would I say should the day come where everyone wakes up. Perhaps prior to everything being dead would be nice but reality has hit…I would say one word…shade. we need to get the planet cooled and everyone can do this. even if they go outside and walk with an umbrella or holding a t-shirt over their head. If you could get everyone in a town to do this. I wonder how much thermal mass would not exist. we need to get the asphalt and concrete out of the sun. cover the hottest intersections in cities, put a garden on top. etc. I tell people I am not negative…I am the biggest optimist there is.

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Brent Papon I feel your pain.  I am considered the weird one among family and friends.  I once had a friend tell me she was concerned for my mental health when she saw what I was posting on Facebook before I got off last year.  A rogue journalist, Caitlin Johnstone wrote this article for Waking Times: Society is Made of Narrative – Realizing this is Awakening from the Matrix…in this article she compares those who are awake as being unplugged to the Matrix and those asleep are plugged in…very interesting article.  We will always be marginalized by those who have not reached this higher consciousness that everyone here has reached, but we have to keep trying to awaken the masses before it is too late.

    • Anthony says:

      So many truths are spoken here my friends, and what does a lying maniacal society do when truth is spoken?   They kill the messenger!!

      Friends, be careful, watch your back, as you can see, the herd mentality

      is what the media counts on…

    • Jeanette S says:

      Oakland, ca we are supposed to potentially have rain. they have been spraying to give us overcast. Now I know why. the overcast parted and guess what the "fishscale" clouds were above the overcast. that is spray that is used to microwave the methane. some ripple clouds, one direction, fishscale clouds, two directions.

  45. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, very excellent broadcast this week. I've already listened twice. (Thanks for posting early enough so I can listen before I head out for the day). Even though I know or can realize all of what you talk about each week, I can't help but get this feeling of "I need to get this out of my system". Roll that in with being "hard wired" into believing that "reason will prevail", since I was a young boy, I can't help do what I do and be committed to it. Also, I am soooo happy that you posted Tom and Maciej's pictures. "You're looking pretty smart there fella's"(grin). I am SUPER happy to see someone behind the Gem Faire booth tables for two weeks in a row now. I don't know who you are, but I sure hope you got some traction out there. Thank you for supporting the Gem Faire effort to "get the word out".

    Dane, thank you for addressing the oxygen issue. I asked about it just a short time ago. In that, I'll comment with this, "it's a mathematical certainty". Now there's a reason to say "math sucks". Only we aren't in grade school anymore folks! It's real, it's happening, "like right now and like the equations keep getting bigger!" "ya know?" (I never say the word like in conversation so I hope you would see the humor there).

    And just for fun, the feeling I get when I listened to this weeks broadcast(twice), which hit home on many fronts, I think of it or react to it like this, ready? In a herd of horses there are no "alpha's". I'll argue that til the cows come home and I don't have any cows. With horses, it's all about higher or lower. Each ahs a roll. To call it a pecking order would be degrading the concept. I've watched a herd of horses go from calm and grazing to high alert status in the blink of an eye. "They all went to their places", "No One" was left behind. And by the way, horses do not do this when other strange horses approach. The same should be true and exercised, practiced, among us humans. Where do you start? Well with horses, "you start on the ground". "Eye to eye, face to face, having a conversation". I've never rode a horse with any kind of bits or restraints that hurt. A comfy web halter will do just fine. I've rode a lot of "problem" horses and they all were kind to me. Gotta give it to get it, right? Even this day in age, I find the same to be true with people. Now more than ever, it should be easy to get people to follow you. Listening to the truth you speak. Just like reaching a problem horse, find the path. Hope that makes some sort of sense…

  46. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Many people equate the Afghani, Syrian, Iranian, Saudi, or other Muslim populations in gross or aggregate terms as a result of media propaganda and plain historic illiteracy.  These media driven characterizations are so far off the mark, it's embarrassing to witness.  Perhaps spending an hour reviewing this video will challenge some of these perspectives.  I also recommend readers review the text of various speeches this individual has given to diverse international audiences and interests. >      


    English Hour – (ANN) | The Fourth Way Law – HRH Princess Basmah Al-Saud


    The Fourth Way Law is her own conceptual model of how society can be transformed in its most basic obligations toward individual rights and freedoms.  "Some people call me a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."

  47. jeanette S says:

    Hot off the press, action item…a study came out that sunflower pollen helps bees immensely. It combats pathogens (zinc perhaps) and if you are healthier you can ward off other things better, such as aluminum accumulation? hopefully. Use only organic and I would go with seeds verses starts as the nurseries in ca are required to spray all starts to of course "keep weeds from spreading" and monsanto in their money not to mention. do not plant them anywhere where you have had conventional seeds and starts as the chemicals are still there I would say three years in good years at least five in drought areas. Plant in a pot and set the pot where you would like, do not let the roots go out the bottom. use certified organic/OMRI soil-no contaminants. these chemicals are persistant and systemic and if you do not follow the steps and recommendations above-just get out the Raid and spray them for all the good not following them will do. YOu can't even plant sunflowers without having to be a rocket scientist. Palms up, chesire cat smile to those sociopathic we just can't live without…bah.

    • Black Cat Italy says:

      From Italy: As regards sun flowers helping bees – it seems most sunflowers are GMO (especially sunflower oil for cooking). We can't tell from a packet of seeds if they are GM or not.  We know that sunflower seeds are usually good for humans because of the zinc content. GMOs are detrimental to the health of bees.  I keep the lavender plants going for as long as possible in the hope of helping the bees but there have been so few this year.   

      We have just finished the grape harvest and during one day saw ONE bee and ONE wasp! 9 years ago when we did the grape harvest the trailers of grapes were covered in bees and wasps and we had to be careful about getting stung – not anymore! 

      We appear to have had a chemical cool down. We had daytime temperatures 82-95F and after dark temperatures of 80F for days. Then lots of spraying all day and then suddenly the night time temperature dropped to 12F!

      They have really ramped up the aerosol dispersion in the last few weeks.

  48. James M Nunn says:

    I bought the packet with 200 professional flyers, dvd, and booklet (under resources above). I pass out the flyers in open areas: parking lots for box stores, parks etc. It's more effective if they are spraying and you can point it out, give them the flyer, answer questions if they have them or just walk away.  People are aware of geo engineering. More than not in my experience. 

  49. jeanette S says:

    YOu know it behooves me…I dont know where John bolton was speaking to get applauded like that…are you sure that was not "fake applause"? Oil industry and nano aluminum investors are the only sociopathic idiots I can think of.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Jeanette, in regard to your question, no not fake applause. Yes, morally bankrupt crowd. FYI

  50. Paul Vonharnish says:

    I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but Mr. Trump is sounding more and more like Darth Vader (dark father) from Star Wars.  Observe his loving comments at approx 18:00.  His wheezing and snooshing for air is disgusting.  May the geoengineering gods preserve him in perpetuity…

    • Jeanette S says:

      lol…good one. I noticed that too. and thought how in the world can he stand there and say that, when he can hardly breathe it seems. Maybe they just don't know, some people are that foolish and brainwashed.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      To me it sounded like there was someone else with a mic turned on. I could hear breathing in while Trump was speaking. I listened 3 times to be sure. Just sayin. "However"(grin), The trumpsters voice and breathing didn't sound so good. He sounds like he is reading a play script. I wonder what evil minded controller wrote it for him.

  51. Virginia says:

    Dane, a little news but it was an upper om a day that I had given up on damn near everything.  I was at a small charity event to support animals in need of homes,etc.  One man came up to me and said, "I have met that man who is talking about this poison in the sky." He meant you, Dane.  He was looking at my bumper sticker that you sent me and it really angered him that "all of this was going on."  Long story short, I asked if he was going to the Oct. 20 event and he replied in the affirmative saying he was taking 5 people with him.  Well, a small step, but at least there are some who are not brain dead.  Take care, Dane. Oh, those stickers were a big hit in that package you sent.  Have to order a few more as they are attention-getters, even on my old clinker.

  52. You, aka YouMa says:

    Thank you, Dane.  Your remarkable tenacity for continually encouraging the readers to your website and listeners to your weekely alerts to press onward with this message you so diligently share, week in and week out, is appreciated.  

    You say "we can never give up hope".   Those of us who are aware of the many dangerous activities taking place, against humans and nature, sometimes feel this saga of destruction has gone too far to stop.  Yet listening to you encourage us to continue helping the ones who are in denial and still ignorant to look at the many evidences, found on your website especially, as well as using their own sense of observation, is really the only sane thing we can do.

    If our earth and all living on it dies due to such pollution and toxic assault everywhere, so it will be.   Those people hooked into faith and belief in some Savior coming to stop this insanity will be as vulnerable to the disease and death as everyone else.  

    Sending love and appreciaiton to you, Dane, and your loved ones.  Your honesty and willingness to speak your highest truth is wonderful.  

    On the other assault front of EMFs, electromagnetic radiation destruction, 5G, etc., a new report has come out in July, 2018 called:

    Re-Inventing Wires: The Future of Landlines and Networks, authored by Timothy Schoechle, PhD, Senior Research Fellow, National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy.  Also Dr. Schoechle did a pod cast in February, 2018 in San Francisco on this subject:  Re-Inventing Wires…..

    This report is excellent.  Only at the local level of our communities can we take control of assuring a healthy telecommunicaiton policy allowing all people access to the Internet.   Please become familiar with this.

  53. susan odenthal says:

    I want to thank you SO MUCH for all of the hard work you are doing!!! I can't believe how many people will say to me when I tell them about what s going on chem trails, weather manipulation etc. that has always been happening. In particular they say that about hurricanes, storms, and weather conditions. So many don't even know what chem trails are. I tell everyone about your work, I give your name and your website, and I send your videos and articles to anyone that I can get the email for. I tell people, "please give me your email, I will send you a lot of information." I will always do this. I am on the computer quite a bit because I was damaged by a vaccine when I went into a hospital to give birth to my son, and I am now crippled with an autoimmune condition!! I like to make people aware of the serious dangers of vaccines to children and adults! So even though I am crippled I do some good with the computer. Your work is amazing (co workers included) and I pray for you and all people that work with you!


  54. Frank says:

    Here's something to ponder. There was a powerful, shocking article this week in Bloomberg News. It was about our need to adapt for the coming collapse of society – YEAH – and it was written by the science community and they stated that, among other things, "we will have to work together more."

    The loathsome, gutless science community has turned over their potentially leadership role in this whole fiasco to a power structure that is handing this collapse by pitting every social group against the other.

    Thank you, coward scientists. You could have been in charge of the greatest event in history. Instead you crawled into a corner and let loose the Dogs of War on society. I can't think of a more (what is the word?) rotten role to take at this most important time in history. I hope your big brains will let you fully comprehend the eternal shame that you have brought upon yourselves. 

  55. millie says:

    Unusual that Hurricane Rosa is taking a path almost straight up through a wide swath of Arizona at a category 4.

  56. Ken Converse says:

    I want to repeat to you Dane, exactly what Susan said. You are the most courageous and honorable man I have never met personally! The skies here in Santa Rosa, Ca. two days ago can only be described as an atrocity. When I see a sky like that I can only think… this feels like the end of the world! I pray for you and your family frequently.Keep up the good fight. We all love you. Take courage, Ken Converse.

  57. Daniel Joseph Freiberg says:

    Blasted good this morning. Different pattern than I have ever seen but plainly spraying. Now, 3 hours later, sun hidden and zillions of small knats flying around the area. Now I am wondering if "they" have sprayed these things to use for SRM. Too weird. 

    These monsters spraying will spray anything if paid enough. BTW, all of the planes I saw, and looked up on flight tracker, are "normal" carriers. UPS,Delta, Southwest, Virgin airlines etc… Must be in the fuel.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Daniel, yes, the atmospheric spraying continues to worsen. Yes, fuel addatives are a likely part of the aerosol operations. This being said, spayed payload dispersions through nozzles is absolutely the primary method of geoengineering particulate spraying.


      And there is the high bypass turbofan jet engine to consider. FYI

    • Jeanette S says:

      I have been plagued with a fruit fly type of pest. I hate to spray since we are low on insects but I feel like I am in the movie "the birds" only it is fruit flies. I feel beady eyes on me…lol. I set the attractant outside by the screen door maybe the unwanted guests will get the hint. 🙂

    • BaneB says:

      Jeanette:  The insect populations are really being savaged by the toxic atmosphere and the weather extremes.  For years my mountain retreat was loaded with all manner of insects.  Especially wasps.  The cabin was their favorite hangout around the parameters of the roof overhangs. They provided entertainment when I would sit on the front porch.  I have never had a problem with being attacked or stung.  The wasp population crashed over two years ago.  This past season virtually no wasps.  What my area did have are thousands of yellow jackets.  Something out of Twilight Zone, everywhere and a constant sound of buzzing.  These are curious insects and like to check out everything.  Mostly it's about food.  They like meat.  I shower outdoors with them.  No choice.  I also rescue them from drowning  in the water elements set out here and there.  The only time I was stung was accidentally coming upon a nest entrance in the ground.  While it was painful and my right hand swelled up for three days, my thought was not to over react with fear and anger.  I am not sure what they are good for but surely they have a place in the niche.  Am I crazy?  Probably.  Another insect gone missing are the very pesky black flies.  The Flycatcher loves them.  Use to be thousands of them around.  Finally, the third missing insect is what some refer to as the "Mosquito Hawk."  They do not eat mosquitos (another insect virtually gone missing).  Small and ungainly, where have they gone?  Yes, I have those gnats. They sometimes hang about in my pathway swirling about like a small tornado.  


  58. sharon s says:

    Dane, I drove past the eastern High Sierra yesterday. Dry as a bone. No snow patches anywhere except for a few north of Bishop. Precipitation not looking good this year either. We usually have some rain by now in Nevada also near the Sierra.  The Kern and Owens rivers is where Los Angeles and So. CA get their water. Would the powers that be destroy Los Angeles county where they must have valuable property? 

  59. Virginia says:

    Breaking news: Gaza, Palestine

    Israelis machine gunned over 83 young Palestinians in Gaza during the young people of Gaza protesting the brutal and continuing occupation and siege of Gaza and Palestine by Zionist Israel.  Two of the youngest killed were eleven and seven years old.  And the world stands by and watches.

    The Saudis, US and allies continue their destruction of Yemen and the death of millions of Yemeni civilians either by bombing the hell out of them or starving them to death.  And the world stands by and watches.

    Now, another enormous tragedy to strike an Indonesian Island – a large quake has struck causing a huge tsunami which as of this writing has killed over 384 people and many missing. 

    All this going on and our mainstream media are focusing on the Kavanhaugh circus and the phony Dems and Reps feuds. They both bow to the same master. On top of that we have an absolute moron, an illiterate and psycho who supposedly is our president who gave full powers to another nutjob, longtime Zionist, one John Bolton, dual citizen of Israel, to run America's (read Israel's) foreign policies in the Near East and Iran.  Billions are going to the DOD to enrich Boeing and Lockheed, et al.  ( it has been reported that more than half of next year's budget will be allotted  to the DOD). And we, the citizens of this America, are paying for all of this morally and financially without a peep. I wonder if there is any hope for the survival of this country – or the world.

    My thoughts are with those in Indonesia and throughout the world who know what hell looks like, who have lost all hope and who are among the innocent condemned to the depravity of present 'world powers'. For those who have perished, RIP.

    Now, I'll listen to Dane's new weekly presentation.  He remains one of the few individuals who enable me to maintain an equilibrium.  Not many are in the public forum who have the knowledge, will and courage to openly lead a fight for what is good and necessary for the world. It is gratifying that so many support him in this struggle.


    • Dennie says:

      These people have a very brutal history of treatment of the indigenous people wherever they've decided to invade and take over the territory.  Just take a look at the story of Joshua.  They have always longed for militaristic dictatorships while claiming the so-called "right" to behave as they do because "God" told them to do it, or because they claim that they are his "favorite children."  TIME TO EXPOSE THE LIES.

    • Dennie says:

      Any other time in history and we'd call people holding positions of power and decision-making while maintaining dual citizenship "traitors."  We all know what the military used to do to those found guilty of treason, but now we just give them very large salaries as they continue to play our elected representatives in government like violins to tug at our heartstrings because we know they are such poor, poor, picked-on little "victims," due to their choice of religion, and we somehow feel like we "have to" let them pick our bones clean all just because their holy ancestors wrote the Bible.  And so that's okay…..  What a bunch of bullshit.  And I am beyond amazed that we're still buying this load, er, story–!!!

    • Linda..LS says:

      While we surely agree on so much, who the sock puppet is currently, is not what matters now. An anti smoking activist confronted me at music practice and said I had to choose….that I cannot remain non- partisan as I have always been. Here is what I told her. Let us debate about what is important right now. Order the ambulance ahead of time… They will be carting you off in a hyper-ventilating panic attack when I am through laying out the facts of our current reality on this planet. Screw the political bull pile. ELE, folks. Open your eyes. Thanks for all the dedication from the Dane team.

  60. Linda..LS says:

    Thank you for your dedication to nature and never giving up on informing people. I was caught off guard at a local candidates debate recently. I could have handed out pamphlets, fliers and DVD's for an hour afterward if I had enough material. The political folks were out in mass to listen to each other talk. I said" educate yourself" to all that I could get the info to. Press on. No falling down now…..

    • Jeanette S says:

      all, if you run out of materials, don't stop talking to people and when you get a break or ask someone not to leave before you write out gew's website address or dane's name on a piece of paper. You can even post a flyer with website address slips on paper that you print on your computer. Just like when folks are selling an items and put tear tabs at the bottom with their phone number on it and like washer, etc. you can put a flyer in your car window and have the tear tabs hanging out your window. good way to find out if it is being seen and where the best places are. I did this for prop 37 and have dane's radio show address tabs for a dec 17 show and an apr 18 one. the youtube address at the gf's.

  61. Tad says:

    There will be no Gandhi-moment which stops Tyrants, Inc. How ironic that Iran, Russia, and other axes of "evil" are on the front line of protecting our (U.S.) sovereignty. 

    Weather Underground grossly underestimates high temps where I live in NM… and the WU metering station is right across the street. For the first time in 50 years, and due to UV intensity, I can no longer spend any appreciable amount of time outside. Also experienced this phenomena in Georgia as far back as 2008. 

    And to think ONE species has caused this matrix-mess. God help and protect all of those innocent Plant and Animal kingdoms. And damn all of those who could have prevented this coming apocalypse. 

  62. V. Susan Ferguson says:


    Your voice carries a wonderful valued frequency of truth and sanity. Your relentless strength, tenacity, intelligence and adamantine Will infuse us all with the courage to carry on. Thank you and may God protect you and your sweet family.

    Under your wing, as always.  – Susan

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