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Polar Ice Caps Melting at a Rate Never Before Seen

arctic ice fragmented

Global climate engineering is making an already bad situation exponentially worse by the day. The planets life support systems are being completely derailed by the ongoing geoengineering/solar radiation management programs. Though the 5 minute video below does not mention or admit to the climate engineering, it does inarguably outline the state of our imploding biosphere, this is an important watch.

Dane Wigington

3 Responses to Polar Ice Caps Melting at a Rate Never Before Seen

  1. manor dweller says:

    creepy delivery but very revealing, especially their idea of electronic patterns over the planet…

  2. Bella_Fantasia says:

    So much for the story of Antarctic cooling. It’s just a ruse. It’s all melting. May 11, 2014 drove to Fairbanks from Anchorage, about 320 miles. About 100 miles out of Anchorage, the sky lost the silvery white look, which was a relief. Shortly after the clearest views I’d seen of the Alaska Range came into sight. We were surrounded with astonishing clear vistas of snow covered peaks and true blue skies. I said prayers of gratitude. Driving back to Anchorage on Sunday, the very next day was total low haze and jets criscrossing. One vertical trail right in front of us made a fat white trail, stopped and left a vast space, then started again. I was not in the company of people who would accept the truth, however, it was not noticed at all! Do you know there seemed to be less snow on the mountains than the day before? They’re seriously making things worse it seems. I wonder if the Denali tourists who will flood to the “Princess” hotels on May 15th will see a thing? I’ve never known a larger expanse of sky than what can be viewed in Central Alaska. The damn tourists will be wearing their polar fleece when they could be wearing shorts. It’s warm already. Sadly everything’s unraveling and fast.

  3. Tim says:

    This is stunning and explains the mad panic to chemtrail. The geoengineers have told the political admin. that spraying is our only hope.

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