Hurricane Barry, Was It Manipulated In The Attempt To Diminish The Gulf Algae Bloom?


Dane Wigington

Is there evidence to indicate that climate engineering operations manipulated hurricane Barry? Available data makes clear the answer is yes. Were the weathermakers attempting to churn up the Gulf of Mexico in order to dissipate and diminish the massive and growing algae bloom occurring there? Did it work? Is there evidence to indicate there are benevolent motives for such massive climate modification programs? Though the question of motives is complex, again, if all available data is examined, the agendas behind geoengineering programs must be considered to be primarily rooted to objectives of power and control. The six minute video below provides key information relating to these questions and conclusions.

The damage climate engineering operations have inflicted on populations and the planet's life support systems is already far beyond calculation. Exposing and halting climate engineering operations is absolutely essential. All are needed to help with this effort. Share credible data from a credible sourcemake your voice heard, make every day count.

The Dimming: Groundbreaking Geoengineering Documentary Is In Production, 1 minute trailer.

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  1. Gail ~ Yellowhead County Alberta ~ says:

    Oh my goodness. That one minute trailer gave me chills Dane. Wow, what a  powerful & eye popping tease for what I am certain is a nail biting film to awaken the masses. The music, The visual, The Guest Speakers listed.  I watched it over & over. The Pride I feel for all involved swells my Heart with such Love, Respect, Admiration, & Faith in such Great Human Beings that exist on this Planet. Thank You to all. Thank You for your Bravery & Commitment to this great cause. The World Thanks You.  

  2. John says:

    Very powerful, effective, and well produced trailer.  Makes me extremely proud to be affiliated with your organization.  May the truth come to light once and for all for the greater good.

  3. W. O. Frobozz says:

    Just thought of something…forget for a moment the chemical spraying trails in the sky.   How about another phenomenon…the "herringbone cloud" structures?    No one asks why the hell they happen EVERY SINGLE DAY now.    That isn't a normal occurrence.

    Of course WE know the herringbone patterns are actually standing wave patterns caused by the high-frequency transmitters.

  4. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Excerpted from George Washington's farewell address, September, 1796:


    "In contemplating the causes which may disturb our Union, it occurs as matter of serious concern that any ground should have been furnished for characterizing parties by geographical discriminations, Northern and Southern, Atlantic and Western; whence designing men may endeavor to excite a belief that there is a real difference of local interests and views. One of the expedients of party to acquire influence within particular districts is to misrepresent the opinions and aims of other districts. You cannot shield yourselves too much against the jealousies and heart burnings which spring from these misrepresentations; they tend to render alien to each other those who ought to be bound together by fraternal affection."


    Avalon Project – Washington's Farewell Address 1796 – Complete text:


    “Democracy… while it lasts, is more bloody than either aristocracy or monarchy.

    Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.

    There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide.” 

    – John Adams –


  5. penny waters says:

    to all of you, the angry, the frustrated, the pained, the sick, the people who stand out and take the amusement or down right aggression

    i love you all

    i have a picture on my wall of a man in mali 

    when the river subsides in the dry season he builds with plant debris a triangle of walls and plants within. 

    his little green triangle full of food is surrounded by puddles and filth – mostly plastic

    at the pointy end of his triangle is a massive amount of plastic stuff he has removed from inside the triangle

    a tiny place of growth, unperturbed by others, he goes about his business of growing food for his family i assume – i'd like to shake him by the hand

    everywhere there are people going about their business quietly, trying to make a difference

    but sometimes you do have to shout – very, very loudly!!!!

    us humans eh – what a bunch

    may you all sleep well at night and keep yourselves and your loved ones safe

    we have no rain – well we know we have no 'rain' – real rain – to freshen our environment but….

    nothing really – how strange it is to not recognise water any more

    we have thunder, much thunder – but not attached to the atmosphere – seems even the thunder is 'wrong'

    when watching the detail one sees the whole – only works that way around

    the big picture is too much for us to see or understand all at once

    every now and again i get a glimpse – and i am awed by my smallness

    but i am comforted by all of you

    thank you dane for connecting all of us as we struggle for life in the insane asylum that has become human society

    but also for giving us the understanding of what is happening around us

    oops have to go the birds are knocking on the window – have to keep them happy and fed – they are my constant companions and there are no insects for them to eat

    how did we come to this? tis beyond me!


    • Dennie says:

      Once upon a time I had a student who was learning a Mozart violin concerto.  He worked very hard on the first movement.  I would tell him very nicely in a soft, soothing voice each week to be sure to practice the second movement.  I did this every week, never failing to remind.  Did he hear me?  He was a bright but very brash mouthy kid with a lot of ability and next to no humility.  So when the time came for the annual studio recital, he played the first movement very nicely but he made a few errors in notes when he played the second movement.  I was almost immediatly scolded by his parents for "not pushing him harder," but as I pointed out to them at the reception, when you push D****, he just pushes back…..  

      Sometimes there is no way to learn your lessons except the hard way.  Most especially when NO ONE HEARS YOU BECAUSE THEY DON'T LIKE LOUD-MOUTHED WOMEN WHO STICK THEIR NECKS OUT and don't actually go around dressed in nice little pink skirts with strings of pearls……..sooooooooo…. the planet will melt down, we just don't know how far but our prognosticators have given us very good ideas how that's going to look.  We do know we're already very well past many many tippping points, and it is too little too late to "save" this planet so that it looks just like it "always" has for the past several thousand years….  Who was listening back when Edward Teller warned the American Petroleum Association about the projected atmospheric heating from all the hydrocarbon burning?  THE YANG IS GOING TO HAVE TO TAKE THE HEAT FOR THE MASSIVE ONGOING BEATING THAT IT'S BEEN GIVING THE YIN FOR ALL OF CREATION AND IS NOW TRYING TO MOVE IN FOR THE KILL.  OH, AND WE'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO NOTICE, OR COMPLAIN, and that somehow makes us "nice" little women, too 🙂

      WHO, AMONG YOU, WAS ACTUALLY LISTENING WHEN CARTER TRIED TO TELL UHMERUKINS THAT THEY NEEDED TO BURN LESS GASOLINE??? WHO, EXACTLY–????? Instead, the oil companies made sure to put a stooge in the White House who would do whatever they wanted him to do, just read the script they hand over.   So we had S.U.V.s make their appearance, force the Saudis to pump like Hell, flood the market, drop the price, guzzle the damned gasoline and put Russian oil out of business, thus ending their so-called "Evil" Empire.  Never mind the one right here that caused all of that.   

  6. gwen says:

    Dear Everyone,

    I was wondering if you folks who post here have any information on this. I live in northeast PA. They have not sprayed our skies in 5 days. when it rains it is like a tropical rain. what is going on? i am very concerned about this. Is there something new in the way they are spraying. I have never observed this before and i am quite frightened  about what is happening, and what does it mean?? can you answer any of this???? Thank you!.

  7. Andy says:

    These so-called *experts* still blame everything apart from the unmentionable.

  8. Bella_Fantasia says:

    The lower 2/3's of Alaska is officially in drought.  There had been 25,000 lightening strikes reported on July 11.  No one pointed out it had been 'dry' lightening.  Fires and smoke all over the State.

    Yesterday in Anchorage there had been thunder heads over the nearby Chugach Mountains, but they were soon chemically melted, leaving a broad smeary band of hazy white.  White trails daily to 'cool' while the temperatures remain historically hot ~ 80+F, usually being reported no more than the mid-70'sF.

    Some salmon returns are better than last year.  We've seen 50 million return in some places.  Other salmon are dying from what the wildlife authorities think is heart attacks from hot water.  70F is their 'boiling' point so to speak.  It is utterly heart breaking.

    It is so absurd that in 'climate discussions' online people are so utterly certain we can 'adapt'.  This got ridiculous when there was debate about how humans could live in Space or on Mars! 


    Thunderheads over the Chugach again today, so we'll see. . . . .


    • Alan says:

      Hi, Bella:

      I read about the increased overall salmon catches this year, but it appears that the increase is primarily concentrated in the "chum salmon", a species that the Native peoples used to feed to their sled dogs.  Since we now are seeing a plethora of former "trash fish" species being re-branded and marketed as exotics like Chilean Seabass (Patagonian toothfish), monkfish (goosefish) and orange roughy (slimehead), to say nothing of the sudden "popularity" of sheepshead, dogfish, opah, and various mackerels, I would venture an educated guess that the varieties of high quality Alaskan salmon we've always enjoyed are being de-emphasized because there are precious few of them left.  Be on the lookout for a chum salmon re-brand to, oh, maybe something like "Northern Beauty Fish" or "Alaskan Rainbow Fish" or "Glaciers' Reflection Fish".      

    • Dennie says:

      A big Amen, sister!

  9. Gary Morrow says:

    NOAA  confirms that June 2019 was the hottest June ever. Nine of the ten hottest Junes have occurred since 2010  Sea ice remains at or near record low levels in both the Arctic and Antarctic.

  10. Gary Morrow says:

    What caught my attention is that Hurricane Barry did not originate in the tropics. It was born from a low pressure system over Georgia that moved southwestward into the Gulf of Mexico.

  11. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: This report comes from Forbes and gives a list of the amazingly corrupt and heinous practices the Deutsche Bank has engaged in beginning in 1933. I am posting this because it shows how deceitful the banking system is and how utterly ruthless. Banksters! Here are a few …

    Deutsche Bank: An Ugly Story Of The Unbridled Arrogance And Downfall Of An Investment Bank / Forbes
    Upon Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, Deutsche Bank dismissed its three Jewish board members in 1933. Deutsche Bank seized Jewish-owned businesses, provided banking for the Gestapo and loaned the money to build the Auschwitz concentration death camp.

    In January 2017, Deutsche Bank agreed to a $7.2 billion settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice over its sale and pooling of toxic mortgage securities in the years leading up to the 2008 financial crisis. As part of the agreement, Deutsche Bank was required to pay a civil monetary penalty of $3.1 billion and provide $4.1 billion in consumer relief, such as loan forgiveness.

    Environmentalists criticized Deutsche Bank for co-financing the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline, which planned to run close to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation and is seen as a threat to the livelihood by its inhabitants.

    In January 2017, the bank was fined $425 million by the New York State Department of Financial Services and £163 million by the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority regarding accusations of money laundering $10 billion out of Russia.

    Deutsche Bank is known as the largest creditor to President Donald Trump.

    The Bank lent money and traded currencies for the alleged sex offender Jeffrey Epstein up to May 2019, long after Epstein's 2008 guilty plea in Florida for soliciting prostitution from underage girls. Bank managers overruled compliance officers who raised concerns about Epstein's reputation, according to the New York Times.

  12. RandylJ says:

    Thank You So Much Dane for these updates! All I have for now is just my local report that Central Piedmont NC continues to be under the artificially scheduled weather. Bright blue, fluffy clouds am then afternoon white sky or created thunderstorms. Trump Campaign at a local campus here this week. So keeping NC comfy! So obvious! 

    • C bugun says:

      MokMold  is killing us   ASPRIGILLIUS LUNG,  cancer, and kniw mold us a fungus as is cancer    the imbalance comes from herbicides, and antibiotics.   

  13. Jonathan O'Quinn says:

    As I am sure most of us have experienced, myself included, there can be a lot of disappointment associated with trying to share the truth with other people, no matter what the subject may be, and certainly including geoengineering.

    My most respectful suggestion to everybody would be to take the energy that you might otherwise put into describing your feelings of frustration with people who prefer to be blind, and instead use that energy to focus abSOULutely 100% of your available time and energy towards sharing information from these pamphlets from the website with as many people as possible. I have found it  helpfulis 2 train my mind not to get emotionally involved in this process, by which I mean not to let my emotions, which may rise and fall depending on who has snubbed me on a particular day or welcomed me on a particular day when I tried to share this information…. Not to let the rising and falling of emotion dictate my energy and focus on this great cause.

    Look the storm in the eye, onward and forward and upward in this cause, without emotional attachment when people disregard the truth. Just spread seeds of Truth and move on, letting them grow on their own, and knowing that you are setting something in motion that is much greater than any individual. Be encouraged always, Jonathan O'Quinn

    • penny waters says:

      best quotation i read

      pay attention, believe nothing and don't take it personal

      has helped me when having to live amongst numpties who lie through their teeth


      isn't life hard enough without making understanding more difficult by lying

      been listening to jorden peterson – don't agree with everything but he did say – and i may be paraphrasing –

      you cannot bend reality (by lieing) cos it will always come back

      exchanging feelings and resultant thoughts with others is one of those moments of joy that make life bearable

      love to the pure of heart

      from me


  14. Jonathan O'Quinn says:

    Good morning dear friends,

    I found it very interesting in the video above that in that first minute or so, you can clearly see the blue colored microwave Transmissions to the west and the east of hurricane Barry, steering that moisture …. drum roll……. straight up into the Mississippi Valley, which has already been inundated with flooding for many months now. It would appear that there is a deliberate attempt to impact food availability in the United States. I strongly suggest stocking up on water filters (Berkey and Sawyer e.g.), non-perishable food, bottled water, Etc while you still have time. At some point, on the current trajectory, food will begin to be scarce. As James Wesley Rawles says, there is a thin veneer of Civility on our society, and it only takes a little bit of disruption in our society to make that start peeling back, exposing the ugly side of Human nature hiding underneath the surface. Food shortages are very good at doing this. Remember that Heinz  "Henry " Kissinger  taught long  agot food can be a very powerful weapon of War. A good friend of mine lives in New Jersey, and when Hurricane Sandy hit, people were getting shot and killed in line at gas stations just waiting for gasoline. And that was only a disruption of about a week or so he said.

    I'm reading above and seeing as I have seen so many times here, people expressing their frustrations at what could only be called cognitive dissonance, where we try to explain the truth to people about what's really going on about numerous issues such as geoengineering, and you see this deer in headlights look and you can see the walls come up as their minds shut you off and shut you out. I try not to discuss it in much detail with most people but prefer to simply keep the conversation very basic, focusing on something along the lines of,  "Have you noticed that the weather doesn't seem to be natural anymore?" They almost always agree at least on that point, and that is a starting point that I can use to introduce the subject.A then I'll offer some of the pamphlets I order from the website; let those do the talking for me, and people seem to be more receptive to that. I'll leave these on tables with tips at restaurants, I post on community bulletin boards in the public library, in public parks all around town. I put them on telephone poles by college campuses Etc. Everywhere you can possibly leave this information in public, without littering, I encourage you to do. Be encouraged, and do remember that quote by Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, which goes as follows, "The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape, finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." Stay strong and look the eye in the storm! Jonathan O'Quinn

  15. stacey boudreaux says:

    out of sight, out of mind.  the message of geoengineering practices and the havoc they wreak on us humans, is so intense and mind boggling, it's a human defense mechanism to avoid it's reality.  not a healthy one, but a response nonetheless. the effects of SRM are a slow fade.  not acute.  and it seems that until one suffers acutely with ill effects from this sky poisoning, its out of sight, out of mind.

  16. Lori Bridgeford says:

    Excellent break down of  manipulated Barry storm and how all the toxic layers are further blended & mixed-thus any wonder the cases of flesh eating bacteria rising.  Even when victims had NOT gone swimming, just a droplet or mist , sprinkle, splash could be enough to deeply infect. With heat records breaking, imagine the volumes who  go to coastal (or lakes  ) for cooling off, only to risk algae bloom contamination. Who would eat fish from such a very toxic Gulf?  Sewage plants from flooding also dumped waste and the fertilizers. Antibiotics may not work anymore per resistance.  West Coast has own troubles per FUKU still leaking away radiation.  Carcasses continue to beach (and many just sink & we never hear of them) Warn the lifeguards. Keep educating. Thanks for solid report Dane, it truly helps us share the REALITY that MSM will not.

  17. Carol Kuhn says:

    An investigation is needed to find out why every government, scientific, nonprofit, profit, most of population is ignoring the aerosol spraying and climate engineering.  When I get an email about climate change (such a nondescript term) I reply back that its climate engineering and say why. This is mind control of the masses and brain washing.  Apparently humans are easily brainwashed. How can it be reversed?  Prayer and lots of it.

    • penny waters says:

      the only way is just to keep saying what is in your heart, and repeat and repeat and repeat

      dr e f schumacher wrote a book called 'small is beautiful'

      he came to england in the 1930's to study economics at oxford and also taught at columbia uni in new york

      he realised that head stuff is just theory so went into business, farming and journalism and was also involved as chair with the soil association (now an organisation that's gone a little strange with big ego) in the 1940's

      but basically he said that when an organisation is run by family and friends (e.g. kith and kin – village size – worked when london was a set of villages next to each other – organically grown in the bigger sense)

      when it is run by people with understanding of each other built over time the people run the organisation but……

      when the organisation is run by people who don't know each other – the organisation runs the people

      and so the world is run by our dead eyed organisations

      it is so with our local parish, district, county and governmental organisations – run by people who have no personal connection with the people they are engaging with – so they do not know who they are and whether they are trying to bend reality

      a sequel to my problems of human waste – have been to see the political and the officers who are supposed to manage our environment and the behaviour of its people

      when reporting our conversations – was i there – who is this person they are talking about – tis not me – so what did they hear and why is it different from what i remember

      and lets not forget – science, like everything we do as humans, is an only an approximation of nature – we have to make patterns – makes us feel safe

      you can't accurately measure the area of a circle. maths is full of letting the ends of numbers drop off – tis not accurate

      and science – to measure anything boundaries have to be placed – nature has no boundaries – that's our biggest arrogance

      to think that we are bigger than anything else – oh dear – has presumably happened on countless worlds, countless times before in this huge endless space where we live on a spinning piece of energy

  18. Carol kuhn says:

    I wonder the same thing.  Why are people not questioning the streaks in the sky? I've pointed them out to some and they all say contrails.  They dont hesitate.  It's a prepared response.  They dont even want to discuss it. They're in fear of hearing the truth or even another's opinion.  It is like Nazism. Very strange. What does it take to wake up thse zombie like people?

    • RandylJ says:

      Just reading everyone’s posts~ Super Inspiration.  This area is mostly still waiving ‘Trump banners’ and what Heidi said, really is true in this area. Everyone wrapped up in their own ‘trying to survive’ or ‘Keep Up With Whatever’. Most people in this RV park would have no idea of what the Pineal Gland can do (Your Main center of Balance). No one feels really good – I’ve heard that. Unusually high cancer rates in local dogs. Lots of problems due to the ‘moisture’ (toxins) on the grasses. My Maltese has constant skin infections. They spray nightly – half hidden in clouds. Thicker spray cools down more. They’ve been spraying thinner the past week or so = higher morning temps and heavy hot humid afternoons (Hurricane weather people say), which gives me a chance to bring up the climate overall and feed it towards Engineering! Most people here just think it’s ‘normal summer temperatures’ and they don’t think anything about the ‘dead needles and leaves’ – exactly as Dane described- popping up on trees that are 100 feet up or more. But I keep pointing things out ~ Old Lady Wisdom ~ Some Will listen!!!

    • Ken Miller says:

      Recently at a family get together a member of the family who was a male flight attendant is the family’s professor in con trails and no matter what proof he is shown? His programming is obviously trained in lying by liars and believing their lies. 15 years after he retired he’s even more convinced by trained professional liars to be the most ignorant (not smart 1 with any knowledge of what he’s talking about keeping an entire family convinced they’re con trails). Liars training the masses thru the most ignorant. This is the problems we all face. A backyard racist with an 8th grade education convincing the uneducated with even more distorted lies to our futures, lives, health. Thanks Dane and all the contributors helping to make Danes Mission ours too.  

  19. Dennie says:


    Here are people who are getting out there DOING SOMETHING.  Take a placard saying "STOP S.R.M.& S.G.I. NOW," AND GET OUT THERE WITH THESE PEOPLE:

    "This weekend, I joined dozens of fellow climate activists to disrupt a Democratic National Committee (DNC) panel at the progressive Netroots Nation conference. Our message to the DNC is loud and clear: We demand a climate debate!

    We packed the room, started a chant, and then several people directly impacted by the climate crisis told their heartfelt stories. The whole thing was live-streamed, and after we left the room, our chant continued in the halls. 

    We will not let up! Due to our collective, ongoing efforts, the call for a climate debate has been gaining serious momentum. Here’s the latest: Under intense pressure from grassroots activists, 21 presidential candidates, and even its own membershipthe DNC has voted to reevaluate the #ClimateDebate issue and put it to a vote.

    The proposal will now be reviewed by the DNC’s resolutions committee before potentially going up for a full vote in late August. That means we have just one month to put the pressure on DNC members to make the right decision.

    Make an impact right now: Tell members of the DNC to fully support a Climate Debate!

    You may have seen some talk of a separate “climate forum” in the news recently. To be clear, we want as much conversation of the climate crisis during the 2020 election period as possible – but this proposed forum is an inadequate substitute and our demands remain unchanged. We need a climate debate fully sanctioned by the DNC that brings the candidates on stage together to directly engage each other on their plans and approaches to the climate

    Tom Perez and the DNC need to create a real platform to discuss solutions to the climate crisis. Only a true climate debate will put the climate crisis front and center, and allow this issue to have the attention – and airtime – required. As we said last month, the DNC may be saying “no” now, but we’re not going to take no for an answer.

    Keep the pressure on! Tell members of the DNC to vote YES for a climate debate.

    While this DNC vote is a victory, it’s ridiculous to have to wait for this process to run its course while we’re in the midst of a crisis with the future of the planet and humanity at stake. We need a debate where candidates can dive into the critical details of their bold plans to confront the climate crisis and tackle the fossil fuel industry. The DNC needs to get with the program and endorse a full climate debate.

    In declining to host a climate debate (so far), the DNC continues to ignore the stark reality of the urgent crisis we’re facing. Let’s get it to change its tune.

    Thank you so much for sticking with us in this fight.


    Amanda Mourant 
    Digital Director 
    Oil Change U.S.

    P.S. Want other ways to keep pressuring the DNC? Send a Tweet to DNC Chair Tom Perez and make a quick phone call to the DNC. 


  20. Donna Donahue says:

    Yes to the previous post, people seem to be oblivious to the ionization above. A huge display of spray right there to see. They use it for many nefarious and illegal programs. Humanity has been duped. The precious earth is being poisoned along with all life. Dane is a brave voice in the dark trying to sound the warning,but what is one voice against the power of so many outlandishly corrupt corporations and secret agendas. I admire him and listen to his every word. Never give up is his motto and he is strong and correct. Best regards to all.

  21. Paul Vonharnish says:

    It is interesting to note the listings of meetings and multiple discussions regarding atmospheric heating by organizations such as "Climate Action Network".  However, not one word is mentioned about the catastrophic effects of geoengineering.

    Members continue to receive grants for empty "actions" such as multiple contrived and meaningless climate "studies" which contain no clues or suggestions regarding legally binding resolutions to the issues at hand.

    Where do paid liars like climate "scientist" Michael Oppenheimer actually come from?  Who does he work for??? The oceans are hypoxic and dying.  Perhaps Mr. Oppenheimer and his "scientific" glee club should do the same… 

    Climate Action Network – Main Page:

    • Dennie says:



      PEOPLE, get your work done and quit bellyaching about how nobody's doing anything.

      All this complaining about NOT FOLLOWING LAWS on the part of obvious CRIMINALS JUST MAKES MEEEEE WANT TO SCREEEEEEEEEEEAMMMM!!!!!! 


  22. dawnski says:

    Interesting story I stumbled across. Sorry if it has already been shared and I missed it.

  23. William Stewart says:


    • Heidi says:

      I am not sure people realize what is going on.  I know it sounds unbelievable to those awake, but I have been blind and asleep myself, so I remember. 

      In addition, it becomes harder and harder to figure this out since 1. people are losing their alertness due to toxicity (nutritional, pharmaceutical, chemical, electromagnetic) which causes 'calcification' of the pineal gland which we need to 'see' things, neurodegneneration, which makes it hard to put things into context or to focus,.  Economic insecurity forces people to focus whatever time and potential they have on their own matters.  And that's why we have to keep spreading the word, I use a lot of Dane's material and every opportunity to comment on half truths online.  Stray strong everybody.  If people look as if you;re crazy, forgive them, they have been brain washed and compromised, but most seeds sprout eventually. 

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