Making Your Voice Heard, An Activist’s Message To A Geoengineer


In the email exchange contained further down in this post, a very justifiably concerned father with an 8 year old daughter addresses internationally recognized geoengineer David Keith about the ongoing climate engineering dangers and Mr. Keith's part in these programs. Having met David Keith at an international geoengineering conference, and having a fairly extensive knowledge of his actions relating to his pro-geoengineering advocacy, I have long since concluded Keith is the epitome of what is wrong with the human race. David Keith has absolutely no regard for the truth, nor does he have any regard for the global cataclysm that the ongoing climate engineering programs (which he is doing his best to sell to the public) are inflicting on the planet and every one of us. The 5 minute video below is an exchange I had with David Keith at a geoengineering conference in 2010, the exchange was quite damning for Mr. Keith.

Geoengineering is not really a moral hazard, it's like free-riding on our grandkids.

I had a difficult time gaining access into the conference above, the AAAS organizers (American Association for the Advancement of Science) researched me and initially revoked my press pass. After David Keith's self incriminating and damning statements during our exchange, all press was banned from a geoengineering conference the following month. Keith further exposes himself in this 6 minute interview with Stephen Colbert.

Jonathan Létourneau is the father mentioned earlier, his heartfelt and moving communication with geoengineer David Keith is below. People like David Keith need to hear from justifiably outraged citizens. Mr. Keith's public contact is below, let him know what you think of his part in the climate engineering crimes, but don't stop there. We must all do our best to effectively and credibly sound the alarm in this most critical battle,  each and every one of us is needed in this battle.
Dane Wigington


Making Your Voice Heard, An Activist's Message To A Geoengineer

By Jonathan Létourneau

I wrote to David Keith at the only email address I know at and here is my conversation so far as of now.


Mr. Keith,
I’m ashamed to be Canadian like you, knowing you’re poisoning our skies with your geoengineering project. How dare you? I think you don’t have children, otherwise you wouldn’t accept to poison them, or would you? You must be brought to trial for planetary genocide! You will kill us all! How can you sleep at night? How can you look at yourself in the mirror? You should commit suicide before it’s too late. And don’t tell me you’re doing it for the good of people, cause we’re not bugs, damn it! And don’t tell me the planes leave contrails, because I am damn aware it is not.
Why only or mainly spray NATO countries?
David Keith is humanity’s killer!

How can you write stuff like this?
I am a father with kids I love who works to protect the environment.
Not everything you read on the web is true.


Protect the environment? By spraying it? What kind of logical sane human would say that? And you dare ask me how I can write stuff like that? Plus you are not denying the fact that the sprayings are going on. Don't believe everything on the web you say? Then I shouldn't believe you, right? Chances are, between you and Dane Wigington, I think the later has more credibility than you. You said in an interview that this stuff has to come down to earth, well unless you live in a bunker with your kids, then all of you are being poisoned. And you don't seem to care since you continue being in favor of this ongoing planetary suicide. You're just like all the egomaniacs in power, you'll only wake up to the dangers when it's too late. Did you know? "David Keith Exposed" EXPLAIN THIS YOU SON OF A B***H!
(Here I posted this page: THEN I ADDED) How much are you paid to deny, David, how much? When you look at your kids, do you dare tell them "Daddy works for the environment by spraying all sorts of poisonous and deadly chemicals in the sky, and that is millions of tons a year. Don't worry, kids, only a little portion fall to the ground, it's not dangerous." So David, again I ask, WHAT BULLSHIT DO YOU TELL THEM TO JUSTIFY YOUR MURDEROUS ACTIONS? To prevent global warming? But that is only one reason given and certainly there are more obscure agendas, and you know it! Now when my 8 year old HANDICAPPED daughter looks up to the sky, with her eyes full of innocence and tells me "Daddy, why are the bad people putting poison in my sky? They don't like us? They want to kill us, daddy. I'm scared! I want to live, daddy." HOW THE F**K DO YOU WANT ME TO ANSWER THAT, DAVID? HOW????????? Not only are you responsible for my daughters fears, but you're the one that sold your concept to the elite across the globe to make sure this practice becomes impossible to stop.
Now I damn sure know you will try to get the authorities to hunt me down and either kill me or silence me but know this, I WILL NEVER HURT ANYONE IN MY EXISTENCE! NOR YOU, NOR ANYONE ELSE! I'm just speaking out my anger. The need for threats is childish and doesn't have it's place in a debate. If this message offends you, then my point has been made, if it scares you, it's not my problem and not my fault, you are scaring yourself hiding behind your lies.
With that being said, I hope you will have the guts to come out publicly and say that it was all a mistake and that it has to be stopped at all cost! Otherwise, keep denying and return to your underground bunker and keep lying to your children.

He again answered, with this comment-

What do you think you will achieve by swearing at people? How does that make the world better.
I would risk my life to expose illegal spraying of toxins. Here is my view on the matter:

I Then replied with this- 


Swearing doesn't make the world better, but try to debunk the truth, David. You admit that your life would be threatened if you exposed illegal spraying of toxins, making that THE statement of truth. Meaning that you admit it does happen, but you are scared for your life. If you really know of such facts, then you know who does it too, right? With that being said, why not join people all around the world, whistleblowers, pilots that are now speaking out, ex-military personnel that came out as well? I mean, if we die for this cause, but in the end we are able to declassify this ongoing mass-murder, then at least we will have died for our children. They did not ask to be born, can we help them grow up in a safe world? No? Just between you and I (and trust me, I'm simply a normal Canadian citizen), you fear nothing from me, if there is someone who must fear, it's me, I mean I don't hide my identity while writing to you, I use Outlook, so either I'm stupid or I just think that my daughter's life is worth the risks. Remember what I wrote before:
my 8 year old HANDICAPPED daughter looks up to the sky, with her eyes full of innocence and tells me "Daddy, why are the bad people putting poison in my sky? They don't like us? They want to kill us, daddy. I'm scared! I want to live, daddy."
So, David, do you care enough for your kids to do something about it? Or you prefer receiving your paycheck in exchange for your silence? In my case I say to those in power, if you want me, come kill me! My daughter deserves that I fight for her right to live in a safe world.
I have a question for you, David, Why do those in power want to do what they are doing? What will it give them? When there's nothing left to destroy, what will happen? When all is lost, where will they go? Bunkers? All their lives? Is that a living? Maybe the missions to Mars for the year 2025 has a part to play in this whole scheme.
My last question, David, sincerely, from a father to another, how long do we have before we die? I must know so I can spend the remaining time with my daughter and loved ones. Now don't answer me with any nonsense that you are paid to say, answer me from a father to another. Use another email address if you prefer.
With that being said, is our time limited to days, years, decades?
Please let my daughter know at least if you don't want me to know.

So what should I think about all this? Also, my last concern, here is what my 8 years old told me again today, and that folks, hurts me to death, "Daddy, why are the bad people putting poison in my sky? They don't like us? They want to kill us, daddy. I'm scared! I want to live daddy."

How long to live? Can anyone answer me with an accurate response please?

I am thinking of doing a public starve manifestation, would it work? Trust me, I am willing to let myself starve to death for the good of my daughter's future on this dying planet (my girlfriend is scared that with all my online and outside activism, that we will be killed by those in power, I tell her, just take care of our girl if I die).

Thanks to all here for your fight, mine could end soon, just keep the fight strong!

26 Responses to Making Your Voice Heard, An Activist’s Message To A Geoengineer

  1. Shea Cooper says:

    I have lived in the Sierra's nearly 70 years.  I drive to the Sierra Mts higher elevations every day.  Because of looking into the sky daily I noticed these large puffy lines and that they had a pattern to them.  In previous years and in my youth these were never seen or discussed.

    One trip I had a jet flying very close above my car it was spraying large puffy smoky trails out of it's wings.  Reminding me of the days when the misquito trucks would come into our small town neighborhood  .  There was alot of trails coming from this truck.

    Being so sirprised , I thought I would try and identify what this was I was seeing on my trips and I looked it up on the computer.  I ran into geoengineering or chemtrails.  The pictures and description answered my question.  

  2. Sommer says:

    I had an email conversation with Ken Caldeira, about a year ago and I was blown away with his juvenile responses to me.I kept probing and he kept responding and revealing his disgusting personality.

  3. maureen mccain says:

    So how do we stop the insanity?

    • Alexander High says:

      This David Keith fella should be put on trial first, he's such a damn liar. I've already heard him admit that they are spraying on a US TV show and he thinks it's funny that people are dying why would he laugh about such a thing unless he's a psychopath?? Swear at him, I just wish others would wake up and kick up such a stink to blow thing madness wide open. Right now evil prevails. Those people are sick and have to be stopped.


  4. C. Taylor says:


    Thank you for speaking from the heart. The problem is that David Keith can’t access his heart to hear you. He is one of the technocrats described in a book by Patrick Wood, Technocracy Rising. The technocrats control the rest of society through technology no matter what the cost to the rest of the planet. Their ability at being able to act with the power of a god through technology feeds their superiority and arrogance at being above the common man. That is what David Keith embodies. A true monster disguised as a human being because while he knows and I believe he knows that he is destroying our children’s future, he does not care. Because in his own mind, he knows best and can decide for us. That is what a god does.

  5. Lakotah says:

    Listening to this David Keith is scary enough. But to think that this geoengineering is allowed to continue by any government  is as alarming as 911. Unlike 911 the effects of geoengineering are slowing creeping up on the ones that go about their daily lives not knowing what's going on around them. I have to wonder what's going to be the Bldg 7 of geoengineering? Are they going to discover that their experiment has changed the ozone so that even SPF 30 or 45 just isn't going to be enough? I used to laugh when I saw some of the Asian community wearing masks and protecting themselves so diligently with gloves and scarves. But it doesn't seem so funny any more. What's happening today is very discouraging that such people as David Keith and his co-workers can go on as though this is some little experiment in their garage. At what point will this be recognized as a failed experiment by some government agency? This could be stopped just like 911 could have been stopped.

    Today our sky is white with scattered chemtrails from horizon to horizon. Being Saturday, this will more than likely go un-noticed by 99% of the people racing around. Which by the way, won't be much different than any other day of the week.

  6. Jonathan says:

    Message to the agents and elite: If you want to kill me, fine, go ahead, just leave my family out of it, if my family disappears, the world will know why and who! A journal of written about my activities so you will not get away with it. No one knows we’re it is hidden. Only my death will trigger it’s place on earth. If you, the elite think your the only high I.Q folks out there, off, you are wrong!!!! We are 99% of the world, you are only 1%. Math says it all! I’m into this fight till my death, for my baby girl! She didn’t ask to be born, I have the responsibility to provide her with a somewhat OK life, and that starts with me, helping to save the world. Now don’t get me wrong, I won’t do it alone, that is why I cry for help to ask of you believers out here to spread the word, regardless of the threats you get! If you do nothing, what will there be for you in the near future? Then you will regret having done nothing. This folks, is the biggest fight off our lives! This is our planet, not theirs (1% elite) claim back your rights! Stop centuries of lies, sacrifices, disinformation, corporate owned world, etc! Join me in this fight with your life! Don’t be afraid to die? Anyways, you’re lives are already being played with.

  7. How The Hard Science PhDs Have Wrecked The World

  8. It's time to pull together as never before, to end crimes against humanity and nature

    ITNJ Mission

    The International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) is constituted to protect and defend the Natural Rights of all peoples and all sovereign beings everywhere.  Wherever justice has been denied, the ITNJ will serve as final arbiter of Natural Law.

    • Natural Law: cause no harm and do not allow others to harm you, instead of Roman Civil Law that divides society into 2 classes: rulers and ruled.

    • Jonathan says:

      I signed it! May you all sign it please! Together united for justice! 99% vs 1 % The odds are we will overcome!

  9. Jonathan says:

    Jonathan here, I want to thank Dane for what he did for me, it’s really heartfelt, also thank you all on this forums for your nice encouragements and u urge you all to bombard David Keith starting now, everyday for a while, he might have no choice but to either accidentally or on purpose slip out crucial info. This man must feel so trapped as to maybe either commit suicide (1 less in this insanity ) or just resign and seclude himself in his bunker. Again, keep up the fight, pacifically, for now at least, and write to your elected bastard. Also, participate please with the SkyderAlert app on phones. Every unusual sky you see, send it in, the app does the rest. Depending on your location, it will send the evidence to the right organisms. With that being said, thanks again everyone, and Dane, if you need help up front, I’m you’re man.

  10. Irene Parousis says:

    Good for you Jonathan.  I think we should all bombard David Keith with emails.  I have also thought about doing a hunger strike, but knowing how Canada works I don't think it would be very effective.  We just learned that there was a two hundred thousand signature petition from concerned parents, about a new radical sex ed program, that the premier of Ontario completely ignored.  My daughter and I keep handing out flyers to people who are willing to take them and I am thinking about doing a logo about geoengineering all over my car.  We have organized a couple demonstrations and planning another one, you may be interested in following the Ontario GeoEngineering Action Group on facebook.  I can't tell you how much time we have, some days I feel there's no hope and some days I have faith that things will turn around.  Hang in there, I think we have volunteered for this most difficult battle for ALL LIFE and I have a feeling we will be Victorious. 

  11. Mark Hanson says:

    Great Work Dane et al!

    Here's the Alzheimers Assoc latest report. From 2000 to 2013. mortality from Alzheimers climbed by 71%.
    (See page 26)
    Knowledge is power

  12. tim butler says:

    wow the formentioned comment is so spot on.  Perpetual war for perpetual profit has led to perpetual war on life.  I really do feel this is a spiritual battle we're in.  Why are we letting the 1% control us….we're like the elephant who doesn't know it could break the chain because he's been conditioned…..we're conditioned to accept this.  I thank people for having the stones to face this head on.  We all need to do more to reach 'critical mass' as Dane puts it, and get this issue the focus and attention it demands. 

  13. D-Frog says:

    He's being passive-aggressive and playing dumb at the same time. It's like when he was interviewed by a group of people at some event and he says, "The HAARP? What is that?" He says it like he knows exactly what it is, but he's pretending not to as an indirect means of sending the message that it's not "legitimate."

    Like McPherson, too. "I can't answer that question because I have no idea what a chemtrail is."

    Do they not realize that those kinds of comments and that kind of behavior are red flags in and of themselves? I think that if you keep anything too inflammatory off the table and just press them on their arguments in an exclusively rational manner, the falseness will eventually show itself. Force them to take their rhetoric to "the annihilating edge." Force them to betray themselves by leaving them no choice but to maintain a ruse in the face of reason. Put them on their last leg, keep pressing without giving them anything emotional to respond to, and watch how they act.

  14. Dennie Mehocich says:

    I myself wrote to David Keith a number of years back.  He sent me exactly the same kind of lame-o DEFENSIVE excuses as those of you above have received.  For some unknown reason I saved his insane e-mail replies to me, probably because I needed to keep reading them just to understand HOW INSENSITIVE and UNFEELING these mthrfckrz PSYCHOPATHS truly are.  Keith even LOOKS weird.  He is a DENIAL SPIRIT who has a vested interest (owns a company that makes the sh*t you're getting hit with 24/7/365) in spraying this planet with his 20 megatons of aluminum, and god-only-knows-what-all-else.  But the barium HAS undeniably been winding up in my blood (why would any lab lie about this, qui bono?) and it's there every single time I've requested a test for it.  To the point where my INDOCTRINATED M-Deity no longer requisitions that test for me any longer.  SHEESH– "THEY" are INDOCTRINATED NOT TO CARE.  My (female) doc even said something like it would be wonderful if I somehow we could just render me somehow, well, gee.. not so… "sensitive.." as in "LESS FEELING," and therefore, LESS ALIVE? I replied to her.  Man, did she look like egg landed all over her face then– HAH!!!   And these are the "people" we pay to HELP US??? 

    MAINLY BY OUR OWN denials, this planet we have allowed to become a LIVING HELL.  HOW are WE going to STOP THE INSANE ONES??  By ENDING OUR OWN DENIALS that we believe that somehow we "need" to make room here for the very ones with the death wish programming. We need to kick "them" out once and for all.  RAISE OUR CHILDREN VERY DIFFERENTLY.  AND STOP DENYING that this is indeed what needs doing, THEN DO IT.

  15. James says:

    I have emailed him- Asked if he had any knowledge of SRM actually being carried out…. And if so why has the masses not been informed about this. There is too much evidence now to deny it is actually underway (SRM). I will give David Keith a chance to not be ignorant, nor a liar. 

  16. Ralph Ely says:

    Jonathan, I too have sent David Keith emails at that address.  At least you got a response. Any well thought out comments or questions that are posed to him are usually ignored.

    David Keith said it all when he stated: "GeoEngineering is not really a moral hazard, it's like free-riding on our grandkids."

    Mr. Keith would have done well under Hitler and his Extermination Programs and I am sure would have attained great heights of leadership in the 3rd Reich.

    “Where these people that operate the GeoEngineering programs and their fellow travelers, like Keith, are going…. in the end, no amount of 'weather modification' is going to keep them Cool!”

  17. Malinda says:

    Thank you for the post, Jonathan.  Maybe we should all write to Dr. Keith at Harvard.  He has a PhD from MIT and he is well-published.  Go to the Harvard website and look up David Keith.  There is a link to his CV at the end of his bio. page.  He has pages of publications and who knew…He is a citizen of 3 countries- The US, Canada, and the UK. Here's his contact information:
    David Keith
    Gordon McKay Professor of Applied Physics, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS)
    Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School Harvard University
    Pierce Hall 29 Oxford Street Cambridge, MA 02138 USA
    Let's write to him and ask him to explain himself.  I note he did not give Jonathan much of a reply. According to his CV, he worked as a NOAA fellow.  I'd be curious to find out what he did during this fellowship.
    1992–1993: National NOAA Global Change Fellowship, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Climate Modeling Section.
    And by the way, Dr. Keith has received these awards among others:
     Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee Medal, 2013.
     Time Magazine, Hero of the Environment, 2009.
     The City of Calgary Award for Environmental Achievement by an Individual, 2008.
     Canadian Geographical Society, Environmental Scientist of the Year, 2006.
    What an accomplished individual!

  18. keith whittington says:

    Mr. Létourneau, Having Thoreau as one of my earliest influences, it is understandable that you wish to act nonviolently. But,self defense is a completely natural response when threatened with violence. Does anyone here really believe that a government, or governments, controlled by the Capitalists will allow change through the machinations of said governments? I don't.

    Best to everyone,



  19. nikki says:

    David's reply – and close, "Cheers, David…." – to Jonathan says it all. David is completely disassociated from the real world, and what he says and writes. "Cheers" is generally something you write when something good/happy/casual is occurring… not when you are promoting biocide.

    David's ignorance of the problems he is creating is either due to extraordinary ignorance or gross narcissism. 

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      "David's ignorance of the problems he is creating is either due to extraordinary ignorance or gross narcissism."

      I'd say, BOTH– at the very LEAST!!!

  20. keith whittington says:

    Perpetual war for perpetual profit
    has turned into
    Perpetual war on Life.

  21. Laura Sutton says:

    Jonathan….Thank you for the purity of your communication with David Keith.  It spoke to my heart immediately…maybe with time, it will Mr. Keith also….

  22. Sezer says:

    Incredible! This article really touched my heart as I feel the same pain as I look into the innocent eyes of my dependent children. Children that are dependent for unconditional love and protection. Who dare poison the World they rightfully deserve to experience. I hope this touches many other activists that are not doing anything yet to raise awareness to people.

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