How Much Time Do We Have Left? Halting Climate Engineering Is A Primary Factor


Dane Wigington

Our collective reality is changing by the day. How much time do we have left? Though it is impossible for anyone to answer this question, the single greatest leap we could take in the right direction, a direction that would buy us more time, is to expose and halt the ongoing climate engineering insanity. If we can do this, we can then begin to face the long list of remaining challenges the human race has created for itself. 


The tipping point has long since come and gone for the Earth's climate system though mainstream sources have not yet fully acknowledged this fact. The collapse of industrialized civilization is only a matter of time and likely very near, there is no turning back. The miraculous and hospitable planet that we have all known has been decimated beyond the point of no return in any time frame that matters. The scientific community has recently sent out a warning by setting the "global doomsday clock" to 3 minutes before midnight

Abandoned city

Does this mean we have no chance? Should giving up the fight for the common good be considered? Absolutely not. So long as there is a chance that the planet's life support systems can still be salvaged (and there is a chance), it is our responsibility to fight on. Marching in the battle to preserve a future for our children is not an option, it is our primary obligation in life. The human race is free falling into near term total extinction because of it's own behavior and apathy. It is this apathy that has allowed psychotic individuals to wield power unchecked and unchallenged for centuries.


"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything."

This is Einstein's quote, and it is completely correct. Even at this late hour so many are "sitting the bench" waiting for someone else to take action an move the ball forward in regard to the fight for the common good. The "Doomsday Clock" assessment from the scientific community is extremely dire and this assessment does not even mention or consider what is mathematically the greatest and most immediate threat of all, global climate engineering.  A Hopi Indian elder has given us words of wisdom that we should all take to heart each and every day.

"We are the ones we have been waiting for."

No matter how dark the horizon, it is not yet black. Unshakable meaning and purpose exists in firmly focusing ones efforts and energies on the fight for the common good. Educate yourself and stand your ground in the battle to sound the alarm, all of our voices are essential in the fight to expose and halt climate engineering. 

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  1. Philip Moore says:

    I think if we simplify the planet down to a group of humans, you will find always one person that is loud, require the most attention, intimidating and generally most people look at him/her as being a leader. But it is said that these people are the least fit to lead and causes the most harm to others.

    The rest stand and watch !  We allow such people to get through and manipulate all, and in most cases done in front of our faces. I guess it's true "We are the one we have been waiting for"

    One way or another it will be corrected ! It will be reset back to Zero. Either the good people do it or nature will. But having said that, nature always intended to reset after a period.

  2. ryan says:

    i dont think its a case of morally sound people waiting for someone else to do it, rather they have seen what has happened to those who have tried, for the sake of people who do not care… A morally sound mind will often be a sound logical mind also which leads to the questions of is it worth saving, is a species that knowingly destroys itself worth dying young for?

  3. penny waters says:

    have read only a few comments but want to say just a few things that help me keep my sanity being a conscious being watching nature (including us of course) – if you get my drift.

    we have been produced by nature – nature creates and destroys- and as we advance/progress/change? (whatever you want to call it) so we reflect nature – we create and destroy – who says we are meant to be forever – or the earth is meant to be forever.

    our lives are a blink – not in space time – you know – that which goes on forever out there and has always been and will always be

    but – re humans and psychopaths and the cold ones – there is a structure in the limbic system (our emotional centre) in the brain that is a bundle of nerve cells and fibres – it connects the four sides of our brain together with emotion and is meant to allow for empathy – it is only in two thirds of the population and is more in women than in men and when in women is 53% bigger

    women (gatherers) have children so it would make sense that there is a structure that enables women to have empathy for the small child creature in order to understand what it needs cos it can't speak –  so they find it easier to connect to others also, because of their empathy

    men (hunters) defend the family, the village, the nation, so for them to easily connect with others,especially other men, would not make a lot of sense cos they might have to kill them to protect their family!

    which is why we get our mothers brains (road map of location and culture) and our fathers emotions – children connect with their father emotionally and therefore he has an emotional tie, that allows him to function in human society and not be totally isolated

    a well nurtured man, without an adhesion, can surely become a professional soldier, a surgeon, dentist etc – a job requiring detachment; whereas a badly nurtured man can become the murderer, rapist, peadophile or maybe suicide bomber?

    so, also, a cold man can love his family but not care about the rest of us – a scientist involved in chem trails, a politician agreeing to them, a industrialist, billionaires etc – the men who do not care about the rest of us

    and as for medical stuff to keep them safe – no – there is no way they can protect themselves, and as for getting off the planet (space flight) before we all finish it off – hahaha – no – they are not very bright – they might be clever about their own knowledge but that is all

    once one understands just how interrelated everything is – we are bound to disappear – out there amongst the other stars are other creatures being created and will be destroyed,  on countless other worlds

    we are not so important – does that make sense – i am old and have been watching all my life – have not had husband or children to divert me so have always been wondering – now mum and dad are gone – i am still watching

    much love






    • Philip Moore says:

      Well said ! Totally agree 

    • GreggRoberts says:

      I agree Penny …. the only thing left ironically will be megabytes from long ago Pyramids etc…. Guy McPherson points out live excellence even though we are on the Titanic. Beauty tragedy and sadness are married in the end no matter the civilization or epoc♡

  4. Welcome to the Geoengineering (Climate Remediation) Current Events Section of the ADC Website.
    "The United States House of Representatives Science & Technology Committee has agreed to work with the UK Parliament on Geoengineering Issues starting in 2009.  These formal agreements, UK Parliament hearings, U.S. House Committee Hearings in 2009-2010, final reports and other information are located in this section. (Under the current definition of Geoengineering or Climate Remediation Schemes (Solar Radiation Management): These schemes are only designed to "MASK" any warming trends.)"
    Everyone knows that geoengineering and weather control programs have never existed…
    I'd say we have less than 10 years left on planet Earth…  

    • Genome says:

      USA has 100 years of natural gas left. Everything else… WATER. Gone next 10-20 years because of technologies and industries. La .. lie.. LIFE is gunna end



  5. Alexander High says:

    Hello Dennie Mehocich 

    Thank you sir. I wish my neighbors would say the same.

    All The Best


  6. Alexander High says:

    Hi Karl

    We had the milky white sky today also plus clouds that looked like popcorn so they've been doing something. Didn't see any spraying though, that being said doesn't mean they haven't been doing. The heat here is unbearable, because of the clouds the heat is staying put, another uncomfortable night. It's supposed to have been the hottest on records and that doesn't surprise me due to their meddling with the weather.

    Karl, I look forward to the day we get to string the perpetrators up for their deliberate assault upon the human race. Those people must be completely insane or just pure evil to do this to the only world we've got.

    There's more and more evidence coming forward that people just can't deny and there surely must come a point hopefully sooner rather than later where the power structures can't hide the madness they are responsible for anymore. The man in the Whitehouse and the one in Downing street might only be the mouth pieces for the real power the corporate money men but they have a choice to choose good or evil and they have made their choice. They have no legitimacy whatsoever to govern and they have to be brought down and tried for treason against their own peoples. That goes for all governments who are poisoning their own people globally.

    Take care and all the best to all.


  7. Alexander High says:

    Hi Karl Will certainly watch the video, thanks. We had a day of blue sky and sunshine today, not one trail to be seen in this location at all. Plenty of aircraft but no trails? Very odd, maybe they had a day off?? I already take some good vitamin C, we have a good supply of things and all good stuff including the Chlorella, zeolite etc. you put me onto. I passed the same information on to a couple in Leicestershire who'd been affected by the spraying that badly they were hospitalized. They've hopefully watched the video and acted upon it.  Keep fighting Karl All the best  Alex

    • Hi Alex,

      That's a coincidence! Yesterday we had a blue, cloudless sky as well. (I caught 4 sprayers only but I was not outside all the time, have to earn some printed money…) Very little flight traffic, none spraying, no matter which altitude.

      It seems to be a fully computer based project spraying us whenever they like at a certain location, day and time.

      Today, same weather conditions like yesterday, but the complete program, a blue sky is being ruined, only white poisonous haze left.

      Documented everything. Unbelievable. I caught some sprayers with the same patterns: Flying into a toxic artificial cloud, emitting a short chemtrail, flying out of the cloud, stop spraying in order to make the toxic cloud bigger. Flying in the next "cloud", spraying…… It is so ridiculously obvious what they are doing that the people must be brain amputated not realizing what is going on. But they might prefer watching their handy screens….sic

  8. William says:

    Dane, I have been trying to wake people up to the climate engineering issue. My step daughter from my first marriage posted a video of her daughter on facebook. Beutiful video of the kids enjoying a ride at a fair type thing. As I watched to enjoy my grand daughter have some fun, I darn near got sick when I saw what I did above their heads as they dangled in the air. The srm or chemtrails were so blatent and obvious. I pointed it out to my daughter after failining to get her attention several weeks ago on the matter, and she now understands what I am trying to tell her. There is nothing she could do snd was not endangering the kids by being there, our blamming government is endangering our kids as well all of us. this is a link to the short video I am talking about. You cannot miss the toxic aerosols over the childrens heads.

    • JP says:

      It`s hard to get people interested, even less involved. I have tried to talk to my wife (to be) about it but unfortunately for me, her movie, and the one after, and so on, is always more interesting. I get that with most of my friends as well !!! They mainly get scared when I start talking about it or when I go against mainstream idea like for WTC 🙁

      It seems to me that they`ll only get it when they`ll grow an arm on their foreheads (figure of speech of course since they will probably die of it before anything else) !!

      I keep my hope up still 🙂

      JP (sorry if I made some mistakes, I`m a french fellow from canada)

  9. Sean says:

    Dane,I feel like they are going to manage to kick the can down the road at least another year on the sea ice. All the measures seem to be tracking well off record lows now. Far behind 2012 record levels. Are they just using fancy data cherry picking here or do you think they were successful in doing this yet again?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sean, it is still too early to say what will unfold. Do I believe they are desperately manipulating data in regard to the Arctic sea ice extent? Yes. Do I believe it is much worse than the current graphing reflects? Yes. One way or another, the gravity of what is unfolding will soon be impossible to hide.

  10. Alexander High says:

    Hello Karl

    Started with the Chlorella detox and a few more items on the way. I want to thank you again for the information you gave me on behalf of myself and family. 

    No spraying today but I bet they'll be at it again in a day or so. I think I'm running out of friends fast. I've sent them emails and told them about the geo engineering website and sent pictures of the spraying above my home and have heard nothing from anyone up to now.

    I've watched some of the videos on your site, bloody horrendous. Those people are just a bunch of evil swine. They are at war with us, I just want to get back at them. Very frustrated at this time as things seem to be going slow.

    Thanks again Karl, keep fighting.

    All the best


    • Hi Alex,

      Great to see you back here. I can understand your bad mood.

      Maybe our latest music video will help a bit! Hopefully we can reach more people by means of multimedia.

      Consider also taking –natural– Vitamine C + E on a regular basis! You can not overdose C. The body gets rid of unneeded quantities.

      (Again: NOT the artificial ASCORBIC ACID shit which might do more harm.)

      Heavy spraying occurred in early morning today. They covered the sky till 08:00 a.m.. Some blue sky now, but they are constantly keeping on spraying over and over again. Frustrating!

      Consider watching this video on Youtube:

      "From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life  The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology"

      Take care: Not funny, what scientists are telling us there but helps to understand what's going on. Coincidence: Bilderberg official top topic 2015 according the their British website: AI !?

      We can not complain: They are telling us what they are going to do.


    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Hey, Alex, I'm right with ya.

  11. Jonathan says:

    After 4 days of clear skies, it was too good to last. Today, completely filled milky sky. I was stupid to think that maybe it ceased for a while. Probably more like a cycle. Someday’s they probably spray in a part of the world, another cycle, it’s over my head. I have absolutely no idea how their agenda works but, I’m really starting to believe the depopulation agenda. Those in power are probably aware that more people are becoming aware, so it’s urgent for them to kill us sooner. Some of you here wonder what they can do to help, well, start a website like mine, or Dane’s, and more so we could combine all our work for one common objective. Also, maybe Dane can tell us about this but, I use SkyderAlert every time I see the carnage done to our skies. So Dane, is that application worth purchasing for this fight we are in? If so, then I’m already a fighter, and it’s a start. At least you won’t feel dumb when your searching for something to do to help.

    • Jonathan says:

      Also, of you go out in the sun, it’s really important you use sunscreen with AT LEAST 110 FPS with uva/uvb protection, and apply EVERY hour! I had 60FPS at the beginning of summer and I burned after 45 minutes in the sun. The sun is frying the planet. I don’t know how many years we have before we burn dead but, at this rate, at most, 5-10 years, and I honestly think I’m being generous. Also, if you don’t want to use sunscreen, PLEASE AT LEAST USE IT FOR YOUR CHILDREN. I put sunscreen on my daughter, and it can take me a good 20 minutes to apply a good coat of it on her. Then I dress her up. That way, she’s protected from forehead to toes! Repeat every 45 minutes to an hour MAX! I also have a FPS lip Baum for her too. And don’t forget the hat! There, I feel like a responsible daddy reminding my peers on what to do. Have a good evening.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jonathan, yes, Skyderalert is a viable site, I mention it often on radio interviews.

    • Truman says:

      Jonathan….don't know where you live but it is has been exactly the same way you describe here in the central California Sierra Foothills of Amador County. In fact, this has been happening for the last few weeks. Very heavy spraying for a few days and then none for the following days

  12. Jonathan says:

    Here is a strong message from a character I really like from a movie of a book I adore “The Lord Of The Rings”:

    Sam: It’s like in the great stories Mr. Frodo, the ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger they were, and sometimes you didn’t want to know the end because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end it’s only a passing thing this shadow, even darkness must pass. A new day will come, and when the sun shines it’ll shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you, that meant something even if you were too small to understand why. But I think Mr. Frodo, I do understand, I know now folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn’t. They kept going because they were holding on to something.

    Frodo: What are we holding onto, Sam?

    Sam: That there’s some good in the world, Mr. Frodo, and it’s worth fighting for.

  13. Frank says:

    Many people fought and died for the purpose of freedom of speech. I am sick and tired of having to accept someone else's values in place of my own. The words political correct or offensive are words the criminal power structure have forced on us all. I have to accept new laws forced on me that are of moral value only. Our first amendment rights have been taken away from most law abiding citizens. The power structure uses there forced upon us moral laws to divide and cause friction of the masses. There desires are to start problems where none existed before to keep us fighting and divided among us all.  

    I find it offensive and criminal when I see chemicals being sprayed in our skies. This is our last fight to stop climate warfare upon us. Today the insanity is hard for me to handle. The ones in power know what buttons to push and it is getting harder for me and many others to keep our sanity. Many people I know have either sold there souls for the money or are to scared to come forward. My body is poisoned with chemicals that effect my cognitive ability to function mentally and physically. These chemicals are in all our bodies as we try to remember what feeling good felt like. The heating of our planet is out of control as many will suffer catastrophically. 

    The haarp and the total coverage of WiFi and Gwen towers, (Ground Wave Emergency Network) transmitters are frying our bodies. If you have digital TV you are programmed daily as long as the TV is plugged in to a electrical outlet,  to say the least. The chemicals in our bodies combined with smart dust technology and microwaves are pushing everyone's limits. 

    We all are living in a state of cognitive behavior that is like "The Sounds of Silence". No sounds in our natural environment, no sounds from people other than smart phones and no sounds from sanity. Most sounds we hear are invisible to most even the jets roaring and spraying daily in our skies. 

    Lyrics to the pop song ‘The Sound of Silence’
    by Paul Kane (aka Paul Simon)

    Hello, darkness, my old friend
    I’ve come to talk with you again
    Because a vision softly creeping
    Left its seeds while I was sleeping
    And the vision that was planted in my brain
    Still remains within the Sound of Silence.

    In restless dreams I walked alone
    Narrow streets of cobblestone
    Beneath the halo of a street lamp
    I turned my collar to the cold and damp
    When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light
    That split the night and touched the Sound of Silence.

    And in the naked light I saw
    Ten thousand people, maybe more
    People talking without speaking
    People hearing without listening
    People writing songs that voices never share…
    And no one dare disturb the Sound of Silence.

    “Fools,” said I, “you do not know
    Silence like a cancer grows.”
    “Hear my words that I might teach you,
    Take my arms that I might reach you.”
    But my words like silent raindrops fell,
    And echoed in the wells of silence.

    And the people bowed and prayed
    To the neon god they made.
    And the sign flashed out its warning
    In the words that it was forming.

    And the signs said: “The words of the prophets
    Are written on the subway walls
    And tenement halls,
    And whisper’d in the Sound of Silence.”

    Paul Simon, whose family was part of the military-industrialist complex, was very likely a product of the early 1960s military experimentation in Silent Sound mind control, which is clearly what the lyrics of “The Sound of Silence” convey to those “in the know”.

  14. keith whittington says:

    Time is relative. Einstein offered this to non-theoretical physicists:

    To a man infatuated, an hour with her can be like a second, but

    To a person sitting on a hot stove, a second can seem like an hour.

    I'm relating to the latter.


  15. Sally says:


    Hey Dane, why not run for president in 2016? That would be a great platform on which u could stand and sound the alarm from. Think about how much exposure you would get! You could run as an independent or something lol. From interviews, debates, commercial spots, or campaigning in various states, you would talk about the one and only issue/topic that matters to you most right now. 

    • There is one obstacle: Dane is not in a position to print money like the elites are doing.
      Without 1 or 2 billion Dollars (false paper money) nobody is constituted president in the States as far as I know.

  16. Carol says:

    " What a tangled web they weave, when they practice to deceive"  Yes, the web is so tangled we are all caught in it.  Very few gardens were able to survive this year in my area in southeastern Michigan. Too much rain! Today the temperatures will be in the low 60s when they should be in the low 80s. 

    Just as one of the comments above, I too have been having very strange and frightening heart rhythms. Dr. can't find anything wrong.   I believe it is from too many electrical and chemical bombardments. 

    People are fed so much propaganda on the so-called news, that they can't recognize the real issues.

    • waverly says:

      See your doctor. Get checked for blood borne barium, aluminum and lead. Also ask him to run a C-Reactive Protein to rule out inflammation of your cardiac muscles. Be careful about taking any drugs that stimulate/excite, or sedate heart function… they could lead to an event.

      I had my barium checked, in March. It was over 100 x "acceptable" limits.

    • Tim says:

      Recent blood tests:

      Aluminum 500x abnormal

      Barium 100x abnormal

      Strontium 100x abnormal

      Doctor asked if I lived near a factory.

  17. Ya really have to read the entire thing to get the joke…
    Global Atmosphere Watch – Wikipedia
    ["The GAW itself was eventually created in 1989 by combining the GO3OS and the Background Air Pollution Monitoring Network. The GAW consists of a worldwide system of observing stations and supporting facilities providing data for atmospheric assessments, and also serving as an early warning system for chemical or physical changes in the Earth's atmosphere which could be cause for environmental concern. Such changes might involve a change in ozone, and therefore ultraviolet, levels, levels of greenhouse gases, or precipitation chemistry, the culprit in the world's acid rain woes."]
    Complete text:
    The United Nations is busy monitoring our industrial junkyard…

    • Marc says:

      Thanks, Paul. In one of my earlier posts (rants) I alluded to the fact that these bastards must have some "apparatus" (system) in place to monitor the effects of their global spraying: soils, waters, human health impacts etc. I am certain they KNOW EXACTLY WHAT HORRIFIC EFFECTS ARE MANIFESTING. Your info here points to at least one aspect of such an "apparatus'" of which I was not aware. Thanks a million, brother.

  18. Viv says:

    Avaaz has started a new petition to "Stop the Mass Extinction"; the petition is addressed To World Leaders, it states:

    "We call on you to immediately make concerted efforts to halt climate disruption, extinctions, ecosystem degradation, environmental contamination, and to humanely stop human population growth and over-consumption where they now prevail. If we do not take action to immediately reverse these dangerous environmental trends, our world and the world of our children will be substantially degraded with respect to what we have today."

    Avaaz has made a huge difference in many cases, all over the world.

    Please sign the form at:


  19. penny says:

    The clarity of thinking and the integrity which are exhibited by Dane are always to be admired – but yesterday I watched a film which made me appreciate how unusual he, and those who visit this website, truly are.  The movie (which is extremely well-done and entertaining, albeit painful to watch toward the end) is a documentary in which a man tries to get people to wake up to the reality that our government can and does perpetrate crimes against its own people (focussing on the Vietnam war and the JFK assassination, but getting into 9-11, and more).  I was dumbfounded by the responses he got – but won't give it all away.  You can see this very important movie, Water Time, for free by going to  Be prepared to learn on a very deep level why Dane says, "You can't wake up someone who is pretending to sleep."  The filmmaker, by the way, is now working on a film about geoengineering!

  20. Nigel says:

    ive been fortunate that even though we have been getting heavily sprayed the temps gave been manageable and thunderstorms in the late afternoon. I'm fortunate to live in Santa Fe, at over 7500 elevation.

    In my opinion, it's important to present a solid sciences based image if more people are going to take this matter seriously. Dane does this . However, and this is just me, the brainwashed public has been programmed to respond to certain names and phrases that they associate with radical right wing – out there types. So content matters, and so do the comments people post in that regard. 

    That said, is there and way of gathering a fresh sample with a balloon and having it be recorded with some well respected scientists at the event,  Evidence, to be used in court? 

  21. Victoria says:

    I read somewhere that the "elite" have access to special proteins that mop up the metals from their system. No doubt they have access to medical technology that is kept secret from the rest of humanity.

    • Clark says:

      Actually, I think all the elite do is get chelation therapy done on a regular basis and I also believe they get Ozone therapy done as well. I know the Queen of England supposedly gets ozone several times a year. Its amazing how all of this is considered to be quackery for all of us but its used by the most wealthiest and powerful people in the world???

  22. Mark from OZ says:

    Dane is right; four percent of the planet's people are full blown psychopaths and this is this kind of thinking/behavior that gets promoted, adulated, rewarded as they are the most effective at creating profit in corporations and ascend in political systems and they are usually left to do what they want as everybody else nearby is ALSO terrified of what they'll do if dissenting voices can be heard.

    The ones 'doing this' are hostage to these worldwide psychos who have joined together and now have astonishing authority, influence and the resulting power to keep it all going. Keep in mind that the democratic,self deterministic way of life that a small fraction of the world currently  enjoys, is by no means a permanent model and history reveals that this planet's legacy is one of tyrants,monarchs, despots and other crackpots who actually believe in their self appointed 'supremacy' and that they alone are the world's destiny.

    They have already coated the planet in a merciless and impossible to get extricated from web of debt that is destroying or has destroyed many nations- USA, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, CA, AUS, UK and everywhere the IMF/ Federal Reserve / world central banks have a presence. What's coming is 'serfdom' which has pleased the planet's rulers for millennia. Unless they are confronted and stopped, they will succeed. What 'we' have in 2015 is not some random function of time / place but a carefully engineered funnel which has been functioning for hundreds of years.

    With the assistance of contemporary technology (PC, phones, surveillance, Soc Media,and the ability to rapidly analyze meta-data, the ability to govern (rule) large groups / citizens has never been easier or dangerous for those being governed. We've allowed these entities to prosper because we' trusted' they would shake our hand and pursue what was good for all humanity and forgave them each, numerous transgression which IS a human frailty and this has been abused.

    We are what we are waiting for. There is nobody else.

    • BaneB says:

      Your keen insight leads me to suggest that the paradigm upon which we lament, born some 6,000 years ago upon the great Mesopotamian life-giving marshes, was dead on arrival at that time.  It had and still has all the attributes of something alive when the reality is it is a zombie.  It refers to itself as civilized when the opposite is the truth.  History proves this point.  It is a stalking predator seeking the soul of humanity whilst its insatiable appetite for "vitamins and minerals" sucks the very life out of our living planet.  In short, it is a dead thing, artificially contrived, with all the Dracularian attributes so well depicted by Bram Stoker.  Political power, economic power, and the blood of youth is what it demands.  The creature prefers voluntary collaboration, but is quite happy to enforce its wicked will by any means required to maintain the canard.  Indeed, it's basic 6,000 year march to our present day is one that is intent on turning all of humanity into compliant zombies.  Failing that, it is willing to suicide humanity in a final desperate grasp for soulless life.  When it realizes its time is up and exposure is leaking like a seive, it shall have much wrath.  The light of day, self reflection, signs and emblems of truth and justice, all contribute to shriveling up the monstrosity.  Websites such as this are creating fissures within the flesh of the lie into which so many of us have foolishly collaborated.  We believed the slogan about "bringing good things to light (and life) when what we are harvesting is a dying planet.  Prepare yourselves for the death writhings of the beast.  This is a battle for our planet and our very lives.

  23. One comment I've been up against when I talk about what is being done to Earth and the people who live on it is, "Why would they do that? Their children have to live here too!"   Perhaps this will shed some light on "what would the elite do?"   I Googled: underground cities… there are many which are used as other purposes now but one that struck me as particularly interesting is Mount Weather. Mt. Weather is operated by FEMA as the operations center in case of disaster.  Look it up!  We might have the answer as to what the rich and famous would do.  What could be safer than going underground.

    • Hello Linda Strickland Kimball : I think the perfect answer to underground cities and especially FEMA camps, is to get some fracking cowboys together, and pump all those facilities full of fracking chemicals. After all, if there's nothing wrong with fracking fluids, those rich and infamous jerks might enjoy the flavor of it in their water… 

  24. Diana Moss says:

    It is so difficult to stay focused and continue to attempt to enlighten those around you, but once in a while you manage to 'connect' with someone which gives you the boost to keep on trying.  I have given up on attempting to contact my representatives in Congress with phone calls, the switchboards are always on overload and the emails are seldom answered and when they are answered they are just more generic answers that do not relate to anything specific.  However, I do believe that more and more  people are looking up but have no idea what to do or how to interpret what they are seeing. I wish I had a flag to fly that would identify me as  one who understands the dire straights we are experiencing.  Has anyone designed one?

    • penny says:

      I haven't checked on this lately, but it used to be that one could design one's own t-shirt, getting pretty much any image or slogan silk-screened on. Surely that is easily done today.  A photo from this site, along with Einstein's quote and the website name, would make an awesome midsummer's gift for everyone in the family  🙂

    • BaneB says:

      My approach has been and is to bury my so called reps in pics I take over my area.  They get them. They can't deny the cloud pics are unnatural man made contrivances.  They do not respond.  I keep sending them the images of our impending destruction.  Today was particularly photogenic.  As day broke, a cloud cover obscured the barely lit sky.  From magnetic north a fan shaped array of obvious radio frequency zapping of said cloud cover.  The anomaly could not be not noticed such was the clarity of the rays upon the clouds.  My rep will be receiving this one in my next batch to be sent.

  25. Zack says:

    Here in the heart of Illinois, I'm not even kidding you it has darn near rained 40 days straight. I'm lucky to get half a day of sun. My indoor plants can’t even grow, and the few days we actually get sun you guessed it completely hazed out by 5. I see the sun if im lucky about idk twice a month. They cant even go a single day without blanketing the whole sky and i live in a small town. I guess no one in my town misses the sun? idk, I stay strong no matter what, but damn it's hard. I will never understand the people that defend these monsters, as if something's in it for them, nothing but boosting their false egos, sadly they're killing all of us because of it. Peace to all, you would not believe just how many are fighting by your side.

  26. I feel the same sense of frustration others who commented feel. Even the emergency Doctor, when I was hospitalized two years ago, for atrial fibrillation, had never heard of Geoengineered weather. I tried to explain to her what chemtrails are and why I believed that the medications I'd been prescribed for alleged late onset asthma had put me in the hospital with atrial fibrillation. It turns out, I do not have either asthma, nor a permanent condition of atrial fibrillation and am presently not on any medications. These days, I remain indoors as much as possible, with the air conditioning on high, as the major change in my lifestyle. It's an outrage that being outdoors is now one of the growing list of activities we must observe because of the insanity of our self-exalted leadership. The citizens of this world must develop a life-saving sense of outrage if humanity has a chance in hell of surviving what our pathologically insane leaders have done to this wonderful planet we call Earth.

    For years I have realized that because I am such an avid reader of non-fiction, I tend to know more of what's going on in the world than even most post graduates who are fully engaged in their professional lives to the exclusion of keeping up with what politicians are doing. Through the years, I've managed to offend the sensibilities of several holders of PhDs I'd come to personally know; so for a time, I quit trying to warn the very ones who should know what are the very real threats to our planet because they are the ones who are most credible [by some twisted logic that's been established by the major media.] and thus have the power to reach our apathetic, greedy legislators to do something to stop the insanity.  

    Time is too much of the essence these days to worry about professional sensibilities. There is clearly too much terribly wrong headed and insane about what our leaders are doing to this planet we all share. I have personally printed up some of these articles and are giving them to every professional I meet; even walking into offices of doctors and lawyers to hand them personally to them. Most professionals seem not to avail themselves of alternate news outlets. At least that's what I have learned. I have even been warned not to trust any alternate media so trusting do professionals seem of the major media. They need to be handed printed material and be forced to promise to check this one item out which is handed to them. When I check back later, I find that they are shocked to learn how dire is this issue of engineered weather. Drastic measures must be indulged now. There is little time for sensitivities of one's own as to whether we are offending.

  27. chris chinalsky says:

    You are an inspiration, but we must ALL act even in simple steps, post your chemtrail pictures on facebook. Share your knowledge with others. discuss it at your place of worship. Wear a t-shirt. Hand out flyers. Do anything.

  28. Paul Barbara says:

    To help understand the mindset of the War Criminals and Criminals Against Humanity that order these programs, here is a quote from a book: '….'According to New World Order plans being discussed at the Grove, plans for reducing the earth's population was a high priority. Mass genocide of so-called ''undesirables'' through the proliferation of AIDS was high on (George HW) Bush's agenda. "We'll annihilate the n****rs at their source, beginning in South and East Africa and Haiti." Having heard (George HW) Bush say those words is by far one of the most torturous things I ever endured. Equally as torturous to my being were the discussions on genetic engineering, human cloning, and depletion of earth's natural resources for profit. Cheney remarked that no one would be able to think to stop technology's plan. ''I'll destroy the planet first,'' (George HW) Bush had vowed.'

    (Copied verbatim, page 168 'Access Denied: For Reasons of National Security' by Cathy O'Brien with Mark Phillips. A footnote also points to Chapter 23, 'Whirled Vision', of 'Trance Formation of America' by same authors.)

  29. Irene Parousis says:

    This post made me cry as you confirmed what my gut already knows, we running out of time.  I feel frustrated, hopeless and helpless, everywhere I go people are totally unconscious of the dire situation we are in.  The sun was so intense on my thighs today as I was driving and it wasn't even hot. I heard people comment that it was a beautiful day, I wanted to say something but knew it would fall on deaf ears. So hard to stay motivated in this battle, thank you Dane for being our coach you truly are a HERO!!   

    • Larry says:

      Yes the sun is abnormally hot year round. Yes it is searing our flesh and the reason is the fools that are playing God with haarp have destroyed our protective buffer from the suns rays …THE OZONE LAYER  AND POSSIBLY THE EARTHS MAGNETIC FIELD HAS BEEN SERIOUSLY DISRUPTED. This was first done two decades ago by the military's experiments with HAARP and they continue to tear holes in the ozone even though they know they are the cause of the meltdown of the planet they do not seem to care. It is their obsessive desire to control the weather all cost.. The non stop chemtrails we are all so concerned about are simply a bandaid temporary fix. The answer is to blow the lid off the cover up of the ozone destruction by HAARP and stop with the focus on Co2 as the cause . Yes we all know that CO2 is a problem but this is not what I am feeling burning my skin even at sundown in winter. Yes CO2 does hold in heat but it does not magnify the suns rays and this is what is frying the planet. Dane once stated that the UV rays are now 200% higher. That is what I have been feeling now for many many years. It is not the sun that I remember prior to the late 70's.  STOP THE HAARP WORLDWIDE AND BACKOFF ON THE CHEM AEROSOLS AND THE PLANET I BELIEVE WILL HEAL ITSELF.  It is a vicious cycle that has persisted for far too long mostly due to cover up story's and clandestine operations that have kept this story from the people. This crap of the military wanting owning the weather must be made public or we are doomed .   The gods of weather modification including Monsanto must be stopped or we are going to be living in a world much like the 1973 movie" SOYLENT GREEN". If you have not seen it you are in for a surprise.  The prediction was not far from what we heading for and it is very ugly and sad. That's all for now!!

  30. Ana says:

    Very good article Dane ! short and concise!

    Unfortunately the addiction for fossil fuels continues and those in Power seem to be making the problem bigger. They continue to play with the "fire"! How would they not continue to play with the Climate? (especially if with geoengeneering they are "masking" the already meltdown of the planet. Here´s a link that shows till where the insanity goes!
    I live in a second floor of a building and now in june we´ve been having very hot days and I can feel the heat in the tiles floor when I’m barefoot. Even on the days they are geoengeneering with their jets  to cool it  our houses still warm for a few days.How this can be normal? How these temperatures cannot be other thing but under reported? …Unfortunatly the hottest days are the worst for me (I feel  flu symptoms)  and it shouldn’t because the sky looks more clear and we can see just one or two chemtrails on the horizon but I guess the mixture must be much worse,maybe is that black dust they leave in the sunrise that is more danger with clear skies or maybe is the sun more strong.i really don´t know what to think anymore.I never had a flu in the winter and now I look like I’m having a flu and a sore throat all the time cause this sore throat  comes and goes all the time!… And these politicians talking about an increase in life expectancy and about the necessity to make people work for more years. With so much cancer and neurological disorders/diseases and they continue to give us the same lies and the same old speeches as if everything is still the same about the weather impact in our health. They know very well that people are dieting younger and that there are lots of threats to our health in the environment and that the situation had been getting worse year after year, decade after decade! But people still blind that still believe in all these lies/speeches and  people still believe in  the biggest lie of all :the promise of a long life to live, maybe longer than of the one of our grandparents ,they must be kidding or they must think we are the dumbest species in the universe! (maybe we are)…I guess those in Power want people in the Active situation  till people  die. They don´t really need to worry about the retirement fund as they tell us !Nobody will live enough to put the retirement funds or social security at risk unless those funds are not being used properly !BUt this is one more official lie that everybody believes or accepts as an unquestionable truth ,the same happens with the denial of geoengeneering ,the official speech is the denial while we can see it in front of our eyes in our skies if it  happens to be a more watchful individual and/or an investigator like you and  the courageous  people that are helping you in this fight  !  

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Ana, your comments are always appreciated.  The link discussing floating nuclear plants to power the Arctic oil rigs is news for me.  It's bad enough the rigs might ignite the free floating methane and explode and burn, but adding nuclear power plants to the mix is beyond breathtakingly INSANE. 
      Not to mention, those nuclear plants will use the ocean as a coolant and I'd bet more money than I have they will discharge all the waste directly into the sea as well.
      Words fail me beyond these thoughts.
      Bless you Ana, Dane, Russ and ALL here who persist against so many odds : )

  31. David says:

    Spiegel the German magazine ran a recent interview with one of their climate scientist.  Two things I found interesting, they noted:  one part of their models didn't account for how much the oceans have warmed (down to 700 meters), and then this, "Temperature increases are also very much dependent on clouds, which can both amplify and mitigate the greenhouse effect. For as long as I've been working in this field, for over 30 years, there has unfortunately been very little progress made in the simulation of clouds."  and it made me think of the aerosol programs to create artificial chemical cloud cover, as well as break up storm fronts to create widespread cloud cover.  They referred to overall warming of the deeper ocean, but I wonder how much he knows about the "orb" of heated water in the Pacific right now since his everyday life is over in Europe.

  32. Ralph Ely says:

    I see comments on FB and this site from readers railing about the "stupidity" and "apathy" of the "masses" when it comes to the GeoEngineering programs taking place today.

    I agree stupidity and apathy is running wild. The *Power Structure starting the dumbing down process in the 60's and have ramped it up during the past 10 years with Meds in schools given to kids, for just being kids… and programs like 'Common Core'. The *PS has a big jump on us. That is why we all need to inform and educate everyone we come in contact with about the immediate threat of GeoEngineering. We need to do it with Fact and Science, not with emotions. Some times it is Ground Hog Day (re:movie) in this battle. Each day I get up and do it all over again… Try to send out the message on-line or in person.

    You don't need a leader or someone to give you "marching orders." You are the leader. You give the marching orders. Stay in the fight. Don't give into to stupidity or apathy… there is too much at stake!

    • penny says:

      Ralph Ely, you exhibit an inspiring blend of graciousness and warrior spirit in all your comments.  Your presence here is greatly appreciated!

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