Microwaving Planet Earth


At the bottom of this post, there are several good examples of tall microwave towers , and RADAR stations HEATING THE SKY above the transmitters…. melting snow high in the atmosphere… inducing storms….. even vaporizing  / mitigating storms.

haarp ring irene aug 27 2011 243 utc a
Pictured above: Heating microwave RADAR pulse done into the center of Hurricane Irene as it came ashore, heated for a full hour, then turned off.

These transmission systems are on 24/7/365… not counting the thousands of other HF, VHF, and UHF facilities around the world.

I propose that indeed, as we all know already, microwaves cause heating…obviously, this is a proved fact.

If one puts out high power microwave transmissions (HF, and VHF pulses as well)….. these are proved to cause heating up to 3000C / 5500F temperatures when targeted.

Now imagine a million more NON-targeted systems…. heating still occurring, only instead of being targeted at a single spot, heating  occurring in all directions from the transmitter at a lower heating level due to the larger area of the whole transmission radius as opposed to a targeted area a few hundred km wide.

dodge city kansas haarp ring oct 26 2011 1c
Pictured above: Real time heating above ground based transmitter is revealed as a storm passes over the base station, and is superheated into a severe weather event almost instantly.

Want to talk ‘climate change’, and man made (anthropogenic) warming?

If we’re going to talk about odd weather patterns, and ‘heating’… then we must address the thing which very few scientists even know exists…. radio frequency heating of the atmosphere.


2ghz microwave in your kitchen, 2ghz mobile phone in your pocket, 2ghz WiFi in your house, 2ghz RADAR in your city.

To put these systems heating capability in perspective. How long does it take your kitchen microwave to heat up water? Using 2ghz @ just 1000watts? Maybe 1 minute at the most.

No one is shocked to see a cup of water heated in their kitchen microwave, yet people are shocked to learn that when you microwave the sky, that it too will heat up.
RADAR working at 750,000watts, your kitchen microwave working at only 1000!!


One must also consider the combined resonance having a ‘scalar’ effect, energy at a distance from the transmitter when intersecting other similar signals. Plasma heating where the waves interact, thus a 750,000 watt pulse from RADAR could indeed cause a scalar with an adjacent RADAR station, causing unintentional 5500F temperature heating , acting just like a TARGETED pulse would!


Usually 2-3 high power microwave RADARs per state in the US,  hundreds of 2ghz microwave towers also in the 100,000+ watt range, 10′s of thousands of 1-2ghz mobile towers anywhere between 10,000 to 50,000watts. The aforementioned is not counting OTHER systems around the world like satellite, TDWR RADAR, military, AMISR, or places like EISCAT, SPEAR, HAARP, MERIDIAN, SURA, MU, COBRA DANE locations, etc. Let’s not forget private industry, or other countries unknown locations.

The ‘man made’ part of global climate change is true. Yes, of course pollution plays a role in long term climate change…… but…….. short term rapid increase, with no solar culprit, means the CURRENT rise since the 70′s could possibly be being induced heating via RF (radio frequency)

Its at least a possibility worth considering.

Multiple examples of radio frequency heating, weather effects, vortex rotation generated by RF heating, CCN precipitation generation, and microwave heating vaporization of storms …

How does radio frequency induce plasma, and heating? (here is a series which explains the process of artificial electron precipitation / ion generation)

Source: Dutchsinse

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  1. Awake+Fried says:

    Great article –&– Title! It filled in the gaps of what I had read previously at:
    JimStoneFreelance.com/Cells.html > that the massive amounts of “juice” built into the towers is “over the top,” & hence must have a (sinister) purpose other than “cellphone service.” Jim surmised it was to create storms/disasters/EQs, & your article helps fill in the gap of “How Exactly” that is being accomplished (microwave heating).

    That Cells link is a mixture of 2 things, so you have to read/scan down to find the “juice” & storms portions.

    The other topic included was re Mind Control via towers, as reader GWEN mentions. Which, btw, thanks for the list of psychopathic Nazi Semantics Examples! > another hobbie is collecting such “evidences” of Global-Control-Gone-Wild.

    Speaking of GWEN, funny because this has been on my mind recently re practically non-stop for 5-months GROUND RUMBLING & vibrations & associated “droning hum” >> “The Ground-Wave Emergency Network,” aka GWEN, a military network which uses frequencies that “Hug the Ground” & has towers 300-500 ft high every 250-miles across USA.

    However, after first thinking it was Dredging operations somewhere in the distance; & then thinking it was neighbors’ having huge machinery in their garages vibrating concrete foundations (in a complex); & then was reminded re GWEN; & lastly & most likely learning it is either regular cell towers &/or SMART GRID/METERS + BPL > Broadband Over Power Lines (BPL > an Israeli corporation invention, Amperion), which pushes massive “Hundreds of Millions Times More” amounts of “communications data transmissions” through 1930’s USA UNshielded power grid not built to handle “microwave aka wireless data” resulting in enormous leakages of MW (& EMF) radiation everywhere the cables go (& which also causes the Droning Hum, wall-floor vibrations, etc.!) Deadly stuff! (Same principle is used for “Wireless Rodent Repellers” > vibrate the wall-wiring which critters cannot tolerate so they Scram!)

    So if you haven’t had to “meet” the Smart Grid/Meters+BPL Monster yet, count your blessings! It basically turns your domain/home/office/complex into a Microwave Oven via your wall-wiring which acts as an all-encompassing “receiving antenna” for the RF/MW frequencies.

    Hence, the reason your article Title caught my eye > Microwaving the sky Above (& Microwaving us peons Below) … “As Above, So Below” comes to mind & you know where that saying comes from! Coincidence? Just greedy corporate Profit? If I believed that I wouldn’t be at your site. 🙂

    Another related tid-bit: I read a comment elsewhere, someone wondered if modern bldgs were designed on purpose to accentuate the 50-56Hz frequency? They said the Ghostbusters movie (year released?) had a line in it by Dan Akroyd saying that co-star S. Weaver’s house (in the movie) was built to act as a “Super-Conducting Antenna”! Predictive Programming? Who controls Hollyweird?

    (Why did they REALLY outlaw Lead paint, non-farragated Lead being the only true metal that blocks 100% radar/laser/radiation, etc.? How many little kids REALLY ate “lead-paint chips” off of walls?)

    Google also for another Jim Stone article from May 2014, re Crappy Wood Homes. He says Mexican houses are solid concrete & could last 100’s of years, yet USA gets crappy wood & “brick face” only. When I was still in the “neighbors must have huge machinery in garage vibrating our floors” stage, I read a bunch of construction/engineering sites, all of which said USA Bldg. Standards were LOWERED in the 1970’s, hence, concrete is now much THINNER & LIGHTER, & support beams are FARTHER apart now, 40 vs prior 25-feet.

    Also, 2-AU scientists in 2006 — see Sydney-Morning Herald — pegged the “droning hum” — heard by NZ residents (& by many around the world) — at 56Hz & made a simulation audio of it, available online. Not everyone can hear Low Frequencies, guestimate is 6-15 million. I never knew I was one of those “lucky ones” with LF-audio ability until the vibes+hum began 5-mos. ago. :-/

    The silly New Agers think the “hum” is “Mother Gaia” talking to them & that “something wonderful” is “on the horizon.” Ummm, NO! You’re being microwaved to death & hearing the resulting M.A.E. > “Microwave Auditory Effect” as the MW heats up tiny water particles in your inner ears & causes unpleasant ears & head pressure (& other not good symptoms!) Another name for it is “Acoustic Shock” (it can be ramped up LOUD with associated violent vibrations) & bodily symptoms are “Microwave Radiation Sickness” cleverly disguised by TPTB as “EHS” (Electro-Hyper-Sensitivity”) so everyone will think you’re nutty (ditto CFIDS, GWS, all lame names from TPTB to hide real culprits/origins of disease).

    Microwave was previously called by Military exactly what it is > Microwave, but they changed it to “Wireless” some 20+ years ago > How convenient… & how “harmless-sounding” … just in time to dupe civilians into bathing themselves in it via cordless DECT phones, wireless routers, keyboards, gadgets, wifi, baby monitors, cellphones/smartphones, & the most lethal yet, Smart Meters/Smart Grid (+ BPL) beginning approx. 2006 worldwide..

    Even if you cannot FEEL it nor HEAR it nor sense floor-wall-body resonance, if you have Smart Grid/Meters +BPL aka B-PLC, you’re being exposed just the same (can buy testing meters to document leakages/emissions in your environment). Metal chairs, metal coil mattresses &/or couch cushions, metal stairways, metal roofs, metal shelving, etc. will make vibes+hum worse since RF/MW is attracted to metal like a magnet (ditto > wall-wiring as “antenna”).

    It’s also worse if you are in a complex with Multiple Smart Meters &close wall-to-wall neighbors, as the RF/MW leakage from power cables will grab/piggyback on, & move each unit’s leakage forward, cumulatively, on to the other units further down the bldg. complex.

    Hope this helps somebody out there who may end up with the same problem!

  2. We are being slaughtered. The planet is screwed. It’s all obvious.

  3. GWEN says:

    I think this tech is the final nail in the coffin for us. I came across an declassified USAF document, and if you read between the lines, this was set up several years ago. In The Emerging Shield document, one of the official names was “Plan Supremacy” of the “RADIO FENCE plan”. There are many other nazi plays on words like “Identification Zones”, “Lincoln Transition System”, “MASTER Air Defense Plan”, “Public Law 30″(can you say CONgress enTRAINment anyone?), “permanent NETwork”, on and on. IMB, Rand, and the Carlyle Group(whom is behind our Sasktel Network in Canada), are just a few of the BIG WAR GAME players. Nazi-style and eugenic tactics all the way. Many documents can be found on mind control and black magic technics these insane parasite-infected psychopaths used as well. This IS THE reason for our lack of will, blindness, and acceptance of “soft genocide”… with sprinkles on top. They are loading us onto the Death Camp Train as we speak, and everyone thinks we’re going on a picnic, with gadgets in hand. We’ve been warned.

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