Geoengineers Disrupt Hydrological Cycle In A Desperate Attempt To Mask Planetary Meltdown


Dane Wigington

Hiding the severity and immediacy of countless converging catastrophes from populations (until the last possible moment) remains a top priority for the global power structure. The NOAA "departure from normal high temperatures" map below covers the period from October 16th through the 20th. NOAA modeling is done by private defense/geoengineering contractor, Raytheon, thus their "forecasts" amount to the scheduled weather. Every color tier reflects a 2-3 degree "departure from normal" to the high side or low side, depending on the color hue. If the profound imbalance of temperatures shown in this map does not alarm you, it should. While record high temperatures are being set throughout much of the country (and the world as a whole), the US West Coast and parts of Alaska are temporarily (and toxically) cooled off by a massive plume of moisture (snow is even falling in the Western US). Atmospheric aerosol spraying (including chemical ice nucleation elements) are being dispersed by jet aircraft as the ongoing climate engineering operations further derail Earth's weather and life support systems. 


Record setting high, summer like, temperatures will continue into the week for much of the US.


At the same time that record high temperatures being set in so much of the US, snow is miraculously falling in other parts of the lower 48 states. Snow is occurring (due to chemical ice nucleating elements) in some locations in spite of above freezing temperatures and in spite of warmer flows of moisture off of the record warm Pacific Ocean. Snow (shown in blue on the map below) is cleary showing up across the Western US.


As the climate engineers continue to force the climate system to ever greater extremes of temperature imbalances, the biosphere's ability to cope is rapidly breaking down. In addition to the temperature extremes, there is the issue of the highly toxic geoengineering/solar radiation management fallout that is contaminating the entire surface of the planet and every breath we take. The "departure from normal high temperature" map below reflects variances from "normal" temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit. These imbalances are already far beyond extreme and growing worse rapidly.


As the moisture flows in from the coast, the air masses below it are cooled by the aerosol/ice nucleating dispersions already mentioned (chemical ice nucleated events are occuring all over the globe). The same aerosols (which are manipulated with radio frequency transmissions) have the effect of scattering the moisture into vast expanses of largely rainless cloud cover. This is the stated goal of solar radiation management (SRM). The sun blocking aerosolized clouds, of course, also trap heat (in addition to countless other negative effects) which further fuels the overall planetary meltdown.  The planet is already warming at a "runaway" pace with nightime low temperatures rising even faster than daytime highs. The brighter the white of the cloud cover shown in the combination satellite radar image shown below, the more aerosolized the cloud cover is.


The constant aerosol saturation of the moisture flows, as they approach from the west, continues to rob desperately needed rain from California. The US Drought Monitor map below does not begin to reflect the true severity of the drought and the decimation it is causing.


Why are National Weather Service and NOAA employees completely completely mute on the subject of climate engineering? Illegal federal gag orders have ensured their silence. Global climate engineering is weather warfare, and biological warfare, nothing less. Geoengineering is not mitigating the overall planetary warming, it is actually fueling it. In their increasingly desperate attempt to mask the unfolding climate crisis from the public, the climate engineers are tearing Earth's life support systems apart. Our battle for survival is here, and now. Help us with the critical battle to sound the alarm, every day counts.

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101 Responses to Geoengineers Disrupt Hydrological Cycle In A Desperate Attempt To Mask Planetary Meltdown

  1. Cherie says:

    That map showing rain through TN in on Oct 16 is wrong, wrong wrong.  We've had no rain, at least west of Nashville for months in McEwen and even before then I've several come right at us and split just upon reaching us.  As far as record breaking heat, I'd like to know why I'm sitting out to wrapped in a blanket trying to steal warmth from a sun that's not giving in to the coolness of the breeze blowing on me.  Yet again today they have already blanketed it over and streaking up the north and headed this way.  I just brought my happy but back inside, wiping my tears under what blue skies I have left to look at!  The trees that have have lost their dead unseen coloring leaves are too numerous to count and what's left are nearly burnt and falling like chips.  The trees weep, the field weeps in a brown dense shredded wheat of crunch. I don't see what the deer are feeding on out there, however they are finding plenty of acorns in my yard at least for this year, hopefully next!  I have a tree that turned red in August and has been bare since, one budding out in spring but never bore, but split in half across the road and it wasn't an old tree.  The whole system of Creation is depressed and oppressed and the human body needs it to thrive!

  2. valerie woodard says:

    The problem is not the psychopaths in power, it is the people working for them. "I was just doing my job," is not an excuse. When the secret geoengineering agenda unravels, and it will, I believe we need to demand that the pilots, scientists, and others involved need to face the death penalty. I am aware some believe this will prevent whistle blowers from coming forward, but the day of reckoning is coming with, or without them. Ignorance is not an excuse when you've dumped heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, viruses, funguses, and nanoparticles on populations, decimating human health and ecosystems. I will not forgive them for experimenting on my children and grandchildren, without their informed consent, as required by law. They have committed crimes against humanity, and justice demands they be held accountable. If you work in this program, get out now!!!

  3. Blue Sue says:


  4. Mario says:

    I live in the Sacramento region of California.  We are being decimated again today with plane, after plane, after plane spewing geometry all over the sky.  I got a letter from CONGRESSMAN AMI BERA (up for re-election) in regards to climate change and the need for renewables.  NO WHERE did his letter talk about Stratospheric Aerosol Injection, SRM, or the health fall out (mind you, he's a doctor).  What is even more disturbing is that he sits on the Committee on SCIENCE, SPACE, AND TECHNOLOGY.  Probably the exact people charged with covering this up.  I called his office today to ask their official position on this subject and all I got was a stammering intern.

    CONTACT AMI BERA @ (916) 635-0505 Sacramento Office

    or @ (202) 225-5716 Washington Office.

    I will no longer vote until I have a representative that will talk about this issue.

    • Elena says:

      Sounds like Ami Bera needs to be hit with some info; since he is a doctor he should be able to appreciate credible, scientific data. Committee on Science, Space and Technology, what a joke. More like they are Lost in Space. I think, for me, a good idea is to vote out all incumbents, unless they are doing a pretty good job, like Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, or Rand Paul. (Even though these guys do not talk about climate engineering we are in such a mess on so many different fronts that I personally would vote for them; at least they want to get us out of Syria, or stop arming Saudi Arabia, for ex.) But the rest need to go, they need to get out and get the F out, just like we need to do in Syria, and not let the door hit them on the way out. They have gotten us into this mess and we need some new blood who is not corrupted (yet) and who at least cares about their constituents. I am going to figure out who is who in my area, and vote accordingly, now that it seems, at least for the moment, that the elections will really be held. For a while even that was iffy. And even though the elections will be rigged at the top, down ticket they won't be, as much, so it is worth a shot.   

  5. Abigail says:

    Thank you so much, Dane and all who help EXPOSE Geoengineering for what it is, ……our government is manipulating the weather, causing horrible weather, HEAT, thunderstorms, with little rain. Blessings to you, Dane and your family. We all appreciate your labor of love and help. Great is your reward in eternity.  Sharing with Russ Tanner OrbisVitae. PRESS ON! They WILL BE SORRY!   The chemical trails are massive and they seem to have a map, plan where to HIT HARDEST!  Blesssings be upon all of you.

  6. Killer Dana says:

    Amador County California Spray Alert !

    Jackson  looks  worse  than a War  Zone  today .

    • JF says:

      There is spraying over Socal today October 20, but its not heavy that I can see. Its 90 degrees at 230 pm, but the sunlight seems like its over 100 degrees. Very intense sun light.

  7. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    The interruption of the Hydrological Cycle is so obvious! I observed jets dispersing aerosols above the outer bands of Hurricane Matthew last week, when the lower layers of clouds broke. The original precipitation forecast, was much higher than what was actually received from the hurricane. An unnatural temperature and precipitation event has been created once again by the climate engineers, in the graphs and maps above. There should be more deviation in weather patterns from North to South, compared to the West to East manipulation. Those drastic temperature contrasts should not be occurring naturally, but the Geoengineers think otherwise. 

  8. Francis Kuhn says:

    The Lowest level of Sewage Pond Scum was polluting the sky with Chemtrails over South East Ireland again today. 

  9. Eyepilot!!! says:

    I've been an avid follower for the last few years… first time respondent; but I just can't stay silent anymore. 25 years as a 7-8th grade Science teacher until last year when my heart told me enough… I was getting in trouble teaching kids about geo-engineering, Amerikan Empire, political corruption and TRUE Science and history. My students were VERY open to geoengineering, I'd show them my photos of HAARP skies and crazyAss spraying. Many DO NOT believe the 911 narrative!!! We got into great discussions about the melting point of steel and such. Of course the testing-indoctrination factory couldn't let me do this… fortunately kidney disease (How can any sane society or person call kidney disease fortunate! That's the upside down world we live in… inverted and psychotic!) Got me an out and since we still have a Union I lucked out before I'd get evaluated and fired because I do not/will not/refuse to teach like a ROBOT to standardized test scores… I constantly take pictures of the sky in the Chicago area
    Chicago for the most part has had little (lately) aerosol injection until the last two days… The last two days have been crazy even my wife has noticed it. We often get HAARP clouds. Dane you are an awesome human! Your work is all that sustains me at times. If I still had a classroom I would certainly show the videos you mentioned… Vaccines are so important to the Archons! And I was vaccinated in the 60s so they probably didn't do too much harm. But my son is a major mess as is his GF and I can't help but think it wasthose damn vaccinations that did it despite what my wife says! I've always been a rebel and felt like common sense and being outside the narrow box-matrix important. Within the last 10 or so years I've really become enlightened about the true nature of the world. And true humans like yourself have made this possible… And two final thoughts: They bastards make me take vaccines because I need a kidney transplant and today I tried to visit my kids and within 10 minutes an administrator and two security guards marched me back out to my car because "I would disturb the kids talking about my health!" BULLSHIT if I had cancer they'd be all over me but no-one knows or cares about PKD it's not a trendy enough cause…Disgusted in Chicago. I look forward to your weekly report, even though if I leave my computer on speaker it annoys the wife! Stay stay healthy… don't let the Archons MikeRuppert you!!!!  THANKS!!!!!

    • Kabeewan says:

      I am from Chicago too and the weather and chemtrails are ridiculous!  I fear for my kids and grandkids.  We went from 70+ weather to snow in one day in the northwest burbs.

     As a last-ditch effort to curb runaway global warming, while avoiding a definitive halt to fossil-fuel combustion, scientists, governments, entrepreneurs, and even right-wing think tanks are advocating various highly dangerous technologies to block solar radiation or draw down atmospheric carbon to cool the planet. … SRM techniques … spewing sulfate aerosols into the stratosphere, and seeding clouds to increase their brightness. CDR techniques include … the iron fertilization of the oceans to stimulate phytoplankton blooms, and burning acres of trees for biochar burial in soils.  For any of these ruinously expensive, energy-intensive techno-fixes to work, they must be applied on a planetary-wide, mega-scale, at great risk to Earth’s natural systems and human societies. … result in an array of disastrous unintended consequences due to reckless human interference. A case in point would be the initial Grand Experiment of employing fossil fuels to power the Industrial Revolution, which got us into this mess in the first place.  … grasp the folly of using Mother Earth as a laboratory for geoengineering experiments … It is clear that quick-fixing the climate will allow the capitalist class to conduct business as usual by never having to give up fossil fuels. That is why Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson declared back in 2007 that adapting to extreme weather and rising sea levels is an “engineering problem” that has “engineering solutions.” …. free to pillage, plunder, and pollute for profit until the natural world descends into chaos. There may be a Plan B, but there is no Planet B! A growing number of climate crisis activists are realizing that and demanding a ban on geoengineering experiments, funding, and implementation. [full article]


  11. barbzi says:

    S.F. I also see those piezoeclectricity in the air  with what i call my minds eye. The episode usually lasts for up to 20 minutes or so. During the peak of it i can get foggy and wobbly. I can experience slurred speech and blurred vision. One time i was playing solitaire on the pc and at the peak the cards would not move al all. I on purpose slow down with what i'm doing in order to stay safe during the episodes. My peizo experience has been going on for a decade or too. I've read bloggs from people of all ages with the same symptoms. Normally they may occur one a month to one a week. One day i had about 12 of them and ended up falling and breaking a rib. So i definitely choose a safe position while they last. I guess i'm just emf sensative. I try to keep my smart tv, pc, wifi, cell off as much as possible especially at night.

  12. Anyone ELSE ?? SICK OF TRAILS?? In California they are FILING a LAWSUIT against the Air Resources Board… Time to look up! Time to take a stand before were all D E A D …
    They are EXTERMINATING US! Last Trails on Monday & Tuesday Middleton has MANY DEAD BIRDS. Just dropped from the SKY. When will you be next..

    geoengineeringwatch org is a great place to start your EDUCATION.
    I have other links as well showing Pics of the INSIDE of these CHEM PLANES.
    It YOU, YOUR LOVED ones & CHILDREN TOO that are getting Exterminated..
    GET INVOLVED, Take a STAND, Have a VOICE or Get a Plot & a Plan to be Planted.!!

    My Dog went into Convultions August of 2014 after about 25 Chem Flights across the Valley..
    We buried him that day! Do you want to be next?

    Are you aware that during Spraying in the UK they ACCIDENTLY Killed 8000 PPL???

    Get educated, GET ANGRY & Get Involved.
    It may save your Life .
    This Constant Trailing across the country is a MENACE on the USA.
    Lets put a Stop to it.!

    I posted this to CL in SW Idaho. They are relentlessly spraying us here.

    I have a terrible Rash 2 Drs & 4 Scripts don't do diddly about.

    I finally started bathing in Bentonite Clay to get some relief.

    My EYE'S burn constantly, I have a Metallic taste in my Mouth & here thay have White & Black NIGHT Trails.

    My neighbors are Ill as well with Breathing issues & Eye gook & burning constantly.

    It plain Sucks



    • Pedro says:

      Hello Clarence Syndre;


    • Edward Palys says:

      I often tune in to flightradar24 to see the global movement of aircraft and follow certain flights. Well, October 19, I looked for unusual numbered flights that don't sound commercial. I found TWO planes, BOE464, registration N464KC a converted Boeing 777 tanker and BOE463 a Boeing 747, registration N463FT. These two were inan oblong pattern between Maupin and LaGrande Oregon. They must have been up for hours as their flight paths were clearly going back and forth crossing many times. I wondered how much garbage two planes of that size could put up in the sky after so many hours. This certainly looked like a concentrated pattern.

    • Robert Aung pe says:


  13. Bobby B. says:

    TVO Climate watch documentary. Propaganda. What a load of BS

    just look at the C-Trails in the Advertisement on the commercial. Then listen to how they try to blame it on Fecal Count from storms. Wow! At least they got that one right.

    They forgot to mention about the Chem Spraying daily.


  14. Rachel Robson says:

    Hello all.  I wonder about the 'clouds' here yesterday and what new trick is going on.  They appeared built from the ground up!  All over Berkeley and in distance, huge 'mountains' of snow white fluffy 'clouds' that looked exactly as if sprayed from some ginormous whipping cream can!  Really stunning and kind of beautiful and super white and bright, and everywhere-again, seemingly from the ground up-wider at low level, more narrow on top.  Did anyone else see these?  Later, what seemed left of them, below them were smaller brown/mauve 'clouds'-ugly.

    Read today in Science News that many scientists are hoping Trump wins.  Why?  Because Obama has opposed clean energy and selects science that supports fossil fuels.  Many will Not vote for Hillary as if so, they expect more of the same.  Also, many are complaining of the restraints on science these days, saying due to this administration.  I have been hearing much about this for some long time now and posting related stuff, still, this at first shocked me, then I knew what they were talking about.  Its the whole thing I've been saying about science being stolen, held hostage.  New ideas not allowed.  Cherry picking to fit the programmed fiasco we are already in backed by the big money in fossil fuels.  These scientists, who would rather not be named! think that at the least, Trump would shake things up, hopefully freeing up a great deal of research and solutions, and truth!  Odd maybe, but true.

  15. Bobby B. says:

    Chemtrails Gwaila Court You Tube Oct 18 2016


    More people need to videotape this atrocity and post it one You Tube because some day it may come in handy in a court of law that recognizes it and lay charges against the perpitraitors. You may be entitled to some sort of recourse. Like a settlement of some kind for endangering your health and well being. Log data including the jets that are flying can be also recorded. Look at some of the You Tube videos by the people that are doing it.

    • M. Smith says:

      Thanks for the note on YouTube link on spraying. I follow DAHBOO77 on YouTube and yesterday I viewed a video that was sent in by another subscribers of his channel. It's a really good look at a new type of spraying. At least new to me. Massive, massive "trails" of aerosol spraying. 

      Now this morning in Houston, I saw similar massive trails of aerosol spraying just like what was posted on his YouTube channel. Perhaps it just looks massive since it is being sprayed much lower level than usual


      It was a scary site this morning down here in our skies. Trails and smears and wisps all over the place. Whatever TPTB have in store for us; it looks like they are putting the "pedal to the metal" with this madness. 

      Crimes against Humanity. Abomination before Almighty God. 

  16. Sam says:

    if it is not Nemesis then it is CERN if not CERN then it is HAARP.  The idea is world wide famine, huge population reductions and the moving of people from the suburbs, where water will become contaminated and in short supply, to the cities.  Big cities, a round up, if you will.  People, just cannot come to terms with the reality that is mass culling of the populations and in short order.  When the war of Chosen against humanity truly begins there will be no turning back.  I fear that day when there can be no more denial…

  17. Francis Kuhn says:

    The willful manipulation of the Weather is also continuing here in South East Ireland. Since early this morning the self serving mongrels have been painting the Sky with Chemtrails. I live directly below one of the main Europe to Continental North and South America Flight Corridors.

    The sky looked totally disgusting today. I am convinced that the Irish Government is either complicit in this, or they are being forced to allow this criminality.   

  18. Hello Anon — You say "You are like a walking antenna … Not a wonder why so many people are in zombie like trances." This does possibly explain why so many are so unbelievably oblivious. I am EMF hyper-sensitive. When the Navy r/f-microwave 'fries' the sky here, my hands tremble and I can visibly "see" what I term piezoelectricity in the air. Sometimes I can barely write my own name. True that I have always been a high-wired nervous type, but these symptoms are pervasive and coincide with the intensity of electricity in the air. I try to stay indoors. I'm thinking of lining a room here with some kind of copper protection. I'm genuinely not afraid of death. There's nothing they can do to me. My faith is stronger than they are. But I'm Scots-Irish, and I'm not leaving the battle field.

  19. WESTCOAST ACTION ALLIANCE, Port Townsend, WA: October 17, 2016 – Depleted uranium, thousands of sonobuoys litter Pacific Northwest oceans – what are implications for public health, fisheries? … Last week the Port of San Diego sued the Navy over an underground plume of toxic chemicals that threaten to contaminate the entire bay. The US Navy’s war gaming in our Pacific Northwest waters, with bullets, bombs, missiles, chaff, flares, drones, sonobuoys and expendable targets, many containing harmful chemicals such as high explosives, is increasing. It’s happening in coastal, offshore and inland waters from California to Alaska. They are dumping these toxic materials in areas designated as Essential Fish Habitat, while conducting their explosive and sonar exercises during peak times when important fisheries and marine mammals are present.  The US Navy’s 2015 Northwest Training and Testing Final EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) estimates that in thousands of warfare testing and training events per year including gunnery, missile, torpedo and other explosive firings, the Navy produces nearly 200,000 “components or events” designated as “stressors” each year, just in our waters. It doesn’t define or measure the words “component” or “event” … The Navy did not speculate on the actual amount of depleted uranium resting on the sea floor in Warning Area-237, large portions of which are within the boundaries of the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. But it did quote a 2006 British study on 31 tons of depleted uranium at the bottom of an oceanic firing range, put there between 1982 and 2003. [full report]:

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Susan, 31 tons of depleted uranium?!!!  Admitted to in the past?  Oh dear, what could it be up to now?  By the way, this did not begin with the war games on the Olympic Peninsula, it began very early in 2014 and is not just the west coast, but "hugging" All America's coasts and some inland waters such as in the Great Lakes and Puget Sound.  Also, it stretches to Hawaii.  This all from their own statements.  Can we Ever go to the beach again?  Will Any of this be monitored?  I doubt it.  The 2014 one was snuck through the sequester.  And kept on enlarging its range, such as all the way to Hawaii.  It said until 2020.  Where is the hue and cry?  Is anyone really aware?! 

  20. Ron Marr says:

    They have been spraying. Some mornings I swear to tell the truth, no ,I mean, I swear I smell Hydrochloric Acid. I was awakened from my shallow sleep in the night once. I recognize it from one of my jobs from way back when, on my journey. But even if you don't know what it is you know. It's like summer right now. My windows are open. I step from the shower and I get a whiff and like an idiot Iam whiffing through the house. It's no longer there. I pray they are not….never mind. I was thinking the other day that we are a little like the buffalo. Maybe it's because we participate. Like Dane said, Stop participating. Since we are all genius with the gift of imagination we can create everything. We have that individual talent, remember? But, the poachers under stood something about the buffalo. That if they shot the lead bull while grazing the other buffalo would just stand there. They pick them off one at a time; steal their coats and leave the meat to rot. Thus, cutting off one of the Indians food supply. They were thinking this would run the Indians into FEMA camps. NO, NO, I mean reservations. It just seems like we have, as a whole, just been standing there waiting to be picked off. Well, since they killed Lincoln, Edgar Allen Poe, JFK, RFK, MLK, Malcolm X, Jim Croce, John Lennon and others that have tried in their own way to tell us, inform us, warn us and show us how important the individual is. Here is something I wrote down years ago, I think you will enjoy: "ART IS INDIVIDUALISM AND INDIVIDUALISM IS A DISTURBING AND DISINTEGRATING FORCE. THERE LIES ITS IMMENSE VALUE. FOR WHAT IT SEEKS IS TO DISTURB MONOTONY OF TYPE, SLAVERY OF CUSTOM, TYRANNY OF HABIT, AND THE REDUCTION OF MAN TO THE LEVEL OF A MACHINE."

    OSCAR WILDE, 1891

    When we awaken to the fact that we are genius gifted with imagination and immortality, we can stop participating, understanding that when we come together we form the human spirit the most powerful force on earth.

    • a simple horseman says:

      Ron Marr, "thank you", Those are some of the smartest words I've read in a very long time. Thank you for sharing them. Your quote from Oscar Wilde was good also.

      "Always", there is much to learn in natures "parallels"….

      "We are all one", War is over, if you want it……

    • Dennie says:

      While I know what you're saying about doing the Individual in, there's at the same time a very UNHEALTHY emphasis on "individuality" in the United States of Amnesia.. like, "It's MY WAY or the highway!!!" with little people running around with their Personal Declaration of Individual Independence, enjoying "life" in their own little fuzzy pink bubble, doing Their Own Thing, NO community, no interconnectedness, no common good, for God's sake, even– that means you might have to SHARE something, God forbid– like, the time of DAY, even!!!  It really has gone too far and we'd all be healthier and better off if we could somehow realize that the kind of group values we should have would work better if we were somehow all a little bit Japanese– ain't gonna happen, because "individualism" in the U.S. is tantamount to an inalienable "right" to do whatever you f*cking bloody well please, at any time, no matter the consequence, to ANYONE else– HMMMPH!!!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Ron Marr,  I read your post here last evening and it just stunned me.  I never heard that about the lead bull and it strikes me as untrue.  There would be other bulls dying to take lead, and I myself have been charged by a female.  She did have a young one but it was scary and I was real glad there was a real fence.  Buffalo are not nearly, well, not at all docile like cattle.  But, like cattle, relatively easily spooked.  It occurs to me that the "poachers" must have been down wind from them.  Other wise the buffalo would have smelled them and run.  The old ones said they, themselves, could smell white men Many miles away.  And, being an object of predators back when, that usually meant Indian or wolf, or?, uh, sensitive to anything on their sides which they cannot see well!  A shot from a gun would have been confusing to them.  I got to see a Buffalo Gun, one made just for this 'wipe-out' and it was one heck of a big pistol.  No doubt from a distance.  I'd say the buffaloes' reaction or lack of was primarily down to confusion, a WTF? just happened? kind of thing.  No learned response yet.  The military is still giving the Lakota grief, and Hopi and all, and all this time but especially Lakota.  Can't get over Custer, to this very day.  It is still the plan to eliminate Indians.  With the buffalo, they had a real, uh, shot at it.  Massive herds.  Each grown buffalo like some big box store, containing everything necessary for life. They said at the time that wiping them out would force the plains Indians to give in and give up, could not survive otherwise.  True.  It was not only food, but one's home and clothing and 'shoes', and blankets and string, rope, on and on.  Buffalo are All leaders as they do what leaders do: they give everything of themselves away, not unlike Dane.  It literally broke Indians' brains to see such wanton waste, it was so very                incomprehensible.  But I couldn't quit thinking about this.  And about a way of life that depended so heavily on a couple of things, thinking the takeaway here was to diversify, to not base one's entire life on a couple of things, else you might well be in trouble.  Then I thought, well three things.  Buffalo, horses and arrows.  Then I realized that meant sustenance, transportation and weapons.  And that not much has changed at all!

      We all have to participate somewhere some how don't we?  We participate with our children, our families, our mates.  And neighbors too.  Every time we hit the road, we are participating in that hot mess.  How can one not participate?  I have to participate in my care of my chickens, plants, things I love.  Why should we not participate in what ever was implied by that criticism?  In voting and political things I make it clear where I stand on issues and #1 is always weather modification and war efforts.  I'll vote in such a way as to make it clear that I was not lazy, did not just bail, that I am able to play well with others, but I am against this government and no matter how much they want my approval, it ain't happening and I do want that known that I kept my word and held my stand, recorded.  I refuse and always have, to bank.  I have no credit card and never have.  I barely drive.  I've been a rebel all my life.  Of course I have no cell phone.  I would never.  Offers so much, but!!  I do have this computer and I do participate in anti geoengineering efforts all the time.  Even most art is a form of participation, is it not?  If only to disturb.  I aim for disturbing!

      I love what you posted about art and that is exactly what I love about art and the kind of art I do!  And for exactly those reasons!  I am so glad you mentioned this!  I've been so deep into stuff on this site that I have neglected much, even my family complains.  I've neglected my art, and it Is sustenance to me.  I need it like I need air.  I also needed to be inspired, liberated a bit, and a kick in the butt.  Thank you Ron!

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Ron Marr.

      Indeed, but yet the most exceptional individualism we can find it within the CLAN. Unfortunately the clan has been since ever a target to those that aim control, total control. Now the CLAN is subverted, we live together in the millions, but isolated, apart from each others and apart from the nobility of the Group, and this is what the "guys" in the power want. Is in this enlarged Family that we can find ourselves as real people and where we can find our highest individuality. Thousands of years ago many and many clans, all over the World, could bear tens of thousands of Persons. Now even regular Families are in danger.

      Good Luck to Us All.

  21. penny says:

    I haven't noticed any links yet to this news conference with Vladimir Putin, in which he says things that will not surprise anyone here, but which should, perhaps, be passed around to friends and family.  It's hard for me not to believe this man is being sincere – and is genuinely afraid and despairing.

    The overcast skies here in northwestern Montana have been perfectly flat and featureless every morning for the past week or two, more like a television screen than like natural cloud cover.  Some mornings there is a yellow tone, some days it's more a sickly mauve.  The radiation readings at have been more alarming than usual, in case any more bad news was needed.  I even saw a 'level 5' alert one day, in Texas. 

    Last but not least, does anyone besides me wonder if the sudden increase in coyote and dog attacks recently has anything to do with emf radiation?  I mean, the coyotes could be starving due to wildlife die-offs, but that doesn't explain vicious attacks by well-fed dogs.  Besides, why should canines be less affected by 4G and Tetra systems than humans (especially police officers) are?

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Penny.

      You know the "vaccines" for the dogs also contain mercury. And that's NO good for no one, even for those , the most Loyal Animals on Earth; the Canidae Family.

    • Dennie says:

      Thanks for the clip of Putin's address to the press, I presume.  It's amazing to see a candid leader who doesn't appear to be out to pull the wool over everyone's eyes and lull the kids back to sleep like the "leaders" of the United States of Amnesia have been doing ever since JFK was murdered. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dennie, You nailed it this time with United States of Amnesia!!!!!

  22. Dennis Hall says:

    I live in West Central Vermont and they have been spraying since 1997…they are at it today and yes the bark is falling off the trees and they are dying for no apparent reason.  No One is aware or will listen….

  23. JR says:

    Hello folks from Southwest, New Mexico. I hope all are well in these trying times. We are getting bombarded with SAG/SRM aka Chemtrails. These lowlife pukes will someday pay, when only Elohim knows that time. The word says that a dog goes back to his (folly) vomit and eats it, well we are seeing it and have seen it for some years nows. These (all) of them who are doing such evil works have sold out their souls to Satan as one can see. We don't know it all, only God knows what is in store and we have to hold fast with much fervency in Him, believers or not, it's never to late. No doubt some of these jets are unmanned flights, but what about the pilots who know what is going on, so much for integrity?! The Lord be with you this day in your walk….

  24. privileged to share information & flyers with the Duke & Duchess of Hamilton at the Stone Mountain Highland Games. He mentioned the Catholic church and the pope. – hope this helps



  25. MS P says:

    Thank you Dane, for another very informative week.

    We have had a strange week here, S. CA. Cool on Sunday, rain over night. Monday cool 60's. It will be triple digits on Wednesday. 

     Daytime high being, 40+ degree difference within 48 hours.

    The mention of over night lows. Is very true. It seems to get  much hotter, just before it cools down around 5- 6 AM. The difference in temps.  is also less & less.

    The heavy air traffic continues. I could see the chemtrails above the clouds.

    Soaking in vinegar bath, really seems to help, my sore eyes, nose & skin, I just pour vinegar in the tub. Leave it on my skin.

    I have noticed that all the UV index sites, now use NOAA info. 

  26. NEMO says:

    Most of the trees here 50 miles north of Pittsburgh are still very green.  Only a few have any color.  Seems very late is this a result of geo-engineering?

    • MS P says:

      Same here. The trees are holding their leaves. They should already be dormant, by now.  As the leaves turn. It is not the pretty normal colors. On hot days green leaves blow off. Crisp & dry. 

    • Mike looking up says:

      Nemo, I'm in the SE area of Michigan and have mentioned this on Facebook daily. Its our temps, period.  This summer was well above average with high temps and extrem humidity. Once we got into Sept we were averaging plus 10 degrees above normal on most days. Average highs SE Michigan for mid October 55 or about, last 2 days we were in the 80's and all but 3 or 4 were into the seventies.  I seen areas in Nebraska with high temps above 100 and surounding mid-west states 90 posted yesterday on Weather Channel.  As Dane says the life support systems are breaking down and runaway temps going higher. Just one key date or dates to remember, at the end of February 25-29 leap year 2016 we had 50 plus degree temps and Feb 28 a high temp of 71.  If you remember the East Coast was even warmer.  STILL NOBOBY CARES OR NO ONE GETS IT.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey NEMO and all, Here in Berkeley it is a mish mash.  Some green and vibrant looking, some turning color in spectacular fashion on part of the tree while the rest still very green.  The shock to me, well several.  But a week and a half ago, one of my big street strip lilies sprang a few blooms.  Noticed yesterday that some spring plants are blooming in front garden!  Then saw a perfect yellow rose bud on a beasely rose bush not even deadheaded.  Weeks ago, my daughter even noticed how the Cecil Bruner rose bushes were pumping out their pink flowers in a very strong pink, as opposed to the lighter version its been doing.  At the end of September I was still getting asparagus!!  But, horrors, yesterday, Rhoda, the Dendron, called me to look.  Oh dear, she has some serious problem and I have no idea what and will have to research in a vain hope it is not from this crap.  Last spring was her best ever, just spectacular.  Full of buds now and at a glance healthy, I noticed some brown shiny spots on a leaf.  Looked odd like dried sap.  I tried to scrape it off, but no.  Looked for any indication of a bug but no.  Did find many dead leaves, leaves in various stages of yellow and brown and a whole frame of her dead in the middle.  NOOOOO.  Its bad enough to have such a sickly dying redwood in front near her.  Bad enough that  I nearly lost precious golden plum.  Not Rhoda too!  Help!!  And, we had a very cold summer all summer.  Then a week of mega heat, then rain.  The plants all look very confused!  Rhoda looks in deep trouble.  I don't know what to do—yet.  Anyone know? 

  27. TK says:

    I'm on the north part of the OKC metro, and we are quite used to stormy weather here; however, I've noticed some rather odd occurrences this year.  We don't have any topographical anomalies at this locale that should cause storms to simply disintegrate, yet that has happened with predictable frequency this year.  I would watch the Doppler as strong, well developed squall lines would break upon nearing this area (many times!) and there is never any explanation from the weather team.  I remember one particularly strong storm heading this way, that collapsed and sent out what they called an "outflow boundary."  The action was absolutely abnormal, and this "outflow" had a perfect c shape upon collapse.  They just dismissed it completely.  I'm looking out to the east right now, and I see the typical plumes, placed directly in the path of the sun's trajectory.  I don't suppose the proliferation of military bases, airports, and "cell" towers would have anything to do with our plaid skies (and the almost universal complaints of allergies)…

  28. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

    For the ones that haven't this info, it is very interesting;

    I wish to see one day something like this all over the World.

  29. Marc Leib says:

    I was talking with a coworker of mine at work a while back about the geoengineering lines in the sky and I consider him a very intelligent man but then he told me he thought they were molecules from the material that the fan blades are made out of I consider myself pretty intelligent too and I know I don't know everything but I just had to laugh out loud and he got really insulted and mad at me I am pretty sure the fan blade in a turbojet is just like my tires on my car and they shed a few molecules at a time while being used and when I tried to explain to him what I think they are he got disgusted walked away this latest post of yours has got to be one of the most informative I've ever read keep up the great work Dane and keep lots of bodyguards and Angels around you. There are a lot of Brave Heroes out there but I think you are the biggest bad'est bravest hero the Earth and Mankind have ever had ever thank you again from the bottom of my soul

    • Dennie says:

      …"molecules.. from the fan blades.." presumably from the high bypass turbo fan jet engines… cause the "persistent jet contrails.."  hmmm… "ERM," (to quote The Snarksters), and I know a BRIDGE in BROOKLYN that's FOR SALE!!!

  30. Linda Lee says:

    My heart weeps for India too….Monsanto and others ruined their ability to grow rice, and the farmers & their families committed suicide by the hundreds.  And now the extreme heat and the extreme rains….I know that Amma, the Hindu hugging saint, brought in her devotees to feed and bolster the spirits of the farmers, and kept many of them alive and got jobs for the young people…but how long can this go on…with more extreme attacks every season?  The brutality of the thugs in power keeps increasing….I keep praying and calling in cosmic justice, as do so many, and may the Lord and higher angels hear our prayers…not only for India but for the whole world that is under siege now.

    Here in La Jolla, the drought is just awful.  The SF Bay Area just had a storm that brought big rains and winds.  We got about 20 drops of rain.  The palm trees are sticks that blow over and lose all branches with the slightest wind.  I send around Dane's latest reports with the hope that people will hold the info in their minds, and it will travel from person to person, and perhaps a turning point will be reached.  But many are too sad to read the reports, and some say they plan to join the honey bees, who are fast disappearing because the EPA will not ban the toxic pesticide sprays, despite repeated pleas from thousands of people.

    I know it is said that modesty is the best stance in the face of evil, not fighting like a White Knight….but it seems that evil just takes advantage of modesty in this case….they do not listen or care at all.

    Calling in mercy and miracles every day….the power may come at the strangest time, after long perseverance, like with Joseph and Job, who never really gave up.  Stay steadfast as long as possible….May God bless our planet of Light and the creatures who love her

    • Dennie says:

      All I can think is "Someone" wants to punish India, or at least show them Who's Boss… Well, uh, yeah, like, um, we got a PSYCHOPATH in charge on Earth now– but who notices when they look in the mirror and see what's feeding the psychopath?  As I develop increasing wisdom with maturity I am beginning to see the Light that says it is insane to create "opposites–" it's soooo convenient (not to mention immature) to blame EVERYTHING that you think's wrong in Creation on your "Evil Twin," such as Abel and Cain ("It's all HIS fault!!!), Adam and Eve ("Well, it was ALL HER FAULT, at the end of the day.. come to think of it, the very beginning, too.. now I coulda just stayed in a happy little semicomatose trance forever, if it weren't for That Woman and her damned APPLE!!!" I hear you cry…);  Black VERSUS White– ARE WE STARTING TO GET IT, NOWWW??????

      The Quakers say "When you pray, move your feet," meaning you can pray but get off your butt and DO somethingGod can only work through our hands.  Forget about Magic Fairy Dust– it's beyond ridiculous to remain spiritual BABIES at a time when we really NEED to behave like grown-ups now– just another "responsibility avoidance" move, I say.  Though I fully understand everyone else has a choice to accept that responsibility or continue DENYING it.  "Actions have consequences" is very simply just a statement of truth, and NOT some form of "confrontational" bullshit that sooooooo many would try to continue to say it is– just more DENIALS of DENIALS— UGH!!!!

    • a simple horseman says:

      Linda Lee, Kudos! You bring up a very prevalent point. Indeed, modesty does over come evil, true! It is the mas behind either that "weighs". Hence the need for mass awakening, mass awareness. Please give it some thought.

      Nature is fair and balanced. Learning to be the leaf on the water in rapids is quite challenging, yet it is the only source of "nature" that will make it through the rapids of any river, "unscathed". Give to the flow and you will come out on top, just like a leaf on the water…

      (I hear some 'leafs' are pretty smart), just sayin…….

  31. Grace says:

    Talk about crazy go to the link that he posted to the Weather channel. 

    They actually have a forcaster who's name resembles 

    Arisal Salary

    how sick does this crap have to get 

  32. Chad H says:

    The spraying is getting worse by the day. Been noticing a massive reduction in bugs. Things like grass hoppers and ladybugs are rarely seen anymore. Even fleas seem to be not so bad this year or last. Anyway thought i would share what i captured on film a couple weeks ago. Keep fighting everyone!! And thank you Dane for your continued effort

  33. frank reps says:

    My major concern now is about the  " biological " agents that will be spewed upon us by the monsters who pretend to be mortal gods.  I think  the so called " elites " want to hasten the culling of humankind, and will speed up all their devices ; vaccinations….gmo foods…social discord…geo engineering..nuclear war…as well as attempts to demoralizethe few remaining thinking people on the planet. I do not think civilization has much more than a year or two before the earth  is stripped of it's ability to sustain life.

  34. Chad says:

    Yea I'm idaho and lots of clouds not much rain but cold and windy. I smelled the sulfur oxides, or whatever chemicals the ice nucleation process made of. Smelled horrible and burned my nose.calling for rain tomorrow.  Fresh chemical ice nucleated snow since 5 days ago. Temps dropped in Montpellier from 50 and 60s to teens!!what a joke, and East of where I'm at the country on fire. They can't do the whole country the same at once. Idaho coldest in nation. Has been off and on late summer and early fall. Planes spraying every day. Can't see them through clouds but can hear em. 

    • NEMO says:

      We smelled that here in various places in western PA.  Thought it was a strange coincidence of sewer gas in so many different areas.  Geo engineering chemicals explains it, thanks.

    • Dennie says:

      Yeah, and "They" think we won't any of us notice this, AT ALL??

  35. Debbie Daniels says:

    Today's spraying was really bad in central Illinois.  All day there were multiple spray trails with multiple X's in the sky. The sun was basically blocked by haze. It was & still is very windy, which made the trails spread across the sky, so they just kept up the assault.  It makes me sick, sad & worried. My husband & I post to Facebook about the spraying with pictures & the website so people can read about it. We need to do something.

  36. James Steele says:

    They aren't trying to hide from the public. They don't give a damn about the public!

    • I agree with you, James Steele. They have long ago stopped caring what we think – or how we die. The elite are convinced that the masses are safely hypnotized numbed by "screens" and narcotized in chemicals. They have their undergrounds ready. So they don't care. However Hubris is a flaw that calls forth tragedy. The fool's pride and arrogance of Hubris was considered by the ancient Greeks as an offense to the 'gods' that inevitably brings a downfall, final defeat – and I have faith in God and Love, the greatest power of all.

    • Dennie says:

      Where I live people use smoke, even the toxic poisonous kind, to get rid of destructive rodents down in their hidey-holes.  Rub 'em out.  These ones have a self-destruct button but it's going to take a long, looooong time before they do that.  They'll just take everything with them, that's all.  Too many idiots here are programmed, by the same power structure, into believing that some Knight in White or some "magical" god will do that entirely for them, NO effort required– someone else is taking care of this for them.  Now how stoopid is thaaat??  Delusions, delusions, everywhere you look.  Find yours quick, before your own denials get YOU.

  37. Marc says:

    Watched a jet cut across the center of the Tucson valley today. I stood there and watched as it laid out a bright vaporous trail that went on for miles. Then almost right above me the trail came to an abrupt cut-off, as if it had been sliced with a knife. This inane white jet continued on for about a full minute without any trail, then, of course, started up again with a new trail. I challenge any dumb-ass denier to explain away this phenomenon as just harmless contrails, especially up where the temps are way, way below zero. But then again, the problem is finding anyone who gives a shit about it. Lately, some of my friends concede that this may really be happening but actually don't want to be bothered with it. Global Omnicide apparently is not important enough an issue to warrant doing anything differently than what they would normally do.

    • Edward Palys says:

      The very same attitude most people have to the general news by the MSM. The media spew the garbage stuff while hiding the truth from people. It is a test to see how the public accepts the propaganda on a daily basis. The young people in schools are fed these lies every day. My two grand daughters were making jokes when I tried to explain those long streaks of trails in the sky. They pretty well laughed in my face until I asked them to explain how water vapor can subsist for such a long time in temps that are lower than -40*C and low levels of oxygen. That hit them like a brick wall. They thought about it for a while and walked away, end of discussion. It goes to show how our youth has been indoctrinated with lies.

    • Marc says:

      Edward Palys, I, too, have drawn my daughter's and niece's attention (teenagers) to trails in the sky only to be met with by ridicule and disdain. Strange how this is the default attitude for these kids, who appear to be intelligent enough to at least consider the possibility that this phenomenon could be harmful. As these kids have grown older, they are now more hip to it all and are closer to a full understanding of what they're doing in our skies. But what 16 yr. old wants to have to deal with the grim reality of geoengineering? NONE OF US wish we had to deal with it. But it is here and it is evil incarnate and we must face it.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      I hear and feel you Marc.  But I think some think not that they don't want to be bothered, rather burdened.  You've got to admit it is a heavy burden.  It just is.  Luckily some of us are willing to shoulder it for the sake of these idiots as well.  Unsung heroes all!

    • a simple horseman says:

      Marc, once again you write the words that are hrd to write and ones we all need to read, to understand.

      "Friends"… what a strange term in our current age….

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Edward Palys, howdy!  I love what you did with your granddaughters!  You hit them with science!  Which, shut them up, they quit laughing and walked away.  Which to me, says they have functioning brains.  May well ask in school saying what you said, may look that up.  Or not.  But you did the exact right thing.  Good on you!

      My own grandkids have grown up aware.  Not that that helps much!  They do tire of hearing about it and feel hopeless and as if their world is ruined, which it is.  I think the older one is depressed.  We all are.  

      Myself, I don't think I know any zombie like people.  Everyone I know is alert and aware and active one way or another, some very, and in beneficial ways to others and all.  Some are aware but minus one heck of a lot of info which they do not want.  Would prefer to focus on "positive" things and view me as depressed, or at least depressing if I bring this up.  It Is depressing, but in certain situations, depression Is the right response, and often indicates a sense of helplessness in the face of something overwhelming, plus grief and a major change of plans.  It is hard to know stuff that is not acknowledged, to grasp the sheer scope of things and then try to articulate it in a way that holds interest.  Depression saps energy.  And we don't have enough oxygen as it is.  And of course anti goeengineering brings anti vax, anti military, anti nuclear, anti government, anti schools–a Huge bag of anti(s)–most can only handle picking one.  I have found that first and second generation immigrants-such as, Poland, Sweden. Austria, Mexico, Philippines–are the most resistant to full awareness.  But in general, while we all think we know good from bad, right from wrong–these things are agreements.  And most people don't notice much in the first place.  All my life people have criticized me for noticing too much.  Always confused me, as to me, what, how can there be too much, how can one Not notice?  Everybody has screens.  Screen out this, screen out that.  Kinda hard to focus if one cannot screen.  I should know.

      But like a simple horseman suggested, I would prefer to be that leaf riding the water, the current, floating.  Except oops, it goes where and what fresh hell?!

  38. Pedro says:

    Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your Work.

    For the ones that don't know, I strongly recommend the reading of these documents:

    This is maybe only the tip of the iceberg, or maybe more. And by the way, if you have some extra time I also strongly recommend you to take a look at the murals of the Denver airport. This is a MUST SEE !!

    Thank you.

    Good Luck to Us All.

  39. KB says:

    The local news explanation for what was suppose to be a "Historic" massive storm for Washington State. I am taking advantage to hand out flyers to any who "cannot understand" what happened.

    KOMO NEWS…….

    What the heck went wrong with the storm forecast?!?

    by Scott Sistek

    Saturday, October 15th 2016


    Photo: Stuart (@yrpstu) in Port Townsend

    Well, this storm certainly will go down as one meteorologists will be talking about for years… just not in the way it was expected.

    What was computed — even as of Saturday morning — to rank among the region's greats ended up woefully under developing. What was supposed to be a lion turned out to be something more along the lines of a lizard with maybe a bit of an attitude — did you see that squall that came through Seattle just after sunset?

    But the squall was about it for storm notability. In fact, for many spots, wind speeds were greater in the Friday "appetizer" storm that turned out to be more worthy of the main dish.

    So, what went wrong?

    It's a question we meteorologists will be poring over — and smarting over — for quite some time. This wasn't a busted snow forecast, which are way more difficult to predict around here. It was a windstorm, and sure, sometimes wind storms end up a little stronger or weaker than predicted, but to go from seeing 70-75 mph forecasts to in actuality, struggling to reach 40 mph is quite jarring in this day and age, especially when the forecasts had been pretty consistent. It's not like half the models said storm and the other half said "stiff breeze". They were all on board. Minor differences in detail but all so consistent in potential for damaging winds that it gave us great confidence in the forecast.

    But then as the storm reached the spot to develop as predicted, it started strengthening. And then, something strange happened, it didn't go as strong as forecast — ending up much weaker then even the most pessimistic forecast model had predicted. Models had originally predicted a center pressure in the 955-960 millibar range — on par with a Category 3 hurricane. The track was somewhat far north but the strength certainly made us take notice.

    As the days drew closer, the storm strength was trended back to about 968-970 millibars but on a much closer, more dangerous track right into Western Washington and all models came into general consensus. The ensuing difference in pressure calculated to winds over 60 mph in the city and over 70 in the northern parts of Puget Sound:

    Then *even Saturday morning* — just hours before the storm was to strike, forecast models were still predicting a major windstorm. There's a forecast model now that runs in high resolution every hour and this was its prediction at 6 a.m. Saturday:

    That's 50-55 mph in the city of Seattle, over 60 in the North Sound — and over 80 on the coast and in the far North Sound! This was in line with our other forecast models and it painted a very dangerous and daunting picture of how the storm was going to play out.

    So by now, we've had several days of computations reasonably suggesting a storm of great magnitude was going to form and move into the region, following a scenario that has played out a number of times in Pacific Northwest meteorological history: A storm with a tropical storm/typhoon heritage getting energized by a strong jet stream coming into the Oregon waters, then turning north into Washington. All the ingredients were there.

    Then…well, nothing. Or at least not much.

    The National Weather Service in Portland– where they at least got some modified strong winds — wrote a lengthy Facebook post with a clue about what might have happened. Using a satellite product that can measure surface winds, they noted there were actually two separate centers of circulation when the storm developed — something no forecast model had picked up on. The two centers will fight for energy, sort of like siblings fighting for space in the same bedroom, and the result was a much weaker storm than forecast.

    Humanity has come such a long way in technology and mathematics. Consider how big and complex the atmosphere is — every little molecule of air can influence its surrounding area. Yet we humans have developed enough mathematics to simulate the entire planet's atmosphere to where we can sufficiently model what it will do days ahead of time. It's not perfect — we're not to the technological standpoint where we can simulate every air parcel, but it's pretty rare that a rainy day comes on a day we predict sunny and 80. We had a reasonable idea that a Typhoon off the coast of Japan was going to potentially have a major effect on our weather thousands of miles away a week later. And it predicted where it would go within 50 or so miles of accuracy. That's like calculating what it would take to shoot a basketball from Los Angeles to a hoop in Denver– and having it clank off the rim.

    There are a lot of people that were upset with the dire warnings that they didn't pan out. I get that. Meteorologists are also always concerned about the "cry wolf" factor. We didn't get into this science field to get joy out of faking everyone out. It's really not fun. We take pride in our forecasts and trying to help people. With the tools that we have that have proven pretty darn accurate as a whole, it was presenting a very dangerous situation to the people we forecast for.

    But Mother Nature proved once again we still have a lot to learn and that she still has some tricks up her sleeve. We'll learn from this and hopefully develop even better tools to where maybe the next time we'll see a double low ahead of time.

    In the meantime, we get it…



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello KB, thank you for sharing the post from meteorologist Scott Sistik. Like the whole of the meteorological and climate science communities, his blatant ommision of the geoengineering element means he is either unqualified for his job, or lying.

    • LS says:

       Meteorology is no longer anything resembling science. In the mountains we laugh at weather forecasts. They, and the people who stand in front of the weather maps, are a joke. 

    • Dennie says:

      ..well, well, WELLL. Bang me over the head with a FRYING PAN!:  "I have NO idea what happened to bust up that storm, and I went to meteorology school!!"

    • Tony Delanzo says:

      I am personally against vaccinations, including flu shots because I understand that many of the various vaccines not only contain poison, but also contain so-called nanobots—extremely small artificial particles the size of blood cells, inserted in certain vaccines and prescription drugs. Once inserted, the nanobots will forever run through our bloodstream.[10] Yes, you read that correctly; there is allegedly no way to remove these particles once they are there. Thus, Big Brother has most of us covered already, but just to make sure nothing is left to chance, nanobots have supposedly also been put in chemtrails, which means that most people around the globe are breathing them in.[11] These nanobots work as “antennas” that can receive commands remotely, are self-replicating, and will be used both to transmit and receive information (something we will discuss later). However, the purpose is to have nanobots replacing our immune system and to reverse aging.[12] Interestingly, Bill Gates is advocating for vaccines and health care in an effort to reduce the population![13] These are his own words, and they sound like a contradiction, perhaps, but not in Bill Gates’ world."

  40. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Yes, the toxic cool down in Alaska is obvious.  On the days when the spraying is worse than usual and I've had to walk out, I come home with the most extreme body aches, stiffness and chilled to the bone (at 50 degrees).  There is no other explanation, since I was fine before I left.

    The "Arctic haze" obscures the mountains just a few miles away.

    Well, we're having a "late" wildfire in the Matsu Valley near Palmer that is hampering firefighters due to freezing water and freezing ground.  Seems unlikely to have ever happened before.

    • Blue Sue says:

      Hello Bella _Fantasia,

      It sounds like you and I are nearly neighbors, as I live in the MatSu Valley too, and yesterday the combination of aerosol particulates from the previous day's heavy spraying along with the smoke from the Sutton-Moose Creek Fire turned the sky so hazy white that it was startling.  I wonder if the wild winds we're experiencing are a related byproduct of the incessant spraying in thiese parts. Have you, like me, been experiencing chronic insomnia lately?  Keep well my friend I have yet to meet.  

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      Hey Bella and Blue Sue, Maybe we could get together and protest our local Weather Liars at KTUU. The lies of Robert Forgit, Jackie Purcell and Tracy Sinclaire must be exposed. Pick a day and let me know. I will drive up from Nikiski for the day at a moments notice. We can do this. We really should do this.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      It's a pleasure to know you, Blue Sue.  Timed release melatonin helps insomnia, but not always.  There has been a litany of new ailments in the last year, unfortunately.  Sometime in the last year they've put a source of the frequency bombarding the clouds quite nearby.  Must look like a cell tower, and I've heard a large new tower is going up within a couple of blocks.  I get pains in my cheekbones sometimes, which is new, and leg pains and cramps while asleep.

      Sorry to hear about the smoke.  We got it this summer in Anchorage from the fire along the Seward Highway.  It was hot but we couldn't open the windows.  Having been here nearly 35 years, strong winds are so historically rare, I do call them HAARP winds.  We had that 2012 wind that blew over ancient fir trees, and this year they blew all the leaves off the trees Sept. 21st. 

      You have my sympathy over the really bad air.  It really helps to have indoor air purifiers. We must figure out a way to keep in touch, Sue.


    • Blue Sue says:

      Hello Steven & Bella,

      It's heartening to know that there are fellow Alaskans that feel the same way I do.  Steven, I have been meaning to come down your way for some time just to pop in and say: Hello and THANKS for fighting the good fight down on the Kenai — and especially in the face of such pervasive ignorance, disinterest, and denial so common in our neck of the woods.  As for Robert Forgit, Jackie Purcell, and Tracy Sinclair, I too have wondered exactly how they can spew those patent lies each day — surely they KNOW that the weather is manufactured and that all their little weather-systems maps in the background are pure fabrication.  If they truely are ignorant, which is hard to imagine, then they need to be enlightened. I would be honored to join forces with you and Bella to confront the KTUU falsifiers.  You on board Bella?  Sorry that you're suffering the pains engendered by this assault on us all.  Melatonin and GABA have been part of my nightly ritual for a long time, but still I awaken frequently — perhaps, it is the cell tower pollution bombarding the environment; I noticed yet another new one went up not far from my house recently.  Holding you and all our friends here on this site in my heart and prayers. 

  41. Maro says:

    I wonder what they are actually teaching in "meteorology school".  I'll bet there is a whole class on how to look into a camera and lie.  And probably another class on what to say when you are approached about climate engineering.  My question to all the meteorology "students" . . . Do you have to sign the non-disclosure agreement before you sign up for classes?  And if you speak up and ask questions, do they kick you out of school?  I'm fairly certain no meteorology students are reading this.  Too busy practicing their script reading and shopping for fancy outfits.  I guess everybody has a price. 

    • Alan says:

      Good catch, Maro.  Mississippi State has an on-line program that will get you a "Broadcast Meteorology" certificate/degree.  Check your local TV meteorologist's qualifications.  I wouldn't be surprised if their "degree" was from MSU.   Almost all of San Diego's weather readers "went there".  

    • Bija says:

      I suspect there is no longer such a thing as meteorology school. It's just another acting gig. Better than waiting tables!

    • Moosey Pooper says:

      bingo, Maro!  I have 2 teenagers.  and of course, a wife who wants them to go to college.  What do I do with this scenario?  When I don't feel like opening the checkbook for manipulative brainwashing?  Should I pay money for my kids to participate in the bold faced lie of propaganda?!?  Doesn't really seem ethical to me.


    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Marco, what can the gag orders say?  Don't talk about the weather?

      But seriously, what can they say?  I'd love to see one and wish someone would leak it.  Are they tailored differently for NOAA, the Weather Service and what's the other one,  Commerce Department?  If they tell everyone in the commerce department not to talk about geoengineering or weird weather, wouldn't some people wonder and look it up?

    • Dennie says:

      GREAT questions!

  42. the spraying is over wellming  here in La Area I have shared info with everyone some believe me and some think iam crazy, but i no longer go for walks when they spray , i get runny nose and feel sick from the poison they are spraying, so sad what these monsters are doing to our planet, always praying to the higher power to plz put an end to this vicious attack on our planet  

  43. Detection of ‘abundant’ magnetite particles raises concerns because of suggested links to Alzheimer’s disease / July 25, 2016
    We identify the abundant presence in the human brain of magnetite nanoparticles that match precisely the high-temperature magnetite nanospheres, formed by combustion and/or friction-derived heating, which are prolific in urban, airborne particulate matter (PM). Because many of the airborne magnetite pollution particles are <200 nm in diameter, they can enter the brain directly through the olfactory nerve and by crossing the damaged olfactory unit. This discovery is important because nanoscale magnetite can respond to external magnetic fields … causally linked to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease…
    Biologically formed nanoparticles of the strongly magnetic mineral, magnetite … potentially large impacts on the brain … the abundant presence in the brain of magnetite nanoparticles that are consistent with high-temperature formation … an external, not internal, source.  … these brain magnetites are often found with other transition metal nanoparticles, and they display rounded crystal morphologies and fused surface textures, reflecting crystallization upon cooling from an initially heated, iron-bearing source material. Such high-temperature magnetite nanospheres are ubiquitous and abundant in airborne particulate matter pollution. They arise as combustion-derived, iron-rich particles, often associated with other transition metal particles, which condense and/or oxidize upon airborne release.

  44. The Real Humanitarian Crisis Is Not Aleppo
    Paul Craig Roberts / Oct.16, 2016
    Why do we hear only of the “humanitarian crisis in Aleppo” and not of the humanitarian crisis everywhere else in Syria where the evil that rules in Washington has unleashed its ISIL mercenaries to slaughter the Syrian people? Why do we not hear about the humanitarian crisis in Yemen where the US and its Saudi Arabian vassal are slaughtering Yemeni women and children? Why don’t we hear about the humanitarian crisis in Libya where Washington destroyed a country leaving chaos in its place? Why don’t we hear about the humanitarian crisis in Iraq, ongoing now for 13 years, or the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan now 15 years old? The answer is that the crisis in Aleppo is the crisis of Washington losing its ISIL mercenaries to the Syrian army and Russian air force.  The jihadists sent by Obama and the killer bitch Hillary (“We came, we saw, he died”) to destroy Syria are being themselves destroyed. The Obama regime and the Western presstitutes are trying to save the jihadists by covering them in the blanket of “humanitarian crisis.” Such hypocrisy is standard fare for Washington. If the Obama regime gave a hoot about “humanitarian crisis,” the Obama regime would not have orchestrated humanitarian crisis in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Yemen. … No one has asked why the White House Fool is empowered to remove the president of Syria by siccing US-supplied jihadists, which the presstitutes misrepresent as “moderate rebels,” on the Syrian people.   [full article here]:

    • Catherine D says:

      Thank god for Russia! Can you imagine the situation in Syria if they had not intervened? Yes, I know there is corruption in their govt as in all govts, but they are doing the right thing here. They are not the ones provoking conflict. They do not want a war. Putin has tried many times to warn the western people as to what is transpiring, but too many remain unaware, deaf or in denial. It's tragic what must be done in order to lay to waste what the US govt & its cronies have created, but how else do you defeat barbarians who only understand violence & all attempts at peaceful negotiations have failed? The Syrian people have suffered enough due to the atrocities committed by our "Nobel Peace Prize" winner & his administration. Now I wonder who, if anyone, will come to the aid of the Yemeni, Iraqi, Libyan & Afghanistan people? It's far beyond sickening & my heart is breaking for these people.

  45. Grant Withers says:

    The analysis above for the North West supports two purposes that i have suspected for a long time: 1. To drive out the populations of the vast holdings of the Bureau of Land Management (with winter weather), and 2. To gain control of the water rights of the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys of California (with drought conditions).   

  46. Donna-AZ says:

    Dane, I don't know how you keep your cool. I looked at our scheduled weather today, and we were supposed to be in the 80's starting tomorrow, but "Oh No" the controller's decided to give us another week in the 90's, with the 20th being 97 degrees. After that, "in the 15 day forecast" we will get 5 days in the 80's, roll into the 70's with Oct. 31st being 74/56 degrees. Just like last year, as soon as the air conditioner goes off, the heater comes on. I was told when I moved to Arizona that there were 2 growing seasons, yah right! I did grow lettuce last year, but I had to cover them every night during the ever-so-obvious/not in a flight path, ice nucleation events.

    Waking them up as fast as I can here. Thank you Dane, for all your inspiration.

  47. Melanie says:

    HI, Dane:

    I'm in South. CO. We just can't get over the spraying activity going on over our valley. Not sure why we're getting so much more of late. Just started noticing it more in the last year or so. We are a high, arid, Alpine valley at 7500 ft.  Our weather sure has changed here, too. We have always had strong winds in the spring. But this is the first fall with winds 30 to 40 m.p.h.. And 70+ degrees for the highs! Wow. It's nice but should be in the 50s.  

    Well, just thought I'd share. If you have any idea why there is so much spraying going on over us in CO, please let us know sometime.

    Thanks for all you do.


  48. Barb E says:

    We watched this weekend in Maine and on the way back to NH as the planes were flying two by two making the sky look like a science fiction movie. Most of the clouds were dark gray under the white clouds higher up. The radio waves were making them into crazy shapes!  Friday and Saturday nights went down below 32 and so we had our first "official" frost that killed off the garden. But miraculously Sunday and Monday (today) were in the high 70's.  People are truly asleep at the wheel if they don't think this crazy weather and tic-tac-toe sky is not normal.  Gag orders…yeah they make me gag!!

  49. Richard Longland says:

    What's amazing to me is not only that people are avoiding these developments, but also failing to use their eyes and brain. Here in the greater Boston area, the sunlight is absolutely scorching on the skin…even in October!

    Dane, is there any way to determine what is actually happening to our ozone layer? How much UVa,b and c is cooking us?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Richard, yes, the UV radiation levels are off the charts and getting worse by the day. The attached link will provide much data on this, we will post an update soon. FYI

    • Christina says:

      Hey im in Brockton. I know exactly what your talking about 
      I know that lately this year my skin feels like it got fried. And
      I smell the heavy meatals on my skin, hair, face. Skin feels like
      I was in salt water. And like I need a shower, somethings up with 
      The water too, my scalp is dry and itchy, flaky. Never had issues 
      Before. I told a few  people they are so blind they think it’s just plane streams. We need to get this to stop. I can smell the sulfur today.
      It was high I could not believe it. 

    • Al C says:

      Richard and Christina,

                          I'm in Fall River and the same here too……..The sun feels way too hot!……..I mowed the lawn today, ( I'm bald) and got a wicked burn on my head.


  50. Gail says:

    I am in ND where we see the chemtrails day & night. It's unbelievable the number of people who think it's just vapor trails from all the airplanes up there & calls anyone who thinks our gov't is nefarious a conspiracy theorist . Hard to wake them up. And won't believe that the tv weathermen are under gag orders. Sad!

    • Edward Palys says:

      Could someone tell me just how many planes are in the sky doing this spraying? By the reports here, the sky must be saturated with more spraying planes than commercial traffic!!!! If you look up flightradar24, it shows all air traffic around the world. These sprayers are NOT shown on the radar maps. I can't even guess at the cost of these operations, they must be running in millions of dollars.

  51. INDIA Weather extremes: The deluge after the drought
    The Marathwada region’s farmers are facing nature’s wrath yet again — this time from excess rains.  / Mumbai / Oct.13, 2016
    … an estimated 3,800 villages of Marathwada have been affected by excess rains, as opposed to its 9,000 villages that were declared drought-hit earlier in the year. … saw their soyabean crops suffer severe damage from the torrential rains through the first week of October. Small patches of bajra (pearl millet) and cotton were also destroyed. …“Shock after repeated tragedies” is how Amol Jadhav, a local journalist and a farmer himself from Kaij in Beed, describes the latest setback. After consecutive drought years that crippled the rural economy of Marathwada — impoverishing even relatively better-off agricultural households — it is the excess rains from the withdrawing southwest monsoon that has caused heavy losses for many farmers of the region this time. … “Soyabean has been almost wiped out. Out of the 2,40,000 hectares that was sown under the crop, approximately 2,05,000 hectares has been washed away or damaged" … Besides soyabean, another one lakh hectares under Bt cotton has also been affected in Beed. Areas such Patoda and Majalgaon with fields on the banks of the Sindphana and Bindusara — tributaries of the Godavari — are reported to have suffered damage extending to all crops, including soyabean, cotton, tur (pigeon-pea), moong and urad.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      This is so heartbreaking for India.  Remember the "I" in BRICS is for India.  And the "B" for Brazil has been jackbooted again.  It was a Billion dollar coup.  The moral of the story is leopards don't change their spots, and don't invite the wolves to the block party for the sake of neighborly "inclusion".

      The accusations and lies about Russia, the "R", are over-the- top ridiculous.

      My point is the extent to which the global elites will destroy and destroy, just to make a buck.  Heck, they'd do it for a penny.

    • MS P says:

      Monsanto must have their $$$$ in this. Since India farmers, had drank their cool aid, to grow their seeds. Be slaves to their products. Suicide rates are very high among the farmers (of India) , who loose to crop loss. 

      Oh wait. Farmers in the USA also believe in Monsanto.

      I still wonder about when Monsanto hooked up with Astra Zenica, to grow pharmaceutics,  in plants.? 

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