Massive Global Tree Die-Off Linked To Geoengineering


Source: Waking Times, article by Buck Rogers

Suburbanization and industrial deforestation are decimating the world’s trees, and there are only 2 intact giant forests remaining on planet earth. However, across the globe, some other phenomenon is causing standing trees to wither and die in record numbers, and at present, the problem is receiving considerable mention in California, where millions of trees are dying during the worst drought the region has seen in perhaps some 1200 years.

“We are seeing major tree die off everywhere in N. CA. On my property I’ve seen walnut, apple, cherry, mimosa, olive and pine trees die off in the past three months alone. I’m up in Tahoe and it’s the same with the mountain pines and my friends in Marin are seeing bay trees die off in strands.” – California farmer, Jamie Lee

The U.S. Forest Service attributes the majority of California’s dying trees to the intensifying drought, noting that too many consecutive years of dry conditions weakens a trees defenses against diseases, fungi, and insects such as the pine beetle. The drought is generally blamed on global climate change, which can mean a number of things, and heat waves around the world are intensifying and lasting longer. NASA has even reported that rainfall is severely down world wide.

However, in areas of California less-affected by the drought such as the Boreal forest of the northern central valley of California, it’s not just trees that are withering away, but shrubs, bushes and plants are also dying in shocking quantities. These native trees and plants should be able to withstand current conditions, but they are losing foliage, thinning out, dropping needles, dropping branches, and dying. This, in one of the most shaded and wettest areas of California.

In California and in other parts of the world, many are making the connection between climate engineering these tree die-offs. Also known as geoengineering, this is the modification of the earth’s atmosphere with the supplementation of compounds and chemicals, ostensibly as a means of favorably influencing the climate.

One of the most significant means of climate engineering is the high altitude spraying of aerosol compounds into the earth’s atmosphere, most notably aluminum, barium and other heavy metals. These compounds eventually end up on the ground and in the water, causing changes in soil pH and composition, and generally poisoning the earth below. The slowly kills the entire ecosystem as insects and animals are left without food or habitat.

Investigative journalist Dane Wigington of has been researching this phenomenon in great depth for many years and is the author of, an ongoing global investigation into climate engineering. He briefly explains the serious nature of geoengineering here:

“Global geoengineering is completely disrupting the hydrological cycle, destroying the ozone layer (which is exposing all life on Earth to extreme UV radiation), and contaminating the entire surface of the planet with highly toxic bioavailable heavy metals and chemicals. Massive levels of radio frequency transmissions directly related to climate engineering are yet another layer of destruction which is radically affecting the trees, us, and the biosphere as a whole. It is imperative to wake the masses to our common plight.” – Dane Wigington

​On a tour of property in northern California, he examines a number of native species of plants and trees that are in dire health, pointing out their condition and it’s relation to the documented and globally observed phenomenon associated with geoengineering:

Reports of widespread die-offs of trees and other plants are coming in from around the world, not just California. Last summer in the North Eastern U.S., popular video blogger ‘thebossoftheswamp‘ walked us through sections of the forest in that region where many plants and trees appear to be dying as if poisoned by toxic rain. Many other reports of unexplainable tree deaths are easily found online, so what is it that is causing such devastation of trees?

Source: Waking Times, article by Buck Rogers

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  1. Simon says:

    What I want to know is why NO country is making an effort to stop this onslaught by the deranged Americans?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Simon, about your question, all major powers are involved in the ongoing climate engineering insanity, thus, each remains silent on the issue.

  2. Jennifer Murdock says:

    We're having trees die off around here as well. I have a large ash tree that is growing lichens all over it (seems to be growing on all trees now, even young ones). I am helping to hopefully keep it alive by not crowding it with other trees (the ash borer goes after trees that are shaded it seems), and I also throw ashes from our woodstove on the trunk and some of the branches in the fall. The wood ashes seem to kill off the lichens since the ash is alkaline and lichens like acid medium to grow on. A lot of cherries and other pines around here are just dying off, no explanation for it. I think the chemtrails are clogging their leaves. There is black sooty stuff on everything! Slimy green stuff is growing on anything that is shaded, even vinyl siding. I even have lichens growing on the paint of a shaded metal gate we have.

  3. Anthony Enright says:

    I live on the South Shore of Long Island N.Y and I last year I purchased one thousand four hundred bare root trees to be planted on eastern Long Island Well I learned fast that no one wants native trees planted on or around their homes and woodlands so I planted them in two and three gallon containers and have found it to be the most rewarding task I have ever done.this spring I will be planting my trees on Town preserved land and I am hoping that the leaves do not get Fungus and Scorched leaves as they did last year in the second year of their life. If they die I will bring their dead remains to public places and leave them there so people will start asking questions.I may also mail one to the Whitehouse.This is an outrageous event taking place. 

    • mtb says:

      Well said and in 2022 one of the most frightening things I've ever seen.. I am a tree lover . This hurts my soul


  4. Nancy Jones says:

    Wall Street investors are involved in a practice that involves "weather derivitives".  Billions are tied up and the main company who investors are using is called "Glencore".  This investment frenzy is setup like "Enron" the energy scam where many lost millions, including banks.  I am not "savy" how the "weather derivities" work but….they always say, "follow the money".   Are investors really "hedging" on weather?  And we have all these patents filed for companies to engage in weather modification or geo-engineering….does anyone else see a connection here?  

  5. Leslie Krusinski says:

    I live on the north shore of Long Island, NY that now has relentless heavier and heavier spraying chemtrail spraying. I live on a large piece of wooded property and have been "in mourning" for the past three months… no birds singing in the morning. Also, I have always loved the bird song and chatter at the end of the day… I have  thought of it as the birds singing praises of thanksgiving to God for another day… Well… this year the silence is DEAFENING !!! NO bird song at all!!!  Almost NO birds around at all! It is such an eerie feeling not to hear or see anything. How I miss their sweet music!!!  Along with that.. we have had no butterflies, moths, bees, yellow jackets, wasps… not even houseflies, mosquitos, or even the gross stink bugs that have been so much of a a problem these past years. Missing also are the squirrels and chipmunks that always delightfully scrambled about. I have contacted all the auduban societies and birder clubs that I could find and no one has any answers for me. TI feel as if I am living in the Twilight Zone. This is an ominous situation. I am heartbroken. 

  6. molly brooks says:

    Hi Dane,

    Thank you for all that you do. I have been watching this daily since the early 90’s. I live now in rural Wisconsin and have very mature Norwegian spruce trees. They are dying from a fungal disease. I have a type of lilac that is completely thinning out. I have noticed other trees around the area dying. This saddens me greatly. We get hit heavily around here. I travel frequently to southern California and Texas and always notice when they gratefully predict heavy rain, the heavy trails then being laid and HAARP coming through and zapping up the moisture. Then they either get no rain fall or an amount of little significance. The trails where I live ( a heavy agricultural area both organic and Monsanto owned) always seem to be laid heavily before a prediction of heavy rainfall, except less so in the spring and early summer as Monsanto needs SOME water as well.
    I would like to help wake people up. please feel free to email me and tell me ways I can help.

  7. I have been watching the die-off in Pa for over two years now. When the geoengineering became blatantly obvious in 2013, the trees and mountains here turned completely brown over the summer. I kept pointing it out to people, but no one seemed concerned or to even be noticing. My call to the Dept of Forestry was a run-around.

  8. I've posted this set of studies before. The extinction rates will continue to soar as long as mankind insists on technological toys rather than addressing sober realities. Tree die-offs are just the tip of the electromagnetic carnage caused by television, radio, and cellular phone communications. These are all known quantities…
    Department of Interior Guidelines regarding Cell Tower Radiations and Impacts on Wildlife
    Website: studies by Joris Everaert 
    Mobile Phones and Vanishing Bees:
    Electropathic Stress in Animals and Man – Donald Hillman
    There are hundreds of studies relating EM emissions to extinction events, but it's all a big secret…

  9. BOYD says:

    Here in Nashville we see Chemtrails practically everyday…well, I see them, most people don't. When I point out the chemtrail sunset, they say " Isn't that beautiful! ".  SO much work to be done to wake everybody up from their blissfulll ignorance. I myself didn't see them until quite recently…

    Thank you so much Dane for your incredible courage !!

    What I don't understand is why this issue isn't an issue for AVAAZ ( they do wonderful petitions), Greenpeace, or other environmental groups that could help the message be spread earlier ? 

    Are they all corrupt or just not aware ?




    • Hello Boyd: Greenpeace has become a front for "other" agendas. The same is true of the Sierra "club" and many others. Once these groups (clubs) get set up as non-profits or NGO's, they only focus on supplying PR and bullcrap. The only way to accomplish change is through effective actions in the Federal courts. Petitions are a joke…

  10. joy says:

    Dane,  Hope you are well and still with us.  Haven't seen or heard from YOU.  I know you need a rest from your work.  Heartfelt thanks for all you have done, and continue to do.  Our endurance of all the chemicals in Colorado is getting more difficult by the hour.  It is good to see so many awake.  Peace to ALL life on this lovely planet, that we call "home."  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Joy, I am at my work station plowing through tasks in the battle as always, let’s all keep moving the ball forward in this battle, every day counts.

  11. Pat says:

    Dane, thank you again for all you are doing.  My husband and I keep telling everyone we know and trying to teach people about this issue.  Here in Placer County (Roseville, CA) the spraying has been relentless for almost a year now.  I've read repeatedly that these toxic chemical sprays are adjusting the soil Ph causing even further harm to trees and shrubs.  Is there any soil amendment we can add to our soil at home to ensure the Ph remains what it should be in order to help our trees as much as possible?  We have 17 year old Aptos Blue Redwoods which are starting to turn brown and we desperately want to save them.  Thank you!

    • donna says:

      Pat, here in NM I have the same thing…
      What I find helps the most is to wash off the trees with well water and amend the soil as needed. Soil Ph test strips are cheap.

    • james says:

      Look up rock dust this will feed the soil, also borax ie boron will clean the soil. Lastly there are plants that can be planted to clean the soil of the contaminants. These were and are used by farmers in Russia and the Ukraine as well as surrounding countries that were affected by the Chernobyl incident. This research is available on the net. If I remember correctly you can get the rock dust to start feeding the soil on amazon, However for greater loads of the rock dust there are two companies that one can contact to have larger loads delivered. There is also a human version of the rock dust to feed the body. All this information is available on the net, just research it. If we clean and feed the earth and her plants and animals as well as ourselves and stop this madness of polluting the skies through geo engineering as well as  the pollution of our food through Gmos, we will start the long road back to what we had in the middle of the 20th century, but we need to hurry. Also we need to get the flouride out of the water we drink it causes the loss of IQ and motivation in humans. I think it's a big part of the problem, we are currently facing, which I think is extinction of us as well as the animals and trees, plants etc. through the blatant denial of the chemtrails, we cannot survive unless we stop them and the Gmos pronto!  

    • Rachel Robson says:

      I have a ph meter but I don't trust it.  I have trust issues! but also I've handled it roughly.  Thing is, it keeps yielding 7s all over, which it used to do always here.  To make acid loving plants more acidic, you can amend with cottonseed meal, and with blood meal.  Good, homemade compost and compost tea helps too.  My plants all have different requirements.  Go easy with the blood meal, as one can over do it and it is powerful, be a bit more free with the cottonseed meal.  Be downright liberal with compost.  Also, I've taken to pruning more.  My redwood had what I now know and recognize as lion tailing.  Once you know, easy to see.  These are bare branches with a poof of redwood needles at the end.  This means the branch is dying.  So, I've pruned most of those, and the little buddy group of wanna be redwoods at the bottom of the tree.  This really seemed to help.  Also pruned some other trees more than I would have, taking out suspected water spouts, and "extras" to help conserve the main of the tree.  I swear my plum said thank you for two days straight afterwards, then spouted way more leaves and even blossoms.  Same for redwood.  And, as Dane showed, new growth, fresh growth does seem to want to hide from the sun and tries.  Wish I had well water to wash them off, but would I trust the well water?  All respond so happily to any water I give them.  So dry, so dry.

      It has occurred to me to wonder if vacuuming would help?!!!  Seriously, an industrial vacuum.  There is a saying:dry-curled, wetted- unfurled!

  12. Melody Meachum says:

    Hi Dane…many congrats on the successful event. I know your hard work really paid off and hope you're pleased at the outcome. Also good to catch a glimpse of your CA activists, including Ralph!

    As trees large and small are compromised by near and long-term aerosol spraying, compounded by intense UV exposure, I wonder if it's an intended or unintended consequence that life and limb will reek havoc as well. 

    We're all witnessing whole trees and large limbs giving way as the core of the tree rots due to constant duress. This is scary enough. How about lower velocity winds? How about wind storms and tornadoes? This has caused extremely dangerous situations for life and property…it will only worsen!

    I'm in the insurance world & can attest to the uptick in severity and #'s of claims regarding trees! Is this something the insurance world is prepared to deal with? Nope!

    Is this something municipalities are prepared to deal with? Nope!

    Is this another way to sound the alarm? Yep! Will "they" listen?….

  13. talawanda78 says:

    I had recorded (photographed) the die-off of trees in MI, since the beginning in 2008, after O'bummer gave his 'official permission' to Geoengineer the Planet. And, as I stated time and time again, that article and other broadcast had disappeared from the public within 48 hours, never to be found again.

    I have a plethora of photos, rather shocking to say the least, of tree trunks bending over in half, no matter how large the trunk size. The bark was not burned off, however. It was the difficulty the trees encountered attempting to absorb the metals, within the roots. It literally choked them to death. The rest of the smaller group was made so weak, their 'bug defense systems' were not working at all, and there was a tree loss of 75%, in just the wooded area across the street from me. As far as the property I'm on, they're still dying off; even the hardiest of pines.

    They have, for the most part, genetically modified everything from ground to sky, with so many chemicals, that I consider 'nothing' that was even supposedly Organic in nature, is the same. If the trees had to ingest heavy metals, then so do all the plants that 'were' medicinal and wild, or local gardens. I would think they've now been rendered useless, unless in a greenhouse, and not exposed to the atmospheric conditions, and only purified water.

    So, yes Dane, you are so correct. We are facing a catastrophic event soon, unless they stop setting fire to the trees as well, for the Earth as we've always known it, with all of its purity, with forever cease to exist.

  14. Marc says:

    Was in the San Jose airport today drinking a beer in a bar and waiting for boarding. Two tv screens faced me from the upper wall, one broadcasting a football game, the other, something sports related but equally inane. Since I never watch tv anymore, I was struck by a powerful sense of the absurd, as this particular cluster of pop-cultural bullcrap was being broadcast out over the heads of the blind, the deaf, AND the dumb, if you know what I mean.

    Are humans really much stupider than we think we are? If the proliferation of high-tech gadgetry and machinery is to be taken as a measure of humankind's intelligence, then why do so many fail to have a clue about so many things? Enter geoengineering.

    It must be most gratifying for the cabal of exalted planners of geoengineering to see out there in our country such a level of disdain, as they assign blast after blast of the worst toxins imaginable right over the heads of a blissfully ignorant public. It is truly impossible to comprehend. Therefore I think we are really much, much stupider than our use of gadgets and machines would lead one to believe.

  15. Viv says:

    It is sobering to read accounts from all over the world. I will add that it's very similar here in Salt Lake City, Utah. Lots of trees and bushes dying. I live in a large apartment complex that has lots of trees, and over the last couple of years, tree crews have been cutting more and more down. Just in the last month, they cut down 8 trees. (This is in addition to the many they cut down last year.) Over the weekend, a tree just toppled over. I went to investigate, and it was 5 feet wide at the base and no roots were attached. When I touched the interior of the tree, it was like sawdust. And yet, somehow, it had managed to grow leaves until it couldn't hold on any longer.

    Like Idaho, we've had strange weather. Thunderstorms and high wind with no rain, or lots of rain for 2 days and then totally dry for weeks. Very high temperatures, over 100, in mid summer. Also, I've noticed that the spray trails spread out much faster than they used to, so they aren't as obvious to someone who doesn't know what to look for. I, and most people I know feel very lethargic.

    • Barbara F says:

      This is going on all around us and why aren't we doing anything? The chemtrails appear here everyday that is sunny and there are always anywhere from 10- on up. no one seems to care and when I comment on these issues people just think that I have lost my mind. The winds where I live have picked up over the last 7 years to the point where I had to just take down 8 trees that were 75- 100 ft tall due to them being sick and the high winds along with the saturated soil would have toppled them. The rain that we are experiencing up here in Southwest Washington is unbelievable, and there is no end in sight. I am of the opinion that our Government is and has been messing around with the weather and experimenting with all kinds of other things that are putting us and our health at risk. The overall attitudes that people have about life in general blows me away. It is my belief that there are those that are at the top and represent, both sides of the fence during the day, but are in bed together after the sun set a night, and they are working on dividing us as a Nation and from everything that I can see they are accomplishing their mission. United we stand, Divided we we shall fall.

  16. One of the major reasons for trees and other plants dying is because the # 1 ingredient in climate engineering spray –  Aluminum – is highly toxic to trees (and plants in general). When aluminum is in water, trees shut down water up-take and they weaken tremendously. While the pseudo-scientists – – oil, gas, coal, GMO-manufacturers – – are still denying this wrong-doing, Monsanto developed – guess what? Aluminum-resistant crops!
    Read more about the two groups of toxins – – GMOs and geoengineering spray ingredients at
    More bad news about GMOs: "By 2025, half the kids born in the U.S. will be diagnosed with autism", Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Senior Research Scientist at MIT
    A clear and present danger: A NO-RETURN EARTH-CATASTROPHE BY SEPTEMBER 2015.

  17. Mark from OZ says:

    Many many, thanks Dane and all the other posters. I've family and friends at all corners of the USA and regions between and they can bear witness to the changes that are occurring right before their eyes!
    At terrifo read below: 'Whispers from the 'Ghosting trees"
    Some nursery folk are cloning ancient trees as the newer ones cannot survive.  These  majestic life forms are 'getting away' and it's a worldwide problem.
    PS Noticed the flak you've had to endure of late and your resolve keeps the squadron in formation! Don't forget you have alot of wing(wo)men . And as my now gone ex navy Pop used to say "you'll know you're over the target when you start to receive flak."
    Don't know how you keep your cool–those m*rons would happily argue over how 'fast' the ship would go down after hitting the iceberg than do anything about it.
    PPS The trees are 'whispering' as they don't have the strength to yell. They are asking for our help.

  18. Scott says:

    I believe it is time to name the people that are giving the orders for the spraying. Let's publish them for all to see. Who are they, where are they. Where do they live. Are they above ground. Let's stop the dancing around the truth. It's time has come.

  19. Zack says:

    Here in the Heart of Illinois trees are not doing too good either, the scary reality is almost all of the trees i see dying are young trees, at one of the lakes i like to visit almost all of the younger trees were scorched, literally looked like they were hit with a flame thrower, they said a fungal disease killed them, after deluge cause by Geoengineering, and blanket spraying for darn near two whole months of June, and July i know it was all directly caused by Geoengineering, peoples gardens here are doing no better, almost every single tomato plant growing including mine are dying from the bottom up.(including hardy hybrids) the soil already, is not fertile enough for far too many organic plants where i live, i swear i'm watching Heirlooms organic broccoli go extinct, i planted over 20 of them and only got to harvest two, on the brighter side, over the last month I've passed out at least 100 flyers. Doing all that i can peace, I love you all. 

  20. PatSF says:

    Full scale chemtrails geo engineering over The San Francisco Bay Area today I have not seen it this bad in months. The type of chemtrail that can span out miles wide from horizon to horizon. I'm doing my best to awaken the public. Dane congratulations on a successful event in Redding. We should reserve Zellerbach Hall on the UC Berkeley campus for another presentation it will be difficult to get and expensive  but in the Heartland of brainwashed academia. Let's make it happen!

  21. Tim says:

    I think the powers know we are doomed unless they massively spray in a mad attempt to block the UV and race towards 4C rise in temp. Why else would they do this? Our time is short. I don't see how humans exist except underground after 2050, do you?

  22. michael says:

    lots of good links in this article and in people's comments , it seems the information regarding our current crisis is coming out faster than can be kept up with , which is good , it should mean that more people are becoming aware of the climate crisis faster than can be kept up with as well…..

    we really should keep pushing as hard as we can to put a stop to this before we lose the arctic ice pack by the end of this year though , i dread to think what kind of situation we'll be in once that happens……..

  23. J says:

    Nice to hear from people in alaska on here! I live in southeast alaska. I haunt noticed the Sitka spruce, red cedar, or western hemlock dying in high numbers. So far, they look healthy. However, the other day getting firewood we cut a dead yellow cedar, that died just a few months ago.  Still had needles on it but not a single one was green. Yellow cedars in alaska have been dying fast for the past half century. In the papers a few yrs back it stated that it was because of lack of snowpack to keep the roots from freezing.  Who knows, but they certainly are dieing.  Other trees are so far, looking healthy

    altho we have had an excellent berry year because of unusual sunlight, the plants do not look healthy at all. do these go before the trees? When it rains they still look dry and withered. The hardy thick leafy plants on the beaches in the sunlight have brown spots, but I noticed the shaded ones didnt have ANY dead brown spots. Im thinking its from all the uv 

    take care everyone and keep your eye out!

  24. Earth Angel says:

    As I understand it, Putin ordered the incoming foods that are GMO to be destroyed so as not to contaminate the lands over there with them. I do not think he ordered the food to be destroyed in order to further starve out the people of Russia. I believe it was a defensive measure. I sure wish we had had someone to do that for us here in the U.S. It seems our lands are hopelessly contaminated with Monsanto's sh*t !

  25. Keith Whittington says:

    Here in the Shawnee National Forest there has been much rain and the trees are dropping leaves as though it were October. There are dead limbs sticking out of the canopy. Whole trees have gone yellow, many have died. The understory shows much damage and deformities. Everyone has the sniffles or coughs. The dogs noses are dripping like leaky faucets.

    • Al C says:

      First and foremost, Dane I'd like to thank you for all the tireless research you do on educating a still unsuspecting public about this daily criminal activity going on all over the world and to all of the folks here who contribute with their thoughts, prayers and comments.
      My sister went on vacation to Maine a few weeks ago and she said the tree die off was unbelievable…………Everywhere she looked the trees had that green mold on them and the leaves were turning just like in the video.
      How do we stop this? ……………… the big question.
      We know these programs are toxic and I'm sure the people doing it do………………Do you think greed and power is such an aphrodisiac that it bypasses the threat to our very own survival as a species?
      We need to keep moving forward and keep exposing this without fear of being labeled a tin foil hatter.
      As a side note, I had my annual physical a couple of weeks ago and when I went for the blood work, I asked the lady drawing blood if they tested for heavy metals…………….She said only if the doctor requested it.
      That was the perfect segway into geoengineering………..When I told her about it, I got " the look" with an eye roll…………Since she had a needle in my arm and didn't press the issue…………..I just recommended she check out this site.

  26. Mike says:

     I'm so frustrated I've been sitting here for 20 minutes or so just trying to figure out what to post. I can see no reason why the funders of this madness,,,,,,most of which are already known,,,can,t immediately be brought before an international Court, like the Hague. The evidence is profound and so is the damage. I am raising 5 of my Grandchildren currently ranging in age from 14 all the way down to just quite not 2 yrs. of age. I see no real light at the end of the tunnel but am trying to maintain some normalcy in their lives. Some words of encouragement would do me wonders. With Much Respect  Mike

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Mike, whilst it appears to be a lose/lose situation, I still maintain great faith and hope.  
      The power of prayer and preparation must not be under-estimated. “Thoughts become things, choose the good ones”
      Have fun teaching your grandchildren all the wonders of the natural world.  
      Quietly and unobtrusively teach basic survival skills and techniques…..again, have maximum fun doing so.
      Put love, humour and laughter into everything you do – they really are the best medicine.
      I will shortly be sending out an email titled “My wee bit hill and glen”, in which I try to explain why I persist with my email campaign.  I think you will enjoy it – I am enjoying writing it! 

    • Laura Hefner says:

      Unfortunately America is Exempt from Responsibilities in regards to War Crimes, Using Weapons of Mass Destruction, Felonious Bank Bailouts, Being in bed with Drug Cartels , Manipulating Our Earth’s Natural Order Into Extinction, Needless to say, the list goes on ad infinitum . . .

  27. Keith Whittington says:

    North America: a stolen continent named after a white skinned european who never set foot on it. America: nickname for the nation state that stole it. With hubris like that, is it any wonder that *they* would try to steal the planet? Jeff,s theory that *… this has been a set up…* is entirely possible considering that these are people who murder, displace and ruin others by the millions on every continent. Nothing is beyond *them*. Why would *they* care if the trees are dying and burning by the millions of acres? The trees aren,t in their backyards…….yet. They will buy it up later for pennies.

  28. penny says:

    As if the droughts, floods and spraying (not to mention capitalism run amuck for 2 centuries and counting) weren't enough, there are EMF waves to contribute to killing off the trees.  I have been staying with my daughter in Oslo, and when I go for walks outside the city I see perfectly defined differences between the health of the woods, based on proximity to cell phone (or satellite or spy or whatever) towers. 

    On a hilltop with 2 towers, well over half of the trees are now stone dead, and the rest show signs of damage.  Further downhill there are fewer healthy trees than is natural, but nothing like the die-off near the towers.  I walked for 2 hours one day, and saw one butterfly, one dragonfly, and 2 birds (seagulls, the hardiest of all).  No deer, no squirrels, nothing.  As in Dane's woods in CA, hauntingly still.

    Oh – lots of humans with their cell phones.  Cell phones ought to be banned, and we ought not to buy them ever again.  Certainly not for the sake of convenience!   And if you have one, please don't use it except in the case of emergency!

    • Earth Angel says:

      Amen! I am still a holdout with no cell phone- I got along fine for most of my life time without one and I'm sure I can manage the rest. No tablets, or garmons either. A paper map will do me fine and I rely on my own sense of direction to get me wherever I need to go! No sattelite dish or cable tv either and I don't miss it. Most of the crap on tv isn't worth seeing or wasting time with! Bah Humbug!!!

    • Hello penny: You're right. The cellular phone system is a major contributor to destruction of microbes in soils and water. ALL biological life on the planet is being destroyed by electromagnetic emissions, period. I've been researching this issue for many years and have an engineering background in electronics design.

      The department of the Navy has done plenty of research, and is a major player in the incineration of human intelligence. >

      Regarding the work of Dr. Dietrich Beischer:

      Navy Tested Microwaves on Military Volunteers

  29. Michel B says:

    Those behind these programs think that all this damage is worth it. They knew it would cause this. They experimented over the poles long enough to know what would happen in terms of aerosols settling to ground level and damage to the ozone layer and so on. I am sure they know how to spray so that the aerosols come down over major population centers. That way they can carry out weather warfare and biological warfare at the same time.

    At this stage I am not sure if any of the effects of these programs can be considered 'collateral damage'. It all seems extremely intentional. They will be seeing benefits in all the damage they inflict and thus well worth it. Lovely, isn't it? Welcome to Planet Stupid where, after 4.5 billion years of the most precarious cosmic evolution, the most psychopathic of upright apes found a way to kill this miracle of a world.

    I mean, if there was some type of galactic contest for the most needlessly stupid race we'd have to win. We have Raspberry awards for worst movies and performances; why don't we have them for some of the larger really dumb achievements of Mankind?!!!

    • Katherine Gale says:

      It’s a state of mind. Short term profits and pleasure with no regard for the consequences. Government and corporate mentality that someone else can pay for the problems later. The nuclear power industry is a prime example of this asinine mindset. Nuclear waste? No solution? No problem someone else can figure this out in the meantime project approved. Until I heard Dane on an internet interview the critical pieces of the puzzle were missing. I was on another site and read about the Exxon report leak that revealed they are projecting a 6C world mid-century. The skies were gray today. Guessing we had a mass spraying of some sort of coal ash formula. I can not understand how the general public can drive to work and walk on their streets and not question what is going on. We are in the best of times right now and I try to appreciate that. It’s going to get worse much quicker than I originally thought it would. Looking at the ongoing data updates it looks very bad. I know we must stop geoengineering. I worry that we have so overshot the parameters necessary to allow the planet to self correct so that some areas of the planet remain hospitable to complex life forms (plants, animals and humans). But as Dane has stated the data indicates the world as we have known it is over.

  30. Steven Chamberlain says:

    We finally got some rain here in Nikiski, Alaska. Unfortunately the birch trees did not like it at all. It rained off and on for three days. Today the birches were dropping their leaves like it was October, very sad and scary for those of us aware.

    Another thing that I wanted to mention is that almost everyone I talked with has digestive problems since the rain started. Digestive problems seem to be caused by the rain. This rain is highly toxic for sure. Much of the time it comes down as a fine mist, very strange.

    Yes Carol, firewood is now plentiful here too, but with the winters being so warm here in Alaska my consumption has dropped by a about 30%. This might sound kinda crazy but I miss 35 below zero. Our winters have been off the charts warm with almost no snow, yet few seem to notice or want to know the truth. Thank you for all of your great posts.

    Never Give Up!!!

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes Steve I have a friend that lives over by Cordova near PWS. She has a wildlife biology degree and bands hummingbirds, protects whales, etc.,etc. and has lived off the land with her husband and son for about 20 yrs. I have tried to get her to understand what is happening but without success, unless something has changed recently. Sent her Dane's articles and website to look at but have given up on her. Maybe when things are bad enough she'll pay attention. Sounds like its not that far off, from what you say. I spent 3 weeks in AK. about 20 years ago and loved it. So remote, clean and pristeen! It breaks my heart to think what has happened there, and everywhere. Those responsible for this must be punished with the same intensity as what they have been dishing out to the planet. Take care sir, and we love to hear your updates.

  31. There's no such thing as geoengineering…

    Excerpted from: Environmental Warfare and Climate Change. The World's climate can be modified by a new generation of sophisticated electromagnetic weapons By Prof Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, November 27, 2005

    [“Weather-modification offers the war fighter a wide-range of possible options to defeat or coerce an adversary… In the United States, weather-modification will likely become a part of national security policy with both domestic and international applications. Our government will pursue such a policy, depending on its interests, at various levels.”]

  32. Hello all: Please take the time to read this important study regarding electromagnetic effects on trees and other life forms. >

    Electosmog in the Environment – Swiss Agency for the Environment, Forests and Landscape SAEFL, June 2005

    Many trees in urban environments are dying off as a result of radiation posioning from cellular phone towers and wi-fi MESH networks. When stressors like aluminum and barium are included, it's a sure reciepie for disaster. Here's another good page of information if you are concerned about tree losses. >

    Website: studies by Joris Everaert

    • Laurie says:

      Except that they CAUSED the UV-B to come through by boiling the ionosphere with HAARP!  And they KEEP doing that while they are "saving" us by pouring down deadly aluminum from the skies?  On what level is that morally, or even scientifically defensible?   These are just murderers pure and simple.  They need to be stopped, and tried for their crimes, with no excuses anywhere from anyone.  BTW, here in Massachusetts, last summer everything was gloriously green.  Then some months later, the chemtrails started.  Now the treetops are turning crumbly brown in tree after tree.  Not changing colors yet — I mean leaves crumbling and dying.  And this is just from MONTHS of chemtrails.  We shudder to think of what YEARS might look like.  This has to stop.  But we have trouble even getting people to LOOK UP!  They are all too busy on their cell phones and twitter and whatever other crap they think is really "important."

  33. Jeff says:

    In central Idaho,where I live,our air is thick with smoke from multiple fires in state,and Oregon,and Washington.

    Early this spring,after a low snow winter,we received a deluge of rain for weeks. The grasses grew tall and thick,then the weather went dry,and hot (record highs). There have been a few large storms role threw,giving no moisture,just lightning and thunder.

    My theory has been that this has been a set up for the large amount of fires we are experiencing. The evil power freak cabal that is spraying us,is burning us down,using the same weather manipulation. This is similar,if not the same technique was done last year .

    I still run into people that cant conceive of this taking place,and refuse to consider its possibility,let alone the fact it is happening.

    I some times feel sad for the lack empathy people have for this beautiful world we live in,its total disrespect.

    I keep trying to spread the information,but I am a realist,and know many will never wake up. Its good to refresh by getting to read some of the intelligent responses on this sight. I wish all strength in this fight,and a huge amount of respect for Dane,and others in the fore front of this fight.

  34. carol freiberg says:

    I used to have to really go out and search for firewood for the winter and now all I have to do is put my coffee cup down and go to the front yard. Not sure why more people don't "get it" but they wont until it affects them directly. Then maybe everyone will start connecting the dots and raising almighty hell about this sinister aerosolization of our planet. Thanks again to everyone who is being active trying to expose this madness. Lets hope it's not too late.

  35. Benedict says:

    Seriously. Even in Tahoe there are dead and flashed out dead trees spotting the hill sides. Most of the rest of the trees are obviously struggling to hang on. Lots of bare branches and brown leaves/needles throughout. The bushes aren't doing any better either. I drove down to Sacramento last week and was shocked. Whole hillsides filled with nothing but all brown leafed trees. More bushes were dead and dying then alive. Rather shocking how the majority still think everything is ok. 

  36. Indeed seeing is believing after taking 4 to 5 snapshots of the poison being sprayed over Placer County and walking outdoors in backside of property experiencing the same effect on our trees and manzanita.
    Our tall robust Pines standing 18 to 25 ft in the air have and are withering from lack of water and pine needles are dropping as early as two months ago due tot he excessive heat rays on PE.
    I do honestly believe the more we think about doing something about this population genocide with humans & our entire Planet the more they spray..
    I do honestly believe we will prevail this horrific death warrant against our Planet..

  37. Debra says:

    all my trees in my back yard in my central WI home have been dying…big young trees at that…I keep planting more and more to make up for the ones Ive lost the past 2 years…I have about 6 more that are close to tipping over because it seems they are dying from the roots up and it happens quickly. I have cut up about 20-30 trees just this year. I am so afraid of what's happening to this earth because of the chemicals.

    • Laurie says:

      It's the chemicals, yes, but it mayalso be radiation, which is a horrible combination.  The Fukushima radiation keeps pouring in to the U.S., unreported, largely unmeasured.  It makes literally everything environmental worse.

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